The Vampire Diaries Eyecon Day 3 – a.k.a. My Hot Date with Damon Salvatore

Welcome back, Fangbangers!  So, I just got back from Eyecon’s The Vampire Diaries‘ convention, last night.  And I am still reeling over all the BODILY CONTACT I got to have with the stars of the show!

(Yeah, this TOTALLY didn’t happen to me at the convention.  But it COULD HAVE!)

In case you missed it, yesterday’s Eyecon-themed post was all about THIS GUY . . .

That’s right, fanboys and fangirls!  On Saturday, I got to spend a good portion of the day listening to Paul Wesley chat about his life and career (but, mostly, I just stared at his midsection, and waited for his navy blue hoodie to make an “accidental” abs-revealing move upward, as he answered fans’ questions).

Today, it’s all about THIS GUY!

There are simply NO WORDS to describe how intensely erotic exciting it was to spend the day in such close proximity to a man I would really love to sleep with admire so intensely, for his top-notch body work ethic, unmatched talent for making my panties drop to the floor every time he’s on screen deftly exposing the  heart of any character he plays, and genuine dedication to hot on-screen sex making the world a better place.

If it is at all possible, Ian is about ten times better looking, not to mention, more charming and eloquent, than he appears both in interviews and on-screen.  When I got the chance to actually meet him face-to-face, even though I spent most of those Very Meaningful 30-seconds doing this . . .

 . . . and even though he had already posed for about a BILLION other photographs with equally smitten fangirls, he still managed to make me feel like I was the only girl in the room with him.  (Oh, and I got to touch his BARE ARM!)

But, obviously, you didn’t click on this post to hear about ME . . .

Obviously, you want to learn more about HIM!  So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s get IAN-ED . . .

Regarding his charitable work, and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation . . .

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a monkey more in my entire life . . .

Ian takes his dedication to the environment, in general, and his Foundation, specifically, extremely seriously.  When the Q&A session first opened, he brought on stage with him a very precocious little lady named Devon Haas, who will be heading up the ISF Kids Army . . .

“Just because you are a kid, doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice,” said young Devon.

With Devon’s help, Ian and his Foundation will be tackling all sorts of important environmental and world issues, such as helping Earthquake victims, promoting the use of clean and green technology, protecting the rainforest, and rescuing animals the world over from homelessness, hunger, and cruel mistreatment.  “I love all animals,” said Somerhalder.  “I believe that the more compassion we have for animals, the better place this world will be . . .”

As proof of his dedication to making the world a better place and his belief that young people have a voice, when asked by two young girls, how they could get their charitable organization off-the-ground and running, Ian offered to PERSONALLY help them to do that.  During the Convention, a boatload of TVD-themed memorabilia, signed by Ian himself, was auctioned off to raise money for the Foundation.  Most notable amongst these auction items was a kind of freaky looking adorable baby doll dressed and crafted to look just like Damon Salvatore. 

Interested in knowing how much it costs to have Ian Somerhalder’s baby?  It sold for . . . wait for it . . . $3,000.

OK . . . so, baby dolls aren’t exactly what I personally prefer to spend my hard-earned dollar bills on.  I prefer to spend them attending conventions, where you get the opportunity to fondle the arms of hot celebrities. But hey, it’s for a good cause, right?  Did I mention that the lucky winner got to hug and kiss Ian, AND pose with him for a “family portrait.”  $3,000 is suddenly starting to sound not-so-expensive, after all . . .

Regarding Damon Salvatore, a.k.a. The Hottest Vampire on the Planet . . .

Ian opened up the question portion of the afternoon, by personally thanking fans for loving Damon Salvatore so much, and for having the insight and empathetic ability to move past his “slight flaws.”  (i.e. a tendency to bite people’s heads off, shameless womanizing, and, possibly, VERY advanced alcoholism)

“So, what if it’s only 7 a.m.?   I was thirsty . . . and I ran out of Soccer Mom!  Don’t judge me!”

Having started off the series seeming like your run-of-the-mill, super gorgeous, and back breakingly funny, 160 something-year old sociopath, Damon Salvatore has grown into this extremely complex and suprisingly emotional character, one who is capable of loving another human being, and making genuine sacrifices in service to that love. 

Ian, who believes that all acting is about searching for the “truth” behind a character’s words and motivations, enjoys the difficult, and sometimes emotionally exhausting, work of peeling back the layers on Damon’s character.  

So what’s next for Damon Salvatore? Both Paul and Ian, have suggested, not entirely in jest, a switch between the basic roles Damon and his brother will play in Elena’s life, in the upcoming season.

“Yes, Damon will become Stefan.  Stefan will become Damon.  And Elena will become very confused.  She’ll wake up in bed one morning, turn over and say, ‘Woah!  What are YOU doing here?'”

(Umm . . . I think she’ll manage to get over THAT little “bout of confusion,” JUST FINE!  Don’t you?)

Speaking of Paul, Ian complimented his TV brother for, not just knowing Stefan inside-and-out, but also possessing a deep understanding of Damon’s machinations and inner workings.  “Paul has just been waiting to jump into Damon’s skin, and shed Stefan’s,” Ian hints.  “He genuinely wants to be able to bite someone’s head off.”

Now, I know Ian and Paul both referred to this whole “Body Swap Scenario” in their respective Q&A sessions, more or less, in jest.  But, now that I think about it, this actually wouldn’t be a bad plotline . . . provided it was only temporary, of course!

Regarding his favorite scene to film . . .

I was positively THRILLED to hear that Ian’s favorite scene to film on TVD was also one of my own!  Of course, I am referring to the fabulous scene in which Damon and soon-to-be vampire Vicki Donovan “frolicked” (his word, not mine) around the Salvatore Mansion in their undies, to the scintillating sound of “Enjoy the Silence.”  Though filming the scene was bittersweet for Ian, who adored working with Kayla Ewell (the actress who played Vicki Donovan), and knew that this was the Beginning of the End for her character, he loved the hidden complexities of this deceptively simple moment between two extremely damaged individuals. 

“On one hand, you have this fun, funny, and incredibly sexy scene,” Ian explains (though I must admit I am ad-libbing a bit here).  “But then, when you think about it, it’s incredibly dark.  Vicki is just so broken.  And Damon knows what he is about to do to her.”

Regarding biting people . . .

As all TVD fans know, a whole lot of “biting” goes on in this show!  What you may not have noticed, however, is how that “biting” has evolved since the pilot episode.  According to Ian, the costume department used to provide the actors playing vampires with very short fangs.  And, in order for those fangs to be caught on film, the actors had to take really LARGE exaggerated bites out of their victims.

Having to do this take-after-take irked both Ian and Paul to no end (not to mention REALLY hurt their mouths).  “Can’t we have longer fangs, so that we can take smaller bites, like normal vampires do?”  Ian quipped to the producers of the show.

By Season 2, Ian and Paul had their wish.  Their fangs were longer.  And their neck bites were . . . more “realistic” looking.

Regarding flashbacks . . .

When asked which time period, he would most like to experience, via Salvatore Brother’s Flashback, Ian suggested the roaring twenties.  “I would love to see Damon in a speakeasy, drinking illegal liquor, and sucking on flappers,” Ian noted.

I smell a Boardwalk Empire crossover episode!

Damon Salvatore meet Al Capone.

Regarding the Hillywood Parody . . .

While discussing the much-talked-about Vampire Diaries Parody that has been making its way around the YouTube circuit, Ian noted how impressed he was with the show’s producers’ impressive ability to understand, and be able to convey, the subtle nuances of the show (WAYYY Too-Small-Season 1-Fangs, included).  “You could tell they [the Hilly girls] just put so much time and effort into it, and it really paid off,” Ian noted. 

As for his favorite scene in the parody?   “The part where ‘Katherine’ is stuck in the tomb, and she’s got her face up against the glass,” Ian explained.  “That was hilarious.”

Regarding upcoming film roles . . .

Those of you who were hoping to get a glimpse of Ian Somerhalder’s baby blues on the big screen, may have to wait a little while longer.  Unfortunately, Ian doesn’t have any movies coming out this year.  (Note: No mention was made, during the Q&A, of the film entitled Cradlewood, that remains listed on Ian’s IMDB page.) 

“All of us on the show would LOVE to find a great movie that fits into our busy schedule,” Ian noted, a bit wistfully.  “But shooting nine months out of the year, and for 15 hours a day, makes it difficult to do that.  That’s just the nature of series work.”

As for Ian’s dream film role.   “I would love to find a part that is as different from Damon Salvatore as possible.   I’m very intrigued by underdogs . . . people who triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve success.  I think everyone can relate to that, in some way,” Ian explains.

(Now, of course, I think Ian would be AMAZING in ANY role he plays.  And yet . . . I DO think it MIGHT be a bit difficult for him to land the role of one of those prized Underdog Characters, considering he looks like THIS . . .

But, hey!  You never know!

Regarding that Naked Dancing scene from Rules of Attraction  . . .

Speaking of movies . . . remember that AWESOME scene in Rules of Attraction, where Ian dances half-naked on a bed in a room at the Ritz Carlton to George Michael’s “Faith?” 

“That was actually the most improvized scene EVER,” Ian recalls.  I was filming a few scenes with Faye Dunaway (She played Ian’s mother in the film) in a restaurant at the Ritz, when Roger Avary (the director of Rules of Attraction) came up to me and said, ‘You are going to strip naked and dance on a bed.’  I thought he was kidding . . . He wasn’t.  So, I’m on this bed, and they are BLASTING .  . . Faith . . . and I just start doing it.  Then, when it was all over, I walked through the lobby of the Ritz Carlton in my underwear because I could!  It was awesome.”

(Man, if only the Ritz Carlton knew he was coming!  They could have charged people extra to stay there!  I bet they would have made a MINT!))

Regarding beginning a career in acting . . .

Ian in the shortlived television series, “Young Americans.”

When asked by a teen what someone should do, if they are interested in “breaking into The Biz,” Ian suggested that the most important thing that an actor can do is get an education.  Once they have a working framework of knowledge, aspiring actors and actresses can get their feet wet, by joining local theater groups, and scouting out local casting offices.   “It’s a tough business.  Sometimes, it can break you down.  But it’s a rewarding career too.  And it never gets easier,” Ian explains.  “In fact, if you ever think that acting is easy, you are not doing it right.”

Regarding a possible future in politics . . .

So, are we destined to have a President Ian Somerhalder in the years to come?  Not, if Ian has anything to say about it.  “My Foundation sponsors would KILL me if I ever decided to get into politics.  It would make their lives SO much more difficult than they are now,” Ian jokes.  “But, seriously, I have no desire to enter the political arena.  I know my place in this world.  And I feel it is to reach people through my foundation and through sharing my craft.”

Regarding pancakes and civil war reenactments . . .

Did you know that Ian makes AWESOME pancakes?

Or, that he used to do Civil War Reenactments as a kid?

Now, you DO!

Regarding supernatural powers . . .

For the final question of the afternoon, Ian was asked which of Damon’s supernatural vampire powers he would most like to possess.  His reply?  Compulsion.  “With that power, I could make anybody do exactly what I wanted them to do . . . which is a pretty tricky prospect,” Ian conjectured.

And yet, Ian wouldn’t use those powers to do the same Naughty Things most of us would probably use them for . . .

“Well, maybe a little bit,” Ian admits sheepishly.

But, predominately, Ian would use his compulsion powers for GOOD, not evil.  “I would want to go to all the political leaders, and heads of state, and stop them from making such terrible choices about the way this country is run,” he insisted.

You see, my fellow Fangbangers, THIS is why Ian Somerhalder — despite being a breathtakingly beautiful, rich and famous actor — is a much better person than I am.  Ian TRULY wants to SAVE THE WORLD . . . I just want to see it naked.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, folks.

For my next and final bit of Eyecon reporting, I will be covering the Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen Q&A session, which also took place on the third day of the convention.  See you then!

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21 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Eyecon Day 3 – a.k.a. My Hot Date with Damon Salvatore

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  2. imaginarymen

    I’m so glad you got this all because I feel so badly that I was SO OUT OF IT for Ian’s Q & A 😦 Bad Amy!!

    • That’s why we are the perfect TEAM! You see, I do things like scribble notes about Ian on a teeny tiny Westin notepad, to be typed up on the plane ride home. And you do things like make sure we don’t get lost on the MARTA, and that we check out of the hotel in time, so we don’t have to pay extra, and that I don’t leave my mother’s not-exactly-inexpensive camera on the floor in the ballroom “for safe keeping.” 🙂

      In other words, you do the Important Stuff, and I do . . . well . . . THIS! 🙂

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  4. Rose

    Wow, fantastic post!!! And may I say that I agree with you to 100% about everything you say, including how you feel about this amazing guy. We could be identical twins, you and I. 🙂 I wasn’t at the Eyecon, so I want to thank you for sharing your experiences. I think it means a lot to those of us who love Ian, but can’t go to a convention for various reasons (my excuse is that I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic, plus I’m way too shy). Also, thank you so much for the photo of Ian with the ginger cat. I hadn’t seen that photo before (it’s his cat, isn’t it)? 🙂

    • Yes, actually that IS Ian’s cat, Rose (one of his three)! It’s name is Moke. And, if I’m not mistaken, it’s the same fine feline featured in the picture on his Twitter page? Here’s a larger version of the picture for your viewing pleasure. . .

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Rose! Your comment genuinely made my day! I am so thrilled that my little blog post (Well . . . maybe not so little. I know I can babble on, at times. *blushes apologetically* 🙂 )was able to bring a piece of Eyecon “across the pond” to my Ian-Adoring TV Twin. 🙂

      By the way, I know it may not seem like it from this blog, but I’m actually pretty shy too. (Maybe we ARE twins!) I was SUPER nervous about meeting the TVD stars, even for just a quick photograph. So, nervous in fact, that I almost didn’t do it. (In fact, I probably WOULDN’T have done it, were it not for my uber-encouraging blogger pal, Amy.)

      Of course, now that I’ve done it, I’m thrilled to have had this amazing opportunity. And I have no doubt that, sometime soon, when the TVD men head to your area (which they DEFINITELY will), you will get to have it as well. Then, when that happens, YOU can share your experiences with me. 🙂

  5. That Damon Approves GIF always makes me wonder how the hell one man can look like an innocent kitty and total sex kitten at the same time. It is a gift, clearly 😉

    Glad to know that Ian had the privilege of being exposed to the immense charms of both you and Miss Amy. I bet he totally wanted to dance half naked around a mansion with you guys!

    The “There are simply no words” paragraph was comic genius! Ahh, you have no idea how happy it makes me that I am not the only fangirlie on the planet who loves the boys on this cast so damn much.

    It was a really cool tid bit that the cast are now wearing longer fangs. I thought it was just me when Damon’s fangs looked pronounced in the bath scene with Andie (I know, I noticed something other than his naked body! Are you proud? ;)), but I guess not!

    • Seriously, how lucky are Ian’s cats that they get to sleep in bed with him EVERY night? Oh, the joys of being a kitty! (I was going to use another word there, but decided against it, as I am a “good girl.”) 😉

      You know, I am SUPER impressed that you noticed the difference in the boys’ fang-sizes (How dirty does THAT sound?) between Season 1 and Season 2. I’m always so turned on by Damon’s biting, that I’m lucky if I remember my own name, whenever he’s “doing it” on screen! But, in hindsight, looking at those two “Bite” pictures (the Caroline Bite from Season 1 and the Andie Bite from Season 2), you can definitely notice the difference.

      I love how, now that the fangs are larger, the cameras can ZOOM in on those Sublimely Sexy Neck Bites, thereby giving fans the FULL impact of the experience. In the bathtub scene, between the close up of the BIG fangs, the moans of pleasure from both parties involved, and the blood trickling down Andie’s wet neck, you almost feel like it’s YOU being bitten, instead of her. It’s SO hot! 🙂

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  7. KJewls, have you seen this awesome character shoot by Damon?

    • No, I don’t believe I have! SQUEE! Between this, the Paul tumblr, your sure-to-be-excellent blog post, and Rene’s Supernatural convention coverage, I have SO MUCH fangirly goodness waiting for me when I get home! AK, is it 6:30 p.m. yet (in NYC)? 🙂

    • That was AWESOME! 45 seconds FILLED with sultry voice and Eye Thing! I could barely concentrate on what he was saying! I always love TVD promo spots, but this one may very well be my favorite so far! I suspect they will be releasing ones from the other “characters” soon enough. But THOSE will have to work very hard to match up to his one!

      Was Damon walking into the “Were House” at the end of that spot? Or was that just “Ian’s” trailer . . . hmmm I wonder. 🙂

      Thanks for the drool-worthy fabulousness, Cherie! You rock! 🙂

  8. Sophie

    ahh, I love the fact that every blog entry and comment alike, that contains Ian, is inevitable crammed with naughty thoughts and suggestions…
    no surprise there, I mean, that guy exudes sex appeal like other people body odour, sigh
    btw, thank you for the post, this hiatus is killing me, painfully and slowly – me, on Damon detox? not a pretty sight..

    • LOL, that is SO true, Sophie! You’ve really gotta love the World Wide Web!

      Where else could thousands of fangirls, not only get their Damon Salvatore fix, during this LOOOOOOOOONG (yet almost over!) hiatus, but also:

      (1) literally see Ian Somerhalder disrobe over and over again; and (2) “metaphorically” get wet and dirty (See what I did there? ;)) with him at precisely the same time?

      Without modern technology, we’d all be SOOOO frustrated . . . in more ways than one. 😉

      • Sophie

        So true, thank God for the www! I’m not sure how long exactly I stared at those two stills of Naked Damon from “Daddy issues” this week, but it sure felt like coming out of a hypnosis, a reeaallly good hypnosis!
        To my defense, he definitely equals art, like really inappropiate, adult-content art, so practically I was just doing ….ahem…research, yes.

  9. mak75231

    I always love your blogs. I didn’t, unfortunately, get to attend TVDEyecon as I am saving my bucks for fundraising and attending one of Ian’s charities, St. Tammany Humane Society. That said, I TOTES lived through all the tweets and blogs that came out. I am so excited you got to meet (and touch) him–it’s an EPIC experience that stays with you FOREVER (can I say fangirling?). Glad you mentioned Cradlewood is still sitting out there (I have a Google alert set up–haha) since I passed it on to you–really wish someone would have asked if it’s a dead project or not. He has NO TIME! Besides being so busy with the show, the Foundation, conventions here and overseas, promotional stuff, and of course, being the MOST DROP DEAD GORGEOUS HUMAN BEING ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Ahhh, I digress. *sigh* Great report. I watched it live on ustream. It was “almost” like being there! Thanks!

    • Awww, thanks mak! One of these days, you and I are going to HAVE to meet up at a TVD-related event. It WILL happen. I can feel it! 🙂

      I think its beyond amazing that you, like Ian, are dedicating your cash and time to charitable pursuits. As thrilled as Ian is to meet fans like me, who adore him and his work (and I’d like to think that’s pretty darn thrilled! :)), I think he is TWICE as ecstatic to meet genuinely good-hearted fans like YOU, who ALSO adore him and his work, AND who give your time and and hard-earned cash to those causes about which he feels the most passionate. The St. Tammany Humane Society is DEFINITELY one of those causes. 🙂

      You are absolutely right about the “meeting and touching” thing. For MONTHS, I have ogled your AWESOME picture of yourself and Ian, and wished for one just like it. Now, I have one of my own (though, admittedly, I wish I was courageous enough to go in for the full-on hug, like you did!). But really, the picture is just an added bonus, because the MEMORY of meeting him, talking to him . . . a little, and touching that skin, is what will REALLY stay with me forever. (Does that sound creepy of me? I hope not!)

      I love that you got to watch Ian’s Q&A session live! (Yay for the person who got the technology working to do that. I barely was able to take still pictures of the event! Mine all came out SO FRIGGIN BLURRY!)

      I too am a bit disheartened that nobody got to ask Ian about Cradlewood. I mean if anybody deserves to be in more movies, it’s Ian RIGHT? You know what else I wish somebody had asked about: DELENA? Why did NOBODY ask a DELENA question? I would LOVE to hear more about Ian’s take on my FAVORITE relationship on the show, dammit!

      (Granted, since I was too chicken sh*t to ask ANY questions, I can’t really blame anyone else for THEIR negligence, now can I? ;))

      On another note, I’ve been reading a whole lot of negative press about the Eyecon Event today. And I can definitely understand where the posters are coming from, particularly the ones who purchased the more expensive packages, and didn’t get what they paid for. But I’m sure even those folks who were dissatisfied with the event, can agree that the STARS of TVD are some of the most gracious, intelligent, and humble folks you will ever meet. For the opportunity to meet all of them (even if it was only, indirectly, in some cases) I am eternally grateful.

  10. You just made my day with your reply! I would LOVE to meet you sometime–come to Unleashed this year! I’ve been busy recruiting followers for your blog, too! Since you’ve seen my pic, you obviously know my Tweethandle (I use the same name EVERYWHERE except that super-secret we-talk-dirty-site where everybody figures out who I am anyway so WTH!), I would love to know what yours is! I may be following you already and don’t know it! lol

    You do not sound CREEPY at all! I have heard that same sentiment about 3000 times since the weekend! He’s really touchy-feely with people *sigh*—I had more time since I was backstage at Unleashed, but HE did it–I didn’t have the nerve either! Truth be known he was keepin be from collapsing on the floor! Girl, the story I could tell……………..

    I actually know the person that did all the livestreaming from the Con, and she totally rocked it out for those of us that didn’t get to go. There were some technical difficulties the first comple of times, but sje got it together! Eyecon may have been weird, disorganized, and rushed for the attendees, but we appreciated everybody telling us in the small world what was happening and sharing it! Nobody is blaming TVD or the stars, the blame seems to be going where it should, at the “dis”organizers. Lots of good blogs out there with specifics!

    Thank you so much for making me feel good!

    • Awwww *blushes*! My pleasure, mak! And, trust me, when I say, I meant every word of it. Also, thanks for all the excellent publicity you’ve been giving me. It comes up on my Stats page, and is always VERY much appreciated.

      So, would you believe I DON’T have a Twitter account (or Facebook, for that matter)? Yes, I am one of THOSE odd little creatures for whom blogging and e-mail are my SOLE methods of online social networking. (I guess Steven R. McQueen and I have that in common.)

      Gosh, as obsessive as I am about this blog, I can’t EVEN imagine how I’d be with a Twitter account. I’d never get ANYTHING done at all! I do, however, follow a few Twitter pages, informally, and will definitely check yours out, now that I know your “handle” is the same. 🙂

      BTW, if you ever want to contact me privately, just hit me up through the contact page on my personal website. (There’s a link to it at the bottom of all my posts.) Once you do that, I’ll e-mail you back, and you’ll have my personal e-mail address. I’d post it for you here, but . . . you never know who might be reading. (IAN!) 😉

      Unleashed sounds awesome! I’ll definitely have to start saving my pennies up for that one. (I too am a staunch animal lover, and have actually done quite a bit of volunteer work for local animal shelters, in years past.)

      I’m also hoping to hit up Comic Con in 2012. Ever been? (I tried to get tickets this year, but got shut out. 😦 )

  11. Erin

    Ian is just SO hot/sexy

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