Keeping it “In the Family” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “The Tell”

Well HELLO, Derek Hale’s Naked Sweaty Stomach!  I didn’t think I’d see you again so soon . . . or so much of you.  What do you say, we go back to my place, so we can “get to know one another a little better?”

Welcome back, Werebangers!  Can you believe we are already HALFWAY through this season of Teen Wolf?  It seems like only yesterday, we were ogling Scott McCall’s naked body for the first time . . .


This week’s episode was called “The Tell,” a likely reference to the subconscious ways in which card players reveal to their opponents what kind of cards they are carrying, during the course of a game.  Fittingly, some of the episode’s most “telling moments” featured one character sharing information with another, and the other reacting to it, in a way that suggested a lot about his or her possible motivations.  Did I mention that the episode was CHOCK FULL of shirtless, sexual tension, and sublime homoeroticism?


Stiles clearly suffers from Oral Fixation.  Does Danny suffer from Stiles’ Fixation?

So, what do you say, kiddies?  Are you ready for some Show and “Tell”?

[Note:  Special thanks go out to my new pal Andre for all the FABULOUS screenshots you see here.  You’ll undoubtedly notice that they are of significantly higher quality than the ones I tend to take myself.]

Next time, Stick with Netflix!

“If I die in this video store, at least I won’t have to watch The Notebook again!”

Oh Jackson!  Slowly, but surely, you are growing on me.  The fact that you finally took your shirt off this week, helped with that A LOT!  You actually had me feeling kind of sorry for you, because you are SO COMPLETELY WHIPPED BY YOUR GIRLFRIEND.  (I mean, really, grow some balls, man!)  We open on a shot of Poor Schmo Video Worker (don’t get too attached to him) standing on a ladder, fixing a light, in a video store that looks like its been time warped out of 1995, and plopped down in present-day Beacon Hills.  (Honestly, do video stores that AREN’T Blockbuster even EXIST anymore?  Because, even the Blockbuster by me closed!)

A car pulls up.  It’s Lydia and Jackson.  Lydia is in the driver’s seat, which is appropriate, considering that this is OBVIOUSLY the position she takes in their relationship.

“Umm . . . Lydia?  Not that I’m complaining or anything, but that’s NOT the stick shift.”

Jackson is trying to convince Lydia to rent Hoosiers, a heart-warming love story about boys and their .  . . um . . . basketballs . . .

But Lydia doesn’t WANT to watch a movie about balls.  She’d much prefer to watch The Notebook again, a movie which, in the words of Puck from Glee, has the power to “make you grow a vagina, if you watch it.”

Having just got rid of the vagina he grew the LAST time they watched this film, Jackson is, understandably, a bit miffed by his girlfriend’s suggestion.

Cut to about two seconds later, when Jackson is wandering around a seemingly empty video store, asking out loud where he can find The Notebook.

Long time, no vagina, Jackson!

But, uh oh . . . something is wrong on Movieland.  Our light-fixing Poor Schmo Video Worker is now nowhere to be seen.  And he hasn’t successfully done his job, either, because the lights in the place are still flickering.  Jackson walks around a little while longer, until he FINALLY finds Poor Schmo Video Worker . . . WITH HIS THROAT RIPPED OUT!

Watching The Notebook is starting to look pretty good NOW, isn’t it Jackson?

In a panic, Jackson lurches back, knocking down the ladder where Poor Schmo Video Worker met his maker.  He hears a noise.  Someone . . . or something is in the video store with him.  He hides in one of the aisles.   But the ALPHA is way smarter . . . and STRONGER than Jackson.  It knocks all the shelving down around Jackson in a single push.  It has Jackson in its clutches now.  It’s claw-like hands reach down toward Jackson’s neck, preparing to rip out its throat.  But then it sees the scratch marks left there last week by Derek .  . .

. . .  and decides to let Jackson live.  (WHY?  Did Derek “put a little wolf” in Jackson with his little love tap?  Or does the Alpha have some other reason for wanting to keep Jackson alive?)

Jackson got fingered! 

Meanwhile, outside, Vain Lydia is taking pictures of herself on her camera phone, when she sees the Alpha jump through the glass window of the video store, its red eyes blazing, its strong black body moving like nothing she’s ever seen before. 

Ooh . . . you might want to get some Visine for those eyes, honey!

She screams . . .

“OK . . . I’m sorry.  I’ll watch Hoosiers, I swear.   Just don’t eat me!”

Meanwhile, on a nearby road, Stiles is keeping his dad company, while the latter patrols Beacon Hills in his cop car. 

“Hey dad what do you say we pick up . . . er . . . I mean arrest some hookers.”

Stiles and his dad have a refreshingly sweet relationship.  In past episodes, we’ve only seen Big Stiles (that’s my new name for Stiles’ Dad) scold his son, and berate him for seemingly getting his nose into everybody else’s business.  But here, the two are just eating curly fries, and enjoying one another’s company . . .


See what I mean about the whole “oral fixation” thing?

Big Stiles then gets a call on his CB about a possible homicide.  And Little Stiles jumps up and down on his seat, like a kid on Christmas morning.


You would think, by now, the thrill of ogling corpses would have worn off for Stiles, who has already seen a couple pretty gory ones, since the show premiered.  But apparently not.  (Perhaps, he’s hoping one will come back to life, looking like THIS . . .)

Upon arriving at the video store, Stiles is shocked and perhaps a bit jealous to learn that Jackson and Lydia are the only living witnesses to this possible murder.  Big Stiles gets out of the car, and tries to calm down an EXTREMELY agitated Jackson, who instinctively doesn’t want to go to the hospital, despite having fallen during the Alpha Ambush . . .

“She was going to make me watch The Notebook again!  Can you believe it?  The Notebook!”

Is it possible that Jackson, on some level, recognizes that the scratch on his neck is NOT from a human, and has changed him in a way that will raise eyebrows at the hospital?  Hmmm .  . .

Meanwhile, on the roof of the video store, Derek and Scott are . . . just chillin’.

“Hey, check it out.  From here, you can see down Lydia’s shirt!”

Scott wonders out loud why the Alpha seems so intent on killing random people.  Being new to this whole Werewolf Thing, he can’t help but wonder whether that’s what HE will eventually do.  Derek reassures Scott that they are PREDATORS, but don’t necessarily have to be killers. 

Wait?  Isn’t that the same thing?  The only kind of predators I KNOW that aren’t killers are the SEXUAL kind!

*sigh*  In that case, forget I said anything.   Just keep “predating,” Derek Hale! (Yeah, that’s probably not a word . . . but it should be!)

Lovers Quarrel, Part 26

“Aww, don’t pout, Baby!  I’ll even let you be on top, next time!”

Back at Derek’s house, or as I like to call it, La Casa de Old and Decrepit, Derek and Scott are fighting again, about Derek’s “Responsibility to Were Kind” to help find and destroy the Alpha.  “I HAVE A LIFE!”  Scott whines.

“No . . . you don’t,” replies Derek.  (See?   That was funny!  I knew the writers would go and give him a sense of humor, eventually!)

“I HAVE HOMEWORK!”  Scott tries again.

“Do you want to do homework . . . or not die?” Derek fires back.

Yeah!  That was funny, right?  I’m GOOD!”

Yes, Derek.  SNARK!  That’s what I’m talking about!

Apparently, there’s this little rule in the Werewolf Book of Pack Obedience, that states that if an Alpha Pack member doesn’t kill with his leader, before the full moon, he gets EATEN.

“Sexy Wolf Man, say what?”

By this point, Derek has probably figured out that Scott is pretty much a self-centered prick (a hot self-centered prick, mind you, but a self-centered prick, nonetheless).  And so, he wisely reminds Scott that HE has interest in finding the Alpha (through his unique “pack” connection too), as doing so could very well SAVE his life.  And, of course, the clock is ticking, because the next Full Moon is on the horizon.  This means Scott has only limited time to attend and graduate Derek’s Werewolf School of Brooding, Soulful Staring, and Looking Intimidating.

Hot for Teacher!

Speaking of teaching, Scott learned his first REAL werewolf lesson today.  It was a lesson about PAIN, and how it can lead to pleasure keeps a werewolf human.  Derek taught Scott this by leaning over him seductively, and twisting his arm, while the two were-men panted and groaned in concert.  I could tell you it wasn’t SUPER hot to watch . . . but I’d be lying . . .

“Happy Birthday, Allison!  Sorry for Being a Douche to Your New Boyfriend!  Here . . . have an Ugly Necklace.”

“I was going to get you birth control pills, My Little Harlot.  But I figured, this was the next best thing.”

Back at the Argent house, Aunt Kate is all faux apologetic about accusing Scott of going through her bag . . . WHICH HE DID!  She would very much like for Allison to call her some bad names, as part of her “punishment” for inappropriate behavior.  Allison wants to do no such thing.  She says all is forgiven.   I, myself, however, am not so forgiving, and have decided to call Aunty Kate a name of my own . . .

Apparently, today is Allison’s birthday.  And Kate has a gift for her.  It’s the UGLIEST NECKLACE I’VE EVER SEEN!  Allison puts it on immediately, but I suspect she is just doing it to be polite.  Apparently, the necklace has some “family crest” thing on it, that’s significant, in some way, to the Argent family history.  Rather than tell Allison the truth about her family, she suggests that Allison “look it up.”  (As, I suspect, Evil Werehunter Dad is not quite ready to let Allison in on the family’s Secret Life, just yet, this move was rather crafty on Kate’s part.)

  We can tell Kate is pleased with herself, by the sh*t eating grin on her face, after Allison leaves for school. 

Little does Aunt know that the only thing Allison has any interest in “studying” lately is Scott’s weiner.

Scott and Allison Ditch School, Frolic in the Park, Blah, Blah, Blah . . .

“Have you ever noticed that I spend at least half of every episode of this show with my lips attached to your face?”

Scott finds Allison at school hiding balloons and birthday notices in her locker.  She doesn’t want anyone to know it’s her birthday, because she’s SO FRIGGIN OLD!  As it turns out, Allison turns 17 today, which makes her  a year older than Scott, which pretty much makes her an Alpha cougar . . .

Scott wins MAJOR points (not to mention gets a few steps closer to falling into Allison’s panties), by correctly guessing why Allison is in Scott’s grade, even though, technically, she should be a grade above him.  “You got held back, because you missed a lot of school, moving around so much,” he says matter-of-factly.  Allison is so thrilled that Scott doesn’t think she was left back a grade for being a moron, that she eagerly agrees to cut school with him.

“In that case, you’re a genius!  Now, will you let me touch your boobies?”

Call me unromantic, but I’m not going to spend much more time on Scott McCall’s Day Off, basically, because I thought it was lame, and didn’t add much to the story.   Yes, Scott and Allison are both very attractive people, who smile a lot, and look good making out with one another.  But, beyond that, they haven’t shown me anything special about their relationship to make me particularly invested in them as a couple.   And COME ON!  If your going to make me spend 10 minutes of an episode watching a boy and girl frolic in the woods, AT LEAST LET ME SEE THEM SCREW!

Am I right?

The one mildly interesting aspect of the “Salison” date, was Scott’s continued feeling as though Allison was “taking away his masculinity.”  (Oh buck up, Buddy!  It’s not like she made you watch The Notebook.)  Now, you would think that a guy like Scott, with werewolf strength, and an Adonis body . . .

 .  . . would be comfortable enough in his masculinity, to allow a woman, who took a sharp turn, while she was driving him in her car (at least, he didn’t take the damn bike this time – PROGRESS!), to instinctively put her hand out in front of him to keep him from getting whiplash.  But, apparently, not.

The other thing that bugged me about Scott an Allison’s date, was how Scott selfishly ditched EVERYTHING and EVERYONE to attend.  Cutting class is one thing.  But skipping work, missing a parent-teacher conference, skipping out on Sexy Derek, and ignoring his bestie’s increasingly frantic phone calls, is just DOUCHEY with a capital “D!”


“I’m going to KILL YOU . . . and I’m too upset to come up with a witty description of how exactly I’m going to kill you, but I’m just going to do it.  OK?”

And yet, Allison didn’t seem to mind at all, especially considering that, at the end of the date, she basically told Scott, in NO uncertain terms, that she wanted to screw his brains out ASAP.  So, um . . . way to go, Scott . . . I guess . . .

Don’t Worry Stiles, I Find You Attractive!

So, in the last segment, I ranked on Scott a bit, for being kind of a self-centered douche.  Conversely, this segment will function as my Ode to Stiles.  Seriously, how GOOD OF A GUY, is he?  Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson and Lydia hhave been in school with Stiles since they were little kids, and neither has so much as given the poor kid the time of day.  And yet, knowing the traumatic experience both suffered in the opening scenes of the episode, Stiles is genuinely concerned for their well-being. 

He interrogates Jackson’s bestie, Danny, in hopes of getting the 411 on Jackson and Lydia, since, at this point, neither of them have showed up in class.  Danny is a bit evasive, as Jackson has seemingly kept his experience a secret even from HIM.  Then, Stiles gets up the courage to ask Danny a question that’s been bothering him since Episode 2.  “Do you think I’m attractive?”  He asks a bewildered Danny. 

Hmmm . . . though Stiles has publicly expressed his attraction for Lydia, this is, I believe, the THIRD time he has expressed interest in Danny’s evaluation of his hotness.  And I can’t help but wonder whether there is more to these questions than Stiles would like us to believe?  Anybody else with me on this one?

Anyway, Jackson eventually DOES show up for school, but seems pretty freaked out about everything he’s endure.  (More on him later.)

Speaking of Lydia, Good Guy Stiles takes it upon himself to go to her HOUSE after class, to make sure she is OK.  “What the hell is a Stiles?”  Lydia slurs, when her mother announces the guy’s arrival.  As it turns out, our girl Lydia is coping with her Alpha encounter through some HARD CORE DRUGS.

Drunk Lydia is pretty humorous, and is actually flirting pretty heavily with our Stiles, leaning in to him when she talks, and batting her eyebrows in a stoned sort of way.  And yet, Stiles knows the score, teasing Lydia a bit, by trying to get her recite tongue twisters (which she can’t).  Stiles has other motives for wanting to talk to Lydia.  He wants to know what she saw, and confirm that what happened at the video store was, in fact, an Alpha attack, even though authorities assume it was a “mountain lion.”

When asked, Lydia agrees that the thing she saw was a “mountain lion.”  But then, when Stiles shows her a stuffed giraffe, she thinks THAT’S a mountain lion too.  So, much for an eyewitness!  “YOU ARE SO DRUNK!”  He exclaims with amusement.  Then THIS happens . . .



Lest you believe that MTV actually “went there” by showing a BJ on prime time TV, I’m pretty sure Lydia’s head just fell that way.  But you’ve got to admit, especially taken in concert with Stiles’ “O” face, in response, the whole thing is pretty darn titillating / hilarious!  “I’m going to let you get back to your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,” Stiles mumbles, as he rises from the bed, trying to hide his erection.

“NO!  STAY!  PLEASE STAY!”  Lydia calls out after him.

Though, Stiles is looking cool and calm on the outside, undoubtedly, on the inside, he is doing THIS . . .


 . . . and maybe even a little of THIS . . .

But then Lydia calls him  JACKSON!

Oh well!  It was fun while it lasted, right Stiles?  Before our hero can get up to leave however, Lydia gets a text message, which, of course, Stiles takes it upon himself to read.  And, I bet you will never guess what it is . . .

It’s a sex tape of Stiles and Lydia video of the Alpha taken from the night of the Video Store Murder!

Golly gee!  I wonder who sent it.  Maybe it was “A” from Pretty Little Liars.  It totally sounds like something that b*tch would do!

A question out there to those of you who were watching the episode closer than I was?  Did Stiles pocket Lydia’s phone?  Because I know, at the end, he deleted the Alpha Video, and that doesn’t seem like something Stiles would do, unless it was to protect Lydia’s sanity?  And, if that was the case, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Stiles to send the message from Lydia’s cell phone to his OWN, before deleting it from hers?    Just sayin . . .

Speaking of losing sanity . . .

“We HAVE to stop meeting like this . . .”

“My what big eyes you have, Derek.”

The better to eye -f*&k you with, Jackson”

We find Shirtless Jackson flaunting his wares in the boys locker room . . .


He’s nervous, and paranoid. Jumping at every sound, nervous that someone is watching him.  He heads to the mirror to admire his HOT BOD . . .

He examines the scratch on his neck.  Unlike Scott’s werewolf bite, Jackson’s wounds haven’t healed.  As it turns out, Jackson was right to be nervous, Derek’s stalking him near the locker’s again . . . and he pushes Jackson into one AGAIN.  This time, Jackson is smart enough not to sass the bigger, and stronger Derek.  “I don’t know where Scott is,” he babbles, remembering that THIS was the question that earned Jackson the scratch last time.

But DEREK knows exactly where Scott is he stalks him all the time!.  Right now, he’s more concerned with what Jackson SAW the night of the Video Store Murders.  Jackson claims he didn’t see anything, so Derek leans in close to his lips and starts tongue kissing him asks him to say that again SLOWLY.  Now, Derek claims that this is because his wolfy powers enable him to determine whether a person is lying, just by staring at his lips.   Sounds a bit convenient, if you ask me . . .


Nevertheless, after Jackson seduces Derek with his mouth, Derek becomes convinced enough of his honesty regarding the Alpha, that he ultimately leaves him alone.  But not before he offers one parting shot, in his rivals direction.  “You should really get that checked out,” he remarks, pointing at Jackson’s nail marks, which Derek himself put there.

(There ya go, Derek!  Keep the snark coming!  Mommy LIKE!)

Add the Vet to You Alpha Suspects!

Derek and Stiles aren’t the only ones investigating the Alpha’s identity.   Big Stiles too is skeptical as to whether the attacker at the video store was, in fact, a mountain lion.  He has pictures of the beast that seem to suggest otherwise.   One, in particular, which features the beast rearing up on two  legs concerns him.  So, Big Stiles returns to the vet (where Scott was SUPPOSED to be working) to ask him for his EXPERT OPINION on the photographs. 

For someone who is NOT a murder suspect, the vet seems AWFULLY defensive and unwilling to answer questions, doesn’t he?  He admits that the animal in the picture looks neither like a mountain lion, nor like a bear, but refuses to give any additional information.  A dog starts barking in the backround, and the vet rushes off to tend to it a bit too eagerly for Big Stiles’ liking. 

Admittedly, the vet would be a pretty boring choice, storyline-wise, to be the Alpha.  On the other hand, he DOES have a pre-existing relationship with Scott, as well as a connection to animals, particularly canines, which seems like enough to at least earn him a spot on the Suspect List.

Meanwhile, back at La Casa de Old and Decrepit . . .

“I Don’t Know Whether to Kill You Or Lick You”

Let’s f*&K!”

Want proof positive that MTV cares about its fans?  Here’s some . . .


Let’s get a closer look, shall we?

Not close enough for you?  How about this?

Flip him over!  I want to see those BACK TATTS!

OK . . . now, on the floor and spread ’em, buddy!


Now, as you know, I could watch Derek Hale work out for HOURS and not get bored.  But, unfortunately, he has visitors . . .

Aunty Kate and her minions come storming into La Casa de Old and Decrepit, like bats out of hell.  At first, Derek hides, but Aunty Kate lures him out, by making a crack about his dead sister not living long enough to have a litter . . .   “TOO BAD YOUR SISTER SCREAMED LIKE A B*TCH, WHEN WE CHOPPED HER IN HALF!”  Kate screams.

Talk about a LOW BLOW!  Now, you’ve gone and made Derek ANGRY, Aunty!  And you wouldn’t LIKE him, when he’s ANGRY!

Then again, maybe she would!  A brief scuffle ensues, and Aunty Super Tasers Poor Derek to the ground.  Her minions eventually leave, until its only the two of them left in the house.  Aunty then seductively circles Derek, like a predator closing in on her prey.  She does most of the talking, as he’s currently not in any position to speak.  “I don’t know whether to kill you or lick you,” Aunty Kate coos, leaning in close to Derek’s SWEATY NECK.

Surprisingly enough, Kate doesn’t want to kill Derek, she wants to use him for information.  You see, somehow, Kate has become convinced that Derek knows the identity of the Alpha.  (Sound familiar?)  She’s even willing to KILL the Alpha for Derek out of the kindness of her heart.  (Isn’t she sweet?)

Of course, as we know, Derek is no closer to finding the Alpha than Kate is and lazy ass Scott sure isn’t helping.  So, he is of no use to her.  Yet still, Aunty seems to be feeling rather generous, as she offers Derek a free piece of information.  Apparently, the Evil Werewolf Hunters were NOT the ones who killed Derek’s sister . . . the ALPHA was.  Kate is so sure of this that she puts his lips next to Derek so he can stick his tongue down her throat tell she isn’t lying.  Of course, this makes Derek more determined than EVER to destroy the Alpha, which, of course, was Kate’s real intention for showing up at La Casa de Old and Decrepit in the first place.

Kate then starts shooting up the place with her MASSIVE FLARE-TYPE GUN, sending a shirtless Derek running for his life . . .

Thanks Kate!  We like it when our boy works up a sweat!

Meanwhile, back at Parent / Teacher Night . . .


I suspect that the series of parent-teacher conferences we witnessed, this week, will end up somehow being important to the mythology of Teen Wolf.  However, I generally found myself so distracted by the fact that the same guy who played Tyler Lockwood’s DAD played Jackson’s adopted father . . .

 . . . and that the same woman who played Tyler Lockwood’s MOM played Lydia’s mother . . .

 .  . . that I found myself too distracted to concentrate on much else . . .

Nevertheless, here are some things we learned from the Parent Teacher Conferences:

(1) Jackson, interestingly enough, isn’t as DUMB as I thought he was.  In fact, he’s, apparently, an over-achiever, in every sense of the word (including sexually, I hope).  His parents think this somehow stems from him being “adopted,” which, basically was their way of telling us he’s adopted.  Oh . . . and he’s a loose cannon, but we kind of already knew that.

(2) Lydia’s parents are divorced.  (No big shock there.)  She’s also some kind of genius / master of social manipulation.  (Could SHE be the Alpha?)

(3) Scott’s dad was an “unpleasant” sort of guy, who Mom is relieved is no longer in Scott’s life.  (Could HE be the Alpha?)

(4) Stiles is so obsessed with circumcisions that he wrote about them in an essay question for his Economics test.  (Umm . . . OK?)  He’s also named Stiles after some dead relative.

(5) Stiles’ and Scott’s Science teacher is kind of creepy.  (Could HE be the Alpha?)

I didn’t get much about Allison, aside from the fact that her teacher, helpfully informed her parents that she cut class.  Outside the school, Scott’s mom, and Allison’s parents exchange words, both claiming the other kid to be a bad influence on their own.  (Typical).  Then the kids, themselves, arrive in the parking lot, and it’s all basically a big mess.

This dull Romeo & Juliet moment is fortunately interrupted by the movement of a wild animal in the parking lot.  Could IT be the Alpha?  A lot of things start happening very fast, at this point.  Parents and students are rushing frantically to their cars.  Stiles’ dad gets knocked down, and is injured.  Allison almost gets hit by a car, and Scott uses his Superhuman Were strength to keep her from harm.  Sound familiar anyone?

Then, finally, before the creature can do any damage, Papa Argent shoots it dead. 

Slowly, and tentatively, the crowd gathers to get a glimpse of the defeated creature.  However, when we FINALLY get to see the “Big Bad Alpha,” it looks like THIS . . .

Psshaw!  It’s a mountain lion!  Of course, most of us don’t believe for a SECOND that this is the creature that has been causing all the damage, thus far.  That Alpha’s a real slick one, isn’t he?

And that’s all she wrote.  See ya next week, Werebangers!

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26 responses to “Keeping it “In the Family” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “The Tell”

  1. jmae

    I think there was a slight hint of product placement in this episode being that Let the Right One In was the only movie cover I could see and read clearly.
    Looks like we finally get to see that the Alpha’s paw? does indeed look like a human hand with claws.
    “But then it sees the scratch marks left there last week by Derek and decides to let Jackson live.”
    I just thought maybe he viewed it as Derek marking his territory. My other theory is that it was Jackson’ s biological father. Maybe they can tell at an early age if they have the were gene or not and that’s why he was given up for adoption it would explain why the Alpha didn’t kill Jackson.
    They finally tell us that the characters are 16.
    It’s been a month since the show started which means that they are trying to keep up with real time somewhat.
    I also loved that we got to hear Derek and Scott actually have a convosation. And, we finally get to see the snarky side of Derek.
    Oh and while you were skipping through the Allison and Scott scenes you forgot to mention that at the time when Lydia got the Alpha video it was Allison supposedly texting her thank-you for the birthday stuff that she left in her locker so I’m guessing that Allison definitely knows more than she’s letting on. And that being said giving her present condition Lydia was most likely not the one who put the stuff in Allison’s locker.
    “Derek leans in close to his lips and starts tongue kissing him asks him to say that again SLOWLY. Now, Derek claims that this is because his wolfy powers enable him to determine whether a person is lying, just by staring at his lips.”
    According to what Aunt Kate said Derek was listening to Jackson’s heartbeat.
    Aunty then seductively circles Derek, like a predator closing in on her prey.
    Can’t believe that you didn’t mention her comment about Derek growing up in all the right places. Also, she kept refering to Derek as an it.
    Of course, this makes Derek more determined than EVER to destroy the Alpha, which, of course, was Kate’s real intention for showing up at La Casa de Old and Decrepit in the first place.
    Kate then starts shooting up the place with her MASSIVE FLARE-TYPE GUN, sending a shirtless Derek running for his life . .
    I’m pretty sure Derek is going to be doing a lot of that these days seeing that now the Hunters know that he can’t tell them who the Alpha is. Even though considering their rules he could have told them about using Scott as bait to catch the Alpha because Scott isn’t an adult they can’t outright kill him and that could possibly save Derek’s ass. I’m pretty sure Derek knew it was the Alpha who killed his sister because in “Who’s your Daddy” Derek said that his sister came here hunting down the Alpha and in “Wolf in Scott’s Clothing” the police had determined that the killer was animal, that how Derek got set free.
    I really think Derek needs to kick Scott’s ass again to knock some sense into that boy’s head. I’ m really starting to hate the fact that the main time that we get to see Derek shirtless his life is endangered by the hunters. Can’t he just go on random shirtless runs through the woods like Scott.
    And Papa Argent is gonna have to explain to Allison why he carries a gun though I think he’s gonna say it has something to do with him needing protection considering his job.
    Saw the preview for next weeks episode and I’ve gotta say it makes Scott and Stiles look like the dumbest and funniest characters, even Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson laughs at it.

    P.S regarding the Stiles and Lydia’s phone thing I think that Stiles just did that because he was pissed at Scott for not answering his phone or because he knows more about the Alpha than he’s letting on. Also, did anyone else think that it’s wierd that they didn’t show Stiles’ real name. And Coach Cupcake seem way too disorganized to be a teacher to me anyway.

    • Hey jmae! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I loved all your insights here. You always manage to catch on to things in the episodes that I missed. So, thanks so much for taking the time to share them here. 🙂

      You are right about “Let the Right One In.” I suspect the film definitely paid for the product placement we saw in the episode. That may have even been the inspiration for the murder occurring in the video store, in the first place.

      The title of the film featured, also had me wondering whether IT was significant to the storyline. When you think about it, “Let the Right One In” could theoretically refer to the fact that, somewhere among Scott’s friends lies the Alpha. And that Alpha may be someone Scott knows, and THINKS he trusts. So, Scott has to decide WHO he can “let into” his world, and hope that he chooses to “let the right” one(s) in.” 😉

      It’s a stretch, but definitely a possibility right? 🙂

      As you mentioned, we definitely got a better idea of what the Alpha looks like this week, from its claw-like hands, to its black body, that is sometimes on all fours, and sometimes upright, to its creepy red eyes. Clearly, this is a creature that is vastly different in strength and ability to Scott and Derek.

      We also DID have Scott’s and Stiles’ age confirmed at 16. That made our initial guess pretty much right on the money right? Go us! 🙂

      Interesting theory about Derek marking Jackson as his “territory” by scratching him. It would be interesting if the Alpha, as brutal as he or she is, still has respect for that type of “rule” system. Also, since Derek apparently seems to believe that Jackson is the Alpha, starting next week, I couldn’t help but wonder whether he scratched Jackson INTENTIONALLY to see whether he would heal, the way werewolves do.

      Since Jackson AND Scott both have absentee dads, there is a chance that either of the guy’s biological fathers could be the Alpha. Intriguing . . .

      Regarding Stiles’ actual name, I’m wondering if we can’t figure that out through the use of screencaps. After all, during the parent / teacher conference, Coach Cupcake (love that nickname, by the way) had Stiles’ full name on the folder he was reading from. Perhaps, his full first name is listed there? Just a thought.

      Oh, and I definitely agree with you regarding Derek’s shirtlessness. It doesn’t all have to be torture porn, all the time, now does it? Hopefully, Derek will find himself a love interest in upcoming weeks, so that he could put that shirtlessness to better / more FUN use. 😉

      Then again, when you think about it, this week wasn’t ALL torture porn. We DID get to see the guy work out, before the hunters came, didn’t we? Now THAT has to count for something. 😉

      By the way, who do you think decorated Allison’s locker for her birthday, if not Lydia? 😉

      Thanks again for your awesome comment, jmae! I’m sure we will chat again soon. 🙂

      • kt

        wow you are really smart to fugure all this stuff out but i just wanted to point out that derek didnt intentionally scratch/stab jackson with his nails it was by accident, he couldnt control his abilities cause of the gun shot ( that probably had wolfsbane or something in it) but other than that i think you were spot on so keep up the good job ^_^

      • Hey kt! Thanks so much for commenting, and for your kind words. Hmmm . . . I was sort of under the impression that the pain from the gunshot kept him human, as opposed to making him wolf out the next day. You might be right about the scratch being an accident, however. I guess we will just have to wait and see! 🙂

  2. Nina in Anchorage

    I’m glad you’re reviewing this, but there are some things in the recap that left me thinking, “No, that didn’t happen.” Or, “No, that’s not quite right.” So it threw me a bit. Other than that, I enjoy reading your recaps (great catch on the Lockwood connection! I didn’t even notice the Mayor, but Carol-as-Lydia’s-mother kept making me wonder where I’d seen her before), and hope you decide to recap more of the shows I watch.

    • Hmm, well, I’m sorry you found it confusing or inaccurate. I take notes as I watch every episode I recap. However, it’s always possible I’ll miss something you noticed, or summarize something that happened, rather than explain it outright, in order to make the narrative flow better and / or be less boring.

      I also tend to focus more on elements of shows that I find interesting (like Shirtless Derek), and less on those I find uninteresting (like dates in the forest between Scott and Allison). So, in that sense, this is just as much a mildly amusing review as it is a rote recap.

      But thank you for the constructive criticism, and for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

  3. Is it weird for me to hope Stiles does turn out gay? I just think him and Danny would be way sexier than him and Lydia (aka Nicholas Sparks lovin’ genius… so that’s why she knew mountain lion and cougar were the same thing 0.o).

    As for Scott and what’s her face (seriously, what’s her name again? *scrolls up* ah Allison).. they’re so boring. She looks too old for him, and I don’t mean just the year difference she said in this ep. And since when is hiking considered a fun form of date (same for Elena and Stefan)?

    Also the scenes with Aunty Kate and Shirtless Derek were hot. Why she thought he was useless (come on, no shirt, and somewhat defenceless against her electricity wand) was beyond me. I would have a thousand uses (and positions) in mind when it comes to him teehee… god I’m a perv, aren’t I? xD

    Was it just me, or was the editing really bad this ep? Or maybe it was just my download?

    • Hey Fauvish! I think it would be great if Stiles ended up with Danny! For one thing, if anyone deserves a little “nookie for his cookie,” it’s Stiles, after all the crap he’s had to endure from Scott and Lydia since episode 1. 🙂 For another, it would give Danny something to do, aside from just sitting around, looking amused.

      The press made a big deal about Teen Wolf having a gay character. But so far, they haven’t done much with him. This would be there big opportunity.

      Though, I guess I’d be happy to see Stiles and Lydia hookup too, as long as Stiles finally gets some. 🙂

      I’m glad I’m not the only one underwhelmed by Scott’s and Allison’s so-called epic romance. I mean, sure, they are both “pretty.” But all they ever do is makeout and give googly eyes to one another. Where’s the complexity? Where’s the intrigue? Part of me hopes Allison ends up being somewhat of a villain on the show, since THAT would spice things up a bit. I mean, even Stefan and Elena had Stefan’s self-loathing blooaholicism to tense things up, every once in a while.

      Speaking of tensing things up, Derek’s and Aunty Kate’s game of cat and mouse is the PERFECT opportunity for some angry hate sex, if you ask me. She already wants to lick him. So, it’s the obvious next step. And I’m with you, I could find MANY uses for that fine form. 🙂

      Good point on the editing of this episode. A lot of the rough jump cuts in the middle of certain scenes left me a bit uncertain as to what was supposed to be happening. At first, I couldn’t put my finger on why I was confused. But you hit the nail right on the head. There was a definite lack of logical transition between certain scenes. Though, perhaps, regarding the final scene, that confusion was intentional?

  4. Trey D.

    Hey Kjewls,

    I really hope I am not intruding by posting here because I am not exactly sure if guys are allowed to post here or are supposed to (It says “Fangirls Forever somewhere”), but I found your recaps for the first time today and I really like them. Their funny and insightful and did I mention funny? Because they do make me laugh quite a bit. I think you have a good (great) mix of recapping, theories, and humor that make for a great review of this series.

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on this week’s episode and throw out some ideas of my own and make a comment or two (well maybe like 9) in regards to everything if you don’t mind. I also would like to apologize in advance that my thoughts may seem a little random and do not go in any particular order… I also apologize for this being long and my poor grammar/spelling stuff.

    I think that the vet knows who the Alpha is and if he is not a werewolf, he has a relationship of some kind with them, but being I don’t think werewolves would be the type to have familiars like vampires would and would likely not trust too many outside of their kind, I have to believe that the vet is in fact a beta wolf. I completely rule him out as being an Alpha because when the alpha attacked Kate, he turned his hand human and it was white and the vet guy is not white.

    Why must he be connected to the wolves in some way? 2 reasons. 1.) I don’t know about you, but if someone showed me photos of a creature that looks nothing like any animal I have ever seen and it appeared to turn human like, it would freak me out or cause skepticism. Like I would have to ask if it was some sort of trick or whatever… the vet doesn’t even flinch for one second. Look at Stiles’ reaction to seeing that footage and he KNOWS werewolves exist. A person who doesn’t know, would not have been brushing those pictures off the way the vet did.

    Also, we know that initially, dogs seem to freak out at the presence of werewolves… at least when they are unfamiliar with them. The dogs started freaking out which tells us that more than likely a werewolf had shown up. I think the alpha came to the vet and asked him to release a mountain lion. I think the vet knew the alpha was there because of the dogs barking and knew not to keep the alpha waiting which is why he REALLY had to go.

    I don’t think any of the hunters are werewolves (and not just because their family name of Argent means silver), I read somewhere that the people who make this series were going for a mix of several things, one of which being Buffy the vampire slayer. If that is the case, I think hunters are just above humans or at peak human ability, but not quite on par with werewolves… which is why they need all sorts of gear to take one on. Can I say, that I was very disappointed in the fight between Derek and Kate? She insulted Derek’s dead sister and he doesn’t even get to lay a hand (or claw) on her? Not cool.

    If you don’t do this btw, may I recommend you go to and look at the extended clips/interviews? So far I have only watched the one with Derek, but there’s some interesting info in there that is not offered in the show itself.

    I also have to be against the whole Stiles turning out to be gay thing (or bi-sexual which would be possible) and not because I am uncomfortable with gay people because I like that they have an openly gay character in the story, but because it seems unnecessary to make Stiles gay or (I am trying to word this right) it would feel like they were giving up on Stiles having a heterosexual love interest when he wants to be with girls.

    I think Stiles is a confident young man or at least comfortable with himself and his station in life except when it comes to women and he doesn’t know why he can’t get with one. I believe that he is worried that one of the reasons he can’t get with a girl is because of his looks and this is why he wants to know if Danny (I think that is his name) believes him attractive. I think he just wants to know what is wrong with him that he cannot get a girl. That’s my guess anyway.

    The murders are not random and never have been (in my opinion) and this is why the wolf didn’t kill Jackson… because Jackson was not the target. I think we are going to find out that (like with human murders committed by another human being or group of people) that all the victims have a common connection to the Alpha. This is why the bus driver said he was sorry to Derek.

    The victims are all guilty of something that wronged the Alpha and possibly Derek in some way. Derek said they are predators (meaning they hunt out of necessity and/or for food) not killers (meaning not for sport) just like real wolves. I do not think the Alpha is any different. The alpha is killing for a reason… we just don’t know what that reason is right now. This is all just my guess though.

    I genuinely do think Allison has no idea about her family. If she does know, then I have to say it would make the series poorly written as she seems to not know even when no one else is around and there would be no need for her to pretend to not know.

    The alpha has to be connected to Scott in some way because he could have avoided Scott altogether, but instead he turned him which we have to assume was deliberate because he could have bit clean through him and killed him. This is why I don’t think it is Jackson’s dad because he could have simply turned Jackson if he wanted Jackson to be a wolf. This person seemed to want Scott to be a werewolf… unless he was going to turn Jackson in the store but the claw marks stopped it from doing so?

    “…Looks like we finally get to see that the Alpha’s paw? does indeed look like a human hand with claws…”

    I think this only happens because I think the alpha (like Derek) can shift a portion of its body back and forth rather than go through the whole transformation. Maybe Derek didn’t want to kill the hunters because he could have went full transformation, but he didn’t. He only did a partial. I guess I just refuse to believe (or don’t want to, take your pick) that the hunters are just omnipotent against werewolves… even if they made it to where only Kate, Allison’s dad, and Allison were the only ones that couldn’t be defeated by a werewolf.

    I also was not into the whole romance in the park thing they had this episode… but that was mostly due to me just wanting to get on with the actual story and see more of the mystery revealed than seeing more of Scott revealed (sorry ladies).

    Okay, I am done ranting for now. Again great recaps and I will be checking here often.

    • Hey Trey! Thank so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap. And, don’t let the whole “Fangirls Forever” link discourage you from reading or commenting. It’s a link to a t-shirt shop my friend and I run through Cafepress. 🙂 If the abundance of shirtless male pictures on this site doesn’t offend you, then I’m thrilled to have you stick around and play. 😉

      I’m intrigued by your idea of the vet somehow being “in league” with the alpha, but not necessarily the alpha himself. That would explain his odd, defensive, behavior, without him actually BEING the alpha. He might even be a member of the Alpha’s “pack,” like Scott is (and, perhaps, the bus driver was as well). This would coincide with your theory about the Alpha being present in the clinic, when Stiles’ dad was interrogating the vet. Also, good catch on the Alpha’s hands being white. You must get high quality screencaps on your computer to pick that out. 😉

      So, instead of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we have Kate the Werewolf Slayer? 🙂 I can see that. Allison’s having descended from a long line of “Slayers” would be consistent with Kate’s giving Allison that rather old looking pendant in this week’s episode. The symbol on the pendant could represent some kind of “slayer symbol.” If they don’t go too heavy on the “cheese” factor, having the Argent family werewolf hunting history go back for many generations could add an interesting “historic” aspect to this supernatural tale.

      Like you, I get frustrated with Derek’s lack of violence sometimes. He’s like the Ghandi of Werewolves! 🙂 Honestly, I wasn’t as bothered by it with Kate, because the sexual tension between the two of them was so hot (Don’t tell me you didn’t notice!) However, a few weeks back, when Papa Argent and the hunters messed up Derek’s car, I was REALLY angling for Derek to give them all a SERIOUS ass kicking.

      On the other hand, it seems as though the “code” by which these hunters live, allows them to kill any werewolf that lifts a hand in violence toward them. So, Derek likely has been taught to restrain his anger around the Argent’s, as a way of protecting himself from harm. Another reason Derek might have stayed human during his exchange with Kate was that she had recently tasered him. As Derek had said to Scott earlier in the episode, pain keeps the Betas human.

      Regarding Stiles, considering the actor once said in an interview that his character will NEVER kiss a girl on the show, I suspect you might be right about them not pursuing a relationship between Stiles and Danny. (On the other hand, he DIDN’T say he’d never kiss a BOY. ;)) Perhaps, my conjectures as to Stiles’ interest in Danny AND Lydia, are a bit of wishful thinking. After all, Stiles is probably one of the best written and most developed characters on this show. And, in that sense, I think the writers are remiss in not offering him at least the POSSIBILITY of a romantic storyline with SOMEONE, be it male or female. Heck, Stiles could make out with a lampshade, and it would probably be more interesting than Scott’s and Allison’s relationship thus far. (Was that mean? I guess that was mean. :))

      Oh, and I’ll definitely stop by the MTV website to check out some of the cast interviews. Thanks so much for the suggestion, and for taking the time to share all your insights with me here. (Who knows? I may just decide to “borrow” them for future recaps ;))

  5. Trey D.

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome and if Fangirl T-shirts are all you carry in the store, I would have to say that I see what’s going on here. Unfortunately, I can do nothing about your diabolical plot to have a significant portion of the male population roaming around shirtless. I would like to go all Jack Bauer and stop you and your friend from making us all shirtless, but doing that might cause me to miss Teen Wolf next week and I do have priorities.

    Like I said… the vet was just way too chill about seeing those images. I mean even if a person doesn’t scare easily or whatever, you know any sane person would be looking at those photos and been like “What the [bleepity bleep] is that?” Here’s another crazy idea that is so crazy it is probably nowhere near feasible, but what if there is more than one alpha? *cue suspense music* Dun dun duuuuuun! Yeah, I don’t think so either, but I threw it out there anyway.
    I do lean towards the vet being part of the Alpha’s pack rather than say a human working for him or her.

    Either my screen is of good quality or my eyes deceive me (or I am crazy (or all three)), but I could almost swear the hand was a white one that reached for Kate last week.

    Speaking of Kate, I loved the sexual tension. That was awesome. (Is it just me, or did it seem like Kate was coming on to Scott as well last week? She might be a bit hot in the pants if you get my drift) I am just saying that they could have let Derek at least get one hit… maybe two on her before being taken down in his own house after hearing his sister be insulted by her. Let him have some dignity. I mean he had no shirt on, this automatically makes guys stronger right? (Not really) but still.

    On the transformation thing, Derek could have went full wolf before engaging any of them, but he didn’t. He attacked them only partially turned. I like your comparisons of him to Gandhi and a previous one to Obi Wan. LOL Goodness you’re hilarious. Not sure why he holds back so much, but it could be because he actually doesn’t enjoy killing and maybe werewolves in general do not enjoy killing… or your theory works too, that he just doesn’t want the hunters killing him. But I would like to think of your shirtless heartthrob as not being afraid of anyone. He just strategically retreats from time to time.

    Derek and Stiles are my favorite characters in the show (and in regards to Derek, not because of his shirtless rating being way up like it is for you (which is fine since that’s your thing)) so I would actually like to see them both have a love interest of some kind. Derek’s all alone as well with everyone close to him being dead, and since he doesn’t have your phone number so he can call you and not feel alone anymore, I would like someone in the show to take interest in him.

    And yes, Scott and Allison’s relationship does kind of make me feel like I got food poisoning from a seafood restaurant. It’s like I feel like it “gets in the way” of what I really want to see, which is the mystery unfold… not their relationship unfold. I’m not a big romantic I guess.

    I need to watch the other interviews myself. Like I said, so far I have only seen Derek’s and that was very informative (in my opinion) so maybe the others are as well.

    Thank you again for the welcome and for posting these great recaps. Feel free to use anything I say. I’ll even discount the royalties by 10% they royalties are next to nothing (free in fact cause I’m joking), an additional 10% off is pretty good.

    • jmae

      “Is it just me, or did it seem like Kate was coming on to Scott as well last week? She might be a bit hot in the pants if you get my drift.”
      I just considered her to be a cougar.
      I have a feeling that Derek is leaning towards the vet being the alpha, because on next weeks episode they show Derek pinning the vet up against the wall. What’s wierd is the fact that the Alpha’s hand was indeed white,but on all the websites I look at it list the Alpha as being played by a black actor so maybe they just have someone play him in wolf form and someone else in human.
      Also, Scott and Stiles are official dumb asses in my book because they decided to test out if it was indeed anger that made Scott shift by going onto the Lacrosse field and ducktaping his hands behind his back while Stiles hits him with Lacrosse balls(IDIOTS!), after Derek told him that it was anger that triggered his shift. I think Derek slams Scott on a car in one of the previews.

  6. André

    Oh, why am I not surprised that you started the recap with a picture of Derek doing work out? *rolleyes*
    And again a very short and efficient way to show us, why a character has such a physique. Really if the people from Teen Wolf and TVD are such close friends then TVD could learn something from Teen Wolf. Seriously they could tell us where Damon, Stefan and Jeremy got their bodies from.

    Werebangers, hm? 😉
    You’re sure you haven’t read any of those werewolf/shapeshifter romance-erotic novels?

    And yes the title of the episode is fitting, especially since at least two suspects for the Alpha position are definitely out of the picture (unless the writers planned on introducing more than one this season).

    Now that you mention the first scene, I nearly forgot to mention the sublime signals in that one. Maybe it was my imagination but I swear there was screaming in the background, probably from a horror/slasher movie that was just running on one of the television. A hint about what’s coming next.

    That Lydia again takes the lead makes me wonder what she wants with Jackson. He might not be stupid but I still have problems to believe that actual love is between them. So what does she want with Jackson? The way she treated him up to now speaks rather for some sort of plan on her part but what plan?
    And Lydia must really be very vain, I mean even without the Alpha jumping through the window, she should have noticed the much stronger flickering of the light.

    I gotta admit I can understand Jackson, albeit not having seen The Notebook, I hate it to see the same film over and over again, if some time has passed ok, but not over and over again. That stinks.
    If Jackson is marked then probably not intentionally, because Derek “pierced” him by accident when he lost control of his wolf-side, kinda like with his eyes. What I noticed about the scene is that a) Derek’s wounds don’t seem to be healing, or only very slowly (which is weird because even after one day they should be starting to close) and b) they glowed (I’ll sent you the screencap). Now what does that glowing mean? It could be possible that you’re on to something that the wound on his neck affects his behavior, it definitely isn’t a normal wound, albeit judged by Derek’s behavior he either doesn’t know any of this or doesn’t care.
    By the way the sentence ” Jackson got fingered!” could also interpreted in a more naughty way. Meaning that the Alpha is preparing Jackson for being taken from behind, albeit we and him would prefer that the Alpha does it in his human form. 😀
    And yes I think, based on the video, that the Alpha is a male.

    Hard to know whether Stiles is actually concerned for Jackson’s and Lydia’s well-being, I think it was more his “good nose” at work, something Scott obviously lacks.

    You know what did raise my interest? The circular pattern on the roof of the building Scott and Derek were standing. When they went away it got much lighter in color, red actually. Do you think that means something (it was among the caps I sent you)?

    As for the predator topic: for some people a predator is being defined by enjoying the hunt, not the kill. So maybe that was what the writers had in mind. And speaking of killing, if the full moon is in one week in the show; that might mean that we see some action and blood in the next episode.

    This transformation into human due to pain is actually an interesting thought. It gives human hunters another advantage in hunting werewolves. And I can’t remember seeing or reading that anywhere, well not yet.

    You know, I got something for you to think about:
    I never thought my knowledge on the members of the species Canis lupus would actually come in handy when related to a TV-show but this time it did. The moment I got the first glimpse of the necklace I instantly thought: “you know that.” It took me 10 seconds or so but I thought “Zimen” and “Gevaudan”. While my suspicion of Erik Zimen (a popular wolf-researcher over here [now past away]) was wrong, he did report about the Beast of Gevaudan as well. And when I looked it up I found the original depiction: the same raised head and paw, the long feline tail. The figure on the necklace was based on one of the many pictures (or better artistic renderings) of the Beast of Gevaudan which many people today attribute with werewolves (not that I get that since I never read any historical report that actually said so [I heard of some French book, but I don’t understand French] and the “Marin”-report [which I read] describes a Beast that although Canine [or hyena] in looks is certainly not a wolf, a dog or wolf-dog maybe but not a wolf).
    Now, it could be that the team of Teen Wolf just bought the necklace somewhere without anything in mind except the werewolf thing. However, if they knew what the depiction was, or even had it made for the show, does that mean that the Argent’s are of French origin, maybe even the descendents of the people that hunted the Beast back then (there were many) or even the killer of the Beast itself? Possible that in Teen Wolf the story of the Beast being killed with a silver bullet is true (in real life it really seems to have been made up in the 20th century, originally it was only said “blessed” bullet, not silver).
    Just a theory of mine of course, but I think it has merit.

    I thought it a bit weird that no one seemingly ever guessed that Allison was left back because she moved so much.

    And I agree that it is a bit odd, that Stiles is concerned on whether Danny finds him attractive. But maybe he was never told so and therefore seeks approval from every source he gets, albeit for that he seems too composed in my eyes.
    And do you remember Danny’s face when Stiles asked him whether he thinks he’s attractive?
    I liked it that Stiles and Lydia didn’t make out, Stiles should just forget her. The whole thing would have been so cliché and Stiles would have dumped her anyway. But it was interesting that she thought of Jackson.
    And I also wondered why Stiles deleted the video. I doubt that he is the Alpha, because he was, at least seemingly, in his dad’s car when Scott got attacked and in this episode it is also very unlikely that he could be the Alpha.
    I doubt that the teacher has Stiles right. Albeit he is partly right in that Stiles seems to lack focus sometime (not at the moment when the teacher said that because Stiles was very focused). Based on how much he was marking in his book and how easy he spitted out and caught the cap, not to mention his usual smartass comments, he seems to be very intelligent and eager and maybe too eager. And is it just me or does Stiles have a knack for investigation? Maybe he will become a detective later on.
    I think his real name is Genim Stilinski. Albeit I cannot be sure, since I could only make out for certain the part “enim” and I guess the big letter was a “G”, albeit it could have been an odd “C”. Anyway as far as I found out the name “Genim” is a Kurdish name for a girl. However it does also exist as a surname and according to my knowledge comes from Turkey, so I guess it’s safe to say that it might be Kurdish as well. However what the name means I cannot tell. If his name is “Cenim”, than I found nothing on it.
    His last name “Stilinski” is definitely of European origin. How I know this? Simple, in the village I grew up in we had a family with a name nearly identical (I think the only difference was that the name started with “Z” and not with “St”) and they were German through and through. In addition I have met many German families over the years with similar names. However whether the name is of Middle-European or Eastern European origin I cannot say. Despite what many believe and advocate (I had read two titles from the Generation Hope comic series recently out of curiosity how the artists depicted us Germans [the people of Berlin to be precise] and I could have kicked their asses so hard they would have landed on the moon *ggrrrr*, no wonder I stopped reading comic series), we Germans are too mixed in that regard to be certain. So yeah it could be of Middle European and/or Eastern European origin (possibly having its origin in one area and later been absorbed into the language of the other [possible, since my name is the French version of the name Andreas, which stems from the Greek word Andros]).

    It ws slightly similar to the assessment of the other kids, where the teachers were partly right. Scott goes through some serious changes, but he definitely doesn’t lack a male authority figure. No matter how you look at it. His mother was obviously cut out for the job and anyway Derek is a strong male authority figure.
    The teacher was right in Allison’s case (she had expected rebellious behavior) and her parent’s were wrong. In Scott’s case it seems to be that his mother assessed the situation more correctly then his teacher. Whether Scoot’s dad could be the Alpha I don’t know. If my info is correct werwolfism in Teenwolf can be hereditary or acquired, whether it is a dominant hereditary trait (meaning only one werewolf parent is necessary) I can’t say.

    In the case of Lydia I ask myself whether her putting make-up means she is back or that she hides “behind herself”. I don’t know whether Jackson actually wants to achieve something or whether he has stress-related disorders.
    In addition I think so far Jackson seemed to better handle the incident than Lydia, I mean he was practically at death’s door and she? Some big thing ran past here, buhu, totally normal reason to drug yourself, of course.

    And, yeah I also found it interesting that Kate referred to Derek as it, albeit she probably would not have been against pinning him to the ground.

    The mountain lion (even it’s sounds were fake since they would be more fitting to a leopard) could have been “released” by the Alpha, which again makes us question who the Alpha is, because the cat appeared so “close” to the time the video got shot. So I agree that maybe the Vet is the Alpha, or is more involved than we think.
    I also wonder whether the Alpha has a plan, because the kill of this episode was pretty much in the open.

    • Hey Andre,

      Good point about Derek. It’s interesting how our first image in the pilot of Scott was ALSO “pull-ups” in the home gym. 🙂 (Perhaps, pull-ups are a werewolf thing? ;)) Regarding the bodies of the men on TVD . . . well . . . there is something to be said for having good genes. Without them, it doesn’t really matter how much someone works out, he’ll never look like Derek Hale.

      Nope, I’ve never read a werebanger novel, as the ones that take place in my little dirty brain are better (for me) than anything I could find in the store. 

      You are right. We now know that Jackson is not the Alpha. Regarding Lydia, I’d tentatively say that she’s not the Alpha either. However, it would be a neat twist to find out she was, and that Alpha’s had the ability to teleport their bodies in rapid time. Then all her vulnerable dramatics could have been the result of really good acting.

      Depending on how you view the timeline for the episode, it could be further argued that both Stiles an his dad were together in the field, when the accident took place, ruling them out as possible suspects as well. Then again, say, for arguments sake it was Stiles, wouldn’t it make sense for him to go with his dad on rounds AFTER to give him an alibi, and remove suspicion from himself? Just playing devil’s advocate here.

      Maybe you are on to something regarding the lighting. Is it possible that a werewolf’s presence is so “strong and magical” that it manipulates the light around it? This would serve to explain why the movie store clerk suddenly needed to “fix” the light, when the Alpha first got to him. It would also explain the “pool of light” around Derek and Scott that you described, as well as some of the other scenes in which lights suddenly died or came on, prior to a werewolf encounter.

      Like you, I also appreciate the concept of “pain keeping werewolves human,” both, in the literal sense of the phrase, and in the psychological one. Just as loving, being vulnerable, and refusing to “turn your emotions off,” keeps our vampires “soulful” on shows like TVD, so too does experiencing vulnerability and mortality, keep werewolves from raging perpetually in their wolf form.

      Regarding Allison, I suspect that her statement that everyone assumed she was left back, due to being “stupid,” was more in her own head, than in everybody else’s. This was clearly a sore subject for her, and one she felt particularly uncomfortable about. So, the fact that Scott immediately came to a satisfactory conclusion, must have given her a sense of relief.

      Genim Stilinski. I like it. Interestingly enough, I just looked up the original Teen Wolf Series. In IT, Stiles’ real first name was “Rupert.” Go figure. 🙂

      Speaking of Stiles, I do think the teachers’ assessment of him and Scott were each partially incorrect, but also entirely typical of the types of “diagnoses” teachers tend to come up with at parent-teacher conferences. I feel like teachers are often relatively quick to blame parents when a teen is acting out, or not performing well in school, when, just as often, the problem could stem from other aspects of the teen’s life, or even, simple genetics.

      You make a good point about Jackson seemingly having “handled” what happened to him in the opening sequence better than Lydia. On the other hand, even though Jackson’s beastly encounter was more direct, he never actually SAW the beast, and Lydia did. I suspect what made Lydia crack up the way she did was the disconnect of having to admit to herself that there was, in fact, a supernatural world, out there with evil monsters that can kill you in the middle of the night. A lot of us, who watch vampire and werewolf programs take this “knowledge” for granted. However, imagine being alone on a dark night, and actually SEEING a zombie or a werewolf. I suspect it would cause you, either to question your sanity, or to reevaluate everything you THINK you know about the world around you.

      Thanks again for your always-insightful commentary . . . and, of course, your spectacular screencaps. 🙂

      • André

        I know what sort of role genetics play, believe me, my sister and aunt are close to morbidly obese (I managed to become slim in my teens), however, you don’t get a V and buff shoulders ala Jeremy Gilbert by sitting at home, and how in all hell did the Salvatores get their bodies back in the 19th century, was there any hint that they even did hard work?
        Teen Wolf and True Blood explained it well with Derek and Jason, a few minutes on screen and it is explained.

        And maybe you should try the werewolf stories by Lynn Hagen. Considered how you like the biting in True Blood you will probably like that as well.

        I don’t think that Teen Wolf will go so far as to give the Alpha the power to teleport, especially considered that according to the scenes, Lydia was in the car at the time Jackson got attacked. And yes it probably would make sense what you said about Stiles, albeit the on-screen portrayal of Stiles doesn’t fit the actions of the Alpha at all. I mean why showing him google werewolves and printing out pictures if he already knows that?

        I think you misunderstood me. When you look at the screencap of Derek and Scott leaving the roof again (at least I think I sent it to you), you see that there are red circles on it. I wondered whether that meant something. Maybe the Alpha somehow marked certain places for some purpose. After all, we know nothing about why he is in town and for how long and considered his so far portrayal he as at least average intelligence, so why did he kill somebody in the open or left that bus driver alive?

        If what you said about all that stuff being in Allison’s head, that would actually be very realistic, which is of course a plus for the show.

        And Stiles’ name, maybe it really read “ienim” albeit I have no idea what sort of name it would be then. Whether that means something that his name isn’t so typical, we will see. Albeit it is a good explanation why he wants to be called Stiles.
        And I forgot one thing, maybe we shouldn’t expect too much from a teacher who failed to look at Stiles’ file to see his actual name.

        I think you mixed something up with Jackson and Lydia. Jackson had a good view of the Alpha, while Lydia only saw him when he crashed through the window and ran past her. Ok, he might have stopped to shift (whether she saw that is unclear). Jackson saw the beast’s face on as well as its claws; the way his head was bent when he was laying on the floor there was a pretty good chance that he saw at least the huge outline. And based on the place of the claws, the beast was standing on the shelves and so Jackson got a taste of its weight, but I don’t know whether the writers thought so far. Anyway he was in mortal danger while Lydia seemingly was not, in her case it was mostly shock. Jackson might develop a trauma but definitely has a psychological disorder now, based on his reaction to the two lights in the steam of the locker room. By the way, does that count as product placement?
        Maybe Lydia’s crack was less due to the supernatural aspect of the situation but more due to there being something completely out of her control and unknown to her. Considered how she was portrayed so far, she seems to be someone who likes to be in control and manipulate a situation for her benefit. Such an obvious element of surprise and chaos might not sit well in her world.

      • Hey Werebangers! Just a brief note of apology. My Teen Wolf recap should be up later tonight / early tomorrow morning. I was away this weekend, which sort of put a damper on my recapping duties. I’ll be back on track soon though! 🙂

      • kt

        you guys are onto something but i have to say…. the same red spiral formed around dereks sister (when they unburied her) when they were pulling up the wolfsbane with the rope on it….maybe it could be the alphas sign? or how the mark their territory? and i think their could be more than one alpha cause you mainly see the one with red eyes but… when scott awoke on the leaves in the forest in a previous episode the alpha he saw had blue or green eyes. :0 also when i watched this episode i notice that when the alpha turns to go after touching jacksons wounds on his neck (and made one of them glow with a purple light) the hand it pushes up on to get up, the hand is human… i also think that scott and derek can only do the partial wolf because you dont see derek full wolf…and i think that dereks sister must have been an alpha as when they first find her she had a full wolf face/torso and maybe the sister was in love with an alpha completing the alpha male and female pairing? not really high chance of that but still….but since the sister was killed by an alpha maybe she was trying to lead derek to it? also there must be a connection between the killings…also the dogs in the vet didnt react when derek got there so maybe the only react to an alphas ‘pack’? im hoping i was able to provide a new idea for you guys or to help you figure something out 🙂

    • Cujo

      I know the season is finished.But I was thinkin it was the vet(or the creepy teacher)and do u watch the Big Bang Theroy?I do and that sceen was frigin hilarouse!And even by the looks of the “fake” mountin lion you could tell it was NOT real.As a vet I would know.

  7. so it has been driving me crazy not knowing Stiles real name ( he is my favorite ) so i took a screen shot of his folder. His dad’s finger is covering most of it along with some papers. All you see is “ienim Stilinski”!!!!!!

    • André

      True, it coulkd be “ienim” in the picture, I just assumed that it was a partly obscured G.

    • Hey Katlyn Nicole! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Stiles is probably my favorite Teen Wolf character too.! He’s adorkably hilarious! (Though him and Derek might be tied in that role, as I am always a sucker for a brooding man with a buff bod. ;))

      It looks like you and Andre agree about what the folder said, in terms of Stiles’ first name. In his comment, he suggested that Stiles’ first name is “Genim,” which would be consistent with what you saw in your screencap. Mystery solved? 😉

  8. Aaron

    Damn, I love the chemistry (sexual and otherwise) between Jackson and the ‘wolves’ on this show. I hope Derek isn’t dead (he looked pretty dead at the end of the most recent episode) and I hope Jackson somehow plays a crucial role to the plot (he’s so cute!). It seems as though Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia and Jackson get trapped in the school together in the next episode so it’s possible that all of them find out that Scott’s a teen wolf (hopefully they don’t also find out the shocking truth about Allison; she’s 17!!!).

    But yeah, I like the idea of Derek putting his ‘mark’ on Jackson during their first confrontation… and the idea of him ‘hypnotizing’ poor Jackson during their second encounter. Perhaps the third meeting (if Derek is among the living) will be the charm.

    • Hey Aaron! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Your comment made me laugh.

      I can just picture it now. The main cast is at school. Scott is wolfing out . . . and Jackson is having creepy crawlies emerge from his mouth . . . but when Allison tells everyone her real AGE, that’s when they all start running away screaming. OH NO! Not an OLD LADY! Anything but that! 🙂

      Yeah, Derek definitely LOOKED dead at the end of “The Heart Monitor.” But after taking a peek on Tyler Hoechlin’s IMDB page, I think Derek was just “resting his eyes” for a bit. 😉 Even MTV is not dumb enough to let such fabulous shirtlessness go to waste! 🙂

      I do suspect a major death in either next week’s episode or the one thereafter though . . . (Let’s just say, a little birdie told me. ;))

      Oh, and I’m with you. Derek and Jackson are super hot in all their scenes together. I’d ship them over Jackson/Lydia and Jackson/Allison anyday (and twice on Sunday).

  9. Loved the opening scene to this episode ( you can watch at )

    It had all the classic horror/slasher elements – the flickering light, beautiful young people arguing over trivial stuff, and one person meeting a gory demise….loved it. Also, great use of music, too with MNDR’s “Jump In” (although the alpha decided to ‘jump out’ instead lol) I always thought of that as more of dance floor song, but in this scene those synth lines sound so creepy

    As for the rest of the episode, I really like how this season is developing, and how they are genuinely keeping me guessing as to who the alpha is…red herrings galore!

    • Thanks for the video and song info, darci! They were very much appreciated! One thing you can say for all MTV programs, they always have spectacular soundtracks! 🙂 (Presumably, these are a throwback to the olden days, when MTV actually played music videos.) 🙂

  10. Cujo

    Wow very funny I love it and I would love to stay at La casa de old and decrepit!!Great job with writin these and the stuf u scratched out was VEREY funny!!!

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