The Vampire Diaries Cast at Eyecon Day 2 (a.k.a. My Day with Paul Wesley)

Hey, Fangbangers!  Greetings from Mystic Falls!

I am writing to you from Damon Salvatore’s bed . . .

Is that a bottle between your legs, or are you just happy to see me?

 . . . located in the heart of La Casa de Rich and Awesome!

OK . . . I’m actually in a hotel in Atlanta, attending The Vampire Diaries conference.  But that’s basically the same thing, right?

OK, maybe not . . .

So, yesterday afternoon, at the convention, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity get up close in personal with THIS GUY!

That’s right, ladies (and gentleman).  Paul Wesley, a.k.a. Stefan Salvatore, spent over an hour with a conference room filled with fans today, personally answering each and every one of their burning questions. 

Here are some of the highlights . . .

* When asked about whether he preferred his character’s sweet  and earnest dynamic with Elena over his intensely passionate dynamic with Katherine, Paul diplomatically stated that he enjoyed elements of both relationships.  And yet, he did seem just a teensy weensy bit partial to one over the other.  “I love the moments when [Stefan] gets to indulge and be a bit lustful.  There is definitely a mischievous side to Stefan, and Katherine brings that out in him.”


* Speaking of Stefan’s mischievous side, when asked whether he ever wishes his character wasn’t so “earnest and broody,” Paul admitted that he did sometimes covet the opportunity to inject some of his natural humor and wit into the oh-so-serious Stefan Salvatore.  (If you’ve ever seen Paul interview, you know that he is  SERIOUSLY FUNNY guy!)  Fortunately, the writers have PROMISED Paul that Season 3, he will get his wish!  You know what that means, ladies!  DARK STEFAN is due for a comeback!

* Upon being asked which character he’d MOST like to play on The Vampire Diaries (aside from Stefan or Damon), Paul replied, Elena . . .

Just kidding!  But he did mention that he had a lot of interest in playing a werewolf.

“A few years back, I played a werewolf in another  television series [Wolf Lake].  I really enjoyed the whole concept, and the idea of undergoing that type of transformation.”

A still of Paul from Wolf Lake.  I am SO renting this DVD!

Of course, being a werewolf on The Vampire Diaries is not your typical were-gig . . .

Certain .  . . “assets” and “skill sets” are required.

We already KNOW Paul has the abs to play a werewolf on The Vampire Diaries

But . . .  is he “flexible” enough?

*Regarding his impressive ability to cry on screen (breaking fangirls hearts the world over) . . .

 . . . Paul said that Ian lays on the ground beneath him, and pinches his leg until he cries!

Of course, he was only kidding about that.  (See, what I mean?  VERY FUNNY!)  “The writing on this show is so incredibly good,” Paul responded.  “The story is so beautiful.  Here is a guy who spent years searching for something, and everything leads him to this one person.  Finally, he has found the woman of his dreams.  And now he may lose her . . . How can you not get involved in a tale like that, and . . . emote?” 

*Speaking of emoting, Paul’s favorite scene from Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries is the one that leads up to him and Elena having sex for the first time . . .

 . . .  a trait I suspect he shares with many Stelena fans.

“There was that moment,” Paul explained.  “When [Elena] sees what I am for the first time.  She touches my face and my veins.  This beautiful woman has accepted me for who I am.  It is a very intimate and beautiful moment, filled with symbolism,”

*Speaking of intimate moments . . .

 . . . one fan was curious to know who the lucky dog  is in that INFAMOUS paparazzi picture?

“It’s not my pitbull.  I was actually dog sitting.  The pitbull belongs to my good friend Benjamin McKenzie (a.k.a Ryan Atwood from The O.C.),”  Paul replied.

So, Ryan Atwood, and Stefan Salvatore are pals in real life?  BEST . . . BROMANCE . . . EVER!  Well . . . almost . . .

*In unrelated news, for those of you who were curious about Paul’s favorite scary movie?

It’s “The Shining.”

*Speaking of movies, I’m sure you are all dying to know whether Paul is Team Edward or Team Jacob?

“I can’t decide, and I hate it!” Paul insists.  (So much for that!)

*Paul may not be able to come to a decision on the infamous Twilight question.  However, he has had a major revelation, regarding his decision to FINALLY join Twitter. 

 “I really enjoy it,” he admitted proudly.  “Riffing with my castmates, and teasing them, we get a chance to show another side of herself.”

For those of you who ARE following Paul on Twitter, be on the lookout for a playlist of his favorite songs.  Because, according to Paul.  It’s coming soon to a Twitter feed near you!

*Regarding his castmates, Paul had THIS to say about Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah . . .

“I literally adore Daniel!”  He exclaims.  “Elijah brings such an interesting dynamic to the show.  He’s kind of Arnold Schwartzenager in The Terminator . . .”

“He’s this hard-ass killing machine, but that little boy touches his heart .  . . I hope we get to see that Little Boy Moment with Elijah someday.”  (In other words, fangbangers, as for Elijah . . . “He’ll be BACK!”)

*As for Matt Davis (a.k.a. Alaric Saltzman) . . .

“We have a good time together.  He makes fun of me.  I make fun of him,” Paul recalled fondly

*And Ian?

“He’s my brother!  He’s my boy!  I love him.”  He said, getting a bit (fake) teary, as he expressed his adoration for the Elder Salvatore.

Ahhhh, yes, Ian Somerhalder, the Man . . . the Myth . . . the Legend.  I will be seeing HIM today in just a few short hours.  Am I excited?  You BET I AM!

I’m not entirely sure how things are going to go.  But, I suspect it will turn out a bit like this . . .

A girl can dream, right?

[][Fangirls Forever]


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21 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Cast at Eyecon Day 2 (a.k.a. My Day with Paul Wesley)

  1. Seriously, Julie, nothing would make me happier than to read about the scandalous public make out session of a certain TV Recapper and bad boy vamp.

    Thank you SO MUCH for this coverage! I can’t wait to read your info on Mr Ian F**king Somerhalder.

    I am also ecstatic to find out that Stefan gets to be a little more irreverent in season three. I love him as magnificent bastard Evil!Stefan and sweet!Stefan joking around with Caroline. MOAR!

    • Thanks so much Cherie! I was on almost no sleep when I wrote this post. But I really wanted to get something published about the event, while it was still ongoing. I hope it was coherent! I promise to put some meatier information into my subsequent Eyecon-related posts!

      Well, Ian and I didn’t make out. 😦 But I did get to touch his bare arm. (He was wearing short sleeves!) And, he called me “babe,” which almost made me squeal like an 8-year old girl.

      Oh, and he is 10 times more amazing of a human being than I ever imagined he’d be. (And I imagined him to be pretty darn amazing! So that is saying A LOT.)

      Paul was unbelieveably gracious as well, and SO SWEET! I just love his witty, sarcastic and dry sense of humor. You really don’t get to see that too often in Stefan Salvatore.

      Oh, and Steve McQueen and Michael Trevino were AWESOME in their joint Q&A. They have such a spectacular rapport together! It was like watching a Buddy Comedy where the two leads are really hot. You can tell these two are super tight with one another in real life.

      I promise to post more, as soon as I possibly can. (I am in the airport now. My flight was delayed.) Yay for airport internet access!

  2. Amazon Annie

    Wow! How exciting! It’s great to hear that Paul is funny and a nice guy. But one question… is he as good looking in person? OK, two questions… did he wear a shirt that showed off his great sixpack? I’m glad you went to this convention, now we get the inside scoop about things to come on the show. Thanks, btw, reading your blog made me want to watch the show. I bought the first season so I could catch up and got so caught up in it I saw it in two sittings. I can’t wait till it starts again. I also can’t wait till you give us the scoop about Ian… ahhh vicarious thrills knowing you will be in the same room as he is. Sounds like a blast! Thanks for the great blog!

    • Hey Annie! You are just so sweet! I am truly honored that I have “compelled” you to become a fellow Fangbanger / Vampire Diaries watcher! Welcome to the club! As I learned this weekend, TVD fans, are, for the most part, sweet, brilliant, kind, creative, and beautiful people. And the fact that you are now one of them, only proves that point. 🙂

      OMG Amazon Annie, all of the TVD men are actually BETTER looking in person! It’s truly unbelievable! They are so pretty that they literally take your breath away.

      And no, unfortunately, none of the guys took off their shirts. But they were all wearing short sleeves 😉 (Yay for the south and its warmer temperatures.) Let’s just say some serious arm candy was on display at Eyecon this weekend! 🙂

  3. Rene

    Holy Moly Batman, Love those shirtless pics *blushes* So I am glad you got to go to the Conventions. I can’t wait till I go to my Supernatural one its my fourth year and I am just as excited as I was the first time LOL “feels like the first time* (sings)

    This one looks really cool which I could afford to do more than one event like that a year.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Rene! That’s so awesome that you get to go to the Supernatural Conventions! Actually, at this convention, there were a TON of people wearing the Supernatural Convention hats, which I thought was pretty interesting. Lots of crossover fans, I guess.

      BTW, I STILL think the CW should air Supernatural after TVD on Thursday nights. (If I’m not mistaken, they actually did that during TVD’s first season?) It’s a solid pairing, and would probably help increase the viewership of both shows. I suspect, however, that the CW will use TVD to gain viewers for that new zombie show they plan to air this year.

      I really had a kickass time at this convention. In addition to attending all the panels, we also got to get pictures with the stars (which, I suspect, you guys got to do too), and attend a real live Masquerade Ball! I mean, seriously, who gets to do that in their lifetime? On Sunday, they even had a Miss Mystic Falls pageant, where people dressed in these HUGE ballgowns for money, prizes, and kisses from the stars. 😉

      We will definitely have to swap convention stories one day! 🙂

      • Rene

        Oh its sounds amazing; yes they have similar events at the Supernatural conventions. WE don’t get kisses though we really should LOL. My exploits at the conventions are at my live journal. If u want to read about a couple of my con experiences LOL. I am glad you had a chance to go. I have heard that the Eyecon conventions are even more fan focused maybe some day I will get to go to one of those myself.

      • Oooh, thanks so much for sharing your Supernatural Coverage with me! I can’t wait to get home and read it!

        I know Eyecon covers True Blood and Twilight, in addition to TVD. So, it’s very possible they cover Supernatural as well. If you do get the chance to go, I would highly recommend it. The convention is, perhaps, a bit more pricey than it should be. But you REALLY do get to interact with the show’s stars, a lot more than you would think. And that, of course, is all kinds of AWESOME! 😉

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  5. imaginarymen

    While we were waiting in line to get our “Salvatore Sandwich” pic, one of the Con people running the line said “no inappropriate groping of the stars!” to which I asked Julie “does that mean we can do APPROPRIATE groping??”


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  8. Madeleine

    Just for your information, Wolf Lake was not, in fact, a movie, but a television show, tragically cancelled after eight episodes by the WB. In addition to Paul Wesley, it also starred the actress that plays Isabel (Elena’s mom), and who I think is the girl that played Luke’s daughter in Gilmore Girls (I think, I’m not 100% sure).
    It was actually quite good. I actually watched it before I saw TVD, although it’s a miracle I ever found it (I think I actually ended up watching it on youtube). You should really watch it, if you can track it down. Paul Wesley has some really excellent shirtless scenes. Of course, there were other great things about the show, just give me a minute to think of them . . .

    • Hey Madeleine! Thanks so much for setting me straight on Wolf Lake. I could have SWORN Paul said it was a movie! (Then again, perhaps, the mental image of Paul running naked through a forest, illuminated by the light of the Full Moon, distracted me from properly capturing his words. ;)) I have already made the change to the post.

      And WOW, based on your description of the show, now, I REALLY have to find this series online! *rushes to YouTube* in search of clips.

  9. So, Amy and I were discussing on Twitter how you two naughty minxes were having pyjama party with Paul in his Calvins ( Scroll down, believe me, it is worth it!

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  12. Everyone just LOVES Paul Westly A.K.A Stefan Salvatore. I would lick his abs all night.

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