Degrassi: In Too Deep — Anatomy of Two BRAND NEW Promos!


Last night, Teen Nick aired two much anticipated trailers for Degrassi‘s upcoming new season, entitled In Too Deep, which is set to premiere on February 11th at 9 p.m.  The first trailer was relatively short (lasting only about 30 seconds).   However, it was comprised almost entirely of NEW footage, never before seen by Degrassi fans . . .

The second trailer was double the length of the first (clocking in at about 1 minute, 30 seconds), and was an amalgamation of scenes from the first trailer, scenes from the trailer that Teen Nick aired last season, and some extra “bonus” scenes . . .

So, now that you’ve seen them, let’s discuss what we’ve learned.  Shall we?

Fadam is ON! / Fiona is still drinking. / Fiona may be gay (and into Holly J)?

When we last left our favorite (and only) transgendered Degrassi student, Adam Torres, he was putting some major effort into wooing the object of his affections, Fiona Coyne.  He even went so far as to throw a genuine New York-style ball, fit for a Princess, in her honor.  However, up until this point, Fiona’s feelings for Adam have shown little evidence of venturing beyond the platonic.  She might be aware of Adam’s attraction to her, but she hasn’t done much to show that she reciprocates those feelings.  In fact, she BAILED on the party he threw for her — a major NO-NO, in Relationship World.

But if the promos we’ve seen for next season are any indication, all of that is about to change, BIG TIME . . .

Though Fiona and Adam’s first kiss may be the result of a drunken (at least on Fiona’s part) game of Truth or Dare (as suggested in the first promo), clearly their relationship extends far beyond this “momentary indiscretion,” as the season progresses.  We know, from last season’s promos (plus, many of those scenes were repeated in the new trailers), that Fiona and Adam (or Fadam, as the cool kids like to call them) engage in a full on, Horizontal Couch Makeout Session, later on in the season.  And it is this couch session that Holly J. unceremoniously interrupts. 

Sounds great, right? 

Well . . . maybe not . . .

When we first watched the earlier promos, many of us Degrassi fans speculated as to the “logistics” of Fiona’s and Adam’s relationship.  Specifically, we wondered how Fiona would react, when she learned  that Adam was born female (and still has lady parts).  Based on the promos we saw last night, Fiona’s knowledge regarding Adam’s trangender status doesn’t seem to be the issue . . .

Both promos feature Fiona telling Adam that “drinking makes it easier to be with [him].”

This line suggests three things: (1) that Fiona is still abusing alcohol; (2) that she is aware that Adam is transgendered; and (3) while that knowledge has not caused her to stop seeing him, it still makes her feel at least somewhat uncomfortable.

But here’s the REAL twist . . .

Could Fiona actually be a lesbian?  Is she merely using Adam to “safely” evaluate her attraction to people of the same sex, while secretly vying for her bestie, Holly J?  This would be an interesting plot development indeed!

Sound crazy and completely out of left field to you?  Here’s my take on why this might be a real possibility . . .

For starters, Fiona has always been someone for whom relationships seemed more about status and convenience, than about genuine attraction.  She briefly dated Riley (before he was officially out of the closet) because she thought he was a nice guy who would keep her away from the advances of douchebags.  The fact that Riley was gay, and would likely never want to be intimate with her, almost seemed like an added bonus, as far as Fiona was concerned.

Fiona dated the ultimatey abusive Bastard Bobby, back in New York, because he was rich, popular, and had the right family name. 

She hooked up with her brother Declan (INCEST!  GROSSSSSS!) , because she worried that she was losing him (He was her only friend, at the time,) to Holly J.  So, she assumed that, by being DISGUSTING, she  could scare her brother’s boyfriend away . . .

So, we’ve never actually seen Fiona exhibit feelings of attraction for a man of the opposite sex.  And, based on the promos, she does seem more open to beginning a relationship with a transgendered male, than most heterosexual women her age, and in her situation, probably would be.  In conclusion, what initially might have seemed like a bizarre “out-of-character” plot twist the Degrassi writers inserted into their story to appeal to a considerable fanbase of “Dudes Who LOVE HOT LESBIANS,” makes more and more sense to me, the more I continue to think about it . . .

As for Holly J. . . .

Apart from her scenes with Fiona and Adam, we really don’t get to see all that much of her in these new promos.  However, the above shot, seems to suggest that she gets injured at some point during this season.  She may even end up in the hospital, as a result of said injuries?  (Based on the white background, behind Holly J., I thought she might be laying on a hospital bed in the picture above.)

Could Holly have somehow been involved in the EPIC CAR ACCIDENT to which all the Degrassi spoilers keep referring?  And, if so, why did the hospital choose to cope with injuries, by merely pasting a cheap bandaid over them?  (Random Canadian Hospital FAIL!)

Ali gets in trouble again. /  She runs away from home, is robbed, and wears an UGLY wig?

When Alli told her parents that she wanted to be transferred to private school, she never expected that they would ship her off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Although we didn’t learn too much more about Alli’s predicament than we had already deduced from previous promos, these new trailers helped us fill in a few of the blanks as to what actually happens to Alli during this season.  First, we see her at home, in her school uniform, complaining, that while she tries to be “good,” bad things continue to happen to her . . .

Combine this scene, with the one from the earlier promo, in which she is arguing was Sav (“You are ruining MY life,” he screams at her.) and you can deduce that Ali got into some trouble at her All-Girls private school, and shamed the family, as a result.  She may have even been EXPELLED from that school.  After all, we do see Alli later on in the promo, talking to Clare, at what appears to be a Degrassi Dance . . .

There is no way of knowing for certain whether this “Dance Scene” comes before or after Alli runs away from home.  But we do know that she’s on the run at some point during the series, and is away from home long enough to be declared a Missing Person . . .

This information is all but spelled out for us, when we see Alli at home, threatening to run away . . .

We then see her out in the street dressed in that RIDICULOUS OUTFIT, ripping down Missing Person posters of herself . . .

I didn’t know Lindsay Lohan was on Degrassi!

After that, Alli gets mugged by some lowlife, who steals her purse and runs away (probably, because he thought she was Lindsay Lohan, and that he could see the purse on Ebay for some serious dough.  He was probably super disappointed, when he found out that the purse he stole belonged instead to “some chick from Degrassi”).

Then, finally, Alli’s dad, and Sav go out searching for her in the family car, during a rainstorm.  Presumably, they find her, and bring her back home  .. . just in time for the Degrassi Dance!


And now for the storyline, you’ve all been waiting for . . .

Eli flips out. /  He becomes super possessive of Clare.  / She dumps him.  / And he gets into a car accident on the anniversary of his dead girlfriend’s death?

Of all Degrassi’s upcoming season storylines, I’d say Eli’s and Clare’s is the one about which fans are the most excited.  And why not?  After all, the Degrassi: In Too Deep Season finale is set to air on April 22, 2011, precisely two years (maybe one in Degrassi world), since the tragic and untimely death of Eli’s former girlfriend, Julia, who was hit by a car.

I know that, in real life, this is the picture of a model in a bad black wig.  And yet, “Dead Julia” still gives me the creeps every time I look at her . . . kind of like that Freaky Chick from The Ring movies . . .

To add fuel to the Eclare fire, Degrassi Writer/Producer Stephen has publicly admitted that the Eli/Clare/Dead Julie saga will be featured prominently in the latter episodes of the season.  He also teased that something will happen to a creepy “picture” of Julia, and that Eli is in that picture as well.  Speculation as to what Sohn meant by this cryptic statement has ranged widely from the literal (a picture of Eli and Julia is stolen during the finale) to the practical (Eli accidentally ran Julia over with his car), to the outright BIZARRE (“Julia” is actually Eli in a black wig, a la Psycho)

This eye-catching shot from the extended promo seems to show a bereft, and tear-stricken Eli clutching Julia’s picture while standing next to his trusty hearse Morty.  The question is, where the heck is he?  The library?  (There are shelves of books shown behind the car); His garage? (Where else do you put a car indoors?)  Degrassi High?  (Did he DRIVE THE CAR INTO THE SCHOOL?)

In the promos, we see that things between Eli and Clare aren’t nearly as rosy as they were last season — back when the pair bonded over Eli’s hoarding issues, and Eli helped Clare cope with her parents’ impending separation.

Suddenly, Clare is talking about “taking a break” and “needing space” from Eli.  This is an unusual turn of events, especially considering that in previous episodes, it was Clare, who seemed the more “clingy” of the couple, while Eli was a bit more standoffish, and constantly required time alone to “sort things out.”

“Could someone tell me when exactly I became the GIRL in this relationship?”

Now, suddenly, Eli never seems to want Clare to leave his side . . .

Whenever they are together, he constantly has his arm wrapped around her protectively, as if he is afraid that if he lets go, she will get run over by a carhe will lose her forever . . .

The usually adorable Eli is suddenly saying creepy lines like the guys in the Lifetime movies do . . . right before they go after their girlfriend with a hatchet.  (“If I can’t have you, NO ONE CAN!”)

“You promised me you’d never leave me,” he tells her in one scene.

“We need some time ALONE together . . . just you and me,” he says to her in another.

It seems obvious that, as the date on the calendar creeps closer and closer to the anniversary of Julia’s death, Eli is becoming more unhinged.  He copes with these feelings, by sticking close to Clare, the only person who has the power him feel safe. 

But Clare almost makes Eli nervous.  After all, Eli presumably felt “safe” with his last girlfriend too, and look what happened to her!  So, just like Eli “hoarded” random objects in his room, to preserve Julia’s memory, he is, in essence, “hoarding” Clare now, to keep her out of harms way.

But Clare isn’t an old notebook, or smelly shoe.  She’s a person, who needs her own space.  Clare confides this in Alli at the school dance.  So, Alli suggests that Clare be honest with Eli about how she’s feeling . . .

Ummm . . . Clare?  1993 called . . . And they would really like that lipstick back!  (Seriously, why does the wardrobe department always insist on dressing this character like a 43-year old Soccer Mom?)

But was this the right advice?  In both of the promos, we see Clare confronting Eli, frustratedly telling her boyfriend that he is “suffocating her.”

Needless to say, Eli does not take this accusation (or possibly being dumped?) very well.  In the final scenes of both of the above trailers, we see Eli driving his car recklessly into the night, with tears streaming down his face . . .

Though a clearly anguished and incredibly guilty feeling Clare, calls Eli repeatedly on his cell phone, begging him to answer her, we can see that he does not do so . . .

Could THESE be scenes from April 22nd’s Season Finale, entitled “Drop the World?”  Could this be the Massive Car Crash Degrassi spoilers have been teasing us about since last year?  Is Julia’s picture in the car with Eli, while he’s driving?  Could Eli’s reckless driving, be construed as a suicide attempt, as a result of guilt over his girlfriend’s death?

I guess we will just have to wait until February 11th to find out.  (But until then, speculations and spoilers are always welcome in the comment section, and would be much appreciated. 🙂 )



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  1. Secret

    Okay it’s me secret from pretty little liars… Normally I stay on pretty little liars comments but I just had 2 comment on this. Great theories Fiona a lesbian?? Wow interesting twist … Ali running away??? Ofcourse…. Eli car accident??NOO I luv him nd he just made the cast! As far as Julie goes sigh…. Well that’s all I have to say great recap 😀

    • Hey there, Secret! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my new Degrassi post! 🙂 I’ve been toying with the idea of recapping the series when it returns in February. So, it’s nice to know that if I did that, someone out there might actually read it.

      I’ve been watching Degrassi casually for a while now, but this last season has definitely got me hooked. The writing has gotten sharper. And the acting is really solid. Munro Chambers (who plays Eli), Annie Clark (who plays Fiona) and Jordan Todosey (who plays Adam) are particularly talented. So, I was thrilled to learn that their storylines would be at the forefront of the new season.

      I do think Eli will get into that Massive Car Accident discussed in spoilers for this season. It will likely happen at the end of the season, so the writers can use his fate as a cliffhanger. But I really can’t imagine them killing off the character. (For one thing, the fans would absolutely RIOT!)

      There’s just so much more to learn about Eli. He’s so complex and interesting. It would be a shame to lose him from the cast so quickly. I suspect he’ll be pretty banged up from the accident, and maybe even be unconscious (in a coma?) for a while. But, ultimately he will pull through, and find his way back to Clare. And I, for one, am THRILLED for that.

      The direction they seem to be going with Fiona’s and Adam’s storyline shocked me too! Who’d have thought that the “dealbreaker” between Fiona and Adam wouldn’t be that Adam has “girl parts,” but that he’s a GUY! And yet, when you think about it, in terms of Fiona’s character (where she’s been, and where she’s going), it makes a lot of sense . . .

      By the way, how awesome would a Pretty Little Liars / Degrassi crossover episode be? Eli and Lucas could become BFF’s. Bianca could beat up Blind Jenna, and Mona. Emily could discover the secret about Fiona’s sexual preferences once and for all! 😉 And Spencer and Holly J. could come to blows, while competing for valedictorian! Hey, it could happen! 😉

      • Secret

        It could happen?? Correction it should happen I would LUV 2 see Bianca beat Mona into a coma I wuld LUV to see spencer and holly J fight for validectorian and Eli and Lucas awesome… That would be like the best episode ever Fiona and Emily could soo get together so Emily could leave boring Maya ( even though Maya and emily storyline is a little bit more interesting ) hmm i could see it now

      • Fiona would definitely be a hotter love match for Emily than Maya. Because, unlike Maya, Fiona likes to PARTY! And Emily could really use someone to bring her out of her shell. An exciting night for Emily and Maya probably involves knitting, or something. Maya didn’t even want to go Hanna’s party, because she was “tired” from dinner. LAME!

        If Fiona was Emily’s girlfriend, she’d get her WASTED regularly, and probably arrested, on occasion. Then Fiona’s rich family would bail them out. But not until their faces were splashed across the tabloids. . . .

        But who knows, Maya could shock us all, and end up being “A” or Ali’s killer. That would make her pretty cool I guess. I’d have to eat my words, if that happened.

        And I agree, a Degrassi / PLL crossover would be PURE PERFECTION. If only Stephen Stohn (Degrassi’s head writer / producer) read my blog. 😦 Oh well . . . it’s fun to imagine, anyway!

      • heyoo

        Did you know that the actress that plays Emily was actually ON Degrassi? She was the model that told Mia to drop out of school during that class speech episode that she bombed!

      • Wow, heyoo! Now that you mention it, I remember Shay Mitchell in that scene! What a small world! Now, she’s on PLL, and “Mia” (Nina Dobrev) is on The Vampire Diaries. That is so cool. Thanks so much for stopping by, and giving me the scoop! 🙂

  2. Eli the 2nd

    i am going to because honest when i watched this promo i cried whenever i’d watch a promo tears fill my eyes but never drop… this promo made me sad and scared sad bcuz clare broke eli’s hart and scared that eli wud die plz let this season end well… with no hartbrake or death!!!!! 😦

    • Hi, Eli the 2nd! (Awesome screenname, by the way!) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      I too felt really bad for Eli in this promo. Sure, he may be starting to get a bit too clingy with Clare. But it’s only because he is having such difficulty coping with Julia’s death, as the date on the calendar creeps closer to the anniversary of that tragedy. He’s just afraid of losing the woman he loves again!

      I think Clare may come to realize this a bit too late, in terms of Eli’s accident. However, I assure you (I am almost positive) that the Degrassi writers will NOT KILL ELI! He’s probably the most popular character on the show right now.

      And the character is in 11th grade, so they have AT LEAST a year (roughly two more seasons) to develop his character, and create storylines for him. There is no way the producers of Degrassi would give up the amazing opportunity they have to keep Munro Chambers around for as long as possible.

      So, dry those tears, Eli the 2nd. It’s going to be a bumpy road for Eli and Clare. But I’m pretty sure they have a LONG and sweet relationship ahead of them in Degrassi World . . . 🙂

      • eclarelover

        eli is not going to die,i heard in an interview that he will be here for the whole time is season 11 so ya i thaught he was going to die to and i cried at the promo too.i bet alot of people did, but i just wanted to clear up that for you.

      • Thanks so much for the great news, eclarelover! I’m sure a lot of fellow EClare fans are breathing WAY easier now, knowing that Munro Chambers is on Degrassi to stay! 🙂

    • Degrasssssi

      He’s a creepy dude though…of course claire or any smart female would break up with a weirdo like eli…like ik what its like to have a bf whose clingy and you’re suppose to break up w him so dont blame claire cuz claires awesome and just doing the right thing..and i heard eli might accidently shoot claire which then eli’s a loser

      • LOL. A very valid point, Degrasssssi! 🙂 You know, I wrote this before “In Too Deep” began. And it’s amazing how much my own opinion of Eli has changed, since the start of the season. Sure, Eli showed little hints of instability, in earlier seasons. But never before did it really seem like he would ever put Clare in danger. Now, suddenly, I’m not so sure . . .

        It kind of makes me wonder if this storyline was what Stephen Stohn ALWAYS had in store for Eli and Clare, or if he decided on it, after seeing how talented Munro Chambers is as an actor. In just a few short episodes, Eli Goldsworthy has gone from being one of the most loved characters on Degrassi, to one of the most feared. This is no easy task! And yet, Chambers pulled it off flawlessly.

        I’m really excited to see where the final episode takes us!

  3. lovingmeb4u

    Can I just say that I absolutely love the analysis on the trailers?! First, I’ve been watching Degrassi: The Next Generation since 2002 and it has NEVER gotten old! No matter how many times a topic is covered (i.e. bullying, traumatic experiences, crazy relationships, etc.) Degrassi never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I feel like I’m too old to watch Degrassi, I’m almost 23 (yikes!), but it’s so addictive! I’m so excited to see what In Too Deep has to offer. I will definitely stay posted to see what else this blog brings!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, lovingmeb4u! And thank you for your kind words.

      I’ve been watching Degrassi for a while too. And I love the way, Degrassi has managed to stay relevant for so long, through so many changing casts, and various generations. It’s really a testament to how awesome the writers are. (Heck, I bet there are people out there who have been watching, since the 80’s — back when Snake and Spike were teens!)

      Every once in a while, the show still manages to shock me, by going someplace I didn’t expect it to go! Emma and Jay down in the ravine, The Shooting, JT’s death– These were all some pretty intense moments. And from the looks of this trailer, I have no doubt there will be plenty more where those came from.

      If this keeps up, who knows? Maybe, years from now, OUR children will be watching Degrassi too? 🙂

      • hi im 14 and i am wondering so much will there be more after this season of in too deep i just don’t see myself letting go degrassi i love it so much i would totally cry over this if they take off degrassi but i mean thats there choice as well but i also wondering does eli die in this in this episode i mean come on if he dies there will be no degrassi without him he awesome.

      • Hi ilovedegrassi! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I have no doubt that there will be many more seasons of Degrassi after this one. The ratings for the show are better than ever before. And the writers still have so many more stories to tell.

        Also, Claire, Alli, Jenna, and K.C. are just sophomores. I can’t imagine the series ending before they graduate high school. That means the writers have at least another two years to spend fleshing out these awesome characters. 🙂

    • LaLyric

      OMG!!! I’m almost 23 tooo and I’m a degrassi addict my friends make fun of me but i dont care lol and eli is my favorite character of the last season so far but i also wanted to see johnny’s character stick around and he just vanished one day oh well

      • Hey LaLyric! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Your friends are clearly missing out on an awesome show! And you can tell them I said so. 😉

        Eli rocks! He may very well be one of my favorite Degrassi characters ever. Along with Jay Hogart, from the old cast, of course. (What can I say? I’m a sucker for a Bad Boy. And Mike Lobel is super sexy!)

        As for Johnny, I have great news for you . . . He’s BAAAAAAACK! Check out the MuchMusic promo for Degrassi In Too Deep and see for yourself. (He has short hair now.)

    • Sammi

      Hahaha your never too old for Degrassi<3

      • Very true, Sammi! If a show is well-written and tells a good story, than people of all ages will enjoy it. In fact, I suspect there are 50, 60, and even 70-year old closet Degrassi Fans out there . . . 🙂

    • Ashley

      Hey, there’s no shame. I’ve also been watching Degrassi since 2002 (and I’ll be 23 in September), and I’m still just as hooked. So we’re in the same boat. 😉

  4. hannah

    personally, i’m most intereated in the fiona gay for holly j (which has tots been hinted at since the move degrassi takes manhattan). though, i feel sorry for fiona becuase i think that holly j is straight. also i’m now thinking that it is going to be holly j in a car accident. and that it could tots be eli in a black wig, they have the same face. but i’m now thinking that eli is going to the spot where julia died.

    btw, kjewls johny already had short hair. i miss him, he was good with alli.

    which brings me to alli, well, not exactly alli, the school dance, i wonder when they will stop with the oversupervised and have to be in school uniform dances.

    • Hi Hannah! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I totally forgot Johnny cut his hair, before he left the show! Honestly, I was so used to seeing him with straggly long locks, that when I saw him in the promo, I almost didn’t recognize him. I wonder if his return will have something to do with Alli’s storyline, and her going missing. I suspect it does, and wonder if the couple will reunite this season. Although I seem to remember Johnny having graduated last year, I think he and Alli could still carry on a relationship, provided he attends college nearby. After all, it’s worked with other cast members of different ages on the show in the past . . .

      I agree with you that Holly J. is almost definitely straight. And yet, I suspect that Fiona knows this, even if she does have a crush on her. (Remember how Fiona kept pushing Holly J. to marry Declan? That may have been her way of trying to stay close to the woman she loved, even though she realized that woman might never love her in return.)

      Personally, I’m hoping things end up working out for Fiona and Adam, because those two could be adorable together, I think. Besides, unlike most other females that Adam might have dated at Degrassi instead, Fiona won’t mind that Adam has girl parts, AT ALL! 🙂

      Perhaps, when Eli gets into his car accident on the anniversary of Julia’s death, his car will collide with Holly J’s? It would be a MAJOR coincidence (not to mention, slightly unrealistic. I mean, what are the odds of something like that happening in real life?). However, such a scenario could definitely tie together the images we saw in the promo.

      Just a few more weeks, and we will have the answers to at least some of these burning questions. I, for one, can’t wait! 🙂

  5. joli

    Ok… this is what I think….
    did anyone else see that other preview? Where Clare opens her door and Fitz is standing in the rain???! Could it be that Fitz has come back to get revenge? and has asked Clare to break up with Eli?! or else he will do something horrible to him?!
    Clare and Eli are one of the best couples on Degrassi. There is no way they would end their relationship so soon!! D: OR KILL ELI OFF?! NOOOOO!!

    • Hi Joli! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      That’s an interesting idea, and it definitely ties the image of Fitz from the first promo, with Clare’s sudden “need for space” in subsequent promos. I think most of us would like your scenario better than others suggested. Because this would mean that Clare wasn’t really feeling “smothered” by Eli, but, rather was “acting” smothered, in order to save him from Fitz’s wrath.

      In fact, the only promo scene we’ve seen so far that was inconsistent with that theory, was the one where Clare and Alli were talking at the dance. In that scene, Clare expressed her feelings of “needing space” to Alli as well. In fact, it was Alli who actually suggested that Clare come clean to Eli about her feelings. Clare initially seemed pretty reluctant to do so.

      Of course, it’s possible that Clare was acting here too, to keep up appearances, in order to appease Fitz. And yet, you would think that if Clare was being threatened by Fitz, she would at least admit the truth to her best friend. Then again, you never know. Trailers are notoriously misleading. Either way, I definitely like the way your mind works, Joli. 🙂

      As for Clare and Eli, even if they break up temporarily, I have no doubt that these two will be back together by next season. EClare is endgame, as far as Degrassi is concerned. It just has to be. 🙂

      • whisper

        Heyy!!! Ok, so I am a total addict when it comes to EClare! I spent the past six hours watching every moment they have ever had together from beginning to end, over and over again! I’m so lame! Hahaha, oh well!!! I screamed at the TV at the end of Halo Part 2 when it said that new episodes would come out in 2011, because I was new to Degrassi and I have never seen a show that has such a long wait between seasons! It pissed me off, then when I found out that the episodes are coming in February it pushed me off the edge. I have gone totally A-WALL! So, here is a little article I found online (Someone else wrote it, obviously, and well I had never thought about it the way this person did, it all sort of ties together but it makes sense and I’m going to hope this is it because my friends and I are all talking and we will be screaming, crying, and rolling on the floor if ANYTHING happens to Eli!)
        Here, I will tell you what I think happens!

        Okay, FADAM: Drew gets high and then talks to Fiona and stops mid-sentence and tells Adam’s ‘secret’, Fiona then goes to drinking and doesn’t tell Adam she knows. (“Drinking makes it easier” “Makes what easier?” “being with you”) ECLARE: Fitz gets out of jail and then go finds Clare because he wants to finish their ‘date’. Clare then is scared since he had the knife and everything, so she turns to her knight in shining armor, Eli. He then freaks out and becomes Clare’s ‘bodyguard’ and won’t leave her alone fearing Fitz. (“Eli, you’re suffocating me”) Eli is confused and angry and ignores Clare, since Adam is busy with Fiona he sees Sav, since they haven’t hung out since the Dead Hand concert. Holly J comes to see if Sav wants go on a date, Eli doesn’t want to be alone so he freaks and causes Holly J’s band-aid hospital thing. Sav feels pressured to hang out with both of them but then his parents fear he’s losing touch with his family and makes him hang out with Alli, who takes advantage of him (“You made MY life a living hell!”) which causes Alli to run away.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your your theories with us. I’m going to address them in just a bit, but I wanted to share something interesting with you first . . . it’s something I just found on

        Does the PICTURE in the book, look familiar? i.e. Do you recognize Julia in it? How CREEPY is that? especially given Stephen Stohn’s recent tweets relating to EClare . . .

        about 1 hour ago via web .ahhhhh… dark moon….
        about 2 hours ago via web . . .something unusual happens to the picture…

        I wonder if this is some cross-promotional marketing scheme on the part of Degrassi. Could Julia possibly not really exist? Could she be a figment of Eli’s imagination? A picture cut out of a book? If it’s a marketing scheme, it worked on ME, because I want to buy that Wereling book RIGHT NOW, to figure out what character in it looks like Julia! (I think based on the book synopsis, she’s supposed to be a Wicked Sorceress named Gwendolin. Weird.)

        I’ll be back in a moment, to address the rest of your comment. Thanks for indirectly helping me find this.

      • Hi whisper! I love your theories, and the way you tied some of these varying storylines together, in a way that, makes sense, based on some of the promos and spoilers we have already seen. For example with Fadam, we already know that Drew’s storyline is going to involve both a relationship with Bianca, and a drug addiction issue. So, having DREW be the one who reveals Adam’s transgender nature to Fiona would be an interesting twist indeed. How will Fiona respond to Adam not being the one to have told her this important information? How will Adam respond to DREW spilling the beans to Fiona before he got the chance to do so.

        I also like your idea of Eli “suffocating” Clare because of his fear that Fitz will attack her. We already know that the episode “Jesus” will be EClare centric, and it will focus on Fitz having something IMPORTANT to tell Eli and Clare. And we saw from the promos that a beaten up looking Fitz shows up at Clare’s door, wanting to talk to her. This theory would tie all that information together. Unless . . . Fitz knows something about Julia, and wants to clue Clare in to it. That would be an interesting twist too.

        I also like your theory about Sav being forced to hang out with Alli, and that’s why he makes his comment, “You made my life a living hell.” I always assumed Sav said that because Alli is constantly getting into trouble, and Sav’s parents are stricter on BOTH kids, as a result. But that idea makes sense too.

        Wow. Lots of food for thought, definitely. Thanks for taking the time to share all this with us, whisper! You are truly an awesome fan!

  6. mpoole15

    Okay so I watch Soap Operas ( alot of them) so I tend to lean toward dramatic explanations and plots but has anyone considered Fitz being the route to ALL of Eclare’s problems (he was seen in the first promo). He could be forcing Clare to push Eli away (maybe threatening to hurt Eli???)

    • Hi mpoole15! Thanks so much for your comment! Your explanation of Clare’s behavior does seem plausible, in the context of the show. And, based on some of the comments here, you aren’t the only one who feels that way.

      This would mean Clare was also pretending to be “smothered” by Eli, when she was talking to Alli at the Degrassi Dance. As it was Alli who suggested Clare confront Eli with her feelings. It seems like a lot of pretending to me, but it is definitely possible.

      And you are right, it would be a very Soap Opera-esque plotline. 🙂

  7. Sammi

    Holly J, I think may get abused by Fiona?
    I certainly think Eli will utterly NOT die, because to be honest Degrassi has been most popular with him on, and yes, he’s so new to the cast. (Though maybe all these fan girls and pressure is driving him over the edge and wanted to end it) Alli isn’t smart enough to go without gettting caught. No offense, I love her but she isn’t exactly sneaky LOL. The promo doesn’t even SHOW Jenna, which is weird. Anyway, Eli in a WIG? Seriously? Why would he do that…? Right….? That I doubt, I think he’s just going to where Julia died. Clare is so wishy-washy, wanting him back then pushing him away, well, that’s how I’d see it in Eli’s eyes. I feel bad for Adam though. He’s gone through enough, don’t you think?

    • Hi Sammi, thanks so much for your comment. That is a really interesting idea about Holly J. and Fiona. When I first read it, I thought to myself, “NOT FIONA! She wouldn’t do that!” But then I thought about how Bobby abused Fiona, and how people who are abused can sometimes lash out in the same way toward others. Since I love Fiona, as a character, I hope that SHE isn’t the reason that Holly J. ends up bruised in the promos. But it is a possibility . . .

      As for Jenna, I didn’t see her in the Teen Nick promos either. They only seemed to focus on Alli, Adam and Fiona, Holly J., and EClare. On the other hand, I DID see her in the MuchMusic promos. So, I suspect her baby storyline will play at least some part in this season.

      I’m with you. The writers CAN’T KILL ELI! They’d be crazy to do that, considering the massive fanbase he’s developed. However, I don’t think a cliffhanger, with Eli’s fate hanging in the balance, would be out of the question. For this reason, I predict Eli’s car accident will take place in the last few moments of the Season Finale. And we will have to wait until after the hiatus to learn that he is, in fact, OK.

      I’m with you, poor Adam! As if coping with establishing his identity as a male is not enough, he also has a girlfriend who might actually NOT be into him, because she’s a LESBIAN! Can’t the guy catch a break? 🙂



    • Hi Degrassi Addict! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I haven’t heard any Riley and Zane spoilers lately either. 😦 But I am absolutely ON THE CASE! If I find anything out, I will definitely post it here! 🙂

  9. whisper

    Heyy again! Ok, so I have heard a lot of rumors and spoilers saying that Declan is going to commit suicide because he feels like he isn’t worthy enough and he can no longer be with Holly J! But, I really want Holly J and Sav to stick together. They’re cute, they’re always having fun, and with all the pressure and conditions of their at-home lives, a little romance in the locked-up student council room is just what they need. Although, I think that Sav may have more than a crush on “HJ,” he really seems to love her. Maybe it’s gone further than intended?!!
    I am SO thankful you all gave me reasons not to get totally addicted to waiting to see what happens to Eli. I LOVE HIM! I think you’ve all made some really valid points and so I feel self assured, thanks! 🙂
    Everyone is saying that Jenna finally has her baby and KC is there with her and whatever else, but nobody drops any clues in videos or pictures, and there are no hints as so adoption or the gender or name of the baby.
    I saw a part in the promo where Drew and Sav were really happy and hanging out and they were in the music room, one of them was holding drumsticks and they hugged??? Are they starting a band or something??
    I have seen pictures of a certain boy who totally dropped of the face of the earth a while back! Johnny DiMarco!!! There is a picture of Sav wearing the school uniform (this proves it wasn’t the past) and Johnny has short blonde hair, a shaved face (that mustache was crap anyway) and wearing a little blue T-Shirt. He sort of left after last saying goodbye to Ali, and telling her that is was his first time having sex with a girl he actually liked. So, maybe he has changed and wants to come apologize and get her back! Wow, now I forget all the other stuff I was gonna say! Well, PLEASE keep me posted on everything, I’m sort of desperate. By sort of, I mean EXTREMELY! I’ll check back on the site A LOT so please leave other comments and replies!

    • Hi again, whisper! I know that the actor who plays Declan isn’t coming back to the show, so they have to find some way of disposing of the character. I kind of hope suicide isn’t the way they go though. I feel like it would be completely out of context for the character, who actually ended things on an OK note with Holly J. (i.e. They are going to Yale together, but only as friends, not lovers.) Plus, can you imagine the DEVASTATING effects Declan’s death would have on Holly J. and the already unstable Fiona. It would TEAR them apart.

      I’d be more inclined to think that HOLLY J. will end up not going to Yale. She will end up going to school closer to Degrassi, as many of the other characters who stuck with the show after graduating did. This would make it easy for the writers to dispose of Declan, since HE would be at Yale. And yet, it would give them the option of still bringing the character back for a guest starring role, every once in a while.

      I could definitely see Drew and Sav starting a band of some sort. After all, Sav is very passionate about music. And he WAS in pretty popular local band in earlier seasons along with Peter, Danny, Jane and Spinner, but lost that important outlet to music, once all his friends graduated high school and left him behind. It would be nice for Sav to be able to continue making music with the younger cast members, particularly if he ends up going to university near Degrassi, along with Holly J.

      I agree with you that KC’s and Jenna’s storyline hasn’t seen a lot of play in ANY of the released promos. Nor was it featured in the synopses of episodes through March 3 that have already been released. The only time we saw KC in a promo was the one where he and Drew are high and in their basketball uniforms. What impact will KC’s drug use have on his ability to help Jenna care for her baby? Or was this instance of drug use, just a one-time thing for KC, and the start of an addiction for Drew?

      I would LOVE for Johnny to get back together with Alli. Those two NEED eachother, especially given all that Alli has been through lately. And even though Johnny was not without his issues, I think he and Alli had great chemistry together, and truly loved one another. I know I personally will be keeping my fingers crossed for those two.

      This was fun! I love speculating about all the different Degrassi plotlines. Thanks for inspiring me, whisper.

      • whisper

        Anytime! Thanks SO much for replying! The one thing that bothers me is that it was revealed a while ago that Sav was supposed to have an arranged marriage or something, wouldn’t Ali have one too? Or is that just a male thing in their religion (whatever their religion is).

      • That’s a really great point, whisper! The Bhandari’s are Muslim, and seem to believe in arranged marriages for ALL of their children. In earlier episodes, Alli may have been considered too young to be “betrothed” to anyone. But now, Alli is at the age Sav was when HE was introduced to his “future wife.”

        I wonder if this will come into play regarding Alli’s storyline. You get the impression that the Muslim community is very close-knit, where the Bhandari’s live. Perhaps, the Muslim families nearby have heard about Alli’s recent troubles, and don’t want their sons marrying her, as a result. This would cause a lot of tension between Alli and her family.

        Maybe Alli’s parents decide to make Sav marry earlier than planned, to help save the family name, and ensure a successful marriage for Alli in the future. That would definitely cause Sav to say to Alli, “You are ruining MY life,” like he did in the promos.

        Of course, I could be wrong. 😉

  10. what about that guy who’s at clare’s door in the promo? what are your thoughts on that

    • Hi Sadia, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! The guy at Clare’s door in the first Degrassi promo is Fitz. If you recall, we last saw Fitz being taken away in handcuffs for bringing a knife to school, and threatening Eli on Casino night.

      I suspect that the scene we saw was taken from an upcoming Degrassi Episode entitled, Jesus, Etc., which is set to air on March 4, 2011, in both the U.S. and Canada. Here’s a brief synopsis of that episode:

      “Fitz is back. And he’s eerily desperate to talk to Clare and Eli. What exactly does he want from them? And will it tear them apart?”

      I’m wondering whether Fitz somehow learned something about Eli’s “incident” with Julia, while he was in juvie, and wants to confront Eli and Clare about it.

      Fitz’s face looks pretty banged up when we see him. At first, I attributed that to him being in the rumored car accident that is set to take place on the show. But now, I’m wondering whether those bruises are from him being beaten up while in juvie. Those juvie kids can be TOUGH! 🙂

  11. Kat

    Great breakdown of the promos and good ideas!
    I think Holly J is confused in the hospital because when Fiona tells her she’s beautiful it hints she’ll make a move, Holly j being very straight will probably reject her, and Fiona being so dramatic and emotionally unstable might hit her!
    I feel so bad for Adam, he really likes Fiona and she’s not liking him for who he is.
    Alli running away, kind of boring, but hints at her leaving? Maybe, I heard she’ on another show, maybe they’ll get rid of her? I still don’t know why sav yelled at her.
    No hints about Jenna, but I’m sure they’ll include it in the season.
    I miss Declan, I loved him and Holly J together, I assume they’re just going to stop including him, the way they just faded Peter away.
    Clare and Eli…ah I love them and their storyline. I don’t think Eli will die or even in an accident. If you look closely it looks like the scene where he’s on the phone, and the scene where he’s driving are separate. The scene where he’s on the phone and closes his eyes looks like he’s in the passenger seat.
    I saw on another blog that there’s a book called “Dark Moon: A Wereling Novel” and on the cover is the same exact picture of Julia that’s in his room! It could be a coincidence but…crazy thought here, what if he made Julia up after reading it!? Just throwing ideas around. It definitely seems there’s going to be some big twist with him and Julia, I love his character it’s so complex.
    Also I heard someone is definitely dying this season, and somewhere else I heard it’s maybe a girl. No idea on that one, can’t be Eli he’s brand new, maybe Alli because she ran away? I don’t know there’s so many questions for this season lol I’m obsessing I just want to season to start!

    • Hi Kat, thanks so much for stopping by and providing your insights. I love your take on Holly J’s expression during that hospital scene, being the result of something suggestive Fiona said to her.

      I’m also intrigued by the notion that Eli was in the passenger seat during the promo, not the driver seat. He definitely looked like he was in the passenger seat in the first set of promos, with these new ones, I’m not so sure . . . I was positive he was driving. But, then again, I could be wrong.

      Regarding that Julia picture, I heard about that Wereling: Dark Moon book too, and LOVE all the intrigue that’s being being created about Eli’s “dearly departed” mysterious girlfriend. I posted this in response to someone else’s comment, but since you brought it up, here is an image of the upcoming novel that features “Julia’s” picture in it:

      Here is the picture of Julia on Eli’s nightstand:

      You can see, that not only is this the same girl, it is clearly the SAME PICTURE with a different background. “Julia” has her arms crossed in both, is wearing the same necklace, and has the exact same expression on her face. We know from previous seasons that Clare LOVES supernatural vampire and werewolf tales. In one not-so-distant episode, she was reading what sounded like a takeoff on the Twilight series, and had begun to write fanfiction about it.

      Therefore, it MIGHT be possible that Clare will read Dark Moon in the episode, FIND Julia’s picture on it’s cover, and wonder what the HECK is up with her boyfriend. Could Julie be a figment of his imagination? (Interestingly enough, the character in the Dark Moon book is named Gwendolin, NOT JULIA.) But still, given Stephen Sohn’s recent “Dark Moon” tweet, I don’t think the repetition of the picture is a coincidence at all.

      To further complicate things, have you read THIS?

      Scroll down to the Editing Room picture on the bottom of the article, it looks like they are “editing’ Eli into Julia’s picture. That would seem to contradict the notion that she is imaginary. And yet, it is strange that of all “Julia’s” the writers for Degrassi could have chosen, they selected the goth chick from the cover of some teen werewolf book that hasn’t been released yet. And the GUY on the cover of that book, looks vaguely similar to Munro Chambers.

      I really can’t wait to see where they go with all this!

    • whisper

      Hey, I am pretty sure that Julia was real and she DID die, but because of little hints I’ve seen on other websites, there is definitely something Eli is hiding from everyone. Some people are predicting that Julia was pregnant when she died, and they lost the baby when she got hit. The thing is, it all makes sense now, in a weird way. Maybe when she died, they were fighting over the pregnancy. They probably didn’t want the baby because I can’t picture Eli as a dad, and well yeah, nobody gave hints as to what the fight was about. Eli is really mysterious and by looking at the picture of supposed Julia, you can see she sets creepy vibes off too, so maybe she was hiding something from him and he got pissed. He seems kind of neurotic in his mind but he just doesn’t like showing it. I HATED seeing him mad at Clare it scared me so bad.

      • Nice insights, whisper. And all the things you’ve mentioned definitely seem like possibilities. I kind of hope it’s not another pregnancy storyline, though. Only because, I feel like Degrassi has had too many of those already.

        I am REALLY intrigued by Stephen Stohn’s teases about Julia’s picture and the upcoming novel, “Dark Moon.” I’m not sure what the connection is. But I think there definitely is one. There is just too much evidence there for the matching pictures to be a coincidence . . .

        I guess we will just have to wait a bit longer to find out. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your insights with me. I really do appreciate it.

  12. Degrassi veiwer

    I think that eli gets in car accident and hits holly j so that is why she is in the hospbital but… not seriously injured. 🙂

    • That would make a lot of sense, Degrassi viewer! Not to mention, it would tie together a few of the seemingly unrelated promo images we saw here. Nice work! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  13. whisper

    Sure, I love this website now 🙂

    Do you have any ideas as to who is in the car with Eli when it almost hits someone? I looked at that particular part and I paused it and I was shocked. I think it’s Clare out of possibility, but it didn’t look like Clare. The person’s hair looked really dark, and they had really veiny hands (I know how incredibly stupid that sounds, but I looked at that because it was the only other real clue there was.). I of course realized afterwards that I forgot to look at who was in front of the car. Based on some scenes, I think there may be more than one car accident, I am still hoping and praying that Eli and Clare don’t get hurt!!!

    • I agree with you that the car scene in the first promo, seen here at the :20 mark . .

      . . . is different from the one we see in the newer In Too Deep trailers posted above, which occurs at night, and in which, Eli seems to be at the wheel.

      As for the first one, it looks like Clare will be driving, and Fitz will be in the passenger seat. The guy standing outside in front of them, who they almost hit, appears to be Fitz. I hope that helps :).

    • Degrassi Obsessive

      Well If They Had Veiny Figures It Was Holly J. Sinclair Defenitley. But I Don’t Know For Sure. All I Am Possitive Of Is… I Love Degrassi!

      • LOL! That cracked me up, Degrassi Obsessive. Poor Holly J. ,and her veiny fingers! I guess someone should buy her some nice gloves, or a bottle of scented hand lotion, or something. 🙂 Thanks for making me giggle today.

        If Holly J. and Eli were in some sort of car accident, while driving together, the image from the promos of her sitting in the hospital bed, with a bandaid on her head, would make a lot more sense contextually. Hmmm . . . I wonder why Holly J. would be in a car with Eli? I don’t recall the two having ever interacted before. Something tells me they wouldn’t get along all that well. 🙂

  14. whisper

    I just watched the promo (yeah I am a loser haha) and since Drew and Bianca are getting pretty close in that creepy inappropriate way, I have seen a lot of music stuff. Bianca was a REALLY good dancer in an episode that aired a while back, before the whole Alli thing, and they show this one dance move the she does that looks like pole dancing and I think you see Drew playing an instrument too, so there is most like some big stuff with Drew and Bianca and Drew and Sav.

  15. I heard spoilers saying either sav or declan die due to holly j’s accident? any help?

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’ve heard suggested in many places that Declan will die (either by suicide or an accident), because the actor who plays him will be on another show. And, of course, there are two scenes in the promos (1) Holly J. in the hospital, and (2) Sav and his dad in a car, on potentially the same night Eli is shown driving HIS car, that could serve as evidence to support the spoilers you mentioned.

      As for me, I kind of don’t think Degrassi will end up killing either of the two characters. Since Declan and Sav are both seniors, if the actor playing either wants to leave the show, it’s really unnecessary to have to explain their absences at all. “He went away to college” should suffice for both.

      Declan, in particular, is scheduled to go away Yale, which is certainly far enough away to keep him out of the loop, especially since he would probably spend his time “between semesters” in New York. Also, NOT killing Declan will give the Degrassi writers the opportunity to bring him back during later seasons in a “guest starring” capacity, which they tend to like to do.

      As for Sav and Holly J., my prediction is that Degrassi will probably keep them both around, at least, on a peripheral level, since they were such big characters in the past. For that reason, I doubt Holly J. will end up going to Yale as planned.

      Now, I could be totally wrong of course, but I think the impact of killing characters so intimately connected to the cast, as Declan and Sav are, would just cause too big of a ripple in the show. Too much time would have to be spent on the surviving characters (Holly J., Fiona, Alli, Anya, etc.) mourning their demise. And this would take away time away from other storylines Degrassi would want to cover.

      Then again, maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, because I used to be such a Declan fan. And if that’s the case, I’ll certainly end up eating my words come season finale time. 🙂

  16. Cat

    In the 35 second promo is looks like Eli is driving,calls clare saying how she said she’d never leave him and then just like drops his phone and leaves the call on and then lets go of the wheel so like hes just letting his car go into the traffic on a busy road or something and is closing his eyes just waiting for someone else to hit his car. and i think the suffocating thing is because Fitz comes back and Eli’s trying to not let him come between him and clare and also because of julia’s death anniversary hes clinging onto her for support as he said to her before how shes the only thing tht makes him think he can get better. Julia’s pic always has looked a little weird, she looks a lot older than him, eli’s parents have never mentioned Julia have they? i dont want her to be fake tho cos i think it will scare clare off 😦 and all the episodes he spent trying to get over her tht brought them together will have ment nothing and their relationship will have been built on lies 😥

    • Hi Cat! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂 I agree that possible threats from Fitz, combined with the approaching anniversary of Julia’s “death” (April 22), would be enough reason for Eli to become a bit more protective of and clingy to Clare. When I first saw the promo, that was actually my first interpretation. Though other suggestions have been made here, that I also think might be plausible . . . (I’m trying to keep an open mind. :))

      As for Julia, I do actually recall Eli’s parents mentioning her once. They said something like “that was when Julia was still with us,” around the time Clare first met them at the restaurant. When the comment was first made, it seemed consistent with the notion that Julia had lived with Eli and his parents, while the pair were dating, because she had such a difficult home life.

      But if Julia ends up not real, the comment takes on a new meaning. It could imply that Eli had some psychotic break in the past, as a result of some other traumatic event in his life (also occurring on April 22nd?). So he created this imaginary girlfriend in his mind — someone he truly BELIEVED was real. “When Julia was with us” in that context would mean, when Eli was still holding on to the fantasy of Julia. By “killing Julia” Eli would have allowed himself to break free from the fantasy of her, and return to reality.

      If this is in fact the case, it would explain the general weirdness surrounding Julia’s picture. It would also not necessarily spell the end for EClare. Since Eli would have truly BELIEVED that Julia existed, he would not have been lying to Clare, when he mentioned her in their conversations. Sure, it would mean he was a little nuts. 😉 But that’s nothing some medication, and extensive therapy couldn’t cure! 🙂

      Then again, the “picture” can be a total red herring. And, if that’s the case, I’ll feel pretty dumb for even suggesting this idea. 🙂 But, long story short, I don’t think EClare are OVER, no matter what this whole Julia Incident ends up being. The pair have too close of a connection (and too big of a fanbase) for the Degrassi writers to end their relationship so quickly.

  17. whatever

    Why must America add something to the end of the Degrassi name to try to make it their own?
    Meaning why is it called Degrassi: In Too Deep?
    Its just Degrassi.
    Its been just Degrassi for the entire 10th series.

    btw in your Degrassi: The Boiling Point (Because Canadian Teens are People Too!) post
    maybe you should change the decade that the show started in. It actually started started in 1979 The Kids of Degrassi Street

    Some ppl dont associate that series with the rest of them because of the character name changes. But a few of the kids from Kids of Degrassi St. went onto Jr. High, High & had made some appearances in TNG. So in reality it still is apart of the Degrassi name/show

    • Hi whatever! Thanks for the Degrassi intel! I suspect you are right about when Degrassi really began. (I actually wasn’t “around” for that part of the series, so I will probably have to take your word for it. ;))

      In terms of the whole, “In Too Deep,” “Boiling Point,” extra name thing, I was always under the impression that the monikers were used more for advertising purposes than to “rename” or “rebrand” the show. I could be wrong about this, but I think they were actually created by Stephen Stohn himself, to package his episodes into thematic groups, and promote the series to potential new viewers. Now, it’s possible that the idea came from a marketing department, who thought the “extra names” would better appeal to an American audience. But I don’t know if I’d qualify the names as an American Thing, as opposed to a Canadian Thing. 🙂

  18. Katherine

    What if Eli throw something out that was important to Julia and that’s the reason why they were fighting in the first place when she ran off and got hit by a car. And that’s why he hoards. Because he said something among the lines of “somebody’s going to get hurt” when Clare cleaned out his locker in Umbrella Pt.2.

    • That’s an interesting idea, Katherine! If Eli threw something important of Julia’s out in the past, a picture or book, perhaps (like Dark Moon ;)), it would definitely explain his current hoarding tendencies. It is also possible that, by not throwing things away, Eli is subconsciously trying to keep everything in his life the same as it was BEFORE Julia died, because he fears that if his life changes, he will forget her . . .

  19. CRAZYLOVE345

    I think its funny that one of my fave shows comes back on my birthday, which is Febuary 11th

    • Your birthday is February 11th! That’s awesome! In honor of your b-day, as well as the return of Degrassi, please accept a Degrassi-themed early birthday gift in your honor, from Eli Goldsworthy himself . . .

  20. Katherine

    (more thoughts.. you can tell who I watch the show for. haha)
    I think the promos for in too deep are going to be misleading to the whole eli/clare situation. They’re probably leaving a big whole piece out to build up tension and have fans be all “oooh bad eli suffocating clare”. But they are both going through a lot and Eli doesn’t exactly seem stable in the first place. His girl friend died, he was obviously scarred for life from that bully, and he is a hoarder. The reason why he is “suffocating” clare is probably because he has no one else to go to. His parents seem nice, but they really haven’t done too much to help him. Plus his dad seems like a heavy drinker. The only other friend he really has is Adam, who is going through enough as it is. If Clare broke up with him, he would be devastated, hence the driving the hurst at night with the serial killer look on his face.

    • I agree with you, Katherine. The marketing department seems to be working SO VERY HARD to make Eli look like a psychopath, that I can’t help but wonder whether this is a case of slick editing and over-exaggeration on their part. Degrassi’s most recent promo, in particular, seemed specially designed to make Eli look like a wackadoo. Check it out:

      The line that sticks with me most: “As your boyfriend, my job is to protect you.” (A bit creepy, I must say)
      Also notable is Clare’s: “You scared me.”

      You are right about Eli having emotional problems, and a dark past that potentially goes way deeper than all this Julia stuff. I’m just hoping the writers don’t use that as an excuse to completely ruin a character fans have grown to love so much.

      On the other hand, for those who remember the previous Degrassi cast, Craig also went off the deep end, when HE was diagnosed as being bipolar, and that didn’t ruin HIS character. If anything, it made him seem more vulnerable and sympathetic. Perhaps, Eli’s upcoming freakout will be similarly accepted by fans.


    All this Julia stuff is really creepy. I really hope that Eli stays on the show! I’m IN LOVE with him. He is definitely my favorite character and actor on the show. I think that Eli is clinging to Claire so much because he want to protect her from Fitz. In one of the newer promos he says something along the lines of, as you boyfriend it’s my job to protect you. So I think that Fitz will be a big deal. I also think that Fitz really like Claire, and thats why he came to see her, since Claire is obviously surprised. I was really expecting something to happen with KC and Jenna, since they just got back together and Jenna’s going to have her baby soon, but there was nothing about it in the promos.

    • Hi Degrassifan, you’ll be happy to know that another poster here, read that Stephen Stohn confirmed in an interview that Munro Chambers (who plays Eli) is signed on to be part of the Degrassi cast through Season 11. So, that’s good news for sure.

      Having just noted, in an earlier comment how creepy Eli’s “it is my job to protect you” line came off sounding to me, I must say, I love your “refreshingly normal” interpretation of it, namely, Fitz has threatened Clare in some way, and Eli has a genuine reason to be concerned for her safety. For the character’s sake, I hope this is the case.

      You are right, we have heard little about K.C., Jenna and the baby in any of the promos. And yet, I’m sure their story will be featured this season. I guess the marketing department just feels like featuring EClare and Fadam scenes will attract more fans than K.C. and Jenna scenes would. Since I’m a big fan of EClare and Fadam, myself, I can’t say I entirely disagree. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Degrassifan#1! 🙂

  22. Katherine

    Yeah, but also… they probably just put all the dramatic Eli stuff into the preview to lead us to think he’s a complete psycho. He has issues. But maybe not as extreme as it looks out of context.

  23. Katherine

    Oh! And also about that line “as your boyfriend my job is to protect you” yeah, that is a red flag. But I’m thinking he said that right after Clare almost ran that guy over. If it was Clare driving, that is.

  24. Kelly Kay

    My predictions:

    Eli was bullied BADLY. He said he had a bully when he was nine, but I don’t think it stopped there. That would explain why he is so set on getting back at Fitz. Also, it may explain why he goes for the emo/tough guy look and drives a hearse. He’s really not the biggest guy around, in fact Clare’s bigger than him, and Adam seems taller, even though he is played by a girl(or maybe Jordan’s just tall I don’t know)

    I think that he made up Julia, because he was lonely and probably had no friends. He doesn’t have much of a family either or siblings to back him up. Maybe Julia was a lie that just caused more lies, and people saw she was fake and started harassing him more. So, he panicked and “killed her”.

    Maybe her “death” was more of symbolism or something. Maybe he got strong enough that he thought he didn’t need her anymore, and that date that he has as his locker combination and all that is the day he stood up for himself.

    Well, that probably didn’t go over too well with high schoolers, so he transferred to Degrassi. If you think back, his reason for transferring is never mentioned. Adam obviously needed a new start, same with Drew. Clare came on as a freshmen, along with K.C., Alli, and Connor. Jenna moved from wherever. And in some previous season, all of those Lakehurst people came. The writers have been consistant of included back stories for all new characters, except Eli. If it’s not the bullying/fake girl friend plot, which it most likely won’t be, his past is still a mystery and I think there is more too it.

    • I love this theory, Kelly Kay! It is definitely consistent with the information about Eli we have been given so far, and even answers some questions about his character that haven’t been dealt with yet. Personally, I would LOVE to see flashbacks of a slightly younger Eli as a “nerd type” who is bullied in school. It would really give Munro Chambers a chance to showcase his range as an actor.

      And yet, I’m still wondering in that scenario what could happen that would set Eli off in such a way that he would frighten Clare? Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out. 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing your excellent theories with us!


    There’s something about Julia that doesn’t seem fake to me. His parents knew about her, and they said she slept over at their house, and so I don’t think he could have made that up. I think that the whole story about Julia and her death is real.

  26. Cat:)

    I’ve heard murmurs that someone definitely dies this upcoming season, but it’s probably going to be a girl. Everyone believes that it’s going to be Eli who dies.. So, what I’m thinking, in regard to the Eli situation, is that they’re using the dramatic scenes with Eli in it to defer everyone’s attention away from CLARE.

    In a previous episode, Eli and Clare acted out a modern scene inspired by Romeo and Juliet, but with a twist in which they were BOTH alive long enough to share in one last kiss. Everyone knows the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Man walks in to find that the love of his life has killed herself. In despair, he kills himself. The woman wakes up to find that her mate has killed himself out of grief for his loss. She in turn kills herself, overwhelmed and saddened.

    Picture Eli as Juliet, and Clare as Romeo.

    What I’m thinking is that the calls from Eli and the general mood of their relationship towards the end of the season will lead Clare to believe that Eli has killed himself. Overwhelmed with sadness and guilt (Believing that it’s her fault he did this), I think Clare might kill herself. What happens after that could go either way. Eli lives and kills himself, too. Eli lives, and doesn’t kill himself. OR Eli and Clare might both die (though I think this is VERY unlikely).

    If any of this happens, I’m going to be SO upset. D:

    • Cat:)

      …Not that I want Clare to die so I can have Eli to myself, or anything…

      Pshh.. nahhhh….

    • Hi Cat! Thanks so for stopping by and commenting. I’m really impressed by your Romeo and Juliet theory. It would make a lot of sense in the context of Clare’s and Eli’s relationship. I don’t know if I see Clare as being the suicidal type. She seems way to level-headed, and well-adjusted, for that. However, accidents do happen. (Can you imagine Poor Eli having to suffer through losing TWO girlfriends in a row? The guy would think he was CURSED or something . . . and he’d probably be right!)

      Honestly, I think the writers would be making a HUGE mistake, if they decided to kill off either Eli or Clare. Because both characters have such a HUGE fanbase, and neither has really been fully developed yet, in my opinion. There is SO MUCH MORE the writers can do with Eli and Clare, in terms of storylines, and character development, between now, and the time they graduate high school.

      Of course, I’m not ruling out any options. But if a character DOES have to die, I’m hoping it’s someone we are all a bit less attached to than Eli or Clare. 🙂

  27. Katherine

    I’m thinking that it’s not a major character who dies. I think it will either be Anya’s mom (cancer… plus then if she died, they’d only have to deal with the grieving for a few episodes before Anya moves on to college or whatever) or Fiona. Fiona IS a major character right now, but she is a senior, and they’d have to get rid of her sooner or later. Maybe they’d use the drinking or whatever as some sort of campaign against underage drinking since that is such a problem nowadays in the US and Canada.

    • brianna

      it maybe holly j because she was in the hospital on one episode

      • I could be wrong, but I think Holly J. was in the hospital, as a result of her illness, from a few episodes back. It would be fun if the writers were able to somehow tie the two storylines together though . . .

  28. Katherine

    Just realized something… when Fitz shows up at Clare’s door, it’s raining. When Mr. Bandahri and Sav are driving in the car looking sad, it’s raining. Probably the same night.. Perhaps something’s wrong with Alli or she ran off again and Fitz had to go tell Clare since she and Alli are best friends and all. Alli and Fitz haven’t had too much interaction, but you never know.

    Back to Alli/Sav. When Sav says “you made my life a living hell” I think is after she comes back, not before she runs away.

  29. whisper


    Something just occurred to me;

    Ok, so even though she’s pregnant, Jenna doesn’t have a huge fan base, in fact, most people I know that are fans of the show either hate her guts for acting like a maniac from like stealing KC from Clare (which I’m kinda glad she did, actually) and trying to steal Sav from Holly J (that pissed me off), and there hasn’t been too much news for her in any of the promos, so maybe something goes wrong with the pregnancy and she is the one who dies. I highly doubt it, but since there aren’t any big part of her in the promos, I kinda forgot all about her.

    I know Holly J said that she and Declan needed time to figure out what happens next, but maybe something happens between HJ, Declan, and Sav. Sav’s so sweet and so loyal, so he would stand up for Holly J, but Declan can be really forceful and Sav is like a puppy in that way, he doesn’t seem like he can fight for himself really. I wonder if Declan will be at least a little involved, because on top of the whole Holly J situation, Fiona is at Degrassi and going through stuff, and in an episode pretty far back, Mrs. Coyne said she wanted them all to be together, so you never know, Declan may be back again, out of force maybe?

  30. whisper

    I said “or” but never finished that (with Jenna) so either they hate her guts or they couldn’t care less about her, her relationship problems, her screwed up family mess, or her baby.

    • You bring up some really good points here, whisper. Not too many fans are all that attached to Jenna. But I know plenty who still like K.C. So, what if JENNA died in childbirth, but her BABY survived, leaving K.C. to raise the child on his own? That would definitely be a poignant story — one which the Degrassi writers have never tackled before.

      As for Declan, I agree with you that Fiona’s increased drinking and emotional issues would be the perfect catalyst for him to temporarily return to Degrassi. Declan has always supported his sister. And if he learns that she is struggling, he will definitely rush to be by her side, at least until she gets “clean” again.

      As you also mentioned, it will be interesting to see what effect Declan’s return will have on Holly J. and Sav’s relationship.

      Just a few more days, until the premiere. So exciting! 🙂

  31. Katherine

    If Eli has his hearse and he drives it so much and its obvious he likes driving… why did he need Sav to bring him and Adam to that concert thing?

    Kind of random.. just rewatching the boiling point and season 10

  32. Katherine

    Haha he should of just said “I got a hearse” and they wouldn’t have gotten pulled over and Sav would get away with going to the concert. Oh, I guess that’s why they didn’t do that… not as much of a story

  33. Kayy

    Um, where did Drew go??? i mean really? The thing i liked about Degrassi is that it focused some on alllll the different characters, but in the previews it only shows about half of the characters, ya know?

    • You are right, Kayy! These previews definitely seemed to favor CERTAIN Degrassi characters over others. 😉 For what it’s worth, we did get to see a few shots of Drew being seduced by Bianca, and one or two more of him getting high with K.C, in the first set of promos, and the fourth, most recent, ones.

      Believe it or not, I actually think Drew’s storyline will be the one mainly featured in In Too Deep’s second two-parter episode, The Way We Get By. Check it out:

      I hope that helped. 🙂

      • Kayy

        ahhh, i totally forgot about those previews. they haven’t really showed those much lately! but thank you! and hopefully all of the characters will have an episode focusing on them, like always!

  34. j'adore de grassi!

    i was thinking that they are revealing eli’s controlling personality to make a connection to his relationship with julia. maybe he suffocated her, too? that could be what the “huge fight” was about. maybe this isn’t the first relationship he went crazy in. don’t get me wrong, i love eli so much, but i am a bit creeped by his behavior. i don’t blame clare for being overwhelmed.

    • That’s definitely possible, j’adore de grassi! Interestingly enough, if THIS is the case, Clare telling Eli that she feels smothered in their relationship will actually have the unintended effect of driving him CRAZIER, since it will remind him so much of Julia.

      • j'adore de grassi!

        that is what i was thinking! and driving in the car after the fight would be even worse. more connections to julia! it was the thing that eli feared the most in getting into a relationship with clare.

    • j'adore de grassi!

      also, what is everyone thinking about the whole riley’s mom seeing him with zane thing? do you think she will try to send him away to be “de-gayed?” I wouldn’t put it past her… she seemed really insensitive about homosexuality in the past.

      • Hmmm . . . that would be something we haven’t seen before on Degrassi. Granted, when Marco came out, his dad wasn’t supportive either. However, HIS homophobia never rose THAT level of intolerance.

        Would it be too idealistic of us fans to think that Riley’s mom will accept her son’s sexuality? Probably. 🙂

      • j'adore de grassi!

        i hope that she accepts him and that he doesn’t revert back to his anger issues. riley is awesome, and he made strides towards being happy as an openly gay man. his mom cannot ruin that. she didn’t look too pleased when she caught them, but maybe she was just upset that he didn’t tell her?

  35. Shem22

    I totally love the EClare storylines. I’m reading a lot of your comments on here about Eli making up the ex-girlfriend Julia situation. I just want to bring up a reminder of when he had a conversation with his mother about her also when he was in the steakhouse with his parents and they were telling Clare about Julia. So in a sense I don’t think he was making her up, although it is a coincidence that the same picture of the person on the Dark Moon book is the same person proclaimed to be Julia. I think there will be some kind of twist to Eli, but in regards him making her up I don’t think is a possibility thinking back to the episode about his hoarding.

    • Hi Shem22! Thanks for stopping by! Good point regarding Eli’s parents mentioning Julia, during that restaurant scene! (Clearly you have a good memory.) I think you are probably right about Eli’s parents acknowledgement of Julia, lending credence to the fact that she is, in fact, real.

      But, just to play Devil’s Advocate, the WAY that Eli’s parents referenced Julia was a bit unusual, from what I recall. I’d have to watch the scenes again to say for sure. But I remember his parents repeatedly saying vague things about her like, “back when Julia was still with us.” A line like that, for example, could be interpreted as, “back when Eli still held onto the delusion of Julia” Isn’t it possible that Eli’s parents supported his delusions (and, to some extent, continue to support them) to keep from sending him over the edge?

      Again, I’m not really advocating one argument over the other, as I’m truly not sure which direction the writers are planning to go with this. I was just trying to offer both sides of the argument.

  36. Its2L8ForU

    Okay after reading all these posts I have some interesting theories. First of all to the “who was Riley kissing in the season premier promo.”? I think it is Drew! OMG! Am I right? I think this is the case… as Drew is seen running away from Bianca in the promo…Is he confused to his identity? As you recall he was curious as to Rileys sexuality after the auction where he “bought” Zane. Also he only had oral sex with Bianca…which even if you are “gay” you could easily pull off to hide your true sexuality.

    As for Declan I think they will “kill off” his character. We know he has been written off the show, and I think he has no interest in making a surprise return to the show.

    As for Eli…I think he will be involved in an accident on his x’s anniversary….but perhaps not a car accident? Hmmmm now Fitz….perhaps he dies in this season? Afterall…he really wasn’t missed was he? I think they tested his character last season to see where to take him this season?

    Now for Holly J. I think she has an accident as well…but could it involve Declan?…He dies, she lives…
    Well those are some of my thoughts….I hope you enjoyed them. And yes I am an older viewer in my late 30’s…lol. Degrassi is addictive. Well we will see how my predictions pan out as we all watch…Happy Viewing.

    • First off, I ADORE your screenname, its2l8foru! So cute! 🙂

      And I love your insightful Degrassi predictions. Drew being gay is actually a twist most people wouldn’t have seen coming. This is especially true, considering that most of the promos in which he’s been featured, have focused on (1) his hooking up with Bianca; and (2) his possible drug addiction. Personally, I think a Drew / Riley pairing would be a lot of fun to see, especially considering the admittedly sexually tense rivalry that erupted between these two characters a couple of seasons ago, back when they were both vying for the quarterback position. Poor Zane, though! The character’s on again / off again relationship with Riley has really been the poor guy’s ONLY link to a real storyline, since he first appeared, a few seasons back. Without Riley, Zane’s little more than a background character –one who we haven’t had that great of a chance to get to know.

      Gosh, I used to really like Declan, before the whole Possible Date Rape of Holly J. thing. And he still has a soft spot in my heart. So, I very much hope he doesn’t die. However, I can see why a lot of fans think he might bite the big one, this season . . .

      Is Fitz a senior or junior? If he’s a junior, I actually don’t think they SHOULD kill the character off just yet. Because the guy who plays him is pretty decent actor, I think. And I feel like the writers would be missing a great opportunity to give this character, who started off as a one-note bully, more layers, by having him return for another season, and possibly even get his own love interest. (Just not Clare, please! :))

      I guess we will have to wait until Friday to see if your predictions come true. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. (Well, except maybe for that Declan prediction. Because, I want my boy to LIVE, even if the actor is leaving the show after this season. :))

  37. Its2L8ForU

    Thanks for taking the time for your feedback. I love your insightful comments for the thread. Thanks for the comment about my name as well 🙂 well let’s hope Declan stays around just for you. Lol. Now that leaves me with two wishes left…

  38. i love degrassi!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi! i am a big degrassi fam myself and i noticed something in the video you posted feburary 6 2011, the one where you left the comments about eli saying its my job to protect you and clare saying you scare me. If you go back to 19-22 seconds ( where eli is in the car talking to clare ) it sounds like he says you ripped my heart out!!!! i think that could go with the whole trying to hurt himself theroy. i think though that he goes back to teh place where his gf died and tries to commit suicide. maybe that is what fitz was wanting to tell clare, that he is suicidal or something, or maybe fitz was just jelous of clare and eli, or maybe fitz done some research and found out that ELI’S GF WAS HIT BY LIKE A CAR AND BECAUSE OF HOW ELI HAS BEEN ACTING ALL FINGERS POITN TO THAT HE DID IT!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD EXPLAIN HIS CRAZY DRIVING INTO THE NIGHT!!!

    • Hi, I love degrassi! That’s a good ear you have there! Eli definitely seems to say, “You ripped my heart out,” to Clare, during that promo. I assume his comment refers to her dumping him at some point this season — an event to which they seemed to allude in the promo. And I agree with you. The dumping, combined with the anniversary of Julia’s death, could definitely send an already volatile guy like Eli over the edge. And a suicide intent on Eli’s behalf — brought about by his intense depression, loneliness, compulsion, and guilt over Julia’s death — would be a very intense Degrassi storyline indeed.

      I also think you bring up a good point, about Fitz possibly learning the true story of what happened to Julia, and trying to use it to get revenge against Eli. If the information is “juicy” enough, perhaps, he figures that Clare will dump him, once she learns about it. I’m sure Fitz still holds quite the grudge against Eli for getting him carted off to jail on Vegas Night. And we all know the types of terrible things he is capable of!

      Poor Clare! Something tells me that she’s going to have her hands full with drama this season . . . and not necessarily the “good” kind of drama, either! I just hope she’s strong enough to handle all this.

  39. MaryX0h

    I have watched every flippin episode of degrassi ever since it started. If they kill off Eli I will never watch this show again, but since we are speaking hypothetically here.. What if while Eli was driving recklessly Clare was out looking for him and he hit her…I hope that’s not what happens because Eli and Clare are good for the show but as long as Eli doesn’t die..

    • Hi MaryXoh! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 😉

      Just based on what I’ve read on various fan forums, and blog sites, a TON of Degrassi fans feel exactly the way you do. If the writers are EVEN thinking of killing Eli or Clare, they are going to have a RIOT on their hands!

      Gosh, could you imagine how screwed up Eli would be come if he ended up having hit BOTH his girlfriends with a car on the SAME calendar day? (I’m not saying for certain Eli hit Julia, I’m just going with what some have speculated.) They would have to strait jacket the poor guy, if that happened! 🙂

      Just another hour until the Season Premiere! (YAY!) Hopefully, it will be a solid episode. 🙂


    AAAAAHHHHHH I just watched the new episode
    I was kinda dissapointed. It was a little boring for the first episode. I didn’t like how the Fiona drinking thing was kind of resolved in the first episode. I can’t wait for next weeks though!!!!

    • Its2L8ForU


      I too was disappointed with the season premier. However I feel that Fionas problem is far from being resolved. We will just have to wait and see.

    • Hey Degrassifan! I actually just watched the episode this morning. And while I enjoyed it, I’m inclined to agree with you on the whole Fiona’s Drinking front. The whole “9:53, ship her off to rehab” solution was a tad sitcomy for me. Not what we expect from a teen drama of this caliber. But the intrigue surrounding Fiona’s journal entry, and whether it was actually directed toward Adam or Holly J, kind of added an extra element to the plotline for me. So there is hope for this story, yet! 🙂

  41. jayyloves degrassi

    When is Degrassi In too deep going to air?

    • Hi jayyloves degrassi! The premiere episode of In Too Deep, “When Loves Takes Over” aired last night on TeenNick and MuchMusic. It should be available now at, and will likely air on TeenNick throughout the weekend. I hope that helps!

      • its2l8foru

        Hello Kjewls…you have inspired me to add a profile image..LOL. WOW I AM MAKING PROGRESS 🙂

      • That’s awesome its2l8foru! You’ll be a full-on blogger in no time! 🙂

        I actually kind of liked the season premiere episode, It wasn’t perfect, of course. And they did wrap up the three conflicts from the epsiode in a seemingly too neat little bow at the end. But I think it shows some promise for the season that’s to come. And, I assume you’ve seen the new In Too Deep Promo, right? One word: Awesome!

        Here it is, if you haven’t:

        Yeah . . . they are working that Psycho Eli angle HARD in the promos, aren’t they? It is kind of sad actually, because Eli was adorable in this week’s episode. I can still hear his “You luuuuuve her,” to Adam, in my head as I type this. Hilarious!

    • its2l8foru

      Well jay jay…It aired lastnight Feb.11th at 9:00 pm EST here for me. but don’t panic if u missed it I am sure you can see it again before next weeks airs on Friday at 9:00 PM EST, well here anyway. Hope that helped you.

  42. whisper

    The little Eli-Clare part that ends at 24 seconds is intriguing, because he is saying it’s all about her and all that stuff, and she says “got things to deal with” but I can’t tell whether she says “I’ve got things to deal with” or “you’ve got things to deal with” because if it’s her that has things to deal with, then a lot of the plotline could fall on her going crazy, which then might affect Eli. I feel so bad for him, he’s been through so much, and I know Clare is trying so hard to be there, but she can’t, and he’s just going to fall apart, and if I he dies I will be balling my eyes out. I have it paused at 24 seconds (in the promo above) and the look on Eli’s face isn’t anger or confusion it’s more like shock and fear, but he’s not like flipping out — not yet anyway… I can’t wait for the next two episodes to come out!!!!!!!! I’m almost sure that it was Zane and Riley making out. There was a part where Riley said to his mom, “Mom, I’m gay” and she said “You don’t know what you are” and so I bet she’s going to be like Adam and Drew’s mom, how she said “I don’t deserve this” when their grandmother was coming for dinner or something. I can totally see Riley’s mom forcing him to be “degayed” or something like that, but he likes Zane so much, so I doubt he’ll be able to change. Fiona has quite a few spots on the promos, but she’s in rehab, so I don’t really fully understand what’s going on.

    • Hi whisper, thanks so much for the excellent trailer analysis! I did notice that Fiona will be featured in many of the episodes, despite her being shipped to rehab at the end of this one. Often rehab only last 30 days. So, it’s possible that, since the season runs through April 22nd (assuming the episodes take place in real time), she will be back in time to do an episode or two toward the end of the season. I suspect a lot of the Fiona scenes we witnessed in the promo came from the same two-part episode, just like many of the Fiona scenes from the earlier promos came from “When Love Takes Over.”

      It is hard to tell whether Clare says, “You’ve got things to deal with” or “I’ve got things do deal with,” but I thought it sounded more like the former. Perhaps, Clare feels like Eli hasn’t been properly coping with his feelings about Julia, and it is causing him to act erratically in their relationship. Whatever happens with Eli, I’m pretty positive he won’t die. But now I’m thinking that someone close to Holly J. will.

      Why was Holly J. crying in the promo? I wonder if the “death” this season happens to someone she has a close relationship with, like Fiona, Declan or Sav. That type of hysterical crying she was doing definitely seems like the crying someone does when they learn of a death over the phone.

      Good eye on the difference between the phones, whisper. Maybe Holly J. has lost hers. And someone else lent her his iPhone, so that she could make the call to see if a certain person is OK. Perhaps, that person was in a car accident, and died in the hospital.

      I’m just speculating here, of course . . . 😉

  43. whisper

    I just watched the promos again, and I realized that Holly J was crying into the phone, but, I have seen Holly J and Sav’s phones, and I’m almost sure that was Sav’s iPhone, because she is like poor and can’t afford that, she has the little pink thing. So, I wonder who she’s talking to. Eli looked like he was going to cry but he was heartbroken and possibly about to attempt suicide, so anyone could’ve seen that coming.

  44. j'adore de grassi!

    holly j and fiona kissing…!?
    please tell me i imagined that?
    i bet it’s a fake out. they wouldn’t give that away in a promo. fiona’s dreaming, maybe?

    • Good point, j’adore de grassi! I too suspect that the Holly J. and Fiona kissing scene is a dream sequence. We’ve seen evidence of Fiona’s sexuality throughout the series, but have never seen any evidence that Holly J. is a lesbian. For her to suddenly become one, after season upon season of her dating first Toby (sort of), then Blue, then Declan and now Sav, and seeming being genuinely attracted to all of them, would be tremendously out of character for her.

  45. eclari

    I saw fitz in one of the promos and thought he might have something to do with that night . I also saw eli hold a bag filled with cocane or something and i also know that eli gets into a car accident and gos to the same hopital as holly clare calls adam and they both rush to the hosipital where they find the doctor holding a picture that eli was holding when he died

  46. Erin

    Where’d you get that information, Eclari? Munro Chambers is signed for season 11. So unless he’s coming back from the dead, I doubt that he will die. End up in the hospital? Probably.

  47. i love degrassi!!!!!!!!!!

    what if eli holds on to the pics and hoards and everything because he thinks his gf’s ghost thing is still there with him. i think that would explain his obsession with death ( he drives a hearse ) and what if the hearse is the one his gf’s body was carried in

  48. Erin

    I could so see him believing in ghosts/spirits… and if that was her hearse.. freaky

  49. whisper

    Is it just me, or are all of our old predictions of what this season will be like WAY OFF!! It’s like we were all hyped up. I don’t know about you, but I thought that Adam’s trans-gender thing would be a big problem, and it was like a two second thing. Also, Rehab for Fiona didn’t seem like it would happen. They have always had drugs and stuff in the Degrassi shows but there’s so much of it in this season (and there will be) and it’s just insane.

    • Hi whisper! Thanks so much for stopping by. You raise a good point here about Degrassi being different than we predicted it would be this season.

      I guess it’s a bit early to make a full judgment. But I agree with you. The Fadam storyline, so far, hasn’t turned out the way we expected. It’s interesting how Adam’s gender actually took a back seat to Fiona’s drinking, during the premiere episode, whereas most people assumed it would be the other way around. Ironically, the “twist” of Fiona possibly being a lesbian seems to “simplify” the Fadam storyline, where it would probably be more complicated, if Adam was dating anyone else on the show.

      Then again, it’s still early in the season. And the promos seem to suggest that we will get much more Fadam and Folly J(?) as the episodes progress. In that sense, it’s still possible that Adam’s gender and sexuality WILL again come into play, just not necessarily in the way we suspected. Namely, if Fiona is gay, her seeing Adam as a GUY will be a deterrent to their relationship. Whereas, with most other girls, the opposite would be true.

      Nice eye regarding Eli holding tickets of some sort, during the promo! If Claire is distancing herself from him, her standing him up like that could conceivably be what sends him over the edge, during the Season Finale.

      We may just have to wait and see how things actually turn out. 😉

  50. whisper

    I just realized that in the promos when Eli is sitting on the hood of the car in the woods he’s holding something, maybe it’s like tickets to something and at night he slaps them down on the hood of the car because she stood him up or something.

  51. Erin

    Oh my god.
    So in the first episode of DTNG, Joey is shown as a car salesmen and he is talking to Lucy about his dead wife, JULIA. They walk by a black hearse breifly, its not stated if it belongs to Joey or not, but I’m pretty sure it did, and Lucy says “sell me a car like that, Jerrimiah.”

    Stephen Stohn said that the Julia/Eli thing had to do with Joey’s Julia. I don’t know what they’re getting at, but the similarities are weird.

    • Hi Erin! Thanks for the intriguing scoop regarding Eli / Jeremiah and the “Julia” connection. For the Degrassi writers to tie this season’s biggest storyline in with one from the FIRST Degrassi: Next Generation Season would be a pretty cool nod to long-time fans. I wonder if Stephen Stohn’s statement about the two Julia’s being somehow related will be literal, or more metaphoric.

      Interestingly enough, there are a lot of similarities between Eli and Craig Manning, who was the original Julia’s son. Both are a tad “emo,” both dress similiarly, and have similar physical appearances, both are very INTENSE about their romantic relationships, and both come off as a tad unstable.

      Actually, in HIS Degrassi season, Craig was diagnosed as being bipolar. I can’t help but wonder if Eli has a similar mental disorder. It would certainly explain the rapid mood swings he seems to experience in the promos, as well as his hoarding compulsion.

      Whether Eli is somehow related to Jeremiah / Craig / or the original Julia Manning remains to be seen. However, the parallels between the “old” characters and the “new” ones are definitely fun to play with! So, thanks for the tasty food for thought. 🙂


    I’m soooooo confused about what’s happening to Holly J! Whats wrong with her. I’ve watched the promo a million times and I can’t figure it out. I’ve read things saying that she could have what Paige had, she could have an eating disorder, insomnia and stress, or she could be pregnant (very unlikley since i character already is). So does anyone have any idea what’s wrong with her?!

    • Hi DegrassiFan1! I was intrigued by next week’s promos as well! Just based on what I saw in the promos, it looks like Holly J. might be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You can read more on the subject here:

      Of course, this is just a guess. Any number of illnesses can result in fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and general fogginess, like we see Holly J. experiencing in the promos. Another disease with those symptoms is Lyme Disease. However, Holly J. would have to receive a deer tick bite, to contract that. And there is no evidence yet that she has been bitten.

      I guess we will just have to wait until next week to find out for sure! 🙂

  53. Katie Degrassi

    OK. so based on the episode that aired Friday, (March 11), i think that Eli wants to spend time with Clare due to Fitz’s reappearence. I think he feels threatened by Fitz and doesn’t want him to show up on Clare’s doorstep again. So, in response, he takes the roll of Clare’s “bodygaurd.” Clare obviously can stand her ground and thinks Eli is suffocating her. Than in ‘Drop the World’ I think Eli’s emotional stress and stuff is caused by Julia’s anniversary, plus Clare. He could possibly be holding the picture of Julia when he’s sitting cross-legged on the hood of his hearse…that would explain why Clare looks so awkward. Weirdly enough, after what Eli wrote in his story on Friday’s episode, it seems possible that he could’ve been the one who hit Julia. Eli has so much depth added onto him every week and he’s becoming eerily possessive. One thing Julia said wrong and Eli could’ve flown off the handle. I love how the more we get to know Eli, the more imperfect he gets. His storyline is my favorite, it drips mystery. Anyway, i hope we get some answer, sorry this was long!!!!

    • Hi Katie Degrassi! I love your analysis of Eli, based on Jesus, Etc., as well as the predictions you made here about the whole “Julia Storyline.” I can definitely see a lot of the plotpoints you posited, occurring in future episodes of Degrassi.

      We’ve seen dangerous, and violent characters on Degrassi before (Rick, Craig’s father, J.T.’s eventual killer). However, never has Degrassi taken a character that was so initially well-loved by his fans, and begun to peel back his layers, to show the seriously disturbed soul that lies within. The closest Degrassi has come to this sort of character development and degradation, was Craig Manning, who briefly became violent and rather dangerous, while suffering from a manic episode of bipolar disorder.

      But as crazy as Craig became, he never seemed capable of deliberately physically harming the women he loved. With the Eli character, the writers have taken “crazy” to a whole new level, and have done it using a fan favorite. Munro Chambers has been doing an impressive job inhabiting this increasingly dark role. He’s a big part of what makes me return to Degrassi week after week! And, I suspect, I am not alone in that respect. 😉

  54. Katie Degrassi

    Hahaha, yeah i agree! well said!
    I just remembered back to the shark in the water music video that they played over the summer. Clare and Eli were in the fortune teller booth, and eli’s two fortunes were “love” and “death.”
    it might be foreshadowing… i dont know

    • Oooh, I forgot about the Shark in the Water commercial! Good memory! You know, after watching the Boiling Point, I had always assumed that the “Death” referred to the past death of Julia, and its continuing impact on Eli’s psyche. But, you are right. It actually may foreshadow something a lot more literal than that . . .

  55. Katie Degrassi

    Hahaha, sorry i’ve been commenting a lot lately, but i just got an idea. What if the whole driving-with-his-eyes-closed thing was a flash back? Stephen Stohn (i think thats how you spell it) said it was going to be filled with flashbacks, so what if that happened the night Julia died? And he was talking on the phone with Julia when he said “You promised you’d never leave me” than he closes his eyes and hits her. Idk, it’s just a thought.

    • Now that you mention it, the scene featuring Eli in the car was rather blurry in the promos. In the past, blurred camera images have been used to signify flashbacks. I, for one, am REALLY hoping that we get to meet “Julia” at some point during “Drop the World.” I would love to know who this actress is, and how she got to be on both Degrassi, and on the Dark Moon cover. Sometimes the “photos” on book covers like that are merely very lifelike drawings. But if the writers do, in fact, plan on having “Julia” flashbacks, than the model in both pictures must be real, right?

      I’m actually kind of surprised no one has managed to obtain the name of the model featured in both images yet? Assuming she’s a real person, you would think, with all the technology Degrassi fans have available to them, that someone would have found out the girl’s name and interviewed her by now. Then again, if it’s just a drawing . . .

      Another possible explanation for the scene you are describing is that when Eli is closing his eyes, he is REMEMBERING Julia. So, we will get to revist the flashback right along with him. Then, when we finish viewing the flashback,we will return to present day, with Eli in the car. The episode would end with a car crash, and Eli’s fate would be the season-ending cliffhanger.

      Either of these would be interesting ways to end the season. Thanks for all the excellent food for thought! 🙂

      • Holli

        OMG yes the whole car crash possibility would be amazing! I’d probably start screaming at the t.v. tho >.> I’m very impatient x] but those are really good ideas! 😀

  56. Katie Degrassi

    Yeah me too! I think we need to know a lot more about Julia and her past with Eli, it seems to me they had a troubled relationship. Are there two pictures? I’ve only seen one. Do you know where I could see it?

  57. Holli

    After seeing tonight’s new episode (and next week’s epic promo) I think the bandage on Holly J.’s head is cause she falls and hits something (like a table) when she faints (I guess? That’s what it looked like) because she tried to self medicate herself and won’t see a doctor. I also think what she has is maybe mono? Idk, but I love this show and can’t wait! I hope the dude who steals Alli’s bag gets what he deserves >:/ I also think Eli’s totally about to lose it
    -_-” x]

    • Hi Holli! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! After watching the promos, I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING! (I guess great minds think alike ;)).

      It definitely does seem like Holly J. takes a big spill, when she passes out in Hide and Seek, Part 2. Also, since Holly J. had just called 911(?) right before she fainted, it would make sense that the bruise on her head from the fall would be bandaged, before she got to the hospital. This promo also explains why Holly J. was shown crying on the phone in an earlier promo.

      It’s all starting to come together now! Great sleuthing Holli! 🙂 Is it next Friday yet? 😉

  58. Lynne

    Just had to stop in and say I’m 32, have watched the show since the 80’s (they used to show it to us in health class), mom of 3 now and yea, it’s my guilty pleasure.

    • Hey Lynne! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I bet you’re the coolest mom EVER! 🙂

      One of the amazing things about Degrassi is that the characters, and the things they go through, are so universal, that everybody can relate to them, no matter where they are in life at the time they are watching. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you and your children will be watching Degrassi together in no time, if you aren’t already. 🙂

  59. whisper

    Hi again! So I was watching the promos for this Friday’s Degrassi, and I am so pumped that it’s about EClare! On the downside, who knows how long we will be waiting for the next season to come out. This part of the tenth season was just SO short! I wonder what the new name will be. Well, I was trying to put all the pieces together, and I realized that Eli probably slams the picture of Julia on the hood of the car, and that the same picture is taped to the pole that he shoots. He probably thinks that if he had never met Julia, he would never had gone crazy and Clare would not have dumped him. I am probably wrong, and I will feel like a Goddess if I turn out to be right, because that would just be so cool!

    • Hey whisper! Thanks so much for stopping by! Great news! Season 11 of Degrassi will premiere on July 18th. It will feature 44 episodes, the first 28 appearing on consecutive days! You can read more about it here:

      I’m VERRRRY curious about how this EClare storyline is going to conclude, especially given that these most promos feature Eli HOLDING A GUN and doing TARGET PRACTICE. How SUPER disturbing! I do wonder if, as you suggested, it’s Julia’s picture he’s shooting at.

      That bizarre turn of events would certainly give us a glimpse into how seriously MESSED UP Eli’s psyche has become, since we last saw him. Who would have thought the sweet sexy boy we met all those months ago, would evolve into THIS? Poor Clare! Like many of us, she just never saw this coming.

      *Shivers* SQUEE! I can’t WAIT until next Friday! 🙂

      • whisper

        Same with me! Thanks so much for the link! I really appreciate it! I am so curious as to what Clare’s reaction will be when he ends up in the hospital (I am almost certain he does).

  60. whisper

    Hey again,

    I just realized that after all this time, the reason that there wasn’t a lot about Jenna in the promos is because she hasn’t had her baby in this season, and considering there has been no word of it and there’s only two episodes left, I doubt she will have it until next season. It would make a good storyline if something bad happened to her or to the baby or KC or the entire pregnancy, but it would cause an enormous effect so they would probably want a lot of time to space things out a little. I’m sure it will be born in the beginning of next season.

  61. brianna

    i saw in the comercial for the last episode eli had his dead ex girlfriend in the trunk of his car and clare gasping.

    • Well THAT would be intense! Do you have a screencap for the scene?

    • whisper

      I think the blankets were just rustled a little bit, because there was a gun in the back seat, and Clare was gasping. It’s probably just a little mishap because his dad shot that turkey and he shot the picture of Julia, I’m sure they just forgot to bring it in, although he does say “No more secrets or surprises.” and someone (presumably Clare) says “I’ll call 911!”

      • Good sleuthing, whisper! Perhaps, Eli will purposely crash Morty, not in a suicide attempt, but as a bizarre way of preventing Claire from dumping him?

        Just a few more days and we will know for sure. I can’t believe the season finale is almost here? It all went by so fast! 🙂

  62. whisper

    I have BlueRay television, and it allows me to see anything I want frame by frame, and I looked over the little preview type thing for the summer season, and it was DEFINITELY Bianca who was screaming, and she was in a dark place in front of a wall with white exposed brick and a big blue and yellow sign. Then someone (Drew probably, by voice and probability) said “I can’t believe this!” and then you hear Bianca crying and someone running away. I’m pretty sure they were running when it was like raining because it did sound a little like splashing. I took a picture with my cell phone but it didn’t come out too good, but you can definitely tell it’s Bianca. I’ll try to post it.

  63. whisper

    Sorry, can’t post the picture!

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