The One Where EVERYBODY is MAKING OUT and GETTING NAKED (YIPPEE!) – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Person of Interest”

OK girls, if you got some LOVIN’ tonight, I want you to open your eyes really wide, open your mouth slightly, and give a really confused look to the camera . . .



Phew!  Is it hot in here, my Pretties, or is it just the latest installment of PLL?  This week’s episode was ON FIRE!  We were treated to not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different prospective couple’s makeout sessions!

Fitzy LIKE!

Oh, and there were some “A” shenanigans too . . . like the way she seems to have framed Spencer for her murder . . . while sitting in a rocking chair . . .watching a home video . . . and eating a HUGE BOWL of POPCORN.  (Girlfriend can certainly multi-task!)  And Jenna was there too . . . and Pedo Ian . . . and Wren, Alex, Lucas, Sean, Noel, and Maya.  OK, so not everybody was there.  The PLL Missing Mate Vortex still has many victims held tightly in its clutches.  But with all the kissing, and sexing, and getting naked we got to enjoy during this hour, did you honestly mind that much?



Let’s get to recapping, shall we?

Does Pedo Ian have a thing for younger girls?  (And other questions to which the answers are painfully obvious.)

When the episode opens, each of the PLL girls are taking turns submitting to interrogation by Police Chief Puss Face, who looks like he could pass for Deputy Douchey’s dad . . .

See the resemblance?  Yeah .  . . I didn’t either.  I just felt like adding another shirtless dude to this post, for no reason, whatsoever . . .

From the looks of it, Spencer’s mom sat in the interrogation room the whole time, and acted as the attorney for each of the girls.  Just in case you were wondering, this is a TOTAL conflict of interest, especially if one of the girls becomes a suspect in the murder . . . which, by the way, is about to happen in less than an hour.  But hey, nobody ever accused the writers of PLL of going to law school!

Anywayyyyy .  . . no good deed goes unpunished.  The girls’ seemingly selfless act of turning Ian’s bloody trophy over to the cops — because, at the time, they THOUGHT it was the weapon used to murder Ali — only results in a lot of discomfort and heartache for all of them.  During the interrogation, Police Chief Puss Face asks each of the girls about  Ian’s relationship with Ali.  He also questions them about the Phantom Videotape, which, as you recall, featured the grossly inappropriate pair presumably “making monkey,” just seconds before Ali Took the Big Dirt Nap. 

Police Chief Puss Face wants to know why somebody as “charming and fabulous” as Pedo Ian, would want to sex up little underage twit like the now-dead Ali, when he could have Spencer’s sister, B*tchface Melissa, instead.  “Maybe he has a thing for younger women,” Spencer notes wryly.  (Well, THAT’S the understatement of the CENTURY!)

And yet, when Police Chief Puss Face asks Spencer what she meant by that, the usually intelligent teen inexplicably lies about the smooch SHE shared with Ian, when she was not yet 15 . . .

 . . . and the rest of the girls lie about it too, thus proving that temporary stupidity can, in fact, be contagious.  Of course, this little white lie will inevitably come back to bite Spencer in the behind, in just a bit . . .

After their respective interrogations are over, the girls conveniently run into their old friend, Police Boy, who, apparently lives in their neighborhood . . .

 . . . he acts all chummy with them at first.  But then Police Chief Puss Face tells him to spy on the girls and find out what they know about Ali’s death.  So, when Spencer later confides in Police Boy that Ian’s probable motive for killing Ali was that she was going to tell Melissa about their affair, we know our little Nancy Drew has made her SECOND major mistake of the episode . . .

The Awkward Moment When Everybody in Your Family Thinks You’re A TOTAL WACKADOO!

The next morning, Spencer heads downstairs to find her family on the couch poised for what seems like an intervention, staged on her behalf.  Basically, Ma and Pa want Spencer to see a shrink, because Spencer is perpetually afraid of her new brother-in-law, Ian (with good reason!) and thinks he might have murdered her best friend.  Never mind the fact that ALL THREE OTHER PLL’S confirmed EXACTLY what she said!  She’s still NUTSO, according to Mommy and Daddy! (Parenting FAIL!)

To add insult to injury, Melissa and Ian pop downstairs, so that Ian can offer Spencer a SUPER-patronizing speech, “I’m not mad.  I’m just confused,” he offers, laying it on REAL thick.  (The totally threatening ASSHOLE version of Pedo Ian, who manhandles Spencer, and threatens her not to reveal certain bits of information about his private life, is, conveniently, no where to be found in this familial setting.)

Of course, Spencer certainly doesn’t help her Case for Sanity, by cackling like a maniac, in response to Ian’s phony show of concern for her well-being.  “Why did you come back, when you already got away with it?”  Spencer asks, with a disturbing smile on her face, that makes me wonder if she really has gone Cuckoo Bananas.

But then comes Whiny B*tchface Melissa, with her moaning and groaning, about how DARE Spencer go nuts, so soon after her Shotgun Wedding!  The NERVE!  “Why can’t you just let ME be happy?”  Melissa mewls.  (And at the moment, the world’s smallest violin begins playing in her honor . . .)

No longer feeling wanted in her house, Spencer runs right into the arms of, you guessed it, Creepy Toby . . .

Ohhh, so you were “Playing Scrabble” in that Hotel Room All Night.  Is that what the kids are calling it, nowadays?

Well, HELLO, Shirtless Creepy Toby!  Who knew all that Sexy was hiding beneath all those layers of Broody Angst and Flannel?

Apparently, Creepy Toby has been shacking up in the Only Motel in Rosewood, because he’s afraid of what the Bizarre Sociopath Jenna and her Cane of Destruction will do to him in his sleep, while his parents aren’t home.  (Hey speaking of that hotel, remember when WREN checked into it, to get away from B*tchface Melissa?  Good times!)

So, Spencer, being the Good Little Neighbor that she is, drives Creepy Toby to the motel.  Once there, Toby vows to help Spencer find out if Blind Jenna framed her for Ali’s murder.  While hanging around outside the motel, Spencer hears the sound of flute playing coming from room 214. 


Instantly connecting the room number with Jenna’s braille code, our girl Spencer puts on her Investigation Face . . .

 . . . and tiptoes to the window to check it out.  Though she doesn’t see anybody in the motel room, she can make out the Mysterious GREEN BAG Ian was seen giving to Blind Jenna, during this past week’s episode . . .

Later, Spencer and Creepy Toby finagle their way inside Room 214, by paying off the motel housekeeper.  They find Blind Jenna’s dark glasses on the floor.  (THE PLOT THICKENS!)  They then look inside the Mysterious Bag, which is currently located on the bed. . .

 .  . . it’s empty.

By HEY!  Maybe tomorrow it WON’T BE!  Spencer should really spend the night in bed with Creepy Toby, in his motel room and have lots of really hot sex just in case!  (We’re SO on to you, Spencer!  You Naughty Little Minx, you!)

When heading out to get supplies for her Slumber Party with Creepy Toby, Spencer comes with an abundance of “really important” survival goodies, including the game of Scrabble and some Mad Libs.  She conveniently forgets to bring clothing, though . . . OOPS!  Silly Spencer!  Now, she’ll have to sleep NAKED! 

After Toby beats Spencer in Scrabble . . .

I know, I couldn’t believe it, either . . .

Creepy Toby inquires whether Spencer is a “top” or “bottom,” when it comes to making Luuuuuuuuve.  Just kidding!  He wants to know whether she wants the top or bottom of his pajamas.  Besides, everybody knows Spencer is TOTALLY a “top.”  Our little Nancy Drew is a Take Charge Kind of Gal, after all . . .

So, Creepy Toby goes to the bathroom to change . . . into his bottoms.  Of course, he conveniently leaves the bathroom door open, so Spencer can ogle his male form . . .  (Why bother going to the bathroom in the first place, then?)

Creepy Toby is a PIMP!  I may have to stop calling calling him Creepy now, and just start calling him ABS!

A  now TOTALLY turned on Spencer waits until Creepy Toby is fast asleep before getting on top of him . . . er . . .  putting on his top . . .

She then jumps him into bed beside him . . .  Goodnight, Spencer and Abs Toby!  Don’t let the bed bugs bite!  (No, seriously!  This looks like a motel that has LOTS of bed bugs . . .)

Honestly, I’m not sure how Spencer got to sleep AT ALL, with that SIX PACK lying, just inches away from her, waiting to be CHUGGED!  But, Spencer eventually does fall asleep.  And, when she wakes up, she finds herself in quite the compromising position . . .

Would you like a fork with that SPOONING?

A bit embarrassed, Spencer slides her hand out from underneath Toby’s armpit.  The sensation arouses awakens him, but he pretends not to notice.  “Were you up all night?” Toby asks innocently.

Only while we were f*&king No,” replies Spencer, awkwardly.

Then the pair hears the sound of Room 214 opening.  So, they dash inside, before the door can lock.  Inside, Spencer learns that the “flute playing” she heard was, not from an actual “Blind Jenna” flute, but, rather from a CD.  The good news is, there’s something inside that Mysterious Bag NOW!


Yep, apparently the Scrabble players got played.  But, the evening wasn’t a total loss, of course!  “You can come back tomorrow night,” says Abs Toby, with a twinkle of hopefulness in his voice.

“I may take you up on that,” Spencer replies adorably.

“It was fun to kick your ass in Scrabble,” Abs Toby offers wryly (Ooooh, this guy is GOOD!)

And then, this happens . . .


In other makeout news . . .

Since when did Little Orphan Butchy Get a Personality Transplant?

To say things are AWKWARD at first, between Little Orphan Butchy Paige and Emily, after their impromptu car Makeout Sesh, is a TOTAL understatement.  This week, the pair first meet  . . . you guessed it . . . in the swim team locker room . . .  AGAIN.  Apparently, Paige has been avoiding Emily, by swimming at night, so she doesn’t have to see those sweet lips that she enjoyed sucking on so much . . .

Emily wants to talk about The Kiss That Changed Everything until the next chick comes along.  But Closet Case Paige wants to pretend the whole thing “Never Happened.”  This causes Emily (who, by the way, seems to have totally FORGOTTEN about being all hung up on Maya . . . you know . . . the chick who got sent to De-Gaying Camp, because of HER)  to stalk off in a huff.  

However, things start looking up for Emily, when she finds this little love note in her locker  . . .

An ORANGE Post-It Note?!  Who the heck owns ORANGE Post-It Notes?  Oh, this girl is BAD NEWS, I can feel it!

So, apparently, Paige wants to meet Emily at a remote bar where, unlike at Cheers, Nobody Knows Your Name and, coincidentally, Nobody Knows Your Gay . . .

For whatever reason, the minute Paige enters Nobody Knows Your Gay Bar, she undergoes a complete physical transformation.  The Little Orphan Butchy Haircut is suddenly darker looking, blunt cut, and stylishly messy.  She’s wearing MAKEUP!  And an OFF THE SHOULDER TOP! 

But, perhaps, more important than Paige’s physical transformation, is her personality one.  Now, Paige is finishing all of Emily’s questions, asking her wryly seductive questions about her sexuality, and flirtatiously surmising that Emily is into BALLSY WOMEN (and nobody is more ballsy than Little Orphan Butchy, who probably OWNS a genuine pair of CAJONES, if you catch my drift). 

What is cool about this conversation, is that it allows both girls to FINALLY open up to one another.  We learn that Paige first discovered that she was gay, when she saw Emily and Maya walking the halls as a couple.  We hear Emily admit, for only the second time in her life (the first admission was as to the PLL girls, on the day of the SAT’S), that Dead Ali was her first love, even though Dead Ali didn’t love her in return.

Then, just to prove she is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON than the Little Orphan Butchy we met a few weeks back, Paige rushes on stage and starts singing a ridiculously off-key rendition of “So What,” by Pink.  (Interesting choice of song, under the circumstances . . . . am I right?) 

Emily seems pretty into it, anyway.

*sings*  “So what?  She’s got a bad haircut.  She’s in the closet.  But I am hornnnnyyyyy.”

Eventually, Paige pulls Emily on stage, and the two complete the duet together.  Then, they go out to the parking lot, and start MACKIN’ HARDCORE!

A few days later, Paige and Emily go out for their second date — an outdoor picnic that is, once again, located someplace REALLY, REALLY, REALLY faraway from the town where they live  . . .

Things seem to be going great for Emily and the Fun Chick Who Body-Snatched Formerly Lame Paige.  But then, Paige makes some random comment about how she can’t be seen with Emily in public, because Emily is . . . (gasp)  . . . GAY!  (Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle a Lesbian!)

But don’t worry, Emily!  The Grand High Paige still wants to hang out with you . . . just only in Seedy Karaoke Bars and in deserted alleyways!  SCORE!  Of course, Emily — who has just recently emerged from the closet, herself, and who, not too long ago, was on the other side of this conversation with her LAST girlfriend Maya — is more understanding, than I think most folks in her position would be, under the circumstances. 

Emily doesn’t blame Paige for not being able to “come out” yet.  However, Our Girl (probably rightly) believes that continuing to see Paige in secret, will eventually make her feel like SHE, Emily, has something to hide.  Inevitably, this would result in Emily feeling bad about herself, and her sexuality.  This, of course, is something Emily  doesn’t want to experience again.  So, Emily lets Paige down gently, informing her, that she would rather the two of them just be friends for now.  (GOOD CHOICE, EMILY!)


You know who, as it turns out, might NOT be making such great choices?  HANNA!

Never Trust Guys with Longish Hair . . .

When we check back in with Hanna and Caleb, they are still playing house.  He is still secretly living in her basement.  She is still making him cereal for breakfast, each morning. 

And he is still running to hide, everytime Hanna’s mom comes tramping into the kitchen.  The only difference now, is that these two are TOTALLY swapping spit with one another, like every second, of EVERY DAY!

So, of course, now is the time for Hanna’s mom to FINALLY figure out that her daughter’s boyfriend’s been squatting at her Casa, all this time . . .


Furious that her daughter would have the audacity to lie to her about having a Strange Man in her house *cough like Deputy Douchey cough*, Hanna’s mom kicks Caleb out on the street.  She does this, despite Hanna’s pleas that she reconsider.  After all,  Caleb has no other place to go.

When Hanna’s mom fails to reconsider, Hanna and Caleb decide to go on a little Camping Trip . . .

Apparently, back in the day, when Hanna was a little Chubbster, she went to Fat Camp, where she became quite the Outdoorsy Type.    Caleb’s super touched that Hanna has confessed to being porky, so he shares with HER a confession about how his parents abandoned him.  This, turns Hanna on .  . . So, she . . . SURPRISE . . . makes out with him for the 85,000th time this hour . . .

All this making out, while wearing dorky hats, makes Hanna and Caleb very HOT (in more ways than one).  So, they go back to the tent to “change into something more comfortable . . .”



“Are you sure?”  Caleb asks.

“HELLLS YEAHHHHHH!”  Hanna says (Actually . . .  that’s what I said to my TV screen, when this happened.  Hanna, was admittedly a bit more reserved.”

“Do you have . . .?”  Hanna inquires responsibly . . .

“Uh huh,” replies BIG PIMP CALEB.

Then THIS happens . . .


Then, we pan away from the tent, and head to commercial break . . .

Well, it’s STILL ABC Family!  What did you expect?

I’d say now would be a good time to sing a little song to Hanna’s Virginity.  What do you say?   Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na, hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE!

The next day, Hanna comes home, and her mom is PISSED!  But when Hanna brings up the fact that her MOM was also abandoned as a child, and narrowly missed suffering Caleb’s fate, she ultimately relents.  In just about the nicest thing Hanna’s mom has done all season, Mama Marin gets in touch with Caleb, herself, invites him for dinner.  It is there, that Hanna’s mom tells Caleb that he can stay in the guest bedroom for a little while, until he can find more permanent lodging.  He is also officially permitted to call her “Ashley.”  (Awwwww!)

Of couse, “Ashley” would like Caleb to know that if he hurts Hanna, she, “Ashley” will rip him a new a**hole . . .

Not-so-thinly veiled threats of butt ripping aside, Caleb is so touched by this unexpected act of kindness by an authority figure, that he immediately goes outside to . . .  make a phone call ??????

“I can’t do this anymore.  It’s over.   I’m out,” says Caleb to Blind Jenna The Mystery Person on the Phone.

Oooooh Caleb . . . you Dirty Rat!  I’d watch your a**hole, if I were you . . . just sayin’

Meanwhile, over in Fitzyland . . .

Blind Jenna, Get your OWN Inappropriately-Aged BOYFRIEND!  (Assuming you don’t already have one.)

We already know, from past experience, that, when it comes to her Fitzy, Aria is most certainly the jealous type.  So, when she enters Fitzy’s English Class, and finds Blind Jenna’s paws all over him, while they “read over her short story,” which (SURPRISE!) is about a Blind Girl who uncovers deception, the Petite Brunette is NOT PLEASED AT ALL.   Always one to add fuel to the fire “A” decides THIS is the perfect moment to send Aria a text . . .

To add insult to injury,when Aria heads to the bathroom, Blind Jenna is THERE too, making cracks about how well Aria “knows” Mr. Fitz, and how he should add 1984 to the class reading list.  “Big Brother is Watching” Blind Jenna intones annoyingly . . .

OK . . . note to PLL writers.  Cheesy Jokes about High School English books?  NOT FUNNY!

To this ridiculously lame, but admittedly “A”-like remark, Aria replies, “Fitzy is not seduced by controlling characters.”  (HA!  See . . . now THAT was funny!)

Knowing she MUST take quick action, if she wants to keep her man, Aria heads to Fitzy’s house to embroil the Straight-Laced English Teacher in one of her, now-becoming-weekly, Seduction Plots . . .

The problem is that, tonight, no matter how many times Aria tries to get into Fitzy’s pants, all he seems to want to talk about is BLIND JENNA?????

Dude!  You and Ian . . . and your interest in the much younger chickies.  What gives?  Isn’t ONE enough?

Aside from creeping Aria out, and making her feel VERY JEALOUS, Fitzy’s new insistence on talking about Jenna, and asking repeated questions about how she became blind, are hitting WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME for Aria, who promised all the rest of the PLL girls that she would never tell ANYONE about the Jenna Thing! 

So, Aria initially copes, by avoiding Fitzy, which kind of sucks.  But then, after she gets the A-OK from Emily to do so, Aria pops by Fitzy’s house with a Very Important Confession to Make . . . She’s afraid, if she tells him that he won’t look at him the same way again.  And yet, Aria DOES end up telling Fitzy about the Jenna thing.  And he, actually, seems TOTALLY COOL WITH IT!  (Would YOU be, if you were him?)

“Nothing you just said to me, changes how I feel about you,” Fitzy remarks sweetly, as a tearful Aria nuzzles her head in his chest.

“Thank you for looking at me tonight, the same way that you did yesterday,” she replies.

WOW!  THAT’S SO SWEET!  Let’s watch these two tongue eachother again to celebrate . . .

The Person of Interest is . . . SPENCER!

Things may be looking up for Aria, but they are certainly looking down for Spencer.  When the poor girl comes home from her “little vacation” with Toby, she learns, in a matter of seconds that (1)  her SISTER, NOT Ali, was the one at Hilton Head with Ian the night before Ali’s death (apparently, at the time, the pair went to get an ABORTION); (2) Spencer’s former “relationship” with Ian was discovered by the cops; and (3) now, the police want to question SPENCER about HER whereabouts the night of Ali’s murder . . .

“Awwww, FUDGE!”

In the final moments of the episode, the rest of the PLL girls receive an “S.O.S.” text from Spencer.  So, the threesome rush toward her house, just in time to find her getting into a cop car, and driving toward the police station AGAIN . . . Of course, they then get ANOTHER text from “A” . . .

It says: “Breaking news b*tches .  . . Spencer Hastings is now a PERSON OF INTEREST (See what they did there?) in my death!”

Thereafter, we are treated to a final image, of “A” watching the whole scene we just witnessed take place via hidden camera, while she . . . or he . . .  lounges at home eating LOTS OF BUTTERY popcorn . . .

Then again, this might not be “A” at all!  It could just be some random schlub, who’s sitting home on a Monday night . . . watching PLL . . . just like US!  (So META!)

And that’s it for this week!  Tune in next week, when (1) Caleb gets discovered for the spying rat he really is; (2) someone tries to take Spencer’s laptop . . . AGAIN; and (3) Blind Jenna’s glasses come off .  . . AGAIN!  You can check out the promo for Episode 20, right here:

See you soon, My Pretties!



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18 responses to “The One Where EVERYBODY is MAKING OUT and GETTING NAKED (YIPPEE!) – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Person of Interest”


    Mood: Becoming Impatient
    Why: We get a Naked Caleb two weeks and a row and we also get a half-naked Toby. Is it so hard to take a shirt off Ezra? Seriously! I think they are trying to make us wait a really long time to see a shirtless Ezzy because it is deifnately going to be the best.
    Anyways, besides my growing impatience, this episode was pretty hot. I mean the only ones that didn’t get much action was Ezra and Aria and for once I’m fine with that because the way things turned out was probably for the better.
    I was lauhging my head off at the karaoke scene. I know Lindsey Shaw can sing but the way she sang was absolutely hilarious. Then when Emily joined her just made it so much better.
    The Haleb hook up scene. I thought this part of their relationship was a little rushed. They kiss one week and have sex the next?
    Toby and Spencer on the bed was aboslutely adorable. Your right about dropping the creepy and putting in Abs. Dang, who knew he was sexy?
    I am only going to say this about Ezzy and Aria: Ezra is a total sweetheart (though sometimes confused and akward) and when he started to choke up, there were literally tears in my eyes, about to pour out. I can’t stand seeing my Ezzy so sad!
    Anyways, as always, a funny as heck recap.

    • LOL. I have no doubt that you will get your shirtless Fitzy soon! Fear not! 🙂

      That being said, I thought the final Ezria moment of this episode was REALLY well done this week. Kudos to both of the actors for a poignant scene, and a job well done. I loved how Fitzy just listened to Aria’s Jenna Thing story, without comment or criticism.

      Honestly, I thought he might be a bit more judgmental about the whole thing. So, I was pleasantly surprised with the way he accepted the situation as it was. Not only that, he comforted Aria, by holding her close, and telling her exactly what she needed to hear. It was ideal.

      Gosh, he’s almost TOO perfect, isn’t he? I really hope Fitzy doesn’t end up being somehow implicated in this whole “A” thing . . . That would be a HUGE blow to fans, wouldn’t it?

  2. Toby and Spencer, cute. Jenna is a sneaky bitch. Hanna and Caleb = cute, but HUGE mistake. And Aria and Fitz are definitely going to get it.

  3. FreeStreet123

    (1) i want maya back 😦
    (2) tobyy is sooo cute..especially shirtless
    (3) Hanna and Caleb are rushing their relationship..needs to slow down
    (4) Aria and Ezra are getting annoying. Thank God they didn have a lot of scenes

    I LOVE PLL!!!

    • Hi FreeStreet123! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I love PLL too! 🙂 This episode was probably one of my favorites of the season . . . must be all the shirtlessness and sex. 😉

      I feel like a lot of fans agree with you that Hanna and Caleb moved from friends to screw toys MIGHTY QUICKLY! That seems to happen a lot with couples on this show. Though, admittedly, Spencer’s relationship with Toby has moved a long at a much slower, more natural, pace.

      The only possible explanations I can suggest for the Fast-Forwarded Courtship of “Haleb” is that (1) Caleb has been LIVING with Hanna for a few weeks now, so it probably FEELS to them, like they have been a couple longer, and are more serious, than they actually are;
      (2) Hanna always seemed really preoccupied with losing her viriginity. She wanted to do it with Sean, back when they were dating, but he wouldn’t, for religious reasons. And I think, to some extent, that made Hanna feel undesirable So, when Caleb came along, she was probably just eager to “get it over with,” as inappropriate as that sounds; and
      (3) I think Hanna might have been rebelling a bit against her mother’s refusal to let Caleb stay at her place. Having sex with Caleb in a TENT, on the same night that Hanna’s mom kicked him out of the house, really was the ultimate form of rebellion for Hanna.

      That being said, based on next week’s previews, it looks like Hanna’s and Caleb’s whirlwind courtship is about to come ot a GRINDING HALT . . . at least for now. 😉 I guess we will just have to wait and see how willing she is to forgive him . . .

  4. imaginarymen

    I can’t wait to use this!: “with that SIX PACK lying, just inches away from her, waiting to be CHUGGED!”

    • LOL, thanks! 🙂 Yeah, when the line came to me, I was kind of surprised I’d actually never seen it used before . . . It just seems like kind of an obvious joke to make. 🙂

      Special thanks also to the artist formerly known as Creepy Toby, and now known as ABS TOBY . . . for the inspiration! 🙂

      • Bwahahaha! I’m with Amy! I cracked up SO DAMN MUCH at this line ;)I think the reason why I love it so much is because chugging makes me think of vampires drinking blood (for some reason “chugging” just has that connotation for me), which leads to thoughts about OTHERS vampires’ abs! Always a good thing 😉

      • LOL . . . you know, that’s one thing that I think PLL is missing. It’s something that would make this really good show, into a really great one — VAMPIRES! 🙂

        It’s funny that my six-pack reference to shirtless Abs Toby, made you think of sexy bloodsuckers, considering that Toby van Cullen is a nickname much of the PLL fandom has seemed to have adopted for the character. Toby and Edward ARE both very pale. And they do have that whole intense staring thing going on. Plus, Toby’s flawless abdominals definitely seemed to light up that dark motel room / sparkle when he was “sleeping” with Spencer this week. So, maybe there is something to that nickname . . .

        Come to think of it . . . have we ever seen Toby eat? Hmmmm . . . if Toby ended up being a vamp, that “SECRET” would blow all this “who killed Ali” mumbo jumbo straight out of the water! 😉

  5. snottlebie

    Ah, you really got to love the PLL writers after watching this episode. I mean really – snog fest ’11.

    -Toby van Cullen does sparkle with his shirt off! Much more attractive, I have to say. But the one thing that’s not believable – him beating Spencer at Scrabble. Just, not gonna happen.

    Aria + Fitzy – They were pretty adorable this week. (BTW – Apparently JennaBot can sense Aria’s presence without hearing her talk, like in the bathroom? Oh and now we know JennaBot can’t be A, she was talking to Fitz when Aria got the text)

    – Emily/Paige: Yay new Paige’s haircut! I was somewhat reluctant to get onto this ship, as Paige did try to you know, drown Emily, but I think it was really more a display of Paige’s own fears and flaws and all that and it could be an interesting dynamic. Also, finally – a lesbian storyline that’s actually very real! Woot woot!

    – Haleb = Of course he had to have ulterior motives. 😦 That’s gonna hurt Hannah’s self esteem there. Also – notice how Caleb only called off the “plan” after Hannah’s mom was all “you can stay” instead of after he had sex with Hannah. Seriously, these long haired fellows…can’t be trusted. (Good thing they gave Toby a haircut a couple episodes back)

    Implausibility – An abortion? In SC??? Really? Of all the places to go, you head South?

    • LOL. Toby beating Spencer at Scrabble may have been the most shocking part of the episode! This is especially true, considering that Spencer somehow managed to gather enough letters to spell out a sixteen-letter chemical (HUH?), while Toby squashed her with the always eloquent “goofball.” (It doesn’t even have a fancy “x” or “y” in it.) Then again, the Tobster is not exactly Mr. Popularity. So, it’s very possible that he’s a whiz at Scrabble, because he’s spent all these years, ahem, playing with himself . . . Scrabble, I mean. 🙂

      Oooh, good point about Aria’s and Fitzy’s scene prospectively clearing Quite-Possibly-Not-Blind Jenna’s name. It does seem like, if she IS really blind, she’s made a point of learning what each of the PLL girls SMELL like (Creepy.) Though, admittedly, there was one time, where she mistook Spencer for Emily. However, I honestly think that was a jab made at Toby’s expense (Such a PIMP, that one!), than an illustration of real confusion, on HER part.

      In terms of the text, is it possible that Blind Jenna (a) had the text prewritten and scheduled to send out, when Aria walked in on the pair talking? (Maybe it’s customary for Aria to visit Fitzy after a certain class, so she knew exactly when it would happen?) OR (b) perhaps, she has SPIES, like Caleb, who she pays off to “A” stalk the girls when she can’t. We do know Caleb is FAB with breaking into phones. So, he could easily send texts to the girls from anyone’s number. He also seemed to have a TON of spare cell phones in his hidey hole, back when he was still living at the school.

      Speaking of Caleb, I cracked up, at your point about how his guilt over being an ASS was triggered, not by nookie with Hanna, but by cut vegetables with her MOM! Maybe it is a “my hair gives me strength / makes me evil” sort of thing, a la Samson and Delilah. Now that you mention it, Toby seemed to convert from Creepy Toby to Abs Toby, right around the time he got the haircut . . . interesting indeed.

      Speaking of haircuts, YEAH, Paige’s was MUCH better this week. Though I couldn’t tell if she had actually got it cut, colored, and styled, or if she’s just one of those girls who ONLY get dressed up, when headed for a night on the town, even if that night is at a remote lame karaoke bar. I like the way the roles in this NEW relationship are literally the mirror image of the ones from the earlier Maya / Emily relationship, with one girl being decidedly out and proud, while the other wants the closeness of a relationship, while still maintaining the safe cover of the closet. It’s a true testament to how much Emily’s character has evolved in just one season, that she’s effectively become Paige’s “Maya” . . . only WAY more exciting.

      I also LOL’ed at your SC abortion comment. Something’s REALLY not right with Melissa . . . aside from her being a major biatch, of course. Is it possible that MELISSA killed Ali, upon going into a rage, when she came upon her and Ian BONING? So, Ian decided to cover for his girlifriend (and frame Toby instead), not wanting his own misdeeds and pedophilia exposed? Just a thought . . . 🙂

  6. Joey

    Great review as always.

    I live in South Africa, so your reviews always come out around lunch time over here, so I skip going out for lunch to read your PLL and TVD reviews on Tuesdaya and Friday!!
    I really like how Spencer and Toby have developed on this show. I didn’t think I would because I adored Wren (is it wrong that I secretly wished Julian’s new show would be cancelled, which it was, in order to free up his schedule to be on PLL again?), and I really didn’t like Alex. Spencer & Toby development was a lot more natural than most of the other couples. Now I just hope that they stay together for a while because the only couple that have lasted more than a couple of episodes is Aria and Ezra.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next.
    P.S: I think we need to add Creepy to Pedo Ian. I am utterly repulsed whenever he’s on-screen.

    • Hi Joey! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I was so excited to receive your comment, from half way across the world! And I am truly honored that you are willing to skip your lunches to read my silly weekly ramblings. You must be a true television fan, like me!

      Did I mention that you have amazing taste in TV shows? 🙂

      YAY! A fellow Team Wren member! I can’t understand, for the life of me, why the PLL writers felt the need to COMPLETELY forget that his character existed. There was so much potential in his relationship with Spencer. The two actors’ chemistry together was seriously smoking. And I genuinely feel like the Spencer / Wren arc could have been a really interesting one, if the writers simply gave it a chance. Plus, Julian Morris’s show was canceled after just TWO EPISODES! He’s TOTALLY FREE now (and gorgeous, I might add) ;).

      That being said, the Spencer / Toby relationship is definitely growing on me, especially after this week’s ABS-olutely intriguing motel romp. 😉 Spencer’s and Toby’s courtship, as you mentioned, has definitely has had a natural progression — one that seems genuine, and consistent with who these two characters are as individuals. Though it’s not quite as sexy as Spencer / Wren, I definitely prefer it to Spencer / Alex. To me, Alex was such a snooze. And he really seemed to appear out of NOWHERE! 🙂

      In terms of relationship longevity, I think Spencer and Toby are in for the Long Haul. I have faith in this new Ship! I even stopped calling Toby, Creepy Toby. Now THAT’S progress! 😉

      Speaking of Creepy, it’s so funny that you mentioned adding the moniker to Pedo Ian’s name, because I’ve almost done it on more than one occasion, in past recaps! The only thing that stopped me was that I already had a Creepy Toby, a Creepy Bushy Eyebrows Noel, and, sometimes, a Creepy Blind Jenna. So, I didn’t want to come off as being redundant with my nicknames. Now, that Toby has a new nickname, Ian can TOTALLY be Creepy Pedo Ian. I’m liking the moniker already! Thanks so much for the suggestion! 🙂

  7. luvspuff13

    now i finally know which liar toby was in bed with.. hahaa!i was so etched to find this out since they made this as a spoiler episodes earlier and i never even thought id be spencer coz i thought id be emily but emily is gay so yeah. im quite clear on that now. hehe..
    im so glad you’re having a change if heart for toby!! ur not naming him creepy anymore!! wipee! so so glad ur startin to see his hotness.. i thought he was already hot from the beginning but many disagreed with me–well all it took was his shirt off! wooh! i didnt think he has a 6 pack! spencer def wana chug on that! hahaa! spencer so lucky to have “lain” (beside) with toby half naked! and toby isnt those kind of guys who just wana have sex and i praise him for that! i praise him more cause i thought it was only spencer who saw interest in him while toby didnt do the same for spencer but he actually did!!!!!evident on the kiss! i thought that was sweet. like awww ^_^
    i love the title of ur recap! its so straight to the point u just wana read it immediately!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much luvspuff13! You know, I started to try to come up with a more “clever” recap title. But then, I thought, “What the heck, THIS is what everybody remembers about the episode! Why not just call it, like it is? 😉

      Spencer and Toby were really sweet, during this episode. And yeah, between the sweetness, that kiss, and those abs, it was enough for me to change my opinion on the character. I mean, it’s not his fault he has such a wackadoo for a stepsister! 🙂 On the other hand . . . the fact that Toby slept with Blind Jenna . . . I’m not sure I will ever be about to forgive that. I mean . . . ICK, seriously! 🙂

      Like you, I also respect that Toby was such a “gentleman” with Spencer — especially considering he was harboring romantic feelings for her, while he was sleeping next to her, half-naked in a not particularly big bed. 🙂 And I loved that they ended up spooning in the morning. So cute! It just goes to show you that, no matter how guarded you may be as a person, your heart will always find a way of revealing its true self. 😉

      Now, we just have to hope that Asshat Blind Jenna doesn’t go and screw things up for these two!

  8. Eman

    am i the only one whos totally in love with haleb? I mean, i hate the whole jenna thing with him but seriously, im totally team them. Btw i love your recaps. *sings* “So what? She’s got a bad haircut. < LOOOOL. ❤

    • He Eman! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting . . . and on my FAVORITE PLL episode of the season no less! (So much naked . . . so much necking . . . so little time! ;)). You’ve just reminded me how much I’ve been missing my PLL fix, during these interminable hiatus weeks. (Is it June, yet? :))

      As for Haleb, they are SUPER SEXY together. And Tyler Blackburn, the actor who plays Caleb (with those ABS, and those EYES, and that hair) is pretty darn easy on the eyes. So, while I remain a staunch Lanna fan through and through (I mean, Lucas just LOVES Hanna so much! It’s hard not to feel for the guy.), I think I would accept a Haleb pairing, provided Caleb worked REALLY hard to redeem himself for his previous Man Whore actions.

      And, based on the fact that Caleb is returning to Rosewood “as we speak,” redemption may just be Haleb’s cards, after all. 😉

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