Deconstructing Delena – My Picks for the Top Ten Damon and Elena Moments from the SECOND HALF of The Vampire Diaries’ Second Season

It’s been a good year for us Delena fans on TVD, hasn’t it?  (And, judging by where things left off, next year promises to be EVEN BETTER!  YIPPEE!) 

After an admittedly shaky start (Jeremy Neck Snap Incident, anyone?), us stalwart D&E fans fans were eventually rewarded for our patience, with a Season 2 Smorgasbord of Tasty Delena goodness.  Within just the first 10 episodes of the Season, we were treated to multiple phallic encounters . . .

 . . . passionate exchanges . . .

 .  . . near kisses . . .

 . . . and, of course, one VERY SPECIAL (but equally frustrating) declaration of love . . .

Having experienced the joy of all that, who would have thought that the scenes I just described would ultimately end up being just a precursor to all the FABULOUS Delena Decadence that was to come?

And it is for this reason that, while I had already crafted a list of the Top Ten Delena Moments of Season 1 . . . and followed that up with a SECOND list, featuring the Top Ten Moments of the FIRST half of Season 2 . . . I simply couldn’t resist writing a THIRD article, focusing on the Top Ten Delena Moments of the SECOND half of Season 2.   After all, far be it for me to deny my fellow Delena fans, the opportunity to relive the ecstasy of THE FIRST KISS . . .


What follows are my favorite Damon and Elena scenes from the last eleven episodes of TVD’s second Season, starting from “The Descent,” and ending with “As I Lay Dying.”   So, without further adieu, let Sweet, Sexy, and Swoon-worthy Nostalgia BEGIN!

10. “Be the Better Man, Damon.”

Episode: “Daddy Issues” – 2 X 13

Setting the Scene:

Team Save Elena (a.k.a. The Scooby Gang) has been making some questionable decisions lately.  And it’s been trying Damon’s already-limited patience, BIG TIME.  First, Stefan comes up with the “brilliant idea” of inviting Known Vampire Hater Uncle/Father John, and Elena’s Evil Bio Mom Vampire Isobel back to town, so that they could “join the team.”  Damon and Elena don’t trust either of these two sorry excuses for parents, as far as they can throw them.  However, both recognize that John might have information the two could use to defeat Klaus.  “Be the better man,” Elena cautions Damon for the first time that evening, before Damon meets John at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls to exchange a few words.

Damon DOES, somehow, manage to hold his tongue, when speaking to John (just barely).  Not long after, however, Elena gets a call from Stefan, informing her that the werewolves (Jules and Wereoaf Brady) are holding Vampire Caroline hostage.  As a condition of Caroline’s safe release, the werewolves wish to “strike up a deal.” They will return Caroline, in exchange for resident werewolf, Tyler Lockwood. 

Upon hearing this, Damon, (who, up to this point, had been completely kept out of the loop, regarding the whole “Tyler is a werewolf” thing) is FURIOUS about this recent turn of events.  And he is not at all shy about sharing these feelings with Elena . .

Potent Quotables:

Damon: (about Tyler) “He’s a werewolf.  He needs to die.  I’m willing to kill.  It’s win/win!”

And later . . .

Damon: “You need to stop doing that . . . assuming I’ll play the good guy, because it’s YOU who’s asking.”

Elena: “Be the Better Man, Damon.”

And still later . . .

Damon:  (to Uncle/Father John) “First Dad Duty?  Ground your daughter . . . keep her here.”

Elena: “I’m coming with you!”

Why it made the list:

“Daddy Issues” was an important episode in the Delena canon, because it, in effectively introduced us to a completely different character, one who we hadn’t seen up to this point.  Ladies and gentleman, meet Ponytail Elena.  (She will appear again in “The Last Dance,” home to TWO MORE of our Top Ten Delena Moments.  Coincidence?  I think not!) 

While Hair Down Elena might not be sure, at this point in the game, of her feelings for Damon, Ponytail Elena already has a pretty good idea she wants him BAD!  (Remember that look of jealously flashing across Ponytail Elena’s eyes, when Andie hit on Damon for the first time?  Or the look of triumph on Ponytail Elena’s face, when Damon initially rejected her?)  Not unlike Katherine, Ponytail Elena knows EXACTLY what she needs to do to get her way . . .

It was interesting seeing THIS scene back -to-back with the earlier one in the episode, in which Elena instructs Damon to be “kinder and gentler” in his discussion with Uncle/Father John.  In both scenes: (1) Elena pleads with Damon to be “good.”  (2) He balks.  (3) She asks him to be the “Better Man.”  (4) He balks AGAIN, but reluctantly agrees. (5) She demands to follow him whereever he is going.

However, the DIFFERENCE between these two scenes is why this one made the list, and the previous one didn’t.  Unlike in the first scene, this time, Ponytail Elena is more brazen with her manipulation of Damon.  Observe how the Petrova Doppelganger gently places both of her hands on Damon’s arms affectionately, and looks up at him with her puppy dog eyes, when she asks him not to kill Tyler. 

Also different from the first scene, is Damon’s reaction.  All Damon has to do is take one look at Elena’s hand positioning, and he knows EXACTLY what she’s trying to do.  “You need to stop doing that,” he demands, eyes blazing.

I love how Elena, naively, acts as if she isn’t aware of her manipulation of Damon “Doing what?”  She asks innocently.

However, the minute he makes mention of it, Elena guiltily removes her hands from his arms.  She’s no dummy, that Ponytail Elena!  Damon’s response to Elena “(Assuming I’ll play the Good Guy, because it’s YOU who’s asking”) is the closest we’ve come to seeing Damon admit his feelings for Elena directly to her, ever since he told her he loved her, and compelled her to forget it, during “Rose,” back in episode 8.

And yet, the fact that Elena is behaving this way, to begin with, illustrates that she probably already has a pretty good idea of Damon’s feelings for her.  When affection doesn’t work, Elena falls back on her catchphrase, “Be the Better Man, Damon,” she tells him, for the second time that evening.  The phrase almost acts as a hypnotic trigger for Damon, working on him instantly.  Damon will always obey this command of Elena’s, no matter how much he may hate doing so.

And why not?  After all, it’s Damon’s incorrect belief that Stefan is a “Better Man” than he is, that keeps him from more actively pursuing Elena, in the first place!  At this point in the series, Damon still believes he doesn’t DESERVE Elena.  We see this at the end of the episode when the “Better Man” line makes it’s third appearance.  “I’m in love with a woman I can’t have,” Damon tells Andie, during the pseudo-couple’s infamous Bathtub Scene.  “I have to stay together (read “in control of my emotions”) to protect her, which means, I can’t be who I AM!”

As the series draws to a close, Damon will gradually come to learn how wrong he is in this assessment.  But, for now, the elder Salvatore Brother will just have to rejoice in the mini victory of having let Ponytail Elena know that he has her number. 

And, hey, she DID want to “come with him” to rescue Tyler, didn’t she?  Only this time, Damon said “NO!”

“Nice try, Sweet Cheeks!  It’s called ‘playing hard to get.’  Get used to it!”

So, you might be wondering why I included this scene at the top of my list, especially since it seems to show more of a manipulation of Damon on Elena’s part, than actual affection.  Well . . . I don’t think that’s ALL it shows. 

In “Daddy Issues,” more than any episode we had seen in Season 2 (at least up to THIS point in the season), Damon and Elena are relating to one another in that same super-close, married couple, type way, we witnessed during KEY Season 1 Delena episodes, like “Bloodlines,” and “Blood Brothers.”  And, don’t forget, this is POST Jeremy Neck Snap Incident!  So, that’s saying a lot!

Yes, they are bickering . . . and arguing . . . and Elena seems to be getting on Damon’s nerves a bit.  But beneath all that, are two people who are on the same page.  They understand how eachother think.   And they subconsciously take comfort in eachother’s company.  Why else would Elena keep following Damon around for the ENTIRE first half of the episode?  Where was STEFAN during all that time?  HMM?

9. Damon asks for Elena’s forgiveness

Episode: “As I Lay Dying” – 2 X 22

Setting the Scene:

Having been bitten by Teen Wolf Tyler, during his werewolf transformation, Damon believes himself to be doomed to die a painful and ugly death by were-rabies.  If Rose’s rapid disease progression is any indication, Damon has a few days to live at most, and just hours, before he begins showing signs of dementia.  Despite all this, Damon has made the selfless, but tragic, decision not to inform Elena of his impending death.  “The last thing [Elena] needs is another grave to mourn,” Damon tells Stefan, when his younger brother first learns of the fatal bite.

And yet Damon has one dying wish: that Elena forgive him for going against her wishes, and force-feeding her his blood, prior to The Sacrifice.  (He did this, so that if Klaus, in fact, killed her, she would at least return as a vampire.) 

Thanks to Uncle/Father John sacrificing his soul . . . and his life, for Elena’s, Elena was revived following the Sacrifice, and was able to retain her humanity.  And yet, Elena has still not verbally forgiven Damon for his actions.  In this scene, Damon arrives at Elena’s house, the morning after John’s and Jenna’s funeral, in hopes of obtaining the absolution he so desperately needs from the woman he loves more than life itself.

Potent Quotables:

Damon: “I want to apologize . . . please  . . .  Elena feeding you my blood, I was wrong.  And I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I need it.”

Elena: “And I need some time . . . maybe a lot of time.”

Damon: “Sure . . . of course . . . take all the time you need.”

Why it made the list:

This short simple scene is important, in that it functions as the first step in the journey Damon and Elena take toward mutual forgiveness, acceptance, and possibly much more, during the final episode of the series.  The tragedy of this scene, as mentioned above, is that Elena doesn’t know that Damon is dying.  Yet, he refuses to tell her. 

Damon “needs” Elena’s forgiveness, so that he can die in peace.  And yet, he doesn’t want that forgiveness to come from a place of PITY (Take THAT, Pity Kiss THEORISTS!), or guilt.  In the epic words Damon himself used last season, in explaining the reason he didn’t compel Elena during the pair’s trip to Georgia, “I wanted it to be real.” 

The OLD Damon might have become frustrated with Elena’s stubborness, and refusal to forgive him.  (I mean, it’s not like she actually turned into a VAMPIRE, or anything!)  Remember how quickly Damon started to pout and complain, when Elena refused to forgive him for the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident, earlier on in the season?  But this is a different Damon from the one we knew back then.  This Damon truly is “a Better Man.”

Notice how, throughout the scene, even though Damon is obviously going through a TON of personal sh*t, his focus is always on Elena.  Watching her linger over Aunt Jenna’s room in the morning, Damon IMMEDIATELY knows the anguish Elena is feeling, upon seeing that bed empty.  “It will get easier,” he tells her comfortingly.   “Then again, you already knew that.”

And even when Elena refuses to forgive Damon, and he realizes that there is a good chance he will die without receiving that forgiveness, Damon still considers Elena’s feelings to be of the utmost importance.  He even manages to smile at her, and say, “Take all the time you need,” when deep down, he knows that his own time is slowly running out . . .

The fact that Damon and Elena started the episode in THIS sad place, however, makes where they end up, by the end of the episode, all the more miraculous . . .

8. Elena rescues Damon . . . from himself!

Episode: “As I Lay Dying” – 2 X 22

Setting the Scene:

Damon’s time is running out.  His were-rabies has now set in at full force.  He’s feeling weak, is in an incredible amount of pain, and is beginning to have difficulty distinguishing his flashback hallucinations (featuring Katherine) from reality.  That’s the BAD news. 

The good news is that Damon’s hallucinations have been oddly therapeutic for him.  He finally sees that he was personally responsible for his decision to turn vampire, back in 1864.  Neither Stefan, nor Katherine forced him to do it.  He has to find Elena, and tell her this (as well as FINALLY confess his true feelings for her), before it’s too late.

Elena needs to find Damon too.  She found out about his werewolf bite from Stefan, and feels terrible about the way she treated him earlier that day. (See scene above.)  Elena wants to let Damon know that she forgives him for feeding her his blood prior to the Sacrifice.  She also knows that Caroline’s AWFUL mother Lizard Forbes wants Damon dead.  And Elena wants badly to rescue Dying Damon from that b*tch.

Eventually, Damon and Elena do find one another.  But Damon just so happens to be in the throes of one of his most vivid hallucination, when the reunion occurs . . .

Potent Quotables:

Elena:  “Damon . . . come on . . . come on . . . We need to get you out of here.  We have to hide you.”

Katherine: (in flashback, after puncturing her neck, and allowing blood to drip from it) “If you want it, take it.  It is your choice to make.”

And later . . .

Elena:  (as Damon bites Katherine / Elena) “Damon, you don’t have to do this.”

Why it made the list:

This scene works on two levels.  On one, we have Damon, just hours away from death, finally coming to the realization that he is personally responsible for his decision to become a vampire.  On another, we have Elena, who, after two seasons of being rescued repeatedly by Damon, finally has the opportunity to put her own life and safety on the line, to rescue him right back. 

On some level, Damon and Elena have been searching for one another, the entire episode.  It was Damon’s instinctive knowledge that Elena was looking for him outside, that prompted Damon to send Alaric for blood, knock out Lizard Forbes, and escape his makeshift cage in the basement of La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Likewise, it was Elena’s need to find Damon, and comfort him, during his final moments, that prompted her to break through the glass of the police station with that chair.  (I wonder who’s going to end up having to pay for THAT!)

Of course, once Damon finds Elena, he shifts right back into hallucination mode, and can only see Katherine.  In the hallucination, Katherine’s words to Damon are direct.  She tells him that the decision to become a vampire is his choice to make.  And by biting down on Katherine’s neck, and taking her blood, he makes that choice.  Yet, in the present day, Damon is biting on Elena’s neck.   Her words to him are symbolic too.  She tells him, “You don’t have to do this.”

And though she’s referring to BITING HER, Elena’s words also apply to biting KATHERINE back in 1864.  Damon didn’t HAVE to do that.  He didn’t have to become a vampire.  And he WOULDN”T have become one, if he hadn’t made that choice.  The anguish on Damon’s face, upon waking from his reverie, and realizing that he has bitten and hurt the woman he loves, is truly heartbreaking. 

But what is sweet about the scene is Elena’s reaction.  Yes, Elena is in pain.  Yes, Damon hurt her.  But Elena isn’t angry at Damon for what he did, or worried for her own safety. 

Like Damon’s actions at the beginning of the episode, Elena’s actions here are completely selfless.  All she cares about is protecting Damon, and getting him to safety.  The way Elena holds and comforts Damon in this scene, you can tell just how much she truly cares about him.  And this show of affection is only a precursor of what’s to come later on in the episode . . .

7. Elena Comforts Damon after Rose’s Death

Episode: “The Descent” – 2 X 12

Setting the Scene:

Damon earned the ire of Big Bad Wolf Jules, when she began to (correctly) suspect that he had killed her werewolf buddy, Mason Lockwood, a.k.a. Tyler Lockwood’s Hot Uncle. 

 The elder Salvatore brother moved even further up Wolf Girl’s Poopy List, when he and Alaric cornered her in the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, and (under the guise of hitting on her) were-rufied her drink with Wolfsbane. 

Fast-forward to the next Full Moon.  Jules, in werewolf form, barges into La Casa de Rich and Awesome, intent on chopping on some Salvatore skin.  (Can you blame her?  YUMMY!) 

However, instead of sinking her teeth into Damon, Jules’ pointy choppers land smack dab on the backside of Damon’s most recent Screw Buddy, Vampire Rose. 

As a result of the bite, Vampire Rose contracts some bizarre form of were rabies. (Then again, isn’t all were rabies, by definition bizarre?).  Shortly thereafte, Rose, pretty much, starts going apesh*t.  (She looks pretty hideous too.)  Rose uses her Sick Time, constructively, by chasing Elena around La Casa de Rich and Awesome, and trying to eat her.  (Personally, I prefer to spend MY sick time watching bad daytime television.  But, that’s just me . . .)

When that fails, a wacked-out Rose breaks free from La Casa de Rich and Awesome, and starts chowing down on innocent Mystic Falls residents.  Damon eventually finds Rose, and brings her back to the house.  However, Rabies Rose’s days of eating the Good People of Mystic Falls are numbered.  And Damon knows it. 

Using his vampiric powers of dream walking, Damon sits Rose down in her lap, like the unruly baby she has become.  Being the Generous Mercy Killer he is, Damon creates for Rose a warm fuzzy (read “extremely cheesy”) dream, in which she and he are frolicking through the meadow. 

When Rabies Rose is feeling sufficiently blissed out, he stakes her, but not before shedding a few tears, on her behalf.

In THIS sweet and poignant Delena scene, Elena, having learned of Rose’s death, arrives at La Casa de Rich and Awesome to check up on Her Future Lover . . .

Potent Quotables:

Elena:  “I came back to make sure you are OK.”

And later . . .

Elena: “Damon I’m your friend.”

Damon:  “I’m well aware of that.”

Elena: “And a friend usually knows when their friend is hurting.”

Damon: “What do you want to hear?  That I cared about Rose?  That I’m upset?  Well, I didn’t.  And I’m not.”

Elena:  “There you go, pretending to turn it off, pretending not to feel.  Damon, you’re so close.  Don’t give up.”

Damon:  “I feel, Elena, OK?  And it sucks!  What sucks even more is that it was supposed to be me.  Jules was coming after ME.”

Elena:  “You feel guilty.”

Damon:  “That would be human of me, Elena, and I’m NOT HUMAN!  You’re one to talk about giving up.   That’s all you’ve done is give up!  Go home!  There’s been enough doom, gloom, and personal growth for one night.”

Why it made the list:

You’ll notice that in this scene, unlike the ones that preceded it, I transcribed practically the ENTIRE conversation between Damon and Elena in the “potent quotables” section.  That’s because every line of this scene is heavily laden with meaning.  In fact, with the exception of the final scenes of “As I Lay Dying,” Damon’s and Elena’s exchange during “The Descent” is probably the most honest exchange they have with one another the entire season. 

Just as, in the earlier scene I posted from the finale, where Damon instinctively knows what Elena is going through, when she stares at Jenna’s empty room, Elena, having experienced Rose’s demise along with him, knows exactly how hard it was for Damon to ultimately end her life. 

We’ve seen many scenes in which Elena has pushed Damon away, for one reason or another.  However, this time, it is Damon trying to do the pushing, and Elena vying for closeness. 


But Elena makes a mistake, when she calls Damon “her friend.”  Of course, she’s trying to be helpful.  However, reminding Damon of their “just friends” status, during this difficult time in Damon’s life, is like rubbing salt in the wound. 

(Then again, perhaps, this is a case of thou doth protest too much?  Maybe Elena is already starting to feel a closeness to Damon beyond friendship, and needs to reiterate the “just friends” nature of their relationship to convince herself that this is the case?  Wishful thinking on my part?  Maybe . . . but maybe not. ;))

When Damon denies having any feeling about Rose’s death, however, Elena goes for the “Better Man,” card again.  Though she doesn’t use those exact words, by telling Damon that he is “so close” to humanity, that is, in effect, what she is saying.  And Elena is right.  Rose’s death did cause a sort of emotional breakthrough of sorts in Damon. 

But these emotions scare Damon, because, as he admits to Andie, in the following episode, they make him feel out of control.  They also cause him to remember how much he misses being human.  “That would be human of me, Elena.  And I’m NOT human,” he argues.  (Talk about a case of “Thou doth protest too much!”)

But even though Damon commands Elena to leave for a third time, during the scene, Elena refuses to go, without giving Damon the comfort she so desperately knows he needs.  She hesitates as she turns to leave, looking at him intently for a few beats before pulling him in for a deep Full Body Hug.  Elena’s show of affection surprises Damon, and, eventually moves him to tears. 

But Damon isn’t the only one who needed to feel closeness in that moment.  While Elena may have decided to hug Damon, in a friendly and comforting way, the look she gives him, when she pulls back from the hug, hints that she might have felt something deeper during it, than she initially expected.

For a few moments before she leaves, we see Elena stare pointedly at Damon’s eyes and lips.  She does this so intently, that, the first time I watched this scene, I really did think that she might kiss him.  But, alas, our first Delena kiss was still quite a few episodes away . . .

6. “I’ve got moves you’ve never seen!”

Episode: “The Last Dance” – 2 X 18

Setting the Scene:

Though he has not yet shown his “true face” to the Scooby Gang, Klaus has not been shy about expressing his desire to “capture” Elena, and use her in his Wacky Sacrifice Ritual.  By compelling one of her classmates, Klaus delivers a creepy message to Elena that she should expect to “meet” him at the sixties-themed dance being held at the high school.  Rather than avoid the dance (which, to be honest, would have made a heck of a lot more sense), the entire Scooby Gang, Elena included, decides to attend.  Their plan is to draw Klaus out, and then kill him . . . somehow. 

Needless to say, tensions are high.  And no one is more tense than Elena.  That is, until . . .

Potent Quotables:

Why it made the list:

Damon: “How you doin?”

Elena: “Umm . . . freaking out a bit.  You?”

Damon: “Cool as a cucumber.  Come on . . . remember the last Decade Dance.  The vampires were all ‘Arrrghhhh’ and you were all ‘Ahhhhh!”

Elena:  “Right . . . and . . . we won.”

Damon: “Yes, we did.”

Elena:  “You’re good at this.”

Damon: “I’ve got moves, you’ve never seen.”

You know what I actually just noticed about this scene?  (And it’s something that I had never picked up on, in the 20 or so times I watched it before hand.)  There’s this little moment, before Stefan leaves to go talk to Caroline, that he gives Damon a bit of a head nod, actually ENCOURAGING him to dance with Elena! 

Dear old Selfless Stefan . . . you have no idea what you are getting your “girlfriend’ into!  Doesn’t Baby Salvatore know that no girl can resist a Dancing Damon?

Least of all . . . Elena . . .

Still, you might be wondering why this scene ranks so high on my list, when the ones preceeding it are so much more “emotionally intense.”  But, actually, the fact that this scene WAS SO LIGHTHEARTED AND SIMPLE is precisely why it earned such a high ranking. 

The Delena Dance of Season 2, much like the one in Season 1 that preceded it, allowed us a glimpse into what Damon and Elena will be like as an ACTUAL COUPLE.  In just a few short seconds of grooving together, Damon and Elena, illustrate all the fun, sex appeal, wit, good humor, and understanding that is going to make Delena such a force to be reckoned with in season 3.

I love the look of shock and arousal that crosses Elena’s face, when Damon first whirls her into his chest.  As we’ve seen often with Elena, when she comes in close contact with Damon, she often seems mesmerized, by his mouth in particular. 

And, though Damon is trying to play it, “cool as a cucumber” (his words, not mine), we can see that he isn’t exactly immune to Elena’s charms either.  There’s a brief second where Damon loses himself in the movement of the dance, and forgets all about Klaus, the Sacrifice, and all his schemes.  In that moment, these are just two beautiful people who are insanely hot for one another.

That being said, when Elena openly admits to Damon that she is “freaking out a bit,” Damon immediately becomes refocused on the task at hand:  Operation Cheer Up Elena!  And Cheer Elena up he does, through a combination of fun, un-self-conscious goofiness . . .

 . . . good humor, and logical reasoning.  Damon immediately is able to set Elena at ease, and make her smile, in a way, few members of the Scooby Gang are able to do.  But in addition to being really funny, Damon’s “The vampires were like Arrrgh, and you were like Ahhh,” was also a wise and reassuring statement.  In other words, “We beat the bad guys before, and we will beat them again.”

Of course, once Damon has sufficiently calmed Elena down, and converted her from Brooding Damsel in Distress to Giddy High Schooler Dancing with Hot Boy, Damon ramps up the charm, dipping her, pulling her close to his body and face, and whispering seductively in her ear, “I’ve got moves you’ve never seen.”

“You’re good at this,” Elena admits breathlessly, looking very much like she wants to makeout with him right there on the dance floor.

Well, isn’t that the Understatement of the Year . . .

5. “I can’t lose you.”

Episode: “The Last Day” – 2 X 20

Setting the Scene:

Not willing to accept that Bonnie’s death (through the exhaustion of all her witch powers) is the ONLY way to kill Klaus, Elena defies the wishes of the ENTIRE Scooby Gang, by de-staking Elijah, and bringing him back to life. 

Elijah claims to have a plan to save Elena’s life, while still allowing Klaus to proceed with the Sacrifice Ritual.  Then, once Klaus is in the throes of a werewolf transformation, and is in a weakened state, ELIJAH will stake KLAUS with the same dagger Elena used to stake HIM in “Crying Wolf.”

The problem is that Elijah’s Big Plan to “save” Elena seems . . .what’s the right word . . . oh yeah . . . LAME!  It involves some sort of Romeo and Juliet-esque elixir he cooked up, that would make Elena APPEAR to be dead, throughout the Sacrifice Ritual, when, in fact, she is really alive.  Having never used the elixir before, Elijah can’t guarantee that it will work. 

 The idea of taking such a gamble with Elena’s life sickens Damon.  So, he stalks off to his room to sulk.  Elena (who LOVES Damon’s bedroom, more than any other room in La Casa de Rich and Awesome, including, apparently, Stefan’s room) immediately follows Damon there, so that the two can screw like bunny rabbits “talk.”

Potent Quotables:

Elena: “You disappeared.”

Damon: “I don’t want to hear anymore.”

Elena:  “I need you to understand why I’m doing this.”

Damon: “Why?   It clearly doesn’t matter what I think.”

Elena: “I’ll be FINE, Damon.  I’ll drink the elixir.  Bonnie will kill Klaus, and all of this will finally be over.”

And later . . .

Damon: “You think it will work . . . You WANT it to work . . . Why am I the only one who’s convinced it WON’T.  There has to be another way.”

Elena:  “There isn’t.”

Damon:  “You are going to die, Elena.”

Elena: “And then, I’ll come back to life.”

Damon:  “That is not a risk I am willing to take.”

Elena: “But I am . . . it’s my life, Damon.  My choice.”

Damon: “I can’t lose you.”

Elena: “You won’t.”

Why it made the list:

I’m just full of controversial picks today, aren’t I?  Here’s the scene where Damon FORCE FEEDS Elena his blood, and stakes Stefan, and I’ve got it as number 5 on my Delena list.  But, hopefully, after you rewatch the scene, you will see why.  You see, I feel like there’s a real parallel between this scene, and the scene that takes place between Damon and Elena at the end of “The Last Dance,” right before Elena decides to stake Klaus.  (See #3 below.) 

 Both scenes, begin with Elena entering Damon’s room.  Both scenes involve a discussion between Damon and Elena, regarding the best way to go about saving her life, during the Sacrifice. 

In “The Last Dance,” Elena REFUSES to put Bonnie’s life on the line to save her own.  Here, Damon refuses to put Elena’s life on the line for Elijah’s harebrained scheme.  “There HAS to be another way,” each party says to the other, more or less.  Both scenes climax (see what I did there?), during a moment of intense intimacy between the couple.  And, just when it seems like the two are finally in agreement with one another, there’s a moment, where you see one of them making the decision to do something they know the other person will HATE.

As I mentioned earlier, Elena LOVES Damon’s room, and adores his bed.  And whenever he is upset, she loves to go and find him there, so that she can “reach out and touch him.”  There’s an interesting dichotomy in the scene between how close Damon and Elena come to one another, and how far away their ideas as to the best course of action remain.  Throughout the scene, though Damon and Elena, both take physical steps toward one another, psychologically, they remain more far apart than ever.

Using her “Be the Better Man” trick, Elena attempts physical contact with Damon, to bring him back from the brink, when he is at his most heated.  Damon is angrily and accusatorily pointing a finger at Elena, when Elena affectionately grabs his hand in both her own, bringing it closer to her face, and massaging it, as she speaks.  

There’s a moment where Damon looks down at his and Elena’s now clasped hands.  He knows EXACTLY what Elena is trying to do.  And yet, he loves her so much, that he can’t resist her.  His pointed finger relaxes into Elena’s embrace.  His body posture softens, as he appeals to Elena’s obvious care and concern for his well being, “I can’t lose you,” he tells her, in all honesty.

“You won’t,” she assures him, eyes widened and dilated. 

Elena really believes at this point that she has reached Damon . .. and that he will go along with whatever she says, just like he has so many times in the past.  Except, sometime between Elena’s grasping of his hand, and her final promise to him, Damon comes to his decision to force-feed Elena his blood.  But even as he is making this decision, a part of him knows he will live to regret it.

“Oh crap!  I’m really about to f*ck up now, aren’t I?”

4. Damon revives Elena

Episode: “The Sun Also Rises” – 2 X 21

Setting the Scene:

As far as Klaus is concerned, the Sacrifice Ritual was a success. Aunt Jenna and Jules each gave up their lives as the vampire and werewolf sacrifices, respectively.  As the Petrova Doppelganger, Elena also gave her “life” to Klaus, when he bit into her neck, and drained her of a significant portion of her blood. 

After snapping the neck of the witch performing the ritual, Damon picks up an unconscious Elena and carries her to Stefan.  But Stefan does not wish to take Elena home just yet.  He wants to stay and make sure that Bonnie and Elijah defeat Klaus, once and for all. 

So, Damon carries Elena back to La Casa de Rich and Awesome in his arms.  At this point, her fate is still unknown.  Is she dead?  Will she come back a vampire, and spend eternity hating Damon for the role he played in her transformation?  Or has the Scooby Gang somehow managed to find some way for Elena to return to life as a human?  Damon is about to find out . . .

Potent Quotables:

Damon:  “Come back as a vampire, and I’ll stake you myself.  So, DON’T.  Because I can’t stand the idea of you hating me forever.”

Why it made the list:

It’s hard not to see this scene as blatant foreshadowing for a future Damon and Elena union, in the truest sense of the word.   I mean, who can ignore the symbolism, of Stefan asking Damon to take Elena home, himself, so that HE can stay and make sure Klaus is dead.  (Shades of Stefan’s choice in the season finale, much?) 

And then, watching Damon literally carry Elena through the darkness and the fire, to the safety of the home SHE owns, which is also his.  Then, of course, Damon CARRIES ELENA ACROSS THE THRESHOLD of the mansion.  It doesn’t get much better than that, folks!

The look of love and affection on Damon’s face, as he hovers over Elena’s unconscious body, gently running his hand across her face, and through her hair — unable to take his eyes off her for even one second — is as beautiful, as it is heartbreaking.  Who WOULDN’T want a guy to look at them like that?  And though the words Damon says to Elena, as he awaits her fate, might seem callous on the surface, they are actually the most romantic words he’s uttered throughout the entire episode.

Contrast these words to Damon’s “I can’t lose you,” in the earlier scene.  Damon force fed Elena his blood, because HE couldn’t bear the idea of living without her.  That gesture, and the thought process behind it, while romantic, is also somewhat selfish. 

Here, Damon’s thoughts are ONLY for Elena.  He now knows that SHE would rather die than be a vampire.  And even though it would literally KILL Damon to live on Earth for even a moment without Elena, he would be willing to stake her himself, if he knew that was what she truly wanted.

Of course, there’s another aspect to Damon not wanting Elena to become a vampire.  He “can’t stand the idea of [her] hating him forever.”  This is also a departure from the Damon we’ve grown to know and love for two seasons.  In “The Last Dance,” Damon was heard telling Stefan, that he didn’t care whether Elena hated him, as long as he was able to keep her safe. 

Now, we see that this isn’t the case at all.  Elena’s thoughts and feelings matter to Damon.  And from now on, he will fight just as hard to protect them, as he will to protect her life.

The other part of this scene that I loved was the intimate and powerful expression on Elena’s face when she awakens from “death” to find Damon hovering over her.  A commenter on my recap of this episode wisely noted that Elena died staring at Stefan, during The Sacrifice, and awakened staring at Damon.  There is certainly something poetic about that. 

Additionally, there lies within the meaninful look Elena gives Damon the possibility that she remembers his confession of love for her during the “Rose” episode.  After all, were it not for John’s sacrifice, which, as you can see, happens AFTER Elena awakens, not before, Elena, having died with Damon’s blood in her system, would have reawakened a vampire.  And VAMPIRES remember all instances of compulsion from their lives, as Caroline taught us, following HER vampiric reawakening . . .

So, does Elena remember Damon’s compulsion of her to forget that she loves him?  It’s indeed possible.  In fact, that very knowledge is hinted at, during the finale, and in my NUMBER 1 Delena moment of the Second Half of Season 2. 

3. “I will always choose you.”

Episode: “The Last Dance” – 2 X 18

Setting the Scene:

Damon may have saved Elena’s life the night of the sixties dance, but he did it by breaking her heart . . . albeit temporarily.  When Damon and the rest of the Scooby Gang learned that Klaus was possessing Alaric’s body, they determined, to their chagrin, that they had unwittingly provided him with information on their secret Klaus-Killing Weapon: Bonnie and Her Awesome Witchiness.  Now AlarKlaus was after Bonnie.  He wanted her out of the picture, to ensure himself a “Stress Free Sacrifice.”  And he wasn’t going to let up, until she was dead . . .

So, Bonnie and Damon came up with a devious plan.  Bonnie would pretend to exhaust her witchy powers, during a faux attempt at defeating Klaus at the dance.  Then she would play dead . . . kind of like a dog.  But the scheme had a complication: in order for KLAUS to believe that Bonnie was dead, Elena had to believe it too.  And in order for ELENA to believe that Bonnie was dead, Gossip Boy Stefan couldn’t be let in on Bonnie’s and Damon’s plan either. 

When Elena found Bonnie’s “dead” body in the school snack room, she was inconsolable.  And when Damon arrived back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, seeming not the least bit upset about Bonnie’s so called “loss of life,” an enraged Elena slapped him across the mouth . . . HARD.  It wasn’t until after Elena almost took off his BEAUTIFUL face that Damon finally decided to come clean to the woman he would do literally ANYTHING to protect. 

Damon admitted that Bonnie wasn’t really dead.  She was just hanging out in a tomb with Elena’s brother “resting her eyes.”  This made Elena feel like a bit of an idiot.  It also gave her a good excuse to enter Damon’s room AGAIN, under the guise of “apologizing” . . .

Potent Quotables:

Elena: “I understand why you did what you did.  I mean, Klaus was fooled and . . . Bonnie’s alive.”

Damon: “Here’s to duplicity.”

Elena:  “Let’s get one thing straight, Damon.  Bonnie will not die for me.  I will not let that happen . . . We’ll find another way [to kill Klaus].”

Damon: “I hope so.”

Elena:  “Look, I shouldn’t have hit you.”

Damon: “Apology accepted.”

Damon: “Let me be clear about something, if it comes down to you and the witch again, then I will gladly let Bonnie die.  I will always choose you.”

Why it made the list:

Earlier, I showed you the scene in which Damon made the decision to force feed Elena his blood to save her from certain death.  In my analysis of that scene I told you that it directly paralleled the scene from “The Last Dance,” in which Elena, after having an equally emotional and honest conversation with Damon, made the (as it turns out, not so hot) decision to de-stake Elijah.  Like the first scene, this one worked on two levels.  On one hand, it was yet another romantic bedroom scene for Damon and Elena, in which the pair let one another understand just how well they understood one another, and how much they cared for eachother.  On the other, it was a deceptive scene, because, at the very moment when it seemed like the couple had come to an understanding, one of its members was plotting to do something very stupid.

It was interesting watching Damon’s and Elena’s reactions to one another throughout the scene.  For instance, when Elena comes into Damon’s room, he clearly expects her to lecture him on not telling her his plans regarding Bonnie’s fake death.  Aim when Elena admits that she understands exactly why he did what he did, Damon is a bit taken aback.  But he is also clearly impressed by the object of his affections foresight, and understanding that sometimes the ends DO justify the means.

“Here’s to duplicity,” Damon says.  (As in, “YAY, I don’t have to apologize anymore, for doing something that I don’t think was wrong at all, and would do again in a second.”)

Elena again uses her trusted tactic of initiating physical closeness with Damon to make her point about not wanting Bonnie to die.  And though Damon does seem to bend a little, to Elena’s wishes (“I hope so,” he offers doubtfully, when Elena assures him that they will find another way to kill Klaus), we know that Damon’s position on the subject remains essentially the same. 

Now comes the time for Elena to apologize for the Face Slap Heard Round the World . . .  Elena clearly feels terrible about doing that to Damon, and wants him to know this.  When just moments ago, Elena was stalwart and strong in ensuring Bonnie’s continued livelihood, suddenly she seems shy, contrite, and a smidge coquettish.  As Elena apologizes, she dips her head downward, and self-consciously runs her hand through her hair. 

Of course, this works.  Damon can never stay mad at Elena for long.  And he accepts her apology almost immediately.  But then he makes the statement, that, while incredibly romantic, seals both of their fates, “I will always choose you.”

Upon hearing this, we see Elena go through a wide range of emotions in a very short amount of time.  There is awe at the grandness of Damon’s remark, flattery, at the extent of his feelings for her, a deep affection for the man willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.  It’s a powerful experience for Elena.  But then . . . she SIGHS . . .

For me, the above-illustrated facial expression of Elena’s mimics the one Damon made, when he realized that he was going to force feed Elena his blood, and, in doing so, jeopardize his relationship with her.  Likewise, Elena realizes that there is no way she will ever be able to convincce Damon to save Bonnie’s life over her own.  And so, in this moment, she decides to de-stake Elijah. 

Three times, before Elena leaves Damon’s room, we see her hesitate and turn back toward him, wanting to admit what she is about to do.  There’s a big part of Elena that knows that de-staking Elijah could end up being a huge mistake.  And that part of Elena wants to confess her plans to Damon, so that he can talk her out of them.  But, ultimately, Elena’s desire to protect her friends . . . well . . .  at least to protect Bonnie . . . wins out.  And so, she leaves Damon’s room with a firm sense of purpose.

Examining this scene, side by side with the scene from “The Last Day,” even the casual viewer can see how truly alike Damon and Elena are in their way of thinging, their fierce protectiveness of others, and their courage in the face of all opposition.  One thing is for sure, as a couple, these two will be unstoppable!

2. The Cuddle

Episode: “As I Lay Dying” – 2 X 22

Setting the Scene:

Having finally found a were-wolf bitten Damon, just hours away from death, Elena rushes him to the comfort of La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  Huddled together in Damon’s bed, Damon and Elena silently vow to make every last minute between them count.  Now is not the time for secrets. 

No words can be left unsaid.  No apologies can be left unspoken.  No emotions can be left unburdened.  But will these two intimately linked individuals — who have shared so much together, during the short time they have known one another — be able to confess their true feelings for one another, before it is too late?

Potent Quotables:

Elena:  “It’s OK, Damon.  I’m right here.”

Damon: “Elena, get out of here.  I can hurt you.”

Elena:  “No, you won’t.  I’m here until the very end.  I’m NOT leaving you . . . It’s OK . . . It’s OK”

Damon:  “It’s NOT OK.  All those years, I blamed Stefan.  And no one forced me to love her.  It was my own choice.  I made the wrong choice . . . Tell Stefan I’m sorry, OK?”

Elena: “I will.”

Why it made the list:

As you might have noticed, Damon and Elena have been dancing around true displays of affection for one another, all season.  There have been forehead kisses, hugs, hand and shoulder grabs, and even a little grinding on the dance floor.  But it took Damon being moments from Death, for Elena to really give herself to him completely. 

It is no accident that again, in the final moments of the Season 2 finale, Damon and Elena are huddled together in Damon’s bed.  Watch as Elena lovingly holds Damon in her arms, cradling his body close to her with one arm, as she delicately blots the sweat from his brow with another. 

Elena saw what Rose went through in her final hours.  She recognizes the possibility that Damon, in this sickened state, could be a real danger to her.  But Elena cares for Damon so much, that she is willing to put his needs before her own.  And despite Damon’s pleas that she go, for her own good, Elena refuses to leave Damon’s side, even for a moment. 

For Damon’s part, we can see in his eyes, how much he NEEDS Elena to be near him.  And the fact that he asks her to leave, shows just as much selflessness on his part, as Elena’s staying does on hers.  Because Damon has a lot to say to Elena.  He has come to the realization that he is to blame for his own situation, and he needs Elena to know this before he dies.  He also needs Stefan to know this. 

Such is their honest relationship with one another that Elena never lies to Damon, and tells him that he’s going to survive this.  She doesn’t sugar coat things for him.  When Damon asks her to apologize to Stefan, she doesn’t tell him, “You can do it yourself, because you are going to live.”  Rather, she just pulls him closer to her, and tells him that she will.

It’s tragic that it took a lethal illness to bring Damon and Elena to this place.  Yet, it is somehow fitting.  After all, Damon’s and Elena’s relationship has always been one built on intense emotions and extreme situations.  And, sometimes it takes the threat of losing something to finally force you to realize that you can’t live without it.


Episode: “As I Lay Dying” – 2 X 22

Setting the Scene:

[See description for #2 above.  THIS spectacular scene takes place just one “commercial break” after THAT one. ;)]

Potent Quotables:

Damon: “This is even more pitiful than I thought.”

Elena: “There is still hope.”

Damon: “I’ve made a lot of choices that have gotten me here.  I deserve this.  I deserve to die.”

Elena:  “No, you don’t”

Damon: “I do, Elena.  And it’s OK.   Because if I would have chosen differently, I wouldn’t have met you.  I’m so sorry.  I did so many things to hurt you.”

Elena:  “It’s OK.   I forgive you.”

Damon: “I know you love Stefan.  And that it will always be Stefan.  But I love you.  You should know that.”

Elena: “I do.”

Damon:  “You should have met me in 1864.  You would have liked me.”

Elena:  “I like you now.  Just the way you are.”

Damon:  “Thank you.”

Elena: “You’re welcome.”

Why it made the list:

I don’t think it was a surprise to any of you, that this ended up being my number one scene.  I mean, really, could Delena fans have asked for anything more.  I mean, I couldn’t have been happier, if Damon and Elena stripped naked and had their way with one another, as the final credits were rolling (which is totally how Season 3 is going to end, by the way). 

Season 1 ended with Damon kissing Elena . . . except it ended up NOT being Elena, but Katherine.  So, it was extremely fitting that Season 2 would end with a REAL Delena kiss.  The kiss itself was beautiful.  The way that Elena snuggled up close to Damon, looked lovingly at his face, and leaned over to give him a quick kiss on the lips.  While it was happening, Damon awoke from unconsciousness, a real life Sleeping Beauty, with a small but beautific smile on his face.  His eyes fluttered, and his mouth opened into a slight “O” shape.  He wasn’t expecting this.  And then, he THANKED HER, for giving him the greatest gift she could ever give him.

And yet, for many fans, there was just as much of a gift in the words that preceded the kiss, as in the kiss itself.  Damon has never been much for apologies.  And yet, he is able to apologize twice to Elena in this episode, once at its beginning for the force-feeding, and here, for ALL of his wrong doing throughout the two seasons.  So, when Elena FINALLY gives Damon the forgiveness he has been waiting for, it is a total and complete forgiveness.  Completely gone are the grudges of seasons past.  Elena and Damon are finally, once again, on an even playing field.

And it is because Damon and Elena are in this open and honest place, that Damon can FINALLY admit to Elena that he loves her, and allow her to REMEMBER it, thereby completing the circle started in Rose.

Back then, Damon made Elena forget his love, because he deemed his confession, “The most selfish thing he ever did.”  But Damon’s new confession of love is not in the least bit selfish, because he doesn’t expect Elena to love him in return.  Heck, he doesn’t even expect to live out the hour!  Damon repeats Elena’s words to him from the Season Premiere.  “I know you love Stefan . . . it will always be Stefan,” but he says them with no bitterness or ire.  He’s made peace with his little brother, and Elena’s love for him.  He simply believes that Elena has a right to know that he loves her more than life itself.  Because that kind of love is a gift to be cherished, even if it cannot be returned.

Except . . . maybe it can, because Elena’s cycle of always pushing Damon to be the “Better Man” is closed in this scene too.  That ends with Elena’s declaration that she likes him now, just the way he is, troubled, headstrong, impulsive, and deeply worthy of someone’s love.  The threat of losing Damon has caused Elena to realize just how much she needs him in her life.  And though Damon IS in fact a Better Man than the one we met in the pilot, he is still a flawed character.  

But it are these flaws that bond Damon and Elena, and will undoubtedly continue to bond them throughout Season 3, as they cope with the guilt of their growing bond with one another, in Stefan’s absence, and struggle to ascertain what they mean to one another.  In many ways, “As I Lay Dying,” was an end.  An end of the Season, an end of the Sacrifice, and end of a very important period of personal growth for Damon.  But in many other ways, it is a turning point.

And when Damon sits up in his bed at the end of the episode, and looks at Elena with new and healthy eyes, some would say his new life is just beginning . . . and so is hers.

So, there you have it, folks: my picks for the Top Ten Moments from the final 11 episodes of Season 2 of TVD.  Which ones were YOUR favorites? 

P.S.  Has the TVD hiatus left you hungry for more SHIPPER-friendly Top Ten Lists?  If so, be sure to check out my super talented, and often hilarious, blogger pal Cherie’s analysis of the Top Ten FORWOOD moments from Season 2.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!  The post is made of awesome. 🙂

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49 responses to “Deconstructing Delena – My Picks for the Top Ten Damon and Elena Moments from the SECOND HALF of The Vampire Diaries’ Second Season

  1. Jen Steph

    What? No comments yet?
    That was excellent…I had a big laugh about how Rose “chose” to spend her sick time. (I guess The Price is Right just wasn’t good enough for her).

    I’ve been waiting for you to finish this “list” since the season ended and I wasn’t disappointed. I think I would have put the same moments in the same exact order. It was nice to re-live them again through your analysis.

    By the way, though I did notice the parallel between those two Damon/Elena bedroom scenes, I didn’t recognize the role reversal. Neat detail.

    It was also nice to see you appreciate “ponytail” Elena the same way I do –Her talking to Damon while drinking that tea was just so…comfortable and cool. I could watch a whole show of that… the two of them as partners in crime. Love.

    Of course, while the show’s on hiatus, we can now squee and look at pictures of real life Damon and Elena (Ian and Nina) canoodling all over Paris (And you know it’s serious when they bring their moms and canoodle in front of them. 🙂 And maybe get a glimpse of next season???

    • Aww, thanks so much, Jen Steph! 🙂 I’m so honored that you’ve been waiting on my Top Ten List. *blushes* And you’re right. I guess it’s kind of a misnomer to call anything a “list,” when it’s exceeds 8,000 words. 😉

      The Delena Moments “series” has always been a labor of love for me. After all, I ADORE this couple, and relish the opportunity to relive their best moments. They always take me FOREVER to write, but they are definitely well worth it.

      Ooh, I love your idea about Ponytail Elena becoming a more regular fixture on TVD! Here’s hoping that Season 3 takes place in the summer, when it’s hot in Atlanta. (It would be convenient for Elena not to have school during the Journey to Save Stefan, especially considering she only attends class on the days directly proceeding Decade Dances. :)) This way, laidback, spunky Ponytail Elena and Damon can roadtrip together, and hit on one another ALL SEASON. 🙂

      Speaking of roadtripping, I’ve been avidly following Ianina’s Paris frolics with their mommies TOO! I think LOVE them together in real life, ALMOST as much as I love them together on the show. And that’s saying A LOT. 😉

  2. Tricus

    Actually you named ALL of my favorite DE moments in Season 2 also. I for once don’t have anything to add. LOL
    Looking forward to Season 3 and how TVD resumes the DE relationship with Episode 1.
    I would LOVE if Damon, while still protecting and loving Elena ( and looking out for the Scooby gang) revert a little or enough back to his calculating and badass way. I think he will need that aspect of his nature to find and deal with Stefan adn Klaus.
    Don’t want Damon to be old Stefan 2.0. Oh NO TVD.
    Damon is known as THE bad boy. Though he becomes more caring he should still have those vampire instincts and snarkiness that helped him to survive all these years and deal with his enemies.
    “Thats HOT” as Paris Hilton favorite phrase to everything was back in the day. hahahaha

    • Hey Tricus! I’m so excited to hear that we agree on the best Delena moments from the second half of season 2. 🙂 I absolutely loved our TVD-related conversations throughout this season. And, to the extent this Delena analysis is thorough and insightful, you played a huge part in that. So, thank you so much for taking the time to contribute Delena-y goodness to this blog!

      I agree with you completely about not wanting Damon to become Stefan 2.0. Damon is always at his best (and most sexy), when he’s a bit edgy, dark, and, even a little mean-spirited. Considering that Plec and Williamson have teased that this season will be less about action and mythology, and more about character development, I do feel like we will get to see that fun side of Damon reemerge this season. Plus, Ian LOVES playing Damon BAD. So, I don’t think the actor would stand for the character being written in a wet-blankety way, that isn’t true to the complex character we have come to love, over the course of these past two seasons.

      As for Delena, I absolutely think we will be treated to a number of scenes illustrating the continuing development of their relationship, starting from Episode 1. In interviews, Nina has often mentioned that a lot of Season 3 will focus on Damon’s and Elena’s interpretations of the BIG KISS, and what it means to each of them. I can’t wait for the pair to explore this new aspect of their relationship together (while flirting, fighting with one another, and maybe even getting drunk together, on many LONG INTIMATE Save Stefan Roadtrips, of course! 🙂

  3. asia scott

    My fave scene was when elena kissed damon. That scene was so sweet, I knew she loved him.

    • Hey asia scott! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      You are right! The Big Delena Kiss was Pure Perfection. It was absolutely well worth the two season wait that us Delena fans endured to get it. And I agree with you that Elena’s strong feelings for Damon are undeniable, in that final scene. 🙂

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  5. Oh my goodness, commenting on this post was the carrot I dangled in front of myself while working on my top Forwood moments post. It was fun writing but SO MUCH WORK. Luckily, you included the Damon shower image as kind of a fangirl oasis that I could keep in mind as an incentive to finish in style.

    This is a truly brilliant post – everything a Delena fan could want and more. My number one pick for the first half of the season was a no brainer, but as everything became messier and more complicated for Damon and Elena as the sacrifice ritual approached, it’s hard to choose a clear cut winner for me this time around. Take the force feeding scene, for example. On the one hand, it could be viewed as Damon removing Elena’s agency and choice about her fate. Yet considering his love for her and his desperation to save her life at any costs, to the extent he was willing to make choices that might result in her hating her as long as she stayed alive, it is a powerful expression of how much he cares for her.

    One thing these moments have in common is Damon being proactive, as compared to Stefan, who quite often was passive in the second half of the season (apart from his deal with the devil in the final episode). For instance, Stefan listened and acceded to the wishes of the love of his life when she told him to “close his eyes” and let her sacrificer take her – thank God he redeemed himself in my eyes by going after them later. I could hardly see Damon doing the same in this position. Damon was actively “choosing” Elena with every movement he made, however morally ambiguous. This came full circle with him admitting on his deathbed that he loved Elena, despite having compelled her to forget his earlier confession to this effect.

    Even their first kiss was bittersweet. It was the consummation of an attraction and an understanding Elena shares with Damon, despite her love for Stefan, but it was also an act of compassion. Elena is the type of person who hates to see anyone suffer, regardless of how heinous their recent actions might be. Her instant forgiveness of Tyler when he led his were pack to her is an example of this. Her kiss, which signified the forgiveness Damon needed to feel at peace, and the true reciprocation of hisfeelings for a woman he loves, after over a century of pining for a woman who could not care less for him, showed how deeply she wants Damon to reclaim his humanity, even in his dying moments.

    I have a special place in my heart for Dancing!Damon moments, and seeing Ian Somerhalder wiggling his butt in leather pants and ad libbing “oh yeah” while dancing along to a 60s cover was one of my favourite parts of season two.

    Seeing Damon Ryan Atwood-ing Elena shows that some TV tropes never get old. I know it isn’t very feminist-y of me, but I love the image of a woman being carried in that particular way. Plus, I love any reminders of the Southern antebellum gentlemen that Damon and Stefan are at their cores.

    I hope Ponytail Elena makes a return next year, because with Stefan out of the picture temporarily, the tendency for her alterego to flirt insanely with Damon, act all sassy and, yep, grope him, will lead to fun, fun times for us Delena fans, is all that I can say. The Delena Train has left the station!

    Vague tangent – I can’t get over how sexual the nature of Klaus’ blood sucking is. Seeing that Klaus/Elena GIF really brought home how much he was getting off on draining her. Really, the sexual tension between him and Ripper!Stefan isn’t all that surprising come to think of it!

    OK, if I am ABSOLUTELY pressed to choose a favourite moment, I like Elena telling Damon that she wouldn’t leave him to die alone. Obviously, this sentiment mirrors Caroline’s refusal to leave Tyler during his transformation. What I love about both situations is that you have two people/creatures with personality types and biologies that are in conflict in many ways, yet somehow they are able to overcome this to forge a unique bond. There will never be a dull moment for Delena and Forwood next year, I’m sure!

    Now I’m waiting impatiently for enough episodes of season three to come out for your next Top 10 Delena Moments post!

    • Aww, thanks so much for your awesome comment! You are now officially the one person on the planet who truly understands all the blood sweat and tears (how TVD appropriate, right?) that go into a Top Ten Shipper Post. 🙂

      I can definitely relate to what you said about finishing in style. I don’t know if you ever go through this, but I always find myself emotionally exhausted, and a bit creatively tapped, by the end of LENGTHY recap or Long Blog Post. And emotional exhaustion and creative “skinniness,” is definitely a hazard, when writing a Top Ten Post, where the MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THE POST, and the PART EVERYONE WANTS TO READ, is also the VERY LAST THING YOU WRITE. I mean, how sucky would THIS post be, if after all that analysis, I got to number one, and wrote, “And . . . they finally kissed. YAY! The end.” LOL

      But it always helps me to know that I have fun supportive and brilliant fangirls, like you and Amy, awaiting me at the finish line, with witty commentary, sweet blush-inducing kudos and oodles of Fangirl Fun. So, of course, I’m honored to have been your Fangirl Oasis, while you were writing your Forwood Moments post. You certainly were MY oasis from THIS one.

      I agree with you that, while the first half of the Delena Season was all about the declaration of love in “Rose,” this one had a TON of contenders for a Number One Moment. There were so many Season 2 Delena scenes that were great for SO MANY different reasons. And experiencing those scenes in CONTEXT made them even more special.

      The Force-Feeding Scene was definitely a Dark Horse Top Ten contender for me, and probably my most controversial pick of the lot. After all, as a staunch Delena fan, my first instinct when “The Last Day” aired was to be legitimately mad that the writers made this happen, in the first place. Now, I wasn’t necessarily mad because of what Damon DID (After all, while misguided, Damon’s choice certainly did seem to be an ultimate act of love for Elena). Rather, I was mad because of how I knew ELENA would react. Specifically, I dreaded the massive negative effect I feared Damon’s choice would have on the Delena relationship. (The words Jeremy Neck Snap Incident 2.0 crossed through my mind.)

      And yet, putting that scene in context, and seeing how perfectly it dovetailed with the “I choose you” scene from “The Last Dance” really made the Force-Feeding scene one of the most beautiful, and revealing Delena moments of the second half of the season. There was so much raw honesty and emotion shared in that bedroom at that moment. And it truly illustrated (10 how alike Damon and Elena are in their “ends justify the means” logic, when it comes to protecting the ones they love; and (2) just how far Damon was willing to go to save Elena. In “The Last Dance” Damon told Elena “I choose you.” In “The Last Day” Damon truly put actions to those words.

      Also, interestingly enough, when you just focus on the PRE-force feeding part of the scene (as I mainly did, when I was writing this post), this really is a GENUINELY romantic Delena moment! 🙂

      AND THIS: “Damon was actively “choosing” Elena with every movement he made, however morally ambiguous.” – Truer words were never spoken. 😉

      I do think it’s interesting that while Damon always CHOOSES Elena, even if he does so through morally ambiguous means sometimes, Stefan ended up CHOOSING DAMON in precisely the same morally ambiguous way. And you have to wonder whether Stefan would have done the same for Elena, if it was SHE who needed the cure.

      And, you are right. Stefan’s actions relating to the rescue of Elena, pretty much from “The Last Dance” onward were largely passive. He agreed with Elena’s choice not to put Bonnie’s life on the line to save her own. He accepted her decision to de-stake Elijah, without argument or skepticism. He dealt with Elena’s potential future vampirism by literally “taking a walk.” He let Elena go off with Klaus at the end of “The Last Day,” without so much as a harsh word in Klaus’ direction. And, when he finally decided to sacrifice himself on Jenna’s behalf during the ritual, he announced his presence, and attempted to reason with Klaus (who was so OBVIOUSLY beyond reason), rather than sneaking on the scene and immediately incapacitating Greta to stop the ritual in its tracks, as Damon ultimately did.

      I LOVED THIS QUOTE FROM YOUR COMMENT TOO: “Her kiss, which signified the forgiveness Damon needed to feel at peace, and the true reciprocation of hisfeelings for a woman he loves, after over a century of pining for a woman who could not care less for him, showed how deeply she wants Damon to reclaim his humanity, even in his dying moments.”

      – This line is truly beautiful, in that it exposes an aspect of the Delena kiss that BOTH hardcore Delena-ites like myself, and Pity Kiss Theorists, often miss. Elena cares so deeply about Damon’s humanity, that she made certain that, if he was to die, he would do so completely unburdened and at peace. In essence, this is its own brand of love, one that, in many ways is more powerful than lust or romantic love. Elena loves and is truly compassionate about Damon’s SOUL.

      That dance scene WAS fantastic, wasn’t it? In many ways it was lighter and simpler than the dance Delena shared in Miss Mystic Falls, but in other ways, it was that much more meaningful, and REAL given all that these two individuals have endured together, between now and then. Remember how, in my comment to your blog post, I talked about the Coed Naked Couch Cuddle illustrating Forwood’s staying power as a REAL REQUITED COUPLE, that’s what this dance scene did for me and Delena. (Not that I ever had any doubts.)

      Ryan Atwood-ing! I love it! Ahhh, the classic, Marissa Cooper OD’d in Tijuana episode of the O.C.! Now that mention it, that scene even shared the same LIGHTING concept as this one. I guess to be Ryan Atwooded it helps a lot to be SUPER SKINNY, like Nina Dobrev and Mischa Barton. I could imagine being an actress in a scene like that, and worrying incessantly that my Hot Male Costar would not be able to carry me throughout that many takes. How embarrassing would that be? 🙂

      “The Delena Train has left the station!” – You are just full of quotes today, aren’t you? HELL YEAH, it has! CHOO CHOO! 🙂

      As for Klaus’ “killing” Elena, I found it disturbingly sexual too. Neck biting always has this sort of pleasure / pain aspect going for it, especially given that the neck is such an erogenous zone. And People Who Cut, do say that the act of bleeding one’s self, releases a certain type of endorphins.

      We got to see the Sexiness of Biting Up Close and Personal on TVD during the Damon/ Andie bathtub scene. But this scene had it too. Notice how, Elena’s eyes, flutter and roll back in her head, he jaw slackening, right before she loses consciousness. It’s almost like watching an “O” moment, up close. It’s no wonder as humans, we are so fascinated by vampires. They are very sexual beings, indeed!

      Ooh, neat Forwood / Delena parallel regarding the whole “you don’t have to go through this alone,” schema. It is pretty interesting that, during these two scenes Tyler and Damon, both in pain, and in danger of losing themselves / hurting the women they loved, selflessly instructed the objects of their affection to leave them alone, and save themselves. However, Caroline and Elena were both intuitive enough to realize that these men DID NOT want to be alone, and brave enough to accept the consequences associated with comforting them. These are two STRONG pairings, indeed.

      And if the teasers for Season 3 are any indication , you and I will be probably writing Top Ten Delena and Forwood posts after EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, in order to fully appreciate all the SHIPPER hotness enclosed within each TVD hour. (All fingers crossed!)

      • Sophie

        Let me just butt in here and say that I would just LOVE to have another classic Ryan Atwood happen to our team: that’s right, guys, I’m talking about the unconscious-while-sleeping-protective-spooning-cuddle! That little scene was always an absolute favourite of mine, in the entire series!
        Gah, the thought alone of Damon spooning Elena gets me all squeey and excited….something about it is just so PRECIOUS.
        Can they make that happen, please??
        It would be so easy now, with the possible road-tripping, shared motel beds, developing feelings….
        Great post, btw (whenever I write that now I’m automatically adding “that means by the way” in my mind, I’m so screwed..) I already miss your awesome recaps!

      • Hey Sophie! Thanks so much for your fantastic comment and kind words. I really am going to miss our fun Delena / TVD episode discussions this summer.

        It seems we have another O.C. / Ryan Atwood fan in our midst. 🙂 And, speaking of summer, there may just be a Ryan Atwoody-flavored blog post heading your way, in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 😉

        Rarissa (Marayan?) aside, I can absolutely picture Damon and Elena sharing the kind of moment you described together next season. After all, what good would a Roadtripping Damon and Elena be, if we didn’t get to watch them spend a few nights alone in motel rooms together? 🙂 And, of course, we all remember from Season 1 just how much Damon likes to watch Elena sleep. 😉

  6. Vulnavia

    Hello dear,
    is a pleasure to read this post, always so smart and funny. It´s a beatiful recap and a trip into the feelings and emotions that we miss sometimes, distracted in other details (you know, like shirtless people-monsters). So thank you for all the images and feelings that you re-created for us.

    This post made me love Delena a little bit more. Lately, in the three o four last episodies, my love had been close to Katherine, much more since she saved the Damon´s life. She wasn´t a selfish bitch as always, she was a loyal bitch for a minute and a half. And come on, she´s hot. She´s the hottest vampire- woman in the all TVD world.

    But Delena is deeper. Hurts. I know. I got it. I feel it. So…

    Little things:
    I think Damon don´t blame Stefan for turn into a vampire, he wanted to be a vampire, he begged to Katerine for it, he made choice consciously. He blame Stefan for turn into a vampire, when -they believed- Katherine was dead. Be a vampire it´s not a bad thing for Damon, but be a vampire without Katherine, was inaceptable. So, when he gives to drink his blood to Elena, he knows he is wrong, because Elena don´t want that, but for Damon, be a vampire it´s not a curse. He misses be a human, I know, he said that…but he also enjoys sometimes (like nobody else) and he is a little proud of vampire´s things and powers and we saw that many, many times. When he said he made the wrong choice, I think is for Katerine, no for be a vampire, because, he was capable to do, and would do ANYTHING for love. Because that´s Damon. He has choosed the wrong woman, that´s all. And in the end, he recognize his fault and regrets that.

    In the last episode, when Damon is hallucinating, he says: ·”I choose you, Katherine”. Those words are the same that he tell Elena in The Last Dance. I think it´s true. Both times. Because, his most valuable treasure, -and weakness-, is Love. He´s a pasionate creature. In the past, was Katherine, in the present, is Elena. But he´ll always choose Love.

    In the same scene, Damon bites Elena. He hurts Elena a little, BUT is not the intentions, he tell Katherine/Elena, “I have to (do that), If we are to be together forever”. Is a kiss of Love. For be together forever, he bites Katherine, bites Elena and would bite anyone who is in front. Whatever it takes. And for that, we all love Damon.

    One of my scenes favorites of season 2 is the cementery scene. Damon is a little away from the others and everyone is quiet and static looking at Elena, but he´s walking and he´s moving around like a wild animal and then Elena looks at him….and there is a conexion I had never seen before between them (in this point I was not sure if Elena was half vampire o what). He smiles a very very little and all the love-shit in the world was real for a second. My heart just broke in that emotive scene and because the music is wonderfull, Skinny Love.

    Then it happened that Elena was upset with Damon but at that moment I did not understand it that way. I thought that as she had died with the blood of Damon on her system and she not being a vampire because John´s sacrifice, might have a different connection type, just like in the books. I think the writers have not taken advantage of the power of the blood, but that’s another subject.

    Once again, I´m in mode “google traslator”, so sorry for the wrongs words and expresions.


    PS: I can wait for TB season 4 and yours recaps. (Say hi! Papi is coming!).

    • Hey Vulnavia! Thanks so much for your super sweet comment. I really appreciate your kind words, and am honored that you enjoyed the recap. I agree with you that, with all the action, sexy shirtlessness, and complex mythology of TVD, it is easy to sometimes miss the brilliant acting, and complex character relationships that make this show so special.

      Despite the fact that I recap the show every week, while creating this post, I was shocked by how many nuances of the Delena relationship I personally missed on first viewing. It was also an interesting exercise to view the scenes, in the context of the ENTIRE season, rather than just on their own. I was often surprised by how my feelings regarding certain scenes changed between my initial viewing and now.

      And I’m THRILLED that this post helped to draw you a little further into the intricate Delena Web of Love. Because, once you are trapped inside, there is no escaping. 🙂 Not that you would want to do so.

      That being said, I love Katherine too. More than any other character on this show, Katherine is a girl who knows how to enjoy herself. And part of me hopes that a bit of that “Morals and Rules Be Damned, as Long as I am Having a Good Time” attitude, and genuine love of life rubs off on Elena, during Season 3. (Damon too! Because, let’s face it, Boyfriend’s been a bit mopey, of late. Not that I can blame him.) I think that’s why I love Ponytail Elena so much, because she truly is the best of both worlds between “regular” Elena and Katherine.

      The issue of whether Damon actually REGRETS becoming a vampire, is a particularly intriguing question for me. So, I’m glad you brought it up. I may actually have to write a post about this. Because, here’s the thing, up until the final moments of “The Descent” when Damon cried to Jessica about missing humanity, I always thought that Damon LOVED being a vampire. So, suddenly being told that he HATED it, was a tough concept for me to swallow.

      To this day, I’m still not sure whether this was something Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson KNEW about the character from Day One, or decided sometime during Season 2, in order to “humanize” Damon. After all, in the book series, Damon Salvatore ADORES being a vampire. In fact, when faced with the possibility of regaining his humanity, Book Damon is HORRIFIED by the idea. And, of course, by the end of “As I Lay Dying,” TV Damon seems to have developed a renewed sense of appreciation for his vampirism, because immortality enabled him to connect with Elena.

      All that being said, I do think a part of Damon blamed Stefan for enticing him to make the final transition into vampirism, by biting that innocent girl right in front of him, back in 1864. And when Damon told Stefan on that day, “I will make your life miserable for all eternity” or something to that effect, while part of it had to do with jealousy over Katherine, I think another part of it DID have to do with his belief that Stefan had taken away his CHOICE to die or complete the transition, just as Elena was initially angered at Damon for doing the same thing to HER in present day.

      There is a brief moment in the bedroom scene, in which Damon says, “Tell Stefan I’m sorry,” which seems to support this theory.

      I sneakily didn’t include the “I choose you, Katherine” quote in my Potent Quotables section, because I felt it kind of went against the Delena-theme of the blog post. However, I love your assessment that Damon will always choose LOVE over anything else. That analysis, actually makes Damon’s declaration of love for ANOTHER woman consistent with my “Everything always goes back to Delena” way of viewing things. So, thank you for that piece of brilliance! 🙂

      For the record, I loved the silent emotional exchange between Damon and Elena at the cemetery too, and was actually very close to including it in my Top Ten. It illustrated the way Damon’s and Elena’s bond with one another supersedes words and language. They just UNDERSTAND one another, pure and simple. Of course, the fact that there were MORE than ten awesome Delena scenes to choose from in the last eleven episodes of the Season just warmed my heart. Because, admittedly, the first half of the Season was a bit stingier with them. Now, that’s what I call progress! 😉

      Ahhh, the Blood Connection. I agree with you completely. This is an aspect of True Blood that I ADORE. It is also featured in the TVD book series, as well as some of my other favorite vampire tales, most notably the Vampire Academy Series. I feel like Kevin and Julie ignore this aspect of vampire lore to their peril.

      I know few people agree with me about the possibility that Elena, having died with Damon’s blood in her system, would awaken somehow connected to him, remembering his compulsion of her in “Rose,” even though she is not technically a vampire. And maybe that was wishful thinking on my part. On the other hand, ever since the “Rose” scene took place, I have wanted Elena to somehow remember what happened there. That was a dangling plot thread in Season 2 for me, that I kept waiting to be tied up.

      Some would argue that what Damon said in “Rose” is now a moot point, since he confessed his love to Elena during “As I Lay Dying.” However, I would respond that the fact that Damon was so completely SELFLESS in his show of love for Elena during “Rose,” in that he was willing to keep that love a secret, even though it killed him inside, would have a great impact on Elena’s opinion of Damon, if she learned about it. In fact, I suspect it would prove to her, once and for all, that Damon Salvatore is the “Better Man,” she always dreamed he could be.

      So, for my own sanity and peace of mind, I suspect that I will keep on inventing scenarios orchestrating Elena’s remembrance of that moment, until the TVD writers finally tie that thread for me. (Heck, I even wrote a fanfiction about it!) 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing TVD with me this season, Vulnavia. I definitely look forward to talking TVD and True Blood with you this summer! I’m so glad you are a fan of both shows! Clearly, you have spectacular taste. 🙂

  7. imaginarymen

    Julie I really do not know how you do it. I spend way too much time writing my short little half-ass recaps so I can go to bed. The time, energy, research and LOVE for the subject – it takes to write something as comprehensive as this – truly impresses me. You are a Fangirl Extraordinaire!!

    This whole post is great and I loved all these moments for all the reasons mentioned – so I don’t have much to add. Other than for me, the “I choose YOU” is probably my very favorite bc in incited the same reaction in me as Pacey’s “I remember everything” did – which is to make my heart flutter, give my tummy butterflies, and create a lifelong adoration that lasts until this day! For me, that was Damon’s defining moment about his feelings for Elena, beyond even “I love you” bc people hear that all the time.

    It also highlights what he had not yet discovered – his ability to make a CHOICE – something at that point – he still believed he hadn’t been allowed to do (loving Katherine, becoming a vamp.)

    And if I can put on my Team Stefan cap for a moment – I think a lot of his “passive” behavior towards Elena is entirely due to the guilt he feels about NOT giving Damon a choice to turn vamp. Damon had made a decision to die and Stefan trampled all over that to get what HE wanted, which was to have his brother experience being a vampire with him. His pain and guilt is completely hinged on taking Damon’s choice AWAY, and I think he very consciously decided to respect Elena’s wishes and her decisions. She was making choices about what she wanted to do – and he wanted to respect those because he loves her, but also because he is forever and ever atoning for what he did for Damon.

    And to end on a Klaus note – everything about Klaus is laced w/ a HotCreepySexyVibe – his interactions w/ Elijah, Elena, and certainly Stefan. Joseph Morgan is beautifully cast bc he can be both menacing and extremely seductive at the same time. He should just do more of that shirtless in S3 ;-p

    • Awww, that is so nice of you to say! Especially since, if it weren’t for your friendship, support, and encouragement, I probably would have quit blogging about a year ago. I still remember you commenting on one of my first posts (either the Pacey/Joey one or the Puck from Glee one).

      So, I checked out your AWESOME blog, for the first time . . . and, of course, was totally impressed. So, I immediately started writing back to you, all whiny, bitching and moaning, about how no one ever reads what I write, and that, sometimes, I get only 8 hits a day. But you told me that I should just give it time, and that readers would come. And I did. So, thank you for being YOU. 🙂

      And as for your posts, they may be shorter, but they are far from half-assed! I’m always impressed by your wide-ranging writing talents and love for ALL subjects . . . not just TV . . . as well as your ability to succinctly convey in 800 words, the same thing it takes me 3,000 to say. 🙂 As someone with a journalism background, I can tell you that the ability to be effective and BRIEF is a gift. And you definitely have it, in spades.

      But back to TVD . . . 🙂

      I love the parallel you suggested between Damon’s “I choose you” moment, and Pacey’s “I remember everything” moment. You are right. Sometimes there are more powerful ways to say “I love you” than actually uttering those, admittedly overused, three words. Both Damon’s and Pacey’s statements convey not just the fluffy concept of “love,” by how powerful and transformative that emotion truly can be, when it is REAL. And I definitely experienced that same all around body warmth, tingly-ness, and heart tugging, when I watched the final moments of “The Last Dance,” as I did when I watched Pacey whisper those words in Joey’s ear, during their beautifully heartbreaking dance at the Alterna-Prom, all those years ago.

      Because while Damon and Pacey are two men who DEFINITELY have a way with romantic words, it is not simply what they say that shows them to be deeply in love. You can see how they feel in their body language, their hand gestures, and the way their eyes linger, adoringly, over the objects of their affection. But, perhaps, even more important than that, Damon and Pacey show their love for Elena and Joey respectively, through their self sacrificing actions . . . and the way that they allow these women to break down their emotional barricades, and toss out their years of emotional baggage, to get deep into the core of who they are as men.

      I also love your astute observation that the concept of CHOICE and FREE WILL is a theme, not just of “As I Lay Dying,” but of the ENTIRE TVD series. It colors every interaction the Salvatore Brothers have with one another, and with Elena. In essence, even though 145ish years have passed, Damon and Stefan relive the choices they made back in 1864 every day. And they struggle with the fear that the they are doomed to repeat the mistakes they made back then.

      I mean, can you imagine experiencing TWO LIFETIMES worth of regret, for a decision you made back when you were just 17-years old . . . a decision that you may have taken TWO SECONDS to make? Because, really, how well can you know yourself at 17? How well can you know yourself AT ANY AGE, for that matter? We make choices every day that have little to no impact on our lives. How are we to know which one will end up destroying us?

      Oh, and here’s to Season 3, for providing us with EVEN MORE OPPORTUNITIES, for nakedness than we ever thought possible. Picture it: Delena Roadtrips, where there is only a KING-SIZED BED available, and the suitcases magically disappear, Forwood Were Transformations, where the jeans get buried in the dirt, Jer-Ghost Anna-Vampire Vicki threesome handgasms . . . where everyone is naked . . . just because :), and, of course, were-vamp Klaus and Stefan frolicking the woods together in their birthday suits, rejoicing over the village they just pillaged. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  8. Camila

    Hey! LOVE YOUR POSTS! I’ve been following your tvd reviews for awhile but I’ve never commented! *shame on me*
    Anyway, great list. It is really hard to pick the best moments since this half of the season had a lot of intense and ambiguous talks, looks etc.
    Season’s finale could only be in 1st and 2sd place lol I’m one of those fans who considered that talk a gift.
    It was so great to see Damon openly admit it was all his fault and that he wanted Stefan to know that. It showed such a character growth I hope will keep showing in S3.
    Elena not being afraid of him also showed how much he meant for her.
    And, I was actually really mad at Elena for great part of this season (lol) but this finale just made me love her. The way she cryed when he said that he loved her was so emotional in ways we couldn’t exactly understand (was it because she loved him too? Was it because she knew that ever since she died and maybe remembered his selfless confession? Was is because she wanted him to live so she could figure out what shefelt for him? all of the above?). The “just the way you are” line was brilliant! It is version of how we, Damon fan-crazy-lovers(lol at least, me) feel about him; even though 1864 Damon was sweet, he wasn’t half as smart, sarcastic,bold(+thousands of other adjectives) as Damon now. The current Damon wouldn’t have let tons of things that happened back then happen now…
    The kiss of course was AMAZING. I hate the pity theory, of course. But I embrace half of the departuring kiss one. What I loved about it was how it fit the current situation of delena. Elena doesn’t know what she feels about Damon exactly. She still believes that Stefan is the love of her life most part of the time, even if she admitted she doesn’t know what love is in “The last Day”. She’d never have kissed Damon in any other situation…but she wouldn’t have kissed him even in that situation if she felt absolutely nothing for him(which, for anyone who had watched TVD correctly knows that is very far from true).
    So, to me, she kissed him to give him a gift, to thank him for his love, to say goodbye but also because she was finally letting her suppressed and still confusing feelings for him flow freely♥ I guess the scene sent mixed feelings for the viewers because that was what it was about.

    One last comment! I’ve realized a sweet parallel that shows how far have delena come from the first half of s2 to its second.
    “Bad Moon Rising” showed a Damon worried about losing Elena after snapping her brother’s neck and her answer “You have lost me FOREVER”.
    In “The Last Day”, though, when Damon had a similar concern…when he said he couldn’t lose her, the answer was “You won’t”.
    Forever, huh?
    ♥ IDK if you’ve talked about it here before but I just felt the need to say it 😀

    • Hi Camila! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so honored that you’ve been reading and enjoying my blog. You know, when it comes to blogs, articles, and fan forums, I tend to be a “lurker,” by nature, too (with a few notable exceptions). So, I’m always moved and excited when people take the time to comment on things I wrote, as that’s something I don’t do nearly enough for others. 🙂 (Would you believe, I’m shy? :))

      I agree with you that the second half of this season was so filled with small and beautiful Delena moments. And this made ranking the top ten more difficult than ever before. For me, that just illustrates how far Damon and Elena have come from the Dark Place they were in at the start of Season 2 (as well as the FABULOUS places they are sure to go together in Season 3). In fact, it THRILLED me that there were so many good Damon and Elena moments in the final eleven episodes of Season 2, that I actually had the luxury of leaving some OFF of the countdown.

      Notable exclusions from this list included, the Cemetery Eyesex, Damon’s and Elena’s heated exchange in “The Last Dance” (when Elena slapped Damon, and Damon first revealed that Bonnie wasn’t dead), Damon’s discussion with Elena at the beginning of “Daddy Issues,” the fact that DAMON, but not Stefan, was correctly able to distinguish Elena from Katherine in the opening moments of “The House Guest,” and Damon’s speech to Stefan, at the end of “The Last Dance” (“I’ll be the one to keep her safe”). I could probably keep going, but I think you get the idea . . . 🙂

      That being said, I completely agree with you that the two final Delena moments from the season finale belonged at the top of the list. After all, among other things, these moments embodied all the things Delena fans have been wanting these two characters to say to one another, and do FOR one another, since about the middle of Season 1. “As I Lay Dying” was a True Gift from the writers to Delena fans, indeed. And because us Delena-ians have been so patient through two seasons of hearing Elena repeat, “It’s always going to be Stefan,” we absolutely deserved that Gift. 😉

      In essence, Damon’s and Elena’s words to one another were the culmination of the journey these two individuals have been taking toward one another all season. For Damon’s part, he was able to (1) accept responsibility for what happened to him in 1864, thereby, freeing himself of the resentment he’s held in his heart for Stefan and Katherine, all this time (resentment that, I suspect, was keeping him from getting involved in romantic relationships); (2) explicitly apologize to Elena for, among other things, the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident (“I’ve done so many things to hurt you.”); (3) show Elena just how truly selfless he can be, by initially hiding his lethal illness from her, and by accepting her feelings for Stefan, without expecting anything in return; and (4) finally tell Elena that he loves her, and allow her to actually REMEMBER IT.

      As for Elena, she finally was able to (1) “rescue” Damon, after all the times he had put his life on the line to rescue her; (2) truly forgive Damon for, among other things, the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident, and the Force Feeding Incident; (3) assure Damon that he didn’t need to be a “Better Man” for her, because she loves(? ;)) him just the way he is; (4) prove to Damon that he would never truly have to be alone again, as long as they both were alive; (5) admit to Damon that she knew he loved her; and (6) give Damon a REAL kiss, to replace the fake one he shared with faux-Elena/Katherine in the Season 1 finale.

      Speaking of Elena, you are absolutely right. Fear for her own safety never crossed her mind throughout “As I Lay Dying,” despite the fact that she had learned firsthand from Rose, just how dangerous were-rabies sufferers could be. For Elena to completely put her own life on the line to comfort Damon, during what she believed to be the last moments of HIS life, definitely showed how much she cares for the elder Salvatore brother, as well as the level of trust she has in his humanity, and his love for her.

      I love your analysis of Elena’s tearful acceptance of Damon’s love in “As I Lay Dying,” as well as The Kiss. And I completely agree with you. The emotions that Elena was experiencing, while cuddling in that bed next to a Dying Damon, were so complex and multi-faceted that I suspect SHE doesn’t even fully understand them yet. Right now, if you asked Elena why she cried when Damon told her he loved her, and why she chose to kiss him when she did, I don’t think she’d be able to give you a straight answer.

      Unlike Rose’s death scene in “The Descent,” in which Damon knew that Rose had to be put out of her misery, and had time to craft the perfect farewell for her, Elena had just learned of Damon’s illness hours earlier, in “As I Lay Dying.” A lot of the things she did, and the words she said during that time, were done on impulse. There was no real time for calculation on her part, which, among other things, is why the Pity Kiss Theory simply doesn’t make sense to me.
      That being said, one thing is for sure, Elena learned many things about her feelings for Damon, while lying in that bed . . . the most obvious of which being just how much she cares for him, and needs him in her life. And those realizations are something that I suspect we will see her grapple with in a big way during Season 3.

      Oh, and I LOVE the parallel you mentioned between “Bad Moon Rising” and “The Last Day.” The TVD writers definitely have a knack for pairing memorable lines across episodes, to illustrate character growth. And I definitely think, Elena’s “You won’t [lose me],” in the latter, was intended as a parallel to her “You’ve lost me forever” utterance in the former. These statements of Elena’s also served as a nice parallel to the statement Damon made after the force feeding, “Go ahead, hate me for all eternity . . . trust me you’ll get over it,” thus illustrating the start of Damon’s journey toward forgiving Stefan for his actions in 1864.

      These two paired statements each pop up again in “As I Lay Dying,” when (1) Damon says to Elena, “tell Stefan I’m sorry [for blaming him all these years for my vampirism]”; and (2) when Elena says “I’m not leaving you” to Damon. Talk about coming full circle! 🙂

  9. André

    Don’t get me wrong when I won’t comment much on this one. You did a good job but it is just that the whole Delena ordeal is pretty uninteresting for me. It was all so predictable that I barely think about it. I mean we all knew it would happen, we all knew she would fall in love with him, forgive him etc.
    And the old Damon will probably be back as well, although I still haven’t given up on the writers coming to their senses and paying attention to the timeline otherwise Sommerhalder will be in his late thirties before Elena is old enough to go to college (seriously, she is still 17 at the end of Season 2, lame don’t you think?).
    But don’t worry, the supporting cast still make the show interesting for me. So I am sure I will comment much in the future.;)

    • LOL. The whole “vampires aren’t supposed to age” thing, does put a bit of an end date on this series, doesn’t it? I mean, I know you, personally, wouldn’t mind it, but I can’t imagine this show would last long without Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as its front runners. 😉

      Even if the writers managed to make fans care enough about the secondary characters, that they could carry their own show, staunch Delena and Stelena-ites would undboutedly abandon the series in protest. I think it will be more likely that the show will end after around Season 6, by Kevin Williamson’s suggestion. Then, assuming the show has remained successful all that time, one or more of the secondary characters will be granted their own spinoffs.

      I think the age thing is actually less of a problem for Damon, who turned vamp at an “indeterminate age” (in the books he was 21, but the series seems to skew him a bit older), than Stefan, who will be expected to remain Forever 17. Granted, if you ever look at pictures of people from the 1800’s they all LOOK much older than their actual ages would suggest. And I think, in many ways, they WERE “older,” since they lived HARDER lives, were married and had children at younger ages, and their life expectancies were much shorter. Now, while that works for DAMON, who theoretically could be a 20 something who LOOKS 30ish, by nature of when he lived. Stefan’s so-called boyish good looks (while passable for now), will stretch the realm of believability by Season 5, I suspect.

      Your comment made me realize something interesting about the timeline. While in the Real World, two years have passed since Season 1 of TVD premiered, on the show, a good portion of the episodes, happened in an extremely short amount of time. Take for example the end of Season 2. It occurred to me that the events of episodes 18 through 22, happened over the course of LESS THAN A WEEK.

      Think about it. Let’s say the 60’s dance was on Friday night. That night, Elena de-staked Elijah. And the events of “Klaus” took place on Saturday. From the looks of it, “The Last Day” took place just one day after that, “Sunday.” So, the Sacrifice Ritual took place Sunday night. Jenna and John were buried directly thereafter on Monday. And the events of “As I Lay Dying,” began the morning after the funeral “Tuesday.” We can assume this, based on the way Elena awakens to look into Jenna’s bedroom, as if it’s the first time she is seeing it empty.

      (But don’t ask me why on TUESDAY, everyone was at the Gone with the Wind showing, and not at school. Local holiday, perhaps?)

      If other episodes are clumped together in this way, it is entirely plausible (though not necessarily practical) that the entire run of the series has taken place over the course of a few months. In helping to keep the time factor vague, episodes of TVD are purposefully void of holidays or any events signifying the passage of time. (One exception was the Halloween episode, early on in the series). We never see Christmas, Thanksgiving, Prom, Summer Vacation, Spring Break. I can’t decide whether this is clever on the part of the writers, or extremely bizarre. 🙂

      • André

        Wow you are fast. I haven’t figured out yet were you live but we must be in the same time zone or two very close ones.

        I guess TVD could only run if they either turn the current vamps into humans or get rid off them and introduce new ones, because Sommerhalder, Wesley and Accola will only be able to play vamps for 2-3 years max in addition Trevino and Roerig already can’t pass for teenagers and both are 26. Even McQueen (look at his teenager years and you see he looks far less puppy-eyed now) is only able to do so if he has short hair, very wide clothes to hide his frame and probably shaves more than once per day. Grahm also no longer looks like a teenager and while Dobrev looks pretty close to her teenage years it is physically evident that she is not a girl anymore.
        Normally TV shows resolve such a problem by at least letting time pass between the seasons or making it happen in real world time. I think they did it in Buffy (in the last season Buffy stated that the peak of hellhole activity is in May).
        So the writers would really need to let some time pass between season 2 and 3 otherwise fans and actors will skip the show pretty soon. The actors don’t seem to be dependent on the show. At least Graham did Honey 2 during that time I think.

        I don’t think TVD pays that much attention to the situation in the 19th century. True Blood obviously did at least a bit as evident by episode 5 (I wonder whether that is coincidence that the Salvatores became vamps at the time of the Civil War).

        There was a possibility to measure the time during the second season. When Tyler had returned he had said that one month had passed and the next night it was full moon. So like said only one month had passed between episode 11 and 21. Now Mason had turned early in the seson. There was no evidence that between his and Tyler’s transformation any full moon had passed. Katherine was pretty quick with replacing Mason and he was introduced only 2-3 weeks max prior to his first transformation. So I think that it is pretty safe to say that the whole of season 2 happened in less than three months, maybe only a little more than two. Which would some elements of character development appear very unplausable and unrealistic. So I agree with Spidey that Plecs statement that we fans shouldn’t worry about the timeline quite patronizing. And I think it is rather stupid of the writers not to introduce some chronological fix-points, maybe this is the reason why they don’t keep track of the timeline or they don’t see the wood for the trees.

  10. Sara

    Oh, I finaly could read everythig!
    Again, you are allright, and i just love see all my favorite scenes over again.
    I have to say that the dance part, i love, love and love!
    They are just so perfect together!
    And, as long of the two seasons, I could see that allways, when have lots off missions for doing, ou importants travels, its allways Damon who go with Elena, Stefen ever choice the other option, like that they of Petrova’s Book, Stefan stay home for teach Caroline hunt! And, in the last episode, Stefan stay to make sure that Klaus was dead, and was Damon again who take care of Elena, and, again, In the dance part, Stefan take the responsability to say to Caroline what was going on, giving Elena for Damon once again. And, -last- in the episode The Sacrifice, Was Damon who go save Elena and stay out to protect her.
    And…. oh, are so many times, that i just cant stop!.
    But, you know what i mean? Just like the dance in season one, Stegan gets crazy about blood, and desapear just when Elena needs him, and again, Damon show up to save the day. *-*
    They are made to be together. Done.
    Well, i thinks that its all. I wait like crazy for the next season and, of course, the top ten season 3. – also, you should do a top ten of the first episode, and second.. they are just so great./joke.

    Congratulations for this wonderful list. I realy enjoyed.

    PS: Sorry for mine horrible english.
    PSS: I hope you dont have lot off problems to understand.

    • I absolutely understood everything you wrote perfectly, Sara! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for your kind words, and for taking the time to comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed this three-part Delena series! And I absolutely plan to continue to write lists like these in Season 3. So, there will definitely be more where this came from! 🙂 See you September 15th (if not sooner)! 😉

  11. East Coast Captain

    Well Delena is looking good for next year but Season 3 might be known as Stefan´s Season, the season where he´ll shine.

    Although I want some Stefarine, I want those two to make sweet passionate, deadly, lethal, out of this world love!!!! I want some thing that even though its for teenagers, it will blow many minds away.

  12. Brittany-Marie

    I found you! 😀 ❤
    Gaaaah, When my old laptop took a turn for the worst (Screen crapped out THEN virus killed it) I had to get a new one and I totally forgot that I did not have this link programed anywhere -but- that laptop. I looked for HOURS before I remembered -one- of the members usernames who posted here . I searched for "The Vampire Diaries Review Spidey Sense" and up came our Spidey, and in her comments, up came the love of my life (this blog of course) <333 I'm soooo freaking excited I could pee.

    And the reason for my freaking out about lacking the link?
    I found THIS looking for something to satiate my TVD deprivation and felt that the rest of us Forwood shippers would enjoy it! ❤

    Just in case the embed code doesn’t work —

    I have misseeeed you guys SO much. ❤ Also! There are new caps up from Season 3 set ❤ I'll locate them and post them in a second comment.

    • Hey Brittany-Marie! It is so great to see you on the blogosphere again! We missed you too! And thanks so much for your kind words. (They made me excited enough to pee, as well ;)) You are too sweet! *blushes*

      I’m sorry to hear about your laptop. (I’ve definitely been there!) But I am thrilled to see that you are back online and ready to talk TVD, just in time for all the Season 3 Comic Con spoilers to inevitably emerge. If I recall, during last year’s Comic Con , the show writers released some early footage from the premiere episode, in addition to offering us a TON of new, never before released, information about the upcoming season. I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

      Oh, and thank you SOOO MUCH for the set pictures! I definitely did a little happy dance, when I saw them. I actually “know” the owner of that tumblr you cited, and I trust very much that she would only post from legitimate sources. So, those must be REAL! 🙂 Go TEAM FORWOOD! 🙂 (By the way, I’m so psyched to hear that we are both on this SHIP.)

      I’m sure we will have PLENTY of TVD and Forwood-y goodies to discuss in the upcoming weeks ;). Talk to you soon! 🙂

      • Brittany-Marie

        Kjewls!! So great to see you too and to be back. You’re very welcome. This blog becomes part of my weekly life during TVD-time ❤

        I was sorry about my laptop too, but I do enjoy my new one and the update from vista to window 7 (: I'm thrilled to be back as well and can't wait to talk more TVD. I was just talking to one of our KMart workers today . His niece is at a comic con for Twilight or was, like yesterday or within the last few days? She called him and while she was on the phone, She screamed "I LOVE YOU" to Josh Hartnett whom was walking past her and he screamed "I LOVE YOU" back, the guy said he could -hear- his niece shaking on the phone haha.

        I want to go to a comic con so bad.

        I'm really excited for season 3, It just can't come fast enough.

        You're absolutely welcome for the set pictures! (:
        Oh, do you? Well I'm glad we know they're legit then!

        And absolutely we are on the same ship! 😀
        I'm still pretty Stelena-y — Though, I'm definitely open to see what Delena goodness comes our way ^_^ I adore both the Salvatore boys. As for Jeremy .. I think I'm still a pretty big Janna shipper ❤ I loved Anna so bad and I was so excited to see her in the finale for Season 2. I loved Vicki too though, and while he and Bonnie are cute I just don't know. It's such a tough decision. But I am SO Forwood as far as Caroline goes<3

        So nice to talk you again KJewls.
        Hope you've had a nice day!
        Talk to you soon!

  13. Brittany-Marie

    Candice is trying to raise awareness for Lyme disease.

    I found these (Rumored to be Season 3 set images, on a tumblr account, not sure whether or not they’re legit and don’t know where to locate originals, nothing on Candice’s fansite)

    Images came from this tumblr

  14. Brittany-Marie

    *highest pitch squee you will EVER here*


    One Spoiler. Just One.. I promise nothing else. Just a quote.
    "You know , You should learn to knock. What If I was… indecent?" ❤

    I'm still squeeing like it's the only thing in my vocabulary!

  15. Brittany-Marie

    That was supposed to say hear not here, Excuse any typos ;; Far too excited to care at the moment, lol. (:

    • YESSSSSSS! OMG! Brittany-Marie, you are officially my favorite person on the planet! Do you know how long I’ve been LOOKING for that Soapy Damon clip? My whole life, it seems.

      I love how they put it after THREE MINUTES of old stuff, so that you’re thinking yet another promo is going to go by with NO NEW FOOTAGE. And then, just when you are about to look away, it’s Ponytail Elena and Pilot Episode-Headed Soapy NAKED Damon. YUMMY! 🙂

      This has literally made my weekend. *hugs* THANK YOU AGAIN, for your super sleuthing, from the bottom of my heart!

      • Brittany-Marie

        My throat is sore from the amount of squeeing I have been doing, I have watched that clip alone like 2384930284039 times since a friend of mine in UK linked me to that site so that I could watch the promo! 😀

        I am telling you! Three minutes of nothing but old and I was like “Seriously? That’s it? I mean I’m glad to be seeing them again, but come O–OHMYGODDAMON!” ahahah. Made MY whole weekend too, Kjewls *hugs* I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with this clip in the first season 3 recap. I am SO excited, I wish I could just push a magic button and skip to September.

  16. “I believe the term you’re looking for is.. OMFG”
    Hello, there!!
    I hear “soapy Damon” and came quickly. “I´m easy like that!”
    I would say i´m glad (no, no, I´m happy) to see the cocky face again, and even if his hair is a little long for my taste, i prefer that. (The super dark hair that he wear at the last part of S2, remind me the Liz Taylor´s hair. Weird).
    Oh, he look so much younger that the last episode! And Soapy!! I love his face, his gesture with his eyebrows, cocky much!!!!!!!.

    (I would like to comment on your TB´s recaps but I can not write in English very good, and I can say only “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” after each episode. But let me tell you that I read every week with so much pleasure).

    I can´t wait until September!!!!

    • Hey Vulnavia! It’s great to see you! There IS something about Damon Salvatore, that just brings everybody running. And the TVD lines you included in your comment were classic!

      I’m already wearing the replay button out on that video (THANK YOU BRITTANY-MARIE!) Of course, I keep skipping over to the 3 minute mark, just so I can get to the good stuff. 😉

      The Damon trademark smirk just cemented this scene for me, as one that will surely go down as one of the top ten Damon moments of all time. (And YEP, he was definitely doing the EYE THING.)

      As a Delena fan, also, I must add, that I enjoyed the way Elena’s eyes DELIBERATELY lingered DOWN BELOW for a good three seconds, before she turned around. She seemed MESMERIZED by Damon’s “birthday present for her.” And you know what that means . . . the ELDER SALVATORE BROTHER is also the BIGGER ONE . . . if you catch my drift. 😉

      I’m so glad to hear you watch True Blood as well. Are you enjoying Amnesia Eric, as much as I am? 😉

      • Brittany-Marie

        I am doing the same thing Kjewls! 😀
        Over and over and over again.

        Just out of curiosity, do you use any forms of messenger?

      • I don’t actually. But if you ever want to contact me privately, just fill in the contact page at my website

        And I will receive a message from you in my e-mail inbox. Once, I write back to you, you will have a copy of my personal e-mail address, and can contact me anytime. (I only don’t post it here, for privacy reasons).

        Also, a few of my blogging pals and I will be liveblogging the season premiere of TVD using CoveritLive Software. I’ll have more information for you as we get closer to the date, but we should be able to chat in real time there! We would love for you to join us! 🙂

  17. Brittany-Marie

    Ugggggh the smirk on his face when he says “indecent” ;; I’m squeeing, again 😀

  18. “Ugggggh the smirk on his face when he says “indecent” ;; I’m squeeing, again”

    He bites the bottom lip after that, or I’m delusional?
    I do not know how many times I can watch the video, I think forever . I never get tired of soapy-naked-wet Damon…do you?

    OH! I LOVE Amnesia Eric! , I enjoy how he never become less dangerous, but now he is dangerous in a innocent way, like a wild child. Is my favorite character of the show. And Pam. And Jessica. And Sookie, that little sluty good girl. / I love her.

    I think Elena should learn some things of Sookie, she can be with Bill, Eric and Alcides and still be a very nice and good girl. 🙂

    You know, my Delena ship came and go, I just finish of re re re watch the second season of TVD and sometimes…-we talk about it before-, sometimes Elena has a very teenager morality and I think she needs grow up, maybe S3 is her time to do that.

    With all my heart, I hope (I always keep my hope on Elena) she deserves the soapy Damon.

    Soapy Damon, I say? I need watch the video again!!!!

  19. One more thing:
    Ponytail Elena and Naked Damon.

    That´s all.

  20. Brittany-Marie

    Hey there Kjewls!

    While I’m still a heavy Stelena Shipper — I’m slowly appreciating Delena more and more and I fell in love with these youtube videos, I thought you might enjoy them, as well.

    (These are different scenerios where Elena either remembers or never forgot Damon’s confession of love.) (this one is definitely my favorite scenerio)

    I could go on with this for hourrrs but I’ll stop here (:

    • Thank you SO MUCH for finding these spectacular videos! The first one you posted was particularly brilliant! It’s interesting because, since I watched it from my blog, as opposed to on YouTube, I didn’t get to read the video description. So, when it started, I assumed it was just a very well-edited, live action, AU fanfiction. I didn’t see the twist at the end coming at all. And yet, it worked PERFECTLY, and made total sense to me, in terms of the series.

      As both a STEFAN, and a Damon fan, you might be excited to know, my blogging pal Amy and I have been prepping for a series of Salvatore Brothers-related TVD posts, which we plan to publish in the weeks leading up to the TVD premiere. In these posts, we take some crucial Salvatore Brothers moments, in which the brothers relate to one another, and analyze the stuffing out of them. I’ve also got a SUPER SHALLOW (but VERY pretty to look at) Naked Damon Moments post in the works, in honor of the Bubbles Scene shown at Comic Con. So, be on the lookout for that as well . . .

      Thanks again, for making my heart go swoony with these videos, and making me even more excited for September 15th.

      • Brittany-Marie

        You’re more than welcome honey 😀
        I knew you’d like them (:

        I will definitely be on the look-out for those ;; I would have gotten back to you a bit sooner, However I was in a car for fifteen hours today. Just got into Prescott Arizona around 9ish maybe? So about 4 hours ago? ish.

        My cousin has softball nationals, so we had to come out for that. Shall be here for about a week, thankfully Prescott is only usually 80s – 90s but I did experience 116 degree weather in Needles, CA on the way. Not pleasant at all . hah.

        Hope you have a good week and hope to talk to you soon.

  21. Brittany-Marie

    Apparently some of the video’s only posted as links (Just don’t forget to click them, Sorry about that.)

  22. Mrs Witter

    Hey Jewls.
    Great read, as usual. But I think its time for a “best of season 3”.
    I need something to keep me going during the Holidays.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Mrs Witter

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  24. Rumi

    Hey! I love all your articles and had even begun to wait impatiently for them. Now that Season 3 is over, I’m curious to read your top 10 picks because there were so many amazing moments this season! I hope you post soon. 🙂
    Lots of love.

  25. vionnah m.

    Men! Delena lots of love,,,i like the way insidely they lov each other and its soo cool i lov the two of you,,no offence stephan,,,am also a huge fan bt damon as bad bad guy n is being softened up by elena its so cute,,,,I LOVE YOU DELENA ALWAYS,,

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