Rumble at the Were-House – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Daddy Issues”

Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE! 

So, not only did this week’s installment of The Vampire Diaries offer us a Supernatural Battle Royale of EPIC Proportions  (Eat your HEARTS out, Twilight and True Blood!), it also provided a whole BOATLOAD of Gushy Relationship Stuff, sure to appease your inner fangirl, no matter WHO your favorite TVD Couple might be *cough Delena and Forwood cough*  Not to mention, there was WAY more Naked Damon Salvatore in this hour than you could shake a stick at (not that anyone would want to . . . shake sticks at him, I mean.)

Ladies, there is PLENTY more where this came from . . .

See, Damon . . . I know you had kind of a rough go of it last week . . . with all those “tears” and “feelings” and “stuff.”  But even YOU’VE got to admit, things are WAY better in Mystic Falls without Man-Stealer Rabid Rose to kill your buzz, aren’t they?

Harsh, but true, Girlfriend!

See?  I knew eventually you’d come to see things, my way!

Honestly, this episode put me in SUCH a good mood, that I’m not even particularly bothered by Damon’s new Sex Toy, Andie . . . yet.

I’ve got two words for you, New Girl:  Thin . . . Ice.

So, what are we waiting for, Fangbangers?   Let’s get DIRTY and NAKED, with our “Daddy Issues!”  And then, if we’re REAL good, Damon promises to help us “lather up and clean off” by the episode’s end!  Sound like a plan?

A Lot of People Died Last Week . . . Hey . . . wait . . . is that Naked Damon?

It’s morning in Mystic Falls.  Everyone’s got their eye on the morning news, and a re waiting for the Daily Traffic and Weather Report.  Here’s the scoop on both . . . Mystic Falls is about to get WAY more crowded, not to mention a whole lot WETTER . . .


Those of you who have always wondered about the sheer quantity of Senseless Deaths in Mystic Falls, and whether anyone in the godforsaken town ever cared to notice them, got your answer this week.  Yes, the townsfolk do seem to notice.  That’s why last week’s ENTIRE bloody body count made it into the town’s local TV news, within the first few minutes of the episode.  It’s also why Mystic Falls’ Random Event of the Week this week was . . . you guessed it . . . a Memorial Service.

And honestly, I’d like to tell you a bit more about it, such as where to send flowers, and where all the funerals will be held.  The problem is, I missed the end of the news broadcast, because I got a bit . . .  distracted.

Hey . . . wait, isn’t that Damon’s new Sex Toy, Andie on the TV Screen?

(These Orgasmic GIFs have been brought to you by, The Vampire Diaries Tumblr)

Ummmm . . . yeah . . . where was I again?

Oh yeah, Lots of Dead People . . . Town in Peril .  . . Carnage . . . Werewolves .  . . which reminds me . . .

Tyler and Caroline DO IT on top of her car . . . But “IT” isn’t quite what we were hoping for . . .

So, remember last week, when us Forwood (i.e. Caroline and Tyler) fans, got all our little panties up in a bunch, because a certain Romantic Automobile Scene from the promos was suspiciously absent from the episode?

And then, as we were sharpening our pitchforks, ready to give the writers a real piece of our minds, THIS happened, and all was magically forgiven . . .

Well, as promised, Tyler DID manage to get Caroline up on the hood of her car this week . . . just not in the way we wanted him to . . .

“Fooled ya, didn’t I, Forwood Fans?”

If you recall, last week, Jules the Werewolf Soul Crusher revealed to Tyler in the final moments of the episode that his Vampire Barbie might not be quite the Little Angel he always assumed she was.  To give you a better idea of the effect this probably had on Tyler, try to remember how you felt the first time you learned that Santa Claus wasn’t real . . .

Sorry, if I spoiled that for you, kiddies!  But Soul Crusher and I do sort of/ kind of share a first name.  So, what did you expect?

Given what we saw at the end of “The Descent” and the little snippets of the episode to which we were treated in the promos, we pretty much knew that Tyler wasn’t going to be too happy with his Gal Friday, when he saw her again this week.  What we might not have banked on, however, was that Poor Caroline would be so blissfully unaware of her Favorite Werewolf Pal’s sudden change in mood . . .

(While I would LOVE to take credit for this Fabulous Photographic Manipulation, it was actually created, believe it or not, by Matt Davis, a.k.a Alaric Saltzman, and given to me as a “gift” by my fabulous Blogger Pal, Cherie . . .)

So, here we have Caroline, still floating on Cloud Nine, after that AMAZING Kiss she shared with Tyler last week, when she steps out onto her front porch, and finds the Man with the Marvelous Tongue, himself, waiting for her there, once again.  “We need to talk,” says Tyler, his intense eyes piercing Caroline’s soul, as his oh-so-familiar words, send her spiraling upward into an ecstatic high that is undoubtedly The BEST CASE OF DEJA VU EVER!

So, Caroline starts babbling on in an elated rush, saying words she clearly doesn’t mean AT ALL . . . something about how “[they] can’t go there,” and “Matt,” and “feelings,” and blah, blah, blah.

While PRE-Soul Crushed Tyler would have undoubtedly accepted Caroline’s justifications with a sweet smile, some flirtatious words, and a renewed vow of friendship that would SURELY culminate in Super Hot Were Vamp Sex, by the end of the evening, Post-Soul Crushed Tyler just nods expressionless, like a sly cat, just waiting to pounce on his prey.  And because we all know too well, the misdeeds of which THIS Tyler is capable, we can’t help but feel just a teensy bit worried for Caroline, as she walks nonchalantly toward her car.

That’s when the other shoe drops . . .

“What happened to Mason?”  Tyler asks icily.

“Awwww, CRAP!”

He’s dead.  Because Stefan and Damon Salvatore killed him, because they are vampires . . . just like you,” Tyler remarks coldly, looking right through Poor Caroline, as he speaks.

But then, Tyler softens, and a bit of that old charming vulnerability shows through his tough veneer.  In this single moment, Tyler is subconsciously willing Caroline to prove him wrong. . . to allow him to continue to believe her to be his perfect angelic savior, “Is it true?”  He asks softly.

Caroline’s eyes fill up with tears.  She nods . . . slowly.  And then THIS happens . . .

So, Caroline’s up against the car, and in Tyler’s arms, just like we wanted.  And yet, somehow, I don’t think our favorite Baby Werewolf is about to tell Caroline that “whatever [she] needs, [he is] there for [her]” . . .

“I trusted you,” yells Tyler through clenched teeth, as his eyes go gold with werewolf rage.

Fortunately, Caroline’s tears, along with the look of abject terror in her eyes, bring Tyler back to himself.  And so he lets go of Caroline’s jacket collar, shakes the supernatural rage out of his countenance, and stalks away sadly . . .

Useless Jenna Learns ONE of the 50 MILLION Secrets her friends and family have been hiding from her for at least TWO years  . . .

Last week, I suggested that Clueless Matt Donovan go and rent The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 and Season 2 (Now available for pre-order!) DVD’s to get him up to speed on EVERYTHING his so-called “friends” have been lying about to him, since the beginning of the series.  . .

This week, I’m going to take my suggestion one step further, and suggest that Matt and Useless Aunt Jenna watch the entire series TOGETHER in one long Blockbuster marathon weekend.  It would be fun for them, I think.  They could braid eachother’s hair, talk about girls, eat Chunky Monkey off Alaric’s naked body  . . . you know, the usual stuff.

Just think about how many LIVES this would save, and how fewer Super Villains would be invited into the Gilbert Home as a result! 

(Fortunately, though, Jenna has already invited in Elijah, because he’s . . . you know . . . AWESOME.)

So, anyway, Creepy Uncle / Father John is back in Mystic Falls.  And he’s lurking around the Gilbert Kitchen, like a rat on the tracks of a New York City subway station.

We can tell immediately that Bio Dad’s return has had a negative impact on our girl Elena, by the uncharacteristically high ponytail she sports throughout the episode . . .

Then again, perhaps, the new do was supposed to represent the return of Elena’s “inner child,” or something.  I don’t know . . .

Kat looks on with disapproval, as she helpfully suggests a more “fashionable” updo for her favorite fellow Petrova Doppelganger.

While Creepy Uncle / Father John is waxing poetic about how he “loves Elena” and is “here to protect her,” Useless Aunt Jenna stumbles down the steps, a bit sore after a night of Super Hot Screwing with Alaric.  And let’s just say, the sight of the Evil Brother-in-Law she once banged TOTALLY kills her Post-Sex buzz.  When Useless Aunt Jenna tries to kick John out of the house, he and Elena decide to drop a total bombshell on her.  John is Elena’s Bio Dad.  Who knew?  (Well . . . aside from . . . you know . . . EVERYBODY else in the WORLD.)

Speaking of HAIR-RAISING Situations . . .

The Salvatore Brothers Discuss the Logistics of Hero Hair, And Other Pressing Issues . . .

Meanwhile, over at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, the Salvatore Brothers are engaging in an important Pow Wow of Sexiness and Plot Explanation.  So, guess who was the main subject of this conversation?  (By the way, if you didn’t answer “Elena,” I’d hereby like to extend to you an invitation to a TVD DVD Marathon Viewing Party, hosted by Clueless Matt and Useless Aunt Jenna.)

“You brought back, JOHN GILBERT?  THAT was your big Save Elena Move?”  Damon asks, incredulously.  (Yeah, Stefan!  I’m inclined to agree with Damon on this one.  Bringing back the Bio Dad earns you a C- tops in my Book of Hero Worship, Baby Salvatore.)

“He tried to BAKE ME TO A CRISP,” Damon reminds his brother, as if any further illumination as to the awfulness of Stefan’s idea is actually necessary.

NO ONE tries to BAKE my Future Boyfriend, and gets away with it!  And yes, I’m ALSO looking at you TOO, Bonnie Firestarter Bennett!  Don’t think I’ve forgotten, because I haven’t . . .

Yet, Stefan has always been a “Go with the Devil you KNOW” sort of guy.  As such, he trusts Creepy Uncle/ Father John and Mommy Dearest Isobel, over the Kickass Awesome Elijah (who, though NOT my Future Boyfriend, I would totally sleep with, especially after this week’s episode).   Stefan hopes that the Diabolical Duo will surprise him, by actually having the best interests of their daughter at heart.  He also figures, as Katherine suggested a few episodes back, that they could clue him into the complex conundrum that is Vampire Santa Klaus and his BIG SACRIFICE.

“As, if I didn’t have ENOUGH problems,” gripes Damon, referring of course, to his recent discovery of FEELINGS, which was brought on by the loss of Man-Stealer Rabies Head Rose.  “I’m changing Stefan.  I may just have to get a Hero Hairdo of my own, and steal your thunder.”

Hero Hairdo:  Check!

Thunder stolen: Double Check!

Papa Vamp Scolds Baby Vamp for Hanging out with a Bad Crowd . . .

“If you so much as LOOK at that Bad News Werewolf again, you are SO GROUNDED, Missy!”

You know, when we learned that the title of this episode was going to be “Daddy Issues,” we undoubtedly were reminded of the VERY MANY dysfunctional families on this show.  The Gilbert Family . . . The Lockwood Family . . . The Salvatore Family, all of them share one thing in common:  Bad Dads!  And yet, most of us, probably forgot about what is undoubtedly the most FUNCTIONAL family unit on this show, Papa Stefan and his Baby Vamp Caroline . . .

Yes, I KNOW, technically it was DAMON, and not Stefan, who’s blood gave Caroline eternal life.  And yet, Caroline has really been without a father figure, for much of the series.  By taking Caroline under his wing, supporting her emotionally, and teaching her how to live a relatively Law Abiding Vampire Lifestyle, Stefan is like the Great Dad Caroline never had . . .

So, it really shouldn’t have surprised any of us that THEIR relationship, was one of chief one’s explored this week.  After Damon leaves La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Caroline emergency texts Stefan, before arriving on his doorstep.  Though she tries to put on a brave face, she is clearly worried about the repercussions of her recent altercation with Tyler . . .

Stefan warns Caroline that Damon will probably KILL her Were-Beau, if he finds out Teen Wolf may have just switched over to TEAM Wolf.  “What if he retaliates?”  Stefan wonders out loud.

“You have to talk to him,” Caroline pleads, in a tone specifically reserved for daughters asking for BIG FAVORS from their fathers.  “You always know the right thing to say . . . He and I were . . . are . . . friends who just so happen to really like making out with one another, and pushing one another up against motor vehicles.

Speaking of Tyler . . .

Soul Crusher Jules tries her hand at playing Mommy . . . Dearest.

“Yes, Tyler, I AM fondling your knee inappropriately right now . . . But I’m only doing it because I want to have Hot Canine Sex with you want to show you just how much I care.”

Now, I know we all HATE Soul Crusher Jules for not killing Rose sooner the major damage she caused to the Budding Forwood Romance.  And yet, after this week, I’m starting to think that HER intentions (I, of course, am NOT speaking for the rest of her Dog Pack!) are not nearly as diabolical, as we once thought.  At first, I assumed that Jules was only interested in luring Tyler to the Dark Side, because she ultimately wanted to use him in The Sacrifice, just as Katherine did with Mason earlier this season.  I don’t think that’s the case, anymore.

Yeah, B*tch, you keep those hands in your lap, where they BELONG!  Just because I gave you a compliment, doesn’t mean I want you trying to hook up with Caroline’s MAN!

The typically frigid Jules is uncommonly warm and, dare I say, maternal, this week, as she invites Tyler to frolic with the rest of her wolf pack, and learn the ways of the Supernatural World.  “Your new life as a lycanthrope is just beginning.  Us werewolves have a Code of Loyalty.  It is my duty and honor to help you.  Please let me,” Jules offers.

Given that Tyler now feels completely alone in this world, as a result of his broken friendship with Caroline, you can imagine how enticing an offer like this might seem to a guy like him.  And yet, Tyler’s still very much a teenage boy!  We forget that sometimes, because the actor who plays him is 26 he looks like THIS . . .

But, this week, Tyler reminded us, by uttering these, OH SO ADORABLE next lines, “I can’t just run AWAY!  Mom would FREAK!”

(Awwww . . . Tyler, I love you!)

Elena Reintroduces her SOULMATE (Yeah, I said it!) to her Bio Dad

I now pronounce you Vamp and Wife.   You may kiss the bride . . .

Elsewhere, Damon and Elena are in agreement that Stefan’s idea to bring Uncle /Father John back to Mystic Falls was TOTALLY IDIOTIC!  But while, OLD DAMON would have simply beat the crap out of Bio Dad, which, admit it, would be SO fun to watch, NEW DAMON who undoubtedly sees Creepy Uncle / Father John as his future Father-in-Law is willing to engage him in a “civil” conversation.  “I’m the Good Guy, now,” Damon explains matter-of-factly . . . (Ummm . . . tell that to Dead Jessica, Damon!)

“I’m coming with you,” Elena replies, seeming a bit to eager to go frolicking with someone who is “just a friend,” I might add.  (Can you blame her?)

When Damon and Elena arrive at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, they run into the WHOLE REST OF THE EXTENDED GILBERT FAMILY.  Alaric, Useless Aunt Jenna, and Uncle / Father John are all in attendance.  All we need are Stefan and Jeremy, and this could be a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner!

“NO, DAMON!  We are NOT having the wedding here.  I don’t care if it IS the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls!  I’d rather go to Vegas . . .”

Useless Aunt Jenna takes this fine opportunity to introduce her “new bestie” Reporter Andie Starr to Damon, because Andie is apparently a Big Ole Ho (much like Jenna, herself), who’s really looking to get down and dirty with a Hot Vamp.

But, like we said, Damon is a “Good Guy” now, and “Good Guys” don’t bone other chicks at their future wife’s wedding rehearsal.  So, Damon rejects Andie’s ass . . . at least, initially, as Elena looks on, undoubtedly feeling smug as hell.

*sings*  “I still got him!  You can’t have him!  Nah-nah, nah-nah, nahhhh-nah!”

Damon then announces that he is “steering clear of all women.”  And at that moment, I hear the collective wails of every female on the entire planet.  (Fortunately, he only keeps that promise for about 20 more minutes.)

Damon then tries to muscle information about Klaus and The Sacrifice out of Uncle / Father John, by using a candle as a metaphor for the Creepo’s life, should he prove to be untrustworthy.

Unfortunately, John isn’t the sort of man to be intimidated by vampires who “know how to give blow jobs out candles.”  To the contrary, he is INTRIGUED by them.

“I need to know I can blow trust you.  Then we can talk,” responds John, before strutting away effeminately.

Speaking of the game of Suck and Blow, let’s head over to the Trailer Park, were Soul Crusher Jules has returned to reunite with some old Chew Toys friends . . .


Meet Werewolf Brady.  He dresses like a farmer, and talks like a Comic Book Villain.  But, at least for now, we will let those things slide, because (1) he is hot (duh!); and (2) he’s making out with Soul Crusher Jules, which will likely prevent her from making a play for Tyler, at least until the Big Brawny Were-oaf kicks the bucket, which Villains like him often tend to do on this show, typically within about 3 episodes. . .

JULES: “What’s that I taste on your breath?  Have you been eating Girl Scout Cookies?”

BRADY:  “Not the cookies. . .  just the scouts.”

After they are done swapping dog breath, Jules and Brady talk about their MASTER PLAN.  Brady wants to avenge fellow dog, Mason’s untimely death.  Jules wants Tyler’s hot teen wolf ass for her pack collection.  So, they compromise, and decide to get both.  (Hear that?  That’s your Werewolf Code of Loyalty at work, people!  It’s a Doggone Dogmocracy!)

Meanwhile, back at the Lockwood Mansion. . .

Stefan and Tyler get Up Close and Personal . . .

It sure is convenient that Stefan was invited into the Lockwood House during the Season Premiere, to attend the Mayor’s funeral.  Otherwise, he would have NEVER been able to do THIS.  At first, Stefan, ever the pragmatist, tries to calmly discuss the ways in which a Supernatural World can be Super-Friendly TOO!  “We can really use a Scooby Doo in our Scooby Gang.  You interested?  Mini Gilbert’s getting mighty lonely, playing Scrappy, all by himself!  Vampires and Werewolves can live together in harmony,” Stefan, more or less, tells Tyler, in his own TVD version of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.

But Tyler’s not really buying it.  So Stefan instead tries some Tough Love, by throwing Teen Wolf up against the wall.  (Actually, I’m pretty sure there’s something in the contracts of the actors on this show, that requires someone to be shoved up against a wall, at least once per episode.)  “Without a Full Moon, you are no match for me,” he growls at Tyler.  “And, while we’re at it, stop being such a dick to [Caroline]!”

Stefan’s harsh actions frightens Tyler, so much, that he ends up calling “Mommy” . . . and by “Mommy” I mean, of course, Soul Crusher Jules.  (BIG MISTAKE, TYLER!  HUGE!)

“Omigod!  You SHOT Caroline!  You, bastards!”

Before you can say “RUN CAROLINE!,” Jules and Brady have cornered their baby vamp, against her car . . . AGAIN.  (Note to Caroline:  Learn to use public transportation.)

See?  Much better!


Source (for the awesome gif, of course, the MONKEY IS ALL MINE! 🙂

Fortunately, for Caroline, she’s made of Sugar and Spice and Vampire Awesome!  So, she can pop those bullets out of her body, like it’s Child’s Play.  Thank goodness, Caroline is such a True Blood / Vampire Eric Northman fan, otherwise, she never would have known about this unusual skill set of hers . . .

“Hey, Tyler!  Caroline needs you to suck something out of her neck . . .”

Unfortunately, though, getting shot still HURTS LIKE HELL!  And Caroline, who’s been thrown into a CAGE by Crazy Jail Warden Were-Oaf Brady, is getting shot at A LOT!

Of course, having watched the promos, most of us KNEW that this was going to happen to Caroline, eventually, this week.  And yet, that didn’t deaden the impact Brady’s torture of Caroline had on us fans AT ALL.  Kudos to Candice Accola, who’s hoarse cries of helplessness, screams of pain, and pleading, “Why are you doing this to me?”  literally brought tears to my eyes, every time the gun went off. 

Brady’s Hotness Points = Officially flushed down my toilet.  DIE DOGGY, DIE!

(That being said, this may sound awful but . . . was anybody else slightly relieved that, contrary to what the promos would have us believe, Tyler didn’t, at least consciously, have any part in this?)

When Stefan calls Caroline’s phone to see if she is OK, Jules picks up, and gives Stefan an earful of his surrogate sire’s anguished screams.  “You have twenty minutes,” she says.  “Bring Tyler or Caroline dies.”

It’s time to call your brother, Stefan!  Because it looks like YOU are going to need some serious reinforcements . . .

“Be the Better Man.”

As a TVD fan, and a recapper, I generally like to try to find the bright side in things.  And if there was a bright side to Caroline’s painful torture, at least STORYLINE wise, it was THIS scene between Damon and Elena.  When Damon receives the call from Stefan about what’s going down with Caroline and the weres, Damon’s got blood on the brain . . . Tyler’s blood. 

As is typical of her in such situations, Elena begs Damon to be “good,” and not kill Tyler.  And yet, Elena does something a bit different this time, to make herself seem more persuasive.  It’s something we haven’t really seen her do, since the Bad Moon Rising episode, where she manipulated Damon, who she HATED at the time, into giving her information about Katherine.  Elena seductively places her hand on Damon’s arm, and holds it there.   She then looks deep into his eyes, and says, “Too many people die here.  Be the better man.”


The significance of this movement is not lost on Damon, who knows EXACTLY what his lady love is attempting.  And he is NOT happy with it . . . at all.  “You need to stop doing that . . . assuming that I’m going to be the Good Guy, just because it’s YOU, who’s asking.”

And yet, in a few moments, we will see that Damon does EXACTLY what Elena wants him to do, PRECISELY because it is her who did the asking.  They call marriage the  Old Ball and Chain for a REASON, Damon!  And you are TOTALLY whipped!

Sidenote:  I found this scene particularly interesting, because it called to mind a recent interview that Nina Dobrev gave to  In it, Nina argued that, even though Damon made her FORGET his declaration of love for her, Elena definitely knows how Damon feels about her, “Of course, Elena doesn’t know, because Damon didn’t outright tell her… but she knows. You know when someone likes you or is in love with you,” she says.

In the Bad Moon Rising episode, Elena manipulated Damon’s desire to “be her friend” again, after the whole Jeremy Neck Snap Incident.  But this week, we saw the first signs of Elena’s awareness of Damon’s LOVE for her.  Though Elena may have always had a subconscious knowledge of the extent of Damon’s feelings, this is really the closest she has come to acknowledging them, indulging them, and using them to her advantage.  Is it mean?  Absolutely, does it bring a smile to this Delena Fan’s face, anyway?  YOU BET IT DOES!

Then Damon tells Uncle / Father John to babysit his own daughter (something, he’s probably NEVER done before, by the way), and heads off to Fight for Team Salvatore.

Vampires versus Werewolves versus . . . Warlocks?

Hey, look!  It’s the Three Hotmigos!

At the Were-House Salvatore Squared form a Salvatoreo Sandwich around Tyler their bargaining chip.  “Release Caroline, and you will get Tyler,” bargains Stefan.

“We are going to try his way, before my way,” snarks Damon.  “My way is a bit bloodier.”

Of course, our Scooby Gang is feeling pretty confident at this point that they can overtake Soul Crusher Jules, especially considering the apparent Lack of Full Moon Wolfiness surrounding her.  But then, Jules calls in for reinforcements . . .

And that puts an end to THAT idea.   The Salvatore’s drop Tyler like the hotcake he is!  So Baby Were heads inside the trailer to do what he should have done ALL ALONG — FREE CAROLINE!

Meanwhile, outside, the Weres and Vamps are at a bit of a Standoff.  “Which one of you killed, Mason?”  Were-oaf Brady asks.

“That would be, ME!”  Damon replies happily.

“Make sure that one suffers,” Brady responds maniacally.

And suffer he will, because these weres don’t mess around!  They’ve got fire power, and an arsenal of crazy weapons that would make Alaric Saltzman proud.   The Salvatore Brothers don’t have weapons or fire with them today . . . just a Can a of Whup Ass, and a Heaping Helping of AWESOME!


Honestly, I wish there were more gifs and picspam of the Were/ Vamp fight, because it was downright FANTASTIC to watch.  And yet, when Caroline emerged from the trailer, and THIS happened to her . . .

 . . . I stopped paying attention to the fight, and started yelling at Tyler to get his butt over there and HELP OUT!  He didn’t . . .

But you know who did?  THIS GUY . . .

Who the HECK would have thought that the Jonas Brother from Another Mother would end up being a Savior of Salvatores?  And yet, save them he did, by giving all the werewolves in the place a massive dose of that BIG BAD HEADACHE thing we always see Bonnie using on all the vampires.  Within moments, all the weres are incapacitated (except Tyler).   Everyone left standing is looking at this guy in shock, as if to say, “Who the f*ck are you?”

“Elijah made a promise to Elena.  I’m here to see that it is upheld.  Go now,” says Jonas to Caroline, Stefan and Damon.

He then turns his attention to Tyler . . .

“When your friends awaken, give them a message.  They need to get the hell out of this town.”

OK . . . so remember when I told you I fell in LOVE with Elijah this week?  THIS is why!


When Elijah promised Elena that none of her friends would get HURT, I assumed that promise would be strictly limited to them getting hurt by OTHER VAMPIRES  .  . . I didn’t think he would take it as far as to act as a 24-7 PERSONAL BODY GUARD to ALL of Elena’s friends.  Now that is just PURE AWESOME!  In fact, if Elijah actually APPEARED in this episode, I probably would have hugged my television screen (and probably got massive electric shock, as a result).

A Friend in Need . . .

Of all the characters on TVD this week, Caroline probably wins the WORST DAY EVER AWARD.  And yet, when Stefan comes to check on her, after the whole “Cage Ordeal,” she offers him a pained smile, and promises him that she is going to be just fine.

“I’m not your girly little Caroline anymore,” notes the Baby Vamp ruefully.  “I can handle myself.”

“You sure can,” replies Stefan, before leaving Caroline to pick the rest of the wood out of her ass.

Caroline offers the same brave face to Matt, when he calls to tell her that she forgot to meet up with him.  (Ummm . . . she’s been a bit busy, Dude!  If you watched those DVD’s like I told you to, you would KNOW that!)  Though Caroline claims that she can’t see her Ex-Beau, because she is “taking care of Bonnie,” Matt, who is working at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls at the time, knows that this is a bald-faced lie . . .


Yeah . . . so apparently Jeremy and Bonnie are like “Boyfriend / Girlfriend” now.  Whatev . . .

Caroline may have been perky with Stefan, and sweetly dismissive with Matt, but she shows no such restraint with Tyler, when he shows up her door to apologize for  her whole “Being Locked up in a Cage, and Shot in the Head Multiple Times by my Crazy Dog Pound Friends” thing . . .

“I lied to protect my friends.  I lied to protect you.  I expected you to HELP, but you just STOOD THERE . . . It is too late, Tyler.  We are not friends, anymore.  What happened tonight will NEVER happen again.  Take THAT back to your Were Pack and get the hell out of my house!”

Now, I have to admit that, THOUGH HE TOTALLY DESERVED it for being a COMPLETE WUSS, during the Supernatural Battle Royale of 2011, when Caroline went off on Tyler like that, I got a bit teary.  And there was a big part of me that wanted to give Tyler a hug . . .

But that part of me got MAJORLY PISSED off all over again, when Tyler went running to his new Crazy Were-Losers, and  told them about THE MOONSTONE!

Seriously, Doofus?  Did Stefan’s “I Have a Were/Vamp Dream” Speech teach you ABSOLUTELY nothing?”

You are SO on my poopy list, now Tyler!

Speaking of my Poopy List . . .

Creepy Uncle / Father D-bag

Meanwhile, Creepy Uncle / Father John tried to “play nice” by giving Elena her adoptive mom’s bracelet . . .

 . . . and teaching Damon how to kill an Original Vampire using stakes and ash.  (IS THAT IT?  Honestly, I was hoping you would need something way cooler than that to kill someone as awesome as Elijah . . . Pennies from Heaven, perhaps?)

But then John screwed up EVERYTHING by joining Team Katherine, and promising to free her from her tomb . . .

Then again, THIS could be an excellent opportunity for us Kefan fans to get the REAL Katherine / Stefan sex scene we’ve all been dreaming of, for quite some time now . . .

KJewls Poopy List

Brady the Were-oaf

Soul Crusher Jules


Rose (even though she’s dead . . . YAY!)

Tyler (for “being a dick to Caroline,” and for spilling the beans about the “Moonstone”)

Creepy Uncle / Father John  (They better have sex, dude!  That’s all I’m going to say.  Or your ass is going right back on this list.)

Alls Well that Ends SEXY!

Back at Caroline’s house, Stefan has commandeered Elena and Bonnie, and transported them to the poor tired Baby Vamp’s place for some MUCH NEEDED Girl Time . . .

Even as a staunch Delena fan, I must admit that my heart softened a bit, when Elena turned to Stefan and mouthed, “I love you,” to him for having  truly been there for her Bestie, when she needed it most.  Undoubtedly,  while all this is happening, Elena is thinking about what a good DAD Stefan would be . .  . if he were ever actually capable of having kids .  . . which he’s not. 

Speaking of Delena . . .

I know that technically it’s “weird” of me to classify this scene, which features Damon naked and necking with that random reporter chick, as a Delena scene.  And yet, it’s not what Damon DOES in this scene that’s important (OK . . . who am I kidding? Damon being naked is ALWAYS important!) . . .

 . . . but rather, what he SAYS, during the scene (while naked) that’s so very satisfying to me, and, I suspect to other members’ of my Mother Ship . . .

“I need help, because I love a woman I WILL ABSOLUTELY EVENTUALLY HAVE can never have,” Damon tells his new Sex Toy, while gulping down glasses of wine, and lathering his hot bod with soap bubbles.  “I’m in love with her, and it’s driving me crazy.  I’m not in control . . .  I’m bad . . . I do things . . . I kill people,” Damon adds, before compelling Andie to be calm, in a super hot way, that involves her staring at his luscious lips, and intense eyes.

(OK . . . does this make you calm?  Because it makes me positively hornygiddy!)

” She wants me to be better, but I can’t be,” Damon concludes, his eyes welling up with tears for maybe the third or fourth time this season, which I LOVE!

Long story short . . . Damon still LOVES Elena, so much so, that he’s become one of those guys that talks about the girl he LOVES with the girl he SLEEPS with. 

Now, what I’m actually liking about Andie, and why she’s TOTALLY cool with me so far — in a way that Rose never was — is that she’s perfectly happy to just be the Booty Call.  So far, at least, Random Reporter Sex Toy sees no need to be in a “relationship” with Damon, or even really be his friend.  She’s just his “distraction,” and that’s FINE with her!

In fact, Andie acts like most of us probably would act, if we were lucky enough to be making out in a bathtub with Damon Salvatore  — just thrilled to be THERE! 🙂  Andie even gives Damon some pretty awesome advice, “Love does that . . . it changes people.  You can change.”  (You are right, Andie!  HE CAN CHANGE!  The question is, do we really want him to?)

In the end, Damon is tired of listening to Andie talk.  (So, are we! )  So, he tells her to just kiss him, and be his distraction.  And doggonit if it’s not the most romantic, “I plan to use you for sex, and you will like it” pickup line, I have ever heard in my entire life!

(Of course, I’m ad-libbing a bit  here, because it’s about 4 am, and this is the LONGEST RECAP I HAVE EVER WRITTEN!  But you can check out the full scene, in all its Nudy Glory here.)

And that was the amazing “Daddy Issues” episode, in a VERY LARGE, nutshell.  Thanks for reading, Fangbangers! 



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47 responses to “Rumble at the Were-House – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Daddy Issues”

  1. fauvish

    As you know, I am a Forwood shipper, but after what happened this episode I only want to say: “Tyler, you should grow some &%$$!” I expected the sense of betrayal, revenge and all, but it did not prepare me for the heart ache I felt when Caroline got so tortured. And then seeing Tyler standing to watch, like a hapless bystander, UGH! It will take him some great effort to redeem him (to me as well) and even then I wonder if there will ever be Forwood sexy action again. Which is a shame, since they make such a great couple. I just hope the writers don’t dump their arc altogether.

    *A few minutes haved passed*: Damn, did you see the preview yet? Redemption, Tyler, redemption! You don’t go off doing things like that!

    Okay, I’m going to sit in a corner and cry now as I’ve lost my vicarious love life.

    BTW, was it me or was Elena making even bigger googly eyes than usual at Damon? Whole ep seemed like she just wanted to jump his bones (maybe it was her funky hair style that made her seem more horny…idk).

    • YES, yes, yes! Elena was ABSOLUTELY eye-f*&king Damon ten TIMES more than usual this week! I think we have to attribute last week’s Hug Heard Round the World for the apparent change in her demeanor (either that, or that odd little ponytail, just made her eyes look WAY bigger than they do under normal circumstances. ;))

      Fear not, fauvish! Tyler will redeem himself once again (newfound wuss tendencies aside). And if the writers of this show are smart (which, I suspect they are) Tyler will be in Caroline’s Vampire Barbie bed by the Season 2 finale. If Damon can snap Jeremy’s neck, and redeem HIMSELF, Tyler can be a wussy who doesn’t stick up for his friends, because he’s too ch*&ken sh&t, and redeem his!

      (Sure, we saw Tyler shoot Stefan in the promo. But those bullets POP OUT, right? Personally, I’m hoping one pops Tyler below the belt. He needs a serious wake up call, down there.)

      That being said, having gone into the episode, expecting CAROLINE to have to work to make things right with Tyler, it was kind of nice to see things end up going the other way entirely. I honestly can’t imagine that Tyler STILL expects any sort of apology from Caroline, after the stunt he pulled at the Were-House this week.

      (But hey, at least he had enough balls to open her cage. So, there’s that! Grasping at straws here . . . I know. :))

  2. Louie

    Hi Kjewls!

    I’m an avid fan of The Vampire Diaries from the Philippines. I’ve been watching the show since the start. I first read your recap during the 1st episode of Season 2 and I automatically fell in love with the way you write!
    Though we are a couple of days behind here in watching the latest episodes, I’m still pleased since I have your blog site to watch out for! Thanks much for doing great recaps everytime! Keep up the good work and God speed!

    PS: I forgot to mention that I’m a DELENA fan too!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Louis! I appreciate your readership, and kind words so very much. 🙂 Giving you a sneak peak at the episodes, a few days before they air, is my personal honor and privilege. 🙂

      Feel free to stop by once, you’ve had the chance to watch, Daddy Issues, Louie! It’s one of the best episodes of TVD I’ve seen in a while. And, coming from me, that’s saying a LOT, as I love them all . . . well . . . for the most part. 🙂

  3. i definitely noticed Elena making extreme googly eyes at Damon annnd can you blame her she’s got the good boy all ready you know flowers hugs kisses blah blah blah buuut Damon is that rough,pinned to the wall,bed,kitchen table top ,unadulterated, pull your hair …….ok i will stop there i think you guys get it lol well you know a girl needs that every once in a while and he keeps it REAL! *sigh* a man after my own heart (Literally)
    Damon in his all his bubble bath glory and dripping watered body was to DIE for. Thank you TVD Gods for making this all possible for me

    i really wanted to give Tyler a lashing of my own for not even attempting to help Caroline and im glad she gave him a piece of her mind even if most of it still have wood chucks in it

    • LOL . . . yes, I suspect Caroline’s poor little blonde head will be pooping out chunks of wood consistently for at least the next few days. But, once that’s clear, I think the Baby Vamp will be extremely proud of herself for being such a KICKASS Vampire Barbie in the face of some SERIOUS evil this week. Not to mention, the sublime skill with which she ripped Tyler a new . . . um . . . Doggy Door ;)! Don’t mess with THAT one, boys! She’ll literally bite your head off.

      Ahhh . . . Damon in the shower, in the tub, naked . . . wet, kissing, compelling, crying, blowing out candles. . . doing everything, everywhere, and looking SMOKING HOT, the whole time. If God created animated gifs for a reason, he’s your reason, right there. Do you think it’s possible to award Emmys to body parts? 🙂 If not, it definitely should be! 😉

      I like the way you think, Janies118! 😉

  4. I am STEAMING MAD at the writers for what they did to my precious Forwood, as you will discover when you read my Forwood recap. My Forwood thoughts are too complex to encapsulate here this time, so I’m gonna focus on everything else.

    Nice try Julie, but I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for Jules. This chick murdered people in cold blood in human form, and was clearly going to shoot Caroline point blank in the head to finish her off this episode. Plus, her interest in Tyler sends of my warning bells. I suspect a Lockwood werewolf is needed to break the curse, just like Elena is a key ingredient because she is the doppelganger. I hope that Jules and her toyfriend (emphasis on the “toy” part) die a long, slow, painful death at Caroline’s hands… or perhaps a fast one where Damon mimics Elijah’s move and gives them the vamp version of heart surgery, simultaneously. DIE JULES DIE!

    I feel like there was this weird disconnect between the last time we saw Bonnie and Jeremy together and this episode. They aren’t my favourite ship, but I really wanted to see the moment where Bonnie finally caves into Jeremy’s OhSoHotness… I’ll feel cheated if we discover that their snuggliness is indeed because they’ve been having some levitating wiccan sex action off screen. Having said that, aside from Jer’s cuteness, the pair felt irrelevant to me.

    As I mentioned in the email to you and Amy, the group headache given to the werewolves was the first time I said “F**k yeah!” at something a witch did. I really and truly thought that it was going to be Bonnie to the rescue, although in retrospect it is silly to think her powers are at that level yet. Even when he is entirely absent from an episode, Elijah’s witch puppets demonstrate just how awesomely cool he is.

    I both loved and hated Elena in this episode. Her obvious jealousy of the journalist hitting on Damon in the bar was delicious. Hey, I know why you don’t mind Damon hooking up with the journo later on… we’re both COMM majors, and I’ll admit I enjoyed the scene more vicariously than usual since I could totally image hunting down a story in a supe-infested small town and being compelled by a hot, sometimes bug-eyed vamp into giving him therapy sessions in a bathtub.

    Having Elena mouth “I love you” to Stefan was reminiscient of Katherine in The Masquerade, which actually made it a disturbing as hell, rather than sweet, gesture for me, I have to admit. I was annoyed with Elena that rather than suggesting a sleepover for Caroline for herself, it required STEFAN to set up the whole scenario. Papa Stefan is a way better girlfriend than Elena to Caroline! Luckily Elena redeemed herself in my eyes with her awesome snottiness towards her Daddy.
    Thank you for achieving the impossible tonight and making me laugh hysterically twice. First, I loved the Chunky Monkey sleep over idea! Seriously, when I make my way to America for fangirl hijinx, you, Amy and I have to indulge in some of this ice cream, so that I finally know what all of the fuss is about. Too bad we can’t lick it off Alaric’s chest 😉 The New Moon wolf pack reference was also just priceless.

    I also love how you were like, “A lot of people have died this week… eg, who cares when Naked Damon is on my screen?” Sociopath! 😉 Gosh, that would make you Damon’s dream girl!

    Just FYI, I discovered Santa wasn’t real at age 6 because my brother blurted this fact out during a fight. At least I know the exact moment when my cynicism kicked in as a kid…

    • I’m beginning to think your Jules Hate parallels my Rose Disgust! 🙂 (TV Character Hatred is fun, isn’t it?) In some ways, Jules’ role in TVD parallels Rose’s old one quite well. Sure, they both do other stuff on the show. But, really, isn’t their chief purpose to be BIG FAT COCK BLOCKS of our Mother Ships?

      I ABSOLUTELY felt the same way you did about Bonnie this week. In fact, when Bonnie started explaining to Jonas that she knew about him and Luka playing her for a fool . . . and then, later ,we saw her get all smoochie with Jeremy, I wondered for a moment whether (1) I missed an episode of TVD at some point (IMPOSSIBLE!); or (2) I slept through a Bonnie scene or two from a previous episode (wouldn’t be the first time). It’s nice to see that the answer is Neither of the Above. Perhaps, the writers just figured they had more interesting storylines to cover, during Sweeps Week, and have temporarily brushed the Bonnie / Jeremy plot under the carpet, for the time being . . .

      Speaking of Jonas . . . now maybe I’ll be eating my words about this later but . . . TEAM ELIJAH, all the way! I’m kind of loving the mafia-esque feel this Dynamic Duo bring to the show. Oh, yeah and Jonas’ Were Headaches, but Bonnie’s puny vamp headaches to SHAME . . . just sayin’

      I think you hit the nail on the head about my feelings toward Andie Starr. I went into the episode TOTALLY ready to hate her, and I just . . . didn’t. In fact, I identified with Andie more than I think I’ve ever identified with a Damon Floozy. Maybe it IS the whole journalist aspect, after all! 🙂

      Hmmm . .. Elena hatred . . . interesting . . . new . . . different (I blame the PONYTAIL! :)) I’ll admit that I was a bit mad at her, my self, for her CLOYINGLY OBVIOUS Damon manipulation.

      She got a free pass to do that, after the Jeremy Neck Snap thing, but this time? After all he’s been through? Not cool! Sure, it was for a Good Cause, but you could see how much her using him hurt him.

      That being said, it wasn’t ALL an act, for sure. And it was really nice seeing her finally ADMIT to her knowledge of Damon’s feelings for her, AND pine for HIM for a change, both in the same episode, no less.

      Stefan is such a proud papa of Caroline! Everything he did for her this week, made me smile. As far as Elena’s lack of do-gooder-ness, is it possible that she didn’t KNOW everything that went down with Caroline, when Stefan first came to ask her for that “favor?” After all, she was at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, most of the time the Battle Royal was going on. And as soon as Stefan got home, he just told her to hop on over to Caroline’s.

      That being said, Elena CAN be a bit self-involved sometimes. And it wouldn’t surprise me a bit, if she didn’t immediately think of having the slumber party, even after she heard what went down.

      As for Tyler and Caroline, I know you are saddened by the DEEP south turn that their budding relationship took this week. But, fear not! Team Were-Oaf’s false hopes and promises of faux unity and loyalty, all in the face of mass carnage and senseless torture, is going to get real old, real fast, for our Teen Wolf. He’ll be back, and begging for Caroline’s forgiveness, before you know it! And methinks the next time she’s in trouble, he’ll be the first one to come to her rescue!

      And I love your idea about The Sacrifice requiring BOTH a Petrova and a Lockwood! Given Katherine’s dalliance’s with Mason’s and Tyler’s mutual ancestor, back in 1864, it would definitely be a fitting twist of fate for our Scooby Gang. And Candice Accola did tease that EACH cast member plays an important role in the Sacrifice, in a recent interview. Very interesting indeed . . .

      • Yes, I am waiting with bated breath for Jules’ demise. It will be a thing of beauty to behold for me, that is for sure 😉

        Now that I’ve calmed down enough for my Forwood fangirl rage, I can appreciate some of the little touches of your recap a little more. After re-reading, I can tell you I bounced up and down with excitement at the Salvatoreo AND Three Hotmigo references.

        Stefan and Caroline’s relationship was so deftly treated in this episode. I loved when, post-fight, he just naturally approached her so that she would have the security blanket of his warmth close by after her ordeal. His “you don’t have to pretend with me” was a beautiful moment. I know people have being reading romantic undertones into this scene, given the awesome chemistry Accola and Wesley share, but I just found it to be a profoundly sweet familial moment. You were very astute in noting that positive fatherly role models are few and far between on this show. I hope that a Caroline/Stefan hook up never occurs. Having said that, I could actually view the pair of them being together decades down the track when Tyler and Elena (if they don’t go down the vamp immortality path) die.

        Caroline being shot point blank in the head completely shocked me. I’m glad that we’ve been shown that vamps and wolves are on a more equal playing field than I had thought. I guess Mason must have been a relatively new wolf, and hence why Care was able to take him. Having the werewolves be substantial villains ups the stakes so much more.

        Sob! Do you think Tyler or Caroline will die at the end of the season??

      • NO! DON’T WORRY! 🙂 The writers wouldn’t be dumb enough to kill off Caroline or Tyler, right when their characters’ stories are so very ripe for the telling. In addition to their obvious romantic chemistry, and multi-faceted personalities, Caroline and Tyler each bring an aspect to the show that hasn’t really been explored yet: Supernatural Self Discovery. No matter how many flashback episodes they do featuring the Salvatores, and Katherine, nothing illustrates the CHANGE that becoming a supernatural creature evokes in one’s life, than ACTUALLY WATCHING him or her go through it in real time.

        We can only imagine what Damon and Stefan went through during those early years of vampire “soul” searching. But Caroline and Tyler will offer us an up-close-and-personal glimpse into that aspect of supernatural living. There’s just so much potential there . . . way more than can be summed up in a single season.

        You know, I was a huge proponent of the Staroline courtship, when the pair first started sharing scenes together earlier this season. And the looks Stefan gave Caroline, particularly toward the end of the episode, did seem a bit more Smitten than Fatherly. And yet, having grown to adore the sweet, but still complex, “father/daughter” dynamic of Stefan’s and Caroline’s relationship, I’m with you now, about not wanting it to devolve into something sexual. Because, really, when you think about it, how incestuous would THAT be?

        If Stefan and Caroline were to ever hook-up, the paternal relationship they have developed thus far, would be ruined. You just can’t go back from that. Plus, I LOVE your idea of Stefan and Caroline (along with Damon and Elena — come on, girlfriend’s GOT to go vamp, eventually!) traveling the world together for centuries to come, as one Big Happy Immortal Family.

        As for Tyler . . . Hmm . . . I wonder if werewolves can ever become vampires? Hey, it worked in True Blood!

        You bring up a good point about how Caroline was easily able to overtake Mason and Tyler, but not Evil Were-oaf Brady. I’m sure Mason’s and Tyler’s relative “newness” to the curse, had something to do with it. But, also, Mason, Tyler, and even Tyler’s dad were “raised” as human. And, I suspect that Jules, Brady, and the rest of the Wolf Pack were not. I can imagine Jules and Brady growing up in a world, more akin to Jacob’s in Twilight, whereby wolves all lived together, and trained and hunted as a family. Who knows? The “pack” may even have forced them to give “ritual” sacrifices at a certain age to “purposefully” trigger the curse. Mason never had the opportunity to hone his werewolf skills, having only met Jules in passing toward the end of his life, presumably, only shortly before falling into Vampire Katherine’s clutches. For better or worse, Tyler will have the opportunity to become a more powerful werewolf than Mason ever was. I just hope he ends up using those powers for “good,” not “evil.”

  5. Louie

    I didn’t expect to receive a reply from you that fast! Im soooo glad to be one of your readers and I feel greatful of the warm welcome! *blushing!*

    I cant wait to see Daddy Issues! I would surely get back to you to express my insights about it then! Thanks much.

  6. mak75231

    Trivial tidbits:
    Daddy Issues–lots of “daddies” to go around this time–literally and figuratively! My personal secondary title for the ep is “Rinse, Lather, Repeat!”

    Was Joan Rivers in the writer’s room for Caroline’s scenes? How many times did somebody say “Can we talk?” to her last night?

    Who even noticed the news was on the first time they cut to it? My brain was screaming…Knock. Knock. “Room Service. Towel, sir?” #2 Favorite scene.

    The Memorial Service had me completely bumfuggled until I watched the ep a second time–didn’t even notice it was for the Carnage from the last ep! I’m thinkin–who died? *was experiencing a shock and awe moment*

    Vicious torture scenes of Caroline were way worse than when the Tomb Vamps had Stef strung up in the root cellar. I think it was the Brady wolftoys (vervain squirt gun and wooden blow darts? Can somebody please get this two-episode character a Wii?), along with Teen Wolf Ty’s rooted-to-the-spot indecision to just about Everything that happened around him.

    Uncle/Daddy John and his non-sequined Michael Jackson glove need to go on tour–permanently.

    My #3 FAVORITE scene was Damon rippin a wolf heart out on the fly. Everybody can drool and fawn over Elijah and the yet-to-been-seen Santa Klaus, but Damon–The One, The Only, The *snort* ORIGINAL–Accept No Substitutes! 🙂

    I thought the slumber party scene was totes a throwback to the books. Except for the Katherine-esque mouthed “I love yous” at the end. Had to be the pony tail was tied too tight.

    Dun-dun-dun–you knew what my #1 Favorite Scene was…….
    Maybe stripper-named Andie Star will just keep Damon *ahem* big and strong, since she’s such an understanding f#@kbuddy and will try to help the Woobie through his existential crisis. He used to feed off Caroline in Season 1 without killin her, so maybe he can use Andie (for several things *cough cough*).

    p.s. I don’t think you can “wash away” guilt! Even tho I loved the attempt! I vote Massacre wolves–Bathe–Massacre bad relatives–Shower–Massacre bad witches–Bathe–REPEAT!

    • Hey there MAK! 🙂

      “Rinse, lather, repeat,” a good title, indeed. Vampire Katherine would most certainly approve. (Speaking of Vampire Katherine, hasn’t it been a month AT LEAST since the poor girl had a bath of her own? I’m surprised that, when John entered the tomb, he didn’t crinkle his nose, and say, “Woah, who DIED in here?”)

      LOL re: your Joan Rivers comment. If Elena brings out the Rescue Warrior in all her male suitors, Caroline brings out the psychotherapist in hers. For folks who spend half their time battle supernatural baddies, the whole TVD gang sure does like to wax poetic about their “feelings,” don’t they?

      Yep, I’m with you. So, mesmerized was I by Naked Damon that I honestly didn’t catch Reporter Andie Starr in that news clip, until I collected the Damon TOWEL GIF for it, which featured her at the top. Again, I thank the Man Upstairs, or whatever computer geek actually invented them, for the Wonderous World of Animated GIFS. Think of all the stuff we “learn” from them!

      Re: the Memorial Service, I’m glad I’m not the only one. When you think about it, The Descent was actually an unusually BLOODY episode, containing within it the murder of two civil service workers, two 20-something female drivers, a whole family of campers, and, of course, ROSE (Yay!). So, the writers really had to at least acknowledge that when that sort of thing happens in a smallish town like Mystic Falls, it’s a PRETTY BIG DEAL. But I love the cavalier way watching TVD makes us view the senseless deaths of unimportant characters. Now, we know how the vampires feel. 😉

      I cried for Caroline this week, I really did. Sure, Tyler’s Were Transformation was more graphic, but THIS was more heart-wrenching, because not only was it obviously painful, that pain was combined with INTENSE humiliation, and the overwhelming sense of Tyler’s betrayal for the unwitting part he played in it all (which was obviously WAY more significant than the miniscule incidental part Caroline played in Mason’s death – *looks at Tyler accusingly*)

      I can definitely picture a music video of some sort, filmed with Time Lapse photography, in which the whole episode speeds by Tyler at lightning speed, and he just stands in the center, looking frightened and vaguely pissed. 🙂

      As for Brady, I can definitely see him staring in his own video game. And yet, if he was the protagonist in the game, after having seen this episode, I would inevitably be tempted to keep shooting ”myself” in the head for what “I” did to Caroline. I suspect the game wouldn’t last that long, if people kept doing that. 🙂

      Between that glove and the weird hair, Creepy Uncle / Father John was totally reminding me of an Out-of-Work 90’s Boy Band member . . . perhaps, someone from 98 degrees?
      Hmmm . . . I wonder if Elena’s Katherine-esque seduction methods of this week were foreshadowing of some sort. The two are “somewhat” related, after all. To have a Dark Stefan and Dark Elena in a single episode would be truly awesome indeed, provided Dark Elena screwed Dark DAMON in the bathtub, at the end of the episode 😉

      Non-vampire Caroline WAS the original Compelled Sex Toy, wasn’t she? Remember that post-coital scene featuring the two of them, from early Season 1, when she and Damon get into that discussion about Twilight? *sigh* Memories!

      • mak75231

        Then it’s decided, we need a new Mystic Falls Psychiatrist for everyone to pour out their “feelings” to–Group Therapy for all!

        We’ve been told we’re gonna see more Dark Stefan (maybe in flashback only?), but I am in agreement with your Dark Stef Dark Elena, Dark (as in candlelit tuvm) Dip in the Tub. Wait, does Nina have 3 parts now?

        *sigh* My favorite flashback of Sex-toy Barbie was when she was askin if he was gonna kill her and he was nuzzling all over her…….*whew* (visual)

  7. Linn

    Oh my GOD…. that hot tub scene was amazing! Not just because Damon was naked (allthough that was incredibly hot, and kept distracting me. Had to see the scene at least five times to get all the dialogue), but because Damon just becomes more and more lovable!! I was worried after last weeks roadkill that he would go totally darkside, but he’s actually totally becoming a better man. Elena WILL fall in love with him, and soon.
    Who the hell sticks their tounge out while mouthing “I love you”, anyways…
    Fantastic recap as always. It’s my second favourite treat every week (the first being a new episode of TVD of course)

    • Awww, Linn, that is so sweet of you to say! Being compared to my favorite television show is probably the highest praise I have EVER received. Thanks so much! 🙂

      And this . . .
      “Who the hell sticks their tounge out while mouthing “I love you”, anyways… ?”

      LOL! So true! Apparently, as I am learning now, Elena’s whole “I love you,” tongue slurp, was a TOTAL Trademark Katherine move! And when you really think about it, so was Elena’s little coquettish Damon Arm Rub, during that bar scene.

      I really am starting to think that Elena’s newfound Katherine-ness will become an upcoming TVD plotline. And if vamping up Elena’s character brings her one-step closer to sex with Damon, I am ALL FOR IT! Just sayin . . . 😉

      You bring up a good point about Damon’s lapse into “Jessica” eating at the end of The Descent. Like you, many of us, I suspect, feared it would send Damon into a downward spiral, whereby he lost all of the great progress he’s made as a “HUMAN” since Season 1. But I actually think it had the opposite effect.

      Damon’s eating of “Jessica” was probably the equivalent of an alcoholic’s “hitting rock bottom.” As he mentioned in the tub with Andie . . . 🙂 🙂 🙂 . . . . sorry, had to wipe the drool off my mouth, from remembering that Super Sexy Scene . . . Damon felt like he was “not in control” of himself and his emotions, after that happened. I truly believe he is trying to regain “control” of himself, so that he can be, in his words, “the man that she [Elena] needs him to be.”

      And if “the man that Elena needs Damon to be” just so happens to be perpetually naked and covered in soapy water . . . well, then, so be it ;).

      • Linn

        You’re welcome, it is well deserved 🙂 Ooohhh, imagine if Elena could learn from Katherine how to keep two Salvatore boyfriends…

        haha: “And if “the man that Elena needs Damon to be” just so happens to be perpetually naked and covered in soapy water . . . well, then, so be it.”
        Please Elena, need Damon to be that way!! Elena has, I assume, never seen Damon like that. Someone should send her a picture and let her know what she’s missing.

  8. mak75231

    Additional trivia questions—1)is there and endless female booty call speed dial for Damon and 2) how do I get on it?

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  10. Louie

    I noticed that Elena kept an eye on Damon too much this episode. She was really paying attention to Damon’s reaction when Andie came to him at the bar. She looked relieved and even glad that he didn’t entertain. Well, at first coz we all know that at the end part, he made a very sexy bubble bath scene with that reporter. I was not actually paying attention to the “woman” (As per Ian on his interview), I was amused by Damon’s HOTNESS and was mesmerized (again!) when he expressed his love for Elena. He just can’t get over her. *big smile* He’s kinda pissed though that she’s making him crazy. Damon just can’t disobey Elena. He can’t hurt her feelings as well as can’t act badly around her.
    But I also think that Elena is in denial about her feelings towards Damon or perhaps she’s just afraid to realize that she’s into him already!

    • I agree, Louie. Elena can VERBALLY deny her feelings for Damon all she wants, but her body language tells a different tale entirely! Elena obviously knows how Damon feels about her, and recognizes the immense power she has over him. And, whether or not she’s willing to admit it, she clearly enjoys it. (Can you blame her? :))

      I’m actually kind of excited to see Elena’s reaction, when Damon starts flaunting his new Sex Toy around in public. Something tells me THAT’S going to make our girl super jealous! It’s one thing for Elena to keep rejecting Damon, when she knows deep down, that he will continue to pine after her, and obey her every wish, anyway. It will be quite another thing, when she has to finally come to terms with the fact that he may actually DATE other girls in the meantime.

      I, for one, can’t wait to see the shoe on the other foot, for a change. It’s about time! And who knows? Maybe dating Andie will be exactly what Damon needs to do, to get Elena running into his arms. 😉

      You bring up a great point about Damon not being able to DISOBEY Elena, even if it means doing “good things” that he doesn’t want to do. I suspect that Katherine used to have the same power over Damon as Elena does, only SHE used it for EVIL, not GOOD. You have to wonder if Damon, who — we now know is really a kind-hearted being deep down — would have really done all the awful things he did in his past, were it not for his being completely under the thrall of Katherine, during that time.

      Thanks for providing me with some food for thought, Louie! Good thinking!

  11. Nasha233

    I have been waiting for your recap after the show but somehow lost the URL and ended up waiting several days. I am planning to write more but I have a dinner party and just wanted to share, Damon in the shower. Beautiful scenery ever! If you ever watched Lost, you know that Ian worked out just enough to make me go Hubbard Hubbard. He was far skinnier then. I Always thought physically Stefan was better maybe because we saw so much more naked Stefan but after “daddy issues” I think Damon has him beat. That whole scene with water pouring down his face and camera pans on his torso to his biceps and those arms. Delicious. And later the towel came just low enough to give us a peekabo, and also sexy legs. Hahaha I looked at everything that I did mot notice the journalist till Damon said “I know who you are, the journalist” I kept thinking how does he till I saw that scene again and saw she was reporting.

    I will be back and all I have to say for now, “I may just have to get a hero hair-do of my own and steal your thunder”

    • Hi Nasha! I missed th journalist on TV at first too! (We were both too busy looking at Ian’s hot bod I guess.) And you are absolutely right, Ian’s been WORKING OUT! Not only do I see a difference between his shirtless body now, and what he looked like on Lost. I also see a difference between his shirtless body during SEASON1 of TVD, and Season 2! (Hopefully, this means many more nude scenes for our favorite Sexy Bloodsucker.)

      I’m sorry you had to wait to find the recap. If it helps any, if you hit the Subscribe button on the right corner of the blog, you can get e-mails everytime I post an update to this site. The e-mail will provide you with a direct link to the most recent post. (It’s absolutely free, and I promise never to spam you. :)) I know I probably recap some shows you don’t watch. But you can always decide to delete those blog posts from your e-mail when you get them. Just a thought. No pressure, of course! I’m always happy to talk TVD with you, anytime of the week! 😉

  12. Nasha233

    Sorry it is suppose to be Hubba hubba but iPad has a mind of it’s own and correct things I don’t want them too 😉

  13. luvspuff13

    you are god of recappers mann! (but u aint no man, ryt? haha) i so love ur recaps so funny!! i’ll always remember that monkey jpeg of urs! haha.. i love how you give them add-on names for more ‘clarity’ on the roles they play. i love that! u are awesome i tell ya! after watching a TVD episode i always check this site for new TVD recaps so thank you for making my day!

    i read this at me mum’s office and i coudnt hide my laughter so i just had to laugh! but i just couldnt LOL there. they’d think i’m on drugs or somethin..hehe but damn your good! keep it up! 😀

    • Thanks so much luvspuff! You are so sweet! *blushes* I’m honored to have entertained you (even if I temporarily made your mom think you were on drugs lol). TVD recaps are just so much fun to write! I look forward to sharing more episodes of the show with you. (And yes, that little monkey is very near and dear to my heart. I’m so glad you noticed him. ;))

  14. Sara (ofepicproportions)

    honestly i feel like the real million dollar question of this show is why are all the witches black?

    • SO very true, Sara! I’d like to think that Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, and the casting department at TVD are not racist. So, the only explanation I could think of for this, is that being a witch is GENETIC, like a being a werewolf, and the gene in question just so happens to originate mostly in black families? I’m grasping at straws here, I know. 🙂

      As for the multi-cultural nature of the rest of the supernaturals on this show, I remember their being at least ONE African American vampire, Harper, and Anna and Pearl were at least partially of Asian descent. Of course, since vampires are TURNED, not born, in TVD world, for vampires NOT to be a myriad of races would definitely be questionable . . .

      As for the werewolves, we KNOW that their curse is a genetic one (though not EVERY member of the family will “activitate” it). Unfortunately, this week’s “rumble” was a little dark on my NOT flat-screen TV, so I couldn’t tell the racial makeup of Soul Crusher Jules’ and Were-oaf Brady’s “pack.” Do you remember if any of them were any race other than Caucasian? Because I’d be interested to know if my “being a witch is genetic” theory carries any weight. So, the werewolves would probably function as a solid measuring stick for my prediction. 🙂

  15. BrittanyMarie

    Okaaay. While I’m typing this I am rewatching the episode so that I can express the full extent of my feelings and thoughts on this episode so if it seems like I’m talking in a list-format or something. That is likely why.

    First and foremost.

    Caroline/Tyler .. WOW.
    This first opening scene had me very upset with Tyler.

    Notice how as Caroline is locking her door, her back facing the walk-way and as such, facing Tyler. (To me this was very much foreshadowing of Tyler’s inevitable feelings of betrayal as well as the end of the episode “We’re not friends anymore” — That was sort of the proverbial turning your back on someone. )

    Anyways, If you watch Caroline’s expression. It changes as she lifts her head while locking the door so that we can better see her face. Her eyes immediately harbor this sort of “I know you’re there” knowledge, and she not look pleasantly surprised in the slightest. In fact, she seemed like she was in avoidance mode. Likely due to the kiss in the previous episode.

    However, our favorite blonde vampire sucks it up and turns around with a forced smile in place and a very nonchalant “Hey, How’s it going?” — (Because we totally didn’t kiss TWICE on my front porch at all last night .. so obviously I don’t know what’s been going on with you AT ALL and I have no idea that you’ve probably been thinking about it just as much as I have because I’m totally rambling on about it in my brain right now and even though I’m about to claim I don’t want to over analyze — What? We need to talk? — That’s the proverbial kiss of death … — Seriously Tyler… You can’t say that. )

    “Yeah… we do. Listen, I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t want to over analyze. It was just one kiss.” (Actually Dear Caroline. It was TWO kisses . Two heart-pounding, sexy, desireable kisses.) “But… Matt’s still kinda in the picture.” (Except that you totally blew him off and lied to him. Of course you had a good reason, but you couldn’t have come up with a better lie? Just tell him you started menstruating or something. goodness.) “We can’t go there… Tyler.” (Who are you trying to convince Care? Him or you?)

    Tyler’s very curt response of “Fine” completely tells you that this is NOT what he meant when he said that they needed to talk. As we will find out as Caroline is walking to her car and he decided to drop a nice large bombshell. “What happened to my uncle mason?”

    He knows that she knows. You know he does. But he doesn’t want to.

    In this little confrontation, I honestly feel so much more sorry for Caroline. While the obvious feelings of betrayal are apparent on Tyler’s features. The look on Care’s face is absolutely heartbreaking. You know that she can tell Tyler feels betrayed .. and you can tell that the realization that she’s the cause of it no matter how indirectly … it breaks her heart.

    She says that they “can’t go there” but I think that they already have. Not literally but emotionally perhaps? I think Caroline already has feelings for him that can’t be denied. The heartbreaking expression on her face … he hasn’t even shoved her up against the car yet and just the fact that he looks so betrayed has her looking so emotionally distraught that she’s ready to start the water works at any minute. I just wanted to hug her. My poor Caroline ]:

    Thankfully her heartbreaking expression seems to appeal to Tyler’s small shred of sanity that still remains and he hangs his head, eyes closing almost in a shamed manner. Or at least a manner that seems sort of…regretful? As hurt as he is, I think it hurt -him- to put such an expression onto Caroline’s face because he DOES care about her, even if he feels like she’s betrayed him. Which personally is why I think he turns around and takes off. He’s having a bit of conflicting emotions. (Welcome to the ride Tyler. Please remain seated and keep your hands and feet inside at all times.)

    With such an emotionally charged beginning, the last thing I expected as a very naked and very wet Damon ❤ DELICIOUS [: or maybe Damilicous ❤

    Something that caught my attention (or what little of it was left after the aforementioned sexiness) was the little news-channel in the background. Andie is reporting and says "The sheriff's department believes drugs played a part in the assailants deranged and violent behavior that left three people dead at LAST NIGHT's booster club dinner at a local high school."

    The first thing I picked up on was "Last night" — So that means "Daddy Issues" takes place the day after Damon had to kill his precious Rose. Which is good to know (for me anyways. I'm always wondering how much time goes "between" episodes. Like if they're all supposed to be a sequence of days or if one is placed one week while the other is time-set the following week. )

    Second thing I realized was that Rose was the assailant. At least the first one that killed three people at the booster club dinner.

    "The authorities believe that last night's assailant may also be linked to the missing campers and park ranger who have yet to be found" (this is obviously the work of Evil-Dog-Woman-Jules.)

    "As well as 25 year old Jessica Conan reported missing this morning. The Sheriff's department says investigations are pending and no further comments will be made. " (and the last assailant of course is Damon. We all remember his remorseful expression after he killed her last week.. although in TVDland it was last night)

    Another thing I noticed was Mayor Lockewood's announcement that due to the recent tragedies there would be a memorial in town square. I'm not quite sure WHERE town square is in TVD land but apparently that's where the memorial was being held. I was beginning to wonder if all of the people in Mystic Falls were really that oblivious to the goings on around them or if they were all just deeply stupid. This little tidbit on the news gave them a little more credit than they had been receiving from me. I mean, Stefan and Damon and Caroline, while AMAZING I highly doubt can constantly compel an ENTIRE town to forget such things. Although until that little news clip I was starting to lean toward that very unrealistic explanation.

    NOW, lets jump scenes to the tension-filled morning between Uncle/Father John and his biological daughter, Elena. "What are you doing here?" — "Coffee?" — "We're not doing that. We did that last night. No more avoiding." Does anyone else notice the obviously suspicious demeanor in which Elena seems to be carrying herself so far ??

    "Why are you here?" She obviously doesn't want John around and she's got no qualms what-so-ever about showing it. "I'm here to protect you…. That's all I can say for the moment." Even though he's only said this once, his tone makes it sound quite redundant as if he's said it several times since he arrived the night before. And will someone PLEASE tell me HOW Jenna didn't notice that John was in her home until the following morning when she and Alaric were rushing downstairs from their hot lovemaking?

    How would she NOT hear Elena coming in the front door, OR the conversation between herself and Stefan OR the very surprised . "Uncle John…." Seriously. Nobody would REALLY sleep through that. Maybe she was distracted by the many orgasms Alaric was providing?

    Anyways … back on track. "What do you mean that's all you can say?" — "I'll tell you more when I'm convinced I can trust you."

    You? trust her? seriously? Shouldn't it be YOU proving SHE can trust you oh absentee father ?

    Goodness. So we're starting off a little Bass Ackwards but that's okay, because in comes Aunt Jenna with her "Oh god I'm late." AND Alaric who obviously spends nights there now– with his "That's what you get for hitting the snooze three times." his little amused tone is absolutely adorable!

    I honestly laughed out loud at this next Jenna-Line. "What.. the hell?"
    the look on her face is absolutely priceless. "It's okay I'm confused right? Because we were not expecting you like…ever."

    Obviously, aunt Jenna isn't happy to see him either. So much for the warm welcomewagon – Eh uncle john? — At least Jeremy will be happy to — Oh wait. No he won't he hates you now too. Sorry buddy.

    Jenna still confused, states she is so and then uncle John claims he has decided to come back for and stay for a while. Aunt Jenna vehemently rejects this . It's kind of amusing though I feel quite bad for her when the bombshell of John being Elena's biological father is dropped stripping Jenna of any say about John being in the house.

    the "*kind of gasp/ugh* "What?" was a little bit priceless. It would have been nice if they would have had some kind of miniature scene between Elena and Jenna following this to see what might have happened in Elena's attempt to explain.

    Skip to the Salvatore household of Sexy and we have our two favorite brothers discussing Elena. "He said he could help .. and we're desperate." — "We're not THAT desperate Stefan. The guy tried to barbecue me!"

    (I know Damon but everyone is deceitful in this show and you never know who to trust . But he's Elena's biological father. and Isobel is her mother. so that HAS to be worth something to the two of them. Therefore I trust them … kind of.)

    "Elena is putting ALL of her faith into some deal that she made with Elijah to keep everyone safe. I mean do you trust Elijah? I don't trust him. He's an original, he can't be trusted. It's not like we can just go up and kill him because apparently he can't die!"

    And Damon as luscious as ever and seemingly logical states that he's still waiting for the part where John Gilbert is the answer. (He claims to know how to keep Elena safe. I love her and I know you love her. So why can't we just be on the same freaking page?)

    I very much adore his little "It means I care Stefan , It means I'm changing and evolving into a man capable of greatness." — While this is completely in my opinion underlined with utter sarcasm — I think that deep down this might actually be true as much as Damon keeps trying to avoid it. Much like in "The Return." —"I don't do good Elena(who is really Katherine), it's not in me."

    "Better watch your back — Cause I may just have to go get a hero hairdo of my own and steal your thunder(and your girl?) " — I think that the eyes are absolutely CRITICAL in that last comment because it shows that he is trying to be utterly sarcastic about the whole thing yet he seems to be failing miserably.

    Que Caroline — "911 Now."
    And then the doorbell rings and we totally think it's Caroline but then the scene unexpectedly switches to Tyler and Jules. // Meanwhile Stefan rushes to Caroline's house and she begins babbeling about how Tyler knows everything. About he and Damon, about his uncle Mason .. everything.

    I think this scene between Caroline and Stefan (about Tyler) is very crucial and foreshadowing. Stefan mentions Tyler could get himself killed and Caroline very vehemently states "We're not going to let that happen! We have to get to him and reason with him before he does something stupid." And i love here , how Caroline immediately goes from "we" to "you" – – "You have to talk to him! Just try to explain? you know.. you always know the right things to say .. Okay?" — " He and I …. We're friends."

    (We're friends alright.. my expression just screams that I have FEELINGS for him) Me thinks Caroline is a little TOO protesty. Again I think this is foreshadowing. Her feelings for him are so immense that she's practically begging Stefan to try to talk to Tyler. I honestly think that Carebear loves him. I don't think she's quite "in love" yet but I think she does on some level love him. A little more than platonically speaking.

    Switch now to Jules after Stefan's little "okay okay i cave in" expression.

    " I was right, Wasn't I?" — What the HELL is that? Are you trying to slap him across the face ? That's worse than "I told you so." It's almost parallel to such a statement. -fastforward through this talk because i dislike jules.

    Tyler seems a little bit creeped out by Jules' eager offer to help him out. At least to me he does. His expression is like "Okay. What the fuck lady?"

    && Now we get to see some Damon/Elena awesomeness [:
    He's so sensitive to her feelings it's really adorable. While she's rambling on about her uncle john telling jenna he's her father before taking off to whoknowswhere — He's walking over to her with those smouldering eyes of his and that obviously concerned expression, asking if she's okay.

    And While our poor Elena doesn't look okay in the slightest, she claims that she's alright which we learn towards the end is completely not true… at least not at the end. She might be okay for now but I think she's harboring some pretty complex emotions that she refuses to let Damon see right now because she's usually the strong one for him. Although in this scene where he moves toward her as he asks if she's okay, I suddenly flashed back to the episode in which he "kidnapped" Elena after her car accident.

    The scene I refer to, they're parked and Damon is out of the car, Elena too is out of the car but seems to double over . And Damon uses his enhanced superhuman speediness to get to her side, hands immediately touching her and helping to support her while she regains composure. — That to me foreshadowed a lot . While in that episode he was supporting her physically so that she wouldn't fall over, the same look of concern on his face then is the same one in this episode as he very delicately tries to support her emotionally now .

    It obviously bothers him that she's unhappy. But what can he really do? She's not -his- girlfriend. There's not a whole lot he can do but be there in a little-more- than platonic fashion.

    And now, we'll see the scene where Stefan keeps his promise to babyvamp carebear and his a talk with Tyler. A little too forceful if you ask me, but I guess you're right he sort of like a psuedo-father figure to little Caroline, which is obviously exhibited in his protectiveness over her later on in the episode as well as when he tells Tyler currently, to stop being such a dick to her.

    Skip ahead a bit. The smiles that Jeremy and Bonnie share absolutely MELT me. I ship them SO hard. I miss Anna tremendously and I think she and Jeremy made such a beautiful couple and I cried when they killed her but Bonnie and Jeremy have a chemistry that isn't quite the same as the Chemistry that he and Anna shared.

    And the little Beremy snuggle that happens while they're walking away from Mr. Martin was too adorable. I demand a flashback exploring how they became so close and snuggly. I HAVE to see what brought them to a point where they could be like that in public [:

    The next Delena scene I adore quite a bit. "Damon I mean it. All I'm asking is you try to keep it together. Be the better man." He looks her over a single time before an "Ooookay" is given . This is the first of two time's she'll tell Damon to be the better man. The second one is my favorite of the two.

    Flashforward to a conversation between Stefan and Tyler. Am I the only one who thinks Stefan's persuasion tactic being used with Tyler is a little repetitive? Maybe he should try a different angle or approach ?

    Next Damon threatens John and John is unimpressed. && then we get a dose of Matty ❤ He's so adorable. "I haven't seen you." (It's been a day!) "I'm not avoiding you I swear. " — (Sure, Caroline… Sure.) "You're avoiding me a little" (hey look Matty FINALLY noticed something! ) "Okay… maybe a little."

    And this is the SECOND time in this episode (that I've noticed) that someone asks Caroline to talk. After agreeing to swing by upon Matt closing. Caroline is unexpectedly targeted in the middle of the street … HOW did Matt not hear her scream after being sprayed in the face with vervain? Seriously! Someone had to have been around.

    Everytime I see Caroline getting shot, it makes my eyes water. I love my babyvamp ]: And then flash to Stefan receiving a phone call from Caroline's phone but really it's Jules.

    "How badly do you want to keep her alive?"

    I could kill Jules myself at that point and I'm not even supernatural. .. Hmph.

    Papa Stefan I love yooou . "Hurt her again, and you're dead." Obviously our psuedo-father is NOT pleased and it can be seen in his expression and heard in his voice, while Tyler looks a bit dumbfounded at the idea that Jules is hurting Caroline.

    Okay. Now I just have to say this because … seriously. Andie Starr? what kind of a name is that? It sound likes a stripper or a porn star or something. Goodness. I heavily dislike this woman.

    Elena seems to be -watching- Damon's interaction with miss porn star a little too closely in my opinion. Almost like she's worried? I'm not sure that I agree she looks "smug" at his rejecting the other girl, she sort of looked like she felt sorry for her despite her previous expression. She even accused Damon of being rude. You know she has to understand though, he just killed Rose the previous night. Give a guy some time to heal.

    Also, did anyone else notice his pointed gaze at Elena when he says "It's in the best interest of woman everywhere." Almost as if he's saying it's in HER best interest if he steers clear of all women?

    Then of course Elena gets a phone call from Stefan (this makes me think she knew -a little- about the Caroline situation, though maybe not to the extent that it would make her think that she ought to go over an support her girlfriend. After -all Elena's having quite the eventful day herself.

    And cue my first favorite scene in the entire episode.

    Damon: Why am I just finding out about this NOW ?

    Elena: Stefan was worried that you…

    Damon: That I would what? That I would kill him? Well, Of course! That's what needs to happen.

    Elena: No.. Damon. Not Tyler. Do whatever you need to do to get Caroline back .. but.. just leave Tyler out of it. Okay?

    Damon: Why? He's a werewolf , He needs to die, I'm willing to kill. It's a win-win.

    Elena: Damon .. Please. Okay? Too many people are dead.

    Damon: You need to stop doing that.

    Elena: Doing what?

    Damon: Assuming that I'll play the good guy, because it's you who's asking.

    (At this point, she sighs and her expression….I personally think she honestly didn't know she was doing it but then she realized he was right upon his pointing it out. )

    Elena: Be the better man Damon…

    (this to me is a most delicately beautiful scene. because in her small sigh she acknowledges that she realizes he's right but she still requests of him to be "the better man" regardless of her acknowledgment — and he will. Because it's her. That's how purely raw his love is. He's willing to not-kill for her because she asked him not to. Because he cares that deeply.)

    Naturally all beauty must come to an end and ours does in the form of uncle john and very tense scene that makes Elena seem like a huge bitchy little brat. But… I have mommy issues, so I do completely relate to her in her daddy issues.

    I really want to smack around that stupid Brady character. He needs to STOP hurting my poor Carebear ]:

    Now we're going to talk about the three hotmigos as you so cleverly named them. As angry as I am with Tyler right now, I kind of adore how he goes straight to Caroline the second they allow him to go over to Jules. As conflicted as he is, his loyalty still lies with her in some form. Because he knows deep down that she's not his enemy. (At least that's my take)

    Anyyyways. As the epic battle begins outside Caroline can hear it all no doubt with her vampyric hearing. — Anyways, She thinks Tyler's come to let her out, but he seems a bit conflicted … not sure if he's going to. Thankfully he comes to his senses and frees Caroline from that awful cage.

    Caroline who can hear everything outside, Rushes out to help more than likely but instead she in her weakened state gets slammed up against the trailer at gunpoint courtesy of Jules and Tyler just stands there like he has no freaking CLUE what to do. Almost as if he's gone braindead in those few moments.

    AND Damon is about to be staked. I think I literally had a HEART ATTACK ]: I was like "NO! Shit! Damon!" yelling at my screen. THEN suddenly Brady and Jules just drop with terrible headaches.. At first I think it's Bonnie as unrealistic as that might be since she's still pretty new to the witchy world.

    I was utterly surprised to see Mr. Martin there. But I wasn't surprised by his line "Elijah made a promise to Elena. I'm here to see it's upheld. You need to go." (Personally, I think Elena had something to do with that. How else would Elijah have known unless he has people watching all of her friends and keeping tabs to make his protection of them easier??)

    The next scene between Care and Stef is heartwarming and something desperately needed after the distressing episode we've experienced thus far.

    Stefan: So is your mom home?

    Caroline: No. She's at work.

    Stefan: I can come in if you want me to.

    Caroline: I'm fine Stefan.

    Stefan: You don't have to pretend with me. . . (this seemed a little romantic to me at first but after the second time it eased into more of a familial thing.) Anybody would be upset after what you went through tonight.

    (notice how Caroline seems like her eyes are filling with tears at this point but she's still trying so incredibly hard to be tough. our brave little soldier)

    Caroline: I'm okay. I'm not girlie little Caroline anymore. I can handle myself.

    Stefan: (in a totally proud and psuedo-daddy fashion) You sure can.

    Caroline: I just really want to go shower.. soo..

    Stefan: Okay.

    Caroline: Goodnight.

    Stefan: Goodnight.
    (and yet he lingers. Almost as if he's listening with his supernaturalness to see if she's about to have a meltdown , and trying to decide whether he should stay. what a good psuedo-daddy)

    this is likely my second favorite scene in the entire episode.

    Being able to kill the originals… I thought something a little more kick-ass would have been introduced in accomplishing something that they built up so much. :/ Hopefully they don't kill Elijah just yet. He's kept his promise once so far.

    John's statement to Damon how if Isobel accomplishes what she's attempting, Klaus will never set foot in mystic falls makes me wonder just what it is that Isobel is attempting. — Personally, from the ending and how John tells Katherine he's already working on getting her out (this is just my crazy little brainstorm but , I think that maybe what Isobel is attempting is to reverse Katherine's vampirism.. and to give -her- as the sacrifice in order to keep Elena protected. However, that doesn't guarantee Tyler or Caroline's proctection and they're both vital parts of the sacrifice. (Unless of course Jules or Brady are able to be sacrificed and it doesn't necessarily have to be a lockewood wolf?)

    But then you still need a vampire to sacrifice and that one I can't quite figure out… *sigh*

    And now we're back to matt being completely oblivious and never noticing anything. How can you NOT tell that she's been crying by the tone of her voice when she answers the phone? Goodness. I would have called her out on the lie too but I guess they're saving Caroline having to explain later… It's not like she couldn't explain and then just compel him to forget and remember something else. (similar to Damon's "I love you" moment with Elena.

    Now it's time for Tyler and Caroline to "talk" again. This is my fourth favorite scene.

    I have to give CW props on having her answer the door all bloodied and injured. Rather than changing and answering. (I think because of her sense of smell, she knew it was Tyler and she was angry enough that him seeing her like that wasn't an issue. Honestly, he deserved to see her so hurt in my opinion . Because even though it was indirect, he was partially responsible for hollaring "HELP" to Jules in the first place.)

    Although I feel a bit bad for him too… he deserves her anger, he really does but he obviously still cares and has feelings for her.

    Tyler: Are you okay? (his facial expression and his tone are both so sincere and worried for Caroline)

    Caroline: I'm fine. (she looks and sounds very unhappy to see Tyler)

    Tyler: I had no idea they would come for you..

    (and here I cry because Caroline starts to break down.. )

    Caroline: Do you know what they did to me?

    Tyler: I'm sorry. But…It's crazy now. Okay.. I don't know who to trust. You lied to me" (are you INSANE Tyler Lockewood? you do not EVER add a "but" onto an apology and you especially do NOT toss an accusation. It completely negates the apology. Goodness.)

    Caroline: I lied to protect my friends. I lied to protect YOU. Don't you get that?

    Tyler: Caroline …

    Caroline: You just stood there! When they were going to kill us, You just stood there! You didn't do anything!

    Tyler: I didn't know what to do.

    Caroline: You help your friend, that's what you do.

    Tyler: I'm sorry.

    Caroline: No. It's too late. Because, we're not friends anymore and what happened to me tonight, that will never happen again , so you take that back to your little werewolf back and you get the hell out of my house. "

    While I know how betrayed Tyler must have felt and he had a right to because they killed his uncle… Caroline.. just seems so much more justified to me because she wasn't part of killing Mason, she only knew about it after the fact.

    But they tortured her.. they were going to kill her and Damon and Stefan. And… Tyler did just stand there… he let her out of the cage, yeah , but when she was being held at gunpoint…he just stood there like a clueless little statue.

    I can understand being in shock for a human being, but he's not just a human.. I had higher expectations of Tyler. Caroline breaks my heart. Because from the beginning she was so distraught over Tyler feeling betrayed despite that she personally had done nothing to warrant those feelings from him. And even now standing up for herself and cutting off their friendship, you know it hurts her. She's not only distraught by the fact he did nothing to help, but by the fact that she's actually cutting him out of her life for the time being because she still cares about him as much as she might not want to currently.

    The gesture John makes in giving Elena her psuedo-mom's bracelet kind of makes me dislike him a little bit less. You can tell that Elena is baffled and a little conflicted and confused. She's even choking up a little. But I can't tell if it's more from the speech or the bracelet, or equally balanced between the two.

    I think my fifth favorite scene is that one combined with she and stefan directly after.

    Stefan: Elena..

    Elena: Are you okay? (this is asked after she runs over to hug him, finally letting go and crying about the encounter she just had)

    Stefan: I'm fine.

    Elena: Did you hear that? I don't believe him Stefan .. I just don't.

    Poor Elena is so completely distraught at this point, that it breaks my heart. But I can relate to her. Because of my mommy issues. I just wanted to hug her so badly. But Stefan had that taken care of.

    Honestly, I think Elena does believe him…but I think that she doesn't want to because it's safer. To believe him….to trust him… makes her vulnerable to being hurt again. It gives him the power to break her just that little bit further and that's terrifying. So it's easier to convince herself that she doesn't believe him.. that he's lieing and that she's better off without him. It's safer and easier. Except, it hurts just the same. With or without him .. it all hurts just the same. As conflicting as that sounds, I thinks she would rather hurt because he's not around than to hurt because she forgave and trusted him .. and let him in only to be let down again… which is what she expects.

    Another favorite scene is when Elena and Bonnie slumber with Caroline, she breaks down the second they both hug her. I love that Stefan knew how to help her.

    And the little whispered I love you between he and Elena.
    It's a beautiful moment.

    But my first favorite scene is the bathtub scene with Damon and Andie.

    Andie: I can't believe you called me. I thought I was being way too forward when I had Jenna give you my number.

    Damon: I like a woman who knows what she wants.

    Andie (either says thank you or cute… I think she says cute.) So, what do you want, Mr . Tall , dark, and handsome?

    Damon: I'm not that tall (he's really not that dark either…skin-tone wise lol. the cheek kissing scene here, just KILLS me. Oh goodness Ian please kiss me like that oh and on the mouth too would be nice!)

    Damon: I need a distraction.

    Andie: You can booty call me any time you want.

    Damon: You see, the thing is .. Miss Sexy Reporter Girl. I have a problem I need help with that's really messing with my mind.

    Andie: Aw, Tell me about it.

    Damon: I'm in love with a woman I can never have.

    Andie: I knew it … I know how to pick 'em. ( I think she wanted to be a bit more than a booty call cause she seems a little too annoyed or at least displeased by his admission) So why can't you have her? She's with another man, I assume?

    Damon: Yeah.. but that's.. that's not the point. The point is I'm in love with her and it's driving me crazy and I'm not in control.

    Andie: What? You don't trust yourself around her?

    Damon: I don't trust myself around anyone Andie. I'm bad Andie. I do things. I kill people.

    (She totally doesn't look like she's taking him seriously but when he doesn't seem to be joking THEN she seems like she's about to get scared but he compels to her not to be afraid, that she's okay.)

    Andie: Why do you kill people?

    (Just as the camera switches over to his face, he looks a little distraught to me and he seems like he's trying to convince himself.)

    Damon: Because, I like it. It's in my nature, It's who I am.
    ( I swear he's trying to convince himself that he isn't worthy of Elena's friendship or her love. )

    Damon: But then, I have to stay together to protect her. And she wants me to be the better man which means I can't be who I am. Do you see the problem I'm having Andie?

    Andie: Well, maybe this is who you are now. Love does that Damon, It changes us.

    Damon: Just stop talking. Just kiss me. Be my distraction.

    (Now I don't know about you folks. But I SWEAR Andie actually looks like she's getting some form of pleasure from Damon biting her. Sure she looks a little bit surprised and in pain at first, but soon as she closes her eyes she looks like she's in an almost sexually euphoric bliss of some sort. I mean I would be too… It's Damon freaking Salvatore..but wow. I wonder if he kills her or just feeds a little bit the way he would with Caroline pre-vampire Caroline.)

    I've already stated my thoughts on the John/Katherine seen further up so I think I'm done right now. Except for to state that I'm not sure the "order" of my favorite scenes is correct anymore. It was originally but now while they're my favorites, I'm not sure in which order except that the bathtub scene is number one because of the conversation as well as the sudsy sexy vampire nakedness ❤

    Looking forward to hearing back from you KJewels! Also you can just call me Britt or Brittany. You don't have to keep using my dislplay name. [:

    • Hey Britt! I LOVED your response SFM.

      I’m a huge Forwood shipper, so this may be a biased opinion, but I think that the thing we need to remember from Tyler’s POV is that he didn’t necessarily know the SPECIFICS of Caroline’s involvement with Mason’s death. We, the audience, do, because we witnessed Mason’s death, but it has never been stated that Tyler knows exactly how it all went down. So, it is possible that he is speculating that Caroline’s involvement was worse than it really is.

      I agree with you that Tyler and Caroline have already “gone there”. The first Forwood scene almost felt like a break up scene, not just a rift between friends. To be honest, I think she was only going to choose Matt because it represents choosing her last shred of humanity, whereas choosing Tyler is symbolic of allowing her supe side to win out. Not that this is a bad thing, IMO, because she has really shone as a supe.

      Here is a random bit of speculation for you guys. I’ve been thinking about how Elena could possibly end up with Damon without being character assassinated. What if Klaus or Elijah compels her during/after the sacrifice ritual to forget the Salvatores? I think a character once asked Elena if she ever wonders how her life would have turned out if she met Damon first. Maybe we will find out. And then, inevitably, her memories would be restored in some way, and she would battle the conflicted emotions of her previous relationship with the recollections of the past.

      Although, part of me wouldn’t like a Delena relationship as a consequence of a mind swipe, as it removes the meaning of her choosing to be with Damon IN SPITE of her deep love for Stefan and all that has happened in the past year.


    • Hi Brittany! Thanks so much for taking the time to compose this thoughtful and thorough analysis of the episode. It really is amazing how many little things you picked up on here, particularly in terms of the various characters facial expressions, and some seemingly throwaway lines, which, actually ended up providing key information toward understanding this multi-layered episode.

      For one thing, I love how you noticed that all this took place less than 24 hours after the events of “The Descent,” most notably, Rose’s death, AND the Forwood double kiss. That piece of information makes everything that happened in THIS episode seem so much more poignant. For one thing, Damon’s ability to literally wash that awful day away from him, along with that kill, TWICE, is pretty astounding, when you think about it! He really seemed so calm and collected this week, especially given the emotional wreck we all know he had been, just hours before!

      And yet, knowing that this is the state of mind Damon is in during this episode, makes everything he said and did during “Daddy Issues,” particularly with regard to Elena, seem so much more poignant. Because, you just know that somewhere beneath the surface, a STILL highly emotional Damon was just CRYING out for help and comfort, and never quite receiving it. Thank goodness for the bathtub, and the distraction of Andie Starr. (I can’t believe I’m saying that, as a staunch Delena shipper. But Damon REALLY needed that emotional and sexual release! Otherwise, we just might have had a Jessica 2.0 on our hands!)

      Also, Rose killed THREE people during The Descent. Interesting! I had originally only counted two: the sanitation worker, and the girl in the car. I guess she killed the girl’s boyfriend as well, who was looming nearby, just before it happened . . .

      Knowing that The Descent was just 24 hours earlier, also adds a lot of gravitas to Tyler’s opening exchange with Caroline. For starters, SHE entered her house, after kissing him, and presumably went to bed. Then she woke up in the morning, and he was STILL there! Of COURSE she thought he came to talk about the kiss. Meanwhile, Poor Tyler! In under 24 hours, he had fallen head over heels in love with Caroline, given his heart to her, and learned that their whole relationship had, at least as far as he was concerned, been a total lie. Given all that, the erratic way in which he behaved throughout his first interaction with Caroline makes a bit more sense. He doesn’t know how he feels, or what to believe anymore! And, as far as he is concerned, she is STILL trying to lie to him.

      I agree with you that Tyler still hasn’t totally put all his trust into Jules. He is definitely leery of her, and may even find her sudden interest in him, a bit creepy. (Like the rest of us do!) Tyler definitely holds back with Jules, and scoffs ,when she talks about werewolves and vampires HAVING to be enemies. As angry as he is with Caroline and the Salvatores, he STILL questions Jules’ philosophies regarding supernatural creatures. True, he calls her later, when he is being threatened by Stefan. But I see his actions there more as a show of DEFINITE fear and distrust of the Salvatores (They did, after all, KILL Mason in cold blood . . . at least Damon did), than as any sort of desire to permanently ally with Jules.

      And yes, Tyler comes to Jules’ were-house at the end of the episode. But I think that is more a result of Caroline’s rejection of him, and his coming to terms with Mason’s death, than anything else. Tyler feels totally and completely alone at this point in the story. And here are two people, no matter how despicable they may be, who are offering, not only to accept him for who he is, and what he has done, but to help him cope with the pain of were transformation. It’s a BAD MOVE on his part, sure. But it makes sense in context.

      I agree that Caroline subconsciously recognizes her romantic feelings for Tyler. And, resultantly, STEFAN recognizes them, when she first approaches him for help with Tyler. It is STEFAN’s recognition of this, above and beyond everything else, that causes him to come to Caroline’s aid at the end of the episode, and comfort her emotionally. Stefan knows that — not only has Caroline been physically hurt — but also emotionally scarred, betrayed and made broken hearted, by a man she obviously loves.

      Like you, I loved the Damon and Elena exchanges during this episode, because they seemed SO much like the sweet-yet-bickering, exchanges a husband and wife would have. They even finished one another’s sentences! The trauma that both parties experienced throughout the whole Rose fiasco has clearly brought them closer together. Not only that, Damon and Elena are on the same page on so many things. Damon understands Elena’s misgivings about John, in ways in which, the naturally trusting Stefan never could.

      Likewise, Elena understands Damon’s inner turmoil and anger. And, while she doesn’t WANT him to hurt John or Tyler, she understands his impulse to want to do just that. But she doesn’t judge it. Rather, she knows how hard Damon is working to overcome his baser instincts, and appreciates it. That being said, I can’t WAIT to see Elena cope with jealousy for the first time, when she sees Damon and his new Sex Toy Andie. It’s about time that shoe switched feet! 🙂

      Damon’s confession to Andie was heartbreaking and touching at the same time. Ian Somerhalder was just MARVELOUS in that scene. He showed such a wide range of emotions in that single monologue. I’m glad that Damon finally has someone to unburden himself to in such an uninhibited fashion, even if he ultimately has compel her to forget everything he says during their “baths.” As Damon mentioned, sex with Andie is a distraction. But it is also therapeutic for him, in a way. It makes sense that this scene occurred in a bath, because Damon seems to be cleansing himself of his pain and guilt, both in the shower, at the beginning of the episode, and here, in this scene.

      And yes, I think Damon’s bite brought Andie a definite mixture of pleasure and pain. Watching him bite her was probably one of the most erotic things I’ve seen on TVD. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous of a television character in my life :).

  16. BrittanyMarie

    Please forgive any typos, I didn’t look for them before I submitted this. Hate doing that but sometimes I forget! and LOL good question Sara!

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  18. 1) This is probably one of my favorite Vampire Diaries episodes.
    2) It’s the longest recap you’ve done?! It went by so fast!
    3) This might be one of my favorite recaps you’ve done.
    4) I love Elijah too.
    5) There are so many comments here, and they’re all so long. Very satisfying, I enjoy reading them.

    • Hi Noelle! That was so sweet of you to say! I’m so glad you enjoyed my recap, and weren’t put off by it’s admittedly excessive length, and the LONG comments that followed. This episode was one of my favorites too. 🙂

      And, can I just say, I am SO EXCITED that you are on Team Elijah with me! You always tend to be so level headed, wise, and objective in your analysis of this show, which I TOTALLY admire. (I think our recaps compliment one another well, in that respect. Your clear-headed sanity, balances out my Damony obsessiveness.) Nevertheless, to see YOU on a SHIP pleases me greatly. 🙂

      (Now that I know where your loyalties lie, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for Elijah-themed GIFS for your viewing pleasure. ;))

  19. Tricus

    Love your blog. Very funny. a few points I wanted to make after watching this last episode.
    1) I think that Elena is starting to really tap into or acknowledge that she has feelings more then friendship or wanting Damon to be a better guy like Stefan.
    Elena gives Damon too mamy flirty, deep looks for it to be just friendship, especially in this episode. Also for her to touch him first to make a point and get him to do it her way when she didn’t do that before says a lot. I mean she probably knew that he liked her/loved her before this episode and she seemed to find some way to convince him to do the right thing without touching him, so why now.
    Also what the heck with her being soo close to Damon in this episode when they were talking. I noticed it especially when they first went to the grill and they both saw John first and her and Damon was talking. I mean their faces was VERY close and she didn’t seem to have a problem or looking wary like she usually do.
    Second point:
    2) When Stefan brought Elena and Bonnie to Caroline to confort her, they were all in the doorway hugging and Elena mouthed ” I love you ” to Stefan and he returned the ” I love You”. It was weird the expression on Elena face after Stefan said his. She looked him at him in a assessing way , like ” Do we really love each other the way we should?” It was just a weird look she had on her face that I noticed.
    Anyway that was it that caught my attention other than Damon wet, soapy bod of course.
    Oh last thing: I sooooooo want Elena to start displaying some jealousy when Damon start hanging around Andy Starr. I want to see that sooo bad. It is time for her to feel something of what Damon feels for a change.

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and for your kind words! I can see that, like me, you are part of Team Delena! (a.k.a The Mother Ship, a.ka. The Winning Team ;)) So welcome aboard!

      I love what you said about Elena’s behavior toward Damon, particularly in this episode, but in other episodes as well. Elena clearly understands the extent of Damon’s feelings for her, and isn’t afraid to use it to her advantage. She is forever touching him, getting up in his personal space, and giving him suggestive and longing looks. Throughout this season, we have definitely seen evidence of Elena’s growing realization of her attraction to Damon, coupled with her understanding of how hard he is working to be a better “person” for her.

      Hopefully, a little jealousy on Elena’s part, will be the kick in the pants, this couple needs to fall into bed together. 😉

      By the way, your interpretation of Elena’s questioning expression, when she told Stefan she loved him at the end of the episode, was very insightful. I’ve never looked at the scene from that perspective. But now that you mention it, you might be right. Surely, Elena’s growing feelings for Damon, would coincide with her questioning her relationship with Stefan. That sort of shift in this triangle seems inevitable. It is only a matter of time.

  20. Nasha233

    Aah I am a week late. I have been sick that everything else had to take a step back.

    First of all since I did watch last night’s episode my opinion changed slightly but only regarding Forwood.

    First off as I gave you a slight preview of my opinion about Damon in shower, Damon’s torso. I think one of your reader, Brit I think mentioned Damonlicious, funnily I believe being Damon is turning into verbs, Damonesque, Damontional, we can go on and on. So before go on my Delena love, let me start with Forwood.

    I really enjoy Caroline as a vampire and Candice has a knack of vining with most of her co-stars. She had nice chemistry Ian and Zach. And I was rooting for those two till i saw the kiss with Tyler. That was hot. I have to admit I was not fully on that train yet on this episode. While I know you felt Stefan and Caroline has a father-daughter vibe. I felt more than that. It felt more romantic if ey ever write or allow these two to explore I can see myself totally going for this ship. And it is totally independent of Delena. Stefan is a gentle vampire and always had this way of making you feel special but while his earlier scenes felt like he did it more for elena, now it seemed more because he cares for Caroline. And of course he cares but on “daddy issues” it had a slight sexual undertone to it. I totally can see these two grow old together and be that couple who has been with each other forever and still adore one another. Who knows maybe once Elena is with Damon, and Tyler is dead. I see so much potential in them.

    Back to Forwood, in his episode I was quite angry at Tyler because he kept maki bad decisions after bad decisions. I get that his father died, and now he found his uncle Mason (who he was never close to and was very suspicious about, he hid the moonstone from Mason for a long time) died. To me it was not a good enough excuse to be a jerk. Elena’s both parents died, dating a vampire, needs to be sacrificed and she isn’t a jerk. Okay they are two different people and Tyler has been kind of jerk even before turning wolf anyway. Yet when he hesitated to release Caroline and just stood there when Jules had her gun on Caroline’s head, that was a dick move. Even if caroline lied, I don’t think it is enough reason to let her die. I was mad at him. Yet I still hoped when he ended up the trailer that he did it to get their secret and help his friend Caroline.

    That whole fight in the woods, wowza. Love it. I love how Damon never hesitates to own his shit. And given what Brady did to Caroline, I don’t think his end in mystic falls will be well. As for Jules, what is it about the boy? Is it because he is a Lockwood? or is it because werewolves are so few that they need to stick together? Is there like a wolf town that we are not aware of, sorry wolf country. I just don’t get her motives.

    Daddy John, that whole Jenna finding out who John is and Alaric’s face about how much Jenna realized she doesn’t know. It is quite interesting that Damon and Elena are in agreement in many things especially john’s arrival. I feel this is foreshadowing what is to come. Since we also saw that John is helping Kat get out.(not sure why since she chopped of his fingers). Did anyone realize that Stefan went looking for Isobel because Kat told him to. I think Stefan trust Kat more than he cares to admit. this will be foreshadowing too regarding Kethan’s relationship. The more adamant Stefan voiced his hatred of Kat, the more I feel it is because he was so in love with her.

    Now to my favorite couple. Elena was definitely giving more than just ‘I care for you just as a friend’ and I think even she is aware of it and in this episode she isn’t even hiding it. See when he says to her “be a better man.” I believe she wants him to be. I believe she sees that in him. That he got lost somewhere and she wants him to be better. The scene in the bathroom where he told her not to assume he will do the right thing because SHE did the asking, yet she never backed off. She still told him to be the better man. I think she is falling and not realize it. Her tolerance of him started because he is her boyfriend’s brother. Then they build a friendship which had it’s rocky moments. Through it all, she always encourages him to be better. And to me she wants it for him. Not for Stefan or even for herself. She wants him to be better for him. That is love. And he reciprocate by wanting to be better for her. I don’t think he thinks he deserves her but yet he wants to do better for her. He isn’t expecting anything in return but yet to please her to be better for her. That is true love. And to me losing Elena as in her dying and her gone is far more unbearable than her not loving him. And it is a struggle but it is HIS struggle he can face. That is love, aah. And for that the writers have to explore
    this relationship. To me it is a far better love story than I am drawn to him. And lucky for Elena, Damon did not make a move for Andie in front of her because her jealousy was rearing its ugly head but it got stop by Damon’s refusal. I love to see when Elena set her eyes on andie with Damon.

    I like andie, I don’t want her and Damon permanently but she is a better distraction than Rose. And as long as she makes Elena goes bonkers, I like her even better. Plus we got lots of naked Damon. Ian has been working hard and I am loving it.

    This episode and the one before it was a good way to start 2011.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you were feeling sick, Nasha! I hope you are feeling better now! 🙂 (The way I see it, nothing cures aches and pains, like a sexy Naked Damon on your television screen! He may give you a bit of a fever though. ;))

      I’m with you on making Damon into an adjective, a verb, a preposition – all parts of speech! Anything that allows us to use that name more in day-to-day conversations is a good thing, as far as I am concerned. Hey, maybe, in a few years, Damonlicious will become so common place, it even makes it into a dictionary. It’s happened to lesser “slang” words, that’s for sure!

      Your intelligent and insightful review of these past two episodes, gave me a lot of food for thought. So, thank you for that! Here are a few issues, your analysis brought to mind for me.

      (1) Andie — Why did Damon feel the need to compel her to fall hard for him? If she was just going to be used as a “distraction,” as he initially suggested, wouldn’t putting such thoughts into her brain make her a MORE complicated facet of his life, not a less complicated one? Initially, Andie seemed very clear about being more than willing to let Damon use her for sex. So, why the added “faux-mance?

      Here’s what I’m thinking . . . maybe Damon REALIZES that he can use Andie to make Elena jealous. And Elena would be MORE jealous, if she saw signs that Damon was in a committed relationship, than if she just saw him having meaningless sex with a woman. This would explain why Elena never seemed all that jealous of the “friends with benefits” relationship Damon had with Rose.

      Additionally, Damon might feel that being in a “committed” relationship will help him prove to Elena that he can be the man that she “needs him to be.”

      If this is the case, well . . . then . . . bring on the Andie! Because we all know the effect HER advances toward Damon have had on Elena so far, and that was BEFORE they were an item. Come to think of it, this might be JUST the kick in the pants Elena needs to throw herself into Damon’s arms. (That, and I suspect that it will be DAMON who ultimately rescues Elena from Klaus, by putting his own life on the line to save hers.)

      Katherine – What ARE her motives? And why HAS she suddenly aligned with John and Isobel? Is she just using them to get out of the tomb? Or are their interests genuinely aligned with one another.

      As you recalled, Katherine tried to KILL John last year, presumably, because of (1) his “KILL ALL VAMPIRES” attitude; and (2) that stunt he pulled at Founders Day. And John DOES still seem to possess a serious hatred of vampires. That being said, I do believe that him and Isobel genuinely want to save their biological daughter, and keep her alive.

      The question is, does KATHERINE? After all, when we first met Katherine again in early Season 2, she was planning to bring the Moonstone, Mason, Caroline, and, presumably Elena, to Klaus, so that he could break the curse, and, hopefully, stop hunting HER down, as a result. But if this is STILL Katherine’s intention, then it would definitely conflict with that of Isobel and John.

      Is it possible that Isobel knows of a way to kill Klaus that DOESN’t involve him being weakened by the performance of the Sacrifice? Something that WOULDN’T involve Elena dying? And, if so, why would ISOBEL know how to do this, but not Elijah?

      As for Stefan and Caroline, I did see a bit of that sexual undercurrent to their relationship to which you were referring to, in “Daddy Issues.” One scene that particularly stands out in my mind with respect to that, is when Caroline tells him she’s not “little girly Caroline, anymore,” and “can take care of herself.” The way in which Stefan agrees with Caroline’s assertion, and the look on his face when he does it, is not particularly fatherly. And yet, I’m not necessarily sure that connotation comes from Stefan the character, and his attraction to Caroline, or Paul Wesley, the actor, and his natural chemistry with Candice Accola.

      I do agree with you, however, that, although Stefan may have BEGUN to care for Caroline for Elena’s sake, since then, the pair have developed a close relationship, one that is separate, and, in some ways, closer, than the Stelena relationship. The fact that both Stefan and Caroline have endured life as a vampire, adds a whole other aspect to their friendship, to which Elena currently cannot relate.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment here, and for making me think about TVD issues, I may not have considered otherwise. 🙂

  21. Hypa_Kitty

    As ALWAYS loved the recap, I read it straight after watching TVD in the UK.. It covers everything an awesome recap should, as well as providing those drool worthy shots and GIFs [How fricking cool!] of my favourite vampires and werewolves.. and humans… and all others! [Nakey Damon in the shower 2 minutes in anyone? [Loved how the screen shot you posted says Paul Weseley btw!]

    A quick point out though:

    “(By the way, if you didn’t answer “Elena,” I’d hereby like to extend to you an invitation to a TVD DVD Marathon Viewing Party, hosted by Clueless Matt and Useless Aunt Jenna.)”

    Why not do it anyway? 😀 Tons of hot MALE species to fill your screen, although 48 won’t be enough if you go over your favourite scenes!

    Anyhow, keep up the amazing work, and as expected I will be here next week to read and re-read your amazing catch ups!

    • Hi Hypa Kitty! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and all the way from the U.K. too! You are so sweet!

      I didn’t realize the U.K. was an episode behind the U.S. in terms of the the TVD airing schedule. I’m actually a bit jealous of that, because you still have an extra new episode to look forward to! “Daddy Issues” was probably one of my favorite episodes of the Season. But “Crying Wolf,” which, as you may know, aired in the U.S. last night, is excellent too. So, you have much more Damon-y and Stefan-y fabulousness to enjoy in your near future!

      I’m with you! Animated GIFs are just the best invention on the planet, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, how else would you get to watch Damon Salvatore take a shower OVER and OVER and OVER again for hours at a stretch? (not that I do that, of course ;))

      Speaking of the GIFS and screenshots, I had to laugh at your mention of the mistitled one of Damon. My screencaps and screenshots are so often misspelled and mistitled that I often have trouble finding them again when I need them for future recaps. *blushes* Sometimes this just comes from me being a flake, when I’m doing the file saving. But other times, I just keep the same file name as the person who originally created the gif or screenshot. I think that was probably the situation with the Damon picture. (Because I can’t imagine EVER getting Ian or Damon’s name wrong! :))

      I look forward to gushing over many more TVD episodes with you in the future, Hypa Kitty. Thanks again for reading! 😉

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  23. Kaleigh

    Great recap as always with one HUGE exception. So don’t understand the Rose hate. Andie is so much more irritating to me bc 1) she’s probably half if not completely retarded and 2) she’s not even Damon’s friend, she’s his distraction. At least Damon and Rose had a deeper connection on a friendship level. Andie is just some bathtub plaything with half a brain. Rose had the self respect to NOT love Damon bc he was in love with another woman, but was also willing (and likely horny) enough to be Damon’s special friend. But I never got the impression that she wanted a relationship with Damon beyond a platonic one. The words “I’m gonna stay and help you. Save Elena, protect Elena, all things Elena…Just friends…I don’t love men who love other women. I think more of myself than that…” generally left the impression (well to me anyway) that not only was Rose totally fine with being a f*ck buddy, but that in fact she was CHAMPIONING the Delena ship. It seems to me like Andie’s desperate and lonely bc she doesn’t have self respect and will invariably seek more from Damon than just Friends with Benefits. I love most of your assessments and agree with the Delena Forwood love, but cut Rose a little slack man!

    • Hey Kaleigh! I think Rose bore the brunt of a lot of my Delena frustrations at this point in the series, making her an easy target for some cheap laughs I tried to insert into my TVD caps. 🙂

      Rose came along right at the time, when the writers had FINALLY gotten Damon and Elena over the “Jeremy Attempted Murder” hump (not that she didn’t have a reason to be mad about that, of course), and FINALLY, after a season and a half, of Stelena, Stelena, Stelena, seemed on their way toward coupledom. (Case in point, the episode “ROSE” includes what remains my absolute favorite Delena moment to date . .. I think you know which one. ;))

      That the writers chose THAT moment to insert a new character as a potential love interest for Damon, when they hadn’t really done so, since early Season 1 with Caroline (sort of) REALLY DUSTED MY DOILIES. To me, it was a big middle finger in the face of Delena fans, who had been patiently waiting all this time.

      The thing about Andie, is that I never really saw her as a true contender for Damon’s heart, mainly because she, like Caroline before her, spent the majority of that relationship under compulsion. Sometimes Damon drowns his sadness in alcohol, and sometimes he does it in sex with compelled, vulnerable women. So, while I think Damon did care for Andie, to some extent, he did so, like one would care for a loyal pet, or a good bottle of booze, not like a lover.

      But Rose, for all her protestations that she didn’t want anything from Damon but sex (thou doth protest too much) was portrayed by the writers as a true contender for Damon’s heart. Unlike with Andie and Caroline, Rose was portrayed as Damon’s equal, and as someone he grew to deeply care about in a human way. And that made her dangerous to my ship. 🙂

  24. Hey! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

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