Hooked on Phonics Worked for Elena! (But Not for Elijah) – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Dinner Party”

ELENA:  So when it comes to being super hot, and killing supernatural creatures, like it’s your job, you both get A’s.  But as far as reading comprehension and following directions go?  YOU TWO FAIL .  . . MISERABLY!

DAMON:  I am so Hot for Teacher, right now . . .

STEFAN: Is this going to be on the exam?  Because I’ve been in high school for 140 years.  And I’d really like to graduate some time within the next century . . .

It’s not often that you get a supernatural teen television drama, that also stresses the importance of careful READING.  And yet, that’s exactly what this week’s installment of The Vampire Diaries taught us.  Though the hour arguably ended “happily” unless you are Elijah, of course (I MISS MY ELIJAH ALREADY!), what happened to our Mystic Falls Scooby Gang this week should serve as a cautionary tale to all of us.   And the moral of the “story” is this:  Terrible things happen to people (and vampires) who fail to READ BETWEEN THE LINES . . . or, in some cases, the LIES.

In other news, all those fans out there who complained that Elena Gilbert is a “wimpy” / “whiny” heroine — who refuses to fight for herself — are currently enjoying “dessert,” right now . . .

Mmmmm . . . crow . . . yummy!

Let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

Dark Stefan –  The Prequel (A Jonathan Gilbert Story)

Dear Diary,

Today I OWNED every vampire and human on this show.  So, if anybody EVER compares me to Bella Swan again, I will shove my Original’s Killing Dagger SO FAR UP THEIR ASSES, they will wish they were NEVER BORN . . .

Hugs and Kisses,


When the episode begins, believe it or not, Stefan and Elena are STILL on their “Romantic Getaway” at the Gilbert Lakehouse.  Even after a fun-filled evening of being stalked, shot at, and held at gun point by a bunch of rabid and drooling werewolves, Stefan and Elena somehow still remain under the assumption that they can salvage their “vacation.”  Their idealism is either really inspiring, or incredibly disturbing.  I’m not sure which . . .

Then again, it’s entirely possible that the only reason this couple is sticking around the Lakehouse, is that they dread sharing a car with one another, for the long ride back to Mystic Falls.  After all, tensions have been high, and interactions icy, ever since Stefan found out that Elena plans to kill herself (via Santa Klaus-icide) to save the rest of the Scooby Gang from further harm.  In other words, there has most certainly been NO SEX in the Lakehouse Champagne Room!

This would probably explain why I found THESE in Stefan’s underwear, last night . . .

“Scientifically” speaking, I’m not even sure THIS can happen to vampires.  But if it CAN, it probably happened to Stefan at the Lakehouse . . .

Anyway, after their fight, Elena and Stefan are keeping a safe distance from one another.  As for Stefan, he is out on the dock, gossiping, like a little school girl, with his Big Bro Damon . . .


DAMON:  “And that Dorky Werewolf was like, ‘I’m going to kill you.’  And I was like ‘Ow, my neck hurts,’ and then Elijah was like ‘RIPPPPPP, hey Damon, wanna eat some were-hearts with me?’  And I was like ‘Cool!  I still want you dead though.’  And Tyler was like ‘I’m outtie 5,000.’  . . .”

STEFAN:  “Yeah, I know, Damon.  I watched the episode on ITunes, last night . . .”

Meanwhile, Elena is camped out on the couch, reading the “exciting” tale of how her boyfriend once ate all her ancestors, thereby almost preventing her from EVER BEING BORN!

“W TF, Stefan!  I better be getting a REALLY expensive anniversary gift, if you want to make up for this one!”

You guys have met Dark Stefan, right?  You know . . . he was the guy from the “Miss Mystic Falls” episode, that aired last season — the one who ditched his girlfriend at the local beauty pageant, so that he could suck on one of her competitors. 


Well, he’s BAAAAAACK!  (And I mean WAY BACK . . . like, 1864 . . . back.)


(By the way, my personal apologies go out to the over 550 people who searched for “Stefan Salvatore Fist Pumping Gif” this morning, and were mistakenly directed to my blog by WordPress, even though I didn’t actually “own” this GIF until about two hours ago.  Oops!)

Thanks to Jonathan Gilbert, and his compulsive need to write EVERYTHING DOWN, we are whisked back in time, to 1864, along with Elena.  Once there, we witness Jonathan Gilbert enjoying a nice “Dinner Party” (Ahhhh . . . parallels!  Gotta love em’!) with the other so-called “Founding Families” of Mystic Falls.  Suddenly, there is a rustling in the trees, outside . . .

So, the “Brave” Jonathan, and another random Town-Founding Dude, head outside to investigate.  Jonathan immediately whips out his trusty Cereal Box Toy Vampire Detector Watch, to determine if EVIL is truly afoot. 

It’s not afoot (YAY!) .  . . and then, suddenly, it is (BOO!).  Within seconds, Founding Dude 2 becomes a Vampire Happy Meal.  So, does Jonathan, for that matter . . .

 Or DOES HE?  As it turns out, in addition to being the owner of cheesy Vampire Detector Watches, Jonathan also wears an Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality.  And so, he returns to life, after being eaten. This enables Jonathan to ID his killer in his diary.  And I bet you can’t guess who it is?  (I’ll give you a hint:  His name rhymes with Mefan Malvatore.)

“Oh, Stefan!  You have some ‘splaining TO DO!”

Back in Present Day, Stefan saunters back into the lake house.  Apparently, his fun little conversation with Damon has done little to improve his mood.  The Dude still has a MAJOR stick up his ass, over the whole “Elena Suicide Pact” thing.  (Poor Schuck!  He has NO IDEA of the massive sh*tstorm he’s about to walk into.) 

“Still mad?”  Elena asks her beau slyly.

I won’t recap for you EVERYTHING Stefan says in response, because he basically details all of last week’s episode, in his speech.  However, I WILL tell you that he was dumb enough to end his monologue with “That’s the understatement of the century.”  *facepalm*

“YOU would know!”  Elena snarks.  (Silly Stefan!  You walked right into that one . . . or should I say “that pun”!)

Stefan admits that he ate the founding families because he was really hungry because he was pissed at them for what he THOUGHT they did to Katherine.  He hadn’t expected Jonathan for to survive, and finger him (OK . . . that sounded dirty) for the murders.  Stefan then reluctantly agrees to tell Elena all about the fabulous life / redemption arc of 1864-era Dark Stefan.  After all, better she find out all the bad stuff from HIM, than from her half-chewed wackadoo ancestor!

We are then treated to a fun little 1864 taste of what it would be like if Paul Wesley was cast as DAMON SALVATORE, and Ian Somerhalder as STEFAN.  (PERISH THE THOUGHT!)  We see Dark Stefan chilling in his mansion (La Casa de Rich and Awesome — MY HAVE YOU CHANGED!).   Evil Steffy apparently fills his days by screwing the townie girls’ little peabrains out, and then EATING THOSE BRAINS, once he’s finished screwing the bodies attached to them . . .

Enter Cockblock Damon (I can’t even BELIEVE I am using those two words in the same sentence!) with his Adorably Curly 19th Century Hair, and Judgy McJudgerson Puppy Dog Eyes . . .

Good Damon compels all Stefan’s little tartlets to leave La Casa de Rich and Awesome immediately, and never come back — thereby, effectively saving all their lives.  Damon also tells his brother, in his Stefan-iest voice, that the latter’s “appetites” are going to get them both killed, if Dark Stefan is not careful.

Having grown tired of Dark Stefan, and his tendency toward emotion free screw-killings, Damon has decided to skip town ALONE.  Upon hearing this, Dark Stefan shows emotion, for the first time during this flashback.  Clearly, desperate for companionship, he begs his brother to reconsider . . .

“If you stay, I’ll let you eat the girl behind the Piano’s boobs!”

But Damon is far beyond putting up with his Brother’s B.S.  He has already made up his mind . . .

So, a dejected Stefan heads out to a Civil War Battlefield for more Human Snacks.  He comes upon a blonde chick in a hood, and tries to gnaw on her.  The only problem is, she’s a vampire.  In fact, she’s a vampire who WE ALREADY KNOW!



The Awkward Moment when you try to eat a girl (non-sexually, of course), and she ends up being dead . . . ish.

OMG!  It’s LEXI!  Remember her from the 162 Candles Episode?  If not, she was Stefan’s bestie .  . . who celebrated his birthday with him . . . Then, DAMON KILLED HER to cover his ass for murders HE COMMITTED!


Anyway, as it turns out, it was Lexi who crashed with Stefan during those dark 1864 days.  And it was Lexi who taught Stefan that turning off your feelings isn’t the “right” way to be a vampire.  After all, vampires with NO feelings can’t get horny FALL IN LOVE!  And “love conquers all!”  (OK . . . that whole speech was nauseatingly cheesy!  But we like Lexi, so it’s acceptable from her . . . I guess.)

Perhaps, the most poignant moment of the flashback is when Lexi and, her future murderer, Damon, meet on the stairwell of La Casa de Rich and Awesome, as he is heading out of Mystic Falls, en route to becoming the SUPER HOT, but also DEEPLY wounded and tormented, vampire he is today . . .


Lexi prophetically warns Damon that the day will come when the anger he is feeling toward his brother for depriving him of his human life, will consume him, and lead him toward darkness.  In return, Damon asks Lexi to promise to take care of Stefan, because he clearly needs it.  And Lexi keeps that promise . . . well . . . until Damon kills her, of course.

You know . . . you’ve really gotta hand it to Stefan.  Here’s a guy who LITERALLY murdered his girlfriend’s entire family.  And, yet, he somehow manages to turn the story of how he did it into a GUILT TRIP against his girlfriend for being willing to die to SAVE HIS LIFE!

At the end of the flashback, Stefan tells Elena that HE never gave up on life, despite having once been a Sociopathic Mass Murderer, so she shouldn’t give up either.  Ummmm . . .  How sweet (?)

“It was a solid effort.  But you are still not getting laid this weekend, you Gilbert EATER!”

Speaking of relics of the past, let’s talk about BONNIE’S POWERS!

From Bewitched to Un-witched

“When I said I was looking for a new ‘Choker,’ this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind . . .”

Oh, Bonnie!  You didn’t really think you’d be able to Mind Rape Luka —

 . . . son of the Big Bad Jonas Brother from Another Mother —  and NOT suffer any consequences, as a result, did you?  Awwww, YOU DID, DIDN’T YOU?  That sucks!

When we first see Bonnie, her and Jeremy are alternating between eye f*ckery, and dancing around the issue of their little makeout session from last week . . .

After THAT KISS, and weeks and weeks of these two circling one another like dogs in heat, I REALLY can’t believe that Bonnie is STILL yammering on with her whole “What will Elena think, if I start boning her brother?” nonsense.  It’s annoying!

Jeremy obviously thinks so too.  But, fortunately, for Bonnie, he  unlike ME also finds it endearing.  For this reason, Jeremy plans to woo Bonnie by planning a not-date / date — one that expertly masquerades as “Witch Practice.” 

Damn, I’m SMOOOOTH!”

That being said, I did have a teensy weensy bit of an issue about Jeremy using thousands of friggin candles as “date decoration.”  Not only is that a MAJOR FIRE HAZARD (Honestly, doesn’t the Gilbert Household have enough PROBLEMS, without you trying to BURN IT DOWN, Scrappy Doo?), it also kept reminding me of the LAST TIME Bonnie and Jeremy found themselves surrounded by similar “date decorations” . . .

Yeah . . . ummm . . . Jeremy?  Last I checked, kidnapping, mind rape, and spell-induced seizures?  Not exactly romantic!

Fortunately for Jeremy, Bonnie isn’t bothered by the candles nearly as much as I am.  And, within moments, her and Jeremy are dry humping “channeling eachother’s energies” on the floor.  (So, that’s what the kids are  calling it, nowadays! ;))

Then, suddenly, THIS HAPPENS . . .


*sings*  “Ooh, what a feelin’!  When you’re dancin’ on the ceiling!”

That’s right, boys and girls!  As it turns out, Papa Warlock is not too keen on the whole “Mind Rape of his Son” thing.  So, after throwing Jeremy AGAINST THE WALL OF HIS OWN HOUSE, and MAKING HIM STICK THERE, like a Giant Human Spitball, Jonas turns his attention to Bonnie, who he strangles, while chanting gibberish.  “This is for your own good,” he tells her.

When Jonas finally lets Bonnie go, and Jeremy can peel himself off the wall, the latter rushes to his new gal pal’s side, to make sure she’s OK.  “He took my powers,” Bonnie gasps, as if unable to believe that this is really happening to her. 

(OH, BELIEVE IT HONEY!  BECAUSE IT”S TRUE!  A guy like Jonas, who can murder dozens of werewolves with a Headache Spell, can SURELY take away YOUR lame-ass powers, in a heartbeat.)

“I’ll get you my, Bonnie!  And your Mini Gilbert too!”

All kidding aside, I actually think there is something to be said for Jonas’ seemingly throwaway comment to Bonnie that he took her powers away, for her own good.  After all, we all know that WITCHES are extremely important to vampires, particularly ORIGINAL vampires like Santa Klaus, who are intent on breaking the Moonstone Curse.  We also know that Jonas’ daughter is being held captive by Klaus BECAUSE of her powers.  If Bonnie is just boring and annoying normal, she will no longer be at risk to be targeted by dangerous supernatural creatures with ulterior motives.  Just sayin’!

Uh Oh!  Bonnie didn’t seem to like that comment.  I really hope she doesn’t give me . . . Oh wait, that’s right, she can’t do ANYTHING to me anymore, can she?  Because she doesn’t have powers!  HAHA! 😉

Now that we’ve gotten all THAT out of the way, on to the GOOD STUFF . . .

*ahem*  Good “stuff” indeed!

Elijah Does His Best Impression of Kenny from South Park

Oh My GOD!  You killed ELIJAH . .  . and un-killed him . . . and killed him again!  YOU BASTARDS!

When we last saw Damon, he was a bit . . . indisposed . . .

But now, our sexy vampire stud is BACK, and READY FOR BUSINESS!  And this week, that “business” involves killing Elijah (TO SAVE his future girlfriend ELENA . . . WHO HE LUUUUUUVES, of course). 

To do this, Damon plans to use a Special Dagger, coated with dust from a White Oak tree . . .

According to Creepy Uncle / Father John, only THIS type of dagger can kill an original vampire.  But Damon (wisely, as it turns out) doesn’t 100% trust Creepy Uncle / Father John.  And so, to corroborate the legend, our Lonely Lothario decides to pay a little visit to the tomb-trapped Katherine, who, admittedly, has been looking a bit, worse for wear, of late . . .

 SOMEONE needs to moisturize!  Oh . . . and that Bottlecap Nose Ring of yours?  Not cute . . . AT ALL!

Katherine perks up a bit, when Damon feeds her some blood.  However, that happiness appears short-lived, when Damon starts discussing how he plans to kill Elijah.  “If you kill Elijah, I will be stuck in here forever!”  Katherine lies through her fangs exclaims!


Damon immediately takes Katherine’s faux frightened response as confirmation that John was right.  Originals CAN be killed!  And this dagger is the way to kill them!  With the murder weapon confirmed, Damon begins to put Phase Two of his plan into motion.  He does this by compelling his new Stepford Sex Toy Andie to invite Elijah, Jenna, and Alaric all over to La Casa de Rich and Awesome for a Dinner Party . . .

“Just because I’m planning to kill you, doesn’t mean I don’t have a Massive Boy Crush on you, Elijah . . . you heartbreaking, hair-flipping stud, you!”

(Speaking of homoerotic, did anybody else notice the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MASCARA AND GUYLINER Alaric was wearing, this week?  What was up with that?)

Don’t even TRY to tell me that’s natural!  It’s NOT!

As for the Dinner Party itself, it is probably one of the most awkward, bizarre, and hysterical social events of the ENTIRE SERIES!  I mean, first you’ve got Elijah . . .

 . . . who’s alternating between flirting shamelessly with EVERYONE in the house (male AND female) threatening Damon and Alaric that he will KILL the entire guest list, if they try any “funny stuff” (like . . . say . . . trying to stab him with an oak-coated dagger), and spouting off lame, and incredibly BORING, historical tidbits about Mystic Falls . . .

Then, you’ve got Guyliner Alaric . . .

 . . . who spends most of the dinner pouting in the corner, because (1) he’s jealous of the attention Elijah is paying to Useless Aunt Jenna (though, admittedly it’s unclear WHICH of these two people he is actually jealous OF); and (2) he is certain that his bromantic buddy Damon is lying to him, when he says that the Dinner Party is nothing more than a “fact-finding mission.” (The only FACT Damon is interested in “finding” is how much an Original BLEEDS when he dies.)

Then, there’s Useless Aunt Jenna . .  . zzzzzzzzzz

 .  . . nd Stepford Sex Toy Andie, who Damon has probably compelled so many times that the entire frontal lobe of her brain has turned to cottage cheese . . .

*crickets chirping*

And .  . . WAIT A SECOND . . . who the heck invited Creepy Uncle / Father John?

When it comes time for “dessert,” Damon coyly separates Elijah from the pack so they can have AWESOMELY HOT VAMPIRE SEX he can stab his MASSIVELY OLD guts out.  And he is just about to do so, when, conveniently enough, Alaric gets a frantic call Stefan at the Lakehouse . . .

“Can you hear me now?  GOOD!”

As luck would have it, Jonathan Gilbert wrote about KILLING ORIGINALS in his diary.  There’s even a picture of that dagger John gave Damon in Jonathan’s writings.  And under the picture it says . . . THE DAGGER CAN ONLY BE USED BY A HUMAN . . . BECAUSE IF IT’S USED BY A VAMPIRE, THE VAMPIRE DIES TOO!

OH NO!  Creepy Uncle / Father John TRIED TO KILL MY DAMON by getting him to KILL MY ELIJAH!  THAT BASTARD!

Could someone remind me again WHY they put THIS GUY’S FINGERS BACK ON, afte Katherine CHOPPED THEM OFF in the season one finale? 

Just imagine how much TROUBLE could have been prevented, if these “little piggies” had gone into the trash compactor, like they were SUPPOSED TO!

Now, it’s important to note here, that AS SOON AS ELENA read the passage about Damon possibly dying, Stefan RUSHED RIGHT OFF TO CALL ALARIC, without reading the additional “rules” about the dagger.  Granted, this might have been necessary, because, Damon was just MOMENTS AWAY from stabbing Elijah, when Alaric ran in to hand him THIS . .  .

(Not that any of you care, but I have TERRIBLE handwriting, myself.  So, the fact that Alaric ALSO writes like a toddler, makes me like his character SO MUCH MORE!)

Needless to say, Damon is not pleased AT ALL . .  .

But then, just when you think Damon might do something rash, like murder Creepy Uncle/Father John (DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!), or start pummeling Elijah with his bare hands (which, admit it, would be really hot!), THIS HAPPENS . . .

And then Elijah starts to look like this . . .

. . . which is SO NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR HIM.  And it’s a TOTAL SHOCK, because, really, this is NOT the way you would expect a BAMF like Elijah to go out.  I mean, he wasn’t even standing when it happened, he was SITTING DOWN, TALKING ABOUT DULL ASS MYSTIC FALLS HISTORY, for crying out loud.  He didn’t even have time to do his trademark hair flip!  It would have been a travesty for Elijah to have died this way.  Notice, I said “would have been” . . .

So, while Team Bad Ass members, Damon and Alaric, are giving eachother manly backslaps . . .

 . . . and Alaric is whining to Damon, about how he’s his only friend (NOT TRUE!), so he should be more honest with him (well  . . . THAT part is true!) . . .  Stefan has finally decided to let Elena read the REST of Jonathan’s entry about the dagger.  And get this:  it turns out, an Original is only dead for as long as the DAGGER STAYS IN HIS BODY.   ONCE YOU . . .

 . . . ahem . . . EXTRACT IT . . . The Original  Vampire COMES BACK TO LIFE!

So, let me get this straight . . . “pull IT out” = nothing happens


In other words, this is The Rhythm Method of Vampire Murder. . .  and Alaric, who has always been a “pull it out” kind of guy . . .

 . . . didn’t exactly DO IT correctly, if you catch my drift.

So, we cut back to Damon, who, after promising his BOYFRIEND that he won’t “lie to him anymore,” has returned to the basement to collect his Original Vampire Trophy. 

Oh yeah, Elijah is SO ALIVE and SO MIA!  (And I hate to say it, but I’m kind of glad.)  I bet you can’t guess where our Undead-undead BAMF-pire went next?

That’s right, Fangbangers!  A gentleman until the very end, Elijah WALKED his beautiful butt ALL THE WAY TO THE LAKE HOUSE, so that he could PERSONALLY tell Elena that, in light of recent events, all promises he originally made regarding Scooby Gang protection were hereby waived.

“You have nothing left to negotiate with,” Elijah explains, with what I detect is a genuine note of sadness.  (I really think the Old Vamp had a soft spot for our Elena.  And why not? EVERYBODY ELSE DOES.)

But Elena DOES have a bargaining chip.  “Promise me you won’t harm anyone I love, even if they harmed you.  Otherwise, I will stab myself to death with this dagger.  Then Stefan will turn me.  And I will become a vampire.  Just like Katherine did.  And you will have nothing.”

Elijah smiles, clearly enjoying this.  “I’m going to have to call your bluff,” he explains.



Now, the usually calm Elijah is FREAKING THE F*&K OUT!  “Yes, yes, you have the deal .  . . LET ME HEAL YOU!” Elijah exclaims. 

And it’s awesome seeing him unhinged like this.  Somehow, Elena, has managed to get the upper hand over an original vampire, in a way that nobody else has been able to so far.  HE NEEDS HER.  After securing Elijah’s word that he will not harm the people she loves, a dying Elena moves toward Elijah . . . and . . . STABS HIM IN THE STOMACH WITH THE ORIGINALS KILLING KNIFE!

Now, Elijah is dead . . . for real this time .  . . which, actually saddens me.  I’m going to miss THIS . . .

And so will DAMON, I think!  Speaking of Damon, it is at this moment that he MAGICALLY APPEARS . . .

“Just a tip.  Don’t pull the dagger out,” Big Bro Salvatore notes wryly.  (OH DAMON!  How I love you, let me count the ways!)

Speaking of people of I love, HOW AWESOME IS ELENA!  Then, after singlehandedly saving the day, our girl impresses me even further by giving her vampire men the WHAT FOR, for WRONGLY ASSUMING they knew better than she did how to handle this whole “Doppelganger” THING.  “You want me to fight?  I’ll fight, but you can’t keep things from me anymore.  From this moment on, we do things MY WAY,” Elena demands, in a surprisingly KATHERINE-LIKE TONE.

The boys AGREE!  And I’ll say it again, ELENA RULES!

Oh . . . to be in the middle of this Salvatoreo Sandwich right now!

In other news, Useless Jenna sort of /kind of dumped Alaric for being dishonest to her about TWO SEASONS WORTH OF VAMPIRE DIARIES EPISODES ex-wife Isobel and her undeath. 

Maybe she’s not so useless after all . . . (Wait . . . did I just say that?)

Then, Alaric surprisingly relented and gave Creepy Uncle /Father John the UglyAss Ring of Immortality he TOTALLY DOESN’T DESERVE, warning him, “After what you did to Damon, you are going to need it more than I am.”


Back in the AWESOME SHOWER fo La Casa de Rich and Awesome . . .

Just reminding you why it’s awesome . . . that’s all!

Damon walks in on THIS . . .

And my TEAM DELENA heart starts doing this . . .

But, of course, it’s not’s Elena . . . It’s KATHERINE!  That’s right, Damon!  Killing Elijah didn’t TRAP the Sexy Vamp in the tomb forever, it FREED HER FROM the Original’s Compulsion! 

Remember how earlier in the season Creepy /Uncle Father John promised Katherine that he had set plans in motion to get her out of the tomb, so that SHE could help protect Elena from Klaus?  Well THIS was exactly what he meant .  . . killing Damon was probably just be an added bonus for HIM.

However, it happened, KAT IS NOT ONLY BACK, SHE IS MOVING IN TO LA CASA DE RICH AND AWESOME?  Does this mean us Kefan fans will FINALLY get the sex scene we were so RUDELY denied a few episodes back? 

Here’s HOPING!

Something tells me, Elena is NOT GOING TO BE PLEASED!

Let the Doppelganger Hijinx ENSUE!  You can check out the EXTENDED version of next week’s promo, “The House Guest,” right here. 

Do I sense some HOT Delena moments in our near future?  I SURE DO!  (Who cares if it’s a case of mistaken identity?  They ARE RUBBING UP ON EACHOTHER.  AND I’m HAPPY, DAMMIT!)

It’s only a matter of time!

And that’s all I’ve got folks.  Feel free to sound off in the comment section about “The Dinner Party,” and/or your thoughts on “The House Guest.”  Are you sad Elijah’s gone for good?  Are you psyched for Katherine’s return?  What is the most AWFUL TORTUROUS death to which Damon can subject Creepy Uncle / Father John?  My vote is for something that involves leeches . . . and private parts.  But that’s just me ;).

See ya next week, Fangbangers!

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  1. You’ll be happy to know that I thought of you instantly and all the Delena goodness you’ll be squeeing over next week when I saw that promo.

    “After THAT KISS, and weeks and weeks of these two circling one another like dogs in heat…” This lack cracked me up so much. Possibly because it is a subliminal response to all the werewolfiness of recent weeks? Bonnie’s reaction post-kiss in the first scene made me want to stab a pencil in her neck ALA Elijah or something. After the soft “wow” last week, I find it hard to believe that she wasn’t feeling any jitters after the kiss. She is officially made of stone. The Jeremy chest caress was hot, but I’ll be interested to see if his interest in her wanes a little with the loss of her witchy powers… or if any got transferred to him when she was channeling him and before Jonas stormed the building. Though there were shades of the old, slightly desperate for love Caroline in Jeremy’s speech to Bonnie (“No, no, it’s not like a date, date. It’s more of a hey I kissed you and I thought you liked it..umm…a hang thing. “); it reminded me of Caroline giving the “we kissed and I don’t want it to be weird and I’m giving you an out” speech in season one, which was only weird in the sense SHE WAS GIVING A SPEECH ABOUT KISSING. Jeremy, come to Spidey’s web and get all entangled; I’LL treat you right. And then drop you like a hot stop when Trevino!Ass come walksexing back into town.

    You make a very astute point about Bonnie now being safe from being part of the sacrifice ritual. I wonder if Jonas is trying to control the pieces on the chessboard by making sure either he or Luka have to be an “ingredient”, so that they can get their sister/daughter back.

    I may have screamed out “Earth!” “Fire” “Wind” “Water” “Heart”! when Jeremy started talking about elements.

    The Dark!Stefan flashback was disappointing in the sense that it was so fleeting. The debauchery Damon describes that Stefan went on sounds like it was a decades-long thing… I’m hoping he had several relapses and committed even more heinour acts that almost gulping Gilbert ancestors. That was not nearly enough Dark!Stefan for my tastes. Lexi going all Beatles on Stefan (“All you need is love”) was pretty cheesy, but hey, you know me, I like my cheese 😉

    Elijah totally isn’t dead. It is almost like he has been cryogentically frozen. With a stake. TV logic dictates that the fact he only remains dead if the stake stays in him, means it will eventually come out. I mean, they have to kill Klaus with something. Talk about shoddy magical craftmanship, whoever made the dagger. At least allow it to be removed from an evil creature once you are done killing them 😉

    Ian is such a phenomenal actor. His goody two shoes persona just after turning was so distinctively different from the sexy vamp we know in modern times. He created two fully realised characters in one episode, and just like yin and yang, I could see a little of these personas in each other. I think that initially he was restrained because Katherine had trained him not to indulge in the debauchery of Dark!Stefan. Yet darkness overcame him, because he was desperate to be whatever she needed, and that ended up being a man who could stay emotionally aliented from others’ for over a century and obsessed solely with her enough to pursue opening the tomb.

    First ponytail Elena. Next Big Girl F**k Me Boots Elena. Now BAMF Elena. Give the girl a pink lady jacket! (I reckon that Caroline, Bonnie and Elena should each earn one of these the way the male members of the cast have acquired a black leather jacket as like a rite of passage).

    Salvatoreo sandwich references never fail to make me smile after all this time, as does the sight of a humble Oreo package in the supermarket.

    I was so disappointed by the throwaway reference to Tyler’s absence this week. I hope that means there will be meaty scenes relating to this next week, because if it has been brushed aside with a mere, “Carole Lockwood is distraught. Let’s hold another town candle light vigil. THE END” I will revolt. 😉

    • SQUEE! You are so right! I predict Katherine is going to have some MAJOR fun with Stefan, and ESPECIALLY DAMON, by repeatedly pretending to be Elena, next week. And THAT is going to impact Damon’s interaction with Elena. 😉 Shades of the season 1 finale, perhaps? I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

      As an Elijah Adorer, I obviously LOVE your idea about Elijah not being dead-dead. That whole stake thing IS a bit precarious, isn’t it? And just like I couldn’t imagine Katherine genuinely not having planned some way to get out of that tomb, post-Elijah compulsion, I can’t really imagine someone as smart as Elijah not planning for the possibility of being staked by one of the Scooby Crew members. After all, couldn’t Jonas just use some spell to find out where Elijah is buried, dig him out, and remove the stake? If I was part of the Scooby Crew (I WISH!), I would probably recommend they chop Elijah up, and feed him to the pigs, Mafia style, to prevent this from happening.

      But again . . . because I LOVE Elijah (and his hair) I hope they don’t do that! (Speaking of Originals, what are your thoughts on the guy they cast as Klaus? My initial impression was to be underwhelmed. But I guess it’s too early to make value judgments.)

      Ooh, I LOVE your idea about Jeremy “sucking up” some of Bonnie’s “Witchy powers!” It would make that weird, mildly creepy, channeling scene, make a lot more sense in hindsight. Plus, it’s high time our boy Mini Gilbert got the opportunity to KICK SOME ASS! Even if it’s only a temporary opportunity, that involves giving people headaches, lifting feathers, and getting nosebleeds . . . 😉

      I agree with you about Dark Stefan. All this build up of the EVIL PERSON Stefan used to be, when, based on this episode, “Bad Stefan” really only seemed to be around for a few days, before Lexi came by to “rescue him.” Like you, I would like to see the writers revisit this issuein greater depth. Unfortunately, however, I suspect they won’t.

      In general, the writers seem way too skiddish about making Stefan seem unlikeable, even in flashback mode. To me, this is a mistake. For starters, Paul Wesley is just SO deliciously good at being “bad.” And he rarely gets the opportunity to explore that side of Stefan’s nature. Plus, in my opinion, a little “darkness” goes a long way in fleshing out a character, and making him sexier. See e.g. DAMON SALVATORE, ELIJAH, and TYLER LOCKWOOD! 🙂

      Speaking of Tyler, I feel your pain regarding the lame throwaway reference to his character, not to mention the COMPLETE lack of Caroline, this week. However, based on the screencaps from next week’s episode, I suspect there will be PLENTY of Vampire Barbie in the upcoming hour. 🙂 And when there’s a Vampire Barbie, I suspect there will be at least one BIG Tyler reference. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, my fellow Forwood fan! 🙂

  2. Jesus, I am tired from Adelaide Fringe Festival week. “lack cracked” UM “LINE cracked me up”. This is what happens when you see four shows in five nights, kids!

  3. and *hot stop* should be *hot stone* I’m catching some ZZZZZZZ’s now!

  4. alice

    I’m pretty sure there will major drama to come.

  5. Louie

    A very big hand to our girl Elena Gilbert from Mystic Falls! Seriously, stabbing yourself isn’t that easy. We don’t want to experience such pain. Elena was really brave to be able to do it and I was amazed she tricked Elijah and able to kill him. She’s a strong girl!
    Dark Stefan was not that Dark Stefan at all. I expected much more what happened on the episode.
    Andie Starr was annoying.
    I hate Uncle/Daddy John Gilbert! He tried to kill our Damon.
    *Sigh* There’s no Delena moments at all for the past 2 espisodes. I’m hoping to see such next week before the 1 month suffering –NO TVD for the whole month of MARCH.

    • Hi Louie! It’s great to see you on the blogosphere! Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Elena was definitely the MVP of this episode, wasn’t she? You bring up a really good point! With all the stakings and stabbings that happen in this series, we forget how PAINFUL getting a knife through the stomach must be! And, having the werewithal to be able to do that to yourself, with as much force as Elena did? That’s pretty BAD ASS! I certainly couldn’t have done it, if I was in her place!

      Ooh, I DESPISE, Creepy Uncle / Father John for what he tried to do to Damon, this week!!!!! Not to mention, the complete disdain he’s shown for most of our beloved Scooby Gang, ever since he arrived in Mystic Falls, last season! Katherine should have finished him off last year, when she had the chance! As far as I’m concerned, a gruesome and painful death for this guy is LONG overdue! >:O

      As for Delena, don’t worry Louie, I suspect we will get some awesome, sexually tense, scenes from these two, within the coming weeks. Katherine will make sure of that ;). (She still wants Stefan to herself, after all.)

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Andie Starr either. When it comes to Damon’s girlfriends that aren’t Elena, they never last long . . . 😉

  6. Sandra

    Awesome RECAP as always.
    Just wanted to say that the humans were more BADASS in this episode then the vamps were. Elena and Alaric made mama so ridiculously PROUD!!! (especially our little heroine Elena). I’ll come back to that later!

    Stefan has to be the most self righteous character…EVER! I really dislike how the writers have decide to deal with his character– and Stelena for that matter.

    Let me list why:
    -He killed his girlfriend’s ancestors
    -He turned his brother because he needed companionship
    -He was were a RIPPER!! (Elena…um… HELLLOOOOOO!)
    -He continues(!!!) to lie (by omission as well) to his girlfriend until he has no CHOICE but to tell the truth

    And yet he thinks he has the right to lecture Elena about her life decisions (especially when it’s gonna save a you)?
    And if I remember correctly wasn’t it just a season ago that he was gonna bask in the sun’s rays (without his plot-convenient sun stoppage ring) because he didn’t want to live anymore?
    At least Elena’s reasons are justifiable and noble.

    And am I the only one who noticed that he managed to turn his horrid past into a ‘omg-Damon-killed-Lexi’ parable? I’m sorry but what in the hell does Damon have to do with you being a complete asswipe in 1864? Let us for a moment forget the lack of continuity in the storyline because Stefan was originally supposed to have been a ripper for 50 some odd years before Lexi even came into the picture.

    Instead of Elena getting kinda freaked out that Stefan was ‘ WORSE than DAMON!’ (no bells are ringing Elena? Because he’s drinking blood now and he could go nuts on you. And guess what? vervaine darts won’t help this time because…wait for it…HE IS BUILDING A TOLERANCE FOR IT!) She uses his life story as a lesson that she too should fight for her life!

    How touching!

    *blank stare*


    I’m sorry…so what exactly was the point of showing the flashbacks if they won’t affect the way Elena sees both brothers? How is the story even relevant to this (non existent) triangle? And how is it that Stefan keeps coming out the Knight in shining armor? (can you tell I’m a Delena fan? lol)

    Oh and another thing I hate…why does Elena keep lumping Damon and Stefan in the same category. Your boyfriend is lying scum. Damon is not!!!! Damon has never lied to her! Even when it would have benefited him! (remember when she asked if he had seen Jeremy’s staying alive ring when he had snapped his neck and he said no? Should he have lied? Yes, he should have.Definetely should have. They would probably be having sex in that shower Kat came out of already if he had lied. Did he? No. )

    Or how about all those times he could have compelled her and didn’t because he wanted it to be real?

    Or all those times Stefan told his (warped) side of things and Damon never once lied about Stefan or about himself to Elena?


    Anyway…besides that the episode was AMAZING! LMAO!

    Isn’t Damon what lady boners are made of? He just makes me all tingly and fangirly and lightheaded when he’s trying to kill someone! (very sadistic, I know!) He’s just so sexy! 😀

    Elijah is gonna be dead for the next couple of episodes! NOOOO! (we all know those ‘kill OG vampire daggers’ are not in high demand. They are gonna have to un-stake him to kill Klaus. That sucks. lol)

    Alaric is the love of my life (third behind Damon and Elijah). He is…*sigh* Do you know bad ass you have to be to…you know…kinda..sorta, but not really…kill Elijah?


    Um…Elena PWNS everyone in the BAMF category. Because if I were in her situation I would be like “F**k y’all! You’re on your own now. I tried. If he’s gonna kill you let him… Do the honors Elijah. Go ahead…I invite you inside.” lmao. There is no way I’m stabbing MYSELF for you.

    But not our selfless Elena. She is soo AWESOME!!!
    I lurrrrvvvveeee her!

    And I think Elijah was kinda sad. I think he has a soft spot Elena (that might go back to the original Petrova? Just my own crazy theory.)

    When Damon gets a hold of John???? *grin* I can not WAIT to see the different ways he will twist and contort his limbs. Have I mentioned that I love John as well. I don’t even think he tries to be an asshat (like Damon does) it all comes so naturally. lmao.

    And last but certainly not least. How come Katherine got out the shower and still had makeup on her face?

    Why is that heifer in Damon’s shower? Wouldn’t it be best to be naked in Stefan’s room? (considering ‘it’s always been him and will always be him?’). Why pop up in Damon’s room so he thinks for a second that it is Elena?
    Can everyone just leave Damon ALONE? LMAO!

    God this was long.


    • Can I just start by saying, you rock, Sandra! This is the second time this week that your comments have literally had me laughing out loud! So, thank you for that! 🙂

      You are absolutely right! Team Human kicked Team Vampire AND Team Witch’s Asses from here to Mars, this week! For obvious reasons, I spent a good portion of this recap, praising the virtues of my MVP Elena, who was selfless, fearless, brilliant, and completely hardcore throughout the ENTIRE EPISODE!

      That being said, we can’t forget the crazy coolness of Alaric, and his blink and you’d miss it, SUPER bloody, Dinner Party slaughter of Elijah! For me, that single moment was probably the most shocking of the entire hour. Because, unlike some of the other twists we witnessed this week, I completely didn’t see it coming, AT ALL! And besides, it’s not Alaric’s fault that Stefan didn’t let Elena FINISH READING THE DIARY PASSAGE, before he rushed to the phone, like a little school girl! 🙂

      Heck, I’d even grudgingly admit that Creepy Uncle / Father John’s plan to murder Damon, and get Katherine out of the tomb, while, at the same time, protecting Elena from an eventual demise, was pretty ingenious. (I still want him to die a MISERABLE death though . . . NOBODY hurts my Damon like that, and lives to tell the tale!)

      Your take on so-called Dark Stefan was HILARIOUS, and absolutely on point. I too was under the impression that Stefan was “dark” for many years before he redeemed himself. That whole bad today, good tomorrow business was SUCH a major cop out, in my opinion.

      And HOW was the fact that Stefan nearly DEVOURED Elena’s entire family tree, just swept under the carpet, in exchange for that lame “All you need is love. Fight for your life,” Moral of the Story? WTF?

      I mean, isn’t what Stefan did THAT DAY in 1864 1,000,000 times worse than Damon’s admittedly naughty Jeremy Neck Snap thing? Because, think about it, if Stefan had succeeded in killing Jonathan, there’d be NO Jeremy, No Uncle / Father John, and NO Elena!

      I also agree that Elena should have been WAY more upset that Stefan dated her for two years, and NEVER bothered to mention this little story. Damon would have probably included it in his introduction, if it were him. :). I can picture it now: “Hi, Elena, I’m Damon. I ate your ancestors once. They were really tasty. Wanna shower together?” 😉

      Speaking of Damon . . . oh, Lady Boner, indeed! 🙂 The way he looked at Elena, when she told him SHE is in charge NOW, just totally melted my heart. And, maybe it’s just the Delena fan in me, but I’m ENTIRELY convinced that Vampire Katherine is in cahoots with us Delena fans to hook Damon and Elena up, so that she could have Stefan all to herself. THAT’S why she seduced him in his awesomely large shower (with her makeup on lol). And that’s why she’s going to start pretending to be Elena, to screw with Damon’s head, next week. If, that is in fact, the case, can I just say, BRING IT ON! 😉

      You know, I have read a few comments about the Dagger in Elijah, and how it will be needed to kill Klaus. If that’s true, and it may be, it’s pretty darn funny. 🙂 But I’m not entirely sure there is only ONE Originals-killing dagger. In fact, I was under the impression that ANY dagger could kill an original, provided it was made with the right material and coated with White Oak dust? I could definitely be wrong about that, though. The vamp mythology on this show boggles my mind sometimes. 🙂

      Also, if all that is necessary to kill Klaus is the dagger, why do they need to perform the Sacrifice to weaken him in the first place? Can’t they just take him from behind (sounds kinky!) like Alaric did to Elijah? I’m thinking that since Klaus is THE Original, killing him will be a bit more complicated than that. And the Elijah fan in me is kind of hoping that the Scooby Gang actually ends up NEEDING the BAMF Old Vamp to complete the deed. How cool would that be?

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your brilliant commentary on this site, Sandra! I really do appreciate it. 🙂

      • Sophie

        I forgot to mention earlier – I simply adore your recaps, you’re doing a great job!!
        And I’m already trying to guess what you’re going to give us in the upcoming TVD-lacking month…
        Last thought: continue with the far-fetched reasons to give us naked Damon pictures in every single recap, okay? they make me really happy…

      • Oh, I’m sure we can come up with SOMETHING to tide us over during those painful TVD-filled weeks! 🙂

        As for our weekly dose of Naked Damon, I don’t think that will be a problem. I mean, the guy’s gotta shower every day, doesn’t he? We certainly wouldn’t want to leave him DIRTY. 😉

    • Sophie

      Hey, I was planning to comment but now you already said everything that would be important to mention, like the fact that Stefan is not getting enough shit from Elena. It seemed as if she wasn’t mad at all and yeah, at the end he still manages to make Damon (HOW DARE HE?) the bad guy in his story! Unbelievable….
      And I so hope you are right about the upcoming Delena action, these were two dry weeks…

      • Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

        I’m sorry I stole what you wanted to say! 😦 I guess great minds think alike, right! 🙂 And you are absolutely right. Whether or not Stefan’s story was meant to do otherwise, I feel like most fans felt it illustrated Damon’s honesty, and the fact that he is “good” at his core. And Stefan . . . well . . . he’s starting to seem like somebody who has difficulty owning up to his mistakes . . .

        Instead of Stefan saying to Elena, “Look at what I did to your family, and what would have happened to you, if I had succeeded in wiping it out. You would have never been born! I am so sorry” . . .

        We got something that was more like, “Yeah, I ate your family, and almost prevented your birth, but DAMON KILLED MY CENTURIES OLD VAMPIRE BEST FRIEND! Grrr! How dare you try to sacrifice yourself to save our lives!”

        I’m wondering if the writers actually intended for this conversation to work in this way, or if it was just a result of their extreme focus on the Dinner Party storyline. If it’s the former, hey, maybe THEY are on Team Delena too! 🙂

        Yes, Crying Wolf and The Dinner Party, though excellent episodes in their own right, were both Delena Dry, as you mentioned. But I am confident that, now that Katherine is back to her schemes, the next few of episodes will be Wet and Wild for our favorite soon-to-be couple, Damon and Elena. Who knows? Maybe that sexy shower was built for two? 😉

  7. Minxie

    Elijah’s not dead for good! He could still come back if they ever need to yank that dagger out. 😉

    • LOL, good point Minxie! Because I love Elijah dearly, I hope you are right!

      But isn’t it possible that our gang just needs to find more of that White Oak Dust, and a bunch of old daggers? This way, the ENTIRE cast can have their very own, Originals Killing Daggers! 🙂 If that happened, they could all stab Klaus at once, Julius Caesar style! Et tu, Damon? 😉

  8. Some might even call the dagger that is in Elijah an escape Klaus 😉

  9. Tricus

    This episode was much more interesting than last week for sure even without any Delena moments.
    1) I liked how Elena wasn’t all lovey dovey with Stefan and trying to make him forget his anger about finding out she was willing to die for them. She acted like “oh well, I still feel I am right”.
    2) I like how Elena found out about Stefan evil past though the witers still made Stefan seem overall nice.
    I had a strong feeling that the writers would make Stefan not seem as bad/evil as he really should have been portrayed.
    Unlike a lot of people, I don’t think, Stefan does a good/convincing evil person compared to Elijah or Damon. Even while he was munching on those girls in the house I was like “Next”. LOL
    Anyway I noticed that Yes Stefan does not divulge the truth voluntarilly to Elena about his past. He either conveniently don’t speak of it or say it’s in the past. He only comes clean unless he is forced.
    Elena should be picking up on that by now if she is smart.
    Damon is always truthfull to Elena no matter if it will hurt his chances with her.
    3) Anyway Elena was pretty badass in stabbing herslef, and negotiating with Elijah again to keep “her loved ones free from harm”.
    She is ready to kick some butt now. I think Damon is even more turned on , if THAT is possible, by a badass Elena. LOL
    He gets the sweetness, niceness, loyalty of Elena with a dash of Kat badass thrown in there.
    4) I was just thinking about the way Elena reacted to Stefan telling her about his evil past. Correct if I’m seeing things.
    Elena seemed okay and accepting of Stefan past BUT she wasn’t as lovey- dovey, googly eyed with him as she usually was.
    I mean Stefan was the one doing all the cuddling, kissing of forehead etc.. Elena accepted it,even hugged him back because he is her boyfriend but she constantly had this assessing, cautious, watchfull look in her eyes when she looked at Stefan. I don’t know if it was because of her getting more badass or because of her reassessing her view of Stefan
    Only time and upcoming episodes will tell us.
    Yes Stefan need to stop whining about Damon killing Lexi. Damon is feeling again and he looked hurt and sad when Stefan reminded him about killing her.
    Yes I will miss Elijah bad assness and his bromance with Damon. Loved it but I think he will be back.
    Lats thing. Loved the look on Damon face when he thought it was Elena in his shower. His joyous, happy smile and then his crestfallen face. AWWWWW.
    I hope that in the next episodes Kat mess with Elena and Damon head, Elena especially. I want Kat to flirt with Damon, Damon getting pissed at being fooled as she does this and as a result he avoids being alone with Elena/Kat because he is tired of having his emotions played with. Elena get hurt/jealous seeing Kat play up to Damon, ( he thinking its Elana for a second) and he getting all flirty too. Soo basically Kat is getting her fun in and Elena/Damon is having a lot of heartache. jealousy and misunderstandings about each other. LOL

    I seriously think the writers will drag out this Delena getting close or a significant change in their relationship until the summer. Right before the summer hiatus they will build up to it then leave us hanging and anxious until they return in the fall. They want people to continue tuning in but they KNOW they have to do something to satisfy the Delena fans too. It has always been Stelena for 2 yrs now.

    • Hi Tricus! Thanks so much for this fabulous comment. You definitely picked up on a few things in the episode, that I didn’t notice on first viewing. That’s one of the things I love so much about blogging. I feel like I’m always learning and getting new insights from brilliant sweet folks like you, who share my taste in pop culture.

      You know, I didn’t notice it at first. But you are absolutely right. While, Stefan’s revelations regarding his past didn’t appear to have quite the impact on Elena that we expected (or hoped). Stefan’s forced admission of his past wrongs, seem to have resulted in a definite shift in his relationship with Elena.

      I feel like, up until this point, there was a small part of Elena that “hero worshipped” Stefan a bit — hence, the constant “lovey dovey” nature, of their relationship, so far. Elena has met a lot of “bad vampires” in her time. And so, seeing Stefan’s capacity for unadulterated goodness might have made him seem near perfect, by comparison — godlike, even.

      Most notably, Elena sees the way that Damon struggles with his own soul and humanity daily. Therefore, she may have wrongly assumed that Stefan NEVER struggled with this part of himself (bloodaholic episodes notwithstanding). After all, Stefan, unlike Damon, never allowed Elena to see HIS inner struggles and dark nature. Now Elena has become a party to Stefan’s imperfections, and, to some extent, his unwillingness to be entirely honest with her about them. And, though she might not yet be ready to admit it, I’m sure there’s a part of Elena, that feels disappointed, and quite possibly betrayed by her boyfriend, because of this.

      Now that Elena no longer hero-worships Stefan, I suspect that she will gradually come to see Damon in a new, and increasingly positive, light. Because you are right, for all his faults, Damon has NEVER EVER been dishonest with Elena. He never tries to shelter her heart or protect her feelings. Damon always treats Elena like an equal, which, as we saw at the conclusion of this episode, is exactly how she wants AND DESERVES to be treated.

      I also think that Katherine’s little mind games will force BOTH Damon and Elena to come to terms with their feelings for one another. Did you notice in the promo how GENUINELY hurt Elena was when Damon mistook her for Katherine? Her voice got really high and girlish, and she appeared to have tears in her eyes, when she asked him, “Do you think I’m Katherine?” If Elena only cared for Damon as a friend, this case of mistaken identity wouldn’t have hurt her nearly as much as it clearly did.

      I look forward to seeing more of that dynamic in the coming weeks. And I DEFINITELY look forward to seeing more of Katherine. Because if Katherine is on Team Delena, then I am TOTALLY on Team Katherine ;)!

  10. BrittanyMarie

    I did not yet get to finish watching the episode. Due to weather and over a foot and a half of snowfall last night there has been NO power up in our area. I’m at motel right now and will be watching the episode to give my opinions. Though it may be late by a day or so.

    • Sorry to hear about the lousy weather, Brittany! 🙂 Hopefully, the motel you are staying in is warm and cozy. I think you are going to really enjoy “The Dinner Party.” And, of course, there is absolutely no rush or pressure here. I’m always happy to talk TVD with you, anytime! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  11. Tricus

    Yep you are right. I never thought about the Stefan/Elena relationship that way but Elena did kind of hero worshipped Stefan. She always thought that he was this continually great guy, who never did wrong and he was soo perfect/flawless. Even when she saw him act a little bad when he attacked that girl she still felt it was a one time thing.
    I think because Elena had soo much tragedy in her life when Stefan first appeared she needed someone she can put all her faith in and think of as safe, stable, secure and who would protect her.
    Basically she felt vulnerable then.
    Now she is getting back to who she was before. More fun, take charge, stronger and a risk taker.
    Yeah I think that she will slooowly start looking at Stefan in a different light and not as this perfect guy but a guy who was just as evil as Damon is trying not ot be. She will see that Damon is actually making big progress in changing and HE didn’t have anyone to help him be a better man, well except her 😉
    At least Damon has one thing going for him with Elena. He is brutally honest.
    Can’t wait for next week episode. Yeah if Kat is on Delena side, trying to get Elena to realise her feelings I am all for her. Kat already know that Damon cares for Elena, since he kissed her so all she has to work on is Elena.

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  13. Well, it’s another exciting episode of UnStake&Shake! You ladies have covered things pretty well (guyliner and all–lol), so I have some Random Sunday TVD Thoughts for you…

    To all those who have been ragging on me since I first said the moonstone looked like a Bath & Body works soap–take that! Damon said it too!

    If Bonnie twitches her nose, will she get her powers back?

    Who thinks Elijah is so hot to find out where all those witches were burned at the *ahem* stake because that’s the location where the Ultimate SantaKlaus sacrifice has to be held?

    Just a suggestion for the Scooby Gang–decapitate, dismember, burn, scatter. Leave IT in, pull IT out–Damon’s the only one with ANY rhythm in this story, and he can’t procreate anyway! lol Pour me a Klaus-free margarita!

    Uncle Daddy needs to die a slow, torturous, lingering, painful, bizarre, never-ending……you get my drift. David Anders should get an Emmy for making everybody HATE him so much! (I hated him on Alias, too!)

    If we’re gonna keep up with the flashbacks, I wanna follow Damon (of course, I ALWAYS wanna follow Damon, but I digress).

    Okay, that’s enuf. I’m just getting so much anxiety out of only 7 more episodes this season that I may actually dessicate during the March hiatus!

    • Hey mak! These little episode “bites” were hilarious, and right on point, as always!

      You know, I think you just came up with TVD’s next cross marketing ploy: Moonstone Soap! The commercial would be Damon making that soap comment you referenced from “The Dinner Party.” This would be followed, OF COURSE, by the image of him in the shower from Daddy Issues! And the tagline would be “Somethings are worth making a Sacrifice for. Smell like one of them . . .”

      You are absolutely right! I definitely think the site of the Witches Burning will be where The Sacrifice takes place. (It sure would explain all that boring history talk during the dinner!)

      Speaking of Elijah, I think you have the right idea about cutting and burning the body from the OUTSIDE in, while leaving the stake in tac,t for FUTURE USE in killing Klaus. In the promo for next week, we see Damon using a BLOW TORCH, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s why.

      I, for one, am still skeptical that this is the ONLY Originals Killing Daggar in existence. Sure, JONAS says that, but why the heck should we believe HIM! He still thinks he needs Elijah to save his daughter. And, therefore, he has every reason to lie to our Scooby Gang! Grrr!

      Speaking of a Blow Torch, wouldn’t that be a great way to kill Uncle / Father John? Of course, Damon would have to tie him to a tree or something. Then, start with his feet, and work his way UP. This way, the Scheming Creepster wouldn’t lose consciousness until the VERY END. (Yes, I’m dark and twisty! That’s why Damon and I are a match made in heaven ;)).

      Yep, I agree with you that the 1864 Stefan flashbacks are getting super old! (In more ways than one. ;)) Earlier in the season, Kevin Williamson teased some 70’s era, disco type, flashbacks from our Salvatores and Kat. Imagine, Damon . . . in tight bell bottom pants . . . and a PURPLE shirt, half unbuttoned, with the collar UP . . . hanging out at Studio 54 . . . and doing The Hustle. Now THAT’s something, I’d like to see! 😉

  14. I love the hilarious Katherine face. I also like the juxtaposition of Damon in the shower and Elijah’s face.

    I’m actually going to complain a little about Stefan’s development, and I love Stefan and like Stefan and Elena as a couple. The flashback scenes were pushed to the background to make room for the fantastic dinner party scenes. Unfortunately, this made me feel as though I had seen all the flashbacks (minus Lexi) in the previews.

    Plus it meant less development for Stefan, who was more upset recalling Lexi’s death than the numerous people he murdered. His excuse for killing the founding families: we were [I was] mad at what they did to Katherine. Apparently, the writers don’t like rehashing certain story lines. When Stefan drank human blood recently, he didn’t go on another bender. When he recalled his bad deeds, he didn’t go on a guilt induced suicide mission. Stefan and Elena’s relationship hasn’t reverted to their on and off again romance of the first season.

    But that means that little that happens with Stefan this season seems to actually affect him, other than his frustration with Elena at her trying to sacrifice herself. He tortured his ex-girlfriend all day without calling Elena; they were both okay with this, if frightened of Katherine. He left to get Elena’s mother, again without returning any phone calls even though Rose almost ate her. Elena discovers that he didn’t tell her about attempting to kill Elijah and more importantly killing ye olde Gilberts. Does this bother him or Elena for more than a day? Not that I can see. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong in the upcoming episodes. It’s refreshing not to see petty arguments between them, but does it make sense?

    Also, it’s fun seeing different kinds of bad vamps. Damon is a playful and cynical evil, Elijah is collected, bored, and slightly sadistic, Katherine is completely manipulative and almost girlishly fun, and, from the little we see, Stefan seems like he is literally in a blood-induced haze. But we didn’t get to see that much.

    Sorry to make this comment all about Stefan. I think I have little else to say that hasn’t been said about the exciting parts of the episode, and I probably have too much to say about your recap, mostly involving “lol” and “haha.”


    • Great analysis, regarding the development (or lack thereof) of Stefan’s character of late. I suspect you are right, about this not being intentional on the writers’ part. Rather, I think they wanted to focus more on the “sexier” Dinner Party scenes and their gory aftermath, than the “been there, done that” 1864 flashbacks. No complaints here, in that regard! 🙂

      I also imagine the writers didn’t want to spend another entire episode focused on the flashbacks of a single character, so soon after the “Katerina” episode, which more or less played out as ONE BIG Katherine flashback.

      But you are right. For someone who is supposed to be the “Kinder Gentler” Vampire, Stefan didn’t seem nearly upset enough about what he did to Elena’s ancestors. This is especially disturbing considering: (1) Elena would never have been BORN if he had succeeded in doing what he wanted to do, which was specifically, the eradication of the Founding Families’ respective bloodlines (BTW no word on whether the Lockwood family was also included in this massacre.); (2) the REASON for Stefan’s vengeance, “what the Families did to Katherine” doesn’t exactly hold up anymore, does it?

      We’ve seen Damon show EXTREME emotion (typically verging on the self-destructive, but still!) upon hurting humans, but Stefan . . . honestly? Both during the Miss Mystic Falls Episode, and in this one, he seemed more upset about “getting caught,” than anything else. After all, Stefan only stopped eating that pageant chick, because Damon and Elena stopped him. And he only TOLD Elena about his dark past, because she had found Jonathan’s book, and was going to figure it out anyway.

      I will defend Stefan in one regard, and that’s in his failure to protect Elena when Zombie Rose was after her in “The Descent.” I really do believe Elena called DAMON, and not, Stefan to help her, when this happened. After all, Rose was Damon’s friend, more than he was Stefan’s. And, for that reason, he would seem better equipped to handle her specific brand of CRAZY.

      As for Elena’s reaction to Stefan’s recent dishonestly and wrongdoings, I do believe we’ve only scratched the surface of it. We’ve already started to see her begin to question his judgment, in terms of his decision to call Uncle / Father John. (BIG MISTAKE, STEFAN! You should have listened to Elena and Damon!), and his refusal to hear her out regarding The Sacrifice. (And she sure showed him on THAT front!)

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Stelena relationship dynamic experiences a dramatic shift in upcoming episodes. It’s high time Elena realized her boyfriend is no perfect angel. And it’s high time Stefan learned that Elena is not a dainty flower. She’s a strong smart woman, capable of kicking some SERIOUS ASS when the situation calls for it. 😉

  15. Oh, and this is something I must have made a few months ago when I was bored; I just found on my desktop:

    • That is so cute! I especially love the “curly hairs” to distinguish Katherine. 🙂

      My only “edit” would be to add arrows in BOTH directions, wherever they are missing. (But seeing as I’m a very “vocal” Team Delena and Team Kefan supporter, you probably knew I would say that, didn’t you? ;))

  16. Rene

    I have been looking for your posts for days; I waited that night and even read another review 😦 How did I miss it? Its so sad I loved being the first commentor. LOL Anyway, First off if Elena Stabbed herself isn’t she dead? Or oh Stefan healed her? I don’t know why I was thinking if she stabbed herself and drank his blood she would be a vamp LOL I was so confused wondering why no one mentioned her being a vamp >>>>>>>Okay. It’s late now but I am so glad to see you did post. I am so surprised that you Jewls are so anti Bonnie? I thought you like jer/bon bon 🙂 I don’t understand how Jonas could take her powers though that seems odd. It could be psychological warfare and they are only dormant now. I love the parts with her and Jeremy about to get cozy. Yeah. Maybe I will read some other comments later and rereply. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Rene! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m sorry to hear you had trouble finding my recap. (I actually get that a lot. My recaps must like to hide. LOL.)

      If it helps at all, 9 times out of 10, I publish my TVD recaps early Friday morning (Eastern Standard Time). To check for them, try bookmarking this site:

      It features all of my TVD-related entries, with the most recent one always on top. Once there, just click on the title of the newest entry, and voila! 🙂

      As for Elena’s self-stab, yep, Stefan fed her his blood BEFORE she had the chance to bleed out and die. This allowed her to heal, without turning vamp. TVD world is like True Blood world, in that way. Drink vampire blood when you are alive, and it heals your wounds. Drink vampire blood at the time of, or shortly before, death, and you “wake up” with pointy teeth, pale skin, and a MAJOR blood craving.

      Yeah, Bonnie bugs me. I never quite forgave her for the following wrongs: (1) her refusual to talk to Elena for WEEKS, after her grandmother died; (2) her hatred of Stefan and Damon for WAY TOO LONG after that same incident; (3) her judginess against Elena for dating Stefan and being friends with Damon; (4) that time when she tried to BURN DAMON to DEATH; (5) the way she treated Caroline when she first turned vampire; (6) how she almost refused to make Caroline a Sunscreen Ring; (7) the way she initially chose Luka over Jeremy; (8) the way she keeps stringing Jeremy along with this annoying “You are Elena’s little brother” BS.

      Also, I prefer Jeremy with Anna. I just felt like they made a hotter couple than him and Bonnie do. (Come to think of it, I also prefered Jeremy with Vicki . . . and TYLER, during their whole homoerotic phase)

      I do think Jonas was able to take Bonnie’s powers away, as he is the more powerful witch. However, I think he genuinely feels that this action is for Bonnie’s own good. After all, it will prevent Bonnie from ever becoming part of “The Sacrifice” or being kidnapped by Klaus, like Jonas’ daughter.

      Additionally, my friend Cherie, wisely predicted that JEREMY might have absorbed some of Bonnie’s powers, before Jonas took them, as a result of the whole “channeling exercise.” Now, THAT would be an interesting turn of events!

      Remember when Jeremy mentioned, during the “Masquerade” episode, that if he had magical powers, he would use them to “do sex spells?” That’s what I call a fun witch! 🙂

      • Rene

        I actually get your links through Google Alerts: It might be a glitch in their system because until now I have been pretty much first in line LOL at least since I first saw the link. 🙂 Either way glad to be here. 🙂

  17. Nasha233

    I read your recap as soon as you post it since I subscribe to it now but other obligations delayed my long post chat with you. First, while this was a Delena absent episode, I LOVE IT! it was written well, acted well and wow the unexpected was shocking. After all Team Awesome we witnessed the week before, I didn’t expect for Elijah to leave us so soon. Totally didn’t expect. Part of me is mourning for his death but part of me is glad for the story to move on, as Delena story. Damon constantly plotting to kill Elijah while Elijah seemed unkillable(it is not a word, but oh well), it was push and pull. I do like how he is dead as long as the dagger stays in place. So this does give a chance for him to return and I would love to see Daniel Gilles again and he flipping hair swagger. But for now, I think how the story unfolds, is great.

    We start with Stefan and his prowess in stone throwing while Elena is reading her great great(not sure how many great) grandfather’s journal. This is when she discovered, dark Stefan in all his glory. While he may have told his version, she discovered on her own first. That is a big point. Stefan tends to tell his version after the discovery. Maybe not such a perfect boyfriend after all. To be fair, he is pretty decent, but no where near perfect.

    So we witnessed the Stefan that womanizer, killed and just plain blood hungry, as Elena said “you were Damon.” and Stefan claimed far worse. I don’t know for some reason, even the worse okay not worse but the most scary Stefan was, was never as eerie as Damon. I think Paul Wesley is a good actor but when Ian does bad, it is hauntingly bad. Unpredictable and you are scared for his victims. I didn’t see it that way with Stefan. Yeah he lost his way, what for 5 minutes, and it seemed more like a desperate move.

    What I do have to say is that, the relationship between Damon and Stefan is the one I like most of Stefan’s relationship. There is still so much to tell with these two. Their obvious love when they were humans and how being a vampire broke down apart. I think being in love with Katherine brought rivalry between them but it still kept their love intact. Stefan talking to their father which got Katherine caught believed to be locked in the tomb, made Damon blamed Stefan. Then after all hope was lost, Stefan who was turned since he killed their father, decided not wanting a life of eternity changed Damon too. Damon without Katherine, didn’t want to live but now he has to live for eternity without her. And to top it all of, Stefan decided that the best way to live is by putting a spot light on them. In Damon’s mind, first his love is gone, then he brother made him live eternity and now decided to blow it all of by advertising who they are and making them a target. I can see why Damon was angry. How does one survive that. Part of the anger is because he loves his brother so much too. The Damon in 1864 felt, how do we survive when Stefan is bent on destructing everything. He had to leave, had to let go of the brotherhood. Now what i am curious is what happened to Damon from 1864 to present day. The anger was there but how did he end up being this dehumanized Damon. Stefan had Lexi and damon probably had no one but that transpiration is something I am interested in.

    As for Stefan and Elena, present day Stefan is written almost as perfect boyfriend but this past may have tarnished him but I don’t think it is so much that he was evil at one point in his life because we noted that Elena has this capacity for compassion but in the end, Stefan never told him who he was and the role he played in the breakup of the brotherhood. To me he at the beginning more than once judge Damon. I do think he genuinely loves damon too and feel guilty but I think this revelation was never privy to Elena. We will see how this will affect their relationships, both Delena and Stelena.

    Earlier Damon told Stefan what he planned, and in my opinion Stefan chose to keep Elena in the dark, not Damon. I do feel had elena been there, Damon would have revealed his idea. So when elena accused them or told them not to keep her in the dark, I feel hat should be directed mostly to Stefan. And technically not being the boyfriend, Damon really has no requirement to fill her in on everything but since it is about her, he tends to do so.

    Yet at the same time, every time Elena reads a little more about the dagger and Stefan realized the danger to Damon, he is quick to react to protect Damon. I do love that brotherly love they have. And Stefan is more willing to share this emotion openly. Like when he asked about rose, and knew even for a short while, Damon cared deeply for her. Stefan does love his brother and does gives him the benefit if the doubt. To me this is the relationship of Stefan I love most and is intrigued by most. Even when they fight or work together, the relationship is so complex yet so beautiful. I love it!

    Now to the dinner party. Aah, I love how Elijah warned Damon, not once but twice, the other time with John there that he has the power and he is being kind by allowing them to live or even to see Elena. I noticed Damon’s eyes and expression changed when that was said. Ian does great job at emoting every single emotions
    Damon feels. So earlier after Elena read that any demon that wields the weapon will die too because vampires believe in code of honor and loyalty. Funnily I don’t see that in any vampires except for the brothers and now with Caroline. Elijah is willing to kill Klaus. Salvatore bros are willing to kill Elijah, Klaus, Katherine, tomb vampires or just about any other vampire who want to kill their loved ones. Maybe that is the message, it doesn’t matter what species, if you love them, you’ll protect them.

    I missed Caroline but to see Alaric in action and the bromance with Damon, was worth it. Their pantomiming was a classic. Love them together. And later when Alaric staked Elijah, the first time, LOVE IT! That was unexpected. I remembered thinking oh glad Damon didn’t try and kill Elijah and fail because I kept thinking Elijah’s revenge would be scary. Cool but scary because Elijah and his hair whipping is so cool. Then Alaric was such bad ass that I literally jumped off my couch, since everyone at the dinner table did too. And Alaric calmly said, to clear the tale before Jenna return with dessert. I hope we see more of this Alaric. To me that was a great way to end, or it made the episode so good, to expect more…..wow!

    So as Elena read more, and Stefan acting and Damon going to dungeon, then Elijah asked Jonas to find Elena NOW! that 10 min was suspenseful. I kept thinking where will they hide now. I kept hoping real hard that Damon was faster than Elijah, that he woud warn them and planned something.

    Then seeing Elijah doing his throw trick, that was awesome. And finally the negotiation. Honestly when elena begged for another chance, I wondered will Elijah give it because Elena made a compelled argument and he needed Elena. So when he called her bluff and she stabbed herself, I again jumped of my couch. Elijah the epitome of calm turned to mush and begged instead. How a few seconds changed. Elena our heroin. Love her to death. She showed her prowess as human with her compassion and now as human with her bravery. No wonder Damon missed being human. Everything you want to be is what Elena is.

    I still thought oh good, they bought some time, at least Elijah won’t kill them for now but then Elena stabbed with him with the dagger, beautiful! By now I was applauding. Loving Elena for her gutsy move and for the show to surprise me yet again. It was phenomenal.

    Then for the show to end with Katherine taking a shower in Damon gernormous bathroom and again Ian played this so well. His shocked and surprised. I forne never thought it was Elena. Just because of who Elena is and the development between Damon and Elena haven’t progressed to her just coming into his bathroom and taking a shower in it. I would lose respect for my heroine. In my opinion, Delena is end game or if they have a chance to be, their relationship has to develop organically not rushed. I can’t wait how this Katherine being their houseguest,( I wonder which room she’ll sleep in) progressed. I am sure it will pushed Elena’s buttons. In that short scene, I realized that no matter who Nina plays, her best chemistry is with Ian. Though my heart will always be with Delena.

    You know when Lexi told Damon about his anger that it will eat him up and Damon asked her to help Stefan and she said she will. I kept thinking that she would say, who will help you. I do think Damon felt sorry for killing Lexi and I love how Stefan told him, it hurts that you killed my best friend, but I felt Stefan was also saying but I love you more, I love our relationship more. That is why I love their relationship, it is so layered and has so much to tell.

    I don’t know if this was my best episode this season but it ranks among the best. It was damn good. I can’t wait for Thursday but sadden that we will have a long hiatus after that.

    • Hi Nasha! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your commentary brilliance here. You’ve brought up so many really insightful points here. Not to mention, you have genuinely added to my understanding and appreciation of this amazing TVD episode. I can’t thank you enough for that.

      I love the points you made about Stefan’s and Damon’s relationship, and how complex and beautiful it is. The mutual protectiveness and concern they have for eachother’s lives and well being, the teasing jockularity they share with one another, their competitive natures, the unspoken guilt, disappointment, jealousy, and resentment that festers beneath the surface, on both sides — it all comes across in every scene where Ian and Paul share the screen together. Talk about great acting!

      Considering how the two treated one another in the first few episodes, it’s really amazing how far Damon and Stefan have come, in terms of learning to trust, respect, and, to some extent, forgive one another for past wrongs. In the telephone scene early on in this episode, that progress came across so clearly. You could almost forget they are both STILL in love with the same girl ;).

      I’m with you in DESPERATELY wanting to see where Damon has been these past 140 years. Stefan had the good influence of Lexie on his side. But what about Damon? Was he alone? Did he ever form ANY sort of lasting relationships with vampires or humans? Did he immediately become hardened, bitter and vengeful, upon abandoning Stefan, or was that change more gradual — something brought on by years of loneliness, disappointment, and a yearning for humanity.

      I understand that at this point in the narrative, flashbacks no longer really advance the main storyline. And yet, I would LOVE to see a separate mini series that dealt with Damon’s past, even if it was “straight-to-DVD.” I know that Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have started writing TVD “prequels” to cover Stefan’s early vampire years. I wonder if they plan to do the same for Damon. I sincerely hope so.

      That being said, I STILL think we are going to eventually get that 70’s era Salvatore flashback, Kevin and Julie have been hinting at all this time. Bring it ON! 😉

      You bring up a good point about how Elena’s lecturing BOTH Salvatore Brothers about keeping her in the dark about Damon’s plan to kill Elijah seems unfair to Damon. Because, I do believe that if Elena was with Damon, and she had asked him about it, he would have told her exactly what he planned to do, up front. That’s just the nature of their relationship. Damon has always been incredibly honest with Elena. He treats her as an equal, because she IS one.

      On the other hand, the part of Elena’s lecture about the Salvatore Brothers letting Elena take the lead for once in their upcoming battle against Klaus, was something Damon needed to hear, just as much as Stefan. Both brothers vehemently distrusted Elena’s decision to ally with Elijah. And both tried to stop her from bargaining with him, without ever really listening to her arguments, as to why she felt this would be the best course of action. By tricking Elijah, Elena has, once and for all, shown the Salvatore Brothers that she has the strength, smarts and courage to lead the rest of the Scooby Gang in defeating Klaus. They simply can’t underestimate her, anymore.

      As for Elijah, I DO think he will be back (Thankfully! Love him!). However, I suspect that the currently “living” characters will wait until the last possible moment to remove that dagger from his chest. For this reason, I predict we won’t see a LIVING Elijah again, until the second-to-last episode of the season, or maybe even the Season Finale. Then again, I could be wrong.

      Eventually, I would love to see the ENTIRE Scooby Gang allying with Elijah to defeat Klaus. As much as the group fears and distrusts Elijah, I think most of them would have to admit that he would be a great person to have on their side in Battle. I mean, the guy KICKS ASS, plain and simple. Additionally,”scary” as he may be, Elijah has proven himself to be surprisingly reliable, honorable, and true to his word.

      Elijah always does precisely what he tells people he will do. And, when you really think about it, he kept his word to Elena, up until the very end. I even thought the Big Bad Vamp might have developed a teensy crush on the girl, but that’s just me. 😉

      One thing is for sure, the last few episodes of this season are going to be a wild ride, indeed!

  18. Tricus

    Yes I would also like to eventually see the Scooby Gang, as you guys are calling them , team up with Elijah. He knows Klaus very well, he has the inside track and he is an original who want to defeat Klaus like they do.
    It just makes sense.
    Well they would have to work out Elijah anger about being “killed” and everyone would have to be convinced that its a good idea by setting ground rules. Elijah is a man of his word. He makes a deal and he sticks to it if the other person does.
    I also think, like you said kjewls, that Elijah does seem like he had a crush on Elena.
    The way he looked at her when he went to Elena’s house to make that deal and not to mention the way he smelled Elena when he first met her and grabbed her head when compelling her. Now if I wasn’t a Delena girl that would make me say HOT, sexy scene. Or maybe it was just the actor (Danial) liking Nina and it seeping into his acting. Who knows. I never saw that look when he was in many scenes with Jenna. LOL
    I wish Damon would one day smell Elena like Elijah did in that scene. hahahaha

  19. Nasha233

    I do believe in an interview somewhere that Daniel meantionwd how fond he is of Nina. She is so welcoming and mature. Something about how young she really is and how hard she works and never complains. Tt she knows she has a good thing. That may have translated on screen. I do think Elijah is fond of Elena but she is such a person that makes it easy to be fond of.

    As for Scooby Gang allying with Elijah, I would have love to see that but I don’t know how since they killed him twice and won’t get another chance again. He is faster, stronger and far more lethal. As much as I love Elijah, I love my Scooby gang more. 😉

    I agree with you about Damon and Stefan taking over and not trusting elena when it came to Elijah. And now they know. I do love that development. I love my girl.

    Is the past Stefan on DVD form or it will be aired? I think Damon road to darkness and remained that way for 150 some years will be intriguing. Essentially human Damon is the sensitive Damon even sensible damon. To see he anger he build up and finally becoming what he thought was destructive about his brother. I want to know.

    In my opinion character development for Stefan both past and future is pretty much done. We saw him go Damon then Lexi rescued him. I am sure he struggled but he didn’t go aimlessly for the next 150 years being lost and angry. Present day Stefan is what we get as a result. I think development of his relationships is what makes for an interesting Stefan. His and Damon’s. His and new vampires like Caroline. To a certain extent his and Elena. Maybe I am biased but I feel his and Elena is like a regular BF/GF issues nothing supernatural about it. Now I am intrigued about his past with Katherine. Obviously he was in love with her and wanted to turn with her and that didn’t work out. At what point did he realize he didn’t love her or was over her. He didn’t fall in love with Lexi. And he was angry at founding families for what they did to Katherine, so when did he get over her?

    This show every week makes me love it more. Btw, if you noticed I share same sentiment with you abor Bonnie hence lack of mentioned there. I do like Jeremy. He was a jerk but he is likable enough. I do agree his chemistry with Anna was much better. Maybe Anna can return but as a doppelgänger too. hah.

  20. luvspuff13

    i await your recaps just as much as i await a new episode of TVD ^_^

    anyway, have you read what’s goin to happen on epi 16? im quite intrigued with kat working with team badass now. and it said in the “spoiler?” for epi 16 that alaric makes a surprising confession to Jenna which i understand he’s gonna break up wit her.well that’s what i think while it also said that “while kat makes a different kind of confession to Damon”, i mean i know it could be anything but like i understood it that maybe kat wants to be with damon or somethin idk.just a guess. but i wouldnt be mad if that happened for now.gosh i wanna make elena so jealous. haha. what do u think? i mean TVD has their way of misleading us but what do u think?? hihi

    • Aww, that’s such a sweet thing to say, luvspuff13! Thanks so much! I LOVE writing TVD recaps, and chatting with fun and brilliant fans like you, in the comment section! I always learn so much from you guys! 🙂

      Believe it or not, I hadn’t read the synopsis for Episode 16, “The House Guest,” yet. So, thank you for giving me the scoop! I can’t WAIT for Katherine to move in to the Salvatore House, mess with Damon’s head (by pretending to be Elena, of course), and make ELENA jealous, for a change, by hitting on Damon! It’s about time, us Team Delena fans had something to squeal over! 🙂

      Based on the information you gave me, I do suspect that Alaric will finally be forced to admit to Jenna that Isobel is still alive. And, since he probably WON’T tell Jenna that Isobel is a vampire, this will lead Jenna to believe that Alaric is still married (which technically, he is). I can’t imagine Jenna NOT breaking up with him, upon hearing that type of major news.

      And if Alaric’s and Jenna’s news is relationship ending, it WOULD make sense for Katherine’s news to be “positively” relationship related. You know, I never believed Katherine, when she told Damon that she never loved him, during “The Return.” I can’t imagine Katherine would have taken the time and assumed the risk of turning both Salvatores, if she didn’t have strong feelings for BOTH of them.

      If Katherine does admit to loving, or having loved, Damon, in the past, it will be very interesting to see how he reacts — especially, considering that he seems to be FINALLY over her after 140 plus years of pining. And, as we all know, Damon has now completely fallen for Elena. (YAY! YIPPEE! WOOHOO!:))

      Given all that, will Damon believe Katherine? She’s lied to him so many times in the past, after all. Will he allow himself to be manipulated by her, sexually and/or emotionally?

      These are all very intriguing questions. And I can’t wait to see what answers the next TVD installment brings us. Thanks so much for the food for thought! Is it Thursday yet?

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