Step Inside The Secret Circle – A Look at one of the CW’s Most Promising New Fall Series

“Hi!  We are a group of extremely attractive, well-dressed, early twenty-somethings, pretending to be teens.  One of our favorite hobbies is to stare at the camera, in a vaguely angry (but, not too threatening) way.”

I’ll start off by saying that I don’t have the best luck writing these types of posts.  The last new “fall premiere program,” I previewed on my blog, before the pilot aired, was a show called My Generation.  Don’t remember it?  Maybe, that’s because it got CANCELLED AFTER TWO EPISODES!

And yet, given that THIS new program is (1)  is based on popular book series, written by the same author who penned The Vampire Diaries; (2) is being produced by Kevin Williamson, the Big Kahuna behind The Vampire Diaries; (3)  will air on the CW, Thursday nights, directly AFTER The Vampire Diaries, I feel fairly confident that this show will last AT LEAST half a season, if not longer . . .

I am so insanely beautiful and talented, that merely by standing in close proximity to me, YOU will also appear to be more beautiful and talented.”

So, now that I’ve (hopefully) proven that reading this blog post will not be a TOTAL waste of your time maybe just a partial waste? let’s delve into The Secret Circle, shall we?

The Source

As I mentioned earlier, this upcoming CW series (like the successful Vampire Diaries franchise before it) will be based on a collection of L.J. Smith novels bearing the same name.  The Secret Circle book series was a trilogy comprised of the following novels: (1) The Initiation, (2) The Captive, and (3) The Power.  Both the television and the book series revolve around a girl named Cassie,  who learns that she is a powerful teenage witch, who just so happens to belong to an elite “circle” of OTHER powerful teenage witches.  And yet, if The Secret Circle television series is anything like The Vampire Diaries television series, that’s about where the similarities between the books and the TV show will end . . .

One main difference between the books and television series that already has fans buzzing is the size of the titular Circle, itself.  The book calls for a coven of twelve teens to complete the circle, whereas the show only seems to require six.  Granted, in terms of consistent character development, a twelve-member regular cast can seem a bit overwhelming to some writers . . .

On the other hand, a number of fans question the showrunner’s decision to excise so many potential HOT MALE WARLOCk roles, on a show geared predominately toward young FEMALES.  In terms of teenage male leads, The Secret Circle only has two, for now.  Will a choice between just two dudes be enough to please fangirls, in the long term?  That remains to be seen . . .

The Cast of Characters

Leading lady, Cassie Blake, who undoubtedly will eventually become romantically involved with BOTH male leads (Sound familiar?) . . .

 . . . will be played by Brittany Robertson.   Some of you might remember Brittany as Lux from the recently canceled CW series, Life Unexpected. You also might recognize her as one of the many dead girls in Scream 4.  (Sorry to spoil the movie for you guys!).

Thomas Dekker plays the brooding and soulful, Adam Conant, boyfriend of “Good Witch” Diana Meade, and main love interest of Cassie Blake.  You might remember Thomas as John Connor from the recently canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or as, one of the many dead guys in The Nightmare on Elm Street remake.  (Am I the only one who is starting to notice a pattern, here?)

Phoebe Tonkin plays the bitchy, power-hungry, Mean Girl / potential “Bad Witch,” Faye Chamberlain.  Aussies might recognize Phoebe as Cleo from the the television series H20: Just Add Water.  She also played Fiona in the film Tomorrow, When the War Began.

Speaking of Aussies, Louis Hunter, who plays the flirtatious and slightly arrogant (but still sexy) Nick Armstrong, is, perhaps, best known for his role as Kyle in the Australian series, Out of the Blue.

Kind-hearted head witch, Diana Meade will be played by Shelley Hennig, who soap opera fans might remember as Stephanie Johnson on Days of Our Lives.

Rounding out the titular Secret Circle as Faye’s Mean Girl Sidekick witch, Melissa Glaser, is Jessica Parker Kennedy, who fans of the CW’s Smallville might remember as comic book villain, Plastique.

Arguably the shows most recognizable cast member, Gale Horold, plays the murderous Thomas Meade.  Television credits for Gale Harold include Hellcats, Queer as Folk, and Desperate Housewives.

And finally . . .

While perhaps best known as a freaky man-killing alien from the movie, Species, Natasha Henstridge, who plays the not quite trustworthy Principal Chamberlain, also had starring roles in television programs, including, Eli Stone and She Spies.

Analyzing the Extended Promo

Now, that you’ve met the cast, it’s time to take a look at the Extended Promo, which I plan to discuss in more detail below.  So, watch and learn, Witches and Warlocks! 

(Note: Due to some SUPER ANNOYING copyright restrictions, it looks like they’ve removed the extended promo for this show from EVERYWHERE it was posted, except for the CW Website, itself.  Nevertheless, if you still want to “watch with ME,” feel free to click on this link, either before, or while, you are viewing the analysis below.)

:00 – “My sweet Cassie, I did not want you to have this life.  But Destiny is not easy to run from.”

“Grrrrrrrr!  ROAD RAGE!”

Poor Cassie!  Apparently, “Destiny” is not easy to drive from, either.  We aren’t 30 seconds into the trailer, and already, Cassie has been driven off the road by some Asshat Driver, got a flat tire, and is about to lose cell phone reception, while stranded in Middle of Nowhere U.S.A..  Of course, judging by what happens to her next, this is probably the BEST part of her night . . .

:30 – “I know how to change a TIRE, MOM!”

Here’s a hint:  Don’t get too attached to Mommy, kids.  Because THIS ONE isn’t going to make it out of the promo alive.  I actually think this might be the first time I’ve ever seen a cast member DIE in the PREVIEW for a pilot episode.  Talk about a SPOILER ALERT!  I mean, that’s gotta be a first, right?  And we all know how much Kevin Williamson likes his BIG BODY COUNTS! 

I’m just wondering why (since Cassie’s mom is supposed to be this Big Powerful Witch) couldn’t she, I don’t know,  cast a spell to prevent her from . . . BEING BURNED ALIVE IN HER OWN HOME?  Weird . . .

:45 – [Insert sound of burning flesh here.]

We are just under the one-minute mark, when we get our first look at the EEEVIIL Thomas Meade, as he bakes Cassie’s mom for dinner.  I found the whole scene pretty shocking, the first time I saw it.  On a Non-Dead Mom note, notice how the Four Elements come into play in this scene.  Witch shows always tend to be big on the whole Four Elements thing, “earth, air, fire, water” and all that.  Notice how, the Evil One drops a bottle of water on the floor to trigger the burst pipe in Cassie’s kitchen, and lights the matches to trigger the fatal gas leak. 

Also, Dude’s got some SERIOUSLY FREAKY EYES!  Are we sure he’s not a vampire?

*sniffs*  “Do you smell something burning?”

1:04 – “Cassie.”

“I think I may have left the oven light on.”

Cassie’s mom .  . . DEAD .  . . in under two minutes.  Impressive.  You know what else I found impressive?  The fact that this good-hearted Mommy’s final thoughts were of her daughter’s soon-to-be orphan status.  (No word on “Daddy” yet.   I’m thinking there’s some sort of Big Backstory there.)  That sure was nice of Mommy to think so selflessly of her kid, while her body was getting barbecued. 

Because you know what MY final thought would have been, if I was in her position?  I suspect it would be something like, “Hmmm . . .  I wonder how painful it is to be burned alive in your own home.  I’m going to guess excruciatingly painful.  Time to test out this theory.” 

Then again, perhaps, it would be something a bit less eloquent, like, for example, “F*&K, I’M GOING TO DIE! AHHHHHHHHHH!”

1:15 – “Welcome to Chance Harbor.”

I noticed that, in the books, the town where the story takes place is called New Salem.  I’m kind of glad they changed it.   Because that would be a bit TOO MUCH Cheesy Witch Symbolism, don’t you think?  And yet, I can’t help but notice all the OBVIOUS parallels between THIS sleepy town, and TVD’s Mystic Falls. 

I mean, think about it, you’ve got the whole Small Town Hiding a Big Supernatural Secret thing . . . the Founding Families thing . .  . even the whole Old Diaries and Letters from the Past Inform the Present thing.  Plus, I’m willing to bet there’s only One Bar / Social Establishment HERE too!

“Been there, drunk that.”

1:25 – “Cassie!  I’m really glad you’re here.”  But I’m not glad that my kid died of some Weird Witchcraft Accident . . . because that would be, you know, inappropriate.”

 “This is the part where my eyes glow bright red, and I snap your neck.  Oh . . . wait . . . wrong show.  Sorry!”

Hmmm . . . Grandma looks pretty young to have a grandchild in her late teens, doesn’t she?  Come to think of it, most of the “parents” on this show, appear to be a bit young looking.  Maybe being a witch comes with anti-aging powers, or something?

I have to say, I’m already worried about Grandma’s fate on this show.  After all, we all know full well that the statistics regarding Grandmas surviving supernatural dramas are not exactly in her favor.  Just ask Sookie’s Granny on True Blood . . .

 . . . or Bonnie’s grandma on The Vampire Diaries .

Oh wait, you can’t ask them . . . because they are both DEAD!

1:35 – “And she will soon discover that her arrival will bring the Town’s Dark Secret to light.”

“If I see anything I haven’t seen before, I’ll throw a dollar at it.”

I love how when the voiceover teased that the Town had “Dark Secrets,” they chose to show us an image of Open-Shirted Nick, of all things . . .

Hot?  Yes.  Damon Salvatore-caliber hot?  No.

So, is that supposed to be the town’s Big Dark Secret, that hot guys hang out in windows with their shirts open?  Still, the fact that this six-minute preview featured BOTH a death, and a half-naked hot man, I find VERY promising . . .

1:37 –

And . . . here we are at Chance Harbor High.  So, do you think Cassie will actually GO TO SCHOOL on this show, or will she be a TOTAL derelict, like Elena Gilbert?

“Hey!  I resent that remark.  I am a VERY good student.  I attend EVERY school dance!”

1:40 – “We are happy to have you here, Cassie.  I’m Principal Chamberlain.  Your mother was  . . . very special to me.  And by “special” I mean I wanted to use my magical powers to turn her into a slug.

I once saw the woman pictured above in a movie, where she enticed a man to have sex with her, seconds before MORPHING INTO A SERIOUSLY UGLY ALIEN LIFEFORM, AND IMPALING HIS HEAD WITH HER SNAKE-LIKE TONGUE!  So, yeah, I don’t care how pretty Principal Chamberlain is, or how nice of a smile she has . . . I don’t trust her!

1:46 – “Have you seen her yet?”

“Did I SEE her?  I did a little striptease for her in front of my bedroom window.  She is now pregnant with my children.  Magical Powers ROCK!”

Well, HELLO LOVE TRIANGLE!  The romantic aspects of this tale COULD prove to be particularly interesting, considering that both of Cassie’s suitors are, at this time, technically “taken” by other members of the Secret Circle.  I’m eager to see how this plays out in the show’s first season.  However, beyond that, I already feel like, if this show wants to last, it’s going to need MORE hot male blood infused in it, and FAST!

1:53 – “She’s meeting a new Circle of Friends.”

Was it just me?  Or did this scene IMMEDIATELY make you think of the movie Mean Girls?  Phoebe Tonkin was ABSOLUTELY channeling Regina George, when she pulled that little locker trick.  Is it any wonder that her sidekick, Melissa, played Plastique in Smallville?  Get it . . . Plastique?  As in . . . The Plastics?

2:02 – “I saw you in school today.  How was your first day?”

*brood, smoulder, smirk, brood, smoulder, smirk*

Adam, i.e. Love Interest Number 1, is clearly angling for the “Dark yet Sensitive Type.”  How original!  It could work though.  So, far, I’m kind of seeing him as a cross between Stefan Salvatore and Jeremy Gilbert.  Anybody else getting those vibes from him?

2:20 – “With her here, we have REAL POWER now!”


And so the power to control the Circle begins between the “Good Witch” and the “Bad Witch.”  For the sake of the show, I’m hoping things are a bit more complicated than that.  Otherwise, the dichotomy will get real old, real fast.  I’m definitely liking Faye, as the edgy, yet vulnerable, villainess on the show, however.  She shows real promise . . .

2:33 – “How did the fire go out?”

Only YOU can prevent witchcraft-induced car fires . . .

It’s interesting that Faye, in trying to make Cassie recognize her supernatural abilities, chose, of all things, a Car Fire, especially considering that a Witchy Fire just so happened to be what killed the poor girl’s MOTHER.  And just like I wondered why Cassie’s mom, who KNEW she was a witch, didn’t use her powers to put out the fire, Faye seems to be wondering the same thing about Cassie.

As for the whole Rescue Thing . . .

. . .  did the writers REALLY expect us not to think about Twilight, here.  I know, I know, the book series on which this show is based came out LONG before Twilight did.  But those books also came out before a lot of the future fans of this show were BORN!

For better or worse, Twilight is what we remember NOW.  So, how could the creators of this show not see the quiet brooding supernatural creature, putting out the fire with his “powers,” and rescuing the damsel in distress from the flames, and not immediately think of Edward and Bella?  Just sayin’.

Oh, and Cassie TOTALLY screams like a girl! 🙂

3:09 – “Cassie, wait!  I think I can help.”

Umm . . . yeah, because THAT place isn’t creepy, AT ALL!  It kind of looks like the house at the end of the Blair Witch Project.  *shudders*

We are now half-way through the trailer.  And FINALLY, Cassie gets introduced to the titular “Secret Circle.”  It’s about damn time!

3:32 – “Oh, for god sakes, SPIT IT OUT!  You’re a witch.  You are a full-blooded, 100% witch.  We ALL ARE.”

Haha!  Well, thank you, FAYE!  I always hate when books and television shows take about 35 minutes to come clean about something you already figured out from reading the book jacket or watching the trailer.  At least ONE of the characters on this show has enough sense to call the REST of the characters out on their B.S.  3.5 minutes in, and Faye is already, by far, my favorite character on this show.

3:45 – “Each family has a book.  A book that lays out each family line.”

Ahh, yes the Obligatory Ancient Book wherein you can find the Convenient Cure Alls for all your Plot Problems!  You can’t have a  supernatural series without one!  Speaking of TVD-parallels, as I mentioned earlier, I also found the “six families” concept, to be very “Founding Families-esque. 

Oh, and for those of you who have ever seen the film The Craft, Melissa’s speech, about the Circle only being able to do “lame” spells, until Cassie came along, ABSOLUTELY reminds me of a similar comment made in that film.


4:03 – “We can’t let it happen AGAIN.”

Oh, Silly Naive Granny!  Don’t ask the Evil Alien Lady questions like that!  Have I mentioned yet how worried I already am about the fate of this character?

4:17 – “It was covered up.  Something went wrong.  People got hurt.   So, they abolished witchcraft.”

The way they ordered the images in this particular 10-second sequence definitely made it seem as though Thomas Meade killed Cassie’s mom, so that she would be forced to return to Chance Harbor, and complete the “Circle.”  The question is “Why?”  What sort of spell does he want them to cast?

4:28 – “With Cassie here, our powers are magnified ten times over.”

Uh oh!  SOMEONE made it rain, but didn’t remember to bring her umbrella.  Not too swift.

The next sequence features a few images of Faye being “bad ass” with her “rain-making” powers.   I don’t know why they always do crap with the weather in these witch shows.  If I had witchy powers, I’d make myself a millionaire, who looked like a model, and force all hot male celebrities to fall instantly in love with me.  It’s called “creativity” witches.  It’s time you got some .  .  . And I mean that in more ways than one . . . 

We also see that Cassie’s Return has spurred an already restless Faye to more vigorously challenge Diana’s position of power within the Circle.  The problem is, with only six members, being the “leader” of the Circle doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal.  This is definitely a situation where having more “coven” members would have bolstered the plot.

4:45 – “My dear, sweet Cassie.  You finding this means I am gone, and for that I am so sorry.”

Speaking of cliches in supernatural stories . . . here comes the Mandatory, Mildly Touching, Plot Explanation Letter from an Important Dead Person in the Protagonist’s Life  . . . YAY!

4:57 – “It’s incredible.”

Oh, Hell to the NO!  Not another, Romantic Use of Magic Moment!  Where have I seen THIS before?

Oh, that’s right . . . EVERYWHERE!  And, then we have the Almost Kiss . . .

Now, THAT is what I call an appropriate use of your powers, Adam . . . the power to get into your not-girlfriend’s panties.  Well played, Stud . . . at least, until she LEFT YOUR ASS in the forest!

5:15 – “Bad things happen, when you mess with fate.”

And even WORSE things happen, when you mess with Evil-Eyed Thomas Meade, Random Guy!

5:29 – “I was a good friend of your mother’s (and by ‘good friend’ I mean ‘murderer’).”

I LOVE the twist that Evil Thomas Meade is actually GOOD WITCH Diana Meade’s DAD!  I genuinely didn’t see that one coming.  Except, I REALLY don’t think this guy is old enough to have an 17 or 18 year old daughter, do you?  Like I said . . . Witch Fountain of Youth. 

5:37 – “You did the right thing bringing her here.  She has the gift.”

A-HA!  I knew the Alien Principal and Evil-Eyed Meade were in CAHOOTS!  (Just so you know, “cahoots” is my new favorite word.  Except to see it a lot on this blog in the future . . . )

5:40 –

Awww, Nick is writing Cassie grammatically incorrect love letters from his window!  Next thing you know, he will be connecting two soup cans together, with pipe cleaners, and trying to use it as a cell phone.  Speaking of cell phones, doesn’t NICK have one?  I mean, he can’t CALL Cassie, and ASK her if she’s OK?  Talk about LAZY!

5:47 – “I don’t have to do a thing.  The Circle will take care of that without even knowing it.”

[Insert Evil Laugh Here]

OK.  So, how manyof you were actually fooled into thinking that Principal Chamberlain was a “nice lady?”  Yeah, I didn’t think so . . .

5:56 –  “Believe in the power of the Circle . . . You have incredible Power.  People will come for it.  They will come for YOU.”

“Make it stop.”  (My sentiments exactly, Cassie.  This trailer needs to STOP, before you spoil the entire first season . . . or, at least, the first episode.)

And so, we come to the point in our script, where Cassie finally embraces who she is, and uses her powers to stop that Freak Rainstorm that Faye made, earlier in the trailer.  Should we be happy, that Cassie is doing what Fate has seemingly intended for her to do?  Or do we fear that she is playing right into the hands of the Evil Adults? 

I guess you will have to WATCH this Fall to find out . . .

And there you have it, an extended preview of this falls new “hot” supernatural drama, The Secret Circle . . .

So, what did you think?  Will you stay tuned to the CW after TVD, and try this one out, for a “spell?”  Or do you plan to vanquish this series from your memory, forever?

[][Fangirls Forever]


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26 responses to “Step Inside The Secret Circle – A Look at one of the CW’s Most Promising New Fall Series

  1. Rene

    Hey woman only you can make a Six Minute Trailer into a Desertaion (?) LOL I loved it though. I can’t wait for this one. The principal, Natasha Henstridge, was that woman in the Widow On The Hill movie you mentioned. Yeah she played an evil murdering nurse it was based on a true story which is kinda scarier LOL As far as your recap it was hilarious and insightful as usual. I guess there are a lot of parallel in the shows on the CW all the way around. No idea is completely fresh that is certain. The dark haired guy played on Hellcats as a Lawyer YowZA LOL he is a cutie. So are you going to recapping for this one or are you going to see how it goes?? I been setting up my page for the summer over at the recap blog. I am trying to make it pretty and so far I had my plan page theme. Well glad to see you are on the ball. I will link it to the Tumblr, now.

    • Hey Rene!

      Natasha Henstridge played a murdering nurse TOO! I was actually thinking of her role as the Alien Chick in those Species movies, but the movie you are talking about sounds pretty frightening too. WOW, it looks like someone’s getting typecast as EVIL! No wonder none of us trusted her, from the minute she appeared on screen. 🙂

      Speaking of evil, Gale Harold IS looking pretty yummy, isn’t he? I always love me a sexy male villain, and THIS guy may give the two male leads a run for their money in terms of sheer hotness. Oh, and NO WAY does he look even remotely old enough to play the girl who plays Diana’s FATHER. Just sayin’.

      Thanks so much for the tumblr link! It’s super appreciated, and has been sending quite a bit of traffic my way. I can’t wait to see your summer blog stuff! I’m counting on it to keep me entertained during these few (mostly) TV-show-less months.

      As for recapping The Secret Circle, I was definitely considering it, as it definitely seems like a show I’d have fun snarking over. Plus, I do suspect it will be around at least for a full first season, if Kevin Williamson is at the helm. Also, Brittany Robertson is pretty popular now, from what I’ve read. So, she will carry with her a strong fanbase as well.

      The problem, of course, is that its directly after TVD, which means I will NEVER be able to watch it on the night it actually airs. (TVD recaps are generally all-night affairs . . . literally.) So, I think what I will do is give it a try when it first comes out. Then, if I like it enough, and feel as though I have something relevant to say about it, I will post my recaps for it on Saturdays.

      • Rene

        Ah hun all good stuff to know. Its funny your TVD recaps usually showed up right before I went to bed. I won’t ask but it seems you are in a different time zone LOL. It was good on days I will still wide awake but not so much when I was dead tired because you know I wanted to be first to comment LMAO! No worries about the tumblr peeps I am so hooked on that site.

  2. Kristina

    I just read this book and finished it yesterday only to find out it was gonna ne made into a TV show! I was excited of course but then, like you, I remembered how they had changed the vampire diaries. Now I’ve decided that I’m just gonna watch the show and go with it. If it’s as good as the books (even though i spent half the books thinking that cassie had a lesbian crush on Diana and they were gonna leave Adam and fall in love) then it will be a show worth watching. Although, Faye doesn’t have the yellow eyes which I thought were soo awesome!

    • Hey Kristina! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Well, it looks like I’m going to have to go out and read those Secret Circle books, this summer! I’m glad to hear they were good reads, and that they withstood the test of time. (From what I read, like the original TVD series, they were written back in the early 90’s.) I think its pretty cool that these CW shows have created a renewed interest in books that were written around 20 years ago!

      It’s funny that you mention Diana and Cassie having a certain “connection,” because that’s how I feel about Stefan and Klaus on TVD. Oh, wait! They already DID leave Elena, and run off together! Go figure. 🙂

      Especially since you have read the books, I definitely look forward to hearing your thoughts on the show when it airs, and how you feel it compares to the Original. So, come back soon, OK? 🙂

  3. André

    I may give it a try but to be honest I wouldn’t bet that I will like it. By the way will you do a recap of Teenwolf after it starts on sunday?

    • LOL. Yeah, so remember how I thought True Blood would be “right up your alley,” and ended up being right? I definitely DIDN’T get that impression from Secret Circle. 🙂 I guess I’m slowly learning how you think, Andre.

      Speaking of show’s that might be “up your alley,” have you tried “Game of Thrones?” It started off VERY slow, but has really picked up steam in the last few episodes, and might be something you’d enjoy.

      As for Teen Wolf, I WAS planning to watch it on Sunday, to see if it was something I would enjoy recapping. The only problem with Teen Wolf is WHEN it airs. Because once True Blood comes back on Sundays, recapping that “old show” would take precedence over this “new show.” So, assuming I enjoy Teen Wolf enough to recap it, what will probably happen is that I will recap the first few episodes Sunday nights, and shift post June 26th recaps of the MTV show to late Monday Night / early Tuesday morning.

      • André

        I haven’t heard of Game of Thrones, but I will give it a try. I didn’t thought much about Legend of the Seeker at first but it was nice to watch.

        Well I don’t think that recapping Teen Wolf (if you do it) would be much of a problem, I am sure there will be some streams out there once it starts. At least I hope so because I doubt that I will be able to see it over here.
        As far as I know Internet critics totally trash the show so far after watching the first 8 minutes.
        Maybe they should have watched all the available clips, not that I give a shit about what they say. I remember when everybody said that Gladiator was great and personally I was dissapointed.
        I think the preview and the available clips show potential (especially this one
        But we will see how it is. It definitely isn’t a remake of the 80s film (never liked that werewolf design anyway, that looked more like a small bigfoot than a werewolf).

  4. Tricus

    I’m not into pure witches TV show, movies etc… soo I will probably not watch it. I am more a vamp with other supernatural entities type of girl.

    Hey do you remember that old witches TV show ( forgot the name.was it on WB?) that was about pure witches and starred Allysa Milano, another red haired actress etc….. Piper was one of the chaaracters name. It also only had two main male characters too with random romantic male guest stars for three of the girls thrown in there. I think it lasted a long time or more than 2 seasons.
    Anyway I think I will not watch this.

    • Hey Tricus! I’m sorry to hear The Secret Circle won’t be on your Must Watch List. I love talking about supernatural series with you! But hey, we’ll always have TVD! 😉

      As for the show you are referring to, it was called “Charmed.” And you are right! It ran for EIGHT SEASONS. (That’s like 24 years in TV time! :))

      Here’s some more information about that show, just in case you were curious:

      Believe it or not, I didn’t watch Charmed too regularly back when it was on. However, I have caught a few repeats of the show late at night, and on random channels, more recently. Some episodes were definitely better than others. However, whenever I watched, it nearly always held my interest. So, I guess it lasted as long as it did for a reason.

      • Przora

        I definitely get a Charmed vibe from The Secret Circle, especially with the introductions of the demons. Charmed wasn’t my favorite thing on the air but it did have its moments, especially during seasons 3 and 4. Julian McMahon was awesome as Cole and made the show for me as I am a sucker for the bad boy with the bleeding heart. I’m kind of getting a similar feeling about the introduction of Chris Zylka’s character on TSC, so maybe the show will get better.

      • Hi Przora! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’ve been watching The Secret Circle this season too. For me, though the show was a bit of a slow starter, I think it really found it’s ground, in the past few episodes. I’m glad that the writers have taken the show to a bit of a darker place, than where it began originally. I also like that the actors are exploring more of the characters’ dark sides, which makes them more interesting.

        And I agree wholeheartedly about Chris Zylka’s character. Every show needs a brooding bad boy with a secret bleeding heart. In the Secret Circle book series, that character was Nick. But since Nick is dead, I definitely think his blood relation is up for the challenge. 🙂 (The fact that he’s easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt, either. ;))

  5. Sara

    so many puns in that last little tidbits. i actually read this post with my mom and we both laughed the whole time. i think i am going to try watching it, it seems like it could be pretty good. although after watching the extended promo i’m pretty sure i can skip the pilot and just go into the second episode, haha. they didn’t hold back with those spoilers!

    • Hey Sara! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. I’m honored that I was able to make you and your mom giggle with this post. I had a lot of fun writing it. And the 6-minute trailer was definitely full of some seriously snark-worthy material. So, I guess I have the CW to thank for that, whether or not their humor was intentional. (I suspect it wasn’t. ;))

      I defintiely agree with you about the excessive spoilers. At first, I thought that the trailer illustrated scenes from the first FEW episodes. However, the more I look at it, the more I think its basically a “video recap” of the entire pilot episode, from beginning to end. (That would also explain why the CW removed it from all other locations aside from their own website. They are worried that folks like us will skip episode 1 entirely, after seeing that trailer. :))

      And yet, if all that stuff DOES happen in the pilot, color me impressed! That’s going to be one jam-packed premiere hour. 🙂

  6. I just went out and bought/read the books last week so I would be prepared (haha–don’t want to start out behind like I did when TVD started).
    In no particular order–looks like the similarities to the books may not be very close! The circle of twelve was kind of a nice number, and to cut it in half (no cutesy twin blonde guys on skateboards? For Shame! It would have been The CW’s version of the Weasley Brothers!). And we have the same Diana-is-supposed-to-be-a-blonde problem we had with TVD (however, Nina overcame that one nicely, I think). However, there was something about the lightness (long blonde hair, fair skin, yadayadayada) of Diana in the books as opposition to the dark and sultry Faye as her sort of nemesis–they’re gonna lose that. They kill Cassie’s Mom off from the outset so she’s an orphan (won’t put spoilers here but yea, there IS backstory to BabyDaddy) (instead of turning Mom into a vegetable)–hmmm. And I didn’t see any decrepit aged grandmother in the extended preview, so don’t know where that knowledge is gonna come from. Is that curly-haired person supposed to be the “crone Grandma”? You’re gonna lose the senior-set real quick! lol Who ARE these adult characters you mention? No Black John? Is Principal Chamberlain supposed to be one of the two MALE principals in the books, and which one–the one that gets killed or the human form of black John? And I have NO IDEA who “The murderous Thomas Meade” is, because there was nothing even close to his character in the books! I assume he’s related to Diana, since they have the same last name, but have no idea how that’s gonna work.

    Adam=Jerfan Gilvatore. You nailed it.

    And I see we have converted the spellgasm from TVD to The Secret Circle. Great sexual metaphors translate! lol

    • Thanks so much for doing the book-to-pilot comparison, mak! Be warned, I’m going to probably be peppering you with a TON of book-related questions, once the series starts. This, of course, is assuming I haven’t read the series, by then, which I may very well end up doing.)

      L.J. Smith does seem to like to write all her “pure” female characters as blonde, doesn’t she? Given that, it’s funny how much the CW casting department seems very much to prefer brunettes for the same roles. Another L.J. Smith related irony, is that Brittany Robertson, the actress who plays Cassie, matches the physical description in the TVD books of Elena EXACTLY, whereas Nina Dobrev looks a bit closer to the way Cassie is described in The Secret Circle books. (Then, again, I don’t think anyone could EVER call Nina Dobrev “mousy.” She’s WAY too modelesque for that. Maybe she could have passed for mousy, back when she started on Degrassi as Mama Mia, but definitely not now.)

      Another L.J. Smith “thing,” is that she seems to like to put a whole lotta old ladies her books. (Miss Flowers, anyone?) Whereas the CW has no idea what OLD is! (Remember Bonnie’s grandma?) The “curly haired lady” in the promo is DEFINITELY intended to be Cassie’s grandma, though I doubt ANYONE will be calling HER an “old crone” on the show. (After all, she doesn’t look a day over 50, at MOST!)

      And yep, the “adults” in the trailer to which I was referring were Principal Chamberlain / Faye’s mom(?) (a.k.a Natasha Henstridge), Cassie’s now-dead mom, the Evil Thomas Mead/ Diana’s dad(?) (a.k.a. Gale Howard), and that dude who Evil Thomas Meade threatened, and made choke on his own drink. None of the aforementioned characters could pass for much older than 35, and yet they are virtually all shown as having teenage children in their late teens. So, now I am definitely thinking that witchy powers come with some sort of de-aging gene on this show. 🙂

      As for Thomas Meade, I’m wondering if he’s going to stand in for the “Black John” character to which you are referring? I guess we will have to wait and see . . .

      Jerfan Gilvatore = LOVE THIS! 🙂

      And yes, spellgasms, as cheesy as they may be, seem to be the best way (aside from sexy neck bites, of course) to simulate SEX on those heavily censored supernatural CW shows. 🙂

      • Well, you have TONS of time to read all four (two?–the set I bought had the first two in one book, and the second two in a second book). It took me all of two days to read both, They’re quick reads.

        And as for the *ahem* young casting—I’m gonna let the folks at The CW cast for me when they make the movie about my life! ROFL

        When you do read the books, I do think Thomas Meade is the “substitute” for Black John from the books. Think “Klaus”. 😉 Nuff said!

  7. Danie

    also the note was directly out of taylor swift’s you belong with me video

  8. imaginarymen

    “So, is that supposed to be the town’s Big Dark Secret, that hot guys hang out in windows with their shirts open?”

    If that is indeed the BDS – I will totally watch this show 😉

    • You should watch Teen Wolf, then. THAT GUY never wears clothes! 🙂 Perhaps, the witches and warlocks from THIS show made them DiSAPPEAR! 😉

  9. Lauren Knott

    I guess it’s worthy to check out. The girls are cute, but I’m not too excited about the boys–not all that cute.

    • LOL. My sentiments exactly, Lauren! I actually thought that Mommy Killer, Thomas Meade was the hottest male on the show. And he’s the DAD! Clearly, there is something wrong with this picture! The guy who plays “Nick” does have nice abs, though . . . 😉

  10. L.A.N

    Not really interested in this show, just watch it because I’m a big fan of Gale Harold. LOL. And you right, he looks just too young to have a teenage daughter Even Natasha Henstridge said that herself (although Gale’s real age is 42, so it’s not too young to have a teenage daughter.) I doubt he’s a witch/vampire or something. LOL. Love your witty writing. Keep going. 🙂

    • Wow, I had no idea Gale Harold was 42. He looks like he’s in his early 30’s, at most! Talk about good genes!

      It’s funny. I was all set to recap the premiere of Secret Circle. And then I watched the episode, and realized that I already did! That six minute preview pretty much summed up the ENTIRE hour. And I think that, had I done a full recap of the show, it probably would have looked and sounded a lot like this post, which I wrote months before the premiere aired. 🙂

      As underwhelmed as I was by the premiere episode (It wasn’t BAD, per se, just not great), I saw a lot more potential and character development in the second episode. I definitely plan to keep watching the Secret Circle. I just haven’t decided whether I’m going to fully commit to recapping it yet. Gale Harold IS really hot though. 😉

      Oh, and thanks so much for the writing kudos! That’s so sweet of you to say. *blushes*

      • L.A.N

        I know, Ha, I had the same reaction when I watched the premiere, that the 6 minutes promo said it all, there was nothing to see (except Gale Harold in HD screen *grins* You must watch him on Queer as Folk, he was at his best on that show)

        I came to your blog by Gossip Girl recap, totally love your style, so I guess I’ll stick around for a while (especially when season 4 is so coming 🙂 )

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