A Dance With the Devil – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Careful What U Wish 4”

Welcome back, My Pretties!  This week, on Pretty Little Liars, each of our four favorite Rosewood High Students were forced to face down their own personal demons.  For Aria, that demon was the green-eyed monster, we all know her better as .  . . jealousy.

For Emily, the demon was a fear of abandonment.  Coincidentally, she found it at the bottom of a liquor flask.

Hanna had to cope with the guilt she felt over leading on someone who had romantic feelings for her.  But are you REALLY leading someone on, if you have romantic feelings for them, in return?

. . . and Spencer, well, her demon had a face (EVIL) . . . and a name (PSYCHO IAN) . . . and had just married her sister (DISTURBING).

Oh, and can SOMEONE tell me who the HECK this guy is?  Please!

So, now that you’ve met all the demons, what do you say we start “hunting them down?”  Shall we?

Aria Battles a Green-Eyed Monster Named Simone (with a Teddy Bear between her legs)

When Aria first learns that her childhood babysitter, Simone, is back in town from NYC, she is thrilled!  And the fact that Simone is a “published author” (something Aria has always strived to become), who has enough money to sponsor all four of the PLL girls for an upcoming dance-athon makes Aria even more excited to pick her brain.  (Clearly, none of the writers of Pretty Little Liars know anything about what “publishing short stories” actually pays, i.e. usually NOTHING.)  But when Simone starts making a play for Ezra Fitz, by meeting him for “coffee” . . .

“Lay a hand on my babysitter, and I will pour these lattes down your pants, Fitzy!”

 . . . following him to LAME school dances . . .

. . . offering to pass his VERY badly written “romantic” poetry on to publishers . . .

. . . and regaling him with embarrassing tale’s of Aria’s childhood, including one about a certain teddy bear that she used to keep between her legs . . .

Honestly, can you blame her?

 . . . Aria has just about had it with her “childhood friend” and so-called “role model.” 

When Aria confronts her mother about it being high time for Babysitter’s Club Reject Simone to skedaddle, the brilliant (and by “brilliant,” I mean “idiotic”) woman who raised her actually assumes that her daughter is jealous of FITZY for monopolizing SIMONE’S time!  “Good men are hard to find,” Aria’s mom suggests, in her defense of Simone’s aggressive man-stealing tactics.  “When you get a little older, you will understand.”  (Ummm .  . . how old exactly does this woman think her daughter is?  EIGHT?)

Then again, how much intellectual prowess can you expect from a woman who willingly chose to procreate with THIS LOSER . . .

Is he cute?  Absolutely!  Is he a catch?  Not so much . . .

Having received NO HELP AT ALL from her own mother, at one point during the school dance marathon, Aria becomes so enraged with jealousy, that she looks about ready to go all Jerry Springer Show on Simone’s ass!

“That biatch STOLE MY MAN!  I’m going to rip every single hair OUT OF HER HEAD .  . . with MY TEETH!”

Fortunately, Spencer is able to stop Aria, before she does something rash.  (Well, actually, it’s unfortunate, because an Aria Versus Babysitter Girl Fight for Fitzy’s affections would have been an absolute JOY to watch!)

“Heck yeah, it would!”

After the dance, a tearful Aria confronts Fitzy in the parking lot, wondering out loud whether Fitz might prefer dating Simone, someone REALLY ANNOYING!  his own age, who he could date in public, without any fear of consequences.

But, worry not, Ezria fans!  Because Fitzy quickly sets his girlifriend straight, by explaining to her, in no uncertain terms, that his heart belongs to Aria, and ONLY Aria.  (Awwww!)  They couldn’t make out in the parking lot, however . . . because someone might see them . . .

Emily Gets Swindled, Gets New Ringtones, and Gets TOTALLY Wasted!

Poor Emily!  Just when she finally gets up the courage to come out to her parents, and give her heart to another person, the woman of her dreams gets shipped off to a Creepy Religious Camp to be “scared straight.”  When the episode begins, Emily is just DYING to call Maya on her cell phone.  Unfortunately, once Maya got to Creepy Religious Camp, the Cult Leaders Counselors there blocked all of Emily’s calls!

But, worry not, Emily!  Random Rebel Phone Expert is here to rescue YOU . . .

 . . . provided you pay him a boatload of cash, of course.  (I repeat, where the HECK did this guy COME FROM?)

After nearly bilking Poor Lovesick Emily out of her life savings, Random Rebel Phone Expert does manage to somehow fix Emily’s phone so that she can successfully call Maya at Creepy Religious Camp.  (YAY!)

But when Emily finally DOES talk to Maya, her new Gal Friday seems WAY too perky for someone who was just shipped away to Creepy Religious Camp for carrying weed in an Altoids box . . .

MAYA (on phone):  “This one time . . . at Creepy Religious Camp . . . I stuck a flute up my . . .”

Instantly convinced that Maya either no longer loves her, or was lobotomized upon arrival at Creepy Religious Camp by her Cult Leaders Counselors, a very distraught Emily, goes through Hanna’s coat, and pulls out a large flask of liquor, the contents of which she promptly pours down her throat.  Within literally SECONDS, Emily is COMPLETED WASTED.  (Gotta love ABC Family and their exposition of the “Consequences of Underage Drinking!”  Next week, I bet Emily’s going to be a RAGING ALCOHOLIC!)

Drunk Emily, of course, decides that this is the PERFECT opportunity to tell all the PLL girls EXACTLY what she thinks of them.  She also pretty much publicly accuses Psycho Ian of killing Ali.  (Nice going, Em!)  Fortunately, Spencer and Hanna take her home, before she can do TOO much damage.  They even successfully prevent her from drunk dialing Maya.  (NOW, that’s friendship!)

Someone is going to have a PRETTY bad hangover, tomorrow morning!

Hanna Becomes A’s Prostitute

While Aria and Emily fret over matters of the heart, Hanna seems more concerned with Matters of the Wallet.  Specifically, Hanna’s Deadbeat Mom is broke AGAIN, because “A” STOLE her Stolen Cash Stash.  If you recall, for the past few weeks, “A” has been using the stolen money to make Hanna her unwitting slave, inflicting psychological torture on the poor girl, so that she can “earn”  the money back.  (Seriously, “A” DEFINITELY hates Hanna the most!  This is the THIRD week in a row, that she got the brunt of “A’s” torture, while the other girls got off virtually scot free!)

Hanna tries to wriggle out from “A’s” clutches, by getting a respectable job.  Unfortunately, however, her mom is such a deadbeat credit risk, that NO ONE WILL HIRE HER DAUGHTER!  And so, my favorite PLL is stuck doing “A’s” bidding AGAIN.  This week, her “bidding” involves ditching her Boring Ass Boyfriend Sean . . .

 . . . and dancing with Lucas, instead, in exchange for MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CASH!  (I’m liking “A” more and more, every minute! 🙂 )

Though initially reluctant to dance with the girl who unwittingly stomped on his heart . . .

 . . . Lucas eventually complies, and the two spend most of the night in one another’s arms . . .

When it comes time for the Last Dance, Hanna dutifully returns to her Boring Ass Boyfriend.  But then she receives one final text from “A,” who makes her an offer she can’t refuse . . . $1,000 for one more dance with Lucas.

When Sean learns that Hanna will be ditching him for Lucas once again, he dumps her.  (YAY .  . . oops . . . I mean, POOR HANNA!)

Having witnessed the entire exchange, Lucas sweetly comforts a crying Hanna, during the last dance.  But a small glint in his eyes, suggests he might not be all that dissatisfied with how the evening turned out . . .

After the dance, Lucas sympathetically offers to drive Hanna home, but she declines, telling him that she needs to care for Drunk Emily.  Lucas understandably looks disappointed, but, being a good sport for a change, he gently embraces Hanna, before stalking off.  Once she is alone, Hanna finds a scarf in her pocket containing all of the money she “earned” inside. 

Now, I’m not sure WHY Hanna doesn’t IMMEDIATELY suspect Lucas of being “A.”  However, I’m sure many of us watching at home mentally moved him up a notch on our suspect list right at this moment.  After all, shortly after Lucas went back inside, SOMEONE retrieved “A’s” signature black jacket, and thick gloves from the coat check at the dance, and promptly departed the school dance.

It’s important to note that many of the other characters heretofore seen as suspects (Creepy Toby, Blind Jenna, Bushy Eyebrows Noel, and Maya) were nowhere to be found, during this episode.  Additionally, those who suspected Fitz of being “A” undoubtedly noted that HE had already left the party with Aria, by the time “A” arrived at the coat check.  In fact, the only other MAIN suspect unaccounted for at the time of the infamous “Coat and Glove Pickup” was Psycho Ian . . .

Snoopy Spencer Strikes Again . . .

There’s Spencer’s Signature Goofy Sleuthing Face again . . .

If you recall, when we last left our PLL Girls, they were at Spencer’s house, watching Dead Ali Snuff porn on Spencer’s laptop.  (By the way, kudos to the WISE Hanna for being the ONLY Pretty Little Liar to note that Ali’s “groans of pain” may have actually been “groans of pleasure,” if you catch my drift. ;))  After a bit of hemming and hawing, the girls ultimately decide that they should turn the incriminating video in to the police, the following day, during lunchtime.  As they are discussing this, who should enter, but Psycho Ian himself (of course)!

Woah . . . it’s a picture of Ian on my laptop, next to a picture of Ian on another laptop.  How very META!

Though Ian ACTS as though he has NO CLUE what the girls were up to when he first entered the room, it should come as no surprise to ANYONE watching the show, that Spencer’s laptop is “mysteriously” stolen from her gym locker at school, just moments before the girls planned to take it to the police . . .

It’s important to note here, of course, that the ONLY time Spencer had the elusive laptop out of her sight, was when it was in her GYM locker, the combination to which, aside from Spencer, only the school coaches know.  (IAN’S a Coach!  See where they are going with this?) 

At the dance, Snoopy Spencer notes the number on Ian’s coat check, surreptitiously takes it, and, with the help of Aria, manages to steal the keys to Ian’s desk drawer from his jacket pocket.  But when Spencer tries to break into the locked drawer, who should be conveniently lurking nearby, but THIS GUY!

OMG!  It’s Random Rebel Phone Expert!  Suddenly, HE’S EVERYWHERE!  (I hope that’s not because he’s “A.”  Because that would be totally out of the blue . . . not to mention REALLY lame.)  A now desperate Spencer offers to pay off Random Rebel Phone Expert to keep quiet about what he saw, but the dude who TOTALLY extorted the heck out of Emily for her “phone upgrade,” suddenly, doesn’t want a penny from Spencer.  Weird .  . .

It’s no matter though, because Spencer can’t get into the locked drawer, anyway.  So, she reluctantly returns to the dance.  Then, after Drunk Emily confronts Ian on the dance floor, slurring that she “knows what he did,” Ian forcefully grabs Spencer into a slow dance.  Once he has his arms around her neck, Psycho Ian demands to know exactly to what incident Drunk Emily is referring.  Thinking fast, Spencer claims Drunk Emily is merely referring to the time Pedo Ian made out with her then 14-year old ass (as opposed to that OTHER time, when he boinked, and possibly killed a then 15-year old Ali).  Ian threatens Spencer to keep their Grotesque Makeout Session a secret from now on.  Spencer nervously agrees to do so, undoubtedly wondering the whole time, whether Ian actually believed her little fib.

And yet, when Spencer arrives home from the dance, she finds her laptop has mysteriously returned . . .

Not surprisingly, the Ian- incriminating Dead Ali Snuff Porn video is no longer anywhere to be found in the computer’s memory.  However, “A” has conveniently left the girls a digital photograph in it’s place.  The photo is of Ali sneaking out of the farmhouse, where the girls had their sleepover, on the night she died.  The words “watch your back.  I didn’t,” are typed in yellow across the bottom photograph.  SPPPOOOOOOKKKY! 

And that was “Careful What U Wish 4” in a nutshell.  So, now I turn the discussion over to you, my Pretties?  Who do you think is “A”?  Who killed Ali?  And were you as happy to see Boring Ass Sean go bye-bye, as I was? 😉



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  1. I was blasting Britney’s I’m A Slave 4 U when this came through to my inbox, which was pretty cool given all the 4s and Us in the song title and this ep title! Either that, or we are all getting LAZY AS HELL in the modern era when it comes to spelling something out properly 😉

    You know, it has bugging me for WEEKS why the theme song for PLL is so familiar, and guess what… I suddenly realised that it was the song used in a sexual mating dance between Blair and Chuck in S01 GG! My mind is definitely a steep trap for useless (or useful, depending on your perspective) show trivia 🙂

    Ezra’s crap writing skills makes me think of how Liz Wakefield was always lauded as the Bard 2.0, but any evidence of her writing in the Sweet Valley series was… sub-par, to say the least. I always though Mr Collins humoured her because he wanted to get in her pants after he was done with Ms Dalton, anyway! Ohh, that reminds me… Sweet Valley Confidential is on its way! Prepare your SV post for a MASSIVE comment from me when that happens!

    Loved Aria going all Sookie-sees-Lorena with the babysitter. The are normally fairly classy ladies (well, that point is arguable, but I say they are!), but lose all sense of social reality when their boyfriends are being circled by a hot vulture.

    Lucas and Hanna dancing was super sweet! I know his bad behaviour of recent weeks has annoyed a lot of people, but I give him some slack for being inexperienced when it comes to girls and social rules in general. Plus, I don’t mind someone who occasionally wears their heart on their sleeve *cough*Damon*cough. I want him to apologise before he and Hanna have their first smoochies though, so that I can squee all the way home without feeling anything but fangirl bliss 🙂

    I can’t decide if it would be an awesome twist to have Lucas be “A” (and kinda fitting given his time being an observer on the outside, looking in, would have honed his stalker skills), or not. If “A” is given the chance to be redeemed, maybe if it ends up being him, it would give him lots of scope for becoming a multi-layered character. Plus, it would make you wonder why he particularly targeted the woman he presumably loves. On the other hand, I like him being that rare sweet character that you almost need as an anchor on a bitchy show like this.

    • Ahhh, I’m A Slave 4 U . . . teaching kids to mispell articles and pronouns since 2001. 🙂 (Man, I love that song!)

      It’s funny, when I first saw the episode’s title written that way, I was POSITIVE it was referring to a text message that “A” would send the girls at some point during the episode. So, I was really shocked when the episode had ended without a SINGLE “Be Careful What U Wish 4.” Pretty tricky, PLL marketing department!

      I too thought it was pretty hilarious, seeing the usually “sweet and polite” Aria and Emily both be all crazy-eyed and bad ass, for a change! Those two should get jealous and wasted more often, I think! 😉 And you are right, Aria’s getting ready to pound Simone, and Spencer holding her back, was a TOTAL Sookie versus Lorena moment! If only Simone knew how close she had come to having a massive bald spot, and a face full of scratches!

      LOL. You are right! Elizabeth Wakefield’s “award winning” writing always did leave a bit to be desired. But I don’t remember anything being as bad as Ezra’s poem! I kept wondering if the writers MEANT for it to be lousy, or if someone out there actually though B-26 was “romantic” and “deep.”

      As you know, I ADORE Lucas, and my heart melted when I saw the concerned, enamored, and guiltily elated look on his face, as he embraced and comforted the inconsolable Hanna. The scene was so heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.

      That being said, I REALLY hope Lucas isn’t “A.” The slightly nasty, and always snarky, notes and general sneakiness are redeemable, but hitting Hanna with a car, stealing . . . well . . . RE-stealing . . . her already stolen cash, knowing that doing so could cause Hanna’s home to be foreclosed upon, and potentially reawakening her dormant bullimia with PIG CUPCAKES are DEFINITELY NOT!

      If Lucas ends up being “A,” it will be like Damon and the Jeremy Neck Snap ,all over again! Obviously, we would WANT to forgive him, because we love him and Hanna as couple. And yet, we would probably have to reject a whole lot of LOGICAL real life reasoning, in order to do so. 😉

      (PLEASE, PLL writers let “A” be Melissa, Blind Jenna, or some other character in which I am not personally invested. PLEASE?)

      Good call on the PLL theme song! I totally forgot they used it in Gossip Girl. (Speaking of GG, I was actually planning to recap IT last night and PLL today. But the mid-season premiere was so massively disappointing, that PLL had it beat by a mile, in terms of writerly inspiration. I hope that changes in the weeks to come . . .)

  2. Rene

    I was glad to see this before bedtime LOL its great as usual. I got to see this after Gossip Girl luckily abc family replies shows YEAH. I was down earlier today thinking I had to choose between this show and 90210, you know that show won out because the CW only shows its shows after like a week.

    Anywho, It was a pretty good one I don’t remember Hannah having a boyfriend, gee how did i miss that. I am glad he is gone though he seemed really lame. So many clues so little time, I am definitely hooked on this show. I wish Arie had confronted the babysitter some how or gotten a hold of her coat at the least LOL I know that sounds evil.

    • Thanks so much, Rene! I too LOVE how ABC Family always replays their shows immediately after they air. The CW used to do that with their shows on early evenings, and on weekends. But, for whatever reason, they stopped. 😦

      As for GG, I watched it too! (PLL at 8, and GG at 9.) Monday has officially become the most crowded night for television EVER! (I still having Being Human and Skins to catch on Hulu.) Thank goodness, I don’t have any NEW shows to watch until TVD on Thursday, or else, I would NEVER catch up!

      My GG recap should definitely be up some time later tonight. But, to be honest, it was kind of a disappointing episode for me. Did you feel that way too? Maybe that’s because I’m such a Chair fan and the pair had precisely NO interaction this week! Next week looks fun, though! 🙂

      But enough about that, on to PLL! I’ve just been LOVING this show. You aren’t the only one who’s become hooked. I love the way this mystery is panning out. And I really do think I’m going to have to create a score card of some sort to put together all the clues that have been thrown at us in past weeks.

      LOL. Don’t feel bad about forgetting Hanna’s Boring Ass EX Boyfriend Sean. He’s just so very forgettable, and the two must have broken up about 8 times, since the series started. Sayonara, Sean-y! It’s Lucas’ turn NOW! 🙂

      Haha, I’m with you in wishing Aria got her claws into Simone. Was that chick ANNOYING, or what? 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Rene! I LOVE that we have virtually the EXACT same FABULOUS taste in TV! 🙂

  3. Anastasia

    I recall they said A was going to reveled this week!

    Aria about to hit Simone is so lol XD
    Would have been better if there was a bitch fight XD

    Isn’t it odd that Spencer didn’t copy the video to a USB if it was that important?

    Also does Ella look really fake in that last scene when she gave A her/his coat?

    • They DID say that “A” would be revealed in the fourth episode following the hiatus, Anastasia! I read that too! Now, either that means the producers of this show are Pretty Little Liars themselves (I hope so!). Or “A” is actually Lucas. And the “reveal” was when Hanna found the scarf with the money in it, after hugging him. (I hope NOT!)

      As you mentioned, it does seem VERY unlike the “wise” Spencer not to save the Ian-incriminating video to a USB pin drive (as Ian seemed to have done himself, in a later scene). Aside from ensuring that the information was not lost or stolen (which, of course, it eventually WAS), the girls WERE planning on taking that video to the police. Now, wouldn’t it have made sense to put the video on an electronic medium that was more PORTABLE than a laptop?

      I guess PLL, like all TV shows, requires us to suspend reality a little bit. But, I agree with you, a “tech savvy” show like PLL, with supposedly “tech savvy” characters in it, should have probably explained itself better.

  4. Secret

    Yay this episode kept me guessing and I stayed up being so sleepy to watch this and two other shows on to the recap..
    Drunk Emily is HILARIOUS I was cracking up when Lucas offerded to drive Hanna and Hanna turned to look at Emily ans Spencer and Spencer was openng Emily car door and Emily said “I can open my own damn door” that was soo funny ( Shay mitchell played the drunk Emily part well I wonder if that’s because she is a great actress or if she has experience with this sort of thing )
    Hanna is definitly the main target for A’s tortures and I think she ia handeling it very well if you ask me… I mean she finally got rid of Sean and got to dance with her true love and gt money and eat damn good looking cupcakes ( screw eating disorders they looked good! ) if you ask me A is doing some favors
    Lucas A? No no no not possible! I will never believe it NEVER He did admit to breaking the memorial and if I am correct didn’t the person who was breaking it had the same black gloves as A… NO! I refuse to believe my sweet Lucas is A but most signs point to him.. SHUT UP SECRET!
    Aria hahaha she was nice this episode I mean cool nice not nice nice .. I wanted to see a chick fight and did you notice when Spencer said ” mr fitz let’s dance” he was like wait what she said ” were in love come on” lol Spencer quick thinking simone thought it was Spencer with the crush hahaha how wrong is she and aria mom
    speaking of Aria mom she came face to face with A she knows who A is well she doesn’t know but she knows she KNOWS Aria mom gonna be the answer to all of this I bet you that!
    Well that’s the end of my say on this episode nice recap till next week oh and btw check out house of Anubis on Nick it’s realy good if you ask me mystery and missing people just like pretty little liars check it out no need to do a recap just check it out 😀

    • Hey Secret! You are right. Drunk Emily was AWESOME! Since she plays such a sweet and reserved character, Shay Mitchell usually doesn’t get the opportunity to say the funny lines on the show (They tend to go to either Spencer and Hanna), but she made up for it TONIGHT!

      That scene with the car door that you mentioned was hilarious! I’m SURE she’s been drunk before, given her actual age. (In fact, the whole cast probably has gotten wasted, at one point or another.) 😉

      And yet, some actors and actresses really overdo drunken acting. But Shay was pitch perfect at it, as was Brendon (who plays Lucas), last week. You know who else deserves props? Whoever did Shay Mitchell’s eye makeup! SHE TOTALLY had that runny mascara, dilated, glaze-eyed drunken look that people get, after having a few too many . . .

      LOL. Spencer was awesome, when she dragged Fitz off to dance, to prevent Aria from KILLING Simone. By now, Fitz MUST know that Aria’s friends are aware of their romantic relationship. How could he not see that? 🙂

      I love your take on “A” and Hanna, and how she’s “helping” her, by forcing her to confront her feelings for Lucas, and “making” her eat cute pig cupcakes. 🙂 The whole dances for cash thing definitely made Lucas seem like “A.” After all, as we know, Lucas realizes that Hanna has feelings for him, and has been trying to make HER see it, ever since he kissed her in the hospital. The whole Dance Thing, would be consistent with that ideology.

      Lucas also KNEW about Hanna’s money problems, and had access to the hidden money at her party. Additionally, he clearly had access to her at the hospital. And the message on Hanna’s cast DID seem like something Lucas would write, especially given the fight they had before it appeared on her cast.

      Some of the other things “A” has done, however, do NOT seem like Lucas. I can’t see him making her eat all those cupcakes, whether or not he was aware of her eating disorder. And I DEFINITELY can’t see him running her over with his CAR. Plus, the way “A” outed Emily’s sexuality to her parents, and revealed Aria’s dad’s affair to her mom, thereby breaking up her family, both seemed way too harsh for a sweetie like Lucas. I’m holding on to these minor reservations, because, like you, I REALLY don’t want him to be “A.”

      Hey . . . maybe SEAN is “A!” I’d be cool with that. He sucks! 🙂

      It was great talking to you, Secret! Thanks so much for stopping by. See you next week!

  5. Okay I apologize for spamming this thread just wanted you to see my Blog at onsugar link. I don’t update as much as I should but I do post tiny bits on TVD LOL 🙂 the stars and their activities. I might have to add PLL and GG soon I love Tika Sumter who showed up on GG this week YEAH she played Layla in ONE LIFE TO LIVE 🙂

    • Hey Rene. No need to apologize. I didn’t know you blogged! That’s awesome! I’m just sorry I didn’t check it out sooner!

      I’ll definitely add you to my blog roll. I can’t wait to check out your site. Thanks so much for sharing the link with me! 🙂

  6. snottlebie

    I love how PPL can have what other shows would market as “OMG MEGA DRAMATIC”, i.e. the dance, and barely mention it at all, in terms of what it’s for.

    Emily – Definitely had the best lines of the whole episode. “I’m NOT thirsty!” or “I can close my own damn door!” or “Was that tree always here?” Drunk!Emily is the best.

    Hannah – Seriously, is she the only girl A texts anymore? You would think A hates Spencer the most (as alluded to in the flashbacks because Spencer was not quite as controllable as the other girls) but maybe that’s because A and Ali are different people? But yeah, first the cupcakes and now the dancing with Lucas. A sure loves that psychological warfare (…but now only against Hannah? The others haven’t been texted in weeks!)

    I really hope Lucas isn’t A. The pieces don’t quite fit together. Also, A was (supposedly) trying to make Hannah hurt Lucas with the dancing, though with her breakup from Ken Doll Sean, it probably didn’t achieve that same effect, so it wouldn’t make sense for Lucas to do it. Oh and another reason A might not be Lucas – that photo at the end with the writing at the bottom – so low tech, could have been done in Microsoft Paint. Lucas is very tech savvy is he not? He could def do better.

    Random New Kid – Could they make him look like a rebel anymore? He’s just Toby van Cullen’s replacement. I know they’re trying to make him seem interesting with all his “The rich girls steal. The pretty girls lie. The smart girls play dumb and the dumb girls spend their days trying to do all of the above.” But, not quite interesting yet. It’s probably his atrocious hair. Just because he’s “rebellious” doesn’t mean he needs to wear black and have long hair!

    LOL the black gloves at the end. Spencer – a flash drive is necessary.

    • snottlebie

      Oh yeah and I forgot to say – did it seem like Spencer knew more than what she’s been telling the others? Because when Hannah pointed out the shadow behind Ali, I couldn’t tell if Spencer was having a flashback to the night (she followed Ali, remember?), or if she was just scared. Maybe Spencer’s A. Not wanting to go to the police with the laptop, letting Ian wipe her memory…naw she’s just not too bright with the Scooby Doo detective work.

    • LOL snottlebie. You are absolutely right about that dance. Didn’t they just have homecoming at that school? Truthfully, I don’t even think the WRITERS were certain what that dance was for! The PLL girls kept talking about how the Dance Marathon was for a “good cause,” and that’s why I initially assumed they were raising money for some charity.

      Then Aria’s mom said they were raising money for the girl’s to go on a school trip to D.C. (If you looked, during the dance, they played a slideshow of D.C. monuments in the background.) Worthy cause? Nah, that’s just selfish! 😉

      And why was the “Dance Marathon” only 6 hours? That’s not a marathon, that’s a WEDDING! 🙂 I also wondered why the dance officials told the class they “couldn’t stop dancing” or they “wouldn’t make all their money.” And yet the only one who really danced at all that night out of the PLL’s was Hanna!

      You also bring up a good point about “A.” I’m not sure it’s intentional, or a clue to her or his identity, but, in the early episodes, A would always average about 1 creepy text per PLL girl per episode, not including the ones she sent all of them simultaneously. And yet, now, as you mentioned, aside from the “mass texts” and the videos, it seems like ONLY Hanna is getting tortured.

      Seriously, when is the last time “A” did something to Emily? Sure, she sent her a few texts about her being a closeted homosexual, along with those pictures of her and Maya. Then, she sent a letter to Emily’s mom. But Emily’s out now, so what can “A” do to her? .

      I always assumed Toby (not “A”) did those things to Emily, because he had the most interest in doing so. Kind of like Noel seemed to have the most interest in all the Fitz-related things “A” did to Aria, and Melissa had the most interest in doing the home-invasiony, relationship ruining, things to Spencer. It would be interesting, if, in the end, we found out that “A” didn’t actually do ALL of these things. Many of them just coicidentally occurred at the same time that “A” was doing his or her thing. Kind of like how Noel is not “A,” but he is the one who blackmailed Fitz, and wrote on his car . . .

      But with Hanna, A definitely has an agenda. And that agenda seems to be psychological torture. What exactly did Hanna do to this person? Unlike the other girls, Hanna, though best friends with Ali, didn’t really become popular, until after Ali’s death. While the other girls may have been snide to outcasts (like Lucas and Mona), Hanna probably identified with them. Given that, you would think A would be the LEAST mad at Hanna, not the most. Then again, maybe Hanna just has more secrets than the other girls, and, therefore, is an easier target.

      As for Lucas, it would seem weird for him to write things to Hanna like “dance with him again, really stomp on his heart.” And yet, isn’t it possible that, if Lucas is A, he wrote the texts to Hanna that way for PRECISELY that reason, to throw Hanna off his scent, while still getting EXACTLY what he wanted (to dance with the girl of his dreams, and to get her dumped by that jerk Sean)? I hate the idea of Lucas being A too. But I just wanted to play Devil’s Advocate, for a moment.

      I agree with you that Spencer seems to know WAY more than she is letting on about what happened that night. And it would be a total shocker if she ended up being “A.” But Spencer couldn’t have hit Hanna with her car, since she was there when it happened. And she wouldn’t have sabotaged her own relationship with Alex, and texted herself about it, unless she has multiple personality disorder (which is always a possibility on these shows!) 🙂

      Gosh, the more I look at all these clues, the more confused I get. Thanks so much for taking the time to parse all this out with me, snottlebie. You definitely made me think.

  7. Secret

    Wait one thing kjewls i remember you saying when Lucas hugged hanna he could of easily put the money in her coat pocket right? wow this is a possibility.
    But all night people were going in and out of others coats ( Emily in Hanna’s .. Aria in Ian’s … exc.) A could have easily went in Hanna coat and put it in there once she or he noticed Hanna job was done
    Hanna is getting most of the torture but does A really have anything on the girls anymore? (besides poor Hana and her owes everyone in the world stealing old ladies money mother) Think about it Spencer well she knows more than she lets on she did follow Ali that night and in a sneak peek photo i saw her talking with Jason Ali brother only her though .. hmm but what secrets can she be hiding and does A know them .. sure dont look like it
    The only thing A had against Emily was her sexuality but she wanna be quick about outing her so now she really has nothing
    Aria and Mr.Fitz i dont think A wants to really mess with them anymore plenty of things has happened with them and Aria had gotten off A-free
    So what did hanna do so wrong i honestly dont think Lucas is A at all it was a possibility but i really dont think he is capable of the old A ways ( OLD A meaning A in the summer episodes )
    This new A really bites i mean in the books A was vicious she was evil not once did A let those girls off the hook even when Mona died a new A came storming in and made their lives miserable just as Mona did before every move A was watching and in the show now that its back A lost her touch the stuff she said in the summer episodes and the books was vicious crazy and totally wicked but now all i see is Hanna getting tortured and stuff like point set match -__- Totally Lame! Come on PLL writers they need to get it together..
    Well i just had to get that out of my system

    • Hi, Secret! You bring up a good point. It is definitely possible that “A” may be torturing Hanna the most, NOT because she (or he) particularly dislikes her (or LIKES her) more than the other girls, but because she (or he) simply has more ammunition against Hanna, than against everybody else.

      I agree that “A” has lost a bit of her snarky evilness, since the summer. I can’t decide whether “A’s” softening is intentional on the part of the writers, or if it merely has to do with the show’s change in focus, since it’s returned from hiatus. The earlier episodes were definitely more about the girls’ secrets, and A’s using those secrets as instruments of torture. Since the show has returned, the emphasis definitely seems to be more on giving “clues,” developing suspects for Ali’s death, and exploring the girls’ respective relationships.

      I’m still not sure, which emphasis I prefer. But the show still keeps us guessing. That’s for sure!

      Speaking of A, I also like what you said about how ANYONE could have planted that money in Hanna’s coat. As I REALLY don’t want Lucas to be A, I’m always happy to have my arguments as to why he MIGHT be A, shot down by fellow fans. That’s probably weird of me to say, but it’s true. This is one situation where I want to be wrong. 🙂

  8. Anastasia

    How much would it … if one of the PLLs was a schizo and it was her other personality that is A? Like Mort in the Secret Window, who goes hunting for the guy who keeps messing with him, that turns out to be himself? XD

    • I love that idea, Anastasia. 🙂 It would definitely be unexpected (not to mention, kind of funny)!

      Personally, if I had to choose one PLL girl I’d suspect of being a schizophrenic homicidal maniac, I’d go with Spencer. It’s those Crazy Eyes, I tell you! They are clearly capable of doing some Very Bad Things! 😉


    I first came across the site when searching for a photo of ian harding and when i saw your recap on theres no place like homecoming and i completely fell in love with it. Have you ever thought about going into comedy, because you are absolutely HILARIOUS! I loved your crossed out comments and your views on the different characters. My fave was probably when you did the Creepy Toby has an ankle bracelet just Lindsay Lohan. I am a HUGE fan of your blog so keep up the good work!

    • Hi CrazyLove345! I’m so glad you found my site. Thanks so much for reading, and for your kind words. I’m actually blushing! 🙂

      I seriously think that is one of the sweetest things anybody has every said to me. I’ve always loved to write, but have honestly never thought of myself as particularly funny (snarky and sarcastic, maybe . . . but not funny). So, your compliment defintely meant a lot to me. And I really appreciate it.

      When I first started watching PLL, I thought it would be awesomely bad TV to snark at — a guilty pleasure to make fun of. But the show definitely becomes less guilt-worthy, and more pleasurable, as time goes on. It’s become pretty darn entertaining, actually! So, I’m glad you are enjoying it (and, apparently, Fitzy!) too! 🙂

      I look forward to talking PLL with you this season. By the way, speaking of Ian Harding pictures, here’s a site you might enjoy, if you haven’t already found it:


      Happy viewing! 🙂

  10. CRAZYLOVE345

    Okay this episode was so much of a nutshell i didn’t have time to think
    I know its sad and all, but Drunk Emily was absolutely HILARIOUS! “Toby is stuck at home wearing a lojack while this freak gets to go where ever he wants, when ever he wants, Marry your sister!” or “Was that tree always there?” or my favorite “I can open my own damn door.” Caleb really took advantage of her vunerablity, which is wrong.
    Hanna i could have strangled in this episode. Shes not the only one hurting for money in the middle of a friggin reccession! Jeez! Now she has to go break two hearts with two boulders to get money.
    Spencer needs to get a new mask or something, cause that one face is getting kind of annoying.
    This is where I probably take a while: the little love Aria-Ezra-Simone triangle. I personally would have loved to see a fight scene but its AbcFamily. The worse fight I have seen was between Ashley and Adrian in Secret Life and that was pretty lame. I can just picture Aria tearing Simone’s throat out of her body and little confused Ezra standing there helpless as a puppy. But he made up for it later (not only because he was crapping his pants, scared out of his mind seeing his hardcore girlfriend crying over not being his age) by telling Aria that hes in love with her. You could probably expect that I teared up a little *sniffles*
    This episode was probably one of the calmer ones (not in drama of course but still) and i enjoyed the whole jealous-and-drunk-and-prostitue-and-detective thing the PLLs have going on.

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