Who’s Your Daddy? – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Pack Mentality”

Don’t we all kind of feel like this, when the alarm goes off on Monday morning?

Well, werewolf lovers, it looks like we have a real mystery on our hands!  WHO’S THE ALPHA?

Tonight’s third installment of Teen Wolf was what we in TV Land like to call a “game changer.”  Game changers take what you think you know about a particular program, and turn it on its head.  Game-changing episodes either make a show (by defying fans expectations, and reinvigorating their interest in the narrative) . . .

  . . . or break a show (by being so patently ridiculous, that they destroy the foundations on which a show’s main plotline was built).

Considering Teen Wolf is currently only three episodes old, it is, perhaps, still too early to determine whether tonight’s plot twist is a “postive” game changer, or a “negative” one.  And yet, I will say that, in my opinion, at least, “Pack Mentality” was, by far, this series’ strongest installment yet.  Watching this episode gave me, for the first time since the series premiered, an inkling of confidence that Teen Wolf has what it takes to become more than just a summer hiatus series.

Clearly, Stiles is pleasantly surprised by my statement.

Let’s revisit it, shall we?

Worst Wet Dream EVER!

Please don’t let me die on a school bus.  That would be SO lame.  If you plan to kill me, at least have the decency to do it in a hot car!”

When the episode begins, Allison and Scott are making out, and dry humping eachother in the dark.  It’s getting pretty hot and heavy, in an almost R-rated sort of way.  But then Scott prematurely ejaculates starts wolfing out, and everything goes to hell in a . . .  school bus?  Suddenly, Wolf Scott is chasing after Allison, and she is running away in tears and SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF. 

Garbage pails are thrown.  Windows are smashed.  The back door of a school bus becomes caked in blood.  Scott wakes up in a cold sweat, relieved that this was all nothing more than a bad dream.  Or was it?

“Man, I’ve really gotta stop watching The Vampire Diaries, before I go to bed!”

At school, Scott tells Stiles about the dream that made him all hot and bothered.  And Stiles chastises his friend a bit for not even being able to “seal the deal” with Allison, IN HIS DREAMS.  “When I have dreams like that, they end a little bit different,” Stiles notes wryly.  (Oh, I bet they DO, Stiles!  I bet they do!)

Who has two arms, and just got banged in his sleep by the entire female population of the sophomore class? THIS GUY!”

But when Scott spies a brutalized and bloody school bus parked outside the school, he begins to wonder whether what he remembers is actually real.  A frantic Scott dashes through the hallways, in search of Allison, to make sure her head is still attached to her body.  (Jury is still out on whether there is actually a brain in there.)  When he can’t find her right away, Scott immediately flies into a rage, taking his anger out on a poor defenseless locker . . . Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson‘s locker, to be exact.  Oops!

“You asshat!  NOW, where am I going to store my 100 pounds worth of hair product?”

But, worry not, Allison fans, because Scott bumps into HER, just a few seconds later.  SHE’S OK!  

And you know what?  I am so glad, because I was REALLY GENUINELY concerned that this show was going to kill off the main character’s love interest, after just two episodes of air time.

 Sarcasm.  What can I say?  It’s a gift!

During class (Yeah . . . believe it or not, they actually DO spend a believable amount of time in school, on this show.  It’s kind of refreshing.), everybody rushes to the window, to see a body carried out of the bloody school bus on a stretcher.  It’s a bus driver, and he looks pretty darn dead . . . at least . . .  until he starts flipping out, like a crazy person.

“Maybe if I tell my mom that a werewolf ate my bus driver, she will finally let me take the car to school.”

Now, Scott is convinced that his wolf-self had, in fact, tortured the bus driver, and ravaged his bus last night, while his HUMAN self, was busy wet-dreaming about butchering his girlfriend.  And yet NO ONE seems to be asking the obvious question:  What exactly the bus driver was DOING on a school bus, in the middle of the night?  Does he LIVE in there?

It kind of reminds me of when I was a little kid, and I assumed that all my teachers lived at the school, and slept in their classrooms, when they weren’t busy teaching me.  So, you can imagine my surprise, when I would occasionally see them at the grocery store, or at the post office.   But, I digress . . .

Like most teenage boys, I suspect, Scott cares about getting laid and . . . well . . . that’s pretty much it.  So, the fact that our “hero” seems more concerned about how his “sleep-murdering” tendencies might negatively impact his upcoming date with Allison, than he is about the fate of the poor, probably homeless, bus driver, who’s face he may have consumed as a midnight snack , is disconcerting, but not necessarily surprising. 

What’s more surprising (well . . . at least to Stiles . . . I think most viewers probably expected this), is Scott’s decision to approach prospective Sister Muncher (Bad choice of words?) Derek Hale for tips on How to Be a Better Werewolf.

Umm . . . how about tips on how to be a better vampire bat, instead?  As you can see, I’ve already got the ‘hanging upside down’ part covered.”

Bowling for Douchebags

It’s lunchtime, and Scott and Stiles are both surprised to find themselves eating at the “cool table,” for a change.  When Alpha Male Douchebag and Co. plop down next to the two best buddies in the cafeteria, the boys aren’t sure whether they should be pleasantly surprised or seriously freaked out.  I like how dating the Hot New Girl at school seems to have made Scott instantly popular, by association.  In terms of the Complex World of High School Social Politics, this seems to be something the show actually got right.   (Then again, Scott’s newfound “sports stardom” probably had a bit to do with his Climb Up the Social Ladder, as well.)

 Though we got a brief glimpse of him last week, this was the first time viewers were officially introduced to Jackson’s best friend Danny, who just so happens to be a homosexual.

I have to say, I loved the little risque comment Danny made to Jackson’s other friend (Apparently, he has TWO!  Go figure!), when Other Friend asked Jackson why the Douchebag always kicked HIM out of the lunch table, instead of Danny.  “Because I never stare at his girlfriend’s coin slot,” Danny remarked cleverly.

Speaking of the  . . . ahem . . . Coinslot, at lunch, Lydia inquires what she, Jackson, Allison and Scott should do on their upcoming double date.  I believe it was Jackson who suggested bowling.  First lacrosse?  Now . . . bowling?  This is quickly becoming the Random Sports’ Endorsement Show! 

I have to say, I really did expect “popular kids” like Jackson and Lydia to have more exciting, rebellious, ideas about how to kill time on date night than bowling.   Then again, it is a sport that emphasizes the fondling of BIG BALLS!

And, in that sense, I suspect it is right up this crew’s alley!  Though Scott knows all too well that he SUCKS at bowling, big time, he simply can’t prevent himself from entering into a classic pissing contest with his rival, by telling the Alpha Male Douchebag, that he is the best Ball Groper and Pin Punter on the Planet!

And might I say, Mr. McCall, that if you are ever looking for someone to grope your . . . er . . . punt your pins . . . I’m your girl!

Speaking of pin punting, did anyone else find it a bit strange how preoccupied Stiles was with whether Danny found him attractive?  I suspect the comment was just inserted for humor, and to, again, reiterate the notion that there is, in fact, a gay character on this show.  But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me wonder a bit . . .

“Hi, Danny!  How YOU doin’?”

The lunchroom scene is followed by a glimpse of Scott at work at the local veterinary clinic. 

Stiles’ dad, the Sheriff, pops in to get his dog’s stitches removes, and starts randomly spewing out all this “supposedly classified” information about how the busdriver’s injuries have been determined to have been caused by a wolf.  Scott looks on wide-eyed, even though he pretty much knew this information already.  Then, as if the scene wasn’t disturbing enough, the Sheriff gleefully and graphically recounts the precise way in which a wolf will incapacitate his prey.  Those of you who put the Sheriff at the top of your “Alpha” suspect list, probably cite this scene as your reason for thinking so.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolves?

As far as I’m concerned, this guy’s mutilated mug is more frightening than those CGI werewolves will EVER BE!

Apparently, Scott’s mom is a nurse at the local hospital.  After work, Scott visits her to ply her with food, in hopes that she’ll lend him the car for his upcoming Wild and Crazy Bowling Date.  Unfortunately, for Scott, his mom shoots him down, citing as her reason the “mandatory curfew” for minors, which was enacted in town, as a result of THIS .  . .

Never . . . gets . . . old.

After chatting with his mother, Scott sneaks down the hall to visit his old pal / prospective first victim the busdriver.  The latter, upon seeing Scott’s face, starts screaming like a banshee, making Scott more convinced than ever that HE was the one who attacked this now-mentally unstable victim.

How to Be Were (wolf)

This scene is followed up by a seemingly random one, in which a cop goes to examine Derek’s house, to ask its presumed owner follow-up questions about his “half” sister.  (See what I did there?)  However, the minute the cop leaves his car, and starts approaching the house, his police dog starts going apesh*t.  This causes Beacon Hills’ Finest to immediately pee his pants, and run screaming in the opposite direction.

“Peek-a-boo!  (I see YOU!)”

By the way doesn’t the above picture remind you of something?

Maybe it’s just me . . .

In hindsight, it’s uncertain whether the police dog was reacting to Derek’s presence or to the OTHER werewolf on the scene, Scott.  After all, the latter has just arrived at Derek’s house to “talk” about the whole Busdriver Incident. 

 By the way, I noticed something about Derek’s house.  It’s gross . . . and, pretty much, a fire hazard waiting to happen.  It also probably lacks indoor plumbing.  And why shouldn’t it, when Derek can just lift his legs and “do his business” in the woods, most of the time, anyway?  I’m willing to bet he saves a lot on his water bill that way.  Plus, considering that “being a werewolf” is probably not the most lucrative occupation on the planet, Derek can probably use all the monetary help he can get!

But I digress . . .

“Am I going to hurt someone?”  Scott asks.

“Yes,” replies Derek SexyWolf.

“Am I going to kill someone?”  Scott probes further.

“Probably,” says Derek, earning extra points for honesty.

“You also have bad breath.  And I think the shirt you are wearing is ugly.  Oh, and it makes you look fat.”

Apparently, Derek is the Obi Wan Kenobi of Werewolves.  (Who knew?)  When he offers Scott to teach him how to “hone his gift” (sounds kinky), the Big Bad Were acts as though he is giving the teen the Greatest Honor Ever Bestowed on a (sort of) human being.  But, alas, in Derek’s world, the best things in life are NOT for free.  Therefore, admission into the prestigious Derek Hale School of Werewolf Brooding, Smouldering, and Creepily Glaring at People does not come without a steep price.

What’s the price, you ask?  Well, Derek has decided to keep his only most promising student in suspense about that little part of the deal, for just a little while longer.  (Far be it for Derek to spoil the Big End of the Episode Cliffhanger, twenty minutes too early.) 

However, since Derek  HASN’T set his “fee,” at this point in the episode, might I make a suggestion?  It’s a good one, if I do say so myself.  (WAY BETTER than the SUPER LAME form of payment Derek actually ends up requiring of Scott, in fact.) Are you ready for it?  Here goes . . .

As payment for teaching him how to Be the Best Brooding, Glaring, Monotone-Line Delivering Werewolf he should be, I suggest that Derek should require Scott to . . . wait for it . . . not wear a shirt for the remainder of the season. 

(You KNEW I was going there, didn’t you? ;))

For his very first were- lesson, Scott wants to know how to go about remembering things that happened during his “Lost Werewolf Time.”  I bet you are never going to guess what Derek’s “fabulous” advice regarding this difficult Were-Problem?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s the same thing they are always telling everyone to do in those Nike commercials!

That’s right, boys and girls.  Our protagonist has just agreed to pay some as-of-yet undetermined price to learn how to do “werewolf stuff,” and the first piece of advice he receives is to “just do it.”  I don’t know about where you come from, but around these parts, that’s what I call a F*&KING RIPOFF!


And yet, surprisingly, this lame advice actually seems to work.  Because, later that night, when Scott, and (the self-proclaimed Robin to his Batman) Stiles, head to the “Scene of the Crime” that night, all Scott seems to have to do is physically BE where he recalls being during his “dream,” and POOF, memories of that fateful night just seem to magically appear to him, almost as though they have been there all along!

*sings* “Stars shining bright above you.  Night breezes seem to whisper I love you.  Birds underneath the sycamore tree, dream a little dream of . . . . EATING YOUR FACE OFF AND RIPPING OUT YOUR THROAT!”

Now, I may poke a bit of fun at how conveniently easy it was for Scott to suddenly remember all this heretofore COMPLETELY inaccessible information.  And yet, the fact that Scott can do this at all presents to the viewer an aspect of the Teen Wolf mythology that is SURPRISINGLY complex . . . especially, for an MTV show about half-naked teenage werewolves who run around terrorizing people, and take the occasional break to play a “nice game of lacrosse.”

I’m talking about the idea of “dual consciousness.”  Let me see if I can explain this correctly.  Based on what we’d seen of the show up to this point, most of us probably assumed that Scott’s “werewolf-ism” acted like a form of dissociative / multiple personality disorder.  In other words, whenever Scott became “the Wolf,” his “human” self was completely out of commission . . . unconscious . . . sleeping . . . whatever term you prefer. 

But NOW we see that HUMAN Scott was actively engaged in his own little snuff porn dream involving Allison, at the EXACT SAME TIME that Wolf Scott was supposedly “trying to save” the busdriver from another wolf. Weird right?  Speaking of weird, during his “just do it” form of Lost Wolf Time Investigation, Scott learns that he and the busdriver weren’t ALONE during the Incident.  SURPRISE!  Derek was there too!

School buses never looked so enticing . . .

Speaking of Derek . . .

Big Bad Wolf Reconnects with Some “Friends” / Gets a New Sunroof for His Car

Much like Scott before him, Derek heads to the hospital to pay a visit to the now-deformed Bus Driver.  As we suspected, just like with Scott, the Bus Driver definitely seems to recognize Derek.  So, much s,o that he actually goes as far as to apologize to him repeatedly.  (For what?  Why are you sorry, Bus Driver?  For getting your face eaten?  For being funny looking?  For ruining this beautiful Derek moment by frightening me in this scene?) 

This little “coincidence” led me to wonder whether the Bus Driver was as random a victim as the writers would initially have us believe.  What if the Bus Driver was, like Derek’s sister before him, another werewolf?

It would explain why Derek instinctively knew to travel to the site of the Incident in the middle of the night.  It would also jive with some pertinent information to which we become privy toward the end of the episode.  But more on that later . . .

For now, what you need to know about the Bus Driver is that, shortly after seeing Derek at his bedside, he . . . DIES!  That’s right, folks, the poor Mutilated Bus Driver took one look at that Hot Piece of Man Meat standing over his bedside, staring down at him with those gorgeous eyes of his, and he DROPPED DEAD. 

You know, come to think of it, I would probably have a very similar response, if I woke up to find someone as attractive as Derek Hale leaning over my bed.  I would have died too!  Though . . . probably not for the same reasons the Bus Driver did.


Poor Derek!  The dude just killed a guy with his hotness.  And now, his night is about to go from bad to WAY worse!  We catch up with the Sexy Wolf, a bit later, while he is filling up his tank at the local gas station.

Apparently, in this town “getting gas” is somewhat of a Social Event.  After all, just minutes after Derek has situated himself suggestively across the hood of his car, hand clutching tightly to the gas pump, he finds himself surrounded by TONS of company. (Gang Bang?)  And I bet you will NEVER guess who that “company” happens to be!  Actually, you probably, will.  It’s Allison’s Creepo Dad and his Asshat Werewolf Hunters.

Werewolf Hunter Dude immediately starts washing Derek’s windshield (not a metaphor for sex, unfortunately).  As he is doing this, he starts making thinly-veiled threats to the werewolf about “importance of protecting the things, and people he cares about.”  He also makes an insensitive comment about how Derek doesn’t have much “family” anymore, an obvious reference to his “half” sister.

But things really come to a head (again, not a metaphor for sex) when Derek dryly suggests that the men check his oil next, and one of Big Bad Werewolf Hunter’s Cronies obligies . . . by bashing in the passenger side window of Derek’s car!

  At this point, I was kind of HOPING for Derek to wolf out, and kick some Redneck Hunter ass.  But, of course, that’s what the Werewolf Hunters were undoubtedly counting on happening, thereby giving them the public ammunition they need to shoot him in “self-defense.’  So, I’m proud of my Sexy Wolf Man for keeping his cool, in a situation where most humans DEFINITELY would not.

Hey, maybe Derek IS the Obi Wan Kenobi of werewolves, after all!

Allison Finally Grows a Personality (and it’s kind of slutty, not to mention,  a tad suspicious)

I hate girls who always look like they are posing for a picture, even when there is NO CAMERA AROUND.

Around this time, Lydia is hanging out at her new bestie, Allison’s house, and helping the latter prepare for her Wild and Crazy BOWLING date with Scott.  Once Lydia finds Allison something suitably tacky from her closett to wear, Big Bad Werewolf Hunter Dad pops in to remind the kiddies that as a result of the death of Derek’s “half” sister, there is a curfew tonight, and neither of them are to leave the house.  Lydia hits on Big Bad Werewolf Hunter Dad, shamelessly for a bit, and then he leaves.

Once he’s gone, Lydia sarcastically inquires as to whether Allison is “Daddy’s Little Girl.”

“I am,” Allison replies.  “But not tonight.”

To prove it, Allison jumps from her two story bedroom window, and lands on her feet: an unnecessary stunt, especially considering her dad had announced he was leaving the premises, and she could have just as easily used the DOOR, as Lydia helpfully points out later.  Allison chalks up her Spiderman-like abilities to “8 years of gymnastics.”  And yet, those who suspect Allison to be the “Alpha” (again, more on that later) point to this scene as evidence of her true identity.

At the bowling alley, EVERYONE seems to be bowling non-stop strikes, except for self-proclaimed “awesome bowler” Scott, who keeps throwing nothing but gutter balls.

*insert sad trumpet music*

Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson, who’s been perpetually pooping himself lately with jealousy over Scott’s newfound-lacrosse playing ability, is just eating this up, laughing loudly and uproariously at Scott’s expense.  I actually think this is the first time we’ve seen the character smile on the show. 

Fortunately for Scott, Allison is there to rescue him.  At a crucial moment in the game, she pops up to offer her Cuddly Wolf Boy some “helpful” advice.  And here it is:  He should picture her naked, while he bowls. 


Do you know what happens to me when I try to play sports, while thinking about sex?  Scratch that, do you know what happens to me when I think about sex, while doing ANYTHING that doesn’t involve . . . oh . . . I don’t know . . . having SEX?  I SUCK, ROYALLY.  (And no, THAT is not a metaphor for sex, either!)  In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say that any human would react the same way I would when trying to follow Allison’s “helpful” advice.

Yet . . . Scott is NOT human . . . not anymore . . . not entirely, anyway.  Scott is a werewolf.  And, as Stiles helpfully informed us in the pilot episode, werewolves tend to “wolf out,” whenever their pulse raises, like, for example, when they are extremely angry . . . or extremely nervous . . . or extremely . . . wait for it .  . . sexually aroused.  So, all it takes is for Scott to think about Allison naked and, SUDDENLY, he’s Mr. Pro-Bowler! 

We know immediately that this has happened, because Scott starts seeing the bowling pins in RED.  Now, honestly, I don’t know what makes red pins easier to shoot down than plain old white ones, but hey, whatever floats your boat, Scottie Boy! 

So, of course, Allison and Scott are thrilled, Lydia is intrigued, and Jackson is sporting PermaBitchFace again, and making those oh-so-redundant threats to Scott that he’s going to “find out what’s up with him, if it’s the last thing he does.”  Yeah, yeah, yeah!  It’s time to put your body where your mouth is, Jackson.  (OK . . .  that ended up sounding dirtier than I intended.)

Bite me, Wolf Boy!  (I bite back).”

Anyway, here’s MY question.  How did Allison know, for sure, that her “bowling advice” would work for Scott, when it seems SO antithetical to everything most of us know about sports?  It’s almost as though Allison KNEW exactly what would spark Scott’s hidden athletic prowess / werewolf powers.  And how would she KNOW that, unless . . . SHE IS THE ALPHA?

Scott Bowls Strikes (Literally and Figuratively), Stiles Gets Struck (again)

Back at Scott’s house, Scott’s mom is home from her nursing night shift. She approaches Scott’s room to check up on her son, and finds him . . . MISSING!  And yet, rather than assuming, as most parents would, that Scott has disobeyed curfew, and snuck out of the house, Scott’s sweet (possibly naive) mom, begins to wonder whether something AWFUL happened to him (like, say, he got bitten by a rapid werewolf, and, then, almost HIT BY A CAR)

So, when Scott’s mom hears the sound of footsteps climbing into Scott’s window, she doesn’t assume it’s Scott, but, rather AN INTRUDER.  Like mother, like son, Mommy Dearest immediately picks up her trusty bat,  and runs into the room swinging.  Except, the person at the window is not an intruder at all.  In fact, it’s not even Scott, it’s STILES!

“Seriously!  You guys HAVE to stop trying to clobber me with a bat.  I’m going to start to take it personally.”

Fortunately, for Scott, he snuck in just moments earlier, after having exchanged some SERIOUS smoochies with She-Wolf Allison on her porch. 

In short, Scott had the perfect night, AND he didn’t even get nailed to the wall for disobeying curfew by his mama.  Talk about win-win!  Well . . . except for one thing.  Apparently, Stiles creeped into Scott’s room in the middle of the night to have his way with him deliver some bad news.  It’s time for Scott to learn what most of us already knew:  Mutilated Bus Driver is no more.  And Scott . . . well, he’s SUPER PISSED ABOUT IT!

Battle of the Funny Lucking Wolf-Head Thingies

In what is already becoming a comically regular occurrence on this show, Scott storms over to Derek’s crack house, all angry and accusatory.  “YOU KILLED HIM,” Scott screams at Derek in one breath, regarding the former-Bus Driver.

“YOU DID THIS TO ME,” the Teen Wolf, shouts in another, regarding his newfound tendency to sometimes sprout hairs from his ears, and resemble E.T.

Derek denies BOTH accusations.  But, of course,  he’s too cool to just say that in front of Teen Wolf.  Instead, he allows his voice to echo around the entire house, while he hides somewhere off screen, Wizard-of-Oz Style.  Wow!  I was unaware, ventriloquism was a werewolf skill.  Neat . . . I guess.

When Derek finally does show his face, Scott is already wolfed out, and starts lunging after him.  So, Derek decides to wolf out too. 

 This marks the first time in the series that we have seen Derek’s wolf form.  And it’s . . . well . . . a tad underwhelming, if you ask me.  Honestly, I’m not really sure what I was expecting out of Wolf Derek, but it wasn’t that. Perhaps, I was looking for something hotter?  Or scarier?  I’m not really sure.


Either way, the fight scene between the two wolf heads was kind of cool.  And yet, what was even cooler (and more shocking) was what Derek said to Scott AFTER the two Wolf Heads finished fighting.  During his little monologue, the following points of interest / game-changing facts were revealed:

(1) Derek was not the one who killed the Bus Driver, nor was Scott.  A THIRD WOLF did the deed.  And he is an ALPHA wolf.  In other words, when he wolf’s out, he looks more like Jacob from Twilight, and less like the E.T.-esque Beta werewolves, Scott and Derek.

(2) Derek DID NOT bite Scott.  The Alpha Wolf DID.  So, Scott is now part of THAT wolf’s pack.  Therfore, the Alpha is now on the HUNT for Scott, seeking him as part of his “team” or something.

(3) The Alpha Wolf may have also been the one who killed Derek’s sister, since she had come to town hunting for that wolf.  If so, he did it to draw Derek out, and “send him a message.”  (Of course, the Hunters could have just as easily done this, for the same reason.

(4) Scott’s connection to the Alpha Wolf is the key to bringing it down.  (Remember how Derek required PAYMENT for his wolfing lessons?  This is it!  Scott gets to be Alpha Bait.  YAY!)

Whatchu talkin about, Recapper?”

Of course, this begs the question I’ve been hinting at throughout the recap.  Who’s the ALPHA?  Is it someone NEW, who we have yet to meet?  Or is it someone we ALREADY know, like Allison (My money is on her, so far), or her Dad, or Lydia, or that Crackhead Coach? 

Tune in next week to find out.  (Well, we probably won’t find that out next week.  But tune in then, anyway.)

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33 responses to “Who’s Your Daddy? – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Pack Mentality”

  1. Tricus

    HMMMMMM I just realized something. I think I heard somewhere( read on another site) that some of the writers for Teen Wolf is fans of TVD, JPlec and KW.
    Well Scott and Derek reminds me a little of Stefan and Damon.
    Derek – The HOT, sexy, older,bad ass guy with the beautifull eyes.
    Scott- the nice, guilt ridden, very muscular teenage guy that gets the girl right away.
    Allison (the actress) is just BLAH to me. Elena is more interesting than Allison but they act like each other sometimes. For example- the quick getting together with the mysterious seemingly “good guy”. TOTAL blah. I don’t feel the passion. Oh Well.
    I think it would be even better if Allison is with Derek. Or maybe it’s just the actress who plays Allison who is not interesting.
    Okay, I digress…….
    The CGI of Scott werewolf face is getting annoying. Look soo cheesy. They need to fix that.
    Stiles and Scott banter I can’t get enough of. Funny.
    I guess I miss the homoerotic references,characters or maybe I wasn’t looking for them in Jackson and his friends etc…
    Jackson sure is obsessed with Scott though. It’s like he has never had another guy beat him at anything before in that small town. Maybe it’s because it’s the nerdy,unpopular guy who did it. hahahahhahaha
    That blonde chick is really playing Jackson . It’s so obvious and she is not even trying to hide it.
    Oh when did Allison dad get a posse? Didn’t they just moved to that town? Anyway I am excited to see Derek with a love interest. He is HOT.

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      First, you raise an EXCELLENT point about Allison’s dad and his hunter posse. In fact, if I recall correctly ALL THOSE guys were with her dad in the pilot episode, when the Hunters accosted Derek and Scott. This actually goes along with the Alpha theory, I’m piecing together, that uses, some of my initial thoughts from this recap, as well as yours and Andre’s from your respective comments.

      Wanna hear it? Here goes. Allison and her dad are ALPHA wolves. They were BORN werewolves, and become full wolves when they turn. However, unlike Scott, they have greater control over their impulses, since they’ve been raised this way. This is why Allison’s dad IMMEDIATELY had a pack. Other wolves bitten by members of his family were instantly drawn to him, and inclined to do his bidding. Allison and her dad move around a lot because they are gathering various members of their pack, building ranks, and DEFEATING other werewolf families, like Derek Hale’s.

      Notice how Derek’s SISTER’S body was discovered shortly after Allison and her dad presumably moved to town. This would also explain Scott’s and Allison’s instant connection, either she bit him, or someone in her family did. If Allison was the alpha wolf who attacked the bus driver, it would explain why she was in Scott’s dream that night. It would also explain some of her more random behaviors, like the jumping from her bedroom window thing, her instinctively knowing how to trigger Scott’s powers, and even the awkwardness of her response to Lydia’s comment, about her being daddy’s little girl.

      As far as the hunters attacking Scott the first night, I think that was just a ruse. Either that or they were using Scott as bait to draw out Derek. Notice how these so-called experienced hunter’s only shot Scott in the hand, merely incapacitating him, when they could have probably done much worse.

      It’s just my current theory 🙂

      Oh, and I also love the analogies you drew between the characters in this show, and the TVD characters. I can definitely see the connection. And yet, while Derek is SMOKIN HOT, he is no Damon Salvatore. Not yet, anyway. So far, Derek has the broody, angsty part down pat, but not so much of the snarky charm. Perhaps, that side of him will emerge, in time. 🙂

    • jmae

      I’m guessing that Allison and her family move around alot because they are hunting werewolves, hence the posse. I don’t know if you noticed but both trucks at the gas station were Denalis.
      Also, Crystal Reed was hinting toward Allison being in the dark about her family, but I don’t know if I wanna believe that.
      Also, I was wondering if it crossed anyone’s mind yet that maybe something is up with Stiles, think about it he got in through Scott’s window and was haning upside down from the porch while managing to have a normal convo with Scott. Also, in the interviews it ws said that some characters we would think were human were actually something more.

      • I’m with you, jmae. I definitely think Allison isn’t quite the innocent ingenue she pretends to be. And she knows a lot more than she is letting on. This episode pretty much cemented that idea in my head. (Perhaps, when Crystal did the interview, she simply hadn’t filmed that part of the script where her connection to “Were World” was revealed.) I could be wrong of course, but I think I’m right.

        Good point about Stiles. It is interesting that the first shot we get of him, he is hanging upside down, like a vampire bat. The producers could have just done that simply to illustrate Stiles’ quirky personality, or it could be something more. Man, imagine Stiles as a vampire. That would be AWESOME! 🙂

  2. Tricus

    Another remark. You forgot to end your recap with “Who was it that was listening to Scott and Derek Talking”?
    Remember there was a werewolf listening cause the camera acted like someone was eavesdropping then it panned out and went outside to show the person went outside and then you saw the yellow eyes in the tree line.

    HMM I never actually thought that the Alpha werewolf would be Allison but that would be a very clever twist.
    Would be ironic and funny if it was the coach though.
    I have to end all my post with Derek is HOT 😀
    He does for me what Damon does. LOL

    • Hmmm, that’s true, Tricus. I guess I just sort of assumed that the “Alpha” wolf who bit Scott (be it Allison, her dad, or someone else) was the one shown listening in on Scott’s conversation with Stiles.

  3. André

    Oh yeah, the show is definitely affecting you now. 🙂
    And the title of the recap is so fitting i could have been the title of an episode.

    ” Watching this episode gave me, for the first time since the series premiered, an inkling of confidence that Teen Wolf has what it takes to become more than just a summer hiatus series.”
    I thought something similar. Some things really are a bit different in this show, or seem to be. This is the third episode and they already have used the word porn, introduced a gay character (so randomly that they can be considered part of everyday normalcy), had the “sidekick” complain why nothing happens to him and a manipulative brat who obviously is even more dangerous then she looks (which leads me to question what she wants with her idiot of a “boyfriend”). That’s pretty much and maybe even quite daring, but I don’t know since I have no idea how the “regular” American teen shows are.

    “Please don’t let me die on a school bus. That would be SO lame. If you plan to kill me, at least have the decency to do it in a hot car!”
    That reminds me of a scene from Scary Movie where the… big girl begs the killer not to send her to the happy hunting grounds because she is just a day player.:D

    “Who has two arms, and just got banged in his sleep by the entire female population of the sophomore class? THIS GUY!”
    If this would be a comedy show, the guy would get banged by all sophomore girls. 😀
    Are they actually sophomores? I can’t remember any reference to age or class level.

    “A frantic Scott dashes through the hallways, in search of Allison, to make sure her head is still attached to her body.”
    I liked the camera work during that scene. Been a while since I saw that.

    “When he can’t find her right away, Scott immediately flies into a rage, taking his anger out on a poor defenseless locker . . . Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson‘s locker, to be exact. Oops!”
    Did you also notice Scott’s face when he noticed that it was Jasckson’s locker he smashed? Great if you ask me.

    “Yeah . . . believe it or not, they actually DO spend a believable amount of time in school, on this show. It’s kind of refreshing.”
    Man you really are influenced by TVD way too much. I think the hiatus of the show will do you good. 😉

    “What exactly the bus driver was DOING on a school bus, in the middle of the night? Does he LIVE in there?”
    Well he is still a man and there are female drivers as well so maybe he had a date. 😀 Or it has to do with him knowing Derek Hale. Could be that the Alpha wanted to “initiate” Scott and get rid of someone in the same process.

    ” What’s more surprising (well . . . at least to Stiles . . . I think most viewers probably expected this), is Scott’s decision to approach prospective Sister Muncher (Bad choice of words?) Derek Hale for tips on How to Be a Better Werewolf.”
    Correct albeit I found it great how Stiles instantly smacked Scott on the head, showing that he is a) not simply a sidekick and b) obviously a strong link to normalcy (possibly voice of reason) for Scott. Despite the fact that anger causes Scott to transform Stiles seems to take that risk or is oblivious to it (rather unlikely). Thereby keeping Scott down to earth, just like when he urged Scott to go on with his date.

    “I like how dating the Hot New Girl at school seems to have made Scott instantly popular, by association.”
    I like how Scott and Stiles were far from thrilled by having the “cool kids” around. I couldn’t see any hint of pleasant surprise more a vibe of “what the fuck do you shitters want?”

    “I have to say, I really did expect “popular kids” like Jackson and Lydia to have more exciting, rebellious, ideas about how to kill time on date night than bowling. ”
    Lydia probably would have, but Jackson seems pretty dull so far. If he weren’t, Lydia wouldn’t pretend to be so dumb (remember her face when she unconsciously stated that a cougar is a mountain lion and what she did when she realized what she had said). Which makes me (again) question what she wants with him. There must be something in for her because there is no way I am buying that she actually loves him. Or that he loves her.

    “And might I say, Mr. McCall, that if you are ever looking for someone to grope your . . . er . . . punt your pins . . . I’m your girl!”
    You know what I like about guys having these “Man-boobs”? They are perfect for grabbing when standing behind your men.

    “I suspect the comment was just inserted for humor, and to, again, reiterate the notion that there is, in fact, a gay character on this show. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me wonder a bit . . .”
    Not only you, albeit it was definitely funny. Maybe Stiles will find out he is bisexual and will top Danny later on? Hey why should the jocks always be the ones on top? 😉

    “the Sheriff gleefully and graphically recounts the precise way in which a wolf will incapacitate his prey.”
    Sorry but you confused something there. Not the sheriff described this, but the vet. Albeit not an expert I guess his knowledge would be sufficient to assess that the wounds of the victim would be highly unusual for a wolf, for any canine in fact.
    However it was nicely done how the scenes were connected to the vet’s words.

    “Apparently, Scott’s mom is a nurse at the local hospital.”
    That fits the little we knew of her work so far. In addition it seems that Scott’s parents are divorced. Nice to see a teenager who turned out normal and not again a mess of a human being.

    “Unfortunately, for Scott, his mom shoots him down, citing as her reason the “mandatory curfew” for minors, which was enacted in town, as a result of THIS . . .”
    Well this is not Mystic Falls, so the mother figure has parenting skills and the police does do the stuff that would normally be done. Seriously with that many deaths Mystic Falls should be on red alert 24/7.

    “his police dog starts going apesh*t.”
    That was so fake, never seen a German shepherd who was angry/scared with such a smooth face. Only a dog who has a mimic of next to zero would have such an emotionless face in such a situation. Even an only slightly pissed dog would at least look like this:

    “Plus, considering that “being a werewolf” is probably not the most lucrative occupation on the planet, Derek can probably use all the monetary help he can get!”
    But he is always perfectly groomed. 😉

    “As payment for teacingh him how to Be the Best Brooding, Glaring, Monotone-Line Delivering Werewolf he should be, I suggest that Derek should require Scott to . . . wait for it . . . not wear a shirt for the remainder of the season.”
    You are such a leecher, do you know that? 😀
    Admit it you want to see him wet, hot and bothered.

    “BE where he recalls being during his “dream,” and POOF, memories of that fateful night just seem to magically appear to him, almost as though they have been there all along!”
    That is not unrealistic, sometimes it needs a “trigger” to awake certain memories you are usually unable to unlock from your brain.

    “… especially, for an MTV show about half-naked teenage werewolves who run around terrorizing people, and take the occasional break to play a “nice game of lacrosse.”
    Well, there are still surprises in this world. 🙂

    “I’m talking about the idea of “dual consciousness.””
    At first I thought that as well, albeit his behavior in the first two episodes was already evidence for the contrary. Like when Scott tracked down Allison or when he backed off on her roof after seeing his reflection. This duality you speak off would be embodied by the hitherto portrayal of the werewolves in TVD where the human and the wolf sides really seem to be total or nearly totally spate. In Teen Wolf it seems rather as though certain urges come to the surface that are very hard to control.

    “This little “coincidence” led me to wonder whether the Bus Driver was as random a victim as the writers would initially have us believe. What if the Bus Driver was, like Derek’s sister before him, another werewolf?”
    That is a possibility, especially when you review the first scene of the episode “Allison” was able to kick “Scott” against the back of the bus. And considered that the actual attacker was a giant wolf-man and the victim an old man this would be even more unusual if the old men was simply human. And maybe he just screamed in the hospital because he recognized Scott and that brought back the other memories.
    Albeit if he was a werewolf, shouldn’t his wounds have healed? I mean the blood in the bus was also Scott’s but he had no scratch the following day.

    “You know, come to think of it, I would probably have a very similar response, if I woke up to find someone as attractive as Derek Hale leaning over my bed. I would have died too! Though . . . probably not for the same reasons the Bus Driver did.”
    No, you would have died of exhaustion because you would slam Derek to the ground and then ride him hard and merciless. 😀

    “At this point, I was kind of HOPING for Derek to wolf out, and kick some Redneck Hunter ass. But, of course, that’s what the Werewolf Hunters were undoubtedly counting on happening, thereby giving them the public ammunition they need to shoot him in “self-defense.’ So, I’m proud of my Sexy Wolf Man for keeping his cool, in a situation where most humans DEFINITELY would not.”
    I found that interesting. Nice to see humans that are an actual threat to supernaturals.

    “So, all it takes is for Scott to think about Allison naked and, SUDDENLY, he’s Mr. Pro-Bowler!”
    Which raises – again – the question whether Allison knows more about Scott than it seems.

    “And how would she KNOW that, unless . . . SHE IS THE ALPHA?”
    Possible, but how would that be possible if her father is a werewolf hunter? Would he be blind? Or are they actually in town to eliminate the werewolf competition?

    “Scott’s sweet (possibly naive) mom, begins to wonder whether something AWFUL happened to him”
    I doubt that she is naïve, she was able to see through his schemes easily in the hospital. And I doubt that she didn’t knew that things were fishy in the police case, considered that she must have seen the wounds of the victim, who had just died. So I think her reaction is understandable.

    “Like mother, like son, Mommy Dearest immediately picks up her trusty ba, and runs into the room swinging.”
    I thought along the same line. Albeit mine was rather like ‘ok now we know after whom Scott takes’. 😀

    “This marks the first time in the series that we have seen Derek’s wolf form. And it’s . . . well . . . a tad underwhelming, if you ask me. Honestly, I’m not really sure what I was expecting out of Wolf Derek, but it wasn’t that. Perhaps, I was looking for something hotter? Or scarier? I’m not really sure.”
    Me also, I don’t know why but he equally reminds me of Hugh Jackman in X-Men as well as the Wolfman in the new version with DelToro. No matter what it did look partially freaky, maybe Haechlin simply doesn’t have the face for that sort of mask. Scott’s face looks much better. Little remark: Scott’s wolf-eyes are yellow, where Derek’s are blue, albeit they are closer to human eyes than wolf-eyes unlike the ones of Scott.

    “Either way, the fight scene between the two wolf heads was kind of cool.”
    I knew you would say that. I liked the scene because things got actually smashed and the fighters used the surroundings, something TVD and True Blood lacks so far (by the way the streams I usually use to watch True Blood are off the net so I have to search for new ones.)

    “In other words, when he wolf’s out, he looks more like Jacob from Twilight,”
    Actually so far he looks more like William from Underworld 2. Jacob changed into a giant wolf, albeit his proportions were more typical for many fighting dogs, but hey it’s not as though the average person would know.

    • Hey Andre! Thanks, as always, for your kickass commentary on the episode. You’ve already made watching Teen Wolf this summer about ten times more enjoyable for me than I suspect it would have been otherwise. As you may have noticed, I was initially hesitant about recapping this show. But I actually think it’s a “good fit” for this blog. So, I appreciate your convincing me to stick with it.

      Oh, and I know it was written as a response to Tricus’ comment, but I would love you to read my New and Improved Alpha Wolf theory, in the comment section, as some of the questions that YOU raised in your comment, helped me to come up with it. Prepare to poke holes in it! 🙂

      You know what’s funny? I think you and I sort of “switched places” in terms of why THIS show appeals to us. When it comes to TVD, I am ALL about the characters and their relationships to one another. The mythology stuff is just secondary. Based on your TVD comments, I can see that TVD’s appeal to YOU is more focused on its mythology than its characters. (Jeremy is an exception of course. I can tell you lust for Jeremy the way I lust for Damon, and Spidey lusts for Tyler.)

      Yet with Teen Wolf, the reasons you mentioned in your comment for enjoying the show, seemed mostly character-based. Meanwhile, I find myself genuinely intrigued by the unique MYTHOLOGY of this show, while the characters (with the exception of Stiles, who’s just all around AWESOME), I feel could still use a bit more fleshing out.
      I think we both think Derek’s sexy, though . 🙂 How could anybody NOT? 😉

      Hmmm, you know, I’m not exactly sure how old Scott and Stiles are supposed to be. I just assumed they were sophomores, because most high school series start their students off at that age. They do this because freshman, particularly freshman boys, tend to look and act too young to appeal to an 18-34 target demographic. But sophomores are a bit more mature. Plus, if your students are sophomores and your show is a success, you still have three years to keep them in high school, before you have to worry about your show suffering the Dreaded College Curse.

      Just based on context clues from the show, I would guess that Scott and Stiles are 16. They are on the sports team, and were on it last year, but clearly aren’t the oldest kids there. They can both drive, but Scott doesn’t have his own car yet. And college doesn’t appear to be on their minds at all, at this point I the series. So, that’s just my educated guess. Of course, I could be wrong.

      In fact, it’s possible that MTV is keeping the ages of the characters DELIBERATELY vague. This way, if the show is a success, they have the opportunity to STRETCH OUT the school years, and pretend the characters were younger than they were initially intended to be all along.

      As you mentioned, I did find it interesting that in the first two episodes, Stiles was trying to convince Scott NOT to date Allison, and NOT to play lacrosse, due to the latter’s were tendencies, and, in the third episode, he WANTED Scott to go on the date with Allison. Perhaps, Stiles has seen in Scott some development of increased self-control between episodes 2 and 3, such that he is less worried about his best buddy KILLING his classmates, than he used to be.

      Hmmm . . . I guess I’d say that Scott and Stiles were more UNCOMFORTABLE with the notion of the popular kids eating with them, than annoyed. After all, Scott and Stiles LIKE Lydia and Allison plenty, but Jackson’s just a douche, and the rest of the lacrosse players, they could probably take or leave. And yet, I think there’s always a small part of every high school student that WANTS to be popular, even though secretly, he or she, recognizes that ACTUALLY hanging out with these people would be more like HARD WORK than anything else.

      This brings me to Lydia. If I recall from her character video, she’s the smartest girl in school, but she hides it, because, in THIS particular school, intelligence and popularity don’t mix. (See, for example, Jackson.) But Lydia is smart enough to know that being popular will enable her to have the “best” high school experience available to her. So, she plays her role, by dating the captain of the lacrosse team, wearing the right clothing, and dumbing down when necessary. It’s not a necessarily admirable quality of hers. However, it’s definitely cunning and savvy. Lydia treats high school like a business. And she’s the CEO.

      I know the actor who plays Stiles says that the “sidekick” will never couple with anybody on the show, but I’d be inclined to disagree, particularly if the series lasts past one season. I actually think Lydia and Stiles would make an interesting pair. Both characters are more intelligent than anyone else on the show. And yet, Lydia is all about appearances, whereas Stiles could genuinely care less what others think about him. Together, they would be the Summer and Seth (from The O.C.) of the new decade.

      I’m intrigued by your take on the whole dual consciousness thing. And I actually think, based on every scene EXCEPT for the “dream sequence,” you are right. Scott is “essentially” Scott, even when in wolf form, he just may lose certain “human inhibitions” and morals, during that time.

      On one hand, the dream sequence DOESN’T seem to fit into the theory, and YET, if I am right that ALLISON WAS the Alpha on the bus, and her altercation with the busdriver (and Scott himself) was real, than it would jive perfectly.

      Here’s hoping next week’s episode, sheds a bit more light on the whole ALPHA topic. OH, and let’s see some SHIRTLESS DEREK HALE, PLEASE! We need more naked characters on this show, or poor Scott is going to start to get lonely. 🙂

      • André

        Good to hear that I still have my edge, albeit I don’t think that I convinced you to stick with the show. However you awakened my interest. Did it actually go so far that I influenced your view on the show?

        Your theory about the Argents has merit, albeit you made one mistake: in Teen Wolf the Alphas change into big Wolf/Dog-men, it’s the Omegas that change into actual wolves.
        I didn’t notice it but you were right, the hunters could also have shot Scott in the belly or the leg (the letter being a good way to slow him down, if they had hit the knee area he would have been unable to move) instead of pinning him to a tree, seriously If they were good enough for that they surely would have been able to kill him with one shot.
        However, this leads to the question, why they don’t reveal themselves as werewolves, albeit the reason might be that they use it for a strategic advantage, maybe to evade detection themselves. I guess only time will tell, since obviously the werewolves don’t seem to be able to sniff each other out, otherwise Derek would have found him already, albeit if they could they would probably be able to cover their tracks.

        I admit that TVD’s appeal was more due to the background, because I asked myself why it is so and so. I guess that was why I was skeptical about the whole curse thing from the start because it didn’t really fit the presentation of the werewolves. Actually it didn’t really fit at all, because if vampires and werewolves would have made hunting and farming impossible the humans would have starved and therefore the vampires wouldn’t be able to do such a thing since they rely on humans as food, yes animals can be used as well but obviously it reduces their strength and currently Stefan is the only known vamp who has the self-control for it. So even if the werewolves had done what the Aztec legend claimed the vampires would have needed to stop them to ensure their own survival. With the current explanation it is weird that no one seemed to have noticed that there are several versions of the legend. Are we as watchers supposed to believe that from all the versions the Aztec one was the only to survive? And shouldn’t there have been some vamps around who knew that they could be harmed by the sun even before the supposed date? Or at least some witches who speculated that it couldn’t be because of the immense power necessary?
        That was what intrigued me. The main characters of TVD have lost much of their appeal, especially since Elena forgave Damon again and again (she is nuts). And I know people hate me for it but still I don’t see that Forwood would be a couple. To compare it with Teen Wolf: Scott and Allison didn’t knew each other so that they just run into it and only start to get to know each other is believable, however Caroline and Tyler knew each other for years and now all of a sudden it’s the big love? Hard to believe if you ask me. Close friendship? Yes believable. Tyler having a crush on Caroline? Considered his emotional immaturity very likely actually, let’s face it the guy is way behind his peers (at least that was how he was depicted). Caroline developing a crush on Tyler because of what happened? No way, there is no way she would fall for him that easily, especially since he had barely anything done to deserve it. And despite what some people think pity is no basis for a relationship. It is just hard to believe, that is all.
        Since you mention him, hard to believe that Jeremy remains so stoical, seriously that guy should be on pills again considered what happened. I hope the writers show us real humans again in season 3 and not these near-puppets that seem to be only good if they serve the main triangle. Sorry all you fans but I think that is basically what the supporting characters have become towards the end of season 3.
        One thing however, I not only lust for Jeremy (or McQueen to be precise) I do the same with Tyler. And I wish we would see some hot boy-on-boy action between them but considered Williams attitude that is unlikely since bisexuals don’t seem to exist in his universe.
        Too bad, I read some pretty fanfic. Wanna have a sneak peak?

        SNEAK PEAK:
        “Jeremy bent down and nuzzled Tyler’s neck, earning a contented little hum from Tyler. Well, that was a start. Jeremy trailed his mouth along Tyler’s neck, finding his pulse point and suckling gently, causing Tyler to arch his neck and draw in a sharp breath of air. Jeremy took that as a sign to suck a little harder and Tyler squeaked. Jeremy would have to remember to tease him about that later. He bit down and Tyler hissed, he laved his tongue across the mark and Tyler moaned.

        He slid his fingers down Tyler’s chest and under the edge of his tee shirt, tracing light patterns along his side. He moved his mouth to Tyler’s ear, sucking his earlobe between his teeth. Tyler made an interesting little sound at that, and one of his hands gripped unto Jeremy’s arm. When Jeremy flicked his tongue across the shell of Tyler’s ear, Tyler’s hand buried into his hair and drug his mouth back to his for a kiss.

        Just to be annoying, Jeremy kissed him slow and languid, chuckling when he heard Tyler’s whimper of frustration. For revenge, Tyler twisted his hair between his fingers harder than was strictly necessary. Deciding it was forgivable, Jeremy slid his hand further along Tyler’s torso, too lightly for any real satisfaction. He brushed his thumb teasingly along a nipple and Tyler jerked upward. Jeremy broke the kiss, and Tyler’s mouth tried to follow his for a second before Tyler realized it and pulled back, glaring at him.”

        I guess in Teen Wolf there hasn’t been so much Mythology yet and I don’t see any flaws so my interest focuses on the characters and there is a lot of material to work with. 🙂

        What you wrote about Scott and Stiles age makes sense, so I say lets settle with them being not younger than 16, let’s just hope that the writers let them actually age and don’t say that they are still the same age after two seasons (you know what I am referring to ;)). I mean especially Posey is already pretty close to having to shave himself several times per day to still look like a 16-year-old, when you compare his look in the episode to the one in the MTV-videos.

        Well I guess Stiles didn’t miss Scoot’s development, albeit Scott might miss Stiles’, so like I said, Stiles is keeping Scott on the ground or seems to act as the voice of reason. However I don’t see that either really likes Lydia, Scott doesn’t seem to and apart from the thing in the hospital there is no actual evidence for Stiles liking her (the hospital thing might just as well be a way to distract her, as you mentioned Stiles is smart). I don’t think that Stiles is that naïve, he is kinda goofy but I think too street smart to fall for someone like Lydia that easily. Both probably have a desire to be popular albeit if it is that strong I kinda doubt, since both also seem to be individualistic enough not to just swim with the other fish. But we will see how it progresses.

        You have a point with Lydia’s behavior, however I won’t say anything more about her, yet, because I really want to know what’s in it for her to play dumb and date Jackson. I guess we will know before the end of the season.

        And as for Derek being shirtless, watch his and Allison’s MTV-video again. He will be shirtless. 😉

    • brandy

      The dog who you refer to as fake from being angry with a smooth face is a schutzhund trained german german named enzo. he looks that way no matter what , if hes happy , mad , any emotion. i should know i am the owner. he is going on 8 yrs old and very clear headed. he has worked in real life as a police dog.
      ashley his trainer on the set has worked with him for awhile . he is my pride and joy . he lives and works with me on a daily basis , and he is a high driven working dog. they are not the same as your pet quality or even your show dogs.
      so please before you make comments , at least know what you are talking about.

      • Thanks so much for stopping by, Brandy! That is SO cool about your dog. 🙂 Angry or not, he’s very cute! Has he been in any other show or movie we would have seen? If you don’t mind my asking, how did you get your dog into “show business?”

        (Oh, and I’m sure Andre didn’t mean any offense. If I recall, he was just discussing Enzo’s anger, in terms of how it related to the context of the story. I’m sure he wasn’t suggesting that your dog was fake, or acted fake, in any way. :))

  4. Nina in Anchorage

    Glad I’m not the only fan of both shows who thought they were playing Mystic Falls in the first game of the season! Love your work for both; TWOP doesn’t recap it so I am looking forward even more to yours! In fact, I just decided to create a new subfolder under my “Entertainment” bookmarks and move you two there. It will be “Recaps of Shows I Watch”.

    • Hey Nina in Anchorage! Thanks so much for your kind words, and for book marking me. 🙂 I’m psyched to talk Teen Wolf with you this summer.

      I actually think there’s a fairly large percentage of Teen Wolf viewers who are “carry-overs” from TVD. (This is a good thing, because I plan on continuing to use my TVD GIFS in EVERY RECAP. And if there weren’t TVD viewers reading these recaps, no one would understand half my pop culture references. :))

      As for Beacon Hills playing Mystic Falls, you’ll be happy to know the inclusion was ABSOLUTELY intentional. As it turns out, the writer of Teen Wolf is a HUGE TVD fan. 🙂 Check it out:


      Now, if we could only get the TVD cast to guest star . . . 😉

  5. jmae

    “That was so fake, never seen a German shepherd who was angry/scared with such a smooth face. Only a dog who has a mimic of next to zero would have such an emotionless face in such a situation.”
    I’m pretty sure the dog wasn’t angry or scared. If you remember what Scott did to the dog Alison hit in ep1 it’d make sense that Derek was the one causing the dog to act like that, because being a werewolf it seems that he can control dogs.

    • André

      I wouldn’t count on that. Currently there is no evidence for that. The scene probably was meant to be frightening. By the way the average viewer probably wouldn’t have noticed the dog’s facial expression.

    • Interesting point, jmae! As you suggested, would have been in Derek’s best interest to get the police officer to leave, so that he could talk to Scott.

      For me though, the scene with Scott in the pilot didn’t necessarily illustrate his ability to “control” dogs’ mind. Rather, as a canine-type himself, I feel like Scott was able to form some sort of silent communication with the dog, the way wolf pack members can “speak” to one another when hunting for prey.

      Speaking of that scene though, it’s interesting that Scott had a CALMING affect on the dog in the pilot, but the dog in episode 3 was effected by the presence of werewolves in the opposite way. Perhaps, the dog wasn’t reacting to Scott or Derek in that scene at all, but rather to the predatory ALPHA, who was nearby. 🙂

  6. jmae

    link has a picture of Derek shirtless and chained up.

  7. ms coffeebean

    Who in the hell is Dereks love interest, or did you mean you cant wait til Derek has a love interest? Hmm i was thinking about derek having a girlfriend in the future, but wouldnt that be dangerous for her, meaning he could rip her to pieces. Hope hes not like Damon Salvatore a user and abuser. I hope hes an excellent boyfriend, who one would dare mess with his girl. ;). Hope it comes true.

    • Hey, ms coffeebean. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Actually, I don’t recall mentioning a love interest for Derek in this particular recap. I only referred to Allison as Scott’s love interest. (At least, she was back then . . . ;))

      Perhaps, you were replying to Tricus’ comment regarding her eagerness to see Derek get a love interest?

      Either way, I’m eager to see Derek “get some” too! For all the aggravation Derek has to put up with each week from Scott, the Hunters, and now the police, that sexy man deserves a little loving! I’m not sure who in the cast would fit the role for him yet. I suspect the writers would have to bring in some fresh blood just for this purpose. 🙂

      Hmmmm . . . you had some not very nice things to say about my Damon. 😦 I guess that means you are a hardcore Stelena fan. To each her own, I guess. What are your thoughts on Stefan reverting to his Ripper self, in Season 3?

      • ms coffeebean

        Oh no! I love damon to pieces, i just dont like the fact he treats women like crap, cos he cant have Elena now season 3 is gona be epic yr of the originals woo hoo, bring back Elijah please. Cant wait to see Stefan rip into people and show his animal side, its gona be very hot. Im team klaus/ team Joseph Morgan, hes is gourgous. But i have a new crush in the form of Derek hale/ Tyler Hoechlin. Oh god yes! 8-p

      • Yay! I feel so much better now. 🙂 I was trying to be open minded. But if you hated Damon Salvatore, you would probably also strongly dislike this blog, as he is ALL OVER IT. (As I’m sure you noticed. ;)) So, I’m glad to hear that is not the case.

        I’m also really excited to see Stefan be Dark and Naughty with Klaus. I think those two have the potential to be really sexy together. To me, Stefan is 10 times more interesting when he’s being evil. And Paul Wesley seems to prefer playing bad too.

        Is it September 13th yet? I can’t wait!

        As for Teen Wolf, I’m a huge Derek Hale fan too! And I genuinely hope he will play a larger part in the later episodes of this season. Tyler Hoechlin’s just rocking this role. And I feel like we’ve just scratched the surface of who Derek Hale is, and what he can do.

  8. ms coffeebean

    Has anyone seen the new promo for Teen Wolf episode 9 Wolfs Bane? If ya have they identify the Alpha Wolf can some one please identify it for me cos i cant really hear the name! please help. =).

    • Hi ms. coffeebean,

      I don’t believe they actually reveal the Alpha’s name in the promo, just its sex. 🙂 In the promo Derek calls Stiles on the phone and says, “You have to get out of there. It’s HIM. He’s the Alpha!”

      I hope that helped. Sorry to spoil the excitement! 🙂

  9. Austin

    I don’t understand how Allison’s dad knew about Derek. Can someone please tell me why/how Allison’s dad was suspicious about Derek? I don’t remember him bumping into Derek previously.

    • Hi Austin! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I actually think Derek’s status as a werewolf was known by the Argent family, ever since he was a little kid. The Hales were a family of mostly werewolves, and the Argents were a family of mostly hunters. So, the fact that the two families pretty much lived next door to one another, for most of their lives, is odd, but makes sense, in a way.

      Despite the two families being, more or less, enemies, since the Argents lived by a certain code of conduct, Allison’s dad (unlike his sister) would never lethally harm a member of the Hale family, unless that family member harmed someone first. Then the Hale house fire happened. And it was probably all over the news in town. As the supposed sole survivors of the fire, Derek’s and Laura’s pictures were probably all over the local papers. And since Derek was in high school at the time, I suspect he didn’t look very different than he looks now.

      Since Allison’s dad recognized that Derek probably blamed the Argent family for the fire, he expected retribution on Derek’s behalf . . . In fact, it could be argued that he was almost waiting for it to happen. So, it makes sense that when murders relating to the fire started happening around town, Derek was the first person Allison’s dad considered as a suspect. He just needed proof, before he could act . . .

      I hope that helps . . .

      • Austin

        Thank you so much! I appreciate the quick response too!

      • Austin

        Oh, and btw, I LOVE your recaps/reviews. They crack me up and they are super thorough. I will keep a check on here as I watch the season. Do you recap any other shows?

      • Hi Austin! Thanks so much for your kind words. In addition to Teen Wolf, I also recap: The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Glee. (sometimes) Being Human, and a few others who’s names escape me, at the moment. 🙂

  10. Hey Julie, I’m indebted to you – after seeing you recap this show you have officially got me utterly addicted…after only three episodes. Thank god, I was in desperate need of a cheesy high school supernatural show to keep me off the antidepressants during the TVD hiatus! 😀 I love these recaps, just like your TVD ones, as not only are they wet yo’ pants funny as usual, but a certain studly (I now use this word cos of you) vampire is ALL OVER THEM. Om nom nom.

    I’ve seen the Michael J Fox movie and I can tell you that they are nothing alike. 😛 Much as I love Mr Fox, who will always be fondly known as ‘Marty’ to me, this TV show is way better. The one thing they have in common though is that in both, Stiles is utterly hysterical and far and away the best character: check the beginning of this clip of him in the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrK1ISpXjf8

    You know, after all your fan girling over Derek he’s kinda grown on me. I wasn’t too impressed at first as I thought his eyes were a bit poppy. Plus all he does is stand around and brood, and deliver lines in an unconvincing monotone, which is boring and I hate boring. Emotions, people, show your emotions! If he starts cracking funnies, murdering ‘asshat’ hunters, or showing a side which is generally less like a tree (tall and silent and expressionless) I may like him more. I did like it though when he beat Scott up, I hope more of this happens. Am I addicted to violence? Am I a perv that I think men throwing eachother around and growling is hot?

    Even though I love the dark, scary, possibly evil ones, my character crush for once on THIS show is not the Derek, but comes in a smaller, funnier, crazier package. Heh heh… OH STILES. Yes I want Stiles to have a love interest….(ME!)… the reason for this being I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM ALREADY. He’s just, so utterly bonkers and awesome, and refreshingly not out of my league. He’s like me but a guy. If we met it’d be love at first sight, at least on my side.

    Glad it’s not just me who thinks the promo poster of Scott all yellow eyed and evil looking and hair mussed up is a big turn on… in fact it’s what kinched watching the show for me! I saw that and was like ‘Right, now I’m DEFINITELY watching it…’ Scott’s a bit of a useless but loveable twonk isn’t he, not sure about his acting though. I definitely would NOT compare him to Stefan Salvatore though, because #1 I have no reason to hate Scott yet, #2 there is no sexy funny brother hanging around, #3 he does not have a whiny diary, and #4 HE IS SOME SERIOUS EYE CANDY which Stefan is not to me. I mean, phwoar, his chest and beautiful face is probably my second main reason for loving this show, after Stiles. He makes a really sexy yellow eyed thing as well (not when he goes all gremlin, just when he gets the eyes and the angry face).

    No wonder we teenagers all have anorexia after being assaulted by so many beautiful people on TV. It’s ridiculous, even in UK shows no-one is less than fairly attractive, but watching US TV is horrific because it’s like being visually assaulted by supermodels! I really wish they could have some average people and have them as cool protagonists as well, it would be a big esteem boost as well as a great media statement. Even the godamn extras look like they belong on the catwalk. Normally the only average people appear to play ‘dorky’ or ‘weird’ characters. This makes me feel annoyed, as well as ugly. 😛

    I found it totally jokes that they play lacrosse in this school. I mean, I thought that only got played in super elite english boarding schools?! My mum’s school was an all girls school run by nuns and they played lacrosse! And here they have a normal american school lacrosse team? What a joke, learn something new everyday I guess. Coach crackhead is well scary too/ totally funny. Kinda like a cross between Sue from Glee and the psycho coach in TVD who died after like, two episodes. I think Damon may have eaten him *ahhh Damon*. Nice nod to TVD with the Mystic Falls match! It’s not like it won’t just be the exact same people (I mean, GIRLS) watching the two shows so it’s nice they acknowledge that.

    I never mentioned this but one of the things I adore about TVD (why am I talking about TVD still??!! Quick, my obsession is showing) is the incredible soundtrack…they play so many underground alternative artists (many of whom are BRITISH! Rule britannia god save the queen etc etc). Anyway this point is pointful because I’ve also noticed the soundtrack on Teen Wolf as being really great – three episodes in and they’ve played a whole load of My Chemical Romance and Ellie Goulding! ME GUSTA.

    I LOVE your theories about the Alpha wolf, Allison or Lydia would be cool, I bet Allison will remain the useless love interest but it would be good to see her with a more interesting side to her character. She is annoyingly overly pretty and nice. Looks a bit like a brunette version of this lady: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&cp=7&gs_id=4&xhr=t&q=karen+gillan&qscrl=1&nord=1&rlz=1T4ADRA_enGB373GB374&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1366&bih=644&ion=1&wrapid=tljp134107712771404&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=gTbvT_uyGYfV8gOM15mODQ

    You know what I’d love? If Jackson became really good friends with Scott and Stiles. And Lydia had a ‘character turnaround’ like Caroline in TVD, and became badass and not bitchy. Allison’s dad reminds me of Hugh Laurie for some reason. Anyone else reckon Scott’s mum is really cool? She talks to the kids almost like she’s an older sister or whatever, kinda reminds me of Jenna…OH WAIT you don’t like her and again why am I talking about TVD. 😛

    Someone commented saying Derek’s wolf face looks like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine? Yeah, it does only Wolverine is sexier ;D Also reminds me of how vampires look in Buffy, only with fewer wrinkles.

    Okay I’ve rambled on long enough. See you! I’m going to watch some more now HAW HAW.

    • Julie! I started watching episode 4 and I take back everything I said about Derek! He is sexy AS, despite being called Derek which is about as sexy as ‘Cuthbert’.
      Stiles sorta reminds me of Xander from Buffy, but more attractive. 😛 All these people I follow on tumblr ship ‘Sterek’ which I assume is Stiles and Derek… does that have any sort of canon basis, or is it like Dean/Castiel where it’s not canon but you can interpret everything homoerotically?! Or is it just wishful thinking? Okay don’t tell me I’ll be interested to see how this pans out, can’t say I can imagine it happening though…

      • LOL. Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call Sterek canon . . . yet. But it’s a really fun ship to follow. 😉 Just wait until you get to the “my cousin Miguel” episode. 😉

    • Hey the wuzzy! I’m so thrilled that I played a small role in helping you discover this fun, campy, less cheesy than it looks, series! Like you, I was shocked at just how much it won me over, after the first couple of episodes. Now, it’s definitely my favorite summer guilty pleasure. 🙂

      Oh, if you love Stiles already . . . just wait. I swear the guy gets more hilarious, and more adorable with each passing episode. And if you do a few Google searches, you’ll find he’s got a surprisingly nice bod under those baggy conversation tees. 😉

      And check this out . . . It looks like we might get to see Stiles on the big screen sooner than we think. 😉

      Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your thoughts on the episodes as you see them. It’s allowing me to relive discovering the show all over again! 😉

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