The Vampire Diaries Eyecon Convention Day 3, Part 2 – Tyler and Jeremy Reunited!

Hi there, my fellow Fangbangers!  Welcome back to my third, and final, installment of The Vampire Diaries Eyecon coverage!  Today, we will be digging DEEP into the twisted minds of Steven R. McQueen (a.k.a Jeremy “Mini” Gilbert) and Michael Trevino (a.k.a. Tyler “Teen Wolf” Lockwood).  So, get out your shovels, fangirls!

(For those of you interested in additional Eyecon coverage, feel free to check out my “recap” of Paul Wesley’s Q&A, here and my, admittedly gushing, recounting of Ian Somerhalder’s Q&A, here.)

This particular blog post is dedicated to my FAVORITE Trevino Fangirl and Forwood / Taroline Shipper, Cherie over at My Spidey Sense is Tingling.  Definitely check out her blog for the most comprehensive, and best-written, Forwood-related TVD coverage on the ENTIRE internet.  I promise you, this is not an exaggeration.

So, are you ready for some juicy tidbits, and crazy Trevino / McQueen hijinks? 

Awesome!  Then, let’s get started . . .

Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen seem to work a lot of their press junkets and conference Q&A sessions together.  Having watched this dynamic duo in action, I can definitely see why!  On the show, Tyler and Jeremy may be forever teetering between being at one another’s throats . . .

. . . and bonding over their respective sometimes – broody natures, artistic talents, and the recent losses of both of their fathers.

But in real life, the relationship between these guys isn’t nearly as angst-y.  They are bromantic buddies, plain and simple. 

That definitely comes across when you see these two interact with one another.  Watching Michael’s and Steven’s easygoing banter on stage, as they jovially tease one another, and exchange inside jokes, you can tell that these actors are genuinely enjoying eachother’s company, as well as the company of their fans.  The laidback and inclusive atmosphere, made this Q&A session feel more like an evening spent sharing beers with friends, than a formal press junket.  And, for me, that is a VERY good thing!

So, how close are Michael’s and Steven’s personalities to the characters they play on the show?

Steven actually seems fairly different from Jeremy.  Whereas Jeremy seems quiet, kind of serious, and a bit of a loner, Steven is extremely outgoing, energetically animated, and gregarious . . . sort of a Class Clown type.  And yet, according to Steven, he and Jeremy actually share some similar interests.  Like his television doppelganger, Steven LOVES comic books and all things- animation. 

Of the two, I’d say Michael Trevino has more in common with his character . . . at least, the kinder, gentler, version of his character that we have come to know and love in Season 2.  A bit more reserved than Steven, but equally engaging with fans, Trevino shares Tyler’s pensive and mysterious nature. 

Every once in a while, Michael will get this grin on his face.  And you just know that there’s this hilarious running dialogue going through his head, which he’s not quite ready to share with the world.  Trevino also shares Tyler’s sly wit and dry sense of humor.

In terms of interests, Trevino is a HUGE television buff!  He loves watching True Blood, Dexter and anything with strong characters, intriguing plots, and a bit of gore.  But he DOESN’T like movies about vampires who sparkle . . .

My apologies, Edward Cullen!

Here’s what the pair had to say, on the following titillating topics . . .

Regarding their characters . . .

Not surprisingly, both actors had some pretty eloquent things to say about the roles they have been inhabiting for the past two years.   As for Steven, he notes that, in addition to getting both physically, and emotionally, beaten down, more than ANY character on this show . . .

 . . .  Jeremy has also genuinely evolved and matured throughout the course of the series.  “He finally seems to be finding himself, and getting what he wants out of life,” Steven explained excitedly. 

(Note: You can tell, by the way he talks about his character, that Steven REALLY doesn’t enjoy being TVD’s Resident Punching Bag.  So, I hope for his sake, and ours, that this aspect of Jeremy’s life will change very soon.)

When asked about Jeremy’s suicide attempt / thwarted vampire conversion in the Season 1 finale, Steven had this to say:

“[After Vicki and Anna died so soon after his parents’ untimely deaths] Jeremy felt like he literally had the Kiss of Death.  Everyone he loved seemed to die on him . . . He felt like a monster.  So, he wanted to physically become one.”

But Jeremy Gilbert wasn’t the only character to undergo a MAJOR transformation throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries.  Aside from literally transforming into a WEREWOLF, Tyler Lockwood also seems to have transformed as an individual. 

 The Tyler of Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries allows himself to trust and care for others in a way that Season 1 Tyler never could.  Suddenly, this character seems more real, and more vulnerable than ever before.  Ironically, the act of undergoing a werewolf transformation has made Tyler more human.

But don’t take my word for it!  Let Michael Trevino tell you himself . . .

“I don’t think anybody was really a fan of Tyler in Season 1,” Trevino notes.  “I know I wasn’t a fan of Tyler, then.  He was a jerk!”

“But then Season 2 came around, and you started to learn more about this guy, and why he is the way he is . . .  His father abuses him.  He feels alone.  And then he’s got this Werewolf Gene to deal with.  Things start happening to him that he doesn’t understand.  And fans began to relate to him, and develop some sympathy for him, because of what he’s going through now.  So, let’s love Tyler!”

(Oh, don’t worry Trevino . . . we DO!)

Regarding shirtlessness . . .

Speaking of those jaw-dropping moments on the show, when male cast members suddenly become clothing-challenged . . .

. . . these last few episodes of the season should DEFINITELY prove interesting for Mini Gilbert, since they promise a possible SEX SCENE between him and Bonnie . . .

“Awwwww YEAHHHH!”  Trevino exclaimed, in an uncharacteristically exuberant moment, when this little tidbit of information was revealed.  (So, either Trevino is a BIG Jonnie fan, or he REALLY likes to see Steven without his shirt on!)

But Steven won’t be the only TVD actor bearing his skin, in the final episodes of the Season.  Another Full Moon is on the horizon, and it promises to bring about Tyler’s return.  You know what that means, Forwood Fans!  Were-Tyler will be making a Very Naked comeback!  (Hopefully Coed Naked . . . if you catch my drift.)

Regarding their characters’ love lives . . .

Well, I already told you that Bonnie and Jeremy were probably going to DO IT this season.  So, it’s safe to say that these two will still be going strong, when TVD returns from its hiatus on April 7th. 

When Steven was asked to choose between his character’s two previous star-crossed lovers, the ever-diplomatic McQueen hedged his bets (though most of the fans in the room, seemed to overwhelmingly support Team Anna). 

The actor was more talkative about Jeremy’s new relationship with Bonnie.  “You know, every time Jeremy gets a love interest, she dies.  So, when I got the script, and saw that I was paired with Bonnie, I thought.  ‘She’s a series regular witch!  She can do all sorts of magical things!  So, she’s probably safe!  Geez, I wonder if I’m the one who’s in trouble now!”

Steven also noted how much he loved working with Katerina Graham.  “She’s a very talented actress and a really great person.  We really enjoy working together.”

But what about Tyler’s once blooming, but now halted, romantic relationship with Caroline?

Unfortunately, Trevino couldn’t really say very much about that, out of fear of spoiling upcoming episodes.  However, he did admit that he enjoyed the supernatural connection that Tyler and Caroline share, and the way in which these two characters relate with one another. 

In fact, when asked why fans should join Team Tyler versus Team Matt, Trevino seemed a bit surprised that this should be such a difficult choice!  “Uh ohhhh,” groaned Steven, playfully slapping Trevino on the back, when the question was asked.

In support of Team Tyler, Trevino had this brief, but effective, response.  “Where’s Matt?”  He snarked, noting his on-screen best-buddy’s / romantic nemesis’ absence from Eyecon.

“Low Blow, MAN!”

Regarding their favorite scenes from the show . . .

 Steven LOVED the scene in which Jeremy, upon first learning that Anna was a vampire, cut his hand, in order to tempt her with his blood.  The plan worked, of course.  And what resulted was a highly erotic episode of mutual handgasming (TM Cherie).  Was it any wonder, that after this, the couple soon ended up in bed together?

Both Steven and Trevino really enjoyed acting in their infamous Bottle-Breaking Fight Scene from Season 1.  “It was just so well choreographed, and cool to take part in,” explains Trevino.

Speaking of well-choreographed fight scenes, Trevino’s favorite episode of the show was Masquerade, in which he, Matt, and, ultimately, Caroline, engaged in a rather Matrix-esque battle of epic proportions.

“What about your first werewolf transformation, [in “By the Light of the Moon”]?”  Steven inquires of Michael.

“Oh, yeah, of course!  That was awesome,” recalls Trevino. 


Regarding what it’s like to play a supernatural creature (versus a human surrounded by them) . . .

When asked whether he would prefer to be a vampire or werewolf, Trevino emphatically said “WEREWOLF!”  He loves the strength and masculinity inherent in this man/ beast amalgamation, and the intensity of the transformation, as it is portrayed on the show. 

But what about Steven?  As we all know, Jeremy is one of the few remaining humans in the regular cast.  Does McQueen ever wish he got to play a more powerful being . . . one who . . . maybe DIDN’T get his ass kicked so often. 

“The way I see it, there are two [male] vampires in the main cast and one werewolf.  But there is only one of ME!  So, I figure they will keep me around for a while.  And I want to keep my job, PLEASE!”  Steven pleaded.

(Hmmm . . . notice how he didn’t mention MATT, as a fellow human.  Interesting . . .  Was that just a slip-up on Steven’s part?  Or should Zach Roerig be worried?)

“He said, what?  Awww, crap!”

Regarding past films, in which they were featured . . .

Hey, did you know that Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen BOTH enjoyed stints on Disney films with questionable, and possibly sexually suggestive, titles? 

Trevino starred in Cow Belles . . .

 . . . where he had the opportunity to “touch a lot of teet” . . .

McQueen starred in the high school time-traveling tale, Minutemen . .  .

. . . alongside Chelsea Staub, with whom he had recently broken up.  “It was kind of an awkward experience for me [working so closely with an ex],” Steven admits.  “There was no touching of Cow Belles on the set, not even for a ‘minute.'”

Regarding possible future movie projects . . .

Of all the cast members interviewed, Trevino was the only one who seemed to have a possible feature film in the can.  “It’s a homage to John Hughes, and has a breakfast club sort of feel,” he notes.

“We shot it in Detroit.  Hopefully, something comes of it.”

After a bit of digging, I learned that the film to which Trevino is referring is called The Lowenfish PartyBased on the IMDB synopsis, it DOES sound VERY Breakfast Club-esque, which is DEFINITELY not a bad thing!  Hmm, I wonder if Michael will play the loveable and jocky, Emilio Estevez character . . .

. . . or the Bad Ass, Judd Nelson one?

I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Speaking of films, Steven was asked whether he would ever consider playing his grandfather, Steve McQueen, in a biopic about the accomplished actor’s life . . .

“No, I think that would hit too close to home for me,” admitted Steven.  “Besides, he and I are so very different.”

Regarding the Best On-Set Prank . . .

So, remember that scene in The Return when Uncle / Father John (played by David Anders) was in his hospital bed, clad in patient-garb?

Well, apparently, when he got up to go to the bathroom, one of the crew members rubbed Hershey Kisses in his hospital bed, to make him think he “had an accident.”  (Ewww!)

Take that, BAD DAD!

Regarding cast members from Glee . . .

When asked about his friendship with Mark Salling, the gorgeous actor who plays Puck on Glee .  . .

. . . Trevino noted that he met him once, at the Superbowl.  “[Mark] seems like a pretty cool guy.”

However, Trevino did admit, above the snarky guffaws of McQueen, that he has “a lot of good friends in the Glee cast.”

Hmmm . . . I wonder who he’s talking about here?   Certainly not, his girlfriend, Jenna Ushkowitz (who plays Tina Cohen Chang on the show), right! 😉

Regarding Steven R. McQueen’s Possible Singing Career, Lack of Twitter, and Various Tattoos?

When asked if he would ever be interested in starting a singing career, like his very talented younger brother, Jessarae (who performed at the convention), Steven said, emphatically, “No.” 

“You know, when my brother first started singing, I felt very competitive  . . . and I wanted to see if I could sing too.  So, I put out a video on YouTube . . . and . . . well . . . many people who saw it, told me I should keep my Day Job.”

Well, fangirls, I found that video.  So, you can judge for yourself . . .

Upon being asked why he doesn’t have a Twitter account, Steven responded, “This may sound lazy, but there are a lot of fake accounts out there in my name.  And they seem to do all the work for me!” 

(Funny answer, though I kind of doubt that’s the REAL reason, don’t you?)

By the way, did you know that Steven has a tattoo representing his mommy on his chest?  (She was in the audience at the convention.  How sweet is that?)  Or that he has a happy face on his body that he put there, himself?  (Is that sanitary?)

Now you do!

Well, that’s all I’ve got, folks!  Thanks so much for taking this little journey to Mystic Falls with me!  It was truly an amazing experience . . . one I undoubtedly will remember for the rest of my life. 

Oh, and special thanks go out to my Amazing, Super Fun, Talented, and Witty Blogger Pal Amy over at Imaginary Men for LITERALLY taking this journey with me.  Believe me when I say, I NEVER would have done this, if it wasn’t for her.

See you all, April 7th, for the BIG TVD Return!  🙂

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19 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Eyecon Convention Day 3, Part 2 – Tyler and Jeremy Reunited!

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  2. This amazingly sweet dedication makes up (well almost!) for not being there with you and Amy. Next year! I’ll admit that I tehe’d at the many inexplicable facial expressions of Matt you managed to squeeze in. I don’t want him OR Tyler to die though. I mentioned on another message board that I found Matt’s nasty compelled self in Masquerade completely chilled me and I’m secretly hoping for Matt to become an antagonist – not necessarily a villain, but for that jackass side to come out more. Imagine the possibilities, especially given his close personal connections with the regular cast!

    Although I love the rapport of Jeremy and Tyler in real life, I sure am glad you snuck in a GIF of one of their Bad Touches, which will never fail to make me happy. I’m not quite sure how you coped with all of the adorable in the room without someone on hand with Epsom Salts just in case you needed to be revived!

    Thanks so much for the awesome coverage! Anytime you wanna come cover arts events back here in Oz with me, just say the word 😉

    • Oh, my pleasure, Cherie! Trust me, the accolades were VERY well deserved. You will always be my Go-To Girl, whenever I need my Forwood Fix, or am looking for new songs to “spruce up” my Ipod playlists. 🙂

      Zach Roerig WAS very good at playing a dick, while under compulsion! And, from what I’ve heard, he played a similarly “dickish” character on Friday Night Lights, back in the day. So, he DEFINITELY has the capacity to act “villainous.”

      I was so intrigued to learn how much Paul wishes Stefan was snarkier, and how much Steven wishes Jeremy was a bit more kickass. Likewise, I’m willing to bet that Zach wishes Matt was a bit less of a wet blanket. 🙂 Because, the actor definitely has the capacity to play a meatier role.

      That being said, I do wonder if that scene in Masquerade was meant to reveal a sort of hidden dark side to Matt’s character. After all, Matt was compelled simply to taunt Tyler into killing him. Katherine never told him HOW exactly to do that. Having not yet met Tyler, Katherine might not have even known exactly what buttons of his to push, to send him over the edge.

      Therefore, the nastiness of the taunting that took place came directly from Matt, himself. This does beg the question of how much of a person’s own identity they retain, while under compulsion. It would be ironic if compulsion actually had a disinhibiting affect on the mind-controlled (like alcohol or truth serum), as opposed to the “inhibiting” effect we assume it has.

      I do find it strange that Steven McQueen referred to Jeremy as the only “human” on the show, thereby, forgetting about Matt, Jenna, and Alaric, entirely. Of course, this may have more to do with the fact that McQueen doesn’t shoot very many scenes with any of the aforementioned actors, than as a result of any spoilery knowledge he possesses, regarding their respective fates on the show.

      Oh, and I would LOVE to cover Oz arts events with you, Cherie! As far as I’m concerned, you pretty much have the best job ever! 🙂

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  4. Jules!!! I miss you. How are you??? I need you in my life. Tell me you haven’t gave up on me.

    • Hey, Je t’adore! It ‘s so great to hear from you! I missed you too, honey! And, I could never, ever “give up” on you. (Not even if you wanted me to do so. I’m kind of like adhesive tape, in that way. 😉

      I can’t wait to catch up with you! Definitely, e-mail me whenever you have a spare moment, so we can gossip about our lives and, of course, about Chair. 🙂

      • lol, I’ll message you in an hour or so, ok? And as you saw I’m not on the Chair blog that much, I let the girls deal with it.
        Can’t wait to talk to you. *hugs*

  5. imaginarymen

    Great to hear what a fun time it was with these two. I’m sorry I had to miss it (but not sorry my flight was actually on time and I got home when I was supposed to!)

    Since we saw them together a few times over the weekend, it’s nice to hear that they really are pals and not just “work buddies”. I got that sense from Paul and Ian too when we went in to get the pic and they were laughing and backslapping and joking with each other. A happy cast makes for good drama!

    And I never would have done this without YOU, so it was my pleasure to be your accomplice in Inappropriate Vampire Groping!

    And do I hear the sweet sounds of a Live Blog in our April 7th future? ;-p

    • Here is hoping! I am up for it! Maybe Tyler will return and I’ll be able to squee so loudly I will be heard from Oz!

    • Oh, I ABSOLUTELY think Ian and Paul are buds! Did you notice all the genuinely kind and generous things they had to say about one another, during their respective Q&A sessions? These two clearly enjoy one another’s company, and respect eachother as human beings. The same goes for Matt Davis. He gets name-checked more than any other cast member, in these interviews! Who knew Alaric Saltzman was the Prom King of Mystic Falls? 🙂

      Oh, and ladies . .. Live Blogging? April 7th? It is SO on! *rushes to collect screenshots and GIFs, in anticipation of the Big Event* 😉

  6. André

    So, I am here now too. You covered it pretty well, although I admit I don’t want to hear too much spoiler stuff because so far it seems that the TVD team really knows how to fool us fans.;)
    I can’t help it, but I think a sex-scene between Bonnie and Jeremy wouldn’t be hot, at least not for me. Something is missing in that portrayal. Of course, considered that McQueens character is now “fine”, if I am not wrong, that is very often the moment where something life-changing happens to the character, so who knows…

    • Hi Andre! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m always intrigued by your well-written and thoughtful responses to Cherie’s posts. And I am honored that you chose to journey over to my URL! 🙂

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my Q&A coverage. And I’m sorry about the light spoilers. (I probably should have put up some sort of warning at the front-end of the post.) For what it’s worth, I’m fairly sure the actors are pretty well coached as to what they can and can’t say about upcoming episodes in interviews. So, any information they do end up revealing at press junkets like this is unlikely to really undermine the excitement of watching an episode unfold, firsthand. Plus . . . sometimes . . . the actors LIE! 🙂

      You know, I’m not a huge Jonnie (Jeremy and Bonnie) fan either. I just don’t see the same chemistry between these two actors, as I found between McQueen and Malese Jow (who played Anna), or even McQueen and Kayla Ewell (who played Vicki). Plus, I still haven’t entirely forgiven Bonnie for the haughty judginess she displayed throughout much of Season 1 and early Season 2. I was actually under the assumption that most people felt the same way. Then, I got to this convention and realized that Jonnie has a VERY strong fan contingent. So, I guess, as with many “SHIPS,” it’s a matter of opinion.

      That being said, Jeremy’s and Anna’s sex scene back in Season 1 was one of the hottest this show has ever seen. So, it’s very possible that a Jonnie sex scene will surprise both of us.

      As for your fear for Jeremy’s “safety,” now that things finally seem to be going relatively well for him, I don’t think you are alone in that feeling. During the Q&A, McQueen seemed pretty worried about Jeremy’s fate, himself. Then again, I guess whenever you star on a show that isn’t afraid to kill off its main characters (as TVD has clearly proven itself to be) that fear ALWAYS lurks in the back of your mind.

      • André

        I didn’t mean that they are going to kill the character. But maybe something else will be happening. So far e.g. Trevinos character was part of an explanation for the metaplot and also Bonnie partly served that purpose in the two seasons. Jeremy rather not so far, so maybe that will change. Of course the same could be true for Matt…
        Maybe some human character will stop being one, maybe one will die, maybe, maybe.
        It’s a little sadistic but If I would be a writer I would make it in the whole TVD universe, that you can become a werewolf via bite if the transmitter is in wolf-form (human-form wouldn’t make sense considered what was presented so far) but that such a thing is extremely rare (considered the survival chances) and someone with a magic ring could be a candidate. In that scenario he might fall through the grid considered the whole sun-and-moon curse thing and we might know what would happen if the werewolves were not bound to the moon. It simply strikes me as an odd thought that there could have been enough of them wanting to transform (despite the pain) that they could represent a plaque.
        In that scenario the curse would be spread via “bloodline”, therefore bite doesn’t cover it (probably because the caster didn’t know) and since all vampires seem to be descended from Klaus, destroying the “spring” could lift the curse as well and so… boom… vampire civil war.
        But these are just my thoughts.

      • Very interesting predictions / speculations, Andre! You bring up an intriguing point. After the whole “Rose thing,” we know what happens when a werewolf bites a vampire. But we don’t yet know what happens when a werewolf bites a HUMAN, like Jeremy, Matt, Alaric or even Useless Aunt Jenna. Could they become full werewolf’s without the “gene?” Or would they be some sort of Wolf Man amalgamation?

        You also bring up a good point about how the werewolves lineage has still not been entirely explained. We know that the Lockwood’s had the gene, and that Mason, Tyler, and, presumably, Soldier George, back in 1864, triggered it by killing someone, whereas the Mayor, died never knowing about the curse lying dormant within him. (BTW, it’s interesting that, even before they triggered the curse, the Mayor and Tyler still had a “reaction” to that machine John used in the finale. I guess it “sensed” the gene?)

        We also know that the gene isn’t sex -specific, since Jules has it. What we DON’T know is how Jules, Brady, and all the other weres came to be what they are. Did they grow up in some sort of WERE Pack made up of a few families (Way to be incestuous Jules and Brady!), in which at the age of say 13, each member killed someone in a sort of ritual sacrifice, in order to adopt the gene. Probably not, considering Jules does seem to very much want to break the curse and not undergo transformation anymore.

        So, are we to believe that ALL of the “were people” featured in the Daddy Issues episode, just happened to possess the gene, AND have also happened to commit accidental or purposeful murder (yet NONE have been brought to justice for it)? That kind of seems unlikely too. A “Were-Bite Leads to Automatic Transformation AND Gives You the Gene to Pass on Your Kin” theory would probably make the most sense, in that respect.

        As far as Jeremy . . . while I do want him to stop getting his ass kicked so much, and perhaps, get a more exciting love interest, I’m not sure how I feel about him going wolf. (Though, come to think of it, that would put Elena and her vampiric loyalties, in an interesting predicament, wouldn’t it? ;)) Actually, I kind of like the idea someone here suggested of Jeremy somehow absorbing Bonnie’s powers and going warlock. After all, we’ve never had a LEAD male warlock before . . . (Jonas and Luka don’t count . . . to me, anyway).

  7. André

    Actually this whole “Rose thing” stroke me as odd in two points:
    1. The bite itself is not really an effective weapon in an actual fight, the vampire still lives for a while (although not stated for how long) and can fight. Especially in a modern war, you could simply put the infected in a helicopter and use them as literal canon fodder. You can use it for drama but not as a really effective weapon.
    2. The strength thing. There was no hint that Jules was physically stronger than Mason, but despite the fact that Rose was more than 500 years older than Caroline she didn’t make it any better in holding of a werewolf. Considered how old she is, she should have been able to throw Jules through the wall.
    Well actually there is a third point: both Mason and Jules were portrayed as pretty buff wolves (most wolves out off winter-fur are much more slender [although I still have the suspicion that Mason’s was actually a dog or wolf-dog]) and especially Jules should have been quite thin if she would be as buff as the wolf was she should have had pretty thick arms and legs.

    Whether werewolves actually have a gene remains to be seen since it seems to be inherited as long as at least one parent has it at least in dormant state (I guess a female werewolf couldn’t bring a fetus to term due to the nature of the transformation) and that isn’t possible with genes. The werewolves seem “engineered” if you ask me, like someone wanted a weapon against vamps. At least that would be an explanation I would come up with. But then again, who knows what the writers know about genetics. 😀 I got the hints of the Lockwood’s wolf-nature in season 1 but to be honest, that was what people think of wolves an actual wolf-researcher like D. Mech would laugh out loud at hearing that.
    Considered that the wolves have seemingly no control over their actions in wolf-form the survival chance of a human victim is practically zero, therefore currently Jeremy and his uncle are the ones with the highest survival chances, because considered the wolves’ strength even a casual bite could kill a human and you surely couldn’t just kick at one who then would let go of you like in other shows. And if there is a bite than it should be in wolf-form because transmission in human-form doesn’t make sense with this “nearly extinct” topic. So it’s either that or some other quite complicated way.

    I don’t think that they would really use “dog-heads/man-wolves”, so to say. They probably don’t have the budget to let something like that look realistic on TV.

    With all of them escaping justice: well depends how many there are, considered the population of the United States enough of them might fall through the legal grid.

    As for the device: maybe what you said was intended somewhat by the writers, or maybe it was just a plot device to give some more hints. Emily Bennett’s role in all this was never explained fully but considered her power and that she lived long enough to sire children she might have known about the Lockwoods and so included werewolves in her spell.

    We don’t know about Jules and her not wanting to transform. She was cold enough to kill a deputy and she seemed to show the same arrogance she accused Damon off. She might have been truthful about what she said about Tyler but I also suspect she might see herself as the victim and “the vampires” as the evil guys despite what she did herself. Considered that there are supposedly so few wolves around her actions since she came to town were extremely stupid. She should have sneaked in, got Tyler and then get out and during the prisoners exchange the other wolves should serve as insurance but instead they launched an attack. It wouldn’t surprise me if all her misery is due to her own actions. After all it’s possible that most vamps don’t even know that werewolves exist so maybe the werewolves “brought it on themselves” by attacking vamps left and right. Brady’s actions would speak for such a character that doesn’t see that he is running towards a cliff. And I still don’t get why that Klaus is so paranoid because what was presented off the wolves so far they are only a threat on an individual scale in and actual war, the vampires would get the upper hand pretty quickly.

    Actually if Jeremy would go wolf, that might make him more of a target for Katherine and the werewolves would get their sacrifice, because the brother of the Doppelgaenger surely wouldn’t help them so they can just sacrifice him. At least it would be better for an actual plot than Jeremy going vamp. In what I said about him than falling through the grid we might then know what to expect from a werewolf that is not subject to the full moon. Can he transform when he wants to or not? Because the transformation under the full moon is involuntarily and if I were a shaman I wouldn’t cast a curse like that. Maybe the transformation could never be controlled even before the curse? Because so far we only know what characters said and that could just as well have been myth.
    With him going warlock, well, maybe we don’t know where witches come from except inheritance so maybe such a thing is possible.

  8. Brendan Quartararo

    Steve McQueen has a really nice physique!!!!!!

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