Redemption, Thy Name is Chuck Bass (Charlie, Thy Name is Ivy?) – A Recap of Gossip Girl’s Season Finale “The Wrong Goodbye”

CHUCK:  ‘So, Blair (other half of “Chair”), maybe you could explain to me how, even though we crashed this Bar Mitzvah, somehow you and I end up the stars of the Chair Dance, an honor typically only bestowed on the Bar Mitzvah boy and his parents?”

BLAIR:  “Maybe it’s supposed to foreshadow something?”

CHUCK: “Like the Super Hot Sex we are about to have  in the conveniently-located private room, right outside the reception hall?”

BLAIR: “Like the fact that we are about to become parents.”

CHUCK: “You know, they should really start handing out condoms at Bar Mitzvahs, given the whole ‘boy turning into a man’ theme, and all . . .”

We wanted it, and we got it, Chair fans: The Redemption of Chuck Bass!  After weeks of agonizing and hand-wringing over the whole “pretending to love Raina” thing, and the “drunkenly breaking glass on Blair’s face” thing, Team Chuck was finally rewarded.  This week, fans got the opportunity to hear our King Bass say to his Queen B. everything we have wanted him to say to her, since the couple’s devastating breakup at the end of “The Witches of Bushwick.”

Chuck Bass rescued Blair Waldorf tonight, and not just from Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Russell Thorpoop either . . .

“Yes, I’ll admit it.  I’m an adult who likes to play with fire.   How else did you think I ended up bald?”

Through his eloquent words, Chuck rescued Blair from her fear that she was not a successful enough woman, in her own right, to be coupled with a powerful man.  He also rescued her from her belief that love and happiness were two mutually exclusive emotions.  And, perhaps, most importantly, he rescued her from those pesky panties she was wearing . . .


This is NOT your mother’s Chairytale!

And though things didn’t end quite the way we had hoped for Chuck and Blair in “The Wrong Goodbye” (an apt title, if ever there was one), the growth Chuck has undergone as a character this season, coupled with the personal sacrifices he made for the happiness of the woman he loves, this week, have proven, without a doubt, that Chuck Bass deserves to be with Blair Waldorf.  And he will be with her . . . eventually.

Patience, my dear Waldorf!  There’s always Season 5!

But this Season Finale wasn’t ALL about Chair (about 98% of it was), “The Wrong Goodbye” also treated us to some Crazy Charlie(?) shenanigans, a bit of Georgina hilarity, and a few dryly humorous meta-references, courtesy of the Three Kings of Snark, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald, and Eric van der Woodsen . . .

So, what are we waiting for, Upper East Siders, let’s get on with the recap?

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

MANESSA:  “I can’t believe this is my last episode of Gossip Girl, EVER!  I’m really going to miss you guys!  But, hey, maybe I can come back for a few guest appearances next season?”

SERENA:  “I doubt it.   They’ve already converted your trailer into a gym for the rest of the cast.”

In a scene that would absolutely NEVER happen under normal GG circumstances (and is ONLY happening because it is Jessica Szohr’s last appearance on the show, and the writers want to throw her a bone, by giving her some lines, and a teensy bit of character redemption), Serena and Manessa are riding to Constance Prep together, in search of an off-her-meds, wacked-out Charlie.  Manessa explains that Charlie, had to leave college after “Single White Female-ing” her roommate.  And now, evidently, she is doing the same thing to Serena.  (“Thanks for the explanation, Manessa!  We would NEVER have figured that out, otherwise,” The Recapper says sarcastically.)

For the record, the only time I EVER want to be watching the inside of a limo on Gossip Girl, is when THIS is happening inside of it . . .

Meanwhile, in Bromantic Buddy News . . .

. . . Dan and Nate are getting gossipy at the bar over at Constance Prep.  Dan “Screw and Tell” Humphrey is overly eager to fill Nate in on his Principal Office sexcapades with Belongs in a Strait-Jacket Barbie.


Initially, Nate, not surprisingly, reacts the same way most of us fans did when we heard Charlie utter “Call me Serena” during sex, by laughing hysterically at the poor girl’s expense.

“Apparently, ‘Call me Serena,’ is the New ‘What’s My Name, B*tch?'”

But, of course, Nate is DUDE.  And for most dudes, a little schizophrenia CERTAINLY isn’t going to get in the way of a good lay!  “Just tell her ‘That’s not necessary,’ and get back to doing whatever it is you were going to do,” instructs Nate.

THIS . . . coming from the guy who once thought Raccoon Zombie, Little J was a “great catch.”

Nate, I love you to pieces.  But it’s characters like you that always die first in horror movies.  Just sayin’.

The GG writers continue to laugh at their own absurdity, when Dan sees Chuck entering the party, and wonders why the dude isn’t in rehab, like Gossip Girl said he was.

For the record, I would totally watch a show in which GG’s Alcoholic Chuck, got together TVD’s resident alcoholics, Damon and Alaric,  and entered into some kind of CW Character rehab .  . .

Speaking of Chuck, he’s just found Mama Waldorf (who’s new haircut is SO not cute, by the way), and is inquiring about Blair’s whereabouts . . .

“You know, sometimes I get bored hooking up with the dude who played the nerdy teacher in Clueless.  So, if you are ever in the market for a ‘mature and experienced’ woman . . .”

Clearly, tired of Chuck playing paddleball with her daughter’s emotions, Eleanor Waldorf really goes for the jugular, telling Chuck that he should let Blair go, and calling him, among other things, a “Fantasy Destroyer,” and “The Big Bad Wolf.”  When I heard the latter name being used to describe Chuck, part of me expected him to do something like this . . .

But, instead, he just walks away.  LAME.

Then, Serena and Vanessa arrive at the party, causing the entire Scooby Gang, except Blair, to unite, for a not particularly subtle recap of the season’s current dangling plot threads . . .

“Previously . . . on Gossip Girl . . .”

More self-referential humor abounds, when Eric agrees to help the group with whatever scheme they have cooking, provided it doesn’t require, among other things, stopping a wedding, running a Ponzi scheme, or giving anybody Fake Cancer.

“I take pride in knowing that I am the only character on this show who recognizes how ridiculous we all are.”

Then Blair’s old high school minions pop by, wondering when Eric VDW got so hot.  (It’s called puberty, girls.  You should try it sometime.)  Though Eric gently reminds the minions that he is “still gay,” they are not discouraged.  “That means you CAN dance!”  They exclaim. 

Ahh . . . gay stereotypes . . . We truly ARE back in high school, aren’t we?

“Those darn, meddling kids!”

Chuck and Nate then head to the roof of the school (probably to snort coke, or something).  And, Raina magically appears.  Apologies abound, as Nate apologizes to Chuck for spilling the beans to Raina about her father “accidentally” murdering her mother. Raina apologizes to Chuck for telling her wackadoo dad she doesn’t love him anymore, thereby sending Pops off the deep end.  And Chuck apologizes to Raina for getting her involved in the most uninteresting relationship on Gossip Girl, since Serena and Ben, and ANYBODY and Vanessa . . .

This lovefest is interrupted by the ringing of Chuck’s cell phone . . .

“No, I’m not interested in joining the Steak of the Month Club!  Stupid Telemarketers!”

As you might recall from last week, Lex Luthor-wannabe Russell Thorpoop, having been “fingered”  (It sounds so dirty!) in the murder of his wife, by his own daughter, has somehow decided that REPEATING the crime that got him in trouble in the first place (namely, burning down a new hotel, with a Bass’ lover in side of it), will solve all his problems.  Talk about not learning from past mistakes!

“It was either this, or reorganizing my doll collection.”

With her life on the line, Blair means to call 911.  But since three numbers are SO hard to remember, she calls Chuck instead.  (HE’S Number 1 on her Speed Dial!  Take that Prince Louis . . . and Serena . . . and Dorota!)  Wanting to give Chuck an idea of where she is, without cluing Russell in to the fact that she is making the call, Blair employs the MOST OBVIOUS DIALOGUE EVER!  “Why are you doing this to me.  . . You brought me to the rooftop of Chuck’s new hotel in Brooklyn, by pretending Chuck was in trouble, and are now threatening to kill me!”  Blair emotes comically.

“There you go, Blair!  That’s exactly what people sound like when they are talking to their prospective killers!  Russell will never suspect a thing.”

Chuck hears this on the other end of his cell phone, and SOMEHOW pieces together what is happening to Blair.  (The man is a GENIUS!)  Little Bass then rushes to his new hotel site with Nate and Raina, hot on his heels.  At some point during all this, our rescue gang calls 911.  Interestingly enough, even though I’m sure there are, in fact, cops in Brooklyn, and Chuck and Co., traveling ALL THE WAY FROM MANHATTAN,  the trio miraculously arrives on the scene before the NYPD.  And yet I will not complain about such petty details, because the cop’s ineptitude gave me THIS . . .


Like every dumb comic book villain, Russell Thorpoop chooses to blather on about how he’s going to screw Chuck over by killing Blair, rather than actually DOING IT.  While the camera is focused on Russell, Chuck and Blair have time to have a little rooftop sex session, with Nate watching of course.  (At least that’s what they are doing in my head.) 

Then Raina comes forward and tells her dad that he is going to prison for life, and that she is never visiting him!  Honestly, I haven’t liked Raina THIS much, since her character smoked pot for the first time, and beat Nate at “Dance, Dance, Revolution.”

“This bud’s for YOU!”

Of course, after the whole ordeal,  Raina decides she wants to leave the show Manhattan for good.  And Nate pretends to be genuinely upset.  But we know secretly, he’s thrilled to have a chance at a GOOD storyline, with a love interest who’s actually a MAIN CHARACTER, for a change.

“Memories . . . like the corners of my mind.  Misty, water-colored, memories . . of the way we were.”

Meanwhile, back at Constance .  .  .

Step Aside, Amateurs!  Because NO ONE does crazy, like Georgia Sparks!


Georgina Sparks is back in town.  As it turns out, being a Baby Mama / Real Housewife of Westchester County isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  So, when Georgina hears that the Scooby Gang is banding together to “rescue” Charlie from her own insanity, Georgina is eager to help them come up with a plan.  And she offers her services to LITERALLY everybody in the cast, whether or not they ask for it.

Man, I miss Georgina!  None of GG’s villains (with the exception, of perhaps, Jack Bass) have ever even came close to the level of naughty fun and hilarity she added to the show.  Aside from having some of the best one-liners ever,  (“I’m going to go get drunk enough to find you interesting.”), Georgina always stood out from the rest of baddies.  After all, when she wasn’t busy making the other character’s lives miserable, she really WAS one of the gang, playing a key role in many of the gang’s most successful schemes.

“I miss you!  You really GET ME!”  Georgina calls out to Serena, after being once again rebuffed by her frienemy.

In fact, we feel Georgina’s pain when she wonders (along with the rest of us) why ON EARTH Manessa got to be part of the Rescue Charlie games that night, while Georgina was left out in the cold.  And, of course, it was GEORGINA, Queen of Scams, who figured out IMMEDIATELY that Charlie wasn’t exactly who she said she was, and gave the girl her number, written on a napkin.  Crazy “Charlie” and Crazier Georgina . . . something tells me these two are going to be quite the Scary Pair in Season 5.

Speaking of “Call Me Serena” . . .

Lamest Suicide Attempt Ever!

“Oh, would you just JUMP already!  I’m missing American Idol for this!”

So, Crazy Charlie is supposedly all sad about Dan rejecting her for her Serena Sex Fetish.  So, she starts getting all self-destructive and drinking liquor RIGHT OUT OF THE BOTTLE . . . at a Glorified HIGH SCHOOL DANCE!

“Hey, Headmistress!  Maybe you should spend less time telling your old students how disappointed you are in their life choices, and more time CHAPERONING the UNDERAGE BOOZE INTAKE!”

Then, after texting Serena “Goodbye”  (Suicide Texts are SO last season!), Charlie finds a window and pretends to jump out of it, by half-assedly dangling one leg outside of it.  Surprise!  Serena gets there just in time.  So, Charlie starts boo hooing about how nobody looooooveeesss her, and everybody haaaaaates her, and Serena is so much beeeeetttter. 

Remembering Mistress Queller’s thinly-veiled insults about her decision to stay in New York, and the Mini Mes’ criticisms about her inability to choose between Dan and Nate (She chose the “guy who tried to kill [her] instead”) . . .

“For a pedophile, attempted murderer, that Ben guy SURE WAS BORING!”

 . . . Serena explains to Charlie that she’s not nearly as cool as no one everyone thinks she is.  After all, her whole life she has never made any real decisions for herself.  Somehow, hearing what a loser Serena is brings Charlie back from “Brink of Death,” which I guess I would be more excited about, if I gave two craps about her character . . .

“See you in Season 5, Bitches!”

Nonetheless, Charlie decides the Upper East Side is not for her.  So, she heads back to Florida, where she feels she belongs.  And . . . here comes the twist.

When “Charlie” gets off the bus in Florida, and meets with Carol Rhodes, we learn that she is not really “Charlie” at all.  Rather, she is “Ivy,” an actress hired by Carol to impresonate “Charlie” and gain access to Charlie’s trust account, left to her by her grandmother. 

Ivy returns a series of trust account check books to Carol, prompting Carol to say that now the van der Woodsens will never be tempted to find the REAL Charlie.  (Why Carol, what did you do, eat her?)  Of course, after the pair of near-strangers part ways, we learn that Ivy has kept one of the trust account check books for herself.  In Ivy’s final moments, we see her dig out Georgina’s number from her bag, and stare at it intently.  I smell trouble, Upper East Siders!

Speaking of storylines, I didn’t care too much for, until their final moments . . .

Adios, Manessa!  Don’t let la puerta hit you, where Dios split you!

Manessa’s new address in Spain, i.e. the place where you should start forwarding all your hate mail . . .

So, after pretending to care about Charlie and her suicide, Manessa, surprise, surprise, takes it upon herself to start stalking Dan’s apartment, and rifling through his papers, while he’s not home.  (Note to Dan:  GET A RESTRAINING ORDER!)  Manessa “miraculously” comes upon a manuscript Dan has apparently been working on for five years, which, to me seems like it’s probably Books 1 through 5 of the Gossip Girl Series.  The novel is called “Inside.”   Manessa, of course, assumes that if she can get Dan to publish it, then his friends (most of whom are portrayed like shallow a$$holes in it) will all abandon him, so, she can get back INSIDE his pants . . .

“Can’t blame a girl for trying!”

Manessa calls Dan and babbles on about how Ahhh-mazing his writing is!  She then scolds him for spending his whole life wanting so desperately to be part of the in-crowd, and warns him not to let his desire for popularity get in the way of his “art.”  (Well, one thing can be said about Manessa, SHE doesn’t let popularity get in the way of anything!  Then again, since everybody despises her, she doesn’t have to!) 

Manessa also hints that some people, other than Serena, will really like the way they are portrayed in the book.  And I can’t tell whether she’s referring to herself or Blair. 

“I wrote nice things about Manessa?” Clearly, I was on drugs.”

However, whether or not Dan had fond feelings toward Manessa, when he first started writing the manuscript five years ago, he certainly doesn’t have them now.  “When are you going to realize that it’s better to be a Great Man, than a Good Boy?”  Manessa demands.

“And when are you going to realize that I had a better life, before you climbed up my fire escape four years ago!”  Dan replies.

NEVER in the entire history of Gossip Girl have I been more proud of DAN HUMPTY DUMPTY than I am RIGHT NOW!  High five, Dan!

Any realism that was created by this scene is IMMEDIATELY destroyed when Manessa just randomly happens to appear at a publishing office.  The HEAD of publishing then READS the anonymous manuscript given to him by NOBODY Manessa, immediately touts the author as the next Jonathan Safran Foer, and agrees to publish the book, while sending Manessa royalty checks at her new address in Spain.

OK, as someone who has spent YEARS of her life trying to get books published, SCREW YOU, GOSSIP GIRL!  I understand the plot point.  And I applaud you for ridding us of Manessa, but this was just plain MEAN!

*takes deep breath*

OK . . . I think I’ve calmed down.  On to bigger and better storylines . . .

“The Best Loves are the Crazy Ones”


Back in Brooklyn, having disposed of Crazy Russell Thorpoop, Blair suddenly remembers that she has to meet Louis at Constance Prep and prove to him that she still loves him.  Chuck offers to drive her there.  But since Blair doesn’t really seem to love Louis all that much, she promptly agrees to keep her “future husband” waiting just a little longer, so that she can crash a random Bar Mitzvah with Chuck.  (You can’t beat an open bar, right?)

Freed from the constraints of being stalked by Gossip Girl, and the pressures of their day-to-day lives, Chuck and Blair let loose in ways we’ve never seen them do in their entire time on the show.  This involves a bit of laughter, a whole lot of smiling, and, yes, some REALLY, REALLY, RIDICULOUSLY BAD dancing to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”



It’s nice to see that Chuck and Blair have the ability to have fun together and enjoy one another’s company, even when they are doing other things besides scheming, and having amazing sex . . .

Speaking of sex, after Chuck and Blair ride the chairs together (sounds kinky!), and leave a nice fat check with the Bar Mitzvah Boy, they head off into the nearest semi private room and  . . . um . . . roll in the deep together . . .


When these Chairs are rockin’, don’t come a knockin!

Well, there’s nothing like good sex to spark a life-changing epiphany!  Blair realizes immediately after experiencing innumerable “O’s” with Chuck, that there is no way she can go back to life with the Prince.  “You love him, don’t you?”  Chuck asks.

“But not like I love you.   His love is lighter.  Our love is intense.  It always pulls us in.  What’s real happiness in the face of that?”  Blair replies. 

And while what she is saying is clearly true, in terms of the Chair relationship . . .  it does sound like an odd endorsement for love, especially coming right after all the bad dancing and happy humping, in which she and Chuck had engaged just moments earlier. 

I don’t know!  They look pretty happy to me!

Nonetheless, Chuck again offers to drive Blair to Constance to confront Louis.  Given that the dance has long since ended, Chuck and Blair are actually shocked to find Louis still waiting alone for Blair’s arrival.  “I knew you’d come,” says Louis, upon seeing her appear, not seeming the least bit concerned that Chuck is by her side. 


Just when Blair is about to let the Prince down easy, Chuck intervenes.  “You have my blessing,” he says, shaking Louis’ hand graciously.  “I couldn’t be more happy you two are getting married.”

Shocked, Blair pulls Chuck aside, wanting to know why the HELL he did that!  (You and me BOTH, Blair!  You and me, both!)

And Chuck’s explanation as to why he is sacrificing the love of his life and his own happiness, to save Blair’s, is more beautiful and poignant than anything viewers could have anticipated.  And yet, it is also heartbreakingly sad.  Just when Chuck has finally proven to Blair, and to us fans, that he CAN make Blair happy, that he IS a good enough person, and a strong enough man, to give her everything she needs in a mate, THIS is the moment when he decides that he must let her go, for her own good.

Sound familiar, TVD fans?

I’m going to post the dialogue in its entirety here, before discussing it more in detail:

Fans of Veronica Mars, will undoubtedly remember the speech that Logan made to Veronica, during Season 2, about their love story being EPIC, “spanning years and continents, lives ruined, and bloodshed . . . They don’t write love songs about the ones that come easy,” he told her.

And I couldn’t help but wonder whether Blair Waldorf was a Veronica Mars fan, when she made that comment about the Great Loves, being the Crazy Ones.  She even made a similar argument to Logan that literature, sonnets and music tended to be written more about the CRAZY and EPIC love stories, than about the mundane and easy ones.  And, honestly, these two TV couples share a lot in common with one another.  Both Logan and Chuck are dark and tortured souls, who, each in their own way, are difficult to love.  And yet they love harder than any bright and sunny person on the planet.

Another notable line during this exchange was Chuck’s reference to the fact that, back in Season 3, he had waited only two minutes on top of the Empire State Building for Blair to meet him and accept his marriage proposal, before leaving to sleep with the Raccoon Zombie, whereas Louis waited all night . . .

Of course, to me, this says less about the extent of Chuck’s love for Blair, and more about his lack of faith in himself.  Unlike Chuck, Louis seemed certain that Blair would return to him.  But, had Chuck not intervened, he would have been WRONG!  How important is faith in love?  This is something Blair will have to figure out for herself, in the coming months . . .

And, finally, I loved Chuck’s insistence that Blair recognize how powerful she is.  After all, the initial reason that Blair had broken up with Chuck, earlier this seaso,n is that she felt she needed to prove herself a powerful and successful woman, before she could align herself with a powerful and successful man.  But Blair has always been a powerhouse, in her own right, a woman who has time, and time, again shown her strength and intelligence.  And I suspect she will continue to do so, with or without a man at her side . . .

In the end, just like during their last break up, Blair and Chuck conclude their relationship by telling one another that they will always love eachother.  On one hand, it’s a depressing, and totally ass backward, way to end a relationship.  In another way, it is uplifting, and provides hope that these two will someday (hopefully sooner, rather than later) find their way back to one another once again. 

But, for now, Blair is walking off into the sunset with Prince Charming, just like in the fairytales.  But will they live Happily Ever After?  Knowing the GG writers, probably not.


We cut to a few weeks later, and learn that Blair will be spending the summer in Monaco with Louis.  She is also planning a November wedding, to which the entire Upper East Side Crew is invited . . .

Chuck comes to VDW mansion to see her off, and the two kiss one another wistfully, as “friends.”  And though they are both being all nice and mature, we, of course, don’t believe any of it, not even for a second . . .

Speaking of Chuck, he and Nate plan to spend the summer months traveling the world together, just as Blair and Serena did the summer before . . .

 . . . while Dan goes to the Hamptons to “write.”  Meanwhile, Serena spends time alone on the beach, where, miraculously, some young screenwriter and producer, just so happen to be adapting the ONE BOOK SHE HAS EVER READ THAT DOESN’T HAVE PICTURES IN IT, (appropriately titled “The Beautiful Damned” . . . just like her) into a film, and EQUALLY MIRACULOUSLY require her help to do so . . .

(Oh, you go right ahead, GG!  Just keep digging that knife deeper into aspiring writers’ chests.  It’s nice to know that it is SO easy for “brilliant” people like Serena and Dan to find success in the literary world.)

OH . . . and I almost forgot to mention, SOMEONE left THIS in the wastebasket of Blair Waldorf’s bedroom . . .


Could there be a little Bass-tard on it’s way? 

So, that’s where the gang left off for the summer . . . each on their separate journies, which, of course, are destined to intertwine in innumerable ways, as the Summer comes to a close.  But, for now, the Summer is just beginning, both for the Upper East Siders, and for US!  So, enjoy it, Gossip Girl fans!  XOXO!

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25 responses to “Redemption, Thy Name is Chuck Bass (Charlie, Thy Name is Ivy?) – A Recap of Gossip Girl’s Season Finale “The Wrong Goodbye”

  1. miss_teadrinker

    Chuck was just beautiful in this episode. He really has grown up 🙂

    I don’t quite understand how they can pitch Blair/Louis as the “safe, stable, happy” alternative to Blair/Chuck – Blair and Louis BARELY KNOW WACH OTHER AT ALL.

  2. miss_teadrinker

    Chuck was beautiful in this episode. He really did grow up 🙂

    I don’t buy the whole Blair/Louis being the “safe/simple/happy” foil for Chuck/Blair’s “intense/dark/passionate” relationship. Blair and Louis have known each other hardly any time at all! “You really do love him” – Blair’s known him for what, a couple of weeks, max? A couple who gets engaged after that short a time is “safe”, whereas people who have known each other for years being together is “crazy”? Even with all the stuff Chair has been through, I don’t buy it.

    I’m sure it’ll be Blair who is pregnant. Hasn’t it been said that Louis won’t be back in season 5? That suggests something pretty major will happen over the summer.

    Loved Dan’s put-down of Vanessa – she really is an interfering busybody.

    Not sure how they’re going to make Charlie/Ivy a series regular – is she going to reveal who she really is or pretend to be Charlie? :S

    Anyway, I cried, it was beautiful and sad and heartbreaking, but there is definitely hope for Season 5 😀 I can’t wait!

    • Hey Miss Teadrinker! Thanks so much for your insightful commentary!

      You are absolutely right. However Louis may feel for Blair (maybe it was a “love at first sight” thing for him?), I definitely never got the impression that Blair was truly in love with Louis. I think she LIKES him a lot. After all, he seems like a genuinely nice guy, who cares about her. But, in terms of “actual love,” Blair is probably more in love with the IDEA of Prince Louis, than with the actual man. No matter how “sweet and kind” or “dignified” Louis may be, he will never be able to replace Chuck in Blair’s heart.

      Regarding, the whole “pregnancy” storyline, I suspect the writers have been intentionally vague about whether Blair and Louis ever “did the deed” prior to the finale. Obviously, if it turns out they hadn’t, and Louis does the math, Blair’s pregnancy may end up being the dealbreaker of the Blouis relationship. But, if they HAD done it, we might have to wait until Blair has the baby, and it gets sick, for Louis to figure out it’s not his. 🙂

      As for Charlie / Ivy, considering she’s going to be a series regular, I’d actually prefer it if the character came clean to the Upper East Siders about her true identity, because, while I found “Charlie” to be extremely annoying, I didn’t particularly mind, “Ivy.” 🙂

      Westwick’s and Meester’s acting made this episode for me. Their scenes together were both heartbreaking and beautiful. And while I’m sad that ONCE AGAIN, we had to endure Chuck and Blair breaking apart, JUST as they were both admitting their love for one another, I genuinely feel like Chuck NEEDED to do something selfless like this for Blair to prove he was worthy of her love. And, now that he has . . . well . . . it’s only a matter of time before they reunite. (All fingers crossed.) 😉

  3. Sonia

    Omg, stop with the TVD references!!!

    ……kidding. Throw some more in there if you’d like;)

    • LOL, Sonia! Believe it or not, the excess of TVD references is not entirely intentional. For starters, I’m subconsciously obsessed with TVD. (I guess that’s obvious. *blushes*)

      But also, most of my favorite GIFS just so happen to be ones from the show. There are a couple of reasons for this: (1) For whatever reason, TVD fans seem to make the most GIFS. (2) I did a post once that solely focused on Damon Salvatore-themed GIFS. And I find they come in SUPER handy, when I’m recapping (particularly the “You have got to be kidding me,” “why are you even here?,” “eye roll,” and “awesome” GIFS).

      Oh, and did I mention the cast of TVD looks really pretty on my blog screen? 🙂

  4. Lauren Knott

    I know this is all about Gossip Girl, but I don’t really care about Gossip Girl anymore, and since the comment thing is closed for The Vampire Diaries Season Finale, I’m gonna talk about The Vampire Diaries here (sorry if that’s lame). And I have a lot to say. Here goes:
    Elijah 😦

    • Sorry, about the glitch on the comments for the TVD Finale Blog! I swear it wasn’t intentional! 😦

      As for Elijah, don’t you worry, your man will be back in action, in no time! For one thing, Season 3 of TVD has already been tauted by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson as the “Season of the Originals.” And Elijah . . . well, he’s as Original as they come! (Look at that HAIR!) You can be sure, we are going to get a TON of Elijah flashbacks next season.

      Plus, Elijah isn’t really dead-dead! He’s just sleeping with a stake in his tummy! I definitely think Klaus has plans for his whole family, and will eventually “revive” them. Why else would he be dragging all their bodies around for as long as he has been?

  5. Allie

    Chuck seriously broke my heart in this episode. I think he really did need to do something like this, something completely selfless, to show that he puts Blair’s happiness above his own… but it was still so hard to watch. At least when it happened in 2×25 (the obvious call-back) the episode ended with them back together. Now? I know the baby will bring them back into each other’s orbits eventually, but I think it’ll be mid-S5 before we get a serious rebuild. And since it’s been… 27 episodes now, since they were together, that makes me super, super sad.


    Oh, and I think some other stuff happened in the episode too. Blah blah crazy Charlie, something about Vanessa, Dan wrote a book about how sad and pathetic he is, Serena got a job because she read a book (yeah, okay, show), the end. But all in all, not a bad finale. 🙂

    • Hey Allie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Like you, I do feel like the writers HAD to have Chuck do something BIG to redeem himself for some of his less well-received actions this season. And, in terms of redeeming the character, I think both the writers, and Ed Westwick, did an AMAZING JOB with the finale. While it was hard to see Chair break apart once again (and just when they were finally on such GOOD TERMS with one another too!), I feel like both Chuck and Blair are in REALLY good places emotionally now. And this will only serve to strengthen them as a couple, when they DO eventually reunite.

      I, for one, would be willing to endure Chuck and Blair apart during the BEGINNING of Season 5, provided they are (1) still friends; (2) keep having lots of interaction with one another; (3) continue to lust after one another, and maintain the insane amount of romantic chemistry and sexual tension that drew me to this couple, in the first place. After all, sometimes Chuck and Blair are at their absolute best when they are FALLING FOR ONE ANOTHER (again). So, here’s hoping the writers bring on the Chair HEAT, in Season 5 . . . and the Chair WEDDING in the Season 5 finale! (All fingers crossed!)

  6. GoodcopBasscop

    Great recap as always…made me lol.
    Oh god, Chuck and Blair really knocked it out of the park this episode. I was on the verge of tears when they both told each other they loved each other. I don’t like how all Chuck and Blair were talking about was how they aren’t happy together…WTF? They were the happiest I’ve ever seen them when they were together at the Bat mitzfah… but I still have hope for next season with the pregnancy test and all… and plus they both said they still loved each other….I don’t know how Louis can marry Blair when he sees how madly in love Chuck and Blair are!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, GoodcopBasscop! I’m so glad you liked the recap! I’m going to miss our weekly GG talks this summer!

      It did seem really odd, that Blair spent all this time talking about how much “happier” she is with Louis. And then she proceeded to DITCH Louis, in order to do the Happy Dance (followed by the Even Happier Sex Dance) at a random Bar Mitzvah with Chuck. Perhaps, the whole scene was meant to signify that Chuck and Blair have finally grown up enough to ALLOW themselves to let loose, and just be HAPPY on one another’s presence? If so, Louis is TOAST!

      And I do wonder what the heck was going through Louis’ head, during Chuck’s “blessing giving,” and Blair’s “goodbye to Chuck.” Even watching from far away, it HAD to be completely obvious to Louis that this was more than a “friendly goodbye.” If the Prince thinks those romantic feelings are simply going to FADE AWAY, just because Blair is in Monaco, he’s got another thing coming. I almost feel bad for the guy. (Just not bad enough that I want him to win. :))

      Team CHAIR, Forever! 🙂

  7. Rene

    Hey Jewls, Loved your recap as usual. Posted a link at my tumblr LOL. SO first off I gotta say I see how much you are missing TVD. It’s okay hun I miss it too. I think you had quite enough references and pretty pics of it that no one will doubt where your heart lies. 🙂

    Okay so as far as the episode it was quite good. I am also glad that you found some redeeming value in Raina there at the end. I don’t think that Vanessa is gone though just giving her address tells me that one of the others will probably run into her over the summer. Chuck and Nate chose a place on the map it could be them that runs into her or maybe its wishful thinking. I used to like Vanessa her character just went right down hill. I mean the scheming and lying was quite a downfall for her.
    My prediction is that Nate will bring back a Blonde from his travels and Chuck well will just have a lot of fun with the girls.
    Charlie and Georgina, now that is going to be some kinda messed up story line. Georgina is married and has a child maybe she will hire Charlie as a nanny and they will have plenty of time for girl talk. I am sure her husband is off working all the time.
    Blair and Chuck just broke my heart I think I was already crying because on 90210 Annie and Liam said a tearful goodbye. My shows had me reaching for the tissues last night. It was rough.
    Anyway, of course we all know Louis will open his eyes to Blairs real feeling some where before November but it will be fun to see the ride to that point. Of course, they also might pull the last minute thing with Chuck at midseason in November before the holiday break (yep that’s the timing).

    Serena well I have no words for her right now. They way they ended her storyline for the seasons was quite unreal. The poor guy had cuteness as his only asset in the scene and it was distracting to me. LOL He was almost too pretty and his acting was kind of horrendous, maybe that is me. I think Blake Lively is a good little actress but maybe because I read where she is over the Serena role I feel like she doesn’t always give it her best. It’s still a job but lately she is not really in the moment with the acting. It could be me, I am more of an editor type even though I write. I am one of those people that sees between the lines.
    I have done a bit of acting, myself, its been more reactive but lately I had a chance to do some directing of a dramatic reading and well some people are not as good as they think they are. Sorry that was way off topic.
    I know that I am an amateur its just a learning experience for me still.

    So as far as the episode I give it a solid 7 on the 1-10 scale.
    Thanks for sharing your recap.
    If anyone out there wants to live blog with me for the Supernatural finale please post here; Jewls said it was okay. I am going to need some help. Jewls if you available on Friday you can help too LOL *wink wink*

    • Hey Rene! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. LOL. I’m glad so many people are fans of both TVD and GG, otherwise, NO ONE would understand all the cross- references I make in both recaps. For the record, I do actually se a lot of similarities between the Chuck / Blair relationship and the Damon / Elena one. There are reasons why I ship both as hard as I do. 🙂

      Regarding Raina, I always thought that Tika Sumpter was a solid actress. It’s just that Raina the character fell victim to some of the lamest storylines of the season. And as a guest star, it’s hard to win fans, when your initial function on the show is to be a stumbling block for the series’ most popular ship. Had, for example, Raina been introduced more “neutrally,” the way faux-Charlie had, the character would have been much better received. And Tika Sumpter would have had a better chance of staying on the show for a longer period of time, I think.

      Speaking of people not long for the show, the reason I assumed Manessa to be gone from GG for good is that Jessica Szohr has publicly announced she’s been canned from the show. (YIPPEE!) What we witnessed in the season finale was GG’s “classy” way of providing closure for the character, in a way they’ve never quite been able to do for Jenny Humphrey, considering she’s “family.” So, while Dan may end up getting those checks from her, and Chuck and Nate may run into her over the summer, us fans are unlikely to see her on screen again anytime soon.

      As for Charlie / Ivy and Georgina, I suspect that the former will satisfy the latter’s desire for “scheming.” So, the pair will wreak havoc on the Upper East Siders next year, with the motive being to billk them out of their not-so hard earned cash. Then again, who knows? Maybe “Ivy” will decide she really is in love with Dan, and Georgina will help her get him back through some Serena-sabotage.

      Speaking of Serena, it is interesting that you mention Blake Lively has expressed boredom with her character. Unfortunately, both Ed Westwick, and Leighton Meester have made similar comments with respect to their feelings regarding the continuation of Gossip Girl. Given all that, I really do feel like Season 5 will be GG’s last. So, this gives Josh Schwartz and co. one more year to get things right for both Chuck and Blair, and Serena and (Dan or Nate). Here’s hoping they are able to go out with a bang next year!

      Best of luck with your Supernatural Liveblog! I may just have to stop by and check it out! 😉

  8. Minxie

    Eurgh, please let this episode have been the last we see of Chuck/Blair. Heaven help us all if she’s pregnant with his spawn next season.

    • LOL Minxie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ve never been a particular fan of “pregnancy storylines” either. But baby or no baby, I strongly suspect that Chuck and Blair are far from over. 🙂 Sorry!

      But, who knows? Maybe those two will surprise you, and win you over in Season 5! Stranger things have happened! 😉

      • Hi GG fans, I’m not sure if anyone’s reading this. But if you are, and you are looking for me, I just wanted to let you know that I am ABSOLUTELY planning on recapping Gossip Girl this season. I’m just a day behind on recaps this week. (I know . . . I suck.)

        My GG season premiere recap should be within the next 24 hours. Sorry, for the delay! I hope you enjoyed the show! 🙂

  9. iszy

    Hi kjewels
    Loved the recap as always. This ep was very much about CB saying goodbye to the ‘negative’ chapter of thier realtionship and the future is only bright. Cannot wait for what baby bass will be (!/BabyBass_ and!

    Also, I know we didnt see you much over at the main CB thread at FF but we have a ‘little’ celebration coming up on and I just wanted to inform you about it. If you would like to join the celebration please read this

    • Hey iszy! Thanks so much for stopping by and thinking of me. I feel AWFUL about not stopping by the fan forum more often. I always mean to do so. I even have a little computerized post-it on my laptop that says “fanforum,” but I just keep flaking out about it. I appreciate your not totally giving up on me.

      Also, thank you for sharing the Baby Bass tumblr and Twitter feed. All those cute little bow-tie baby pics just made my day! You guys totally nailed what a Chair baby would look like! 🙂 What a creative idea! I’m sure both Leighton and Ed have visited those sites before, and got a TOTAL kick out of it.

      As for the finale, I agree 100% that we have finally reached a turning point in the Chair relationship. After half a season of heartache, we are absolutely out of the darkness, and into the light. You could just tell how much of a better place Chuck was in throughout the finale. As far as I’m concerned, when you love somebody enough to be willing to sacrifice your OWN happiness, in order to ensure their’s, that is when you are TRULY deserving of love in return. Chuck has reached that point with Blair. It’s been a long and hard road, but I think he is finally ready to give her the Happily Ever After to which she is so richly entitled.

      I also love your Top 10 Chair Moments Celebration Idea! I’m not sure if you remember, but I did my Top Ten Chair Moments of the First Half of Season 4, back during the hiatus, and had a great time, reliving those moments. Chair Moments from the Second Half of the Fourth Season would be a bit tougher to pin down, given all that Raina crud, we had to endure. However, the Bar Mitzvah scene from the finale will definitely stand out for me, as one of the happiest Chair moments I’ve experienced in quite some time.

      I’ll have to think a bit harder about my ALL-TIME top ten Chair scenes. Suffice it to say that the Limo Sex scene, and the strip tease that proceeded it, are definitely up there for me.;) But perhaps, one of my more unusual picks would be from early on in Gossip Girl canon, back when Chuck first realized he had feelings for Blair, and Blair responded by . . . well, perhaps, it would be better if I showed you . . . 😉

      SQUEE! I LOVE THAT SCENE! I could just watch it over and over again! 🙂 I know it’s a long shot, but I’m going to be rooting for it to appear in your top ten . . . or, if not, at least, as an honorable mention. 🙂

  10. iszy

    Sorry for the late reply!
    The note thing made me laugh.
    Baby bass is adorable.
    I love your insight on CB scenes thats why i wanted you to join us for the celebrations 😉 it really is your LAST chance to get assigned a scene, as we are fast approaching 2000! PLEASE JOIN US!!!
    That scene is for sure one of my faves.

    • iszy

      I’m not sure how often you check FF, but i replied over there to your PM with details (that was the right place to get me ;)). So happy you are joining us! 😀
      Unfortunately the scene you wanted has been assigned, but i gave you some other choices in the PM or just tell me a few more fave scenes.

      • iszy

        Sorry to turn this into a messenging place (i think you get a notification of messages from here), i sent this over at FF (but im not sure if you got it ;))

        So glad you enjoyed it!
        Yes thank you, she recieved it. She also said it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for joining in, its going to be an amazing celebration. Im thinking it will be about a week until we reach it, and i will probably drop you a line over here when the celebration thread is imminent so you have an idea of when to drop by 😉

      • Thanks so much for letting me know, iszy! I’m so glad you guys liked it! I’m honored to have been invited to take part. 🙂

        I can’t wait to read the celebration thread! I bet it’s going to be awesome! There are just so many spectacular CB scenes to recall and analyze. This was really such a good idea. And who knows? Maybe Leighton, Ed, and Josh Schwartz themselves will stop by to read it? 😉

  11. iszy

    Your personal notification service: the 2000th CB thread celebrations on FF are planned to commence at 2:30am (thur) Eastern Australian/4:30pm (wed) GMT/11:30am (wed) US central.
    Sorry about the late notice, Hope you can make it!

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