The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.12 “The Descent” – Let’s Spoil and Speculate!

Well, hey there, Damon!  Long time, no see!  No really . . . it’s been too long . . . WAY . . . TOO . . . LONG!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I hope that’s true.  Because, with The Vampire Diaries on hiatus for another two weeks, that’s all us fang-banging fangirls have got to tide us over until Thursday, January 27th, at 8 p.m . . . some pictures (along with an awesome extended promo and some pretty juicy spoilers, of course).

“Oh Rose, darling!  You must tell me where you get your makeup.  That shade of lipstick you are wearing is simply TO DIE FOR!”

By now, many of you have probably already seen the photo stills that released for its midseason premiere episode of The Vampire Diaries entitled “The Descent.”  Now, normally, when the CW releases these photos, I tend to flip through them relatively quickly, and then save them to my laptop (in an electronic folder entitled “Delena,” no less — my personal biases are a secret to NO ONE, least of all my personal computer), so that I can use them later in my recaps.  This time, however, I thought I’d do something a bit more fun with these photo stills than simply file them away . . .

If anyone understands the allure of a good photograph, it’s Vampire Katherine.

Here’s how our little game is going to work.  I’m going to post each of the photo stills CW released to promote “The Descent.”  Then, I’m going to speculate a bit about what each photo might mean to the episode, including relevant episode spoilers, to the extent that I have them. 


Fear not, Spoilerphobes!  I’ll always try to give you fair warning, before I start “spilling the beans” . . . or, perhaps I should say, “the fangs” on a particular episode plot point.  Though, in all honesty, if you ARE a Serious Spoilerphobe, and you noticed the title of this post, before starting to read it, in the words of Damon Salvatore . . .

I mean no offense, of course . . . I’m just trying to avoid having my head bitten off, later. 🙂

You understand . . . right?

Now, that we’ve gotten that part out of the way, this is the fun part.  After each picture, I’m going to include a poll that allows YOU to speculate about what YOU think will happen in the upcoming episode.  (Further, more detailed, speculation on your part in the comment section is encouraged, and much appreciated, of course.)  Then, when the episode actually airs, we can look back fondly on our speculations.  And depending on how we did, we can either boast about our obvious psychic abilities . . .

 . . . or hang our heads in embarrassment and shame, for how incredibly off our predictions actually ended up being . . .

So, strap on your vampirically-compelled thinking cap, and let the GAMES BEGIN!

I am actually going to group these first three pictures together, since they all seem to be related (and likely come from the same scene) .  . .

The stylish new gal with the bangs, and the skinny jeans, and the heels that seem way too dressy to be worn late at night on a deserted street in Mystic Falls is Ahna O’Reilly.  (At least, that’s her real name, her character’s name is Jessica.)  If you recognize Ahna, it’s probably for one of two reasons: (1) you saw her in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall; (2) you read one of the MANY articles, in which she told anybody and everybody who would listen, that her boyfriend, James Franco, is most certainly NOT GAY!  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Though some articles seemed to suggest that these two were “getting cuddly” in the above pictures, I think the fact that Damon’s compelling Jessica in this picture seems pretty obvious, based on the way he’s holding her shoulders . . .

Connor from “Brave New World” would likely agree with my analysis . . . if he was still ALIVE. 

. . . the intense Svengali-esque expression on Damon’s face . . .

 . . . and the vacant obedient expression that Jessica seems to be wearing . . .

Now, that’s what I saw, when I looked at these pictures, here’s what I know.  WARNING!  MAJOR SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.  (Avert your eyes, and scroll down to the words END SPOILER, if you don’t want to know.) had these VERY SPOILERY things to say about the Jessica character, and what may very well be her ENTIRE story arc!

Jessica: 22 year old girl. Driving along road when she almost hits a guy laying in the road. She runs out to make sure he’s okay, she’s scared and can’t see his face. After guy pulls a bottle out, she comes to the conclusion that he’s drunk. She gets smart and starts to return to her car. Guy vamps out and compels her not to move. He then starts talking outloud to himself, wondering if he should kill her or not. She pleads with him not to. He says, “I have to”, and rips into her throat.

By “Guy”, I’m pretty sure they mean “Damon.”  After all, Damon learned to hunt from Katherine.  And, if you recall, this was precisely the way Vampire Katherine obtained her “meals,” back in 1864.  The difference here, of course, is that unlike 1864-era Katherine, Damon doesn’t NEED to kill in order to drink blood.  In fact, he’s got a freezer full of conveniently packaged, Blood Juice Boxes, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome . . .

You also might have noticed, that since he’s gone all lovey dovey about Elena, Damon’s been laying off the thrill-killing human sauce quite a bit these days.  The above-synopsis suggests as much, when it notes that Damon is actually debating with a compelled Jessica (and his conscience) about whether he should kill her (much like Stefan did with HIS compelled Potential Female Meal in “Miss Mystic Falls.”)

So, why Jessica?  And why now?  My guess is that Damon’s dilemma has a lot to do with Rose and the Werewolf Rabid Zombie disease  that Jules inflicted on her last week, by biting her, while in werewolf form.  I’m thinking mere Blood Bags aren’t enough to salvage the sick Rose’s thirst.  So, a very guilt-ridden Damon (After all, Jules only bit Rose to get back at HIM, for what she’s pretty sure he did to HER friend, Mason), has likely been forced to head out, and do a little human “grocery shopping.”

But, here’s my question for YOU:

And here’s one more:


On to the next set of stills . . .

Poor Damon!  It seems like every few weeks he gets a new recurring character enemy, who’s out to make his life a living hell.  (No pun intended.)  Not that the guy doesn’t bring it on himself sometimes, but, you’ve got to admit, it happens pretty darn often.  In the pre-hiatus episode, “By the Light of the Moon,” Michaela McManus’ Jules proved herself to be the next member of the TVD Villain of the Month Club.

First, she stalked into town, asking the WRONG types of questions about a certain missing Lone Wolf Lockwood . . .

Meet October’s Now-Dead Villain of the Month!

Then, she had the audacity to OPENLY threaten TEAM BADASS, in the Only Bar / Social Establishment of Mystic Falls of ALL PLACES!


Then, she gave Damon’s new f&*k buddy, Rose, Were-Rabies!  (See “Ugly Rose” picture up top, as evidence.)  If the episode synopsis for “The Descent,” and the rumors surrounding the episode, are any indication, the showdown between Damon and Jules will get MIGHTY heated, in the upcoming episode . . .

Of the three pictures of Jules in the forest shown above, the first one seems to be the most telling, at least in terms of plot points to come.  Jules is seen setting fire to SOMETHING (a body?  evidence? something of particular value to Damon?)  Behind her in the picture, is what appears to be a crudely-designed cross, fashioned out of some tree bark, a wooden stake, and what appears to be a ripped t-shirt.  Perhaps, Jules built the cross, because she belived it would provide her with some kind of protection against the town vampires.  It also might have been used in some weird werewolf fire ritual.

Whatever it is, Jules is doing, she doesn’t look particularly happy to be doing it.  In the first picture (the only one featuring the fire) she appears solemn.  In the second (in which she is simply standing, and looking into the distance, she looks serious, and determined.  The third picture is interesting, in terms of Jules’ expression.  On first glance, she seems frightened, as if she is being pursued by a deadly predator (Damon?).  But when I looked at the picture again, I saw something else . . . grief, and sadness.  Perhaps, Jules has just learned for certain that Mason is dead, and is mourning the loss of her dear friend . . .

That’s what I saw in those pictures.  Now, it’s YOUR turn . . .

Here we have a very sick-looking, and extremely depressed Rose, seated on a leather Ottoman in the library of La Casa de Rich and Awesome, presumably right in front of the fire.  (Jules did mention in the promo that “chills” was one of the first signs of Were Rabies).  She’s got a near-empty highball glass of blood in her hand, but it doesn’t seem to be offering her any solace or comfort.  Standing above Rose, is a very concerned looking Damon, holding a Bag-of-Blood.

I’m thinking that this scene takes place earlier in “The Descent.”  After all, Rose definitely looks ill, but she doesn’t yet resemble the Bat Sh&t Crazy Zombie Vampire we saw stalking Elena toward the end of the promo for this episode.  We know from the past few episodes, that Damon has developed a sexual relationship with Rose, but also a friendship.  He likes her, and feels incredibly guilty for being the indirect cause of her pain, and quite possibly, the end of her VERY long life.

The promo poster for this season that teased Damon about his “emotions showing,” seems highly applicable to this scene.  After all, the Damon we knew, back in early Season 1, cared more or less only for himself, and the two women he loved (Katherine and Elena).  Now we see Damon caring deeply about a friend.  This is new territory for him.  Slight spoilers have teased that Elena and Rose will have a discussion this week, that will bring to the forefront Elena’s true feelings for BOTH Stefan and Damon (YIPPEE!). 

Rose already knows how Damon feels about Elena.  However, it is highly likely that Rose and Damon will discuss their feelings for one another, and ELENA’S feelings for Damon together, during this episode.  A wise commenter once suggested to me that the only cure for a Werewolf Bite should end up being the Blood of a Petrova Doppelganger.  I love the idea!  There’s a certain poetic justice to it.   And it would definitely be a catalyst for all these “feelings” discussions, the castmates are supposed to have during this episode.

And yet, such a solution to Rose’s Werewolf Bite would suggest that Rose could survive this episode.  And based on another released photo still that I will post below, I’m not quite sure she will . . .

Here come those polls again . . .

Ahhh . . . There’s nothing like a heated argument to get the collective Delena blood boiling, and their passions for one another, overflowing, ready to erupt, at a moment’s notice!  These two LOVE to fight with one another, and always seem to have something NEW to fight about.  In this particular case, I’m thinking this fight between Damon and Elena, is over one of four things:

(1) The deal Elena made with Elijah last week, in which Elijah agreed to free Stefan, and keep all of her friends safe, in exchange for her letting him use her as bait, to draw out Evil Vampire Klaus, and eventually KILL HIM . . .

Something tells me Damon will NOT be happy about THIS at all!  We all remember how he reacted the LAST time Elena voluntarily went on a “Suicide Mission” to protect the Salvatore Brothers, and her friends in Mystic Falls . . .

(2) Damon’s handling of the vengeful Jules.  (Something tells me Damon is going to want to go BALLS TO THE WALL against Jules for what she did to Rose.  And Elena — worrying about DAMON getting bitten too — won’t think that’s a wise idea at all.)

(3) Seeing that a very sick Rose has become a threat to Elena, Damon might suggest killing his former f*&k buddy, before she can cause any more harm than she already has.  The Lately Suicidal Martyr Elena would certainly not approve of this plan . . .

(4) Rose snitches to Damon about Elena’s feelings for him.  Or better yet, Damon confesses to Rose about how he told Elena he loved her, and compelled her to forget about it.  Then, the dying Rose decides to let Elena know the truth.  (Maybe BOTH happen!)  Forced to confront their mutual feelings for one another, Damon and Elena engage in a heated and passionate argument about love, truth, and honesty.

I would LOVE for the fight pictured to be about #4.  But, unfortunately, I suspect the writers feel it is too early in the season for that to happen.  So, my vote’s with #1.  Damon is scolding Elena about the deal she recently made with the not-particularly-trustworthy Elijah . . . 

And you?

Of course, us Delena fans have been jumping for JOY over this picture!  While the earlier “fight” pictures seem to take place inside Damon’s La Casa de Awesome, earlier on in the episode, this picture seems to have been taken at night, during the episode’s final moments (though Damon and Elena are wearing the same clothing in both).

This looks like the same woods were Jules had her bonfire.  Only, that scene was shot during the day.  This is clearly a night time shot.  But look at the light in the background.  That might be another bonfire!  Or is it the same one?  If so, how has the whole forest not gone up in flames by now?  What keeps these fires so contained?

Wait . . . what am I talking about . . . you guys don’t care about the fire!  You care about the HUGGING!  You care about Elena’s sympathetic eyes, and the way she’s consoling a seemingly heartbroken Damon.  You may even be remembering a nearly IDENTICAL scene from last season (which also took place in the woods at night), during which Elena comforted a very emotional Damon with a sweet hug, after he learned that Katherine wasn’t in the tomb.

But WHY is Damon so emotional THIS TIME?  What happens in this episode, to make him react this way?  And why is Elena so quick to hug him, after she just spent quite a bit of time fighting vigorously against him in the previous set of photo stills.  The most obvious answer would be that Rose has died.  Damon, of course, feels responsible, and regrets not being able to save her.  Elena is, once again, touched by his humanity, sees how much he has grown to care for Rose, and wishes to take some of his pain away.

Of course, I could be wrong . . .

Why does everybody always think that pictures have to MEAN something?  Can’t we sometimes just appreciate art for art’s sake?  (OR hot for hot’s sake?)  Above are two stills of Damon from “The Descent.”  In the first, he is in “La Casa de Rich and Awesome.”  It looks like Elena has just arrived.  (If you look at the right hand corner of the picture, you can see the shirt she is wearing in the other stills.)

On the surface, it’s a picture that doesn’t provide you with much information.  But look again.  Look at the expression on Damon’s face, as he sees Elena, for, possibly, the first time in this episode.  The last time they were together, Stefan was locked in a tomb, and Elena was under . . . “house arrest.”

So, Damon might be a bit surprised to see Elena.  You can see an element of that in his face.  He also might be a smidge annoyed, that she undid his plan to keep her safe so easily.  I see a little of that as well.  He also looks a tad impressed, for the same reason.  But mostly, I see love.  Damon’s eyes are dilated.  His lips are pursed.  This is the look of a man who has just laid eyes on the woman he loves unconditionally. This is the picture of tummy butterflies . . .

The second picture is more intense.  It is taken at night, in the forest, possibly just a few moments before that epic embrace Damon and Elena are about to share.   He looks haunted . . . or hunted.  Perhaps, a little bit of both.  That second picture show’s a man  . . . well, a vampire . . . ready for action.  Damon’s adrenaline is pumping.  It’s fight or flight time, and he’s both the predator and the prey.  Your move, Damon Salvatore . . .

So, now we’ve discussed ALL of the photos CWTV released to promote “The Descent.”  But what about the photos that weren’t there.  For starters, having watched the previews, we KNOW that a major portion of the episode will deal with the budding Matt-Caroline-Tyler love triangle, which will culminate in not one but TWO swoon-worthy Ambush Kisses . . .

Now let’s break this down . . .

Here’s Matt . . .

 . . . and here’s Tyler . . .

Now, I’ve made no bones about where I stand on this issue . . . I’m Team Taroline (Forwood / Cyler) all the way . . .  But this post isn’t about me, it’s about YOU . . .

Also rumored to be in this episode:  some Stelena sex . . .

Just to recap, we’ve got TWO kisses for Caroline, and sex and a SEXY hug for Elena.  It looks like our Mystic Falls girls are going to be VERY busy during the Season premiere . . .

Don’t worry, Bonnie!  You’ll get your turn soon too!

Well, there you have it folks.  A smorgasboard of spoilers and speculation to whet your whistle, while you wait for TVD to return to your television screen.  But there’s GOT to be some spoilers out there that I missed, or ideas I failed to consider.  So, I hand the baton over to you, fellow fangirls.  Speculate away!



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14 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.12 “The Descent” – Let’s Spoil and Speculate!

  1. Jen Steph

    First off, I just love, love, love your blog. Love it! Thank you for being unabashed in your favoritisms…makes for hysterically funny reading and it helps that I seem to love the same things..:) Also, thank you for continuing to post about TVD during this no good horrible bad hiatus .

    What I noticed about the picture with Jules and the bonfire is that she seems to be standing at a camp site (notice the top of the tent in the background) and what looks to be a cross is, I think, a pair of socks left hanging to dry on a branch. So I wondered if maybe some of her things had been set on fire to warn her off?

    • Hi Jen Steph! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words! It’s absolutely my pleasure to write about TVD, during these torturous weeks of hiatus time. In fact, I’m pretty sure, if I WASN’T writing about TVD at all, I’d probably go through “vampire withdrawal” symptoms. Then, I’d end up looking kind of like how Rose looks in “The Descent.” And no one wants that . . . 😉

      And I’m so glad that you and I are on the same “TEAMS!” (Not that all Teams aren’t welcome here, but it’s especially fun to meet people on mine. :)) I know there are probably some folks out there who prefer their TVD blog entries to be more objective. But, honestly, I think this way is so much more fun! After all, the fact that us fans all choose sides and SHIPS, just shows how deeply invested we are in this show and it’s characters. If we all agreed on every couple, and every plot point, there’d be nothing to discuss!

      Speaking of discussions, I LOVE your idea about Jules being at a campsite — as opposed to a makeshift burial ground for Mason — in those pictures. After all, aside from Mason (who’s dead, obviously), Jules really doesn’t know anyone in Mystic Falls. And where exactly she’s staying, during her hunt for Mason, has never been established on the show.

      Sure, Mystic Falls has at least ONE motel (the one where Vampire Ben held Elena and Bonnie hostage during season one). But Jules might have been planning to keep a low profile, to aid in her investigation, and nixed the idea of staying in it. In a small town like Mystic Falls, EVERYONE probably knows who’s staying in that motel, at any given time! Plus, she had the Full Moon to contend with last week. And motels probably aren’t ideal for werewolf transformations . . .

      (Not to mention, a general lack of clothing and personal belongings would explain that VERY unstylish Mountain Man outfit Jules seems to be wearing, throughout the episode. Seriously, what is up with those clothes?) 🙂

      I can definitely see Damon burning down Jules’ campsite, as vengeance for what she did to Rose. It would also be an ideal way to “smoke her out,” and force her to fight Damon, face-to-face, now that she can no longer hide beneath a wolfish exterior!

      Great thinking! I can’t wait to see if you are right! 🙂

  2. mak75231

    In the first poll, it seems we (at this point *ahem*) overwhelmingly vote for dead as a doornail status for Jessica. I agree with kjewls–Damon is making a Whole Foodbag run for free-range human!
    In the which pic of Damon do you prefer, I actually think the second pic is from the “Jessica in the road sequence”–like maybe he hears her car coming, and is struggling with whether or not to play redhot roadkill (that you’d be willing to die to give mouth-to-mouth to) or find some other way to get a 98.6 people-soup meal for Rose. Possibly he’s already done the deed (saving the best parts for Rose), hears a car (containing someone he knows wink-wink-nudge-nudge) and is afraid of getting caught imbibing in something other than a bloodbagjuicebox, even if it’s for a good reason. At any rate, I voted for the lovestruck pic–it’s getting harder for him to flip the switch in Elena’s presence, and the fireworks are amazing when he opts for fight versus flight! Don’t get me wrong, We Wuv Wicked Woobie, too but the second pic doesn’t have that predator panache! It’s more like hand caught in the cookie jar!

    Sorry, I like Matt as a better mate for Caroline. Nothin personal against Ty, but Matt always gets left behind! And we know Caroline still has feelings for him!

    I seriously am waiting for the next ep on pins and needles! Thanks for posting something to talk about!

    • Hey mak! It’s so great to see you on the blogosphere! I can always count on your brilliant insights and clever comments to make me think and, of course, LOL. “Red Hot Roadkill” may very well be the BEST OXYMORON EVER! If there was a t-shirt with that saying on it (including Ian Somerhalder’s picture, of course), I would buy it, IN A SECOND!

      “98.6 Hot People Soup Meal” is also pretty genius. It kind of sounds like a special they would have at Hale and Hearty. 🙂

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jessica’s going to have the shortest guest starring role on TVD EVER (aside from those silent vampires Elijah killed, two weeks ago, of course — at least this girl will get a couple of speaking lines). I noticed on Ahna O’Reilly’s IMDB page that she didn’t even put TVD on her resume. And you would think, if she was planning to stick around for at least two episodes, that this role would something for which the actress (and her agents) would have wanted recognition.

      Initially, I questioned whether Damon would let Jessica live, only because I had read about the infamous “Bubble Bath” scene coming up with Damon. And Jessica seemed like a likely candidate for that at first. But as soon as I read about the “Sexy Reporter” with the “three episode arc,” I figured that SHE would most likely be the lucky lady to play with Damon’s “Rubber Duckie,” and Jessica would be reduced to glorified extra status . . .

      Good thinking about that “Predator/ Prey” picture of Damon! It’s funny. I just immediately assumed the picture came from near the end of the episode (when he’s seen hugging Elena), and didn’t even CONSIDER that it could come from the night BEFORE, when he’s “shopping for Jessica!” But now that you mention it, I think your explanation for that tense facial expression he’s making is a very good one indeed.

      (Oh, and I too LOVE looking at Damon when he is all butterfly tummy, and puppy dog eyes, around Elena. That face just never gets old for me. And the fact that it comes from a vampire who prides himself on being capable of “flicking off his emotions like a switch,” makes his obvious failure to do so, all the more alluring. “Look out, Damon. Your emotions are showing.” INDEED!;))

      Speaking of these photo stills in general, they give me a GREAT feeling about this episode, and how explosive it’s going to be. Here’s why . . . the marketing department give us NEXT TO NOTHING! When you think about it, these stills really only illustrate 3 or four scenes from the upcoming episode: (1) Damon compelling Jessica; (2) Jules at the campfire; (3) Damon and Elena fighting in La Casa de Rich and Awesome; (4) Damon “feeding” Rose. I suspect that this is because all the other scenes contain MAJOR spoilers.

      CW was similarly stingy with pictures for the Plan B episode. (Many more were released AFTER the episode aired, but before it, there were only two.) We later learned that this was because so many things that happened during that episode (Damon killing Mason, Katherine compelling Matt, Elena getting the moonstone, Jenna stabbing herself) would be spoiled by more explicit pictures . . . I hope the same principal applies here.

      Speaking of plot points not revealed by the photo stills, I think it’s totally cool that you are a Matt fan. As TOTALLY TAROLINE as I am, I agree with you that Matt has gotten the shaft in many ways, since TVD has begun, and deserves a little love and affection (or, at the least, some more character development). I think the writers’ exploring the Tyler-Caroline-Matt love triangle, will give all three characters (and the actors who play them) some much deserved time to shine. And I am defintely interested to see how it all turns out . . .

      Just a couple more weeks of waiting . . . We are in the home stretch now! 🙂

  3. I kinda love this post the way I love Michael Trevino. Which is to say A LOT.

    I’m gonna go against the grain and suggest that Jessica is going to survive. I know that we need Damon to be the morally ambiguous one, the one who kills impulsively and usually without any remorse, but I feel like using the reckless killing card at this point cancels out all the character growth we’ve had since the Jeremy neck snapping. Ever since then, he has only killed when it is necessary. Yes, the Mason situation is debateable, but the way I see it, he was sourcing information for Katherine and therefore was a willing accomplice who deserved to be killed no matter how sympathetic his character was. I hope this is a moment where he goes in for the kill but at the last moment stops himself from fully going through with it. Watching Damon reign himself in mid-bite would be awesome TV.

    I think Rose will be the one in the bubble bath with Damon, but I am going with the theory that it is because he is trying to scrub the werewolf flesh-eating Rabies bacteria off of her skin, as this is the most non-sexual reason that I can give for the bubble bath. And Damon would be right in thinking that a naked bubble bath with him would be the only thing that could cheer a girl dying of werewolf Rabies up.

    It would be kind of interesting if Jules ended up burning the cross in the woods, with what could be werewolf clothing on it, in some weird Ku Klux Klan-like ritual. Vamps and werewolves are basically two different species who can be considered “races” that have a natural antipathy towards each other. I’m hoping that the werewolf/vampire battle lines will be more strongly drawn, with Caroline and Tyler one of few pairings able to bridge the divide.

    I think when Rose chats to Elena, Elena will stubbornly say that she has never forgiven Damon for “killing” Jeremy, and possibly never will, even though he clearly has chipped away at the ice that incident caused around her heart. I think Elena is afraid to admit anything more to herself. I do, however, think that Rose will try to dig a little deeper, and before we get any answers that we REALLY want, Rose will go stark raving mad from the werewolf Rabies like we saw in the promo. As fast-moving as the action pacing on the show is, it would be just like TVD producers to dangle a juicy carrot in front of Delena lovers and then withhold it at the last moment.
    I think Rose trusts Damon and considers him a friend. That is why Damon cares so much about her. He didn’t kill Caroline’s mum because they were genuine friends, and Rose’s fate affects him deeply because he can sense that she truly does care for him on a platonic level. I would be surprised if the Delena hug was the result of anything but Damon saving Elena from Rose. I’ll be interested to see if Damon ends up resenting Elena a little if this does happen, despite the hug.

    I doubt anyone will be a true competitor for Caroline’s heart in light of their unbreakable bond-forging experience on the night he first transformed.

    I do think that Caroline has some unresolved feelings for Matt that are a loose end that needs to be tied up. The right choice might be obvious to MOI, but I do understand why she will feel conflicted to begin with. Not least because she knows that Tyler has already hooked up with Matt’s Slutty Mom and sister.

    But Forwood are an unstoppable force of gravity for me, no imprinting connotations intended 😉

    Tyler will inevitably find out about Mason’s death and Caroline’s complicity in this by not stopping it from happening. But I think her life will be endangered and he will gain perspective on how much she matters to him. And I think that based on other spoilers, Stefan will set Tyler straight on the circumstances around her turning, and give her a little bit of leniency.

    The interesting thing about Forwood and Delena, and perhaps why I love them both so very much, is that much of their conflict is internal and caused by issues within their own relationship, rather than their problems largely resulting from external forces like Big Bads coming into town. These types of relationships always whet my fangirl appetite the most.

    • This comment is FILLED with WIN, Cherie! After looking at those pictures, and reading those spoilers, I was completely POSITIVE that I knew what was going to happen in The Descent (at least, with respect to these plot points). But then you came along, and made these VERY convincing arguments for completely different things happening! So, now I’m truly confused . . . but also very intrigued.

      It WOULD show a lot of character growth on Damon’s part, if he was suddenly NOT able to kill Jessica. And it will definitely be interesting to watch Damon struggle with this issue, in a way that we KNOW he hasn’t struggled with it for 140 + years. On the other hand, WOULD not killing Jessica necessarily be more moral, if it meant that his friend would die a result (and, possibly harm many others, including Elena, in the process)?

      The plot reminds me a bit of the Heinz Dilemma we used to discuss in school.

      You know . . the one about the guy who’s wife is dying from a rare disease, and only a specific type of medicine can cure her. But the only way he can obtain the medicine, in the middle of the night, is to break into the pharmacy and steal it, or risk losing her for good?

      In some ways, Damon’s predicament is more complex than this one, because, unlike Heinz, who must weigh the “wrongs” of stealing, with the “wrongs” of allowing his wife to die, Damon must balance the life of an innocent human stranger, against that of a vampire, like himself. Who said The Vampire Diaries wasn’t philosophical? 😉

      Now, I’m REALLY curious as to how Damon will solve this one . . .

      I also love your idea of Jules having a Werewolf Religion, as evidenced by the cross, with the clothing attached to it. Julie Plec did tease that, unlike Mason and Tyler, who came upon their “curse” by accident. Werewolves like Jules and Brady (who we will meet in a couple of episodes), were born into werewolfhood, raised by wolves, and taught that being a wolf is not a source of shame, but something about which to be proud. If Jules grew up among a Wolf Pack, it wouldn’t seem so out of the ordinary for them to engage in some wolfy religious-type rituals together.

      Spirituality would be an intriguing element of Jules’ personality, and wolfhood in general. It will be interesting to see how Tyler handles this new “family” of his, and their rituals, when he eventually learns of their existence.

      Awww! I would be heartbroken if Elena told Rose that she could never really forgive Damon, and still hates him for what he did to Jeremy! It was hard enough hearing her say, “you have lost me forever,” in the “Bad Moon Rising” episode. But to hear it again, after all the pair have been through this season, would be absolute torture. And yet, despite what Elena may SAY, the hug she will be giving Damon at the end of the episode, will most certainly illustrate something different entirely. “Thou doth protest TOO MUCH, Elena?” I think so!

      Likewise, I will NOT be happy if Damon bubble baths with Rose, even if it’s just a “healing thing.” Honestly, I’m tired of those two being INTIMATE! At least, if it’s that sexy reporter chick in the tub, we will know that Damon’s getting naked with her has an ANGLE. Granted that angle may just be “getting laid,” but at least it won’t be about “love” or “feelings.” Rose and Damon are just too close for a naked bubble bath NOT to mean something, even if it is supposed to be medicinal . . .

      (I for one, will be keeping my fingers crossed for the reporter being the one in the tub . . . if it can’t be Elena, of course.)

      On the Caroline front, I’m with you on Team Forwood. But I am excited to see this Love Triangle play out. After all, if Caroline doesn’t explore and come to a conclusion about her unresolved feelings for Matt, she will never truly be able to enter into a SERIOUS AND HIGHLY SEXUAL relationship with Tyler! Though this exploration on Caroline’s part (along with Tyler’s learning the truth about Vampire World), may initially drive a wedge between the pair, I think it is necessary for their relationship, and will ultimately bring them closer. (At least, that’s what I keep telling myself, so I can sleep at night!) 🙂

      Thanks for all the food for thought, Cherie! You are definitely making this interminable hiatus go much faster for me, than it would have otherwise.

  4. Thanks for the shout out too 😉

    • My pleasure, Cherie! I LOVE that picture of Katherine, holding the picture of Katherine. (It’s VERY META! ;)) And I never would have found it, if you hadn’t introduced it to me. 🙂

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  6. Just a short comment.

    I love your post here! It’s filled with all the right spoilers and thougths, but on one I have to disagree(just slightly)…

    It’s about that hugging pic of Delena. I don’t think this one is shot somewhere outside in the woods, because if you take a real close look to the right background, it just looks like a window for me – with the sun setting outside!
    And I remember in the promo we saw Elena running up to a window to open the curtains, so maybe she stayed in that same room all the time and they are hugging because he just killed Rose (or found a cure)…

    It’s just a random thought. Also, I’M totally looking forward to the Cyler (Forwood, Taroline) kiss and hopefully some good hot Stelena sex 😉

    Great, amazing post!

    • Great eye, Jesse! Now that I look at the Delena Hugging Picture again, I can definitely see what you mean, about it possibly being an indoor shot. This would explain a lot of murky inconsistent things about the background of the picture! For one thing, the “fire” we see behind Elena’s head, could just be the reflection of an outdoor streetlight. And that, brownish white wrinkly thing (for lack of a better description) on the righthand side of the picture, which I assumed was the bark of a tree, might actually be Damon’s CURTAINS! 🙂

      That’s why this post was so much fun for me. It’s amazing how much information we can derive from a few simple pictures . . . and how different our interpretations can be. Actually, I would love to do posts like this again for future episodes. However, I suspect that once the season starts rolling, us fangirls will be so busy talking about the things that ACTUALLY happened on the show, we will no longer have time to conjecture on what might happen, in the future . . .

      Not that this is a bad thing! 🙂

      I too am SUPER EXCITED for the Cyler/Forwood/ Taroline Ambush Kiss. (It’s funny, how this is the only ship for which no one can really agree on the best title for it.) There is just something so sexy, strong and masculine about the way Tyler grabs Caroline, and kisses her against that wall. There’s no tentativeness about it at all. It’s powerful and confident, yet instinctual, and almost animalistic. (In short, it’s exactly how you would expect a werewolf to kiss his mate. ;))

      Contrast that with the sweet and romantic way Tyler tells Caroline that he will be there for her, and give her “whatever [she] needs.” That’s what I love about New Tyler. He’s such a contradiction in terms, and all those contradictions combine together to spell one thing: HOT! 🙂

      As for Stelena sex . . . well . . . even though it isn’t my SHIP, I do love me some TV Vamp Sex. So, I’ll take what I can get. The last time those two did it, it nearly burned a hole in my TV screen, from all that steaminess. And I suspect this time will be no different. At least someone is getting SOME on this show. (Notice, I’m ignoring the fact that Damon had sex with Rose recently, because THAT DOESN’T COUNT!) 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jesse, and for your kind words. I really do appreciate it.

      Just a few more days until TVD . . . We are in the home stretch now. 😉

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  8. Completely random bit of speculation… Elijah and the other Originals, are astronomically more powerful than younger vampires and have heightened versions of normal vampiric powers, like the ability to compel other vampires. I wonder if we will find out if this is balanced by the fact that they have a much more powerful version of a vampire flaw.

    Also, more spoilers have come out! Here is a link to the synopsis for Crying Wolf (2×14):

    The line that “Tyler gives Matt relationship advice” stood out to me. Our boy Ty hasn’t exactly proven himself to be a relationship expert in the part, and presumably it would be about his Girl Friday Care. It sounds like a bizarro world line to me!

    Although, his “bitchy little twit” and “taking the good with the bad” was good advice, in its own Tyler-y way. And maybe we are getting some character growth and being shown how he can rise above his own feelings for the sake of the friends, before Forwood recommences.

    But still. Ick!

    • Thanks so much for the TVD spoiler scoopage, Cherie! 🙂 (I’m glad someone has been doing their homework, during this hiatus. ;)).

      As for Tyler giving Matt advice, is it possible that — just as Caroline gave up Matt, because she feared she would be a danger to him, if they stayed together, and Damon gave up Elena, because he feared he didn’t deserve her– Tyler is trying to do the same thing for Caroline, because he realizes that their existence on opposite sides of the Supernatural Divide may ultimately end up being fatal for them both?

      If that’s the case, Tyler may be pushing Matt toward Caroline, so that she won’t be alone, because he loves her too much to see her unhappy. It’s a sweet and sacrificial gesture, one that precisely mirrors the ones that Caroline and Damon made before him. And, here’s the good news . . . I think it will ultimately be ineffective. 🙂

      You see, girls like Elena and Caroline do NOT take kindly to being controlled, especially when it comes to what they do and WHO they love. When Caroline finds out what Tyler has done, she will SURELY confront him about it. And I suspect, that inevitable argument will end in a hot and steamy makeup session. It won’t happen in episode 14, of course, but it will happen EVENTUALLY. (Those two have WAY too much chemistry for it not to!)

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