Where have all the HUMANS gone? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Last Day”

Pop Quiz Fangbanger How many humans are in this picture?  (Hint:  It’s a trick question.) 

USELESS AUNT JENNA:  “OK, that was NOT COOL!  The only thing I wanted injected in me tonight, was ALARIC’S CHUNKY MONKEY!

Personally, I think humanity is overrated.  I mean, think about it  . . . You get married.  You pop out a few pups.  You grow old and wrinkly.  You die.  What’s the fun in THAT?

Apparently, the writers of The Vampire Diaries agree with me.  Because they have taken Mystic Falls’ Team Human, and systematically smashed it to smithereens, over the course of two seasons . . .

Be afraid, Normal Boy!  Be VERY AFRAID!

But, you see, that’s what I LOVE about this show!  The Vampire Diaries doesn’t give a Flying F*&k about the rules or conventions of typical television dramas (like the one that says you can only kill off one or two major characters, a season . . . or the one that says HUMANS are “important.”).  And that’s how TVD keeps viewers returning every single week:  by repeatedly defying their expectations, and challenging what they think they know about the characters on their television screen.  Of course, having THESE to show off on a weekly basis doesn’t hurt either .  . .

Hold on to your panties, Fangbangers!  And prepare to have your minds blown.  Because we are about to recap what may go down in television history as “The Last Day” of TVD, as we once knew it . . .

Blah, blah, blah Sacrifice, blah (HEY!  Is that Shirtless Damon on my screen?)


I’m sorry, Elijah, were you saying something?  Because I was . . . distracted.

The episode begins with a Pow Wow of Sexiness and Plot Explanation in La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Elijah is downstairs explaining the logistics of the Sacrifice to Stefan and Elena, while Damon is upstairs . . . in bed  .  . . NAKED . . . and GULPING.  Clearly, someone in the writer’s room doesn’t want us listening to Elijah (Klaus, is that YOU?).  Whoever this person is, his devious plan has worked!  Because two minutes later, I wake up from my trance, to find Damon all DRESSED . . .

Now, right then and there, we should have known things were going to go VERY wrong for Damon, this week.  If you recall, the LAST time Damon was shirtless on TVD was the Controversial Moonstone in Soap Dish Incident . . .

And we all know how THAT turned out!  So, in conclusion, Shirtless Damon = Good for US;  Extremely Bad for HIM!

Then again, maybe it’s bad for me too.  Because now I’ve got to figure out what Elijah said to Elena, while I was fondling Damon’s chest, in my dreams . . .

Looking back, I THINK that Elijah was talking about the “ingredients” of the Sacrifice Ritual that could be used to break Klaus’ “You Can’t Be a Were-Vamp, Too Bad, So Sad for YOU” Curse.  Coincidentally (or, perhaps, not so, coincidentally), those ingredients just so happen to be the SAME INGREDIENTS Klaus listed in his FAKE Aztec Sun and Moon Curse, namely: a Full Moon, the Moonstone, a vampire, a werewolf, and the BLOOD of a Doppelganger, which Klaus must DRINK in order to complete the ritual.

ELIJAH:  “Would you like me to repeat that again, now that Damon has his shirt back on, and has stopped seductively gulping?’

STEFAN and ELENA:  “Yes, please!”

So, then Damon magically appears.  And he asks Elijah the STELLAR question of WHY they have to wait until the Full Moon to kill Klaus, when they could just use Bonnie to do it RIGHT NOW!  “Because Bonnie would DIE!”  Elena replies. 

“We’ll write her a great eulogy,” replies Damon.

You know, I’d actually be OK with that plan . . . after all, Stefan and Elena are great writers.  That’s why they both keep DIARIES!

Now, I’m as big of an Eliah Fan, as the next gal.  But even I have to admit, for all his cool magical powers and de-hearting abilities, the Original’s ACTUAL plan to save Elena from certain death was disappointingly lame.  Come ON!  A Fake Death Elixir?  What is this Romeo and Juliet?  Didn’t we just do the whole “Fake Death” thing with Bonnie?  Do we really think that THE All-Powerful Klaus is dumb enough to fall for the same trick twice?

ELIJAH:  “Would it help if I told you the elixir tastes like chocolate milk?”

To make matters worse, since the last Petrova Doppelganger .  . . ummmm . . . VAMPED out on Klaus (foreshadowing much?), Elijah never actually got the chance to try out his little drink recipe.  So, it’s not a sure thing.  Nor does Elijah seem entirely sure that Bonnie won’t die ANYWAY, while she is using her powers to murder the momentarily vulnerable were-transforming Klaus.  In short, Elijah’s Big Plan, seems like a Big Ole Load of Crap to Me . . .

Are you sure about that, buddy?  Because it’s starting to sound like we CAN .  . .

Conveniently enough, when Damon suggests that Elena wear the Ring of Immortality (something we actually KNOW works) to help stave off permanent death, during the ritual, Elijah shuts that idea down as well.  “The ring only works on humans.  The Doppelganger is a supernatural occurrence.”

A-HA!  So, Elena is NOT entirely human!  She’s a FAIRY, like Sookie on True Blood.  That’s why all the boys want to bone her.  The plot thickens . . .

Outside La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Damon chugs down his Power Breakfast of Bourbon and Tears . . .

While Damon tries his very best to get wasted before 10 a.m., Stefan lectures him about the importance of trusting in Elena (even though her plan to save her own life, now seems MORE RIDICULOUS THAN EVER)!

STEFAN:  “Yeah, I don’t think the plan’s going to work either.  But by pretending I do, my chances of getting laid tonight, by the Girl of Our Mutual Dreams increases tenfold . . .”

DAMON:  “Well, in that case . . .”

This Brotherly Bonding Session is interrupted by a screaming Useless Aunt Jenna, who is currently threatening Alaric with his own CROSSBOW!  (I’m liking this chick more, by the minute.  That probably means she’s going to die soon . . .)

Alaric quickly proves he’s no longer AlarKlaus, by beginning to share with the Scooby Gang some kinky sex story about how Jeremy walked in on him and Jenna playing Hide the Salami in the Gilbert Home . . .

So, BOTH Gilbert kids caught Alaric and Jenna en flagrante!  Clearly, these two are Closet Exhibitionists.

Once the crew is convinced that Alaric is not going to (1) compel any of them to stab themselves in the leg; or (2) start dedicating cheesy old love songs to them, the weapons are lowered, and Alaric is allowed to deliver his message.  “The Sacrifice Ritual is to take place tonight,” he says, ominously.

With that pesky errand out of the way, Alaric is allowed to have a seat in the living room of La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  There, he can put his feet up, and reminisce with his old pals about the Good Old Days of AlarKlaus.  (Like that time when he threatened his girlfriend with a butcher knife . . . FUN!)  Elena quickly tires of these old war stories, and wanders up to Damon’s bedroom, where, you might have noticed, she has been spending quite a bit of time lately . . . *clears throat*

Love is Never Having to Say “I Made You Drink My Arm.”


There’s nothing like a little FORCE FEEDING to ruin an otherwise Perfectly Good Romantic Moment Between Two Extremely Attractive, and Sexually Active, Individuals!  What’s the deal, TVD writers?  Did a Delena Fan pee in your Cheerios?  Why can’t we ever catch a break, huh?  

I’m going to let you watch the scene in its entirety first.  And then we can talk about it . . .

What’s interesting about this scene is how much it parallels the one from “The Last Dance.”  In both cases, we have Elena approaching Damon in his bedroom, in hopes of coming to an understanding with him about certain decisions that have been made relating to the Sacrifice. 

On one level (at least, until the force feeding happens) it’s a sweet, and straight forward scene, in which Elena tries to assure Damon that she will NOT die in the Sacrifice, and that she will, in fact, return to him.  In return, Damon tries to convey to Elena how risky this undertaking is, how much he fears for her safety, and how much he can’t bear the thought of her no longer being in his world.  “I can’t lose you,” he admits to her.

Notice how Damon and Elena move continuously closer to one another as they speak.  The scene is deceptive in that way, in that it APPEARS as though the pair are coming to understand where eachother are coming from, and finally finding common ground. 

Interestingly enough, just like in that OTHER scene, communications between the pair break down, at what, on the surface, seems like the most intimate moment between them.  In “The Last Dance” when Damon said, “I’ll always choose you,” Elena was clearly moved by the extent of his affection for her. 

Likewise, here, when Elena holds and massages Damon’s hands, looking deeply into his eyes, as she says, “It’s my life, my choice,” Damon seems literally swept off his feet, by the clear evidence that Elena truly cares for him.  Damon keeps staring from Elena’s hands, back to her eyes, as if he can’t believe she is showing him so much love and trust.  Elena smiles, thinking that she has finally got through to him. 

But she hasn’t.  And it is at THIS MOMENT that you can SEE Damon planning out exactly what his next move is going to be.  And it involves, of all things, the HANDS, or rather, the arms . . .

When Elena turns to leave, Damon hesitates, for a moment, just as Elena did in the final moments of “The Last Dance,” when she turned back to face Damon one final time, before she headed to the cellar to de-stake Elijah.  But, ultimately, just like Elena did then, Damon pushes all doubts about what he’s going to do out of his mind.  He corners Elena at the door.  And THIS happens . . .


“Now be a good little girl, and drink your blood.  Open WIDE .  . . here comes the Choo Choo Train!”

Then Stefan comes in.   And the two brothers start beating the sh*t out of eachother AGAIN . . . at least, until Damon STAKES Stefan.  And if you thought the romantic mood was ruined before, it’s SO Dead and Buried NOW!

“You are SUCH a cock block, Stefan Salvatore!”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t actually think that becoming a vampire (at least, in terms of how the show portrays the existence) is this Big Awful Thing that Elena believes it is.  (More on THAT later.)  But DAMON does. 

Remember, this is the Damon who cried in The Descent (more foreshadowing) about how much he missed his humanity.  This is also the Damon who held a grudge against Stefan for a CENTURY for manipulating him into turning into a vampire, all those years ago, when DAMON wanted die, after seemingly losing Katherine FOREVER.

Is anyone else as extremely turned on by this as I am?

In fact, nothing if not self aware, DAMON, himself, realizes the inconsistency of his actions, when he says to Elena, almost comically, “Go ahead, wish me an eternity of misery.  Believe me, you’ll get over it.”

But it’s clear that, by the time Alaric and Jenna come to break up the fight (Boy, Jenna really got a Crash Course in Vampirism in the past two episodes, didn’t she?), Damon has already realized the error of his ways.  And this is why he spends the rest of the episode trying to right his wrongs, by attempting to foil Klaus’ Sacrifice Ritual, in order to buy Elena another month, so that the next time, she can go about defeating Klaus in her extremely dumb way.

“You know, she will never forgive you,” Elijah tells Damon (Perhaps, talking from personal experience?).  “And for a vampire, NEVER is an extremely long time.”

Unfortunately, grudges and the inability to let go are things DAMON understands all too well . . .

As Stefan drinks from a blood bag, and learns a very important lesson about how you shouldn’t “run with lamp posts,” Alaric and the No Longer All that Useless Aunt Jenna share a sweet moment outside Damon’s bedroom — one which only seems to further fortell Jenna’s DOOM.  “I’m glad you’re OK,” U.A.J. whispers, before she pulls Alaric in for a kiss . . .

Nothing like being possessed by an Evil Vampire to make your girlfriend conveniently forget that you never told her you were MARRIED . . .

Meanwhile, at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls . . .

Lizard Forbes Strikes Again (Can someone please KILL HER already?)

To Do List:  (1) Seduce daughter’s soon-to-be-ex boyfriend.   (2) Plot daughter’s murder with soon-to-be-ex boyfriend.  (3) Eat puppies and kittens for lunch.    (4) Kick babies in the head for fun.  (5) Perform various acts of devil worship at the Local Church.

Caroline visits Matt Donovass Benedict Arnold at work.  She’s happy and perky, and doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary in their MASSIVE SHAM of a relationship.  They make out, and I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

CAROLINE:  “You smell like my mom.  The two of you must use the same cologne and aftershave.”

MATT: “Not usually, but she let me borrow hers this morning after our shower.”

CAROLINE:  “What?”

MATT:  “Oh nothing . . .”

Caroline excuses herself, to go run a few errands.  So, Matt immediately rushes over to the next table to gossip with Lizard, and plot his girlfriend’s demise . . .

In Matt’s (slight) defense, he does seem to have eased up a bit on the GALLONS of Lizard Kool Aid he’s been drinking over the course of the past few episodes.  “Caroline seems pretty much to be EXACTLY the same person she’s always been, since he met her.  So, why are we so intent on killing her again?”  Matt wonders.

“Open your legs and spread em . . . Oh, and pull down your pants too . . . It’s standard police procedure.”

“Because I’m an evil harpy, with no redeeming personality traits.”  Lizard replies.   Apparently, having been raised to despise all vampires, and having been fooled so completely by Damon, Lizard would rather kill her own daughter, than believe that a vampire could actually be a kind and decent being.  And here’s what I have to say about that . . .

Seeing that she no longer has his full support, Lizard kicks Matt out of the Kill Caroline Club.  Seemingly having seen the error of his ways, Matt calls Caroline (we assume) to warn her about her murderous mom.  But given his actions later, we can’t help but wonder whether he ACTUALLY called to lure her into some sort of trap . . .

“So, I was thinking maybe you and I could go out hunting on our next date.  Well, actually, I’d hunt, and you’d be the target.  It worked for Dick Cheney!”

 Also hanging out at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls . . .

Team Bad Ass (Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!)

ALARIC:  “So, I was thinking that tonight (like every night) we’d celebrate me getting my body back, by getting completely wasted and trying to recreate our own version of the movie The Hangover.”

DAMON: “Fine . . . but I get to be Bradley Cooper’s character.”

ALARIC: *pouts*  “But I wanted to be HIM!”

Since the acts of (1) ensuring the Love of his Life an eternity of Miserable Bloodsucker-dom; and (2) almost murdering his brother with his favorite lamp TOTALLY killed his morning buzz, Damon decides to head back to the bar and commence with some SERIOUS catch up boozing.  Alchy Alaric, of course, is more than happy to join in the festivities.  “I screwed up,” Damon mopes.

“Yeah, you did,” replies Alaric.  (I LOVE THESE TWO!)

But alas, this bromantic buddy moment is interrupted by an unwelcome guest  . . . “Why so glum?” Inquires someone VERY BRITISH.

“Ughhhh . . . Klaus, I presume,” scoffs Damon (mimicking his ICONIC “Ughhh, who cares” line from one of Blogger Pal Amy’s favorite Delena scenes from Season 1 of the show).

DAMON: “I liked you better when you were Alaric.”

After thanking the Drunken History Teacher for the “loner” of his body, Klaus turns his attention to Damon, who, taking a page out of Mr. “I Don’t Believe in Confrontation” Stefan’s book, politely asks Klaus if he could .  . . you know . . . maybe wait a month, before killing Elena, and beginning his Quest for World Domination.  But Klaus, having already waited 500 YEARS for the opportunity to perform this ritual, isn’t in a particularly patient mood.  “The Sacrifice is tonight . .  . don’t screw it up,” Klaus warns, before exiting Stage Left.

“You’re going to screw it up, aren’t you?”  Alaric asks, with mild amusement.

“You’ll help, right?” Damon asks, already knowing what the answer will be.

And with that, Team Bad Ass stumbles out of the bar on a mission that will undoubtedly be EPIC . . .

These two REALLY need their own theme song.  Any suggestions?

Speaking of walking (and walking . . . and walking . . .)

Shrink Stefan and his “Miraculous” Waterfall Therapy

STEFAN:  “So, Elena.  Tell me about your parents untimely death, and how it made you FEEL . .  . Oh, wait .  . . never mind . . . I was there.”

I’m seriously starting to wonder if, during part of his 160 plus years on Earth, Stefan went to medical school and opened his own psychiatric practice.  Because, seriously, this guy is more into talking about “feelings” than any other non-shrink male I’ve ever seen!  And when Stefan begins to recognize that Elena might by holding back her feelings about very likely becoming a vampire in the immediate future, he spends the rest of the episode trying to get her to “OPEN UP” to him. 

(So .  . . basically, this week, we have one brother Kicking Ass and Taking Names, and the other one Getting Teary Eyed over Pretty Waterfalls.  Not judging . . . just sayin’.)

“Look Elena . . . a DOUBLE RAINBOW!  It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!”

Stefan brings Elena to an admittedly picturesque waterfall, and suggests they climb to the top of it.  “Today is all about YOU,” he tells her (which would be a whole lot nicer of a sentiment, if Elena didn’t seem so completely AGAINST the idea of an extended hike).

ELENA:  “Can’t we just stay home and watch episodes of True Blood on DVD or something?”

I’ll admit I giggled a bit, when Elena inquired as to why Stefan wasn’t going to use his Super Power Vampire Jumpy Thing to get her to the top of the mountain. 

*Edward Cullen scoffs judgmentally at the notion of allowing one’s human girlfriend to (gasp) ACTUALLY USE HER FEET*

Despite Elena’s continual complaints, Stefan and Elena eventually hike up to the top of a mountain, while Stefan gently, but persistently, prods Elena to bare her soul to him.  (Now, if this was DAMON and Elena at the top of the mountain, I’m guessing that SOUL baring would probably not be of the utmost concern.  Methinks those two would be spending Elena’s Final Day as a Human screwing like bunny rabbits on that mountain top!)

But FEELINGS is what Stefan wants.  So feelings is what Stefan is going to get .  . .

Though the pair is generally pretty open (almost to a fault) regarding other aspects of their relationship, the notion of Eternity Together was a topic regularly skirted by this couple.  Much of this, I suspect, had to do with the fact that Elena was never really “into” the whole idea of “living forever.”  And Stefan, who instinctively knew this, felt that having that information out in the open would put a serious damper on their sex lives.

ELENA:  “I wonder if the two of us will still be this good in bed, when we are both old and . . . oops, never mind.”

But after HOURS of relentless prodding on Stefan’s part, Elena FINALLY breaks down and monologues about how she looked forward to a life of making choices.  She wanted to have babies, and get married, and grow old (OK, who the HECK actually wants to grow old?  Seriously, Elena!  Babies?  maybe.  OLD?  Definitely NOT!)  “I don’t want to be a vampire.  I never wanted to be one,” Elena sobs.

“I know you didn’t,” replies Stefan sadly, as he pulls her in for an embrace.

Now, maybe this is just because I’m shallow, and deathly afraid of aging, but, aside from NEVER being able to have kids (But you could ADOPT, Elena!), I don’t really see what’s so awful about being a vampire . . . particularly when (like Elena) you are surrounded by OTHER vampires who can teach you how to do it, without losing your humanity, in the process.  Would I want to live forever?  Probably not.  But, hey, you could always WALK OUT INTO THE SUN whenever you get really tired of being undead!  So, what’s the big deal? 

Perhaps, the REAL problem is that Elena isn’t so sure she wants to spend eternity with STEFAN, hmm?

In all seriousness, I understand that Damon (who knew firsthand, what it was like to LOSE ones humanity, and actually miss it) ideally, should have given Elena the CHOICE of whether she wanted to turn into vampire.  On the other hand, from Damon’s perspective, this is a 17-year old girl who’s basically deciding to COMMIT SUICIDE!  Here Elena is talking about all the “choices” she’s not going to get to make, once she becomes a vampire.  But, would she REALLY get to make any of the choices ANYWAY, if Klaus killed her? 

When you think of it that way, the issue really isn’t so black-and-white.  Certainly, Elena’s statement that Damon doesn’t know what LOVE is, because he’s not willing to let her KILL HERSELF, before she’s of legal voting age, seems a bit misguided . . .

In significantly LESS Maudlin Couple News . . .

Throw Mama from the Stairs (and the Eagerly Awaited return of Forwood)!

TYLER’S MOM:  “Yes, Scary (soon-to-be dead) witch dude, I will gladly fall down a flight of stairs to make Forwood Happen.  Because, unlike some OTHER  moms on this show, I actually VALUE my kid’s happiness, and would prefer him not to DIE.”

When we last saw Tyler’s mom, Elijah had conveniently taken her off vervain, so that he could . . .  borrow her Dead Husband’s Suits?  This week, Klaus’ Witch Buddy Maddox, seemingly compels her (though, honestly, I didn’t know witches could do that) to call Tyler, and tell him that she was in an accident, just moments before he magically pushes her down the steps.  Now, we can assume that Maddox did this to further Klaus’ plan to “acquire” Tyler as a werewolf in his sacrifice ritual.  But could Elijah’s de-vervaining of Mrs. Lockwood have been part of the Master Plan as well?   Only time will tell .  . .

(On a brighter note, at least, we know Elijah’s on Team Forwood!)

So, Tyler returns to Mystic Falls .  . .


 .  . . to visit his mother at the hospital . . .

Outside the hospital, Tyler runs into Caroline, who is ALSO en route to pay her respects to his Mom . . .


Then JULES comes along, and threatens to ruin EVERYTHING (as has been her habit, since he appeared on the show) . . .


It should, perhaps, be noted here that Jules has NO SOUL, and was COMPLETELY against the idea of Tyler visiting his OWN MOTHER at the hospital, so close to the time of their transformation.  But even Jules knows True Love when she sees it, and is willing to give Tyler and Caroline some alone time to have SUPER HOT MAKEUP SEX “catch up.”



No wonder, Tyler needed this SEXUAL RELEASE, later on in the episode . . .

Clearly, both Tyler and Caroline have grown in their month apart from one another.  For his part, Tyler seems to have mellowed significantly, since his last Caroline encounter.  This is not the headstrong, impulsive, alpha male of Lockwood yore.  This is a guy who thinks, before he speaks.  

You can tell immediately that Tyler is thrilled to see Caroline, and that he is still just as in love with her, as he was the day he left Mystic Falls.  But he knows how bad things were between the two of them when he left, and doesn’t want to push their relationship into uncomfortable territory.  So, Tyler holds back . . . and hesitates, saying little with his mouth, but VOLUMES with his ever-expressive eyes.

Caroline TOO has changed since Tyler left.  But HER change, was largely a change in heart toward Tyler.  She realized how much she missed his friendship.  She was clearly hurt, when he left without saying goodbye.  And Caroline, for sure, is not going to let Tyler skip town, without getting some answers . . .

“You’re leaving again?  Your explanation must have got lost in the mail . . . along with my goodbye letter,” challenges Caroline.

Tyler ponders the face of the woman he loves, wanting to say more . . . and then the Cock Block TWINS, Maddox and Greta, give them both Witchy Migraines and cart them away.  (Presumably, Jules was nearby, when this occurred . . . But, since none of the fans really give a rats ass about her, nobody seemed to notice this, until MUCH later.)

Don’t worry Tyler!  One of those two Bitchy Witches won’t live to see next week’s promos . . .

Tyler and Caroline Experiment with S&M . . . AGAIN

“I can see why this appeals to you, Tyler, but I’ve always been more of a Missionary Position kind of gal.”

“What are your thoughts on Doggy Style?”

The last time Tyler and Caroline played with chains, only Tyler was involved in the BONDAGE aspect of the foreplay .  . .

But when the pair wake up from their Matching Witch Headaches, they are BOTH all chained up with no where to go .  . .

Caroline immediately figures out that she and Tyler have been the Lucky Chosen Contestants in the Klaus Sacrifice Game Show.  Unfortunately, since poor Tyler has been absent awhile, he hasn’t had time to DVR the last few episodes of TVD.  So, Caroline quickly fills him in on who Klaus is, and on how the Sun and Moon Curse is a Big Ole ‘Fake.

“Well, that kind of sucks.  Its a good thing I always carry my trusty flask, for situations like this . . .”

Since it doesn’t seem like they are going to be GOING ANYWHERE any time soon, Caroline, taking a page out of her Vamp Daddy Shrink Stefan’s book, decides now is as good a time as any to get Tyler to open up about the whole Abandonment Thing.  “Why didn’t you say goodbye when you left?  Why did you leave me?”  Caroline asks, illustrating a vulnerability that warms Teen Wolf’s Heart.

“I know you hated me.  I thought you deserved better than having someone like me in your life,” Tyler replies sadly.

“I was hurt.  You turned your back on me when I needed you.  But I could never hate you, Tyler, because I luuuuuuuuuuve youuuuu.”

“I really wish these chains were longer, so I can go over to your wall, and have End of the World Tomb Sex with YOU.”


Seriously, I knew we were going to get some solid Forwood moments in this episode, but I was NOT expecting all this.  These type of in-depth eloquent conversations are the stuff FANFICTIONS are made of (REALLY GOOD FANFICTIONS!).  It’s just too bad about this whole pesky TOMB thing . . .

Fortunately, help is on the way . . .

Kat Gets BURNED (in more ways than one) . . .

KATHERINE:  “So, how many times would you say you’ve had me up against a wall, since the start of this season?  Like, once an episode?”

So, apparently, all Damon needed Alaric’s “help” with was getting invited back into Alaric’s house.  (That’s odd.  I thought Katherine let him in last time?)  If you recall, Damon saved Katherine’s ASS last week, by giving her vervain, so Klaus couldn’t compel her anymore.  Now, he’s back, and wanting to COLLECT on the favor.  Specifically, Damon wants to know where Klaus is hiding Tyler and Caroline.

“In your pants?”

Though Katherine, being KATHERINE, is initially unreceptive to Damon’s pleas for help, the threat of a Vampire Elena stealing Stefan’s heart for ALL ETERNITY causes her to change her tune, rather quickly.  “They are in the tomb,” she admits.

Moments after Damon leaves, Klaus returns, and begins to suspect that Katherine is on vervain, and, therefore, non-compel-able.  So, he plays a little game with her to “test” his hypothesis.  And we all know how much FUN Klaus’ games can be . . .

So, while the Salvatore Brothers and Caroline use their Sunscreen Rings to prevent from “burning,” Katherine apparently prefers an elegant gold bracelet.  Klaus makes her take it off, so she can “go get tan.”


You see, that’s the problem with having to PRETEND TO BE COMPELLED when you’re not.  It only makes it that much more painful to do all the Crazy Crap you don’t want to do  Finally convinced that Katherine is not on vervain, Klaus asks Katherine for a special favor, of the non-sexual variety.  (She’s  been getting that a lot, lately .  . .)

Speaking of doing other’s favors . . .

Life Sucks and Tyler Bites (Damon?)

“I’m getting too old for this sh*t!”

When Damon arrives at the tomb, he encounters Klaus’ faithful Guard Dog, Maddox.  The two duke it out, with the “Magical Maddox” seeming to get the upper hand . . . that is until MATT(?) (who, by the way still blames DAMON for Vicki’s death) shoots Maddox?

Matt’s intentions for walking around, armed with a gun filled with WOODEN BULLETS, are still unclear.  Did he want to WARN Caroline about her mother, and merely bring the gun along as protection?  Was he going to SHOOT Caroline, before her mother got a chance to do so?  And what about his intention to shoot MADDOX?  Was he, perhaps, aiming for Damon instead, and simply missed?

Whatever the reason, Damon ends up pistol whipping Matt (YEAH!) and pocketing the remaining bullets in his gun. 

“Elena’s not the only one who gets to eat my hand!”

You are lucky I already screwed up once today,” says Damon to an unconscious, but still alive, Matt, as he walks over him and heads to the tomb (which is kind of funny, because I SERIOUSLY thought Damon was going to kill Matt, this week).

Once inside the tomb, Damon rescues Caroline, and, at Caroline’s insistence, Tyler too.  The problem, of course, is that Tyler is just minutes away from wolfing out . . .

On the way out of the tomb, the gang collects Matt (though he doesn’t deserve it).  And the foursome run in the direction of Freedom, that is .  . . until THIS happens . . .

Now, I love you TVD Costume Department.  But it must be said, those are the CHEESIEST-LOOKING WOLF TEETH I have ever seen!

When a half-transformed, Tyler lunges at the group, Damon (who has been in FULL-ON hero mode this ENTIRE HOUR) literally throws himself on the proverbial sword, propelling his body onto Tyler, and instructing the others to head to safety.  UH-OH!

 Matt and Caroline split from Damon to lock up Were-Tyler.  Meanwhile, Damon rushes back home to proudly tell Elena he’s Saved the Day (or so he THINKS).

By the way, did you notice how they changed Were-Tyler from a CGI wolf  . . .

. . .  to a REAL WOLF, since last time?

He’s WAY more CUDDLY now!  Mommy Like!

The Poo Hits the Fan . . . (and the Sacrifice Begins)

Back at Shrink Stefan’s Waterfall of Compassion, Elena and Stefan begin to head home at nightfall.  When they arrive, Klaus is waiting for them. 

Tearful goodbyes are exchanged.  And Elena, being the good MOMMY she is, instructs Stefan to close his eyes, so that he doesn’t have to watch the rest of the episode, because it’s “Veeeeeeeewwwy Scawwwy.”

Always one to have his brother do the dirty work, a Weepy Stefan calls Damon and tells him that, now that he’s already saved the rest of the Scooby Gang, it’s time to go Save Elena too.  (Man!  Talk about an unequal distribution of labor!  I hope Damon’s getting paid for this in sexual favors.) 

At Alaric’s house, Damon encounters the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Klaus . . .


Vampire Apocalypse be DAMNED! These two dudes just wanna dance!

Unfortunately, for Damon, Katherine isn’t the only old vampire who always has a Plan B.  As it turns out, Tyler’s and Caroline’s capture was just a red herring to cover up for the REAL werewolf sacrifice . . .

(Remember when I said Jules was around when Caroline and Tyler were kidnapped?  I’m assuming this is when they took HER too.) 

But who’s the new VAMPIRE sacrifice?  Well, it’s NOT Damon, as he learns when he wakes up on Alaric’s floor, after having mysteriously fallen unconscious.

“Klaus said you were as good as dead,” explains Katherine, as she helps him up off the ground.  “What’s on your arm, Damon?”

Damon looks at his arm in horror . . . it couldn’t be . . . or could it?  Damon remembers tackling were-Tyler in the forest . . . He remembers something ELSE too (a very annoying SCAR on the history of TVD) . . .


Oh, Klaus, you’ve really done it this time!  YOU BREAK MY DAMON, I’LL BREAK YOUR FACE!

But what about that FAVOR Klaus asked of Katherine?

When Elena arrives with Greta to the site of the Sacrifice, she finds Jenna lying on the ground lifeless.  “But I did everything you asked?  Why did you do this to me?”  Elena cries, holding her Aunt’s limp body.

“Oh, she’s not dead,” says Greta, with a smirk.  “She’s (dun . . . dun .  . . dun) IN TRANSITION.”

And the hits just keep on coming . . .

So, for those of you keeping score.  Here’s how our TEAMS stacked up today . . .

Team HUMAN: minus 1 (potentially minus 2, assuming the Sacrifice goes as planned)

Team Vampire: plus 1 (potentially plus 2)

Team Witch: minus 1

Team Werewolf: (potentially minus 1)

Team Werewolf Bite-Infected Vampire:  Plus 1 *sobs*

Team Were-Vamp Hybrid: ????

Based on the chilling extended promo, Next Week’s TVD installment, “The Sun Also Rises,” (which is also the penultimate episode of Season 2) promises one VERY GORY Sacrifice Ritual, some massive overacting serious wolfing out on the part of Klaus, lots more Crazy Eye Damon (except, now he’s got a REALLY good excuse for it), some Witch Hijinks and a Gilbert funeral?  You can check it all out here . . .

So, tell me Fangbangers, are YOU ready for the Sacrifce?

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48 responses to “Where have all the HUMANS gone? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Last Day”

  1. Fauvish

    You’re recaps are always a hoot to read!

    Ooh Team Forwood is reunited at last! I honestly didn’t expect Caroline to confront Tyler in that way and when she said: “Why did you leave me?” I truly squealed; I love how both of them aren’t holding any grudges but are moving past their differences. If only Matt was out of the picture. I don’t want him to die or anything, because there should be at least some players for Team Human, now that Not-so-useless-in-transition-aunt-Jenna is probably going to get dusted next ep, but their relationship is not really going anywhere. I don’t dislike the Sheriff as much as you do, though I do think her misconceptions about vampirism are going to cause a lot of grief. I’d be sad if she died, because it would affect Caroline. But hey, if I had to choose between Liz and Care, it’s an easy choice… sorry sheriff.

    “Come ON! A Fake Death Elixir? What is this Romeo and Juliet?”

    Lol, I was also thinking something similar. For me the problem with this particular plot is that the rules keep changing. First the originals are unbeatable, then you can kill them with a silver dagger dabbed with white oak ash, but not Klaus cuz he’s half werewolf, but he can be killed during the sacrifice with Bonnie’s god mode witch powers…. yada yada. Because they have to change strategies with every plot twist, it starts to feel a bit contrived to me. It reminds me of the last Harry Potter book, with all the wand switching and rules that keep popping up. In the end it gets so complicated that even if there’s logic behind it, it’s hard to follow and by the time the baddy has been defeated, you don’t even know how it even happened and just shrug. But it could just be me not paying attention :P.

    I agree with the part on Elena. When she said she didn’t want to be a vampire and that she wanted to have a choice I was really going: “Huh, how is this worse than being dead?” She was so bent on her suicide mission just a few eps earlier. In neither case will she be able to have babies or grow old and wrinkly.. Though, IMO, Stefan explained rather well why being a vampire is not such a good thing. First of all, the emotions are so intense, they are hard to handle. The alternative, living purely on vampiric impulse is not something Elena would look forward to. There will always be bloodlust.

    Second, living on forever means that there’s no end. As a vampire, there’s just infinity of not aging. I think what partly makes life special is that there is a deadline attached. We only have one lifespan to accomplish our dreams. Take away and there’s no pressure, no necessity, no ambition. What isn’t done this lifetime, can be done in the next. Also, you might live forever, but your loved ones won’t. And even if your loved one is immortal too, the love between you might not be. In the end, being a vampire is a lonely existence. And I do think that 17 is too young. Nobody wants to be old, but I think in her case it just means she wants to live a fulfilling life: to be a granny some day and look back on all the things she has experienced and die in peace. It’s not a sure thing that will even happen, at least not if she stays in Mystic Falls (which is the Sunnydale of the east coast, I guess xD), but at least when she’s human it could happen. I hope that makes sense. I do believe that being a vampire has its appeal, but I can understand why Elena doesn’t want to be one.

    • Minxie

      “I agree with the part on Elena. When she said she didn’t want to be a vampire and that she wanted to have a choice I was really going: “Huh, how is this worse than being dead?” She was so bent on her suicide mission just a few eps earlier. In neither case will she be able to have babies or grow old and wrinkly.”

      Elena believed she could survive the ritual and remain human because of the elixir. So it wasn’t a question of turning into a vampire vs. death – there was a still a chance she could live as a human.

      I can’t believe the season’s almost over! 2 more episodes! Man, True Blood better be good this summer because I’m gonna need something to tide me over until season 3 of TVD. XD

      • fauvish

        I may be wrong, but didn’t she embrace the whole self sacrifice thing (in order to save her friends) before Elijah ever mentioned the elixer? If not, forgive me… I’m not always paying enough attention.

      • Hey Minxie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m super psyched for True Blood too (particularly because I’m a SERIOUS Sookie / Eric shipper, and, Book 4 of the Sookie Series is the S/E Bible IMO). It’s nice that we won’t have too long to wait between the end of TVD and the beginning of TB. After all, us fangbangers can’t last long without SOME form of vampire loving. 😉

        Regarding your statement about Elena, I definitely see your point. From Elena’s perspective, there WAS a possibility that the elixir would work, and that she would be able to survive the Sacrifice as a human. But, that was JUST a possibility. Even Elijah, himself ,gave the elixir about a 50/50 shot of working. But, as Fauvish mentioned in her reply, Elena seemed TOTALLY OK with dying, even if the elixir DIDN’T work, because she didn’t want any of her friends to die on her behalf.

        I think that, aside from Damon wanting Elena alive for his OWN reasons, THIS last point, is why he thought the whole vampirism thing was a good idea. After all, like with the elixir, by Elena going vamp, presumably, NONE of her friends had to die in order to defeat Klaus. But to Damon, vampirism was preferable to the elixir, because, with vampirism, Elena’s “living” was guaranteed. What he didn’t count on, was that Elena not only didn’t want any of her friends to die, she also seemingly preferred her OWN DEATH to vampirism.

        And, given THAT, it seemed a bit inconsistent for Elena to talk about all the things she WANTED to get a chance to do in her lifetime, that she COULDN’T do as a vampire, when, ever since the time she first made arrangements with Elijah and onward, Elena seemed almost eerily prepared for a Final Death, particularly given her age . . .

        But, you know what? THIS is why I LOVE discussing this scene/ plotline with fellow TVD fans! There really are so many different perspectives to discuss and evaluate here! 🙂

    • Hey fauvish! Thanks so much for your always insightful comments. I’m just sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! 🙂

      It WAS really refreshing to see Tyler and Caroline put their respective feelings for one another (most of them, anyway) right out in the open. And the fact that these two teens were able to move beyond their past arguments, and agree that they needed one another, showed a maturity beyond their years. In some ways, having Tyler and Caroline entombed the way that they were was ESSENTIAL to their continued relationship, in that (1) it made them eachother’s captive audience; (2) it gave them the sense of immediacy they needed to realize that, in the grand scheme of things, being a part of one another’s lives was way more important than holding on to past grudges. Had the pair not been trapped in such a way, this necessary step in their relationship might have taken months to achieve, as opposed to mere hours.

      I’m inclined to agree with you that the mythology of this show is getting a bit too conveniently loosey goosey for my taste. You can tell that, rather than adapting the story to fit the mythology, the writers are going in reverse. So, if there’s a direction they want their story to go, and it’s inconsistent with the mythology, they just throw in another rule or caveat that makes their plot direction possible. I suspect we will see this happen A LOT in the last two episodes, both in terms of Elena’s proposed future vampirism (I’m still not 100% sure she’ll end up turning, even though we DID see Klaus Wolf Out in the promo), and Damon’s wolf bite (Well, we ALL KNOW he isn’t going to die. And, from the looks of the promo pictures from the finale, his ILLNESS isn’t going to be anywhere near as unattractive or frightening as Rose’s was).

      Now, don’t get me wrong. Part of what I love about TVD is its consistent adaptability. And the loosey goosey mythology allows that. But I do think that sometimes when the “rules” on this show get a bit too complex, they begin to overshadow the plot, characters, and relationships, which are the reasons most of us are watching in the first place. (And I ABSOLUTELY agree with you that this same error was featured fairly prominently in the final book of Harry Potter . . . which I still loved.)

      You bring up some good points about why Elena wouldn’t want to become a vampire. I think this is the type of “choice” that, if it were REAL, different people would have different reasons for WANTING to vamp out, versus not wanting to vamp out, as their are valid arguments for both. Of course, you probably know where I stand on this issue. 🙂 For example, I see the idea of being young forever, as inspiring, not daunting. Because, even though having one lifetime to achieve our goals might make us work FASTER at achieving them, there are CERTAIN things you can ONLY do when you are young (not necessarily 17 young, but maybe early to mid 20s young). And if you can be assured that AGE will never stand in your way, you can achieve not just ONE set of goals, but innumerable ones. And of course, once all your friends and family have died off, if you’re tired of it all, there’s always the option of just walking into the sunlight without a ring. As for the intense emotions of vampirism . . . well . . . I sort of liken it to being “hormonal,” something to which all of us females at least, can relate ;).

      But whatever Elena’s reasons for NOT wanting to be a vampire, I suspect it was the fact that the CHOICE was taken away from her, that hurt her the most. (After all, as you mentioned, Elena is only 17. There’s a good chance, if she’s still hanging out with ALL vamps and supernatural creatures by age 23, she might feel differently about what it means to be a vampire. But that would be HER decision to make.)

      On the other hand, if Elijah’s plan failed, Elena might never GET to turn 18, let alone 23. So, if you think of it that way, Damon was ensuring Elena that she would have MORE choices ahead in her future, not less.

      It’s actually an extremely interesting philosophical question to ponder. Who knew TVD could be so deep? 🙂

  2. Kroy

    Firstly, im so upset that Damon was bitten by Tyler..Im wondering how that will play out..i know that Damon wont die in the next episode and i dont want him gone in the season finale..i love the character and if they go the OC way, im surely gonna stop watching TVD..thats for sure..

    However, that aside, i was overjoyed because of Forwood..Tyler is back and i loved the Forwood ‘Chemistry, Longing Looks, Restrained Speech’ more than ever..i couldnt get enough of them….

    I laughed out loud when i read the Lizard Forbes Section..im glad Matt is out of whatever was cooking between him n Lizard Forbes..and the Maddox killing part was good..afterall, Matt finds some use on TVD..

    I think the tomb works best for nearly all the characters (including Stefan)..I was wondering what would happen if they put Delena in the tomb..uhh..

    Speaking of which, i loved the intense scene between them in Damon’s bedroom..but way to go writers..u had to spoil it for us..

    However, i cannot help but think that Damon and Elena are a perfect match for other..in the previous episode, she did something similar in order to protect all of them not knowing whether Elijah would or would not kill everyone in the house..afterall, they tried to kill him – twice..

    And what Elena said that Damon doesnt know about love..well im not convinced..infact im even pissed..I am not totally convinced about her motivations of being so upset and pissed with Damon..Elena was suicidal in almost all of the past few episodes..and now she dreams of being alive..old enough to bear babies and age gracefully and die..well, u r in Mystic Falls Elena and the Oldest Vampire in the History of Time is coming after You sweety..Wakeup..

    Well, not only the Oldest Vampire in the History of Time but the very first WereVamp in the history of time is coming after her..

    However, I do feel that Damon acted on impulse..he did not respect elena’s wishes..but then elena’s wish was suicidal and damon wanted to do everything he could to save her including probably live with her hatred if its good for her..he can even die for her happiness..in fact he himself says that why didnt klaus take him for the sacrifice..in which case it means that she means more to him than his own life..He was doing what he could to protect her in whatever form from a force bigger and much stronger than damon himself..when nothing else was working out and the elixier was a doubtful plan..he felt that he had to do something and he did..

    As far as i can see, elena still has a choice..she will have the vampire blood getting activated after she dies, ie. after klaus kills her..that means DEATH – no babies, no growing old, plain death at 17..Now, with Damon doing what he did, she just has vampire blood in her system..she can choose to not feed on human blood and die if she wishes for that to happen..and she can turn and choose to burn in the sun if she hates being a vampire so much..she still has the life as a vampire/death choice..and in fact Damon gave her that choice because if Klaus is so old and deadly, he can surely kill a 17 year old human girl v.easily..no choice, just DEATH!!

    I was annoyed but i still liked the dialogue b/w Stefan and Elena about the good and bad part of being a vampire..im curious as to why didnt she ask him before..she is committed to a vampire for almost 2 seasons and yet ..however, i liked the conversation..and Elena crying for humanity was touching..

    Though Damon did seem to screw it up and piss people off, he more than made up for it in the rest of the episode..and ofcourse Stelena went to see the waterfall while Damon was saving everyone else and kicking ass..

    I loved the Bromance b/w Alaric and Damon in the Only Bar/Social Establishment in Mystic Falls and I thought that scene b/w Klaus and Damon was HOT!!!!Drooling!!

    What im wondering is, why isnt elena scared for tyler or caroline or even damon and stefan once she knows that klaus requires a vampire and a werewolf for the sacrifice..since its obviously not just about her..

    Oh and Jules..im kinda happy..i would anyday choose tyler over jules..no doubt, that B**ch is Dead!!

    And Useful to Klaus Aunt Jenna transformation?im not sure how it will play out..and the wolf bite to Damon has made me majorly upset and anxious..Death to the Undead Damon is Unimaginable..Im waiting to see how these things play out..

    Want more Delena moments wherein they are not manipulating or pissing each other off.. and i hope for a REAL DELENA KISS at the end of the season..

    • Hey Kroy! Your comments both had my cracking up, and nodding my head in vigorous agreement numerous times, as I was reading. So, thank you for being my unofficial TVD Twin. 🙂

      Not to worry. I DEFINITELY DO NOT THINK the TVD writers are going to pull an O.C. Marissa Cooper Moment on Damon Salvatore. In fact, I don’t even think we are going to have to suffer through Damon going FULL ON VAMPIRE ROSE. On the contrary, based on the promo pictures for the Season Finale, and some spoilery / speculative articles I’ve read on the topic, (SLIGHT SPOILERS) I believe that Damon’s werewolf bite might actually do some GOOD for Damon and Elena / in terms of (1) mending fences erected between them in THIS episode; (2) evoking sympathy for Damon, on Elena’s part (we all know how MUSHY Elena gets for a Vulnerable Damon); and (3) manufacturing some both physical and metaphorical closeness between Damon and Elena, as a result of the hallucinogenic nature of the Werewolf Bite sickness.

      So, do not despair fellow Delena Fan! This Werewolf Bite could help us out of this little hidey hole we dug ourselves in this episode . . .

      I was SUPER impressed with the Power of Forwood, this week! When I saw that first scene between them outside the hospital, I REALLY thought that was all we were going to get out of these two this week. BOY was I wrong. And you are absolutely the right! The TOMB definitely is to thank for this! And I LOVE your idea! The writers simply MUST lock Delena in a tomb, at some point during Season 3! Delena Fight Sex here we come!

      As TOTALLY Anti-Matt as I was in the past few episodes (I now reserve my most venomous of hatred for LIZARD), it’s nice to see him finally wising up this week, and becoming, at least a bit more three-dimensional, than he has been of late. (And yet, I’m not 100% sure I trust his motives. He’s still got that wooden bullet filled gun. And if he’s not afraid to use it on Tyler, who’s to say he won’t turn and use it on CAROLINE or DAMON or even STEFAN?)

      Like you, I LOVED the parallels between THIS Damon/Elena bedroom scene here and the one at the end of “The Last Dance.” Despite this one ending SO VERY BADLY, these scenes really serve to show how alike Damon and Elena are in the way they reason, calculate and argue. This is one of the reasons why I think ACTUALLY pairing Damon and Elena together WOULDN’T spoil their SHIP, as so many other lesser TV ships have been spoiled, after the pair actually consummates their relationship.

      And here’s why: Damon and Elena will ALWAYS fight, and ALWAYS have conflict. Though they are alike in many ways, they will never FULLY agree on the fundamentals of life. And, for this reason, Damon and Elena will always have passion in their relationship, and will never become dull.

      I know the writers seem VERY against our SHIP right now. But I have to believe that they realize that we make up an INCREDIBLY LARGE portion of the TVD fanbase. Therefore, throwing us a bone every now and then would not only be a “good idea,” it’s pretty much ESSENTIAL to the success of the show.

      Yes, Elena DID seem suicidal for the past few episodes! Thank you for pointing that out! 🙂 I think a lot of people fail to see the inconsistency in her behavior on her climb with Damon, and her behavior throughout the past few episodes. But you really hit the nail on the head.

      That being said, I AGREE that Nina Dobrev gave that Mountaintop Monologue BEAUTIFULLY. And, despite my not agreeing with most of what she said, watching her say it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Give this girl an EMMY!

      I would watch a Buddy Cop show featuring only Alaric and Damon. It would be hot, hilarious and extremely awesome. Klaus and his band of warlocks/ originals could be the main “criminal enterprise,” that Team Bad Ass tries to foil each week. Hey, who knows? Maybe after TVD ends (which I hope is a LONG LONG LONG time from now), this show could be its spinoff.

      I CRACKED UP HARD CORE when you called U.A.J. “Useful to Klaus Aunt Jenna!” This line was PURE WIN! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may very well miss U.A.J. after she inevitably Takes the Dirt Nap.

      Sara Canning has really flexed her acting muscles this past week. It’s a shame the actress wasn’t given more to do earlier on in the season, or she could have developed more of a fanbase, thus enabling her to stick around for longer. Jules and Lizard however, can go softly into that Dark Black Night, as far I’m concerned. That being said, I will undoubtedly shed a tear on CAROLINE’S behalf, when she mourns her mother’s passing, and TYLER’S when he mourns Jules . . .

      Thanks again for rocking my socks off with your comment, Kroy! It was much appreciated.

  3. Gen

    I’m still flailing from the awesome of Tyler-Caroline last night. I knew we would get something from them, but I was so happy with all that we got. The longing looks kill me. They can have these amazing moments with each other and they don’t even have to say anything. Love that most with them.

    I wanted a little more friction between them, but after seeing how they handled it, I was more than okay with it. Sometimes it just takes seeing the one person you’ve been missing to make you forget why you were so angry. I love that Caroline didn’t let how he hesitated go, she explained to him that she was hurt, but could and would never hate him. *Rubs heart* They were perfect last night. Again, Caroline’s unwillingness to leave Tyler and still soothing his pain and fears as they ran. Love them.

    I’m curious to see what the cure for a wolfbite is. I don’t see Damon dying at all and I’m confident that Tyler is safe as well. So just are they going to do? Hmm…interesting. Can’t wait for next week!

    Entertaining recap as usual!

    • Hey Gen! Wow! As heart warmed as I WAS by Forwood’s Triumphant Return this week, I must admit I did a little Tyler Forest Hump in anticipation of just how much my two Favorite Forwoodies (you and Cherie) would enjoy it.

      There really is such a natural chemistry between Michael Trevino and Candice Accola, both on and off screen. And the truest testament to that is the many scenes they share in which NO WORDS are exchanged at all, only looks of mutual longing, admiration, trust, and understanding. (The fact that Trevino is SO VERY easy on the eyes, certainly doesn’t hurt matters.)

      They say time heals all wounds. And in Forwood’s case, any wounds that TIME didn’t heal, the TOMB did! Of course, as you suggested, fighting does breed sexual tension (as we saw with Caroline and Tyler when they FIRST began their relationship with one another. Remember the Wall Slams? That Arm Twist in Front of the School Bus? SO SEXY!). So, of course, as you suggested, it will be a shame not to have THIS type of friction in the Forwood relationship any longer.

      But . . . you know what else breeds sexual tension? INTENSE and DANGEROUS situations. And I suspect, now that Caroline and Tyler have moved past their issues and become “friends” again, all it’s going to take is having them THROWN together in yet ANOTHER life-threatening situation (and, let’s face it, these are a daily occurrence in Mystic Falls) for the heat to start rising between these two, in a major way. There is no doubt in my mind that this will happen, sooner, rather than later. Chemistry this strong is not something to be denied.

      As for Damon’s wolf bite, and it’s cure, I always liked the suggestion made by many on various fanpages that it would take the Blood of a Doppelganger to cure a wolf bite. When you think about it, this would be a FITTING cure, given the duality of werewolves and vampires, and both of their respective relationships to the Doppelganger. It would also inevitably result in a genuinely NICE and GIVING moment of blood exchange between Damon and Elena. And THIS moment, would, hopefully, serve to overshadow, the NOT SO NICE one we got to experience this week.

      Thanks again for reading and Forwood Fangirling with me, Gen! Next week’s episode looks SUPER INTENSE. I can’t wait to see where all this takes us! 🙂

  4. MaryJey

    OMG! so many things to comment! I thought this episode was great! One of my favs of the season, even though it was not good for our team :(. I just like it when all the characters are involve in the same storyline: Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Tyler, Matt, Jenna, Alaric, Katherine, Klaus and Elijah. It was awesome!
    Damon: Yeah he screw up again. But I think it was different that all the previous times in TVD history. In the first season he was plain bad, he did things because he could. Jeremy’s neck was a mixture of rage, despair and alcohol. This time he did what he did out of love and fear of loosing something he loves and it was only about Elena (no Katherine). I hope Elena can see the difference too. His face after Elijah’s comment broke my heart. I really loved that scene. More Elijah please! 🙂
    The difference between Damon and Stefan was so clear in this episode.Damon screw up again but at least he was trying…Stefan (and Elena) just gave up. They have the whole romantic farewell day while Damon was doing something to prevent the curse from happening and saving caroline and Tyler in the process. Plus the moment Elena is gone he called his big bad brother to ask for his help so maybe he cant get things done. Heads up Stefan Damon was at it the whole day while you were visiting the surroundings!
    On another note I thought it was lame that Damon was willing to leave Tyler and take only Caroline, why didn’t he think that there were other vamps but only one werewolf? When Caroline told Tyler “you shouldn’t have come back here”, I was “Didn’t anyone thought about that before? He had his cellphone, you know”.
    Btw: Damon wasn’t invited last epi to Alaric’s home he gave Kat the vervain from the door, Andy was the only one that got in.
    Elena: I’m with you about not thinking is worst being a vampire than dying human (Hey thats why we are call fangbaggers in the first place ;)) but I found her “I’m 17” speech beautiful and Nina was great during the whole scene. The decision about becoming a vampire its not easy and the choice should be made in other circumstances. She is allow to break down and to mad for everything that is going on in her life.
    I was mad with Elena for putting all her faith in Elijah’s plan and not doing more to find another way as Damon was doing even before the “incident”. I think we already talked about this last epi, but Why is Elena so convince that Elijah’s way is the ONLY way, Idk. Why is she so stuck with Elijah’s plan when the possibilities on her and Bonnie not dying aren’t much better than before? And she is not even considering the other elements of the curse.
    Jenna: I didn’t expect that and I didn’t like it. Why can Elena Keep a normal parent figure? I know she was useless but she was the best Elena got that stayed alive.
    All in all I thought this was a great episode and I cant wait for next week!
    Omg! I was totally forgetting Forwood! How amazing were their scenes tonight? How amazingly sweet was Caroline : “Why did you leave ME?

    • MaryJey

      Sorry I didn’t mean to do it all black. I forgot to close tge <b

    • Hey MaryJey! This was one of my favorite episodes of the season too. And that’s saying a lot, considering what a STAUNCH Delena fan I am, and how VERY ABUSED us Delena-ites were this week!

      I agree that having all the main cast members’ storylines (with the exception of Bonnie and Jeremy, who are . . . still underground, somewhere, I presume?) tied together made the episode so much more exciting and cohesive than the average TVD episode. Plus, this gave characters that HADN’T had a lot of time together, previously, the opportunity to interact with one another on screen. Take for example the foursome of DAMON, Caroline, Tyler and Matt. Seriously? How often do we get to see Damon interact with these three? Almost never!

      You bring up a good point about Damon’s “screw up” this week, coming from a MUCH better place than that Crazy Jeremy Neck Snap Incident from the Season 2 premiere. What Damon often lacks in TACT, he clearly makes up for in action and heart. Just like when Damon was willing to temporarily cause Elena pain, to save her AND Bonnie from AlarKlaus in The Last Dance, here Damon was willing to temporarily cause Elena pain, to save her from a very likely death by Sacrifice Ritual. Yes, in both cases, Damon definitely could have gone about things in a more well-reasoned, less impulsive. way. But no one can doubt that Damon loves Elena. And when it comes to keeping her alive, he’s the ONLY one you can trust to get things done on her behalf.

      Yes, Elijah absolutely made me smile this week, with his big brotherly words to Damon, as well as his honesty with Elena about the elixir not being fool proof. Those two scenes went a long way in my slowly building trust in Elijah.

      I also love the parallel you drew between Stefan and Damon. What each person was doing in this episode is DEFINITELY reflective of the WAYS in which he chooses to protect Elena. Mr. “Close your Eyes” and “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” Stefan protects Elena’s HEART and her HEAD, by comforting her, talking to her about her “feelings, taking her mind off her troubles, holding her when she cries. . . etc, etc. Meanwhile, a less warm and cuddly, Damon protects Elena’s body, by KICKING THE ASSES of ANYBODY who has the NERVE to cause her harm.

      I did think it was a strange moment, when Damon, who, if you recall, initially, came to save TYLER from the Sacrifice (He didn’t learn Caroline was there until later.) wasn’t going to bring Tyler along in the escape. It seemed a bit cold, even for Damon, to just leave the Teen Wolf chained up the way he was.

      Here are some reasons Damon might have done that, however: (1) Damon hadn’t really thought through HOW far Klaus would go to get his “ingredients.” It’s possible he assumed that, without Caroline AND Tyler, the ritual couldn’t move forward. So, by saving Caroline, Damon had had also saved Tyler, even without actually unchaining him. (2) Damon has a long history of Werewolf Distrust, and with good reason. When Tyler first went “were” Damon wanted to kill him, no questions asked. It was CAROLINE who convinced him to do otherwise. And THEN came “Daddy Issues,” and “Crying Wolf,” during which Tyler, at least in Damon’s eyes, showed himself to be less than trustworthy. (3) Damon knew, when he came to rescue Caroline that there was a Full Moon in the sky, and that Tyler was about to transition. Truthfully, assuming Klaus wasn’t going to come retrieve Tyler, keeping him chained up was probably a SAFER thing to do, than what Caroline and Damon ACTUALLY ended up doing, which resulted in Damon getting bitten.

      That being said, I LOVED that Damon selflessly threw himself in front of Caroline, to protect her from Were Tyler. Our Big Brother Salvatore sure has come a long way since Brave New World, when he tried to STAKE Caroline, because he thought she was going to be Vicki 2.0! Caroline and Damon have GENUINELY bonded, during the course of the season. Perhaps, not as much as STEFAN and Caroline bonded, but these two have formed a strong relationship, nonetheless — one that I hope continues to grow even more next season. (Because, let’s face it, Damon REALLY needs a platonic friend, who’s a GIRL, in his life. Maybe Caroline can keep him from making all these mistakes with Elena, in Season 3. Here’s hoping!)

      Thanks for the clarification on Alaric’s house. Now that you mention it, even if Katherine WANTED to let Damon inside, she wouldn’t have been able to do so. And THAT’S why Damon needed to bring Andie a long for the ride. GOOD MEMORY! 🙂

      I’m wondering, if they do end up killing U.A.J. whether Uncle / Father John will step up and play the parental role in Jeremy’s and Elena’s lives. John is, after all, Elena’s FATHER, and Jeremy’s UNCLE, making him, at least on Elena’s side, an even closer relation to them than Jenna is. Of course, a few weeks back, Uncle / Father John seemed SO despicable as a human being, that I wouldn’t even consider suggesting this. But, I think the writers are slowly, but surely, working to redeem this character. And having him step up as parent would be a great way to do just that. On the other hand, an interesting twist would be if JOHN ends up dying this Season, leaving VAMPIRE JENNA “mothering” Jeremy and Elena, with a blood bag planted firmly between her teeth. 🙂

      Oh, and Team Forwood, FTW, of course! Their AWESOME exchanges in that tomb ALMOST made up for the horror that was the way things ended between Damon and Elena . . . almost.

      Thanks for taking the time to talk TVD with me, Mary Jey! This was tons of fun, as always!

  5. André

    Ok, first I gotta admit I am a bit dissapointed by this recap after it started with Forwood again, because I think you missed quite a bit. But then again maybe it was your humor. I admit I still don’t quite get what you are serious about and what not. :/

    I think one word describes this episode the best:

    Seriously the episode was one fucking tease. Sure it was a lot of fun to watch but come one, I can be lucky that I have so many other things to do so it won’t be as bad for me, but I guess for many other people the next week will be very very veeeerrrrryyyyy long.

    “Be afraid, Normal Boy! Be VERY AFRAID!”
    Not only Matt, we still have two other humans of the regular cast. 😉

    “And that’s how TVD keeps viewers returning every single week: by repeatedly defying their expectations, and challenging what they think they know about the characters on their television screen.”
    Actually that makes me a bit concerned when I look at it in the long run. I mean basically they keep us by turning things around and leading us into traps and false trails. (Makes me wish they had a fox-spirit or in general an actual trickster figure. Who knows what they could achieve with that.) But the question is, how long will that work? Someday the viewers will have enough of that. Spidey predicted that we will have succubi and zombies and the like in Mystic Falls, I really hope we don’t.

    “Hold on to your panties, Fangbangers!”
    Even I know that this is a reference to True Blood. 😉

    “those ingredients just so happen to be the SAME INGREDIENTS Klaus listed in his FAKE Aztec Sun and Moon Curse, namely: a Full Moon, the Moonstone, a vampire, a werewolf, and the BLOOD of a Doppelganger,”
    Well it sort of makes sense. If you include that in the false legend you can make sure that all the ingredients will be at hand if an enemy happens to find them all first.

    I think there is something to Elijah and the elixir maybe not working. That Elena and Bonnie will survive seems a bit too convenient in my eyes. Sadly I am currently a bit blank concerning that topic. I will just use my patience and wait, two weeks aren’t that long. Maybe it will already be revealed next week. Or maybe Bonnie will survive only to die in season 3. *evil grin*

    “I’m liking this chick more, by the minute. That probably means she’s going to die soon.”
    She is one of those with the highest odds, together with Damon, Bonnie and maybe Elena (I mean what happens if Klaus drains all her blood and therefore the vamp-blood as well?). But maybe it’s none of them because it might be too obvious; then again maybe the writers are leaving us down a false trail again. Jules is of course possibility but not important enough to count in my eyes.

    “Nothing like being possessed by an Evil Vampire to make your girlfriend conveniently forget that you never told her you were MARRIED”
    Well considered all that has happened, this is really no big deal 😀

    “Lizard Forbes Strikes Again (Can someone please KILL HER already?)”
    Maybe she will be the one?

    This whole Matt and sheriff Forbes stuff you pulled up, that was the first part where I was disappointed. You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed what was going on.
    First, the sheriff isn’t so sure about it all. And like I guessed she thinks that Caroline is putting up a charade. BUT the sheriff still sees her daughter so we don’t know yet where she stands. Obviously her maternal side (which many fans seem to ignore or pretend isn’t there) is strong enough. The whole “I need more information” topic seems to be at least partly a delaying tactic by her. But mark my words, we have not seen the last of her in this season. Either that or she will have a much bigger part in season 3.

    Elena confession mirrored what Caroline said earlier in the season, that Elena is too maternal not to have kids. And since you talked about adoption: not an option for a vampire. What do you want to do? Turn a kid?
    The really interesting part about this confession is that it throws new light on a relationship with Stefan or Damon (albeit this might not be a problem). Under these conditions, it is impossible.

    ” This week, Klaus’ Witch Buddy Maddox, seemingly compels her (though, honestly, I didn’t know witches could do that) to call Tyler, and tell him that she was in an accident, just moments before he magically pushes her down the steps. Now, we can assume that Maddox did this to further Klaus’ plan to “acquire” Tyler as a werewolf in his sacrifice ritual. But could Elijah’s de-vervaining of Mrs. Lockwood have been part of the Master Plan as well? Only time will tell . . .”
    Totally agree. And as for the witch, well compulsion is not more fantastic than all the other stuff. This again makes me wonder why there are no witches so far who try to stop Klaus. That is just weird. Are there so few left?

    Ok I am not commenting on the whole Tyler-Caroline thing. I only say that I think you Forwood shippers interpret too much into it. And by the way, do you really want them to be the “super-couple” right away? You really want that so fast? Come on, where is the fun in that?

    ” So, Caroline quickly fills him in on who Klaus is, and on how the Sun and Moon Curse is a Big Ole ‘Fake.”
    This probably will be elaborated on later, at least if Tyler survives long enough. Seriously it means he is gonna be stuck with an ass full of pain each month for the rest of his live.

    One thing though. Remember Tyler’s reaction when he heard that Matt knows about Caroline? Did I smell envy?

    “Matt’s intentions for walking around, armed with a gun filled with WOODEN BULLETS, are still unclear. Did he want to WARN Caroline about her mother, and merely bring the gun along as protection? Was he going to SHOOT Caroline, before her mother got a chance to do so? And what about his intention to shoot MADDOX? Was he, perhaps, aiming for Damon instead, and simply missed?”
    I don’t know if he was aiming at Maddox, but come on. It is clear that he was following Damon. The douche is responsible for his sister’s death. Of course he tries to kill him. Remember his face when he saw Damon for the first time in the episode?

    “the gang collects Matt (though he doesn’t deserve it)”
    Seriously, if you mean that, you should really give it a rest. It is as though you want him to be a complete asshole.

    “And the foursome run in the direction of Freedom, that is . . . until THIS happens . . .”
    When I saw the four leaving the tomb I immediately thought: “Wait a minute, it can’t be that easy.” The writers have really let us on a false trail in focusing so much on Tyler and Caroline during the season, by that we practically expected that it would be those two. But it seems that it was all a trick.

    “Now, I love you TVD Costume Department. But it must be said, those are the CHEESIEST-LOOKING WOLF TEETH I have ever seen!”
    Did you notice that the scenes in the promo with Tyler were missing, the humping wasn’t in the episode and Tyler still wore his jacket (or was my stream so bad that it jumped the scenes? If yes I apologize)? And yes it seems that the transformation gets faster over time. Albeit still slow enough that they could make it from the tomb nearly to the Lockwood’s cellar. By the way, did you notice how fast it got dark? Mystic falls must have influenced the earth rotation. And you are right, the teeth look weird. 😉

    “By the way, did you notice how they changed Were-Tyler from a CGI wolf . . to a REAL WOLF, since last time?
    Well he was only part CGI and why am I not surprised that Tyler is black furred? Albeit, is he smaller than Mason and Jules?

    As for the promo, we will see whether episode 21 is as good as this promo was made.
    Albeit there was one detail in the performance. I know of course that wolves can bark very loud, but in that way? Might it be that our favorite wolf was played by a dog? 😉
    Probably a lot of Matt-haters will again go on and off about how Matt might have been willing to shoot Tyler, who wouldn’t have been killed anyway. But maybe they won’t, luckily I still err quite a lot.

    • I have to say Andre, I giggled a bit at your comment that my recap was disappointing, because I “left things out,” when this recap was nearly 6,000 words (about 1,000 words longer than any recap I’ve ever written), and took about 8 hours to write. (And I WORK full time. :))

      Here’s a thing you should probably know about my recaps. I write for myself. No one pays me to do it. No one gives me restrictions on length, or tells me which characters I can’t call ASSHOLES, because the actors who play them are coming in for an interview next week, or which aspects of the story I have to cover exclusively. For me, this is a positive thing, because it allows me not only to recap my favorite shows, but also to review them.

      And when I do that, while I would ideally like to give everyone a GENERAL overview of what happened in the episode, I’m always going to focus on the aspects of the episode that I found most interesting. I also try to insert a bit of humor when I can, not only to increase the general enjoyment of the recap (because a rote retelling of what happened without any pictures, and without any jokes would be TOTAL dullsville), but also to reveal what I feel to be hidden truths and inconsistencies about the show in general, and its, characters, specifically.

      I jokingly brushed over Lizard’s Forbes small scene in this episode, in favor of more detailed analyzes of the Damon / Elena scenes, and the Caroline / Tyler scenes, because to me, and, I suspect, to most of the people who read my blog, the latter scenes are WAY more interesting. My loyalties are certainly not in disguise here. And, as a result, most Caroline / Matt and Stefan / Elena fans probably choose to read recaps written by reviewers who’s opinion of the show more closely resembles their own. Like any good politician, I pander to my BASE. 🙂

      That being said, while I was CLEARLY kidding about Lizard Forbes eating puppies, and seducing Matt, I still DESPISE the character deeply, and my jokes were meant to reflect that. I’ll explain my reasons why I feel so strongly against her, further down in this comment.

      It’s true that Matt is not the only MALE human regular left on this show (we are at risk of being SERIOUSLY lacking in female humans, if both Jenna and Elena turn, by the season’s end). Both Jeremy and Uncle / Father John are also series regulars of the “human” species, whose lives seem very much at risk, coming into the finale. (Lizard Forbes is (barely) a human too, and I suspect she won’t make it to season 3.)

      But if Jeremy or John croak (particularly Jeremy) I will be extremely upset. There is SO much more McQueen and Anders can do on this show. And to lose either from the cast now would be a SEVERE mistake on the part of the writers, in my opinion. (That being said, if any of the humans are going to GO my money is on John. Unless, of course, they kill Aunt Jenna, in which case, John will definitely have to be around for the long haul to assume guardianship duties for Elena and Jeremy.)

      Oh, I think there is a definite LIMIT on TVD’s timeline, if for no other reason than, as Paul Wesley said in an interview “I can’t look 17 forever.” (And one could argue, he already DOESN’T look 17!) The way I see it, the BEST case scenario for TVD is another 5 years of life. But, to me, that’s actually kind of refreshing. When you KNOW that your show has a definite time limit, you are always treating each season as your last. There’s no holding back, or saving characters lives, or preventing characters from coupling, because you are worried about running out of storylines. You call BALLS TO THE WALL, every single episode.

      And that’s the way I think Williamson and Plec are treating this show. Plus, the way, Williamson in particular, comes up with these crazy plotlines, week after week (I’ve heard Season 3 is basically already planned out.), I have a lot of confidence that TVD can keep itself FRESH, long after less inspired series that began around the same time, have become stale.

      YES, Fangbangers is a TOTAL True Blood reference, one I’ve STOLEN for my own purposes. That being said, I REALLY DO recommend you trying out True Blood this season, Andre. I think you will find it campier and smuttier than TVD (It’s a show that takes itself WAY less seriously than TVD ever will.), but it is a fun supernatural romp, nonetheless.

      While it DOES make sense that Klaus included the ingredients of the WERE-VAMP ritual into the Sun and Moon Curse, if you recall, that was NOT how Elijah explained it. HE said that the reason Klaus put the werewolf, the vampire, and the witch into the Aztec Sun-Moon Curse was so that EVERY SUPERNATURAL CREATURE would have an interest in performing the ritual, and, therefore, would be out trying to find the moonstone. Once again, this calls into question Elijah’s true motives in helping Elena and co.

      Oh, I CAN’T see them killing off Elena or Damon. That would be SHOW suicide! As for characters at risk to not make it to Season 3, Jenna and John are both HUGE possibilities (though not together), as, I suspect are Lizard Forbes and Jules (which, as you mentioned, would have minimal emotional impact), as well as Matt (who they may keep around, just to prop up the Love Triangle), Jeremy, and Bonnie. On the safe list for me, in addition to Elena and Damon, are Caroline and Tyler. I really can’t see the writers killing off either of them, so soon after the pair has just been reunited.

      LOL about it being “no big deal” in the scheme of things, that Isobel was married to Alaric. You are probably right about that. Sometimes it’s hard to mesh SUPERNATURAL SHOW LOGIC with REAL WORLD LOGIC. Because in REAL LIFE, what Alaric did would be a MAJOR NO-NO in Relationship World.

      OK . . . here comes Lizard. *grumbles* She bugs me so much, that I really don’t like spending time discussing her character. (That, and I think she is already as good as dead.) But you asked. So, here goes. The only SUPPORTABLE rationale I can see for Liz’s behavior toward her daughter, would be that SHE was raised to believe that vampires inhabit human’s bodies, the way Klaus embodied Alaric’s, which is to say, the person you knew is COMPLETELY gone, and the vampire has completely taken over.

      If THIS was the case, then Liz would feel that, by killing Caroline’s BODY she wouldn’t be killing Caroline at all, as Caroline is already gone. And yet, I haven’t really seen any mourning from Lizard that suggests that she really believes this. Furthermore, while the Founding Families were certainly raised to believe that vampires are EVIL, I don’t think they were raised to see them as “zombie-type” parasites, who completely take over the human body they inhabit.

      As evidence of this, I’ll use John, a STAUNCH Founding Family member, with a MAJOR chip on his shoulder regarding vampires. If ANYONE had reason to drink the Company KoolAid in terms of what vampires are supposed to be, John would have been that person. After all, here was a guy who thought NOTHING of killing an entire TOMBS worth of vampires ( in addition to trying to kill Damon and Stefan) just to save KATHERINE, and, by extension, Elena.

      And yet, we can see that JOHN understands that vampires still retain within them, aspects of their former humanity. John knows that vampires aren’t zombies, they are merely darker, slightly more animalistic versions, of their former selves. We see that in the way that John loved Isobel, up until the day of her final death. Now, Isobel was a woman who had VERY LITTLE humanity left in her, once she transitioned. But still, John was able to see the person Isobel once was, and loved her for it.

      Now, John and Isobel had a ROMANTIC relationship, you would THINK that the bonds of mother/daughter would be stronger. You would think that Caroline’s mother would give her daughter the benefit of the doubt, and ASSUME her daughter was the same person, until it was proven otherwise. This is particularly, the case, considering that Caroline has done NOTHING to show herself as anything less than the daughter Lizard raised and loved.

      But, while Caroline’s mother is HESITATING to kill Caroline, she is NOT giving her the benefit of the doubt. Rather, she is ASSUMING Caroline is evil and manipulative, until Caroline proves otherwise. She is REFUSING to ask her daughter up front, the important questions she has about what happened to her, and what her true motives are. Caroline’s mother thinks Caroline deserves to die, she is just having trouble pulling the trigger, because that’s HER DAUGHTER’S BODY. I know parents of SERIAL KILLERS who have more compassion for their kid than Lizard Forbes has for Caroline. And, in their WORST incarnations, isn’t that what vampires are, really? Serial killers with a penchant for cannibalism?

      Beyond that, the fact that Lizard commandeered Caroline’s BOYFRIEND to dig up dirt on her daughter is DESPICABLE. First of all, if she REALLY does believe Caroline to be an EVIL ZOMBIE, she is putting an innocent 17-year old in danger, by having him make out with her, and take her out on dates. Second of all, this is LIZARD’S daughter, and yet, she, herself has taken NO AIMS to personally examine whether or not Caroline has changed. She wants a kid to do her dirty work. Sure, at the end of the scene, Lizard says to Matt “I shouldn’t have gotten you involved.” But that is WAY TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, as far as I’m concerned.

      Now see, I actually think a vampire can adopt! Think about it, there’s nothing that says a vampire is incapable of raising a kid, at least physically and emotionally. The biggest problem, of course, would be when the child became a teenager, and Elena still looked like one. But that’s just a logistical problem. It wouldn’t make Elena any worse of a mother, as she’d still have the maturity and experience of someone old enough to raise a teenager. She just might have to skip out on those all important Parent-Teacher-Association meetings. 🙂

      Ahhh, but the MARTIN’S were witches who tried to stop Klaus! 🙂 Yes, ultimately, it’s possible that, by throwing in their lot with Elijah, the Martin’s were damning themselves. However, I do believe that Jonas and Luka GENUINELY wanted to save Greta (despite her not wanting to be saved), and wanted to see Klaus dead for what he did to her. As for other Klaus-and-Originals-hating witches, I suspect we will see plenty more of them in Season 3.

      As for Forwood, I don’t necessarily want them to be a Super Couple right away, as the slow burn is much more fun to watch. On the other hand, I don’t want their relationship to move as RIDICULOUSLY slowly as the Delena relationship moves. And here’s why. Though this might change as the series progresses, Caroline and Tyler, right now, are SECONDARY characters to Damon/Elena / and Stefan. This is not to say they aren’t as compelling as the former, merely, that they will inevitably get less screen time. And when you have less screen time to develop a relationship, you’re forced to move it along faster than you would otherwise. I suspect this is why Bonnie and Jeremy coupled so quickly, and why their relationship feels so phony to most people. If Caroline’s and Tyler’s relationship can progress at a rate somewhere between Jonnie’s and Delena’s, I would be a happy Forwoodite.

      As for Tyler, yeah, I pretty much think he’s destined to be a WERE forever. If there WAS a way to cure Werewolf-ism, I suspect Jules, with all her wolfy connections, would have found it by now. That being said, I think Tyler will gradually learn how to better cope with his transformations. Already, his transformations seem to be faster, and less painful. I think, as time progresses, Tyler will learn ways to further minimize the pain of transition, and further protect those around him from harm, during his Wolfy Times.

      If Tyler was envious about Matt’s knowledge of Caroline’s vampirism, he REALLY shouldn’t be. We all know what a serious damper (and that’s the Understatement of the Year) put on that relationship! As for Tyler’s feelings about Caroline spilling the beans about TYLER’S Secret Identity, given what happened this week, I guess we will never know whether Tyler would have felt betrayed by Caroline’s exposure of his secret.

      As for Matt, I do think his intentions were left ambiguous in the scene. Just look at all the varying interpretations fans had of his actions. Some felt he was heading to save Caroline, and was asking Damon for help in doing that. Others felt he was out to KILL Damon, for what he did to Vicki (and Caroline). Still others felt he wanted to finally confront Caroline about who she was, to see how she would respond, and simply brought the gun along for protection. For me, it still remains to be seen, whether Matt has truly come to understand that Caroline is the same person he fell in love with, a few months back.

      But, as I mentioned, Matt’s willingness to kill Tyler in the promo, while understandable from a DEFENSIVE perspective (it’s kind of like shooting your dog, if he becomes rabid), definitely would seem to support the notion that Matt is not yet able to see supernatural creatures as containing within them the human beings they once were. And THAT will cause serious problems in ANY relationship he eventually wants to rebuild with Caroline AND Tyler.

      HAHA, THEY TOOK OUT THE FOREST HUMPING? DAMMIT IT TVD, WRITERS! Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time, a solid scene from the trailers didn’t make it into the episode. (Rose’s: “It’s OK to love them both” line immediately comes to mind. As does Elijah’s, “OMFG” comment, as opposed to the less-funny “OMG”).

      Tyler was an adorable wolf! And yeah, I would have been surprised if he was any color other than black. Any changes made to his wolf image, were, I suspect, done by the producers to make Were-Tyler seem less menacing, and more relatable. I do wonder if they use wolves, dogs, or CGI graphics to make this NEW wolf. I know True Blood uses REAL wolves in their stories, but their budget is admittedly higher than TVDs.

      I have SUPER high expectations for Episode 21 of TVD. After all, this is THE Sacrifice episode, the one we’ve all been waiting for. And it LOOKED intense! I’m a bit more concerned about Episode 22 seeming anti-climactic after this one. I understand why the writers chose to NOT end the season on The Sacrifice, as everyone thought they would, and yet, I wonder if they’ll end up shooting themselves in the foot, in that regard.

      Thanks again for challenging me, with your insightful comments. And I’ll try to disappoint you less in the future. 🙂

      • André

        Well I said that I was a bit disappointed after Forwood started, simply because I thought you missed a few things. And man, 8 hours is a lot of work. WOW

        I know that you can call the characters assholes as much as you want, I just thought that you concentrated a bit too much on certain characters.
        I also know that you were kidding about the sheriff, but as I said, I don’t always know when you are kidding and when not, I am still new to your recaps 😉

        As for the lack of baseline-humans (those without innate superpowers). They will probably bring some fresh blood next season (whether they will survive for more than 5 episodes remains to be seen). I just hope they will let some time pass between the seasons. Seriously, only 1 month has passed since Tyler had his first transformation and look what has all happened during that time. This leads to the question how much in-show time has passed since the pilot. If they don’t let some time pass real soon they will have much more problems than simply the age of Wesley. Seriously, people are already wondering why the characters don’t have emotional and psychological trauma from all of this.

        And one of the characters dying: Well there is always the ghost loophole. 😉

        Of course “a percentage” can mean a lot of things.

        I suspected that sheriff Forbes might die too, but I am not sure whether her death would be significant enough. Supposedly the death to come will have a serious impact and while her death has impact on Caroline for the others it would only be if some badass sheriff comes afterwards who represents an actual threat. It’s sort of similar if uncle/father John dies. And as nice as she is, Jenna also wouldn’t affect too many people, but as you said, John would need to stay then.
        Jules probably dies – I would be surprised if she won’t, well not surprised but it would be unexpected – but … well you said it.
        If Jeremy dies it would be odd, although his death would affect much more people. Nothing against the character itself (one of my hobbies is Jyler slash after all), but I doubt that he was significant enough in the latter half of the season to die now. Bonnie may be, but not him.
        It’s the same for Matt and Tyler. And that Tyler and Caroline are “back together” (they were never together in the first place) is by no way an insurance. You said it yourself, every season like it’s the last. And well, Caroline would be a fitting choice. She was connected to enough people and her impact was significant enough during the latter half of the season to let her death have a major impact during the regular characters. This is similar to Damon. Or maybe Wesley won’t have to worry about not looking like 17 (which he doesn’t do anyway).
        By the way, shouldn’t most of the major characters be off age now (except for Jeremy)?

        And on being a limit on TVD. Well maybe, or maybe they simply let the main vamps die/leave and replace them with new ones. Maybe you are right about what you said about the seasons. But we won’t know until Fall I think. At least that was what spoilersguide said.
        Where did you hear that the third season is planned out?

        I may be able to catch on True Blood during TVDs summer hiatus.

        As for Elijah, we will know next episode I guess, or not at all.

        Since you don’t like spending time discussing the sheriff I will show mercy on you and not talk about her anymore, in this comment *evil grin*.
        Anyway we will know next episode or the one after. I am pretty confident on that.

        “an innocent 17-year old”
        Do I hear some ice melting? 😀

        Yes there were the Martins, but that was it. Where are the other witches? Stefan himself said that he had met a few during his years. And no matter whether Klaus survives or not, the writers should really come up with a good explanation for the witches’ absence.

        On the relationships, I think that Spidey was right when she said that Bonnie and Jeremy are a filler couple. Unless the writers have some grand master plan.

        And I doubt that Jules and her buddies would have found a cure for werwolfism. Something was so odd about these characters. And it’s hard to tell how much the pain of transforming will ease, considered that Jules has changed much more often than Tyler or Mason and still screamed her lungs out.

        As for Matt. I am skeptical of what many fans wright, but that may be because of my interest in cryptozoology, I have to deal with a lot of nuts and I guess I am a bit weary of them. But to make it short, maybe he is realistic enough that only a transformation into a vamp would give a relationship with Caroline an actual future. And remember, Tyler faces the same problem as far as we know.

        I don’t think Matt’s willingness to shot Tyler (he knows that it won’t work after all) would support the notion that he isn’t able to see “supernatural creatures as containing within them the human beings they once were”. In addition if Tyler really suddenly is the mature characters some Forwood shipper claim him to be, Matt’s stance would not be a problem for their relationship. Tyler would be fully supportive of Matt shooting him.
        I think the real problem would be Caroline and her inability to see beyond her point of view and her romanticizing. Yes Tyler is inside that furry body, but the being in charge is not Tyler. That thing will kill anything it comes across, no matter who it is and no matter what a douche Tyler ever was, that was not something he would have ever done or being able to live with. We don’t yet know the extent of what Matt knows about Tyler-Caroline (I refer to the bite), so I am careful with judging his character. Anyway every sane person would support the action to be shot in such a situation as shown in the promo.

        Were-Tyler really looked less aggressive than Jules and Mason, what I thought weird. At least in the last episode it was not CGI, what it was I can’t tell since; well a picture says more than a thousand words:

        If my infos are correct, these four are not more wolf than a Chihuahua is.
        Don’t know about these ones though:
        Street Dogs-Bucharest
        Maybe we see enough in the next episode. Just that excessive noise of the canine made me suspicious.

        I think I saw the werewolf pack in True Blood that got killed and I couldn’t help but think that their eyes looked CGI. By the way I found it funny because I know how stupid their method of attack was. It showed the limits of working with animals 😀

        As for episode 22, I saw some set-photos and it looked a bit creepy in comparison, too much sun. But I will not look for more except Promo, I don’t want to know more.

        Do you know this already? Very good quality:

      • Awesome fan video, Andre! I actually hadn’t seen that one before. And it’s arguably the best one I’ve seen. Talk about AMBITIOUS! It covers two seasons, ALL OF THE CHARACTERS (even some of the already-dead ones), and attempts to at least touch upon all the prospective romantic pairings on the show. I usually turn these videos off, after a few minutes. But this one was truly riveting. So, thank you for sharing it with me.

        Also thanks for all the pics, and the Clevver “News Brief.” Like you, I giggled at the comment about a “percentage” of the cast not returning. Because, with a cast that always hovers at just below 20 members at any given time (That includes regular, recurring, and soon-to-be-dead guest stars), a “percentage” could mean 1, or it could mean 15.

        I remember, by this point last season, I was crazed with speculating over which cast member wouldn’t make it to Season 2. (I even wrote a blog post about it.) After that finale, however, I find myself a bit less worried about the fate of my favorite characters. Remember all the cryptic spoilers about MASSIVE deaths prior to the “Founders Day” episode? Now, don’t get me wrong, I ADORED the finale. But in terms of shocking deaths, there really weren’t any.

        I mean, yes, the body count was high. We lost Mayor Lockwood, and LOTS of Tomb Vamps. But the only death that had resonating emotional impact was Anna’s. Jeremy’s “death” was fake. And so was Caroline’s (well . . . she became undead) and John’s, for that matter. I’m wondering if the same type of tricks will be used, this time around . . .

        And yeah, I REALLY would hate if they went “the ghost route” with Damon. Talk about a Jump the Shark moment! I don’t think they will though . . .

        As for plans for Season 3, I’m going to give you links to two articles, one featuring an interview with Williamson, and the other, with Plec, the latter given around the same time TVD’s third season was confirmed. The first article isn’t spoilery, but the second one is a bit. Don’t say you haven’t been warned . . . 😉

        Not spoilery:
        CLICK HERE!

        CLICK HERE!

  6. sandy

    Okay I wasn’t sure of what I thought of what Damon did in last night’s episode. He has basically done to Elena what Stefan did to him. And he hated Stefan for forcing him to turn. I mean the one thing he misses the most is his humanity. So why would he feed Elena his blood? Why would he take that decision away from her?

    I was proud of him for taking charge, yes, but extremely sad as well.

    Then I thought about Damon’s hero complex and how often he’d failed to save those that he promised to protect/ that he loved. It happened with Kat, Emily (he didn’t love her but he did want to protect her), his father, Stefan (to a certain extent anyway; he left Stefan and Lexi ended up saving him), and now Elena.

    Here is this woman, one he loves more than anything else in the world, on the very edge of death, and he can’t do anything to save her, like he said he would. That has got to be horrifying. And to make matters worse the man who is supposed to be protecting her seems pretty complacent about the whole thing.

    I guess what I realized during Delena conversation were a few things…Damon was thinking about himself, about what he couldn’t bear to lose. After all, Elena is not only the link to his humanity but is his only chance at REAL love. And he didn’t want to lose that! Yes, it was a selfish act and he realized that immediately afterward but we all know that if Elena turns he’ll never forgive himself for doing what he did. But then again had he not did it Elena wouldn’t have been forced to face her morality and what it means for her future. Damon in this episode was a catalyst for that, he was the driving force for her character (as he always is). Damon was the one to burst the little bubble she enclosed herself in, and Damon is the one setting the stage for her development.

    Not Stefan.

    The second thing I realized in that scene was that Elena’s stance on whether Damon had “lost her forever” had changed. He didn’t lose her, even after he had almost killed Jeremy. Nothing can EVER be as bad as THAT moment for Delena. That was their rock bottom and Elena and Damon managed to find their way back to that comfortable place where they care far too much for each other to let each other go (particularly Elena). I think that is a testament to how deeply Elena will end up falling for Damon- inspite of his imperfections. Elena is aware that Damon isn’t perfect and that he will make mistakes, BIG ONES, but she cares far too deeply for him anyway.

    So will she forgive him for this? Hell Yeah, if she can forgive him for JNSI she sure can forgive him for being so passionate about her safety. Especially after she finds out all that he went through to try to make amends.

    I also have to say this. Stefan is BEYOND useless! Klaus comes to get Elena and what does he do? He closes his eyes and allows him to take her. Now imagine what that scene would have been like if that were Damon instead?

    Klaus would have had to KILL/ COMPEL Damon before he let Elena leave with him. There is no way a self-aware and CONSCIOUS Damon would allow Klaus to come to Elena way, nor would he go inside and cry over it and call his bro to clean up the mess. The joke and I say this with all honesty is that if/when Elena comes back home alive it is STEFAN who will be benefiting. Damon ain’t hitting it, Stefan, You are! So please be a little more enthusiastic about saving the “love of your life”. And during that scene where E/S/E were having the convo about the elixr and Damon asked what happens if it doesn’t work, Elena answered “Then I die”, what did Stefan do? HE SHRUGGED! He SHRUGGED! WTF is WRONG with Stefan? Stefan your girlfriend is blatantly telling you that she will die and the best you can do is…shrug… because you are “trusting her?” GTFOH! Stefan has officially lost my respect. I just..I can’t…ugh!

    Oh and Forwood is just awesomeness! I love them! And for someone who is happy with Matt Carol seemed pretty shook up over Tyler’s return and- intended- exit.


    After this episode DE is back on my radar. This was a great episode.

    • Hey Sandy! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I love your description of Damon’s perspective on “turning” Elena vampire. I mean, a lot of us picked up on the reasons why he did it for ELENA, but, as you so eloquently mentioned, there was a good deal of self-interest at play too. Now, that you mention it, Damon, like Jeremy, has TERRIBLE luck rescuing the women he cares about in the past. And there’s this aspect of loneliness in him that he’s always subconsciously trying to cure.

      But, on the other hand, of all people, Damon should have been the FIRST one to understand, how important it was for Elena to be able to make the CHOICE as to whether she wanted to become a vampire, especially, when he had HIS choice, taken from him, all those years ago. It’s just a shame that, as far as DAMON was concerned, all of ELENA’S choices seemed to result in her own death. And I think Damon was working hard to find SOME WAY to definitively save Elena, without killing anyone in the process. For him, vampirism seemed the solution with the least evils.

      I also really like your point about DAMON being the one to force Elena to admit her feelings about humanity and vampirism. It was assumed during Elena’s and Stefan’s little hike, that Elena had ALWAYS felt that she didn’t want to “go vampire.” But, she didn’t ever tell Stefan, because she didn’t want to “hurt his feelings.” (Stefan, suggested as much a few times on the hike.)

      But Elena’s been a little busy lately! She hasn’t exactly had time to think this through. And, of course, when you’re dating a vampire, this type of decision is ALWAYS one you are going to have to make, sooner or later. Damon forced Elena to MAKE that decision. Based on her immediate reaction to him “force-feeding” her, he knew what her answer was. And he spent the last 40 minutes of the episode ACTIVELY trying to fix his own mistakes, and achieve her wishes. (While others went off “chasing waterfalls.” ;))

      I agree that, while Elena SAYS that Damon doesn’t know how to LOVE, this doesn’t rise to the level of her comment in “The Return,” which implied that she felt Damon completely lacked HUMANITY. One thing is for sure, Damon has a CRAPLOAD of humanity. It’s just a bit impulsive and misguided (as humans tend to be). And I actually think that Damon’s were-bite illness will go a long way toward healing Damon’s and Elena’s relationship, by showing her just how much he really cares, and is willing to sacrifice for her, not just through his words, but through his actions.

      Heck, I hope so, because, as a Delena fan, I simply CANNOT go through another Delena relationship in the same state it was in during the first third of Season 2 . . . not after all this pair have been through! 🙂

      I always have to laugh at mentions of the “close your eyes” scene, because I know how “deeply romantic” the writers wanted it to seem. Haha . . . um . . . FAIL. I mean, on one hand, with Elena destined to become a vampire (Thanks Damon!), there was little Stefan HAD to do, at this point. So, one could argue that the Long Goodbye between Stefan and Elena was more to make KLAUS believe it was a real goodbye, than anything else. If anything, the pair was saying goodbye to HUMAN ELENA here, as opposed to TOTAL ELENA. So, for Stefan to put up a fight at this point, would just be him risking his own life for little purpose, since Klaus couldn’t really DIE as a result of a confrontation. On the other hand, the scene did seem largely symbolic of all that Stefan had done that week to save Elena . .. and by all . . . I mean . . . not very much. 🙂

      For what it’s worth, I’m still waiting for the sudden TVD loophole that enables Elena to get out of this alive, WITHOUT becoming a vampire, because there really are too few HUMAN FEMALES on this show. (We can’t leave the whole female race’s representation up to “Compelled Dana” from last week, now can we? ;))

      And yeah, Forwood is SO happening. Maybe things will change, but for now, I don’t really see what appeal Matt holds for Caroline, beyond the fact that she was his FIRST love, and they have a history together. When it comes to someone who unequivocally accepts and appreciates the person Caroline is NOW, Tyler has it over Matt, in spades. Plus, the chemistry these two have illuminates from the screen like lightening, whereas Caroline’s and Matt’s chemistry flickers, like a light bulb in need of changing.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me, Sandy! Your comment really was fun to read, and definitely enlightening. Man, this was a complex episode! There was so much for all of us fans to ponder. BRILLIANT! 🙂

  7. Vulnavia

    Excellent and funny! I agree the most part and I see too all the holes on the script. Be carefull and no subestimate the audience.
    I have share this.

    • Thanks so much, Vulnavia! You are so sweet! Yep, TVD episodes are certainly not without their inconsistencies and plotholes, all of which I ADORE poking fun at in my recaps. And yet, in my humble opinion, it is still one of the best shows on television today. (It also has one of the coolest fanbases in the world!) 🙂

      • Vulnavia

        I understand, cause I´m also a HUGE fan of tvd (I´m a super fan of Damon, really) . But, I can see those inconsistences…I´m not a teenager, you know, (shame-on-me), I´m old like ….the Matt´s mom. Just…less hot than she is!. But still, I enjoy the show and your awesome recap made me laugh. I read you from now on.
        (Sorry for my english, it´s not my natural language).

  8. Lauren Knott

    This episode was a hot ass mess–in a GOOD way, of course! I literally have nothing to say, because I’m still a little speechless. This Klaus motherfucker doesn’t play around, does he? I have no idea how everything is going to turn out. Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them? Though, I know two people who better NOT die–Elijah better not die (oh, I just love him so!) and Damon definitely better not die. If Damon dies . . . if Damon dies . . . there will be some hell to pay. *shakes fist*

    • Yes, Lauren! You’ve said it perfectly! This episode was a Hot Ass Mess, INDEED! But I loved every second of it . . . well . . . ALMOST every second of it. And I simply adore how this show is filled with so many twists and turns that, even the most AVID of television watchers can’t predict what is going to happen in the finale, and who will survive Season 2.

      As for Damon, he’s SO not dying. Don’t your worry! Sexy Ian Smolderhotter is on TVD to STAY. And his character is not going ANYWHERE. Now, as for Elijah . . . I guess only time will tell. 😉

      Oh, and you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Joseph Morgan (a.k.a. Klaus) TOTALLY looks like a Poor Man’s Ryan Phillippe! Good call!

  9. Lauren Knott

    Also, Klaus is hot. He reminds me of a poor man’s Ryan Phillippe.

  10. Agree with it all…just want to say I love that you refer to them as the ‘scooby gang’ 😀 Guessing this is a Buffy reference? I felt the whole ‘close your eyes’ was one too 😛

    • Thanks so much, Clair! Yep, “Scooby Gang” is definitely a Buffy reference — one that I find EXTREMELY useful in my TVD recaps, and in my recaps for other shows as well. After all, when you think about it, doesn’t EVERY teen show (particularly the ones with a supernatural bent) have a Scooby Gang? 😉 That being said, I actually think the parallels between Buffy’s Scooby Gang and Elena’s Scooby Gang are particularly striking. Don’t you?

      One day, I may actually have to write a blog post about this. So, thank you for the brilliant idea! (Of course, I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is do, if this actually comes to pass. 😉 )

      As for “close your eyes,” believe it or not the Buffy theme song title, was actually uttered by Elena in this episode. The line came up, when she was saying goodbye to Stefan, and leaving with Klaus, to head off to the Sacrifice Ritual. She did it so that Weepy Stefan wouldn’t have to see her go . . . which I thought was more than a bit unintentionally comical, on Stefan’s part, even though I recognize that it was meant to be a Poignant Moment. The fact that ELENA used this moment to reference BUFFY, another heroine who is (1) stronger both physically and emotionally than many of her male counterparts, (2) much hunted, and (3) has cheated death on numerous occasions, only adds another layer of comic brilliance to the scene, in my opinion. 🙂

  11. Tricus

    Yeah this episode was interesting. I didn’t see the beginning with the Delena moment and then Damon forcing his blood on Elena etc…

    but I’m not angry at him. Yes he didn’t give Elean a choice but he was offering her other options just in case Elijah “elixar” does not work and she dies.
    She can always choose NOT to complete the transformation. Damon did not take that choice away from her. She can still die for eternity.
    Anyway Yes Damon realized his mistake immediately and he busted his butt all episode trying to make things right.
    I love Damon and Alaric bromance. Soo cute. Alaric is also someone who understands Damon actions. He wasn’t angry at Damon at all. I think Elena was not angry but more hurt and shocked that Damon did that to HER. Danon has alwasy done everything in his power and not harmed Elena but those around her. That blood thing changed everything.
    Correct me if I’m wrong: During the Stefan/Damon argumenet and fight did he say to Stefan that Stefan “would have done the same thing of giving Elena vamp blood but he didn’t have the balls to do it”. Someone said Damon had said that to Stefan.

    1) The Stelena on the mountain top was cheesy but sweet. Not a Stelena fan but Stefan is quite the shrink like you said Kjewls.
    The scenery was beautiful. I was mostly looking at that while they were talking.
    Elena didn’t seemed surprised when Stefan said that Damon loves her and that is why he did what he did.
    Well I am sure she knows that but just trying to not think about it. Elena is not stupid. Even Klaus knows that and he just came to town. LOL
    Elena confused me when she said “Damon does not know what love is. I am 17 yrs old and I don’t think I know what love is.”
    Then she turned to Stefan and was like “I love YOU Stefan”. LOL
    I think she said that right then cause Stefan was doing his sad droopy face thing that he is a master at.
    Sometimes Elena does act and seem like Stefan’s mother. She is constantly reassuring him of her love. Weird.
    2) Damon rescuing Caroline and Tyler was sweet. I am still on the fence about Matt. Caroline and Tyler talk was sweet too.
    3) Kat and her acting like she was compelled was a great twist. Klaus had his doubt but she gritted her teeth and took the pain. Kat has balls.
    4) Klaus taking Elena away while Stefan just stood there and closed his eyes like Elena told him to. Just like a mom. What is he a child? That scene was not even sweet or romantic to me. Then he rushed inside to call Damon to do something. Stefan really?
    5) Damon being bitten. Kat looking all sad and horrified.
    6) Oh well next episode should be interesting. Damon trying to hide his bite until he can’t anymore. Everyone trying to rescue Elena and Jenna. Damon having delusions and seeking Elena forgiveness for the blood thing and all his mistakes before he “dies”.
    Of course he won’t die but they have to play it that way.
    I hope we see everyone scrambling around to help Damon after they find out. I want to see the dynamic and how everyone acts when they think Damon will die. Especially Elena and Stefan.
    Damon has really been their go to guy for getting them out of difficult/enemy situations. Elena will hopefully face what she really feels about Damon and how she will feel if he is not in her life anymore. Stefan had always had Damon around and took some comfort in that, even when he was being mean/evil. He really depends on Damon a lot but he doesn’t realize it.

    The writers better show that for the last 2 episodes.

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Oh no! I can’t believe you missed the Delena Blood Force Feeding Moment. It was intense. Actually, I’m not sure if they took it down yet, but if you scroll upward on this blog entry, there’s a VIDEO of that scene that you can watch. Granted, it’s a rather dark moment for Delena, but definitely worth your time. Plus, as a staunch Delena fan, I particularly think you will enjoy the romantic moments that led up to it . . .

      You are right about Elena ultimately STILL having a choice whether to live or die, even after Damon feeds her the blood. And yet, one choice that seemed (at least on the surface) to have been taken away from her by Damon was the choice to keep her humanity. Damon realized immediately the mistake he had made with Elena, in this respect. And it was this wrong of Damon’s that he spent most of the episode attempting to remedy.

      You are absolutely right. Damon did make a comment to Stefan that he had done what Stefan “didn’t have the balls to do.” Stefan admitted as much, later, on his walk with Elena, when he said that “if he had the choice, he’d keep her with him, forever.” And yet, I think a part of Stefan was always afraid to discuss vampirism with Elena, because he, on some level, always knew what her thoughts on the subject would be, even if she didn’t.

      For Stefan, an eventual loss of Elena’s life seems imminent to him. It’s something he seems certain will happen eventually, and is trying to accept. Damon, on the other hand, refuses to accept the notion of a world without Elena in it.

      My Delena heart grudgingly admits that the Stelena “Waterfall” scene was both beautifully written, and well acted by Wesley and Dobrev. Part of me wishes it was a wee bit shorter, however . 🙂

      Haha, yep, I LOVED the comment Klaus made to Damon about him being “the brother in love with his brother’s girlfriend.” I actually think Katherine may have filled him in on this point, when he first became AlarKlaus . . . at some point before all the Leg Stabbing started. Damon suggested as much, when he said to Katherine, “[AlarKlaus] is fitting in too well here. SOMEONE must be feeding him intel.”

      Elena confused me when she said “Damon does not know what love is. I am 17 yrs old and I don’t think I know what love is.” Then she turned to Stefan and was like “I love YOU Stefan”.

      LOL – YES, Elena’s “Damon doesn’t know what love is,” comment bugged the hell out of me, this week. There are many different ways of expressing love. And Elena has to recognize that Damon expresses his through ACTIONS (misguided as some of them may be), not words. You would have thought Elena, of all people, would understand that, by now.

      Kat’s faux compelled scenes were excruciating to watch, this week. Who would have thought that we’d come out of this season feeling SYMPATHY for Kat Petrova? I also adored her interactions with Damon. We are starting to really see the connection these two had with one another back in 1864. And I predict that Damon’s memories of his relationship with HER will come into play in a big way, during the Season Finale.

      I agree that it’s HIGH TIME Stefan, Elena and the rest of the Scooby Gang band together to save DAMON from Death by Werewolf Bite, particularly after all the times he’s gone and rescued each of them. I think they will. There’s nothing like experiencing the possibility of someone’s death to make you realize how much you need them in your own life. Damon has coped with these feelings for Elena, all season. It’s definitely Elena’s turn! 🙂

  12. Lauren Knott

    Also, why did Elijah have only, like, one scene? I bet he spent his day drinking tea, shopping for suits, and brushing his hair.

  13. Regarding Stefan the shrink, he said he did want to be a doctor! And why did Elijah want to get Carol off vervain? I assumed Matt’s love for Caroline overcame his hatred, and he knew Damon was working with Caroline, so he took a chance on him. I don’t blame him for wanting to shoot Tyler as a dog – he doesn’t look like his friend (not an excuse, but it makes it easier to think they’re not the same), and Tyler’s endangering both Matt and Caroline. (Not that I want Tyler dead!)

    I am confused about the sacrifice. Does everyone have to die before Klaus transforms, or just the doppelganger, giving them enough time to kill Klaus before the others are sacrificed? Because otherwise, the plan makes no sense.

    As for Damon’s act and Stefan and Elena’s reactions, I agree with all the comments here that the two lovebirds were both cheesy and kind of useless, and Damon didn’t want to go without a fight. But I disagree with pretty much everything else. I won’t even go into it because this comment would be way too long and detailed, haha. Let’s just say I still appreciate that Stefan and Elena are patient and controlled (if seemingly misguided) and that the two of them think it’s wrong to sacrifice one innocent person for another, as almost all of us do.

    Weirdly, I felt that there was a lot of Damon/Elena stuff with Stefan/Damon subtext here. On the surface, Damon’s actions were all to help Elena, to turn her into a vampire, but it seemed like he was working out his problems with his brother in the process.


    • Hey Noelle! Thanks so much for your comment. You know, I think Stefan DID mention something about being a doctor! I’m not sure. I know Edward from Twilight went to med school a bunch of times, but I couldn’t remember if Stefan had too. I HOPE SO! Shrink Stefan has clearly missed his calling, if not . . .

      Regarding Tyler’s mom and the vervain, that’s an EXCELLENT question, Noelle – one Elena should have REALLY thought to ask Elijah, when he made that comment to her last week. Because, Elijah claimed he de-compelled Mrs. Lockwood it BEFORE Elena and Co. killed him THE FIRST TIME (back in the “Rose” episode). What GOOD reason could he possibly have for doing this?

      One thing is for sure, Elijah’s reason was NOT so that Carol Lockwood (I think that’s her name?) would lend him clothes and a house in which to drink tea and chat with Elena. 🙂 I suspect that, because Elijah needs the Sacrifice to happen, as much as Klaus does (regardless of whether his motives ultimately end up being (1) to KILL Klaus or, (2) he’s a traitor to Elena, and hopes to HELP his brother), Elijah did this for the EXACT reason Maddox had Carol Lockwood pushed down the stairs, to ensure that Klaus would have a werewolf for his Sacrifice.

      (Now, Elijah, that’s not very nice! 🙂 )

      The verdict is still out for me on Matt. As far as we know, he still blames Damon for Vicki’s death, and for turning Caroline into a vampire. Therefore, it would seem strange to me for Matt to make this TOTAL 180 in a matter of minutes, from going out with a gun filled with wooden bullets to kill a vampire, and not being entirely sure he trusts Caroline, to, suddenly, TRUSTING DAMON, simply because Damon is in league with Caroline.

      And the idea that Matt, who SAW Tyler go into transformation, would immediately be willing to kill his friend, who was LOCKED UP IN A CAGE at the time, certainly doesn’t make him more appealing to me. In fact, it seems to support the notion that Matt STILL feels as though, once his friends became supernatural creatures, they cease being his friends, and automatically became his enemies. I’m not sure this is the writers’ intention with Matt, but that’s definitely how he’s coming off. If the writers want to make a GENUINE love triangle between Caroline-Tyler-and Matt, I feel like they are going to have to work EXTRA SPECIAL HARD to prove that Matt now trusts and understands the vampire aspect of Caroline, and still loves her, in spite of all of it. Because, right now, I’m just not seeing it.

      In terms of the Sacrifice, I actually think Klaus’ intended use of the werewolf and the vampire was left intentionally unclear. It certainly SEEMS as though the werewolf and the vampire are each intended as sacrifices for the ritual, just as Elena, herself, is. (Perhaps, Klaus needs to drink ALL of their blood simultaneously?) But it’s always possible that he has another purpose for them – one that is sure to add a delicious little twist to next week’s episode . . .

      However, given that most of us THINK the werewolf and vampire are meant to die in the Sacrifice, it’s kind of surprising that the ONLY person in the Scooby Gang who seemed intent on saving the werewolf and vampire in this equation was DAMON. Aren’t Elena and Stefan supposed to be these GREAT LIFE PROTECTORS? They’ve made strides to protect Bonnie, but what about the OTHER components of this Sacrifice? All these lives were at risk, this week, while Stefan and Elena were “out walking.”

      I definitely see your point about Stefan and Elena believing that Elena is entitled to the CHOICE of human life (or death?) versus vampirism. I also see your point about Stefan and Elena not wanting to exchange BONNIE’S life for Elena’s. And yet, in terms of Damon prospectively turning Elena into a vampire this week, THAT was a choice Damon made, which ensured that lives would be SAVED, not wasted. Like with the elixir, Bonnie would not have to die to kill Klaus, if Elena was in transition (i.e. Fake Dead) during the Sacrifice Ritual. But, perhaps, more importantly, ELENA wouldn’t have to die either!

      In a reversal of roles, THIS WEEK, we had Damon vigorously protecting the lives of EVERYONE in the Scooby Gang (though, admittedly, all for Elena, and not for some grand humanitarian purpose). It was DAMON who fought to keep Elena alive against her will. And it was DAMON, who rescued Caroline and Tyler, from what he believed was certain death by Sacrifice, all to buy Elena a month, so that she could make her “choice.”
      Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena seemed almost eerily OK with all the deaths that could result from the Sacrifice, if they stuck with Elijah’s plan, and he ended up being Klaus’ lackey. After all, if Elijah was telling the truth about everything, but was wrong about the elixir, only Elena (and Klaus) would die. BUT if Elijah ends up being a liar, EVERYONE DIES: Elena, Bonnie, the werewolf, and the vampire. This is a possible scenario on which DAMON doesn’t want to take a chance.

      That being said, I agree with you that Damon’s actions, from his battle with Stefan, to his line about “hating [me] for all eternity,” to his quest for redemption throughout the rest of the episode, had a lot to do with him reliving his past with Stefan, and trying not to make the same mistakes both brothers made back then. I think that this idea of the past LITERALLY coming back to haunt Damon, will play a big role in the final two episodes of the season, as Damon suffers from the illness brought on by his werewolf bite . . .

  14. Oh wow I can’t believe it took me all day to get back here. I did my usual pimping YOU out earlier LOL. Okay so I also have a link you will like http://www.wetpaint.com/the-vampire-diaries/articles/top-9-damon-snarks-from-the-vampire-diaries-season-2-episode-20-the-last-day
    I know you LOVE Snarky LOL

    This episode was sooooooo super good. I now want to by the first two seasons even though I saw them all. That is an accomplishment for any show to get me to shell out money for DVD’s LOL.
    I Love love love your recaps as usual. I think my favorite part of the episode was the Alaric/Damon interractions. They do make a good Bromance. They are like Laurel/Hardy in the old movies LOL its like they just work together well. Klaus was awesome too I can’t wait to see more of Joseph Morgan. I think I am getting a crush because his is tweeing * gives me chills*. I do still believe Smolderhalder is a HERO though……….oh wow that guy is so ECO Friendly I could just eat him up LOL True FAX 🙂 Sorry My brain is all over the place today. I started out wanting to do a piece on the Royal family now is almost 3 in the AM and I have been online all day and nothing to show for it but lots of Tumblr adds. Oh well. Jules I hope you had an AWESOME Friday. Thanks for sharing with us!!

    • Hey Rene! Thanks so much for all the added press! I LOVE your new tumblr, and added a link to it to my blogroll! (MAN, you are ambitious! You have so many awesome blogs and tumblrs. How do you keep track of them all? I can barely run this one, without going insane.)

      I can certainly relate to a lack of sleep, and to not getting accomplished all that you need to do. Between work, blogging, attempts at novel and screenwriting, working out, and watching snippits of the royal wedding, I feel like I haven’t slept in ages!

      Ooh, I can’t WAIT to read the Damon snarks article. You know me. Snarky is my middle name. (Actually . . . it’s Beth, but whatever.) And I will definitely have to start checking out Joseph Morgan’s tweets, thanks to your high endorsement of them. By the way, have you ever checked out Matt Davis’s (i.e. Ernesto Riley’s) tweets? He’s REALLY funny too!


      Yes, I too am in love with Ian Somerhalder. Not only is he better looking than I will ever be, he’s a WAY better person! That man never ceases to impress me, with all the good works he does for this world during his admittedly limited free time. *sigh*

      Ooh, great idea on purchasing BOTH Season 1 and Season 2 of TVD on DVD. I just worry that, if I did that, I would COMPLETELY cease to lead a productive life. Hmmm . . . I wonder what Damony extras they are going to put on those DVDs. 😉

  15. Julie, take heart when it comes to Delena. Remember the shit storm my beloved Forwood ship suffered after The Descent, the episode fearing The Kiss between these two? Part of me thought these two might be torn apart for good. This show loves to see how badly it can screw up relationships, but the law of proportionality (is that even a word?) demands that when they are fixed up the rewards be even sweeter. So I can see hot, sexy, smoky Delena scenes as far as the eye can see in the finale of season two, or definitely in season three.

    I thought this episode was a spectacular showcase for the character of Damon. For one thing, he saved Forwood, an EXCELLENT way of endearing himself to me. As heartwrenching as it was to see him force feed Elena vampire blood, and watch a similar expression of betrayal cross her face as when he snapped Jeremy’s neck, the intent behind this act was entirely different. People have been saying that Damon of all people, who misses being a human desperately and was forced into becoming a vampire by Stefan, should understand the gravity of his betrayal against Elena. His intense love for her and unwillingness to allow her to be a lamb going to the slaughter (as she obvs is, following what seems to be a fairly lame plan, even if it is set out by Elijah The Awesome) drove him to this act. Whereas the Jeremy neck snap was an impulsive move of rage, petulance and jealousy, this act was one made out of intense love and fear for someone. That doesn’t make it right, but the shift in intent shows just how much the Damon character has changed over the course of the season.

    I think this very personal form of betrayal of Elena is the absolute rock bottom Damon can hit. I thought that the Jeremy incident would take the cake, but this is the first time that Damon, post-Katherine obsession, has directly caused her harm. It’s the final line he could cross. I think that season three will see a Damon who is on a much stronger path to redemption than this season. I look forward to seeing Ian Somerhalder sell the hell out of every moment along the way.

    I love how rather than philosophising over how terrible he feels, Damon starts making amends in the only way he knows how – snarking like crazy at people and taking no prisoners as he saves the other members of the Scooby Gang you just know he cares about under that grudging exterior. Too bad that Matt got lucky on the one night Damon decided not to go all psychotic and kill him. I warmed to Matt a little this episode, though, believe it or not. Either Zach Roerig was suppressing a belch, or I saw real conflict on his face when it came to betraying Caroline. I also think he intended to come clean with Caro, and when he couldn’t find her realised something was up and decided to help save her. I say this as someone who does not view him with rose coloured glasses at all. So there you go.

    Forwood unicorns were trotting all over the place tonight! I won’t spoil my recap for you, but I will say this – Lizard Forbes has disappointed me so badly. I really thought that she would come through for Caroline in the end. Now it is looking highly unlikely this will be the case.

    I love Useless Aunt Jenna being turned! She would totally be the vampire who ate the last blood bag. Though, it would be kind of cool if Jenna decided not to complete the vampire transitioning process. She hasn’t fed on human blood yet, and can make the choice to not do so. Vampire Diaries hasn’t had a character do that yet, and it would make for an interesting scene and comparison to the morality of other characters. Oh Jenna, I ignore you, and then all of a sudden you have a knife sticking out of your stomach or you are outright murdered! You could have gotten the same attention with an Alaric sex scene shown on screen.

    Jules chained up for the sacrifice pleased me to end, as I am sure that you well know. Mwahahahaha!

    • Awww, thanks for the much-needed infusion of Delena optimism! It is definitely comes highly appreciated in this “difficult time.” For what it’s worth, I do think a redemption arc for Damon, in both Elena’s eyes, and frustrated fans, eyes (because MY eyes still love him unconditionally, of course ;)) is on its way. Contrary to what Elena may have said this week, Damon is clearly someone who has LEARNED, this season, how to love another person in a way that is NOT selfish and possessive.

      Sure, we’ve seen Damon screw up and stumble many times along the way. But that only serves to ENHANCE his humanity to me, not mar it. As you so eloquently stated, Damon’s “force feeding” of Elena was, in his mind, at least, an act of true love in the face of fear and desperation. And the fact that Damon was immediately able to admit that he had made a mistake shows tremendous growth on the part of this character.

      As you mentioned, what Damon did was impulsive, and, to some extent, misguided, but not NEARLY as impulsive and self-serving as the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident. In contrast to that earlier action, which showed a DISREGARD for life, Damon’s actions here showed a deep appreciation for it. In fact, Damon’s actions throughout the ENTIRE hour showed a desire on his part to preserve lives, not only Elena’s, but others as well.

      It actually brought to mind a line Damon uttered in the Season 1 finale to Kat i.e. Faux Elena, before their EPIC, But Would Be More Epic if It Was Actually Elena Kiss: “You know, I came to this town, wanting to destroy it,” he began. “Tonight, I found myself wanting to protect it. How does that happen?” (True Love makes that happen, Damon. Just sayin’ ELENA!)

      I think my personal frustration with the handling of the Delena relationship right now, is similar to the one I have with Chuck’s and Blair’s relationship on Gossip Girl. I just feel like it’s ALWAYS four steps forward, and 17 steps backward with these pairs, and ALWAYS for the same reason: The boy screws up royally, in the girl’s eyes (sometimes, her anger is very justified, other times, less so), and the girl makes him pay for it for about 8 episodes.

      I accepted this plot adjustment with TVD at the beginning of Season 2, because the show was just getting started. But I’ll be SUPER annoyed if we go back to square 1 with Delena for Season 3, especially considering all of the progress Damon and Elena have made in their relationship over the course of two Seasons. Is the Force Feeding Incident supposed to ERASE all that, like the Jeremy Neck Snap thing seemed to? I hope not.

      Granted, I know that part of the fun of a SHIP is waiting for the couple of your dreams to finally get together. And I don’t mind being patient, and contenting myself with the subtleties of attraction (a touch here, a longing look there, a sweet conversation at the end of an episode), while I wait for the REAL thing to grow and develop on screen. After all, I LOVED nothing more than the development of Pacey’s and Joey’s relationship in Season 3 on DC. I actually think I loved it even more so than their actual coupledom in Season 4. And as for Veronica and Logan, what made the “I thought our relationship was EPIC” conversation all the more EPIC, was the fact that Veronica and Logan WEREN’T a couple, when he said it. They were still finding their way back to one another.

      But the development of a good ship requires consistent forward movement, even if those movements are small. And when there are stumbles (as there will inevitably be, in slow burn relationships like this) I’d prefer they be a bit less massive than the ones on TVD and GG have been of late.

      That being said, some of the promotional pictures and spoilers from “As I Lay Dying” seem to suggest that events of THAT episode might result in some solid forward movement in the Delena relationship. And, just as time apart, followed by dangerous circumstances, erased much of the ire between Caroline and Tyler built up from “Crying Wolf” and “Daddy Issues,” so too might a Life or Death moment, erase some of the anger Elena feels for Damon as a result of “The Last Day.” (There’s that . . . and, of course, the fact that I’m still not convinced Elena will actually turn vamp next week. And if Elena’s still human the REASON for her anger at Damon will be erased, if not necessarily the sentiment behind it.)

      Great point about Useless Aunt Jenna! Honestly, I had temporarily forgotten the rule that “completion of vampire transitioning” requires an initial ceremonial consumption of human blood! After all, the only time we witnessed individuals struggling with that aspect of transition on this show was with Stefan and Damon.

      Vicki was FED blood by Damon during her transition, before she even knew what was happening to her. Caroline drank human blood on impulse, and was not of the mindset to make the CHOICE to live vamp, or die hard. With Katherine, vampirism was a CONSCIOUS choice. And so, she ate Rose’s “human helper” immediately, and without much hand-wringing, or rationalization, on her part.

      It would be CRAZY if U.A.J. ended up being the one who SAVED EVERYONE, by sacrificing herself! After all, Klaus put all his eggs in Jenna’s basket. He can’t use Damon in the Sacrifice anymore. He doesn’t WANT to use Katherine (because he’d prefer to continue torturing her for centuries out of hubris). And Caroline got away. If Jenna doesn’t complete, the transition, she’ll prevent the ritual from happening, prevent Elena from turning vamp, and save EVERYONE’S lives . . . at least, for another month . . .

      But I’m not sure, U.A.J. knows enough about what’s happening now to make that choice. She doesn’t have bred into her the hatred of vampires that the Founding Families have, or a knowledge of the difficulties being a vampire presents for one’s life, that Elena does. Would Jenna be willing to give up a chance at immortality, and her life, in general, when everything is just starting to come together for her? Would she feel comfortable leaving Alaric, when she finally really knows who he is, or leaving Jeremy and Elena in the hands of John, who she doesn’t trust?

      Then again, if Klaus is smart, he won’t ALLOW Jenna to make that choice. For all his planning to hinge on Jenna’s DECISION to turn (and then, probably, die anyway), would be EXTREMELY dumb on Klaus’ part. After all, couldn’t he just COMPEL her to drink human blood and complete the transition? I guess we will know soon enough. 🙂

      And if there’s a GIF of Jules’ demise next week, I’ll be sure to send it your way. This way, you can make it into a screensaver! Do, the same for me, and Lizard Forbes’ murder? K? 🙂

      Oh, and thank you for the props on the Vampire Hangover Movie. 🙂 You know, Kevin Williamson is such a funny and snarky writer. And many of the actors on this show (Somerhalder and Davis, in particular) have such EXCELLENT comedic timing, that I think the TVD writers are missing an EXCELLENT opportunity to do comedic standalone webisodes, as companion pieces for the show.

      There are just so many directions they could go with this. And not being tied to the mythology of the show, would really give the writers the opportunity to break free, and have some genuine fun with these characters. Plus, with all the YouTube hits these webisodes would inevitably get, and the big bump in the show’s ratings that would inevitably result? I smell BIG MONEY here! 🙂

  16. This recap was EPIC, by the way.

    You channeling Vampire Pam (blah blah Sacrifice blah) was ingenius, because she would totally lifte a well-sculpted eyebrow in disdain over the Mystic Falls craziness. Now, she is a HBIC who could handle Elijah.

    Your descriptions of Forwood were mesmerising, IMO. Sorry Andre! KJewls was definitely pandering to Forwood lovers like myself, and all I have to say to that is F**K YEAH! Tehe! Don’t forget that Tyler has been gone for so long that a little extra coverage of his elements from the episode were definitely much appreciated. End of the World Tomb Sex was a spectacular touch that had me laughing out loud for five minutes straight.

    I think you should pitch your version of a Hangover sequel and bask in a piles and piles of cash and then live a life in the lap of luxury.

    Also, your case for being a vampire was far more compelling than Elena’s desire to remain human. Maybe I am a total sociopath, but I could rationalise a hunger for blood in exchange for youthfulness forever, super strength and speed, and the chance to run in the same circles as Damon Salvatore. No wonder Team Human is becoming so tiny in Mystic Falls! Being a supe is what all the cool kids are doing these days 😉

    • This comment was EPIC in its kindness, and generous words, Cherie. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. *blushes*

      You seriously are my Fangirl Twin Extraordinaire! No matter how random my media / pop culture references are, I can always be sure that at least one person knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 🙂

      And you are so right! The Originals would be NO MATCH for VAMPIRE PAM! I can just see her giving Klaus the once over, smirking and saying, “Well, aren’t you a Pompous Douchebag!”

      She’d then examine her nails for a few moments, before picking Klaus up, carrying him kicking and screaming to a cliff somewhere, and throwing him off it.

      And as for Eric Northman, I can totally see him visiting Klaus’ “stolen home” and saying, “You mean to tell me that you have this gorgeous, kind of slutty, down for anything, vampire in your possession, and, rather than have hours and hours, of Life Altering Animal Sex with her, you choose instead to compel her to bring you coffee, stab herself in the leg repeatedly, and burn her beautiful face in the sun? You are such a child!”

      Speaking of Life Altering Animal Sex *winks at Forwood,* I think it might be “coming” to Mystic Falls sooner than we think! 😉

      Oh, and just so you know, if you ever feel like sipping down some blood bags, joining Team Vampire, and running around the forest with a Shirtless Damon Salvatore, I’d be TOTALLY down for doing that. 😉 (I say this, like it’s an actually life possibility LOL. Oh, if only we lived in Mystic Falls!)

  17. serendipity

    Hi, Julie! Wonderful recap as usual! I’m really late reading and commenting on your recap, because I was really late seeing this episode as well! But I love reading your recap after seeing TVD, because it always gives me a lot of new insights into what happened, and lots of things to think about, and of course, lots of fun and laughter, and awesome pics 😉 !

    Just a few things I need to get off my chest… I didn’t have time to read all replies by the others (usually I do read them), so I might repeat some stuff that’s already been said, but I hope you don’t mind 😉

    Firstly, the werewolf bite! When I watched the episode, I thought I saw Tyler bite Damon, but when nothing else was said of it, I figured I was mistaken. Yay! Then at the end, it turns out to be true! Boo! And we all know what that means, having seen Rose go completely nuts during the Descent! Well, if they let Damon die, I’m totally giving up on the whole thing! I quit watching this show entirely. And I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one (that’s a threat, do you hear, Kevin and Julie?). So if they know what’s good for them (i.e. lots of viewers), they’ll change the rules of the game once more…(something they are very good at!). Like, say, the “fact” that a werewolf bite kills a vampire is in reality just another myth, as was the sun and moon curse thing. The originals (Klaus en co) or the witches could have spread this myth for some (silly) reason that nobody remembers except them, and of course there is going to be a cure for it! The one positive thing I can see here, might be Elena getting quite a shock that Damon could die and maybe discover some feelings for him? Wishful thinking on my part probably 😦

    About Damon not being able to enter Alaric’s house: somebody probably already said this, but I don’t remember Damon actually going into the house when giving the vervain to Kat (which BTW Stefan seemed to know about? How come? I thought they weren’t on speaking terms anymore on account of them not seeing eye to eye on saving Elena? Or was I dreaming that?). As I recalled it, Damon never entered Alaric’s house. Only Andie went in, but neither she nor Kat could invite him in since it wasn’t their own house. He just stood on the threshold (as far as I remember, but I could be wrong of course).

    I don’t understand Elena! If she’d sacrificed herself to Klaus halfway through season 2 (Damon stopped her once already, so she should know that he wouldn’t stand for it happening again), she’d have been DEAD, which also means no kids, and no grey hair and wrinkles… What’s so bad about being a vampire (at least in the TVD universe, like you said)? I agree that this might be early on, because like Elena mentioned, she’s only 17, but in the books she gets turned really early on… Not that Kevin and Julie have taken much more from the books than the premise of two vampire brothers falling in love with the same girl… In the books Damon absolutely adores being a vampire, and he wouldn’t want to be human on any account… in fact, when he gets to be human by accident, he gets himself turned again ASAP! So no missing his humanity for that Damon… unlike the Damon that we all know and love 😉

    I do love his bedroom though! Just had to say that once 😉

    Elena seems to like it too, since she can’t keep away from there these days… I actually loved that scene … well, up until its (dare I say, predictable?) ending of the force feeding of the blood of the vampire … Especially the ‘I can’t lose you’ comment… so romantic! Had me melting in a puddle on the floor 😉

    And can I just say: poor aunt Jenna… one week learning about the existence of vampires, the next week learning to be one… or maybe not even that, because if Klaus gets his way, she’ll be a vampire only to die in the sacrifice thing!

    And where is father/uncle John when all this is going down?

    I would have loved and rejoiced about Tyler’s return to MF, and some awesome FORWOOD moments (since I don’t like Maroline, or Carmatt, or Forvan, or whatever they’re called, I actually don’t know that?), if it wouldn’t have been for the werewolf bite! And so we have come full circle so I’ll just stop already, or I’ll be writing a novel 😉 ! Till next week!

    • Hey serendipity! Thanks so much for stopping by!

      I was thinking about you and your kickass fanfiction this morning. Suffice it to say, with all that went down this week, I think all of us Delena fans can use some solid SHIPPER friendly fanfiction in our lives right now. I’ve been meaning to work on mine. But this episode has me SO busy replying to brilliant and insightful comments like yours, that there’s little room in my brain for anything but “The Last Day,” it seems. 🙂

      I do think that there is going to be some sort of catch to the whole a Werewolf Bite Can Kill a Vampire thing. (Notice the legend says “can kill” not “will kill” – That distinction seems important to me.) When Damon asked Jules the cure for a werewolf bite, in “The Descent,” and Jules replied, “take a stake and drive it through her heart,” I sensed that she was (1) just being plain MEAN, as Jules tends to do; and (2) definitely holding something back. And if anyone knows the cure, an Original would know it. So, maybe Elijah will end up making himself useful, after all!

      Speculation has already begun as to what said cure will be. I suggested “the blood of the Doppelganger” (though obviously not enough to KILL her). This is probably because everything always comes back to Delena for me. 🙂 Spidey had another suggestion: the “hair of the dog that bit you,” i.e. Tyler’s blood. I liked that one too. Both of these possible cures would serve as a bit of poetic justice on the show, and would provide for EXCELLENT scenes of sexy shirtlessness! 🙂

      Now maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, by I actually think Damon’s “were-rabies” is going to be a whole lot less UGLY than Rose’s was. For one thing, Jules was a full werewolf when she bit Rose. The bite was a calculated one on Jules part. And Jules is an older, more powerful, werewolf than Tyler. Tyler’s bite was accidental, and done when he was in half-wolf form, during only his second full-were transition ever. This might impact the severity of Damon’s symptoms.

      *slight spoiler alert*

      Additionally, synopses for “As I Lay Dying” suggest that, Damon, like Rose, will begin suffering from hallucinations of his past life with Katherine, back in 1864. The obvious difference here, is that Rose HATED AND FEARED Katherine, after HER betrayal of Rose, when Katherine first turned. But DAMON . . . well . . . he LOVED KATHERINE in 1864. And, based on flashbacks, was having lots of hot sex with her at the time. So, when Damon sees Elena, and believes her to be Katherine . . . well . . . I think you know where I’m going with this. 😉

      *end spoiler alert*

      I agree with you that, in addition to what I suggested above, there may be some positive movement in the Delena relationship, based on the whole Damon Were Bite Thing. For one thing, Elena will see how much Damon suffered and was willing to give up to save her. She will also be forced to think about the possibility of life without Damon, as well as feel guilt over playing a role in the events that brought about his getting bitten. And we all KNOW how much Elena hates for people to die on her behalf. I think all this will go a long way in melting the ice Elena might have in her heart toward Damon now. It may even allow her to come to terms with her feelings for him . . . FINALLY.

      I’m with you. Though admittedly touching and well acted, Elena’s “Boo Hoo, I really want to get old and wrinkly monologue” made me want to smack her. SERIOUSLY, Elena, let’s get real. With the right Sunscreen Rings, a nice supply of good blood bags, and the right training, being a girl vampire in Mystic Falls is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! (And if you don’t believe me, just ask Caroline and Katherine, because they seem to be doing JUST FINE.)

      One thing the writers seem to have been doing lately, that really bugs me, is making Elena so much more judgmental than she used to be. Remember, back in Season 1, when ELENA seemed to be the only one who recognized Damon’s humanity, no matter how many awful things he did? I also recall ELENA being the first person to recognize how deeply Damon loved Katherine.

      Now, Elena is always whining about Damon’s mistakes, and blubbering about how he’s incapable of love, and doesn’t care about her individuality . . . when, all the while, she’s throwing herself at Klaus’ feet and basically asking to be killed, while Stefan sits back and watches tearfully. It’s bothersome, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Elena. But a slight personality adjustment certainly wouldn’t hurt, as far as she is concerned. 🙂

      That being said, my heart skipped a beat when Damon and Elena met in front of Damon’s bed, and clasped hands in sunlight, while smiling sadly at one another, and looking deeply into one another’s eyes. It was the stuff Romance Novels are made of. If only the Force Feeding Thing didn’t have to go and ruin it!

      I do wonder about Uncle/Father John, who, presumably has been hanging out ALONE in the Gilbert house while all the people he supposedly cares about are either at the Salvatore Mansion, or (in Jeremy’s case, UNDER GROUND SOMEWHERE having Witch Sex). So, much for wanting to be a better dad to Elena, DUDE!

      Next week’s episode is sure to bring even more levels of EPIC TVD Insanity. And I, for one, can’t wait!

      • serendipity

        Hello again! Definitely continue your fanfic, because you have me on tenterhooks on how you’re going to solve everything! As far as my fanfics are concerned, I did write the next chapter for Elena’s anger, but some characters have gone and taken me by surprise… Oh, and FYI, I did publish 2 chapters of Shadowdancing and also another one about what might have happened if Damon hadn’t taken the arrow for her in BMR… if you want some Delena friendly fanfic, that is 😉

        As far as solutions to the werewolf bite go (because of course I never doubted they’d have one), I’m hoping it’ll be the blood of the doppelganger naturally. Jules’ blood would be poetic justice, but doesn’t give as much opportunities for awesome DELENA moments… which we crave of course 🙂

        Do you think Tyler hasn’t been away for more than one month? He did say something along the lines of the changes going more quickly now, so I presume he must have changed at least a couple of times since the first time… Well, suffice it to say that timing in TVD has never been really clear, as far as I’m concerned!

        Ooh, and I can’t wait for the scenes of EPIC remembrance, especially if they are going to concern shirtless (or more 😉 )Damon having lots of hot sex with Kat, and being all delusional about Elena… Mmm, bring it on! We DESERVE it after all those setbacks and Stelena tenderness 😉
        Speaking of which, I really don’t understand Stefan these days! He doesn’t even fight! All those FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and TEARS, but he lets Damon do all the actual work! Come on, Stefan, get a grip and DO something!

        I totally agree with Elena being much more judgmental this season, while last season she took everything in stride, but I suppose they have made her behave like this, or everybody would think she would be stupid not to go rushing into Damon’s arms… now she always has an excuse not to 😦

  18. Sophie

    Sooo, my mind basically shut down after the episode. I’ve waited two days now for it to recover – but I still get only jumbled stuff and am therefor not able to comment in an intelligent manner…
    The blood-feeding was kind of necessary and understandable – but still, WHY DAMON? That shoul have been the one thing that you wouldn’t do and at the same time the most desperate thing that, OF COURSE, you would do. Now we’re back to Elena having to forgive him and -just ENOUGH already…
    Stefan was kind of perfect AND totally stupid and useless. Though it was great how he handled her “I don’t want to be a vampire”- confession (with the admittedly painful subtext “because I’m not sure enough about you”), BUT – the hiking? the whining after he got staked? the absent desparation about your ‘soulmates”s certain death? the PATHETIC frozen-empty-hand-thing?
    And I want to trust Elijah but that lame potion, his absence later in the episode?? something is definitely off about him….
    Where is John in all of this? Didn’t he want to protect his daughter? Oh that’s right, he got back just in time to join the ‘we’re blaming everything on Damon again’-party….
    Matt, wth, just when I finally have you on the ‘peole who could die without me becoming a total wreck’ -list, you just HAD to become kind of useful and awesome!
    And Damon got bitten! Of course, I know he’s going to survive, but still – he’s going to suffer – AGAIN! It’ s like Hiob at this point, you know that old bible-guy who got all the bad stuff thrown at him? Or in the words of my wise granny : the devil is always shitting on the biggest heap….
    Oh my, I’m afraid of the last episodes, not sure I get out of this season without some kind of a nervous tic…
    Thanks for your recaps again, they’re better therapy than anything that even Shrink Stefan could offer…
    Best part? The double rainbow guy!!!! LOL!! Although I can’t imagine Steffy ever getting this *excited* about anything…;)

    • I feel your pain, Sophie! When “The Last Day” ended, I’m pretty sure I sat staring at the television screen for a good 5 minutes, saying nothing at all, my jaw hanging stupidly open, like a yawning dog. 🙂 But, for what it’s worth, I found your comment, incredibly intelligent. Not to mention REALLY FUNNY.

      As you may have noticed, I SHARE your frustration with the fact that Damon and Elena seem to be RIGHT BACK where they started from, both at the beginning of Season 1, when Damon was kind of an asshat (a sexy, and funny, asshat, but an asshat nonetheless), and at the beginning of Season 2 (when Damon was AWESOME, but had royally screwed up, with Jeremy Neck Snap Incident). It’s like that movie Groundhog Day (or even 50 First Dates), no matter how much progress Delena makes during the course of a season, the writers always seem intent on somehow erasing it, at the top of the next one. We can only hope that the Werewolf Bite storyline will bring Elena and Damon back together somewhat, just as the blood feeding seemingly tore them apart.

      LOL re: your comments about Shrink Stefan and his “Waterfall Chasing Therapy Expedition.” Sometimes, it really feels like Stefan doesn’t know what series he’s on! It’s like, hey, buddy, you are on a VAMPIRE SHOW, and your girlfriend is about to BE MURDERED, by a SCARY EVIL VAMPIRE and his RIDICULOUS WERE VAMP RITUAL. Why are you acting like a character on a soap opera, whose girlfriend is just going away to college for a semester? (And yeah, Stefan doesn’t exactly seem to have the ENERGY lately for a Double Rainbow Moment, does he? ;))

      Perhaps, Elijah and Uncle/Father John spent the episode in the bathroom giving one another hair care tips! (Yep, I’m growing more and more concerned that Elijah may end up being a ROGUE member of Team Klaus, after all.) As for John, I do love how he’s always so quick to pounce on Damon for his mistakes. Hypocrite much? Does John NOT remember a little thing called the Trusting Isobel Plotline? I mean, when you think about it, HE was at least partly responsible for the whole AlarKlaus possession, among other things . . .

      As you mentioned, Damon’s life HAS pretty much SUCKED MONKEY NUTS, ever since “Know thy Enemy.” And now, not only has he royally pissed off Elena, he also WASN’T able to prevent the Sacrifice from going down. Not to mention, Damon sees ahead of him a SLOW and PAINFUL death by Were-Rabies. Someone jump through the TV screen, and give this vampire a HUG, please. (I’ll do it, if there are no takers, of course! ;))

      I suspect MANY of us TVD fans are going to be spending the summer with Nervous Tics, as a result of this show. I see a possible Class Action Suit in this! 🙂 But even if we all end up crazy, boy, will it be a fun ride getting there!

  19. Julie, I thought I’d post some photos that made me laugh and/or think of you from the Price Peterson posts – I hope they cheer you up a little since you seem slightly bummed about Delena angst! 😉 (Sorry if you’ve already seen these.)

    • Thanks for pics, Noelle! Those are awesome! Of course, as you might have suspected, my favorite is the one with a snarly Damon, and the caption, “I’m sorry too . . . for being awesome.”

      But I’m also a big fan of the Tyler wolf one (I’m sorry, but I think NEW were-Tyler is adorable. Not scary at all! Perhaps, that was the production department’s intent . . .)

      And then there’s the one where Matt looks at Lizard Forbes and says, “You’re the worst.” I’m glad someone out there agrees with me about what a despicable so-called human that one is! 😉

      Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  20. Kangababy

    Well it’s been a couple of public holidays here, so I’ve finally gotten round to watching The Last Day. Fantasic recap, and truly epic in length! Thanks KJewls!

    Everyone before me has commented so eloquently, that I’ll keep this post to a minimum:

    1. In the Delena scene, I loved how Elena took hold of Damon’s hands and massaged them while talking to him. It shows a step up in intimacy, and was great to see it being initiated by her for a change (until the V blood force feeding, but I also hold out hope that the werewolf bite story line will bring them closer again)
    2. Stefan admittably makes a good shrink, and it was nice that he could get Elena to talk about her feelings. But at the end of the day, he’s still the little brother that calls his big brother to help him out when he’s messed up and lost Elena to Klaus, and I like that the shows keeps that dynamic consistent (I’m an older sibling so I’m always getting the call to bail my brother out).
    3. Tyler came back looking damn hot (longer hair and earth tones suit him!) and the glances between him and Caroline were pure gold!!!
    4. While I am proud that Elena admitted that at 17, she may not know what true love is (let’s face it when I was 17, I thought I’d be marrying one of the Backstreet Boys, so yeah…..growing up counts for a lot), I did roll my eyes at how she immediately said that she loves Stefan, and also at how she wanted the choice of having kids, growing old (a bit difficult of a choice to make if you are dead Elena, and entirely hyprocritical given that several episodes ago she was planning to commit suicide as she didn’t know about the elixar)
    5. I am completely thrown by Katherine’s seemingly genuine concern that Damon was bitten. She may not love him, but I think to some twisted extent, she respects Damon and likes him.

    And now to go off topic, I thought you’d love to know that Wren will be back in PLL in season 2.


    Be still my wildly beating heart. With me being genuinely invested in a Toby and Spencer coupling, this could actually turn out to be the first love triangle where I think both guys are great (after all who wouldn’t want to cuddle and spoon with Abs Toby AND make out with a hot and drunk Wren under the kitchen table….sigh)

    • YAY! Thanks so much for your awesome (as always) comment, Kangababy! I am SO thrilled about Julian Morris’ return to PLL. Dr. WREN, all the way! And you are absolutely right about the writers purposefully waiting until us HARDCORE Wren-nies, had finally given up hope for our SHIP, and joined Team Abs Toby, before bringing EL NUMERO UNO back into our lives.

      Not that I believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I’d probably come back to life as either Elena Gilbert or Spencer Hastings. Now THESE are two girls, who truly know how to attract the BEST kind of men. 🙂

      The pre-force feeding scene between Damon and Elena was truly magical, wasn’t it? Ian and Nina really are excellent at capturing the intimate moments between these two characters. The hand holding and massaging was such a personal touch, on Elena’s part. And you could tell that Damon was both taken aback, and pleasantly surprised, by her unexpected show of intimacy toward him. In fact, I believe it was the beauty of this scene that made what came after it, SO much more heart-wrenching . . .

      I too laughed when Stefan called Damon for help, after he let Elena be kidnapped by Klaus. So, VERY typical of a baby brother! It just goes to show you, no matter how many centuries old you are, you never really grow up! 🙂 I also liked how, even though Damon and Stefan were beating the CRAP out of eachother just twenty minutes earlier, Damon was TOTALLY there for Stefan, when he needed him. Damon’s “Not now, Baby Bro” line, was such a sweet term of endearment. And it really served to lighten the mood, of an otherwise very dark moment in the episode.

      YES! Tyler Lockwood is BACK and looking SUPER FINE! I must say, I’m very impressed by his new laid-back, more mature, persona. It really makes me wonder where he’s been this past month. (Perhaps, he’s been doing some yoga, or guided breathing exercises.) Like Damon and Elena, Caroline’s and Tyler’s chemistry is just magnetic! Volumes of intensity and meaning can be exchanged between these two, with just a single glance. I’m so excited to see them interact more with one another, in the upcoming episodes.

      LOL. Yeah, it was a bit out-of-character for Elena (who just a few episodes back, was ABSOLUTELY ready to throw herself on the dagger, and die for Elijah’s plan to kill Klaus) to, suddenly, be all weepy about not being able to get old and have kids. And yet, like you, I do like to be reminded every once in a while, that these characters are teenagers. It increases the emotional impact of all the VERY adult things they are currently experiencing.

      Excellent observation about Katherine. I do think she cares about Damon, in her own way. As odd as it sounds (especially considering how many times these two have had sex) I think Katherine feels a bit Big Sisterly toward Damon. She is, after all, his vampire maker. And while, she might not be emotionally capable of loving Damon, she DID care about him enough to make him a vampire. Given that, I think the idea of truly losing Damon for all eternity terrifies Katherine.

      Speaking of the wolf bite, I SHARE your hopeful belief that the bite will not only redeem Damon in Elena’s eyes, allowing her to see just how much he sacrificed for her, it will also bring them closer together. (I’m still holding out for that REAL Delena Kiss, in the Season Finale). 🙂

  21. Nasha233

    Hi Jules, I always look forward to your recap because it always makes me laugh and cheer at the same time. I read your last week but unlike the usual episode, I was dumbfounded and didn’t get a clear picture of what I got from the episode. Wich is weird because I always get something out of each episode, some kind of understanding but last week, from “Klaus”, I was perplexed. It took a second viewing but I flew overseas and by then, “The Last Day” arrived. This was definitely one of the better episode this season even with the blooming day approach. I loved it.

    As you said, not a full view of bare Damon was such a tease and yes only Ian Somerholder can make gulping sexy. While he lay down on his bed, and listened to the conversation downstairs with the scooby gang which now includes Elijah. I hope Elijah does become a permanent fixture in TVD because DG is so awesome and I really want my Team AweSome to materialize. Maybe Team Awesome and Team BadAss can join hands.

    Though I am disappointed that an elixir that fakes death is the clicher to save the day. Seriously???? I with Damon with the disbelief. And Elijah did tell Elena that it is,y a 50/50 chance. And of course upon hearing Damon is in his room, Elena has to follow him. That moment when Damon stood by the window and Elena approached his door. Such a tease, almost inviting Damon to take her. And that moment when Elena took Damon’s hand like she always does wanting him to do what she believes to be right but offering so much more in promise but nothing more. What a tease and it is not fair. Elena loves that she has that much power on Damon. That she can bat her eyes, look at him and get what she wants. I do think she loves that power and attention she has on Damon.

    And I agree the parallel yo made about Damon and Elena and how he approach their need to save the ones they love. It is all or nothing. In my opinion what Damon did was not wrong. If Elena goes through with the elixir and she does die, that is worse than being a vampire. As Damon said, he missed his humanity but he git over it too. Sure he wished many things but he knows Elena at least as vampire is still there not dead. So the alternative is not good and Damon is not relying on 50/50 chance. He wants a guarantee. And someone here mentioned that if Elena really wants to die, during transition she can just stop drinking blood. So it is like the elixir anyway, she may die or be a vampire but it gives her better odds.

    What I thought Damon did wrong was forcing Elena to drink his blood. That action was wrong. And as soon as Damon realized that, he did all he could to correct his mistake even went as far as asking Klaus to postpone his ritual. Joseph Morgan is doing a great job at playing creepy in a very understated way. Calm but yet so crazy inside. Wasn’t sure of it on “klaus” present day Klaus is creepy.

    Btw, Damon never hated or held a grudge towards Stefan for turning him, he resented that Katherine turned Stefan too. It was just suppose to be him and Kat not Stefan too. I can’t remember which episode but when Stefan apologized about turning him, he said he forgave stefan or got over that a long time ago. That is why I think he believes so will Elena.

    In the end i thought Damon was the hero that save the day. Saved Caroline and Tyler, then Matt, then Caroline again. And even went as far as trying to sacrifice himself to Klaus to save others. Damon has come a long way. It seemed the only reason he did not use Damon because of the wolf bite. He isn’t the type of guyto just sit idly by because his GF came up with a suicidal plan and he was going to take her to the waterfalls and just let her go. That was crap! And what did he do when Klaus took Elena, he made a phone call. A bloody phone call!!!! What a hero!

    For my 2 cents on this, I do feel the whole waterfall journey and enjoying that last day is almost foreshadowing Stelena’s relationship. That this is the end of their chapter. They had 2 seasons for their love story and it is coming to a close and when she told Stefan she doesn’t want to turn not even for Stefan, yeah I too thought but for Damon, totally different story.

    I agreed that when Elena mentioned that Damon didn’t know what love is because he forced his actions on her is off based because she needs to rewind and take the whole picture. It was a suicidal plan that Damon can’t agree too and he did what he felt was the only other choice if she still plan to continue her suicidal mission but gives her a better chance of surviving. After if she didn’t die, en she will stay human anyway. It was a good decision on Damon’s part. To say he didn’t understand love makes me think elena never been love fully. Stefan just standing there and agreeing everything Elena does just not to appear as unsupporting even how ridiculous the idea may be isn’t love. It is just being a coward! Sure Elena did say may be she doesn’t know what love really is because she is only 17, she is right. With the right man and passion, she will understand. Though nina did sell that moment. This girl is really coming out to be a find.

    I do believe season 3 is Delena season. Maybe wishing but I think it is. I do think Forwood will happen to after a little revelation from Matt about what he did. I do lime Forwood but in the end I want Steroline. For that to happen Forwood will need to say their story first. Hehehe.

    Yes I am a little puzzle with what Liz plans to do with the information she has. I dont think she has shared them with anyone but her hatred for them makes me wonder about the role she plans to play.

    Jenna turning was unexpected. Alaric has no luck in keeping someone hi loves human. Maybe that is why he loves Damon so much.

    Katherine is such a survivor. Her willingness to be burn to proof her innocence is a will power on it’s own. And her look of concern towards Damon. Is Kat falling for Damon now.

    I know Damon won’t die but I wonder what will it take to cure him. The blood of the doppelgänger? And he will get delusional… Maybe he will confess his love to Elena. Wonder what all she will do when she realized the risked he took to save her and others. In the end Damon is the one doing all the work. I love Stefan and I would like him to not just appear perfect but work on all his issues.

    Can’t wait for the next two episodes.

    • Hi Nasha! I hope you enjoyed your time overseas! Thanks so much for your in-depth analysis and commentary. I always look forward to reading your episodes reviews. I can always count on you to bring up interesting points for discussion.

      As for “Klaus,” I enjoyed the episode, but can definitely understand why you would want to see it twice, before forming an opinion on it. TVD tends to use its flashback episodes to explain the complex mythology of the show. As a result, they tend to be a bit more “conversation heavy” and “action light” than other episodes. They also can be a bit confusing. 🙂

      Even though I don’t trust Elijah right now, I do LOVE me some Daniel Gillies. And, like you, I would love to see him return to TVD for Season 3. I suspect he will do so, whether or not, his character survives the Season Finale. There’s so much more story to tell about the Original’s Family. And I predict next season will feature THEM predominately, both as allies of the Salvatore Brothers, and as villains. That means A LOT more Elijah flashbacks . . .

      I think you are right about Elena knowing the power she has over Damon, and using it to her advantage, when she wants something from him. She can be very much like Katherine, in that way. We’ve seen Elena flirt with Damon for ulterior motives in “Bad Moon Rising,” when she made Damon think she had forgiven him, in order to get information on Katherine. And we saw it again in “Daddy Issues,” when Elena, like in this episode, ALSO touched Damon’s arm affectionately, and gave him the “Be the better man,” speech.

      I believe that Damon is AWARE that Elena does this to him, but is too in love with her for it not to work on him. 🙂 And yet, I’d like to think that a part of Elena’s flirtatious acts come from a real place of care, concern, and, of course, sexual attraction for a man/vamp who loves her unconditionally, and who understands her, in a way nobody else can.

      I’m with you, Nasha. Sure, the Force Feeding was a tad aggressive, and Damon should probably have DISCUSSED what he was doing with Elena, before unilaterally making that decision for her. And yet, as you said, from a technical standpoint, Damon was giving Elena MORE choices and chances at life, by feeding her his blood, not less. And Elijah’s method of saving Elena seemed WAY TOO RISKY, in my opinion. Damon cares too much about Elena to let her enter the Sacrifice, without knowing they have done EVERYTHING possible to protect her.

      In terms of Damon blaming Stefan regarding his turning, you are right. A lot of it, had to do with Katherine turning them both, instead of just Damon. However, in the episode “Blood Brothers” we learned that Damon didn’t initially want to complete the transformation. He wanted to die, if he couldn’t be with Katherine. And, at the time, he assumed Katherine was dead.

      But Stefan, who at the time was drunk on blood, forced Damon’s hand, by coming to him, carrying a female, and biting that female right in front of him. Damon became so overcome with hunger that he had to feed. So, from Damon’s perspective, he would never have become a vampire if it wasn’t for Stefan. And since Damon has always valued humanity, and misses it so much, he harbors a bit of resentment toward Stefan for that.

      I do think, as you said, Damon has forgiven Stefan somewhat for the role he played in his turning, and for Katherine’s seemingly loving Stefan more. And Damon’s ability to forgive Stefan, played a role in what he decided to do to Elena. On the other hand, I think there is still some residual jealousy, and resentment between the brothers, as a result of their turbulent past. And I believe that it was THIS PAST, along with Elena’s future, that they were fighting over, in the moments following the force feeding.

      Of course, I agree with you completely that Damon was the big hero of “The Last Day,” while Stefan and Elena were off “chasing waterfalls.” 🙂 And I LOVE your suggestion that Stefan and Elena’s (kind of lame) journey foreshadows the end of the Stelena relationship, and the beginning of Delena’s. All fingers crossed that Season 3 will be not only the Season of the Originals, but also the Season of Delena. If what I’ve heard about the Season 2 finale is any indication, I think it will be. 😉

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