Well, THAT’S Convenient! – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again”

SMILE!  You’re on a Creepy Stalker’s Camera!

Welcome back, my Pretties!  This was a pretty productive episode, wasn’t it?  We met a new enemy (specifically, Emily’s Swim Teammate, Paige, or as I like to call her, Little Orphan B*tchie).

Seriously?  That hair?  Those clothes?  No . . . just . . . no.

We got to know a new friend with benefits? a little bit better . . .

“Hi!  My name is Stereotypical Bad Boy Love Interest.  What’s yours?”

We welcomed back a new suspect (who’s been SERIOUSLY hitting the steroids HARD eating his Wheaties, since we saw him last).

A few couples heated things up (one of which we ACTUALLY cared about!).

Mmmm!  That looks like it tastes good . . .

Meh . . .

An old lady died (RIP Old Lady!).  And another Old Lady told SOMEONE (A?  Ali’s Killer?) that she (or he, though it definitely seemed more like a she) had nice eyes . . .

“Why thank you, Old Lady, and you have nice .  . . teacups.”

And finally, Spencer FINALLY revealed why she’s been acting so Cuckoo Bananas, everytime she gets anywhere near that picture of Ali that was taken the night she died . . .

But we still haven’t figured out why she always makes that weird face . . .

Let’s review, shall we?

Questionable Judgment (and even more questionable hats)

Clearly, all these months of being tortured by “A,” making out with inappropriate men (and women), and not sleeping, have started to take their toll on the girls.  We see the first signs of this, when the typically stylish Aria arrives at Spencer’s house inexplicably dressed like Where’s Waldo?

(Hanna, of course, had another analogy for Aria’s bizarro appearance.  She compared her to a Strung Out Powder Puff Girl.  This, to me, seemed kind of redundant, as the Powder Puff Girls ALWAYS look strung out, as far as I’m concerned . . .)

Sorry, Buttercup!

And yet, we can’t really blame Aria for not looking her best this morning.  After all, she’s been up all night, dreaming about the next public restroom she and Fitzy can screw in, McDonalds?  Wendy’s? studying Ali’s morbid final moments caught on film.  And during these hours of restless study, she has come to two conclusions: (1) there is a shadow of a second person in the film, who is clearly following Ali toward wherever she is going; (2) the photograph was taken from Ali’s bedroom window.  This new information causes Hanna and Emily to begin speculation as to who could possibly be the second person caught on film.  And it causes Spencer to . . . make That Face again . . .

Sometimes, my jaw and eyebrows get tired, just watching her do this . . . I’m starting to think she might have inadvertently swallowed her “ex”-boyfriend, Wren . . .

 . . . and Alex, for that matter . . .

In terms of who has taken the Extremely Morbid Picture, the girls rationally assume that it had to be Ali’s brother, Jason.  If you recall, Jason is the same creepy brother who TOTALLY took over Ali’s memorial service, and basically, accused all the girls (but, mostly, Spencer) of knowing more than they claimed about Ali’s death.  None of the girls seem to have any desire to talk to Jason again.  But Spencer JUMPS RIGHT ON THAT OPPORTUNITY!

Gee!  I wonder WHY?  (That Spencer . .. such a Maneater!)

Clad in her best approximation of an Indiana Jones Halloween costume (all she’s missing is the whip), Spencer heads off to the track to find Ali’s brother, Jason, sans shirt.  (Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first shirtless male we’ve seen on PLL?  Thanks, ABC Fam!  It was much appreciated.  TRUST ME!) 

Of course, he HAS to be running stairs when we first see him!  Because, otherwise, there seems to be absolutely NO EXPLANATION as to how this guy nearly DOUBLED in size (and hotness), since we last saw him . . .

He also seems to have dyed his hair . . . not that I spent all that much time focusing on anything above his neck . . . 😉

Jason initially denies taking the picture.  When asked who he thinks might have taken it, he informs Spencer that it could have been anyone.  After all, plenty of  insensitive people have tried to send him fake photographs of Ali, since her untimely demise. 

All doubts aside, Jason takes the picture, anyway (not sure where he put it though . . . his pants, perhaps?), and promises to have his private investigator take a look at it.  Jason then apologizes for being such a douche to Spencer, during Ali’s memorial.  To this Spencer mumbles her assent unenthusiastically, and rushes off.  Now, I suspect our girl Spence would have been more gracious about accepting Jason’s apology, if she weren’t so mesmerized by his six pack and bulging sweaty chest . . .

See, in THIS context, The Face makes PERFECT SENSE!

But Jason isn’t the only one getting some exercise this morning.  Emily is in the pool, working on some strokes (no pun intended).

The Battle of the Breast(stroke)

If you recall, Emily was quite the swimmer, back in the day.  But after everything went down with Ali, she took some time off from the sport, to get her head together.  Now, Emily is back, and kicking butt!

But SOMEONE isn’t happy about it . . .

Little Orphan B*tchie doesn’t appear to be quite the swimming phenom that Emily is.  But what she lacks in talent, she makes up for in sheer annoyingness, and cheesiness.  This is evidenced by her deciding to use the team’s Locker Room Change Time to give everyone on the team dorky “Go Sharks” bracelets . . .

Does that Ugly Bracelet look familiar to you?  It sure looks familiar to EMILY!

Of course, Emily immediately assumes that the “friendship bracelets” they got from Ali, back when she was alive, the DUPLICATE one that “A” gave them, and the ones that Paige had made, all come from he same place.  (Really?  Because I’ve probably seen about 100 ugly friendship bracelets that look just like those, in my time.  You can usually buy them for 50 cents in those toy dispenser machines they keep in front of grocery stores . . .)

Paranoid Paige, who immediately assumes that Emily is back on the team, only to take the coveted Swim Team Captain job away from her, not-so-subtly threatens to “out” Emily to the rest of the team, should she compete against Paige for the position.

Paige does this by making an extremely unfunny Breast-stroke joke.  (Why do I have a feeling this is going to end up being a Kurt versus Karofsky from Glee situation, all over again?)

Emily holds her own, however.  She tells Paige, in no uncertain terms, that if she really wants to be Swim Team Captain, she should stop sucking so much at .  . . you know . . . swimming.  But Paige’s homophobic comments still irk Emily enough to complain about them to Aria and Spencer at lunch.  These complaints prompt Spencer, unbeknownst to Emily, to rat Paige out to the swim coach.  (This, by the way, eventually causes a pretty intense fight between Spencer and Emily.  But they make up by the end of the episode.  So, it didn’t really seem worth mentioning.)

The swim coach keeps Emily and Paige, after practice, to discuss Paige’s derogatory statements.  She even offers to throw Paige off the team, for what she said to Emily.  Emily, however, tells her that won’t be necessary.

Now, you would think that Emily’s act of EXTREME kindness, in the face of TOTAL douchebaggery, would merit some appreciation on Paige’s part.  But NO.  Paige instead tries to DROWN Emily in the pool . . .

Paige claims she did THIS, because she was pissed that she ended up being replaced by Emily on the relay team for an upcoming meet.  But I just think that BIATCH is CRA-ZY!

“Are YOU talkin’ to me?”

As for those ugly bracelets, the girls later did some investigation as to where they were purchased, and learned that they were made by some old lady, who worked out of her home.  When Spencer (of course, it would be SPENCER doing the investigating, AGAIN!) arrives at the lady’s house, however, the old biddy tells her that both Emily’s bracelet, and “A’s” bracelet, were both purchased by . . .  wait for it . . . SPENCER HASTINGS!

But just when I think that this was going to devolve into one of those Split Personality Lifetime-type movies . . . you know, the ones where the victim ALSO ends up being the torturer . . . we are treated to a final scene, in which an unknown person, who, apparently has NICE EYES, visits the old biddy.  And the Old Biddy says to HER, “I did exactly what you said [lie].”

That, of course, immediately made me think of THIS flashback  scene, from the episode “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”

And with that, “Blind” Jenna just moved up a notch on my Suspects List.  After all, we never did figure out how she was able to put on that lipstick using the MIRROR . . .

But enough about Little Miss Swimfan, and Blind Jenna’s “beautiful eyes,” let’s talk a bit about Aria and Fitzy, and their Hot Date . . .

NO!  Not that one . ..  the one at the MUSEUM!

Night at the Museum

(NOTE:  Animated GIFS in this section of the recap have been “borrowed” from the Aria and Ezra Tumblr.  So, special thanks to the folks over there!  Readers, if this is your “SHIP,” definitely check them out!)

Up until this point in their relationship, Aria’s and Ezra’s “dates” have included (1) a quickie in a public restroom; (2) some hot tongue action in cars; (3) blink and you’ll miss it, romps in Ezra’s Swingin’ Bachelor Pad; (4) school dances; (5) and a trip to the movies with Aria’s MOM.  So, you can imagine how THRILLED Aria was, when Spencer got her and her Secret Boyfriend tickets to an art opening at a museum in Philadelphia . . .

As Spencer put it, Aria was willing to give her TONGUE for those tickets.  (Hmmmm .  . . wonder how Emily would have felt about that.)  In Philadephia, Aria and Ezra will be FREE to swap spit in public!  YAY!  (Well . . . people will still probably notice that Ezra was macking an underage girl, but at least they won’t know she’s his HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT.)

For me, the BEST part of the entire episode, was when Aria approached Ezra, while he was proctoring an exam, to give him the tickets (hidden in a writing notebook), and inform him that he should “dress formally” for their date . . .

For a second there, I was seriously concerned that Fitzy’s eyes were going to fall right out of his head!

Unfortunately, for Ezra (along with the two straight male fans of this show on the entire planet), Aria wasn’t exactly naked under there . . .

There are, of course, a lot of X-rated ways in which this “note” could be interpreted, but I’m pretty sure she’s just telling him to wear a tie . . . unfortunately.

That night, when Aria arrives at Ezra’s apartment for their date, he surprises her by picking her up in a stretch limo, Mr. Big from Sex and the City– style . . .

And in my dirty mind, on the WAY to the museum, the pair got it on, Chuck and Blair-style . . .

Even though the artist they were SUPPOSED to see ended up canceling the event, Aria and Ezra still had an amazing time . . .

 . . . which is a relief, considering how close they came to having the WORST TIME EVER!  (I’m looking at YOU, Hanna!)

If you are REALLY happy that some one died (because it will prevent you from going to prison), does that make you a bad person?

Probably . . . but we still love you, Hanna (and so does Lucas .  . . and maybe that Caleb guy too).

Hanna’s family hits yet another rough patch, when the old biddy who Hanna’s mom took the “unauthorized loan” from inexplicably made an appointment to meet with Hanna’s mom.  And although Mommy Felon tried to put a brave face on things, you could tell she knew she was TOTALLY up Sh*t’s Creek, without a paddle . . .

“I am SO f&*ked!”

Later that day, Hanna gets notice from “A” that she can make some extra cash, by ratting Aria out to her mom.   The note comes with a ticket to the museum event Aria and Ezra will be attending.  Obviously, this is a TOTALLY crappy thing to do to your supposed best friend.  But, then again, letting your mom get 15-to-life for trying to pay your medical bills is also a kind of crappy thing to do. 

So, Hanna leaves the tickets in an envelope in Aria’s mom’s mailbox at school (apparently, she teaches there, who knew?).  However, immediately after making the delivery, Hanna has second thoughts.  So, she tries to put a stop to things, by convincing Aria not to go on the date.

Whatchu talkin’ about, Girl Who’s NOT Dating a Hot 20-Something?”

But that doesn’t work.  Then she tries to talk Aria’s mom out of going to the museum . . . but that doesn’t work either.  Finally, she tries to steal back the envelope, but ends up getting detention for skipping gym class.  (I’m glad SOMEONE noticed that one week, Hanna had a CAST on from being RUN OVER BYA CAR.  And the next, she was dancing with Lucas for SIX HOURS at a school event.) 

In detention, the seemingly omnipresent Caleb starts flirting with Hanna, hardcore . . .

“Hey Hanna, I may be a Bad Boy, but I’m Real Good in the Sack . . .”

As for Hanna, she’s either so desperately in love with Lucas that she doesn’t notice any other boys (YAY!), or she has NO game, whatsoever.  Because Hanna actually responds to Caleb’s flirtation by . . . wait for it . . . talking about how much she loves Justin Bieber.

Hanna’s got the Bieber Fever.  Side Effects:  Never getting laid . . . EVER!

(OK . . . now, I GET that ABC Family was trying to do a whole Cross Promotional Thing with the Bieber Documentary Movie, but this whole scene was just lame, with a capital “L.”)

And yet, Bieberery Slips aside, Hanna apparently still charms the pants off Caleb.  Because the dude actually goes out and BREAKSAria’s mom’s car, so she can’t get to the museum.  Now, how’s THAT for dedication?

Hanna, of course, offers to PAY Caleb for his trouble.  But he doesn’t seem to want any money.  He’d much prefer to get inside Hanna’s pants . . .

Don’t you worry about it, Lucas!  He’s a strong contender.  But we still think you can take him!

But what about Hanna’s mom, and the felony??  Well . . . the good news is we aren’t going to have to worry about that for a little while at least, until the Old Crone’s will finishes going through probate, which could take months.  The bad news is, this is because the “unauthorized lender” . . . DIED.

Tears of sadness, or tears of joy?  You be the judge.

The Part About Aria’s Parents — Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“Hey, Aria’s mom!  Just because I recently got under the hood of one of my students (Sound familiar?), doesn’t mean I can’t still pop YOUR hood?”

So, remember when I told you that Caleb broke Aria’s mom’s car, so she couldn’t go to the museum opening?  Well, it turns out she REALLY wanted to go.  So much so, in fact, that she was willing to call her Cheating Louse of Husband to fix the damage, which, of course, he couldn’t.  The pair bicker a bit, and it’s supposed to be cute, I guess.  But it isn’t, because we don’t really care about Aria’s parents (no offense), and the actors playing them have no chemistry with one another, whatsoever.

Long story – short, Aria’s dad ends up driving Aria’s mom to the museum in his car, and they end up making out in the front seat.  (Apparently, the “Making Out in Cars” gene runs in this family.)  Since we didn’t see what happened after the two started necking (THANK THE LORD!), we can’t be too sure, whether Aria’s mom, in fact, SAW Aria and Ezra on their “date.”  And yet, Aria’s mom is acting MIGHTY weird, when she tells Aria they need to “talk” the following day at school .  . .

“Why does SHE get to make out with the hot guy, and I get the Wanker?  Damn you, Aria!”

Personally, I’m pretty sure Aria’s mom DIDN’T see Aria and Ezra.  I’m thinking she wants to tell her daughter that “Mommy and Daddy are getting back together.”  After all, thinking about someone’s life, other than her own, doesn’t exactly seem to be Aria’s mom’s strong suit.  Then again, I could be wrong . . .

Spencer’s Big Secret

When Spencer arrives home from school that day, she is surprised to find that Hot Jason (now wearing clothes, unfortunately) has let himself into her house.

Clearly, not much for small talk, Jason spills a wealth of information to Spencer, in just a few short moments.  Here’s what Jason tells Spencer:  (1) The picture she gave him of Ali is Real.  (2) Jason may have taken it himself.  (3) Jason can’t remember whether he took the picture or not, because he was drugged out of his gourd the entire month before Ali died.  (Fortunately, Jason doesn’t drugs, anymore . . . well, aside from the steroids of course.) (4) Creepy Ian was Jason’s good pal, and a fellow drug addict.  He often spent time at Jason (and Ali’s house), and was probably there the night Ali died.  (That last part, of course, we already knew.)

This last bit of information prompts Spencer to recall the fight she had with Ali the night of her death.

During the fight, Ali (who, unbeknownst to Spencer, was boning Ian, and probably just wanted him for herself) threatened Spencer that if she didn’t tell her sister that she (Spencer) and Ian had kissed, Ali would spill the beans for her.  This prompted Spencer to tell Ali that she was done being friends with her.  And eventually, if she had her way,  the other PLL’s would ditch her ass too.  “You are dead to me already,” concludes Spencer

This outburst prompts the normally unflappable Ali to storm out of the house, and Spencer to sneakily follow after her.  (See, some things NEVER change!)

In Real Time, the rest of the PLL’s confort Spencer, as she tells them about the fight, and admits that SHE was the second shadow in the photograph of Ali sent to them by “A.”  The girl’s are very supportive of Spencer, and tell her, that she has nothing to feel guilty about.  The love fest is interrupted, however, when the girls spy Hot-But-Now-Seeming-Kind-of-Creepy-Again Jason leering at them from a nearby window.

“Damn him!  Why is he STILL wearing his shirt!”

And that’s all I’ve got, My Pretties!  SO, now it’s your turn!  Feel free to sound off in the comment section, and tell me what you thought of tonight’s PLL installment.  I’ll even leave you with some questions to get those wheels turning: 

Do you think “Blind” Jenna is behind those ugly bracelets? 

Did Aria’s mom see Aria and Fitzy getting up close in personal in front of the museum?  Or is all of this just about Aria’s SUPER BORING Dad? 

Are you Team Lucas or Team Caleb?  (Notice I’m completely leaving out Team Sean.  Because that’s not even an option as far as I’m concerned?)

What the heck is up with Jason’s new bod?

And, finally, do you understand “The Bieb” as well as Hanna does?

See ya, next time . . .



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  1. Aria’s mom has been a teacher there[rosewood high] since episode 1.09. Remember the black out SAT exams episode, when that creepy detective outed emily.

    • Oh, that’s right! Thanks so much for setting me straight, Thandi. For whatever reason, I always assumed she was just a very ambitious substitute teacher, or a ridiculously active PTA member :).


    Wow oh wow. You did it again. I never stopped laughing. I love how you seem to love the “scandlist” relationship that Ezra and Aria have but then you keep going back to their first kiss in the bathroom. Thats really funny. I LOVED it when Aria started to unzip her hoodie and then Ezra’s big blue eyes get a whole lot bigger. But it was also very sweet for him to rent that limmo. So again, good job with the entry and i am still a HUGE fan.

    • Aww, thanks so much, CrazyLove! You caught me! I’m a sucker for some good old-fashioned “potty humor,” and when that humor involves sex, in the vicinity of the potty, so much the better ;).

      I’m generally pretty tough to shock, but I remember the first time I saw Fitzy (then known only as “Unknown Random Teacher Dude”) and Aria banging in that bar bathroom on ABC FAMILY, I was TOTALLY FLOORED . . . but, in a good way. 😉

      You know, it probably took me a bit longer than some other fans to sign on to the “Good Ship Ezria,” but these last few episodes have totally sold me. And I’m with you — the Unzipped Jacket Scene, and the Limo Pickup Scene, were probably my favorites in the entire episode (with the newly buff shirtless Jason’s abs coming in a very close third). 😉

      • CRAZYLOVE345

        I actually wasn’t on the ship until about maybe episode 5, because i didn’t really like the whole studen-teacher thing, being a student myself. However over time I learned to love them and now I am defnetly a passenger.
        One thing i forgot to put is that when they were in the classroom, that in my own opnion, is that Aria totally seduced Ezra. I mean, she either really wanted his attention or give him a heart attack. Still what guy that works on a teachers salary takes his secret girlfriend to Phillie in a limmo? I think teachers make a little bit more on TV than in real life 😛 I really did enjoy Jason running up the bleachers and of course he had to be shirtless! Now that should have been the first shirtless guy on PLL but no it had to be Ian in the winter premiere…..bleh 😦 All we need now is Wren to come back and Ezra maybe taking a trip to the bleachers too 😉

      • LOL. That’s so true! To take a limo like that to and from Philadelphia from Rosewood, wherever that is, would be MAJORLY expensive! (You’ve got to a figure to travel from a mid-size suburb like that to the city, has got to be AT LEAST a 40 minute trip, not including traffic and toll paying.)

        Who knows? Maybe we will eventually find out that Ezra is mob connected? 😉

        I TOTALLY forgot that Ian was shirtless in the winter premiere. WOW! That is so very unlike me! He must not have been that memorable ;).

        For me, I think I was late boarding the Ezria Ship, because both members of it are so gosh darn nice! It sounds strange, I know. But I just generally like my Ships a bit edgier than Aria and Ezra were in the early episodes.

        However, recently, the couple’s unique mixture of sweetness, and sex appeal (as evidenced by this week’s episode especially) totally won me over. And while I know, on the show, Aria and Ezra have a pretty large age difference between them (8 to 10 years about?), Lucy Hale and Ian Harding are actually relatively close in age (less than 3 years apart). So, as a couple, at least in terms of personality and physical appearance, they just fit. 🙂

  3. Ahhh, I’m beginning to think that the love you and Wren share is epic. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and blood shed. EPIC. 😉 Please, please PLL writers, work him back into the story!

    Speaking of VMars… I’m convinced that Spencer, with her mad detective skillz, propensity for sticking her nose in where it does belong but in a way that irks people and intelligence, would be a kick butt sidekick for a Miss VMars.

    Hopefully Caleb is like Golden Retriever Boyfriend – not long for this world. I want a geek shall inherit the earth and mack on the hot girl. BTW, there is no way any self-respecting bad boy would go for a Biebs fan.

    One of my friends is called Justin, and we have gotten much mileage out of anointing him Bieber every time we see him. He is yet to blow dry his hair Biebs style, but I’m not giving up hope this momentous occasion will come to pass 😉

    For all the Bieber fever, I am yet to hear one of his songs (I never really listen to radio or top 40 anymore). I’m loving being one of few people in civilised society who has no clue what any of his songs are even called!!

    Fun little fact… Blind Jenna is Tammin Sursok, who was on Aussie soap Home and Away… which also gave the world Ryan Kwanten AKA Jason Stackhouse. We really are just pumping out hot TV stars, aren’t we?

    Final word has to go to the hilarity that was Fitzy’s googly eyes! For our gorgeous fuddy duddy, seeing a chick cross-dress secretly in public is probably as kinky as he ever gets.

    • YAY! You have just made my morning, by referencing my favorite LoVe moment of ALL TIME. And you did it, while speaking of me and the LOOOOOONG absent Wren, no less. To show my gratitude, I am sending a Logan Echolls- flavored hug, across the continents, and into the “future,” for you to enjoy 😉

      Haha, I think Spencer would fit into Veronica Mars perfectly, with her snarky wit, and Nancy Drew tendencies! Though I strongly suspect that her competitiveness and slightly uptight nature would irk the generally more laidback and edgy Veronica Mars quite a bit. In fact, I can almost see them becoming Rival Sleuths, tenuously allied, but constantly verging on conflict, a la Buffy and Faith, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I guess Veronica would be Faith, in this scenario?) Emily would be Willow, of course ;).

      Golden Retriever Boyfriend! I LOVE IT! I’ve never heard that one before. But you can bet I’ll be stealing it in the future *reminds self to throw TM Cherie’s way, if and when this happens*

      Yeah, I was so not down with the forced Bieb references ABC Fam threw into the episode! For one thing, Hanna just doesn’t strike me as a Bieber girl. Generally, girls like Hanna tend to prefer Dancey Pop, R&B, and Club tunes to the ballads of Teenybopper Crooners not yet old enough to shave.

      Plus, those lines just seemed SO out of character for her. “You don’t understand The Bieb or his hair?” Seriously? I’m surprised Caleb didn’t give the poor girl a massive wedgie, and ducktape her to a flagpole!

      Haha, you are SO right about Fitzy! For all his bar bathroom bonefest escapades with the underage, the mild-mannered English teacher sure doesn’t seem like he gets out all that much. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure Aria, and her Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time”-inspired wardrobe (Where’s Waldo hat notwithstanding), could show him a thing or too about the birds and the bees! 😉

  4. Though I guess he does she naughty schoolgirl outfits all the time too… 🙂

  5. Danielle

    “Did Aria’s mom see Ezra and Fitzy getting up close in personal in front of the museum? Or is all of this just about Aria’s SUPER BORING Dad? ”

    I think you mean Aria instead of Ezra

    • Thanks Danielle! Aria’s mom would DEFINITELY be shocked to see Ezra getting it on with HIMSELF . . . maybe even more so than him getting it on with her daughter. 😉 At 3 am, when I’m writing these recaps, all these “unique” names suddenly start to sound the same.

  6. Anastasia

    How could a teacher afford a limo? O.O They cost around $800! Teachers make around $25p/h in public schools – I think.
    Didn’t understand the tie thing… how does that say to dress formal?

    I’m sorta thinking A had something to do with the old lady’s death…
    Ella said she saw the artist – when he/she didn’t turn up, hence my conclusion of what she did that night was in the backseat XD

    There’s nothing wrong with a STR’ship unless you start to question what are they really grading? In Aria’s case, as she’s in his class.

    • Hi, Anastasia! I think you are about right in terms of teacher’s salaries. Though I think it varies a bit based on where the teacher works and how many years he’s been certified, $40 to $45 K a year would probably be a solid estimated salary for a relatively new teacher like Ezra Fitz.

      He must like Aria A LOT, to shell out that kind of hard earned cash! (Maybe he has a second job we don’t know about – Male Escort Services, perhaps. 😉 It would certainly explain the limo.)

      In terms of the Aria Unzipped Thing, by wearing a tie labeled “Wear Me,” I suspect Aria was trying to tell Ezra to wear a suit and tie to the art exhibit, which, based on what the couple ended up wearing, was probably a black tie formal event. Obviously, the seduction aspect of the “unzipping” in public was there too. However, there was also a “practical” reason for her so-called cross-dressing. 😉

    • CRAZYLOVE345

      Its not really as in the grading aspect of it that i was uncomfratable with at first, but i just hear those stories about the teacher and student things all the time on the news and they’ve all sort of creeped me out. But PLL has sort of changed my whole view on that STR. I just think that this isn’t Ezra being a perve but he is truly in love with Aria. And they are what, 6, 7 years apart in age? Thats not that far apart.

  7. Sara (ofepicproportions)

    “But just when I think that this was going to devolve into one of those Split Personality Lifetime-type movies . . . you know, the ones where the victim ALSO ends up being the torturer”
    I was totally thinking that as well, haha. I was like “really, ABCfam?” This show for me is so promising as to what the mystery will unfold to be. But it is such a tweeny show that I feel like the plot may disappoint in the end. But I’m enjoying the ride anyway :]

    “Unfortunately, for Ezra (along with the two straight male fans of this show on the entire planet), Aria wasn’t exactly naked under there”
    too funny. I laughed at the “two straight male fans” comment.

    And when Hanna talked about jbiebz (I was upset they kept referring to him as “the Biebs” people should know the proper abbrev is jbiebz, sheesh) I figured she was just being sarcastic. I didn’t think she was seriously saying she liked Justin Bieber just trying to change the subject with Caleb.

    Also, I’m Team Lucas but the Team Caleb does have a darkside appeal… ;]

    • As you might have guessed, I’m Team Lucas too. 🙂 But I agree with you. As far as alternative ships are concerned, I don’t mind Caleb nearly as much as I minded Dull as Dishwater Sean. In fact, had I not met Lucas, and seen how perfect he was with Hanna (assuming he’s not “A” of course), I suspect I would probably be a Haleb(?) Canna(?) shipper.

      PLL does seem on the surface to be kind of a tweeny bopper show. (The fact that it’s on ABC Family certainly doesn’t help.) Also, I do think the book series on which it was based catered to a YOUNGER young adult audience than the show does. But, so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the plot twists, and character development. And particularly since the mid-season premiere, it’s gotten WAY less squeaky clean, than it used to be, which is definitely a good thing.

      Like you, I just hope that I’m not ultimately disappointed with the conclusion. But for now, it works as a guilty pleasure. (And I’m way less embarrassed to tell others I watch PLL than I used to be. :))

      (Ahhhh . . . jbiebs lol . . . I actually never heard that nickname before. I guess you learn something new every day!)

  8. Sara (ofepicproportions)

    just a note so i can subscribe

  9. snottlebie

    Woo, good episode this week. Top notch.

    There was Hannah hiding the money in a popsicle box (the family just loves to hide cash in random boxes of food?), Spencer in general (Indiana Jones outfit, “I will destroy her”, tonguing Aria, etc), Aria and her tie, shamelessly displaying Jason’s body…the list goes on and on.

    Emily – Ok, did you ever watch Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide? You might have been “too old” for it, but….MOZE.

    I have a spot in my heart for Moze and it pains me to see the actress (Lindsey Shaw) with terrible, terrible hair. I can only hope it’s a wig (she was also in the now dead 10 Things I Hate About You TV series….a painful time). Also: LOL. She is such a Karofsky situation in the making. Supposedly Emily was going to have the most “game” this season and since Maya’s gone we need some more PotentialLadyDates! for Emily. And – when did Emily grow such a backbone? I like it. Wouldn’t Paige ‘s(aka Little Orphan B*tchy’s) threat to out Emily be kind of…useless because Emily basically made out with the girl in public at the school? She’s pretty much out of the closet.

    Aria/Hannah (not as a ship lol) – Once again, A hates Hannah the most. S/he finally managed to combine her methods of torture and kill two birds with one stone – the birds being Aria and Hannah. Using Hannah’s need for money (did A even give her any money? NO) to out Aria’s relationship with Ezra? Pretty badass by A. And she didn’t even need to send any Ominscient!Texts this time either. Think about it – S/he could have sent that ticket to Aria’s mom her/himself but s/he forced Hannah to do it. Genius. Didn’t bank on Caleb though – guess he’s not A? Good.

    And I see where they’re going the whole “Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold” route but Caleb has to get a bit sexier for me to enjoy that. At least they’re not setting up for a Caleb/Emily thing either cause NO.

    Ugh I think JennaBot has certainly moved up on the A scale, while Jason’s moved down (yay). But why was he being all creepy in the house next door? Who’s house was that anyway? I didn’t get what they were going for there.

    • snottlebie

      Oh here’s a Ned’s Declassified picture link, for some reason it didn’t work in my original post:

      • Thanks snottlebie! Believe it or not, I’ve actually caught a few Ned’s Declassified episodes in passing, and definitely remember Moze. (It’s actually amazing how little Lindsay Shaw’s face has changed, since she started doing THAT show, which was probably . . . what . . . seven years ago?)

        I guess she’s a good actress. Because she seemed generally likeable in THAT show, and, so far, is just plain bizarre, in this one (with her weird hair, granny clothes, and the hulkish, almost monkey-like way she walks.) I guess both characters have athleticism and competiveness in common though?

        I never actually watched 10 Things I Hate About You. In fact, aside from Greek, which I watched a bit during the first couple seasons than kind of fell out of it, I never really got into many of the ABC Family original shows before PLL. I guess I always kind of assumed they’d be too squeaky clean and preachy for my taste. I suspect, in some cases, I would have been wrong about that. But it’s always how I felt.

        PLL is definitely one of ABC Family’s darker, more edgier programs. It’s one of the things I like about it.

    • Hi again! I figured, I would separate my “Lindsay” comment, from the rest of our episode discussion to avoid confusion. But speaking of Lindsay’s character, I can definitey see an eventual Paige / Emily romance happening, particularly in light of what you said about Emily getting the most bootay this season. And yet, I am kind of hoping Emily’s next fling is someone a bit more fun (who has WAY better hair) than Paige . . .and Maya, for that matter.

      I did think it was pretty crafty of A to FINALLY combine her weekly torture of Hanna with the torture of another PLL for a change. And it was way more effective to do it this way, than to simply mail the museum tickets to Aria’s mom. Also, doing that would have been kind of “redundant,” since “A” has already mailed incriminating stuff to both Aria’s mom (the letter about the affair), and Emily’s mom (the pictures of Emily macking Maya). Plus, I predict that Aria will eventually find out what Hanna did, regardless of whether her mom ever learns about her and Fitzy. And when that happens, Hanna’s got some SERIOUS explaining to do! 🙂

      You bring up a REALLY good point about Jason. Because, while it would have made perfect sense for him to be staring at Spencer’s house from Ali’s house, where he grew up (Ali always lived next door to Spencer.), Ali’s family supposedly moved out of that house after Ali’s body was found, and MAYA’S moved in. But why would JASON be at Maya’s house? Then again, maybe it was Jenna’s and Toby’s house, because don’t THEY live on the other side of Spencer? I feel like I need a Rosewood map now . . . 🙂

  10. Michelle

    The first shirtless guy on PLL?? How could you forget the infamous Deputy Douchey? Unacceptable!

    • Touche, Michelle! I stand corrected! And, of course, how could I forget my absolute FAVORITE shirtless PLLer?


      (Clearly, this is what I get for writing my recaps at 3 a.m. on a “school night.”)

      Thank you for setting me straight! 🙂

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