“Dead” Men Don’t Dance (Unless They Are Damon!) – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Last Dance”

ELENA:  “Psst . . . Bonnie . . . so I have this plan that’s going to make Delena fans and Bamon fans totally want to kill one another.  It’s going to be SO COOL!  Are you interested?”

BONNIE:  “That depends . . . does it involve me having blood gushing out of my nose, and making constipated facial expressions, while I shoot bolts of light out of my fingertips?  Because I really hate that . . .”

ELENA:  “Umm . . . welllllll .  . . yeah . . . But you also get to butt hump Damon on the dance floor, for a little while!”

BONNIE:  “I’m IN!”

“Make Love . . . Not War.”  That’s a saying you always hear people say, when they talk about the 60’s . . .  and about the hippies, who made that era an extremely “groovy” (not to mention, REALLY SLUTTY) time to be alive.  So, it’s fitting that this episode of TVD, which centers around a 60’s dance, was chock full of both love AND war.  But you don’t really care about that, do you?  You just want to watch Damon wiggling his butt in tight leather pants! 

Shame on YOU!  I was trying to teach you a HISTORY LESSON!  Now, I know how Alaric feels (the REAL one)!

Yes, there was definitely something for EVERYONE in “The Last Dance.”  For example, no matter what SHIP you are on, your favorite couple probably AT LEAST danced together tonight.  (Except for Forwood!  Sorry Forwood fans!)  Your favorite character probably had at least one BAD ASS moment to shine on screen!  And the character you HATE the most, probably had at least one scene, where he or she was either flatly rejected, or (SURPRISE!) thrown up against a wall! 

Have you ever wondered who Steven R. McQueen pissed off in the TVD writer’s room, to ensure that (1) all Jeremy’s girlfriends get whacked; and (2) he gets his ass pummeled each week, by everyone from invisible witch girls, to middle aged men in Coke bottle glasses, to skinny 14-year old boys?

Though not quite as “plot heavy” as last week’s installment, “The Last Dance” was still an action-packed hour, complete with twists, turns, fights, cliffhangers, deaths, rebirths, and enough AWESOME Delena eye-f*&king to impregnate an entire COUNTRY of TVD fans, just from watching the show! romance to fuel fanfiction writers for the next YEAR AND A HALF, AT LEAST!


Oh, the wonderous possibilities . . .

So, only one question remains, Fang Bangers, “May I have this dance?”

Playing House with AlarKlaus

You know what I really hate?  When evil old vampires possess my History teacher, and he compels me to stab myself repeatedly in the knee!  That just really sucks!  (It also makes wearing short skirts very difficult.)

Well, that’s ONE way to get rid of cellulite!

When the episode begins, we check in on AlarKlaus, who, apparently, has moved into Alaric’s house (which I guess makes sense . . . I just thought someone of Klaus’ stature would choose more fancy digs, than what one can purchase on a high school teacher’s salary).  Bunking with AlarKlaus is the kidnapped Katherine, and Klaus’ gay lover Sumo Warlock.  It sure sounds like a party to me!

After railing on Alaric’s admittedly boring as all heck “Safari Sam” wardrobe . . .

Chunky Monkey, notwithstanding . . .

. . . AlarKlaus (who’s new voice and accent makes him sound much less like Yoda than he did last week  . . . which is refreshing) starts trying to glean information about the Scooby Gang from a very grumpy-looking Katherine.  Unfortunately, Katherine’s been kind on the outs with the Scooby Gang, ever since THIS happened . . .

and THIS . . .

 . . . and let’s not forget THIS . . .

So, she doesn’t have very much information to GIVE!

In fact, the Katherine we see this week is a VERY different vamp, from the confident, in charge, villainess we saw in “Plan B,” who single-handedly maneuvered a Useless Aunt Jenna Suicide Attempt AND a Stelena Breakup, AND a Tyler werewolf curse activation, all without even breaking a sweat!


The Katherine of “The Last Dance” is someone who has very much been beaten at her own game — rejected by BOTH Salvatores, betrayed by her best (only?) friend, and kidnapped by AlarKlaus.  It’s odd seeing a character who was once seemingly willing to DO anything, and betray ANYBODY, in order to stay alive, literally begging her tormentor for death.  And yet, in requesting to be put out of her misery, the usually sly Katherine makes yet ANOTHER mistake!  Because now that Klaus knows what Katherine WANTS, he’ll definitely make sure she doesn’t get it. 

“I’ve been searching for you for 500 years.  So, I’ll be sure to make your death take at least half that long,” AlarKlaus explains to a petrified Katherine.  And that’s how AlarKlaus came to compel Katherine to stab herself in the leg . . . over . . . and over . . . and over again.  “And if you get bored . . . switch legs,” he offers.  “Don’t be so glum, Kat!  The fun is just beginning!”

FUN, indeed!

FIRST he makes hilariously true jokes about Alaric’s bad wardrobe, and THEN he makes Katherine do the vampiric equivalent of a rat caught in a trap, who is forced to chew off its own legs.  It’s OFFICIAL!  AlarKlaus is about ten times cooler (not to mention, hotter) than the Useless Aunt Jenna-dating Alaric will EVER BE!

Ahhh, but can he DANCE?

It’s Time for a Knock-Knock Joke!

DAMON:  “Knock, Knock!”

ELENA:  “Who’s there?”

DAMON:  “Damon”

ELENA: “Damon who?”

DAMON: “Damon, who wants to get into your pants.”

ELENA:  “You may enter . . . them.”

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome (which, thanks to some quick and dirty paperwork, has hereby,  been redubbed Elena’s Casa de Rich and Awesome) the Salvatore brothers are standing on the front porch, waiting to be “invited” into the home that has LITERALLY been in their name for centuries.  Last week, when Damon half-jokingly told Elena that he would be “really pissed” if she refused to invite him back into his own house, I just KNEW that comment was going to come back and bite him in the ASS! 

And bite, it DID!  Because while Elena let Stefan into the house, without giving him much thought or attention, for that matter, when it came Damon’s turn, she decided to use this as an opportunity to engage him in some HIGH QUALITY flirtation and eye f*&king, before he “crossed the threshhold” into HER home (and, inevitably, her panties).


“What are we twelve?” Damon asks, feigning annoyance, when he is secretly LOVING all the attention he is getting.

“One of us is,” says Elena, flirtatiously, blocking the door, and posing seductively, in a manner that would make doppelganger Katherine proud!

Elena makes Damon promise that he will OBEY the “owner of the house,” before allowing him to enter.  Upon hearing this statement, my mind immediately fills up with KINKY S&M images of these two . . .

“Damon, you’ve been a VERY BAD BOY!   You must OBEY ME!  Say my name, B*TCH!”

Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot.  Bonnie is at the house too.  And because it’s Mystery Meat Day at the cafeteria, Elena and Bonnie have decided to make their biannual pilgrimage to school.  Damon doesn’t want Elena to leave.  He’d much rather OBEY her some more upstairs in one of the bedrooms.  But Elena knows that the plot of this week’s episode requires her to attend at least one class, and lunch.  So, she insists.  “Next to Bonnie is the safest place I can be,” Elena offers helpfully.

Painfully Obvious Foreshadowing Moment #1

Journey to CougarTown

*sings* “Caroline’s mom has got it going on.  She’s all I want, and I’ve waited for so.  . .”  Ick, nevermind!

Back at Caroline’s house, Matt Donavasshole has arrived.   But he’s not there to visit to his girlfriend, like a normal red-blooded teenage boy would, he’s there to visit her, not particularly feminine, mother.

MATT:  “Ms. Forbes, are you trying to seduce me?”

LIZ:  “That depends . . . is it working?”

Apparently, Sheriff Lizard Forbes would very much like for Matt to keep boning her daughter, and playing dumb (Well, that part should be easy for him, at least!) about all the information Caroline told him last week.  That’s right boys and girls!  Lizard Forbes, not only knows HER own daughter’s secret, she also knows DAMONS . . . and STEFAN’S  . . . and ELENA’S . . . and TYLER’S (Way to be discreet, CAROLINE!)

“I just need you to buy me some time, while I figure out how to dig myself out of this ridiculous Black Hole of a Plotline the writers have dug for our now ridiculously unlikeable characters.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand this storyline AT ALL!  I suspect the point of this conversation was to make fans of the show HATE Matt less.  After all, he’s only doing what Caroline’s MOM wants him to do, right?  Right? 

WRONG!  The fact that Matt is chosing his girlfriend’s MOTHER, over his actual girlfriend just makes him a Mama’s Boy, not to mention a TOTAL WEINERFACE POOPYHEAD!

At least last week, when I thought Lizard and Donovasshole actually had a PLAN, behind their manipulation and betrayal of Caroline, I was intrigued by their newfound villainy.  Now, I’m just confused . . . and bored.  In fact, let’s just forget the aforementioned scene ever happened, OK?

POOF!  It’s been forgotten!

Don’t Know Much About History (But Know a Ton About Being CREEPY!)

Wanting to “lay eyes on his precious doppelganger,” AlarKlaus decides to head to school.  Normally, of course, this would be the absolute WORST place to find Elena, since, as I mentioned, she’s NEVER THERE.  But Elena IS at school today.  So, when AlarKlaus, under the guise of Alaric, arrives at his history class, it gives him the perfect opportunity to ogle and leer inappropriately at Elena, the daughter of his ex-wife, and adopted daughter of his now-ex girlfriend.  (Umm, yeah . . . because that’s not incestuous at all!)

“Care to join us, Elena?  We were playing pin the tail on the Chunky Monkey.”

The funniest part of this scene, of course, was that, unlike vampire Stefan, who, during the pilot episode, was a walking encyclopedia of dates and events.  New History Teacher AlarKlaus doesn’t remember a THING about the 60’s!  He’s been around so darn long that individual decades don’t even register on his radar! 

Not only can AlarKlaus not teach worth a DAMN, he also doesn’t know ANY of his students’ names, or what he was teaching in class the day before!  Of course, nobody in the class, least of all Elena, thinks there is anything at all strange about this.  Of course, I attribute this to the fact that the REAL Alaric is an alcoholic, who goes out drinking with Bromantic Buddy Damon every night, and always shows up to class wasted . . .


At lunch “Dana” or as I like to refer to her “Creepy Compelled Girl from the Promos,” asks Elena if she is going to the 60’s dance tonight.  She then tells her that a “hot guy named Klaus,” who DOESN’T look like her history teacher, wants her to save the “last dance” for him.

“3 scenes, 3 lines.  You know what that means, don’t you?  SAG CARD, HERE I COME!”

By the way, did anybody else find it strange that AlarKlaus was “human,” in the sense that Bonnie would be capable of killing him rather easily, were it not for the use of a Protection Spell . . . and “human,” in the sense that he could, enter Elena’s house without an invitation (more on that later) . . . but “vampiric” in his ability to compel others?  Now, maybe this is because compulsion is something that occurs in the mind, and not the bodyAnd yet, I’ve always considered it to be an exclusively VAMPIRE power, which would mean that someone inhabiting Alaric‘s body, shouldn’t have been able to do it.  Any thoughts?

The knowledge that Klaus has invaded Mystic Falls High and miraculously compelled an Extra to play his “wingman,” makes Elena cry we, we, we, we, we all the way back to her Casa de Rich and Awesome, to tell the rest of the Scooby Gang the bad news.  I smell a Pow Wow of Sexiness and Plot Explanation!

“Well Hi, There, Super Villain!  Wanna kill me?  Here’s HOW!”

So, remember how Damon used to be a member of the Let’s Kill All the Vampires in Mystic Falls Committee?

Well, it seems Klaus has taken a page out of the Salvatore Playbook, and has decided to join team Save Elena from Klaus . . .

It ends up being a BRILLIANT MOVE on Klaus’ part, actually.  Not only is the Scooby Gang COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to the fact that AlarKlaus acts ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE ALARIC, they also proceed to carefully detail for him their Klaus-killing plan.  Even though, presumably, Alaric himself, has probably heard it before (most likely during one of his and Damon’s LONNNNG nights of binge drinking). 

“I’m the Plan of Attack,” says Bonnie, like the humble gal she is.

When AlarKlaus challenges Bonnie’s ability to kill a Big Bad Vampire like himself Klaus, Bonnie gladly proves him wrong, by doing THIS . . .


Look on the bright side, Damon.  At least it wasn’t a Wall Slam!

After his fun with the Scooby Gang, AlarKlaus heads back to Alaric’s crib and proceeds to play with himself “Safari Sam’s” toys.  Said toys include a SERIOUS arsenal of BAD ASS WEAPONRY .  . .

(As we already knew.)

 . . . and of course, lots of top quality liquor.  (See, I told you he’s an Alchy!)

AlarKlaus worries out loud that Bonnie (or as he lovingly refers to her, the Witch B*tch) might actually be able to defeat him, by murdering Alaric’s body.  So, Sumo Warlock comes up with the “brilliant” idea to “protect” AlarKlaus through a spell. 

Alert the media!  It speaks!

Once protected, Klaus can provoke Bonnie into using all her powers, thereby causing her to croak, just like the Great Witch Prophecy of Emily Bennett had said she would.

“Screw you too .  . . EMILY!”

And this brings us to the night of the  Next Last Dance . . .

Dance with the Devil (and everyone else on this show TOO!)

It’s 60’s Dance Night, and our Scooby Gang is trying to “blend in with the crowd,” and have fun, while,  at the same time, “tracking down and kiling Klaus.”  ALMOST everyone in the gang does a great job with the whole “Blending In” thing . . . except for . . . well . . .

You know you are a Major Buzzkill, when EVERYONE ELSE AT THE PARTY is wearing hot pants, and hippie outfits, and YOU show up dressed as an ASSASSINATED PRESIDENT, Matt DONAVASSHOLE!  It’s called a THEME dance, not Halloween!  Just  sayin’! 

Outside the dance, a still extremely concerned Jeremy tries to give Bonnie his Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality.  (Gee, I wonder why he would think she would be in danger?)


Bonnie declines Jeremy’s “marriage to life” proposal . . .


 . . . arguing that the ring only works on HUMANS and, as a witch, Bonnie is NOT exactly human.  You know, for all the MASSIVE hatred of all things supernatural, Bonnie has exhibited in the past, admitting that she is somewhat of a “monster” herself, is a MAJOR step in the right direction for our girl,  Bonnie!  And you know what THAT means, don’t you?

Painfully Obvious Foreshadowing Moment #2

Meanwhile, a very efficient AlarKlaus, has already begun the arduous task of Making the Compelled Humans Do His Work For Him.(LA-ZY!)  First, he “hires” “Dana” to give Elena the song dedication we witnessed in the promo.  Then, he commandeers “Dana’s 14-year old date and his rather wimpy looking friends” to “make some extra extra credit.”  AlarKlaus then slips this Second String Geek Squad some of Alaric’s gnarlier vampire hunting weapons (which reminds me, where the heck did AlarKlaus HIDE THOSE?  In his TIGHT PANTS?  A man purse, perhaps?)  to carry out this week’s Mini Gilbert Smackdown. 

But still, through it all, Damon is not impressed,  and he tells AlarKlaus as much . . .


While, AlarKlaus goes and cries in his punch bowl, at Damon’s rejection of his villainy, Damon himself tries to IMPRESS his lady friends, with his Mad Dancing Skills, the excellence of which we are already well aware .  . .

Unlike AlarKlaus, who’d much prefer a more “prim and proper” decade, like the 20’s, Damon genuinely seems to feel at home in the 60’s. (I attribute this to the leather pants.)  And when he sees that his soon-to-be lover Elena is not enjoying herself quite as much as she should be, he sets out to change that, in one of my FAVORITE Delena moments of the episode . . .


In a move that many of us Delena fans would like to view as a “foreshadowing of things to come,” Damon QUITE LITERALLY spins Elena away from Stefan’s arms, and into his own.  Elena is shocked, and pleasantly surprised by the gesture.  So, she shows her appreciation, by ogling Damon’s manparts, and staring at his eyes and lips, as if she would very much like to swallow them all whole.

 (Might I remind you that THIS is Ponytail Elena!  And, as we learned in “Daddy Issues” Ponytail Elena is ALWAYS down for Sexy Times with Damon!)

“You are very good at this,” says a Breathless Elena, as the tension of being stalked by Klaus starts to leave her body, and a DIFFERENT kind of tension, begins to build DOWN BELOW.  Damon further diffuses Elena’s discomfort, by offering up a bit of that patent snarky humor of his we all enjoy so much . . .

“Remember the LAST Dance we went to, where the vampires were all like ‘Arrrrrgh’ and you were all like ‘AHHHHHH?” 

I’m not even making that up!  Damon ACTUALLY says these words to Elena!  And it’s pretty friggin hilarious!  But Damon is not just saying it, to give fans of the show a little Season 1 flashback . . .

Memories . . . like the corners of my mind . . . misty water-colored memories . . . of the way we were!

He says it to remind Elena that she’s on the SCOOBY GANG!  And the Scooby Gang ALWAYS wins in the end!  GO TEAM!


Having already swept Elena off her feet, Damon turns his attention to more practical matters.  And so begins his Ass Grind Fest with Bonnie Bennett, while the pair whisper Sweet Klaus Magical Murder Schemes in one another’s ears .  . .

Ponytail Elena, of course, is NOT AT ALL COOL with this!  No one is going to ASS GRIND with Damon, besides HER!  “What are THOSE TWO up TO?”  Ponytail Elena asks Jeremy pointedly, her kitty claws, ready to scratch Bonnie’s eyes out . . .

Ooh, I bet Damon LOVES it when she gets jealous!

A Broody Jeremy leaves the dance promptly.  So, Sensitive Stefan, always the group’s unofficial shrink, rushes to comfort him.  It is there, that Jeremy finally spills the beans on Bonnie’s Deadly Witch Sacrifice Plans.  So, of course, Stefan blabs to Elena.  And Elena confronts Bonnie.  And it becomes this BIG OLE Game of Telephone, Scooby Gang style! 

Elena pulls Bonnie aside, and tells her, once and for all, that she is NOT dying to save Elena’s life.  But Bonnie notes, not unkindly, that Elena would do the same thing for her.  And Elena can’t deny this . . . There is crying, and hugging, and all sorts of HO-mantic goodness .  . . and all while Poor Jeremy is getting his ASS HANDED to him, by a bunch of twerps, for the 85,000th time this season.  But when Damon and Stefan come to his rescue, they figure out pretty quickly that the twerps were compelled, and that this is all ONE BIG TRAP.

Meanwhile, “Alaric” has come outside to inform Elena and Bonnie that “Klaus has Jeremy.”  They quickly follow him back inside the school.  Ruh-ROH!

The Showdown!

I love how INCREDIBLY long it took Elena and Bonnie to finally figure out that Klaus had possessed Alaric’s body.  In fact, when AlarKlaus, who was clearly SO DONE pretending to be a mild-mannered history teacher, started verbally threatening them in the hallway, their first thought was that he was COMPELLED by Klaus to do it.  “Are you still on vervain, Alaric?”  Elena inquires.

Finally, AlarKlaus gives up being cryptic, and grudingly SPELLS IT OUT FOR THE GIRLS . . . “I’ll give you a hint, I’m not Alaric,” AlarKlaus admits.  (Well DUH!)  Now that all their secrets are finally out on the table, AlarKlaus comes clean about the fact that it is BONNIE he wants to murder this evening, not Elena.  So, Bonnie starts going all witchy on his ass.   But thanks to Sumo Warlock’s protection spell, it isn’t quite as effective as she would have hoped.  “If you kill this body, I’ll just have to go and get myself another one . . . maybe Jeremy’s,” Klaus notes . . .

“You mean, there’s a scenario out there, where I might actually WIN a fight, for a change?  HELLS YEAH!”

(Hmmm, now the Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality protects Jeremy from Death by Supernatural Beings.  I wonder if it protects him from possession by Supernatural Beings . . . interesting . . .)

Knowing a lost cause when they see one, Elena an Bonnie dash off in retreat.  Outside, the school, we see Damon employ a similar Divide and Conquer Vampire Trick to the one we saw Klaus use on Elena and Bonnie, earlier.  (I swear there must be a Vampire Playbook out there, somewhere!) 

“GO FIND STEFAN,” Damon instructs Elena.  (And she falls for it . . . AGAIN!)

Where’s your head at, girlfriend?  Keep this up, and the next thing you know, you’ll be hiding important ancient artifacts in soap dishes!

Alone again with Bonnie, Damon begins to describe to her his plan for Elena’s survival, in earnest . . .

Bonnie’s Big Sacrifice


“You’re ass is GRASS, AlarKlaus!”

The Big Battle Scene between Bonnie and AlarKlaus takes place in some student lounge.  It’s not much of a battle, really.  Because the pair NEVER so much as lays a finger on one another.  We see Bonnie do her, nose bleed, raised hand, glaring thing.  Alaric gets thrown around the room a bit, Mini Gilbert style, but always gets up unscathed. 

Then, vending machines start exploding, and my heart goes out to the students at MysticFalls  High.  Because I know just HOW LONG school days can be, when you can’t get your $.75 pack of pretzels, or your $1.00 Diet Coke with Lime!


Umm . . . Bonnie?  I don’t know how to tell you this, but your nose is like REALLY BLEEDING, and you’ve got some lightning sparks in your hair . . .

Speaking of Bonnie’s hair, I’ve just figured out the REAL benefit of witchy fighting: NO BAD HAIR DAYS!  You can save the world, and still look like you just stepped out of a salon!  (Well . . . as long as you plug up those unsightly nose bleeds, that is!)

Anywhoo, Elena arrives on the scene just in time to see AlarKlaus disappear into thin air, and Bonnie drop dead . . .

Now, if you’ve read these recaps before, you know that Bonnie and I aren’t exactly the best of “pals.”  But you’ve really gotta hand it to Nina Dobrev, and her Mad Acting Skills.  Because when she rushed onto the scene, and started bawling over Bonnie’s lifeless body, I must admit, I grew a bit teary-eyed, myself. 

Moments later, the Salvatore Bro’s rush onto the scene, with Damon instructing Stefan to get Elena away from the body, so that he can DO HIS BUSINESS.  Being the Good Little Boy that he is, Stefan complies. 

Meanwhile, Damon gently closes Bonnie’s eyes, and carries her down to some weird candlelit room.  (What’s with witches and candles anyway?  Can someone explain this to me?)  Damon finds Jeremy in the parking lot, and solemnly directs her to Bonnie’s underground grave.  When he gets down there, Bonnie opens her eyes . . .

SURPRISE!  Bonnie’s NOW A FLESH EATING ZOMBIE!  She’s ALIVE!  Haha, fooled you, TVD fans!  Aren’t accidental deaths meant to manipulate the audience into having FEELINGS for a character they may or may not have originally given two craps about HILARIOUS!

Now, that you’ve totally flipped your sh*t, it’s time for a little product placement.  You see, apparently, Jeremy brought his little mini laptop with him to the dance (DORK!)!  I’ll show you how he plans to use it in a bit.  Meanwhile, let’s go check on Elena, who’s not in on the “SUPER FUNNY” Death Fake Out, YET . . .

“I will ALWAYS choose YOU!”


Back at Elena’s Casa de Rich and Awesome, Stefan is trying in vain to comfort his girlfriend, who is still completely inconsolate over the not-so-much-death of Bonnie.  When Damon comes  home from “burying the Witch Bitch,” a tearful Elena, really lets him have it, “You knew she was going to DIE,” Elena insists.

“Yes,” replies Damon.  *facepalm* 

(See, if I were Damon, my first words, upon entering the house, would have been.  “HAHA, BONNIE’S ALIVE!  APRIL FOOL’S!”  I mean, talk about burying the lead!)

Not surprisingly, Elena slaps Damon for his insensitive words . . . HARD! 

And THAT’S when Damon FINALLY decides to tell her the truth: that  Bonnie had to make Klaus BELIEVE she was dead, so that he would stop trying to attack her.  Damon’s reasoning for keeping this from Elena was that, he believed that, if she knew what was going to happen, she probably wouldn’t have put on as believeable a Cry Face, as she did that evening.  (Well . .  . it WAS a good Cry Face!)

Elena happily rushes to her room and heads online.  Back in the Bat Cave, Jeremy has set up his underground WiFi connection, which allows Elena and Bonnie to SKYPE together!  YAY!  Lamest Best product placement ever! 

You can just imagine the tagline on the inevitable commercial that will result from this,  “Have you faked your own death?  Are you bored and lonely, living life underground, while all your friends and family are having fun upstairs?  SKYPE can HELP!”

(Which reminds me . . . doesn’t Bonnie have parents?  Aren’t THEY going to start to wonder, why she never came home from the dance?  Aren’t there ANY good parents on this show?)

And YES, I am looking at YOU, Useless Aunt Jenna!  Little Miss, I’m Going to Live on Campus for a Week, While the Two Children in My Care Get Beat Up, and Psychologically Tortured, at a School Dance, and one of them somehow “Purchases” a MANSION!


Oh, DON”T even get me started!

Downstairs, at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Stefan is pouting, because Damon didn’t let him in on the Oh-So-Funny plan he and Bonnie had to PUNK Elena.  Damon rightfully argues, that had he told Stefan, Stefan would have undoubtedly gone blabbing to Elena, and ruined everything.

“Don’t get me wrong Stefan, I don’t mind being the Bad Guy,” Damon begins.  “I’ll make all the Life and Death Decisions while you worry about the collateral damage.  I’ll even let her hate me for it.  But at the end of the day, I’ll be the one to keep her alive.”

Harsh words, Elder Salvatore . . . but true.  I actually think THIS moment represents a real turning point for the Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle.  But not for the reasons you might think.  Remember back in “Rose,” when Damon told Elena that he loved her, but ultimately compelled her to forget it, because he felt that Stefan was more DESERVING of Elena’s love, than he was?

Who am I kidding?  Of COURSE you remember!  It was EPIC!

Well, THIS is the first time we’ve seen Damon actually question whether or not that is actually true.  Here, BOTH Stefan and Damon are coming to the realization that Damon MAY, in fact, be better equipped to save Elena, than Stefan is.  After all, Damon is willing to hurt Elena, in order to keep her safe, whereas Stefan might not be capable of doing so.  Interestingly enough, Stefan never contests Damon’s accusations against him.  Rather, he seems to take them to heart, in a very personal way.

And I think that it is THIS realization on Damon’s part, that allows him to be as upfront with Elena, about his feelings for her, as he is in the next scene.  While Damon does not go QUITE as far, as he did in “Rose,” in that he does not verbally use the word, “love” to describe his feelings for her, the words Damon does use are JUST as powerful of an indicator of that emotion. 

I’ll let you watch the scene in full first, so you can get the complete impact.  And then I’ll make a few choice comments . . .

Watching this scene again, I’m struck by how very HONEST both Damon and Elena are with one another, about their true intentions.  In hindsight, you can almost SEE the moment, when Elena makes the decision to do what she does in the final scene.  Once she’s decided, she all but telegraphs to Damon, her choice, as if begging him to say the thing that will stop her.  “Let me get one thing straight, I will NOT let Bonnie die for me,” says Elena.  “There has to be another way.”

You can try to hide your true  feelings from Damon.  But Flirty Hair Pulls of Lust don’t LIE, Elena!

But Damon loves Elena so very much, that he can’t hear what she is trying to tell him in this moment, which is tragic on so many levels.  “Let me get one thing straight,” he begins, “If it comes down to you or the Witch again, I will gladly let her die.  I will ALWAYS . . . CHOSE . . . YOU.”


Just as Damon realized that he HAD to keep his plans regarding Bonnie a secret from Elena, in order to protect Elena’s life, Elena now realizes that she has to keep her decision from Damon, in order to protect Bonnie’s life.  And it is because they are both such similarly passionate people — who are willing to sacrifice everything  forthose they care about — that Damon and Elena will NEVER agree on the lengths they should go to keep Elena safe. 

I think my favorite moment of the scene, was the very final one.  This is after all the confessions have been made, when Elena realizes that her next move is going to be a major betrayal of Damon’s love for her.

After saying good night to Damon, Elena turns back toward him, and looks him straight in the eye.  (For a second there, I REALLY did think she was going to kiss him.)  Clearly, there was SO MUCH that Elena wanted to say to Damon: about his feelings for her . . . about HER feelings for him . . . and  about the sacrifices people make for ones they love.  And I actually think Elena came EXTREMELY close to telling Damon her plans regarding Elijah.  But in the end she knew that she couldn’t.  Instead, Elena leaves Damon’s room, sad, confused, and resigned to her fate.

As Damon watches Elena go, he too has left a lot unsaid, regarding just how much he truly loves her, and how much it kills him to see her in pain, especially when he is the one causing it.  And yet, now that Damon is FINALLY starting to realize how much he truly deserves Elena, there’s a good chance HE may unburden himself to her completely,someday soon.  Hopefully, that day will come sooner, rather than later.

But first . . . he will have THIS new development to deal with . . .


As you recall, the Rhythm Method of Murdering Vampire Originals has one small catch . . . “pull out” too late, and you’ve got another pesky little vampire bun in your oven!  That’s right boys and girls!  Thanks to Elena, ELIJAH HAS RETURNED!

Speaking of Elijah, next week, we get to see him in Flashback Mode, complete with a Brand Spanking OLD haircut!  Oh, and did I mention the TITLE for next week’s episode?  It’s called “Klaus.”  Yes indeed, the REAL Voldemort will be showing his face on your television screen VERY SOON!  You can check out the extended preview for the episode, right here:

In the epic words of Elijah himself, “I believe the term you are looking for is ‘OMFG.'”

See you April 21st, fangbangers!

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51 responses to ““Dead” Men Don’t Dance (Unless They Are Damon!) – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Last Dance”

  1. Linn

    Awww there’s simply not enough Damon-dancing in TVD! I must say i think it’s quite mean of Elana to un-die Elijah without giving Damon at least a heads up! If I was Elijah the first thing I would do would be to kill Damon! And there’s nothing Elena can do to stop him, really. She should have at least given him a change to get the hell out of Dodge, not let him go to sleep!! I am however sure Damon will be ok (phew!). And the promo for next week looks absolutely amazing! I’m especially intrigued by the Damon-Andie interaction. What gives!?

    Awesome episode this week, and awesome recap as always 🙂

    • LOL, Linn. “Un-die” is officially the best verb ever! (And the fact that it looks like the word “undies” certainly doesn’t hurt. :)) Because of the precariousness of the whole “white oak dagger” thing, I never really thought of Elijah as being dead-dead. He was just kind of “hanging out there,” in suspended animation, just waiting for someone like Elena to wake him up, so he could live to flip his hair another day!

      At least, with the Bonnie Method of Original Vampire killings, the body actually gets destroyed. So, it’s not so easy to bring the guy back! Then again, I kind of feel like even if they end up having Klaus “die by witch” at the end of the season, he can always possess another character and return, a la Voldemort. So, Klaus will never REALLY be dead, no matter HOW they kill him.

      Hmmm, you know it did cross my mind that, by “reviving” Elijah, Elena was putting both Damon and Stefan at risk. Yet, ELENA was actually the one who staked Elijah the final time. And Elijah still needs her to kill Klaus. He also knows now that she’s no withering violet! If Elijah crosses Elena, she WILL kill him again.

      So, I think Elena is currently in enough of a bargaining position to broker another deal with Elijah, that will ensure the safety of the Scooby Gang. I just hope these two come up with a better plan this time than: perform the Sacrifice, kill Elena, and THEN kill Klaus. Because, that would just be lame, at this point, given how many other options we KNOW are available.

      I’m not really sure how I feel about “Wife Beater Damon,” in the promo. However, I do suspect that Damon’s recent outburst has something to do with Elena’s decision to “revive” Elijah, as well as him finding that he’s no longer able to suppress his feelings for her. And, provided Damon doesn’t take things TOO far in the wrong direction with Andie (i.e. a Jeremy Neck Snap, Part Deux), I think that the latter rationale for the outburst will ultimately be a good thing for us Delena fans.

      But, as always, we will just have to wait and see. Won’t we? 😉

  2. OMG indeed! I have an appointment this morning, but in the words of the Bard, Arnold Schwarzenneger, I’LL BE BACK!

  3. I’ve been reading your recaps for ages now and they are brilliantly funny. I just had to comment today because of what you said about that final “I Will Always Choose You scene”. I hadn’t thought too much about the reasons why Elena didn’t say anything to him but you’re right. And I agree completely that they’ll never agree on the lengths that can/should be gone to, to keep her safe and to me that says so much about how much they love not just each other (I do think Elena loves him even if she’s not in love yet) but how they approach the emotion in general.

    Fabulously done as always. Let me also take the time to say that I love that monkey with his hair sticking up and looking horrified. Cracks me up every time 🙂

    • Hi Ciara! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I absolutely agree with you about the similarities between the ways in which Damon and Elena express their love (and this is not necessarily limited to romantic love) for the people they care about. Both Damon and Elena would be willing to sacrifice themselves and/or hurt the people they care about, in order to protect them. This is why Elena, as mad as she was at Damon for what happened with Bonnie, immediately understood why Damon did what he did, in a way that Stefan didn’t.

      It’s also why, right now, Damon and Elena both have to keep certain things from one another. It’s funny. The first time I watched the “I will always choose you” scene. I saw it on strictly a romantic level.

      I focused just on Damon’s words, and Elena’s reactions to them. And, as a staunch Delena fan, I was excited to see her displaying the body language of attraction: running her hand through her hair, leaning in toward him, smiling shyly and looking back at him repeatedly, after she said good night.

      But, of course, the first time I watched the scene, I didn’t know that Elena was going to de-stake Elijah. Viewing the scene WITH that knowledge, gave the conversation this WHOLE extra level, that I hadn’t noticed before. You could actually SEE Elena parsing things out in her head, coming to a decision as to what she should do, and, based on Damon’s words to her, deciding NOT to tell him her plans.

      I suspect that on some level, Elena feels that, ultimately, Damon will understand WHY she did what she did, even if he doesn’t agree with it. Just as Elena understood about Bonnie.

      In some ways, viewing the scene from this light was disappointing, because it made the moment seem less “romantic” and more “calculated” on Elena’s part. But, on the other hand, those similarties between Damon and Elena, that mutual understanding and those feelings they have for one another (both expressed and unexpressed), and that body language, all still existed in that scene. So, the scene STILL works for me, on a romantic level, despite my having viewed it from a more practical one.

      I know I tend to overdramatize a bit when it comes to Elena’s feelings for Damon (What can I say? It’s fun!). But I DO think these feelings are THERE, just beneath the surface (and growing, with every Delena moment like THIS!) Elena clearly “loves” Damon, in the sense that she cares deeply about him, would do anything to protect him. She also obviously understands him on a deep emotional and psychological level. Additionally, Elena’ is clearly VERY sexually attracted to Damon. This aspect of Elena’s personality, I think, was made MORE apparent in this episode than we’ve seen in a while on TVD.

      NOW, it’s just a matter of her putting two and two together, and realizing that all of THESE feelings are the ingredients for romantic love. It will happen! Just you wait! 🙂

    • Oh . . . and that little monkey is personal favorite of mine too! (As you can probably tell.) I like to think of him as my Blog Mascot / Pet. 🙂

  4. MaryJey

    Ok where to start… Oh yeah… yay for delena!! Amazing dance!! After reading your ideas about the “I’ll always choose you scene”, I’ll have to rethink it, but I just wanted to add that I really love the parellels between that line and elena’s “Its always gonna be stefan”. I think that Damon wanted to be clear that on were he stands even though she doesnt stand there yet. Plus I was happy that elena didn’t say anything like “Damon don’t go there”. I take that as progress (YES), even though now I see that her head was on Elijah and the fallout if her actions.

    “In a move that many of us Delena fans would like to view as a “foreshadowing of things to come,” Damon QUITE LITERALLY spins Elena away from Stefan’s arms, and into his own. ” This is why I always look forward to your reviews. Thank you!

    I confess that I was quite spoiled for the episode and though it was great, it wasn’t spectacular. Kat Graham said, for example, that her scene with Damon was so powerful that I was really looking forward for it but it was just meh.. Btw, I dont get why, If Bonnie has the power of 100 witches, wouldn’t she be stronger than the protection spell from one witch? Magic works really conveniently in this show.
    Damon has amazing chemistry with all the originals that arrive to mystic falls. With Elijah and now with Klaus. When Damon said he wasn’t impress with his tactics was priceless on both sides (and new amazing gift!). Can Alaric be Klaus forever and not die at the end of the season?
    Promo looks exiting. Turning point in the triangle, absolutely. Stefan and Damon fighting I don’t like but Stefan finally waking up and doing something I DIG. He is been as useless as aunt Jenna this season ( ok not so much but close, at least he hasn’t abandoned Elena) and its not because I dont like him, because I really do. I actually ship him with Caroline (I ship forwood too. Its really rare for me to like two ships for one person at the same time but Caroline does that to me. I guess..). The ugly part its that it might become a competition between the brothers and its going to end bad. I mean Stefan going after Klaus on his own, Damon throwing his rage towards andy doesnt look good at all. Please show don’t let Damon go there again!

    • Excellent insights, as always, MaryJey! I love what you said about Damon’s statement to Elena, paralleling the one she made to HIM in “The Return.” Of course, not only do I love WHAT Damon said to Elena, I love THAT he felt confident enough in his feelings to share them with her.

      This shows some definite progress in Damon’s willingness to actively pursue Elena. Back in “Rose,” Damon refused to let Elena remember that he loved her, because he felt that for him to let her “know this” was “selfish” of him, until he could “be the man she needs him to be.” Here we are, about half a season later, and Damon has ALL but TOLD a VERY CONSCIOUS Elena that he loves her. Because, after all, that’s what “I will always choose you” means, right?

      I genuinely believe that Damon’s willingness to admit his “feelings” to Elena, come from his earlier argument with Stefan, which has altered his beliefs as to WHICH Salvatore is the “better man” for Elena. It kind of makes you wonder if STEFAN would be able to “let the witch die,” in exchange for saving Elena’s life. Honestly, I’m not sure he would be able to do that. Certainly, his conscience would grapple with the notion for a much longer time than Stefan’s would.

      I actually think that THIS fundamental question of HOW far each brother would be willing to go to save Elena’s life, will be the basis for the knock-down, drag out, fight that is set to occur between the brothers next week. And while I genuinely prefer my Sexy Salvatore’s getting along, I kind of feel like this fight has been a LONG time coming. Beyond that, I think it is a necessary means toward both brothers coming clean to one another about their feelings for Elena, and deciding, once and for all, to put aside their differences, and come together to save her. One could argue that this is what they’ve been doing all season. But I would say that an undercurrent of tension has existed between the surface, that needs to be resolved, in order for the Scooby Gang to defeat Klaus.

      I also agree with you that Elena has come a long way toward accepting and admitting her feelings for Damon. Look at where Elena was in the first few episodes of the Second Season. She vowed to ALWAYS hate Damon, for what he did to Jeremy. “You HAVE lost me forever,” were her exact words, I believe. Now, Elena is dancing close with Damon, hugging him, flirting with him, visiting him in his bedroom, and having heart to heart talks with him. Given all the progress she’s made in such a short time, it’s only a matter of time before . . . 😉

      You also raise a really good point about magic on this show being used as a “tool of convenience.” I actually see this more with the “witch” powers, than anything else. Whereas vampires and werewolves, have CERTAIN abilities, and live by certain rules, in TVD land, I feel like witches can have any power they want, provided that someone comes up with a spell for it.

      Bonnie’s “death faking spell” was a perfect example of this. Sure, it was a clever way to fake out Klaus. But it also seemed like a bit of a cop out too, a way to manipulate fans into shedding some tears over Bonnie. After all, if ANYONE should be the subject of a death faking spell, shouldn’t it be ELENA? I mean, wouldn’t it make the most sense for Klaus to assume ELENA was dead, or already turned into a vampire, since she’s ultimately the one he wants to “Sacrifice” anyway?

      I love that you are a Staroline fan. Back when Caroline first turned, I was a big time Staroliney too. But then Forwood came a long, and that flew out the window. I’ve always kind of liked Stefan with Katherine though. If they “humanize” Katherine some more, and Stefan develops a bit more of a backbone than he’s exhibited in recent weeks, I actually think this could be SUPER SEXY!

      See how I use my SHIPS to make all the characters on this show happy (and sexually satisfied) ? 🙂

  5. Sophie

    Man, I loved that episode, less deceiving and plotting- more punching and flirting.
    Alarklaus seems to have one sick mind, although I must admit, after the “I’m not impressed”-scene, my fear got mixed with pity- come on, he justs wants to prove he’s a real BAMF….now I have all these weird visions of Klaus trying to impress Damon with his evilness, shouldn’t that be reversed?
    I kind of liked the Damon/Bonnie scenes tooo, seems like if they have a mutual goal, they’re able to pull off great plans. (And I sooo don’t mean that in a sexual way..)
    Nina Dobrev, awww, she just blew my mind with her acting, seriously, I have a huge girlcrush on her. I actually felt very sad over Bonnie’s temporary death, go figure. That last scene was made of win – lingering gazes, secretive smiles and flirty comments: a very warm welcome back to you all!! And “I will always choose you.”? – that gave me the chills.
    As mentioned in all the comments above, seeing Damon being bold and forward with his feelings again is going to be a big deal (AND the fact that Elena just seemed to accept it). Naturally, Stefan HAS BEEN kind of lame and uneffective for a while now….Judging from the promo, I just hope that Damon doesn’t screw up his new-found confidence, Stefan seems to handle it not good at all…
    final thought: WTF camera guy? why where there no close-ups of Damons lower body or at least full-body shots? way to ruin a golden opportunity, *weeps*…

    • Hey Sophie! Thanks so much for your comment, which was awesome, as always! 🙂

      LOL about Alarklaus trying desperately to impress Damon, throughout the episode, both during the scene in the mansion, and at the dance. I like how we haven’t “officially” met Klaus yet, and we are already aware of two of his “weaknesses.” (1) Elijah has already informed us that Klaus is paranoid, which would explain why he hasn’t shown his actual face yet (Then again, he could just really enjoy screwing with people.) (2) We have personally seen that Klaus is insecure, and needs constant affirmation of his so-called greatness.

      The thing is, I actually think Damon would be VERY impressed with Klaus, if he saw what the guy was making Katherine do to her poor perfect legs! Remember when Elijah de-hearted those two werewolves at once? And Damon, who was chained up at the time, look at him, like he had just found a new Man Crush?
      Yeah, Damon’s a guy who’s clearly more impressed by ACTION than words. He’s YOUNGER than Klaus, and grew up in a much less prim and proper era than he did. Thinly veiled threats, odd compulsions, and song dedications, just don’t do it for Damon. If Klaus REALLY wants to impress Damon, he’s going to have to show him a body count . . .

      I definitely know what you mean about the promo not making things look good for EITHER Stefan or Damon. You know, it just occurred to me that, throughout most of the series, at least one Salvatore acted like the stable male figure in Elena’s life. When Damon was going through his “I’m just a villain” phase. in the first few episodes of Season 1, Stefan was Elena’ s protector. Then, when Stefan went all bloodaholicy on Elena, Damon stepped in. But if BOTH brothers go batsh*t, in the same week? Well, it’s a DAMN good thing Elena decided to wake up Elijah when she did. That’s all I’m sayin’!

      Haha, poor Ian Somerhalder, forced to run around in tight leather pants for HOURS and all for NOTHING! No one even got to see them! But, for what it’s worth, I was imagining them the WHOLE TIME! 😉

  6. serendipity

    Hi Julie! Loved your recap as always! Now I need to look at the episode again and see all those double meanings you’ve put in for me!

    I totally get your outrage at Elena attending school: it’s not as if she’s been there that often, and now all of a sudden, with Klaus on the loose, she HAS to attend, come hell or high water (well, hell may be close with alarklaus). Then it was so absurd that NOBODY picked up on Alaric’s non-Alaricness in class: seriously? Even Elena knew better (and she didn’t really strike me as a history buff in previous episodes)! Stefan now, he should have picked up on it… but he was kind of useless for the whole episode (see below)…

    I do love ponytail Elena! But the promo must have spoiled (in every meaning of the word) me a bit, because while Damon/Elena dancing was kinda cool (with the funning, and the spinning and the MOVES) but I really wanted it to be longer! As it was, he danced longer with Bonnie (and the assgrind? so sexy! why couldn’t he do that with Elena?) … And I totally agree with one of the other comments: why didn’t they show the leather pants??? The cameraMAN was certainly that, A MAN! Where is that emancipated camerawoman when you need her? And couldn’t Damon just tuck his shirt in? At least that way he could have shown off his butt, right? Okay, end of rant.

    Stefan this episode… not up to much, right? Just like always lately! Come on, he hears about Bonnie and immediately has to blab to Elena! Would he rather his own girlfriend DIED? Damon was so right not to tell him about his and Bonnie’s plan to deceive Alarklaus (and I think Stefan realised that too when they had their little heart to heart)! Could it be true that Damon is starting to realize that he might just deserve Elena after all?

    Maybe… yes! That becomes obvious in the final talk between Elena and Damon! He nearly said it without actually saying it! And the flirty body language… I do admit that I had to go back and see it again from the beginning, because I freaked out when I heard Damon toast to DUPLICITY! I love love that word (which was of course why I used it weeks ago as the title to my favorite chapter in my fanfic, you know which one, Julie ;))! So I didn’t really hear anything after that because I was jumping up and down 😉 But I think you are so right about this scene! I thought that maybe she WAS gonna tell Damon about her plan, but seeing how serious he was about saving her made her change her mind… And she might even be onto a good plan here, since obviously Alarklaus did not fancy Elijah popping up again … and I was wondering: if Elijah was in the house when the deed in Elena’s name was made, does that mean he can enter in the future without being invited in? Because that kind of defeats the object of the whole safehouse thing… especially since Klaus can just possess a human and enter anywhere his fancy takes him (it would have been awkward had that not been the case: otherwise Alarklaus would not have been able to enter his own house… remember what happened to Logan Fell…)

    So thanks again for a very insightful recap! Here’s to hoping your foreshadowing is spot on the mark!

    • Haha, I wonder how Elena even knew what Watergate WAS, considering she never goes to class! In fact, Elena would probably be the LEAST likely teen to know that Watergate took place in the 70’s! After all, she’s the only student in class who lacks a living relative, who was born during that time. (I’m guessing Useless Aunt Jenna, Uncle/Father John and Isobel are all 80’s babies.)

      Now, that you mention it, why DIDN’T History Buff Stefan speak up when AlarKlaus made his historical faux pas? It would have made way more sense coming out of his mouth, than Elena’s! Perhaps, he was just dazzled by AlarKlaus’ pretty eyes . . .

      The Delena dance WAS a sort of blink and you’ll miss it moment, most of which was shown in the promos. But still, I REALLY enjoyed it. And, maybe I’m biased, but I think it was WAY sexier than Damon’s dance with Bonnie.

      Here’s why . . . for starters, dancing face to face is WAYYYYY more personal than dancing butt cheek to groin. My experience with ass grinding at parties and such has always been that the guys who pull this move on you, aren’t really interested talking to you . . . or even looking at you, for that matter. They just want in . . . and out, to put it bluntly.

      Damon’s and Elena’s dance wasn’t just a coming together of two bodies. It was a coming together of two pairs of eyes. And BOTH of those pairs were saying “I WANT YOU, BAD!”

      The other thing I really liked about the Delena Dance was Damon’s surprisingly sensitive reasoning for instituting it. Damon saw that Elena was nervous about Klaus. And Stefan wasn’t helping matters, by being all stern and serious throughout the evening! Damon wanted Elena to be calm and happy! So, he ramped up his goofy charm, and reeled Elena in, forcing her to laugh, smile, and forget the chaos that was her life, if only for a few brief moments.

      With Bonnie, Damon’s agenda for beginning the dance was almost purely practical. He wanted in on her plot to RESCUE Elena, because, as we well know, Damon ALWAYS chooses Elena. 😉

      Duplicity is a SPLENDID word, serendipity, both in your kickass fanfic, and when it is used by TV Damon. It just SOUNDS sexy. Plus, Damon said it this week, while drinking liquor. Now, call me an enabler, but I LOVE when Damon knocks back a few. Not only does it make his lips look sexy, while he’s doing it, but, when he’s finished, drunken Damon just morphs into this hilarious horndog. I love it! 🙂
      Oooh, good memory, about Logan Fell not being able to enter his own home post transformation! (I guess Caroline’s mom invited Caroline in, after she turned?) I’m inclined to agree with you about Elijah already having “pre-approved” access to the Salvatore House, by nature of him having been “furniture” there, when the deed to the home was transferred.

      Poor Salvatores! They have literally spent CENTURIES building equity on that house, only to give it away for FREE, to someone who hasn’t exactly found it to be useful for her purposes! Go figure! 🙂

  7. Rene

    You are welcome in advance for all the Tumblr fans who come by because I shared you and spoke well of YOUR recaps LOL *smiles* sharing the love. Now if I can get people to come to my blogs………what is ur secret? Message me LOL

    As far as the episode was very good though I almost had a heart attack when Bonnie Bit it……WTH……..but I had a feeling it wouldn’t last its good I am calm in those minutes or I would no longer have electrical items in my house LOL oh well.

    • What’s your Tumblr? I’ll put it in my blogroll! 🙂

      Also, always feel free to “pimp” out your various blogs, tumblrs, and articles in the comment section here. I don’t mind at all! 🙂

      As for blog traffic, I’d love to say, people come here for my “wit and charm.” But, to be honest, I think it has more to do with all the pictures I use on the site, not to mention the OBSCENE number of tags I include in each post. It just makes me a smidge more Google-able than someone who doesn’t post pictures, or include tags.

      I teared up for Bonnie too. No, scratch that. I teared up for ELENA, when she thought she had LOST Bonnie. Nina Dobrev just FLOORS me with her acting ability. Not to mention the fact that her appearance is positively flawless. In fact, if I didn’t like her so much, I’m pretty sure I’d hate her. 🙂

      • Rene

        hey now what is your beef with Bon Bon?? I love her. My beef with Elena is not her acting skills its that she sometimes seems too whiny. I do like when she is strong though. I think Nina ROCKS as much as the rest of the cast they all pretty and good actors LOL I am sure you told me why you dislike bonnie but I don’t recall LOL Anywho yes my tumblr is: http://hot-craving.tumblr.com It’s all about my fave shows and some times even me LOL 🙂

      • Well, now that I know that you have a tumblr, I will be cyber-stalking you all the time, Rene! Consider yourself warned! 🙂 I’ve only recently discovered the tumblr world, and am always super impressed by the creativity and artistic flare that prevails among tumblr owners. Because I have all the artistic talent of a flea, I could never run a successful tumblr. For that reason, I’m always SUPER impressed by the existence of fabulous tumblrs like yours. BRAVO! 🙂

        So . . . Bonnie . . . I’ve actually been trying to be REALLY good recently about not bashing her too hard in my recaps, because I now recognize what a huge fanbase the character has. And the character HAS been getting a lot better recently, in terms of being way less judgmental toward others. Bonnie’s willingness to sacrifice her life for Elena’s has actually gone a long way toward redeeming her in my eyes.

        But, since you’ve asked ;), I’ll post my Bonnie Gripes List here. (My apologies to those of you out there, who have read this before).

        1) My first beef with Bonnie arose shortly after her Grams died. I understood why Bonnie was in mourning. But I HATED how she seemed to blame her grandmother’s death on Elena and the Salvatore’s, when Grams CLEARLY chose to perform the spell on her own. No one MADE her do that. Bonnie held on to that grudge for an INSANELY long time, I recall, and ditched Elena, when Elena needed her most.

        2) Bonnie’s sheer hatred of vampires, always irked me. She hated that Elena was dating Stefan so much, as I mentioned, that she didn’t talk to Elena for weeks! She carried her grudge against vampires, over onto Stefan, when he had never done anything but be supportive and kind to her. For Bonnie, a WITCH, to be SO PREJUDICE against another supernatural creature seemed more than a bit hypocritical for me.

        3) People were mad at Damon this week, for saying he’d choose Elena’s life over Bonnie’s, but what about all the times Bonnie tried to KILL DAMON! How soon we forget! All those “headaches” she gave him, all those times she SET HIM ON FIRE! WTF, Bon-BON!

        4) Remember that little device they used in the Founder’s Day episode? The one that made all the supernatural creatures (except for witches I guess) writhe in pain, and, in some cases, drop dead? Remember how Bonnie lied to Elena, and told her she had de-spelled it, when she hadn’t? Not only was this a huge betrayal of Elena, it also HURT a lot of innocent supernatural creatures. It even CAUSED the car accident that ultimately set off the string of events that made Caroline turn into a vampire.

        5) Given that Bonnie was the one who told Damon to give Caroline blood, and SHE was the reason Caroline was in the hospital in the first place, Bonnie’s initial rejection of Vampire Caroline seemed cruel and heartless to me. She, of all people, should have realized that it wasn’t Caroline’s fault what she had become, and that she was still the same person she was before she turned. Bonnie wasn’t even going to make Caroline a sunscreen ring to let her go out in the daylight! How awful!

        6) Given Bonnie’s own betrayals regarding that “Dog Whistle” in the Founder’s Day finale, I was SHOCKED by how naive she was regarding Luka’s and Jonas’ deception of her, with respect to the de-spelling of the Moonstone. It was actually kind of poetic justice, when you think about it. And yet, until she learned of Luka’s true intentions, Bonnie seemed pretty darn willing to ditch the loyal and genuine Jeremy for this Witch Boy she barely knew . . . Big Mistake!

        7) I would simply like Bonnie to smile more. She always seems so grim, dour, and judgmental of others flaws. I get that life is tough in TVD land. But COME ON, BONNIE! You are young, super pretty, have insane magical powers, gorgeous friends, and one of the most beautiful / kindest boyfriends on the planet. Life is pretty good for you! So, stop pouting and BE HAPPY, dammit!

        And that’s my list! 🙂

  8. Tricus

    Well great recap but I noticed a few thinsg that I noticed that I thought was very interesting.
    1)The episode started off kind of slow to me. Yeah Kat being compelled to stab herself repeatedly. For some reason I didn’t feel sad or anything at that part or when she begged Klaus to kill her.
    2) After Elena signed for Stefan/Damon house I didn’t like that she was messing with Damon before inviting him in. I really didn’t get the playing around part. I think that she was being childish and kind of sticking it to him and trying to show the upper hand.
    Well maybe she was playing around but Damon didn’t look like he was enjoying the playfullness all that much. Usually he is all about that back and forth snarky banter. I don’t know if it kind of reminds him once again that a woman he loves choose Stefan first over him without a thought/conditions. I was irritated with Elena for doing that.
    3) The dance was interesting. Damon was the only one to get Elena to relax and smile.
    I seriously laughed at Damon waving his arms in the air dancing and saying “Oh Yeah”. hahahahahhaha
    Damon and Bonnie dancing was interesting. I seriously believed that Elena was thinking “WTH is going on there?” She seemed slightly jealous and curious cause she has never seen Damon and Bonnie act so “close” before.
    Jeremy didn’t help matters by looking sad/angry and jealous when he was like ” I don’t know”.
    4) Stefan was like almost useless in this episode. Couldn’t comfort Elena or Jeremy, nor help Bonnie in her fight with Klaus but he did take care of those guys that was beating up Jeremy.
    5) Elena did some awesome crying. When Damon came back to the house and she slapped him for being who Damon really is I was like “OMG”. Damon has always been very blunt when telling nwes whether it’s good or bad. He is very truthfull so she really shouldn’t have been shocked at his coldness. Then when Damon explained his and Bonnies plan Elena looked all “Wow I really misjudged you”. I seriously loved how Damon just turned and walked off after telling her the plan. He really looked hurt like “Why do I put myself through this crap for her. I am done”. I actually felt sorry for him at that point.
    5) Damon speech to Stefan was true and i loved. Damon is really is all about saving Elena and keeping her safe even if she hates him for it. He really don’t expect her love/gratitude at this point.
    Stefan is all about being sensitive to Elena feelings and not hurting her or her friends. But at the same time try to save her from Klaus/enemies. Stefan conveniently forgets that Elena is very stubborn and headstrong . She does things on her own that she thinks is right.
    6) Elena redeemed herself in my book with Damon by going to his room ( she didn’t even knock or ask to come in though) and apologizing for slapping him. That just struck me as odd her just being comfortable and walking into his bedroom. I like when Damon said He will always chose her if it’s between her and Bonnie. Elena had that ” HMMM very interesting” look on her face. I don’t think it was a total shock to her because Damon has shown it many times before BUT he has never said it to her face.
    Then Elena was like taking a couple of looks at Damon bed ( I don’t know what she was thinking but it was probably something naughty), then she left his room and glanced back at him. Damon still staring at her looking with an expression his face like “Why is she looking /acting that way to me?”. He had that thoughtful look on his face. Elena was acting ‘not her usual” self in Damon bedroom.
    6) Anywhoo I didn’t expect Elena to take the dagger out of Elijah. Great twist TVD. I guess he is the only one who is strong enough to defeat Klaus without dying and it makes sense to have him on their side. Eelan loves her “deals” with Elijah. hahahaha
    She will have to deal with his anger when he wakes up but I don’t think he will be too angry. Elijah seems to have a soft spot for Elena.
    I am excited to see how Damon and everyone else greets the news of what Elena did.

    Will we see Andi is this next episode I wonder? I hope so.. I want her issue out in the open and she gone from the show before the end of the season.
    Now Andie would be a GREAT person that Klaus could compel and get info about the Scooby Gang. She is a human, Damon’s girlfriend and she can come and go freely in the house. But then Andie has been compelled sooooo many times that if Klaus compels her she might blow a circuit. Ha.

    • Hey Tricus! I loved your take on this episode. One of the cool things about TVD is the infinite number of different interpretations and opinions us fans can have, after viewing the same episode. For me, that’s a big part of what makes gabbing about this show with brilliant fans like you, SO awesome! 🙂

      1) I definitely think the pacing of “The Last Dance” was different from that of “Know Thy Enemy.” In fact, it’s kind of interesting how one episode followed the other, because they almost represented two extremes, in terms of TVD episode styles. “Know Thy Enemy” was TOTAL nonstop action and plot twists, to the point where many characters barely had time to engage in meaningful conversation with one another, because SO much was going on!

      Conversely, when you think about the actual PLOT of “The Last Dance” very few EVENTS happened in it . . . at least until the last twenty minutes of the episode. And yet, “The Last Dance” was VERY character driven. It featured LOTS of interactions between the main characters, as well as long conversations to aid in the story’s exposition. And from THAT we got some great Delena moments, which made me VERY happy! It also allowed me to forgive some of the slower parts of the episode. *cough anything involving Lizard Forbes and Matt cough* *cough Skyping scene cough*

      I think both styles of episode have their benefits. Though, I guess a balance of the TWO would be ideal.

      As for Katherine, I was intrigued by her interaction with AlarKlaus, because it gave us fans a much better idea of WHO this guy actually is. I mean, if KATHERINE’S afraid of him, he must be pretty awful, right? Then again, Katherine’s afraid of Elijah too, and I would TOTALLY invite Elijah to my house for dinner. He seems like such a gentleman! (I mean, sure he rips out the occasional heart, but usually only from supernatural creatures that REALLY deserve it!)

      That being said, I generally prefer my Katherine to be tough, spunky and seductive. And, based on next week’s promos, I suspect OLD Katherine will be back to her tricks again VERY soon.

      2) Hmmmm . . . I can understand where you are coming from regarding Elena and Damon. But in Elena’s defense, I just feel like snarkiness and a teasing nature are part of the snap, crackle and pop of their relationship. Outsiders looking in, might see it as them being mean to one another, but Damon and Elena seem to be experts at pushing each other’s buttons, without going too far. In fact, had Damon NOT made that comment in the week prior about him being “really pissed” if Elena didn’t let him in to the house, I don’t think she would have teased him in this particular way.

      I also feel like the “doorway” exchange Damon and Elena had early in the episode, sort of foreshadowed their conversation at the end of it, regarding the lengths to which each of them would go to protect the ones they love. When Elena was asking Damon to “obey” her, she was REALLY talking about how Damon and Elena tend to butt heads, regarding how to go about defeating Klaus. Damon “disobeyed” Elena for the first time, when he forcibly removed her from the house, where she was supposed to meet Elijah in “The Sacrifice.” He did it again, by trying to KILL Elijah, even though Elena had an alliance with him, during “The Dinner Party.”

      After Elena “killed” Elijah for the first time, she made Damon and Stefan PROMISE not to go behind her back to “protect” her. SHE wanted to be in charge of defeating Klaus. As many have mentioned here, Stefan has never really put up much of a fight, in this regard. But because Elena knows that Damon is the one more likely to go BACK on the promise he made to her (in order to protect her life, of course), she sometimes feels the need to remind him of it.

      3) Yes, I ADORED the scene where Damon made fun of how frightened Elena was of the OTHER vampires that came after her, during the 50’s dance last season. (See what I mean, about the playful teasing?) He clearly wanted to make Elena feel calm and enjoy the dance. And he succeeded in that regard.
      Plus, it was REALLY nice to see Elena showing signs of Damon-flavored jealousy for a change. I’m actually hoping to see a bit more of that, when she FINALLY sees him interact with Andie in the following episode.

      4) Despite what Damon said to Stefan about not minding if Elena “hates” him, and despite him putting up a callous front when Elena cried over Bonnie’s death, I think it KILLS Damon to see Elena in pain. You could see the devastation in Damon’s eyes, when he took Bonnie away for burial. I think it actually infuriates Damon that he’s always stuck being the “Bad Guy,” because he’s willing to protect Elena at all costs, while Stefan gets all of the credit for being “Good.”

      On the other hand, I think Elena’s initial reaction of anger at Damon was a pretty understandable one, under the circumstances. Think of it from Elena’s perspective. Imagine just finding out that your best friend died, while trying to save you. You would be devastated at the loss, and frustrated, because it didn’t HAVE to happen. You would also probably feel guilty, because if it weren’t for you, your friend would still be alive. Then, imagine you turn to your OTHER friend for comfort, and he acts like your best friend being dead is no big deal. I can imagine that would be an extremely upsetting experience for anybody to endure.

      Also, I kind of feel like the way Bonnie’s “faux” death was revealed was done more for dramatic effect than anything else. I mean, if you were DAMON, wouldn’t the FIRST thing you’d say, upon entering the house, be “Don’t worry, Elena. Bonnie’s not really dead?”

      It just didn’t seem realistic for Damon to WAIT through Elena’s whole monologue (acting the whole time like Bonnie was dead, and that he was glad) before making the reveal. It almost seemed like he WANTED her to slap him!

      5) You are right. Even when Elena was trying to Sacrifice herself to Klaus, to save the others, Stefan never really put up much of a fight, beyond saying, “Don’t do that.” Damon hit the nail on the head, when he said that if ANY Salvatore Brother has been responsible for keeping Elena alive so far it is DAMON.

      6) Elena WAS definitely being a bit flirtatious with Damon in the bedroom scene. I do feel like that comes from her being aware of his feelings for her, and the lengths he will go to save her. I also feel like Elena had more she wanted to say to Damon that night. But couldn’t find the nerve, which was why she kept hesitating and looking back at him when she left.

      As for her “weirdness” during the conversation, I think that had a lot to do with Elena knowing that she was about to de-stake Elijah. Elena realizes that Damon is going to be FURIOUS with her, when he finds out that she did this, particularly after all the lengths he went to save her. And yet, she is going to do it anyway.

      7) Andie is DEFINITELY in the next episode, in a big way. If you haven’t seen the promos for next week’s episode, I highly recommend them. (There should still be a link to the promos, at the end of this recap) They are VERY juicy! 🙂

      • Tricus

        Yeah Elena was a little flirtatious with Damon in his bedroom but she was like that at the beginning of the episode too when she was messing around inviting him in to “her” house.
        I think that Elena knows about Damon attraction, if not his love for her and yes she sometimes uses it to her effect BUT she also is sexually atttracted to him too. There was a reason she kept glancing at his bed (did you miss that?). hahahahahhaha
        I have never seen her look at Stefan lips the way she is constantly looking at Damon lips when he is all up on her.
        Yes Elena had a right to be upset and angry with Damon for leaving her in the dark and supposedly letting Bonnie die. But I didn’t expect a slap, just her turning away from him and going to Stefan for comfort. Delena are always soo physical with each other. LOL Sometimes its HOT and sometimes its just sad, like this episode. They are very passionate people with each other. When they get together that relationship will never be dull.

        Yes Damon and everyone will be upset when they learn that Elena woke up Elijah. I love Elijah so I am happy he is back.
        Oh I read in a spoiler forum where someone had posted an article that one of the writers had commented on upcoming episodes. That person said that Damon will be fighting to beg “forgiveness” from Elena along with him having flashbakcs of what he did wrong with Kat in 1864. I am curious what he might have done to get on Elena’s bad side again except maybe the Andie thing. They just love to always have Damon the one to be running after Elena. I don’t know if that article is true though.

        I have a bad/good feeling that TVD may have Damon do something very drastic during the sacrifice that will get him fatally hurt. Of course he will not die but to see how Elena react to a seriously hurt (may not be able to find a cure in time) Damon would really kickstart her hidden feelings.

  9. You know, I’ve been surprised by some of the vitriol I’ve read about Damon saying he would always choose Elena as being selfish, heartless etc.

    When it comes down to it, if we had to choose between our true love and a stranger or even friend dying, I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t be the latter. It is human (and apparently, vampire ;)) nature! If Damon can find a way to keep Elena alive without her friends being harmed in the process, he obviously would want to do this. He is realist, though, and knows that people are probably going to die. So, I don’t see anything wrong with drawing a line in the sand about what he will or will not do. Honestly, Stefan would be making a choice if he decided to make no choice about who to die in this scenario; passive waiting and an unwillingness to make hard decisions are choices too, and in this case would have probably led to Bonnie being dead.

    Besides, we’ve seen that, when push comes to shove, Stefan will always choose Elena too. When Vicki attacked Elena, he outright killed Vicki and didn’t try to subdue her. Elena’s wellbeing was at stake, and he wasn’t willing to leave a danger to Elena remain (after all, earlier in that episode Vicki had shown her intense dislike for Elena because of her treatment of Matt and threatened to kill her, which Stefan knew – I’m convinced that played a part in his split second decision to kill Vicki). In contrast, Stefan didn’t kill Caroline after she attacked Matt, because while he respects and likes Matt, he is keeping it pretty close to the chest if he is in fact in love with him.

    The difference is, Stefan is more worried about his relationship whereas Damon just cares about Elena’s survival. Stefan cares about how his actions are perceived by Elena, and is reluctant to do anything to tarnish the image she has of him as a kind, caring guy. Although he is certainly those things, we know he has a dark side, and I think that there have been hints this season of Elena’s overall view of him changing as she collects information about his past. Damon is not afraid to be hated by Elena if that is what it takes to save her. It makes for an interesting comparison between the way the Salvatores operate.

    I’m secretly hoping that Stefan has been putting vampire blood in Elena’s food, and even if she doesn’t die and become a vamp in the sacrifice ritual, that she discovers he has been taking this precautionary measure. Her reaction in the season two premiere to Jeremy’s desire to become a vampire shows that she doesn’t want to be turned at least in this point in time. It would be sick, twisted, but fascinating symmetry for her to realise that Stefan, who forced his brother to turn because he didn’t want to be alone for eternity, was willing to do the same to her because he didn’t want his love to die. To me, this would be a game-changer where I could see Stefan/Elena believably breaking up for a long time without making Stefan do something irredeemably hateful in the audience’s eyes, because I think we could all understand this action even if we couldn’t justify it. It would also make Damon’s intense honesty even more appealing to her.

    Speaking of Damon… Leather!Damon and Dancing!Damon deserve their own trademarks, for reals.

    I love how he wasn’t impressed by Klaus. Klaus, Klaus, don’t you know that the way to Damon’s heart is to remove two of these things at the same time for the chests of supes? I mean, Damon practically jizzed himself when Elijah did the de-hearting double header. Moustache twirling only takes you so far, Klaus bb. 😉

    • Nasha233

      I totally agree with you. I do think Damon the now Damon is not willing to just let others die or kill them for the sake of it. If he had a choice he would be making the one where everyone would be safe but what he clearly was saying is that. There will come a time when hard decision will be made. This is life and death, and there will be a time they all may have to choose. And he is clear that he will always choose her. That in my opinion is the ultimate selfless love. And I do believe even if it meant he has to sacrifice himself, he would, to save her. In his opinion if he is dead, what is the point, so he will make hard decisions that no one wants to and follow through it.

      And we think alike here. I do feel Stefan is all about saving the relationship he has with Elena. Had Stefan been in Damon’s position, not even having the girl who is clearly not reprocicating his feelings, I dont think he would go all balls to save Elena. I don’t think he wants anyone to get hurt but having her with him, and her opinion of him is far more important than saving her no matter what. As you said, he will save her if need be but his reward of being with her plays with it too.

    • Hey there, Cherie! Excellent points regarding Damon’s and Stefan’s respective motivations for saving Elena.

      As for the Damon Vitriol, I came across a bit of it too, while doing “research” for this recap. And even though that opening faux dialogue I inserted at the top of the blog was put there mostly in jest, I think that what side folks fall on in the Shipping Wars, had a TON to do with how they interpreted this episode. Most episodes, at least in some small way, pit Delena and Stelena fans “against” one another. But this was really the first time in a LONG time that both Delena fans and Bamon fans got some action. And yet the TYPE of action they got almost seemed tailor-made to incite violence between them.

      Delena got a dance. Bamon got a dance. Delena got an intense conversation. Bamon got an intense conversation. Both teams were equally happy. Then came the “I Always Choose You” conversation. . . . Of course, for the reasons we all described here, THIS was huge for Delena fans. As you mentioned, the fact that Damon would be willing to put Elena’s life as a top priority before anybody else’s (ESPECIALLY HIS OWN), was not new news. We all already knew that, based on his actions throughout the second season of TVD and most of the first. What was news was his willingness to tell her that, FLAT OUT, with confidence, and without fear of repercussion. THAT’S what made it truly romantic.

      But it was also a bit of a tough pill for Bamon fans to swallow, hearing their SHIP seemingly discounted in that way. And I agree with you, that Damon’s mere prioritizing of the woman he loves more than anything in the world, above the woman with whom he now has a tentative alliance, is not such a shocking thing. Bonnie’s fans might have been offended by it, but I don’t think Bonnie, herself, would be. Because, with the exception of perhaps, Jeremy, BONNIE would probably save Elena’s life, before she saved the life of anyone else on the show . . . yes, even Damon.

      In the real world, most of us are fortunate enough never to have to CHOOSE to save the life of one person we care about over, and, instead of, another person. We hope that if our friends and loved one’s were in danger, we would have the courage to put our own lives on the line to save them. And I definitely believe that if Bonnie was in danger, and Elena was not, that Damon would save Bonnie’s life in a heartbeat.

      It’s just that Damon’s on TVD! And on TVD, EVERYONE’S life is in danger, EVERY WEEK. This is particularly true of the woman Damon loves, who, due to her humanity, her Petrova-ness, and her tendency to hang out almost exclusively with Supernaturals, has the most fragile life in the WORLD! She’s like “Bella Swan” . . . only WAY smarter, significantly less annoying, and with a backbone. So, Damon is forced to make that choice that most people will never have to face, on a regular basis. And, as you suggested, the only difference between him and Stefan in this regard, is that Damon OWNS this choice, and is proud enough to openly admit it.

      And yes, I would TOTALLY wear a t-shirt that said Dancing!Damon or Leather!Damon on it. (Of course, I’d wear panties with those phrases on them too!)

  10. Also, Bonnie dying would have been more believable if she had had sexytimes with Jeremy in the previous episode. I highly doubt they would let her kick the bucket before Jeremy’s fine physique is shown off in a Jonnie sex scene. Sex=death if you are a Jer girlfriend. It would have been incredibly cruel if the writers killed Bon Bon off before she had the chance to get laid first.

    Yes, these are the shallow thoughts that pass through my head when watching TVD 😉

    • You know, that WAS one of the old horror movie rules: “You can’t kill a virgin!” (Sorry, I just saw Scream 4 this evening! Forgive me for the lame reference.)

      And man, now that you mention it, if I had only REMEMBERED Steven R. McQueen teasing Jonnie sex, I would have TOTALLY known all along that Bonnie was going to survive!

      Yet, and maybe I was the only one who thought this . . . but was there anyone else who was concerned, during the infamous “Skype” scene, that the final twist was going to be that the REASON Klaus had disappeared after the Bonnie encounter, was because he had finally possessed Jeremy, as he promised that he would? There was just something about the way that they panned over to Steven R. McQueen’s face, while Bonnie was cyber chatting with Elena, that sent a chill through my spine. A part of me really worried that JereKlaus would suddenly stake Bonnie, while Elena watched. I mean wouldn’t that be a total Klaus thing to do?

  11. Nasha233

    Hi Jules, you do the best recap, believe me I read plenty but I love yours so much. It is entertaining and just plain good. I meant to write one last week but got busy and uninspired. It was a good episode but this week due to the Delena moments was fantastic.

    Let me start first with the comparison with the biggest resolve between Damon’s love VS stefan’s love for Elena. Even before this episode aired, my conclusio was that they both are in love with elena but with Stefan’s love, it is the relationship, the idea of having Elena he loves more. He does sincerely love Elena but the thought of making her mad or losing that relationship with her is far more important to him than losing her. While Damon’s love is selfless and just pure. For him, keeping her safe it utmost important, even if it meant she will hate him or that he has to make difficult decision. He won’t hesitate to save her. That is why going back to episode Rose, where he said his love for her is why he cant be selfish with her. He wants her but her being dead is pointless if he doesn’t do all he can to save her even if it meant her being mad at him. He would be willing to sacrifice himself so she gets to live. That love is so genuine and pure. I do feel at the end of the episode, Elena realized who truly has her back. Or the person she can rely on.

    Okay on to the show, aah so many things I love on the show. The delena moments where great. I agree about the foreshadowing, Stefan left elena to go to caroline and damon taking over. I told you before I was waffling with Forwood and Steroline but now I am certain, I want Steroline. I think they are the end game couple like Delena is. And that whole dance was so foreshadowing. Also with Matt gone to the wayside.

    Yes Matt and Liz is driving me insane. Tyler’s betrayal was one thing but the fact that caroline truly loves Matt and wants to work it out makes it painful. And liz knows everything, so what is she planning to do, tell the council about Damon, undermine him? I am so not interested, it just a nagging thing they have to deal with.

    I totally forgot about the Klaric (klaus/alaric) act. Matt Davis has done a great job making alaric and klaus invading alarm so different. And klaus compelling Kat to stab herself again and again. Really sadistic! No wonder she wants to just get it over with. I like Kat but I can’t see the Salvatore brothers even giving her a chance again.

    Okay you and I are probably the only people who thought that whole Elena teasing Damon about entering the house was such a fore play. Everyone else I read was mad and thought Elena was insulting Damon. In my opinion it was her way of flirting and teasing him. Come on, she obviously will let him in the house. And obviously knew that he isn’t going to obey her(except in the bedroom). So her coyly playing with him was her being such a tease. Stefan didn’t warrant any attention, it was all showered for Damon.

    Jeremy poor guy, girlfriend unlucky, punching bag unlucky. At least in the end he got his girl alive. I had a feeling that Bonnie wouldn’t die b/c I totally believed Damon has a plan. As Psychopath as they like to believe he is, I don’t think he would intentionally have Bonnie dead unless there’s another way. I have to give it to Nina dobrev, when she cried and ran to the door and shout helplessly and get asking Stefan to give blood to save Bonnie. I believed maybe Bonnie died. While I don’t think I shed a tear but I felt, how anti-climatic for her to die that way. Wasn’t satisfying at all. Like how Elijah died. Didnt want him to but that was a good stab.

    So when it was later reveal she did survive, I loved it. Totally bought it again. Again Nina and Ian totally sold it from the moment she slapped him to him explaining what he did. It was a very satisfying revelation.

    And the brothers. I told you many times I love these two together. Their love and hate for each other is very intriguing. If there is one person Damon might put above elena is Stefan. Oh at least he is the one person Damon wou,d try the hardest to save just as much as he tries for Elena. And yet their constant falling for the same girl. The competition. The deserved and undeserved brother, the tug. I love it all.

    So at the end when Stefan confronted his elder brother, he seemed to feel hurt that his brother didn’t have faith in him. The logic of what Damon did was harder for him to understand. I do believe in the end, Stefan will do everything in his power to save Elena but he will always hesitate because of what he thinks the consequences may be, that isn’t always a bad thing. But when you are playing life and death, that hesitation can get Elena killed. While Damon proved that he will not hesitate, he knows his priority. He knows his goal, and he won’t be thinking if he can achieve his goal, he will just go for it. And true to what Damon said, in the end HE will be the one to save Elena. If that means she hates him, be the bad guy, so be it.

    And I love and agree with you how slowly he is now realizing that he deserves Elena’s love after all. And due to that he is going to not be so quiet and fade to the background about it. I also agree that Elena and Damon’s are similar on how they save their loved ones, it is all or none for them. And for that they will always disagree.

    As for that scene in Damon’s bedroom. In my opinion I am truly believe this that the writers always wrote Delena as end game. Having Ian and Nina have the fantastic chemistry that they do was just bonus. That moment when Elena and Damon met in the Salvatore parlor sealed the deal. It is so easy to hate Damon. To make him the bad guy. And he gives plenty reason to because loving him is not easy and it will consume Elena. I think if she allows herself to fall in the pool of Damon, she wont be able to come out alive at least ot without scares and it scares her. And having Stefan there who makes it easy to love him with his perfect boyfriend attitude. It is a distraction and not a difficult one. I do think whatever Damon feels, the pull, the attraction. Elena does too she just can’t seem to see it or admit it. I do feel though that scene in his bedroom was a big leap forward to her realization. Unlike her usual protest or rejection, when he said to her, “I will always choose you.” She believed him. She understood because she would do the same to those she love. I thought it was a clear understanding and acceptance of his and her feelings. This was such a beginning of her aha moment. I loved it. As you said he may not have verbalize his words but it was clear what he was saying and she accepted it. No, “it will always be Stefan” anymore.

    And her hesitation before walking back, to me was almost her wanting to stay but yet had no reason to and so finally she walked away to the door and again looking back because I think she realized then that she is planning to do something he will be furious about but to save the ones she love, she would make the same decision Damon did. Go all the way.

    When these two get together it will be epic. I have actually given up on Stefan and Katherine. I cant buy his love for her anymore. And I don’t think they are compatible. I used to think he has many unresolved feelings but now I feel he just got over her because with Stefan, I don’t think he loves like Damon. He can psyche himself out and move on. I am totally on board with Steroline because I think she is the person that will truly love him. That looks up to him. That truly believe he has her back.

    And Elena making Elijah undead….I knew it will happen just didn’t think it was this soon. Love danie, Gilles. His “I believe the word you are looking for is OMFG” cracked me up. How much I missed the guy. I find both Nina and Ian have this capability of bringing chemistry with the people they work with. Be it girl or guys. Especially Ian. He has chemistry with Paul, Matt, Daniel. And even the same with the ladies, Candice, the actress who plays Liz, Bonnie and forgot steve for the men. Even with Mia was a good chem. Nina too with Paul, and recently with Klaric, Daniel, the guy who played mason. And I thought as Kat her chem with Mia was great, also with Candice and Bonnie. In the end though nothing beats the chemistry with each other. Explosive. Anytime they have a scene together even with no angst or heavy stuff like the dance, you still want them to just make out. When it happen it will be epic!

    Sorry this was sooooo long. I just love this episode. Can’t wait for next week.

    • Hey Nasha! Thanks so much for the super sweet compliments, and all the time and thought you put into your insightful commentary! I know that there are so many TVD blogs out there that you can spend your time reading and commenting on. And I am truly honored that you chose mine!

      I love what you said about Damon’s love being “selfless and pure.” This is SO TRUE! I really believe that the TEST of True Love is the ability to sacrifice your own happiness, and well being, for the object of your affections. It is far easier to love someone, when they love you in return. What is more difficult is to be willing to continue to love someone, and sacrifice for them, even though they are with someone else, and even if they “hate” you. Damon’s love for Elena is SO STRONG that he would sooner have her hate him for all eternity, than have her come to any harm. There are few people capable of a love this strong, and Damon, for all his faults, is one of those people.

      You make a really interesting point about the dance sequence not only foreshadowing Delena, but also foreshadowing Staroline. As I think Cherie (correct me if I’m wrong, Cherie) has mentioned on here a few times, now that both Caroline and Stefan are vampires, there is a REALLY good chance they could end up Endgame in the TRUE sense of the term. Because if Tyler an Elena remain mortal, there will, eventually come a time when they both pass on (hopefully, LOOOOOONG after this show is over, of course!). And I can definitely see Caroline and Stefan retaining the bonds they have created into eternity, just as Stefan’s and Lexie’s relationship carried on across centuries, and would have gone on longer, were it not for her untimely death.

      Yay! I’m so glad you agreed with me on the Home Entry scene. I thought it was HILARIOUS and extremely cute, the way Elena teased Damon here. As you said, Damon DEEDED her his house for crying out loud, and she was INSANELY grateful to him for that! Of course, Elena was ultimately going to let him in! He knew that, and she knew that, which was why he made that comment, “What are we twelve?”

      This is just the way that these two relate to one another. And for me, it’s a big part of what I love about them. As we saw in their dance scene, Damon brings out a side of Elena that we often don’t get to see: It’s a fun side, a silly side, a snarky side and a VERY sexual side. Elena wouldn’t tease or taunt Stefan in the way she does Damon, because their relationship is different, on that level, more serious. And Stefan might not “get it” if Elena started treating him that way. But Damon, gets it, because he’s snarky and sexy with everyone, ALL THE TIME! 🙂

      I agree with you that the chemistry on this show is magnificent, with all of the characters. And no one displays chemistry, and can make you FEEL for them, like Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley. The scenes these three share in any combination are just so electrically charged. And I think that the Salvatore Brothers’ battle next week will be EPIC!

      I’m THRILLED about the return of Elijah! It usually takes me a while to warm up to TV characters, so I was shocked by how much I missed his presence, especially given that he was only actually on TVD for a short time. Speaking of chemistry, Nina Dobrev and Daniel Gillies already seemed to have it in spades with one another. I absolutely look forward to more scenes featuring the two of them together in the upcoming weeks. Maybe I’m just being naïve, but I think, ultimately Elijah will be an EXCELLENT ally for the Scooby Gang to have on their side in ultimately defeating Klaus.

  12. This was one of my favorite episodes (minus the product placement and fake Bonnie death – OK, that was a big thing, but I never thought she died, and if she did, she and Damon would have been the biggest idiots of all time). LOVE your description of Alaric the alcoholic. That’s cleared up a lot of things about the character for me.

    I also completely enjoyed your description of Klaus’s haziness when it comes to history and laziness. (His love for the 1920s I’m sure arose from banging flappers.) Even before Klaus called Elijah a buzzkill, their personality differences were blatant. You can almost imagine them as edgier, crazier, older versions of Stefan and Damon.

    I would argue that Elena’s expression towards the end leaving Damon was, “I can tell that you’re trying hard and almost there but not quite.” When Stefan killed Vicki, she was actually trying to murder Elena. Damon is willing to let an innocent person, a close friend of Elena’s, die to save Elena; that is a little different. Per usual, he is fixated on an individual (like Katherine, though he FINALLY got over her) and hasn’t quite learned the value of individuals he doesn’t actually love. (Obviously he loves Stefan, the resident psychiatrist – maybe that’s why I like him.) But Damon’s trying.

    As for next week’s episode, wow. Your quote from Elijah says it all.


    • Hey Noelle!

      Yes, Alaric’s functional alcoholism (along with Damon’s) has always been a part of TVD that was always present, but somewhat hidden beneath the surface. I can actually imagine a Supernatural Alaric Alcohol Intervention, with all the Scooby Gang in attendance, in which Bonnie trains Alaric not to drink, by giving him one of her famous headaches, every time he lifts a glass to his lips. Stefan, of course, would be the Dr. Drew figure, asking Alaric to describe what his “drinking triggers” are, and how all this makes him “feel.” Caroline would compel Alaric to think that bourbon tastes like rubbing alcohol and/or pee (which it DOES!). And Damon would just laugh his ass off uproariously throughout the whole affair.

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the parallels you drew between Stefan and Damon, and Elijah and Klaus. I think you are ABSOLUTELY right! Elijah definitely shares Stefan’s stoic nature, dry sense of humor, sense of propriety, and general unwillingness to exhibit excessive emotion. Meanwhile, Klaus’ shares Damon’s snarky sense of humor, blunt nature, tendency toward intense emotionality, extreme flirtatiousness, and an impressive ability to cook up creative methods of torture.

      You know that philosophy about how, at each different stage of their existence, individuals always seek out the same TYPES of people to fulfill certain roles in their lives? Well, this seems particularly true of Katherine, who, it seems ALWAYS needs to have Stefan and Damon types in her world. So, before the REAL Stefan and Damon were born, it seems fitting that she kept Elijah and Klaus around as their surrogates.

      I can definitely see the distinction you make about Stefan killing Vicki, because she would have killed Elena if he didn’t. And yet, while WE know that there are undoubtedly going to be other ways to save Elena, than to have Bonnie die, I don’t think that Damon feels that way. Remember, Damon doesn’t know about the de-staking of Elijah . . . yet. As far as he’s concerned, the ONLY way for Elena to survive Klaus, is if Bonnie kills Klaus. And the only way for Bonnie to kill Klaus, is if she uses all her powers, and dies in the process.

      So, for Damon, there is NO distinction between the decision he is making, and the one Stefan made with Vicki. If Stefan didn’t kill Vicki, she would kill Elena. And, as far as Damon is concerned, if Bonnie doesn’t kill Klaus, KLAUS will kill Elena. From Damon’s perspective, were he to sit idly by and NOT allow Bonnie to make HER sacrifice (something she WANTS to do, anyway) he would feel as if HE were putting the final nail in Elena’s coffin, himself.

      And though Stefan isn’t quite willing to admit it, I believe that if it REALLY came down to their only being ONE way to save Elena, and that way being for Bonnie to die, I think he would make the same choice, and allow Bonnie to go through with it. As for the obvious solution of Elena turning, I’m not sure whether either Stefan or Damon would want Elena to become a vampire, given their respective longings for humanity, and mixed feelings about vampirism, in general. This is not to say that it won’t happen at some point . . . (It did in the books . . . at least temporarily.)

      As far as Damon’s season 1 willingness to release ALL THOSE TOMB VAMPIRES just to free Katherine, I definitely agree with you, THERE was a circumstance where Damon foolishly put his own needs and Katherine’s needs, before those of the masses. But I actually think that Damon’s love for Elena, has helped him to grow a lot since then. And I don’t think he’d make the same choices today, if he had that to do over again. Elena’s situation is a very different one from Katherine’s.

      And as for the last scene, I don’t necessarily think Elena was judging Damon for his willingness to put her life above Bonnie’s. Elena, herself, said that she understood why Damon did what he did. But Elena, being Elena, can’t sit back and let everyone throw themselves on the sword for her. And that is why she knew she had to de-stake Elijah. It’s her only hope in ensuring that none of her friends and loved ones die, while trying to save her from Klaus.

      But, I must say, the fact that you are slowly coming around to Damon, makes me very happy, Noelle. We’ll get you to switch SHIPS yet! 🙂

    • By the way, I just tried to post a comment on your Count Chronicles Blog, and was denied repeatedly. Any idea why this might be? 😦

      • According to my expert opinion you are not allowed to post on my blog because, um, computer are stupid? I reposted the latest and made sure all my comments are enabled. Hm, what does it say when you tried to post?

        Oh and I forgot to mention that you were completely right about this episode being a shippers dream. They were all delightful. Heck, there was even some Elena/Alaric-Klaus there. Not sure if that was quite as delightful, but still really funny. Regarding alchy Alaric, you just know Stefan would totally identify.

        Actually, I don’t think you’ll be able to make me come around to Damon – mainly becaus I started watching this show for him in the first place (and the fact that I thought it would be a hilariously lame imitation of an already lame – sorry Twilight lovers! – series). I actually like Damon and Elena’s relationship because it’s so gradual, from that first lovely moment when Damon shows a flicker of surprise at Elena’s empathy to their sexy dance this episode.

        Stefan, surprisingly, totally won me over, though. He and Elena can be a little boring together, but seeing a relatively mature relationship on TV with little unnecessary drama is refreshing. I like Damon’s fun and Stefan’s mystery, but I guess one of the main differences between me and most Delena shippers is just that I like the slow pace of Damon and Elena’s relationship. Except I’m sure some Delena shippers will agree with me on that.

        Also, I don’t think that Damon and Elena are soulmates – at this point. She and Stefan have such a stable relationship, and they’re both kind of serious souls with the ability to have a bit of fun, I don’t find myself wishing for Elena to get with Damon. And, as cute as Damon is (from the beginning I found him more physically attractive than Stefan), I still find Stefan’s generosity, wisdom, and hidden layers more appealing.

        I’ve probably said a lot of this before, so sorry about repeating myself. BUT gotta love your Damon/Elena fervor.

      • It says this: “We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.”

        The only thing I could think of is that since I’m pasting the comment to your blog from a Word file (I didn’t want to have to write it again, after it ate my comment last time, so I saved it in “hard form”), it thinks I’m spamming you? But you would figure the whole “Captcha” thing would override that issue, right?

        Anywhoo, just so you know that I’m not pulling your leg, here is the comment I was GOING to post on your recap. (Maybe you could “pretend” to be me and post it there, yourself. :))

        “You picked up on so many little tidbits here that I missed on first viewing of this episode.

        I love the continuity of the TVD writers FINALLY explaining Uncle / Father John’s motive behind using the Vampire / Werewolf Dog Whistle to kill all the tomb vampires in the Founder’s Day episode! And, all this time, we all just thought of Elena’s bio dad as this Vampire-Hating Lunatic!

        It was refreshing to see Elena willing to allow EITHER Stefan or Damon accompany her to the Lockwood Money Acceptance thingy. In hindsight, she probably should have taken Damon along with her instead. Because, let’s face it! Aside from giving Bonnie and Jeremy directions to Dead Witch Hotel, Damon really ended up being fairly useless there. (Poor guy! The Elder Salvatore and witches REALLY do not mix, do they?)
        Also, and maybe this is just the Delena lover in me, I kind of think that, had DAMON been by Elena’s side at the Lockwood Mansion, he could have prevented her from being kidnapped by Isobel. This, of course, would have prevented Elena from having to watch her own mother off herself. Just imagine all the thousands of dollars she could have saved on life-long therapy and anti-depressants, had that been the case!

        Haha, it didn’t even occur to me that “Know Thy Enemy” marked the first time we got to meet a “White Witch / Warlock” in Mystic Falls. Which reminds me, does anybody know the nationality of the actor who plays Klaus’ warlock? I had one idea, when I saw him in “Know thy Enemy,” and a completely different one, when I saw him up close, in “The Last Dance.” Just curious.

        I love how you described Matt’s appearance as “Mystic Falls” horrible, after he first learned that Caroline was vampire. It must be so hard to live in a town like that, and NOT look like a super model. I would probably NEVER leave the house.

        Another brilliant recap! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :)”

        SEE! And it was such a detailed, personal, comment too! That’s why I was so mad that Blogger didn’t let me post it! 😦

        Oh, and P.S. Believe it or not, I kind of like the “slow burn” of Damon’s and Elena’s relationship too . . . though, it could move a teensy bit faster. 🙂 I mean, really! This is DAMON we are talking about here! 😉

        There is just something very sexy about unrequited love and unresolved sexual tension. And I actually think its more challenging for writers to keep a couple interesting AFTER they get together, than before. Because that’s the thing about Stefan and Elena, for a vampire and a Petrova Doppelganger, they are surprisingly “normal” as far as coupledom is concerned.

        I like angst, pain, animal lust, and heartache in MY relationships . . . which probably explains why I’m single :).

  13. Rene

    Stalk away LOL Yes you do make many good points on Bonnie. Of course not one of them are perfect. Its all about learning from mistakes like in real life. I do think we have to keep in mind that these are basically all teenagers and the writers do a good job at times at making them behave quite childishly, again like people in real life. To be honest, I think I only became more of a Bonnie fan when it seemed Jeremy was attracted to her and I am a firm believer in mixed couples I will just put that out there.

    I first fell in love with the show for the vampire drama, stayed for Damon’s hotness and continue to watch because it gets my blood pumping LOL. Good thing there are no vamps where I live they would hear me for miles away. LMAO Thanks for replying to my post. When I get more insight I will post again keep doing your awesome recaps.

  14. imaginarymen

    I believe the word I’m looking for is “OMFG” – Julie you have outdone yourself w/ this recap!!:

    “While, AlarKlaus goes and cries in his punch bowl, at Damon’s rejection of his villainy”

    “And so begins his Ass Grind Fest with Bonnie Bennett, while the pair whisper Sweet Klaus Magical Murder Schemes in one another’s ears . . .”

    “So, Sensitive Stefan, always the group’s unofficial shrink, rushes to conform him. ” (did you mean comfort him?)

    “Then, vending machines start exploding, and my heart goes out to the students at MysticFalls High. Because I know just HOW LONG school days can be, when you can’t get your $.75 pack of pretzels, or your $1.00 Diet Coke with Lime!”

    “Downstairs, at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Stefan is pouting, because Damon didn’t let him in on the Oh-So-Funny plan he and Bonnie had to PUNK Elena. ”

    “As you recall, the Rhythm Method of Murdering Vampire Originals has one small catch . . . “pull out” too late, and you’ve got another pesky little vampire bun in your oven!”


    This was totally “epic epicness” as Kevin Williamson promised. While I didn’t like the Bonnie fake-out (as you know I did happy claps when I thought she was dead!) I did like EVERYTHING ELSE about the ep. It really had everything including DAMON IN LEATHER PANTS!!!!!

    And I do appreciate Damon’s ability to bring humor into things (his “remember our last dance” moment) and of course I squealed w/ joy when Elena followed him into his Bedroom of Sex and Naughtiness and he did his “UGH!” like my fave “UGH! Who cares”!


    I loved all your thoughtful interpretation of both the Damon/Stefan scene and the Damon/Elena scene – mostly bc I was so busy SCREAMING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL over Damon’s “I will ALWAYS choose you” that I didn’t give much thought to what was going on or what it even meant!

    With that scene, Ian Somerhalder definitively put Damon into the rarefied air of my TVBoyfriends – because that, my friend, THAT was Damon’s “I remember everything”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r85CxdzUrOU

    Next week looks like MORE epic epicness and dear me, but it seems the Salvatore Brothers Detective Agency has gone bust and returned to Vampire Fight Club (first rule of Vampire Fight Club: DON’T TALK ABOUT VAMPIRE FIGHT CLUB!!) How this show sustains so much excitement and twists each week is beyond me. So brilliant!!!

    • Aww, you rock! I’m blushing from all your kind words and quotes. Along with your comment, I just got some really awful hate mail from some Stelena fan who thinks my whole OVER 5,000 word recap, that I spent 5 hours writing, was “worthless,” just because I spent more time talking about Damon than Stefan. And I actually LIKE Stefan, dammit! (Notice the evil comment has magically disappeared from my Dashboard . . . oops! :))

      Thank so much for picking up on my little typo! I just fixed it. 🙂 Yes, Stefan did COMFORT Jeremy. He did not “conform” him to a vampire lifestyle . . . yet. (Though, a transformation would probably prevent Mini Gilbert from getting his kicked so much!) I love how after a certain time of night, all words starting with the letters “co” start to look similar to one another . . . 🙂

      This episode was just SO MUCH fun to watch! The dancing scenes, the music, the costumes, the chase scenes, the Delena romance, the Salvatore Brother’s battle, it was all so epic! And I love how you can watch it on so many levels. On one hand you just have this really great, entertaining story, acted out by “really, really ridiculously good looking” people. And on the other hand you have this in-depth character study, with these really complex characters, and amazing actors. Did I mention Damon and his Hot Pants? 🙂

      I felt the same way you did about the Salvatore Brother argument, and the Delena scene the first time I watched it. I was sitting on my couch like a twelve-year old, bouncing up and down, going “Awwwww, he loves her SOOOO much!” “Oooooh, OMG she TOTALLY like, wants to kiss him! YAYYY! I bet they are going to DO IT!”

      Then I watched them again, in preparation for writing the recap. And I’m thinking, “Wow, there is just so much beneath these words! It’s just the mark of amazing acting on the part of Ian, Paul and Nina that all those hidden emotions came through on screen . . . not to mention, great directing and writing. In fact, those two scenes may rank up there in my top 10 favorite TVD moments of all time!

      Vampire Fight Club! I love it! “The first rule of Vampire Fight Club is nobody talks about Vampire Fight Club . . . or else we’ll EAT YOU!” 🙂

      Oh, and MANY thanks for the “I Remember anything” and “Ugh Who Cares” videos. I could seriously watch those two clips for an ENTIRE day, and never get tired of seeing them. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the kind words, kjwels! I might post that myself and then reply and people will think I’m both narcissistic and insane. If you want, you can fill out this annoying little form here:


    Or if it happens, again. Apparently, this is a regular problem. I love computers, but they make me swear like nothing else. Also, feel free not to spend your time filling out the form, obviously.

    Regarding your single status – the irony is my romantic relationships end up rather dramatic as well, so maybe that’s why I go more for Stefan than Damon! Hah!

  16. You have rapidly become my Numero Uno Recap to read! Some of the other recaps have TOTALLY lost sight of the Awesomeness that is Ian Somerhalder, so natch, you always get me going! *smooches* Lots of peeps are Gaga (not like a lady) over Elijah and Klaus–blech! (Although Kalaric is WAY hotter than the impending Klaus, just sayin.) Ah, Woobs, they seem to neglect you for your older, eviler, not-as-hot posers. DAMON RULES! I say take that damnable dagger and shove it up their….dot.dot.dot.

    Just a few brief thoughts as this is a couple of days late and $12 dollars short (more on that later). We are winding up (down?) to an unexplicable season finale–how many cliffhangers this year, what was it, eight last year? Maybe we can go for an uneven dozen. After next week’s obligatory Klaus flashback (greasy wigs and all–and how old is Maddox? I hope he’s old-school “Warlocks in Robes” and not Old-World gent…I do NOT want to see that ape in a codpiece *barf*), we also get to ponder the invisible line in the sand between the Bros that Woobie crossed in that little speech on the stairs, which Stef seemed to take to heart rather than misunderstand. It warmed my tiny cold heart to read you picked up on that, too! I think Brotha-ly love is about to take a downturn again!

    I must say the anticipation of the leather pants we did not see NEAR enough of was off-the-chart! *sigh* That whole bunch at The CW are a bunch of teases!

    I am finishing with my Woobie Word of the Week! This one was a no-brainer. I LOVE it when he uses $12-dollar words (notice that’s U.S. currency, not EUROS!). Jumped right outa the hi-def—–DUPLICITY! “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially : the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action.” Okay, children, name ONE TVD character this doesn’t apply to! (Auntie Vanilla excluded–she wouldn’t know how to be double if she had a fun-house mirror).

    We need MORE DAMON! Thank god he’s gonna come close (or finish) Andie off next week in an underwear RAGE and then play WWE with Stef!

    • Very true, mak! For all his complex machinations, possessions, compulsions, and cheesy song dedications, Klaus actually LOST this round to the younger, fresher, newer, Scooby Gang! And WHO actually came up with the idea that ended up literally saving the evening? Damon Salvatore, of course!

      Damon not only saved Elena’s life this week, he also SAVED BONNIE’S! That’s an aspect of this story that some people are forgetting, I think. Without Damon and his “duplicitous” plans, Bonnie probably would have exhausted her powers attempting to kill Klaus, and would have died without accomplishing her goal, just like Klaus wanted. Now, the Scooby Gang still has its Secret Weapon. And Elena still has the best (and HOTTEST) bodyguard on the planet at her side, one who’s willing to literally and metaphorically take a “bullet” for her, in more ways than one.

      Haha, I TOTALLY didn’t realize that Sumo Warlock’s name was Maddox . . .


      *facepalm* Shows how much I pay attention! I presume the character is supposed to be “normal human age” (late 20’s to early 30’s perhaps?), since we haven’t met any immortal, non-ghostly, witches yet. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be cool, if he ended up being some warlock/ vampire hybid thing? (Speaking of which, part of me was hoping that VAMPIRIZING Bonnie was going to be Damon’s Master Plan to save her from Death By Klaus. I just think it would be poetic justice, considering how much time on the show the girl spent despising vamps / trying to set them on fire / giving them migraines.)

      A light definitely went on in Stefan’s head this past week, when Damon set him straight on which Salvatore Brother REALLY has what it takes to save Elena from Klaus. I actually think that’s what prompts Stefan to go after AlarKlaus, in the promo. Of course, I’m very curious as to what sparks the Epic Salvatore Brother Showdown we are about to witness. Could this be when Damon finds out about the de-staking of Elijah, or does the brawl have something to do with the once-again Happy Katherine (BTW LOVED her little Dances with Booze scene in the promo – VERY reminiscent of Damon Dancing in “Lost Girls”)?

      And oooh, Poor Andie! Dying in your underwear is SUCH a horror movie cliche! When Elena and Damon start dating . . .


      . . . (which is inevitable ;)) she will definitely have to enroll the Hot-Headed Vamp in some Anger Management Courses STAT! (And just hope that he doesn’t eat his instructor.)

      • I left something out! As a Harry Potter fan (what can I say, I am fantasy obsessed), I OF COURSE got my copy of Deathly Hallows Part One, which inevitably turned into a weekend Harry Potter marathon-at-home. There is a point to my madness. When I got to Goblet of Fire, “it
        struck me. Now that you know his name is Maddox, have you noticed the new he-warlock could be Viktor Krum’s brother? Bwahaaaaa!

        Bruno Mars reference–priceless (I’d catch a grenade for ya…………..) lol Yea, Hottest Bodyguard on the Planet! [maybe SHE doesn’t deserve HIM]

  17. André

    I admit that I am pleasantly surprised of this recap. I expected some “I hate Matt”-tirade or something but you didn’t do it.

    ” to ensure that (1) all Jeremy’s girlfriends get whacked; and (2) he gets his ass pummeled each week, by everyone from invisible witch girls, to middle aged men in Coke bottle glasses, to skinny 14-year old boys?”
    Well I can’t say anything about point 1 but I am pretty sure point 2 is simply because he is a non-supe kid all around supes and a girl around whom everything centers, and then you are practically designated to be a punching back or the helpless victim/damsel in distress. And I guess such a character definitely feels as though he is useless. To quote Damon: “What are you even doing here?”
    This episode made a little reference as well when he wanted to give Bonnie the ring and she says that it won’t work for her. That is sort of a slap in the face. The one thing you have special is useless when you want to protect the person you love. And Elena would rather implant the ring in Jeremy’s chest with her own hands than take it for herself. If Bonny dies now I’m pretty sure we will see stoner-Gilbert again.

    ” and he compels me to stab myself repeatedly in the knee”
    This is what I mean with the darker side of vampires. They have possibilities a human doesn’t have.

    ” In fact, the Katherine we see this week is a VERY different vamp, from the confident, in charge, villainess we saw in “Plan B,” who single-handedly maneuvered a Useless Aunt Jenna Suicide Attempt AND a Stelena Breakup, AND a Tyler werewolf curse activation, all without even breaking a sweat!”

    ” It’s odd seeing a character who was once seemingly willing to DO anything, and betray ANYBODY, in order to stay alive, literally begging her tormentor for death.”
    Well, you know, there is always an even bigger fish.
    And it’s not odd at all; it fits into the description of Klaus we had so far. Now that he has her, her chances of escaping are practically non-existent in her eyes.

    ” not particularly feminine, mother.”
    Of course she is feminine.

    ” I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand this storyline AT ALL!”
    That is simple. Matt is scared of Caroline. And to whom should he turn to? The sheriff is the only viable option as far as he knows.
    And you called that thing in Know thy enemy villainy? Seriously, it was more than obvious that both didn’t know what to make of the situation.
    In addition we don’t know how much Caroline told Matt but let’s assume she told him all she knew, how big are the chances of someone ever believing something like that if he hadn’t been in it? Given such a scenario I wouldn’t believe one bit of it and be scared too. All of Caroline’s action would then seem like a giant charade. If she had refused to compel him when he asked her it made have made a significant difference, but she didn’t.

    “By the way, did anybody else find it strange that AlarKlaus was “human,” in the sense that Bonnie would be capable of killing him rather easily, were it not for the use of a Protection Spell . . . and “human,” in the sense that he could, enter Elena’s house without an invitation (more on that later) . . . but “vampiric” in his ability to compel others? Now, maybe this is because compulsion is something that occurs in the mind, and not the body. And yet, I’ve always considered it to be an exclusively VAMPIRE power, which would mean that someone inhabiting Alaric‘s body, shouldn’t have been able to do it. Any thoughts?”
    Well it looked like he was injected with something before he entered Alaric’s body. So maybe this is where his powers come from. Going around in a human body would have the benefit of being less easy to detect and able to enter houses. Currently we don’t know the extent of his powers, but maybe Damon will try another of his useless strangling attempts that already didn’t work on Pearl and Elijah, duh…

    ” Matt DONAVASSHOLE! It’s called a THEME dance, not Halloween! Just sayin’!”
    This definitely goes too far. Caroline went as Jackie and you don’t complain about her horrible pink dress. Or the fact that she is totally oblivious to her mom’s behavior. It took her quite a while to spot that something is going on with Matt and then she didn’t even realize the “fakeness” in his voice. A clear evidence that Caroline is not the super woman many of her fans seem to believe she is. If you complain about Matt’s outfit than you have to complain about Caroline’s as well.

    ” Alaric gets thrown around the room a bit, Mini Gilbert style, but always gets up unscathed.”
    You forgot that Bonnie breaks bones and dislocates arms so “unscathed” isn’t quite correct.

    ” Which reminds me . . . doesn’t Bonnie have parents? Aren’t THEY going to start to wonder, why she never came home from the dance? Aren’t there ANY good parents on this show?”
    Hard to tell if the writers haven thought that far ahead, but there is still the old compulsion for such cases so maybe next episode it goes “Damon compelled them” or something.

    And when I saw Elena going into the “dungeon” I knew that I was right to suspect that Elijah will return.

    PS. I really would have preferred if Klaus was older. I mean even a newborn vamp is already much stronger than every human could ever be and considered that Klaus is supposedly the first he could have been an oldtimer when he was turned and nonetheless be the most powerful vamp in existence. At least the guy is in his thirties but nonetheless. Let’s see how the actor plays him but I really would have preferred an older more regal looking Klaus.

    • A Hate Tirade, moi? 🙂 LOL, nah, the Donavass and Lizard Plotline seemed like such an afterthought in an otherwise solid episode, that I really didn’t give it much thought, aside from experiencing a bit of confusion, as to why it was there, in the first place. Talk about a “Why are you even here?” moment! I kind of feel like this flimsy plotline is just biding its time, until Tyler’s inevitable return . . .

      But since we are on the subject, you mentioned my little joke about Matt’s “costume” for the affair. Truth be told, I wasn’t a huge fan of Caroline’s Jackie O’ ensemble either. (Matt’s just a WAY more fun target than Caroline, in my humble opinion. And, of course, a lot of what I write here is meant to be in jest.)

      Remember the movie Mean Girls, where the “Plastics” threw a Halloween party, and while all the other girls wore sexy bunny costumes and the like, Lohan’s character showed up in a hideous Bride of Frankenstein costume, thereby illustrating a major lack of social awareness, on her part? This is kind of how I felt about Matt and Caroline, like they simply missed the boat, in terms of the “theme” of the evening.

      Though, in Caroline’s defense, I will say there was a slight distinction to what Caroline wore, that made her costume slightly more appropriate than Matt’s. From what I’ve read, Jackie O’ was quite the fashion icon back in the sixties. Given that, it wouldn’t have been out of the question for women of a certain age (not necessarily high school women, but perhaps women in their 20s and 30s) to dress like Jackie O. This made Caroline’s outfit seem less costume-esque than Matt’s. Also, Caroline wasn’t wearing a “NAMETAG.” 🙂

      Oh and as for Caroline’s mom . . . yeah, she definitely doesn’t give off a feminine vibe to me. (I mean no disrespect to the actress, of course ex
      I actually think the “harder” aspects of her character are written into the script.) But I see very little that’s maternal or feminine about this woman.

      The character’s wardrobe has a lot to do with that, of course. Whenever Lizard is not wearing a police uniform, she’s wearing something equally manly. Couple that with minimal makeup, a short masculine haircut, and very little showing, on her part, of maternal love and care toward Caroline, and you come up with a sort of Hard Woman, to put it kindly.

      Perhaps, this comes from the fact that Caroline’s father is out of the picture. And Lizard, as the sole breadwinner in the family, feels obligated to fulfill this role in Caroline’s life. But it does provide a stark contrast between mother and daughter, and may explain some of the tension / lack of closeness in their relationship.

      I can see what you are saying about Jeremy’s Whipping Boy status on the show coming from his being the “token” human male in the Scooby Gang. But the comment was actually directed more toward Steven R. McQueen, himself, who has expressed on many occasions in interviews, a bit of good-humored frustration over the fact that this is probably the ONE show where someone who looks like McQueen would be believable as the character constantly getting his ass kicked. On any other teen drama, McQueen would probably be the leading man, or, at least, the alpha male douchebag villain, as I’ve actually seen him play quite well on at least one occasion.

      Not that McQueen doesn’t LOVE being on TVD. But I do think the Punching Bag distinction irks him a bit. So, wanted to call attention to that. 🙂

      Don’t underestimate Katherine Petrova. Based on next week’s promos, it definitely seems as though our vampire vixen will be resuming her place on top of the proverbial food chain VERY soon.

      Good call on the blood transfusion aspect of the AlarKlaus possession. So, often, when we think of possessions, we think of ephemeral souls entering bodies. But this little twist actually makes the concept of possession seem more “scientific” than that. It also raises the question of how much of a vampire’s personality, and abilities, are tied to the blood running through their veins.

      Also, if Klaus’ blood is in Alaric’s system, what happens when the possession terminates? Will there always be a part of Klaus in Alaric? Is Alaric now at “risk” for becoming a vampire in earnest, if he dies on the show? All interesting questions.

      Speaking of Klaus, when I read the books, I always pictured him as being much older-looking than the other vampires on the show as well. I suspect the producers ultimately ended up casting a 20-something, in order to make him more a believable love interest for Katherine. Also, this is the CW we are talking about. They’ve got a certain demographic to impress . . . ours. 😉

      • André

        I kinda guessed that you don’t mean much that you write. At least I had trouble believing that you actually believe what you wrote in some earlier posts.

        Ok, as to why the “Donavass and Lizard Plotline” exists, I am pretty sure that we will know soon, probably its some way to bring them into the field for the last three episodes of the season.
        As for Tyler’s return… the clock is ticking but I am sure he will be back this season, I mean if Trevino was gone for good why would his name still appear in the opening credits?

        Actually I think you should have picked more on Caroline’s outfit. Seriously, pink and blond? That just doesn’t match. Although if they wanted to go as the Kennedy’s both should have colored their hair darker. If you go there, go all the way. 😀
        And I never saw Mean Girls but I think I get what you mean.

        Appearances are deceiving. Just because Mrs. Forbes doesn’t were skirts doesn’t make her less feminine. But then again maybe I am not the best judge, I can’t remember my mother ever wearing a skirt and to be honest it would look really weird if she did. The sheriff’s outfits fit a working woman in a police job and considered that she seems to be caring for her daughter pretty much alone also explains her other clothes and haircut (which is not masculine by the way). I mean what do we know about Caroline’s father? Gay or not considered the little we know would speak for a not very paternal man. And considered Caroline’s portrayal I would be in no way surprised if she had just played it up or blamed her mother for something that wasn’t her fault.

        ” who has expressed on many occasions in interviews, a bit of good-humored frustration over the fact that this is probably the ONE show where someone who looks like McQueen would be believable as the character constantly getting his ass kicked.”
        It still has to do with the supe stuff. I mean that guy has such broad shoulders….
        Maybe the writers will do something more with him in season 3. If he survives that is. Actually I think he would make a good werewolf. Good contrast between that face and the rabid behavior of the werewolf. Maybe we could know more about the werewolf condition that way, but so far there is no hint in the show that a human could be turned in that direction. But who knows, there is still the possibility that Bonny could die.
        By the way if at least one werewolf is in town, as far as we know Klaus would have all the ingredients at hand he would need to break the curse.

        I think the actor playing Klaus is actually in his early 30s. But at least he doesn’t look like a kid.
        ” Don’t underestimate Katherine Petrova. Based on next week’s promos, it definitely seems as though our vampire vixen will be resuming her place on top of the proverbial food chain VERY soon.”
        Do you mean that little scene where she seems to be dancing with two bottles in her hands?

  18. Theo

    I love your The Last Day review! I burst out laughing with every other sentence. (Of course tears for Damon were inevitable.) I also have a question to ask you about this recap but can’t seem to find your address. Is it posted on your blog? Thanks so much! 🙂

    • HeyTheo! Thanks so much for your kind words about my TVD recaps. I really do appreciate it. And I suspect you are a fellow Damon fan, as well . . . even better. 😉

      As for e-mailing me. I generally don’t give my e-mail address out on this blog. However, you can contact me privately, by filling out the simple form provided in this link:


      That’s the link to my personal website. Once you submit the form, your letter will go directly to my e-mail. And then, when I respond, you will have my actual e-mail address, for future reference. I hope that helps. 🙂

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