The Vampire Diaries has FINALLY returned! Let’s celebrate with a LIVEBLOG!

It’s been a loooooooooong time, since The Vampire Diaries last graced our television screens . . .

Not quite 145 years .  . . but it sure felt like that long!

We have waited patiently . . .

(Admittedly, some of us may have been more patient than others .  . .)

And FINALLY our patience (or lack thereof) has been rewarded.  Because the wait is over, Fangbangers!  As for those Sexy Salvatore Brothers, well . . . THEY’RE BAAAAAAACK!

As you ALL probably know, The Vampire Diaries’ “The Descent” premieres January 27th at 8 p.m. on the CW.  The question is, how do YOU plan to celebrate?

Will you DANCE?

Or, perhaps, have a few drinks?

Do you plan on getting laid that night?

Maybe, you will get to do a ALL OF THE ABOVE!  (You lucky DOG, you!) 

But whatever you decide to do, momentous occasions like this simply don’t happen every day!  And when they do come around, it’s important to share them with fellow fangirls (and boys) like yourselves!  For this reason, my Brilliant, Gorgeous, Hilarious, and All Around Amazing Blogging Pals, Amy of Imaginary Men, and Cherie over at My Spidey Sense is Tingling, and I have decided to LIVEBLOG THE MID-SEASON PREMIERE!

What’s a LiveBlog, you ask?  Well, it’s kind of like a chat room where you can talk (well, more accurately, “type”) about “The Descent” with other fabulous fangirls, like yourself, while the show is airing.  Or, if you’re shy, just read along.  And let US do the work for you!

  In addition to covering the play-by-play of the episode, and repeatedly cooing over the hotness of the show’s cast  (Comments like “OMG!  HE IS SO GORGEOUS!” are, of course, inevitable, in these types of forums, and TOTALLY welcome!), Amy, Cherie and I will also be regaling you with screenshots from the episode, hot photos of the cast, and fun live polls, in which can take part. 

TYLER: *reads*  “Who’s the hottest character on The Vampire Diaries?  I’m going to go with choice “C,” Tyler!”

CAROLINE:  “Hmmmm . . . what are the other choices?”

TYLER:  “Hey!  Don’t make me go all werewolf on you, again!”

Of course, if you miss the LiveBlog, and want to check it out after the episode airs, you can do that too!  Here’s an example of a LiveBlog we did back in September, for the show’s season premiere. 

“Haha!  Those girls TOTALLY thought I was dead, when Damon broke my neck, back in ‘The Return.’  Silly Fangbangers!”

(Oh, and just a quick note, because we had some confusion last year.  A LiveBlog is not the same thing as a LiveStream.  Unfortunately, the technology we have available to us from CoverItLive does not allow us to stream the episode to other viewers, over the internet.  It provides “chat” services only.  There are a number of other websites that will stream the episode for you, of course.  However, us fangirls don’t have the resources — or the necessary legal approval — to offer you that particular service.  Sorry, in advance!)

So, if you are up for celebrating The Vampire Diaries’ mid-season premiere with a bunch of crazy fangirl bloggers, who share a love of  both snarky commentary and shirtless vampires . . .

 . . . CLICK HERE at 8 p.m. on Thursday, January 27th! 

(You never know WHO you might meet! 😉 )



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6 responses to “The Vampire Diaries has FINALLY returned! Let’s celebrate with a LIVEBLOG!

  1. I can’t wait for the liveblog!

    I’m trying to imagine the crazy fangirl Freudian Slips that could work their way in while we frenetically type…

    “Oh, look, A is happening, and now B and gosh isn’t that incredible Ian Sexyhalder marry me AND now for your next poll!”

    I have us SO covered when it comes to Tyler pictures (I promise no spoilery promo ones from upcoming eps though :)). Lupining Tyler in particular will be a feature. GOD, I love him! It is almost blasphemous for me to say so, but Michael Trevino is thisclose to overtaking Ian in the hottest man on the show stakes. It may come down to the Forwood kiss and the Damon bubble bath for me to make my final decision 😉

    You know, until you laid it out in such hilarious fashion, I hadn’t realised just how many photos of characters drinking there are. You could build a drinking game around characters drinking!

    Stefan raises his eensy, weensy, teeny, weeny abs-blocking glass to you!

    • LOL. You know what’s funny? I didn’t use even HALF of the TVD drinking pictures I have on file! I love what big OLE alchy’s these vampires are! (It’s something I have in common with them!) 🙂 Damon, in particular, takes a non-blood alcoholic beverage at least ONCE an episode. And, let me tell you, that liquid looks SO GOOD pouring into that mouth. I, honestly don’t think I’ve ever been envious of a hard liquor, until TVD! 😉

      I am SO THRILLED that you will be joining our Live Blogging festivities, Cherie! I just know we are going to have an insanely fun hour! And I CAN’T WAIT to get a glimpse of your sexy Lupining Tyler pics, and take your insightful witty polls. (This reminds me, I definitely have to start preparing my pictures and poll questions for this event. The clock is ticking!)

      Just a small hint — definitely keep “The Descent” on DVR. This way, you can view it again at your leisure, after we’re done blogging. From what I remember, I definitely missed a lot of “The Return”‘s more subtle points, in the midst of fulfilling my liveblogging duties.

      Fear not, though. I suspect the extra effort will be TOTALLY worth it for all of us. 🙂 After all, it’s not everyday, that Amy and I get to timetravel into “the future,” and share our favorite show with our favorite fellow fangirl blogger, who just so happens to live on the COMPLETE opposite side of the planet from us! 🙂

      SQUEE! Just two-and-a-half more days! 🙂

  2. Rene

    Sounds Fab, though TVD is one of those shows that I drool in front of the television across the room from the laptop plugs. Perhaps I could move the laptop I will see if that will work. It does sound like loads of fun 🙂

    • I can certainly understand your wanting to devote your FULL and undivided attention to the Salvatore brothers, Rene. 🙂 They are pretty darn “compelling” aren’t they? 😉

      Of course, we would LOVE to have your wit, intellect, and fangirly prowess with us on LiveBlog night! So, if you could swing it, and stop by, that would be AWESOME! (I have a wireless router, so I usually sit with the laptop on my lap during LiveBlog nights. It works quite well, actually, if you don’t mind a little leg cramping. :))

      But, if it doesn’t work for you, NO WORRIES! The LiveBlog will absolutely still be there for you to review after the show, at your leisure. And I DEFINITELY plan on doing my regularly scheduled recap of the show, the following day. This, we will have PLENTY of opportunities to discuss “The Descent” together in the coming days.

      I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

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