An Ode to The O.C.’s Seth Cohen (Because he’s the Snowflake AND the Latke!)


True story!  Once upon a time, there lived a TV Recapper who only liked Bad Boys . . .

(Ummm  . . .  OK . . . so maybe it wasn’t THAT long ago.) 

But then, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, there emerged a little show called The O.C. . . .


And from The O.C., a boy named Seth Cohen was born.  And he was GOOOOD!


On the surface, Seth Cohen is not the type of guy a TV fangirl, like me, normally “goes for.”  In fact, when I watched the pilot episode for The O.C., I was very ANTI- Seth Cohen!  He just seemed so “sweet” and protagonist-y. 


This wasn’t a guy who was going to be broody or uncommunicative, like my previous TV boyfriends.  He wasn’t going to kick people’s asses for the fun of it . . . or do morally ambigious (read: “sexy”) things on a weekly basis . . .  or walk around shirtless, constantly, just because he could.  In short, I didn’t think Seth Cohen and I were going to get along, AT ALL .  . .


But then, something strange happened.  As I continued to watch The O.C., gradually, Seth Cohen began to win me over with his refreshingly uncool ways . . .


He wasn’t like the shallow, superficial high school characters you typically saw on teen dramas, who only seemed interested in who they were dating at the moment, and whether they’d win prom king and queen.  Seth was smart and sarcastic, but not in a pompous or self-righteous sort of way.  His unique brand of humor was goofy, charming, and self-deprecating. 


He was also unapologetically “meta.”  This was a Guy On a TV Show who ABSOLUTELY KNEW he was a Guy On a TV Show.  And he was loving every minute of it . . .


Given all that, it should be no surprise to you that Seth Cohen ended up being somewhat of a STUD on The O.C.  And though he did have his pick of the ladies, throughout the seasons, there was only ONE woman who truly had his heart . . .

That’s right, boys and girls!  Seth Cohen was a firm believer in the ever-evaporating concept of Monogamy.  (Granted, he did date two girls simultaneously for a good portion of the first season.  But we are going to let that one slide, for the moment .  . .)  Seth Cohen gave the entire Nerd Population hope, when he managed to overcome his social awkwardness, unpopularity, and love of comic books, to win the heart of pretty, popular alpha female, Summer Roberts. 

Seth and Summer.  Summer and Seth.  It just doesn’t get much more adorable than these two brunette cuties . . .

For all the aforementioned reasons (and some others I will share with you in just a bit), on this Memorial Day 2011, I would like to create an Unofficial Memorial to my favorite TV GOOD BOY Boyfriend.  This memorial will feature video clips, screencaps, GIFS, and . . . well . . . not much else, because I’m feeling particularly lazy today.   (I’m hungover!  SUE ME! 🙂 )

What follows are TEN REASONS (in no particular order) why Good Boy Seth Cohen has what it takes to go head-to-head with even the darkest of Bad Boys in the battle for your heart . . .

(1) He is “stealth.”

(2) He’s kind to ALL animals (even the plastic ones).


(3) He’s “nice” (even when he tries not to be).

(4) He’s not afraid to be a fool for love.


(5) He’s “handy.”


(6) He’s “refreshingly flawed.”


(7) He’s “upper-middle class.”

(8) He is well-rounded.

(9) He has a DEEP appreciation of the “arts.”


And finally  . . . (drumroll please)  . . .

(10) He will (quite literally) sweep you off your feet.

There you have it: a video and pictoral representation of 10 reasons why Seth Cohen fully deserves TV Boyfriend status, despite being an unrelentingly GOOD BOY.  So, thank you, Seth Cohen, for showing us TV watchers that sometimes the LIGHT can be just as sexy as the DARKNESS.  That being said . . . TAKE YOUR DAMN SHIRT OFF, ALREADY!


(For more shots of Shirtless Seth Cohen, feel free to head HERE!)

See ya in The O.C., Seth.  And in the words of Phantom Planet, “California, HERE WE COME!”

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27 responses to “An Ode to The O.C.’s Seth Cohen (Because he’s the Snowflake AND the Latke!)

  1. Rene

    Ahhhhhhhhh I loved Seth too…….Wow I miss the O.C. ……….you doing this recap reminds me I should get some fun stuff together for the shows I want to review and or recap 🙂 Thanks pal you are always on the ball.

    • Oh, my pleasure, Rene! I didn’t know you were an O.C. fan too! That is so cool! I may just have to do another one of these for my loverboy, Ryan Atwood. 😉

      I always find it particularly challenging to come up with post ideas on the “off season.” But the up side is that we have more freedom to explore shows and characters we wouldn’t have time to cover otherwise. I look forward to reading your summer stuff! 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    Awww I loved Seth Cohen! Captain Oats, his Ryan attachment (dropping out of school to sail around bc your pseudo brother left? Really?), his crush on Summer, his great relationship with his parents – in particular Sandy with whom he really SEEMED like he could be Peter Gallagher’s son!

    Thanks for this post. I did love that show those first two seasons!

    • LOL. I totally remember the BIG Season Ending Cliffhanger, where Ryan left the O.C. to “raise his child” with “old girlfriend” Teresa. So, Seth pouted, broke up with Summer via letter, went sailing, and then randomly started shacking up with former bully Luke and his gay dad. Even weirder was the fact that, despite Ryan RETURNING to the Cohen house the next season, Seth STILL didn’t want to come back home! So, he pouted, and gave Ryan the silent treatment for about two episodes. It’s pretty ridiculous when you think back on it now.

      That being said, like you, I LOVED the Seth/Ryan bromance. These two were the original Team Bad Ass (even though Seth wasn’t bad at all, and Ryan was only really bad on a rare occasion. 🙂 ) As for Sandy Cohen, he definitely remains one of the coolest TV Dads in the history of television. And Peter Gallagher could absolutely pass for Adam Brody’s dad. (Though I’m not so sure about Kelly Rowan as his mom. She actually looked more like a relative of Ben McKenzie’s/Ryan’s.)

  3. SETH! Give my love for Forwood unicorns, is it any surprise that Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle representing the cute love of Summer and Seth did a number on me? (I loved her telling Seth that CO needed to keep his hooves off PS when she was annoyed with him!)

    I’m still a little sad that Seth’s eyebrows were nowhere near in the same league as his dad’s though. Those babies practically needed their own trailer 😉

    • That’s true! Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle definitely became distinct characters on the show . . . complete with their own angst and relationship drama. I loved that all of the main cast members on the show had toys to “represent them.” Even stoic Marissa had that cute purple Care Bear she always slept with.

      And Ryan . . . well . . . Ryan didn’t have a toy. But he did once play SNOOPY in the school play (at least, according to gal pal, Teresa)! So, I always considered Snoopy to be Ryan’s “toy.” Snoopy and Care Bear undoubtedly had their OWN relationship angst, even if they weren’t quite as “vocal ” about their problems as Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle. 🙂

      Ahhh . . . Peter Gallagher and those eyebrows. You know what’s funny? I bet his agent has been telling him to get those things waxed for DECADES! It’s a good thing he never listened! It just wouldn’t be Sandy Cohen, without those furry caterpillars twins over his eyes! 🙂

  4. André

    I didn’t watch the OC back in the days until the end bit I think I stayed for 2-3 seasons. I kinda liked that goofy character.

    PS. True Blood News flash:
    I am at S02E03 right now, currently Jason woke up from a bad dream, sweaty and shirtless of course.
    So far True Blood is more interesting than TVD. I wish somebody would tell Elena what Bill just told Sookie.

    • Hey Andre!

      One of the many things I loved about Seth, aside from his being hilarious, and extremely relatable, was his genuine intelligence. So, often on teen dramas the viewer is beaten over the head with how “brilliant” a character is supposed to be (i.e. he or she is valedictorian, is accepted into all the best schools, wins every writing contest), when, based on their on-screen interactions, and some of the life choices they make, they actually seem extremely dim-witted. Seth’s so-called legendary intelligence didn’t seem faked. You were told he was the “smartest guy in the room.” And you could truly believe it, based on his unique brand of humor and extreme sense of social awareness. Of course, his emotional and social intelligence left a bit to be desired. 🙂

      I am so excited to hear that you are enjoying True Blood (and just in time for Season 4’s premiere on June 26th too)! Sometimes, I’m leery of making program recommendations to others, because I can never really be 100% sure they will enjoy the same things I do. It seems that, this time, at least, I got it right. 🙂

      I was also pleased to learn that you have found yourself falling victim to the unique charms of a shirtless Jason Stackhouse a.k.a. Ryan Kwanten. Join the club! That’s one thing you can say about True Blood. It’s definitely not shy about its nudity, its blood, or its sex. The show has enough of each to make TVD blush. 🙂

      I can’t wait to hear your take on some of the other characters, like Vampire Jessica, for example. Interestingly enough, she’s entirely a creation of Alan Ball’s, and doesn’t appear in the book series at all. When she was first introduced, I thought I would hate her for precisely this reason. However, Jessica won me over during Season 2, and quickly went on to become a favorite character of mine. I find her to be a satisfying mix of Caroline and Katherine from TVD, don’t you? Then again, perhaps, you are still too early in the season to form any sort of opinion on her, one way or the other.

      Refresh my memory. What did Bill say to Sookie, in Episode 3, that you would like someone to say to Elena? 🙂

      • André

        One thing first (this comment has a lot of videos :D), since you like Glee, do you know of this?

        or this?

        Bill talked to Sookie about how she is always sorry and he was furious with her. That might not be bad for Elena, especially if someone tells her how Damon is always sorry albeit it would be better if he didn’t do anything to be sorry about. Somehow I think the character wants to be the tragic hero or something. And seriously we need a character who does not forgive Damon, I think Plec and her crew already went too far, unless they will finally introduce a storyline where the characters realize how crazy their actions are.

        And the guy who asked what they all see in Sookie was the Christian guy in season 2 episode 8.

        And man these cops are dumb, why didn’t they suspect the new woman in town or don’t the look through their mail (you know the picture of Drew)? Only the Sunnydale police was more stupid.

        Neither Caroline nor Katherine came to my mind when I saw Jessica. I simply saw a teenage girl who became a vampire and actually acts like a teenage girl.
        I rather likened Tara to Matt, since both have a messed up background (Tara’s even more) and had to sever from their families, albeit Matt seems to have made a complete seperation and at a much younger age than Tara. Which in my eyes is a much more plausible reason why he broke up with Caroline, simply because he had to fight for so much and probably thinks that he can’t take more and won’t give up what he had to fight for. I also interpret the scene between her and Tyler on the couch as that she is tired and couldn’t keep up the charade of everything being great as much as usual. So again, no romance in my eyes.

        The vamps in the show are more varied than the ones in TVD. I liked how they died since it reminds me on one definition of a vampire stating that a vampire is a blood-filled skin sack. The way they create progeny, have to rest during the day and how supposedly 2/3 of the new ones don’t survive the first year (although Jessica seems to have it pretty easy) is a good explanation why they haven’t overrun the planet yet.

        By the way although I knew that the shifter couldn’t be the killer in season 1 because of something I had seen on youtube the actual one was either the first or one of my first suspects. The way the guy was simply there all of a sudden in the bar scene just told me that he is the killer.
        I also doubt that the actor playing seventeen-year old Sam was actually seventeen, have you seen that butt and the body? It fits the physique of the older Sam but still. In addition these flash-backs really show how much you can tell with a few scenes. These few scenes explain so much about him, something TVD didn’t really manage so far if you ask me. In addition TVD lacks real “suffering”, in True Blood what happens affects the characters far more than in TVD where they walk away from it too easily. Lafajette was really affected by the way he was tortured while Caroline absorbed it far too easily. That she threw Tyler out was even too mild in my eyes. Since I am at it I don’t see that as a hurt of romantic feelings but of trust and the resurface of the memories about Tyler. They didn’t start at zero and Caroline mostly knew him as an unreliable and selfish jerk and with his actions he proved in her eyes that he is even worse, since the jerk she knew at least stood with his friends (or better friend) but then he didn’t even do that because he was “confused”. So her actions speek in my eyes that she thought at the time that he was the worst scum and that she was a fool over ever trusting him.
        Talking of events affecting people, you gotta admit that Jeremy should be on medications by now. That guy lost his parents, two girlfriends, his aunt and his uncle seemingly in not more than a year. Seriously you don’t walk away from something like that. Sookie’s reaction over her grandmother’s death was much more believable. The way she was in shock at first and then her reaction when it sunk in (the pie remember?) and how the images of her grandmothers blood on the floor came back and how she reacted when she had to decide what to keep and what to give away or how she started to clean like her grandmother did. Especially the scene where she ate her grandmother’s pie – sobbing- after it had finally sunken in that her grandmother is gone… well, my eyes got wet even while tiping this. I think that says everything.
        Really TVD would get better critics if they did something like that, and it’s not as though the actors couldn’t do this. McQueen proved it and this video from Everwood proves that he could do a believable scene for years:

        or this one:

        It’s nice to see that True Blood keeps a better track of the timeline than TVD and these small little quirks, e.g. that Jessica’s hymen growing back.

        All this S/M stuff, which the biting during sex is, is simply not my thing. There is nothing erotic about it in my eyes. I personally don’t really understand why the image of a vampire biting someone respectively the act of piercing the skin via fangs is supposedly sexual; in my eyes it is purely predatory when the vamp bites you and sucks your blood.

        Also the supporting cast in True Blood have their own storylines that can stand for themselves, while in TVD it more looks as though they are only introduced if there story line directly supports that of the main three (like with Tyler and Caroline in season 2), I guess Jeremy as a ‘ghost-whisperer’ will go along the same line. I hope he won’t but I guess it is most likely.
        Furthermore in TVD Mystic Falls is rather in a bubble (except from some intrusions) that separates it from the rest of the world. In TVD it’s more realistic, different places are connected and actions sent their waves visible to the outside. Also the non-supe world doesn’t really seem to affect the TVD characters, unlike in True Blood.

        Some small things were odd in the last few episodes:
        Due to youtube I already saw Eric and Godric in Germany and I noticed something. The way Eric said in German that they are not the same was a correct translation but the werewolf woman spoke it in a weird way. What she said was “wir sind doch alle die gleichen” which is a literal translation of “we are all the same, though”; however the correct german translation would have been “wir sind doch alle gleich”. Therefore I am not sure whether they hired an actual german actress or simply an American actress who managed convincing german. Alan Cumming managed that in X2 so it is possible.

        Sure Lafajette is openly gay and his hustling activities are known but apart from the obligatory lesbian kiss in the background at the Maenads house orgy the whole bisexual and gay stuff is pretty platonic in the show. Furthermore even in the orgies there seems to be mostly racial segregation. That is something that doesn’t seem so strong in TVD, albeit Kevin Williams doesn’t seem to be aware of the existence of bisexual people. But in both shows and seemingly in all American TV and cinema there seems to be a distinct lack of the sexualized Asian male. Asian females and practically every outher “race” (based on the US-American classification that is) had that but interestingly not Asian men, meaning East-Asian of course. The only example I know off was the actor who portrayed the character Zane in the show Degrassi.

        What he and his co-actor did was way more then just eye-sexing,

        of course the show didn’t show more but that is due to general censorship law and the fact that most of the actors are actually teenagers.

        Also the actions of the TVD-characters seem more in tune with their portrayal. In TVD it’s more chaotic and much doesn’t add up (the best example was Elijah’s trust of Klaus).
        In addition there is a stronger character development due to what is happening to them. And the development is easier to follow and not so erratic like in TVD.
        By the way, I just remembered one thing about the pre-Klaus version of the curse in TVD, I am partly ashamed to say that I didn’t notice it at the time it was first brought up, but the story couldn’t add up because if vamps and weres were making hunting and farming impossible the humans would have starved and since feeding on animals is pretty difficult for vamps as it seems (remember Lexi?) the vamps would have decimated their food source, not to mention their sole way of procreation. They would have starved, so even if the weres (who don’t rely on humans as food) had done what was claimed the vampires would have needed to rise up against them and stop them simply to assure their own survival. In addition they can’t really afford rippers, neither today nor in times past because of this reason.

        Godric’s speech about how the vamps haven’t evolved reminded me off something I already noticed back in the Buffy days: all these supes don’t invent. They don’t change, they always stay the same.

        There was more of course but I stuck with these few things.

        And do you remember how I once speculated that wolf-Tyler might have been played by a dog? Well look what dogs I found among sled dogs:

        And do you think the similarities between TVD and True Blood is coincidence. I never read the books so I cannot tell what was in them.

        And what did you think about that Warcracft video I posted? You know this one:

        Would the scenario be fitting for TVD if the werewolves would have higher numbers (currently Tyler seems to be the only one)?
        I hope you will be able to reply, because there seems to be a limit on this site. :/

  5. André

    Ok, looks like I reached the limit with my last post. 😦

    • No limits, Andre. 😉 WordPress just requires me to preview and approve any posts that contain multiple links / videos, before they appear on my blog. I think its a protection against spam and viruses.

      I may actually reply to your insightful commentary above, in the True Blood post, instead of here. Since fans of THAT show might find our conversation more relevant, than the folks who just came to read about Seth Cohen. 🙂 Since, you commented on the True Blood post initially, assuming you checked off the box that e-mails you all future comments related to that post, my reply should land easily in your inbox. If not, let me know, and I’ll post a link to it here for your viewing convenience. 🙂

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