The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale – We are Liveblogging It!

ELENA:  “Damon, those girls are watching us again . . .”

DAMON: “Just pretend you don’t see them.   Maybe they will take the hint, and GO AWAY . .  .”

ELENA: “Hmmmm . . . try taking off your shirt.”

DAMON:  “Elena!  What makes you think my taking off my shirt will make them GO AWAY?”

ELENA:  “It probably won’t.  I’d just really like for you to take off your shirt . . .”

DAMON:  *grumbles*  “Fine!”

DAMON:  “Are you happy, now?”

The last time my pals (Amy, over at Imaginary Men, and Cherie, over at My Spidey Sense is Tingling) and I live blogged The Vampire Diaries was during the twelfth episode of Season 2, entitled “The Descent.”  If you recall, THAT was the episode in which that MAN STEALER, Vampire Rose, got Were-Rabies, and wandered around the entire hour, looking like THIS . . .

. . . and like THIS . . .

. . . and, occasionally, like THIS . . .

So, it’s probably fitting that our NEXT Live Blog installment should cover “As I Lay Dying,” the episode in which DAMON gets Were-Rabies . . .

The obvious difference, of course, is that while I HATED Rose with a passion, I LOVE my Damon Salvatore to pieces!  So, this, undoubtedly, will be a very difficult time for me . . .

And yet, like Damon Salvatore, I prefer to cover up my sadness and fear with a healthy a dose of snark . . .

.  . . some laughter . . .

Happiness is a warm (and dancing) Delena . . .

. . .  and, hopefully, a whole boatload of NAKED . . .



(Well . . .  not MY NAKED, of course . . . but HIS NAKED!)

All things considered, I actually think this upcoming Live Blog will be the PERFECT medicine for what ails me.  Don’t you?

What’s a LiveBlog, you ask?  Well, it’s kind of like a chat room where you can talk (well, more accurately, “type”) about “As I Lay Dying” with other fabulous fangirls (and boys), like yourself, while the show is airing.  Or, if you’re shy, just read along.  And let US do the work for you!

  In addition to covering the play-by-play of the episode, and repeatedly cooing over the hotness of the show’s cast  (Comments like “OMG!  HE IS SO GORGEOUS!” are, of course, inevitable, in these types of forums, and TOTALLY welcome!), Amy, Cherie and I will also be regaling you with screenshots from the episode, hot photos of the cast, and fun live polls, in which can take part. 

TYLER: *reads*  “Who’s the hottest character on The Vampire Diaries?  I’m going to go with choice “C,” Tyler!”

CAROLINE:  “Hmmmm . . . what are the other choices?”

TYLER:  “Hey!  Don’t make me BITE YOU!”

Of course, if you miss the LiveBlog, and want to check it out after the episode airs, you can do that too!  Here’s an example of a LiveBlog we did back in January, for the show’s mid-season premiere.

(Oh, and just a quick note, because we had some confusion last year.  A LiveBlog is not the same thing as a LiveStream.  Unfortunately, the technology we have available to us from CoverItLive does not allow us to stream the episode to other viewers, over the internet.  It provides ”chat” services only.  There are a number of other websites that will stream the episode for you, of course.  However, us fangirls don’t have the resources – or the necessary legal approval – to offer you that particular service.  Sorry, in advance!)

So, if you are up for celebrating The Vampire Diaries’ Season 2 Finale with a bunch of crazy fangirl bloggers, who share a love of  both snarky commentary and shirtless vampires . . .

CLICK HERE at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 12th! 

Until then, feel free to watch (and rewatch, and rewatch . . .) this extended preview for the Season 2 Finale of The Vampire Diaries . . .

. . . and here’s a Super Secret and Very Sexy Webclip from the episode, (Hot Captive Damon, anyone?)

See you soon, My Fellow Fangbangers!

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62 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale – We are Liveblogging It!

  1. sassyfran

    Oh this is going to be soooooo much Fun I cannot wait!!

  2. sassyfran

    Oops I am going to post a Link at my tumblr about this ……..:)

    • Awww, thanks sassyfran! Liveblogging is, admittedly, a bit stressful, and a lot of work, but it always ends up being a genuinely good time! It’s just fun to watch the show alongside folks who are as crazy obsessed with it, as I am.

      And who knows? Maybe we can inspire YOu to liveblog the Supernatural Season finale? 🙂 (The CoveritLive software, is VERY user friendly and FREE . . . just in case you were curious. ;))

  3. sassyfran

    Ok the software looks promising maybe you can message me through my blog and tell me which levels you have tried. I am getting ready to sign up now. I like your idea.

    • Hey sassyfran! I wasn’t sure which of your blogs you wanted me to PM you on, so I decided to message you here? I hope that’s OK. By the way, did you know that if you are signed on to WordPress when you comment on another WordPress blog, your comment will ultimately link right back to your OWN blog from the other person’s? Just a fun WordPress fact that you might find handy, in advertising your new recap blog. 🙂

      As for CoveritLive, I use the Standard (free) version. For an amateur / newbie liveblogger like myself, it really has everything I could possibly need, and some things I’m not even sure how to use yet. The Standard version enables you to chat with other fans, incorporate links and Twitter feeds, insert images, GIFS and sound effects, create polls, and review and edit the liveblog after it has aired, among other things. Plus, if you use any blog other than WordPress, you can embed the Liveblog right into your typical blog entry window. (I know you can do this with Blogger-hosted blogs, but I’m not sure about Tumblr.)

      I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, just let me know! 🙂

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  5. I’ll be chanting “Kiss, Delena, Kiss like the wind” at inappropriate, life/death intervals, most likely 😉

    Can’t wait!

  6. imaginarymen

    Hey in that second clip Damon’s coughing is a bit like my own (minus the blood). Damn – do I have were-rabies too???

    🙂 Looking forward to it!

    • Awww :(. Well, if you absolutely have to be sick, I would think that being sick, while lying next to a hot and sweaty Damon Salvatore is the ideal way to do it. You can “share germs” with one another, if you catch my drift. 😉

      I don’t know, Amy, contracting were rabies, just hours before the TVD Season Finale? Is this some new form of method liveblogging I didn’t know about? 😉

  7. André

    Sorrey, can’t make it. The show will be at 2 am over here and will have to do alot of work tomorrow. 😦
    But as I told Spidey I will read it afterwards.
    By the way, how did you like my last comment with the “Klaus”-video?

    • Awww, sorry to hear that, Andre! Work sucks! You will definitely be missed.

      A word of warning though. As someone who’s liveblogged a few times, I can tell you, it’s VERY different from traditional recapping. Snap judgments on an episode are never quite as intellectual and complex, as those you have, after having a moment to sit down and compose your thoughts. (For this reason, I always REWATCH an episode I’ve just liveblogged, before doing the recap.) Plus, there is always the hidden pressure to be instantly witty and clever in your commentary.

      As the rather serious student of supernatural fiction / literature I know that you are, I suspect that you might find our liveblog to be a bit . . . low brow. Here’s an example of what I mean. Currently, in my liveblog file, there is a picture of Lizard Forbes, under which I have written the caption, “Die, Lizard Die.” 🙂 See? Low brow. 😉 Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

      On another note, I loved your comment to my comment to your comment in my last recap. That video was great. I vaguely remember the very short-lived sitcom from which the video clip was derived from my childhood years. While watching, I always wondered whether the dude talking to the bunny was simply nuts, and, quite possibly schizophrenic, or, if the bunny was actually real, and just liked to mess with the poor guy, by making him look nuts. Pondering that question always distracted me from the show, which was why I rarely watched it. I do see how Bunny’s attitude would seem to match Klaus’s though . . . except for one thing. Isn’t Klaus supposed to be Eastern European? 😉

      I also loved your take on whether vampires are a sub-species. It’s interesting how, while, on the surface, vampires seem so much more similar to humans than werewolves do, most of the basic things that differentiate species differ between humans and vampires, more so than humans and werewolves (e.g. eating habits, reproductive processes, lifecycles etc.) On the other hand, if you consider a vampire nothing more than a DEAD HUMAN, than those classifications wouldn’t necessarily apply, now would they? I suspect that somewhere along the line, someone wrote a book about this very topic . . . 😉

      By the way, have you ever watched either the U.S. or U.K. version of Being Human? Because that show does quite a thorough analyses of werewolves in particular, one that suggests, as you do, that the WOLF is it’s own person, and can influence the MAN, particularly in the weeks leading up to the transformation. If you haven’t seen it, you might want to take a look. I think you’d find the show intriguing.

      • André

        What you say about the liveblogging sounds kinda fun. Maybe another time for some other series or in fall when TVD returns.

        The sitcom the clip was from was Unhappily ever after, albeit it was not as good as Married with children. And as for Klaus being Eastern European:
        As if the average US-American would know the difference. Besides “Eastern Europe” is so vague that all you would need is a bad Hungarian accent to pass for one. Still seems to work to simply present stereotypes, no matter how stupid they are. I tell you, sometimes I was close of, let’s say “doing a Tyler”, when seeing some US-Film or show where Germans are presented in old wooden houses, leather trousers or/and eating bratwurst and sauerkraut. *ggrrrr*

        Well I don’t consider vampires simply as dead humans. In my eyes the vamps and werewolves of TVD currently seem rather like physically enhanced humans. From a behavioral stand there is nothing inhuman in a vampire so far, except for the blood-drinking and the roaring, but both are not any more freaky then what humans have come up as part of their customs, in fact many human customs are definitely more bizarre.
        In case of the weres my statement mostly refers to them in human form. There canine form seems to be separate from their human mind, or they simply can’t do anything about it, this loophole still exists. But the werewolves in their human form are fully human if you ask me, absolutely nothing new about them.

        I never really watched Being Human except for a few snippets since I never found the time. From what little I know about the werewolves in the show I analyzed that they follow the traditional depiction of the werewolf in modern cinema and TV: a separation of the two ala Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. For the folklore and mythological werewolf this is rather uncommon (or maybe unknown, I am not sure) but this is what is the most common depiction of the movie-werewolf. Not surprising since the Wolf Man portrayed the werewolf like that (since I am at it I actually found a non-fiction book about witches and the like who claimed that the famous speech by the Gypsy is old, obviously many people already cannot differentiate between legend and pure fiction). Oh and since we’re at it, at least in the german tales of werewolves I know, silver (where it was necessary that is since many werewolves could be killed as easily as any human) alone didn’t do it, it would have to be inherited silver and considered that Damon and Stefan were dead to their father they can be considered disowned and therefore the silver couldn’t work. This will probably never come up in the show but maybe some other author will use it.

        And by the way I did watch a little bit of episode 22 (only a few peaks) this morning during dressing and I can say three things already:
        1) Oh so Klaus can change at will and remembers the kills, what a surprise *rolleyes*
        2) Elijah got stabbed by Klaus. What a surprise *rolleyes again*
        3) They got my interest with having Jeremy see dead people (these two are probably ghosts-that just had to come up), but I wonder whether they again will just continue were the last season ended.

        By, the way if Vicky is back does that mean we will see Jyler bad touches again? 😀

      • You know, I was thinking about you, when that final Jeremy twist came up! The supernatural implications of having a “Ghost Whisperer,” constantly treading on the divide between living and dead, between Earth, and elsewhere, will undoubtedly provide you with plenty of fodder for in-depth analysis. 😉 If, in fact, that is what Jeremy is now. It was left intentionally vague, I think.

        Plus, we FINALLY have NEW creatures in our Mystic Falls world. In addition to whatever Jeremy is now, we have these Ghost figures. But ARE Anna and Vicki ghosts, or are they something else, like Demons, or Zombies, or something darker? Vicki, in particular was acting a bit creepy, and not like herself, following Jeremy around with a blank look in her eye. Anna, on the other hand, seemed a bit more “normal.” That could be just a coincidence, I don’t know.

        And hey, there are PLENTY of new shirtless and sexual opportunities here for Jeremy to explore! (Sorry Bonnie!) He has an entire REALM of women (and men?) to explore. And we all know how much dead girls, and almost-dead girls love their Jer-Bear.

        Steven R. McQueen is probably SO EXCITED for his character to FINALLY have a REAL STORYLINE that doesn’t involve him (1) getting beaten up; (2) getting killed; (3) losing girlfriends / family members to death; (4) being Bonnie’s b*tch.

        Very intriguing, indeed! 😉

      • OMG Andre, don’t even start getting me excited about Jyler Bad Touches! It has been far too long since we have had Tyler and Jeremy up in one another’s grills. Get on that, writers!

  8. Hypa Kitty

    Wont be watching live [uk time] therefore still got to catch up with the last epi which came on two days ago! HOWEVER can not look forward to catching up and reading your live blog [in roughly 24 hours] as I will be streaming the final epi! [just a few hours late]!

    So you should be receiving a response to the last epi from me in a couple of hours [if im not too tired :p]!

    Good luck on your live blogging! and again, cant wait to read it tomorrow! xoxox

    • Thanks so much, Hypa Kitty! We will definitely miss you! And, of course, I look forward to our post-episode roundup, after we’ve both seen the finale. I adore talking TVD with you! 🙂

  9. kjewls: “Yeah they are too busy flirting with eachother, while the poor guy is locked up having hallucinatory kat sex.”
    kjewls: Ahhh he wants Stefan for his “talent” (sexual?)
    kjewls: I predict lots of homoeroticism between Dark Stefan and Original Douche Klaus

    Um… yes.

    kjewls: This is what STEFAN DID TO DAMON in 1864

    Wow, excellent point. I didn’t even notice. This will haunt him forever.

    kjewls: OOOH interesting . . . seeing Stefan as PERMANENT villain – paul wesley has always wanted to “be damon”

    I heard him say that he had played a lot of Damonesque characters, so it was refreshing playing Stefan. But he is ready for this stuff now…

    kjewls: and Paul did say in his interview – in season 3 stefan is damon and damon is stefan

    Ooh, when did he say that?

    kjewls: Wicked Awesome – how very bostonian of you Amy
    lol , New England lingo! yes!

    What almost would hurt Elena more might not be what Stefan becomes, nearly involuntarily, but that he did it for Damon and not for her. Also, regarding Damon/Elena – I got on board just in time! (I still have a place for Stefan/Elena, but for now, I’ll be enjoying this.)

    • Thanks so much for reading the liveblog, Noelle! We all really appreciate it!

      YAY regarding your newfound Delena loyalties! You DID get on board, just in time, Noelle! Us Delena fans are in for a whirlwind of a Season 3. And it’s an excellent time to get aboard this SHIP. 🙂 Welcome to the Team! We are happy to have you.

      I definitely, agree with what you are saying about Elena feeling hurt, (though, not necessarily surprised) by the fact that Stefan, in doing what he did, ulitimately chose Damon over her. When Katherine made that comment, “He sacrificed everything for his brother . . . including you,” you could tell that cut Elena to her core. On the other hand, Elena herself, would likely make that same decision for Jeremy, since she is also someone for whom her family’s (and friend’s) continued EXISTENCE lands above all else, in terms of importance.

      It was really a double-edged sword for Stefan, who, having felt responsible for Damon’s “condition” (i.e. his vampirism, in the first place), was placed between the proverbial rock and a hard place. He could let his brother die, or he could become thing he most feared: Dark Stefan. I guess he figured that this way, even though he is abandoning Elena, she is SAFER without this new and not-so-improved Stefan than she would be with him.

      There’s some VERY Damon-esque reasoning going on here! 😉 As for Paul making that comment, he said it jokingly in his Eyecon Interview this past year. But, now, I’m thinking . . . not so jokingly. 😉 I covered the event for this blog. So, if you have some time, feel free to read away . . .

      If I recall correctly, Ian echoed this same sentiment in HIS interview from the event . ..

      I did love the deliciously evil aspect of Klaus doing to Stefan what he did to Damon all those years ago. It really makes you wonder, if Katherine was the ONLY one watching Stefan all those years . . .

      In addition to this having a chemical impact on Stefan, in terms of really setting him off in a bloodaholic rage, it also forced him, psychologically, to commit to becoming this monster again, the same monster that willingly manipulated his own brother into a lifestyle he didn’t necessarily want, so as not to be a lone.

      As for next season, I look forward to Damon and Elena confronting their feelings for one another, slowly but surely, as they roadtrip together on a search to find and recover Dark Stefan. Of course, by the time they find him, (1) he may not want to be found anymore; (2) he may be so ashamed at what’s he’s become that he gives up on them; and (3) Elena’s heart might be in a very different place from where it was when Stefan left . . . in Damon’s bed. 🙂

      Man , I’m so excited for next season. Is it September yet?

  10. Tricus

    The epsiode was slow going at first but then it really got exciting.
    1) I loved when Damon kept asking for and looking for Elena. Who , out of the Scooby gang, does not know that Damon has a thing for Elena? They would have to be VERY blind.
    2) Love the concern and bromance of Alaric for Damon.
    3) Elena being all badass and breaking a window to go look for Damon.
    4) Stefan giving his undead life into Klaus hands for his brother. Maybe Elena should have also been helping Stefan deal with his blood addiction along with helping Damon be the “better man”.
    Oh well. I love me some Delana sooooo, I am torn.
    5) Sorry Elijah. You got played by your brother. Honor and family may be your code but Klaus is only looking out for his survival and number one. Hope Elijah comes back on the Scooby Gang again. Well once one of them finds him and wakes him up.
    6) I SERIOUSLY laughed when Klaus gave Katherine the vial of blood for Damon, told her she can leave and was about to say something else when she zoomed out before he can finish. That was fuuunnnyyyy.
    7) Bonnie,Jeremy, Caroline, Alaric and Liz- interesting moments.
    8) I loved the scenes in Damon’s bedroom between Damon and Elena. He got his clarity about the past and he confessed to Elena. They were very comfortable, Elena especially, being close and cuddling on the bed together. No awkwardness there. Soo couply. Then Elena kissed him. Per my expereince THAT was no pity kiss. 1) Damon wasn’t even begging/looking at her to give him a kiss 2) Elena looked like she was feeling some deep emotions 3) Elena actually gave him an open mouth mini kiss. A pity kiss would be mouth tightly closed and a quick touching of the lips. It was a sweet moment.
    9) Of course Kat interrupted the moment this time for a VERY good reason.Elena jumped off the bed looking guilty. Sweet of Kat to bring the cure. She actually carressed Damon jaw. She might, in her own way, love Stefan but she still cares for Damon. Of course she said she loved them both but who knows really. Kat changes her story soo often.

    I have a feeling in Season 3 while Damon. Elena and the gang is looking for Stefan/Klaus, Elena will not want to look too closely at what happened or what was said on Damon bed. You know she will be like ” I can’t deal with this right now until we find Stefan and he is safe blah, blah…”
    Then Damon will push buttons, arguments, hopefully Delena angry passionate kiss and then the whole cycle repeats again, again… HOPEFULLY 😀
    That is how the TVD writers will still have the triangle going with Stelena still together but this time Elena fighting her feelings for Damon.
    As long as we SEE Elena fighting her feelings I am all good BUT if Elena acts like nothing different happened between her and Damon then I will be pissed.
    Seriously I will not want Elena to be “done” with Stefan until he comes back to the group and they see they are not in love anymore. I don’t want Damon to be Elena backup guy ( even though she really loves him) or be with Damon because Stefan is gone with Klaus. It will just cheapen and make light of their relationship.
    I HOPE that Stefan is only in Klaus army for at the most 6 episodes.
    Also the writers NEED to make Damon a hybrid. He was bitten by a werewolf, almost died and drank the blood of a hybrid. How many more connect the dots do they need to see that it would make perfect sense. Jeremy came back from the dead and is now seeing dead people/vamps and THAT magic was soo light.
    The Scooby gang and the Oirginals NEED someone that can take out Klaus. Another hybrid because like Klaus siad no one, Originals included, can beat him now.
    I would love to see Damon fight Klaus as a hybrid to rescue Stefan and Elena.
    P.S Do you realize that Alaric is the only person in the Scooby gang that does not have any supernatural powers now. Matt doesn’t count cause was never in the gang.

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I think us Delena fans have been waiting patiently for this episode. And, boy, did it ultimately deliver.

      1) You know a lot of us are focusing on the INSANELY SWEET AND AMAZING Delena scene at the end of the episode. But you bring up a really great point. This ENTIRE episode really illustrated the connection between Damon and Elena. From the time Elena learned about Damon’s condition, she spent the rest of the episode, thinking about and searching only for him. Damon too was looking only for Elena, from the moment he realized that he did not want the exchange they had at the beginning of the episode to be their last.

      And that moment, when Damon SENSED that Elena was outside the house was very fitting. It was almost as though Elena and Damon were bonded together, by a combination of blood, love, and shared experience. And even when they were apart, each had a deep understanding of what the other was going through.

      2) Alaric was AWESOME during this episode. From his very Damon-esque drowning of sorrows in booze at the beginning of the episode, to the show of immediate concern he had when he learned Damon was ill, to the way he comforted Damon, and helped him through his sickness in his own manly way, while still giving his friend tough love, and not allowing him to manipulate him into doing what he wanted. I also love the way he immediately stepped up and took on a parenting role for Jeremy, who SERIOUSLY NEEDS A DAD, with all that’s happened to him lately. And of course, the “day after that” mockery was HILARIOUS.

      3) Hmmm . . . you know, I think Elena actually did help Stefan with his bloodaholic issues earlier in the season, by helping him slowly build up a tolerance to blood. The problem with bloodaholism, like alcoholism, is that it’s a disease that the sufferer ALWAYS has, even if it is lying dormant in his system. And no matter how high Stefan’s newfound tolerance for blood was, there was no way, a bloodaholic like HIM was going to be able to endure drinking AS MUCH blood as he did, and NOT fall off the wagon. (If you recall, when he first went off the rails in Season 1, it was only after drinking a teensy bit of blood from Elena).

      I’d say, that maybe, had Stefan only drank that FIRST hit of blood, he would have been OK. But once Klaus made him go for the second, it was all over for Stefan. When Damon and Elena find him, he’s going to need every ounce of strength they collectively have to be brought back over from the dark side.
      And while I feel terrible for Stefan, I’m very intrigued by the direction in which his story is going. We are going to get to see Damon and Elena interact again, WITHOUT Stefan in the mix. This is something we USED to see all the time (their fun little road trip to Atlanta together, the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, caring for Damon, during his first bloodaholic bender) but haven’t had the chance to experience in a while. Additionally, I think it’s great for Paul Wesley that he’s going to get the opportunity to flesh out some of the darker layers of his character. From what I know of the actor, he LIKES playing dark roles, and was undoubtedly extremely excited about this new plotline, even if some of his fans are not.

      4) It WILL be very interesting to see what happens to Elijah and his family, once they are all awakened. Clearly, Klaus has bigger plans for them, than to just let them lay in coffins half-dead. I wonder if he wants to convert them all to were-vamps, for his new army. It would be a risky undertaking for Klaus to turn Elijah into a were-vamp. After all, once awakened and given equal power to his brother, Elijah would probably have NO QUALMS about killing Klaus THIS TIME. I suspect this experience has taught him a much-needed lesson. Trust NO ONE! 😉

      5) Nina Dobrev was GREAT this week as Kat. You are right, the childlike way, she booked it out of Alaric’s house the minute she got the OK to do so was GREAT! And I love that she showed us this week, that she DOES have at least some genuine feelings for Stefan and Damon, in that she wants the both to live. Plus, she made all those pro-Delena comments, that forced Elena to recognize her growing feelings for Damon. I have a newfound respect for Kat, knowing that she is on Team Delena. 🙂

      6) EPIC that is how I would describe that scene between Elena and Damon. It was everything us Delena fans have been waiting for during the past two years, and yet seemed so natural for the characters. Faced with losing Damon, and hearing him finally take responsibility for the actions of his past, and admit his love to her, Elena can no longer deny the connection she has with the Elder Salvatore. And I do think it was that realization of affection, and her understanding that she likes him just the way he is, that brought Elena to kiss Damon. I’m glad he got to experience that kiss firsthand. But I know Elena would have done that, even if he slept through the entire thing. 🙂

      7) I think you are absolutely right about how Season 3 will begin. Damon and Elena will be spending a lot of time alone together on their journey to save Stefan. At first, a guilty Elena will DEFINITELY try to ignore the love for Damon she feels bubbling beneath the surface. This, along with the stress of Stefan’s absence, will cause a lot of unresolved sexual tension between the pair. And I do think we are going to get from Delena a lot of those hot, fights that end in passionate kisses moments we love so much!

      8) Also, like you, I don’t think the love triangle between Stefan, Damon and Elena is over, it has just shifted. (And it’s about time, too!) In fact, I predict that when Elena ultimately gets Stefan back, no matter how many times she and Damon have kissed and almost kissed, and no matter how much she loves Damon, she will immediately go back to Stefan, because that’s what she believes she SHOULD do. Except this time, her strong feelings for Damon will be unable to be denied. And that will cause a TREMENDOUS amount of triangle tension for this threesome.

      9) Wow, I like your idea of Damon becoming a were-vamp. If drinking Klaus’ blood is all it takes for that to happen, wouldn’t Katherine become one too? Very interesting . . .

      10) Good point about Alaric. Team Human is definitely an elite squad of folks on this show. For anyone to stay completely human in Mystic Falls, after age 18, is a huge deal. Medals should be awarded! 😉

  11. Vulnavia

    Hello! First of all, I apologies if something is not correct in this redaction, but I don´t speak english very well.

    I saw The finale and I’ve moved to tears like everybody. But I must be weird, because I cried for other reasons. (And I cried so much that I missed the shirtless Klauss).
    I cried when I saw the weak and confusion in Damon, who was full of apologizes, regrets, guilt and “I-deserve-to-die” thing. It was heartbroken to see that wild, beautiful and unique creature becoming in just another regular guy full of shit. I´m very sorry, but I have in my brain: “Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace”. And now this.

    Before anybody get angry for that, I must say that I liked some twists of the script. The best for me was the spark between Damon and Katerina in the woods … too sexy, I loved it.
    I really liked the ruined alcoholic version of Alaric, I think he found his best point. I loved that line: “Give me the glass, none of both is drunk engaugth for this conversation”.
    And last, I liked the ripper-stefan- hunter-junky, and I can´t wait for see what´s the deal between he and Klaus.

    I saw the episode on line and in twitter and I saw the explotion of the fans when Elena kissed Damon. I must be honest: (I hope you forgive me for this) I didn´t like that kiss. I don´t know…he is dying, hallucinating, sweating… it wasn´t pretty for me. They deserved smiles, lips, pasion and tongues and another dimension for THE sweat…Pasion, at least, considering that we’ve all waited two years for that kiss.

    I don´t know what kind of twisted tricks you have to do, to make Ian Somerhalder look ugly, but they almost did . And Elena looked a little… guilty and insecure. Don´t hate me for this.

    But I liked the bite! When Damon bites Elena … But then he apologized for that…so…

    I think it´s not the show, it´s me, I´m very old for this. How can say? Too much shirtless and very little action. I´m sure I´m very old for this show. I told you that?. Just saying.

    Sometimes I don´t t like where the writers go. Too much pressure, I guess. And because the audience is full of teenagers, there are many lessons of morality and punishment, for my taste. They are vampires, for god´s sake, is another specie! Nobody likes to see a lion eating a bambi, but it´s their nature, we can´t judge this act as a moral act. When the fans saw Damon bites Elena, they completely freaking out. I wanted to say them: “It´s all right, this is sex, girls, is the way the vampires do! Ask Sookie, if you don´t believe me!”.

    My fear for season 3, is that Damon becomes weak and good and adopt a puppy. In that case, -I know myself-, I would have to be into team Klaus-Stefan. And it would be painful. Because I love Damon. Just the way he is. REALLY.

    I have a dream. I would like to see Ian Somerhalder in TB, like a vampire. You know, Sookie and Bill (and Eric and the handsome werewolf), having a party in Bon Temps and Damon would be invited … And I don´t want forget Katerina who BTW, saved the Damon’s (ass) life. She would be Invited too. That Would Be Awesome.

    PS: Someone shoot the sheriff. (Forbes)

    Thank you for all, and sorry for the wrongs.

    • Hi Vulnavia! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I love how different your take on this episode was than mine. For me, that is one of the most interesting and intellectually stimulating things about blogging. It enables us to debate issues with one another, come to understand different viewpoints, and learn from each other.

      I was sorry to hear that you missed Shirtless Klaus, because you were crying over Suicidal Damon. But, I’m glad that (in my episode recap on the other page), you eventually got to see a picture him in all his naked glory.

      You are right. It was definitely hard to see the usually strong and snarky Damon, being so weak and vulnerable. Part of the attraction of vampires is their strength and virility. So, while it would be hard to see ANY beloved television character deteriorate mentally, and physically from illness, it’s particularly hard to see it happen to a super cool, fearless, and tough-guy character like Damon.

      I’m also glad that you mentioned the scenes between Kat and Damon, back in 1864. I’m usually not a big fan of the flashback stuff. But these scenes, in particular, were extremely well done. They were incredibly sexy, yet, at the same time, very sad, for a number of reasons: (1) as fans, I think we instinctively recognized that with every hallucination Damon had, he came closer and closer to death; (2) the choices Damon made in those scenes, by leaving the war, and drinking Katherine’s blood; ultimately caused him a lot of pain and suffering; and (3) 1864 Damon was so guileless and naïve. And now we know that Katherine was manipulating him, in both of those scenes. She never loved him in the way he deserved to be loved. (But Elena will!)

      Great point about, Alaric. Damon and Alaric always drank so much, both together and alone. So, I like the fact that the writers are finally having fun with the two characters’ drinking problems, and using them as comic relief. For whatever reason, Alaric has become WAY hotter to me, ever since that brief time when Klaus possessed his body. He just seems more swaggering and confident now. I think that the writers are are also giving him funnier dialogue than they did when he was just Useless Aunt Jenna’s boyfriend.

      Did you catch all that sexual tension between Klaus and Bloodaholic Dark Stefan? I didn’t think there could be a more homoerotic duo than Klaus and Elijah. But these two might just take the cake.

      You have an interesting take on the Delena kiss. Of course, I LOVED it. And yet, I can definitely see why you didn’t feel the same way.

      For me, while the kiss wasn’t necessarily “hot” from a visual perspective, it was very sexy from a psychological perspective. Here are two people who are stripping off all their insecurities, reservations, mental hang-ups, and rationalizations, and just being totally, and completely honest, with one another. And I think it took Damon’s uncharacteristic show of vulnerability, as a result of his illness, to enable them both to do that. After all, there is nothing like the imminence of death (both your own, and the death of a loved one), to cause you to (1) reevaluate what is truly important in life, (2) want to confess your deepest fears, desires, and regrets to the people you care most about.

      And yeah, Damon was definitely looking not quite his sexiest, with the green tinge to his skin, the dilated watery eyes, and of course, the massive amounts of sweat all over his face. But, in some ways, that made what happened between Damon and Elena (and, to a lesser extent) Damon and Katherine, all the more poignant. It’s easy to want to kiss someone who looks like Ian Somerhalder. (Heck! I want to kiss him ALL THE TIME.) But to kiss someone who looks like they are on death’s doorstep, you’ve got to have some serious feelings for them, ones that go beyond just physical and sexual attraction.

      As for the biting, I agree with you that bites can be REALLY sexy. And TVD doesn’t take advantage of that fun aspect of vampirism, in the way that True Blood does. (Though, we did see a bit of sexy biting between Damon and Andie in their famous bathtub scene.)

      The thing about Damon’s biting of Elena was that it was so tragic. As I mentioned before, this was the moment he had completely broken with reality, to the point where he couldn’t even see the woman he loved right in front of him. Plus, he was reliving the moment when he made the choice to become a vampire, a decision he regretted for over 100 years. Also, while Damon’s biting of Katherine was consensual, and Damon’s biting of Andie was smoothed over by calming compulsion, Damon’s biting of Elena was brought on by his dementia. It was also not consensual. For that reason, it pained Elena, and frightened her, more for Damon, than for herself.

      I don’t think you are too old for this show at all, Vulnavia! I think you’d be surprised at how wide-ranging in age its fanbase is. For example, my mother is a HUGE fan. We discuss the episodes after they air every week.

      That being said, I do think that a vampire show on primetime television (especially given U.S. censorship laws) has a lot of restrictions that a show like True Blood (on pay cable) does not have. Nudity, sexuality, violence, and gore, all have to be limited to satisfy the censors. It doesn’t help that TVD is on at 8:00pm, when the standards are even more stringent than a for a show airing at 9, 10 or 11 pm, after “the kids are asleep.” 😉

      I can understand your fear regarding the “neutering” of Damon’s bad-assedness. But I suspect he will be back to his snarky, tough guy self, when we return for Season 3. After all, I’m sure alpha male Damon is not at all pleased that Elena saw him in this weak and vulnerable state. He’s going to want to make up for that, by being extra special manly. Plus, I suspect we are going to see Damon get some of his confidence back, now that he feels like he might have a serious shot at Elena’s affections. And a confident, flirty Damon, is a Sexy Damon. 🙂

      Of course, I LOVE your idea of bringing Ian and Nina over to True Blood, where they could play edgier, less PG-rated, versions of Damon and Kat. I actually think Damon would get along extremely well with Eric Northman. And Kat and Pam would be one fierce female duo. Plus, they’d have the BEST SEX EVER! (Come on! A girl like Katherine! She’s just gotta swing both ways, if you catch my drift!)

      Wow, this comment just got me really excited for True Blood’s return in June! 😉

  12. Tricus

    Actually Kjewls you misundrstand me. I said BECAUSE Damon (as a vamp) already has the werewolf bite bug in his system for AWHILE that he was dying from AND he drank Klaus hybrid blood those two things would make sense for Damon to become a hybrid too. Kat didn’t get bitten by Klaus in werewolf form, it was quick bite, was healed right away and no one else on TVD (well who is still alive) so just those things would be enough for the writers to spin a “loophole” for Damon to become a hybrid. Why am I the only one to think to this genius plot?

    Otherwise the writers will have to make up some weird stuff like Klaus have sex with women to make hybrids or he can bite a vam when he is a werewolf and they will eventually become one. Well Klaus kills/harm a lot of people, humans and vamps, so eventually he would have alot of hybrids running around.
    I don’t think Klaus would like that.
    He would ony want himself s a hybrid or for him to make a hybrid of his choosing.
    Damon would be the wildcard because Klaus would not know about that consequences. No one would have told him or there would not have been a case like Damon before. Living through a werebite and miraculously have the blood of a hybrid to drink. LOL
    Sorry but I don’t know what the Scooby Gnag and or the Originals can pull together to defeat Klaus, someone who is unkillable. Unless more miraculous Bonnie “magic.” LOL They need another hybrid with the strength and cunning to take him down.
    What’s the writers number? I need to write a episode for them. hahahha

    P.S Yes I also see in Season 3, Damon and Elena working together to get Stefan back, some moments ( hopefully some makeout/kissing) but when Stefan comes back Elena will still be with Stefan.
    Elena is not ready to face her true feelings for Damon untill Stefan comes back to the gang, he gets his bloodaholic under control again and or Damon start to move on from her. Probably all three.

    • André

      Well the writers could find a way to kill Klaus if they introduce another supernatural creature (or let a bomb explode in his face since he is clearly not invulnerable). They had fox-spirits in the books but I doubt that they would really use the full potential of these beings. A shame really, the asian fox-spirits where quite powerfull and there were many shrines and statues in japan who where and are attributed with warding of evil.

  13. imaginarymen

    I just have to make a list. I re-watched tonight w/o the distraction of live blogging it – and I loved it even more the second time.

    1. Jeremy in a tank top – Win

    2. Shirtless Klaus – Big win!

    3. Oh ELIJAH, you silly trusting little brother!

    4. I am SO over Bonnie, Bonnie’s spells, Bonnie’s nosebleeds, Bonnie’s candle lighting. I don’t blame the dead witches for wanting her to step OFF

    5. Love Jeremy’s disdain for normalcy followed by his basically telling Bonnie to step OFF

    6. Damon’s soft voice he used w/ Elena the whole ep. Never heard him use that as Current Damon before, but it was much more like Ye Olde Damon. The “I need your forgiveness” scene was so heartbreaking because you could SEE in his face that disappointment and defeat that he was going to die without it – but that he’d do it before he’d admit to her what was happening and get her “false forgiveness”

    7. Is it wrong that I could watch an entire hour of Salvatores’ slamming each other into walls? Just me? ;-0

    8. I’m w/ Julie on the AlaricLOVE Train since the Klaus incident. His compassion for the Gilbert orphans, his willingness to shove aside his self-pity and sadness to help his friend – who he LOATHED a year ago and was trying to kill, the looking way hotter as he gets scruffier, the “and the day after that..” ribbing of Jeremy – and for me the thing that pushed me over to Team Alaric was most definitely “Double shot” ;-000

    9. I’m sad the last time (for at least a decade if Klaus get his way 🙂 The Salvatores saw each other was through the bars of the basement dungeon 😦

    10. Could not COULD NOT believe they shot Jeremy! If I were Steven R. McQueen I would freak out when the premiere and finale scripts landed on my door!! Even my mom gasped out a “holy sh*t!!” at that one. This show never ceases to amaze me with twists that should be obvious, but never are

    11. If TVD were a drinking game and you drank every time Stefan got staked – you would be DRUNK most of the season

    12. The CreepySexyHot vibe bw Klaus and Stefan has been well covered – but damn – get a CRYPT you guys!!

    13. OK attention all your Tyler Fangirls – the reason Damon is tortured and dying? The reason Stefan sacrificed himself and Elena to save him? IS TYLER’S FAULT!! And I hold lonnnnnnnngggg TV-based grudges, so don’t think I won’t be remembering that – no matter HOW many times he takes his shirt off ;-ppp

    14. Stefan broke my heart when he realized he’d just given over his life and KATHERINE was going to waste it by not delivering the cure. His broken whisper of “she’ll never take it to him” as he hung his head in shame and defeat was just brutal

    15. Speaking of brutal – Klaus is one sadistic mofo. BUT I really enjoy Joseph Morgan bc he sure as hell makes him amusing. His response to that utterance of Stefan’s? A smirk and a little “whattya gonna do?” hand gesture as he leaned back in his chair. Ice. Cold.

    16. And again – in the horror of what he’s just done to our Broody Vampire Hero, “once we leave this tragic little town” – I’m sorry – it CMU. Totally evil while Stefan is facing certain doom – but that must be why they cast the guy!

    17. Julie beautifully covered the Delena scenes – I loved the revelations and Damon’s realizations and coming to terms with the choices he made. The tragedy of him realizing he made his own choices and wanting to make apologies to his brother – at the very moment his brother was sacrificing his life – basically – to save his was nothing short of epic tragedy.

    18. I LOVED that Elena never lied to him – she didn’t say she loved him back (even if she does), she didn’t say “oh everything will be alright” she didn’t say “you can tell him yourself (bc you’ll be OK) when he asked her to tell Stefan he was sorry.

    19. Their death bed convo was wonderful for all the reasons Julie lovingly cited. Loved that the Damon we know and love shined through even in what seemed to be his final moments – “you should have met me in 1864, you would have liked me” 🙂 Elena has witnessed too many deaths of people she loves – right in front of her eyes – and not been able to do anything. She was staying this time, and she was giving the comfort and safety to Damon she couldn’t give her parents or Jenna. “I’m here until the end” – good girl!!

    20. I think at some point Julie mentioned that Kat wouldn’t want either Salvatore really DEAD bc she thrives on their attention – whether it’s loving/lusting/loathing her. That may be part of why she helped Damon – and of course her final words to Elena means that she was lying when she smashed Damon’s heart into a thousand broken pieces at the start of the season. Just as Elena needed to hear that Damon loves her, Damon needed to hear that Kat HAD loved him.

    21. The mirroring of Klaus’ “gift” to Stefan with Stefan’s “gift” to Damon in “Blood Brothers” was SO BRILLIANT I literally screamed! Stefan set this WHOLE thing in motion by giving in to his vampire urges and then making Damon join him – and now in a hideous twist, to save the life of the one he asked to give up his humanity, he now must give up his OWN hard earned humanity. I mean – that could not be more poetic if you tried. And this from a man who in S1 wanted nothing more than his brother dead and gone.

    Stefan will ALWAYS feel guilt for turning Damon – I don’t think any “turning off” of emotions, or forgiveness from Damon can change that. He knows he is the one who caused all the pain that followed (his speech to Elena in “Blood Brothers” about this was one of my favorites from S1 and laid out FAR more brilliantly IMO – than “Twilight” ever has – WHY he is just So. Damn. Tortured. about being a vampire.) His flaw – his tragic flaw is that he will forever being trying to atone for that – to make it up to his brother – even when the consequences for him are absolutely horrific and may cost him the love of his long, pained life.

    22. Another reason Stefan may have been willing to make his literal Deal with the Devil? With him gone and Damon dead, Elena may finally be safe. Or if Damon lived, Stefan could leave knowing full well she was safe bc Damon would always protect her. That’s immense trust in someone he has often not trusted at all. The – again – tragedy – in all this is at the very moment that the Salvatores were at the point of being able to make an absolute new start w/ one another – they are torn apart and when they reunite – what kind of monstrosity will Stefan have become?

    OK I need to stop pontificating and go to bed!! But I really adored this ep – and am so beyond thrilled that this show has maintained all the thrills, fun, sexiness, surprise, tension and beautiful drama for two whole seasons. I truly thought this would be a campy little Cheesy Teen Drama about pretty boy vampires and the high school girls who love them – but damned if it isn’t one of the most thought provoking and emotionally involving shows I’ve ever watched! (and I watch A LOT of TV!!)

    Thanks again for the live blog fun everyone and Julie for all your work setting it up!

    • Hehe! Amy, that little point for the Tyler fangirls wasn’t a wink in my direction, now was it? 😉

      Seriously, my VERY FIRST THOUGHT while watching Tyler bite Damon, was TYLER for F’s sake, now I am NEVER going to get Amy to like you. I’m kinda hoping for some severe Lockwood-Salvatore tension and lots of hot wall slam scenes, and I’m sure we can agree that we’ll both get enjoyment out of those.

      I will say this though: I’m curious to find out whether the Tyler bite was deliberate or not. After the Damon/Tyler glare off earlier in the episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler intentionally did this. On the other hand, Tyler loses control of his mental faculties and impulses while turning, so if it wasn’t deliberate, I find it tough to hold Tyler The Man responsible for Tyler The Wolf’s actions. I’m hoping this is explored further. Imagine the angst between Tyler and Caroline if it was a deliberate movement on Tyler’s behalf. Heck, Tyler and Damon might end up being twisted friends, considering murdering a relative/loved one and trying to kill each other has helped Damon buddy up with several people, like Alaric 😉

      Also, ALL of the men on this show do naughty, naughty stuff. I love Damon, but I don’t forget that he snapped Jeremy’s neck or force fed Elena, even if there were extenuating circumstances. If Tyler DID bite Damon deliberately, I would say Damon murdering his uncle, and glibly admitting to this in the vamp/were stand off (thought I hearted Damon SO DAMN MUCH for that cocky remark), count as extenuating circumstances too. This hasn’t dampened my love for Damon, just as Tyler could turn half villain or even full villain and I would still love him.

      Having said that, I fully get character hate. Matt has been a douchebag, in my eyes, for the whole show despite the maturity displayed in the earlier episodes, and I full on hated Jules even though rationally I could see arguments for her case (like her genuine care for Tyler, the fact she seemed contrite around Caroline when she returned to Mystic Falls after the torture). So, if you must hate Tyler, you must!

      Never fear, from this ep onwards, I am doing either Delena Longing or Salvatoreo recaps – can’t decide which, What do you think would work best?

    • Hey Amy! I am so excited that you got to watch the episode again, after the liveblog. It really is such a different experience, the second time around, isn’t it? I feel like the first time you watch a TVD episode, particularly when liveblogging, it’s a lot of “Oooh shirtless!” “Wait . . . what did he say?” “OMG THEY SHOT JEREMY?” “KISS HER, KISS HER,” “Shut up Bonnie!” “DIE LIZARD FORBES!” “Woah, is that VICKI?” LOL But, it’s only after recovering from the shock of the first watch. (And the rush of liveblogging it.) That you can really give the episode the in-depth analysis it deserves.

      And, you’ve definitely done that. What an impressive, and eloquent, episode highlight reel you put here. I must have read it at least four times, just basking in the gloriousness of this episode. So, thanks for taking the time to share this. It definitely adds something to this blog / recap.

      I do really like the parallels between Klaus / Elijah and Damon / Stefan. In some ways, loving your brother can give you strength. But this show has illustrated, particularly in Elijah’s case, that it can also be an Achillies Heel of sorts. It’s easy to scoff at Elijah and poo poo his stupidity for falling for what was in hindsight TOTALLY obvious, trick of words. (Heck, I did it in my recap.) Yet, you can definitely see how much Elijah WANTS to see the best in his brother, for him NOT to be the evil monster he seems to be, and for him to show SOME thread of humanity, and familial loyalty. I think it was that hope, that caused Elijah to ignore some pretty blatant signs of his brother’s imminent betrayal.

      In his interview, Daniel Gillies seemed to hint at there being more to Klaus’ and Elijah’s relationship, and the possibility that Klaus DID care about his brother, more than the rest of his family, which was why he hesitated to kill him all these years. I look forward to learning about that next season. (As long as the flashback episode, is punctuated by about 45 minutes of Delena sexual tension, of course! 😉

      I’m also really looking forward to seeing Jeremy finally get some supernatural powers! (TAKE THAT, BONNIE!) The ability to communicate with the dead, can make Jeremy a very powerful asset to the Scooby Gang. (And he doesn’t even have to get nosebleeds to do it!) In addition to the obvious Fun Sexy Ghost Hijinks that will inevitably ensue, I can picture Damon and Elena bringing Jeremy along on their Journey to Rescue Stefan, because Jeremy will be able to “talk” to Klaus’ and Stefan’s victims, and, thereby facilitate in vampire tracking. (He just better get his OWN hotel room! NO cock blocking, Jeremy!) And I do wonder how Bonnie will cope with the changing nature of her relationship with Jeremy, now that she can’t be his “Mommy” anymore.

      I do think Steven R. McQueen was seriously frightened for his fate on the show, when he first read his character was going to get shot. There was just something about the way the actor behaved during his interview at Eyecon that made me think Jeremy was going to die. (He just kept pouting comically, and asking the audience for a hug, everytime a question was asked about his future on the show, which, of course, the fangirls loved.) So, I’m really happy that he, not only survived, but wrangled himself a great storyline to boot.

      You are absolutely right about Damon and his “soft-voice.” At first, I attributed it, to his just being weak and ill. But you are right, Damon’s illness brought him back, in some ways, to the person he was back in 1864. And that showed itself in more ways than just a flew flashbacks, and some eloquent and heartfelt words to Elena. Kudos to Somerhalder for adding that element to his performance. And kudos to YOU for noticing it. 😉

      Don’t worry, Amy! I’m pretty sure Damon and Stefan will see one another again a bit sooner than 10 years from now. (In fact, if it takes longer than half a season, I’d be shocked! :))

      I have to defend Tyler a bit, Amy. (Sorry!) Sure, the consequences of his actions were IMMENSE, to say the least. (Though hey, without Tyler we would NEVER have gotten that Delena kiss so soon! THANK YOU TYLER!) And yet, Tyler was DEFINTELY not in his right mind when he bit Damon. Here’s how I know. His original target was . . . CAROLINE! Yep, Damon rescued CAROLINE from Tyler’s bite, thereby taking the bullet for everybody’s favorite Vampire Barbie. Now, we know that Big Naked Cuddle Bug would never hurt Caroline intentionally, just as Damon would never BITE an unwilling Elena (she was definitely telling him “no” at the time), when in HIS right mind.

      I love your take on Katherine’s actions at the end of the episode. It was easy to take that “It’s OK to love them both,” line, and interpret it from Elena’s perspective. But, yes, Katherine showed Damon that (1) she does have some humanity in her; and (2) she does, in her own, slightly shallow way, love him. When Katherine sat on the bed, and fed Damon the cure, she did it with a tenderness that seemed to shock even Damon, who probably assumed she would either not show up at all, or mock his weakened state when she found him. His, “You got free . . . and you still came back,” line was so sweet, and so filled with childlike wonderment. I loved it!

      • imaginarymen

        Hey – you guys need SOMEONE to play Devil’s Advocate about Tyler don’t you?


        Here’s my deal about it – I just don’t care about Tyler. I never have – OK – wait – I did when he was first figuring out he was a werewolf and alone and scared and when he transformed with Caroline’s care. But then he did douchey things and un-did all my good will about him.

        As a result, I have no investment in Tyler/Caroline. I like the drama that could come from a Romeo/Juliet style “star crossed supernatural lovers” angle, and I like her – but they don’t do anything for me as a couple. Sorry Forwood shippers :-<

        And bc of THAT – I don't hate Matt. I agree he's done douchey things as well – but he just doesn't bother me. I don't love him and if he wasn't around I wouldn't weep – but I have no hate for him. I think he could become a good ally if he'd stop being so judgy about it all. And mb that will happen in S3 if he has "access" to his sister through Jeremy.

        At any rate – we do agree on certain things – I believe Cherie said for her the core of the show is the Salvatores relationship with one another and not the triangle. I absolutely agree. It's why I think this version of TVD could end – and the next could be The Salvatores Adventures in Vampirism through the ages! They meet up every few decades and fight and make-up and snark and throw each other into walls – except each week in a different period costume! ;-00

        I also agree w/ Julie that when Stefan "chose" Damon in drinking the blood – it truly was bc he knew he was now something that could hurt Elena – something that was not the person she did love. And in that moment he WAS choosing her to survive *him*. I wonder if S3 Stefan will carry around a pic of Elena and moon over it like S1 Stefan did for Katherine!

        Plus – we know Stefan loves nothing more than feeling endlessly guilty and broody over his choices in the past. Can you IMAGINE what torment he'll be in when he gets out of Klaus' clutches?? I would not be surprised if he's the one URGING Damon and Elena together bc he won't think he deserves her, while in his absence Damon will have proved that he absolutely does.

        Jeremy as "Hot Lazarus"? I'm on board w/ that!

        A Katherine/Bad!Stefan pairing in S3? Yes please. I don't know why Paul/Nina generate more heat as Stefan/Katherine than they do as Stefan/Elena – but I would definitely like to see more of it. BUT will Katherine WANT Bad!Stefan?? What if she was attracted to the same qualities that Elena was?

        Big fat WORD to Kanga's #6 point about Paul in this episode. I thought this was up there for him in terms of the "Blood Brothers" scene I raved about last night. I absolutely believe he has what it takes to be another Johnny Depp – pretty boy on "teen show" who breaks out into huge success.

        They are all three doing phenomenally great jobs on this show but if I had to put money on it – I'd put it on Paul.

        This is clearly such a fabulous episode that I still have strong feelings on it, and things to say about it two days later!

  14. imaginarymen

    OK – sorry

    23. I was sure that was Katherine in the house stalking Jeremy. Never in a million years would I have thought Vicki Donovan!! AND Anna!! I mean, that is right up there in shock value with Katherine as Elena and stabbing Uncle Father John last season finale. Wow. BRAVO TVD.

  15. Stupid internet connection stopping me from being part of the liveblog!! It was just as well, the twist of Vicki and Anna would have absolutely BLOWN MY MIND and there would only be pieces of Cherie left, and then I wouldn’t be able to do recaps myself. Seriously though, that twist really rammed home to me just how freaking much I love this show. I am a TOTAL spoiler whore, as you know, and I never saw that coming.

    Also, apparently Jeremy is the new lazarus, only hotter. It has been entirely unacceptable how few (namely ZERO) shirtless scenes he has had this season, right Andre? Hopefully this madness will stop next year if Ghost!Anna and Ghost!Vicki demand a strip tease. Just writers, resist the impulse for creepy ghost sex ALA Grey’s Anatomy.

    When I read about Jeremy being shot in the liveblog I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Legal to Lust Over can’t die! I shouldn’t have worried because I forgot my own logic of him not dying until he pops Bonnie’s cherry. Still, I was NOT HAPPY when I thought he might be dead.

    THANK GOD Jeremy gave Bonnie a verbal lashing for knocking him out last week. Life in Mystic Falls is always dangerous, and admittedly he got shot when he wandered of by himself (though that was a human, not a supe, it should be said!), but it is just a fluke that happened immediately after his little tirade. In a life filled with so much loss, his agency is one of few things he has left, and I don’t blame him for being highly resentful about having that taken away. If Bonnie was a male character, her many morally ambiguous moments would be viewed with a far more critical eye IMO.

    Hmm, I wonder how little Matt will want to do with the supernatural now that he might be able to communicate with his sister through it – I’m betting that he takes part in a seance to talk to Vicki at some point. I hope Caroline catches him at it, because it would be like catching a vegetarian vamp with a bleeding human. I have a feeling though that this is the thing that will draw Matt back into supernatural shenanigans. I wonder if this opens up the scope for returns from other favourite characters, say, modern day Lexi.

    Bad!Stefan. On the one hand, I felt so sad because my little SEster Jesse is probably upset seeing Stefan like that. But Bad!Stefan has the potential to be a magnificent bastard. Plus, after hints of darkness earlier in the season, Stefan was relegated to a Saint!Stefan persona. So, I’m hoping for murderous rampages through at least three villages to make up for this.

    Hehe! I LOVED you for the random Tyler reference! Also, Caroline definitely was sporting a suspicious afterglow.

    Alaric’s “screw you” to Damon almost felt like the equivalent to “I love you, bro” in normal people’s language. He was not going to let Damon die, dammit, but these are two tough guys who you practically need the jaws of life to get them to open up about their emotions (or get them in the vulnerable position of suffering were rabies), so I loved this little form of affection.

    Interesting that Stefan chose Damon over Elena. His deal with Klaus essentially amounted to that for me, because he chose his brother’s wellbeing over being in a state to continue his relationship with Elena. I wonder how Damon would choose? I think I actually would prefer both brothers to ALWAYS choose one another, because the Salvatore relationship is the foundation of the show for me, not the love triangle.

    I thought it was a big deal that Damon owned responsibility for turning into a vamp. Stefan may have taken his brother to the bloodbank (human), but he couldn’t really force him to drink. Sure, he heightened the temptation, but I respected Damon for acknowledging that ultimately it was all on in. I will say that a commonality between Damon and Elena is their shared reluctance to be a vampire and design to either reclaim or maintain their humanity. Stefan stated he had hoped Elena would want to turn because he wanted to be with her for all eternity. I hope this never becomes an issue with Damon, because I think this is one area that really defines her different relationships with the brothers.

    Last word to the awesomeness that was the Delena kiss. It could be painted as a friendly kiss to someone close to dying, but the intimacy between the two, and the way that Elena just wanted to be close in every way she could to Damon, with the kiss being the cherry on top, definitely sets the foundation for The Year of Delena next season. Katherine picked up on the vibes, as evident in her mischievous question of whether Elena would really want to find Stefan.

    • So, sorry to hear about your internet issues, Cherie! I’m sure we all can relate to how completely unnerving it can be when “TECHNOLOGY GOES BAD!” But, hey at least we have all summer to relive the awesomeness that was this season finale. Regarding spoilers. I think the TVD writers and producers maintain a nice balance, of satisfying the spoiler whores within us, with some juicy interviews and tidbits, while still keeping the big reveals under wraps until the episode airs live.

      LOL at your Grey’s Anatomy reference. That WAS pretty bad, wasn’t it? But hey, at least THIS storyline won’t end with Jeremy getting a maudlin, want to slit your wrists, seemingly never-ending brain tumor storyline! (All fingers crossed.) That being said, I would like to think that Jeremy will commune much better with the lady ghosts if unencumbered by pesky things like shirts and pants. (Hmm . . . I wonder if Ghosts have the power to give handgasms. ;))

      I fully expect Jeremy to “grow some serious balls” this season. Going through all he’s experienced these past through seasons, has to have made him strong. He would have killed himself long ago, if it hadn’t. And I think Bonnie’s days of emasculating and mothering him are LONG OVER.

      Ooh, I can definitely see Matt coming to Jeremy to reach out to Vicki in a Ghost Whisperer / Séance storyline. I can see that unnerving, blank-faced, puppy mug arriving on the Gilbert’s doorstep late at night, and shocking Elena, by asking to speak to JEREMY. He’d come to the door, hair-tousled, still half-asleep, SHIRTLESS. And Matt, awkward, hands in his pockets, would say. “Do you still do that thing . . . that ‘talking to dead people’ thing? Do you think you could do it for me?”

      I thought Jesse handled the reappearance of Dark Stefan extremely well, under the circumstances. 🙂 And I’d like to think that the TVD writers will make Stefan’s “edgier, hungrier (sexier?) self” a bit more complex than the maniacal, crazed Dark Stefan we saw in those 1864 flashbacks. I can envision a scene where Stefan and Klaus tear up a village, ravaging everything, gleefully chomping on everybody, seeming to delight in the looks of terror on the women’s and children’s faces, right before they go in for the kill. But then, alone in his room, Stefan looks at a picture of him and Elena, or, still more interesting, him and Damon, positioned on his mirror. He then stares at his darkened reflection, and completely breaks down in tears.

      As Amy and I mentioned, I am wholeheartedly on Team Alchy-Ric now. And, as much as I don’t want to want the sexy Delena road trip car to be too full (it’s emptiness is practically essential for ease of bonding / hookup purposes), I’ll make the occasional exception for Alaric, if only so that his and Damon’s bromance can continue through countless drinks shared at all of America’s best bars / social establishments.

      Oh, I definitely think Damon would make the same choice that Stefan did, if put in the same situation. I saw Stefan’s choice as less of him choosing Damon OVER Elena, and more of him choosing Damon’s LIFE and Elena’s SAFETY over his own happiness, humanity, and desire for companionship. On many occasions, most notably, his compulsion of Elena to make her forget that he loved her, Damon has sacrificed his own happiness for Elena’s SAFETY, because he truly believed she would be better off with Stefan.
      Here, Stefan did the same thing. After drinking all that blood, Stefan knew he wasn’t the same person she fell in love with. He was dangerous to her. And so, in giving her up, he was, in a way, CHOOSING her.

      I love your idea about Damon being differentiated from Stefan, in that, following his owning up to the role he played in his becoming a vampire, he would NEVER even subtly pressure Elena to turn. We saw as much, when Damon was stroking Elena’s hair at the end of the “Sun Also Rises,” and he said “wake up a vampire, and I will have to stake you myself . . . so don’t.” In fact, I think when and if Elena makes the decision to turn, Damon will be there to argue AGAINST it, telling her he loves her “just the way she is,” and making sure she knows EXACTLY what she’s getting into, before she takes that leap.

      And I’m with you, Cherie. As a staunch Delena fan, I couldn’t have asked for a better first kiss. In fact, I think it was MUCH more poignant that this first exchange of tenderness from Elena to Damon was not one brought about by animalistic lust, but rather, one stemming from total honesty, trust, caring, and genuine affection for the person he was, sweat, illness and all. That being said, I am FULLY expecting and praying for plenty of animalistic lust Delena kisses in Season 3.

      Oh, and for the record, I think a Season 3, Kefan relationship would be EPIC. Just as Elena has come to accept and love Damon’s flaws, I feel like Katherine, being no stranger to the dark side herself, would understand this NEW and not-so-improved Stefan, in a way that Elena never could. At first, she might come to him, and take advantage of his loneliness, vulnerability, and this new animal rage side of his. Dark Stefan would accept her advances in a way that he wouldn’t normally, because he would feel like this is all he is worth. But I think gradually, these two broken individuals would find comfort and solace in one another, on a much deeper level, than they ever had in their previous incarnations.

      If I may make a fanfic recommendation, 2serendipity does a SPECTACULAR fanfiction called “Elena’s anger” that describes the coming together of Damon and Elena and Stefan and Katherine, in a way that’s positively mesmeric. It’s definitely worth a read.

  16. André

    Too bad that we can’t post under your recap but this will do.

    First, I must say that it is amazing that you wrote a recap of such size that fast. And I think I slowly get your humor. 😉

    Second I won’t say much about the main three, because… well, I don’t find them interesting. Not that I expected everything that happened but all in all the supporting characters are much more interesting in my eyes. There is a lot stuff the supporting cast could bring to the show but sadly the focus will be on the main three again. 😦
    For me the main three were just tools in this episode to get Jeremy’s and Caroline’s stories rolling.

    And if anybody would have told me the story of those two seasons I would have
    a) Laughed out loud
    b) Asked how any of them managed to stay alive

    My not so important thoughts must first get out before I can start with the good stuff. These are the “surprises” of the show:
    1) Elena forgave Damon
    2) Klaus can change at will
    3) Klaus betrays Elijah
    4) Damon survives
    5) Stefan gets taken out of the picture
    6) There is a cure for the werewolf bite

    Now, did anybody here expect that?

    Personally I still find it weird that Damon held on for three days. Rose died after not even 24 hours. And I am also a bit annoyed by this whole Stefan saves Damon thing, not necessarily on a personal level (meaning that the characters are stupid) but overall. It’s so cliché in my eyes, this whole “the good guy can’t let the bad guy go”. It’s nearly like all those decades of hate and misery never existed.

    And speaking of inconsistencies; did they do it again of putting stuff in the promo but not showing them in the episode? Emily was in the promo but missing in the episode.

    The scene in the forest where Klaus awakes is kinda ambigious to me. Klaus says, or better reasons, that he can change at will. He also states that he can remember every kill.
    Either he has partial amnesia, his brain doesn’t know how to articulate the right words or this should be taken literally. That he had to ask Elijah how much time had passed (two days since the Full Moon) suggests rather that he isn’t in full control, neither regarding changing nor his actions and neither that he can remember everything. Because if he would, he would have known that two days had passed right? After all what are supersensitive were-vampire senses good for if you don’t even notice the sun rising?
    I hope this will be addressed in season 3. It would be great if the whole thing wouldn’t be such a win-win situation for Klaus. And yeah right Klaus is unkillable *rolleyes*, as if we all don’t know already that there will be a way to kill Klaus one day. Who really wants an unkillable vampire-lord anyway? That might be good for comics but not TV-shows.
    Well as long as he transforms into a wolf and not something like this: (sure the design is good but it would be over the top)
    And are you sure that Klaus was referring to Stefan when he talked about that vamp in 1917? After all if Stefan tried non-human died, other vamps might have as well. And there is the continuity issue with Lexi that you mentioned. Of course maybe the writers don’t keep track of that as well, as evidence by the appearance of Katherine later on.
    Since I am already talking about it, I don’t know whether you ever read the three books to the show but despite having read only snippets I already know that it is pretty inconsistent with the show as well, since in that they met Lexi in a butcher shop with a bunch of other vamps, so having companion books to the show doesn’t seem to be such a good idea as well. :/

    One thing is there about Klaus. He reminds me about Ovid’s version of the Lycaon tale. Like Lykaon Klaus was already a monster before he had the ability to turn into a wolf, is also similar to the film “Wolf” with Jack Nicholson. But that is just a random thought of mine.

    Personally I liked it the way Alaric was depicted drinking at the Grill with a whole bottle. His girlfriend just died and he was prevented from doing anything about it so some good old fashioned drunken mourning would be more than just appropriate.

    I wondered a bit about the Carol Lockwood scene as well. Maybe it means nothing or maybe Mrs. Lockwood will take a more active role in the next season.

    “And I’m happy for Caroline that she doesn’t have to live in secret anymore, or worry that her mom is going to shoot her in her sleep. (Though, let’s face it, if Lizard TRIED to shoot Caroline, she’d probably miss and end up shooting herself. WIN! WIN!) But I can’t soften my stance on the woman who SHOT JEREMY, schemed against her own daughter, and tried to “sell her up the river,” because of a transformation that happened TO HER, one over which she, unlike Damon, had no control, or choice. That’s just how I roll . . .”
    That’s a bad roll if you ask me and flawed reasoning also. Just because Caroline had no control or choice over her transformation doesn’t change the fact that she is a vampire and in the sheriffs mind that meant that Caroline is a monster now who is just putting on a charade. And that she still reminds her of her “little girl” is a hindrance in such a scenario because according to what the sheriff had been told Caroline was not her daughter anymore and Logan’s behavior after he transformed had been clear evidence for that what she knew being right. If the first case of human becoming a vampire you have ever seen would have been Logan would you really just have believed that Caroline is still “good”?

    And as for Caroline: I think she pretty much had her own typical way of dealing with the shit in her life. By putting on her usually happy face, but you can tell that it is basically a charade.
    The scene on the town square and the one with her mom in the Grill showed to me that Caroline is not as badass as many seem to think she is. That she said that she was afraid of her mother as well as taking her in a hug in addition to the tone of her voice in both scenes was clear evidence in my eyes that she is much more scared of the whole situation than she lets other people know, maybe she will be the next Bree Vandecamp *evil grin*. She is still her mom’s “little girl” and the scene shows clearly that she needs her in her life. However, this again makes the question the nature of her antagonism towards her mother earlier in the show. It seems more and more that it was due to her and not her mother. But all in all it made the character of Caroline more real to me, more believable. I wish the writers would have more moments like this. Seriously it would be better if they show us more often how the characters actually deal with the whole situation, so far it was mostly acting and reacting to one catastrophe after another.
    I also liked how the sheriff was clearly scared of Caroline. Despite what many others think I never looked at the Sheriff as evil, she was a woman who felt cornered and being a failure. In addition her reactions towards Elena, Alaric and Jeremy’s death was clear evidence that she was only after the vamps and considered the humans misguided and not her enemies.

    And since I am there. Speaking of Jeremy’s death, we have the second season and he already died at least two times. Even Buffy Summers had her deaths over a longer period of time. Really the whole witches and their spells thing was a sort of dues ex machina again in this episode. You got a problem? Ask the witches. You need something done? Go to the witches, there is surely a spell to put things right. Somehow this isn’t really consistent with what Gram’s had told Bonnie about the nature of magic when Bonnie said it was so cool. Maybe it wouldn’t feel so ridiculous if we had more background on the witches and how their magic works. So far it seems as though spells rather pop-up out of nowhere. And where does all their knowledge come from? Sure it makes kinda sense that Original blood might have some special qualities since a werewolf bite can’t kill them (that it is a cure is lame in my eyes, mostly due to the whole balance in nature crap- that thinking brought the environmental movement more problems than solutions up here) but it is again way to convenient. And it also raises the question whether the writers thought of any real reason for the difference between a common vamp and an Original or whether they just wanted some ubervamps.

    And no, Damon didn’t try to save Emily, he had only promised to protect her family in exchange for her casting the spell on the tomb vampires.

    I wish Jeremy would fuck more in the show, but I doubt with guys (seemingly bisexuals don’t seem to exist for Williamson and making him gay would be totally nuts). Which I don’t get, since I bet that McQueen wouldn’t lose any significant number of fans if they see Jeremy doing something like this:
    I mean the vast majority would probably be all too happy to see it. 😀
    And seriously, no matter what they do, McQueen is far too buff now to pass for a 16-year old anymore and even his face is only boyish as long as he shaves it regularly.
    I had also been waiting that he would finally get annoyed at being left behind all the time. At least the writers didn’t wait until season 3 since it was also way overdue. But of course his action gets him killed. Seriously *roll eyes*
    And I so expected that you would do a reference to the Sixth Sense. 😉
    Then again was there any good ghost-film in cinema after that one?

    Oh and before I forget, if you want to see a good werewolf-film, try Red Riding Hood. Hardwick had clearly wasted her skills with Twilight.

    Back to the show:
    Personally I think Anna and Vicki are ghosts – they are clearly not normal humans-, which would make the most sense without being totally nuts. I mean imagine that Jeremy’s resurrection causes vampires to return from the grave. Which would be especially weird considered that Anna’s body was burned. Although I wonder why Vicky didn’t wear her vampire dress but Anna did wear her… what is that style called?
    I doubt that it is a test for Jeremy’s love, unless the writers finally give the supporting characters ample screentime. Maybe Jeremy will become the next ghost-whisperer (we seemingly had the same thought), although he is clearly more attractive than Jennifer Love-Hewitt.
    One thing I nearly forgot until I read your comment further up: if Jeremy can see ghosts now, would that mean that he is supernatural and the ring wouldn’t work anymore? Or was the whole resurrection tied to the ring after all?

    “So, I thought Elijah was supposed to be this Big Bad Ass! Since when did he become the TVD version of Kenny from South Park? Seriously, this is Elijah’s THIRD staking, in HOW many episodes? Dude oughta seriously consider upping his accident insurance premiums!”
    You say it. Seriously, how can it be that the only Original free of Klaus could be so easily fooled? And he will probably be back too; why else would the stake still be sticking if not to keep him from rising?
    And is it just me or is it kind of creepy that Klaus seems to carry his whole staked family with him?
    It also lame that the writers did it so. I had really hoped that at least one other Original had risen again and claimed some power without Klaus knowing, the world is big enough for this.

    I just hope the whole Klaus-ordeal won’t turn into some end of the world scenario. They get on my nerves every time.

    • I don’t see how Caroline caring about her mother’s opinion makes her any less of a badass. When we were thrashing out this issue on my blog, I mentioned Buffy as a kind of model for the brand of badassery that we see exemplified by Caroline. Buffy was constantly torn by her normal life and Slayer duties, yet we never saw the aspects of her humanity as mutually exclusive from her being kickass.

      Many jokes in Buffy’s early season surrounded her being a slightly boy-crazy fashion plate who wanted to pursue things like being on the cheerleading squad, as the blond popular archetype (remember, Buffy was mega popular at her old school before being the Slayer made her do stuff that would make her look like, in Cordy’s inimitable words a “psycho loony”). Yet at the same time, she was inarguably bad ass, saving the world from apocalyses time and time again. In fact, being the Buffy obsessive I am, I remember an early tagline on my Buffy season tapes (yes, tapes, DVDs) being “chosen to fight, trained to maim, DRESSED TO KILL”.

      Similarly, Caroline has shown to be someone who lived on the surface but had hidden depths brought out by her unique new condition.

      What’s more, the whole point of the Buffy show was that she drew her strength from her friends and FAMILY, even those not in the know of her true identity. Other Slayers had short lives because they didn’t have the built in support system Buffy did. Buffy was shown to care about her mother’s opinion and need her on many occasions (e.g. watching a birthday candle burn without blowing it out in Innocence during a mother-daughter bonding session, after discovering sleeping with her vampire boyfriend had caused him to lose his soul and become evil again – something her mother knew nothing about at the time).

      So do I think that Miss Caroline Forbes can be someone who is totally badass, and yet can be afraid of her own parent? Yes, I do. Besides, I would be reduced to a quivering lump if my own mother had been potentially plotting to kill me. In fact, having a family member do so would hit me harder than a remorseless villian, because at least their motivations are clearer.

      I think I really need to write a post comparing Caroline and Buffy, and why badassery and their cuteness/insecurities don’t make them any less badass. If they had no feelings, thoughts and fears, I wouldn’t call them badasses, just emotionless shells.

    • Hey Andre! Yeah, I feel really bad about the whole “Comments are Closed” fiasco, on my actual recap blog. I know it’s going to prevent a lot of people from commenting, and prevent a lot of avid comment readers like you, from reading fans insights. But, I swear it’s not my fault! 🙂

      One of the drawbacks to WordPress, is that in order to edit the template of your site, you need to PAY to have access to your own CSS codes, which I didn’t want to do, as a matter of principal. But then, something like this happens, where it’s CLEARLY a glitch on WordPress’ part, and I’d have to SPEND MONEY to fix THEIR MISTAKES. Not fair!
      That being said, there were unusual things that happened, while I was writing this blog entry, in particular (Like when I accidentally trashed the post, shortly after it was published, and had to “bring it back from the dead” Jeremy style, only to find, it had gone and changed on me) that may have resulted in the glitch. So, hopefully, this commenting problem was a one-time thing, and will not be ongoing. Because, if it is ongoing, I will eventually have to pay for the upgrade, against my better judgment.

      Anyway, thank you for understanding, and taking the time to comment on THIS post, so that we can still continue our intense TVD discussions. Oh, and I’ m very happy to see that you are starting to understand the little bits of humor I toss into my recaps, and are learning when I’m being serious and when I’m illustrating, as you illustrated in that fabulous little “Big Bang Theory” clip you inserted here “sarcasm.”

      As for the differences between Rose’s and Damon’s tussle with were-rabies, while I agree that Rose did seem to progress into dementia a bit faster than Damon did, she never died from the bite. Rather, she died from Damon staking her, and putting her out of her misery (which, by the way, I’m SO GLAD Elena didn’t end up having to do, by way of completing the parallel between the two situations). We will never know how long it actually takes for a vampire to die of were-rabies, because, it simply hasn’t happened yet.

      LOL regarding actual-Emily appearing in the promos, but not in the actual episode. You know what’s funny? By the time the episode had actually aired, I had watched the promo so many times, that I actually assumed she HAD appeared, and that I had just missed her. (It kind of sucks for Bianca Lawson – the girl who plays Emily — that her scene only ended up in the previews. I hope she still got paid.) That being said, I think the writers were WRONG not to have Bonnie actually turn into Emily, as we’ve seen her done in the past, during that “séance scene. “ Because, let’s face, Kat Graham trying to mimic Bianca Lawson’s voice and mannerisms was SUPER cheesy.

      As for Klaus remembering his kills, while not knowing how long he had been in transition, that part actually made sense to me. Here’s why: animals, unlike humans, have no concept of time. They don’t think about time passage, or analyze their past, present or future. Rather, they literally seize the day, each day, by always living in the moment. So, it makes sense that Klaus, while in werewolf form, would have some animalistic memory of his kills but no memory of his days and his nights. After all, in wolf form the latter would simply not interest him.

      I wasn’t sure at first whether Klaus was talking about Stefan, in relaying his 1917 story either, on first watch. But on the second time seeing the episode, I definitely confirmed for myself that the person who raided that village was definitely Stefan. In fact, after Klaus said it, Stefan shook his head in disgust, and gave a slight nod of admission. “That was a long time ago. I’m not that person anymore.” He said. Or something like it.

      But yes, that definitely brings up continuity issues , based on what we thought we knew about Stefan’s past, based on what he told Elena during the “Crying Wolf.” Then again, could it be possible that Stefan wasn’t being entirely honest with Elena then? After all, Stefan wasn’t even planning on telling Elena about killing all her ancestors, until she FOUND that diary.

      So, maybe, he thought it was be easier for her to imagine that he had simply “gone good,” as a result of Lexie’s “love and care” right after that incident, when, in actuality, he continued to struggle with blood sobriety at different points throughout his life. We already know that Lexie wasn’t with Stefan, when he first came back to Mystic Falls. And when she saw him again in 162 candles, it seemed as though they hadn’t seen one another in a while. So, perhaps, even Lexie didn’t know what Stefan had been up to all those years. But, somehow, Klaus did.

      As for the witches’ convenient appearance at the end of every episode to seemingly “save the day,” but only when it is convenient for theplot, as you might have noticed from the tone of my recap, I too am getting mighty tired of its “cure all” nature. Hopefully, Jeremy’s new Ghost Whisperer condition will force Bonnie (and fans) to see that messing with witchcraft has consequences, and that it’s not this Magnificent Magical Perfect Power everyone seems to think it is.

      And I think you are right about the Ring of Immortality not working for Jeremy anymore, now that he straddles the line between the realms of life and death, and is no longer entirely human. Such a shame! All these fabulous Magical Rings, and no one left to wear them (except Alaric . . . and Matt, but he doesn’t like magic, and would probably rather die than wear such an “evil” ring) 😉

      • André

        Don’t worry kjewls I am sure no one here blames you for the comments not working.

        Sure Rose didn’t technically die from the bite, but still her condition deteriorated much faster than that of Damon. That was the inconsistency I was referring too. The show has several, e.g. the strange weakness of the Salvatore’s against the werewolves, that Rose didn’t fare any better against Jules then Caroline against Mason despite Rose being more than 500 years older, or the fact that Mason ran away from Stefan instead of attacking him outright. Such things are clearly pure plot devices and nothing more.

        And the performance of Graham really wasn’t good, that’s for sure.

        What you said about animals might make sense to you and probably the writers but it has long been proven incorrect. First “animal” ranges from the mosquito to the sperm whale (to say it rough). To assume that all these species react or functioning in the same way is at least premature. Many (if not the majority) can definitely differentiate between night and day and wolves (dogs included, despite what people like Coppinger claim) have been proven to be able to develop mental maps of their territories and are able to spontaneously use short-cuts they hadn’t used before. In addition wolves make distinction between night and day, since they tend to be more active during the day (including hunting) if humans don’t hunt them. And wolves definitely don’t live in the moment, they can plan. Probably not to the extent humans usually can but it is enough to set traps, play games and trick opponents. But this is not really important in the case of Klaus. You see even if the distinction between night and day would have been insignificant to Klaus’ wolf-side he would still have the memory of it happening so he would have been able to calculate the time passed in retrospective. That is why the character’s statement about remembering the kills but having to ask how many time passed is odd to me.
        Of course one could argue that it have been so many kills that Klaus had lost track of time and his surroundings. However considered his strength and speed the number would have to be so high that news of a mass murderer would need to go through the news soon, even in TVD-verse.

        And if Stefan was that 1917 ripper we will probably know this year already. However something is again odd here. Klaus was able to take track of Stefan but he didn’t capture Katherine? Sure Katherine would be way better at hiding than Stefan but she had left quite an impression and obviously wasn’t unknown as evidenced by Slater. Once in a while some vamp must have spotted her.
        Another thing that was odd about Klaus; like his supposed paranoia. Considered that he possessed Alaric instead of coming himself right along would speak for paranoia, but even before the breaking of the curse there seemed to have been no reason for Klaus to be paranoid. The only real threats seem to have been his immediate family, but except for Elijah they were all hunted down and captured. So why should that one have been paranoid? Maybe we will know in Season 3, or possibly it will make a crow. Got it? 😉

        Personally I have my problems with this witches=servants of nature. Partly because I don’t believe in this “balance in nature”, “nature” is life and therefore change; and this “balance” is rather a kind of stability that would be the direct opposite of change and therefore quite unnatural (that is actually the dilemma in most of modern day environmental movements). But I doubt that such philosophical questions will be addressed in TVD, not considered on whom the main focus will probably be. If it would focus more on Bonnie and Jeremy it might, but as long as they focus on the vamps it probably won’t.
        The other reason is the workings of the witches themselves. No matter which witch presented so far, prior to Elijah using that term there was no talk about balance or nature or that stuff, so I wonder whether the writers had come up with that much later. The witches seem more like dominators then servants. But maybe that is just my opinion.

        I wouldn’t write Matt off, yet. Don’t forget he was introduced to the whole supe-stuff only days before the finale so the aftermath of the shock might not have worn off by now. And there is no hint that he doesn’t like magic. Anyway the whole situation with him is currently still hanging in the air. The only thing we can say is that the writers must have introduced him for a reason and I hope not that it is just for the whole Lockwood-Forbes-Donovan-triangle.

  17. For the record, the only real shock of the episode for me was the Jeremy being shot and then his dead ex-girlfriends reappearing storyline. Everything else was well done, but I anticipated it.

  18. OMG Kjewls! I almost forgot to mention. What if Dark!Stefan and Katherine get together. I would be so happy! 😉

  19. Kangababy

    Well it certainly has been a fantastic weekend of finales. I remember a year ago watching the Smallville and TVD finales in the same weekend, and coming out of that thrilled with Smallville, but utterly devastated that the incredible Delena porch moment and kiss was in fact a Katherine doppelganger hijinks moment. This year, I walk out feeling extremely happy with both finales. I promised a shorter comment for this episode, but sadly did not stick to it. Sorry! My favourite moments were:

    1. The opening sequence with Delena (ha ha, surprise, surprise!).While I loved the gentle approach to Damon’s request for forgiveness, I found myself drawn to Elena’s response. Now it may be very contentious to say, but I really believe that Elena often chooses to be angry or frustrated with Damon, because it’s a lot easier to deal with being angry or annoyed with Damon than being on good terms and having to confront her feelings for him. I agree that Elena should be upset with Damon over the forced blood feeding incident, but this incident, as you pointed out, hardly compares to the JNSI, and certainly doesn’t warrant needing “a lot of time” to grant forgiveness. I think that Elena’s reaction to Stefan’s news about Damon shows that she realised that she had been overly harsh.

    2. Damon breaks out the good stuff hidden at the back of the liquor cabinet before his attempted suicide. This small moment is perfectly in character, and I think that small touches like this, really take the show to another level. Isn’t it interesting to note that many characters and viewers were giving Damon a hard time for doing whatever it takes to save Elena even when she wanted to sacrifice herself (except for us Delenas of course), and yet Stefan did the very same thing this episode for Damon. To take it a step further, isn’t it interesting to note their priorities: Elena being Damon’s; and Damon being Stefan’s. (It reminds me of Katherine’s comment about the one brother-Damon that loved too much and the other brother-Stefan that didn’t love enough. Oh how history repeats itself!) I expect that this will add further tension to the triangle dynamic next season.

    3. Alaric not only survives Season 2, but has the best non Delena dialogue of this episode: His response of “Double-shot” to Damon’s “My subconscious is haunting me, please tell me you have something for that!” was the funniest line of the episode (closely followed by his retort to Jeremy that he could thank him tomorrow, and the day after that). Could Alaric be next season’s contender for enigmatic one liners? While I am thrilled with Alaric slotting in as more of a parent/guardian role for the Gilberts, it certainly raises concern that he may not survive next season, given the past life expectancies of Gilbert guardians.

    4. Caroline continues to be a consistently amazing character, between her pep talk to the Gilberts at the GWTW movie screening and her standing up to Liz at the Grill. It broke my heart when she asked Matt whether her mom wanted to kill her in the previous episode (after all, what child should ever have to seriously ask that question). It was great to finally see Liz come around to accepting Caroline (let’s hope it sticks next season), but it will take a long time before Liz fully redeems herself to me. Another interesting dynamic created by the show, is the tension between Mayor Lockwood and Liz. I assume that Liz will spare Damon next season, and create further problems between herself and Mayor Lockwood. For all us Forwood fans, this reminds me of a certain tale of two star crossed lovers, being Romeo and Juliet (two feuding families whilst the sole children of each family are in love). Let’s just hope it ends happily and not in bloodshed (but who are we kidding, this is TVD)

    5. Oh Jeremy, you made me sob harder than I have cried before, while watching TVD, and that is a big statement to make coming out of The Sun also Rises. Prior to watching the finale, I read Julie Plec’s interview that Elena will go into season 3, a darker person, and so when I watched Jeremy get shot, I didn’t think that he would be revived. It goes to show, just how much Jeremy has grown on me since his druggy emo days back in season 1.

    6. Paul Wesley knocked it out of the park in this episode. I agree that his gradual build up in tolerance to human blood would have helped him to withstand the initial drinks from the blood bags that Klaus gave him, but what Paul was able to convey so brilliantly was the steady loss of humanity from Stefan’s eyes as he drank more and more blood, until he gave in to his animalist side. It was also shocking to learn that Stefan had a relapse to his ripper days in 1917, after having been friends with Lexi since the few weeks after he turned in 1864, and further highlights that Stefan isn’t as saintly as others have portrayed him to be (which again leads me to ask why the witches in the old witch burial house had such issues with Damon being in the house in a previous episode, and that they didn’t want to help save Damon, and yet they had no problem with allowing Stefan in the house, who has had a far more violent and potentially evil past than Damon)

    7. And finally the closing Delena scenes, here is my closing argument to those that believe that the kiss was a pity one:
    I do believe that many of the things said between Damon and Elena would have taken months for them to say to each other had it not been for Damon’s were-bite. But that is the beauty of impending death, there is a definite time limit.
    To be really conservative, one could argue that Elena forgiving Damon for the times that he has hurt her could be out of pity. For me, it called back to the opening scene, where Elena thought she had time to draw out forgiving Damon in order to continue to preserve the status quo between them, instead of facing her potential feelings toward him, but now she has run out of time, and has no reason to hang on to her reasons (if Damon had done something that Elena truly needed many months to forgive him, she wouldn’t have just forgiven him on the spot, during the bedroom scene. She would’ve said some nice things to him, because she is a great person, but she wouldn’t have outright forgiven him)
    Damon then needs to get it off his chest that he loves her, clearly indicating that he thinks this is the last chance he’ll get to tell her. But he makes it very clear to her that she is under no pressure to respond as he understands that for her it has and will always be Stefan (though we Delena’s know better, right?), and yet Elena admits that she knows (which I think feeds nicely into your theory that Elena remembers THE I love you scene in Rose).
    She then takes it a step further and tells him that she likes him now just the way he is when Damon says that she would have like him in 1864 (firstly, as a Delena fan, I did my own happy Anberlin dance in the lounge, and secondly as a Colin Firth fan, I love the call back to Bridget Jones’ Diary). Again, Elena could’ve done the whole “I know that person still exists in you Damon, when you are the ‘better’ man” speech, but she didn’t. And why didn’t she? Because SHE LIKES HIM NOW JUST THE WAY HE IS and has run out of time to tell him!
    And now for the kiss. Elena has done everything to make Damon feel better before he dies. He’s a happy guy. He got to apologise, he got to hear her forgive him, and he got to tell her that he loves her. His conscience is clear, he is ready to die, and certainly not trying to pucker up for a kiss. (If only you’d seen some of the comments on other sites coming out of Team Stefan!!) Elena, seeing Damon slip out of consciousness and knowing that she is running out of time, wants to do what she has been DYING to do for a long time, while she still can (because let’s face it, no one wants to kiss a dead guy, or in this case a dead-undead guy). And while I won’t go into the mechanics of that kiss, that was not what I could call a super chaste, kiss my grandmother that way type of kiss. I rest my case!

    KJewls, I look forward to a highly anticipated piece on the top ten Delena moments of Season 2 (after your incredible one for Season 1), and your recaps of True Blood (Eric and Sookie!!!) and Pretty Little Liars (Wren!!!) to tide us over to September. Thanks for another great recap! And for not restricting the word count on comments. Ha ha!!

    • Hey Kanga! Thanks so much for another beautifully eloquent and super-insightful take on the TVD Season Finale. I had so much fun reading this!

      1. I love your idea about Elena sometimes choosing to stay mad at Damon, rather than confront her feelings of attraction toward him. On one hand, it had really only been a day or so, since Damon had fed Elena his blood. So, the “wound” she felt at having her choice taken away from her was still fresh.

      And yet, on the other hand, given all that had happened to BOTH Damon and Elena since that time, what Damon did “wrong” seems so insignificant, in comparison to all the tragedy that has happened since then, Plus, we all remember Elena’s reaction upon waking up from “death,” and seeing Damon staring lovingly down at her. Couple that with the looks she was giving Damon at the funeral, and the possibility that she might have remembered his declaration of love in “Rose,” and we’ve got someone who’s clearly conflicted about her romantic feelings for her boyfriend’s brother. Given all that, it would make sense that Elena would try to use her anger at Damon, in order to try and convince herself that she wasn’t feeling something for him that was a bit less “appropriate,” under the circumstances.

      2. Good eye, Kanga! I didn’t notice that Damon went for the back of the liquor cabinet for his highest quality bourbon, pre-suicide attempt. Way to try to go out in style, Damon! Here’s hoping Damon dips into the “good stuff” again, and shares it with Alaric, to celebrate his return to health. Though, given all that’s happened with Stefan, and how miserable Elena must be feeling now, I suspect that would be inappropriate. 🙂

      I love the parallel you created between Katherine’s “the brother who loved to much, and the other one who didn’t love enough,” and Stefan’s ultimate choice to commit to being Klaus’ . . . . well, slave . . . basically, in order to save Damon. I still have trouble seeing what Stefan did as a betrayal of Elena. Though, I suspect ELENA will see it, just as you did.

      Aside from attempting to escape from Klaus, and fight him, after receiving the cure (which would have put both Elena and Damon in danger, since, as a were-vamp, Klaus no longer has a need for either of them, and has nothing to lose) I’m not really sure what Stefan could have done differently. And I don’t know if ANYONE, Elena included, would ever truly forgive Stefan, had he let Damon die, in order to continue being with Elena. Plus, there’s no certainty that Klaus would have stopped there. If he really wanted Stefan, he undoubtedly would have continued to purse him, after Damon’s death, probably using ELENA as a bargaining chip for his soul this time.

      And it was the fact that Stefan had no choice, but to do what he did — along with the fact that, by drinking all that blood, he had made himself a danger to Elena — that made the ending of the episode, in which a very Dark Stefan had fully committed himself to Klaus and forsaken everyone else in the process, all the more tragic.

      3. Oh, I definitely agree with you about Alaric becoming the king of snarky comic relief / witty one liners in Season 3. Am I right in saying, being Alaric for a short time, was the best thing to ever happen to Alaric, in terms of his improved personality and increased sex appeal?

      4. As you might have noticed from my recap, I was confused by the scene between Mayor Lockwood and Lizard Forbes, as it seemed to come so out of left field, particularly in terms of Mayor Lockwood’s character, and what we’ve seen of her so far. But you bring up a good point about Tyler’s and Caroline’s prospective coupling, causing a ripple effect, in terms of both Tyler’s and Caroline’s relationship with their mothers. Given all the supernatural difficulties inherent in their relationship, it would be ironic, if the biggest stumbling block to Forwood ended up being, not that one is a werewolf, and the other, a vampire, but the age old problem of “my mother doesn’t approve.” 🙂

      5. I’m both intrigued and excited by Plec’s statement that Season 3’s Elena will be a darker person, than the conscientious perpetual martyr Elena we have seen in previous episodes. This makes a lot of sense to me. After all, how could Elena go through all that she’s been through in the past year, and NOT come out the other end, a bit darker, edgier, more maudlin, and with a more “WTF” attitude toward life? How could Elena not experience everything she has experienced, and not become . . . MORE LIKE DAMON? 😉 (Season of Delena, HERE WE COME!)

      6. You are right, the scenes depicting Paul Wesley forcibly gorging himself on blood, were both heartbreaking to watch, and truly terrifying. The sounds Stefan made, while he was drinking, and that crazy look in his eyes, toward the end, will haunt me all summer. (Vampires really are lucky, not to have to worry about gaining weight, aren’t they? Because that was A LOT to consume. ;))

      And, while I initially wondered whether Stefan’s story about meeting Lexi, and her “changing him forever” was an example of a lack of continuity on the writers part, I like better your suggestion that Stefan had simply not told Elena the whole story, since he was worried about how she would react to knowing how close her boyfriend always is to becoming a monster. 95% of the time Stefan is always portrayed on the show as so relentlessly “good,” that seeing these not-so-nice aspects of his character, actually makes him more interesting, and relatable to me.

      7. The whole Pity Kiss argument really unnerves me too, Kanga. And I hate to say it, but it seems like a bit of Sour Grapes to me. After all, a huge part of TVD is the love triangle. That’s how the show was pitched to the networks, “two brothers, in love with the same woman.”

      Us, Team Delena fans have waited patiently for two years, while Elena dated Stefan, for the inevitable time when the tables would shift in the other direction. Why can’t these other fans be gracious, and admit that the Delena kiss was a beautiful moment, shared between two individuals who (1) truly care about each other, (2) have been through Hell and back together, and (3) have recently come to understand one another, in a deep and personal way? I would say the same thing, if it had been Stefan and Elena sharing this moment. (Though, I’m really glad it wasn’t! ;)) I mean, it’s just good fandom sportsmanship! 🙂

      I had a great time sharing this season of TVD with you Kanga. And I definitely look forward to Delena, Seric (Sookie and Eric), and Spren (Spencer and Wren) fangirling with you this summer!

      • Kangababy

        Hi Kjewls.

        Thanks for your reply! I just wanted to clarify one of my points. I completely agree with you that Stefan couldn’t have done anything differently other than accept Klaus’ terms that he turn to the dark side (how Star Wars this sounds!), and actually find it touching how far Stefan would go for his brother. My only gripe is that I wish he had displayed the same amount of passion and effort in trying to save Elena (as he seemed a lot more passive then).
        P.S: Feel free to call me Joey 😉

  20. Rene

    Oh Jewls I had soo much fun; I hope my event is as much fun. I really need you talk to you about details for my event. I started getting stuff together but I need tips !!

    • I was so excited that you could liveblog with us this week, Rene! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys. You definitely were a HUGE asset to the event. And, to the extent it went well, you played a HUGE part in that. (Ditto to Jesse and Amy, if you are reading this. You guys are both AMAZING!) So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this happen.

      As for your liveblog, I’d be happy to help out in any way that I could. I actually have your e-mail address, based on your comments here, but didn’t want to be overly presumptuous, by e-mailing your personal account without your consent. If you don’t mind too much, I’d be happy to contact you that way, so we can talk about this more in detail.
      In terms of tips, here are a few you might find useful, in terms of your preshow preparation:

      1. Pictures: Coveritlive will allow you to preload pictures into your media library that you can use during the event, by saving them to your ShowPrep folder. has great pages for all of its shows. The Supernatural page will give you all the latest photo stills for the episode you are covering, as well as any relevant promo videos for it. I like to save all the photo stills to my harddrive and upload them to CoverItLive, so that I can post “pictures” of what’s happening on screen in real time. Because the photo stills are limited, however, I also like to screencap the promos (using Microsoft Paint), to give me a bit more to work with. If screencapping isn’t your thing (and it can be kind of annoying/ time consuming), usually has all the promo screencaps already saved for your use.

      2. Polls: Before the liveblog, I always write up a few polls, based on the show, and, some of the things I know will happen during the episode. Save the polls to your showprep folder, before you start, so that you won’t have to waste liveblogging time typing them up. Of course, during the episode, and, particularly, during commercials, you will have time to type up polls more specific to the episode, if you want them.

      3. Fellow livebloggers. If you have another Supernatural fan of the show, who could help, it’s nice to have at least TWO producers of the event. When you set up the event, give your friend full “producer” power, so that you both can upload, pictures, and polls to the site, as well as moderate comments. As far as other readers, when they visit your liveblog, their names and comments will appear at the right hand side of your screen. To make things easier, I always accept the first comment, then click on the icon, giving visiters, UNMODERATED commenting power. Otherwise, every time they type you will have to “accept” their comment manually, before it appears on your screen. And that’s time consuming and annoying as well. 🙂

      That being said, be sure to keep checking out that area of the page, while you liveblog, because you never know when a new reader will pop in and comment. And you don’t want to leave their comments, unacknowledged for too long. (Sorry Tricus! :))

      4. Practice. There is a portion of Coveritlive that allows you to “practice” using the software. This is a good tool to get you acclimated to liveblogging, and all that it entails. Also, the first time Amy and I liveblogged, we met up on the site, the night before it to do a dry run. This was very helpful. So, if you have another blogger friend you are working with, I would set up a “fake” liveblog event for the two of you, just so you can practice working together.

      5. RECORD THE EPISODE! Liveblogging is stressful, particularly the first time. And you will be amazed at how much of the episode you actually miss, while doing it. For this reason, I’m always sure to tape the episode I’m liveblogging, so that I can calmly, and leisurely, watch it after the liveblog event.

      I hope that helped a little bit. If you have more questions, I can e-mail you, or, conversely, feel free to contact me, through the contact page at, and I will e-mail you back, as soon as I receive the inquiry.

      • Rene/Sassyfran

        Yes Please send me an email I prefer an email something I can have handy. Thanks hun.

  21. Tyler fan

    I had no idea anyone was blaming Tyler for any of this!?! He can’t control himself when he changes. He completely blacks out. Damon put himself in that position in the first place. In fact, he was just gonna leave Tyler there to die. He doesn’t care about him. Besides, Damon killed Mason…so I think this is karma. But really…this whole thing goes WAY back to Klaus trying to murder people for his own selfish needs. That’s who the blame needs to be placed on…not poor Tyler who was a victim of circumstance.

    • Aww, Tyler fan! I hope you don’t think it was ME, blaming Tyler. 🙂 I was just sticking up for the guy! I’m a huge Forwood and Tyler fan, and think Michael Trevino is a fantastic actor.

      And yes, I agree with you, that, if the blame for what happened to Damon needs to be placed on anyone, it is Klaus. After all, if Klaus had not kidnapped Caroline and Tyler, and used them as red herrings / distractions for the Salvatore Brothers (when he was planning to use Jules, and another vampire, for the Sacrifice the whole time), Tyler would have, dutifully, locked himself away on the night of his werewolf transformation, and would not have hurt ANYBODY. It was because of Klaus’ actions, that Tyler was around other people on the night he turned. And, therefore, a danger to them.

      That being said, can I stick up for my man, DAMON? 😉 His initial instinct may have been to distrust Tyler (after what happened during “Daddy Issues”), but he ultimately DID decide to save him, and bring him to safety. Though it was definitely wrong what Damon did to Mason, I believe Damon should get some credit for the kindness he ultimately showed Tyler.

      Also, it should be noted that Damon was ultimately bitten, because he was trying to protect Caroline from were-Tyler’s bite (another indication that Tyler should definitely not be held responsible for his actions. He would NEVER intentionally hurt Caroline, under any circumstances.) The fact that Damon’s instinct was to throw himself in front of Caroline and protect her, putting him directly in harms way, in the process, is commendable. And it shows that, though he has done some bad things in the past, Damon is ultimately a brave and, yes, honorable, individual.

      But I believe that Tyler has the potential to be brave and honorable too. And I hope that during Season 3, we get to see instances in which Tyler not only performs heroic actions to save Caroline, but also, ultimately, becomes an integral part of the Scooby Gang. After all, Stefan’s absence has left an opening in that club. 🙂

  22. Since I already posted, I guess this will be my comment for the recap. 🙂

    For one:

    I love the title of this episode. Obviously it’s about Damon’s realizations as he is literally dying. Then there’s Jeremy who actually dies in this episode. This might be a stretch, but Bonnie feels like she’s dying when she declares her love for him. And there is Stefan, who for most of the episode is slowly slipping away.

    I apologize for reiterating anything, but I just loved this episode. I preferred it to the previous one because, other than Damon’s recovery, I didn’t see any of it coming. I thought it would be a rehash of Rose’s death. Once again, Damon would be dangerous and unstable, Elena would fear and comfort him, Stefan would be sad, but all would be well in the end. I didn’t even know Klaus and Elijah would be in it.

    It was much more nuanced and character driven than that. Everyone got a good story. Caroline (who was bizarrely chirpy – did she turn her emotions off? haha) reconciled with her idiot mother. Jeremy’s death was completely unexpected. I didn’t think they’d kill off Elena’s only remaining family, but I was worried. Alaric had his moments with Damon and Jeremy. And then the shocking conclusion with Anna and Vicky?! I’m glad that there were consequences to bringing someone back from the dead for the millionth time.

    I’ve had some issues with this season, but, like I said, I felt that they cemented Damon and Elena’s relationship for next season with the last two episodes. They were really Damon’s turning point. For the first time, it dawned on him that changing was hard, yes – but he COULD change. Usually before he can reflect too much on his life, Damon shuts or breaks down to stop the pain. This was the end, and he finally learned genuine selflessness. He wanted what was best for Stefan and Elena. He’s had his moments, but he still often puts his obsession above others. His love remains overpowering, but also fully understands the wrongs he committed, not just because Elena was mad, but because they were hurtful.

    His and Elena’s scenes were beautiful. A few viewers thought Stefan would be jealous, but that wouldn’t make any sense. Elena was quietly heartbroken; she’d already been through too much, with Damon and with all the recent tragedy in her life. And Damon was genuinely contrite. There wasn’t a jolting character moment in which Elena declared her undying love for Damon. She was honest but gentle. They shared something.

    As for Stefan, I really didn’t see that coming. As painful as it was watching his downfall (what was Katherine thinking, btw?), I was so glad to hear that Stefan hadn’t just become perfect after a few weeks of vampirism. His benders made more sense, even though they were actually worse (and more recent) than I had imagined. His despair was tragic.

    I’m not even going to comment on Elijah. Sigh… But I think that Klaus plans to bring his entire family back at some point. I feel as though Klaus and Stefan will never not have sexual tension. Klaus, to a lesser extent Elijah, and in essence all vampires are turned on by displays of power and, obviously, by human blood. So the scenes with Katherine and Klaus watching Stefan drink blood against his will even though he’s enjoying it are certainly voyeuristic. People can deny all sorts of homoerotic undertones in TVD, but they can’t deny that.

    One more question: which couple has more sexual tension – Damon and Elijah or Stefan and Klaus?

    Thanks for being such an awesome recapper, Julie! You’re always super generous, good natured, and thoughtful. That’s actually a pretty rare thing, especially on the internet, where we can hide our identities. However will I be able to wait for the next season?

    • Hi Noelle! Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel the same way about you! I am so glad we found one another through our blogs. For sure, this season wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun for me, if I didn’t have the opportunity analyze the episodes with you each week.

      You know what? I think we’ve learned a lot from one another, this season. Despite my hard core Team Damon mentality, you have managed to make me become slightly more attuned to the positive aspects of Stefan. Plus, I’d like to think that I have played a slight role in tilting your arrow ever so slightly closer to Team Damon. Your most recent comment certainly seems to suggest so. 😉

      Speaking of Damon, I loved the way you described his character trajectory this season. I feel like, of all the characters, Damon has probably experienced the most growth (though, admittedly, he has had the most setbacks along the way). In the early episodes, Damon was someone who had been burned so badly in the past, for loving so deeply and for caring about everybody (his brother and Katherine, in particular) that he callously and aggressively tried to care for nobody.

      However, gradually, through his brother’s good will, and Elena’s faith in his humanity, Damon came to once again care deeply for, and want to protect, Stefan. And, opening his heart to Stefan, allowed him to fall in love again, with Elena. And, by the finale, Damon’s love for these two individuals gave him the desire to protect the entire town.

      By season 2, Damon had the reverse problem, he was “feeling” too much . . . of everything, love, anger, hatred. And this caused him to act selfishly, and often on impulse, to tragic effect. But starting with the “Rose” episode (yep, THAT one ;)) Damon learned to take other’s feelings into account before acting, and consider the consequences of his actions. That growth led to the change we noticed in this finale, in which Damon was willing to take responsibility for his own actions, and act in a way that was completely giving and selfless, toward both Elena and Damon. Elena often talked about Damon “being a better man.” And now he truly is one, a man who is ready to enter into a serious relationship with Elena . . . gradually, and through lots of alone time, and increased sexual chemistry.

      As for Stefan being jealous, I feel like, at this point, Stefan would take comfort in the fact that Damon and Elena are connecting to one another, because, he would want what is best for Elena. And, right now, he can’t provide that for her. I definitely don’t think what Elena did constitutes cheating . . . physically (emotionally, might be another story, but you can’t help that). After all, at least on the surface, she was just doing precisely what Stefan suggested, providing comfort to someone she cared about deeply who was dying.

      Now, would Stefan experience jealousy had he witnessed the exchange? Probably, because I think he would notice the connection between Damon and Elena. Plus, he knows how much Damon loves HER. But I don’t think he could rationally be angry at Elena for what she did.

      Regarding Katherine, I do feel like she felt some pity for Stefan, seeing him reduced to what he had been by Klaus, by the end of the episode, and knowing how much what was happening to him was literally and emotionally eating him up in side. After all, she, of all people, certainly knows what it is like to be manipulated by Klaus. Plus, in her own shallow way, I believe Katherine loves Stefan. But, above all other motivations, that I feel like Katherine is driven by self-preservation. So, more than pity, or concern, she was probably experiencing fear in those final moments in Alaric’s apartment – fear that Klaus would hurt her, and as the situation got bleaker, fear that Stefan would snap and hurt her too.

      You saw how fast Kat ran out of that apartment! 🙂 And, though I’d like to think better of her (and, in her defense, we did see a bit of Damon-y concern on her part, in her final moments), I really don’t think it wasn’t Kat’s rush to save Damon that made her move so quickly.

      This was fun! I thought I’d analyzed all there was to analyze about this episode. But you really made me think. Thanks again for sharing this awesome season of TVD with me. This one is going to be a long summer indeed!

  23. Valerie

    Hi Julie! I read about your live blog, and I was SO disappointed that I couldn’t join you 😦 ! The problem of course is that I am on the other side of the ocean from you, and by the time the show airs it really is the middle of the night here and I need my beauty sleep 😉 ! And normally I get to see the show the next day on the Internet, but this time I had to wait 4 whole days (!) on account of being away on holiday! You can imagine the withdrawal symptoms I had by the time I finally got to watch the season finale! But I think it was worth it! At last the writers gifted us with some truly EPIC Delena moments to tide us over the summer hiatus! And then I got to read your recap, generating lots of snickers and even real LAUGHING OUT LOUD …

    So prepare yourself for a long comment (I’m giving you fair warning, right lol)

    1. While I agree with you that this was kind of a very different finale from last season, Damon almost dying seems a recurrent feature for season finales 😦 ! Last year it was the Gilbert device, this year a werewolf bite… Although I was VERY glad that they didn’t leave us hanging all through the summer months looking for a cure… The cure itself was to be expected, I suppose… although I did read an intriguing idea in one of the previous comments about Damon becoming a super-vampire wolf-hybrid as an unexpected result of the bite and the blood… that might be nice: at least that way season 3 will not end with Damon almost dying …again!

    2. I’m right with you where Elijah is concerned: I hope they resurrect him quickly! I didn’t exactly believe in the goodness of Klaus’ unbeating heart to start with (or does his heart beat since he’s also a werewolf now?), so I was expecting Klaus to show himself a two-faced b*st*rd, but where did Klaus get the damn dagger? I hope Elijah wasn’t so lost to common sense with the “bliss” of having his brother back that he just gave the thing up! Because I distinctly remember Elena giving it to Elijah. Or maybe there are more daggers, and more secret supplies of white oak ash (well, there could be if they are as common as you found them to be LOL)? Otherwise how did Klaus succeed in putting the whole family in the family vault… unless Klaus has found other ways to put an Original out of commission? And obviously the stricture on a vampire dying when staking an original doesn’t apply to Klaus anymore, but I suppose he had the other members of his family staked by someone else, since he was only a vampire then…

    3.Stefan has actually done a lot to redeem himself in my eyes by his actions towards his brother. It shows just how much he cares for his big brother… in fact he seemed a lot more willing to fight for his brother than he did for Elena if you ask me. With Elena it was all about how it was her choice, but to me it felt wrong somehow that he didn’t do anything to really fight for her the way Damon did, not even when Klaus came by and just took her away! I get it that he feels guilty for Damon being a vampire in the first place and that he felt he had to sacrifice himself to right previous wrongs, but this still seemed quite a different Stefan from the last few episodes. And the poor man didn’t even get to give the cure to his brother himself: Klaus was VERY cruel in giving the cure to Katherine, and not allowing Stefan to say goodbye to anyone… although I’m sure Stefan feels it is much safer for him to be away from Elena just now… and he knows she has Damon to protect her…

    4.I hadn’t noticed the mirror thing between Stefan/Damon and Klaus/Stefan with the girl, but it’s so TRUE, even to the point of him first biting her to increase the temptation of the blood! And I think Stefan will always feel guilty towards Damon, because even if it was Damon’s choice to drink Katherine’s blood in the first place so he could eventually become a vampire, it was NEVER Damon’s choice to actually become a vampire! It was Stefan who made him drink the blood necessary for completing the transition back in 1864. After all Damon had consciously chosen not to turn because Katherine was gone (or so he thought at the time) . So even if Katherine never had to force Damon to drink her blood (like she did Stefan), ultimately it was not his own choice to become a vampire, unlike it was Stefan’s.

    4. It’s going to be kind of fun (how twisted is that?) to see Stefan as a bite-happy vampire in the throes of bloodlust instead of brooding St Stefan! I find him a lot more interesting that way! Kind of an Angel-Angelus thing (for those who still remember Buffy as apparently many do). My beta said (and I agree) that she was kind of impressed that Klaus had actually heard of Stefan (and of Damon too, at least that’s what he said last week)… Not only Katherine has been keeping tabs on our Salvatore brothers it seems! I did like Katherine admitting she had loved them both… or at least at some point she did. This does make her a liar because somewhere at the beginning of the second season she told Damon she’d never loved him, thereby causing the JNSI (I don’t really get her reasons for that, unless it was to get Damon to fall off the wagon?). Bad Katherine!

    5.The sheriff shooting Jeremy: I didn’t expect him to actually DIE, and it felt kind of rushed and a little too convenient that Bonnie just happened to know how to ‘heal’ him (wasn’t that another back-up save-Elena-plan?!). But I suppose they needed to find a way to get Jeremy into the supernatural club, because the kid was feeling completely left out, being practically the only human left in the greater Mystic Falls area…
    I was joking with my beta just last week that maybe now they could organize a supernatural BBQ as another MF-event, since the whole town seems to be aware of the supernatural by now… It would be on Halloween of course, and Caroline could organize everything, and they could exchange experiences! Imagine Caroline saying to Elijah (last week, remember!): “So Elijah, you simply HAVE to tell me what kind of hair products you use! Your hair looks fab! I’m so jealous!” or Klaus to Tyler: “So you tie yourself up during the full moon? Dude, that’s so lame! Where do you buy the chains?” or Alaric to Katherine: “So you’re the one who drank all my liquor! That was my secret emergency stash! You totally abused my hospitality!”. And how about Damon to Liz: “If you kill off all the vampires and assorted supes, this town will be empty and nobody’ll pay taxes to pay your wages anymore!” or Jeremy to Matt: “Man, you are SO dumb to blow off Caroline. Don’t you know supernatural S*X is awesome? Believe me, I know!” and Elena to Bonnie: “Sorry honey, but could I just bother you to light the BBQ and the candles, please? I forgot to bring the matches.”

    Sorry, just got sidetracked for a moment… back to the finale!

    6.Jeremy again: it did remind me of the Sixth Sense! I wonder if the ring still works on him or did he become a full member of the supernaturals club like Bonnie and Elena? They might give the ring to Alaric then: at least that will see him safe for many more episodes (I hope, because I really like the guy! You’re not the only one with a thing for drunks apparently! I also loved his joking with Jeremy and his bromantic moments with mortal-enemy-turned-best-friend-and-drinking-buddy Damon). I also wonder if Jeremy will only be seeing dead vampires (like Jenna, or was it a coincidence that he only saw Anna and Vickie – let’s hope the poor guy will not just be seeing dead girlfriends LOL talk about issues with your exes!), or also dead humans (his parents?) or maybe only supernaturally dead humans (uncle john?), or maybe even Elijah and assorted undead originals as well? Staked originals might not be wandering the realm of the dead of course… but it might prove helpful for next season…

    7. And finally of course… the wonderful scenes that warmed my Delena-shipper heart! How on earth could Elena resist Damon pleading for her forgiveness in the beginning? Also I thought Damon was much less hideous than Rose with the werewolf-bite, chasing Elena for blood, killing random humans in the street… He was just so quietly acquiescent, and only a bit hallucinating about Katherine. I liked it that he only bit Elena because he was reliving the past and choosing to drink Katherine’s blood (an act of love, not cruelty or bloodlust). And he heard Elena when she asked him to stop, and was immediately contrite afterwards! Also a very nice touch that he thought he felt Elena when she was close (pity they don’t explore that road here like they do in True Blood, that a vampire who’s given a human his blood knows where she is and how she feels…). And the cuddle and kiss on the bed… I will not go into that, I will just say I LOVED the way she said she likes him just the way he is! It had me grabbing for my handkerchief (even though I’m normally not a crier over movies or TV-shows)! And the kiss was so sweet… I know that she thinks he’s dying and she might otherwise not have done all of those things, but it goes to show how much she cares for him… Progress that makes me hopeful for the future…

    8. Speaking of the future… I liked the way they set everything up for next season. It paves the way for some wonderful Delena awesomeness but it also leaves every option open for the future (I’m a total sucker for slow burn, as long as there’s a happy ending which means Delena-endgame as far as I’m concerned lol!) Because Elena might or might not be angry at first for Stefan’s sacrifice, and she didn’t get to say goodbye to him, so a lot of unresolved issues where Stelena is concerned. Damon of course will be feeling horribly guilty because of the lengths Stefan had to go to in order to save him, and this will naturally prompt him to go to the rescue… only how? I suppose they will have to locate Klaus’ stash of undead family members (and I have a hunch that it might be located conveniently close to MF 😉 ) and un-stake them somehow, preferably beginning with Elijah, so they can strike a deal with them. And along the way Damon and Elena can grow closer and closer and … but they will not give in because Stefan’s shadow will be hanging over them…but maybe there will be some moments of weakness (by which I mean at least some cuddling and kissing…), preferably on both sides, since Elena has now admitted she LIKES Damon and is not averse to kissing him… and she will need to be comforted now that Stefan is gone! I just hope she’ll turn TO Damon and not AWAY from him… because knowing the writers, they just dangle a carrot in front of our noses only to whisk it away again! But when they get to save Stefan, that still doesn’t mean he’s really saved, because Klaus fed him so much human blood, and he already killed one girl (the first of many if Klaus has his way), it will be all but impossible to wean him off the human stuff again, not to mention getting him over his horrible guilt…

    God, this actually feels like a novel… so very sorry, Julie! At least I won’t bother too many people with it since I’m so late in commenting! It’s just that this is likely the last one in a long time… or are you going to do a top 10-Delena moments for season 2 (yes please 😉 )? I’ll try to pick up on your True Blood recaps, but I’m afraid I won’t always get hold of the actual show over here (which is much more difficult to find on the internet because it’s HBO 😦 ) … Anyway, I adored reading your recaps and I hope we can still moon over some fanfics this summer! I look forward to reading your next chapter BTW (I saw it was there, but didn’t have the time to read it yet!)

    • Hey Valerie! Thanks so much for your awesome comment.

      You are absolutely right. Even though the Season 1 and Season 2 finales felt both structurally and emotionally very different from one another, there were definitely some interesting parallels between the two, particularly with respect to Damon’s story arc in each. In both finales, as you mentioned, Damon’s life was in danger, as a result of some piece of supernatural magic (the bewitched Gilbert device in Season 1, and the werewolf bite in Season 2). Also, in both finales, Damon was ultimately rescued by a female (Bonnie in Season 1, and Katherine in Season 2).
      Each finale also illustrated some major character growth for Damon. In the first, Damon admitted to wanting to protect the very same town he had initially set out to destroy. In the second, he finally admitted to Elena that he loved her, but did so selflessly, expecting nothing from her in return. And, finally, of course, my favorite parallel: in the Season 1 finale, Damon kissed faux-Lena. And in the Season 2 finale REAL ELENA kissed DAMON! 🙂

      It’s funny, when I saw what Klaus had done to Elijah, I immediately assumed that he had similarly staked EACH of his relatives. But, as you mentioned, that would be a WHOLE LOTTA STAKES! So, now I’m thinking that Klaus used his witch minions to incapacitate the rest of his family. After all, we know that Bonnie’s powers seemed to be the only thing, aside from the stake, that could have incapacitated Klaus during the Sacrifice.

      As for how Klaus got the stake, I actually do think Elijah gave it to him. If you recall, Elijah was about to stake Klaus, when Klaus made the promise to help reunite him with his family members. And then they both escaped. Something tells me that sometime during that escape, Klaus unhanded the stake from Elijah. Not to bright on the part of that Pretty Haired Vamp, I must say!

      I definitely see your point about Stefan taking a more active role in saving Damon’s life, than he had in saving Elena’s during the Sacrifice. I agree with you that this had a lot to do with the guilt Stefan felt over Damon’s ultimate vampire transformation. Granted, as far as Stefan was concerned, Elena was about to turn into a vampire too at the time of the Sacrifice! But, I guess, since Stefan would have been able to blame THAT transformation on Damon, he didn’t feel as personally responsible. 🙂

      Speaking of Stefan’s guilt, I too enjoyed the neat parallel between Stefan’s enticing Damon to turn vamp, by dangling in front of him a “succulent” female (knowing that, after three days of having eaten nothing at all, Damon would find it nearly impossible to resist a “taste.”), and Klaus’ enticing Stefan to ditch the blood bags and return to ripping, by dangling a “succulent’ female in front of HIM (knowing that after his recent blood binge, Stefan’s bloodaholic impulses would prevent him from resisting). Both actions resulted in a transformation of sorts, for the enticed victim: Damon turned into a vampire, and Stefan reverted to his “ripper” self, having been forced to face what he had done to his brother all those years ago, in the most personal and painful way. I also like the way that, in both cases, the enticer and the enticed SHARED the female, linking each pair together, in a rather dark and twisted manner, as “Blood Brothers.”

      In a sort of unrelated note, I loved your riff on the Supernatural TVD Barbeque, by the way. By the way, have you ever considered converting that idea into a comedic TVD fanfiction?

      Regarding Jeremy, I actually don’t think the ring will work for him anymore, now that he “straddles the worlds of the living and dead.” This means, I guess, that, unless they bring in some new human blood stat, the only candidates for wearers the Ring of Immortality are Alaric and Matt. Personally, I think Alaric deserves the ring back. After all, if you recall, he gave HIS ring to John. And John, instead of giving it BACK to Alaric, gave it to Elena’s child. Now, while that was a sweet gesture on John’s part, it was also kind of unfair to Alchy-ric, don’t you think? I mean, given the number of times the guy has died, you would think he would need it NOW more than Elena’s prospective future baby (which she will NEVER have, by the way, since she is going to marry the impotent Damon :)).

      Speaking of Delena, I definitely look forward to the journey these two are destined to take together in Season 3. Like you, I do think there will be some feelings of guilt on both of their parts regarding the small role each played in what happened to Stefan. But, given all the time they will undoubtedly be spending alone with one another on the journey to rescue Stefan, and the strong chemistry between them, I suspect it will only be a matter of time before they give in to their respective passions for one another, and nature takes its toll. Here’s hoping!

      Man, I don’t know how I am going to survive this TVD-less summer! I suspect it will be accomplished through writing plenty of Delena-related blog posts (like the Top Ten one you suggested) and fanfiction ;).

      • Serendipity

        Hi again Julie!

        Your answer was spot on the mark as usual! Only ‘ impotent’ Damon ?!? Please! You just can’t use those two words in the same sentence IMO 😉 Now I know what you mean of course, like Damon said in Georgia: “we vampires can’t procreate, but we sure love to try!” LOL

        Then there was something else I was thinking about when ranting about the continuity of some stuff, namely the mystery of Katherine getting into the house after it was deeded over to Elena and her not invited in (boohoo, the poor girl LOL). I was thinking ‘those writers will probably pull a stunt like telling us that Katherine and Elena are virtually similar due to the doppelganger thing’, so Kat wouldn’t need an invite… but then I realized they could just pull a Buffy: remember that Buffy died for a few seconds and a new slayer was called even if she came back to life afterwards, she had still died… So I figure that Elena died for real, thereby maybe making the deed to the house worthless (as far as the vampire invite is concerned, not in the eyes of the law since officially she never died – and just a thought, but isn’t Elena a wealthy girl now, no? two houses and lots of inheritances coming open like John’s, Jenna’s and maybe even Isobel’s?)

        About the BBQ – I’ll think about it (writing a fic – one shot probably – I mean) but I’m not sure I can pull that off. Comedy isn’t that easy to write IMO 😉 I very much hope you’ll write some stuff concerning Delena over the summer! I’ll definitely let you know if I come up with any ideas, but apart from the top 10 Delena moments, how about top 10 Damon’s sexiest moments (or is 10 not enough maybe? LOL), top 10 best snarky comments (by Damon, but even Alaric or Elijah are acceptable to me 😉 ) or … I’m sure you can come up with many lovely ideas :p

  24. Serendipity

    Sorry, I just saw I posted under my name, which is no problem for me, but you’ll know me as Serendipity of course LOL

  25. After kjewls helped me break the code as to how to comment on the season finale (;)) here are my much too late comments, random as they may be:

    Whodathunk The Casa de le Rich and Awesome had a church smack dab in the middle of it? Why ELSE would they have a honkin big stained glass window? (and REALLY fugly lamps, BTW)

    I’ve been at odds with a lot of Elijah lovers over the past few months, but after this episode, if Elijah does the “honorable” thing again (once somebody PULLSTHEDAGGEROUT) and doesn’t use a chance to rid the Earth of Klaus again, well, he hasn’t lived long enough yet to learn DON’T TRUST ANYBODY! Didja notice the jacket Elijah gave to Klaus in the woods had epaulets on it just like the one Kalaric wore to the 60’s dance!? Lol

    Dumb question: Way back when (Daddy Warlocks Jonas Brother from Another Mother was still alive), he TOTES trashed the Mystic Grill. When did they have time to fix it back up? Guess that’s another one of those “continuity” issues.

    Did we get a tease in the promo for this ep? Didn’t they actually “show” Emily’s face talking to Stefan, not Bonnemily? Either that, or I’m hallucinating again (don’t answer that!).

    When did Mayor Pro Tem Carole grow a set? She never had a backbone before Maddox threw her down the stairs. Must be a transplant. She and Sheriff Lizzard have always been on the same team (up to now). Dun, dun, dun…

    I need to amend my pronouncement of DON’T TRUST ANYBODY and add AND DON’T TELL STEFAN ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT HIM TO REPEAT! Why can that boy never keep his mouth shut! Yes, this time The Woobie needed him to shoot his mouth off, but damn, telling Stef “it’s a secret” is like putting it on instant play on all the On-Star systems in every car in Mystic Falls!

    Damon’s flashback to Katherine’s dressing room–unknot my corset strings = booty call! Just sayin! And wasn’t Elena interrupting Damon and Katherine mid-caress a lot like Katherine interrupting Damon and Elena with the Klaus-blood elixir in Damon’s bed? Can you say [mind-fuck] foreshadowing?

    Speaking on continuity issues, whoever invited Stefan into Alaric’s apartment and when? Guess at this point it doesn’t really matter anymore (any more than Elena no longer wearing the vervain necklace, which Katherine stole from her at the accept-the-money-for-your-dead-non-mom’s-foundation-function, and somehow lost somewhere in Alaric’s apartment). BTW, how is Katherine getting changes of clothing in Alaric’s apartment? Shouldn’t she still be in the blue dress of the stab-yourself-in-the-leg-hemline? Oh, wait. The clothes were a giveaway freebie with that last bottle of bourbon. Right!

    I was def not expecting Klaus to OFF Elijah again this quickly. That vamp needs to just get a permanent chest-piercing and get it over with. Maybe the dagger could become a through-and-through like on a procedural and he’d never feel it anymore, nor would he have to keep turning all ashy! At least this time he ended up in a nice cushy box surrounded by relatives instead of some dank, dirt-floor basement (the Rich and Awesome basement could use Extreme Makeover Manor Edition)! More about the relatives later.

    When Alaric came to “visit” Damon in the Dungeon, Damon was TOTES trying to bait Alaric into somehow killing him NOW! Pointing out all the reasons why Ric should hate him. There would have been a time when he would’ve taken him up on that offer, but that was WAY before they became Bourbon Buddies (spinoff show–they dress in drag, you know and live in a dorm on the Duke campus). But then why after Alaric shot him up (it was totes one of his cutesy vervain tricks, not a pocketknife) did he utilize a convenient plot device to get Ric out in the hall by asking for blood if he wanted to die so bad? He could even have let Sheriff Lizzard stake him–he wanted Ric to do it!

    I was totes expecting someone to use the epitome of Gone With The Wind lines, like for instance, when Elena was trying to convince Sheriff Lizzard that Damon was sick, could Lizzard not have said, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” before she locked Elena in (yea, like that worked out well). Where was the usual crowd of drunken teenagers at The Grill when Jer brought Damon in there after he found him stumbling around hallucinating? The place was totes empty, or else Sheriff Lizzard might have hit someone ELSE with that stray bullet. And we all KNEW Jer’s going on and on (and on and on and on) about his GetOutOfDeathFreeRing was gonna come back to bite him in the ass one day! (Buttcheek hurt much, Jer?)

    Why in hell does Klaus need a wingman? And one that’s “only” a vampire, and not a hybrid like himself? This makes no sense. I figured Stef had fallen off the blood wagon several times (even though the show made it look like he was bad for about 24 hours in the old days), maybe Lexi had to pull him outa it every time. If Klaus is so perfect and indestructible as he claims, why does he “need” anybody?

    I thought Stef was gonna projectile vomit the Capri Sun there for a while. His back teeth HAD to be floatin! That is, until later in the ep when his eyes went all black and we knew The Rippah had awakened! But even in his feeding frenzy, Stef CHOSE to do it to save Damon and the town from Klaus. Hmmm. How good an actor is Stef gonna turn out to be?

    I was having Dumbledore/Harry flashbacks myself when Bonnie almost gave up on the long lost witches and proclaimed she loved Jer. “It’s love that makes you different, Harry.” Awwwww. We knew it would work. That’s like the witch Heimlich maneuver. They’re suckers for love.

    Speaking of love–flashback hallucinatory crazies! Those flashbackandforth scenes between Damon and Katherine-Elena gave me a migraine! But the ydid point out, once again, that Kat never forced her blood on Damon. And when he collapsed in anguish and pain at the end after realizing he’d bitten Elena and not Katherine–priceless!

    Attention please: If Caroline doesn’t get thru to her Mom this time, she should just bite her and get it the hell over with!

    The only reason I can think of why Jer had to Bing “back from the dead” other than product placement is to set up all Bella Swan-like why he’s seeing Anna and Vicki–and we’ve already had all the Ghost Whisperer and Jer See’s Dead People jokes we can stand! Lol

    BTW, I don’t think Ric was as much thinking about leaving Jer alone as he didn’t want to be alone himself! And that repeating what Bonnie said about the day after that and the day after that yadayadayada was about the cutest thing he’s done since, well, the Chunky Monkey episode!

    OMG return of Rose‘s big death scene! It was so a parallel, right down to the way Elena sat down and pulled him up to her chest like he did to Rose….and letting Katherine say Rose’s line they cut from the promo (it’s okay, you know, to love both of them)….those darned writers planned this all along, the little darlings! BTW I’d swap sweat with him ANY day! lol

    Online all the shippers went totes ballistic about The Kiss scene, I think the writers were trying to parallel Damon’s dying with Rose’s dying, only since Elena couldn’t take away Damon’s pain and make him dream of something pleasant, so they pulled out the old honesty card–this time with no compulsion! YAY! Now deal with it, Elena! (in the background I’m hearing Billy Joel singing, Just the Way You Are….OLDSCHOOL!)

    Just when it was getting interesting, just like Ed McMahon, “Heeeeeeeeeere’s Katherine!” NOW she interrupts the moment we’ve been waiting two years for—BIOTCH! At least she had the cure! Not that any of us thought he was ever REALLY gonna die–talk about killing a show!

    This has gotten really long (as usual), so I’m not gonna go on and on about Klaus carrying his dead relatives along everywhere (was THAT what was in all those big trunks the thugs were carrying around the day we finally got to see him “wake up”), or the fact that Klaus bringing in Anonymous Lunch #2 for Stef was SO like Stef bringing Anonymous Lunch #1 to Damon when he got him to turn back in 1864.……

    It’s taken my whole commentary to get to the Very Last Woobie Word of the Week for the season—OMG! Say it isn’t so! In honor of all the suffering he did this week, from the failed suicide by sun attempt clear through to the “I know you love Stefan,” the WOOBIE WORD OF THE WEEK IS “PITIFUL”. *sniff* We gotta wait four months for another one!

    • Hey mak! Awesome commentary, as always. Since I’ve been going through some SERIOUS TVD withdrawal this past week, it was really nice to get to relive the episode again.

      As for Bonnemily, you are absolutely right. The promo definitely had Poor Ultimately Unused Guest Star talking to Stefan. (I know because the screencap in my recap comes directly from the promo.) Since Kat Graham sounded really silly trying to impersonate the other actress (and since, obviously, they had already paid said Guest Star to come on set), it seemed like an odd choice, on the writers part, to do away with REAL Witch-Ghost Emily, at the last minute. Maybe they thought Emily’s presence would somehow confuse fans . . . more than her presence in the promo, and subsequent absence on the show, did? 🙂

      I was initially confused by Mayor Carol’s sudden change of heart / lack of heart too. However, after reading the teasers for Season 3, I now suspect that this scene was somehow meant to foreshadow a Romeo and Juliet-esque war between the Lockwood’s and the Forbes’. Man, LIZARD FORBES! Isn’t it bad enough that you TRIED TO KILL YOUR OWN DAUGHTER? Now you have problems with WHO SHE DATES TOO? Damon really should have killed that bitch (instead of just knocking her over) when he had the chance to do so. It would have made a whole lot of people very happy.

      They DO have On-Star’s in every car in Mystic Falls, don’t they? Those things are friggin expensive! Perhaps, this is because the maker of On-Star is a secret vampire / a member of the Founding Families, and got the townspeople in on a Good Deal. You never know!

      I do kind of like the idea of Katherine getting revenge on Elena for cock blocking her Hallucination Hookup with Damon toward the beginning of the episode, by cock blocking Elena’s REAL hookup with Damon at the END of the episode. After all, vampires do have the power to manipulate dreams. Maybe Katherine had more to do with the appearance of that fantasy in Damon’s mind than we think. (Yes, I know it was Damon’s were-rabies / his psyche creating these hallucinations, but it’s still kind of fun to imagine otherwise, isn’t it? ;))

      As for Kat’s change of clothes, I’m thinking that Klaus carries an extensive female wardrobe in his coffin precisely for situations like this. (Or maybe he just switched out an outfit that one of his staked relatives was wearing.) And yeah, I kind of feel like the TVD writers are becoming more than a bit lazy about the whole “vampires must be invited into the house, first” rule. And yet, it DOES make sense that Alaric would have invited Stefan into his home at some point off camera, especially since Stefan’s brother is Alaric’s best buddy / future Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor.

      You are right. Elijah definitely has a more comfy coffin this time around. Damon and Stefan never struck me as being particularly adept interior decorators. (Nor did Uncle Zac, for that matter). I’m thinking that La Casa de Rich and Awesome looks the way it does, after having centuries of clueless men wander in and out of it, each adding their own random touches to the home. I mean, have you checked out Damon’s and Stefan’s bedrooms? Not a picture in sight . . . and WHITE bedspreads, for crying out loud! Is it weird that the most decorated room in the house is the bathroom, or that the only decoration in there is that RIDICULOUS soap dish?

      As for asking Alaric for blood, I do agree that this was a ploy on Damon’s part. However, at this point, I don’t think he was trying to die anymore. My theory is that Damon SENSED Lizard Forbes outside his home, just like he had SENSED Elena. And Damon, knowing full well the extent of the local sheriff’s, figured that Lizard would enter the cage to try and kill him. Her doing so was his ticket out of incarceration. This way, he could find Elena, and try to apologize to her, one last time.

      I agree with you that Klaus might not NEED a wingman. But he definitely seems to like having sexy supernatural company around to entertain him (See e.g., Katherine, Elijah, the Witch Minions). And, of course, you totally got that sex vibe between Klaus and Stefan, right? I think our Big Bad Original has a bit of a crush on Baby Salvatore.

      Also, Klaus definitely seems like the kind of guy who’d rather have other’s do his dirty work for him, than get his hands dirty. So, far, we’ve seen him use the Witch Minions, Elijah, Katherine, Isobel, and Alaric’s body to get his job done. Now, I guess its Stefan’s turn to be Klaus’ Bitch. (Then again, the Season 3 teaser did suggest that Klaus has a VERY SPECIFIC reason for needing Stefan. So, perhaps you can disregard everything I’ve said in the past two paragraphs. :))

      For the record, there is no such thing as TOO many Sixth Sense, Ghost Whisperer, and Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past jokes. Sorry Jeremy! You’re in for a rough season, recap wise! (Maybe he should BING us some new comedic material). But hey, at least our boy is not going to be getting his ass kicked as much anymore. The Ghosts can WARN him to duck and cover!

      Awww, maybe Alaric DID choose to stay over at the Gilbert house because he was lonely . . . Or maybe he just didn’t want to go back to the apartment that Klaus and Co. had so OBVIOUSLY taken over as their own. And yet, I’d like to believe that Jeremy’s brush with death awakened some latent parental yearnings in the heart of Mystic Falls’ SECOND coolest alcoholic.

      Also, while I do think that Elena’s cuddly treatment of Damon during his last moments (“I’m not going to leave you.”), was partially meant to parallel HIS humane treatment of Rose at the end of her life, I ABSOLUTELY think there was more to that kiss than mere kindness. I saw the Delena kiss, not only as a parallel to the fake one that took place during the Season 1 finale, but also as a foreshadowing of the gradual shift in Elena’s Salvatore Brother allegiance, come Season 3. After all, in interviews, Dobrev HAS hinted that a lot of Season 3 will be spent focusing on WHY Elena kissed Damon. And I don’t think it would take an entire season to figure out her intentions, if she had only done it out of pity. Plus, the Season 3 teaser, suggested that Delena would BOND (and feel pretty guilty about doing so), as the pair embarked on their Journey to Save Stefan from EEEEVVVVILLL.

      In conclusion, it’s all about Delena . . . ALWAYS . . . and forever. 🙂 And that’s precisely how I like it. 😉

      Stay tuned, mak! Amy (from imaginary men) and I have quite the summer plans for a series of TVD-related blog articles you might find intriguing . . . Hopefully, this will keep us all a bit more sane, during this interminable hiatus.

  26. Danielle

    When are you going to do the Top 10 moments of the second half of season 2?

    • Hey Danielle! Thanks so much for showing interest in my Top Delena moments series. *blushes*

      I was actually planning to start working on the Top Ten Moments from the Second Half of Season 2 (wow, that’s a mouthful) at the end of this week. Hopefully, I can post it sometime later this weekend? (all fingers crossed)

      *Sigh* I just keep thinking about all the time I’m going to have to spend poring over those super sexy Delena-themed YouTube videos . . . watching them OVER, and OVER, and OVER again! How am I ever going to manage? 😉 It’s hard being a blogger, sometimes. 🙂

  27. BrittanyMarie

    ALSO In the last link provided, there is a video. Nina totally eye fucks Ian, but I won’t tell you when in the video. You’ll just have to watch (;

    • Thanks so much for all the juicy scoop, Brittany! I love seeing the TVD cast do interviews together. They just always seem to be having so much fun together!

      And speaking of fun, eye f*&king indeed! I love that Ian and Nina seem to be so in love with one another in real life, that they are no longer capable of hiding it in interviews, like they used to. This will definitely serve them well in Season 3, when things heat up between their two characters. (SQUEE! Can’t wait!) 😉

      • BrittanyMarie

        As dedicated as I am to Stelena, I have always secretly wondered about Delena. Not enough to switch sides because lets be honest, Why would I want Elena to have him? I want him. ❤ She can have Stefan.

        But no, in all seriousness. I've been finding myself quite anxious as well. I feel like I have nothing to watch now that TVD is on Hiatus until September. 😦

        But seriously! The way she was looking at him in that interview. The obvious eye f*&kery, It makes me wonder how she manages to have so much chemistry with Paul on-screen when she seems to have more chemistry with Ian off-screen.

        Just a personal curiosity.

  28. Tricus

    It’s nice that you see chemistry between Elena and Stefan on TVD BrittanyMarie? All I see is that puppy dog, nice , hand holding, innocent type of feeling/love between them.To me chemistry is when I can see or imagine two people just getting caught up in a moment and imagine that at any moment they will jump on each other to make out and other stuff. Also a feeling of closeness, understanding and a bond where just a glance at each other and you can feel that there is all types of undercurrent language going on there that they are not acknowledging.
    Delena has that in spades. Stelena is sweet and reminds me more of like a 1st love/crush that a person has when they are 15-17 yrs old. Elena is 17 so she is right there with Stefan. Delena would be more of an adult/college type of relationship.
    Anyway I am soo looking forward to Season 3. To see what happens in DE land, Stefan/Klaus and with Elijah.

  29. BrittanyMarie

    I like your definition for chemistry, though the literal definition is a feeling of mutual attraction. Which Stefan and Elena do have, granted some of the things you have listed are also things I’ve been able to notice within the Stelena relationship, and I wonder if I’m the only one who picks up on it?

    I definitely hold a very different opinion on the couple than the one you’ve stated you hold. I think that a Delena relationship would be more of a fling, or an experiment if one was unsure of the stable relationship they were in, purely because it was the polar opposite. Something that was uncertain, that you don’t know for sure you can rely on. Rather than an actual stable relationship which is what I perceive to Stelena to be. But exciting still.

    Though, I’m curious to see if the writers will prove me wrong come September. (:

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