The Body Snatchers – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “The Goodbye Look”

EMILY:  “Wow!  You know, for cafeteria food, this stuff doesn’t actually look half bad.”

HANNA: “True, but don’t forget what show this is.  With our luck, ‘A’ probably miraculously poisoned all those fruit plates before we arrived, without anyone seeing her or him do it.”

SPENCER: “Yeah, and as soon as one of us eats one, and falls down dead dead, she’ll text the rest of us with something SUPER cheesy, like ‘Beware of lunch ladies bearing poison apple slices – A.”’

ARIA: [Falls to the floor, unconscious.]

HANNA: “See what I mean?”

SPENCER, HANNA and EMILY: [Sigh and wait for their cell phones to ring.]

Welcome back, my Pretties!  This week’s Pretty Little installment was all about that oh-so-frightening prospect we all must face, at some point in our lives . . .  The Future. 

Therefore, it was fitting that, during the course of the episiode, each character made a choice that would undoubtedly affect their own future on the show.  Admittedly, “The Goodbye Look” wasn’t exactly what you would consider an “action-packed” PLL episode.  For starters, unlike last week’s groundbreaking Fitzy’s Bod Extravaganza, it contained NO shirtlessness, whatsoever.

While we are on the subject of what wasn’t in the episode, there was also no adorable Lucas, mysterious Caleb, or British studmuffin, Wren . . .

He’s coming back NEXT week, though!  *does dance of joy!*

But hey!  That doesn’t mean the episode was a TOTAL loss.  After all, it did introduce to me a mystery that I will undoubtedly ponder between now and the end of time.  Namely, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO JASON DILAURENTIS’ FACE?

“The world may never know!”

Let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

(Once again, the Awesome Screenshots from this Recap were provided by THIS KICKASS WEBSITE.  Thanks guys!)

Zombies Don’t Text (But, apparently, they can take out the trash just fine!).

This week’s PLL installment continued last week’s tradition of starting precisely where the previous episode left off.  The girls have just learned that Spencer’s sister, Melissa, may or may not be in cell phone contact with Creepy Pedo Zombie Ian, and they are PRETTY F*&KING FREAKED OUT ABOUT IT . . .

Can you blame them?

Hanna tries to analyze the situation from a “rational” perspective, something that doesn’t often go over particularly well on this show.  “Zombies DON’T text,” she explains.


Another PLL’er (though I can’t recall who) suggests going to the cops with this new information.  “Yes, because that has gone so well for us, so far,” snarks Spencer.  And SHE would know.  She’s had the worst luck with policemen of ALL the PLL girls.  Then again, NO ONE has had as bad luck for the cops as her boyfriend,  Abs Toby.

“Hmm . . .  I wonder if my body would look this good if it was stuffed in an orange prison jumpsuit.”

Ultimately, the girls decide to stay away from the cops.  Rather, Spencer will use her super sleuthing skills, and Trademark Investigation Face . . .

 . . . to ascertain precisely how much Melissa REALLY knows about Ian’s whereabouts and mortality situation.

The girls’ discussion is quickly interrupted, when they start hearing strange noises coming from the roof of the greenhouse.

Well, OF COURSE, ‘A’ is hanging out on the ceiling watching them.  I mean, why not?  What else could she possibly be doing in the middle of the night?  Note to A:  There are WAY better ways to cure insomnia than stalking teenage girls.  Might I suggest Tent Sex, for example . . .

 . . . or dancing . . .

Our PLL’s quickly bolt from the scene.  On the way home, they find Facelift Jason skulking around Maya’s house, which, of course, used to be HIS and Ali’s house, back when the two were growing up.  As we learned last week from Blind Jenna and Police Boy Garrett, Ali’s older brother has somehow managed to convince Maya’s family to let him stay at the house, while Maya, herself, is away at De-Gaying Camp.  And what’s his first order of business in the home, you ask?  Well, to toss out all Dead Ali’s CRAP, of course!

“Thanks for the Box of Clues, Facelift Jason!  Now, I finally know who ‘A” is!”

Now, I know that the PLL girls, and, I suspect, some viewers, found Jason’s action of haphazardly tossing his sister’s things out with the morning trash insensitive and suspicious.  And yet, I find it more maudlin that Maya’s family would choose to hang on to that stuff, in the first place.  I mean, it’s bad enough to move into a home not too far away from where its previous inhabitant suffered a violent end.  But to KEEP the Dead Girl’s stuff, because you “can’t bear to throw it away?”  That’s just bizarre.

 Parents Just Don’t Understand

Hanna seems to be gaining a bit of ground with her Mom, regarding the whole “My therapist said I can’t have friends” thing.  After all, as Hanna says, if Mom doesn’t believe in therapy, why should SHE?  Where Hanna is making less progress is on the issue of her “darling Dad,” who seems to only make reappearances in her life, when she is in trouble with the law . . . like now.  Other than that, Dad’s idea of showing fatherly concern seems to consists of sending Hanna and her mom plants . . . that DIE.  But Mom’s a bit lonely now that Deputy Douchey has left town.  Remember him . . .

. . . so she’s willing to overlook Hanna’s remarried dad’s flaws, provided there exists an opportunity that papa might wind his way back into Mama Marin’s pink pantalones. 

Poor Hanna!  She’d have more luck being parented by a PLANT, than she would by these two.

Over at the Fields’ household, Emily’s homophobic mom thinks the therapist’s idea of separating Emily from all her friends is a FABULOUS one.  (Why?   Does she think this will somehow make her straight?)  She decides that Emily should leave her cell phone on the kitchen table, and make all her phone calls THERE, where Mom can overhear every word. 

Speaking of “great news” (she said, sarcastically), Emily’s mom also informs Emily that their house has been rented.  It’s moving time!

Emily storms upstairs and learns that, SURPRISE, her entire laptop has been erased, because she was an A$$HAT, and left it on in her room, for all potential “renters” of her home, and “A” to see.  Remember THIS little scene from last week, during which Gloved Hand person worked his evil magic on Emily’s deepest darkest snuff born videos, and Ian-related secrets?

Ahhh memories!

Emily calls Spencer to fill her in on the bad news.  Spencer would probably very much like to tell Emily that she is dumber than dog sh*t.  However, since Spencer made a SIMILAR mistake with HER laptop last season, she acts sympathetic.  Besides, Spencer has her own problems. 

Melissa has just arrived home from her sonogram appointment, and plans to spend the next few days on the couch doing nothing, which, if you think about it, has more or less been what she’s done since about the fourth episode on this show.  The problem now is that Spencer wants to snoop through Melisssa’s stuff to figure out whether she knows more about Ian’s whereabouts than she lets on.  And if Melissa’s lazy ass is on the couch all day, sniffing through her personal belogings will be VERY difficult!

“Damn you, Lazy Pregnant Lady!  Damn YOU!”

Aria Gets a New Nickname.  Fitzy Stays in the Dog House . . . for now

Back at school, Fitzy makes a lame excuse to pull Aria into his classroom alone AGAIN.  It’s a good thing Fitzy is leaving Rosewood Prep  Because he is getting SO MUCH worse worse at keeping his private Sex with a Student Business a secret.  Then again, maybe he’s just the kind of teacher who LOVES to give extra credit assignments to his most promising students. 😉

And Aria is simply more “promising’ than all the rest.

Fitzy takes this “extra credit” opportunity to not-so-subtly remind Aria that Friday is his last day as her teacher.  In other words, Aria, the Fitzy Love Train is leaving the station!  Better get aboard, or its going to pass you by, directly en route to Jackie Town!

Aria understands the insinuation her (ex?) is making, and doesn’t appreciate it.  “Thanks for the warning,” she says in a voice tinged with sarcasm, and a smidgeon of hidden longing.

“Why do I feel like you are picking apart everything I say with a pair of tweezers?”  Fitzy inquires, hurt.

Fitzy and Aria are suddenly starting to sound a heck of a lot like an old married couple.  The question is:  is that a good sign or a bad one.  Aria wants to know where the couple stands in their relationship.  And though Fitzy feels he has already made his love for Aria clear, he is willing to meet with her the following evening to have “The Talk.” 

My advice to Fitzy:  Already trying to figure out what to wear to ensure this “Talk” with Aria will go as well as humanly possible?  Here’s a hint:  Leave the sweater vest in the drawer!

Just sayin’!

Outside the classroom Annoying Mona traps Aria, in a rather grating conversation, as the recent absense of Hanna in her life, has apparently left her with no one to worship.  (Where’s Bushy Eyebrow Noel, when you need him, right?)  Though on the surface, this conversation seemed fairly meaningless and mundane, those in the “Mona is A” camp undoubtedly found a lot to chew on in this particular exchange.

“Hey, Big A!” Mona calls after Aria, ignoring the MASSIVE eyeroll Aria gives her, when she reaches her side.

Huh?  Big A?  Who’s Little A?  I mean, usually calling someone Big A, implies a smaller or younger A, in existence, right?  And who out there is smaller than Aria?  That girl is TEENY!  Not to mention . . . um . . . Mona?  I hate to break it to you, but there is NO girl in the world who enjoys being called “Big.”  Shallow Attempt at Friendship? FAIL!

As it turns out, Mona’s reason for accosting Aria is two-fold.  First, she would like Aria to help pick out a Going Away Gift for Fitzy, since the the two of them are so . . . close . . .

Of course, Mona is referring to the fact that they have had a lot of hot monkey sex together the two of them worked together on the school play!  Right?  Maybe . . . then again . . . maybe not.  After all, A is certainly familiar with Ezria’s sexploits, and if Mona is A, then . . .

The second favor that Mona asks of Aria is that she put in a good word for Mona with her now-on-the-outs former bestie, Hanna.  Last week, if you recall, Hanna gave Mona the big ole boot, when she found out that the latter had made Caleb’s love letter to Hanna DISAPPEAR in the Lamest Magic Trick Ever.


 When Aria remarks that SHE hasn’t been talking to Hanna either, as a result of the whole “Our Shrink Doesn’t Think We Should Hang Out Anymore, Because Everyone Assumes We Lied About Finding Ian’s Dead Body” thing, Mona acts like she DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THAT AT ALL!

Whatchu talkin’ about, Mona?”

At this point in the show, my Bullsh*t Meter is on high alert.  I don’t believe, for a second, that the Biggest Gossip in the School had NO CLUE that her so-called best friend was involved in a scandal / possible criminal activity coverup of EPIC proportions.

Nevertheless, Mona puts on her best, “I’m sorry the Shrink took all your friends away” face, and bids Aria adieu.

“A Strikes Again”

On the lunch line, the girls (who are not supposed to be hanging out with one another, even though it should be SO OBVIOUS to anyone watching them that they still are) are whispering about the whole Ian Situation and wanting “closure.”  Correction . . . everyone wants closure except Hanna, who HATES closure, with the passion of a girl, who gave up her virginity to a boy, who was paid to seduce her and extract information from her, and then found out that he had fallen in love with her, somewhere along the way.

As if by instinct, all four of our heroines immediately head to the same lunch table . . . that is, until it hits them that they should probably NOT BE SEEN TOGETHER IN PUBLIC. 


It is unbelievably sad, seeing these four supposedly super popular individuals each sitting at a table ALL BY THEMSELVES.  (Couldn’t Emily have sat with any of her swim team friends?  She is CAPTAIN, after all.)  I also had to wonder how SMALL this school is, that there were enough empty tables for EACH of these girls (and Mona) to do this.

Speaking of Mona, I know it makes me a terrible person, but I had to laugh a little bit at her expense, when she motioned for Hanna to come sit next to HER, and was DENIED. 


Queen B Hanna would, apparently, rather sit BY HERSELF, than with the likes of the Future Miss Bushy Eyebrows.

So, of course, the minute the girls are all seated by their lonesome, A sends one of her trademark text messages to all four of them at the same time.  It says:  “Look at you.  All alone in a crowd.  I win!”


Oh, COME ON, A!  You couldn’t think of anything more creative than the texting equivalent of sticking your tongue out and blowing a raspberry?  Clearly, you are losing your touch.

Toby Gets a Job . . . Then Loses It

Speaking of loners, after a VERY long absence, Abs Toby is back at Rosewood Prep, filling out papers. Spencer sees her beau, and is, of course, thrilled, rushing to give him a celebratory hug.  She thinks he is returning to school (and that she won’t have to suffer the humiliation of eating lunch alone again)

But alas, Spencer is wrong , (which is becoming an increasingly common occurrence).  Toby is simply collecting the papers necessary to complete his home schooling so that he can earn his GED and leave Rosewood . . . possibly, for good.

Spencer, NO LIKEY!

Toby and Spencer both flirt with the idea of Toby sticking around Rosewood to be with Spencer.  There are a lot of knowing smiles and eye f*&king, but nothing is really established.  Oh, and remember last week, when Toby suddenly became all Mr. Fix It, with Emily’s wall height chart? 

It turns out that was actually PART OF THE PLOT!  (Who knew?)  This week, we find out that our little enterprising Abs Toby has gone and scored himself a construction job in town.  Someone is REALLY itching to get some cash, and get away from Blind Jenna, isn’t he?  And honestly, can you blame him?

You know, if there was ever a contest for Luckiest Dude in Rosewood, Toby would probably come in dead last.  So, of course, it is no surprise, that the very same day Toby begins his career as a construction worker, the client who’s house he is “constructing” gets the poor kid fired, because he didn’t want Abs Toby near his daughter . . . him still being a Murder Suspect, and all.

Poor Toby!  Sometimes the Adult World is just as bad as high school.  At least he has Spencer to lean on, when times get rough, which, let’s face it, is basically ALL THE TIME, on this show 

In a really sweet scene, later on in the episode, the uber cute couple meet up in a forest, of all places,  and talk about how genuinely sh*tty the town they live in and the people who live in it with them are.  Spencer, who’s wearing a business suit, for no apparent reason WHATSOEVER, even goes as far as to offer to tell the cops what she knows about Ian, so that Toby can FINALLY be completely exonerated for any wrongdoing.  Toby then reminds Spencer that the cops in Rosewood are pretty much useless, and don’t believe a darn thing EITHER Toby or Spencer say.  So, what’s the point? 

They put their heads together and cuddle with one another under the stars.  And suddenly the Unluckiest Boy in Rosewood isn’t feeling so unlucky anymore.

Just Keep Swimming . . . Just Keep Swimming

Over at the pool, Emily is busy (SURPRISE) winning a swim meet again.  How convenient, right? 

Glug, Glug . . .

By the way, anybody seen Paige and her Sad Little Orphan Bitchy haircut? 

I know her and Emily sort of/ kind of broke up, but,  does that mean she automaticallly gets tossed into the PLL Vortex of Lost Former Significant Others?  Just curious . . .

Anywhoo . . . Emily is walking with Samara (Remember her, from the Carnival, and that blind date sort of meeting she was supposed to have with Paige, before Paige bailed?), who is NOT Emily’s girlfriend yet, but, I guess is close enough to her to attend her swim meets.  Samara asks Emily out to a movie, and Awkard Emily treats the poor girl like she PROPOSED MARRIAGE.  “But I’m moving . . . and I just got out of  a relationship. . . and I don’t want to start anything serious . . .blah, blah, blah” she yammers on. 

To her credit, Samara handles Emily’s weirdness pretty well, reminding Emily that going to a movie theater is not the same thing as picking out China patterns. 

“Oh, get over yourself, girlfriend!  Have you seen what I look like?  I can get WAY sluttier girls than you to go out with me.”

So, Emily agrees to keep things “casual” with Samara.  But not so fast!  As we all know by now, NO relationship on PLL can truly be a “casual relationship.”  Every first date must seem like Love Everlasting at least, for two episodes, or until the next love interest comes along, whichever is sooner.

 Worry not, Semily Fans!  The PLL writers have a solution for this conundrum which, also, could coincidentally end up allowing Emily to stick around for Season 3 of the show.  Some recruiter from Dartmouth Darby starts talking to her about swimming scholarships, conveniently noting that, if she moves out of Rosewood before the year is up, she probably will miss her chances of getting one. 

Emily is thrilled.  Now, she finally has ammunition to take to her mother that could genuinely prevent her from having to move to a dreaded “Red State,” if you catch my drift.

At the movies, Samara and Emily talk about the “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” (real ones, not the ones from that LAME Matthew McConaughey Movie). 

Emily recalls that her first date with her FIRST girlfriend Maya, was also a Movie Date.  (Good job, Emily!  Because THAT’S what all new significant others like to hear on a first date Tales of the Ex.  Man, Emily really does SUCK at this whole dating thing, doesn’t she?)  Paige, of course, is not mentioned at all. 

EMILY:  “Umm . . . Samara.  Have you noticed that no one else is in this movie theater aside from us?”

SAMARA:  “Oh, did I forget to mention that I was taking you to see porn?  Sorry about that.”

In and of itself, the scene is pretty useless.  Samara and Emily don’t even hold hands or touch, let alone kiss.  I suspect the only reason for the existence of the scene, was to show that Emily was BACK IN THE DATING world, and to foreshadow Maya’s inevitalble return in a later episode. 

*insert evil laugh here*

Don’t get me wrong, I like Samara.  She’s fun and drama free, which is exactly what Emily needs in a girlfriend right now.  But seriously?  This storyline? Zzzzzzzzz.

Back at home, Emily’s mom is surprisingly open to the idea of Emily staying in Rosewood and finishing out her high school career there, if it means her getting a swimming scholarship to Dartmouth Danby.  She just wants a letter from the recruiter GUARANTEEING  the scholarship, before she brings the idea to Emily’s father.  Ummm, Emily’s Mom?  That’s actually not how college recruitment works . . . AT ALL!

Maternal Advice FAIL

Now, don’t forget that Emily was the Dumb Bunny who left her EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY filled computer open and on in her bedroom, while her house was being shown for rental, so ANY NUMBER OF STRANGERS HAD EASY ACCESS TO ALL HER FILES. 

Is she pretty?  Absolutely.  Is she a spectacular athlete?  It would seem so.  Is she smart?  Not so much. 

So, of course, Emily assumes that her New Recruiter Friend will have absolutely NO TROUBLE giving her a PROMISE OF SCHOLARSHIP letter.  As you would expect, New Recruiter Friend pretty much LAUGHS IN HER FACE.  And yet, he does promise to give her a “We are definitely, maybe, considering, giving you a scholarship to our school . . . I think” letter. Emily looks crestfallen. 

That being said, since we all know she’s SOMEHOW going to manage to stay in Rosewood, assuming PLL gets picked up for another season, it’s hard, as a viewer, to really be worried for her.

Also during this scene, we learn that, in addition to erasing the harddrive of Emily’s laptop, SOMEONE stole camping gear from her garage.  Apparently, similar random break-ins have been occuring throughout Rosewood.  This handy-dandy piece of information may seem useless now, but it will come in handy later.

Hanna’s Dad Comes Back to Town (Nobody really cares.)

“I was so bored of my own story line, this week that I left in the middle of the episode to go watch The Voice.”

Of all the PLL girls, Hanna probably got the shortest end of the stick this week, in terms of plot advancing storylines.  (And that’s saying a lot, if you consider how LAME Emily’s storyline ended up being.  See above.)  When you think about it, all that really happened to Hanna this week was that her dad came back to town.  In the kitchen, the father/ daughter duo had their own little private therapy session about how Daddy-o only seemed to come around when Hanna was in trouble, and how he pretty much ABANDONED his own daughter for his better-behaved step-family. 

After Hanna stomps upstairs, Mama Marin and Papa Marin have a “reunion” of sorts, in which Daddy Dearest agrees to move back home for a while, until all this “Hanna as Murder Suspect Sh*t” blows over.  I can’t imagine things are going too well with Mr. Marin’s OTHER family, if he is so willing to up and leave them like this.  Then Hanna’s parents decide to do what any “rational” parents would do in this situation, they break out the booze.

I am SO getting you drunk, so I can get laid tonight.”


You know, I don’t think it sends such a good message to teens that Aria’s and Hanna’s “Trouble with the Law” ended up being what brought BOTH of their parents back together.  It teaches kids that if their parents are having marital troubles, all they have to do is “act out” or misbehave in some way, and they will get back together.  Just sayin’

Oh, and I almost forgot, toward the end of the episode, Hanna randomly decides to forgive Mona for the Caleb Thing.  Mona claims excited, because “nobody has ever forgiven [her] before.”  (Umm . . . really, Mona?  Because I seem to remember HANNA forgiving you, last season, for starting a rumor that she had lipsuction, and for disinviting her to your Big Ass Birthday Party.  How quickly we forget?)

Hanna and Mona further cement their truce, by promising not to talk about their current love interests Caleb and Bushy Eyebrows Noel with one another.  That’s good, because I REALLY don’t want to learn anymore about Mona and Bushy Eyebrows making out.  I had to rinse my eyes out with alcohol from the last time that image was seared into my brain . . .

Parking Lot Sex . . . Well, that’s one way to Go Public with your “Secret Relationship”

So, remember how Fitzy promised to meet Aria at his apartment to talk about the “status” of their relationship.  Well, as it turns out, Fitzy got caught up in a little orientation meeting with college faculty, and his soon-to-be boss, and was late to the date  .  . . HOURS late.  (Apologetic Boyfriend FAIL!)  At first, Aria doesn’t seem to mind too much, as we know from earlier episodes how much she LOVES snooping around Fitzy’s apartment, while he’s not home. 

“So, it’s already been a few days, and Fitzy still hasn’t realized ‘A’ stole his diploma.  Do you think he’d notice if I took some of his underwear home for ‘safe keeping?’

First, she returns to Fitzy the diploma that “A” stole from his apartment to freak out the girls, then she starts reminiscing about their relationship, by looking through all sorts of little mementos Fitzy saved along the way, like, for example, the paper bags they wore over their heads, to note the secret status of their relationship. 

I can’t decide whether this is really romantic, or really creepy . . . I’m leaning toward creepy.

As Aria tends to do, while snooping around Fitzy’s alone, she calls Spencer to ask for advice about how long she should wait at the apartment, before she starts looking like a Total Desperate Hobag.  “You are the master of time,” Aria says to Spencer, kissing her ass, as hard as she can.

This true, technically,  when it comes to macking with the boys, Spencer is an EXPERT with time.  It’s the timing of everything ELSE in her life that seems to suck so royally.  Anywho, Spencer ditches Aria to go hang out with Toby.  So, after hours, of waiting for Fitzy to show up, Aria finally decides to leave. 

Cleverly (or callously, depending on how you view it), Aria leaves her Dear John note for Fitzy, in his old-fashioned type writer.  (Maybe she was hoping he wouldn’t find it?  I mean, really, just because he OWNS a typewriter, doesn’t mean he uses it.  Fitzy may be OLDER, but he’s not OLD!  He knows how to use a computer, for crying out loud!)

Nevertheless, the typewriter is where Aria ends up placing her letter, which goes a little something like this:  “I’m sorry we couldn’t work things out with our relationship. -Aria”  (OUCH!)

If any of you out there were MAD at Aria for the particular way in which she decided to dump Fitzy (Hey, at least she didn’t do it by text message or Post-It Note), worry not, karma got to her BIG TIME, when she wandered into Spencer’s house, after being stood up on her “talking date.”  Upon entering Spencer’s house, Aria steps on broken glass, immediately signifying to her that SOMEONE has broken in.  (No wonder Spencer carries that knife around everywhere.  That house sees more action than Paris Hilton!)  However, before Aria can react to this new information, she is tackled to the ground by an unseen home invader, as he dashes from the home.


When Spencer comes home, her and Aria discuss the possibility that “A” has been sneaking into homes in the area, and collecting things . . . that “A” may be Ian . . . and that he may be out to get Spencer.

The next day at school, is Fitzy’s last day, he seems SUPER sad to be leaving “his students,” and by “his students” I basically mean, only Aria. 

“I don’t even know who half of you people are . . . I spent the entire year staring at Aria’s rack.”

“No wonder I got an ‘A-cup’ in English this semester.”

In fact, Fitzy’s entire goodbye speech seems to be solely directed toward her.  (I guess he uses that typewriter, after all!)  In typical Geeky, but Endearing, Fitzy fashion, he uses a quote to embody his feelings for Aria the class.  “Joseph Campbell once said, ‘You must give up the life you planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for you.’  I didn’t understand what that meant, until I met you.”

(Well, you better explain it to ME, Fitzy!  Because it doesn’t sound all that inspiring from where I’m standing.)

Nevertheless, Fitzy’s speech must have had an impact on Aria, because, after HOURS of sitting by herself on school grounds (weren’t her parents looking for her), she rushes into Fitzy’s classroom, looking for him, only to find that he has already left.


But fear not, Ezria fans!  Because when Aria runs out to the parking lot, she finds Fitzy packing the last of his personal belongings into his car, and, in perfect Romantic Comedy Fashion, rushes into his arms for one of those LOOOOONG KISSES, that they use the 360 degree camera to film.


It was heart-warming, triumphant, and super sweet . . . but it also made me really dizzy.  Just sayin’.

 Jason 2.0 apparently has both Multiple Personality, and Multiple Face Disorder

As I mentioned earlier, Super Sleuth Spencer has taken it upon herself, to find out exactly what happened to Ian.  First, she tries getting information from her sister Mopey Melissa, but girlfriend is not cracking.  So, she gets some store bought cookies, puts them in a plate to make them look baked, and carries them over to Maya’s house, where Jason is currently staying.

Though they showed Jason a bit, in the first scene, where he was throwing out all of Alison’s stuff, Spencer’s second meeting with Jason marked the first time I REALIZED that he was a different person.  And BOY was I confused! 

Luckily, I had my laptop in front of me, and was able to locate the article I linked above for you, which explained the Great Jason DiLaurentis Body Snatch.  Apparently, the old Jason was recast for someone a bit younger looking, as this was more consistent with the “direction” in which the writers wanted the character to go, in the show’s second season.

Considering that they chose a younger-looking actor, and considering that, EVERY MALE on this show ends up somehow involved with one of the PLL’s, I suspect that the main reason for this little switcheroo was to set up a future romance between Jason, and one of our girls (Using process of elimination, I would suspect it would be Aria Hanna, since both Spencer and Hanna already have love triangles with which to grapple, and Aria is currently a one-man lady.) 

And yet, while the actor who plays Nu-Jason is definitely cute, I can’t help but feel like the way his character is being introduced, is too similar to the way the writers introduced Toby in Season One, i.e.  The Sort of Creepy, Potential Suspect, Guy, who ends up being Sweet and Misunderstood.

I hope I’m wrong.  Because, as far as I’m concerned, there can only be one Toby.


But I am getting ahead of myself here.  So, Spencer arrives at the house, and a grouchy Jason, makes me sort of hate him, by throwing rocks at a poor defenseless little dog, to get him out of the back yard.  He’s pretty defensive and rude to Spencer, and yet somehow gets her talking about what happened at the church.  At least initially, Jason seems to believe Spencer’s story about what Ian did, and what might have happened to him. 

You’ve really gotta hand it to Jason 2.0.   He’s smart.  Here was Super Sleuth Spencer coming to his home for information, and SHE ended up giving all the information she had to HIM, while he pretty much revealed nothing.  Talk about a Wanna Be Veronica Mars, FAIL, Spencer!

This scene is followed by a completely random, and not all that useful, flashback, in which Ali taunts her older brother Jason 2.0, by hiding his crap from him.  She makes some very Ali-like comment about how, when she hides things, they stay hidden.  I suspect it was supposed to be a “mysterious” scene.  And yet, I was so distracted by the appearance of Jason 2.0, I found myself unable to really concentrate on it all that much, to be honest.

(Didn’t they say last season that he used to be a goth, back when Ali was alive?  He looks more like the Captain of the Soccer Team here.)

Spencer’s sleuthing abilities are redeemed somewhat, when she comes home to her lazy ass sister, sitting right on the couch, where she seems to have been for two days straight. 

“I’m on to you Crazy Nanny Carrie from One Tree Hill . . . er . . . I mean, Melissa.”

Though Melissa claims to have been there the whole time, Spencer notices that Melissa’s raincoat and boots are wet, and in her pocket is the sonogram picture that she showed Spencer earlier.  Also, though Melissa clearly left the house that day, her car seems not to have moved.  Now, Spencer is wondering whether Melissa has been “entertaining” someone in the barn where Ali was pretty much last seen alive . . . possibly Ian.

But this section isn’t about Melissa or Ian, right?   It’s about Jason. 

Toward the end of the episode, the girls find him outside building a fence, either to keep intruders out, or to keep someone IN. 

He’s building in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm, and seems to have a TON of camping gear around him, similar to the camping gear that was stolen from Emily’s house. 

That cute little dog is there again, and it seems to be sniffing inside one of the sleeping bags, on the ground near Jason.  Something long and tall, is in that bag . . . something that could be but probably isn’t a dead body.

In the final scene of the episode, we see the Infamous Gloved Hand fondling the cute dog’s head.  For a second, we worry that Evil Gloved Hand Person might do something TRULY AWFUL, like break the dog’s neck. 

But, instead, it just lovingly pets the dog, who seems to recognize Gloved Hand instantly.  If this is, in fact, the DiLaurentis Family dog than Gloved Hand person, must be someone who is familiar with the family . . . like, for example, Ian . . .or one of Ali’s parents . . . maybe even Ali, herself.

And there you have it:  “The Goodbye Look” in a nutshell.  Be sure to tune in next week, when, if my sources are correct, MY HONEY BUNNY Doctor Wren / Julian Morris returns to Rosewood!  SQUEE!  (It’s about DAMN time!)

You can check out the SUPER INTENSE Much Music promo for the third episode, entitled “My Name is Trouble” here:

See you next week, My Pretties!

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17 responses to “The Body Snatchers – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “The Goodbye Look”

  1. sassyfran

    Hey woman I almost beat you LOL I am working on adding my pictures for my recap. 🙂 Yours is looking good as usual.

  2. hayley

    girl your SO funny i love reading your recaps

    • Aww, thanks, haley! That is so sweet! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap, and definitely look forward to talking PLL with you this summer! 🙂

  3. sassyfran

    Oh I love the way you do your recaps your sense of humor is priceless LOL so funny and accurate. I dont’ remember Jason so much from last season but now I am going to have to go back and check him out. Aria and Ezra were the cutest saddest thing this episode. I felt sorry a little bit for Aria having to make such a big decision; you have to wonder if Ezra remembers how old she is when he asked her to wait all that time and to decide about love and such. Toby and Spencer were cute though her driving that old looking car was kind of funny I don’t remember her being in a car before now. I always see her walking or at school or one of the other girls houses. OMgosh you were right about the Hanna scenes kinda useless really I guess they have to have some storyline for each girl each episode. LOL Thanks for telling me the name of the Blonde that is Em’s friend and you think Maya is coming back? I think I saw her on another show recently. It is going to be an interesting season.

    • Awww thanks so much, sassyfran! 🙂

      Yep, definitely check out Jason 1.0 in old PLL episodes, whenever you get the chance. The first time the new guy appeared on screen, my mouth dropped open. For a good five minutes, I just kept thinking to myself, “Doesn’t ANYBODY ELSE on the show notice he’s about 5 years younger, has lost about 10 pounds of pure muscle, and . . . oh . . . HAS A BRAND NEW FACE?”

      The issue I think was that OLD Jason looked to be about the same age as Ian and Melissa (between 23 and 25?). This made sense to the story, because, back in the day, IAN supposedly used to stay over Jason’s house and smoke pot with him. That was how IAN met and started secretly dating Ali.

      But now that the writers want to pair one of the PLL girls with Jason, I suspect they didn’t want ANOTHER main relationship to have that large of an age difference. (After all, we’ve already seen that 7 or 8 year difference between Ali and Ian, Spencer and Ian, Spencer and Wren, and, of course, Aria and Fitzy). So, they hired a guy to play Jason, who looked just a few years older than the rest of the PLL girls (19, maybe 20?). The problem now (aside from the obvious confusion of fans that resulted from the switch), is that I find it hard to believe that, in addition to MAKING OUT with girls who were 7 or 8 years younger than him, Ian was also having sleepovers with a guy who was 5 years younger than him, and theoretically could have been a student at Rosewood, when Ian was already a coach there.

      Needless to say, I’ll be very interested to see how Jason’s storyline pans out in the coming episodes . . .

      LOL re your comment about Spencer’s car. Now, that you mention it, I do think she was driving a different car this week. This actually makes sense, plotwise, when you consider that Spencer’s OTHER car was probably totaled in the accident her and Melissa were in, during the Season 1 finale. That was very perceptive of you to pick up on that.

      As for Ezria, I agree that Fitzy sometimes forgets how much younger Aria is then him, partly because she always acts so mature. In fact, often on this show, we’ve seen ARIA act more mature than Fitzy, himself. (Females do “mature” faster than males, after all). 🙂 Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of “Jackie,” as I don’t think Aria would be able to forgive Fitzy again for another slip-up of that nature. That being said, Lucy Hale has teased ARIA getting involved in a love triangle this season (possibly with Jason?). So, this time, it might be FITZY on the defensive. (Techincally, there was a similar triangle involving Bushy Eyebrows Noel last season, but I don’t count him, because he sucks so badly. :))

      As for Maya, as CrazyLove mentioned in her comment *waves to CrazyLove*, that actress (Bianca Lawson) REALLY gets around. She’s been on practically every teen show in the world! I even remember her being on Dawson’s Creek back in the day, as one of Dawson’s girlfriends. But yeah, I do think all signs point to her returning to the show, especially since Jason is living in her house, and Emily is talking about her, in a way that she hadn’t been so much, back when she was still dating Little Orphan Bitchy, Paige.

      Thanks again for your awesome commentary! And, of course, I adored YOUR kickass recap too! 🙂

  4. Hey KJEWLS! I am such a huge fan of your recaps, as soon as I woke up Wednesday morning, I literally ran to my computer and checked for an update of the blog. Yeah, I needed a good laugh since I’ve been sick with a sinus infection since last Monday. BTW I am now a fan of Vampire Diaries, because of your awesome recaps and also because there are so many gorgeous guys. Damon, Stefan, Alaric, Jeremy, Tyler, Mason, etc, etc. Damon is by far my favorite. I cannot believe that Ian Somerhalder is 32 years old. I mean, really? He looks maybe 25 at most. Anyhoo, I am still laughing at the recap for “The Goodbye Look”. I will say this one more time: Go into comedy! I would be in the front row of your first gig!
    I will start with Emily this time. I think I have mentioned that I like Samara as Emily’s love interest out of her, Maya, and Paige. Paige is wishy-washy (with a VERY bad haircut. Whoever she goes to, I will avoid. She looks like a blender chopped up her hair.) and Maya (thank goodness) is nowhere to be found (When I saw her on VD, I was like, “Darn it! Secret Life, then PLL, now VD?”). Samara seems really cool and collected, not to mention really funny. Every time she opened her mouth, I laughed. Comedy A+. Then they ruined it a little bit by having her and Em go to a movie (foreshadowing Em’s feelings for Maya, who I pray will never return from the vortex). First date: E. As for the whole ‘moving to Texas’ thing, I feel bad for Emily. I have moved five times and it’s not easy to leave friends behind. So, her finding an excuse to stay in Rosewood, I can’t quite blame her.
    Now for Hanna. Her dad is a douche. I almost wish Red-Haired Detective Douche will come back just to get Mr. Marin out of the picture. But supposedly he is supposed to be in a few more episodes before he goes back to the Land of Dying Plants. As for Mama Marin, I somewhat appreciate being here this week. She may be annoying and a lady that steals money from old ladies, but hello! Her ex-husband is back in town, which sucks, if you ask me.
    Mona, Mona, Mona…..Your right, KJEWLS, on how no one can get much smaller than Lucy Hale. She’s 22 and only 5’2. I am a teenager and I am almost 6’0. So Mona calling her “Big A”….She gets on my nerves more and more every week, with her annoying stupidity and her obvious case of CSSD (Common Sense Stupid Disorder). I appreciate her getting rid of Younger Johnny Depp (Caleb, of course!)(Though Sweet Lucas brought him back) but I will forever remember her as the Girl Who Gets Teachers Names Wrong (Mr. Fritz? Really? It FITZ! F-I-T-Z. Four simple letters. Not that hard to figure out or pronounce.) So why Hanna became her friend again is beyond my comprehension.
    Off to Abs Toby! What kind of cruel monster would fire that image of gorgeousness from his construction crew? I mean, if I had been the girl in the house that he was supposed to fix up, I would’ve loved to watch him in a sweaty t-shirt all day. Murder suspect or not, look at him! He’s someone you’d want in your house, don’t you think? Poor Unlucky Tobster. At least he got to see Detective Suit-Wearing Spencer quite a bit. (BTW next week he is supposed to be shedding the shirt again, which neither you or I will be complaining about, am I right?)
    I wish I lived in Rosewood so then I could go to Hollis and find Ezra and drag him to his apartment to have the Talk with Aria. I mean, she already is REALLY ticked off at him, now he is tardy for a Talk HE wanted. I get more and more annoyed at him every week for screwing up (Though I need to prevent him from finding a shirt, because I still think about that scene from last week. Boy oh boy!) special time with Aria, who instead of having the Talk with her (ex)-boyfriend, got attacked at Spencer’s house (You’d think that if she saw a broken window, she’d call Spencer right away. Then again this is the same girl that sent a flirty text message to her own mother) and ended up breaking her ‘dignity’. Now, as much as I laughed at someone getting hurt on TV, again, my PLL sympathy got to me and I JUST HAD to feel a little bad. I mean, she got stood up by her (ex)boyfriend and then got her a** whooped by a mysterious figure in her friend’s house.
    How is it that I can be annoyed at Ezzy one scene and then the next, I fall for his charm and boyish nature? The whole speech he made to Aria the class was….tear-jerking. I mean, the Joseph Campbell quote made me cry a little bit (Dang it! Every scene when he is trying to patch things up, I seem to burst into tears!).
    The Epic Kiss in the parking lot. The way Aria hopped into Ezra’s arms made me incredibly (jealous) joy filled and warm-hearted. The song, “Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet’ by Adam Agin made me cry (again!) because it built up the moment (not to mention get stuck in my head and have me download it the next day). As for the 360 motion, like you, I got a little dizzy. (Déjà vu from Haleb’s first kissing scene, right? Except this time I didn’t want to rinse my eyes out with boiling water)
    I am looking forward to seeing the return of Wren next week! I have fallen so hard for his British accent and beautiful smile, it’s not funny. And Lucas is returning to! The vortex is finally emptying all of the incredibly adorable guys. Now all they have to do is drag Noel and Mr. Marin back in there and then I’ll be happy!
    Oh yeah! I have recently made a Tumblr of my own, so if you want to check it out, feel free to: Most of it is about Ian but sometimes I throw in some other stuff in, too. So, if you want to laugh a little bit, go on ahead and click on the link.
    As always, awesome and HILARIOUS recap. I can’t wait to rush over here next week and read your Return of Doctor Wren recap! See ya then!

    • Hey CrazyLove! Thanks so much for your awesome commentary, and super sweet words. Your comments never fail to make me smile! By the way, I just stopped by your tumblr, and I absolutely LOVE IT TO PIECES! I planned to just take a quick peek, before I responded to your comment. But, once I got there, I literally couldn’t stop laughing at all the AWESOME GIFS and fabulous “interview questions.” I’m pretty sure I “fell into your tumblr” for at least a half hour. AWESOME work! I’ve already added a link to my blogroll, and plan to visit regularly, so be prepared. 🙂 (And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to credit you, if I ever “steal” your GIFs . . . which I know I will at some point :))

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling sick, and am really glad that the vision of Ian Harding on your TV screen has helped you to feel better. Hot Boys are always the best medicine, after all. 🙂 I’m also sorry that you were looking for my PLL recap on Wednesday morning, and I TOTALLY FLAKED on you, and didn’t publish until Thursday. *bows head in shame* I’m still getting used to my summer recap schedule, which is very TOP HEAVY, and pretty much ensures that I will not be sleeping at all from Sunday night through Tuesday night. Hopefully, as my body adjusts my PLL recaps will be less “tardy.” 🙂

      And, just so you know, I did a little dance in my chair, upon reading that you are now a TVD fan! Welcome to the cult! 🙂 We are happy to have you. My obsession for Damon Salvatore and Delena is probably just about on par with your obsession with Ezra Fitz and Ezria. I suspect my LOONNNG TVD recaps, and DELENA LOVE posts illustrate that fact. And now that IAN AND NINA ARE DATING IN REAL LIFE, I have even more flame to add to my Shipper fire. Sometimes there is just so much hotness on TVD, that staring at the screen is like staring at the sun. You know you should look away, but you just can’t.

      I definitely look forward to talking TVD with you this year . . . starting September 15th, when Season 3 premieres. My blogger friend Amy and I are also planning some TVD-related summer posts. So, there is that to look forward to as well.

      Speaking of TVD, it is funny how much Maya “gets around” on teen shows! And, she made me SUPER mad on TVD, when her character did some VERY BAD THINGS to my Damon, even after he tried to help her! (I’m not sure, if you got that far in the series yet.) I also think it’s funny that on TVD, “Maya’s” name is “Emily.” Coincidence? I think not!

      Like you, I think I prefer Samara the best of all of Emily’s girlfriends. She’s just fun, laidback, and drama free. And yet, since PLL LOVES the drama, I suspect, unfortunately, that her and Emily’s courtship will be short-lived, in favor of Maya. Meh!

      LOL re: your comments about Hanna and her Douchey Dad. Between Deputy Douchey and Douchey Daddy Mama Marin sure knows how to pick em, doesn’t she? At least Deputy Douchey looks good in a towel. I suspect the same can’t be said for Douchey Daddy. (Just so you know, I think I just found my new recap nickname for Hanna’s father. So, thank you for that! 🙂

      So, I got REALLY jealous, when I read that you are almost 6-foot. I’m only a little over an inch taller than Lucy Hale, myself. And I suspect I’m done growing. 🙂 But I did find it REALLY odd that Mona called Aria “Big A.” Perhaps, it was supposed to be a joke, because she’s so petite? If it was, it FAILED miserably . . . kind of like everything Mona does on this show. (Unless, of course, she ends up actually being A, which will make me have to reevaluate her completely as a character).

      One thing PLL always seems to do beautifully, is its romance scenes, and the two we got this week (Spoby and Ezria) were both truly beautiful. I loved the simplicity of Spencer and Toby cuddled together in the forest, joking about how all the cops in Rosewood hate their guts. (How very Meta of them! They should seriously consider writing PLL recaps.) And, as you mentioned, the Ezria scene was flawless (dizzy camera notwithstanding) in its ability to bring about a roller coaster of emotions in its fans. My heart genuinely went out to both Aria and Ezra in the classroom scene, and the one that followed it. For a moment, I really believed that she was just going to let him go, despite the fact that she obviously still loved him. And those sad moments, made the reunion that much more triumphant and touching.

      It would be nice if Ezria fans could be rewarded with a bit of drama free shipper courtship, at least for a little while. But, since this is PLL, I suspect there will be more problems on the horizon. But, hey, we’ll always have the parking lot and Ezra’s apartment, right? 🙂

      SQUEE! I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am about Dr. Wren’s return. I have been waiting for him for A YEAR! Plus, now that, as I mentioned, Ian is publicly dating Nina, my Fake Celebrity Boyfriend dance card is open for a certain Julian Morris. So, the timing is positively perfect. You are right, the PLL writers seem to have FINALLY emptied the Vortex of nearly all of those Seemingly Lost Significant Others . . . and not a moment too soon!

      Rest assured, next week’s recap will be VERY Wren-centric! He and I have a lot of catching up to do! 🙂

  5. Anastasia

    PLLLs is back! 🙂 And right after mid-years too :).

    “Parker Bagley portrayed Jason through Season One of Pretty Little Liars, however in Season Two he was replaced by Drew Van Acker in order to make his appearance more similar to the one of Jason from the book series.” In the book when Jason moves back in he’s suddenly attractive, and him and Aria get together – or something along those lines.

    That scene when Aria’s in the classroom and the desk has been clear was sad 😦
    Could be because back when I was in high school, one day I was looking for one my (favourite) teachers and he left, didn’t say anything at all, no one knew he was leaving. But I overheard the teachers saying his contract expired…
    Btw how did Ezra manage to hold Aria for what seemed like minutes? XD

    I don’t think the flashback was random. If you link that to the dog it says there’s something where the dog was digging.

    Loved the ending to this episode ^^, though I I think I’ve seen a scene similar to this before, perhaps in a movie?

    • Hey Anastasia! Thanks so much for stopping by, and congrats on completing your mid-years! I’m thrilled to start talking PLL with you again, this season.

      Regarding the recast of Jason, I guess I can sort of understand why the producers did it. Since Aria seems to be the one who will be romantically paired with Jason, and Parker Badgely looks roughly the same age as Ian Harding, it might seem a bit “odd” for Aria to go from one “significantly older man” right into the arms of another one.

      The whole recasting thing just made me feel a bit bad for Parker Badgely, to be honest. I mean, here he is, a 20-something fairly attractive guy, who looks GREAT with his shirt off. He gets a role on a show that ends up being a big hit, ratings-wise. So, he reads the books and learns that his character gets to be a BIG murder suspect, PLUS have a HUGE romantic storyline with one of the leads. Then season 2 comes along, and they fire him because . . . HE LOOKS TOO OLD! I mean that’s gotta hurt, right? 🙂

      I just feel like the folks down at casting should have considered the fact that, if the show succeeded, they might have to eventually pair Jason with Aria, BEFORE they cast the role of Jason, THE FIRST TIME . . . not, after season 1 had already aired. Oh well . . . I guess that’s one of the downsides of being an actor. All that being said, Drew Van Acker IS pretty darn cute. And I’m sure he will do a fine job in the role of Jason.

      You are right. I definitely recall plenty of romantic comedies in which the romantic female lead rushes to reconcile with her lover, only to find out that he’s already left . . . but then, suddenly, he hasn’t. And then we get the big 360 degree kiss! Sure, it’s a cliche. But I think its used a lot, because it works. I know my heart melted when it happened, and I’m far from the biggest Ezria fan out there. 🙂 (Though they do grow on me a bit each week . . . especially last week, when I got to enjoy the WONDERS OF THE FITZY BODY! ;))

      You also made a good point about the flashback. I suspect that later in the season we will learn what it was of Jason’s that Ali decided to “keep hidden.” And, maybe, it will clue to the murder aspect of this story. Particularly, if they are sticking with the killer from the books, the last scene with the dog was quite significant, perhaps, even more so than the flashback. 😉

      • Sorry for the delay, My Pretties! As Shirtless Toby is my witness, your regularly scheduled PLL recap, will be up an running tomorrow evening. 🙂

  6. Anastasia

    I think in life we’ve all learnt that you can always (almost) be replaced especially when you’re in a career that depends on your looks.

    Do you think Jason and Aria are going to be friends or go out with? Cause I do really like Ezra :(, hope he doesn’t leave. But with this episode’s ending, I think they’ll be together for at least a few more episodes.

    I did think A was going to break the dog’s neck at first too 😦

    For anyone who’s interested in costume analysis (or where to buy them):

  7. I’m beginning to think A is Alex Mack, with the ability to turn into a puddle of goo and sneak into tiny little peepholes. It’s the only plausible explanation at this point that no one has caught them in the act yet.

    I love how a dog seems really familiar with A. It just shows that this person has really ingratiated themselves into the surroundings and is standing around in plain sight.

    Ezria cracks me up, because I love how they turn their sexual attraction into a big epic love. I think that some people are just predisposed to wanting that fantasy, and given their shared love of literature (I’ll take the writers at their word on this one), they probably have more images than average people in their mind of how mad, passionate love should be. I bet part of their attraction to each other now is the obstacles in their path. They’d have the “no one writes songs about the ones that come easy” approach to relationships that would make Logan Echolls proud (though I would say his love with V WAS epic in the purest sense of the word).

    You know, after Spencer, Mona is actually my favourite character. *ducks to avoid rotten fruit being thrown in my general direction* She’s a guilty pleasure character for me, like Nathan from Misfits. I mean, she’s so self-possessed and unapologetic in her awfulness, plus the writers call her on this all the time, that I can’t help but love her. Plus, her complex relationship with Hanna and the other PLLs really interests me. I definitely had your reaction to her calling Aria “Big A” to begin with, but on second thought, I think she might be projecting her insecurities of her previous weight onto Aria – she probably wouldn’t mind making Little Miss Perfect feel as self-conscious as she did in the past and probably still does. As someone who was quite overweight and lost a fair amount a few years back, I know that you never forget what it is like being fat and the way people treat you.

    Wren, my body is ready for you baby… once you’ve finished having your way with Julie, of course 😉

    Yay for zombie references! The way to my heart, as you know.

    • “A” as Alex Mack! I love it!

      I had always assumed she was a vampire, compelling everyone to let her into places, and forget she was there immediately after. But your explanation is MUCH more creative. Not to mention, Alex starts with “A.”

      Perhaps, A also has “Dog Whisperer” powers, which would explain his or her seeming familiarity with the perky pooch.

      You bring up a good point about Ezria. I always wonder about couples who’s relationship begins under extremely emotionally-charged circumstances. You can’t help but wonder, whether they will be able to maintain all that passion, once they become a “normal” couple. Though “A” will undoubtedly always keep things “fiery” for Aria and Ezra, with Ezra teaching at Hollis, instead of the high school, some of the sexy / secretive aspect of their relationship has definitely left the building. Whether Ezria can survive “normalcy” will probably be the biggest test this couple has to endure.

      I like your take on Mona. I do suspect that a lot of her selfishness and social faux-pas are brought on by a bit of defensiveness, insecurity, and fear of being conceived as a “loser” again. Either that, or she’s “A.” In which case, all bets are off.

      Oh, and you are more than welcome to have your way with Wren, after I do. I am not averse to sharing. 🙂 (Granted, he may be a bit sore, after I’m through with him. But still . . . ;))

  8. sara

    my favorite part was the mercedes gif paired with the idea that A might kill the dog. those were my sentiments exactly while watching that scene!

    • LOL. Thanks sara! 🙂

      I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who gets more upset at the possibility of animals getting harmed in TV shows and movies, than humans. I read somewhere that this means we are secretly alien life forms (or, perhaps, vampires). Oh well! At least now I know I am in very good company! 🙂

  9. quien es A guarda de secretos esta muerto visto de Alison despareceria labial tus secretos tu cabello encontar a Alison antes que A miedo en ravenswood hablamos alquien penso que estaba muerta que estabamos en viva estaba gritando puede verme respirando mirame no podia moverme

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