The Vampire Diaries Has Found its Klaus – But Who the Heck is Joseph Morgan?

“You better watch out.  You better not cry.  You better not pout.  I’m telling you why.  Santa KLAUS is coming to TOWN!”

As most of you you undoubtedly already know, The Vampire Diaries is currently on yet another hiatus. 


In fact, the next new episode of this fang-tastic show is not set to air until April 7th!

Now, that doesn’t mean that the TVD fandom has gone silent!  NO WAY!  Us fangbangers still have PLENTY to talk about!  For starters, just this week, the CW released its Extended Trailer for the show’s upcoming episode, entitled, “Know thy Enemy.”  And it’s, for lack of a better word, a real SCREAM!

But if that trailer didn’t get your tongue wagging, this next piece of intel definitely will (assuming it hasn’t already).  After an entire season of speculation and rumors, producers of The Vampire Diaries have finally revealed the name of the actor selected to play the vampire, who will undoubtedly be the most terrifying villain Mystic Falls has ever seen.  After all, he’s the only vamp with the power to make Vampire Katherine cry . . .


Of course, I am referring to Santa Klaus.   And he will be played by  . . . (drumroll please) . . . THIS GUY!

It’s Joseph Morgan!

“Yay!  Joseph Morgan!  That’s so . .  . wait . . . I don’t know who that is.”

One could argue that the role of Klaus will be the MOST important one TVD producers cast this year.  After all, much of the second half of this season has coped with the ominous Sun and Moon Curse, and, specifically, its implications for Elena Gilbert.  Because she has the dubious honor of being the Petrova Doppelganger, Elena needs to DIE, in order for this curse to be successfully broken.


As the OLDEST Original Vampire, one who is notoriously DEAD set on capturing Elena and breaking the Curse, Klaus has undoubtedly become Public Enemy Number One for the Salvatore Brothers and the Scooby Gang, as they fight to save Elena from an untimely death.  So, while the character has yet to make an appearance, his reputation certainly proceeds him.  

Some notable tidbits we’ve learned thus far about Klaus include: (1) He used to bone Katherine, on a fairly regular basis . . .

Who hasn’t?

(2) But, then, Klaus killed Katherine’s ENTIRE family.  This ultimately forced the vixen to become a vampire herself, so that SHE wouldn’t fall victim to the same Sacrifice, for which Elena is currently being hunted.

(3) Klaus’ fellow Original vampires think he’s a wackadoo, and will stop at nothing to make sure he meets his True Death . . .

(4) Klaus has kidnapped(?) the witchy daughter of the now very-dead Jonas.  And he is using her powers for his own personal gain.

(5) As an Original, Klaus can compel other vampires, walk in the sun without a sunscreen ring, and break walls of glass, just by playing with coins . . .

Because you never know when THAT little magic trick will come in handy . . .

(5) But Klaus is not invincible.  He can be killed by a special dagger dipped in white oak ash. 

(Just make sure you don’t “pull it out.”)

(6) Ironically, the act of breaking the Sun and Moon Curse, which Klaus is so determined to accomplish, will also leave him temporarily vulnerable for such a staking.

“Dream on, Diaper Boy!  Curse or no curse, I can’t be tamed!”

On one hand, TVD producers’ decision to cast a more-or-less unknown British actor to play such a major role in their series, is a prudent one.  After all, this will force fans of the show to view Joseph Morgan’s performance with an open mind.  Fangbangers can now evalulate the character, without being distracted by the preconceived notions and strong opinions that come attached to the “bigger named” stars, who might have been more obvious choices for the role . . .

On the other hand, The Vampire Diaries is a show known for its extremely talented and unfathomably attractive cast . . . particularly, in the MALE Department .  . .

So, if the TVD writers expect us fans to believe that this Klaus Dude is a formidable opponent to Man-Gods, the likes of Damon, Stefan, and Elijah . . . someone who could bring the Cooly Unflappable Vampire Vixen Katherine to her knees . . . in more ways than one?  Well, he better something REALLLLY special!  Because, if not, the Fandom will NEVER embrace him . . .

And the actor will be forced to endure a venomous wrath, the likes of which he has never before experienced . . .

Which brings me to Joseph Morgan . . .  Who the heck is he?  Fortunately, in this modern age of Google and YouTube, with a bit of digging, we can find out . . .

First off, Joseph Morgan is ENGLISH! 

 (Though, who knows if we are actually ever going to hear his accent on the show.) 

 He was born in 1980.  And yet, I can’t seem to find his actual BIRTHDATE online.  This means I can’t do a blog birthday celebration for him, which really dusts my doilies. 

(I mean seriously, Joseph, as an actor, you’re supposed to lie about your AGE and birth year, not your birthdate!  An actor’s birthday is something to be cherished, not hidden from the world!  Just sayin’!)

Anyway . . . fans of the UK television series Hex probably remember Joseph as Troy — the kinder, gentler, non-supernaturally inclined love interest to the show’s Season 1 lead character, Cassie . . .

Like The Vampire Diaries, Hex was an urban fantasy / paranormal romance tale, which took place in a school setting.    Like Elena, the main character, Cassie, through no fault of her own, was constantly being thrown into danger by supernatural forces over which she had minimal control.   Also like Elena, everybody in the cast (Troy included), for better or worse, seemed to be madly in love with Cassie.

So, Joseph Morgan is definitely no stranger to starring in television shows, that exist on an alternate plain of reality — one where things go bump in the night, and magic is a weekly occurrence.  But whether the actor can evolve from playing the Jock Next Door to the Big Bad Vampire Villain remains to be seen . . .

One thing is for sure, though.  He definitely has the BODY for it . . .

In addition to Hex, Morgan also starred in a series of historically – based movies and mini series.  During these films, he was able to exhibit physical prowess and athleticism.  Both of these traits will absolutely come in handy, during the inevitable stunt play and fight scenes in which the character will likely engage, in upcoming episodes.  These movies included the Russell Crowe film, Master and Commander, Alexander, and, most recently, the mini series Ben-Hur, in which he played the title role . . .

You can check out the trailer for Ben-Hur, and see Joseph Morgan in “action,” here:

But, physicality, sexuality, and looking good naked are just the tip of the iceberg.  As the oldest and most powerful vampire in the world, Klaus must possess the dignity and wisdom that would inevitably develop in an individual, after so many years spent roaming the Earth, and dominating its people.  In his role as William Price in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, Joseph Morgan was granted the opportunity to exhibit that part of himself . . .

Off screen, many of The Vampire Diaries‘ cast members spend much of their spare time working hard to support the charitable causes about which they are deeply passionate.  Most notably, Ian Somerhalder has recently launched the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which, according to its Mission Statement, “aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.”

Like Ian, Joseph Morgan is also deeply involved in world issues and charitable causes.  He is the leading supporter of Positive Women, an international charity that works to improve the lives women and children affected by the HIV/Aids virus.  You can hear Joseph discuss his charity, and its vision for underpriviledged women, here:

(I almost wish I didn’t know about all this.  Because it’s going to be REALLY hard to dislike him now . . .)

No word yet, on which episode will mark Joseph Morgan’s debut as Klaus.  However, if we’ve learned anything from this past season of TVD, we can assume that Klaus won’t leave Mystic Falls, without wreaking some major havoc on its residents in general, and our Scooby Gang, specifically.  And do THAT I say, BRING IT ON!

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18 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Has Found its Klaus – But Who the Heck is Joseph Morgan?

  1. From what I’ve been reading, the first “Klaus-sighting” will be the April 21 episode (2.19), which may also feature the return of Tyler. According to a very good source, Klaus will also make an “appearance” in 2.18, but not physically. How Klaus-like is that! lol For the record, I’m not impressed…..he better be a good actor, cause he’s way outclassed in the looks department! lol

    • Thanks for the scoop, mak! A 2.19 Klaus sighting! That’s about two episodes sooner than I expected him. 🙂

      As for the 2.18 faux-sighting, I’m putting my money on us hearing a voice, or seeing a hand moving in the darkness. But would it be too much to ask for an abs shot? It WOULD give the newbie the perfect opportunity to prove whether he can “measure up” to the rest of the male cast? 😉

      Yeah, Joseph Morgan is DEFINITELY no Ian Somerhalder! But, who knows? Maybe he’s deliciously evil enough to drop a few fangirls’ panties. I guess we will just have to wait and see . . .

    • Lo

      Eh, I think he’s pretty good looking in the Ben-Hur stills. But then again, I think Ian Somerhalder is kind of overrated in the looks department, at least on the show (Y U NO CUT HIS HAIR TVD?!).

      I love his voice though. They better let him keep the accent.

      • Hey Lo! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

        I agree with you 100% about your assessment of Joseph Morgan. His accent is divine. And the Ben Hur stills and promos definitely seem to do both the actor, and his body justice, in a way that photos of him from Hex and Mansfield Park do not. (Maybe I’m just not a fan of the whole Big Curly Hair Thing on men.)

        Ian Somerhalder? OVERRATED?? OMG! 🙂 I pretty much consider him the most beautiful man on the planet. So, when I read your assessment of him, I must admit, my eyes bugged out of my head a little bit.

        But I guess this just goes to show you how subjective looks can be. And how one person’s “Meh” can be another person’s “WOOOOOOOWWWWW.” Perhaps, this will work to Joseph Morgan’s advantage, when the girls who really dig blonde guys with biggish hair and accents, inevitably rally around Team Klaus, at the expense of the other men on this show.

        Because that’s one of the cool things about the TVD cast. There really is someone there for EVERYONE! 😉

  2. I think he’ll fall into the Jason Dohring class of good looks – not necessarily someone who drops my panties at first glance, but has an innate charisma that is fangirly catnip.

    All I hope is that Klaus retains some semblance of the quirky sense of humour he has in the books. He was devilishly funny and dapper, not unlike Mr Damon Salvatore, come to think of it. Maybe Klaus will become Damon’s new eye f**king buddy now that Elijah is gone 😉

    • Oooh, I can definitely see “Klaus” using his sexy wit, charm and snarkery to perform a panty-dropping sneak attack on us fangirls! 🙂 After all, he had to have SOMETHING sexy and intriguing about him, for Katherine to be willing to shack up with him for all that time. 😉

      And I do recall Klaus being pretty funny in the books. Interestingly enough, in L.J. Smith’s version, I remember Klaus actually being a way more dynamic character than Katherine, who was really just your run of the mill brat. TV Katherine makes it much easier to understand why these gorgeous brothers fell in love with her, and pined over her for centuries. So, if the writers were able to flesh out Katherine in the way they did. I have no doubt they will be able to do the same with the already dynamic Klaus.

      Given how many actors they auditioned for the role, before they decided on Joseph Morgan, I’m inclined to give TVD producers the benefit of the doubt on this one. They haven’t steered us wrong in the casting of major roles yet! And like you, I am very much looking forward to an eye f*&king, snarking showdown between Klaus, Elijah (because HE’LL totally be back) and Damon in the Season 2 finale! 🙂

  3. Tricus

    hahahahahhaaha Yeah it would be funny to have Klaus, Elijah and Damon in the room just throwing out their funny remarks and snarkiness. Of course Alaric will be on the side kind of rolling his eyes and looking like “what the heck is going on”, You guys know the expression that is CLASSIC Alaric. He does it soo well when Damon does/say something to another person that is classic sarcastic/snarky Damon.
    Anyway I’m like you Kjewls. The person ( was it Lo) who said that Ian is overrated in the looks department had me like this :O
    My eyes did bug out too like a cartoon.I was like “WHAT?”. hahahahhaah
    Ian is hot even when he has that beard/scruffy thing going on and his hair short/long.
    OH MY did you guys see the video on YT with him at the Washington D.C briefing in his black suit and looking FIIINNNEEE. He looked soo good I wasn’t really listening to what he said, just staring. LOL
    Anyway I digress, back to TVD. Yeah that Klaus guy look interesting. We will see what magic/chemistry he infuses into the rest of Season 2 episodes. Because if TVD don’t give us any Delena moments in the rest of the season they better bring some major great action/chemistry between the rest of the cast.Not Stefan/Elena.

    • LOL. You definitely have the characters down pat, Tricus! And you are right, I can definitely see these three hot old vamps going at it, with Alaric rolling his eyes in the background, muttering, “Ughhhh, why don’t you all just get a room!”

      Let the slash fanfiction BEGIN! 😉

      You also bring up a good point about casting that never occurred to me before. A well-cast Klaus must, not only be a good actor, he must also have great chemistry with the rest of the cast. Otherwise, the inevitable season finale scenes, featuring the Grand Showdown at the Location of the Sun and Moon Sacrifice, will be in great danger of not coming across as sufficiently believable or compelling.

      As for the Delena scenes, I still remain positive that we will get plenty of them in the upcoming episodes. And though I was a bit disheartened by Nina Dobrev’s recent interviews, in which she said she didn’t foresee Elena falling for Damon in the near future, I’m convinced she was just throwing us off the scent 😉

      As for Ian in D.C. . . . that was ONE awesome interview! Thanks so much for calling it to my attention. Ian was just so articulate, and charming, as always. He looks positively flawless in a suit. And don’t even get me started on those EYES! I also enjoyed the trademark Damon mannerisms, smirks, and eye movements he subconsciously peppered throughout the interview.

      The video is a tad long, but definitely a must-view for Ian / Damon fans . . . ENJOY!

  4. Madeleine

    Okay, first of all, I would just like to say, in my best virtual-Drew-Barrymore-impression, I’m bAAaaack. I’m sorry. I had to. Also, WTF? I stop checking my email for not even two months, and just when I do, you write what is quite possibly the best post in the history of language, let alone the internet (maybe that’s a slight overstatement, it’ll probably be downgraded when I’m less sleep deprived), and I think you know which one I am talking about. Hint: Lots and lots of Skarsphotos, with bonus Sommerhalder, and words too! Which I swear I read almost every single one of! (Actually, it served to made me realize that Eric & Damon aren’t as alike as I felt like they were, which was not the point).
    Anyway, many, MANY thanks for this post. As I have decided to be invested in this show (thank you Taroline, inadvertently!), I have been really dying to know who will be cast as Klaus (by the way, Santa Klaus, really? Reeeally?). I actually read the books, which my little sister bought, and I sort of subconsciously pictured Klaus as Joshua Jackson. He would have been good, and did in one interview express that, due to his relationship with Kevin Williamson, it was possible that he could one day guest star on TVD (I would link you the interview, but I’m too dang lazy to find it), so it was actually kind of a possibility, if it meshed with his Fringe obligations. But I digress. I figured I would be disappointed with whomever else they cast, but wow. What’s-his-face (Hey, look, I’ve forgotten his name already!) is some *serious* eye candy. Where do the casting people find these actors? Do they have some kind of hotness-detector they are hiding from the rest of the world?? Because that is the most logical explanation for the sheer quantity of gorgeous people on this show. That is one ridiculously lucky casting couch.
    Anyways, I am off to read all your GG recaps (which I would just like to thank you for again), so I can figure out what the heck my best friend has been shrieking about.

    • Hey there, Madeleine! It’s so great to see you on the blogosphere again! You have no idea how excited I am that you have relented, and become a full fledged TVD-ian! (I’d say “fangbanger,” but, as a True Blood fan, you were already one of those ;)).

      Speaking of True Blood, did you see the Season 4 trailer HBO just released, featuring a half nude ASkars wandering in the forest, with an adorably dazed look in his eyes? It was everything fans of “Dead to the World” could have hoped for and more . . . (Well . . . actually . . . we all probably would have preferred him running around NAKED, like in the books . . . But, other than that.)

      That’s interesting that you pictured Joshua Jackson as Santa Klaus (And, yes that WILL be my nickname for him, for the duration of his stay in Mystic Falls. ;)). Especially since, it does seem like Jackson might have been approached about possibly taking on the role, earlier on in the casting process. For whatever reason, I always pictured Klaus as someone a bit older and more “distinguished” looking than the other vampires on the show, someone like Joshua Jackson, ASkars, or Michael Fassbender (who, coincidentally, starred alongside Joseph Morgan in Hex).

      That being said, I can definitely see why the producers chose who they did, in terms of physical appearance. Heck, he’s already got that patent vampire mysterious smirk, and Intense Stare Thing down pat. 😉 Plus, he looks smoking in those Ben Hur pictures — not quite as smoking as Ian Somerhalder, mind you, but certainly pretty enough to hang with the Mystic Falls crew.

      Speaking of Ian, I’m so glad you enjoyed the Damon / Eric comparison post! I had a feeling you would appreciate it! 🙂

  5. imaginarymen

    Where might one find this “Ben-Hur”? Is it on DVD? Is it coming soon? Bc I feel that I must do my “due diligence” on our boy Klaus by ogling his sweaty naked torso in a sword fight.

    • LOL. How very studious and honorable of you, to be willing to make such a deep sacrifice of your time for your fellow fangirls! I salute you! 😉

      Having dug around, it appears that the miniseries first aired back around Easter 2010 in Canada. It was supposed to also air on ABC in the United States, during that time. But it seems as though it never did, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s available on Netflix?

      • imaginarymen

        GAH! Neither Netflix or Amazon have it! YT has a link to DL – but those can be shady :-(( I gotta check w/ my cousin – she’s a bit of a pirate (and a TVD fangirl!) so mb she can help out.

        I think both VictiMom and I may be wearing “Team Klaus” shirts by summers end! Tonight as I left her house she said “don’t let Klaus get you!” He’s a hot topic of conversation these days ;-00

      • imaginarymen

        Also – I think he just had a birthday. He was doing a fundraising thing on Twitter about the Positive Women organization this week.

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  8. Spid3rMonk3y

    LOL I just love reading this article now that Joseph has shown us that he’s got what it takes to play Klaus, and more 😉

    • LOL. That is SO true, Spid3rMonk3y! You know, when I write my TVD recaps sometimes, I think about this blog post too, and blush about all the lukewarm things I wrote in there about the magically delicious, Joseph Morgan. He wasn’t necessarily who I would have envisioned for the role, at first. But, boy, has he made it his own, in a major way. Now, I can’t imagine ANYONE else as Klaus. (And that includes Alexander Skarsgard. Go figure!)

      Morgan’s unique brand of sexy is definitely not the kind of thing you can manufacture. I absolutely bow down to the casting directors on this one. 🙂

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