Teen Wolf: The Television Series, a.k.a. MTV’S Latest Attempt to Cash in on our Love Affair with All Things Supernatural (and Shirtless)

Having pretty much given up entirely on showing actual Music Videos, and having already cornered the market on “unscripted” reality series featuring all the young adults your parents didn’t let you hang out with when you were a kid . . .

 . . . MTV has decided to try its hand on “scripted” television series , that are ripped off from inspired by OTHER successful shows and films.  MTV’s most recent attempt at scripted fare, Skins, based on a critically acclaimed British series of the same name, was intially met with a whole lotta buzz-worthy controversy.  Unfortunately, that controversy ultimately did not translate into ratings or advertising revenue.

Now, MTV has found a new target: Fangbangers, i.e. the same teens and young adults who have helped shows like The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Being Human achieve cult status, the world over.  People like ME, and, I suspect, like YOU.

MTV’s Teen Wolf may share it’s name with a certain 80’s comedy film starring Michael J. Fox . . .

However, based on my review of the trailer — and the little bit of research I’ve done on the series, in general — the show actually seems to have a lot more in common with the recent onslaught of supernatural television series, than with any movie in which the so-called “Evil Beast” bears a striking resemblance to the “Teddy Bear I Still Sleep with at Night.”

There is no shame in Teddy Bears!  OK?  They don’t snore.   They don’t drool.  And they NEVER hog the blankets.

(In fact, Teen Wolf is actually SHOT right outside of Atlanta, Georgia, just a few miles from the set of The Vampire Diaries.  So, if you do happen to catch a vampire roaming across your screen, while watching the new series, you’ll know why . . .)

Now THOSE are some SEXY extras!

Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, the wolfy adolescent, in question . . .

For those of you who remember Tyler as “the cute kid from that awful Maid in Manhattan movie, starring J Lo” . . .

 . . . be prepared to feel like a Big Ole Dirty Lech, because he’s SUPER hot now.  And, if the trailer is any indication,  he’s also at least partially NAKED for at least THREE-QUARTERS of the series!

Can I get a “HELL YEAH?”

“Scott’s story” is neither complex, nor particularly original.  (Then again, judging by what you just saw above, does it really have to be?) To make a not-all-that long story, even shorter, our protagonist is a fairly run-of-the-mill high school student, living a, more-or-less, unremarkable existence in a Sleepy Town, where he doesn’t get out much, and, probably never gets laid. 

 “How do I KNOW all this about Scott?”  You ask.

Well, let’s put it this way . . .  if you DIDN’T live an unremarkable existence in a Sleepy Town, where you don’t get out much, and never get laid, would you REALLY think it was a good idea, upon finding something like THIS, in the woods . . .

. . . to go out LOOKING for it’s chewed up and spit out OTHER HALF?

But go out and look, Scott does!  And I bet you’ll never guess what happens next . . .

That’s right boys and girls!  Scott get “mysteriously” bitten by a “Strange Creature.” [Insert Evil Laugh here.]  As a result, our Studly Man Child is left with a gnarly, but oddly attractive, gash on his toned little tummy.

Don’t worry, Scott.  Chicks DIG scars!

It’s time to bring on the Supernatural Teen Show About a Kid with Strange Powers Cliches!  Like, for example, the  Modelesque Love Interest (played here by Crystal Reed), who is somehow unaware of how modelesque she is, and is, therefore, still a Really Nice Person who’s “fun” and “oddly quirky” . . .

They are probably going to meet in class.  And he’s probably going to let her borrow his pen, while they engage in their Very First Eye F*&K . . .

And they called it “Puppy Love” . . .

The soon-to-be-couple is then going to probably have an Adorably Awkward (yet undeniably sexually tense) Conversation that is unfortunately interrupted by the arrival of Modelesque Love Interest’s Major Asshat of a Dad . . .

In this particular show, it looks like Dad may be the Major Villain of the story, leading his Red Neck Gang of Wolf Killers in a season- long game of Catch the Protagonist . . .

Rounding out this cast of characters will be the Sweet, but Dorky, Male Friend, who exists solely to (1) offer up mildly funny one-liners; (2) provide geeky insider information about Scott’s “condition” (discovered mostly through internet searching); and (3) illustrate first-hand just how much Scott has “changed” since his transformation, from the loveable loser that Sweet but Dorky, Male Friend once adored to . . . Roid Rage Man.

Also, let’s not forget the Alpha Male Douchebag, (Colton Haynes) who, deep down, has a heart of gold, and, probably a rich stuck up dad, who verbally (if not, physically) abuses him . . .

Wikipedia refers to this character as Scott’s “friend, Jackson.”  That, admittedly, would be a bit of a twist on the old formula.

We’ve also got the Popular, Kind of Slutty Girl, who’s Really Just Insecure .  . .

Then again, they can also turn this formula on its head, and make her the “Pining Gal Pal who’s Actually the Main Character’s Soulmate.”  (The verdict is still out on this one, since she only appeared for about a second in the trailer.)

And finally, we have the Wolf Version of Damon Salvatore, and, to a lesser extent, Eric Northman . . .

This is Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin a.k.a. That Kid Who Used to Be on 7th Heaven.). 

He’s the wolf who bit Scott “for fun.”  He also always wears black, considers wolfishness to be a “gift that keeps on giving,” refers to Scott as his “brother,” and, more or less, just seems to KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS, and be a whole lot more awesome (not to mention, hotter) than the main male character.

Sound like anybody ELSE you know?

Now, that we’ve got the characters down, let’s run through some obligatory scenes we will MOST definitely see on this show, shall we?  We’ve got the Sports Scenes (to appease our  straight male viewers .  . . or . . . perhaps I should say . . . straight male viewer?).  . .

 . . . the Sexy House Party with the Top 40 Soundtrack, that starts off Awesome, until Everything Inevitably Goes Wrong . . .

 . . . We’ve got the probably disappointing Jaw-Dropping First Transformation, which ALWAYS starts with the development of Dirty Yellow Fingernails  . . .

(Why IS that, anyway?  I’ve never EVER met a canine with fingers like that!)

 . . . and ends with the Must-Have Glowing Yellow Eyes.

Top it off with a few Well-Choreographed Matrix-Type Fight Scenes . . .

 . . . and a dollop of Supernatural Sex . . .

. . . and you’ve got yourself a HIT Series (maybe)!

But don’t take my word for it.  Watch the trailer and see for yourself.


Teen Wolf is set to “transform into something hairy” on MTV on June 5, 2011.  Will YOU see it?

[www.juliekushner.com][Fangirls Forever]


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12 responses to “Teen Wolf: The Television Series, a.k.a. MTV’S Latest Attempt to Cash in on our Love Affair with All Things Supernatural (and Shirtless)

  1. Wolf version of Damon Salvatore… oh, you almost sold me!

    I love how they just blatantly appropriate my beloved Tyler Lockwood’s first name for their main protagonist. You’d think that given The Vampire Diaries is their target demographic, that they would at least try to differentiate themselves with their characters’ names. Although, there are sexy, sexy connotations associated with that name for me now, so perhaps I should be saying, “well played”?

    Life is just better with Damon Salvatore GIFs, I tell ya, as proven in this post!

    • Damon GIFs DO make everything better! I concur! 🙂 By the way, I just finished watching Rules of Attraction . . . and am STILL engaged in Somerhalder Swooning. So, what if his character was gay in the film? I’d dance on the hotel bed with him to George Michael songs, ANYTIME! 😉

      It IS very interesting that BOTH of the actors who play wolves on this show, are named TYLER in real life. Tyler Posey plays the main character “Scott.” And Tyler Hoechlin plays the Damon-esque wolf “Derek.” Perhaps there IS something about that name that makes it’s bearer inherently dark, masculine, buff, deep voiced, and noticeably “lupine.” It’s definitely something to consider when naming the kiddies, just sayin’! 🙂

      • Oh, geez, I am definitely not operating on enough sleep (bday party celebrations!). My mistake about the Tyler character!

        It’s amazing… I’ve hardly come across the name Tyler in the past, and now it is linked to everything werewolf-y 😉

  2. imaginarymen

    Julie why you are not a mega-millionaire superstar show creator/runner is beyond me. I’d MUCH rather watch your take on this show than what MTV will invariably come up with!

    And agreed, life IS better w/ Damon Salvatore GIFs!

    • Awww, thanks Amy! We just need a little seed money, and we can TOTALLY become the mega-millionaire superstar show creator/runners we are clearly destined to be! 🙂 Do you know any billionaires, by chance? 😉

      You know, I’d feel a lot better about the prospects for this show, if it was on the CW, rather than MTV. Unscripted Television doesn’t really seem to be the fortay of “the network that brought you Jersey Shore and Teen Moms.” But the concept does HAVE potential, and IS very “trendy.” So, who knows? Maybe MTV will turn things around, and surprise us both!

  3. Hahaha ! Love how you pointed out the villain characters who seem to “be a whole lot more awesome (not to mention, hotter) than the main male character.” So true! And I just had to laugh at those yellow fingernails. =P

    Btw I am on the 3rd season of Skins (original) and I cannot imagine how it can be remade to match the awesomeness of the UK version.

    • Hey diplomaticwife! It’s great to see you on the blogosphee! 🙂

      YAY! I’m so excited that you are watching the U.K. version of SKINS! Isn’t it awesome, not to mention INSANELY addictive? I’m still partial to the first generation (Tony and Co.). However, eventually, Effie and her crew grew on me as well. (I actually think Kaya Scodelario, who plays Effie on U.K. Skins, would have made a spectacular Katniss in the Hunger Games film.)

      As for the American version of Skins, I, honestly, don’t predict it will even see a second season. Though I definitely didn’t hate it, as much as some other fans of U.K. Skins did, it absolutely paled in comparison to the original. The characters in the U.S. version just didn’t seem as fleshed out or three-dimensional as their U.K. counterparts. Beyond that, the ratings for the show ended up being pretty abysmal, which is never a good sign, in terms of renewal prospects. But, I could be wrong, of course! 🙂

      Ooh, I would LOVE to talk U.K. Skins with you one day! I may have to do a little blog post about it at some point. 😉

      • Yes it’s definitely ADDICTIVE! I totally miss the first generation though and keep hoping that they come back! Aaaaah! For now the new batch is starting to grow on me. I totally agree with you about the characters being more fleshed out…and I don’t know about the US version but the shots are just so beautiful to me. And despite being messed up kids the show manages to make them lovable…and my heart goes out to them. Yes PLEASE DO A POST ON UK SKINS!!!

  4. André

    One thing is nice about the show:
    They show that Posey has “unclean” skin, when you look at the Trailer his skin is clearly not so smoth, which makes him look more real.

    Sadly the whole werewolf-thing also shows how umimaginative writers are. Demographics or not, simply by fishing some more they could get alot of other stuff from mythologies. The pictures of “werewolves” from the trailer often show cynocephaloi, although this is in-line with the real world were many (or most) people are incapable of seing the difference between “dog-heads” and werewolves although a little look at the descriptions of the pictures would often be enough.

    As for the show itself, well we shall see. As the old mythology and fantasy addict that I am I will probably at least take a little look.

    • Good point about Posey, Andre! The fact that the actor in this series actually LOOKS like a normal teenage boy, complete with *gasp* facial blemishes(!) is refreshing. This is especially true when you consider how many teen dramas star modelesque early 20-somethings, with perfect ivory skin, even though most ACTUAL teenage viewers lack both the genetic code and the budget to emulate these superhuman specimens.

      Plus, since the Teen Wolf franchise, in particular, has always been known for using werewolf transformation as a thinly-veiled metaphor for puberty, it seems fitting that the lead character should exhibit physical signs of THAT metamorphosis, as well as the more Hollywood-friendly werewolf one.

      In terms of the mythology, I kind of doubt this series will delve too deeply into the “WHY” of werewolves’ existence in this story, tending instead to focus on the sexier (and simpler) questions of “WHO” “WHAT and “HOW.” After all, if the writers make the backstory too complex or “literary,” they will absolutely risk alienating that “Jersey Shore” “Teen Mom” crowd that MTV holds so near and dear to its money-grubbing heart.

      Cynical, but true. 🙂

      • André

        Well Posey is also a bit more hunky than teenagers normally that age (I got suspicious when I saw that body, luckily he is off age, puuhhhh) are.
        When I sad mythology I meant a few other creatures from folklore. Even if you just stay on the north american continent they could just as well use skin-walkers. But all these creatures are often totally unknown so they wouldn’t get the popularity bonus.
        As for the werewolves in the show, supposedly they want to make three types: The one you see above, the omegas (look like wolves) and the alphas (wolf-men). So they obviously put some more effort into it than other shows.

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