When the Going Gets Tough (the Tough Get Tortured)- A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Crying Wolf”

Poor Damon!  This was really NOT your episode, was it?  NO Sexy Shirtless Bathtime Fun, NO scenes with ELENA, TOTALLY SHOWED UP by Vampire Elijah, and FORCED to be the Masochist in some Random Werewolf’s Creepy S&M Fantasy.  Methinks SOMEONE needs a hug, BIGTIME!

Well this was a rather eventful episode, wasn’t it?  Here’s just a quick rundown of SOME of the things that happened on TVD this week: Salvatore Brothers and witches got tortured; werewolves got their hearts ripped out; we started to HATE Tyler; we began to LOVE Tyler again, and then he LEFT  Elijah OWNED us all; and Jeremy and Bonnie started swapping spit. 

Whew!  Just thinking about it, makes me all tired and sweaty . . .  In fact, you know what I need now?  A SHOWER!

And THAT was the unnatural and manipulative way I managed to work Naked Damon into this recap . . . Any questions?

Prepare to have your hearts ripped out TVD fans.   Because this recap is about to begin  . . .

And then there were THREE . . .

It’s fitting that this episode was entitled “Crying Wolf” because most of those EVIL VAMPIRE-TORTURING WEREWOLVES finally friggin died!  GOOD RIDDENS! After all, the hour’s opening moments featured Soul Crusher Jules and Wereoaf Brady tearfully preparing to BURN their dead, after last week’s Were/Vamp/Witch Showdown.  Then THIS GUY appears literally out of no where .  . .

And he just starts babbling on . . . and ON .  .. and ON, as if we are automatically supposed to know who the f*&k he is, but we DON’T.  We don’t really care who he is either.  Because he’s a WEREWOLF, who is not Tyler, which, by definition, means he SUCKS ASS.  Nevertheless, Random Dude played an important enough part in this episode that I am unfortunately required give him a name.  So, I will: Weredork.

Anyway, Weredork helpfully informs Soul Crusher Jules and Wereoaf Brady that, since Mason was hanging out with Vampire Katherine before he croaked, and seemed intent on finding the Moonstone, one can deduce that: (1) Team Salvatore jacked the Moonstone, after murdering Mason; and (2) they are currently collecting all the ingredients they need to break the Moonstone Curse.  As loyal  TVD fans, we know that Weredorks assessment of Team Salvatore is only half-true.  But, for now, we are willing to go with it, anyway (if only so Weredork will finally shut the hell up) . . .

Wereoaf Brady responds to this new discovery, by saying, in his typical overly simplistic Comic Book Villain way, “We can’t let that happen, even if we have to kill EVERY LAST VAMPIRE . . .”

[Insert Cheesy Maniacal Laugh Here]

(Coincidentally, here are some OTHER things Wereoaf Brady would view as justification to “KILL EVERY LAST VAMPIRE:”  (1) A vampire stole his girlfriend; (2) a vampire THOUGHT about stealing his girlfriend; (3) a vampire stole his Cocoa Puffs (Thereby, driving him cuckoo.); (4) a vampire has a better Maniacal Laugh than he does; (5) a vampire has more hair than he does . . .)

From the Dog Poo-Covered Forest of the Were People, we are then transported to a much Kinder, Gentler Locale, namely Vampire Barbie’s Dream House, where Vampire Barbie, herself, is cuddled up in bed with BOTH Elena and the Witchy Bonnie.  (Male Fantasy, much?)

“Hello, LADIES!  Got room for one more?”

The phone rings.  And Elena literally falls out of her bed and onto her rump, trying to answer it.  And all I can say, is that I WISH someone had a GIF of this moment that I can share with you.  Because, to me, anyway, watching Ridiculously Attractive People Fall Down (provided nobody gets seriously hurt, of course) is ALWAYS funny.

Oooh . . . wait . . . nevermind!  I just found one!


Not surprisingly, Elena’s Gentleman Caller just so happens to be Stefan.  (CLEARLY, this vampire has never learned the “Don’t Call a Girl’s House Before 10 a.m. on Weekends, Because She Needs Her Beauty Sleep” Rule.)  Fortunately, for Stefan though, Elena doesn’t seem to mind being woken up too much . . .

Is it just me, or does the above screencap look EXACTLY like one of those Love Line ads they air on television at 3 a.m?  You know . . . the ones that promise Very Lonely Men that if they “CALL NOW, for only a $1.95 a minute, they can have phone sex with Criminally Underage Females?”

Speaking of Sex Lines, as far as Phone Sex Operators go, Elena would a be a NATURAL!  Observe the kittenish, and almost nauseatingly flirtatious, way in which she tells Stefan she wants to “have a Slumber Party with him,” and convinces him to drop everything, for an impromptu weekend getaway at her family’s lakehouse.  Fortunately for Stefan, he’s been around long enough to recognize an Opportunity for Lots of Sex when he sees one.  And so, he instantly accepts his girlfriend’s invitation.

“Who’s your Pimp Daddy?  Awww yeah, it’s ME!”

Speaking of BIG PIMPS . . .

Mama’s Got a Brand New Scarf . . .

Woah . . . Alaric looks REALLY jealous . . . of Andie!

Those of you who watched last week’s installment of TVD (and, seriously, how could you NOT HAVE?  It was SO AWESOME!), know that it ended with a Wet and Soapy Damon getting hot and heavy with a certain “Action News” reporter . . .

Well, it turns out she spent the night with Damon at La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  (Sorry LADIES!)  The next morning, (just like Damon’s LAST Sex Toy, Caroline) we find Andie sporting a telltale new scarf around her undoubtedly vampire Hickey-covered neck, and cheerfully obeying every Damon’s every command.  Before she leaves, Andie helpfully informs Damon that Elijah will be hosting a Historical Society Event in town.  Damon’s curiousity is piqued by this information, because he has a TOTAL Man Crush on Elijah.  (Can you blame him?)

Then, Damon catches Andie at the door, and pulls her into his hypnotic gaze, “You are falling hard [for me],” he commands.  (Not that he NEEDS to do this, mind you, given who he is, and WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE NAKED).

“You may be the one,” a Tranced Out Andie agrees before exiting .

By the way, Delena fans will proudly note that Damon clearly COULD HAVE used this trick on Elena,  back during “Rose,” when he first confessed his love for her.  He DIDN’T, of course, because he DOES LOVE HER, and wants what they have together to remain REAL and PURE.  (Regarding My Favorite TVD Scene EVER, we sort of get to revisit it, later in this episode.  But not exactly in the way you might think  . . .)

It’s Time for a Little Bromance!

Speaking of people who are not-so-secretly in love with Damon (See what I did there? ;)), his Bromantic Buddy, Alaric, is waiting in the wings for Andie to leave, so that the pair can engage in a much-needed Team Bad Ass Reunion . .

The two immediately begin gossiping like school girls, with Damon noting how “excited” he is to crash Elijah’s Historical Society Tea Party.  “Oooh!  What are you going to wear?”  Alaric coos excitedly, secretly hoping that Damon has decided to wear nothing at all . . . You’re not planning to KILL Elijah at his own Tea Party, are you [ because that would just be RUDE]?”  Alaric, ever the Master of Decorum, inquires with concern.

“No . . . but I think it’s time we met,” Damon replies.

Ummm .  . . Damon, haven’t you ALREADY met Elijah?  (And by “met” I mean,  “staked his ass once.  Then, a few episodes later, watched in horror, as he ripped the hearts out of two vampires at once, with the same ease, and lack of concern, with which most people take peanut butter out of the pantry.”)


That’s right!  You BETTER BOW DOWN!

Surprisingly, Damon actually DOES want to hook up with talk to Elijah, BEFORE he kills him.  Specifically, Damon hopes that Elijah will let him in on his TRUE intentions regarding Elena.  But, considering Elijah, is NOT THAT DUMB, it’s probably a good thing that Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy have a MUCH STUPIDER subject from whom this information can be obtained, namely, Luka the Puke-a!

She put a spell on YOU!

That’s right, Boys and Girls!  Luka (a.k.a. Wind Orgasm Guy) . . .

 . . . knows what Elijah’s been hiding!  (Him and Big Bad Warlock, Papa Jonas, are in cahoots with the guy, after all.)  And, unlike Elijah, Luka’s not smart enough to keep all this a secret from his nemeses . . .

A Warning to Jeremy:  Do NOT F*&K with BONNIE BENNETT!  When her boyfriends screw her over, she gets revenge, BIG TIME.  And, judging by what she did to Luka this week, if you screw this up, headaches are going to be the LEAST of your problems, Mini Gilbert!

“Is it too late to un-cancel my subscription to Match.com?”

While Caroline and Jeremy look on, with a mixture of awe, and horror, Bonnie pretty much singlehandedly (1) lures Luka into her Witchy Web . . .


 . . . (2) mind-f*&ks him into unconsciousness; (3) drags him back to her house; (4) makes him have a REALLY PAINFUL LOOKING seizure  (Then again . . . is there really any other kind of seizure, besides a REALLY PAINFUL ONE?)

. . . (5) puts him in a trance . . .

. . . (6) gets him to reveal information about Elijah that’s ALMOST DEFINITELY going to get him murdered; (7) and then makes him forget the whole incident ever happened . . .

Enjoy your blissful ignorance while it lasts, Luka!  Because once Elijah finds out what you told Bonnie, trance or no trance, the only “more screentime” you will be getting is a not-particularly-well-attended funeral!

What we learn from Luka through this, admittedly immoral, interrogation process, is the following:  (By the way, forgive me for the extensive use of LISTS in this recap.  It just seems kind of necessary, given everything we’ve learned this week.) : (1) Elijah’s ULTIMATE plan is to kill Santa Klaus . . .

(2) Since Santa Klaus is OLD AS F*&K, the only way to KILL HIM is to make him vulnerable.  And the only way to make him VULNERABLE, is to perform the Moonstone Sacrifice.  After THAT sacrifice is performed, Klaus will be temporarily weakened.  And Elijah can go in for the kill. 

(3) In order for this to happen, Elena must DIE . . .

(4) Finally, not that we actually CARE, but Jonas and Luka are working with Elijah, because he promised to release Luka’s sister from Santa Klaus’ clutches, if they agreed to give the BAD ASS MO FO a helping hand.

Mind Rape of Luka completed, Bonnie promptly calls Damon to share this information with HIM, who, in turn calls Stefan.  (It’s like PLAYING TELEPHONE!)  Then, the Little Witch turns her attention to Mini Gilbert, whose been giving the girl Puppy Dog Eyes the WHOLE NIGHT!

“Roof-Roof, Bow-Wow”

Bonnie soon launches into another one of her ENDLESS TIRADES about why she can’t be with Jeremy.  “I’ve known you forever,” explains Bonnie matter-of-factly.  “I’ve seen you through your Awkward Phase . . .

 . . . your Emo Phase . . .

 . . . and your Druggie Phase . . .”

(Ummm . . . yeah Bonnie?  Don’t act like your so special.  We’ve seen all those “phases” too.  They happened over the course of about five episodes . . .)

“But now, you’ve turned into this HOT GUY, who’s really sweet,” Bonnie concludes.

Mini Gilbert may be a bit younger than the rest of his Scooby Crew.  But he’s NO DUMMY!  He knows an INVITATION when he sees one.  And so he pulls his Witchy Woman in close for a Big Juicy Wet One . . .


I’m happy for your Mini Gilbert.  Really, I am.  But, like I said earlier, just do yourself a BIG favor, and DON’T MAKE HER ANGRY!

Because if you do, you may not live to regret it.

Speaking of people you REALLY shouldn’t mess with . . .

Damon Gets Pinned to the Wall (and not in a good way) . . .

So, I mentioned earlier, that Damon was headed to a little Tea Party to have a little meeting with the Big Bad Elijah.  Needless to say,  it doesn’t go well . . .

Elijah thinks Damon should KNOW HIS ROLE (i.e. protect Elena, and otherwise, BUTT OUT!)  “The moment you cease to be of use to me, you are dead.  So, you should do what I say,” threatens Elijah.

Not typically one to do what he’s told, Damon is not cool with this . . . AT ALL . . .  But he gets a bit cooler with it, after Elijah shoves him in to a wall, and sticks a pencil in his neck .  . .  OUCH!

Needless to say, it’s been a rough day for Damon, and he’s VERY MUCH looking forward to a nice relaxing evening spent having sex withgossiping with Alaric about his new girlfriend, and Elijah’s awesome hair.  Unfortunately, Damon can’t relax long, because he has WERE-Company . . .

Before Damon can say, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,” Alaric has been shot, and is playing dead.  (Don’t forget, dude’s got the Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality on his side!)

“Jewelry is a man’s best friend!”

. . . and Damon himself has been made into a Sex Museum Exhibit, by Jules, the Weredork , and some soon-to-be-dead Were-extras . . .

Having been on the OTHER SIDE of this situation not so long ago, Damon can’t help but note the irony of it all . . .

But then ELIJAH THE AWESOME ARRIVES!  Once at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Elijah begins doing what he does best, i.e. ripping  the hearts out of random pesky supernatural creatures (like Weredork), and assorted TVD extras, who are not playing nice with his new Man Friend, Damon . . .

Needless to say, this is the third time Elijah has spared / saved Damon’s life in furtherance of the promise he made to Elena back during Episode 10.  Understandably, Damon is impressed and more than a bit turned on.

Unfortunately, however, Soul Crusher Jules got away, before Elijah had the chance to literally RIP HER A NEW ONE . . .

“Nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, I still have my [non-functioning and black as coal] heart!”

(Elijah always did seem to have a bit of a soft spot, for the LADIES, if you know what I mean . . .)

But aside from THAT major (not to mention highly plot convenient) misstep, on Elijah’s part, most of the pesky were-losers are now dead, Alaric is OK, Damon is safe, sound, and has a brand new role model, and everyone (involved this plotline, at least) can, for now, live happily ever after . . .

Well . . . except for Useless Aunt Jenna . . .

  . . .  who thinks her boyfriend, Alaric, stood her up because he was “grading papers and fell asleep; and can’t understand why she’s stuck living in such a BORING TOWN! 😉

Meanwhile, over at the Lakehouse . . .

 Ding Dong the Wereoaf’s Dead (and Tyler’s regretful, and Elena’s got some ‘splaining to do)

While Elena waxes poetic about her long-term future with Stefan (in a scene which is a bit snoozy, and nauseatingly Twilight-esque, but actually ends up being REALLY important . . .) . . . the EEEVVILL WEREWOLVES are plotting to ensure that the Happy Couple’s IMMEDIATE future will SUCK royally  . . .

Tyler has just arrived at the Were-house.  So, Weredork decides to fill him in on the whole “Moonstone Curse” thing . . .

“I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking that my whole purpose in this episode is to impart all the BORING, but important, information that the characters and you need to know to understand what’s going on here.  Then, I have to DIE fast, before my presence becomes too tiresome to TVD fans, predisposed to hate my guts.  But, actually . . . no . . . come to think of it . . . that’s exactly right.”

Weredork dully explains to Tyler how the Moonstone Curse restricts vampires from walking in daylight (unless, of course, they have Sunscreen Rings),  and forces werewolves to change during the full moon.  If the vampires break the curse, they can walk around outside anytime they want (which, most of them can do ANYWAY, due to Sunscreen Rings).  But, if WEREWOLVES break the curse, they can turn at will, and don’t HAVE to transform, during the Full Moon.  This of course, means they don’t have to turn AT ALL, if they choose not to do so.

Tyler likes this idea, VERY MUCH!  Gee, I wonder why?

Weredork also explains to Tyler that the Petrova Doppelganger, who LOOKS like Mason’s ex girlfriend Katherine, is NEEDED to break the curse.  (Of course, he carefully leaves out WHY she’s needed, and what she would have to do to actually break it.)  An-Eager-to-Please Tyler douchebaggily helpfully points out that ELENA is the Petrova Doppelganger, after seeing a picture of her look-a-like Katherine.  Tyler even goes as far as to offer to help find his so-called “friend.”

Tyler does this, by bumping into Caroline at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  He then pretend  to try to apologize to her again for standing around and doing NOTHING, like a TOTAL jackass, last week, while she was getting TORTURED by his Were-Loser Friends.  Needless to say, Tyler’s lame APOLOGY fails miserably.  But THIS doesn’t . . .


*cough a$$hole cough*

Of course, like many of you, I don’t initially notice Tyler surreptitiously putting Caroline’s cellphone in his butt pocket, after he accidentally / on purpose bumps into her.  (People can itchy back there, sometimes, you know?)  So, when Elena gets a text from “Caroline” asking to talk, and she replies that she’s headed to the Lakehouse, I think that text is REALLY from Caroline. 

So, when  the camera paned up from the phone to EVIL TYLER, wearing a Cat Who Ate the Canary expression on his face . . .


  .  . . I may or may not have thrown a pillow (or ten) at the television screen . . .

Just sayin . . .

Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena are at the Lakehouse, enjoying their time together, by HAVING SEX exploring their surroundings. (Seriously?  Because if it was DAMON, you just know they’d be HAVING SEX!)  After all, Elena hasn’t visited the Lakehouse, since her parents died.  And there  is much teary-eyed reminiscing to be done.  That being said, there are SOME things in your childhood vacation home that you shouldn’t go searching for, when your boyfriend is in town . . .

The Awkward Moment when your Vampire Boyfriend finds your Parents’ Secret Vampire Slayer Weapons Stash . . .

But before Elena even has the chance to come up with a convincing lie as to what these “tools” were used for (“Ummmm, my parents were REALLY Aggressive Gardeners?”), Stefan and Elena learn that they are not-so-much alone in the Lakehouse.  Then, THIS happens . . .


To add insult to injury, Tyler is there too, looking particularly menacing (and, regrettably, very hot).

On the ground, and writhing in pain, Stefan begs Tyler for help.  “We don’t want to break the Moonstone Curse,” Stefan pleads to his “friend.”

“But I DO,” replies Tyler, before shooting him in the leg. (Oooh, Steffy!  Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

While Tyler continues to hold Stefan at gunpoint, Wereoaf Brady chases Elena around the Lakehouse, saying creepy things to her like, “I can smell you.”  (Is it just me, or does Elena get chased around houses by psychos, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE?)

“Awwww, man, NOT AGAIN!  This kickass boots I’m wearing are simply not made for running stairs.”

Fortunately, for Elena, she manages to incapacitate Wereoaf Brady, long enough for a now-conscious Stefan to rip out his heart, Elijah Style (Am I spotting a new- trend here?)

Hey, Elena . . . guess what we’re having for dinner tonight?  I hear it tastes JUST LIKE CHICKEN!”

(By the way, is it just me, or do the “hearts” on this show always seem to resemble hand grenades?  Maybe that is supposed to be “symbolic” or something . . .)

Nice knowin’ ya, Wereoaf Brady!  That’s what ya get, for Screwing with Vampire Barbie!

Stefan briefly contemplates de-hearting Tyler too.  But, ultimately, he decides against it.  Instead, the Younger Salvatore informs the Temporary Villain that this Moonstone Curse he seems so intent on breaking, requires Elena to DIE, in order for him to accomplish it. 

“I’m sorry Elena.  I didn’t know what they were going to do to you.  I just didn’t want to be like this anymore,” Tyler mumbles guiltily.

Too little, too late?  I’d say so, if I was Elena.  But our girl, Gilbert, has a heart of PURE GOLD.  And she responds to Tyler’s admittedly inadequate apology for breaking into her dead parents’ home, SHOOTING HER BOYFRIEND, and stalking her with a Were-oaf, by offering him up one of her trademark hugs . . .


Hugs by Elena:  They can turn even the baddest of boys, GOOD!  Just ask THIS GUY!

Wonder of wonders, Elena’s Magic Hug does seem to do it’s job on Tyler.  Toward the end of the episode, our favorite Teen Wolf once again heads to the Scene of the Phone-Stealing Crime (Seriously, I hope he RETURNED that!  Caroline seems like a gal who REALLY likes her phone).   Once again, he confronts Matt, with whom he had “words” earlier on in the episode . . .


Apparently, Clueless Matt is FINALLY getting tired of being lied to.  He also realizes that Tyler and Caroline are obviously in love are the ones doing most of the lying to him.  Understandably, it pisses him off.  Tyler, who recognizes this, comes clean to Matt, by saying the SWEETEST PRO-FORWOOD SPEECH IMAGINABLE!

And here it is:

“I’ve been going through a rough time, something I can’t really talk about. And Caroline’s been helping me through it. She’s been there for me, more than anyone’s ever been there my entire life. And I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible. She loves you, and she needs you. And to be honest, she deserves someone like you, so you be good to her. Okay?”

You can watch the scene, in all it’s Forwoody Awesomness, here:

Honestly?  I know it doesn’t take back his pansy-assedness of last week, or his douchiness of this one.  And yet, Tyler’s speech to Matt, which SO OBVIOUSLY came out of the Damon Salvatore: Bad Boy Pining and Self-Sacrificing for Dummies Handbook, by the way,  (Watch that FABULOUS scene from “Rose” again, and compare, if you don’t believe me!).

“I know, I’m awesome!”

 . . . had the impact of giving me TOTAL amnesia of all of Tyler’s bad acts, and only leaving me with THIS . . .

Oh, yeah!  I’m THAT easy!

And, BECAUSE, af ter a brief hiatus, I am now totally on Team Tyler again, I found the end of the episode, in which Tyler visits Caroline secretly, one last time . . .

 . . . leaves his own mother a Dear John note . . .

 . . . and escapes to Lord Knows Where, but definitely away from Mystic Falls, with Soul Crusher Jules . . .

 . . . so incredibly hearbreaking.

Not that I don’t think that Tyler will be BACK, or anything.  Because he TOTALLY WILL!  The question is, however  . . . will Caroline be waiting for him, when he returns . . .

*Sigh* MAN, I hope so!  Because this . . .

 . . . is not something you can just throw away!

Did I mention that, when Stefan learns Elijah’s true intentions from Damon, and confronts Elena about how her “friend” basically wants her to DIE, she says that ALREADY KNOWS, AND DOESN”T GIVE TWO SH*TS?

Contrary to what we might have assumed, Elijah did NOT trick Elena into thinking he was going to save her, when he had no intention of doing so.  Rather, Elena VOLUNTARILY agreed to sacrifice her life, so that Elijah would spare the lives of the people she loves (LIKE DAMON!).  Stefan, of course, is so TOTALLY not cool with the idea of his girlfriend playing martyr . . .

He’s also kind of pissed at her for saying that the two had a “LONG FUTURE” ahead of them (back when she was trying to get into his pants, earlier on in the trip), when she knew all along that it wasn’t the case.  (See? I told you that sappy Stelena scene at the beginning of the episode would be important!)

And yet, watching this exchange, I found myself only thinking of ONE thing:  What’s DAMON going to do, when he finds out about Elena’s Quest for Martyrdom?  Because, you KNOW Damon’s going to have some sort of a plan to save his Lady Love!

Personally?   I’m hoping it involves him showing up in Elena’s bedroom naked, and COMPELLING her to want to stay alive, using body parts other than his eyes, if you catch my drift.  Of course, that’s just me .  . .

And that’s all I’ve got, Fangbangers!  As for next week’s TVD installment, “The Dinner Party” you can check out the Extended Promo here:

Dinner party hijinks?  Elijah being awesome?  Damon snarking at everyone?  A petulant Katherine?  The return of DARK STEFAN?  Am I the only one wishing it was Thursday, already?

See ya, then!

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57 responses to “When the Going Gets Tough (the Tough Get Tortured)- A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Crying Wolf”

  1. Dark!Stefan is such a magnificent bastard that I am already salivating at the thought of him appearing. Seriously, he could devour me whole and I would be happy.

    You know, Elena has been irritating me just an eensy weensy bit in recent episodes, but the Tyler hug completely redeemed her for me. I think that her limitless capacity for compassion is what makes her a special heroine, and this episode reminded me of that. She doesn’t see things in black and white, and understands people’s motivations and the hurt that can drive them to do harmful things. Plus, no one has really given Tyler the chance to grieve or understand why Mason has been killed. It really has just been swept under the carpet by having him on the admittedly jackassey and douchey backfoot so quickly. You know I am a sucker for obligatory psychotic jackasses with a soul, and given the conflicting pieces of advice and omissions of vital pieces of information, combined with his hot headed nature, I’m not surprise he has done some stupid things.

    Here is hoping that when he swoops back into Mystic Falls all manly and hot to save Caroline and plant a big, fat, juice one on her (make it happen, writers!), he will have gained some more maturity and patience. We’ve seen some signs of this with Caroline. Look at his kissing style with her, even. Soft, waiting for clear signals she is into it, stopping immediately when she pulls away. Contrast that to Vicki and Thing Two makeout scenes, where it was just a one-way hormone street where he almost attacked the girls, so aggressive was his kissing. But now he needs to learn some restraint in his decision-making. Not all of this can be blamed on being a werewolf, some of it is just pure Tyler Lockwood.

    The “I kinda fell for her” killed me softly inside, in a good way.

    Damon and Elijah action had HEAVY HoYay undertones. The actors are so sexy and charismatic that I guess I could read something sexual into them flossing, but seeing E throw D around was delicious.

    This recap was so fabulous and full of awesome quips. “De-hearted” is my new favourite word, and I so loved BAMF Stefan doing this to Brady. I hope that Damon’s first act as an honest-to-goodness vamp parent to Caroline is to teach her how to do the same to Jules. I’m curious to find out whether Damon learned the heart rip from Stefan, or vice versa. I’m surprised you said that Stef ripping the heart out was Elijah Style rather than Damon Style. You aren’t being tempted by the wiley ways of this Original vamp, now are you?! 🙂

    Steven R McQueen made my knees buckle with his “enough already” and his little half-smile when he goes back in for seconds with Bonnie. You could feel through the TV screen just how badly he wanted to kiss Bonnie all episode, and it was almost a kiss feeled with so much consummated longing I couldn’t help but feel happy, even if Bonnie still leaves me cold.

    You made me laugh SO DAMN MUCH with the inclusion of Steven’s Everwood “awkward phase” photo. Was the second photo from TVD? It really is comical how hot he has become in such a short period of time.

    Also Vampire Barbie’s Dream House? Hehehehehehehe! Just as long as TVD’s version of Ken goes and plays with Skipper or some Bratz Doll after a while, I’ll be happy.

    My only disappointment? That Tyler didn’t text back an “xoxo” to Elena as Caroline on the mobile phone.

    • LOL . . . when Elena didn’t get that xoxo, back from Caroline, she should have IMMEDIATELY known something was up. Silly Elena! You were right about what you said last week. Clearly, Elena doesn’t know Caroline, at ALL! 😉

      You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think that Emo picture of Jeremy did come from an early TVD episode. (Believe it or not, when I was prepping for the recap, I actually did an image search for “Emo Jeremy Vampire Diaries.” To get the first picture, I search “young Steven R. McQueen.” I didn’t even realize the picture was from Everwood! Go figure!) But, yeah, Jeremy’s style, physical appearance, and personality, DEFINITELY changed at least three distinct times during the course of the series.

      It’s actually strange how physically different Steven R. McQueen looks now than he looked Season 1. Because that noticeable of a physical a difference in such a short amount of time, is usually more common of someone Jeremy’s age (i.e. pubescent), than someone Steven McQueen’s actual age. Perhaps, he was just a very late bloomer. 🙂

      I love your description of the Jonnie kiss — Consummated Longing, very poetic. You know how I feel about Bonnie. And yet, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the Jonnie kiss this week. Of course, like you, I attribute that to Steven McQueen’s intensity, mixed with puppy dog longing. In some ways, his “enough already” exclamation, and the way he finally got up the nerve to “Just Do it,” because Bonnie admitted to finding him hot, was VERY Forwood-esque, wasn’t it? Maybe that’s why I liked it as much as I did.

      It was GREAT seeing that Wereoaf Brady meet his demise at Stefan’s hand. And it surprised me for two reasons: (1) I honestly didn’t think Stefan had it in him. Dark Stefan – definitely, Regular Stefan? Well, let’s just say he surprised me. (2) I honestly thought Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Brady, was going to stick around longer. It kind of seemed as though they were setting him up as a Big Bad. So, I was genuinely surprised to see him croak with so little fanfare. I guess that’s TVD for ya!

      Awww, I would NEVER deprive my Damon of credit for one of his signature moves! 🙂 But, in this case, the De-Hearting was definitely an Elijah Original Technique. If I recall correctly, Elijah showcased it for the first time in “The Sacrifice” when those two bounty hunting vamps came to take Elena to Klaus, and ended up losing their hearts instead . . . In fact, I’m pretty sure DAMON learned it from Elijah, and STEFAN learned it from DAMON, when Damon did it at the Were-House last week. It’s almost as if the three of them have their own private school for BAMF-ness, and Elijah is the headmaster. 🙂

      Ahhh, Damon and Elijah and their Flirtatious, Mutual EyeF*&king Admiration Society . . . in another lifetime, these two would have been lovers, for sure! Hmmm . . . I wonder if either Bad Boy vampire ever “swung from the banana tree,” during their many years wandering the earth? Something tells me that the answer to that question is “YES” for both of them. Damon and Elijah are nothing if not “Carpe Diem” types, after all . . .

      Ahhhh, Tyler . . . that boy knows how to play with my mind and my emotions like no other. Now, I know how Caroline must feel! 🙂

      And yes, I’m very eager to see Dark Stefan make his much awaited reappearance next week. Just based on what we saw in the promos, it definitely seems like he will be at his terrifying best. That line about “who wants to die next,” literally gave me chills, especially combined with Stefan’s bloody face, and the demon-like expression he wore when he uttered them.

  2. *filled not feeled

    Sheesh! I am tired, obviously! 😉

  3. imaginarymen

    I will read and comment later, but two things:

    1. Julie you make up the BEST titles to your recaps!!
    2. VictiMom and my exchange during the show:

    Me: At the convention I’m going to buy a ticket to meet Tyler. So I can punch him in the face
    Mom: Buy one for me to, and then punch him again


    NOT Team Forwood in this house or any sort of team that involves Tyler or Jules or any of the other stinky stupid werewolves. Sorry ladies.

    Oh, and the witches can go too ;-p

    • Amy, just FYI, Trevino has been quoted as saying he likes “girls that slap me around”.

      So, you and VictiMom would probably get a snog for your efforts 😉

      Just remember Tyler is a scared, EXTREMELY HOT, teenager in the show, and has grown so much from the Tyler Jockwood persona he used to have. Just give him a chance to grow on you… like a fungus 😉

      • Plus, girlies, if we can forgive Damon snapping Jeremy’s neck, we should find it in our hearts to forgive a hot werewolf for a moment’s hesitation if he makes up for it later on with a full on hero move you just know he is bound to do 😉

    • First of all, Victimom ROCKS MY SOCKS! 🙂 Seriously, you guys have to do a YouTube recap of TVD one of these days. I swear it would go viral!

      Sheesh, so she hates Stefan AND Tyler too! That’s a whole lotta hating, for an hour long show. 🙂

      I’m with you guys on the rest of the weres, though (particularly, that pompous Weredork from this week’s episode He bugged me THE MOST . . . more than Jules and Brady, even! I mean, at least Brady was hot, and Jules can occasionally be protective and mommy-like to Tyler, sort of, when she wants to be. Weredork was just a supercillious PAIN IN THE ASS.). I’m with you on the witches too . . . well, mostly Luka . . . and Bonnie.

      Does it make me a terrible person that I was still HATING on Luka, even as Bonnie was torturing him, seemingly to evoke my sympathy for his character? Maybe it was the way his tranced out face smiled blissfully when he said, “Elena has to die.” He doesn’t even KNOW Elena! And that was just creepy!

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  5. Gen

    Dude, I’m seeing my (txgirl0302) gifs all over this recap! It makes me insanely giddy lol. I look forward to these recaps every week. I’ve been Team Tyler from the start and yeah to say I was sad that he left would be a complete understatement. I was DEVASTATED. I think it was a HUGE step for Tyler to admit his feelings for Caroline to Matt and I’m glad that Tyler was able to do that before he left. The scene when he stood outside Caroline’s house did me in. I really do hope that he comes back and fights for her. My Team Tyler and Caroline flag still waves high and proud. Awesome recap yet again. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting GEN. OMG! YOU are txgirl0302?

      You are officially my idol. You have the BEST Forwood gifs on the PLANET! Literally, every time I was looking for a GIF of a particular Forwood moment I liked from the episode, your name came up. It was crazy! 🙂 I am so honored to think a GIF maven like yourself is reading my blog. No joke.

      In fact, in the first draft of this recap, I actually had a special sentence toward the top of the blog crediting you for all the awesome Forwood GIFS. But then, by the end, this recap was so crowded with GIFS (I may have gone a bit overboard this week, admittedly), that I thought including the sentence might confuse or offend other other folks who’s GIFS I used. So, I decided to just do the whole “Source” thing.

      If it sends some traffic your way, I will be a very happy camper. Because you TOTALLY deserve it.

      Michael Trevino was really stellar this week, wasn’t he? Very few actors (aside from Ian Somerhalder, of course), have the power to evoke such strong and differing emotions in me, in such a short amount of time. I was FURIOUS with Tyler when he pulled that gag with the phone. And I was FURIOUS with him when he shot Stefan in the leg.

      But then, his apology to Elena, softened my heart. And his subsequent very Damon-esque speech to Matt made it completely melt. Then, when Tyler ends up in that car with Jules, headed off to lord knows where, my heart got smashed into itty bitty bits. 🙂

      Oh, he’ll definitely be back, especially once this whole Sacrifice thing goes down. And I predict that the WAY he comes back is going to completely redeem him to Caroline. He’s going to risk his own life, to save hers. I just know it.

      Hopefully, for us Forwood fans sakes, it happens sooner than later. 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by . . . and for, pretty much illustrating one third of this recap with your mad GIFing skills.

      • Gen

        Aww thank you and you are very welcome! I’m just glad you are using them. Tyler and Caroline where my crackship couple during S1. “Haunted” did me in lol. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when they started on their journey this season.

        I have no doubt that Tyler will be back. He just needs to go find himself, figure out who he is and come to terms with what he is. The poor guy is so lost he had no other choice. It was the best decision for him.

        Michael Trevino brought it and continued to bring it this entire season. Being a Tyler fan in S1, I was just so incredibly proud of this guy. He turned Tyler from a a-hole jock with his temper issues to someone the fans could feel compassion for. He was able to show us that through that false bravado of a privileged and spoiled brat that there was a guy that could be selfless and vulnerable. Tyler became a person that the fans began to sympathize with, want to have happiness for, find his true love and a character so many came to love. He did an awesome job with Tyler. He should be very proud of the work he’s done thus far on TVD.

        I was never really angry with Tyler as much as I was frustrated with him. I wanted him to ask questions and have everything explained to him, but he was so set on never turning again I could understand why he didn’t.

        I know a lot of viewers were thrown off by the hug between Tyler and Elena and I for the life of me cannot understand why. They have been friends all their lives and just because it was never really shown on the show doesn’t mean there isn’t history there. They were shown hanging out at the grill after Vicki went missing. So they were shown in the same circle of friends and hello…he’s Matt’s best friend and Matt was with Elena. But it just goes to show how amazing Elena is. Her compassion for him in that moment is what was really amazing to me. I know a lot of viewers didn’t like it. Wanted her to be mad at him, but Elena understood him. He never wanted any part of that. In that moment she let Tyler know he wasn’t alone, he still had someone who cared about him, let him know that he could be forgiven and didn’t judge him. He needed that and I loved that Elena was able to give him that.

        I can see Tyler coming back stronger and more confident. The moment with Matt just showed us how much Tyler has changed. He was man enough to admit his feelings, but understand that he wasn’t the best choice for Caroline. He’s not ready to be that guy she deserves, but he will be. He’ll come back and show Caroline just how much he means to him, how far he will go to keep her safe and come back fighting for the girl he fell for. I just know it. I’m keeping the hope alive. 🙂

  6. “Coincidentally, here are some OTHER things Wereoaf Brady would view as justification to “KILL EVERY LAST VAMPIRE:” (1) A vampire stole his girlfriend; (2) a vampire THOUGHT about stealing his girlfriend; (3) a vampire stole his Cocoa Puffs (Thereby, driving him cuckoo.); (4) a vampire has a better Maniacal Laugh than he does; (5) a vampire has more hair than he does . . .”

    Haha! Too true. Lists were indeed necessary for this episode, which was the most epic one since… the last one. Possibly since Masquerade.

    By the way, I totally thought of you during the Damon/Elijah scenes, since you are huge fans of both characters. Together they are amazing.

    I too am pumped about this Thursday. I’m spoiled. These last episodes were fantastic and yet I still can’t wait for the next one. Looks pretty dark, eh? How many murders are we going to see this time? Featuring a shady Elijah, Katherine, Damon, Jonas, and even Stefan.


    • If Damon and Alaric are Team Bad Ass, Damon and ELIJAH definitely need their own team name! Hmmm . . . what could it be? I would like to leave this open to suggestions. But here are some that might work:

      (1) Team Heart Attack (for multiple reasons ;))
      (2) Team TOO Awesome for Words
      (3) Team Sex on a Stake
      (4) Team You are SOOOO Dead, if You Cross These Guys!
      (5) Team Age is Just a Number 😉
      (6) Team Frighteningly Hot Abs and Spectacular Hair (speaking of hot abs, think we will ever get an Elijah topless scene? Here’s hoping . . .)

      I just adore the way Ian and Daniel play off one another, in every single scene they share. Someone seriously needs to go hug the casting directors for me on making this pairing happen! 🙂

      I’m so glad you didn’t feel too put off by my lists, this week, Noelle. I just felt like SO much information was provided in this episode, that it needed to be broken down into something manageable, if only for my OWN recapping sanity. “Crying Wolf” was kind of like “Katerina” in this way . . . . only, of course, about 80 times better.

      Sometimes I feel like “The Sacrifice” should be its own DVD or college course (with Naked Damon as Professor, and Elijah as Teaching Assistant / Task Master ;). I mean, MAN is this Moonstone Curse stuff complex! I feel like I’m going to need to start drawing myself diagrams to make sense of it all! 🙂

      That being, said, I love how TVD packages all that information in an interesting way (Weredork not included), so that you don’t FEEL like you are being bombarded with information, even though you actually are.

      Next week’s episode looks FABULOUS, and promises many more Damon / Elijah interactions scenes, not to mention Dark Stefan Flashbacks, and Scheming Katherine’s return! YIPPEE!

      (Undoubtedly, this will go a long way toward helping me staunch the gaping wound inevitably left in my heart, by Tyler Lockwood’s temporary absence. 😦 )

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Noelle. You know how much I adore talking TVD with you. 🙂

      • Hm, someone really should come up for a name for Elijah and Damon, two real BAMFs. With the approach of Dark Stefan, I just remembered that I discovered your blog by reading your review of Miss Mystic Falls and discussing the nature of Scary Stefan vs. Scary Damon, haha.


      • Ahhhh, Miss Mystic Falls! An hour that remains one of my favorite TVD episodes of all time, for OBVIOUS reasons. *sigh* Memories! 🙂

        In addition to the Dance that Changed EVERYTHING ;), considering this week’s upcoming episode will mark Dark Stefan’s triumphant return to our TVD screens, as you wisely noted :), Miss Mystic Falls would probably be a good hour for TVD scholars to revisit, in preparation for “The Dinner Party.”

        And now for that question you asked . . .

        Hmmm Elijah and Damon – for a HoYay shipper name? I’m going to go with Elimon! 😉 It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

        For a Bromantic Buddy Name? How about Team Super BAMF? 🙂

  7. Tricus

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHA Gosh girl you had me dying with laughter on your assessment of Wereoaf and the many reasons he would think to KILL ALL VAMPIRES. Hilarious. You are funny. Your post is always funny.

  8. Tricus

    In this episode I loved the Damon and Elijah interactions. If they were not after different things I can totally see them being buddies. They are a lot alike.
    It looked like Damon was looking ta Elijah and admiring his killing moves when Elijah showed up to save Damon from the werewolfs.. Damon had that grudgingly admiring look on his face. Loved it. Elijah is a badass.
    The Stefan/Elena lovey dovey scenes always bore me so I skipped over them. I just loved it when they were fighting the werewolfs.
    I wonder how long they will have that reporter hang around to be Damon girlfriend. I think she may be there awhile. It would be good to see how Elena react to Damon having a steady girlfriend when it seems in last week episode like Elena was starting to acknowledge her deep secret, denied attraction to him.
    Would be interesting.

    • Hi Tricus! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

      LOL, yes Wereoaf Brady was definitely a character ripe for comedy, with his base hatred of seemingly everybody except Jules, his monosyllabic “Kill HIM”-type grunts during every episode, and his sociopathic obsession with SHOOTING everybody. He was also kind of hot. So, as douchey and two-dimensional as the character was, I’m kind of going to miss the guy!

      You are so right about Damon and Elijah. In another lifetime, these guys would have been best friends . . . who occasionally beat the stuffing out of one another, just for fun. In fact, I think Damon probably reminds Elijah of a “younger” version of himself. Likewise, Damon sees Elijah, with his cool moves, and low-key attitude, and thinks, “I want to be like that when I grow up.” 😉

      I tend to glean over “romantic” Stelena scenes too. It’s not that I don’t love Stefan and Elena, individually. It’s just together, they are so . . . nice. Too nice, in my opinion. I like my TV relationships to have a little spunk, some intrigue, a smidgeon of drama, and a topping of hot sex. That’s why I LOVE Delena, because they are guaranteed to have ALL OF THOSE THINGS, when they eventually get together.

      Interestingly enough, I think Stefan would have all those things I mentioned earlier with KATHERINE, if she was just a little bit less evil. It’s strange how Nina Dobrev plays both Elena and Katherine. And yet, I think KATHERINE has much better chemistry with Stefan than Elena does.

      I too wonder how long Andie’s going to be sticking around. We all know things aren’t going to end well for her. Let’s face it, most of the special guest stars on this show end up dead, within about 3 to 5 episodes. And that’s if they are LUCKY!

      And yet, while I usually HATE the idea of Damon being with anyone but Elena, for whatever reason, I don’t particularly mind him with Andie, ESPECIALLY since we are all POSITIVE that this is going to make Elena insanely jealous. I can’t wait! 🙂

  9. BrittanyMarie

    Before I say ANYTHING about this episode. I just have to say Kjewels.
    Damon was the first to do the de-hearting.

    Damon’s first show of de-hearting someone that comes to mind was in “Plan B” when he tears Mason’s heart out. Elijah doesn’t showcase his de-hearting technique until 4 episodes later. In “The Sacrifice” when she manipulates Rose into helping her and eventually Rose figures shit out and calls Damon and then Elijah shows up and rips the hearts out of two vampires before speeding off into who-the-hell-knows where.

    (Now. I shall get back to reading comments so I can actually say something about the episode and it’s epicness lol.)

    • Now that I recall, Damon’s first de-hearting was of Bree the witch in the road trip episode with Elena back in season one.

    • Well, I stand corrected. Thanks Brittany Marie for setting me straight! 🙂

      I think the reason most of us have been focusing more on all this De-Harting stuff lately, is that it has been done in Standing-Battle Mode. So we see a person, or werewolf standing one minute, and heartless the next. 🙂 I suspect this was how it was with Bree at the bar. But with Mason, he was all tied up at the time, and could not protect himself or fight back. We were all pretty sure it was curtains for him, but it was just a matter of HOW he would meet his maker. He could have been staked, or sucked dry, or shot, but he was de-hearted instead.

      So, while it was still shocking that it was done to Mason, it may have had less of the disturbing, and slightly humorou,s impact that the De-Hartings done during “Rose,” “Daddy Issues,” and “Crying Wolf” have had.

  10. BrittanyMarie

    I knew there was another one! (But that’s why I said “the first one that comes to mind.) Thanks for the memory jog Spidey!

    • You’re welcome! It was bugging me and bugging me when I commented yesterday because I couldn’t remember at first, but then I was re-watching the Jonnie kiss and went “Aha!”

      Now, the question is, who does it with more style? Elijah is famed for his doub le-header heart tears, but Damon was able to do a were heart tear while in motion in Daddy Issues. Hard to decide.

  11. BrittanyMarie

    Now that you’ve got me thinking about it. Just need to state that the episode you’re referring to is called Bloodlines. It’s the 11th episode in Season 1 [:

    • By the way, I’m SO looking forward to your comment after the epic one last week 😉

      • BrittanyMarie

        Aw yay [: Hopefully it’s equally as epic this week! If you’re still awake by the time I post it up, I’ll be equally looking forward to your input on my input [:

      • Totally! It is actually mid afternoon here in Oz, and I’m working on a postgrad uni assignment, so need something to break up the boringness. Hot vampire and were commentary and speculation? Yes please!

  12. Nasha233

    So I am all better and ready to dissect “crying wolf.” where do we start, this episode while still great, didn’t gripe me as the first two but it did have plenty of information to chew on.

    Okay to start with, it is nice to see that we didn’t miss the whole Jonnie courtship. And when did Jeremy get so cute. I am not sure about them maybe because my dislike of Bonnie is still quite strong. I don’t like judgy characters. Though she is a witch and will play a big role in helping vamps and Elena stay safe, I guess I can tolerate her.

    I told you last week I was mad at Tyler for being an ass. And I hoped real hard even at the end of last episode. Even when weredork as coined by you showed Kat’s pic with Mason, I’d hope Tyler was smarter and lie to buy time to figure things out. Alas I was misguided, and so my Forwood allegiance which was weak to begin with waned.

    The whole lake house reminiscing was okay. I like Stefan, I especially enjoy his interaction with Damon, but I am over Stelena. In first season I can see the attraction, the draw towards Stefan but now they bore me. Even finding out the secret room was just meh for me. Maybe I am biased but I tried and hoped to enjoy their happiness, but couldnt.

    On the other side of town, we see Damon with his new ‘therapist’ also journalist and a scarf. Someone who looks like Damon, kissed like Damon, has a body like Damon shouldn’t have to compel any woman to fall for him. I wonder if he does it because he believes no woman would. He probably think they would want to have sex with him because but not love him, actually fall for him. And I wonder why he is so keen on her doing so. As you said Jules, maybe he wants to see Elena’s reaction to Andie. Or maybe he is actually enjoying her company and what it does for him and actually do not want her to leave. The complexity that is Damon.

    Alaric how I miss thee. I think part of why we enjoy Alaric and Damon so much is that both Matt and Ian are close too. Whatever scene they have even a little, I love it. Very sweet. Not the same as Damon and Elijah which I will get to later, but just watching team bad ass, chilling at casa Salvatore drinking, it was nice.

    And weredork all over Damon who fought hard while drugged was not a sight to see. Yet Damon being Damon made everything even torture sexy. It is hard to scare someone who is so cool and calm. I feel Damon being tortured this episode is something we will see again. Or a situation that will put Damon in this precarious position and he will have to choose and I think he may get tortured again to save Elena. And Jules, what will happen to her, she tortured Damon, ran away and took Tyler. Will she survive the same fate as brady?

    Okay Elijah, wow just like damon, I cant help but admire the man. What a cool dude. Nothing phases the man. Nothing! The way he just struts in, tease them with the moonstone and rip their hearts out. I do believe he is the heart ripper original, and Damon learned it from him which now Stefan picked up too. I agree that having Elijah in mystic fall is like an academy for vampires. And. Damon and Elijah they are hot together. While Damon and Alaric are best buds, Damon and Elijah are best studs. Ian plays his admiration of Elijah just right. And I cant wait to see how Damon plans to best Elijah.

    For some reason when Elijah made the agreement with Elena, I always knew she knew she had to die to save her family and friends. And I always thought she made it clear to everyone she wanted to do just that to save everyone. That she had to die. Maybe they all believe they could best Elijah. I need to watch past episodes again. I am glad though Stefan told Elena it isn’t heroic, just tragic.

    Okay to finally what help me ship Forwood. Tyler, Tyler, every time he made a bad decision, I hoped but when he shot Stefan, I thought there is no turning around but when he apologize to Elena and she gave him a hug. I melted. I think you are right, Elena’s hug have magic powers. It right wrongs. Still I wasn’t on Forwood ship till that conversation he had with Matt. The whole forsaking your happiness for the woman you love, was totally from Damon’s playbook. Even though Damon has perfected it yet listening to Tyler still made my heart melt. And it made me want to hug him and tell him, you are not a dick after all. You are misunderstood. It made me sad to see him go and I am sure Caroline feels the same. I know we will see Tyler again and I hope he returns to better circumstances for him and Caroline.

    I do have a question, I am guessing if Elijah can walk in the sun since he has Jonas with him, Klaus even has more witches working for him. So surely he can walk in the sun. So why would he want to break the curse. Wouldn’t it be to his advantage that only a few of them can and the rest can’t. He is the most feared vampire, why he want to change that. Or is he afraid I’d he doesn’t, the wolves will use it. Is the moonstone undestroyable?

    You are right about Stefan having a better chemistry with Katherine than Elena. I do find Damon has better chemistry with both Katherine and Elena. Yet Damon and Elena’s chemistry is off the charts due to who their characters are. Ian and Nina have so much sexual chemistry that when they are in a room together, fireworks.

    I can’t wait for dinner party. We will have Damon, Alaric and
    Elijah all in the same room. Also even daddy John will be there.

    As always your recaps are so truly an enjoyment to read and the visual is just fantastic. I think you should make a tradition to repeat damon in the shower in every recap. 😉

    • A splendid idea, Nasha. I definitely plan to get a lot of mileage out of that GIF. After all, Damon DOES need to shower every day, doesn’t he? 😉 He’d be smelly, if he didn’t, with all that hardcore dehearting and ass-kicking he does each day. (Now, I’m not sure Vampires can sweat. Probably not. But getting blood and guts on you, can’t exactly be pleasant, no matter who you are.) So, really, by putting this picture in my recap, and “showering Damon” I’d be doing him a favor. 😉

      That being said, part of me is hoping that EVERY SUBSEQUENT TVD episode will feature at least one Damon Shirtless scene. This way, artificial inclusions of Naked Damon in my recap will not be necessary. (Fun! But not essential. :)) My fingers are crossed on that one. More Naked Damon, PLEASE, TVD writers! Do it for your fans! Something that beautiful can only stay hidden for so long . . .

      Good point about the Jonnie courtship. I remember many of us thought the writers had skipped over it entirely, when we saw them hanging all over one another in “Daddy Issues.” Thanks to Steven McQueen’s puppy dog facial expressions, and sexy lips, this kiss, which could have been filled with “meh . . . it’s Bonnie,” was actually filled with AWESOME. And hey, maybe now that Bonnie’s finally getting laid, she won’t be such a judgmental biatch to everyone all the time! This would allow me to the ship the couple more. Because right now, part of me is still hoping for a supernatural Vampire Anna return. 🙂 Team Jeranna FTW!

      It was disheartening seeing Tyler, not only point out that Elena was the doppelganger, but offer to FIND OUT HER LOCATION for those Were-b&tches. After all, Elena was Tyler’s friend too. I mean, I understand that they were never close. But they were part of the social circle, and, presumably hung out a bit, while Elena was dating Matt, and during school social functions. So, no matter how lonely and rejected by the Scooby Gang and Caroline he was feeling, this didn’t really excuse the ACTIVE aggressive move he made toward Elena, who, personally, had never lied to or betrayed him.

      And yet, like Damon, Tyler’s a very impulsive person (as Spidey mentioned ;)). So, in some ways, we can believe Tyler when he says that he didn’t know what the Were-B&tches were going to do with Elena when they found her, because he just didn’t think about it one way or another. He was feeling mad, and feeling lonely, so he just acted on those wolfish impulses, by doing what he felt like doing at the time. Sure, a more calculating person, would have hedged their bets, and not made a move one way or the other, until they knew for certain how everything was going down.

      But Tyler is not calculating at all. Not in a “verbal” sense, at least. (That trick with the phone definitely took some physical calculating. ;)) Tyler isn’t a good LIAR, because it is not in his nature to think, before he speaks. Even in his deception of Caroline, when he steals her phone, he never LIES to her, everything he says is the truth. He really IS sorry, and really DOES want to talk to her. He just assumes she wants nothing to do with him anymore. Perhaps, it’s Tyler’s inability to lie, that made Caroline’s betrayal of him, even though it was for a benevolent purpose, so incredibly painful. Well . . . that, and he’s in luuuuuve with her. 😉

      And yes, Tyler’s heartfelt self-sacrificing speech to Matt was enough to almost completely erase all his wrongs from my tempermental brain, just as Damon’s epic speech to Elena made me go “Neck Snap Incident? What Neck Snap Incident?” 🙂 Oh, he’ll be back for her. He’s just got to figure a few things out first.

      Interesting point about Elijah and the Moonstone Curse. Like Stefan and Damon, HE can walk in the sun, as, I suspect most originals can, even without a witch or warlock by their side. For what it’s worth, I don’t really think Elijah CARES about breaking the Moonstone Curse, in and of itself, at all. His only interest in it, lies in it giving him an opportunity to kill Klaus. It’s possible that upon killing Klaus, Elijah will become the oldest and most powerful vampire. So, aside from hating Klaus, there may be a draw to THAT aspect of the plan as well.

      As for Klaus, we can’t really speak for him. But I would be willing to suspect that he can do all that Elijah can, and more. As to why KLAUS wants to break the curse so badly, perhaps he has more feelings of “Race Pride” about vampires, than Elijah does. (He would be more like Jules and her Were-Loyalty, in that way.) Perhaps, Klaus has come to hate werewolves, and would prefer that HIS kind have the power over them. He might also believe that having werewolves change at will would spell the end for the vampire race. And it WOULD, if Wereoaf Brady had anything to do with it. As Elijah said, being on top can make you paranoid, and with good reason. There is always going to be someone out there, trying to overthrow you.

      The Team Bad Ass scenes were adorable this week. With Alaric we definitely get to see a side of Damon, he doesn’t show with Stefan. I think, in some ways, Damon feels like he has to put on this strong, brave, snarky face with his brother all the time. (Plus, Stefan has his girl . . . AGAIN. So, that certainly doesn’t help their relationship.) But with Alaric, Damon can let his guard down, and show vulnerability, humor, and openness. Damon has nothing to PROVE to Alaric, which enables the former to befriend the latter, in the truest sense of the term.

      Best buds Damon and Alaric, versus Best studs, Damon and Elijah. I LOVE IT. And you are right, whether or not we SAW Damon dehearting first, I’m willing to bet that Elijah (and maybe even Klaus) have been ripping hearts out before Damon was even born! I wonder if TVD would ever be bold enough to show us an Eliamon makeout session. Not that I would ever want them to couple for any extended period of time, (ally YES, couple NO). But I do think a hot kiss, would be consistent with who these vampires are, and their “Uggghh who cares?” attitude toward life in general, and social mores specifically. I doubt it will ever happen, but it is still fun to fantasize about.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m still Team Delena ALL THE WAY, but a sexy smooch between Damon and Elijah might be a little fun “distraction.”

      And I agree with you, that to have Damon WILLINGLY accept torture to save Elena, would be a GREAT way for Elena to see just how much he loves her, and how much he can be the man she needs him to be. Damon’s big on pride, and for Elena to SEE him get tortured would hurt that pride greatly. So, if he was willing to do that for Elena, it would have an impact on her for sure. I can just imagine Damon saying to Elena, after sleeping with her for the first time, “That was what I had to do to win you? Get TORTURED? All this hero stuff, I’ve been doing, and THAT’s what you wanted? You could have just told me that, and it would have saved us all a lot of time! Elena, you can torture me anytime you want.” 😉

      Good point about Jules, and why she was allowed to escape, when you KNOW Elijah could have killed her, if he wanted to do so. I think that was purposeful. Elijah needs a werewolf to complete the sacrifice. And Jules, with her Code of Loyalty, and Mother Bear tendencies, is the least likely to mess with his plans. The fact that she will protect Tyler is a bonus. Because this way, he gets a Two for One Special on Werewolves, and can use the one of his choosing, come Sacrifice Time. Also, some had mentioned that it might take a LOCKWOOD werewolf to complete the Sacrifice. And in that case, Jules, by protecting Tyler, is “useful” to Elijah, in the same way the Salvatore Brothers are in their continued protection of Elena.

      This was a lot of fun. Thanks for taking the time to craft your expert responses to this episode, and leave them here for me to chew over. It really does enhance my TVD viewing experience.

  13. Nasha233

    After I took so long to write my thoughts I read from Brit and spideysense that Damon did the heart ripping since day 1. So maybe this is what vampires do. Maybe there is an academy for vampires. To our eyes Damon did it first but I am guessing Elijah didn’t learn from Damon. I do think Stefan did.

    As who is cooler at doing it, it is a toss, I need to see more. Maybe weredork will return for just that.

    Team Damon and Elijah…. Team awesome!

  14. Tricus

    Okay totally off topic of this episode but I have a thought, I don’t know if you have had it also, but I need your opinion on it.
    Anyway with the Damon/Elena friendship, yes they are friends again now. They have had their ups and downs. Elena kind of knows that Damon really likes/loves her as more than a friend so she kind of coerces him to do the right thing and be a better man.
    My main point is just noticing Elena relationship with Stefan and hers with Damon.
    1) With Stefan she is very comfortable, she can get him to do anything she says, she is basically in control in that relationship, she totally trusts him, he will protect her to the death, he loves her and she him and he is whipped. Doesn’t have anything to do with them being BF/GF.
    2) With Damon they are friends, she is comfortable with him up to a point, she knows he will never hurt her ,he will protect her to the death, he secretly loves/likes her as more than a friend but she has a certain fear of his strength, actions, and of him. She has that deeply buried attraction for him and she cares for him too. Maybe more.
    I mean when Damon forcefully prevents Elena from doing something like making a trade for her life with Elijah or trying to rush in to save Stefan in the tomb with Kat, it comes off as sexy, forceful, with lots of sexual chemistry and Elena looking like ” Okay let me stop, I don’t know what he will do”. LOL
    If it was Stefan in Damon’s shoes in those situations ( I forgot the episode, was it S1Ep10?) then it would instead have been Stefan trying to reason with Elena, them coming to an agreement and Elena still doing what she wanted anyway.LOL
    I just think that Elena has a healthy respect, wariness of Damon, what he says goes ( you know how we secretly love the forceful, strong guy,caveman thing) and that ramps up the sexual chemistry between them up a notch. This doesn’t happen with Stefan cause he doesn’t display that , even in the little bit of bad Stefan I saw in prior episodes and in the recent preview of his flashbacks for next weeks episode. I’m just like”ehh, Stefan bad”. It just looks like he is playing at it”. He does not inspire the fear/wariness that Damon does.Damon does the bad soooo good. LOL
    What do you think?

    • Brilliant analysis, Tricus! I agree with you that Stefan is not the type who would ever be “forceful” with Elena, in the way that Damon was in “The Sacrifice.” And, as of yet, though Stefan has clearly endangered other humans many times throughout his life, he has never done anything to make Elena question her safety around him. (Perhaps, that will change, when Dark Stefan reemerges.)

      So, like the petulant teen she can sometimes be, Elena sees no danger from Stefan (save maybe a “strong talking to” :)) should she disobey him, and/or put herself in danger. And ultimately, Elena does what she wants, when she wants (her clandestine deal with Elijah, and her trip to see Klaus being the most recent examples of this.) Stefan realizes this too, which is why the efforts he makes to protect her are usually made in secret. (i.e. calling Uncle / Father John)

      There is definitely a loose cannon aspect of Damon, that Elena finds frightening and appealing at the same time. And you are right. I think Elena’s slight fear of how Damon will react in certain situations, keeps her from putting herself in danger, in a way that Stefan’s “logical reasoning” and “pleading” cannot.

      Likewise, as Damon mentioned in “Daddy Issues,” Elena can influence Damon in ways that other women, and even his own brother, cannot, simply by asking him to do something, with a little flirtatiously applied pressure. So, yes, BOTH Damon and Elena exercise power over one another that is unmatched by anyone else on the show.

      Such a good point, Tricus. And of course, it is an excellent argument in support of Team Delena, which makes ME extremely happy! 🙂

  15. BrittanyMarie

    It’s gone 2:07am and I’m still writing my actual analysis on what I thought of the episode itself but I’m falling asleep as I’m doing so and I don’t want you to be reading something like . “I kind of adored the little turn-around when Stefan fjaejklllllllllllllllllllllllllll” lmfao xD

    But you did say breaks were nice because you were working on a uni assignment. So here’s a little bit of a .. hmm pre-analysis snack? (While it isn’t my analysis on the episode itself . It is my replies, thoughts, and opinions on the recap/comments. )

    I’ll probably post up my analysis when I wake up later today. Being sick / being medicated is proving to make fighting to stay awake and finish, quite the task.

    Hopefully this’ll tide you over til I can get the real deal up here when I’m more awake.

    ALRIGHT [: So , I’m actually going to do things a little differently this time. Instead of first talking about my opinions on the episode. I’m going to give my opinions to the opinions that have been given so far before I break out my analysis of the episode [: (It will come && This will definitely be a long and hopefully not too boring ride. So bare with me guys. I’m stuck in a single room most of the day with strep throat and disallowed to go into any other part of the house except for my bathroom because I’m currently contagious and my dad can’t risk catching it. So I have nothing better to do than lay and or sit around and type up epically lengthy replies to things.)

    Poor Damon Indeed. I found myself literally asking where the hell Elijah was through quite a bit of this episode. The last episode where his witch showed up and saved the day gave me some pretty high expectations. When Elijah himself showed up in this episode I was pretty pleased, BUT I was a bit disappointed that it took him so freaking long. I mean…seriously. Alaric counts as someone who is deemed important in Elena’s life and demands protection. There is no way that Elijah knew Alaric had that nifty little unlimited-extra-life ring that reminds me a lot of those little mushroom things on mario that give extra boosts or lives or whatever. So why is it that he waited until -after- Alaric had been “killed” to show up? I’m just glad Alaric does have the magic ring doohickey.

    I do believe eventful is an understatement. haha. I agree that Crying Wolf was definitely a good title for this episode because of how many times you see Jules looking nothing but tearful. But I also think there was a less literal reason for the title. You’ve heard the term “crying wolf” I’m sure and I’m even more sure we’ve all heard the story about the little boy who cried wolf. He did it so many times that pretty much nobody would believe him.

    The crying wolf thing to me is kind of symbolic. Elena absolutely knows whole heartedly that she’s willing and going to die. But, she doesn’t quite cry wolf in the sense of “Oh I’m going to die” Her crying wolf is more of the way she allowed everyone to believe that she’d had a change of heart and was on the same side as they were. Convincingly enough that Stefan could not believe what she was saying. (I’d be a little pissed off too if I was working my ass off and nearly dying myself to protect your ass and you told me you KNEW you were going to die in the end anyways to protect me and everyone else. )

    Another instance that screamed “cry wolf” to me was when Tyler bumped into Caroline at the grill under guise of apologizing. There were a few other scenes as well. All in all, quite a symbolic title that fit well with a few different scenes… The guy that shows up out of nowhere definitely surprises me too. I thought all of the were’s except for Brady and Jules had been killed the previous night.

    At least he comes out of nowhere baring pretty useful information.

    I absolutely adored the Elena/Caroline/Bonnie snugglefest [: It was cute. I half laughed, half winced when my favorite brunette heroine fell out of the bed haha. the only thing that made it a little unrealistic was that there were blankets and pillows on the ground to cushion her fall. The few times I’ve fallen out of bed, There was no cushioning on the floor to catch my fall.

    I absolutely adore Stefan so the fact that he’s the culprit who got away with making her fall out of bed at whatever ungodly hour it must have been made it okay for me. Because honestly. For Stefan Salvatore, I too would willingly put up with falling out of bed at ungodly hours to answer phone calls that ended in a weekend getaway with my sexy, sweet, vampire boyfriend ❤

    Moving onto "action news" reporter. Or my personal favorite name for her. Little miss porn star. .. I seriously do NOT like her. I don't know why. Sometimes she's okay but this episode, I just did NOT like her. Care/Damon in Season 1 was kinda cute as unrealistic as it was because she was mostly a sex/feeding tap toy. While miss porn starr is the same thing, he's actually compelled this one to make it look like a REAL and valid relationship. I'm currently wondering why he did this :/ ALSO I have one HUGE question. Vervain is supposed to like… be a shield against compulsion, yes? Then how is it, that while Damon and Stefan are daily ingesting just a little bit of vervain to build up their tolerance to it so that it can't hurt them — their power of compulsion, is not at all affected by the vervain in their systems??? I really don’t get that. It’s weird. But oh, well.

    Moving on.

    I don’t think Damon ever has actually formally and properly met Elijah. He’s staked him before, He’s even seen him one other time, but he’s never actually formally met the guy. Which I think is what he meant.

    I’m not quite sure that Luka’s not smart enough to keep his mouth shut either. How coherent or capable of not saying something would we be if someone witch-roofied us and then put us into a trance? I mean seriously. Obviously he was a little smarter than that, he tried to fight it and begged her not to force him to tell her because it would cost him his life, and THEN she forces him anyways. Which clearly shows to me that he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

    Moving on. I was SO anticipating that Beremy kiss ❤ Oh goodness. It made my night. I ship them so hard ❤ I miss Anna, I really do but Beremy is just SO… ohmygooood [:

    OH and when Elijah looked as though he were going to kill Damon at the historical tea party thingy. I adored Damon's line about Elijah not being able to kill him because it wasn't part of the deal. But at the same time it sort of seemed like Damon was grasping at straws because he knew he couldn't win. I believe that the pencil thing though it made me want to murder Elijah, was Elijah's way of saying "I may not be able to kill you, but I can still hurt you." Although technically that's not the deal. He told Elena he would make certain that her loved ones remained "unharmed" . He's doing a good job of making sure they don't die but making sure they aren't harmed? Not so much.

    I honestly thought Damon could have gotten that dorky little kid off his back. I was a little disappointed that he didn't manage to shake it off but he was sure as hell fucking sexy while fighting that little bastard for as long as he could before whatever the hell he was injected with had him passed out.

    Also, that little torture device… blech. I have strep right now so Damon babyyy, I sympathize with your sore throat lover. ]: Although yours is probably a tad more sore than mine given the causes.

    I noted that Elijah said this was the "third" time he had saved Damon's life.. 1. was last week, 2 was this week. So where's 3?? He's only saved Damon's life two times since he made his promise to Elena. At least by my count. :/

    I actually kind of think that Jenna might be suspicious of Alaric lieing about Isobel dying. (She did, technically die. She just came back as a vampire.) Which I think leads her to mayyybe think that Alaric is secretly seeing his ex-wife ? That's what it seemed like to me.

    I actually very much loved the Stefan/Elena scene's in this episode. I'll likely explain more when I get into the actual episode analysis rather than just replying to thoughts that have been stated by other fellow fans.

    Skipping toward the whole picture of Katherine and Mason on the cellphone scene . I honestly don't think that Tyler really knew what he was doing when he said "That's Elena Gilbert." because he doesn't know Katherine, he knows nothing about her and has no idea that she exists. Or well he knows in the sense they said they needed her doppelganger but other than that. I don't think he comprehends it until later.

    But he also doesn't comprehend that they're going to kill Elena. "I didn't know what they were going to do to you." .. reminded me very much of last week's "I didn't know that they would come for you."

    Is anyone else noticing a theme?

    I actually DID notice Tyler slipping something into his back pocket. However, I thought it was the moonstone. I don't know why I thought that Caroline of all people would have it or that it would be in her purse when clearly in the episode where Luka helps Bonnie “destroy” it, he gives it to his father who gives it to Elijah.

    So, I too thought the text was really from Caroline. Can I just ask, how is it that not once in the episode did Caroline notice her lack of a cell phone?

    The fact that it was Tyler totally put him on my shit list.

    Speaking of the lake house though. Elena’s little fake-out of being unable to invite him in, was hysterical to me xD And really adorable because it ended up in this totally passionate make out sesh [: I love me some Stelena ❤

    Just because you asked =P , I've only counted two episodes where Elena has been chased around a house by a crazy psycho killer and one episode where she's chased around a school. haha. If I've missed any, I clearly need to rewatch starting with Season 1, which would just be a treat ❤

    I'm actually really glad it was Stefan who killed Brady, though I kind of expected that Tyler would have played a part in it. A little more than pulling a bullet out of Stefan's chest. Since Elena is one of his oldest friends. I was disappointed that he didn't play a bigger part in her rescue.

    I didn't pick up on Stefan contemplating killing Tyler, but maybe that's just a lack of perception on my part?

    If Elena hugs really are that magical and can heal just about everything. I need one. I’d also be willing to be the center of a TVD S1&2 group hug of my favorite cast members ❤

    I too adored Tyler's speech to Matt regarding Caroline. It took him off my shitlist for a brief time. Although he left with Jules , I still believe that in his heart his loyalty remains with the people he's known his entire life.

    There's also something about "She deserves someone like you." that made me flashback to Damon in the episode Rose, when he confesses his love for Elena but says "I don't deserve you, but my brother does." — That was probably one of my absolute favorite TVD scenes ever hands down. (The confession not the Tyler/Matt thing though that too was quite touching)

    I have to agree though the end was pretty heartbreaking. I honestly thought Care, as vamp with that amazing sense of smell. Would have known Tyler was there …but maybe that's why she locked the door and went back to her room?

    Tyler better be back at some point. I adore him too much even if he IS on my shitlist right now.

    As for Elijah not tricking Elena. That's always been quite clear to me. In "By The Light Of The Moon" when the deal was made, there were no misconceptions.

    Elena: What do you want?

    Elijah: I think it's time you and I had a little chat.
    Forgive the intrusion, I mean your family no harm.

    Elena: Why did you kill those vampires when they tried to take me?

    Elijah: Because. I didn't want you to be taken.
    Klaus is the most hated and feared of the originals but those that fear him are desperate for his approval. If word gets out that the doppelganger exists there'll be a line of vampires eager to take you to him and I can't have that.

    Elena: Isn't that exactly what you're trying to do?

    Elijah: Lets just say, that my goal is not to break the curse.

    Elena: So what is your goal?

    Elijah: Klaus' obsessions have made him paranoid. He's a recluse. He trusts only those in his immediate circle.

    Elena: Like you?

    Elijah: Not anymore.

    Elena: You don't know where he is.. do you?
    So you're trying to use me, to draw him out.

    Elijah: Well to do that, I need you to stay put and stop trying to get yourself killed.

    Elena: How do I know you're telling the truth?

    Elijah: Well if I wasn't being truthful your family would be dead and I'd be taking you to Klaus right now. Instead, I'm here and I'm prepared to offer you a deal.

    Elena: What kind of a deal?

    Elijah: Do nothing.
    Do nothing. Live your life. Stop fighting. And then, when the time is right you and I shall draw Klaus out together and I shall make certain that your friends remain unharmed.

    Elena: And then what?

    Elijah: Then I kill him.

    Elena: Just like that?

    Elijah: Just like that. I'm a man of my word Elena. If I make a deal, I keep a deal.

    Elena: How are you going to be able to keep everybody safe?

    Elijah: You know, I noticed you have a friend. Bonnie is it? Seems to possess the gift of magic. I have friends with similar gifts.

    Elena: You know witches.

    Elijah: Together, we can protect everybody that matters to you.
    So…Do we have a deal?

    Elena: I need you to do one more thing for me.

    Elijah: You're negotiating now?

    There were never any misconceptions. Whatsoever. Elena wasn't negotiating her own safety. She negotiated the release of Stefan from the tomb and she made the deal to protect everyone that matters to her. It had nothing to do with protecting her. Which she states in telling Stefan that he said he'd protect her friends but didn't say anything about her. So I was not at all surprised that she knew.

    I do agree that it's quite tragic …but I do find it kind of heroic in a sense as well .. I can see where Elena is coming from. But I can also see where Stefan is coming from. It's a bit of a rock and a hard place kind of situation.

    I didn't even contemplate Damon's reaction when he finds out. Oh boy. That's something to look forward to seeing CW IF YOU HAVEN'T WRITTEN THAT IN YOU HAD BETTER DO IT BEFORE YOU AIR THAT EPISODE NEXT WEEK! [:

    As for Elena seeming irritating this week, I don't really get that. I didn't find her very irritating at all. But then I never really did because I feel that I can relate so well with her. I do agree that her limitless ability for compassion is definitely one of my favorite things about her.

    Going back to Stefan killing Brady, didn't surprise me a single bit.
    I learned long ago that Stefan will do absolutely anything to ensure Elena's safety. He loves her.

    Back to Tyler and his… roller coaster week. Goodness. Boy definitely DOES know how to play with the heartstrings, eh?

    Just a quick note at something Spidey pointed out too. The progress Damon has made lately, would you believe that I actually FORGOT, he tried to kill Jeremy at one point? Wow :/ Shows you the hold that man has over me, eh? ❤

    and Kjewls I definitely dislike Luka as well, so you're not alone.

    I know I'm the odd one out. But I am DEFINITELY in disagreement. I actually feel like Elena has better chemistry with both Stefan and Damon than Katherine does. I did however feel like Katherine had some pretty good chemistry with Mason. ❤

    As for who's cooler de-hearting people.

    Personally I prefer Damon and Stefan simply because I'm not the biggest fan of Elijah. He's very slowly and I mean slowly beginning to grow on me just a little… sort of like chia pet. But Damon is ridiculously hot when de-hearting people and Stefan is just plain sexy when he's doing it . While Elijah does look bad – ass, the Sexy Salvatore Duo just looks so much more attractive whilst ridding people of their most vital organ.

    And just to add in. I have to disagree. What Elena and Stefan have is a lot more than him being whipped and I think this episode definitely proved that she was not in control of this relationship. Yes, he does love her and he would do anything..even die for her. But that doesn't mean he's willing to always allow her to get her way. Sometimes I think she's just really good at knowing how to be persuasive with him, because he IS her boyfriend. Others, such as this episode he's not at all afraid to tell her exactly what he thinks and get pretty angry with her. He may not be quite as forceful as Damon when trying to get her to change her mind or try another course, but I think that has a lot to do with respect.

    While I do acknowledge that Damon holds a certain amount of respect for Elena, when he gets forceful. Respect flies out the window and the need to protect and keep her safe at any cost has kicked in. He's in love with her and while she cares for him, she's in love with his brother. I don't think she's afraid of Damon at all. Maybe she's afraid of her feelings for him. But she's not at all afraid of Damon himself in my personal opinion. She has no reason to be . And I think she's proven on more than one occasion that she isn't.

    Honestly, I don't think there's a whole lot that can scare Elena. I mean sure someone trying to kill me WOULD make me want to shit my jeans. lmfao. but Damon just isn't scary. He's .. well to put it bluntly he's a big giant teddy bear, with fangs. He's a complete and utter softy under all that bullshit tough guy I can take care of myself screw the world exterior.

    I'm aware this is getting to be ridiculously lengthy SO I'm going to submit into two parts. (Plus I'm falling asleep as stated in the beginning so part two (The episode analysis. Will come after I've slept.)

    • Hi Brittany, thanks so much for taking the time to write all this. I really appreciate you intelligent insights, and the time you took in crafting them.

      I just figured I’d touch on a few things: When I mention Elena’s fears of Damon, I don’t necessarily mean she’s afraid he will hurt her. But rather, she is afraid of what he will do to OTHERS in order to protect her, or . . . just because he’s feeling REALLY emotional. His kill at the end of The Descent, though Elena didn’t see it, is a perfect example of this.

      Damon’s snapping of Jeremy’s neck may have been forgotten by many of us, but it hasn’t been forgotten by Elena. It doesn’t keep Elena from loving Damon, but it does perpetually remind her that Damon can act self-destructively when he’s feeling overly emotional. And THAT, in addition to her being incredibly turned on by his close proximity to her, was what stopped her from running after Elijah in The Sacrifice. Not that she was afraid of what Damon would do to HER, but what Damon would TRY to do (and fail to do) to Elijah.

      Ditto with why she ultimately decided not to approach the tomb to see Stefan. Also, Damon can be very forceful, and is not one to give up. So, if Elena was to continue to fight with him, he could have held on to her for HOURS 🙂 (Now THAT is something I’d like to see.) So, yeah, I think Damon’s sheer intensity, and that loose cannon aspect of his personality, impacts Elena’s actions to some extent.

      As for Elijah rescuing Damon, I think the third time he’s referring to is the Rose episode, in which he came face to face with Damon, and De-Hearted those HeadHunter vamps for him. Not that I don’t think Damon could have taken them on, but it WAS a rescue, in the literal sense of the term. During that scene, Elijah WANTED Damon to know that he COULD have killed him, but CHOSE not to do so, because he knows that Damon will protect Elena at all costs. And Elijah needs Elena alive for the Sacrifice.

      As for why Elijah waited so long to rescue Damon from the werewolves, I kind of think that was intentional. Elijah wanted Damon to know that Damon NEEDED him, because he WAS in danger, and that Elijah was doing him a “big favor” by keeping him safe. Elijah was exerting his power over Damon, by waiting to rescue him, until he was in the most vulnerable position possible. It’s his way of illustrating to Damon his own weaknesses, and trying to keep him in line. Because Elijah KNOWS that Damon wants to kill him.

      And, even though Elijah doesn’t think Damon will succeed in killing him (I actually disagree with Elijah on this point :)), it would be “annoying” for Elijah, if Damon kept trying to do so. It might even mess up his plans for Elena and The Sacrifice. Hence, Elijah’s Superman-esque tendencies to swoop in and save the day at the last moment. Elijah probably could have done the same thing during the Werewolf fight, but was “busy at the time,” and sent his emissary Jonas instead. But Jonas, doesn’t have the same theatrical tendencies as Elijah. So, he just did his job, and didn’t wait for the vamps to truly endanger themselves before doing so.

      Oh, and I do think that Elijah knew about Alaric’s possession of the ring. Elijah knows EVERYTHING! 🙂 That being said, I kind of like your idea about Alaric conferring with Isobel behind Jenna’s back. It would make this whole Alaric / Useless Aunt Jenna storyline WAY more interesting. Because right now, Useless Aunt Jenna bores the heck out of me :).

      Good point about Elijah’s words to Elena, and how they never ensured her safety. I think Stefan’s conversation with Elena shocked many people, because they assumed that the off-camera conversation Elena had with Elijah somehow included a provision for her protection. (In actuality, I think that conversation only had to do with getting Stefan out of the tomb.) Most people recognized that Elena was WILLING to die to protect those she loved, but I think many were surprised at the extent to which she had ENSURED her own death.

      As for me, I didn’t think Elijah actually planned for Klaus to go through with the Sacrifice. I was always under the impression that Elijah planned to use Elena as bait for Klaus, and then, would kill him, using the method Uncle/Father John had suggested to Damon. So, in that sense, yes, Elena would be RISKING her life, by going to Klaus, but she wouldn’t be ENSURING her own death, by agreeing to go through with the Sacrifice. I think Stefan might have assumed something similar, which was why Elena’s reaction to his confrontation of her about Elijah shocked him so much.

      I love your analysis of the term Crying Wolf. And I do think those multiple meanings came into play when the writers were titling this episode. Just as “Daddy Issues” and “The Descent” referred to the respective plights of many of the characters at once.

      LOL about Elena being chased and your attempt to list the scenes. I actually was just making an attempt at humor, because the scene from this week’s episode was so similar to the one with Rose in The Descent. And yet, I do recall Elena running around the Hidey Hole vamps house, when she went to rescue Stefan from them, back in Season 1. She also did a little running from Katherine / horror movie posturing, when the latter had entered her house in The Return. She also ran from Ben McKittrick in the hotel room (not technically a house, but close enough) when he trapped her and Bonnie there during THAT episode. I vaguely recall a few other times, when random one-episode vamps came to Elena’s house, putting Elena on the defensive. But I guess the big ones were the two we saw this season.

      Have you ever considered writing a TVD Blog? I haven’t I think you definitely should. 🙂

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  17. BrittanyMarie

    So here we go, yay for episode analysis.

    Alright. Opening credits. Brady is really getting on my LAST nerve.
    So I’m fairly glad he dies at the end. I’m not sure how I feel about the random kid who gives us a buttload of information before he too dies toward the end. Anywaaays. This scene other than to give us information, I think .. well.. you know I really don’t have an opinion on it other than Brady’s fucking pissing me off with his whole “Even if we have to kill every last vampire in this town.”

    When it comes to the Twilight world. I’m totally neutral and refuse to pick between my vampires and my wolves. When it comes to the Buffy and Angel universes, I’m neutral. I won’t choose between my many different types of beings. I love them all too much. But when it comes to the land of TVD. I clearly run with the vampires. ❤ You start threatening my vampires and we start to have an issue, you got that Brady?? What kind of a name is Brady anyways? It makes me thing of the Brady bunch. Not to diss on that show. I used to love watching it til the actors/actresses changed or got older.. whatever it is they did.

    Down with Brady. Go Vampires ❤

    Moving on.

    LOL! I totally laughed out loud as Elena's phone begins to ring and Caroline says "go away" and Elena "falls" OUT of the bed lmfao. I secretly think Caroline pushed her xD It was funny regardless though.

    I kind of adored the little turn-around when Stefan says "Well, in that case where would you like to go?" It was very unexpected. I was waiting for a classic Stefan to try to talk to her and reason with her and get her to try to give daddy dearest a chance or something. BUT I suppose since he's the one who ran John out of town for her to begin with when she wanted him gone, I'm not surprised but then I am. :/

    As for Miss porn Andie Starr. … Have I mentioned that I really dislike her?
    And no, it has absolutely nothing to do with my seething jealousy.

    Tyler’s semi redeeming himself on my shitlist by expressing to Jules that she needs to leave, specifying that “the guy last night” made it pretty clear. And I’m once again adoring him with this line. “Somebody needs to explain to me what the big deal is about a rock” — I don’t know why, but this line simply amused and had an adoring smile on my face in a maybe he doesn’t deserve to be on my shitlist after all – type way. Oh but that’s too good to be true, He’ll place himself right back at the top of that shitlist. Don’t you worry.

    I have one question regarding the sun and moon curse. They say if the vampires break the curse they’re free to walk in the sunlight (if they have those nifty rings, they already can but anyways) I have this niggling little idea that maybe, there’s some bigger reward that we don’t yet know about? Maybe breaking the curse (allowing them to walk freely in the sun) would not only break the curse of the sun, but of vampirism all together? Perhaps that’s why Klaus wants to break the curse? He wants to be human? And thinks maybe it’s possible? I’m grasping at straws here but it seems like something much more prominent would be a driving force in the breaking of the curse being made to be of such importance.

    AH. I also noticed “weredork” Actually has a name. I couldn’t figure out whether Brady called him Stevie or Steven, either way same difference. But yes, that’s his name. And while he’s potentially useless accept for torturing Damon and being kill by having his face punched so hard it snapped his neck, he’s very very very mildly adorable.

    Matt is outright getting on my last nerve with his treatment toward Caroline. I understand that she lied to him and that he’s upset. But what the hell was she supposed to tell him last night? (No Matt, I’m not fine. I’m not fine at all. I just got captured, attacked, and tortured for hours by merciless, evil, heartless werewolves. I’m only alive because I’m a vampire and I have supernatural healing abilities. Tyler, Yea he’s a werewolf too, he let me out of the cage they were holding me in but the second they had me at gunpoint .. ready to KILL me. He just STOOD there Matt. He didn’t DO anything. —

    So you know what. NO I am NOT okay. Why don’t YOU try spending a night locked up like an animal being shot a few dozen times and sprayed in the face with vervain AND get betrayed by someone you think you might be falling for , only to have to go home be strong for your psuedo-daddy and then go sit in your room and pull and dig various wooden pieces from your body so that the wounds will heal the bleeding will stop.. NOW, if you don’t mind I have to dig a wooden bullet out of my shoulder. — And no, I’m NOT crazy. You’re just oblivious. But I love you. “)

    Seriously, cause THAT would have gone over wonderfully right?
    Matthew Donavon the next time someone tortures YOU all night, you have my permission to get angry at someone for lieing to you about their whereabouts but until then quit being a dick to Caroline.

    I feel so sorry for her when she calls after him but then she can’t tell him anything because he’d likely think she was crazy and suggest she get locked into a loony bin. Also, does anyone know she talks with her hands A LOT? haha.

    Tyler, baby you are BACK on my shit-list. At first, I think he’s coming to her about the whole Elena thing. I can understand her vehement rejection though, and then when he purposely knocks into her, just to swipe her cell phone. I was entirely furious with him. (Granted at that point I for some reason lost my memory and sanity and thought he had taken the moonstone from Caroline. I suppose being sick does that to you.)

    And then Matt… Matt is just BEGGING for me to give him a swift kick to his nether regions the way he’s behaving this episode. I expected him to be all heroic and tell Tyler to stay away from Caroline or leave Caroline alone or something because how could he not notice the hostility and tension? Instead he says to just go ahead and get together but stop lieing about it. THEN when Tyler tries to tell him nothing is going on which is true Matt FLIPS out.

    Once again Tyler you have made yourself number one on my shit list. HOW could you trick Elena like that and tell your little were-bastards where she was? They’re going to kill her! Which I know you’re unaware of…but STILL it’s ELENA. You’ve known her your entire life and your loyalty needs to reside with her no matter what.

    Finally we’re coming to a seen so peacefully serene yet emotionally charged in a calmly blissful way that I can actually relax and enjoy. Stefan and Elena just.. they really have something that grips my heart like a vice and constantly keeps them rooted as my favorite Elena relationships. And I’ve never read the books, didn’t even know there were books. So my opinions are based solely off the television series. For example, Stefan’s rapid perception that Elena means she hasn’t been there since before her parents died. And his immediate offer to go elsewhere if it’s too hard for her.

    I know that Damon care about her and he shows it in such beautiful ways while also trying to keep it hidden from at least her. And a lot of his scenes that prove his feelings tend to be heart wrenching and powerful and magical. Yet Stefan .. there’s something about the way he is with Elena that makes me fall in love with him every single time I see him with her.

    The fact that they added in quite the amusing scene directly after something so sentimental overjoyed me. I love playful Stefan and Elena scenes ❤ So when Elena tricks Stefan into thinking she can't invite him into the lake house… I about died. I thought she was serious when I watched the episode the first time xD BUT anyways, Now that I know better. It's funny stuff.

    Elena: You don't have to wait out there, I'm all good.

    Stefan: Well that's great because I'm uh.. I'm stuck.

    Elena: Oh my god.. You can't get in.

    Stefan: It's not gonna be a very romantic weekend unless you .. uh, invite me inside.

    Elena: Stefan .. I can't.

    Stefan: What?

    ( I love his face xD "You're shitting me right? What? What do you mean?" )

    Elena: My parents left this place to John Gilbert. He's the only one who can invite you in, I'm sorry. I completely forgot.

    Stefan: You're kidding me.. right? (What? No sex? Seriously? You're joking. Please be joking.)

    Elena: (massive grin) Stefan Salvatore, I hereby invite you into this home.

    I absolutely adore the way he just brushes right in after that and picks her up, carrying her over to the counter to make out with her where we can see those SEXY, stylish boots. I WANT a pair of those lmfao. (Actually, just ship me a double-order of Elena's entire wardrobe for the duration of the series, and I'll be happily set.)

    How much do you think Nina gets payed to make out with Paul for these scenes? I mean seriously. Cause the pay would be nice I bet, but CW you don't have to pay me I will WILLINGLY make out with Paul any time you want. Just give me a call! [: No REALLY. Seriously. ❤ LOL.

    And nooow Damon is making his entrance to the historical society thingy to Jenna's dismay only to shut her right up when Miss porn Andie Starr shows up with a smitten “You came”. To which Damon replies, “Hi” and offers her a kiss which she eagerly accepts with a soft “mm” sound. Before smirking and smugly thanking Jenna for introduc—- HEY I think I just figure out porn starr’s purpose. She’s a reporter. If she’s “fallen” for Damon, anywhere she goes, He can be. Because they’re a couple. So he wouldn’t look suspicious showing up at any place she might happen to be doing a reporting. For instance, the historical society thing. (As well as being his distraction slash booty call woman)

    Now for the Bonnie and Luca-ness.
    I feel so sorry for Jeremy while he has to endure this but that boy needs to thank his lucky stars for Caroline, she’s the one who finally lowers Bonnie’s judgy inhibitions enough to allow the kiss to take place.

    Anywaysss I don’t know about you guys, but I never actually saw Luca drink any of his witch-roofied coffee. So when he started to lose his motor functions I was totally confused.

    Jeremy: What kind of witch roofie was that?
    Bonnie: A strong one (she states very smugly with a smirk)

    I liked this line. Not sure why.

    And back to something that was definitely my favorite [: ❤


    There's definitely a significance to this scene and I don't think it's just because of the scene where Stefan gets angry with her. It's very sweet to me how she shares a few of her sentimental memories with him. She trusts him enough to open some of those old wounds and let him in. There's something beautiful about being able to open up to someone even despite the terrible ache it causes.

    Not only that but I'll tell you exactly what I find significant and why.

    Elena: Do you ever think about us? What our future will be like? Our memories?

    Stefan: I think there are a lot of conversations to be had about our future. About the kind of life we could have together.

    Elena: Now there’s a box that we shouldn’t open..

    Stefan: No.. we can open it, whenever you’re ready.

    Elena: No.. I’d rather just be here. Now.

    Stefan: You know, this is a future memory. It’s where you’re boyfriend, whispered to you, that he loved you.

    Now, the significance of this conversation to me (completely unrelated to him being angry with her later) is when she says “There’s a box that shouldn’t be opened” and when he consents that they can when she’s ready, she decides against it. — The reason for this in my opinion is because even though she’s basically ensured her own death I don’t think that Elena really wants to die. But I do think she believes that she has no other choices if she wants everyone who’s important to her, to be safe.

    I think she won’t open that metaphorical box because if she does, She’s afraid she won’t have to strength to go through with her end of the deal and allow Elijah to use her in the sacrifice. Because she’ll know what she’d be missing , instead of dreaming or wondering, she’ll know because they’ll have talked about it. I think delving into anything in the future when she’s made a deal that ensures she won’t have one, would have the ability to alter her decision…or falter it. Which is why after a moment she says no. She just wants to be there. right then.

    I think that every single day she struggles with the knowledge that she’s not going to make it out of this deal alive. I think that every single day is an inner battle justifying to herself that this is something she has to do and that if her friends can so eagerly put themselves into danger for her, if Stefan and Damon are so ready and willing to die for her in order to keep her safe .. that she should be willing to pay the same price for them because she loves them. I don’t think it was an easy decision. How many people do you know that no matter how important a person is to them, or people, would willingly and consciously make the decision to give up claim to their own life and safety to ensure the lives and safety of those she loves?

    I think it is heroic. For Elena. Because she’s trying so very hard to do exactly what they are all constantly willing to do for her. She’s trying to be selfless rather than selfish. And again, I don’t doubt it’s a struggle. No teenage girl really, wants to die. To give up everyone and everything she cares about. But for Elena, if giving them up, ..giving her life, means that they’ll all be left alone and they’ll be okay .. somehow it outweighs her longing and desires.

    You can see in her eyes when she tells Stefan she doesn’t want to open that metaphorical box how painful it would be for her to think about a real future with Stefan when she knows she won’t live long enough to have one … how much it would hurt her to mislead him like that. And how unsure of herself she is in that moment when he agrees that there would be many conversations to be had about the kind of life they could have together. But I also agree with Stefan. It -is- tragic. But I think it’s a heroic tragedy.

    Moving slightly forward into the next scene.
    John is royally annoying in this episode. Does anyone else just want to face-punch him for his little confrontation with Alaric? If the ring was John’s why’d he give it to Isobel? Once it was hers, it was hers to give. So sorry Johnny boy but it does belong to Alaric now.

    And now it’s Elijah’s turn to piss me the hell off. (NOBODY hurts my Damie and gets away with it unscathed.) How dare he challenge him? How about how dare HE challenge Damie? Goodness. Poor Damon is grasping at straws when he claims that killing him isn’t part of the deal. So Elijah resorts to harming him instead. (Which isn’t part of the deal either, he promised Elena her friends would remain UNHARMED)

    “The moment you cease to be of use to me, you’re dead.” — I despise this line BUT, I also find it reassuring . Because until Elena doesn’t deem Damon important to her or until she’s dead and it no longer matters if he keeps his promise .. Damon is safe.

    And now we go back to some Stelena-ness which I was really missing last week ❤ It's adorable to me that this scene replicates a memory she has of her parents . I also liked the way they had her find and smell her mom's perfume .. I lost my grandpa two years ago the tenth of this coming March to cancer .. he survived it for five years..but didn't make it. So I understand the value a simple scent could hold. I wish I could still remember what he smelled like. two years is far too short a time to not be able to remember that ..but honestly.. sometimes I can't even remember his voice. It's heartbreaking really. .. the one thing I have that keeps him with me is his old Celtic cross. I never take it off.

    Anyways, it's definitely a relate-able scene .. reminiscing. Remembering. Missing.

    Anyways, Moving on to Caroline's house with Bonnie, Jer, Carebear, and Luca. Jeremy's puppy love is SO obvious and adorable.

    And now it's the were-bastards turn to piss me off.

    "I gotta go pick up Jenna, I'll show myself out."

    "Good luck"

    I do realize Damon was wishing him luck with Jenna, but what a line right before Alaric gets stabbed.And then poor Damon. They should have allowed him enough strength to crash into about three more walls before he actually went down. They only had him bash were-Steven into a wall twice. He certainly deserved to be bashed more than twice.

    Then comes Tyler and Brady. Tyler I at first think is going to redeem himself and chickenshit out of going after Elena . And then he remains on my shitlist because he doesn't and then Brady makes the top of that list because he threatens Tyler if he does back out. . Blech.

    Also SCORE for Aunt Jenna [: I love how she pulled rank on uncle John by telling him that until he got a lawyer and filed for guardianship. It was her call about Elena spending a weekend with her boyfriend and there was nothing that John could do it about.

    Now back to were-Steven pissing me the fuck off.
    QUIT torturing MY Damie ]: Ugh. I will massacre them!
    I'm so glad that Elijah does rip all their stupid little hearts out.

    And now we're back to Tyler placing himself as top on my shitlist. You do not THREATEN or shoot Stefan! Are you stupid Tyler? My god boy. I mean okay, sure he redeems himself a bit when he helps Stefan so that Stefan can save Elena from Brady. Also major prop points to Elena for stabbing Brady. And outsmarting him long enough to be able to run outside where Stefan can rip his heart out and save her life.

    Tyler… once again you're playing with my heartstrings. You're expression and broken tone as you tell Elena you didn't know and you were sorry … you break my heart wolfboy. I'm still ..mad at you.. and I type this in a very pouted and grumbling tone…but I love you too much to actually dislike you. Elena makes sure of that when shes walks over and hugs you. I seriously want one of her hugs if it’s that freaking magical. I do so love her limitless compassion though. Much like Spidey stated early.I actually think that’s my favorite quality about her.

    She’s completely selfless and while she can seem whiny or bratty or whatever at times. She really is a heroine. It’s her compassion that makes her so. I will never view her as anything other than a heroine.

    Switch scenes and FINALLY Elijah as shown up to rescue Damon and do some de-hearting. That’s the only thing he’s really useful for is keeping the people I and Elena love safe. Although I’m very annoyed with the way he allowed Damon to be tortured if it was merely to prove a point and not that he simply didn’t know and came when he did know .

    Also were-Steven .. heh, funny to me that he didn’t get his heart ripped out but instead got punched so hard his neck snapped. He and Damon do have some serious chemistry. I never really noticed that before but I did notice the grudging admiration from Damon and the smugness from Elijah the second time I watched.

    But yes, I definitely suspect that Jenna thinks Isobel is still alive mainly because John made the comment about her body being found or not. And he can’t very well tell her that he just died and came back to life, ya know?

    And now comes probably the biggest Stelena scene in this episode.

    Stefan: We learned that Elijah’s planning for you to die in the sacrifice ritual.

    Elena: I know the deal I made Stefan. Elijah’s very careful with his words. He promised to protect my friends, he never said a word about me.

    Stefan: You mean that… you knew that you weren’t gonna survive this?

    Elena: If it comes down to the people that I love getting killed.. or me. I know what my choice is gonna be.

    ( She sounds so utterly sincere, but her eyes are begging him to realize that she’s so conflicted and that even though she made this deal, to protect them. And as much as she wants them safe, she wants him to realize that she doesn’t want to die. She wants to be with him. To live. And the words and volumes spoken in her beautiful brown eyes … the desperation resting on the surface.. I think she needs him to realize that she wants to find another way. But that she doesn’t know of another way. She doesn’t think there is one. But I think that’s also the significance of her sentence .. “If it comes down to ..” Because she DOES want to find another way. )

    Stefan: Elena .. How.. How could you stand out there, earlier with me talking about making plans for our future when you don’t even expect to have one.

    Elena: I’m sorry Stefan, I’m just trying to keep the people that I love safe, I’m trying to keep you safe.

    Stefan: No. What you’re doing, Is you’re being a martyr.

    Elena: How is that any different from when you say that you would die to keep me safe?

    Stefan: Because I’ve already lived! One hundred and sixty-two years. I have lived, and you’ve barely begun. Now you want to let yourself get killed? That’s not heroic … It’s tragic.

    does anyone else wonder what kind of an affect this conversation is going to have on their relationship in the next episode? Hurry Thursday, Hurry fast. Want a plane, that loops the loop. Me I want some vampire smooch ❤ I can hardly stand the wait, Pleas Thursday don't be late!. haha.

    OHH and Beremy time! I adore this scene SO effing much. Like, you have NO idea .
    The chemistry between Steven and Katerina is INSANE. She is totally trying to drop some sexual hints and poor Jer just isn’t getting it at first. Not until she starts her little speech in typical Bonnie fashion.

    Bonnie: Wait.
    You’re Elena’s little brother. I’ve known you forever. You’re that punk kid. I remember your awkward phase and then your emo phase, your druggie phase … And …Overnight you turn into this hot guy who’s really sweet and ..

    Jeremy: You think I’m hot?

    Bonnie: With everything that’s going on you know.. curses and sacrifice…

    Jeremy: Enough already..

    and then… BAM ❤


    I love how after the initial kiss when their lips part Bonnie's just like.. "Wow." And Jeremy totally ego boosted goes in for another kiss and just WOW ❤ I love, love, love the Beremy ness [: I'm so glad we didn't miss this stuff.

    And Now once again Tyler is going to fuck around with my heart strings and make me adore him a little more as he leaves his note for his mom and goes to have his talk with Matt and even says his silent goodbyes to Caroline without her knowing unless she did smell him out there.

    His speech to Matt breaks my heart ]:
    It's almost like an ex-boyfriend telling a new guy to take care of his girl.

    I started to get a little teary seeing him outside Caroline's door. I wonder if she was able to see him when she looked out the window on the door. Or if maybe she just caught his scent and that's why she locked the door? .. I wish he would have said a real goodbye. With another kiss. ]:

    And now he's going to shatter my heart by getting into that stupid car with stupid Jules. Did he ever give her phone back? She doesn't seem to notice it's missing. Like ever. (I suspect if he didn't that Caroline will probably wind up calling it to locate it thinking it's somewhere in the house and maybe Tyler'll answer?) That'd be a nice surprise.

    I don't agree with her telling him he's doing the right thing, but I don't think Tyler does either because he doesn't verbally agree with her. He instead says "I can't stay here" that's not the same as feeling like you're doing the right thing. So I think he knows it's wrong but because of everything with Elena and with Caroline … he feels like he has to leave.

    His “Not like this” added to that sentence I feel is double bladed. There is of course the obviousness of him being a werewolf but I also think “not like this” refers to him being in love with a girl he can’t have and heartbroken because she wants nothing to do with him after what happened 24 hours previously.

    This episode in it’s entirety was so emotionally charged. They always are but this one was just. A lot to handle. I love it and I can’t wait to see what they toss our way next week.

    Delving back into the non-analysis in order to reply to you kjewls.

    You’re welcome . It actually doesn’t feel like it takes that much time. I only realize how much time it took once I’ve finished and looked at the time. Haha. But again, you’re very welcome.

    First on the subject of Elena’s fears of Damon’s . Glad to have gotten some clarification on that because I definitely was taking it to be her literally afraid of him. Rather than as you suggested being afraid of what he could or would do to other people to protect her or simply because he was overly emotional. I absolutely agree with you in such a case.

    Moving on to Jeremy. I can’t believe I actually forgot about that even for a fraction of a moment because I hated him so much for doing it. As Elena seemingly got passed it though. I did, right along with her.

    I do disagree about the tomb. I don’t think she actually made a decision not to approach the tomb. She did try , it was that Damon wouldn’t allow her to, in my opinion that stopped her because she ran back out throwing an obvious temper tantrum. Although I do agree it would be sort of funny to see a little bit of a prolonged scene where Damon is required to be forceful for some reason or another and Elena is resistant. I also thought though that in the episode with the Hunter vamps , that it would have been hilarious had Damon actually thrown her over his shoulder as threatened.

    Hmm.. I suppose that could have definitely been considered a rescue. Because while I don’t doubt Damon’s abilities. It’d be two against one lest Rose decided to help and while he was busy fighting off one vampire, another could have gotten to Elena. So Elijah’s preventing the whole thing I guess yes, could have been a rescue. But more of Elena in my opinion than a rescue of Damon.

    As for Elena’s off-camera conversation with Elijah, based on the scene that followed, I for one always felt that the only thing she negotiated was Stefan’s freedom. I never even thought for a moment about negotiating her own protection being something that would have come up in the deal. I can see , how some people might have though now that you mention it.

    Glad you liked my perspective on the term Crying Wolf [: I agree that a lot of the titles definitely refer to respective plights and scenes for many of the characters involved in them.

    LOL! See, I knew there were probably more but that’s why I said I could only remember three lmfao. Ah, see the scenes you’re naming off for me are mostly happening in one room. The ones I listed where the ones where I remembered her literally being chased throughout an entire building.

    And to answer your last question. No I actually have never considered writing a TVD blog, Honestly Never even knew they existed until I discovered you two weeks ago in my search for some clarity on a garbled Damon line. ❤ Thank you very much though. That's quite the high compliment coming from someone who writes as amazingly well as you do. ^_^

    ( I think I eliminated all of my spelling errors, if not I apologize and please forgive them. haha.)

    • LOVED this play-by-play, Brittany! It really brought me back into the episode. And reminded me of so many little things I might have missed on first watch.

      I think you should definitely consider starting a TVD blog. (You can get one on WordPress for free! :)) It’s a great outlet to express all of your thoughts on the things you love (or just ONE SHOW that you love ;)).

      Additionally, blogging introduces you to some really brilliant, kind, and witty people, who share your interests and goals. Besides, you’d be great at it. OK . . . off my soapbox now. 🙂

      Interesting idea regarding the Moonstone Curse, and the possibility that, if the vampires broke it, they could become human, and go on to lead “normal” lives. It would definitely go along with the curse’s duality. If werewolves, can effectively cease to BE werewolves, why not vampires? Additionally, it would add an extra layer of intrigue to Stefan’s and Damon’s story.

      Up until this point, Stefan and Damon have always INSISTED that they have no interest in breaking the curse. And why would they? They would have nothing to gain from it. But the writers of this show have really hammered home the point about how much BOTH Stefan and Damon covet humanity.

      Could they give up that opportunity for Elena, despite the fact that she doesn’t want them to do so? Of course! They love her too much to not do so. But adding that aspect to the curse, will certainly tempt them all the more.

      But would all vampires HAVE to become human, or could they CHOOSE to become human? Because I’m not sure Originals like Elijah would WANT humanity at this point. Why give up all that power, and the ability to walk the Earth like a GOD? Talk about a buzzkill! Also, wouldn’t it be in the WEREWOLVES best interest if vampires suddenly ceased to exist? I think to really make breaking the curse attractive to vampires, it would have to be a CHOICE of humanity, as opposed to a requirement.

      Interesting point about Matt. To me, I kind of feel like Matt instinctively KNEW, at least on some level, about the feelings that Tyler and Caroline share for one another. He may have brushed it off the first time he saw them together. But then he saw them together AGAIN the day he kissed her. And there was Tyler looking all smug, and Caroline babbling on about how nothing was going on between them.

      Then, suddenly Caroline’s blowing him off, repeatedly. She cancels their date, and blatantly lies about it. Finally, she goes to him to apologize, and guess what? TYLER’S THERE! And Matt has to see it, the tension between them as they bump into eachother, and have that heated argument.

      He can’t deny it anymore, To him, Caroline being involved with Tyler is the only LOGICAL reason for why she is acting the way she is. And Tyler pretty much confirms it by echoing Caroline’s earlier words, “There is nothing going on between us.” (Thou doth protest too much.)

      So, while I am in no way, a Matt supporter, because I find him and Caroline a tad dull together, I can understand where he was coming from, and why he acted the way that he did. And yet, I think it was this knowledge that allowed Matt to have the strength and understanding to unconditionally agree to protect Caroline and be there for her, when Tyler asked him to do so.

      Still, it’s ONLY TEMPORARY MATT! Tyler will be back. So, don’t get too comfortable!

      You know, I was kind of hoping John would spill the beans about everything to Useless Aunt Jenna this week. Girlfriend would probably have a heart attack. But at least she could stop being so USELESS! (But what I nickname her then?)

      Nice analysis on why Damon chose to compel Andie to fall for him. There will definitely be perks for him, hanging around a reporter all the time. Damon will get all the breaking news on all the random killings in Mystic Falls. Plus, if she’s covering the “historical society” events, Damon will always have an excuse to stalk his Man-Crush Eljah.

      (Not that everyone in Mystic Falls doesn’t attend EVERY SINGLE party in the town, because they do . . . In fact, Damon could have never met someone in the town, and still go to their kids 3rd birthday party without raising an eyebrow. Besides, he could probably compel himself onto every guest list. :))

      I didn’t see Luca drink the coffee either. In fact, I missed the coffee line altogether, and assumed Bonnie had drugged him with her mind. Then again, maybe the coffee drinking came about, while the camera was focused on Caroline and Jeremy.

      I love your analysis of that Stelena scene by the lake, and what Elena’s mindset was, when she was having that conversation. In terms of heroism versus giving up/ cowardice, I too see an element of heroism / bravery in Elena willingly giving up her life to ensure the safety of those she loves. (Then again, who’s to say, that Elijah wouldn’t kill them all once Elena died? After all, Elijah said himself, “once you cease to be of use to me [Damon], you are dead.”)

      And yet, I can see where Stefan, and particularly, Damon, are coming from in their argument that Elena is being a martyr and giving up. (Remember Damon’s speech to Elena in The Descent? He touched on this issue.)

      The thing is that, while Damon and Stefan DO put their lives on the line to save Elena in every episode, they do it by FIGHTING. I feel like Damon, in particular, would feel like, if he died saving Elena (PLEASE LORD NO!!!!!), it would be an HONORABLE DEATH, because he would have done everything in his power to save her.

      By doing this, Elena is not giving anyone the CHANCE to fight. From her perspective, she’s saying, “You shouldn’t risk your life for me. Your undead lives, and the lives of my friends are more valuable to me than my life.” But to them, she is saying, “I don’t care about MY human life . . . something that you have coveted for hundreds of years. I know how much you love me, but I don’t care about the pain you will feel when I am gone, or the guilt you will experience as a result.”

      She is also saying to TWO seriously Alpha Males, “I don’t believe you are strong enough or smart enough to defeat Elijah and Klaus.”

      Given that, you can certainly understand how Damon and Stefan, in addition to be sad , and terrified of losing the woman they love, are also a teensy bit pissed at Elena. She sees what she is doing as self-sacrificing. They see it, as being cowardly, and , yes, self-absorbed.

      Wow, that was fun. Thanks for playing with me, Brittany.

      • BrittanyMarie

        It indeed was fun [:
        I actually really liked your elaboration on how Damon and Stefan might be seeing Elena’s actions. And I can definitely understand how they would see that. But , for whatever reason I was more inclined to picking up on what I thought Elena’s own thoughts might be about her own actions versus their actions.

        As for Matt…. I still think he deserves a swift kick. Tyler.. I really just don’t know about this boy right now.

        As for Luca, You’re right, they definitely could have done the coffee drinking off camera. I didn’t think of that before but it does explain a few things.

        Glad you liked my thoughts on Andie.

        As for the curse, that definitely is an added and very likeable twist to my thought process. A option for humanity would I think be very tempting to some vampires which would be why some would be extremely desperate to break the curse. BUT if it were an option, as we’re discussing. The question remains. Why would Klaus want to become human?

        Also. Has anyone had any thoughts yet on what Isobel is supposedly planning or attempting ? John told Damon last week that if Isobel accomplished what she was trying to accomplish, Klaus would never set foot in Mystic Falls. I’m very eager to hear anyone’s thoughts on this.

      • BrittanyMarie

        Oh and about the blogging.
        I’ll give it a thought [:

        If I do decide to get into it, I might be pestering you for help though .

  18. Nasha233

    Well she didn’t exactly run in the hidey hole vamp house, she pretty much went to the basement and saw Damon, who had the reaction that we all did, are you kidding me? What did he say, are you insane? Can’t remember but I remember thinking that was my reaction.

    I do agree with Brit that I think Stefan would use any method necessary to save Elena. Even if it meant violence and as he demonstrated he could, but Stefan ever the diplomat will try to reason by talking and negotiate the situation first. Just like he did with Mason. When it was clear Mason wanted none of that and was after them, he would agree to Damon’s method. So Stefan is definitely capable especially for Elena.

    I am looking forward to Stefan dark side and what is he capable of and the person that got him turned around. It will be interesting to see.

    ITA with Brit’s analysis about what Elijah said to Elena regarding the sacrifice. Elena is very aware she that her deal with Elijah meant for her to die in exchange for her loved ones will be unharmed. I understood that when I watched that exchanged. I do think when Elena relayed this deal, she never told her loved ones, it needed for her to die for the deal to be complete. I do think that Elijah never specifically gave details of the sacrifice but Elena is a very intelligent woman and she understood what it meant. And part of me believes Elena left that part out on purpose. And maybe secretly she hoped that there is a way to get Klaus without her dying but she definitely was willing to. Yes I cannot wait for Damon to confront Elena with this knowledge.

    Btw, I love your description of what would happen when Damon does get tortured to save Elena to them getting together because you and I, we think alike, that is just how I imagine it. The day these two will get together, it will be epic and I trust KW and JP to write it well.

    I do think it was said for the sacrifice to work, it needed a doppelgänger, a new vampire (I wonder if Caroline qualifies anymore), a witch and a lockwood werewolf gene. Maybe someone else can correct me. So Tyler is needed for this to be true. Unless he has a cousin somewhere.

    Tall, dark and handsome is usually referred to men who are tall of course, dark is not skin tone but hair color and of course handsome is just plain handsome. So Damon does have two out of three. As for tall, Damon isn’t short, but he is definitely not tall. I think it is a matter of perspective, to many if you over 6 feet you are tall. If you are over 5’10, you are tall. Damon is what 5’10? So maybe he is 3/3. Hehehe

  19. Nasha233

    Jules check this video out http://tl.gd/8pm76o

    • That . . . was . . . AWESOME! You made my evening, Nasha! I just wish it was LONGER. I could watch Elijah flipping his hair, and Damon eye f*&king him in response, for HOURS, and still not get bored.

      If you don’t mind, I’m going to post it here, for EASY RE-VIEWING . . .

      You rock, Nasha! Thanks for thinking of me, and for sharing this! 🙂

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  21. Nasha233

    I am glad you enjoyed it because I sure did. It was so much fun to watch and I agree it was too short, so I kept rewinding it. I knew I brought it to the right place.

  22. Tricus

    I just had a late night interesting thought.
    1) Elena thought that Damon rejected Andie Starr, the reporter in the bar.
    2) Elena and Stefan went to the cabin the next day and has been there the whole time so she doesn’t know that Damon is “dating” Andie now.
    3) Alaric told Damon to not kill Andie, cause she is famous and he doesn’t want anymore killing to explain to Jenna and to have Andie hang around for awhile.
    4) Damon made Andie to fall deep in love with him.
    5)Damon and Andie is an interesting couple to watch cause she is not mean, flaky, a vampire or a high school girl like Damon used to have his flings with.
    6) Damon need a source to get info from for the sacrifice and Andie being a reporter fits the bill etc..
    6) So basically I think the TVD writers will have Andie be around for a couple of upcoming episodes and Elena will see Damon having an actual (well kinda) relationship with a adult human woman. Elena will not know about the compulsion. hahaha
    HMMMMM will she be shocked, jealous or what when she comes back from the lake house, see Andie always with Damon being all lovey dovey and acting like a GF? It’s one thing for Elena to see Damon with flaky girls who he have flings with but to have an actual GF who is an adult and feels like he is “the one”. Damon being Damon will even recommend a double date with Elena/Stefan. LOL
    hahahhahahhahaha That would be toooo HILARIOUS to see Elena reactions. I hope the writers write it in the episodes, I REALLY want to see Elena in upcoming episodes when she finds out about Andie and see her continuing to be a GF to Damon cause Elena is used to Damon flings and she was secure in his interest.
    Now, I don’t know. Elena may feel kind of weird and start questioning her feelings for Damon more and more. She may even act like jealous or a little off when Andie name is mentioned so that her friends like Caroline and Bonnie is like “What’s up with You?” hahahahha
    Guys are clueless to girls moods, it will take them longer to figure out stuff.
    What do you think?

    • Good point on Elena not knowing that Damon and Andie are dating yet. She’s in for quite a shock, when she gets home! I really do hope she gets SUPER jealous, and that we get to see her reaction unfold during the upcoming episodes.

      Just based on the promos, it looks like Elena’s and Damon’s storylines may be separate again this week. With Elena chatting with Stefan about his DARK past at the lakehouse(?), and Damon hosting the titular Dinner Party. So, if not this week, hopefully next week, we will get to see some hot Delena Sexual Tension.

      Don’t forget, we also can look forward to Damon’s enraged / heartbroken reaction, when he learns that Elena plans to basically KILL HERSELF to save the Salvatores. That should be super emotional (and sexy) too.

      Bring on the Delena angst! 🙂

  23. BrittanyMarie

    New Episode Tonight!!! [:
    SO Excited!

  24. BrittanyMarie

    I’m going to have quite the busy week. New Episode tonight, Birthday Tuesday, Another New Episode the following Thursday ❤

    • Happy early birthday, Brittany! I hope these two new TVD episodes are birthday-worthy for you! Based on the promos, The Dinner Party looks awesome! Plenty of Damon/Elijah moments, the return of Dark Stefan, flashbacks . . . all sorts of fangtastic goodness for us to enjoy. I can’t wait!

      • BrittanyMarie

        I just started watching / analyzing. I was watching some random t.v. show I found on netflix for a while . Had to wait for the site I use to post up the TVD episode [:

        So far though I’m a little turned off by Dark Stefan. I’ve only barely gotten a glimpse, I’m not that far into the episode but I’ll save my opinions for tomorrow’s recap ❤

      • BrittanyMarie

        OH and thanks for the birthday wishes [:
        I’ll be turning the big two-oh.

        I’m actually sort of terrified but I hear it’s normal to be afraid. At least that’s what some of my friends both male and female have been saying.

        I would be a lot less scared if Damon and Stefan showed up to wish me a happy birthday ❤ hahaha. I can dreaaaam *sigh*

      • Oooh, 20 is a big B-Day! I hope you’re planning on doing something awesome for it! If you happen to have a Twitter account (I don’t), consider tweeting Ian Somerhalder about it. Of course, I can’t promise anything, but I hear that SOMETIMES, he tweets back for big events like B-days. 🙂

        Can’t wait to hear your brilliant thoughts on this latest TVD installment! 🙂

  25. mariana

    can you please tell me what phone is Elena using in episode 14 of season 2? thank you

    • Hi mariana! I always assumed Elena had an iPhone. That’s certainly what it looked like in this episode. However, I’ve read elsewhere that the phone she’s using is called an Aria? Here’s a picture of one . . .

      I hope that helps, somewhat! 🙂

      • BrittanyMarie

        I always wondered what phone she was using.
        Is that the same phone she uses in Plan B?

      • I’d have to check the screencaps to be certain, but I suspect it was the same. TVD tends to be pretty good about product line consistency. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if, the company that makes “Elena’s phone” paid for the product placement. 🙂

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