Let’s Have Some Fun with The Vampire Diaries’ Promotional Posters!

Aside from being an amazing show, with stellar writing, and a talented, not to mention, sublimely sexy, cast, The Vampire Diaries is also known for its INGENIOUS marketing strategies.  Every few months, the CW marketing department releases a few new fabulous posters to promote the show.  These posters tend to feature one or more of the cast members in a sexually suggestive pose, adorned by both the TVD logo, and a titillating tagline, which hints a bit at what’s to come on the show. 

Here are a few of my favorite promotional posters, from The Vampire Diaries’ recent past . . .

In honor of the upcoming mid-season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, the CW has released three NEW posters, one featuring each of the show’s three main characters.  The first poster was released around the time that the show’s mid-season finale, “By the Light of the Moon” aired.  Elena was the focus of that poster. 

Its tagline,  “Death is a sacrifice Elena is not willing to make,” was a not-so-subtle reference to the dangerous deal Elena made with Elijah, in order to release Stefan from the Underground Tomb, where he and Katherine were heretofore trapped.  (It also probably referred to “The Sacrifice,” the title of Season 2’s tenth episode.)

The second new promotional poster was released in early January 2011.  I’m pleased to report, that it featured my FAVORITE character, Damon Salvatore, in a mesmerizing EXTREME CLOSEUP! 

As for its tagline, “Look out Damon, your emotions are showing,” it refers to Damon’s increasing inability to “turn off his emotions,” particularly when it comes to the people he loves (Stefan and Elena), and the friends, who have helped him along the way.  Could these not-so-hidden emotions impact his relationship with Elena, in the upcoming episodes?  Will Damon’s “forgotten” declaration of love to his brother’s girlfriend, be “remembered,” once again?  (MAN, I HOPE SO!)

The third installment of this new poster series, features Stefan Salvatore.  According to interviews with Paul Wesley, himself, his tagline,  “There’s a reason he always gets the girl,” refers to Stefan’s nefarious, almost Damon-like past, and the one woman in it who deemed him capable of redemption. 

This can only mean two things, TVD fans: (1) more flashbacks to 1864; and (2) DARK STEFAN RETURNS!

But why must Elena, Damon, and Stefan be the only cast members of The Vampire Diaries to get their own promotional posters?  What about the rest of the cast?  Honestly, I think this is a travesty of justice!  For this reason, I have decided to create MY OWN posters for some of the OTHER residents of Mystic Falls . . .

Here’s one for our favorite Baby Werewolf, Tyler Lockwood . . .

Not creative enough for you?  Perhaps, this one will be more to your liking . . .

But what about Tyler’s new Gal Friday, Caroline?  Surely SHE deserves a poster too!

In fact, I don’t think one poster is enough for Caroline Forbes.  After all, Vampire Barbie isn’t just a character, she’s a commodity to be “played with” by fangirls (and adoring boys) EVERYWHERE!

Having already covered, Tyler and Caroline, I would be remiss not to create a poster for the third point of that aforementioned Love Triangle.  Of course, I’m referring to the Cute but Clueless, Matt Donovan . . .

Speaking of Clueless, what about Aunt Jenna?  Doesn’t SHE deserve some poster love too?

While we are on the subject of Jenna, what about her dashing History Teacher Turned Vampire Slayer Boyfriend, Alaric Saltzman?  Surely, Damon’s bromantic buddy, and favorite weapons enthusiast is worthy of a poster all his own.  Isn’t he?

Hmmm . . . I think I’m missing a new couple here . . . Oh, I KNOW!  It’s Mini Gilbert and Bonnie the Teenage Witch!

But enough about all these Good Guys, I need some VILLAIN posters!   Let’s start with the biggest villain of them all . . . ROSE!  (Hey, she interferes with my Delena Mother Ship!  That makes her a BIG BAD VILLAIN, OK?)

But, you know, there are villains I ACTUALLY LIKE on this show.  And one of them is Kickass Vampire Katherine.  Granted, unlike the other cast members for whom I’ve created posters, Katherine HAS already been featured in promotions before.  (See the poster featuring her and Stefan, above).  Nevertheless, this Tomb-Dwelling Femme Fatale has never had her OWN poster . . . until now . . .

(It’s a Full House reference . . . just in case you missed it.)

Another villain we all love to hate, is the mysterious OLD VAMP, Elijah.  He’s smart, intense, wryly humorous, and scary as ALL HELL!  So, I for one, think it’s high time, he got inducted into our TVD Poster Hall of Fame . . .

Well, that about does it for the villains, we KNOW.  But what about the ones we haven’t met yet . . .  You all know who I’m talking about, right?  I’ll give you a hint, he’s a vampire who’s name rhymes with “mouse.” 😉

So, there you have it.  Now ALL of the main cast members of The Vampire Diaries have their own promotional posters, just in time for mid-season premiere . . .

Well . . . almost everyone . . . 

Speaking of “The Descent,” I am proud to report that my blogging pals, Amy from Imaginary Men and Cherie from My Spidey Sense is Tingling, will be LIVE BLOGGING the entire episode!  Be sure to check back here, later this week (probably this Tuesday or Wednesday) to find out how YOU can join in with the fangirly festivities. 

See you then, my fellow FANGBANGERS!



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10 responses to “Let’s Have Some Fun with The Vampire Diaries’ Promotional Posters!

  1. mak75231

    Can I just say….I NEEDED THIS! These were great! Especially the Vampire Barbie now comes with her own love triangle! Priceless! My favorite promo poster is my desktop background. The one with our sexy love triangle–Elena on her back about to kiss Stefan hovering over her, with Damon about to, well. dot dot dot

    Wish I knew how to post it here!

    • I suspect you are referring to THIS poster, mak? 😉

      That one has always been a favorite of mine too! I love when the CW pushes the envelope like that in its promotions. I feel like, because it’s on a smaller network, TVD can be a bit more racy than its sister shows on ABC, NBC and Fox. (THANK THE LORD FOR THAT!)

      On the other hand, you just know that if this show was on HBO, Showtime, or even FX, a SteDelena Threesome would have already occurred on the show (probably somewhere around the third episode). 🙂

      Now that TVD is becoming more of an “ensemble cast,” I do wonder if characters like Caroline and Tyler will factor more into the CW’s promotion of the show, in the future. That would be fun to see!

      Just a few more days, mak! How excited are you, right now? 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    I didn’t realize that 4th one was Katherine and Stefan – although the tagline makes it obvious!!

    Ohhh I am SO excited there may be flashback eps AND Bloodaholic Stefan! SQUEEEEE!!!!!

    That Useless Aunt Jenna poster is Made of Win.

    • Interestingly enough, when the Kefan poster first came out, back around late November 2010, there was actually a bit of heated discussion as to whether that tagline actually referred to Stelena. Us, Delena fans are a mighty hopeful bunch, aren’t we? 😉

      Personally, I think Useless Aunt Jenna would be THRILLED to have any sort of poster made in her honor, even if the poster was made at her expense. (For starters, it would remind fans of the who the heck she is. ;))

      I was SUPER excited to hear about Bloodaholic Stefan’s return too! He was Dead Sexy in “Miss Mystic Falls” and “Blood Brothers.” 😉 (No pun intended.)

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    • Yay! Thanks so much for the scoop, Danielle! I had a feeling they might release a Nina Dobrev close-up to compliment the Damon and Stefan ones from earlier this month!

      Hmmm . . . I wonder if they will release “close-up posters” of any of the other characters between now and Thursday. If so, what will their taglines will be? 😉

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  5. I LOLed at the “cracking noise” Tyler poster. I won’t lie; I had dirty, dirty thoughts once you raised the idea of just how good his body might be at doing certain things ;). Trevino and Accola both said in interviews that they are up for real vampire/werewolf sex (!), so maybe one day we’ll find out!

    And the Useless Aunt Jenna poster was made of win! I’m beginning to think that her sole reason for existing is to be the butt of bloggers’ jokes 😉

    • Forwood Were/ Vamp Sex would be AWESOME! (I should say WILL be awesome, because it WILL happen one day soon . . . hopefully this season. Mark my words! ;)) Hopefully, it won’t be during Tyler’s Wolfy Time, though. Because that would be kind of icky . . . sexy double-jointedness, notwithstanding, of course. 😉

      Haha, I do wonder if the writers have PURPOSELY made Useless Aunt Jenna as ridiculously dippy as she appears to be. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson are smart snarky folks. So, her extreme stupidity CANNOT have escaped them. 🙂 I mean, Matt’s clueless about all the supernatural stuff too. But he NEVER comes off as dimwitted as Aunt Jenna. Heck, he’s even smarter than her when under compulsion! 🙂

      If the TVD cast is the Scooby Gang, Useless Aunt Jenna is one of the fleas that Scooby is always scratching at. (Well . . . maybe ROSE is the flea. 😉 ) But you raise a good point. Useless Aunt Jenna is a really FUN character to ridicule. And to the extent that it’s intentional, Sara Canning may be the best comedic actress of our generation! 🙂

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