A Midwinter Night’s Dream – A Recap of Gossip Girl’s “It Girl Happened One Night”

BLAIR:  Is that my soulmate acting like he’s madly in love with the personality-free Special Guest Star?

DAN: I’m afraid so . . . Is that MY soulmate, acting like she’s totally cool with spending Valentine’s Day drinking cheap beer at a sleazy bar, with the ex-con waiter, who very well may be a sociopath?

BLAIR:  Sure is!

DAN:  I feel like locking myself in my room, and watching a horror movie.

BLAIR:   I think we’re already watching one . . .

Did you read Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream?  You know, the one where there’s a big party in the forest.  And the evil King makes the Big Gay Fairy put spells on all the couples, so that they fall madly in love with all the WRONG people, for all the wrong reasons.  If I recall correctly, someone even falls in love with a DONKEY’S ASS . . .


Yeah, that’s kind of how I felt about this week’s Gossip Girl Valentine’s Day Addition.  (Don’t worry, Dair fans.  I’m not here to attack your ship, today.  My wrath, instead, is directed at two new so-called couples that I think we ALL can agree SUCK ROYALLY.)  Specifically, I’m referring to the BIZARRO pairings of Serena/Ben and Chuck/Raina, and how each of the aforementioned Gruesome Twosomes behaved, during this wild and wacky hour. 

Seriously, GG writers, I haven’t been this confused by two members of the Non-Judging Breakfast Club, since Chuck boned the Raccoon Zombie . . .

 . . . and Serena dated the odious Aaron Rose . .  .

Remember THIS douchebag? 

Because, here’s the thing.  As teen drama fans, we inherently accept the notion that the couples we worship can’t ALWAYS be together.  TV watching probably wouldn’t be much fun, if they were.  After all, sometimes the “getting together” and “getting BACK together” of our favorites ships is the best part of the show! 

And, for that reason, we put up with the random Special Guest Star, who plays the Love Interest, for three or four episodes, before going back into the Anonymous Hole from which he or she came.  Correction, we put up with it . . . WHEN IT’S CONSISTENT WITH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. 

Here’s looking at YOU, Miss Duff!

So, for Serena, we accepted her dalliances with Carter, Trip, Professor Hotpants, and yes, even the odious Adam Rose.  Because these were individuals who had things in common with Serena, and reflected the life path she was on, at the point during which she dated them.  And we (sort of) accepted Chuck’s relationship with the BLAND Eva, because we knew he was in pain, after all that happened with Blair, and being shot in Prague.  We knew that Chuck chose Eva, dull as she was, in attempt to shun everything about his life that had caused him such heartache, during the prior season.

But I CANNOT, for the life of me, understand what would possess Serena to fall in love with CREEPY BEN, who’s CREEPY SISTER, ruined Serena’s life, and nearly killed her, AT HIS BEHEST.  And I CANNOT fathom how Chuck (a guy who took SEASONS to finally tell Blair he loved her) could fall SO completely head-over-heels for the lackluster Raina Thorpe within TWO episodes, that he would be willing to build her a Creepy Loveshack Room in one of his party halls, or betray his entire family, to try and please her Evil Dick of a Dad.

But like the strange happenings in Midsummer Night’s Dream, I chose to chalk all this weirdness up to a Big Gay Fairy, and some Black Valentine’s Day Magic . . .

So, with that being said, let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

Damn the Man!  Save the Empire!

When the episode begins, Chuck has scheduled a meeting with the Eeeevil Russell Thorpe.  He wishes to make one last valiant attempt to save Bass Industries by . . . you guessed it . . .  THROWING A BIG PARTY.  Coincidentally, here are some other problems Chuck Bass would likely solve by Throwing a Big Party:  (1) He had a bad day.  (2) He had a good day.  (3) He lost his favorite shoe.  (4) He lost his favorite bathrobe.   (5) He lost his favorite bong.  (6)  He lost his favorite Blair.

*clears throat*

Chuck feel that the Bass name has equity.  And he somehow believes that throwing yet ANOTHER big party (cause he hasn’t done THAT in about a week!) will show Russell that this is true.  Chuck also REALLY wants to get laid on Valentine’s Day.  So, Eeevill Russell (who likes to boogie, as much as any mid 40-something Hotel Tycoon) agrees to refrain from killing Chuck’s company for 36 hours, while the latter plans the Best Valentine’s Day Bash EVER!  *insert Cupid eyeroll*

Meanwhile, over at the offices for W Magazine . . .

Have It-Girl, Will Travel

Blair, who has VERY REALISTICALLY risen from stapler-grabbing intern to Second-in-Command at W Magazine in about TWO days, is brainstorming with her “staff” as to which “It Girl” the magazine should follow around on Valentine’s Day for an “Expose Article.”  Since the Hiltons, the Kardashians, and every other socialite with a sextape is busy that day, someone suggests Serena van der Woodsen.  But Blair has an even more boring better idea.   Why doesn’t the magazine cover Raina Thorpe?

I mean this girl is SO THRILLING to watch on television!  So you can imagine how RIVETING she would be on paper! Zzzzzzzzzzz

Of course, as per usual, Blair has ulterior motives for selecting Raina as the subject of the magazine piece.  After all, she knows that Chuck has been wooing Raina, as part of his Master Plan to save Bass Industries. And, seeing as she still luuuuuuves him, doing this piece will conveniently allow Blair to keep tabs on her man, during Valentine’s Day. 

In a classic game of Telephone, Blair mentions her devious plan to Serena, who inexplicably tells Chuck.  Chuck then tells Serena that he actually does LOVE Raina, and as of five minutes ago is no longer “faking it,” as Blair had initially suspected.  *cough bullsh*t cough*

So, of course, rather than immediately confronting her bestie, BLAIR, about this recent development, Serena makes the incredibly stupid wise move of telling Raina, who had already agreed to do the publicity piece, that she should back out of it.   Violating EVERY GIRL CODE IN THE BOOK, Serena blabs to Raina about how much Blair still loves Chuck, and how seeing Raina and Chuck together on Valentine’s Day would break Queen B’s heart . . .

With that Stupid Love Stuffout of the way, Serena and Raina can talk about more important matters . . . like which Overpriced Dress they should each wear to Chuck’s party

“Does this dress make me look like a Total Slut?”

“Isn’t that what all clothing dresses are for?”

When Raina calls Blair up to cancel the Expose, just moments after she has just finished hanging out with Serena, Blair puts two and two together, and realizes that she’s been sabotaged by her bestie.  You know what that means right?  It’s time for the Blair Waldorf Weekly Revenge Special!

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn . . .

Dan the Man to the Rescue!

“This is my ‘I’m Hitting on You’ Face .  . . Coincidentally, it is also my ‘I Just Sucked on a Lemon’ Face”

Wanna know the definition of awkward?  How about being forced to be roommates with your ex-girlfriend’s Creepy Ex Con Boyfriend, and having to listen to him yammer on about his LAME-O (i.e. nonexistent) Valentine’s Day plans with the girl who’s supposed to be YOUR Valentine?  And yet, Dan still manages to be a pal to Creepo Ben.  When he finds out the dude is unemployed, Dan refers him to a catering job that HE used to have.  (You know . . . before his dad started boning Lily van der Woodsen, and he became filthy rich . . . like everybody else on this show.) 

Now, of course, Ben LIES to Serena about how he plans to spend Valentine’s Day, telling her that he is “tutoring” a student that night (because that’s what we call a “Convenient Plot Device”).  Now, personally, if I was Serena, I would feel better about my former teacher boyfriend, who had a crush on ME, back when I was underage, catering on Valentine’s Day, than “TUTORING,” if you catch my drift.  But no one ever said Serena was the sharpest tool in the shed . . .

“I did NOT have sexual relations with that student (but I thought about doing it A LOT).”

Having successfully set Ben’s and Serena’s moronic plotline into motion, Dan dashes off to W Magazine.  If you recall, a couple weeks back, the now-LONG GONE Epperley had promised Dan that SHE would pass his article on to Details magazine.  Now that she’s left the building, Dan wishes to seek the same treatment from the “new Epperley.”  And I bet you all can’t guess who THAT is? 

It’s Blair.  SURPRISE!

At least, initially, Blair doesn’t seem all that interested in helping Dan get his article published.  After all, she’s still a tad pissed at him for initially getting her fired from her internship, before he, ultimately, got her rehired.  She’s also pretty insistent on the fact that her and Dan are “not friends.”  And yet, considering that her “friend” Serena has just ROYALLY screwed her over, Blair may want to start rethinking who earns that title.

Speaking of Serena, Dan casually mentions to Blair that he gave Ben his catering job.  You can almost see the wheels turning in Blair’s head, as she calls up the catering company to make certain that Ben will be working Chuck’s Valentine’s Day Bash.  She then slyly convinces Serena to attend the party as well.  (As if we believed, for a SECOND, that Serena would EVER be capable of staying home on Valentine’s Day!)

“I was thinking of wearing THIS to the party?  Do you like it?”

Back in Boring Corporate Storyline Land . . .

All Hail the Captain (Well . . . maybe not)

Nate’s Less Than Proud Papa sort of redeemed himself, by telling Chuck that (1) even though he continued to work for Thorpe, he ethically recused himself from all matters relating to the takeover of Bass Industries; and (2) despite this, he had “accidentally” become privy to information about the company.  According to the Captain, Bass Industries would be worth more if it were kept whole, than if it were broken down, and sold for parts.  So, WHY was Russell Thorpe intent on destroying it?  And WHY had he lied about giving Chuck a 36 hour reprieve before takeover proceedings were to begin, when that was clearly not the case?

It had a little something to do with this Little Tartlet . . .

My LORD!  Lily slept with RUSSELL THORPE TOO?  And she left him for BART BASS?  But wasn’t she boinking RUFUS right before she started dating Bart?  Geez!  I feel like I need an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of  all of Lily’s conquests . . . Like mother, like daughter, I guess!

Without pausing for a single second to ponder how all this information so conveniently landed in his lap RIGHT when he needed it, the normally much more clever, Chuck Bass calls an impromptu board meeting Valentine’s Day morning to fire Lily from the Board of Bass Industries, due to a “Conflict of Interest.”  Upon hearing this, Lily is understandably pissed, and vows to give Chuck a piece of her mind at . . . you guessed it, the Bass Valentine’s Day Bash . . .

Smile, Serena!  You’re on Date-a-Waiter Camera

At the party, a vengeful Blair accosts her new It-girl Serena, flanked by reporters, to interview her for her W Magazine piece.  “Who’s your Valentine?”  Blair inquires, in a voice that is sickeningly sweet.

“Ummm .  . . hummun . .. uh . . .” Serena responds eloquently.

That’s when Blair lets the other shoe drop, by pointing Serena toward Ben, in his waiter outfit, and joyously announcing his EX-CON status to the world, as the cameras catch every cringe-inducing moment of this Valentine’s Day Couple’s reunion.  Ben, of course, runs out of the party, crying like a b*tch, as he is wont to do.  Serena, meanwhile, angrily confronts Blair for her vindictiveness, FINALLY explaining to her, why she “sabotaged” the Raina Interview, in the first place.  “Chuck really loves [Raina].  It’s not just about the business,” Serena admits to a disbelieving Blair .  . .

But Blair refuses to believe Serena.  After all, it is so utterly unbelievable that Chuck could start loving this random Guest Star, after only having boned her for a week.  Right?  RIGHT?

So, Blair stalks off, with a dogged Dan on her heels, whose still trying to get her to publish his damn story in the magazine.  Dude is nothing, if not persistent . . .

Voyeurism at it Most Heartbreaking .  . .

Wandering the party, Blair and Dan come upon the Creepy Love Den, Chuck has supposedly “built for Raina.”  (Those architects must work FAST!) Fortunately, Blair missed THIS “lovely” sight.  (Dan saw it THOUGH!)

I’ve never even DATED Chuck Bass, and this image had me vomiting in my mouth.

What Blair did witness, however, was far worse.  Lily storms in to call Chuck out on firing her from the company, after all she had done for him, by adopting him, and helping to save Bass Industries with him.  Upon hearing what Chuck has done to his step mother, Raina stalks out in disgust.  Enter Russell Thorpe, to glibly tell Chuck that, without Lily on the board, nothing stands in the way of him dismantling Bass Industries.  “Now you have nothing.  No family.   No company.  And, from the looks of it, no girl.   I think you know how much family means to Raina.  And now she knows how LITTLE it means to you,” monologues Russell, before letting out a maniacal laugh.

“I’ll get you, My Pretty, and you’re Creepy Little Love Shack too!”

(Well, this guy ended up being a real two-dimensional villain, didn’t he?  Thorpe makes Mr. Burns look like Maggie Simpson.)

“If it were me, I would have least let him finish screwing my daughter one last time, BEFORE, I ruined his life.”

It should surprise precisely NO ONE that Thorpe had TOTALLY planned for the Captain to find that information about Bass Industries and leak it to Chuck, so that the latter could dig his own grave . . .

As Blair watches sadly, Chuck chases after Raina, and tries in vain to salvage their relationship . . .

Chuck really starts laying it on thick here, telling Raina how SACRED she is to him (barf), how much he luuuuuuuuves her (gag), and how their relationship has changed him for the better (puke).   But Raina ain’t buying what he’s selling.  So she leaves his ass at his own party. 

Still, Dan is impressed by the drama of it all.  “Oh he’s goooooood,” Lonely Boy notes with amusement.

But Blair sees some bad plot devices truth behind Chuck’s words.  And she can’t deny the pain in Chuck’s eyes over the loss of his of-the-minute “true love,” Raina.  And so, she dashes off to a nearby couch to sob, over what will likely go down in history as her WORST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER!

Sympathizing with the intense pain his friend is obviously suffering, having gone through the same thing with Serena just a week prior, Dan gently grabs for a distraught Blair’s hand.  But Blair is not yet ready to accept his sympathies.  So, she yanks her hand away, and staunchly refuses to look at his Puppy Dog Eyes . . .

Good Riddens to Valentine’s Day!

Back at La Casa de Waldorf, Blair attempts to apologize to Serena, who, after all was “worried about [her] heart, not [her] job” (and rightly so), by giving her a box of chocolates.  (Really Blair?  Does Serena look like the kind of girl who eats chocolates . . . or any food besides lettuce and liquor, for that matter?)  The “Besties” then kiss and make up.  

So of course, rather than stay and comfort her CLEARLY depressed supposed-best friend, who is OBVIOUSLY suffering from a broken heart, Serena rushes off to send the last few moments of her LAME Valentine’s Day at a LAME Bar, with her LAME boyfriend, Creepo Ben.

As for Blair, she gets a text from Dan, that he plans to keep sending her drafts of his article, until she agrees to submit it to Details.  But, wonder of wonders, Blair has actually ALREADY read it . . . and submitted it to Vanity Fair.  She calls him, to inform him of the good news.

“Yippee . . . I’m the NEXT Hemingway!  Well . . . except for all that suicide stuff.” 

Then, in a sweet, if slightly uncharacteristic (for Blair, at least) final scene, the newfound pair of lonely, Type-A personality, buddies decide to watch the decidedly UN-Valentinesy film, Rosemary’s Baby, on their laptops, in their respective beds, as they cleverly snark about the film, over the phone.


Do these two actually have the SAME bed sheets?  Or is it just me?

In other news . . .

Drug Dealing Damien (who was looking FRIGHTENINGLY orange this week, by the way) is manipulating Mini VDW (a.k.a. Eric)  to do his dirty work again.  His weapon of choice, this time?   BLACKMAIL.

Also, the Captain, before being unceremoniously fired from Thorpe’s company, managed to retain all his key cards to the office.  I smell WATERGATE 2011!

I’m going to be GREAT at Breaking and Entering.  I got the high score in Grant Theft Auto TWICE!”

And that’s all I’ve got for this week’s installment of Gossip Girl.  Next week, things really get intense when Blair . . . FAILS TO MATCH HER WARDROBE!


You can check out the promo for next week’s episode of Gossip Girl, “While You Weren’t Sleeping,” right here:

Until then!  XOXO!

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26 responses to “A Midwinter Night’s Dream – A Recap of Gossip Girl’s “It Girl Happened One Night”

  1. Rene

    Interesting recap; but first off I am a Raina fan. I love Tika Sumpter from One Life to Live. She is beautiful and she works great with this group of well Slutty girls and horny boys we call Gossip Girl. I think she is playing her role well. Now that I have stated my allegiance I will say that as far as couples here is my preferred list. Raina/Nat, Dan/Serena, Blair/Chuck, that is how I see things going eventually. I realize Raina won’t be around for long but I love they Finally added some color to the show and that Chuck was the first to have a taste of the Sweet Brown Sugar LOL……(I adore interracial couples)……..I don’t think this was a bad episode at all I actually liked it. I even liked Dan and Blair platonic thing at the end. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, I have nothing against Tika Sumpter, per se. I’ve never watched One Life to Live. So, I’m not really familiar with any of the actress’s work, aside from Gossip Girl. I even thought the actress had nice chemistry with Blake Lively, in the pair’s dress shopping scene. I also agree with you that some casting diversity was desperately needed on GG. And it was nice to see that here.

      My issue is with the character of Raina Thorpe. Specifically, I was put off by Chuck’s ridiculous and out-of-character reaction to her on the show. I just think it comes down to bad writing. Sure, it would be realistic for Chuck to jump into bed with Raina, upon first meeting her. He’s a sexual guy. And he was technically single at the point when he met her.

      What’s not realistic, is Chuck going from using Raina to save Bass Industries, to being head over heels in love with her, in a matter of half an episode, as if his four-seasons long relationship with Blair never existed. He BUILT HER A LOVE SHACK, for crying out loud. Chuck is not the kind of guy who falls in love easily. It took him a long time to admit the feelings he was having for Blair.

      We accepted that he developed these feelings for Eva, because of the vulnerable position he was in when he met her. Also, the majority of their courtship happened off-screen. But we have SEEN ALL of Chuck’s courtship with Raina. And I haven’t seen anything from the two of them that would make me believe that he would fall so in love with her, so quickly. Suddenly, their relationship is “sacred” to him. Why? Because they both used to hide in hotel closets when they were kids?

      I’m also not digging the chemistry between Westwick and Sumpter. I think it pales in comparison to Westwick’s and Meester’s chemistry. (Most couples do.) But that’s just me. I trust your judgment about Tika Sumpter’s acting abilities, however. I wonder if I would feel differently about Raina Thorpe, if the character was handled differently, or was paired with Nate. It’s entirely possible.

  2. iszy

    Well i havent watched the ep, but it sounded pretty bad and hence the lowest GG ratings ever *i shouldn’t laugh*. I’m disappointed you didn’t mention that the writers needed slapping, for bringin up that we missed out on CB’s bacchanal last valentines. But i otherwise agree on your recap. I share the opinion that they have placed C & S in guest star hell to make DB a viable pairing, and really this is bringing the whole show down.
    I kept a lookout for you on FanForum, we would all still love for you to join us there. We are hibernating in our CB bubble 😉

    • Hey iszy! Thanks so much for stopping by! I had no clue this episode got such poor ratings. Maybe the universe is trying to tell the writers something 😉

      Honestly, the episode wasn’t terrible. Blair was adorable and fabulous as usual. And Leighton Meester portrayed her broken heart over what she witnessed between Chuck and Raina, flawlessly. I literally got teary eyed for our girl.

      As for Dan . . . well, I will say he’s been more likeable of late. It’s just a shame that the writers felt they had to character assassinate Chuck and Serena to improve Dan’s character, and develop his friendship with Blair. Honestly, I don’t think those two things had to be mutually exclusive. Special Guest Star Hell indeed. 😉

      I absolutely, plan to stop by the forum soon. My life has been a bit crazy of late, but I’d love to meet all you guys! You are, after all, MY PEOPLE! 🙂 Thanks again for stopping in, and for being such a sweetheart! 🙂

  3. Rene

    I honestly don’t see how this episode was any worse than the guilty pleasure of other episodes we have seen on Gossip Girl. It was all kind of cute. I mean yeah Chuck knew Raina a hot minute before they slept together but yeah that is Gossip Girl and that is Chuck. It’s all about drama and high society, spoiled rich kids and back stabbing. 🙂


    Oh come on u guys, we all know chuck and blair is endgame 😉
    it’s like the unspoken rule of UES unlike someone we know *cough* DAIR fans**cough*, it will happen,probably,or not- but hey, chuck & Blair belong to each other,like kim possible and ron,or like tom and jerry.
    also,i want to point .. dair friendship is likeable ..so hopefully, we will be spared that redicoulous rumor about Blair & Dan going to hook up, impossible.
    they may both have the same taste about classic movies,& literature -but chemistry? well, it’s like Raina and Chuck.. so BOOORRRING!

    okay, and uhmm..
    love your recap,as always..

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Glen Coco! And GO TEAM CHAIR! 🙂

      I agree with you 100% Chuck and Blair are endgame. With all the build up the relationship has had over four seasons, and all the forshadowing of marriage for the two, cleverly inserted into the series, I really don’t see any other way things could go. Whatever their faults, and however many bad plot twists, character assassinations, and lame special guests stars the writers have forced them to endure, these are two people who, at their core, are meant to be together.

      And I’m with you. I don’t mind Blair and Dan as friends, at all. They are both smart, ambitious, share the same tastes in culture, and have a fun witty banter thing going on. Plus, all their friends are friends with one another. It seems only natural for them to enjoy one another’s company.

      But when it comes to romance, Blair and Dan are two people who are meant to be with two other people, Chuck and Serena, respectively. The show has been set up that way. And for the endgame to be anything else, would be dishonest to the series, I think.

  5. Regina

    @rene: i agree, high society elites and backstabbing… are one of the reasons.
    but,I,for one believe about friendships,. , and their positive character development. but at some point or another; what i really like about this show is how they cope with things,money aside. especially Blair, she is nothing,if not righteously bitchy. smart.and adorable.

    anyway,about this episode i think the recapper unfolded everything what i was thinking about .
    and i hate Chuck on this episode- it’s really hard to believe that he is inlove with Raina, we ‘re talking about Chuck bass here you guys,. damn writers! stop making him like a loser and pathetic- if it is not for B.
    maybe he is bluffing,it won’t be the first time,like Eva- he needed the sanctuary. and for Raina, he needs the company, coz you can’t be Chuck bass without CASH, oh gohd,this is driving me nuts~! maybe I should settle for Blair and the prince.

    • Thanks so much, Regina. You have perfectly put into words what I love so much about Gossip Girl. (Sure, I complain, sometimes. But I am only critical out of love! :)) I think, like many, I started watching GG for the guilty pleasure aspect of it all: the gorgeous people, the fancy clothes, the luxury homes, the parties, the backstabbing, and, of course, the hot sex. But, as the show progressed, I feel like it evolved into so much more.

      Over the course of these four years, I have come to know, love, and sometimes want to murder, these characters. The stellar acting of this cast, and the USUALLY on-point writing of their dialogue by the writers, has made these people feel like real friends to me. Like real friends, I love watching these characters grow, develop, fall in and out of love, and yes, sometimes, screw up royally, and do some pretty unforgivable things.

      But I HATE when my characters are written to do and say things that don’t seem consistent with who they are. And that’s my issue with this Chuck plotline. It doesn’t seem true to who he is. I understand what the writers were ATTEMPTING with this storyline. But think it could have been handled in such a way that wouldn’t make Chuck look like such a fickle D-Bag.

      Because, for all his faults, Chuck is a guy who knows what’s in his heart. Sure, he’d sleep with anyone, if the mood was right. And he can scheme, backstab, and screw up with the best of them. But, when it comes to Chuck’s heart, it only belongs to one person . . . always has. And that person is Blair. For the writers to make me believe he’s in love with Raina, even momentarily, they are going to have to work a lot harder than they are right now.

      And yet, I am still confident the writers can correct the errors of the past few episodes, and get the show back on track. In fact, I’m sure of it. 😉

  6. screenlock

    that fugly bitch! seriously, why can’t she just leave the UES,?!
    like her bestie lil J.. damn, knowing her,she’s gonna ruin everything for DAIR,
    i hope she get hit by a taxi or something -__-
    I used to love Chair,but when it comes to Blair- Chuck doesn’t make the cut.
    How many times does he have to hurt Blair?? so,Chair fans take your broomsticks,coz you’ll see Dair sweeping off your feet..sweetly..
    and Vanessa is gonna be swept out hopefully,back where she came from.!

    • LOL screenlock! 🙂 Well, we may not be the same “team” anymore, but your comment still cracked me up. So, thank you for that. 😉

      Vanessa does SUCK, doesn’t she? 🙂 No matter how many times they try to pair her with people on the show, be it Dan (85 thousand times), Nate (84 thousand times), or Chuck (THANKFULLY only once), it’s the same old snoozy story. No chemistry, no fun.

      The Raccoon Zombie Little J is detestable, but at least SHE is interesting to watch, in a trainwreck sort of way. Vanessa is just Dull City. And as we’ve been learning lately, she’s not even a “good” person. At least, at the beginning, she had “morality” going for her.

      I’m with you in hoping that Vanessa goes far away, and FAST!

      • screenlock

        *nod**nod* couldn’t agree more.THAT TROLL VANESSA,peeessh. maybe if she cold just stop frowning,and throw those clothes of hers,and be a less hypocritical- maybe there is a chance for her….
        to end up with Rufus, i think they have on screen chemistry;those waffles moment-s with Rufus, there is something goin on there,i tell yah 😉 pedoBear might actually approve. lol.
        one thing i miss about this show is Rufus singing….
        …he really have a good voice.


        sorry if it is on repeat,i couldn’t figure what’s the next words were 😀

  7. Emily

    LOL, I love your recaps, woman!

    And this episode really was the worst thing that ever happened to me on Valentine’s Day, lol. Why would the writers inflict it on us in what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year? Yeesh.

    • LOL, Emily! SO TRUE! When it comes to love, I tend to be a pretty cynical person, by nature. But Valentine’s Day is probably the one day of the year, when I like my TV shows, cheesy, romantic, and filled with sappy sweet goodness. And BOY was GG none of those things this week! And no, I don’t count Serena’s and Dan’s yawn-filled bar smooch over $2 beers at the end of the episode! PUH-LEASE! 🙂

      I wonder if the writer of this episode was dumped by his or her significant other, shortly before writing it. It wouldn’t suprise me in the least!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. I really do appreciate it! 🙂

  8. TheKey

    Did nobody notice that Blair and Dan have telepathic skills? lol
    Doing the same thing with the phone at the same time? Its definitely not platonic at all.

    • LOL. Good eye, TheKey. I would be grudgingly :)willing to admit that the writers are definitely pushing Blair’s and Dan’s plotline in that direction. The question is how far will they go, and for how long?


      (Especially considering that another one of Blair’s old suitors is rumored to be making a reappearance toward the end of the season . . .)

  9. Sandra

    Hey, I’ve been reading your recaps for TVD and GG and I just want to tell you that you are freaking hilarious and that I may look forward to your recaps more than I do the shows sometimes. (a.k.a whenever Stelena get more air time than necessary… Last week’s episode anyone?)

    Anyway just thought I’d give my two cents on this who Chuck/Raina debacle the writers are inconveniently trying to gag us with. But before I get to that I want to point out that:

    1) it took 4 seasons for the writers to realize that they are writing a show about New York,-not a smalltown/ noname part of the US. It’s okay to have a diversity in the races that you showcase (And no that black girl in S1 doesn’t count because I bet you don’t even remember her name. And if you do, she wasn’t in anyway relevant, was she? No? I rest my case. lol)

    2) It’s nice to see a girl with meat on her bones. She isn’t a sickly, underfeed LOOKING creature. She is gorg!

    That being said, Why the hell do the writer’s think it’s okay to question our intelligence so blatantly? So you mean to tell it took Chuck and Blair 3 seasons to admit that their deep-seated animosity toward each other was really just horiness and unrequited love but that it took Raina TWO days to get Chuck head over heels in love with her?

    It’s Either her sex is mind-numbing or this just doesn’t make sense. (I’m betting on the latter?)
    Um…all I can say is Can someone please give me some of what those writers are smokin?

    Now I’m a Chair fan but…I find that I’m kinda tilting to the left a little in terms of this recent Dair development. I think what appeals to me is that their relationship isn’t all angsty and borderline moronic (*Cough*Serena/Ben *Cough* ). It’s fun and it’s cute and for a few moments I remember that these people are supposingly my age and not in their 50′s dying from some kind of chronic disease (probably sexual).

    It’s refreshing and I may actually be shipping them. *eeeekkk* I never thought I’d say but…I said it. I ship them. It’ll be interesting to see where the writers take them -because unlike most of Serena’s relationships or Chuck’s for that matter- this actually makes SENSE!

    Anyway just wanted to tell you that you are awesome and that I love you! (that isn’t totally creepy is it? lol)

    Peace and Deuces!


    • That’s not creepy at ALL, Sandra! 🙂 I’m actually really honored that you are enjoying my sometimes very LOOOONG weekly TV rants and ravings. After all, you clearly have fabulous taste! (TVD and GG = two very awesome shows . . . most of the time ;)).

      And your comment? TOTALLY filled with win. I’m with you on GG, and it’s near TOTAL lack of diversity over FOUR SEASONS of filming in MANHATTAN! I mean, aside from that Nellie Yuki girl from the high school episodes, Raina and Russell, the girl from Season 1 (you are right, I don’t recall Blair’s minion’s name), and, I guess, Vanessa and her Mom (?), EVERYONE on this show has been 100% Caucasian. I’m actually kind of surprised more people haven’t called the writers and producers out on that fact more frequently.

      That being said, I feel like the Raina character COULD have been better received (because, you are right, she is model gorgeous), if she was written as a more 3-dimensional character, and NOT PAIRED WITH CHUCK! You are right. Their pairing doesn’t make ANY SENSE. They have NO CHEMISTRY TOGETHER. And their sex? Not that hot, I hate to say . . . (Then again, nothing compares to Chuck and Blair and their ANYWHERE, ANYTIME horndog lovemaking. ;))

      Why not give Raina a chance to stick around a few more episodes, by pairing her with Nate? I mean, let’s face it, since Juliet has left, the poor boy has had nothing to do but sulk and look pretty. Can’t an Archibald get some love? 😉

      I also see what you mean about these characters, and their tendency to act and dress more like 35 year olds than the 19 and 20 year olds they are actually supposed to be. Perhaps, it has something to do with them all “OWNING EMPIRES,” “RUNNING MAGAZINES” and never going to class? 🙂 Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Chuck Bass (recent storyline excluded), but, of all the characters, he is probably the most guilty of this.

      So, it was refreshing to see Blair and Dan just hanging out in their rooms watching a horror movie on their laptops, for a change. And yet, my staunch Chair loyalty absolutely FORBIDS me to ship them as anything more than friends.

      It’s hard to be a Chair fan sometimes. But I’ve stuck it out this long. And I am still optimistic for my big endgame payoff :). Maybe I’m just ridiculously idealistic, but I still believe Chair’s endgame will be a super sweet one, worth ALL the pain, and the agony, this Ship has endured over four seasons. 🙂 (Not that I hold your loyalty switch against you, of course, because I can definitely see where you are coming from . . .)

      Thanks again for leaving this brilliant comment on my blog, and for reading me. I really do appreciate it. You RULE! 🙂

      • Sandra

        I’ll remember to leave a comment for your TVD and GG posts more often! I just love your blog (are you over the compliments yet? lol).


  10. Rene

    *SP* alert Spoiler Alert.

    I have seen scenes of Raina with Nate and I posted them on twitter a week or so ago. They look HOT just chatting LOL of course I had no idea what they were saying but they were talking which I have not seen so far in the show so I assume its coming up. That was why I put them as a couple I would ship.

    • Now that you mention it, I do recall a scene with the two of them together in next week’s promos. Let’s hope it’s not a tease, like the shots of Nate with Epperley from the promos of the previous episode.

      I would LOVE Raina with Nate. And here’s why:
      (1) It would free up Chuck! (YIPPEE!)
      (2) It would give Nate something to do. (Because, let’s face it, he’s hot, and chronically underwritten.)
      (3) It would give Raina an opportunity to ingratiate herself to fans like me, who could NEVER fully support her, as long as she’s stealing Chuck from Blair.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this, Rene! 🙂

  11. GoodcopBasscop

    Great and hilarious recap… I almost cried for blair… I hate how they made Chuck fall for some girl after two episodes… not real, and the whole Dan-Blair thing was good this episode because they didn’t hook-up, they’re good as friends, and I don’t think they ever will… this whole chuck Raina thing actually made me sad for the days of Chuck Eva because Chuck was just with Eva because he couldn’t be with blair… Chuck Raina was just way too rushed and very fake

    • Hi GoodcopBasscop! Can I just say, you have the COOLEST SCREENNAME EVER! 🙂 I’m actually a little jealous of it! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      I agree with you 100% about Chuck’s relationship with Eva seeming more genuine than the sham of a relationship he has with Raina. (I can’t even BELIEVE I’ve gotten to the point where I am STICKING UP for Eva. That’s how crazed this storyline has made me. :)) We all realize that Chuck and Blair are supposed to be endgame. So, why are the writers trying to shove this faux-lationship down our throats?

      I know that Chuck and Blair are broken up right now. But why does Chuck have to be IN LOVE with someone else? Wouldn’t it be more consistent with his character for him to just stay single, and sleep with a lot of random girls? Aside from Blair, who is his true love, Chuck was NEVER one for monogamy. In fact, I am entirely convinced, that if the writers really thought about Chuck Bass, they would realize that Blair is the ONLY woman he would be willing to be “tied down” for. He certainly wouldn’t do it for some random chickie, he met two episodes ago! This new storyline just seems so completely out of character for Chuck. And you are right. It makes me feel terrible for Blair.

      Hopefully, the madness will end SOON! (All fingers crossed! :))

  12. Kjewls I SO agree with you. These dalliances are so OUT OF CHARACTER it’s frustrating. How can he suddenly be IN LOVE with Raina and why is Serena still hanging out with the guy who plotted to ruin her! I’m all for feeling guilty for what her mom did but to FALL BACK IN LOVE??? Just letting my frustration out =P

    • I’m TOTALLY with you, thediplomaticwife! Fortunately, things move fast on GG. And it looks like, next week, Chuck will FINALLY remove his head from his ass, and remember that he’s loved Blair for FOUR SEASONS now! I, for one, can’t wait! 🙂

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