Damon Salvatore’s GIFT to YOU – Animated GIFs for Every Occasion!

Don’t say I never gave you anything!

A few months back, Dawson’s Creek’s James Van Der Beek took a running joke that fans of the show had about his Ugly Cry Face . . .

 . . . and turned it into comedic GOLD (not to mention, a major marketing opportunity)!  Sure, The Beek may never be hired to act in a movie where has character has to cry, ever again . . .

But, with all the cash he’s raking in from those Dawson’s Creek syndication rights . . . (and all the good karma he’s building up, by helping bloggers like me find The Perfect GIF, when we’re too lazy to actually express our feelings in actual WORDS), James “don’t need NO STINKIN'” CRYBABY MOVIE!  He’s set for LIFE!

(But, seriously, if you haven’t checked out JamesVanDerMemes yet, do it NOW.  It truly is a Blogger’s Best Friend!)

OK . . . OK . . . I know what you are thinking.  You are probably saying to yourself right now, “I clicked on this post, because I thought I was going to get to read about DAMON SALVATORE!  So, what’s with all this James Van Der CRAP?”

Patience, my Fangbanging Friend!  All will become clear, in just a moment . . .

You see, this morning, I was reading an awesome, Damon Salvatore centric blog post, written by my fabulous pal from Down Under, Cherie, when I came upon one of my favorite Damon Salvatore GIFs . . .

THIS got me to thinking about ALL the fantastic Damon Salvatore GIFS I’ve managed to collect, since I started recapping The Vampire Diaries, about a year ago.  And thinking about THAT, got me to thinking about how Ian Somerhalder (who plays Damon on the show, DUH!) could probably learn a thing or two from Mr. Van Der Beek, about how to convert his natural GIF-making ability into Cold Hard Cash . . .

(Cash that can be used to benefit the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, perhaps?)

So, without further adieu, TV Recappers Anonymous proudly presents: Damon Salvatore Memes, a series of Damon-y GIFS that will be sure to satisfy all of your sexual emotional and blogging needs . . .

Happy GIF-ing!

Greetings from Damon Salvatore

Often times, when you are blogging, there are instances where you want to offer up a little “Howdy” to your loyal readers.  After all, sharing your thoughts with like-minded folks is what blogging is all about, right?  Fortunately, we have Damon Salvatore to help you do just that . .  .

Now, there are many ways to say “hello” to your friends.  You can wave . . .

You can give them the oh so cool, “Nod and Point” . . .

Or, for those “close” friends, you can blow them a kiss . . .

Not bad, right?  But saying hello to your blogging buddies, is just the tip of the iceberg.  Damon can help you out with so much MORE!

Damon Salvatore Helps You Get Laid . ..


Flirting through blogs and e-mails can be a tricky business.  Since the person you are trying to put the moves on can’t actually SEE you, there’s a good chance some of the subtleties of your language might get lost in translation.  When this happens, the best case scenario is that your overtures of affection are misunderstood or ignored.  Worst case scenario?  You end up looking like a TOTAL Creepy Perv. 

Thankfully, with the help of Damon Salvatore, flirting is easy . . .

After all, no self-respecting love interest would be able to resist the Eye Thing . . .

. . . or the Compelling Stare . . .

Want to tell your crush how dreamy they look?  Katherine and Damon can do it for you!


Perhaps, you want your crush to CALL you, so that you can continue your flirtation over the phone . . .


Or, maybe, you want to give your lover an electronic kiss on the cheek . . .

Not at the Cheek Kissing stage of your relationship, yet?  Try a chaste Forehead Kiss . . .

Awww, you know what?  Screw chastity!  Go in for the Tongue Kiss!  You only live once, right?  (Or, if you happen to be a vampire, you only live, FOREVER!)


But, perhaps, this isn’t just your crush.  Maybe, it’s your significant other . . . someone you’ve already kissed, many times.  Perhaps, you’ve recently come to the realization that you don’t want to kiss anyone else, ever again.  This person is the one who’s lips you want to remain locked with, for the rest of your life.  (Well, except for when you are eating . . .).

You LOVE this person!  And what better way to tell someone you love them then with a not-particularly-large pixelated computer image!


Who am I kidding?  This portion of the post isn’t about LOVE?  It’s about SEX, right?   So, here are some “Let’s Have Sex” GIFs for you, courtesy of Damon Salvatore.  (Some of them are pretty literal.   For others, you will have to use your imagination.)

And, my personal favorite . . .


Phew, that got me all hot and bothered!  Please excuse me, while I take another shower . . .

OK . . . I’m back . . .

You know, love isn’t all Hearts and Roses.  It can be pretty painful too.  Fortunately, Damon is here to help you express your Relationship Angst . . .

Damon Salvatore Can Help You Heal a Broken Heart . . .

Have you just been rejected?

Do you feel like your heart has just been ripped out of your chest?

Damon Salvatore feels your pain!  And he can help you express it, too!  Whether your sadness is of the quiet, brooding and soulful variety . . .

 . . . or you consider yourself more a student of the “Let It All Out” School of Emotional Outbursts . . .

Damon has just the GIF for you!

Worry not, with Damon feeling your miserable emotions FOR YOU, you’ll be dancing in NO TIME!

And if not . . . well . . . getting totally and completely wasted, and numbing your mind with booze, is always an option!

Damon Can Help You Cyber Bully  (Not that I advocate cyber bullying, because I don’t, Parent Teacher Council! ;))

You know that moment when a despised television character, who you THOUGHT was gone for good, suddenly makes a re-appearance on your favorite show?

And they start mucking things up for ALL your favorite characters and Ships?

Well, sometimes, that happens in REAL life too! 

Below are some healthy ways to vent your frustration, which, hopefully, will prevent you from going into a rage and ending up in jail.  Might I suggest some idle threats . . .


How about getting some vicarious thrills, by watching Damon hurt someone on television, and PRETENDING that it’s YOU doing the hurting, with the Person You Hate as the unsuspecting victim. . .

And, hey, if anyone ever accuses you of Cyber Bullying, because you just so happened to use a few of these images to . . . get your message across?  My recommendation?  LIE!

Here are some other Damon Salvatore GIFs that you may find helpful in your blogging future . . .

The Eye Roll . . .

The Expression of Awesomeness

The Expression of Thoughtfulness / Quiet Contemplation of Deep Issues


The Strong Desire for a Certain Someone to Shut the Hell UP!


And finally . . .

The Desire to See Ian Somerhalder Naked, and Fresh out of The Shower

Three times in one post!  I’m pretty sure this is a record for me!

There you have it, my fellow Fangbangers, a comprehensive series of Damon Salvatore GIFs that are sure to meet all of your blogging and fangirling needs. 


So, what’s YOUR favorite Damon GIF?

[www.juliekushner.com][Fangirls Forever]



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30 responses to “Damon Salvatore’s GIFT to YOU – Animated GIFs for Every Occasion!

  1. Madeleine

    Congratulations! You have officially vanquished the English language. Everybody was tired of that crap anyway.
    Seriously though, awesome. However, I would be remiss if I did not find a way to integrate Alexander Skarsgard into absolutely everything, so I must say, why is Ian Somerhalder so much more GIFable? And I don’t mean just in regards to this post being about Ian (not complaining, seriously), I mean in general. I’ve seen like a million GIFs of Damon/Ian (most of them here), but I’ve only seen a couple, if that, of ASkars (the best one, the one of the shower from the random swedish movie, here, thank YOU very much) . I realize this doesn’t actually matter in the sense of . . . any sense, really, but I can’t call myself a semi-closeted rabid fangirl if I didn’t care deeply about things that are of absolutely no consequence, right? At least, that’s what I get from all rabid fan-anythings on the internet, ever. Of course, I could be wrong, but still . . .
    Awesome post (not to mention the inherent awesomeness of shower GIFs, as per usual, and you should seriously get right on finding me some ASkars GIFs 🙂

    • Ask and you shall receive! For what it’s worth, there are actually PLENTY of really AWESOME Eric Northman GIFs out there in the blogosphere. (Many of them, care of truebloodgifs.tumblr.com)! I just wasn’t nearly as adept at finding them, last summer, (back when I was writing True Blood Recaps) as I am now. *blushes* Here’s just a taste 😉 of some of the ones I found in just the last five minutes . . .

      A GIF to use when you want to tell someone they look good enough to eat . . .

      A GIF for when you want to ask someone whether you have any dirt on your face . . .

      A GIF for when you want somebody to shut the hell up . . .

      A GIF to express dissatisfaction over a bad haircut or dye job . . .

      A GIF used to subtly tell someone that you would very much like to ravish them . . .

      And finally, the Goodnight and Goodbye GIF

      Whew! That was fun! I may actually have to write a post like this sometime soon! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Tricus

    WOW. I miss your recapping on TVD episodes. I guess the hiatus really hurts us. They better give us some JUICY Delena moments before the season is over with to tide us over for the summer hiatus. The TVD writers have been slacking in that department lately.
    Anyway my FAVORITE, and I mean FAVORITE ( did I type that BIG enough….LOL) Gif is and always will be the Damon and Kat( Elena) kiss. Even though it was Kat he was kissing, Damon thought it was Elena and THAT is who I always imagine him kissing when I look at that scene over, over and over again. hahaahhaha
    My 2nd favorite Gif is the one with Damon and Caroline where you see the AWESOME (in your face) blue green of Damon’s (Ian) eyes and Caroline is getting lost in them. I would get lost in those eyes too. Those eyes just do something for me. Yummy.
    Side note: Has anyone else noticed that Elena has still NOT seen Andie yet and know that she is now Damons’ girlfriend? Am I the only one who have noticed that?
    Anyway it will be fun to see what the writers will do with having Damon have a regular GF and see how Elena react to THAT. Elena has only seen Damon with superficial “booty calls”, nothing major. A constant lovey-dovey GF/BF relationship like Andie and Damon is portraying is something totally diffferent. Most women are not seriously threatened by a superficial ( just sex) relationship but when a guy has a serious GF then that is something else. Especially when you have been burying your obvious attraction and dare I say secret (don’t want to admit) love for this same guy, like Elena has.
    I hope the TVD writers realize that they have a goldmine there if they can squeeze Elena’s reactions/feelings of that into the upcoming episodes. I know it would be entertaining for all us DE fans. I don’t really even care too much if Delena kiss, makeout or whatever before season end. I just want to see Elena start acknowledging her true feelings for Damon and realize he is kind of leaving the ball in her court (by leaving her alone) and not making any more obvious flirtatious overtures to her.
    A heated,close argument would not be out of the question like they had in the tomb 😉
    Anyway I think I got totally off of the topic of this post. hahahahha

    • Hey Tricus! It’s great to see you on the blogosphere! Man, this hiatus has been particularly painful for us fangbanging fans, hasn’t it? Fortunately, we are in the home stretch now. After tomorrow, we will only have to suffer through one more TVD-less Thursday, before the show returns for SIX WEEKS IN A ROW of Damony (and hopefully Delena-y) goodness!

      I always try to imagine the Kamon kiss GIF as a Delena kiss gif too! But here’s the thing. I suspect that when Damon and Elena DO share their Big Kiss, it’s going to be about TEN TIMES HOTTER than that first Faux Delena kiss was.

      Here’s why: Think about how much Damon and Elena have been through together since the Season 1 Finale. All the turmoil, and the drama, and the angst. Damon’s feelings for Elena have grown TENFOLD since that first kiss.

      And as for Elena, I think she will be a WAY better kissing partner than Katherine was in that scene. For one thing, Katherine wasn’t in love with Damon when she laid one on him. Elena definitely will be. She’s not a girl who takes kissing boys lightly. When she kisses someone back, she MEANS IT.

      Additionally, Katherine may be SUPER hot in the sack (We’ve seen as much). But I suspect she’s not the best kisser. Because good kissing requires a certain emotionality that Katherine simply won’t allow herself to experience. It can’t be faked.

      Speaking of fake, in hindsight, you could tell Katherine was a bit off her game in responding to that finale kiss. She had just returned to town, and probably didn’t really have a great handle on what was going on with the Salvatore Brothers. If you watch her face closely, she definitely seems a bit shocked, upon coming to the realization that Damon has fallen in love with Elena, and she’s not his #1 Girl anymore. Katherine’s decision to take advantage of the situation, appears to be a split second determination. And this is highly unusual for a girl who is used to ALWAYS having a Plan B, C, D, etc.

      That being said, I really liked the second kissing GIF I found. Because, while it was somewhat of a manipulation on the GIF creators part, I thought it came closer to what a Damon and Elena kiss will actually be like, in that it made an attempt to illustrate all the history and meaning that will inevitably surround that lip lock. If you notice, the GIF maker took that FIRST KISS Damon and ELENA shared in The Return (and we all know how badly that turned out), halted it at just the moment before it went bad, and layered into it various sexually tense scenes between Damon and Elena. I suspect, in doing this, the GIF maker was trying to show that with that one kiss, it suddenly became clear to both parties just how meant to be together the two of them always were.

      My prediction is that the first REAL Delena kiss is going to come at an EXTREMELY INTENSE moment in the series. Either Damon and Elena will be in grave danger, and death will seem inevitable. In a final impulsive moment, Elena will kiss Damon, thinking its a kiss goodbye. And in that moment, all of these memories will rush through her. Suddenly it will become clear to Elena just how much she loves Damon, how much she has always loved him.

      Then, when Damon (and/or Elena) SURVIVES this near death experience, Elena will first have to come to terms with all these emotions she’s finally admitted to feeling. It will be awkward at first. (How will she explain this to Stefan?) Elena may even avoid Damon initially, as a result. But she can’t avoid him forever. And eventually . . . 😉

      So, yeah, I guess, I’ve given this a bit of thought. 🙂

      Interesting point about Damon and Andie. I really did think Elena would learn about Damon’s new “girlfriend” in Episode 16. But the Scooby Gang was WAY TOO BUSY for that in the jam-packed “House Guest” episode. It’s possible Elena will learn about Andie in this upcoming episode.

      Although, if it happens, I suspect it will only be shown in a very short, yet significant scene. Based on the recently released promo pictures, it looks like Episode 17 will have Damon and Elena separate AGAIN for most of the hour. Elena will be gallivanting through cemeteries with Mama Isobel, while Damon will be doing magic tricks with Bonnie and Jeremy.

      Oh well! There’s always Episode 18!

      Thanks for your always awesome and insightful commentary, Tricus! I can’t wait to talk more TVD with you in the coming weeks.

      • Tricus

        What the …. You can’t leave me hanging like that Kjewls. Don’t play with me when it comes to Delena moments. LOL What second manip kiss Gif are you talking about? The one above where its Kat and Damon again being VERY passionate kissing/making out inside his house because Damon is trying to forget its wasn’t Elena he kissed?
        If you mean that one then YEAH I believe that Delena real kiss will be like that.
        Yeah Kat in that porch scene kiss did look surprised when Damon start being all insightful, emotional and kissy on who he thought was Elena. I gues she thought he would STILL be pining for her. LOL
        In regard to Elena finding out about Andie in the upcoming episodes. Well usually anything remotely Delena scenes I noticed are usually at the last few minutes of the episodes.
        Yeah the Scooby Gang will be busy the next few episodes getting ready for the sacrifice but I am sure that Elena will be in the boys house often to strategize. Hence ( wow, big , weird word….hahahhaha) Elena will have more chance to come in contact with Andie.

      • Ahhh, it snuck past you. 🙂 It is rather small. I was referring to this GIF . . .

        . . . which appears in the post, directly below the Damon / Faux Elena kiss scene from the Season 1 finale.

        It’s actually kind of longish for a GIF. If you watch closely, the beginning scene is a Drunken Damon approaching a fairly unwilling (at least, on the surface, but we know better) Elena in The Return, and forcing her to admit her feelings for him. If you recall, this was the scene directly proceeding the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident. But, rather than finish off that scene with the awkward Face Rape-esque kiss that resulted, the GIF maker cuts to a series of rapid fire Damon and Elena images, as if to illustrate what is going through the characters minds at the time. Then it ends on the pair coming together in a kiss.

        Pretty cool, huh? I’m thinking it came from a vey well done fanvid. 🙂

  3. imaginarymen


    • LOL. Awwww thanks! See, if Ian Somerhalder DOES ever put out a Damon Salvatore Memes page, you and I are SO going in for a percentage of the royalties. (Unless, of course, the proceeds are going to ISF . . . because that would just be DICK of us.) 🙂

  4. Tricus

    Oh okay I see that Gif now. Hmm that Gif was kind of tame. I think that Elena/Damon first real kiss will be more passionate than that. Well it will probably start out like that but then get more passionate. Or I think it will be an emotional kind of angry reaction passionate kiss cause it will be as a result of an intense situation they are in or intense emotion they are feeling at the moment. Not going to be like a kiss a normal couple ( like boring Stelena…sorry had to go there hahahaha) have after going on a date and saying goodbye at the door. Who knows. LOL
    Damon and Elena reaction to each other is never calm,mild or tame. Always very emotional.

    • Oooh, I always ADORE those scene in TV shows or movies where two characters are getting into a REALLY heated argument. And then, they just get overwhelmed by passion for one another, and start making out HARD CORE! (Kind of like what ALMOST happened between Damon and Elena TWICE, during “The Sacrifice” episode). That would be a great way to bring Delena together, Tricus!

      So, remember I was talking about how I wanted Damon’s and Elena’s first kiss to be this dramatic Life or Death Situation moment, filled with passion, angst, and the fear of losing one another forever? And remember how I said, that after that, Elena would keep her distance from Damon, while she tried to process her feelings. Well, I could see this passionate kiss, the one that starts with an intense argument, coming sometime after that (perhaps, one or two episodes later).

      Damon would confront Elena about how she was avoiding him. She would deny it. He would force her to admit her feelings for him.

      They would argue over what the kiss was and what it meant. The fighting would get really intense. Then Elena would have Damon up against a wall, and tearfully say something like, “I don’t love you, Damon. I can never love you,” echoing her sentiments from The Return. And then, unable to deny it any longer . . . she would impulsively pull him in for the Second Hottest Kiss EVER (second only to the Life or Death Kiss I described earlier).

      Another possibility, of course, would be for Elena to SOMEHOW remember Damon’s telling her he loved her in “Rose.” Some magical mumbo jumbo involving The Sacrifice could be used to explain that little inconsistency away. THAT would be another interesting way to bring these two together . . .

      Of course, I have no doubt that, whatever I come up with, Kevin W. and Julie P. will write something WAY better . . . I can’t wait!

      • I don’t know, KJewls, that scenario sounds pretty awesome to me. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – nothing would make me happier than if you and Amy joined the writing staff of TVD! Then you could make Delena AND Kefan happen!

        I want the Damon/Elena kiss to be passionate and slightly furious and the diametric opposite of the sweet, beautiful kiss Stelena shared. Delena has been such a slow burn that by the time they reach the kissing tipping point, I am expecting so much from the kiss that is a culmination of months of conscious and subconscious longing.

        I think I need a cold shower after reading your Second Hottest Kiss ever scene. 😉

      • I’m literally grinning ear-to-ear because you said that! Talk about a DREAM job! Can you imagine, getting PAID to obsess over Salvatores and Lockwoods 24-7? Not to mention the excitement of being able to work creatively with GENIUSES every day, while writing for arguably the best show on television today. And the thought of writing the words that come out of Damon Salvatore’s mouth? YUM!

        Of course, by the time Amy and I are hired, they will have already hired you to make your Forwood magic work for them. The three of us would definitely be a force to be reckoned with on staff, with our strongly held SHIPS, and our demands for regular intervals of character shirtlessness. 😉

        You know, I often wonder how much leeway staff writers have over the plots of the particular episodes they pen. I suspect that the general storyline arcs come from Julie and Kevin. But, how much authority does an individual writer have to tweak that arc, when writing an episode script?

        Sometimes, when I watch a particular episode, I can’t help but wonder whether the writer of it is a Delena shipper (or a Forwood Shipper, or a Jonnie Shipper). I can’t imagine you could write for a show like this, and NOT have strongly held beliefs about what should happen to the characters you’ve eat, slept, and breathed, for a year straight.

        For example, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the writers of “Bad Moon Rising” and “Daddy Issues” were serious Delena shippers. You see, some episodes REQUIRE Delena sexual tension to further the plot. “The Sacrifice” was one of those episodes, and “Rose” was another. But the sexual innuendo- laden “Bad Moon Rising” and the Delena eye f*&k full “Daddy Issues”?

        THOSE episodes didn’t REQUIRE Delena sexual tension to further the plot, and yet, they were chock full of it. Of course, Ian’s and Nina’s natural sexual chemistry has a lot to do with this. But I suspect the staff writers of those episodes can be thanked for that as well.

        I can just imagine being asked to write a TVD episode (SQUEE!), and being scolded by Julie Plec, after I’ve finished. “This was supposed to be a 1-minute scene, in which Damon picked up his ring from Elena’s house,” she would say. “Why is it suddenly 10-minutes long, and filled with dialogue fit for a porno? And why can’t Damon shower at his OWN house?” 😉

      • Tricus

        Oooh I like your two Damon/Elena kiss scenarios. I also have ALWAYS loved in TV shows/movies when two characters get angry/arguing with each other then they start kissing and making out.
        Love it. I can see that happening with Damon/Elena because Damon really pushes Elena buttons. He gets her emotional very easy.
        Yeah I don’t know who wrote “Daddy Issues” and the episode with Damon/Elena fighting in the tomb but those two episodes especially had a lot of EyeDex, body closeness and sexual chemistry.
        We need those writers to give us a little Delena moment in each episode even if its just one moment of staring too long at each other.
        Oh well. I don’t know if its Julie or Kevin who is one of the writers of any of those episodes that is full of Delena moments. For some reason if I had to choose I would think it’s Kevin cause he seem more of a Delena fan than Julie.
        Julie seem to like the Stelena romance more. Just a feeling I have. I know TVD has many assistant writers but Julie and Kevin has to oversee/approve/give guidance of the finished product.
        Anyway love your two kissing Delena scenarios. Hopefully we get something close to either one in the beginning of Season 3. Won’t happen at the end of Season 2 for sure the way things are going now.

  5. It goes without saying that this post is GOLD!

    Now that I have detached my jaw from the ground, I can try to write a respectable answer other than IAN CAN I HAVE YOUR LOVESPAWN, AFTER I’VE HAD TREVINO’S? (yes, my ovaries would be very busy ;))

    I think if I was absolutely pressed to choose, the Damon Approves GIF is my absolutely favourite. It captures everything that is best about Damon: devilishly charming expression, cherubic but slightly cocky smile, Eye Thing working overtime…

    Thank you so much for the shout out! I’ve really loved writing all those posts about Damon. Because as this post proves, he is a character with so many complex shades, which is why he is so eminently GIFable (there are other *ables I could add :))

    Special word should also go to the GIF of The Beek with his arms revolving in a nana nana na na circle – he is so smug and douchey but self-aware that I just can’t help but love him for it!

    • I certainly can’t blame you for wanting Trevino and Somerhalder spawn. 🙂 Needless to say, those men’s babies (when, and if, they have them) are GUARANTEED to be so gorgeous, that it will hurt to look directly at them (kind of like the sun).

      You are right! The Damon Approves GIF definitely wins as the single GIF to best embody all that makes Damon loveable, not to mention eff-able (see what I did there?) I actually had it as my “header image” for this post when I first published. But I took it down, because I thought people might be confused as to why my regular banner had suddenly disappeared, and an extra large Damon GIF was in its place. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) 😉

      LOL. Gotta love The Beek and his unparalleled ability to laugh at himself. There aren’t many actors out there who are comfortable enough in their “manhood” to rock the Cabbage Patch move in public, let alone do it on a popular website that gets millions of hits!

  6. Rene

    Jewls, you are mega awesome LOL I had to grab one of those for my on kicks and giggles.

    • Awww, thanks so much Rene! *blushes* Grab as many as you want! 🙂 That’s what they are for! Nobody should have to spend the entire TVD hiatus without a little “moving Damon Salvatore” in their lives!

  7. Louie

    Thank you for this! It’s amazing to see you’re doing IAN/DAMON blog again. Makes me miss TVD more and more!

    • Thanks Louie! I just HAD to do another Damon Salvatore post before the show returned April 7th! (We’re getting closer!)

      Something happens to me, chemically, when I spend too long, not writing about Ian Somerhalder in my blog. I start getting all twitchy, and going through Damon Withdrawal Symptoms. This post was really a matter of life and death for me!

      (Just kidding . . . well . . . not really!) 😉

  8. I just tweeted this AMAZING Extravaganza of gifs and I think 30-40 people are not going to sleep tonight! lol

    • Awwww, thanks so much for free publicity, mak! 🙂 You rock!

      For what it’s worth, I’ve found that intensive and uninterrupted viewing of Super Sexy Damon Salvatore GIFs actually HELPS one fall asleep . . . and have REALLY GOOD DREAMS! 🙂

  9. Elena

    wow! thanks a lot for these amazing gifts !

    • My pleasure, Elena! I’m so glad you liked them! Feel free to plaster them all over your blogs, e-mails, and social networking pages! GIFs make EVERYTHING better! 🙂

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  11. Paige

    AWESOME! Love these XD Please make some more!

    • Thanks so much, Paige! I’m so glad you enoyed them. While I would love to take credit for these fun little gifs, most of them come from Gif-makers who are WAY more talented than I am. I tried to source their makers whenever I could, in this post. So, if you click on the word “source” underneath each of the gifs, it should take you to plenty more from where these came from.

      But I do suspect I will make another GIF-themed TVD post some time in the future. 😉

  12. Samantha

    I love Ian Somerhalder A.K.A Damon Salvatore. He is so sexy! I love Him in the shower too! lol

  13. it’s very fun can you reply pleasse

  14. ha ha ha :’) I love this, it’s amazing! And so is Damon! 😀

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