Greetings from the Walmart of Guns – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Magic Bullet”

Is that a Smith and Wesson in your pocket, or are you just happy to see my MASSIVE WEAPONS STASH?

Welcome back, were-lovers!  This week on Teen Wolf, we got to: (1) meet Allison’s “wacky” family; (2) learned about her  .  . . um . . . unique “hobbies;” (3) got to make fun of lacrosse a little bit; (4) were introduced to the fabulous comedic stylings of  the Derek /Stiles duo (PLEASE get these two crazy kids their own Buddy Cop Movie, MTV!); (5) and, last, but DEFINITELY, not least, we FINALLY got to see DEREK HALE  . . . SHIRTLESS!

Well, I’m excited.  (Stiles is obviously excited.)  Are YOU excited?  Let’s got on with the recap!

Meet Aunt Kate – The Werewolf Slayer

I would hereby like to submit for your approval the new promotional poster for the National Rifle Association.

Now, I never thought I’d say this, but the writers of THIS MTV show are SMART!

Yeah, I said it.  These guys (and girls) clearly know their audience.  They know that most of us have seen HUNDREDS of horror movies, and supernaturally-inclined television shows, and know all the cliches, and predictable plot twists by heart.  And yet, rather than steering completely clear of these, the writers of Teen Wolf use them to their advantage, by taking our expectations and turning them completely on their head.

Case in point:  the opening scene of this episode.  We are introduced to a woman we have never seen before on this show.  She is ALONE in her car.  It is the middle of the night.  She is absent-mindedly singing to music on the radio, and openly SCOFFING news reports of animal attacks.  She is fixing her makeup, when she should be watching the road.  In short, she is the quintessential RANDOM FIRST KILL in EVERY HORROR MOVIE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

Pssst .  . . there’s someone behind you.

Cue the Intensely Creepy Music, and “that strange feeling that someone is watching you.”  A car halts in front of her, and the “character” we think of as Future Lunch Meat swerves, just barely missing it.  She breathes a sigh of relief, thinking she’s safe.  On the couch at home, we laugh at her naivety, counting down the seconds to her inevitable demise.  “Nice, not really knowing ya,” says TV Recapper out loud, at this point in the show.

Then it happens.  The wolf jumps on the top of Future Lunch Meat’s car, breaks the glass of the driver’s side window, and reaches in and grabs her.  There is a girly scream, and a struggle follows.  We wait for Future Lunch Meat to inevitably be dragged out of the car, her body quickly devoured, and tossed to the side of the road, mangled and bloody, her eyes frozen open in the Horror of Death.

For those of you who watch The Vampire Diaries, doesn’t Aunt Kate sort of resemble Dead Jules?

But Future Lunch Meat somehow manages to fight off the wolf, and emerges from her car unscathed.  A-ha!  The FAKE OUT!  We think to ourselves.  Surely, she is going to get it NOW.  She walks to the trunk of her car, opens it, and . . . HOLY CRAP!  It’s got a weapons cache inside that would make Tony Soprano PROUD!

Now, Future Lunch Meat is shouting threats at an unseen wolf.  Plus, she’s not exactly being conservative about the bullets in her gun, shooting wildly in the air like a crazy person.  But as we’ve seen from her trunk, she doesn’t need to be stingy.  Girlfriend’s got bullets to spare.  She might make it out of this scene alive, yet!

Back at the Argent House, Evil Were Hunter Dad skips out at 2 a.m.  He tries to leave without waking up Allison, but fails.  She wonders where he’s going.  Does Daddy have a Lady Friend?  Is he cheating on Mommy?  I wouldn’t put it past him.  After all, you’ve got to admit, for an evil sociopath dad-type, Papa Argent is KINDA HOT!


But Evil Were Hunter Dad tells Allison he has to pick up Aunt Kate, who is having some “car trouble.”  Ohhhhh . . . so Future Lunch Meat is “AUNT KATE,” which means she isn’t future lunch meat at all!  Damn you, MTV!  You tricked me!

As it turns out, the Argent family aren’t the only ones who are alerted to Aunt Kate’s “car trouble.”  Apparently, Alpha Wolf has some sort of lo-jack tracking system on his ass.  Because, the next thing you know, both Scott . . .

.  . . and Derek . . .

WILF = Wolf I’d like to . . . 😉

. . . are on the scene.

Unfortunately, at some point during the shooting spree, Alpha wolf gets away.  But Aunt Kate doesn’t give a sh*t.  She’s out for BLOOD.  Scott, hides himself in a warehouse, and manages to avoid the melee . . .

But Derek isn’t so lucky.  He gets a bullet in the arm, which you would THINK he’d be able to release from his body right away.  But the bullet remains.  And the wound begins to fester . . .

Now, of course, a Big Brooding Bad Wolf like Derek isn’t going to GO TO THE HOSPITAL like us NORMAL SMART HUMANS.  That would be too easy too risky, what with his big WERE-PARTS just waiting to be discovered and shipped off to a lab for testing!  Nope.  If Derek wants to heal his infection, he’s going to need help of a non-medical sort.  And he’s running out of time . . .


“Don’t Touch My Sh*t”

Back at the Argent household, Evil Were Hunter Dad does not seem particularly sympathetic toward Aunty Kate’s BRUSH WITH DEATH.  He’s more concerned about how her graduation from the Scarface School of Animal Hunting . . .

. . . will negatively impact his campaign to ERADICATE ALL WEREWOLVES FROM PLANET EARTH.

Geez!  Allison’s dad is not exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, now is he?  Nonetheless, I found the conversation between Evil Werewolf Hunter and Aunt Kate intriguing, in that it seems to fly in the face of my theory that a member of the ARGENT family is the Alpha that bit Scott.  I still think they could be werewolves though . . .

We cut to a scene where Allison and Aunt Kate are hanging out in the guest bedroom, and we know instantly that these two are pretty close.  Aunt Kate is one of those adult types who tries DESPERATELY to be cool, and fit in with the teens.  Sound like anybody YOU know?

Kate starts telling Allison what a “Runway Model” she has become.  She also informs her that she shouldn’t settle for ONE boyfriend, when she can have an ENTIRE SCHOOL of them.  Thanks, Aunt Kate!  Way to teach your niece to be a TOTAL WHORE!  That comment is going to bite you in the ass, later in this episode, Auntie, just so you know!

But Aunt Kate shows her true colors, when Allison starts digging in her BULLET BAG, practically tackling the poor teen, before she can closer look at what’s inside.  This makes Allison, who was already suspicious of the strange circumstances surrounding her Aunt’s midnight arrival, even MORE suspicious.  She asks her aunt about the “car trouble” she had the night before.  “I just needed someone to jump start my car,” remarks Auntie Big Fat Liar.  Recalling, that her DAD explained that Aunt Kate had a FLAT TIRE, Allison makes one of her trademark, “I’m confused” faces . . .

“My GOD!  This guy is EVERYWHERE!”

Coincidentally, if Derek Hale was a vampire, this is probably what he would look like ALL THE TIME!

At school, we get a bit of a recap of the end of last week’s episode, as Stiles helpfully asks Scott all the questions lingering in our heads about who bit him, what the deal is with Derek, and what the f*ck constitutes an “Alpha?” 

While this is happening, some test gets passed back to the class.  Stiles aces it (naturally), but Scott gets a D minus, thus confirming fans’ suspicions that our hero isn’t exactly the sharpest crayon in the box.

It’s OK, Dude!   People who look THAT good naked don’t need to have brains too  . . .  In fact, if they did, it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of us average-looking folk.

Stiles offers to help Scott study for the next exam.  But Scott already has a study date . . . Allison.  Stiles wisely notes that the ONLY studying Scott will be doing during that date is a scientific analysis of how Allison’s tongue tastes.  But Stiles is ALL FOR IT!  He is TOTALLY Team Allison.  He wants Scott to get some nooky, so HE can live vicariously through him.  Personally though, I think Stiles is only saying this, because he’s secretly angling for some threesome action . . .

Outside class, a wounded Derek lumbers the hallways, all menacing and zombie-like, looking for Scott.  Of all people, Derek decides to ask Alpha Male Douchebag JACKSON where he can find his new trusty puppy friend.  And you know Jackson!  He’s all “I’m going to find out what Scott is hiding, if it’s the last thing I do.”

So, immediately, Jackson takes one look at the bullet-ridden, near-death, strung-out looking (but, oddly enough, still SUPER hot) Derek, and quite rationally assumes the stud muffin is Scott’s DRUG DEALER.  “You might want to lay off your own merchandise, because you look wrecked,” notes Jackson, not entirely unkindly.  (By the way, when did they fix Jackson’s locker?  Didn’t Scott just completely demolish it last week?)

Then Derek starts bleeding all over the floor, and doofus Jackson still thinks its wise to strong-arm the guy, even though he’s twice his size, and looks like he has the EBOLA VIRUS.  (“Gee!  There are so many intelligent men on this show!”  She says, sarcastically.)  Despite being HALF-DEAD, Derek is STILL able to push Jackson into the lockers.  He scratches the teen’s neck, leaving a big bloody gash across it. 

Is that enough to infect Jackson with the werewolf virus?  Well, that’s a story for another episode . . .

I’ll just tell everyone it’s a hickey!”

Using his super-sensitve werewolf hearing, Derek overhears Scott and Stiles talking about him.  He also overhears Allison and Lydia . . .

Lydia thinks Allison should prepare for the possibility of Hot Wolf Sex with Scott.  Allison feigns shock.  “After ONE date?”  She asks incredulously.  And yet, considering girlfriend has been ALL OVER Scott like cheap cologne ever since the pilot episode, we know that she is, in the words of those mental midgets from that show, The Jersey Shore, D. T. F.

If you impregnate me, will I give birth to a litter?”

School’s over.  (That was FAST!)  Stiles is in his car, while Scott is on his dorky bike.  (AGAIN!  FRIENDSHIP FAIL!  DRIVE YOUR BUDDY HOME FROM SCHOOL, STILES!  His bike can fit in the trunk!)  Zombie Derek staggers out in front of Stiles car.  “My GOD!  This guy is everywhere!”  Stiles yells out, comically, taking the words right out of fans’ mouths.  Derek then proceeds to literally roll over and play dead doggie, right in front of Stiles’ car . . .

I’ve fallen.  And i can’t get up!”

Stiles and Scott immediately rush to their “new pal’s rescue.”  Undoubtedly, getting back at his buddy for failing to give him a ride, Scott quickly shoves the rapidly decaying body of Derek Hale in Stiles’ passenger seat, while he skips off on his “study” date with Allison.  The selfishness on this show, apparently, knows no bounds.

Behave for the babysitter, son.  Daddy will be back to pick you up, as soon as he gets laid.”

Now conscious, a weakened Derek informs Stiles and Scott that he has a bullet in his body with the Argent name all over it . . . a bullet for which Derek’s werewolf powers are no match.  “A silver bullet?”  Stiles asks, clearly having done his Googling Werewolves homework for the evening.  Derek rolls his eyes, informing us that THIS part of werewolf lore apparently doesn’t apply to our story. 

Always one to accentuate the positive, Scott tells Derek that he overheard Auntie Kate telling Evil Were Hunter that with the bullet inside of him, our Sexy Beast has only 48 HOURS TO LIVE!

But WAIT!  There’s hope!  If Scott can somehow locate the TYPE of bullet that hurt Derek in time, Derek can cure himself.  HOORAY!  But the clock is ticking . . .

Allison finds Scott in the parking lot, and wonders why he suddenly seems all buddy-buddy, with Derek, the same guy, Scott freaked out about, when he found out he had driven Allison home from the party.

“Feel totally free to invite your hot drug dealer friend over to my house.   I can think of lots of ways the three of us could entertain one another.”

Scott avoids the question, and tells Allison he will meet her at her house.  Then he RIDES OFF ON HIS BIKE, while Allison gets into her car.  AGAIN . . . why is NOBODY offering to give this poor kid a ride!  I mean, him and Allison are going to the SAME place for crying out loud!  Now, that’s just rude!

As Stiles drives away, with Derek in the car, and Scott rides off into the sunset on his trust bike, Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson . . . wait for it . . . WATCHES SUSPICIOUSLY. 



“These are a few of my favorite things.”

Allison is shocked to find that Scott has arrived at her home at the same time as her, despite the fact that she DROVE IN HER CAR, while he followed behind her on his lame two-wheeler.  Scott fumbles through an excuse, and Allison notes that Scott has been “acting strange all day.” 

Strange, moi?”

Upstairs to Allison bedroom they rush, books in hand.  Scott notes to his chagrin that, despite having lived in Beacon Hill for a month, his new girlfriend still hasn’t unpacked.  Allison doesn’t want to talk about this, so she quickly sticks her tongue down Scott’s throat, and her hand down his pants.  She then pushes him roughly onto the bed and straddles him.


Well . . . that’s ONE way to avoid an uncomfortable conversation.

Things get hot and heavy REAL fast for Scott and Allison, so much so that Scott quickly finds he has to contend with THESE . . .

The werewolf version of a boner?

Fortunately, Scott gets a text on his cell phone, before he gets a chance to rip his girlfriend’s face off.  It’s Stiles.  “Dying Sexy Guy stinking up my car!  SOS!”  He texts . . . or something like that.

But there is NO WAY Scott is going to let a little thing like a SUPER DANGEROUS DYING MAN in the passenger seat of his BEST FRIEND’S car get in the way of his cuddle time with Allison.  So, Scott lamely texts back that he “needs more time” and goes back to doing . . . what he’s BEEN DOING, which is most certainly NOT searching for the Magic Bullet that will save Derek’s life.


Back on the Dying Werewolf Roadtrip, the stench of death is becoming rather overpowering in Stiles’ car, as he tries to drive the wounded Derek back to his ramshackle house.  Just so you know, Derek!  I’d be happy to help you out with that pesky Death Smell, by giving you a good old-fashioned shower.  Just take off your clothes.  I’ll gladly handle the rest . . .

(And might I say, the green screen effect they used to make Stiles look like he was actually driving, was REALLY LAME.  I half expected to see flying toasters and purple dinosaurs outside his window.)

“NO!  I will not make out with you!”

But Derek doesn’t want to go home, and he doesn’t want to go to the hospital.  He wants to show his bloody bruise to an incredibly nauseated Stiles.


“Is that contagious?  You should probably just get out,” remarks Stiles, in between gags, as he pulls over to the side of the road.

Then Derek shows us, for the first time, that he actually does have a sense of humor, by uttering what was undoubtedly the FUNNIEST line in the entire episode.  “Start the car . . . or I’m going to rip your throat out . . . with my teeth,” he snarls.

Yes, I understand that Derek wasn’t AT ALL kidding, when he said that.  But, you have to admit, it was pretty damn funny!  And Stiles’ petrified facial expression in response?  CLASSIC!

Bet you are wishing you had your trusty fire extinguisher now.  Don’t ya, Stiles?

Back at the Argent House, Allison is unpacking in front of Scott, showing him pictures of Auntie Kate, and allowing him to examine her Hobby Box.  Apparently, Allison sucks at a lot of things . . . like art . . . and poetry . . . and photography.  But you know what she’s good at?  SEX bowling, gymnastics, and . . . BEING A MURDERER.  Allison LITERALLY takes Scott to the Gun Show, when she brings him to her garage, which is FILLED with assorted guns and bizarro weapons.  She even takes out a crossbow and aims it right at his head.  (Foreplay?)

Apparently her dad is an “arms dealer for law enforcement.” 

Riiiiiight!  And if you believe that, than I am proud to inform you that you just won $100 million dollars in the TV Recappers Lottery.   Just mail me your address, and I’ll send you a check in 3 to 5 business days.

Stiles texts Scott again.  Derek has taken a turn for the worse, as it seems.  But Selfish Horndog Scott is too turned on by Allison’s breasts crossbow to care.  The pair start making out again, right in the middle of all those lethal weapons.  Then Daddy comes home, and he wants help with the groceries.  He also wants Scott to LEAVE . . . NOW! 

But don’t you worry, Scott!  Auntie Kate is here to the rescue.  And even though SHE is a guest in the house herself, Cool Aunt K has NO QUALMS WHATSOEVER about inviting her niece’s boyfriend over for dinner.  Suddenly, Evil Were Hunter Dad is VERY EAGER to spend some bonding time with his prospective future son-in-law . . .  “You eat meat?”  Daddy Dearest inquires.


Euthanizing Rabid Dogs . . . and other Warm and Fuzzy Stories to Tell at the Dinner Table

“Did I ever tell you about the time that I chopped up my daughter’s ex boyfriend, and served him to the family as steak?”

Now, I’ve seen Meet the Parents . . .

So, I KNOW awkward boyfriend/ girlfriend dinners.  But this one pretty much takes the cake.  First, Daddy-o starts testing Scott, by offering him liquor, and asking if he smokes pot.  He then starts TOTALLY bashing on lacrosse, by basically calling it a low-rent version of field hockey, snidely noting that Scott’s so-called “brilliant plays” only occurred in the final moments of the game.

I’m getting angry.  And you wouldn’t like me, when I’m angry.”

Basically, I think Evil Were Hunter Dad is trying to piss Scott off enough that he will wolf-out at the table, just as he tried to trigger Derek’s bad temper, last week at the gas station.  Scott doesn’t take the bait, however.  Instead, he politely excuses himself to use the restroom. 

“If you weren’t grabbing my crotch under the table, I would totally be decapitating your dad, right now.”

Our hero sneaks off to the garage and calls Stiles, who is now with Dying Derek at the animal clinic.  (Do they just not lock that place, ever?)  Derek reminds Scott that he HAS to find the bullet, not just for Derek’s sake, but for his own.  “The Alpha called you out last night, against your will.  Next time it will expect you to kill with it.  You have to kill it or be killed.”

Now, that Derek has shown Scott how the situation will effect HIM, suddenly he’s more intent on finding the bullet used to shoot Derek.  But it won’t be easy.  “This place is the Walmart of Guns!”  He complains.  Unfortunately, Walmart’s Employee of the Month Auntie Kate finds him snooping, and she wants to f*ck his brains out is not pleased.

“Why go for the GIRL when you can have the WOMAN?  We BOTH like violence, which means we can be as rough with eachother as we want.”

Scott sheepishly apologizes for mistaking the garage for a bathroom. But as soon as Kate leaves, he heads to HER room, starts snooping through her bags, and finds EXACTLY what he’s looking for.

Now, you know what I generally do, when I’m snooping through somebody’s bag that I shouldn’t be.  I CLOSE THE BAG SO THAT NOBODY KNOWS I WAS SNOOPING.  But not brilliant Scott!  He takes the offending bullet, slips it into his pocket, and LEAVES KATE’S BAG WIDE OPEN.  Why?  Because Scott’s a MORON, that’s why!  What do you expect from a D minus student?

“I’m not a moron!  How could I be a word I don’t even know how to spell?”

Back at the dinner table, conversation moves to Scott’s work at the animal clinic.  So, Daddy Argent, ever the story teller, launches into a “fun for the WHOLE family” story about a sweet dog who gradually succumbed to madness, after having been bit by a rabid animal, and eventually had to be shot.  I think I saw that movie.  It was called Old Yeller.  Anyway, the parallels between the dog’s situation and Scott’s were pretty obvious.  Evil Were Hunter is like a predator toying with his prey.  One wrong move from Scott, and he’ll pounce.

Speaking of pouncing, on the way out of the house after dinner, Aunt Kate stops Scott and not-at-all-subtly accuses him of stealing something out of her bag like, say, a Magic Bullet.  She even goes as far as to ask Scott to empty his pockets and prove that he didn’t steal anything.  Allison then surprises everybody, by announcing that SHE was the one snooping in Kate’s bag.  She then proudly holds up her contraband for all to see, including her dad.  It’s . . . wait for it . . . a condom.


A very relieved Scott dashes off on his bike to save Derek.  But is he already too late?

You Hump that Floor, Derek HALE!

As soon as newfound bromantic buddies Derek and Stiles enter the animal clinic, Derek rewards us for sticking with the show for this long, by IMMEDIATELY peeling off his shirt.


For those of you who have been waiting to see Derek’s “assets” since the show began, rest assured, he does NOT disappoint.  What’s better, Wolfman has the COOLEST black back tattoo I have EVER seen.  If anybody was lucky enough to get a screencap of it, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME, ASAP.  If you do, I promise I will send you all the sexy Damon Salvatore pics your heart desires, in return.

As time runs out for Derek, he is running out of options.  If Scott doesn’t get to the clinic with the bullet soon, Derek will die.  But Derek has a plan to save his own life, and it involves . . . STILES CHOPPING OFF HIS INFECTED ARM?

“Haha!  That’s HILARIOUS!  Wait . . . you’re serious?”

Stiles initially refuses.  But then Derek starts coughing up blood and black bile.  “My body is trying to heal itself,” he explains.

“Well, it’s NOT DOING A VERY GOOD JOB!” Stiles exclaims.  (LOVE HIM!)

With no time to waste, Stiles  reluctantly agrees to chop Derek’s arm off.  He’s got the blade ACTUALLY touching Wolfman’s skin, when Scott FINALLY arrives, bullet in hand.  “Thank you for saving me from a lifetime of nightmares,” remarks Stiles gratefully. 

So, Scott hands Derek the bullet.  And . . . Derek drops it into a grate, before falling unconscious on the floor.   (Nice catch, Wolfman!)  Now Derek is writhing on the floor half-naked.  And it would be truly upsetting, if it werent’ so gosh darn sexy . . .

I’ve never wanted to be a floor so bad in my whole life.

When Derek falls completely unconscious, Stiles revives him by . . . get this . . . PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE.  If only ALL medical emergencies were that easy. 

But there is still the little problem of the escaping bullet.  Scott reaches into the grate, but can’t reach it with his HUMAN nails.  So, instead, he does this . . .

That’s actually kind of gross, when you look at it up close like that.

Speaking of simple remedies to SERIOUS ailments, Derek must have read some kind of Werewolf Cure-all Handbook, back in the day.  Of course, he instantly knows to light the offending bullet on fire, and push the ashes into his arm.  And POOF!  Derek is magically healed!  THE SEXY BEAST LIVES!  YIPPEE!

Now that they have saved his life, Scott and Stiles want that pesky shirtless Adonis out of their lives for good!  They would gladly throw their lot in with the Evil Werewolf Hunters over the likes of the Lone Wolf.  But Derek needs Scott’s help to defeat the Alpha.  And so, he decides to show Scott once and for all how heartless Allison’s family truly is, and what SHE will eventually become.

Derek takes the twosome to the local hospital where the one surviving relative of the fire that killed most of his family lives out his days in a catatonic state, half his face charred beyond recognition.

Derek and his sister were not in the fire, only because they were at school at the time it took place.  And we all know what happened to Derek’s sister.

Scott argues that, having been at school, Derek cannot be sure if it was the Argents who started the fire.  However, Derek is certain.  “They were the only ones who knew about us,” he explains.  “They said they would only kill adults, and only with proof, but there were some people in that house who were completely normal,” Derek explains.  *shivers*

Back at Allison’s house, Evil Were Hunter Dad and Aunt Kate continue to plot to take down the Alpha, while Allison leaves a voicemail on Scott’s cell phone, and finds weird diamonds on the driver’s side window of Kate’s car, which happens to be wear she suffered the werewolf attack.

“Ooh!  These would make really pretty earrings.  Score!”

And there you have it.  The “Magic Bullet” in a nutshell.  Tune in next week, to watch Jackson and Lydia lose their minds, hopefully as a result of an overload of Sexy Derek and Scott Shirtlessness.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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22 responses to “Greetings from the Walmart of Guns – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Magic Bullet”

  1. jmae

    “Basically, I think Evil Were Hunter Dad is trying to piss Scott off enough that he will wolf-out at the table, just as he tried to trigger Derek’s bad temper, last week at the gas station.”
    I’m pretty sure that Allison’s dad was just warning Derek, because when Kate described the werewolfthat she shot “Evil Were Hunter Dad” knew right away that it was Derek. Derek also said that the Argent’s knew what he and his family were, so now I really believe that that was a warning more than anything.
    “Our hero sneaks off to the garage and calls Stiles, who is now with Dying Derek at the animal clinic. (Do they just not lock that place, ever?)”
    Scott told Stiles where the spare or whateve was, but it’s beyond me why the animal clinic would need to keep a key on site.
    “Speaking of simple remedies to SERIOUS ailments, Derek must have read some kind of Werewolf Cure-all Handbook, back in the day. Of course, he instantly knows to light the offending bullet on fire, and push the ashes into his arm”
    Well, Derek was born a werewolf so he wa probobly taught what to do in caes wolfsbane ever got into his system
    I’m really surprised you did’t comment on his and Stiles’s remarks when he gets back up because I thougt that was really funny.
    “Stiles initially refuses. But then Derek starts coughing up blood and black bile”
    I think him agreeing had something to do with Derek threatening to kill hm again. Which was funny considering Derek’s then state.
    “while Allison leaves a voicemail on Scott’s cell phone, and finds weird diamonds on the driver’s side window of Kate’s car, which happens to be wear she suffered the werewolf attack”
    I thought that was glass, but now tht I go back and look at it it does look like a diamond. Did you happen to catch what it was that Allison stepped i by the way.
    Also, in a side note I really think they should have let us see Derek shirtless before he got shot. And I’ll try to find you a picture of Derek’s back tat, but please don’t send me pictures of Damon I much prefer Stephen.

    • Hi jmae! Thanks again for your excellent commentary! You bring up an interesting point about Evil Were Hunter Dad (Have they even given him a first name yet? They probably have, but I wasn’t listening.)

      I think his comments to Scott were meant to be ambiguous, since the extent of the Argent’s knowledge about the identity of the Alpha, and Scott’s transformation, are the series’ “biggest current mysteries.” I suspect we are meant to believe, based on Evil Were Hunter Dad’s rather brutal emotional abuse of Scott throughout this episode, that he knows, or at least suspects, Scott’s new werewolf identity. Given that, however, having the Argents end up ON SCOTT’S SIDE would be a nice, and rather unexpected, twist.

      Regarding the whole Open 24-7 animal clinic thing, I understand that they used the location to drive home the point that Derek and Scott are, in fact, animals. However, given what happened in that pivotal scene involved nothing more than a simple knife and a lighter, I really feel like the climactic Derek Rescue scene could have taken place ANYWHERE (like for example, Derek’s house, Stiles’ house, or even the school). The other locations, might have been less “symbolic,” but also would have been slightly more believable for the reasons we discussed.

      You know, I’m not 100% sure whether Derek was BORN a werewolf, or merely converted into one at a very young age. Notice how Derek mentioned that there were 100% humans in his family, at the time of the fire. Also note that while Derek is a Beta, “wolf-man” type (like Scott, who was bitten by an Alpha to gain his condition), his sister was able to morph into total wolf form. At this point in the story, it is uncertain that this distinction is the result of Derek being born to a wolf and a human, while his HALF sister was born to two wolves, or that Derek was 100% human at birth, and promptly bitten by someone, like his sister or Peter Hale, who jumpstarted his transformation. Either way, I suspect that you are right. It WOULD make sense, having been raised by at least SOME werewolves, for Derek to have been taught certain methods of self-healing, like the one we witnessed in this episode.

      LOL re: your observation that I missed some of the classically comedic lines that appeared in the Derek Revival Scene. I’m surprised I was able to recap Derek’s shirtless scene at all, considering that I spent the entire time drooling on my couch. 🙂

      As for Stiles, I think he was kind of right to be afraid of Derek, even in his weakened condition. Stiles may be adorable, smart, and sweet, but I’m pretty sure Derek could beat him up with two hands tied behind his back. That’s part of what made the scene where Stiles decked Derek in the face to wake him up so hilarious.

      Regarding Allison’s final scene, it would actually make more sense if, like you said, what Allison found was GLASS, as the werewolf DID break the driver side window during its attack of Aunt Kate. But that thing that Allison was holding up to the light, looked way too perfect in shape to be a broken glass shard. It looked like a diamond. And I think that diamonds (possibly mixed with blood) were what Allison found underneath the car as well.

      Based on the previews, next week’s episode looks awesome! Surprisingly enough, I’m really getting into this show! I very much look forward to discussing it with you again next Tuesday! 🙂

  2. Tricus

    You seriously had me rolling on the floor with your persisitent comment of “Why isn’t anyone giving Scott a ride in their vehicle? Why does he KEEP riding his bike?” hahahahhahaha
    Maybe he likes the exercise. *shrug*
    Anyway I didn’t tune in to see this weeks episode. Too tired. I will catch the rerun though.
    Nice recap.
    Derek does look HOT and sexy clothed and without a shirt. I am soooooo anxious to see who they will have as his love interest. I hope that the series stay on TV long enough for me to see that. I hope that he has a human love interest. That would be cool and very interesting since Dereak acts soo cold, bad ass,serious and with a don’t care attitude..
    I am more interested in Derek than I am Scott. I guess that is a left over of my TVD obsession. I am more into Damon than I am Stefan.

    P.S Even though Damon is not as “ripped’ as Stefan I MUCH prefer Damon’s bigger, broader and heavier muscles to Stefan very ripped but small muscles. That is why I like Derek more.
    I like a guy who looks like he can pick me up without any effort. LOL
    Why do I keep referencing TVD with other shows? I must stopp that. Ha

    • Hey Tricus! Awww, I’m so glad I got a few giggles out of you, especially considering that you haven’t actually had the chance to watch the episode yet. I’m honored. 🙂

      Regarding the whole “Scott, No Car Thing” as someone who was one of the LAST of her friends to get her driver’s license, due to a late-in-the-year birthday, I can tell you, I WAS NOT about to ride BIKES to school, or hitch a ride with Mom and Dad. My friends were expected to pony up, and give their good pal, kjewls, a ride to school in their CAR, or else! 🙂

      And I’m with YOU, Tricus! Team Derek ALL THE WAY! Now, THERE’S a boy who needs to be getting some serious NOOKIE, stat. And if he can be wet and shirtless while it is all going down, so much the bettter! (Stiles too! He may be a bit on the nerdy side, but I just adore him!)

      I can definitely see the parallels you drew between Derek and Damon. They do have similar personalities on their respective shows (though Damon is, admittedly, a bit funnier, cockier, and more charming than Derek, so far), not to mention similar AWESOME body types. In fact, Sick Derek in THIS episode, reminded me a lot of Sick DAMON in “As I Lay Dying.”
      And, of course, you never have to apologize on THIS site for comparing other shows to TVD. As you know, TVD is my obsession, and Damon Salvatore is my weakness. So, any comparisons you can make to the two here, or anywhere on this blog, will always be much appreciated!

      I hope you enjoy the episode, when you get the chance to watch it! I can’t wait to talk Teen Wolf with you, again!

  3. Tricus

    Okay I saw the episode tonight.
    You are right. I am also getting very interested in this TV show. I never thought I would.
    That aunt is a badass. I love her. She has a double personality. She is sexually loose, too buddy-buddy with Allison but she knows how to kick butt.
    Ha- Reminds me of Jules ( the killed werewolf) on TVD.

    I loved Derek surprised question to Jackson like ” Steroids? You think Scott and I is on that?” Too bad Derek doesn’t have Damon sarcastic way about him because that scene would have been funny. Derek was just expressionless in that scene.

    Why was Derek eavesdropping on Allison and that blonde chick WHOLE convo about Allison putting the moves on Scott? They were just talking about sex stuff. Was he really acting like a normal guy there? LOL. I was wondering.
    He was obviously looking for Scott and Allison and her friend was plainly NOT talking about Scott sooo……….Only the loud school bell stopped him from eavesdropping their conversation.
    I loved the change of Derek eyes when he collapsed in front of Stiles jeep and he couldn’t control his transformation. That was cool. The MTV people are masters of the eye color change. Anything else and they need work.

    I must agree with you on another point. Scott is very self centered. Are most guy teenagers like that? He was too concerned with his “study date” with Allison to have a care about Derek. It was only when Derek told him much later that he needed him to fight off the Alpha that Scott finally did something usefull.
    I must say that Derek doesn’t seem all that bad. He hasn’t done anything to Scott for Scott to not be somewhat nice to him. For Scott to be such a easy going and supposedly nice guy he sure gives Derek a hard time. Scott sucks up and seem nicer to Jackson. Weird.
    Sure Derek is cold and has his own agenda but its not like he is going around killing people, harrassing Scott, beating him up or his fam/friends, making people suspicious of Scott etc….

    You knwow I have noticed certain kissing/making out scenes of Scott and Allison is sweet and some is just awkward. Sometimes their lips barely touch or press against each other when kissing. Aren’t they supposed to be all tongue and getting into it like most teenagers? I think teenagers get more into it with deep kisses.
    Once again they remind me of Stefan/Elena scenes.

    Allison dad is creepy and has a very wide mean streak. Is that other lady at the dinner table with Scott/Allison/Dad and the aunt supposed to be Allison mom? She seems old.

    Anyway , all in all, I liked this episode. Still not feeling Scott/Allison romance. Waiting for Derek romance and just enjoying the storyline. MTV may have a hit on its hands, I must say. That is if the writing continues to be good and they keep it fresh and interesting.

    • Hey Tricus!

      I had a feeling you would like the episode. 🙂 You and I really are TV Twins, in terms of our taste in media and men. I feel EXACTLY the same way you do about Derek. In many ways I prefer him to Scott, in that he seems more masculine, tougher, and sexier. I also don’t really see him as a villain, as, everything he has done so far in the series, has been to protect his family and his species. If anything, his actions in that regard could be viewed as honorable and brave.

      But, like you, I wish that Derek was more charming and a smidge snarkier. I feel like the writers of this show give most of the BEST snark and humor to Stiles, which is great. And yet, it wouldn’t hurt for them to SPREAD the love a little bit, in that regard. I do suspect that, as the series progresses, we will get to see a lighter, more fun, side of Derek. Perhaps, as you said, it will take a love interest to bring that side out of him. Or, maybe, as Stiles and Scott come to trust Derek, he will let his guard down with them, and reveal his hidden warmth, and a sense of humor.

      I also agree that Scott’s and Allison’s relationship so far, has been too one-note. Good television romances require CONFLICT to be interesting and sexy. And the only CONFLICT we’ve seen in the Scott and Allison relationship comes from EXTERNAL INFLUENCES (his “condition,” who “her” family is) etc. I’d like to see conflict stemming from the two characters themselves. For this reason, I think Allison might be a hotter match with Derek, as I could definitely see his stern broodiness, clashing with her girlish sweetness. I also think Lydia and Stiles would be a fun match, for a similar reason. In real life, opposites don’t always necessarily attract. But in TV, I find that couples who are opposites are the most fun to watch.

      And, you never know, perhaps, Derek’s intent listening in no Allison’s conversation in this episode was meant to foreshadow some attraction on his part for her, despite the fact that he HATES her family, and seems pretty certain that she is destined to become just like them, if she hasn’t already. But, hey, even THAT would add an interesting layer to their relationship. I was also excited to see a Lydia / Stiles scene in the promo, even though the actor who plays Stiles promised that he wasn’t going to have ANY romantic storylines this season. Hey, a girl could dream, can’t she? 😉

      Thanks again for your awesome insights into this show. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as the season progresses.

      P.S. Oh, and I agree. The woman playing Allison’s mom seemed dreadfully miscast. She looked NOTHING like Allison, seemed a bit too old to be married to Papa Argent, and had little to add to the dinner conversation. I had always assumed, before seeing this episode, that Papa Argent was either divorced or a widower. The writers of this show might have been better off, having made him one or the other, as the Mom, at least, so far, seems to contribute very little the cast. It’s still early in the series though. So, of course, I could be wrong. 🙂

  4. André

    Ok, this recap was snarky, smutty and I think sometimes a bit premature. Translation: You are hooked. You like the show and it gets you typing on the keyboard in record time. 😀

    One thing first:
    WHAT????? NO comment on the product placement in the show? Scott used the app on his Black Berry for translation (looks like some of them are actually handy and not just useless junk) and you left it uncommented?
    You broke into Daddy’s vine cellar again didn’t you? 😉

    There were two things I expected from you and you didn’t fail short of my expectations:
    1) I knew you would compare Aunt Katie to Jules
    2) I knew you would be thrilled about seeing Derek shirtless

    You know what I liked about the first scene? Well except when our “victim” shot through the roof of her car with a gun, the part when the Alpha was running on all fours next to the car and we could see the red eyes. Also the fact that he stalked her nearly completely silent, I hate it when the predators in movies always growl when they “hunt”. But not this one. 🙂
    Albeit, did you notice that the Alpha was portrayed as furry; the arm reaching inside the car was a clawed human one.

    And speaking of our victim: unlike Jules she actually looks the part of tough hunter. Let’s face it Jules was close to being skinny and looked as much a fighter as Oprah Winfrey looks white. With Katie it’s more like with Colin Powell and his “blackness”, he is only black if you want to see him that way and Katie only looks weak if you label her that way due to your expectations.
    I also don’t think that she tries to fit in with the teens; she is more the type of the “cool aunt” who doesn’t have to be strict all the time like a parent. Albeit I wonder who is the boss in the sibling relationship with her brother.

    I also noticed that sick Derek looks like a vampire and you godda admit, that paleness and the eye-shadows are definitely not sexy, so I wonder what Meyer had in mind when she wrote her sparklers that way. :/
    And don’t worry, I provide you with a screencap of Derek’s back (since I subscribed to your blog are you able to see my e-mail number, otherwise I will use imageshack, it’s just that I have quite a few), but I’d rather take Lockwood pictures ok?;)
    I wonder whether Derek’s tattoo has any meaning in the show. His sister didn’t seem to have such a thing.

    I wouldn’t be so sure that Scott isn’t the brightest, because I rewatched the scene and there stood “not like you” on the paper. And I found the idea of shifting his nails into claws to reach the bullet quite smart.
    Also, maybe Scott goes by bike, due to pride. Seriously it’s even more embarrassing to always ride the car of one’s best friend then to go by bike.

    And since you brought the possibility of Stiles and Scott in bed up, I have to ask again: Which one do you want to see as the top? 😀

    And is it just me or did Lydia somehow look like Bree Vandecamp during her conversation with Allison?

    As for Jackson’s locker, well he is the school top jock as it seems so they probably would make it a bit quicker for him in such a show. Or he switched his locker (if yes the halls seem to look all th same) or he took another one since surely not all lockers at the school are occupied.
    And the promo doesn’t give us much, but considered the place of the wound – and who knows what was under Derek’s nails – even an ordinary infection is very much possible. Albeit if the nails had gone in as deep as shown in the scene; Derek would have injured Jackson’s neck-bones. In addition we finally had an example on how the surrounding sounds affect a werewolf’s hearing (apart from the locker room scene in episode 2).

    “If you impregnate me, will I give birth to a litter?”
    Well if they would be Wolf-shifters from the Lost shifter series she might. 🙂

    Personally I think it was refreshing seeing Allison taking charge, and not in such a passive manner, this is the 21st century after all. But I agree that the blue-screen effect was indeed lame. Maybe they had spent too much budget on the Alpha. And I agree that the scene between Stiles and Derek was probably the best on the show.

    While it is clear now that Allison is not in the family business it does seem to run in the family, considered that archery is what she is good at. Which makes me – combined with her athletic skills – wonder whether she hasn’t been trained without her knowledge, at least I think that it’s unlikely that her father hasn’t thought ahead on the possibility that he will not be able to eradicate all werewolves within his life time.
    I also wondered about the whole dinner. Does Mr. Argent know about Scott? I doubt it, because it seems that he and his sister only know of the Alpha and Derek. But maybe he suspects Scott.
    And of course Scott wasn’t too eager to help Derek. At least we now know why the hunters haven’t killed Derek outright.
    In addition Aunt Katie told Scott that the bathroom is in the guest room – which she occupied. He didn’t specifically sneak in, he really only saw the back pag by accident, more or less.
    And lucky for Scott that Allison also had rummaged in her aunt’s bag for a condom.

    And you can’t deny that Scott’s expression after he left the house was great, the writers obviously know how to bring such humor in the show.

    One last thing before I stop:
    The ending scene. What if Mr. Argent did follow a code and only behaved the way Derek had described (only killing adults, only proven ones, etc.) and it was his sister that set the house of the Hales on fire? The ending with the fire seams to convenient for the rest of the scene to mean something different, except of course it stands for the Aunt to be more destructive and unpredictable than her brother.

    • Thanks Andre! I really am surprised at how much I’m enjoying this show. I think, more than anything, I’m impressed with its ability to buck convention in its plot points, and character development.

      I also appreciate how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The writers aren’t averse to throwing some SERIOUSLY funny and self-deprecating lines of dialogue into their episodes. Chances are, if there is something I want to criticize / mock about Teen Wolf, the writers of the show have thought of it first, and already made fun of it themselves in the context of the script. I like that A LOT.

      Oh, and the SHIRTLESSNESS certainly doesn’t hurt . . . particularly, the shirtlessness of the Hot Tatted Up Walking Sex Machine that is Derek Hale! Man, he’s yummy! 🙂

      Speaking of which, I blame Derek’s hotness for any part of this recap that was lacking and/ or anything I forgot to mention, like the product placement, or the lines of dialogue that were exchanged between Derek and Stiles, directly after the Face Punch. What can I say? I’m human . . . I’m a girl . . . and I tend to become distracted easily, when beautiful boys are in my direct line of vision . . . particularly unclothed ones.

      I’m actually really impressed by everything you picked up on relating to that first scene. The red eyes, the furriness, the human-clawed hand doing the grabbing . . . there is so much to analyze there. It makes me think I may have to watch the episode again, and possibly even collect some screencaps to get a more complete picture of the Alpha in my mind.

      Regarding your analysis of Aunt Kate, I am starting to notice a nice little pattern on this show regarding its portrayal of women. So often, in horror movies, and supernatural shows, the females are the VICTIMS . . . the weaker ones . . . the ones in need of rescue. Based on what we’ve seen here, the female characters on this show are definitely forces with which to be reckoned. Derek’s sister was MORE werewolf than he was. Lydia is DEFINITELY more intelligent than Jackson. Allison seems smarter than Scott. And now, Kate might very well be the more aggressive, looser cannon, werewolf hunter than Allison’s dad. It kind of makes me curious as to how many female writers are on the staff of this show.

      Regarding my comment about Kate “trying to be cool,” I can see yours and Tricus’ point about how she might actually BE cool, as opposed to just pretending. It’s just that this was one of the rare moments of the episode that felt clichéd to me. It was almost as if the writers were trying a bit too hard to make the viewers LIKE Kate, by differentiating her from the rest of the adults on the show, in the way she communicated with Scott and Allison. I see this often on teen television shows, where the “cool aunt” or “cool uncle” comes to town, as part of a storyline arc. Of course, inevitably on these shows, the teens, who once thought these characters were “so cool” eventually come to prefer their “less cool” parents, because the “cool aunts and uncles” end up screwing things up somehow, due to their “immaturity.”

      (Actually, in terms of the adults, I prefer the understated writing and development of Scott’s mother . . . Of all the adult characters on Teen Wolf that we’ve met so far, she seems the most “real” to me.)

      I can kind of see what you mean about Sick Derek. Excessive paleness, in general, is not particularly attractive on either sex, which is why most vampire shows and movies (Twilight, True Blood, and TVD, included) tend to back off on the white face paint a bit, after the first season / film. Here, however, I think the makeup department did a nice job of making the usually strong, and in-control, Derek, look weak, feeble, and near death. I compare this to the job the TVD makeup crew performed on Ian Somerhalder to make him look clammy, pale, and crazy-eyed, in the season finale.

      All that being said, is it strange that I STILL thought Derek looked REALLY hot, throughout the episode, despite how pale and strung out the makeup department made him appear? And yes, I do now have your e-mail address. So, feel free to pass along that TATTOO screencap in any form you see fit! (THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, by the way!)

      Speaking of the tattoo, good call regarding his sister NOT having one on her corpse. I would suspect that the tattoo DOES have some significance to Derek Hale, the character, as I believe I’ve seen pictures of Shirtless Tyler Hoechlin in which he DOESN’T have a back tattoo “in real life.” I do hope the tattoo becomes a plot point, if for no other reason than that I want it on my television screen again. 😉

      Good catch on the “not like you” comment on Scott’s paper. It’s possible that Scott’s “extracurricular” werewolfing and Allison sexing activities have hindered his academic performance. He still strikes me as the least intelligent on the show, however. (Well . . . second least . . . Jackson seems even dumber.) As for the “nail shifting” scene, I got the impression that was more “animal instinct” than the result of actual rational thought. I would compare it to the scene in the pilot, where Scott “communicated” with the dog through his glowing eyes. At that point, Scott didn’t even really know what he WAS, or what he could do, it just sort of . . . happened.

      • André

        We will see how long Teen Wolf will be able to do its thing. Of course if the season has only 12 episodes we are close to the half-line already. Like I said I just hope they will let actual time pass. Albeit currently we don’t know how much time had passed in the show.

        And Derek’s shirtlessness causes you to have gaps in your memory? Are you sure you’re not a gay man trapped inside a woman´s body? 😀

        I will make some more screencaps of the Alpha as well, I can send you them from all his appearances so far.

        We will see how the female roles in this show will come along and did you notice that Aunt Katie acted in many ways the way it would be considered “masculine”? Her tough attitude, her independence and her boldness, as well as her obvious representations of power. I remember something the actress playing on Fringe talked about that the way her character is acting would be considered completely normal by viewers if she would be a man.
        By the way Derek’s sister was more wolf than Derek, not more werewolf. However from what I know that would mean that she is an Omega and considered the difference between our two Betas and the Alpha concerning strength that would mean that she was much weaker than either. In addition, in terms of mythology hybrids are usually more powerful than their real world counterpart, e.g. the griffin is more powerful than either eagle or lion.

        One question just occurred to me again that I haven’t stated here:
        Why was Scott bitten?
        There was no way the Alpha could have wanted to kill Scott and then accidently let him go.

        Well, let’s see how the show will progress.

      • For the record, I have ALWAYS thought of myself as a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. 🙂

        As for your question regarding why Scott was bitten, I definitely think they will delve into the answer to that, later in the series. My theory? The Alpha is a “collector.” He or she builds his pack, the way a coach will build a team, or a general will build an army. There was something about Scott that intrigued the Alpha, and made it feel like Scott would be a “useful” pack member. I sort of liken this to the way Klaus sought out Stefan on TVD for his “Ripper” tendencies. Precisely what quality in Scott appealed to the Alpha is a bit less certain. Perhaps, like me, he or she just really liked his abs. 🙂

        Thanks again for ALL THE AWESOME screencaps you sent me. Rest assured, you might see them pop up in a future recap or two. I’ll try to give credit, where credit is due, of course. 🙂

  5. kiki

    Mr. Argent’s first name is Chris. His sister Kate said it a few times. I think Scott didn’t close the bag because he was in hurry and wasn’t really thinking. Although I thought the bag was already opened when he went in the room and closed it himself. I think it was pretty symbolic that at the end of the episode when Aunt Kate lit the fire and said “I always play by the rules.” meant to me that she is solely responsible for what happened to Derek’s family (which means his hatred for family should be focused on one person.) Although he is creepy I believe Mr. Argent goes by the rules of a werewolf hunter that Derek mentioned to Scott.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, kiki! You are right, Wikipedia, does, in fact, list Papa Argent’s name as being “Chris.”

      Good catch! And yet, I suspect I will continue to refer to him as “Papa Argent” or “Evil Were Hunter Dad” in my recaps, just because it makes me giggle when I do so. I just find that on most teen shows a lot of viewers, myself included, don’t bother to learn the names of the parent characters, and instead, always call them “the Dad” or “the Mom.” So, it sort of comes with the territory. That being said “Chris” is hotter than your typical TV Dad, so he has THAT going for him, at least.

      You also might be right about Scott and what happened to Kate’s bag. Part of what I said about the character being dumb was in jest. (What can I say? I’m snarky, by nature.) On the other hand, I have to say that if I was SCOTT, and I was snooping around my significant other’s family member’s stuff, I would be VERY CAREFUL to leave everything exactly as I found it, once I was finished, i.e. if the bag was open, I would have left it open, and if it was closed, I would have made sure to re-close it. But hey, Scott did sort of wolf out a bit, when he found the bullet. So, perhaps, he wasn’t in his right “human” mind, at the time.

      You bring up an interesting point about Aunt Kate, and the possibility that SHE, and not “Chris,” will end up being the Big Baddie on the show. That would actually be a nice twist, as Aunt Kate has been set up as the more likeable adult Argent character. This sort of plot development would also make a continued courtship between Allison and Scott, and, later, perhaps, Allison and Derek, a lot easier to fathom.

      Speaking of Derek and Allison, I also like your explanation as to why Derek was listening to Allison’s conversation. After all, he was trying to FIND Scott, so it would make sense for him to hone in on people who he had SEEN with Scott in the past. He knew from the lacrosse game that Jackson and Scott were teammates, which was why he approached Jackson at the lockers. And he also knew that Scott and Allison were dating, based on what happened in the pilot episode, as well as conversations he’s had with Scott in the past. And yet, a part of me still hopes for a bit of attraction between Derek and Allison, because, as far as I’m concerned, every girl needs a Brooding Bad Boy in their love triangle. 🙂

      • kiki

        I watched the episode again. When “Aunt Kate” accused Scott of taking something from her bag she said that she left her bag open then when Scott went to the bathroom it was closed. So when Allison went to get the condom the bag was opened and she closed it. Which means Allison made the mistake. When Scott entered the room the bag was closed, Scott opened it then closed it again. Oh well Allison getting the condom was hilarious. It looked like “Papa Argent” wanted to kill Scott. I like the way the show is going so far. I like the combination of drama, horror, suspense, supernatural and little comedy. I think at some point Scott will begin to trust Derek and if and when he does they’ll give the hunters hell.

      • kiki

        This may sound twisted but I’d love to see “Aunt Kate” and Derek get together. I know that is impossible considering what we know. But, still it would set off some fireworks.

      • You know, last week I would have disagreed with this statement, kiki. However, after watching the INSANE sexual chemistry between Derek and Kate in this week’s episode, I think you are TOTALLY right. These two are SUPER hot together! 🙂 Mommy like!

        I must admit, I’m a little jealous that you picked up on this before I did. 🙂

  6. kiki

    Also, I think Derek was listening to Allison and Lydia’s conversation because he was trying to locate where Scott was. Remember he heard chalk on a chalkboard and an ipod being played. He just happened to hear their conversation about Scott going to Allison’s house.

  7. jmae

    Okay, did anyone else notice that on one of the promos for episode 5 that when Jackson is in the locker room taking a shower he backs up against the wall and says that he doesn’t know where Scott is? I have a feeling that it’s Derek coming out of the steam. If it is he better be shirtless and wet.
    Also, went back and watched the episode again and I totally agree that it was probobly Aunt Kate not “Evil Were Hunter Dad” that set fire to the Hale’s house, because Allison told Scott that her Aunt was in Beacon Hills a few years ago and the fire at the Hale house happened six years ago.
    Watching the scene when Aunt Kate accuses Scott of going through her bags again it’s now obvious that Allison went through it too, because at first I just thought that she made the whole condom thing up to get Scott off the hook, but now it’s obvious that she got it out Aunt Kate’s bag.
    Derek was definately born a werewolf it’s been stated in many interviews.
    I just want to add that sooner or later “Evil Were Hunter Dad” and Aunt Kate are going to realize that Derek is not dead. And probobly sooner than later Aunt Kate is going to realize that one of her “Nordic Blue Monkshead” bullets has gone missing seeing as she only had used one out of the entire case, but if she plays by the rule she will only kill Derek not Scott. Which sucks because I would rather Scott die than Derek.
    So much for Derek not being nice to Scott he gave him a ride on the first try.

  8. Since everything always comes back to The Vampire Diaries for me, every time I watch this series and see werewolf guy scoping out his chick and in this ep getting hot and heavy I think, “Woo! The Year of Forwood will soon be upon us!” Looks like Tyler needs to catch up with him to get some sex tips, because it isn’t the condom breaking that these guys have to really worry about (well, if they are dating a vampire chick, anyway).

    Future Lunch Meat AKA the Werewolf Slayer needs to hook up with Alaric in a crazy crossover with TVD.

    LOL at your jealousy of the floor that gets to have a hot semi-naked guy writhing on it. Imagine being the shirt peeled off the guy’s body!

    What also strikes me about this series compared with TVD, and what makes TVD so unique when it comes to weres, is that in most portrayals (like this show) being a werewolf tends to heighten aggression and power. In contrast, Tyler was aggressive when his werewolf gene was latent, but triggering the gene is such a curse that it really disempowered him and made him more vulnerable than he has ever been. I guess the commonality is that in either conceptio the boys lose complete control of their bodies and a beast takes over. This is the main reason being a vampire is more appealing, aside from immortality – while you are predisposed to a bloodthirsty hunger as a vampire, your human side is always partly conscious when you become a monster, so you at least have the possibility of controlling it.

    • Great point, Cherie!

      Actually, this past week on Teen Wolf, the concept of human vulnerability among werewolves was discussed. In the episode, Derek taught Scott that “pain keeps you human.” Though the advice was meant to be taken literally, I think there’s a psychological aspect to it as well. The trauma and pain of monthly werewolf transformation has actually “humanized” Tyler Lockwood as a character. Pain, loss, and empathy . . . all of these traits are uniquely human. These traits can keep werewolves from “turning their emotions off” (in vampire speak), and submitting fully to their baser animal instincts.

      In later episodes, we see Derek utilizing his pain, in order to prevent himself from attacking the werewolf hunters, thereby giving them ammunition to kill him. I suspect we will see Tyler doing the same thing in Season 3 of TVD. Who knows? Maybe Derek was Tyler’s counselor at Werewolf Boot Camp! 😉 (Imagine all the Shirtless Floor-Humping that ensued in THAT bunk!)

  9. I love the nes seires of this awesome show its wat ervy kid is talking about in the colony i live in sometimeswe even get toghethere to watchait all togethere but it seems i awlays get stuck hosting this little get toghethere its a great new show that every thing that happens no one realy expects it gets my right in the edge of my seat i can watch it any time and any were the cast was a good group of people to pick for this show i hope it stay on for a veyr long time it always is amizing well im off to go see the show bye

  10. OH MY GOD.
    Seriously, I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at the TV in ages. It was utterly fantastic, not only was every line a gag, but I loved all the characters sooooo, so much.

    Kate’s bit at the beginning was great and so clever, love how they turned what we expected on it’s head! I really like her as a villain already, she was sassy and I loved all the funny comments she made even if they were a bit desperate to be cool. Scott was adorably stupid, bless his werewolfy claws. I even liked Allison, the thing with the condom was hilarious, she kinda kicked ass a bit in this episode. AND STILES AND DEREK AND OH MY GOD THEY WERE SO FUNNY TOGETHER and in the car and in the clinic and when Stiles was like ‘I’m not really taking this threat thing seriously’ and Derek grabbed him by the collar and yanked him over the table and when Stiles said ‘You’re using sarcasm that’s a good sign of recovery’ and Derek gave him a death glare and basically every other bit of interaction they had… I almost fell off my seat laughing. STEREK ARE THE NEW DALARIC! 😀 😀 Whoopee for TV bromance!


    PS. you are right Derek is definitely a WILF. 😛

    • Yep, I’d definitely say that Allison wears the pants in that relationship . . . and maybe even the condom. 😉 I do think the actress that plays Kate did a really good job at making the character a fun, and surprisingly complex villainess. You’ll see more of that from her, as the series progresses. I was dubious about the character at first. But she definitely grew on me.

      And good news on the Sterek bromantic front, the writers of the series definitely picked up on how much fans enjoyed the interactions between these two characters, and, as a result, decided to ramp that aspect of the show up in the series’ second season. So, needless to say, there’s plenty more where that came from. 😉

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