The Worst of Both Worlds – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Klaus”

ELENA:  “So, what you are telling me is that Klaus is your ‘brotha from anotha papa?'”

ELIJAH:  “Hells yeah, shortie!”

ELENA:  “That’s off the heezy!”

ELIJAH:  “Fo schizzle, my dizzle.”

Oh, TVD!  How you slay me with your Twisty Turny Plot Devices!  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m still recovering from the multiple stakes this show has driven through my heart, in the course of a single hour.  Every time I thought I had things figured out, in popped those wily writers again, to stab me with a new piece of information that would undoubtedly change everything . . .

Admittedly, like most of the show’s Flashback Episodes, “Klaus” was a tad more “talk-y” than your average Vampire Diaries’ installment.  And yet, the hour still packed a few MAJOR punches, thanks to some truly shocking revelations, which were very politely brought to our attention, courtesy of THIS GUY . . .  

That’s right, my fellow fangbangers!  Elijah is back!  And if history any indication, he’s quickly shaping up to be the “New Stefan”  . . . or perhaps, more accurately, the Old One.  Of course,  if Elijah is the New/Old Stefan, that begs a very important question:  Who’s Klaus?

“In the iconic words of Damon Salvatore, ‘That’s for me to know, and you to dot, dot, dot . . .”

As you may have already guessed, our mission this week, should we choose to accept it, is to learn more about the titular “Klaus.”   Where did he come from?  What makes him tick?  And, perhaps, most importantly, what the heck does he want with OUR Elena? 

Let’s examine the evidence, shall we?

Don’t Wake The Elijah!

ELIJAH:  “I just had the most AWFUL dream, Elena!  I came to your lakehouse to talk to you, and you DROVE A STAKE THROUGH MY HEART!  Then, someone stuck me in the trunk of their car, dragged me back to this mansion, and threw me in a wine cellar.  After that, someone tried to SET ME ON FIRE WITH A BLOW TORCH!  That didn’t work.  So, I laid DEAD, on the COLD HARD FLOOR, for MANY, MANY EPISODES .  . .”

ELENA:  *whistles awkwardly*

We begin our episode right where we left off, last week.  Elena has just “de-staked” Elijah (something we all know she is VERY good at doing) . . .

“That’s right, Elena, you just keep pulling it out . .  . HARD!”

So, now, our heroine is just waiting for him to “wake up.”  And, “wake up,” Elijah DOES!  Of course, lying with a stake in your heart for many, many days,  would take it’s toll on ANYBODY.  So, to say Elijah is not exactly “at his best,” when Elena first sees him, is pretty much the Biggest Understatement EVER . . .

 His hair still looks fabulous though .  . .

I’ll be honest, when Elijah first opens his eyes to the woman who gave him the “Big Sleep,” I expect some  Vampire Rose-esque CRAAAAAAZY MAN Vampire Hijinks, complete with lots of growling, and images of Elena skittering around the mansion, like a scared mouse. 

Ahhh, memories!

But Poor Elijah is much more the Confused Old Grandpa, Who Just Misplaced his Pants, than a Savage Beast.  And I can’t help feeling kind of bad for the guy, as he stumbles and trips around the Salvatore Mansion, clothes torn, and face ashen. 


He repeatedly mistakes Elena for Katherine, and complains of difficulty breathing.  Remember, just because he was DRAGGED into “Elena’s” house, didn’t necessarily mean he was INVITED in there.  (Nice TOUCH, TVD!)

“Might I trouble you for a spot of tea?”

By the time, Elijah has successfully escaped Elena’s Casa de Rich and Awesome, and Elena has silently handed him the White Oak Dagger that brought about his untimely demise, he seems more relieved to have the color back in his oh-so-pretty face, than anything else.  So, off “new besties” Elijah and Elen go to “hug it out” outside. 

Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon share a Bad Sitcom Moment, when they simultaneously realize that Elena is missing, and so is their Token Dead Guy . . .


You can almost hear the artificial laugh track, as the brothers do matching facepalms, at the entranceway of the now-empty wine cellar . . .

While Elena and Elijah are chatting in the car, Stefan calls Elena’s cell phone.  She explains that Stefan shouldn’t worry.  She’s got everything under “control.”  After all, Elijah is a “noble man”, and she can “trust him.”  (Uhhhh . . . I don’t know, Stefan.  It sounds like a precursor to Hot Car Sex to me!)


“I think you are really going to enjoy this, Elena.  I’ve been boning chicks, since the Days of the Caveman.  I know what women want.”

After Elena hangs up on his ass, Stefan acts kind of blase about the whole thing.  Some might even say he seems bored.  Stefan explains that he trusts his girlfriend to do the Right Thing, and yadda, yadda, yadda.  But Damon is SUPER PISSED!  NOBODY should be having sex with Elena in a car, EXCEPT HIM!

 (Fortunately, for Elijah, Damon is more of a Shower Sex Guy than a Backseat Car Humper . . . otherwise, the Dude would SO be DEAD, by now!)

(Just so you know, my goal is to somehow include this GIF in EVERY SINGLE RECAP I write for this show, between now and the finale.  I do hope you won’t mind. ;))

“We need to find her.  And we need to stop her,” exclaims Damon fiercely.

But Stefan forcefully grabs Damon, and tells him to “back off,” in the Brothers’ first of many “Bad Touches” (TM Cherie) of the evening . . .

Back in the Luuuuve Mobile, Elijah has tentatively agreed to resume his alliance with Elena, and to tell her everything he knows about Klaus.  But first, he needs a shower (Ahem!  No funny stuff, Elijah!)  and some new threads.  (Silly vampires, and their Fashion Requirements!) 

So, off the twosome head to the Lockwood Mansion to compel Mama Lockwood to give Elijah some clothes.  It’s in this mansion that the pair spend the majority of the episode, sipping tea and gossiping like school girls about the Good Old Days of Elijah and Klaus . . .



So, Tonight We’re Going to Party Like it’s 1492 . . .

KATHERINE:   “Lords Klaus and Elijah, you have the MOST FASCINATING HAIR  . . . you must introduce me to your stylists.”

ELIJAH:  “We’d love to . . . except . . . Klaus ate him last week . . .”

It is at this moment in the episode that the First Bombshell of the Hour is dropped . . . Klaus and Elijah are brothers .  . .

The siblings come from a large family, who, though born to human parents, ALL eventually became vampires.  (Way to create a Neverending Cavalcade of Prospective Villains for Season 3, writers!)  Apparently, ALL vampires (including Damon, Stefan, and Katherine herself) can be traced back in origin to this First Family . . .

This is what I like to call having a “Darth Vader is Your Dad and Probably F*&ked BOTH Your Girlfriends” moment . . .

Speaking of Katherine, Elijah meets her first.  And in true Salvatore Brothers fashion, it become immediately obvious that she “looks just like a woman he used to love.”  That’s right, boys and girls!  Katherine WASN’T the first Petrova Doppelganger to win the hearts of two Sibling Vamps.  In fact, it’s pretty heavily implied that her predecessor was a SERIOUS object of affection for BOTH Elijah and Klaus.  And it was HER untimely death, in the service of a Very Special Curse (more on that later), that caused the brothers to “close their hearts to love for good,” or so they thought . . .

At this point in the story, Elijah and Klaus are still pretty close.  Knowing that Klaus needs Katherine for his Sacrifice, Elijah introduces the Doppelganger to Klaus, personally.  And, to Elijah’s credit, he is a pretty SOLID Wingman, when it comes to getting these two Crazy Kids to hook up with one another . . .

 But then Klaus makes a fatal mistake in the Wooing of Katherine.  It’s a mistake commonly made by television characters involved in love triangles.   Fans of the old show Dawson’s Creek lovingly refer to this mistake as the Dawson Leery Lady-Bedding Blunder . . .

This TV Relationship No-No occurs when a character repeatedly neglects the object of their affection, thereby allowing their more charming and romantic (not to mention better looking) friend or sibling to swoop in and steal their girl away, usually FOR GOOD!

Stefan Salvatore, consider yourself warned . . .

We know, for certain, that the Bedding Blunder has happened, when we spy Katherine and Elijah FROLICKING together in the woods.  (Man!  Sometimes, I wish I lived during a time when people still “frolicked!”)

Katherine is flirtatiously pouting about Klaus not spending enough time with her.  Elijah half-heartedly sticks up for his brother.  But by the way he keeps making googly eyes at Katherine, you can tell Elijah no longer believes a word of what he’s saying.  And when Elijah tells Katherine he doesn’t believe in love, it’s SO obviously a case of “thou doth protest too much,” it’s not even funny!  More interesting is Katherine’s response, “True love isn’t real, unless it’s pretend.” 

This one-liner actually goes pretty far in explaining some of Katherine’s more head-scratching actions throughout the series.  Katherine is a lot like Klaus, in the sense that, to her, love is a game, one that can only be won through manipulation and the gaining of power over another individual.

Power . . . LOST!

Unfortunately, for Katherine, this time, SHE is the one getting played.  Because Klaus too has a theory about love.  He equates it with weakness.  And because he thinks it makes him “weak,” Klaus has decided to turn off any feelings of love he might genuinely have for Katherine.

It’s time for the Second Bombshell of the Episode.  In the next flashback scene, we see Elijah and Klaus poring over those Aztec Parchment documents that supposedly detail the Sun and Moon Curse.  The problem is, the documents weren’t created by Aztecs at all!  KLAUS WROTE THEM HIMSELF!

Yep, the Sun and the Moon Curse, with all its “ingredients,” (i.e. the witch, the vampire, the werewolf . . . etc.), it’s all COMPLETELY FAKE — a diversion tactic to keep the various races of supernatural creatures at odds with one another.  The curse Klaus ACTUALLY wants to break is one witches placed on HIM, specifically.  And it’s only ingredients are the Petrova Doppelganger and the Moonstone. 

This, of course, leads me to the Third Bombshell of the episode.  “Klaus and I have the same mother,” explains Elijah.  “But we do not share the same father . . . Klaus’ father was . . . (wait for it) . . . a WEREWOLF!”

“Say WHAT?”

So, basically, the REAL Sun and Moon Curse has NOTHING to do with werewolves being able to change at will.  Nor does it involve vampires being able to walk in the sun, without sunscreen rings.  It all has to do with Klaus, and his now-dormant WEREWOLF abilities.  If Klaus breaks THIS curse, he will become the World’s Very First Wolf / Vampire Hybrid. 

Now, the thought of THIS GUY as a WERE-VAMP, alone, is pretty frightening.  But, try this on for size:  Klaus’ ULTIMATE goal is to start a WHOLE NEW RACE of Vampire / Wolf  Hybrids.  So, if you are lucky enough to be one of the Chosen Ones . . .

But, if not . . . well . . .

Now, totally and completely in love with Katherine, Elijah spills the beans to her about Klaus’ plans.  This, of course, results in a VERY pissed off Klaus . . .

“I have a VERY BIG MOUTH . . . the better to EAT YOUR FACE with!

According to Elijah, he had come up with a plan to save Katherine.  This plan involved killing his own brother, after the Curse was Broken, during the vulnerable time period of his first werewolf transformation.  (Now, THAT’S what I call love!)

  But, as we all know, Elijah never had the chance to carry out his plan.  Katherine ran from Elijah and Klaus.  She then ultimately tricked Rose into turning her into a vampire. 

“You cared about her,” notes Captain Obvious Elena.

“It’s a common mistake, I’m told,” admits Elijah.  “One I won’t make again.”

(Oh, Elijah . . . don’t you realize you are on the Everybody Loves Elena Show?  I hate to break this to you, dude!  But  your DEFINITELY going to make that mistake AGAIN!)

“Alas, I suspect you are right, oh wise, TV Recapper!  But at least, THIS time,  I will have less ridiculous hair . . .”

Anyway . . . back in Present Day, Klaus is still alive and well.  And Elena is paying the price for her “twin’s” now centuries old mistakes . . .

Speaking of Katherine, things are DEFINITELY looking up for her, lately . . .

Going Rogue . . .

DAMON:  “So, I hear we are getting to do some Almost Nude Scenes together this week?”

ANDIE:  “You are going to be ALMOST NUDE?”  *does little dance of joy*

DAMON:  “Nope . . . just YOU.”

ANDIE:  “Well, that’s LAME!”

DAMON:  “I know, right?”

Purposefully ignoring Stefan’s instructions to sit on the bench for this round of the Save Elena Games, Damon commandeers Sex Toy Andie to Go Rogue with him.  (Can I just say, never has the phrase “Go Rogue” sounded sexier, than when it was coming out of Ian Somerhalder’s lips.)  The so-called couple pays a visit to Alaric’s house, where Damon knows that Katherine is currently doing some compulsion-induced house-sitting.  (If, by chance, you are wondering where AlarKlaus is?  More on him later . . .)

“Hey, I’m bored.   You guys up for a threesome?”

Having been compelled not to leave the house, Katherine is understandably a bit grumpy, when Damon and Andie arrive.  After all, Katherine’s not exactly someone used to staying home, and missing out on all the good parties!  But hey, at least she’s not repeatedly stabbing her leg, anymore!


Damon generously offers Kat a vial of vervain, reasoning that, since the pair both share a true hatred for Klaus, a Non-Compelled Kat will be a WAY more helpful asset to the Save Elena Games than a compelled one. 

Plus, now, she’s going to owe him, BIG TIME!

CHUG .  . . CHUG .  . . CHUG!

To celebrate her newfound Freedom from Mind Control, Katherine decides to numb her mental faculties in ANOTHER WAY, namely, by getting COMPLETELY WASTED on Alchy Alaric’s SUBSTANTIAL Liquor Stash, and dancing sluttily around the apartment with various inanimate household objects . . .


My kind of girl!

But, then, AlarKlaus comes home unexpectly, following an impromptu “date” with Useless Aunt Jenna.  This forces Kat to do two things to which many teens can relate: (1) pretend to be sober, when she’s clearly not; and (2) pretend to follow “dad’s” orders, when she quite obviously no longer gives a DAMN!

Speaking of AlarKlaus’ and his “date” . . .

Do you like SCARY MOVIES, Useless Aunt Jenna?  (Because you are in one!)

“So, let me get this straight . . . vampires are real . . . and so are werewolves . . . and witches.  This probably means that zombies are real too . . . and wizards . . . and the Boogey Man . . . and the Tooth Fairy . . . and the Easter Bunny . . . and SANTA Claus (Klaus?)  So, many supernatural creatures of questionable trustworthiness to invite into my home, and so little time!  I better get started now.”

Useless Aunt Jenna wakes up from her two-episode hiatus, and suddenly remembers (gasp!), “I have minors I am supposed to be pretending to care about!”  So, she comes back to her house to try and remember what the heck these kids look like.  The problem, of course, is, they both have magically DISAPPEARED. 

(Actually, Jeremy is hanging out in a grave somewhere, with Wicked Witch Bonnie, and Elena is busy partying it up with the SECOND most dangerous vampire in the WORLD!  And what Responsible Parent would have a problem with that?)

“So, Elena’s banging vampires, huh?  Well, at least we won’t have to worry about her getting pregnant!”

Silly Stefan!  When Useless Aunt Jenna calls him to ask about her “kids'” whereabouts, he warns her not to let AlarKlaus into her home.  Doesn’t he realize that, now that he’s TOLD her NOT to do something, that’s EXACTLY what she’s going to do?  I mean, we are talking about Useless Aunt Jenna here, a.k.a. Little Miss Open Your Legs House for All Super Villains!

Fortunately, Stefan is smart enough to rush over to Jenna’s place, where AlarKlaus (SURPRISE!) is already making himself comfortable, by playing with his “girlfriend’s” boobies carving knives . . .

(I swear, this whole scene was SO remininscent of the original Scream opener, that I almost had Dead Drew Barrymore flashbacks . . .)

In what I can only imagine was an even MORE obvious homage to Scream (after all, Kevin Williamson wrote that one too), AlarKlaus begins to taunt Useless Aunt Jenna, with a series of increasingly creepy questions about whether or not she believes in vampires.  Finally (though it took a REALLY long time, especially considering what the REAL Alaric put Jenna through, just a few episodes before), U.A.J. gets up the balls to ask AlarKlaus to get the F*&K out of her HOUSE!  Then, when he refuses, SHE decides to leave instead! 

This prompts AlarKlaus to go all Knife Wielding Psycho Killer on Jenna’s ass, which prompts Stefan to do THIS . . .

Way to go, STEFFY!

Mesmerized by the sight of her niece’s boyfriend trying to slice through the neck of her now-Abusive and Psychotic Ex, Dumbass Jenna just stands in the corner, with her jaw hanging open, and drool coming out of the sides of her mouth.  This forces Stefan to VAMP OUT on her, so that it will FINALLY occur to her to LEAVE!

 “I’m getting ANGRY, Jenna!  And you wouldn’t like me, when I’m angry . . .”

Upon hearing from Stefan what went down, Elena takes a break from her Hot Date with Elijah to comfort a clearly mindblown Useless Aunt Jenna . . .

Less Clueless, but still just as Useless . . .

Poor U.A.J!  It’s emotive scenes like this that make me realize that Sara Canning can actually ACT really well.  She just hasn’t really been given much opportunity to do so in this TOTALLY THANKLESS ROLE! 

She even managed to make STEFAN cry!

“I’m supposed to be the one who protects YOU,” Useless Aunt Jenna whines, in what was clearly the most unintentionally hilarious line of the ENTIRE episode.  “I’m scared,” she whispers.

Umm . . . Jenna?  Newsflash:  YOU SHOULD BE!

It’s Too Late to Apologize . . .

“Dark Stefan, may I have this dance?”

After Elena goes back to Elijah, the Salvatore Brothers remain, alone and equally broody, in the living room of La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Stefan chooses this TOTALLY inappropriate time to make a snide comment about Damon’s unabashed use of Sex Toy Andie to satisfy his “needs.”  “You should be happy she’s here, because it keeps me from going after what I REALLY want,” Damon notes.


Mmmmm hmmm!

“Yes, thank you for being in love with MY girlfriend,” replies Stefan.  (Ooooh, he just went there!)  “You can be in love with her all you want, if it means you will protect her.  But I have her respect.”


Then THIS happens . . .


SUDDENLY, the two Salvatore Brothers are BEATING THE SH*T OUT OF EACHOTHER!  And, I know that it’s supposed to be all tragic and SAD, because they both really just want Elena to be safe, and, blah, blah, blah.  But it’s also REALLY HOT!  I mean, come on!  Show me a woman who WOULDN’T want these two men fighting over her, and I’ll show you a BIG FAT LIAR!

 This Brotherly Love Fest is interrupted by the return of Elijah and Elena (guess she decided to invite him in, after all).  Elena says that the original deal she had with Elijah is now back on.  “The two of you will come to no harm at my hands,” insists the gentlemanly Elijah.

So, for those of you who haven’t been keeping track, here’s the NEW plan to Save Elena:  (1) Bonnie will defeat Klaus, but she won’t die doing it, because Elijah has a loophole for THAT!  (Presumably, this will take place AFTER the Moonstone Ritual, when Klaus is undergoing his were transformation.)


I bet there will still be lots of Constipated Face Making and Nose Bleeds though!

(2) Elena plays her part in the Sacrifice, but somehow lives, again, conveniently, thanks to Elijah.  (I don’t know.  Is anyone else getting any Red Flags, here?).

(3)  There’s a big Supernatural Orgy in Mystic Falls.    Everyone lives Happily Ever After . . . at least until next season.

Elijah’s going to do ALL THIS for Team Scooby out of the “kindness of his Cold Vampire Heart.”  And all he wants in return is an apology from the brothers. . .

“Sorry for the part I played in your death,” says Stefan (which is pretty much the Funniest Apology EVER!)  “But I did it to protect Elena.  I will ALWAYS protect ELENA,” concludes the younger Salvatore, before sticking out his tongue, and blowing a raspberry at Damon.

“Real mature, Stefan!”

Then again, Damon refuses to apologize AT ALL, which doesn’t exactly win HIM maturity points either.  (Unless, of course, Elijah ends up being a Secret Klaus Supporter, in which case, we will all be patting Damon on the back in a few weeks, for being so “insightful,” when it comes to Elena’s needs.)

Notice, I said Elena‘s needs . . . because Sex Toy’s needs seem to be falling by the waistside a bit, of late.

When a highly distraught Damon returns to his bedroom, Sex Toy Andie is there waiting for him in slinky lingerie, despite him having begged her to leave earlier.  But Andie TRULY loves Damon (or at least, compulsion tells her she does).  She knows that he is in pain, and wants to show him that someone out there cares about him. 

Andie’s kindness, in the face of Damon’s complete lack of feeling for her, becomes too much for the Elder Salvatore to take.  Last week, Damon may have come to the realization that he deserves love, but probably not Andie’s love.  Realizing once and for all, that it is not FAIR to Andie, for Damon to use her as a distraction from his deep feelings for Elena, Damon lashes out at the Guest Star reporter.  He then, ultimately compels her to leave, before he can really hurt her.

 Ummm . .  . Damon?  You’ve got a little something on your lip . . .

Damon’s REALLY brutal to Andie in this scene.  And at first blush, it’s pretty tough to watch.  But if you peek beneath the layers of violence and brutality, there is actually a good deal of growth here on Damon’s part. 

Now, now . . . before you write me off as some CRAZED Delena fan, who forgives Damon for everything he does wrong on this show, just hear me out . . .

Remember JESSICA?

Not too long ago, we experienced on this show a fairly similar situation to this one, in which Damon (having just experienced the loss of Rose) lashes out at an innocent woman, as an expression of his heartbreak over his not being able to be the person [Elena] needs him to be. 

Now, just a few episodes later, Damon is equally heartbroken.  But, this time, he doesn’t allow his anger to become murderous.  By chasing Andie away, Damon saves her life, in the same way that New Vamp Caroline did, when she purposefully ended her relationship with Matt to keep him out of danger.  (And look how much THANKS Matt has given Caroline for that!  Ingrate!)

Not only is Damon no longer willing to selfishly use another human being, as a distraction for his true feelings, he also clearly feels deserving enough of Elena’s love, to prevent himself from committing the ultimate act of violence, just to salve a broken heart.  That’s progress, folks! 🙂

Don’t Call it a Comeback!  He’s Been Here for Years . . . (No, Really, He HAS!)

Meanwhile, back at Alaric’s house, Maddox (Yeah . . . apparently Sumo Warlock has a name.  I missed that!  Special thanks to my buddy mak, for kindly pointing that out to me.), and Newbie Witch Greta . . .

 .  . . sister of THIS NOW-DEAD GUY . . .

 . . . arrive, carting an Extra Large Coffin in their wake.  Now, if you recall, Jonas and Luka joined forces with Elijah to PROTECT Greta.  But, quite honestly, she seems to be having a fine old time with Klaus!  In fact, I can’t help but wonder whether these two KNOW one another, in the biblical sense, if you catch my drift  . . . Truth be told, when Greta casually comments Klaus, “Nice body . . . let’s get you out of it,”  some very, very naughty Witch/Vamp images ran through my dirty mind.

So, everybody holds hands around the candles.  (And there are those candles again!  It’s time to get more creative with your Spell Props, witches!  Haven’t you ever seen Harry Potter before?) 

Suddenly, the candles go out.  AlarKlaus looks up from chanting.  He sees Katherine, and calls her “Elena,” in a voice that is decidedly sans- that weird AlarKlaus accent.  Suffice it to say, the REAL Alaric is back . . .  and alive  . . . at least, for now!

But if Alaric is back in his body, than where is Klaus?  As if in answer, the door to the coffin opens, and THIS GUY emerges from it . . .


Now, if you thought Klaus was scary in a HUMAN body, you can imagine how much damage he can do in his OWN!  In other words, be afraid, Scooby Gang!  Be VERY AFRAID!



The extended promo for next week’s episode, promises, among other things, some tender moments between BOTH Salvatores and Elena, Poor Caroline getting chained up and abused, once again, Tyler Lockwood humping the forest . . .


SO HOT!  (I’m so jealous of The Forest right now . . .)

 . . . a bromantic buddy reunion between Alaric and Damon, the return of Jules (meh!), and a showdown between Damon and Klaus.  You can check it out here .   .  .

Is it Thursday yet, Fangbangers?

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    You did it again Jewls LOL I loved this recap. I linked you from tumblr again and I admitted it was the BEST Recap even before I read it. You had me laughing aloud. So many great points too bad is 5 in the morning and my bed time. Hopefully tomorrow I can come back and expand on the parts I liked the best. TVD rocked it again tonight and so did YOU!!

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  2. serendipity

    Yay! I’m the very first to comment ;)! So, Julie, that was a such a fun recap of a whirlwind episode full of bombshells! I sure didn’t expect some of this stuff!

    First off, what’s with the hair?! I’m glad you too noticed that Elijah’s suit looks like it’s been through a war, but his hair still looks fabulous! I do prefer his hair now to his hair in the flashbacks… And speaking of hair, I just can’t believe Klaus: he says he’s impatient to get out of this (Alaric’s) bad hairdo! That’s a daring thing to say if you see the hair HE has in the flashbacks! Just eat your hairdresser already if that’s all he can come up with 😉

    Well, I got the answer to my question from last week: apparently Elijah being in the house when it was deeded to Elena doesn’t invite him in automatically… which begs another question: could Alarklaus enter the house because it was Alaric’s body, or because Klaus is also a werewolf (and they don’t need an invitation)….?

    Oh, but how cute was Elijah, falling in love with Katherine? And did you notice the handkiss he gave her when they first met? I had a sudden flashback to Damon introducing himself to Elena… wasn’t there a very similar handkissing thing?

    I agree that this is the Everybody loves Elena show, so Elijah will definitely have to reconsider his position there: if he can be trusted (and I am definitely reserving judgement on that issue), he will have to make sure Elena survives, because the Elena-sacrifice was always a part of his plan, right (at least it was the plan of his -now very dead- witches)? Because for Klaus to be in transmission at the time of his killing, the curse will have to be lifted first… so the blood of the doppelganger will still be needed 😦

    I LOVED this (and I quote) “Fortunately, for Elijah, Damon is more of a Shower Sex Guy than a Backseat Car Humper” 😉 I’m not gonna mind at all if you use that gif every time! Please do, so we can drool! It’s awesome 😉
    There was a good deal of Damon snark in this episode (as well as a serious pout when Andie asks him not to bite her 😉 ), but my heart stopped when we got to that scene where Damon bites Andie… I was SO GLAD he didn’t kill her! He’s really come far, I agree! The thing with Jessica was clearly as bad as this, but now he just asks Andie to leave so he would not kill her, even after biting her! BTW LOL for the conversation you described between Damon and Andie about the nakedness… hilarious!

    There was a lot of tension between Damon and Stefan this episode, and I see it truly going downhill from here with their relationship: we’re definitely going back to sibling rivalry… Like when Damon said that Stefan should be happy Andie was there because it kept him from going after what he really wanted… and we all know what that is! I feel that Damon still has not completely stepped away from the Damon that compelled Elena to forget he loved her because he didn’t deserve her, but he’s already confronting Stefan about it and he’s insinuating it to Elena (last week about always choosing her) … and the confrontations are gonna get uglier, I’m afraid… I did notice Stefan didn’t say only he had her love though…

    So, that’s all for now, and keep up the fantastic recaps!

    • serendipity

      Oops, took too much time writing, so not the first 😦 Better next time!

      • Hey Serendipity! Thanks so much for your kind words, and always awesome insights. I love talking TVD with you each week (both in the “REAL” world, and in the fanfiction one)!

        LOL. Yeah, Elijah’s and Klaus’ 1492 hair was just RIDICULOUS! How did a couple of fashionable vamps like these guys allow those dead animals to rest on their heads for as long as they did, particularly when they were “courting” women? You would figure at least that Elijah, who has such amazing hair in the present, could have found a way to maneuver around less attractive fashion trends like this.

        I mean, who knows? Maybe that was just how men wore their hair back then. I can’t say I’m an expert in pre-Renaissance-era hairstyles. (The only guy I “know” who was around in 1492 was Christopher Columbus. And, in pictures, he always seems to be wearing a hat!) But still . . . those were some truly hideous headpieces! As for Alaric, I always really LIKED Matt Davis’ hair on the show, KLAUS! Not cool, buddy. . . Not cool at all!

        Speaking of AlarKlaus, I suspect that he was able to enter the Salvatore Mansion in Alaric’s body because ALARIC is not a vampire. That is also why, in Alaric’s body, Klaus lacked most of the special strengths and skills that come with being a vampire (though, for reasons I still don’t exactly understand, he somehow managed to retain the power of compulsion).

        Ooh, good call on Elijah’s handi-kiss, and it mimicking the one Damon gave to Elena in the pilot episode (?). You know, for the most part, Stefan and Damon are pretty modern men, for folks who grew up in 1864. (Contrast this with Elijah, who seems very much a gentleman of a more “pristine” period in history.)

        But, every once in a while, Damon, in particular will do something that show’s his “age.” The handi-kiss was one example of this . . . Damon’s giving Elena a Rose at one of the Founder’s Day functions, during Season 1 was another. Then, just a week ago, we got to see how at home Damon was at the 60’s dance. There he was, rocking his leather pants and boogeying down to the music, like a pro. These “old fashioned” elements of Damon add a fun layer to his character. Mommy Like!

        You bring up an excellent point about the disconnect between what Elijah initially said to Elena about the Sacrifice, and what he is saying now. When Elijah first made his pact with Elena, it was always assumed that Elena would have to die, in order for Klaus to be weakened enough to be killed during the ritual, by an all-powerful witch (at the time, Jonas). One could argue that Jonas wasn’t as powerful as Bonnie is now, because he had yet to visit the site of the Witch Massacre. And yet, Elijah and Jonas both KNEW about that Massacre at the time. This was evidenced by Elijah repeatedly asking about where it took place, and by the fact that Jonas “passed on” his knowledge to Bonnie regarding how to kill Klaus, just before he died.

        But now, Elijah is saying that he ALWAYS knew of a way to save the Doppelganger. Furthermore, he posits that all that’s required to do it AND kill Klaus at the same time, is a very powerful witch. So, what’s changed between the first time that Elijah made his pact with Elena and now? If anything, Elijah has MORE reason to be leery of the Scooby Gang now, than he did back then, because, as Elijah said, himself, “You guys killed me . . .twice.”

        Hmm . . . don’t get me wrong, I love me some Elijah. But now I’m more suspicious about his true motives than ever before . . .
        I also LOL’ed at Andie’s “Can’t you just use a blood bag today, honey?” comment, and Damon’s pouty response. It reminded me SO much of a long-married couple talking about sex! Under normal circumstances, you could TOTALLY picture Andie saying to a human Damon, “Oh, not tonight, HONEY. I’m just so TIRED!”

        I also think that the fact that Damon didn’t FORCE Andie to give him blood that morning, when he clearly could have, showed that he was already starting to develop a bad taste in his mouth, regarding the whole Compelled Relationship Thing. Whether this “bad taste” came from genuine guilt over what he was doing, or his growing certainty that HE is the best choice for Elena, I think we are on the verge of a MAJOR GAME CHANGER, in terms of the whole Stefan-Damon-Elena love triangle. I’m predicting our guy, Damon, is about to step it up big time, in the next couple of episodes, not only in the Save Elena Games, but in the WIN Elena Games, too!
        You also bring up a great point about Damon’s openness with STEFAN about his feelings for Elena, and vice versa. From the beginning, Damon has never kept it a secret from Stefan that he wanted to PURSUE Elena. Remember his line during the Founder’s Day episode, “I’m here to eat cotton candy, and steal your girl.”

        But Damon’s LOVE for Elena? That was something he always liked to keep close to the vest. Remember how uncomfortable Damon got during the Road Trip scene in Rose, when Stefan suggested the idea? But things are clearly different now, in the sense that BOTH brothers are very open about the fact that they LOVE Elena, and seem willing to fight for her . . . against her enemies, obviously . . . but also against one another.

        And you are absolutely right. The fact that Stefan said that he alone had Elena’s RESPECT, and couldn’t say that he alone had Elena’s LOVE was pretty telling regarding the way Stefan views Damon’s relationship with Elena. It was also a kind of “dick move” on Stefan’s part, considering that Elena’s RESPECT (or lack thereof) is obviously the source of Damon’s main insecurity over the prospect of their eventual romantic relationship. (It’s the whole “Be the better man,” “I can’t be the man SHE wants me to be” conundrum, all over again.)

        And yet, I think Stefan is WRONG! Elena might not respect Damon in the SAME way she respects Stefan, but she DEFINITELY respects him . . . quite a bit, actually. Elena has shown on many occasions that she respects Damon’s strength and courage, and his unfailing ability to do what he HAS to do, to save the people he loves. Elena admires these aspects of Damon’s character, because they are also traits she values in herself. That’s why Elena understood Damon’s deception regarding Bonnie’s faux death: She RESPECTED it.

        Ooh, things are just going to keep getting better on this show, between now and the season finale. I can feel it!

  3. Haha! I’ll admit that my first thought after watching this ep was “how the f**k will KJewls manage to recap this one?”. As always, you carried it off in amazing style!

    Special points for mentioning your jealousy of the forest; watching Tyler downward dogging that mound of dirt made me irrationally jealous too 😉 At least Tyler is too classy to hump a fire hydrant… so far!

    You know, I’d never quite gotten Elijah’s appeal. His fabulous hair aside, I just couldn’t understand why so many people get fangirly over him. That all changed with this ep. I was like a slutty chick on prom night asking Daniel Gillies to give it to me more as the ep went on. That little “OMG” comment had a perfect line delivery, rivalled only in its awesomeness by Damon’s “rogue” one.

    I was definitley anticipating Damon sparing Andie after seeing him attack her in the promo. His experience with Jessica, where he desperately tried to fight his nature before killing her, was so different to his earlier remorseless killing style, and this was the next step in the evolution of his character. Having Andie in the ultimate vulnerable position, blinding loving him and stripped of her clothing, is a tempation the old Damon would have given into, but now his capacity for feelings like pity are stopping him from giving in.

    It’s kind of funny how crazy in love Petrova doppelgangers are able to make the men in their life, especially sets of vampire brothers! I wonder if there is a supernatural aspect to their allure…

    Damon and Stefan definitely gave me the feeling that at least a small part of their battle of wills over Elena’s protection links back to their brotherly rivalry, plain and simple. It isn’t just about their love for her. Their tug of war over her is always coloured with their deep seated issues from Katherine, their vastly different relationships with their father as humans etc etc, which is part of what makes it so interesting. It isn’t all about Elena, at least not for me.

    I loved Elena taking charge of her own destiny in this ep. She refused to let the Salvatore Brothers dictate to her the best solution for the sacrifice issue and showed herself to be every bit the worthy adversary for Klaus. Aww, Elena, every since you were lucky enough to hug Tyler, your awesomeness has been taking me aback with each episode!

    I LOL’d so much at the Dawson Leery Lady-Bedding Blunder! It’s funny cos it’s true. He loved Joey so much he just had to throw her offering herself to him back in her face because of his crazy mangst issues. It does make me wonder how Stelena are going to be broken up, as I’m sure they eventually will be. I mean, far from neglecting his lady love, Stefan has always been intense in his affection. So, how the writers convincingly tear Stefan and Elena apart is very intriguing for me.

    Tyler next week! WOO! I have been patient and am expecting big chunks of Trevino hotness, mkay writers?

    • You know, Cherie, I was ABSOLUTELY thinking of you, the minute I laid eyes on that extended promo (with all it’s Forwoody Goodness). You HAVE been patient! And, if the promo is any indication, that patience is going to pay off in a HUGE way, during “The Last Day.” Oh, and nothing made me smile more this week than that droolworthy, not to mention, VERY funny, GIF of Forest Humping Tyler. (Thanks GEN!)

      I’ve always had a bit of a “THANG” for Elijah (It’s nothing compared to my THANG for Damon, of course. But it’s a THANG nonetheless). So, for me, it was nice to get the opportunity to see the character developed into something more than a Heart-Ripping Scary Dude with Nice Hair. I like that he’s SO VERY different from any of male character’s we’ve been introduced to, thus far, on the show. He’s just so “proper” and (at least, until he proves otherwise), so “honorable,” in an almost dainty way. And yet, Daniel Gillies somehow manages to take all these unique characteristics (which, in the hands of a lesser actor, could be collectively construed as effete or snooty) and somehow convey them in a way that is both likeable, and, undoubtedly sexy.

      LOL re: your insightful comment about those Petrova Doppelgangers and the Ode de Love at First Sight they seem to give off to all vamps unfortunate enough to come within throwing distance of them. Please, let this not be a Sookie Stackhouse “fairy juice” thing. That’s all I’m sayin’!

      Elena has been extremely savvy in this “Chapter” of the series, hasn’t she? Surrounded by strong supernatural men, a lesser female / Bella Swan type, could easily use this as an excuse to just “fade into the background,” allowing the boys to do all the dirty work. But not Elena. She has strong convictions about what she wants, and about the value of the lives of those around her. And, much like Damon, she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her friends alive, while still staying true to herself. You know what? I take back what I said about the “fairy thing.” I totally get why all these men are falling for Elena! 🙂

      And Katherine .. . well, she’s probably just REALLY good in the sack . . . oh, and also an excellent dancer! 🙂

      I definitely agree with you about Damon’s and Stefan’s recent antagonism toward one another being way more complex than just a simple, “we both love the same girl,” thing. I suspect Damon will always have feelings of resentment toward Stefan for his being responsible for Damon “going vamp.” And the whole losing “TWO Doppelgangers to Your Brother” in a single lifetime thing . . . that’s REALLY got to impact a guy’s psyche, not to mention his self-esteem!

      I think a part of Damon will always see Stefan as the Golden Boy who got everything, without really working too hard at it, while Damon has had to struggle with his emotions and humanity, for centuries. When you really think about it, this “brotherly” relationship has always been a ticking time bomb. (The ticking has just been dormant for the past half a season.) My only hope is that neither brother lets this deep-seated tension cloud their ability to protect Elena, and survive Klaus.

      Oh, and thanks for noticing my little Dawson’s Creek reference! I can always count on my fellow old school Joey / Pacey fans to know EXACTLY where I’m coming from, when it comes to my obsession with Dawson’s Ugly Cry Face. There will NEVER be a time when Dawson’s anguish over losing Joey to the man who really deserved her all along will NOT be hilariously funny to me. I guess that sort of makes me evil . . . And that, of course, is why I’m proud to be on Team Damon 🙂 (Among, many, many, MANY other reasons. ;))

  4. Also, gotta love those Bad Touches!

    That super powered punch from Damon knocked my socks off! I just want an all out brawl with Shirtless Salvatores sweating and glistening all over the place. Is that so much to ask? 😉

    • mak75231

      Ask, ask, ask! Sweat, baby oil, shirtless………..O.

    • LOL . . . I think Damon’s powered punch knocked Stefan’s socks off too . . . literally. 😉 That wiry vampire flew into that bookshelf like a well-aimed bowling ball! And the way the books careened off the shelves like that . . . it was a TOTAL strike!

      (But, yes, the next Salvatore Brothers Grudge Match should definitely be a Shirtless Affair . . . I’d even settle for those white tank tops they always wear. YUM!)

    • André

      Hy Spidey.
      I miss your articles.:( When will you post again?

      • Hey!

        My latest post is up! I’ll be posting a flurry this week. After internet problems last week, I’ve been having MAJOR writer’s block.

        I’ll be doing a massive speculation post for the upcoming Tyler-filled episode. Forest-humping jokes included 😉

  5. alex

    I thought Katherine’s line about love was “True love isn’t real unless its returned” although I could be wrong. Doesn’t really sound like a Katherine thing to say though does it?
    I love, love, love Elijah! So glad he’s back. And I totally got that vibe from him and Elena – it’d be so hot if something happened between them, albeit extremely unlikely on this show. But there’s some major chemistry there.
    And with the Damon and Andie scene – I don’t know if it was so much about her kindness to him, but rather her words. Notice that she said “I care about you Damon”? Exact same words Elena said to him in The Return, right before she told him it would always be Stefan. My theory is that Damon freaked out and did what he did because her words reminded him so much of Elena in that moment. She and Andie even had the same tone.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, alex! Ooh, nice parallel between Elena’s “I care about you,” in The Return, and the one Andie said in this scene. (It kind of makes me wish I was a fly on the wall when they were filming this scene, to ascertain whether Andie was told to say it in just that way.) I can definitely see how it would have a jarring effect on Damon’s psyche, to have his “distraction” channeling the voice of the woman he “really wants.”

      I still kind of feel like, at least on some level, in that scene, Damon had finally come to the realization that there was something fundamentally wrong with his relationship with Andie. Whether he came to this realization, because he realized that NO ONE could really distract him from his deep feelings for Elena; or that, doing this to Andie was preventing him from being “the man [Elena] wants him to be,” might not be so important. The fact that he is changing his views on love, and whether he deserves it from Elena, however, is VERY important.

      Speaking of views on love, I can definitely see how I could have mistaken “pretend” for “returned,” especially given the accent Nina Dobrev was using at the time she said the line. Admittedly, at first, the line sounded off to me. But then, I was searching through various tumblrs, in preparation for the recap, and found that a number of people had quoted her the same way that I did, so I just took it at face value. I appreciate the clarification though.

  6. Sophie

    Sooo, not going to lie, that was not my most favourite episode, although your recap was awesome as usual.
    It was probably necessary though, to give us all the background information, because, honestly, the whole sun-and-moon-curse seemed kind of lame, so I’m glad the sacrifice thing makes sense now.
    And there didn’t seem to be any kind of social event going on – had me totally confused, that just screams bridge-over episode.
    I love me some active Elena and yes, Elijah is sooo going to fall in her “I care about your pain”-trap, welcome to the most devoted team, Elijah!
    I have to admit I liked the Andie/Damon “relationship”, I was always trying to figure out what were her true words/motivations and what was just the compulsion. I had to snicker at their casual blood-discussions and don’t even get me started on that pout–sigh…On a shallow side note: how great was Andies body, you guys?? Naked Damon would still have been better, of cousre….I soo hope we get to see him at least once more before the hiatus.
    What really bugged me about this episode, and I know I’m totally biased, being unhealthely obsessed with Damon and all, were Stefan’s words before their admittedly awesome fight. I mean, okay, it sucks if your Brother’s in love with your girlfriend but 1) I’m sure Damon didn’t exactly intend to feel that way and 2) he hasn’t been actively going for Elena for a while now and 3) doesn’t Stefan feel even a little bit bad about being the person that ALWAYS gets the love of the people that his brother wants too?
    I’m sorry but that whole “I have something you’ll never have” was just kind of mean, and weird as well. I totally expected him to say “her love”, because honestly, I think Elena HAS respect for Damon, if not blind and unrealistic admiration (cough, cough). Well, Stefan probably just didn’t trust himself to deliver the “you don’t have her love” – lie convincingly.
    So yeah, he so had that punch coming and it was delivered flawlessly..
    Sorry, KJewls, for being so negative, I just had to get it out of my system and most of the times I do like Stefan, but the way he’s treating Damon sometimes – totally missing the enhanced compassionate personality thing there….

    • Hey Sophie! Thanks so much for your awesome commentary! You never have to apologize for expressing dislike for certain parts of the episodes here! After all, isn’t that the best part of watching programs like TVD with friends? The opportunity to analyze and critique the aspects of an episode that worked, and those that didn’t? I certainly think so! 😉

      Also, you should probably know (and you might have noticed in some of my comments), that my opinions regarding the shows that I recap aren’t always universally positive either. I try to reign in my more negative opinions in my recaps, to make them more “upbeat” to read. But that doesn’t mean I’m never grumbling at my television, right along with you guys! As for this episode, I went into it with lower expectations, because Flashback TVD installments, historically, were never really my favorites. So, given those expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by all the quality acting and twists and turns we were provided with this week. Had I gone into the episode expecting a show on par with last week’s “The Last Dance,” however, I may have been disappointed.

      I’m with you about the Sacrifice. This was probably my favorite twist of the night. Not only was it TOTALLY unexpected (at least for me), it also makes a whole lot more sense in the context of the story. After all, Elena raised a question this week that many of us were asking when the Original Sacrifice was still in play, namely: all the vampires WE know have sunscreen rings, so why should Klaus give a DAMN about whether or not lazy non-ring wearing vampires are Prisoners of the Sun? Now, at least, Klaus’ motives for engaging in the ritual are understandable . . . megalomaniacal and evil, yes, but understandable, nonetheless.

      LOL, yes, Dawn Oliveri (who plays Andie) definitely has a killer body . . . and that made ME want to hurt her. 🙂 But, of course, I’m glad Damon ultimately didn’t . . . well, at least not fatally. I agree with you that Dawn made the best of what could have easily been a throwaway role, by always delivering every line she was given in such a way, so as to leave the audience to wonder how much of the personality she was exhibiting was the result of compulsion, and how much was really her.

      As for Stefan, I share your frustration with some of the “low blows” he made at Damon’s expense this week. And yet, to me they speak more of jealousy and insecurity on Stefan’s part, than anything else. Stefan was OK with Damon loving Elena, when he (a) thought his brother didn’t have a shot with her; and (b) assumed he wasn’t confident enough to make a move. Now, we see Stefan starting to question the validity of BOTH of those assumptions. Stefan sees Damon as a real threat to the security of his relationship to Elena now, both in terms of Elena’s obvious connection to Damon, and Damon’s recent “stepping up” of his game to win Elena’s heart.

      Well, Stefan, you should be worried. Because the times they are a changing, and so is Delena! 😉

    • JBALAN

      I TOTALLY agree about the Stefan being a douche concept (ok, not your exact words, but still). I also have an unhealthy Damon obssession and Stefan rubbing the fact Elena loves him in Damons face was heartless. Now I am always happy to see Stefan “man-up” and give a little crap to Damon because it makes him a little less…driftwood like. But Good GOD, He should have just stuck his tounge out and sang “Nobody likes you, Everyone you have ever loved…loves ME! Na na nana na.” And can I also add how much I wanted to be in the middle of that hot boy fight. I positively purred!

      • Thanks so much, for stopping by and making me giggle, this evening, JBALAN. I think this line in your comment may have been my FAVORITE: “He should have just stuck his tounge out and sang “Nobody likes you, Everyone you have ever loved…loves ME! Na na nana na.” — PRICELESS!

        I also love your description of Stefan as “driftwood” like. That line brought a smile to my face, even though I’ve never really considered myself as “Anti-Stefan,” just “SUPER Pro-Damon.” 🙂

        For what it’s worth, I feel like Paul Wesley as an actor is going to really benefit from the “dark” / “judgmental and douchey” aspect, they seem to be inserting into Stefan, of late. Not only is this going to give Paul a bit more to work with, in terms of character portrayal, it’s also going to make the relationships Stefan has on screen with other characters more interesting.

        And, if this just so happens to push Elena into Damon’s waiting arms, so much the better! 😉

        Oh, yeah, and that Salvatore Brother Brawl was SUPER HOT! I especially like how the producers didn’t feel the need to have the characters get all veiny and vamp faced, like they usually do, in heated moments like this. This allowed the actors to stay their hot manly selves, while they were grunting and tossing eachother around. The growling noises were sufficient, in my opinion, to show that this was a fight between supernaturals.

        In other words, Vein-Faces are not necessary! Because HOT Snarly Faces are SO MUCH BETTER. :))

  7. imaginarymen

    I can’t even BELIEVE how crazy this show is!! I don’t envy you writing these recaps bc I just sit the whole hour hollering “holy SH*T!!!” and then saying, “wait – does that mean…?” to my mom!

    LOVE the “Original Salvatores” reveal about Klaus/Elijah. LOVE the chemistry w/ Elijah/Elena, LOVE the Salvatores going all Vampire Fight Club on each other, LOVE Stefan in a tank top, LOVE no Bonnie, LOVE hurt and damaged Damon, LOVE Alaric as Klaus.

    NO LOVE for Damon not ripping his shirt off in rage, No love for Alaric no longer being Klaus (I’m torn though, I am glad to see him alive and back to his Bromance with Damon), no love for Useless Aunt Jenna being aware of the truth and on for FAR more scenes than usual, no love for the ye old wigs of the olden days.

    I seriously do NOT know how this show keeps up its pace. It is literally like the ANTI-Dawson’s Creek in that stuff doesn’t just happen EVERY ep, it happens EVERY 10 MINUTES!!

    I will be on a plane next week and miss The Next Installment of Epic Epicness :-(((

    • Oh NO! You can’t watch TVD live this week? 😦 Can you at least fly Jet Blue . . . so that you can watch it on those little TVs that airline puts on the back of the seats? (I LOVE THOSE!)

      At least you will be around for the finale. My sources say it will be FABULOUS. Plus, my finale viewing experience promises to be even MORE awesome, considering I will be watching it “virtually” alongside my two FAVORITE fangirls. (Speaking of the finale, we are still on for the liveblog, right girls? ;)).

      Interestingly enough, this episode was actually technically easier for me to recap than “Know thy Enemy,” which, for whatever reason, was unusually challenging for me. I think this is because, even though there was a lot of information to get across this week, we had an abnormally small field of characters on our screens. No Bonnie, no Jeremy, no Matt Donovass, no Lizard Forbes, no Caroline, no Uncle / Father John AND no Tyler. Come to think of it, this was probably the smallest cast we’ve seen on TVD in a while. (Perhaps, this was because they had to pay all those costumed extras to be in the 1492 flashbacks? ;))

      Oh, and yeah, the Damon / Andie scene was a perfect example of an Extra Special Shirtless Damon Opportunity completely laid to waste! I’m actually very surprised at Julie Plec, who wrote this episode, along with Kevin Williamson (See? I KNEW IT! I’d recognize those Scream references ANYWHERE!). Come on, Julie P! Whatever happened to Female Solidarity? We have to band together against the boys on the VERY Important Issue of Damon’s exposed abdominal muscles! 😉

  8. imaginarymen

    Also – I love you Stefan but your “I will ALWAYS protect Elena” still fell short of Damon’s “I will ALWAYS choose you” A for effort though! 😉

    • SO TRUE, Amy! It’s funny how Stefan’s the supposed DIARY WRITER, and yet, it’s DAMON who’s always delivering the funniest, and most romantic, one liners . . . just sayin’ 😉

  9. BrittanyMarie

    Before I say anything about the episode itself.
    I’m pretty sure that Katherine’s line was “True love isn’t real unless it is returned.” (: Lets not forget that she was human at one point in time and by the scenes they show of her, she quite obviously wasn’t the cold-hearted , selfish vampire we all know and love in THIS lifetime.

    After all , Had she said “pretend” Her next lines would have made absolutely zero sense . When she tells Elijah the fact he doesn’t believe in love is too sad to except, then goes on to tell him that if one does not believe in love there would be no desire for life at all (in her own other-words and opinions)

    • Thanks for the clarification ,Brittany. 🙂 As I mentioned to Alex, there’s a good chance I simply misheard “pretend” for “returned,” especially given the accent Nina Dobrev was using at the time she said the line. And yet, since a number of people online have quoted her the same way that I did, I suspect I wasn’t the only one who heard it that way.

      Just as we saw with Damon in HIS flashbacks, it would make sense for Katherine to be a more naive, and less jaded human, than she is a vamp. And yet, I can’t help but wonder whether Katherine was always a bit like she is now. After all, Katherine was still a human, when she made the decision to (1) distrust Elijah’s claims that he could save her; (2) trick Rose into feeding her blood; and (3) give up her life and become a vampire.

      Katherine may have made the comment “true love isn’t real, unless it is returned,” but I have to wonder whether she really meant it. In fact, based on what we’ve seen of Katherine (as totally fun as she would be to party with), I struggle with whether she had EVER loved any of her many suitors, and whether she was even capable of doing so.

      For Katherine, as with Klaus, I suspect, love has always been more of a game of “pretend,” for her, than anything else . . . 😉

  10. Did you catch Elijah’s initial intro of Klaus to Katerina–he IS Santa! Saint NiKlaus, to be exact.

    Second point–Elijah was totes eye-sexing Elena through the ENTIRE episode….that whole doppelganger line must have some really fine They should market it and sell it–would make a fortune. Even came up with a tagline for the ad campaign last night on Twitter with the assistance of @nina_network “The New Original scent by Petrova: Petrova Doppelgangers; tearing brothers apart since the 1400’s. Turns men into beasts!”

    I’m still confused by the hinted at “Original” Petrova. This has been going on since Season 1 for me. A “doppelganger” is a copy–so if Katherine was the “First Petrova doppelganger”, that has ALWAYS meant there was an original one before her at some point. Caught in the same love triangle we’ve been experiencing present day–Katherine’s long-lost original ancestor, who apparently caused all this hullabaloo (am I stuck at the 60’s dance?) in the first place. Elijah was also VERY vague in his Euro-trashy way about not telling the story of how their original landowner father and whore-dog mother and their seven kids became vampires to begin with. The only hint we really got was it was all the witches fault. That’s why they’re the only ones that can destroy an original. More plotlines to unfold.

    Why when Elijah was gasping for breath because he hadn’t been “invited” did Elena not just invite him? It’s HER house, now, after all (and apparently after he’s all suited up in the dead Mayor’s clothes she does actually invite him in, to witness Elijah’s personal crisis flashback of fighting brothers (memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water color memories…)

    Can I just say, I’d bring the Woobie his morning coffee ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

    BTW, you can keep the shower GIF in every recap forever, as far as I’m concerned, as long as you throw in the dancing on the upstairs railing with it! My life is complete!

    Wasn’t it amazing how Carol Lockwood just turned over the whole house in it’s entirety for the rest of whenever to Elijah? We know he can do these kinds of things, but it was SOOO easy (Mayor Pro Temporary Insanity).

    Word to The CW–If you’re gonna put the “F” in OMFG in one clip, just leave it in–the kiddies know what it means, anyway!

    Flashback Time!

    Another word to The CW–could you puleez wash the weaves you use in the flashback sequences? It got really old in 1864, but obviously water was at a premium in 1492, because the only two with clean hair were Katerina and Trevah…hmmmmmm.

    The neverending cavalcade of prospective villains–well, we got 5 siblings to go after we use up these two! Not to mention the endless (ageless?) witches being brought into play! And if ALL vampires can be traced back to this family, can we have a word from our sponsor, incest?

    By all means, DO mention the more charming, romantic, and better looking friend or sibling, since it’s totes true! And I DON’T like Elijah! So how do you think I feel about Klaus (fugly).

    Frolicking in the woods…I had a personal flashback to 1864 Salvatore Manor and Katherine teasing the boys to chase her through the hedge maze. Does she just keep using the same plays over and over, hoping for a different outcome?

    Faux S&M
    Whodathunkit? Saint NiKlaus in a drunken (what was that phrase he used? Blistered from drink?) stupor thought up this scheme and left graffiti all over history like some bad-accent rapper with a spray can just to get “warring clans” (which we STILL don’t know the origins of) to do his dirty work and hunt up the Bath & Body Works soap that we STILL DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF? Now regarding that Third Bombshell–the hybrid thingy–many of us have been asking the question since the introduction of werewolves into the story if it was possible to have a hybrid. Now we know. We weren’t maybe expecting it to be Klaus, but I was NOT surprised at this element!

    Now this whole new race of hybrids–we have a lot of biology lessons to explain here. First, vampires can’t “procreate” in the “human way” (information courtesy of Damon in Season One, but he loves to practice!). So half of Klaus is shooting blanks. They can “create” a vampire by the whole bite, feed, kill, feed process–but that’s just an “ordinary” vampire. Apparently our TVD werewolves carry a gene–so don’t “turn” people into werewolves, you have to be born into it–hence they apparently procreate the fun way (a big assumption on my part, but apparently Jules has been cluing Ty into all of this in his protracted absence). It seems as though all of the werewolves must be descended from some “original” family, too, but their curse remains dormant until they take a human life, then bingo! Party time once a month! This leaves our Klaus-hybrid a little in the dark, because he has obviously been killing for a thousand years, but it did NOT trigger his werewolf transformation, thanks to some really mad witch-bitches! SO! His then-human-bored-mother took up with a then-not-so-human-werewolf-between-transformations-biodad and created human-supernatural damaged child with dormant werewolf gene. That at some point got transformed into a vampire. Elijah, YOU need to take over Alaric’s body and teach us a history lesson, but you only have 3 episodes to do it! CRASH COURSE!

    Had a little more trouble than last week coming up with this week’s Woobie Word of the Week–I get so distracted when he play pouts! Or when he gets mad! Or when he has to keep himself from killing someone–in Vampire’s Secret underwear. Lol (Excuse me, did he just say something? I think I missed it) After the second watching, it came to me in that “I’m gonna rush over this line while turning my back like Horatio Caine and see if anyone catches it” style–ROGUE! It is perfect, considering the story line.
    I can see the Mystic Falls Nightly Tribune headline now, “Rogue Woobie on the Loose! Save Yourselves!”

    If there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of almost two seasons, it’s stay away from the knife drawer in the Gilbert Kitchen. How many people have been cut, stabbed, brandished at, or otherwise threatened by these knives!? Let’s see, early on Elena cut her finger chopping garlic (triggering one of Stef’s “hide my vamp eyes because she doesn’t know yet” episodes, Jer cut his hand on purpose to “out” Anna, Clueless Aunt Jenna got compelled to attempt self belly-button piercing, Kat whacked off Lying Uncle John’s fingers, Damon stole one of the “fine silver” knives in what ended up just pissing off Uncle Masondouchebag–when the knives come out in this kitchen, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! I’m sure there are more that I’ve long since forgotten, but this week’s Creepy-but-hot Kalaric sequence which ended up in Stef actually growing a set and kicking the snot out of him was straight out of B Horror Movie antics. Complete with Jenna FINALLY believing that Something Was Wrong in Whoville and getting the F outa there! (Stef, is there something wrong with your eyes, hun?)

    Well, as Elena The Protector switches roles with UAJ and becomes the Parent in The Explanation Sequence, it seems to me that UAJ is a person CLEARLY wishing she had not eaten the pink mushrooms or the Orange Ozzie! Yes, a long overdue chance for Sara Canning to get in some acting, but I fear for her continued health!

    And can I just say, Stefan has a penchant for eavesdropping! He’s been doing it since Season One, and it always leaves him in that melancholy I’m about to cry state. JUST SAY NO, STEF!

    We all got WAY wound up in the promo for the big Brother Confrontation Fight Scene–not NEARLY long enough, by the way! But they FINALLY got it out in the open–yep, Stef FINALLY went there, and that was all it took! We’ve been waiting for them to put it in black-and-blue for a season and a half…and semi-metaphoric Elena (Katherine) and Elijah (Stefan) have to interrupt it? And let Elijah use it as a prime flashback sequence to draw parallels between this TOTES warped love-triangle/hexagon? For Shame! Buzzkill!

    …and NEVER sincere, not in Mystic Falls (I had my fingers crossed behind my back, can you see me now?). “I will ALWAYS protect Elena”–come on, Stef, you coulda done better than to COPY Damon’s line from last week, couldn’t you? But then, of course, Elena didn’t witness that exchange on the stairs, so Stef decided it was so good he was gonna use it in front of her–where is Aretha when we need her? R_E_S_P_E_C_T. Find out what it means to me…..I for one was proud of The Woobie when he basically said, “You know what? Fuck you!” Has no one in Mystic Falls but Damon learned–DON’T TRUST ANYBODY! WE LIVE UNDER THE SIGN OF THE DOUBLE-CROSS! “He’ll come around, he’s just pissed at me.” Yea, right Stef. Lemme know how that works out for ya.

    Oh, Andie Starr, Action News, could you have NOT waited three more seconds to reveal your stupid self until he got the shirt off? Can we just say Shirtless Damon, enraged, emotional—– *sigh* Pardon me, lost my train of thought for a second. Aside from that, no, I am not a crazed Delena fan, either, and I TOTES thought back to the scene with Jessica in the road. Even though my brain was screaming “Kill me now!” (let’s face it, a willing soul in Vampire’s Secret lingerie is a WAY hotter scene than random girl in jeans in the road), I do think Damon has made emotional progress (maybe an oxymoron in his case) between the two confrontations. He didn’t feel deserving when he “confessed” to Jessica (I’m Not Worthy!), but I think he’s beginning to change his mind, hence the confrontation with Stef, the sparing of the Lady Andie, and the pronouncement that, in the long run, it will be HIS love that saves Elena, even if she hates him for it. Oh, the humanity!

    Hey, thanks for the props on Maddox! Even though he STILL reminds me of Viktor Krum…Oh, well. Someone online said they expected the rich and awesome Klaus to have matching LV luggage–I had to suggest it would be more like Louis XIV luggage, at his age, but whatever! I still have questions about the aging of witches. We know Greta is Daddywarlocks and Luka’s family member, so maybe normal age. We know nothing about Maddox except he’s in the “trusted inner circle” (thank you for not putting him in a codpiece in the flashback sequences), and there was at least one other unnamed lackey porter carrying all that crap into Alaric’s living room. (Is there no fire code? That many candles in a normal apartment would TOTES set off the smoke detectors!) Grams lived a full but normal-length life. But there were some witches OLDER than the originals, keeping the “balance of power” in nature–well, food for thought.

    Are we seeing a trend here? How many episodes in a row can we have Alaric in a heap on the floor? Thank goodness for promos, because we know this little excursion into the Wizarding World of Klaus apparently has no long-term effects (except maybe he won’t be playin Hide the Chunky Monkey with UAJ for a while, at least–note the crossbow she‘s holding in the promo-ouchies!) and a few bruised ribs from getting the stuffin kicked outa him by Stef!

    Yes, the promo is exciting, as they ALL will be until we wind down to the EPIC Season Finale (with some hint of a town re-enactment of some sort of Gone With the Wind–appropriately parked on Damon’s nightstand many days ago) complete with burning (methinks we’re talking Sacrifice, not Atlanta this time), which may be the death of us all–at least for 4-5 months! NOT looking forward to the Return of Jules (new and appropriate meaning to the term “bitch”), Caroline in chains, The Return of Tyler, but that eyebrow thing after Alaric’s “You’re gonna screw it up, aren’t you?” Well, what more do I need to say? ROGUE! ~.~

    • Sophie

      THIS . SO. MUCH.
      also, where can I buy the new fragrance??

      • mak75231

        Available soon at fine department stores across the South…um….Europe……um…Bulgaria…….um, wait till I consult with the marketing rep! lol

    • LOL, I DIDN’T notice the Santa Klaus reference! That’s awesome. I actually think I was having some trouble understanding some of the accents in the flashback part of the episode. And yet, I do remember, in the promos, that Klaus was introduced to Katherine as the Lord Nee Klaus (“Call me, Klaus.”) Admittedly, the “Nee” part confused me a bit (Doesn’t that usually signify a maiden name, not a first name?). It also made me feel like I should do some research on what constitutes “proper nomenclature” during the Renaissance era. (Naah, I watch TVD for Hot Naked Vamps, not “Nees!” :))

      Speaking of names, I did do a little first pump, when Damon said “AlarKlaus!” (Those writers SO read all our blogs!)

      In terms of the Original Petrova, I can definitely see what you are saying about a Pre-Kat Petrova being hinted at back in Season 1. I think what surprised me about the storyline was that the Pre-Kat Petrova WAS the original, and that Elijah and Klaus had “courted” her, in the same way Kat and Elena had been “courted” by the Salvatores. Because, here’s the thing: up until last week, we thought the AZTECS created the Sun and Moon Curse. This would mean that the Original Petrova was some AZTEC chick, that the AZTECS sacrificed. And THAT Petrova, would have dated back LONG BEFORE Kat, maybe even MULTIPLE PETROVAS before her.

      But “Klaus” seems to put those thoughts of other Petrovas to rest. There are THREE: Original Petrova, Kat Petrova, and Elena . . . Gilbert. 🙂 Also, as a fan of the sappy romance of it all, I liked the way the flashback was written so that, even though the Original Petrova was never mentioned, based on a few seemingly throwaway lines made by Elijah and Klaus, you could piece together EXACTLY what happened to her. So, by the time Stefan and Damon meet Elena, you know that history really IS repeating itself for the THIRD TIME . . . (And this has led some to wonder, whether THAT is part of the curse.)

      I agree that there is definitely more to the story of the original vampires than what Elijah told Elena. How did they turn? Why did only Elijah and Klaus stick together, while the rest of the siblings went elsewhere? And why has Elijah suddenly decided that Klaus needs to “DIE,” (assuming he has, in fact, decided that). Are we to believe that Elijah is just forward thinking enough, as a vampire, to have moral concerns over what Klaus’ master race will do to humanity? Or does Elijah simply have designs on keeping the power for himself?

      *sigh* Dancing Damon! Before Wet Damon THAT was the GIF that appeared in every recap of mine. Don’t worry, I have no doubt that Dancing Damon and Wet Damon will continue to make regular reappearances in my recaps . . . at least until the inevitable Delena SEX GIF emerges (hopefully sometime in Season 3), which will of course, quickly TRUMP them all! 😉

      LOL about Mrs. Mayor Lockwood. You know, for a second, while I was watching, I had forgotten that Elena and Elijah were STILL in the Lockwood Mansion. At first, I thought they just got Elijah some clothes and left! Then, it occurred to me, “OH WOW, they really are just making themselves at home there, aren’t they?”

      ARGH! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one perturbed by the removal of “F” in Elijah’s “OMFG” line, after it was CLEARLY included in the episode’s extended promo. The thing is Gossip Girl, which is also a CW show, actually used POSTER PROMOTIONS with the phrase OMFG on them. So, for TVD to suddenly turn around and think they couldn’t use the “F” just seems so ridiculous to me.

      Other elements of the Extended Promo I would have liked to see in the actual episode: There’s a line in the promo, where Klaus says, in his strong weird, Klaus-y accent, (I’m writing this phonetically, of course to give you an idea of how he said it.) “She’s hoooman, herrrr lyyyfe meanz nozhink.”(He then follows the line up with a trademark smirk and a laugh.)

      There was something about the delivery of that line in the promo that I just LOVED. It said so much about Klaus’ character, and hinted at a dark, but fun, sense of humor, on his part. But in the actual episode, they used a different take, in which Klaus deadpans the line, with no accent, and a snarl on his lips. It just wasn’t nearly as fun (or effective) as the original version, in my opinion.

      Also, wasn’t there a scene in the promo featuring Klaus seducing Kat (or some random girl with Kat’s hairdo, in a bedroom)? The Klaus / Katerina relationship in general was something I would have wanted to see more of in the episode. For starters, it would have been hot! Also, it would have been interesting to see Klaus being “softer,” for a change, even if he was faking that softness, in an attempt to woo Katherine. Kat called him a “charming man,” but, so far, we haven’t had the chance to see that side of him.

      Trevah did have some SUPER CLEAN LOOKING hair in that one clip, didn’t he? Maybe him and Kat hoarded all the shampoo bottles in the castle! 😉
      You are SO right about Kat and the frolicking. You totally have her number! And, I bet, both times she did it, she made the “Chaser” (Elijah and Damon, respectively,) think it was THEIR idea to frolic when it was really HERS all along! BIATCH!

      You make a great point about the whole “Master Race” thing. Because, as Damon said, “Vampires can’t procreate, but [they] sure love to try!” (Love that line! LOVE HIM!) So, perhaps, PART of Klaus’ desire to be a hybrid, is not JUST to be more powerful than others, it’s to use his “were” sperm to have “children.”

      (Because honestly, as a werewolf you are ONLY more powerful than vamps, one day a month . . . plus it’s ugly . . . and really painful. I just don’t see many were selling points here. But that’s just me.)

      On the other hand, I don’t actually think that Klaus has to PHYSICALLY procreate (though he’d love to try ;)) in order to build his Master Race. Because ,think about it, ALL VAMPIRES can be traced back the Originals. But they are NOT all related in the genetic sense of the term. They are ONLY related in the sense that the same vampire blood was fed through their veins shortly before their death. So, it’s possible that if Klaus “turns” someone, that person will , by default, become a were-vamp hybrid, because they have were-vamp blood in their veins.

      BUT, will they all have to KILL someone to activate the werewolf part of themselves (like Tyler and Mason did)? Maybe . . .

      LOL, about Faceplant Alaric, at the end of the episode. I guess every character on this show has some sort of “thing” they do each week. This way, if you were ever to make action figures of the characters, they would have a token “movement” they would make. Alaric would faceplant. Jeremy would get thrown into a wall. Bonnie would scowl and nosebleed. Kat would wiggle her ass seductively. Elena would run her fingers coyly through her hair. U.A.J. would look dumbfounded. Stefan would put his ear to a wall and get weepy, over what he heard. Damon would . . . hopefully . . . dance and do a strip tease. 🙂

      I actually think these would be AWESOME action figures! It’s too bad I don’t know how to actually make action figures, or we would have a really business opportunity on our hands.

      This was SUPER fun, MAK! Thanks for taking the time to share all your thoughts here. I feel like we got to “watch the episode” together, in a way.

      • mak75231

        “herrrr lyyyfe meanz nozhink” Bwahaaaaa! Snidely Whiplash? Boris and Natasha! The phonetic was even better than the clipping they left on the cutting room floor!

        There’s somebody out there marketing action figures already, but they are SO behind your ideas! This is genius! Don’t forget the Uncle/Daddy doll with the removeable fingers!

        Sorry I got all Hemingway on you this week–guess I just WENT ROGUE!

  11. Kroy

    Hats off for another awesome recap..I wonder how you manage to recap the episodes so damn well every time..I wait for your recaps after every episode..Its like my TVD watching ritual is kinda incomplete without reading your recaps and the comments that follow..Interesting takes..always..So many Takeaways!!

    Now about this episode..I m amazed how well u have managed to bring out the awesomeness of the episode in ur post..

    Firstoff..I laughed at ur lines on Naked Damon/Andie, Elena/Elijah..the hairstyles..and of course Tyler….

    Im a Huge fan of Delena..I think that both Nina Dobrev and Ian Somehalder are awesome..They have a sizzling chemistry together and they work great with all other co-stars..

    Elena and Katherine feel so different..I mean when Kat has a kinda chemistry with Mason, I cant imagine Elena having that kinda chemistry with him..even when Kat was being all overtly friendly with Isobel, I couldnt imagine Elena doing it..I mean its the same person acting both characters and yet the two characters have such a distinct personality..Very Well portrayed Nina Dobrev..U rock!!

    As for Ian Somerhalder as Damon..I am not a blind bat (Read:Petrova Doppelganger) and therefore, I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE HIM any day over Stefan..The guy is sinful while playing Damon and he is such a superb actor..I have never heard the words ‘duplicity’ and ‘rogue’ sound so sexy before..but with Damon..Wow!!He is witty, intense, passionate..Has a Backbone (unlike well, u know who..)

    Well, both Elena and Damon have a backbone and their interactions are so awesome..i wait for them together week after week but alas..(not fair writers)..Though I still do love whatever scenes they are in together..Fab Stuff!!

    I do think that Damon has grown enormously as a character..whereas, what Stefan did to Damon today was extremely mean and selfish according to me..I mean just look at the statement>>you can be in love with her all you want if it means you will protect her..(I felt like punching the guy even before Damon did for this utterly selfish line) and of course..the next few lines were worth the wall-slamming..I’m just glad it was someone other than Jeremy..Poor Fellow that one..though I felt that Stefan had it coming!!I mean..come on..I agree he has fab biceps n stuff but im not sure he has been entirely useful (read:worthy of Elena and HER RESPECT) this season..

    I do agree that he values saving his relationship more than making difficult choices for Elena..and throwing the word Respect on Damon’s face had the exact opposite effect on me..I kinda lost some of that much for ‘appearing noble’..Boooo Stefan..Sorry Stelena Fans but Stefan was too ‘in-your-face’ mean when Damon was not even doing anything to ‘Get Elena’..In fact, he even compelled her to forget that he loved her just a few episodes back..not good Stefan..Seriously, I’m so PISSED with You!!Nobody Talks to Damon that way..(but for Elena of course..Blind Bat!!Girl you need Specs to go with your high ponytail..Maybe then u will then finally see why we love Damon..Sigh )!!

    Damon always takes the blame for being bad..most of the times, i dont feel thats fair..he has done way too much for a guy who expects way too little in return..Not only does Elena but even Kat chooses Stefan over Damon (though why..i dont really know..I guess the Petrovas are blind or not so net savvy and hence the skype thing on TVD in The Last Dance..They havent seen the naked Damon Gif on ur blog yet Kjewls) and to have his brother flaunt that fact on Damon’s face..well..too bad Stefan..

    As for Andie..Girl..Get some self respect..when Damon wants you out..u go out..realize that you are only a guest star (ur fate is sealed..its better than Rose though) are not Elena and this is an Everyone Loves Elena Show..

    Speaking of which..I Loved the Elijah/Kat and Elijah/Elena interactions..I was looking forward to the OMFG dialogue but the OMG thing was just as awesome..I think only Ian Somerhalder’s Rogue was as awesome as that..

    Elijah in Love with Kat was kinda cute..i loved the old school park scene between Elijah and Kat..I also liked all his scenes with Klaus and Elena..

    Im glad Elijah is back with a bang..and Next week we have Tyler Banging the forest..oh im jealous too..Tyler is HOT!!Im a Bigggg Delena and Forwood Shipper..

    Now to Klaus>>I thought Alar-Klaus or Klausaric was hot but the new or rather the very old Klaus is also suave, dark, intriguing, sexy & full of menace..I was waiting for his arrival..and i hope what he does will impress not just Damon but all of us..waiting for next week’s episode..I think it will be BADASS!!

    I just hope Damon doesnt do something stupid like think of sacrificing himself as a vampire or something..I m waiting for the Dalaric bromance, the emotional Delena scene (dont disappoint us writers), the Forwood scene and Damon’s interaction with Klaus..I also m curious about the showdown between the witches>>Greta Vs Bonnie..if that ever happens that is..

    Meanwhile..I must tell u that i love the Gifs that u use in the episodes and can never tire of the Damon in the Shower Gif..Sighhhhh..

    I would also like it if you can write a post on Stelena Love Vs. Delena Love because i see Delena as a growing relationship full of chemistry, passion, spark and a hope for more..whereas Stelna is kinda Stale to me..I sincerely and seriously hope that Delena is Endgame..(I hope You are READING TVD WRITERS)

    Love ur posts Kjewls..bring them on….:)

    • Can I just say, I am honored to have you on Team Delena with me, Kroy! Your ability to put into words exactly what makes this relationship so very special, truly warms my heart. If the writers of this show ever get concerned that, by making Damon and Elena into a REAL couple, they would destroy the intense chemistry that exists between these characters, all they’ve got to do, is spend a bit of time poking around message boards and fan sites, to know that there is no danger AT ALL of this pair ever being anything but fresh.

      These characters, are SO interesting, so complex, and so sexy together, that watching them interact on screen will NEVER become dull or boring. Whether Damon and Elena are working together toward a common goal, teasing one another, snarking at each other, getting into a heated argument, or (eventually) having AMAZING makeup sex, the sheer power of this relationship just leaps off the screen. And with Damon continually evolving, changing for the better, and, yes, experiencing the occasional Personal Growth Setback, every once in a while, the possibilities and storylines surrounding this relationship are really endless.

      As for Elena and Kat, I have forever marveled at Nina Dobrev’s uncanny ability to make these two individuals into two such very different people, even in the context of a single episode! Not only do they look different physically, talk different, walk and move differently, Elena and Kat interact with each of the characters on the show in such very distinct ways. So, that the chemistry between Damon and Elena, is very different from the one between Damon and Katherine. In my opinion, of course, the latter bond, though perhaps more overtly sexual, is clearly not as strong as our Delena one!

      On the other hand, Katherine’s chemistry with Stefan and Mason, respectively, was smokin’! And, while both Elena and Kat have intriguing chemistry with Elijah, it’s “intriguing” on different levels, for both characters. Elijah and Elena exhibit this sort of sweetness around each other. You can already see, how Elijah has been doomed to fall into the trap of wanting to “take care of” and “protect ” Elena. (Get in line, Buddy!) With Katherine, conversely, Elijah seems drawn to her naughty and irreverent side. Around her, Elijah was able to relax, in a way we haven’t seen him do with any other character on the show, certainly not with his brother.

      All this must be incredibly hard for Nina Dobrev to accomplish on the show. And yet, she does it flawlessly each week. It’s amazing.

      I love your take on Damon, Kroy! Because I do think that this is a character who is constantly put down by other characters, and belittled for his “negative” actions, while not being given nearly enough credit for all the sacrifices he has made, and all the truly heroic things he has done. It’s no wonder that Damon sometimes feels like he’s not good enough, when he’s been told as much by his own brother for CENTURIES! I do think that characters often try to put Stefan in the Good Brother Box, and Damon in the Bad Brother one, when it is not nearly as black and white as all that.

      And yet, Damon has taken such strides a character (more, really, than any other character on the show, in my opinion). So, I know that he will continue to grow and change, and be a joy to watch at every turn. Given that, we can just hope that the other characters on the show get enough sense to realize what’s happening right underneath their noses! For what it’s worth, I think Elena does NOTICE the positive changes that have taken place in Damon, since the pilot episode. After all, she has always been the one to see the good in him, even back when nobody else did. The problem that remains, of course, is that Elena has not yet allowed herself to realize that the feelings she has for Damon go beyond those merely associated with “brotherly companionship.” But she’s figure it out soon enough. It’s only a matter of time. 😉

      As for Delena Love articles, I’ve actually written a few on this blog. I apologize if you’ve read any of these already. However, I’ll give you the links here, just in case you are curious. The tone of these articles is admittedly, a bit “mushier” and less snarky, than you see in my recaps. But, as a fellow Delena fan, I imagine you won’t mind my mushiness all that much . . .;)

      As for Forwoody Goodness, though I have written a couple articles on the topic *blushes,* I’d be remiss if I didn’t direct you to the BIBLE BLOG on the subject of this ship, namely my pal Cherie’s. If you haven’t found her already she’s got all the Forwood you could possibly want , and then some! Check her out, here:

      Happy reading! 🙂

  12. Tricus

    This episode was very interesting.
    1) When Elena woke up Elijah and he went through his transformation it was exciting. That was some GREAT acting and special effects. I seriously love Daniel Gillies and his Elijah acting.
    2) Stefan on the phone with Elena and she hung up on him. Well we know who wears the pants in THAT relationship. Ha
    I think that from the beginning Elijah seemed to have a thing for Elena since their first meeting of him smelling her. It will develop into maybe a problem later I think.
    3) Elena telling Stefan to keep Damon from doing anything stupid. I had to laugh at that. When has Stefan EVER been able to tell Damon what to do or control him. Only Elena “sometimes” seems to have that touch.
    4) It amazes me that when we first see Andie and Damon all kissy in the hallway and Stefan walks in and made his comment, he didn’t seem surprised to see her. She obviously is compelled and getting blood taken, hence the scarf. Is this the “confrontation” that Julie Plec was talking about that others woudl have with Damon about his relationship with Andie. Even Elena when she saw her was not surprised. Lame.
    5) I love the flashback of Elijah, Klaus and Kat. Knocked me for a loop when I found out they were bros. So if we are doing the parallels between Elijah/Klaus and Damon/Stefan bro history……………………..
    Seriously Elijah reminds me more of Damon in present day.I know Klaus personality reminds some people of Damon but Damon/Elijah personal history makes them the better parallel.
    Klaus was able to get all the ladies, even Kat was smitten with him. Elijah fell for Kat too but she didn’t feel the same way for him. Elijah was the nicer brother. Klaus was bloodthirsty like Stefan was in the beginning and just screwing around too. Also Elijah is like Damon when he kills in battle. He is cool, calm and collected. He doesn’t get all excessively angry face like Stefan does in battle. Damon only gets like that when he is upset over Elena stuff. Anyway……
    I say past and present day Elijah is more Damon. Plus I love their bromance and the looks on their face when they are in a fight scene together.The expression is like unwilling mutual admiration. Especially on Damon side.
    6) I seriously got upset with Stefan and his baiting of Damon. Usually I’m like “well that’s Stefan” but this time I was like ” Oh No He didn’t”.
    Damon is there trying to keep it together abd be all “Damon like” but secretly scared and worried that he will not be able to save Elena. They still have Bonnie but she is the only option and she will die in the process. Damon likes a plan B too.
    Stefan is just being all okay thinking “yes we still have Bonnie”. He is obviously not too upset that she will die in the sacrifice and that she is their only option. Then Elena runs off after waking Elijah BUT he doesn’t seem too scared/upset about that because his thinking is “Elena knows what she is doing.” So even though Damon/Stefan/Elena killed Elijah, and he is a original, Stefan is just going to rely on the word of a 17 yr old girl to do her own thing when he and damon is 150 odd yrs old and they are still surprised and outsmarted by vamps. Go figure.
    So Stefan words to Damon ” You can be in love with my GF as long as you continue to protect her. But I still have her respect” etc.. really pissed me off. I agree with people who said that I think Elena does respect Damon to go with his gut, make the hard choices, always having a little bit of skepticism and doing the hard stuff. Elena respects Damon for saying it like it is too. She respects Stefan in a different way because he always look out for her fam/friends, he backs her up in everything without question and he always does what is correct.
    It is just interesting that Stefan did not throw out ” At least I have her love”. Stefan , like Kjewls said, is starting to show his jealousy and insecurity in the Damon/Elena bond and friendship.
    Then to top it off when Elena and Elijah walked in to see them fighting and Elijah had his deja vue flashback, I loved it. When Elena told them the new plan, and Elijah wanted an apology that would be soo a Damon thing in the parallel bros line. Anyway Stefan, being Stefan immediately is like ” Yeah I apologize for my part blah , blah and this is why..” He didn’t even question Elijah/Elena on why we should TRUST Elijah. They don’t know what Elijah and Elena talked about. So what Elijah didn’t hurt Elena when she took him away. These originals are more devious than that. Elena is still needed. Anyway, Damon being Damon is like ” You can all go to hell”.
    At least Damon is still with his ” Lets wait and see if I can trust Elijah but I will not aplogize because I did not do anything wrong. I was also protecting Elena and I will do it again if need be”.
    Seriously when Elena looked all smug and satisfied at Stefan immediately apoligizing to Elijah I seriously was pissed at her too. She reminded me soo much of Kat right there. Then she looked all upset when Damon said what he said. I smiled.
    Damon and him not killing Andie was a BIG step for him he hurt her badly, yes, but then he realized it and felt remorse. He actually had tears in his eyes when he compelled her to leave. I hope that’s the last we see of Andie.
    Seriously Stefan irked me most of this episode and then Elena at the end. Damon was just Damon. They are starting to have Stefan show his dark, and not soo nice side but not when Elena is there to witness it though. It’s about time that Stefan is shown that he is not Mr Perfect. We all have our moments and him being a very old vamp have more than the normal humans.
    Wow I just wrote a novel. Don’t know how that happened. LOL

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for taking the time to share all your fabulous insights with us. I also love that you numbered your comments. They are both well organized and full of awesome! 🙂

      1) You are right. Elijah’s “wake up scene” was great, and definitely, not what I expected. I started off the scene genuinely worried for Elena. After all, she HAD killed him! And had Elijah’s instinct been to lash out at her, initially, I, honestly, wouldn’t have held it against him.

      But, by the end of the scene, I was feeling bad for ELIJAH. He just seemed so lost, uncomfortable, and confused! The way he called Elena, “Katherine,” almost as though his first instinct was to be HAPPY to see her, despite all he and Katherine had been through, was both sweet and heart-wrenching. (Elijah’s compelling Kat to stay in the tomb, a few episodes back has a whole new meaning to me now. It was the perfect revenge against her for her abandonment of him, all those centuries ago. I’d actually love to watch that episode again.) And the nice touch, on the writers’ part, of Elijah, not being able to breathe in the house, because Elena hadn’t invited him in yet, was very cool!

      2) There was definitely some solid chemistry between Elena and Elijah, in the scene where they initially met, a few episodes back. I wonder if that can be attributed to Elena looking (and possibly smelling), so much like Katherine, or him seeing something different in her, off the bat, that appealed to him. Regardless of how it began, I do think that Elijah will eventually come to care for Elena, for herself, as the weeks progress. Elijah already, to use Stefan’s words, “respects” Elena’s honorable nature and her courage in the face of adversity. It’s only a matter of time, before his feelings for her reach that now-familiar lusty level.

      3) See, I LOVE that when Stefan called Elena, Elena’s thoughts immediately went to DAMON. It’s almost like she knew he was listening in, and knew that making a comment like this to Stefan would piss Damon off. That’s just sort of the flirty, antagonistic, nature of the Delena relationship. No wonder, Stefan is beginning to wonder whether HE is the only Salvatore Elena loves! As I’ve said before, he SHOULD be worried!

      4) I agree that Julie Plec had teased MORE of reaction, particularly from Elena, regarding Damon’s “faux-lationship” with Andie. But I actually think Plec’s suggestion of a confrontation, had more to do with Damon’s statement to Stefan that, “You should be happy I’m with her, as it keeps me from going after what I really want.” Up to this point, I suspect Stefan had been turning a blind eye to WHY Damon was seeing Andie. But Damon put all his cards on the table, and forced Stefan to face facts. And, I suspect the reason the usually judgmental Stefan DIDN’T make a big about stink about Andie, is for the exact reason Damon said. Namely, Stefan knew as long as Andie was around, Damon wouldn’t make a play for Elena. But Andie’s gone now, so . . . 😉

      5) Hmmm, I can definitely see your point about the parallels between Elijah and Damon. I think based on the way they behave outwardly, Elijah might have more in common with Stefan, in that he is perceived as “polite,” “calm,” and chivalrous (the so called Good Brother), in comparison to the more headstrong, aggressive Klaus. But I agree that beneath the surface, Elijah and Damon share a hidden emotionality, and romantic sensibility that their brothers don’t have. I suspect, as you mentioned, they can also both relate to one another, having both been the ones, at least, initially, not chosen by the Doppelganger.

      But I’m not so sure Katherine’s “relationship” with Klaus was ever really a genuine one. I think, instead, that, like Damon, Elijah hung back from pursuing Katherine, to support his brother, and his plan. And yet, because Klaus doesn’t really seem capable of forming a REAL bond with any “human,” I think a lot of HIS dalliances with Katherine were the result of good sex and a heavy dose of compulsion. On the other hand, Katherine and Elijah clearly connected on a deeper, more personal, level, as was evidenced by their conversation in the woods.

      6) I agree that Damon’s refusal to apologize to Elijah was definitely consistent with his ideology that “I will do whatever it takes to save Elena. And if people get hurt along the way, I make no apologies for that.” Granted, up to this point, Elijah has proven himself trustworthy, making Damon’s aggression toward him seem short-sighted. But I think Damon is right to be skeptical of Elijah’s intentions (as much as I love Daniel Gillies, and think Elijah is a cool character, there remains a “too good to be true” element about Elijah, for me). And as I said, if Elijah DOES end up being a “Big Baddie,” everyone will be congratulating Damon for being the only one who was really able to see it, right from the start.

      (I sort of hope this doesn’t happen though. Because I enjoy the Elijah- -Katherine-Elena-Damon dynamic, and would love for it to be explored more in Season 3. For that to happen, Elijah needs to remain a “good” character.)

      Again, I’m LOVING the evolution of Damon’s character over these past few episodes. And, it does seem that we ARE going to get that Season 2 Finale REAL Damon / Elena kiss to mirror the faux one from Season 1. Not only will that be an absolute JOY to watch, it absolutely sets the stage for a Delena -centric Season 3. 😉

  13. OMG – you are doing a live blog? I won’t be able to watch it live, but when I get to the episode, I will read it if it is posted. I tried to pick out my favorite parts of the recap, but there were too many. I’ll just go with these two for now:

    – “I think you are really going to enjoy this, Elena. I’ve been boning chicks, since the Days of the Caveman. I know what women want.”
    – KATHERINE: “Lords Klaus and Elijah, you have the MOST FASCINATING HAIR . . . you must introduce me to your stylists.”
    – Tyler Lockwood humping the forest .
    – Man! Sometimes, I wish I lived during a time when people still “frolicked!”

    Me, too! I actually found myself thinking this the other day. “There’s something missing… I’m not in a dress and I’m not prancing through the woods. What?! Why don’t we do that?”

    Now, did Elijah actually tell Katherine that he could save her? I thought that Trevor or someone else spilled the beans, because Katherine was scared of Elijah both in the old days and more recently.

    This episode blew my mind. It was my favorite, I think, of all the episodes. So much emotion and intensity, so many ironies and revelations. Did we call it or what with Katherine’s brothers fetish? What an epic story that must have been. Two brothers in love with a woman, the father is responsible for her death, they don’t love for many years… Wait – have we heard this before? And yet the characters are just different enough that the similarities are fascinating rather than tedious (to me, at least).

    Regarding Katherine’s idea of love – I found that so poignant. I think she actually believes she loves Stefan. She’s manipulative, and cold hearted, and yet – capable of some kind of love. Sad, really! Then she was a human, so not quite so hardened. And you could see she was on her best behavior in the courts.

    As disturbing as the scene with Andie was, I agree with you. Damon was in the pits, and yet he didn’t kill someone. That sounds like a low standard (obviously it would be in real life!), but for a vampire like Damon, this is a step up.

    And that’s what got me about the Damon and Stefan scenes. I personally don’t think Stefan was jealous, just MAD. He was wise enough to know that love is changeable, so he didn’t say that. I saw it as him just being sick of Damon obviously being in love with at least two of his girlfriends. Maybe that’s because I don’t think Elena is secretly in love with Damon.

    Also, to be fair to Stefan, in the past year or less, Damon has murdered Stefan’s best friend in front of him, threatened Elena, almost killed or caused the death of Elena’s friends, acquaintances, and family, attempted to make Stefan relapse, and try to bring back their ex and 20 vamps who they thought would massacre the humans. So him being mean to Damon is sort of justified.

    BUT, maybe I’m wrong here, Damon comes across as the more vulnerable of the two brothers. Damon can torment Stefan, who can in turn shake his finger at Damon. Yet when Stefan says, “You’re worthless” to Damon – now that has an effect. I could understand why Stefan was just annoyed with Damon, with his treatment of Andie, etc., but he really rubbed Damon’s face in what he must have known was something that has haunted him all his life.

    So, wow. Astounding episode, and fantastic recap.

    On another note, and are you still having problems posting on my blog? Next week I hope to do something a little different, I don’t know if that will help. Annoying. Also, do you read Price Peterson’s recaps on It seems as though you’d get a kick out of them.

    • Hey Noelle! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      We (i.e. Amy over at Imaginary Men, Cherie over at MySpideySenseisTingling, and myself) ARE planning to do a live blog for the Season Finale. 🙂 I’m honored that you’re interested in it, as I always assumed the three of us were the only ones who actually read it. *blushes*

      This will actually be our third foray into liveblogging (fourth, if you count the disaster that was Amy’s and my initial attempt to liveblog the Season 1 Finale, using lame software that didn’t work). We use the CoverItLive software now, which, if you read at all, is the same software THEY use to cover their events. It’s SUPER user friendly, and allows us to do things like post pictures and polls in the liveblog, and converse directly with other fans of the show in “real time,” should any happen to show up. 🙂

      Just in case you’re curious, here’s an example of the last liveblog we did for “The Descent” episode . . .

      CoverItLive also, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, archives the liveblog. So that readers can go back to the link and review it any time they’ d like. And even if no one else ends up reading it, for me, it’s always kind of cool to be able to look back and see my own snap judgments about the episode, as they are always inevitably more simplistic, and sometimes VERY different from the way I ultimately come to see things, by the time I begin my recap.

      As the finale gets closer, I’ll be sure to post a link to the new liveblog in my “not-live” blog, so that you know where you can access it.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who misses frolicking, Noelle! Though, I must say, Katherine’s dress did NOT look comfortable to “run and play” in AT ALL. I’d probably be sweating my butt off, if that was me, which would be “SO UNLADYLIKE.”

      Good point about Elijah possibly not being the one to tell Katherine about his plan to save her. I think that part was actually kept intentionally unclear, to keep us guessing as to Elijah’s true motives. On the other hand, Elijah DEFINITELY seems GENUINELY HURT by Katherine, even after all these years. And I think, a direct abandonment of Elijah on Katherine’s part, after he promised to protect her, would probably be a lot more hurtful to Elijah, than if she was merely given an indirect message from him that she didn’t believe. It would also explain Katherine’s FEAR of Elijah, since she directly betrayed him; and she knows what he and his family are capable of doing to her.

      I do wonder about Trevor though . . . By the time, Katherine visited Rose in the “Katerina” flashback, she had already developed some sort of romantic relationship with Trevor. Is it possible that Katherine escaped with TREVOR, after she learned about both Elijah’s and Klaus’ plans for her? This would add an extra layer of intrigue to Elijah’s murder of Trevor, as well as his anger at Katherine, who he must, by now, realize is more than a tad slutty. 🙂 While we are on the subject, WHO was the father of Katherine’s baby, if not Klaus, Elijah, or Trevor (all of whom are vampires incapable of reproducing)?

      As for Katherine, I really am curious as to whether she is truly capable of love. I used to think she genuinely loved Stefan, but now I’m not so sure. Is it strange that I actually think her and Elijah have a shot together, romantically, assuming he ends up being exactly who he says he is?

      We did seem to get a glimpse of a kinder/ gentler, more “well-behaved” Katherine in the flashbacks. On the other hand, it WAS 1492. For Katherine to booty dance around chugging a bottle of tequila, simply wouldn’t have been acceptable then. 😉 Now, this is a girl who is WAY more comfortable living in the modern era!

      I’m actually happy that you have stuck up for Stefan a bit here. I love getting multiple viewpoints on the characters and the episodes of this show. That’s what makes the comment section so much fun! And I am glad that there are kind Stelena fans out there, like you, who can read my very-Delena centric ramblings (and disagree with certain aspects of them), without wanting to chop my head off. (I have received hate mail on this blog before, you know. ;))

      I may have focused a bit on Damon’s perspective on things here, but I can definitely see why Stefan might have a chip on his shoulder about Damon. I mean, we all SAW Damon in the first few episodes of Season 1. He WAS very much Stefan’s tormentor back then. And the fact that he had REASON to be furious with Stefan, didn’t make the torment any easier for Stefan to endure. Plus, no one likes when someone else makes a play for his or her significant other, particularly when the person making that play is someone to whom he or she is very close.
      But in general, I think it’s easier to be more sympathetic to Damon, regarding their altercation. Because, as you said, Damon is a more emotional character. He is also currently in a WAY more vulnerable position than his brother. Here we have Stefan, who, at least for now, has the “girl,” (has “both girls,” actually). Stefan also has the satisfaction of knowing that MOST of his “friends” see him as being the “better brother.” In other words, he has moral superiority on his side.

      And Damon really has nothing ,at this point. Here he is, head-over-heels in love with a woman, and working his ass off to protect her. And yet, all he is getting in return, is literal and metaphorical slaps in the face, and judgments from his brother.

      To top it off, Damon is genuinely FRIGHTENTED of losing Elena. As far as he is concerned, Elijah is not to be trusted. And yet, Stefan has just let Elena wander off with him, and doesn’t seem the least bit concerned over the repercussions of that. So, Stefan, knowing that Damon is in a dark place, is REALLY choosing the WRONG time to go all Judgy McJudgerson on his brother, for his treatment of Andie, and his love for Elena. Plus, Stefan’s words to Damon seemed purposefully calculated to hurt him in the worst way possible.

      I’m actually going to try to head over to your blog now, to see if I can comment. I’m sorry I didn’t end up actually posting my comment last week. But after the 8th time of trying to submit my comment, and being rejected, I was beginning to think that Blogger had a personal vendetta against me, which made me very sad. 😦 So, I stopped trying. Hopefully, it was just a temporary glitch. 🙂

      (You know, I’ve heard good things about Price Peterson’s recaps! Thanks so much for suggesting them to me!)

    • Brief update! I was able to post a comment to your blog! (YAY!) I actually think the glitch on the site relates to the portion of the comment where the author identifies himself or herself as a fellow blogger, with a blog at a different host site.

      Every time, I tried to post as “tvrecappersanonymous” from wordpress, it wouldn’t let me do it. I kept getting that “We cannot process your request” Error Message. But, when I posted as KJewls, and just manually typed in my URL, the post went right through.

      Mystery solved! 🙂

  14. Lauren Knott

    I. Love. Elijah.
    I liked him as soon as he came on The Vampire Diaries, and when they killed him I was sad. Of course I don’t love him as much as I love Damon (I will ALWAYS choose Damon), but I love Elijah, and I definitely love Elijah more than I love Stefan. Stefan is a jerk. When he was like, “I will always protect Elena” to me, it felt like he was throwing it in Damon’s face. No wonder Damon got pissy and stormed off.
    Anyway, I love Elijah. I really hope they don’t kill him off. I hope he runs for mayor or something. It makes me sad that Katherine liked Klaus more than Elijah. Elijah is, like, way hotter, and SUCH a gentleman. He’s so polite. And his hair is fabulous.
    I do like modern-day Klaus more than I like olden-day Klaus. He sort of looks like a lion to me.
    But he does have a hot smile. And those dimples! *swoon*
    The Vampire Diaries will never cease to have an incredibly hot cast. I love it.
    For the love of God, DON’T kill Elijah. He’s too cool to kill off. If he goes, I will forever be bitter with The Vampire Diaries and the writers.

    • Hey Lauren! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      I will always CHOOSE Damon too! 🙂 (I love that line!) But I do have a soft spot in my heart for My Elijah. And that’s why I hope he ends up being exactly who he says he is, and not betraying the Scooby Gang.

      Because I do think this is a character they could actually keep around, and not KILL off after three episodes, for a change. Elijah can go on adventures with the rest of the cast, helping them to defeat all his Original Brothers and Sisters (because we KNOW the rest of them are coming). He can have an on again / off again relationship with Katherine! He can be the father figure Elena needs. He can make the Team Bad Ass (Damon and Alaric) Twosome into a Fearless Threesome. And yes . . . he can run for Mayor! 🙂

      As for Katherine choosing Klaus over Elijah, I suspect that Klaus pulled an “Andie” on his ass, and compelled her to choose him. After all, Klaus, right away, wanted to procure Katherine to perform the Sacrifice Ritual. And Elijah, at least initially, was trying to help his brother to do that. So, even though he was attracted to Katherine, himself, he did whatever it took to bolster Klaus in Katherine’s eyes.

      I think if left to her own designs, Katherine would fall for Elijah. And who knows? Perhaps, she will eventually get the chance to do just that! 😉

      • Lauren Knott

        Hahahahaha, I’ve actually been following your recaps about The Vampire Diaries for a while, but I was so happy that Elijah was back that I couldn’t help but put my two cents in. Your recaps are hilarious, and I do look forward to reading them.

      • Aww, thanks Lauren! That’s so sweet of you to say! Feel free to “put in your two cents” anytime! I love talking TVD (and Elijah ;)) with fellow Fangbangers! 🙂

  15. Tricus

    For some reason I don’t see present day Elijah falling for present day Katherine again or anymore. She did something major , I think more than running way, back in the day to Elijah/Klaus. I don’t know what but I beleive she did a lot more than run away for Elijah not to care/like her now.
    I wouldn’t say Elijah hates Katherien but he just seems to not care for her anymore. He has a “whatever” tolerating attitude to her. He reminds me of Damon feelings for Kat. Once Damon found out who she really is and how she regarded him, he stopped caring about her.
    It was nice Damon had Elena there in the beginning as a friend and someone who was actually trying to make him better. Plus he fell hard for Elena soooo….
    Elijah seem to be the much older, calmer, wiser Damon who fell out of love/strong like with Kat, had his women along the way but he has been alone making his way in life for all these years.
    I am curious to know WHEN Elijah and Klaus actually stopped hanging around together. It wasn’t right after Kat bailed on them because Elijah promised Klaus he would get her back for him.

    I have a strange feeling that Elijah is double dealing. He is still on the quest to help his bro but he has some conditions himself from his bro. Like Klaus comes in the front door of Mystic Falls ( big and bold) with his intentions and Elijah comes in the back door to cover all angles.
    I can’t see Elijah wanting to “help” Elena and her friends out if the goodness of his heart after they killed him twice and he was wanting to used Elena for the sacrifice. THAT still has not changed. Plus he could have told them (Elena) from the get go if there was truly a way to save the doppelganger life from the sacrifice. Plus have the Scooby Gang ( Elena) forget Bonnie is STILL needed to do her major magic trick. How is she NOT going to die if she still have to do it to, lets say, to even weaken Klaus ( not kill) so theythemelves can kill him?.
    Elijah is sneaky with his words. Sometimes people in desperaton are too trusting. I hope the gang ( well Elena, Sefan, Bonnie) watch their backs and not put all their trust in Elijah. I am totally on board with Damon for this one. In this volatile, life and death, situation you can’t blindly follow someone who have tried to kill you and who’s agenda is still VERY unclear.
    Love me some Elijah, just love him, but until he proves himself, I don’t trust him.

  16. Wow, that was one long-ass blog post. Not into Vampires, but just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    • Hey Girl from the Ghetto! You know, I always say, vampires are just like any other television characters, they are just better looking, paler, and have slightly pointier teeth. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! By the way, what shows are you watching now?

  17. André

    Sorry I only returned from the holidays today and therefore couldn’t post sooner.

    This recap really helped because my stream over here wasn’t really good and so the quality lacked and I didn’t get everything.
    By the way what did Elijah say when he stated all those things that can’t kill an original “not even the will of …” what was that? I didn’t understand the word.

    Again really funny what you wrote. Hey maybe Klaus was not only the first werewolf/vamp hybrid but also the first metrosexual? 😀

    This episode was again a prime example of how this show turns everything around in one swipe. If what was “revealed” is the truth I might add. Remember we thought that a lot of times. 😉

    What you said about Katherine-Elijah-Klaus makes me wonder what a person Katherine was. So far I didn’t see much that was actually special about her.

    ” So, basically, the REAL Sun and Moon Curse has NOTHING to do with werewolves being able to change at will.”
    I knew it; I knew that wasn’t adding up. Seriously, considered how painful it is who would choose to do that in the first place?
    I wonder whether I am also right with my suspicion that the werewolves were manufactured.
    I admit that “the curse is fake makes” more sense considered what was presented so far. Especially Spidey knows what I had said concerning that; especially regarding the condition of the werewolves and when you consider how much energy was necessary to “simply” seal some vamps in a tomb. There were just so many things not really adding up. Of course now we are basically back to zero.

    ” Now, the thought of THIS GUY as a WERE-VAMP, alone, is pretty frightening. ”
    Not really, seriously does one have any actual advantage over the other when both are in full battle mode?
    I know this is fantasy but stating a hybrid as so “over-powerful” is a bit cheap. This whole Klaus being a werewolf-vampire is a bit weird in my eyes. A bit over the top if you ask me especially considered that both are pretty much on an even level when the werewolf is in wolf-form. And this whole more powerful than anything else… someone must have seen too much Underworld. Really couldn’t they have come up with something more… creative?

    ” Oh, Elijah . . . don’t you realize you are on the Everybody Loves Elena Show? I hate to break this to you, dude! But your DEFINITELY going to make that mistake AGAIN!”
    You have made a very good point there. He will make the mistake. “They never learn”. 😉
    Seriously am I the only one who would like to see a character coming to town for totally different reasons and openly stating that he doesn’t give a rats ass about Elena?

    ” Alas, I suspect you are right, oh wise, TV Recapper! But at least, THIS time, I will have less ridiculous hair . . .”
    In Elijah’s case that is true, but Klaus needs longer hair.

    ” So, she comes back to her house to try and remember what the heck these kids look like.”
    Come on, don’t be so cruel. It’s not her fault the author’s didn’t come up with something better for her during the two seasons. 😉
    I just hope Elena finally gets that all this “protecting them by keeping them out of it” doesn’t work. I mean did it work with Jeremy? No. Caroline? No. Neither did it work with Tyler or Matt. So we have 4:0, not a good record isn’t it?

    ” She just hasn’t really been given much opportunity to do so in this TOTALLY THANKLESS ROLE!”
    You say it sister. Again the waste of acting talent we sadly see often in the show. Who knows what could have achieved if they had given Roerig, Trevino, McQueen and Accola a bit more to do.

    Elijah’s demand for an apology was quite… nice. A bit unexpected.

    “You can be in love with her all you want, if it means you will protect her. But I have her respect.”
    This could also be a reason why Damon is so upset when Elena states that she trusts Klaus.

    ” Bonnie will defeat Klaus, but she won’t die doing it, because Elijah has a loophole for THAT! (Presumably, this will take place AFTER the Moonstone Ritual, when Klaus is undergoing his were transformation.)”
    I think we will both wait and see on whether that is true.

    ” Elena plays her part in the Sacrifice, but somehow lives, again, conveniently, thanks to Elijah. (I don’t know. Is anyone else getting any Red Flags, here?).”
    Uh, me, me.

    ” Tyler Lockwood humping the forest . . .”
    Who cares we want to see him naked and humping a person.

    I have a few things that came into my mind when seeing this episode and I want to know what you think about that:

    (1) Considered Klaus name as well as Elijah’s story about their origin would suggest that they are much younger than the Klaus in the books. As far as I know that one stated that he was never human and that he couldn’t remember his origin. If Klaus’ name however is really Nikolaus than he can be no means be older than 3000 years. However, the question than is also “How does Klaus speak Aztec?”.

    (2) What is the function of the werewolves in this show?

    (3) Maybe the person that Katherine reminded Elijah off was that “Charlotte Petrova” that Julie Plec once talked about, albeit that one was just a note and not really a planned character. Oh god, I just hope that Charlotte isn’t Klaus and Elijah’s mother.

    (4) Klaus’ claim that vampires and werewolves are the oldest “creatures of the night” is even within the TVD universe false of course. Since vampires according to this episode definitely and werewolves most likely came from humans it is pretty safe to assume that restless human spirits as well as witches are much older than either. If I would be a writer that would be good starting material for a number of good surprises. I mean considered the “societies” of werewolves and vampires there could be plenty of other “creatures of the night” out there who are much older and even be more plentiful. And this “every supernatural creature can be killed by a witch” could easily be revealed as false considered that there weren’t many supernatural creatures so far.

    (5) It was interesting how Elijah reacted to being in a house he wasn’t invited in. I wonder why that is so.

    (6) Klaus wanting to break the curse could also be good for a surprise. I mean, how do they want to know that a hybrid is so powerful? If weres and vamps are enemies by nature why not self.destruction?

    (7) The witches as “servants of nature” also don’t really fit what was presented so far. Too much Neopagan (or whatever you would call that) if you ask me.

    (8) That the dopplegaenger can be saved after Klaus’ curse is broken leads to the question what the Dopplegaengers role in all this is.

    • Hey Andre! I hope you enjoyed your holidays! Thanks so much for your always illuminating insights! You know how much I enjoy debating TVD with you. Actually, it seems like we agree on a lot of the major points of this particular episode. This must mean we are both right. 🙂

      Sorry to hear you got a bad episode stream this week. I’ve noticed that most of “Klaus” is available on YouTube now, just in case there is any specific scene you want to re-watch. Speaking of which, here is what Elijah said to Elena, in the scene to which you referred in your comment:

      “Nothing can kill an original. Not sun. Not fire. Not even a werewolf bite.”

      (Those darn Originals and their weird accents! They will get you every time! 🙂 )

      Haha, re: your metrosexuality comment. Well, I definitely would classify Elijah as a metrosexual. (It must run in the family.) As for Klaus, the verdict is still out on that one. He was so quick to diss on Alaric’s style and hair, and yet, we really haven’t seen Klaus wear all that much, except for that odd suit he modeled in the flashbacks, and the all black one he was wearing at the very end of the episode. So, far, I’m not at all impressed with Klaus’ fashion sense. I much prefer Damon’s and Elijah’s. (And, it must be said that Stefan does look mighty fine in his peacoats and hoodies, respectively.)

      I haven’t really been bowled over by Katherine’s heart and humanity, either. She’s fun to watch, because she’s a strong female, who’s sexy, incredibly intelligent, and definitely lives life to its fullest. But I have yet to see much vulnerability or “good” in her, in the traditional sense. In fact, along with Klaus, Isobel, and Brady, she’s probably one of the few characters on this show I would genuinely classify as a true sociopath.

      I guess the idea of being able to transform at will would be appealing to a “werewolf” for a couple of reasons. (1) As Jules said, if you can change at will, you don’t have to change AT ALL. (2) In a world like Mystic Falls, where you are always at risk of being rundown by various supernatural folk, being able to “GO WERE” on a dime is probably the best method of defense one could have (aside, of course, from being a witch or a vampire, as those species can ALREADY use their powers on a moment’s notice).

      I think the reason that the notion of Klaus being a Were-Vamp is so frightening is that Klaus is SO FRIGGIN NUTS! Now, as we know, vampires and werewolves are powerful, animalistic, and have, at least, the propensity to be vicious and violent. But most of these creatures have at least some shred of humanity and “logic,” that keeps them from going bat sh*t crazy all the time. With Klaus, all bets are off. If you are in his way, and he is bored enough, you WILL be his lunch. And as a were-vamp, he can be infinitely more creative in how he disposes of you.

      Believe it or not, I’ve never actually seen any film from the Underworld Series. Would you consider it a worthwhile franchise?

      LOL, I would LOVE for a hot male (or female, for that matter) to come on the show and NOT be in love with / be willing to sacrifice himself or herself for Elena, for a change! I don’t know if you’ve ever watched True Blood. But, if you have, you probably know that it is pretty much the “Everybody Loves Sookie Show.” Anyway, on Everybody Loves Sookie, there is a scene in which the Big Bad Villain of the Season (I believe it was Russell Edgington, though it may have been Franklin) looks Sookie up and down, and says, “Honestly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

      Now THAT was awesome! (Granted Elena is quite a bit more attractive, and not nearly as grating as Sookie, but still . . .)

      I didn’t like Klaus’ super short haircut either, but the Lion Do’ from the flashbacks was WAY WORSE, and had to GO! I actually would have preferred the haircut Joseph Morgan had in the Alexander miniseries. He looked pretty hot in that series.

      Regarding Aunt Jenna’s recent “awakening” to the world of the supernatural, someone on the EW recap commented. “Farewell Team Clueless Humans! You have fought valiantly for so long to maintain your ignorance.” I like that. It makes U.A.J’s obliviousness and stupidity actually seem brave and purposeful, as opposed to frustratingly idiotic. 🙂

      But maybe now that U.A.J. is “in the know,” she can start making herself less useless . . . or, conversely, she can become Matt Donavass 2.0. It’s up to her . . .

      I see that you share my healthy skepticism of Elijah’s “honorable” motives. I think a lot of TVD fans are skeptical of him now, despite how much most of us genuinely like him as an addition to the cast, and want him to be “good,” so that he can stick around a while longer. But, as you mentioned, there are too many inconsistencies in Elijah’s story, and he’s conveniently left out so much seemingly necessary information. It is surprising that Elena, given all that she’s been through, would be so easily trusting of someone like Elijah.

      And Stefan . . . GEEZ! You would think after 160 years THAT ONE would have learned. I mean, he dated KATHERINE, for crying out loud! Now, if that doesn’t make you distrust your fellow vampire, I don’t know what will!
      Not to worry. Tyler’s Forest Humping is only temporary. We all know he will be humping Caroline VERY soon. 😉

      Now on to your inquiries:
      (1) I’m not sure Klaus does actually speak Aztec. I was under the impression that he completely pulled all that stuff out of his ass, when drafting the Ancient Sun and Moon Curse, including the language itself. After all, who would have been around long enough to prove him wrong?
      I mean, if I started pouring gobbledygook on this page, and told you it was written in Ancient Incan, you’d probably think I was full of crap (and rightly so). But would you be able to prove it? 😉

      (2) As for the werewolves function on this show. Here’s a shallow answer: The werewolves are window dressing. They look pretty naked, dirty, and sweaty, in that pre-transformation phase (Well, Tyler does, at least!) A “deeper” answer would be that werewolves are in Mystic Falls to serve as a foil / natural enemy to the vampires. They prevent vampires from sitting alone at the top of the food chain. The fact that one day a month, the vampires are weaker than, and are common prey for, werewolves makes the vampires as a species seem more vulnerable, and more . . . human.
      Klaus’ were-vamp ambitions are significant in that, if he is to succeed in his quest, vampires and werewolves will no longer share the top of the food chain. HIS race will be at the top of it. This quandary will have the effect of uniting these natural enemies in pursuit of a common goal, to protect their shared alpha status.

      (3) I definitely think Charlotte Petrova was the FIRST Katherine / Elena lookalike, whose death bound the “curse” on Klaus that made his werewolf side dormant. I was under the impression Klaus and Elijah were both in love with Charlotte, back in the day. I like that idea a bit better than her being their mother, because . . . EWWW! 🙂

      (4) You raise an interesting point about the possibility for other supernatural creatures. I suspect in future seasons, Mystic Falls will find itself a breeding ground for ghosts, zombies, shapeshifters, sirens, incubi, succubi, devils etc. Such is the nature of any supernatural program that’s around long enough to run out of vampire and werewolf stories. But I do see what you mean about witches arguably being more powerful than werewolves and vampires in this universe, at least in terms of their ability to dominate the supernatural realm. Then again, witches, are also probably the closest of all of these species to “mortal.” Therefore their continued existence is the most fragile of all the “supes.”

      (5) In terms of the Doppelganger being “saved” upon Klaus’ death, this seems consistent with the idea that when an Original dies, those compelled by him or her or no longer under compulsion. Since the Doppelgangers were cursed, as a result of Klaus being cursed, it would make sense that,without him, they too would be free. Additionally, I would think that if Klaus dies, after Elena, no more Petrova Doppelgangers will be born. After all, there will no longer be a “need” for them, in the supernatural sense.

      It’s always a pleasure, Andre. Thanks for hanging out with me! 🙂

      • André

        I think there might be some thinks coming that we have to debate. I mean we have only 3 episodes left of this season and you gotta admit, the big question is: “what comes next?” or “what will there be in season 3?”

        I already got a bad stream with episode 18. Usually there is megavideo but seemingly not this time. Oh well, I’ve found it on youtube in actually much better quality:

        And it really was the stream because in these youtube videos I understood the words perfectly.

        “So, far, I’m not at all impressed with Klaus’ fashion sense.”
        Considered the Promo you probably won’t start to like it any time soon. 😉

        I forgot one thing: the whole Elijah-Mrs. Lockwood-vervaine thing is the old routine of “he did this and that and we didn’t show you.” Maybe that will come again in the show, but to be honest it stinks of dues ex machina.

        “In fact, along with Klaus, Isobel, and Brady, she’s probably one of the few characters on this show I would genuinely classify as a true sociopath.”
        That Brady was a sociopath is what makes me question Jules’s character; I mean what woman with self-respect would hang along with such a guy? But then again, you know how strong the “he’s a good guy”-mantra can be. Any way Jules seems to be back – or it was some other skinny blond on the promo.

        I know your arguments about the werewolf-transformation but those were not what I was referring too. First the transformation presented so far takes time. Mason had already turned a few times and the transformation still wasn’t fast so it’s not actually “on a dime” and therefore it wouldn’t really be an advantage, quite the contrary, the werewolf is at its most vulnerable during that time. This in addition with the painful nature of the transformation made me question the statement that they were a plague, because I doubt that in such a case enough weres would willingly transform to pose as such a thing. All in all the werewolves are not really a danger to the vampires, which makes the whole war thing really strange.

        One thing would be a good idea. If vamps could be created once, who’s saying it hadn’t happened before or afterwards also? A few legends from other tales around the world bear some resemblance to the eastern European vampire.

        Since Klaus and Elijah don’t differ much in age, we can assume that they have the same level of strength. In addition since their father was a “wealthy landowner in Eastern Europe” (of course seven children) we can again assume that they aren’t that old. However what was revealed in this episode is somewhat at odds with Elijah’s statement concerning books. But maybe that was meant to refer to actual books since written language was of course existent for quite a long time. In addition this again links the TVD-Vampires to the folkloristic vamps of the Slavic lands, to some extent that is, but more to that in a minute. The literature vamp (like the ones in TVD) are practically exclusively based on those legends (or some legends actually) of the Slavic countries. Despite blood-drinkers (not vamps mark my words) being around in many cultures the modern literature vampire is of exclusively eastern European origin. However the literature vamp doesn’t have much in common with those folkloristic vampires. They often looked like shriveled brown corpses, were in other cases blood red or swollen from all the blood they ingested. I know of no account that they were pale, quite the contrary. And they were never sexy. They sometimes had strength but often they weren’t stronger than a normal human. AlarKlaus speech about vamps reflects the common misconception that the “modern” vamp is old or werewolves even older. In real life there is no account of either older than 4000-5000 years, for the record people transforming into wolves are longer known as far as I know but I doubt that werewolves are the oldest animal-shifters.
        One things is there still, while this “great fooling” of the two makes sense when you consider that werewolves are mortal and therefore it is very easy to conceive that they start to believe that in just a few generations or maybe even right away but it is at odds with the condition of the vampires. In a discussion with Spidey I once mentioned the lack of old vampires. Except for Elijah and Klaus we have never seen any vampire who was actually alive at the supposed time of the curse. Which leads to the question why that is so. After all, wouldn’t these old vampires not have rebutted such claims to the authenticity of the curse respectively they would have told that there are several variants? Were all those vamps killed or where there none? That would again be weird since according to Elijah Klaus worked on breaking the curse for a thousand years at the time of the show. Then again maybe the vamps aren’t much older than a millennium.

        What you said about Klaus being a were-vamp is not what I meant. I meant the pure physical aspect. What is there that vampires or werewolves have that would suggest that a mixture is so more powerful? Nothing so far. There was such a thing in a storytelling game long before Underworld came along, however in that case a werewolf could also turn into a raging man-wolf who is much stronger than vampires usually are and heals very quickly. In such a case a combination being very dangerous (and rare since weres usually died if a vamp tried to turn them) made sense but not in TVD so far. Therefore I think it’s a bit cheap and also uncreative since we already had that elsewhere and is only based on this strange “war” which I think doesn’t really exist and the reason for it is really thumbs-down.

        As for the Underworld trilogy (a fourth part is supposedly on the way). The first one was … acceptable but not really that good. I would classify it under what we call “popcorn-cinema” up here. Good for some entertainment but far from being a jewel of film-making. I recommend you rent the movies first or watch it elsewhere before you actually buy them.

        What is also weird in the show is: Where are the witches? They are referred to so often but so far they were basically tools. Wouldn’t they do something about it? The supposedly created the dagger due to the “balance”, which is of course only a tool by the writers to have something against the originals, except for Klaus of course *roll eyes*. So their “inaction” is maybe the strangest thing. And what good is their power if they obviously were fooled by the false curse as well?

        “I don’t know if you’ve ever watched True Blood.”
        Believe it or not but I never did. Barely know of it actually. I prefer literature and a good comedy once in a while. The last good film I actually saw was “Romeos” (a film about a transsexual guy who was once a girl and now falls in love for the first time [with a quite hot german-italian {you would love to see the film just for the studs bud}]). I currently watch TVD because the writers come up with such plot twists and because I am still hoping that they use their creative potential more. And I watch Primeval due to the depictions of the creatures; I really liked the future predator and the Caprosuchus.

        ” the Big Bad Villain of the Season (I believe it was Russell Edgington, though it may have been Franklin) looks Sookie up and down, and says, “Honestly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.””
        The writers must have channeled me because that is what I would say about Elena or even Katherine. 😀
        That’s why I would have loved to have an actual blend of human and wolf (the whole canis lupus species I mean [degenerated show dogs not included, but let’s say all sorts of ferals and landraces]) a non-gay male or non-straight female of such a species would look Elena up and down and sniff just to say that she is boring and looks like a twig and should do some workout. In general the males and females of such a species would probably be much different than the current depiction of werewolves.

        “But, as you mentioned, there are too many inconsistencies in Elijah’s story, and he’s conveniently left out so much seemingly necessary information. It is surprising that Elena, given all that she’s been through, would be so easily trusting of someone like Elijah.”
        Right we shouldn’t forget what he did to Trevor and how easily he slaughtered his enemies, or people in his way. In addition we don’t know yet what curse was placed on Klaus, I mean why was the werewolf part made dormant? In addition the statement of a hybrid being much deadlier is based on what? Have there been hybrids before or what? Had Klaus been one before he was cursed? In so far we would have a vampire who shifts into a wolf under the full moon but not more. And as was stated “the witches believed” the doppelganger could be spared. Ok Elena definitely won’t die we all know that.

        “Not to worry. Tyler’s Forest Humping is only temporary. We all know he will be humping Caroline VERY soon. ”
        To be honest, I doubt it. Their relationship didn’t progress so far, despite what many fans wish it to be. Ok maybe Matt will be the one chaining her, or maybe he will die or what else. I only know that the whole deal was revealed to Matt for a reason so we will have to wait and see. Currentyl I would only be guessing.
        In addition Tyler and Caroline wouldn’t have time in the next episodes to hump one another.

        Now to your answers:
        (1) That makes sense, although it would be weird because of the time. How does he even know what Aztec is? Did they have a connection to the Americas prior to Columbus? Or did they fake whole societies? 😀

        (2) I think both of your answers are correct. But like I said the whole “war”-thing seems silly to me, because… well like I said above the werewolves wouldn’t really be a danger to the vamps. But this being weaker is at odds with the statement that older vamps are stronger. Like seen in “Rose”, Rose didn’t make it any better against Jules than Caroline against Mason and that was weird if you ask me. In addition so far Klaus ambition is only known to a few people so this “truce” you mention is currently unlikely. But maybe the next episode will turn everything around again.

        (3) It would be EWWW, correct, but do you really thing that it would be so out of question?

        (4) I think the creatures you name are really more likely than a new species, sadly. I had put some thought on that and the three that would be fitting would be the Dog-heads (albeit as shapeshifters) that are connected to the origin of the werewolves. Then the fox-spirits (these shapeshifters could be a very good explanation for all sorts of supernatural beings as well as a lot of juicy stuff) and the eastern dragons (the “horned serpent” is not unknown in other cultures and these dragons could easily be described as sea serpents). Maybe even an “original vampire”-species that is connect to the current ones. The vamps simply didn’t know about them because a) they considered the vamps beneath actual notice (with good reason, these beings are far more powerful), b) the vamps believed them to be myths (considered how few Elijah and Klaus seem to know about witches despite being so old this would be probable) and c) if they clashed the vamps were usually slaughtered all.
        In addition witches wouldn’t be well disposed towards these beings would all be part spirit and part flesh which the witches would see as an affront against their “balance” (the concept itself is rather a construct than a fact in the real world) and because each is more powerful than witches ever were. The dogs would be unaffected by their magic, the foxes are millennia ahead of them and the dragons are simply too much raw energy. I got to that because if Klaus tried to break the curse for a thousand years this speaks rather for the witches way of making spells of being a trial and error method and not an actual “science”, meaning they lack true understanding of their abilities. The dogs, foxes and dragons would have that knowledge and due to their power would have made a “treaty” a long time ago not to use their full destructive potential. Also these other species made no distinction between “magic” and “science”, which would be good stuff for quite a lot of things, e.g. a little robot with a laser that shots actual sunlight 😉
        These species’ “Absence” (only since the first half of the 20th century) would be due to them observing humans to assess their status and making sure they have the methods to deal with them. Humans wouldn’t be able to do something these species didn’t but considered their actions they could make a lot of trouble and, well, trying to rebuild after a nuclear war is pretty difficult even for these beings. But to make it funny these species would have assessed that humans would have reached that potential about a millennia ago so in this case humans would be behind the expectations instead of ahead like in so many other supernatural shows.

        (5) Hard to say if the Doppelgangers were cursed due to Klaus being cursed. But this is due to the fact that we are back to practically zero considered the whole curse stuff.

  18. Hypa Kitty

    Hey! Its been a while since I’ve written, but I thought this episode most definitely is in need of a reply! Therefore I decided instead of boring you to death I would write some notes.. here you are! And as always LOVE your recaps, read them weekly like my personal Bible! ❤ :
    1. It seems all the Petrovi women are wantons, which goes to show equal opportunities most definately existed in the 1400.. especially when your the beautiful Nina Dobrev and have five male leads to eye fuck!

    2. I was wondering how the hell did the Salvatore bro's miss that scene in the cellar and then arrive way to late? Someone needs to UP their hearing aid! xD
    3. It seems only Elena and Damon have the moves to outsmart each other constantly through out this season: For instance Damon keeping Bonnie a secret, Elena gets him back by unstaking Elijah etc.

    4. Elija and Elena neeed alone time which had me thinking: Oh lar lar, esp with that look they shared!

    5. Slightly off topic: When Elijah needed a shirt, why was it Mayor Lockwoods' clothes not been boxed up as yet, i swear he died decades ago. Bad busy widow alert!

    6. In case you wanted a confirmation: Ian most definitely had asked me to "go rogue" first, *Wink wink, nudge nudge* but i was too busy.. so he had to settle with that… Andie toy play thing which keeps his dick mind of Elena.

    7. I love in the flashbacks how the impression was almost made of Katherina being “gifted as a present” to Klaus.. makes her seem like a hired escort.

    8. A freaky expriment must have gone wrong to create the vamps and werewolves within the original’s family [not that I am complaining]

    9. I’d love to be there when Damon “collects” his debt from Katherine after helping her out, she most definitely wants to rethink his role in her life!

    10. Is it bad I seem to be going on to a separate team: Team Elijah-Elena? They are second to Delena.. but they have a certain chemistry about them. Elijah has the hots for her slightly, and she uses her charms on him. It seems shes realised how to win all her guys over, one at a time, without giving any up.

    11. Klaus is possessive of Katherine in her flash backs its almost prophetic of his need for her in the future. Bad possessive bf in the making believe me!

    12. Elena seems too smug when challanged by Damon to leave. This only increases when Jealous BF warns of Damon.. *News-Flash for Stefan Salvatore: Bro’s before ho’s”

    13. Greta has possible story lines and I can’t wait to see her roles to come.. except being Klaus’s fuck toy 😀 Greta seemed more than comfy on her knees in fronta Klaus, in the final scene, if you get what ii mean *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

    14. I want to be a vampwolf hybrid. It sounds damn cool.. and painful o.O
    15. Finally, I wanna hug Damon he feels unloved </3

    Sorry for the mega long review as always! Keep up the great recaps! xox

    • Hey Hypa Kitty! Thanks so much for your kind words and awesome commentary! I really do appreciate it. As for your notes . . . 😉

      (1) LOL, very true. There definitely appeared to be many opportunities for hot sex in the 1400s, particularly for women who looked like Nina Dobrev. They just had A LOT more clothing to take off, back then. 🙂
      (2) The delay for both Salvatore brothers in getting to the cellar definitely seemed to be a Vampire Hearing FAIL, particularly considering how LOUD Elijah was, with his stumbling and moaning. In Damon’s defense, he was busy having a morning screw with Andie. And she doesn’t seem like the “quiet” type. But Stefan was in bed ALONE. No excuses for him.
      (3) I do love this constant one-up-manship between Damon and Elena. After all, nothing increases the libido, like a little friendly competition. 😉
      (4) In the NC-17 version of TVD, alone time between Elijah and Elena ABSOLUTELY included Car Sex. 🙂
      (5) I’m always a bit confused about the TVD timeline. How much time REALLY has elapsed in Mystic Falls, since the Season 1 finale? Are we to assume that time passes on TVD at the same rate it passes HERE? Or does it move slower? If the latter is true, maybe Mayor Lockwood hasn’t actually been dead for more than a few months? Just a thought. 🙂
      (6) LOL. I’m with you Hypa Kitty, I’d willingly be Damon’s Compulsion Sex Toy, anytime. When the man is THAT hot, there really is NO SHAME involved. 😉
      (7) I wouldn’t be surprised if Katherine made some money working as a “pro,” back in the day. She certainly has those stripper moves, down pat!
      (8) Hmmm . . . I actually think Klaus’ mother would have had to have conceived Klaus, back when she was still human. Because, as a vampire, she wouldn’t be able to do it. But there is still that question of HOW that whole family ended up all vampires in the first place. I wonder! 😉
      (9) Something tells me Katherine is going to be begging for Damon’s affections again, by the end of the season. You snooze, you lose, Kat! I, personally, hope Damon makes her do something REALLY humiliating as payment for that vervain. 🙂
      (10) Though I adore Elijah, and enjoy his smokin’ chemistry with Elena, I’m going to hold off shipping them, until I know for sure whether I can trust the Original vamp. He still seems a bit shady to me. And you know how those TVD writers love their double crosses!
      (11) Klaus seems like one of those guys who gets possessive over EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that comes into his sights. He’s like a big bratty baby, who has never heard the word “no” in 4,000 years. No wonder Katherine’s escape burns him so much!
      (12) I love Damon’s and Elena’s smug / smirky bickering! They both know exactly how to push one another’s buttons, and secretly really enjoy doing it, no matter how annoyed they may be at one another, at the time. It’s SUPER SEXY, in my opinion.
      (13) Greta definitely “has a little Klaus” in her, if you catch my drift. The question is, is there some Maddox in her too? 😉
      (14) I don’t know, I think I’d prefer just being a full on sexy vamp. Werewolves are a bit too . . . hairy, for my liking (except for Tyler, of course. I loves me some Tyler Lockwood.)
      (15) I’d like to do much more than HUG Damon. 🙂

      Squee, less than 24 hours until the next TVD installment! I can’t wait!

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