THANK YOU, Grey’s Anatomy (and Jesse Williams a.k.a. Jackson Avery)!


I have a teensy confession to make.  I’ve been neglecting Grey’s Anatomy a bit, lately.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I adore the show, and HAVE adored it since it premiered back in 2004.  I’ve just been getting a smidge bogged down with my other television recapping obligations.  And, for whatever reason, this has been one of the shows that has slipped under my radar, in recent weeks . . .

I probably deserved that, Lexie!

But then came Thursday night’s episode, entitled “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing),” and its introduction of the new, highly shippable, potential pairing of the brilliant, quirky, and a tad over-excitable, Lexie Grey, with the Dreamy-Eyed Body God of Porcelain Perfection, Jackson Avery. 

I may or may not have done something like THIS, when it happened on my screen . . .

Ever since Jackson Avery entered my Grey’s world a few seasons back, I’ve been cursing the television writer gods for (1) NEVER allowing his character to be part of the satisfactory pairing he so richly deserves; and (2) rarely ever allowing him to TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT . . .

(And by “rarely ever” I mean, “not EVERY WEEK”  . . . and, therefore, “NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.”) 

But times, they are a-changin’ on Grey’s Anatomy.  And Jackson?  He’s a-undressin’ . . . slowly, and sensually, like the enchanting Doctor-by-Day / Male Stripper-by-Night, we all know he COULD be.  So, if my hunch is correct, we will be seeing a whole lot more of HIM, and that half-nude beautiful body of his, on-screen, in coming weeks.  And for that, we have THIS girl to thank . . .

 .  . . for being so charming, funny, and currently, so very vulnerable.  We also have THIS GUY to thank . . .

 . . . for (1) knocking up his Lesbian Bestie, Callie; (2) not telling his girlfriend, Lexie, about it, until it was WAY TOO LATE ; and (3)  inadvertently, setting the wheels in motion for this inevitable relationship.

So, why am I so excited about a Lexie and Avery coupling . . . aside from the OBVIOUS, of course?

Well, for starters, this pairing has begun precisely the way I like my ships to begin: with HER involved with someone else, and him pining for her quietly, and miserably, on the sidelines — his crystalline blue-green eyes, filled with unrequited attraction, longing and loneliness . . .  (I guess that makes me a sadist?)

Or maybe just a Hot-ist?

Lexie, like many of the female characters in my prized SHIPS, is going through her own angst, right now.  She’s feeling angry, alienated, and betrayed by the man she loves.  And, as a result, she is COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to her new suitor’s affection for her.  (She’s also, apparently, blind . . .)

Then again . . . maybe not so blind . . .

Would someone please retrieve Lexie’s panties from the floor and mine?

For those of you who are thinking that Jackson’s attraction for Lexie began just this week . . . well . . . I beg to differ  .  . .

 And for those of you who are assuming that this is the first time Lexie (who’s Jackson’s ROOMMATE, after all!) has been mesmerized by the Good Doctor’s hot half-naked body . . . well . . . I would have to disagree . . .

No sense reaching out to grab IT Lexie, IT already left the room, 5 minutes ago, to take a shower . . . But if you run in there right now, you might be able to catch IT . . .

Up until this point, Lexie’s and Jackson’s attraction to one another, has always been something alluded to subtly . . . every few episodes or so . . . but never specifically addressed.  However, this week, was the first time we really got to see Jackson and Lexie connect on an emotional level.  Sure, Jackson may have started talking up Lexie, and plying her with chocolates, because his “boss” promised to provide him with career opportunities, if he did so . . .   (Yeah, because THAT’s not inappropriate, at all!) 

“No, Mark Sloan!  I will not be in a threesome with you and Lexie, no matter how many times you ask!”

And yet, by the episode’s end, Jackson’s desire to support Lexie during her time of need took on a whole new meaning for him, entirely.  As a result, those temporarily dormant feelings that he had, deep down, always possessed for her, bubbled to the surface once again . . .

Now Jackson is HUNGRY for Lexie’s . . . chocolate.

You can watch the bloomings of this new and incredible SHIP, right here, right now, by clicking on the link below  . . . (You’re welcome!)

And as for you, Grey’s Anatomy?  Rest assured you have regained my FULL and UNDIVIDED attention, once again!



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8 responses to “THANK YOU, Grey’s Anatomy (and Jesse Williams a.k.a. Jackson Avery)!

  1. Sara

    Yeah I’m shipping it so much and it’s about time!! The chemistry is adorable and undeniable and I just hope we get some good stuff before the show ruins this ship
    like it most likely will.

    Great post!

    • Hi Sara, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I know what you mean about the writers ruining OUR ship. I read one of Shondra Rhimes recent tweets, which basically implied that she considered Mark and Lexie to be endgame, but that they had a long hard road ahead of them. On one hand, this makes me THRILLED, because this LONG ROAD for Lexie, will most definitely include a VERY LONG STOPOVER at our guy, Jackson! On the other hand, I don’t like how Shondra ultimately plans to kill our SHIP, before she’s even really had the chance to see it in action.

      But all hope is not lost yet. After all, Jesse Williams and Chyler Leigh have this SPECTACULAR chemistry on-screen, that simply can’t be denied. And Jackson Avery is way too dynamic a character to NOT be given a MAJOR love interest on the show. (A regular one! Not a three-episode special guest star!) Sometimes the natural chemistry of a couple, and fans’ response to it, is enough to change writers’ minds about the duration of the couple’s relationship. And whether or not that couple can be “endgame.” Hey, if it happened for Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek back in the day, it can happen for Jackson and Lexie. All fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. Kellie

    This is awesome. You totally get them like I do. I’ve been shipping them for a while now so it’s nice to finally see something actually happening (or so it seems, you never know with this show) They have amazing chemistry and I can’t wait to see them actually together before they are inevitably destroyed. They would be so adorable together, I seriously can’t wait for the next ep to see their scenes. I’m going to be squeeing with delight 😀

    • Awww, thanks so much Kellie! I love these two together already. And I see such great potential in Jackson and Lexie as a couple. In addition to looking adorable together, and having great chemistry on screen, these two characters also seem to understand one another, in a way that no one else on the show can.

      Both characters are chronically underestimated by their peers: Jackson, because he’s so gorgeous, and often written off as a “pretty face,” and Lexie, because she is “Little Grey.” Both also tend to cope with their pain and heartache, by masking it with quippy humor, and a carefree attitude. But, eventually, if they are not careful, their emotions can boil to the surface and explode, as both characters have shown this season Clearly, these are soulmates in the making. How does Shondra not see that? 😉

      Like you, I definitely look forward to the further development of Jackson Avery’s remarkable character through his continued pining for, and ultimate SUPER sexy courtship of, Lexie Grey! Bring on the Jacksexie! 🙂

  3. Jackson Avery, you call me to me with a siren song!

    I can’t want for Jacksexie kissage. Remember that ever so brief macking with Cristina? The boy can kiss! I’m personally hoping for him to plant another passionate one on a girl he likes, only this time the girl will respond fully (because Cristina, you totally kissed back for a little while ;))

    For such a good looking guy, who tend to be self-important or screwed-up jerks on this show, he seems so sweet and protective. I loved how he stood up for even just his friend April’s honour, and can’t wait for him to be all manly for Lexie. SIGH!

    • Oh boy, do I remember that Oh-so-Adorable drunken Jackson / Cristina kiss! It’s embarrassing how many times I watched that scene on YouTube . . . *blushes*

      You bring up a really good point, Cherie. (You always do! ;)) Though Jackson can occasionally be a teensy weensy bit jerky sometimes, he is NOT AT ALL arrogant. In fact, to Jackson, his looks are actually somewhat a hindrance to him, because they cause people to (1) underestimate his intelligence, and (2) assume him to be this sort of cocky vapid stereotype of a guy, who he isn’t.

      Jackson is also GENUINELY loyal to his friends. This is why Reed’s and Charles’ deaths affected him so much. Also, he is supremely protective of the women he cares about. As you so wisely mentioned, this (along with other things going on in his life at the time) protectiveness is what sparked his violent response toward Alex for what he did to April. It is also what sparked his caring, and quietly supportive, response to Lexie’s pain over what Mark had done to her.

      Jackson COULD have given Mark the information he was requesting, in order to advance his career. But he opted not to do so, because he obviously cares for Lexie. He also understands that the pain she is experiencing right now goes much deeper than even she is willing to admit.

      And something tells me that, if we thought the Jackson / Cristina kiss was smokin’, the Jacksexie one will be positively ON FIRE! 🙂

  4. Definitely enjoyed this episode – Jackson eye-candy! Sigh…

    • Here-here, diplomaticwife! 🙂 It’s about TIME we had some Serious Shirtlessness from Jackson again, not to mention the hope of an ACTUAL romantic storyline for him. Jesse Williams has been CHRONICALLY underused by the Grey’s writers in my opinion. Hopefully, this episode marked the end of that!

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