Oh, Eli Goldsworthy of Degrassi! – I Love You, You Sexy Psychopath!

A few years ago, Degrassi (a.k.a. The Little Canadian Show that Could) introduced us all to the remarkable talents of one, Nina Dobrev.  Nina eventually went on to star in my now – FAVORITE television show, The Vampire Diaries .  . .

You are hearing it here, first, my fellow teen television drama fans!  Munro Chambers will be Degrassi’s next Big Breakout Star. 

Week after week, this guy FLOORS me with his Mad Acting Skillz!  Munro intrigued me, when he first came on the scene, this past season, as the guyliner-wearing, sort of emo, hearse-driving, tortured artist, with a rebellious streak, and biting sense of humor, Eli Goldsworthy .  . .

He then won my heart, as the epicurean, closet romantic, whose sheer love of life, and unwillingness to take no for an answer, brought the uptight brainiac Clare Edwards out of her shell . . .

He frustrated me, when he pushed away the very some woman he so vehemently pursued, the following week.  Eli was afraid of letting Clare get too close  . . . fearing she would see beneath his cocksure facade, to the scars that lurked beneath the surface . . .

 And they were some UGLY scars!  When Eli finally admitted his true feelings for Clare, and entered into a relationship with her, she began to see his Dark Side.  But far from scaring her away, seeing Eli’s flaws, only made Clare (and us fans) love him more. 

When Eli antagonized bullies twice his size, until they kicked his ass.  And then he tricked those SAME bullies into getting ARRESTED through a very cunning bait-and-switch, involving Fake IDs, we questioned whether he had a Death Wish . . .

And when we met his parents for the first time, we wondered whether he was adopted (and kind of hoped that he was, for the sake of genetics) . . .

The Future of EClare?  Oh HELL NO!

And when we found out about Eli’s Big Secret, we were shocked and saddened.  Our hearts broke for this fictional character, who suddenly felt so very real to us, both in our minds and our  . . . ahem . . . other parts . . .

Eli became even more complex and multi-layered, when we discovered that the untimely loss of his girlfriend led to his struggles with hoarding . . .

I hate to say it, but as grossly messy as that room is, it also looks pretty cool!  Doesn’t it?

But just when us fans thought we had learned everything there was to know about Eli, he introduced us to a whole new side of himself, his PSYCHO SIDE!

This week, on Part 2 of Jesus, Etc., an old enemy of Eli’s found the Lord, and tried to use HIM to get into Clare’s pants . . .

Ummm . . . righteous?

Though this recent turn of events would be enough to piss off even the most calm and collected of boyfriends, the already volatile-natured Eli took things harder then most.  Throughout the episode, we witnessed the character slowly unravel, and gradually descend into madness. 

Watching Eli waver between agressively trying to protect his girlfriend from “The Jesus Guy” (through blustery anger and controlling manipulation), and placating her, with over-exaggerated declarations of love, and increasingly desperate demands for forgiveness, was both cringeworthy, and deliciously fascinating.  I didn’t know whether to turn away in horror, or wiggle closer to the television screen .  . .

“I feel like you are slipping away,” complains Eli, during one of his softer, more emotionally moments moments.

“Don’t leave me.  OK?  Please?”  Eli begs, during another one.

Amidst it all, were a trio of genuinely creepy moments, during which Eli would break the Fourth Wall, and stare directly at the viewers at home, with a look that was both inviting, and, at the same time, undeniably evil.

But it was not until the final scene of the episode, that things with Eli got REALLY psychotic (and, therefore, CRAZY FUN!).  Check out the “interesting” way in which Eli chooses to conclude the horror story, “Stalker Angel” that he’s been working on throughout the episode. In particular, pay attention to the the uncomfortably ironic similarities between the fictional story being described, and the Bizarre Love Triangle that is Clare / Eli / and the Born-Again (so-called “Angelic”) Fitz:

Eli:  The hero, Malcolm, realizes that he could never protect his heroine, Rachel, from Stalker Angel, so he has no choice but to . .

Clare: (interrupts)  . . . kill Stalker Angel

Eli: No, he kills Rachel.  He grabs his knife, cuts her throat, drinks her blood, and forever they are one!

Clare: That’s disturbing.

Eli: It’s brilliant.  It wouldn’t be much of a horror story, otherwise.

Clare: (with uncertainty) Of course.

Eli: It’s my masterpiece.  And I couldn’t have written it without you.  It’s all about YOU, Clare!

Clare:  (laughs nervously)  Great . . .just . . . try not to kill me, K?

Eli:  Don’t I owe you a driving lesson?  The HEARSE awaits.

Check out the scene in its frighteningly foreboding entirety here, IF YOU DARE!

The last shot of the episode, which features Eli loudly declaring his love for Clare, as he possessively wraps his arm around her, and glares sadistically at the camera, genuinely gave me chills!  After all, when it comes to Eli, I literally never know what he’s going to do next.  And THAT is was keeps me coming back to the show, week, after week.

Kudos to Degrassi for creating such a wonderfully relatable, and, at the same time, definitively insane, character, in Eli Goldsworthy!  And even bigger kudos to Munro Chambers, for bringing Eli to life on the small screen!  I can’t wait to see YOU in prime time, Mr. Chambers! 

Just . . . try not to kill me, K?



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16 responses to “Oh, Eli Goldsworthy of Degrassi! – I Love You, You Sexy Psychopath!

  1. Wow, it’s like Degrassi is a breeding ground for potential Mystic Falls residents… Eli sounds like a Damon hatchling! Dark and dangerous but with a charismatic edge that is total catnip for good girls who smart and probably should know better.

    This post makes me wish I had access to a channel that showed Degrassi!

    • Mmmmmm a . . . Damon Hatchling! *closes eyes and licks lips, while imagining a world filled with Damon Salvatore Clones, hatching from eggs, and roaming the earth . . . naked*

      You are absolutely right. I can definitely picture Munro Chambers fitting right in with the TVD crew. Slap some colored contacts on Munro, and he could probably pass for a young Damon Salvatore in an “early teen years” flashback. Looking for something more permanent? How about casting him as a friend of Jeremy’s (Ever notice how he doesn’t have any outside the Scooby Gang?), who unwittingly gets himself involved in some kind of Supernatural Warlock cult. I can picture McQueen and Chambers having really great chemistry with one another. Plus, it would be nice to see Jeremy have his OWN storyline, apart from all this Bonnie nonsense. 🙂

      As for having access to Degrassi, I know they post most of the episodes on TeenNick.com shortly after they air. Unfortunately, I’m not sure folks outside the U.S. can access the episodes. Another option would be MuchMusic.com, since MuchMusic is the station that airs Degrassi episodes in Canada. I hope that helps! If not, I’ll keep working on it. 🙂

    • maggie boling

      i love degrassi and eli (munro chambers) i love the relation ship between him and clare and i cant wait 2 c wat happens next!

      • Thanks for stopping by and commenting maggie. I have high hopes for EClare as well. Though I’m a bit concerned about the new girl they keep showing in the Degrassi summer promos. I hope she doesn’t try and sink our ship. 🙂

        As for Munro Chambers, he continues to impress me with his amazing acting talent and unparalleled charm. I predict really big things for the actor in the future.

  2. Tacy Smith

    I love Eli. He’s mysterious and romantic. They couldn’t of picked anyone better for that part. Team Eli. ❤

    • Excellent point, Tacy. Munro Chambers adds a certain vulnerability and intrigue to Eli Goldsworthy that most actors couldn’t. He really makes the role his own. I can’t wait to see what sort of storylines Degrassi cooks up for him next season. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

  3. Summer

    Eli is a very remarkable,torchered soul.Yet no matter what he does that someone “mad”,I love it.I wouldn’t mind his protectiveness and sudden starve for love.

  4. Eli is soooooooooooooo cute

  5. maggie boling

    TEAM ELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, Eli Goldsworthy of Degrassi! – I Love You, You Sexy Psychopath!

  6. i really love this Sexy Psychopath !! XD
    his is so Mysterious thats what i love about him !
    he also hot !!!! ^_^

  7. snowball

    i am in love with Eli i just want to make out with him 4 ever!!!! ;P

  8. lindy176

    i love Eli Goldsworthy hes so amazing i wish i could just Munro Chambers character. i am truly and deeply in love with him ❤

  9. I love eli, but not in the phyico boy crazed, girly kinda way. I just have a lot in common. I have been considered “emo” but I don’t consider myself “emo”. I’m just me. Eli is into the same stuff and I adore writing, plays, stories,poems, or music. I’m kind of a bad ass and ignore most rules. Teachers can’t MAKE me listen to them. They can’t physically MAKE me go to the office. They can’t touch me or else LAWSUIT! 🙂

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