10 responses to “A Whole Lotta’ Naked Going On – A Recap of True Blood’s “You Smell Like Dinner”

  1. Ali

    Hey Jewls…. It was perfecton again… and you had to use the Zoolander gif!!! Brilliant

    About the episode…. Sophie Anne!!!!!!!!!! Now this is a very unexpected twist. Now we are very far from book 5 (or 7) when Sook has to go to New Orleans and spend a lot of time with the Queen…. Well, let´s see what Allan is up to.

    I liked this episode a lot. And loved the recap. I am with you on the less Sam nudity/time-on-screen and kudos to the new Lesbian-happyface-Tara.

    Love Sookie this week too…..Now this is season 4 at it best! Go Seric!

    • Hey Ali! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

      Yep, Sophie Anne’s demise was definitely a big twist for book readers, as is this whole “Bill as King” thing. I kept thinking there had to be some way for them to make Bill the King WITHOUT killing Sophie Anne, so that they could use her in later seasons. But, NOPE! She’s DEFINITELY DEAD (which, coincidentally, is a title of one of the True Blood books). 😉

      I wonder how this is going to affect the Hadley storyline in Season 6 . . .

      I really enjoyed this episode, possibly more than last week’s. And you are right. For sure, this is True Blood at its best. 😉

  2. Amazon Annie

    Hey Jules, great recap. Truly hilarious. I’ve read all the Sookie books and have been waiting with baited breath (hmmm ever smell bait? It stinks, I think I’d better brush!) for Eric to lose his memory and for Sookie and him to get together in a hot and sexy love fest. Of course, in the episode Eric has lost his jacket and shirt in pleasant gift to True Blood viewers. However, they only did half the job because in the book Eric was running down the road naked! (a much sexier sight than Sam and his brother being naked owls). My only criticism with this new turn of events is that Eric looked really dopey to me… kinda like Boo Radley in To Kill A Mockingbird. It seems to me one can lose their memory without losing a good 75 points of IQ.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Amazon Annie. So, I did a little research. And it turns out that, contrary to popular belief (and what I THOUGHT, back when I read the novel), Eric was actually NOT naked, when Sookie found him in Dead to the World. He was wearing jeans, just like on the show. (I mean, Alan Ball LOVES nudity so much, you’ve gotta believe that if he had the opportunity, he’d have Eric go Full Monty, in a heartbeat).

      Strangely enough, though the back cover of the book describes Eric as naked, in the ACTUAL first chapter, he is simply shirtless. And yet, just seeing those words on the back cover, undoubtedly made most of us picture him naked in our heads, as we were reading. Gee, I wonder why! 😉

  3. This recap was total genius!

    Amnesia Eric, I have waited for you, and your penchant for tiny red articles of clothing (please Alan Ball, make this come true!) and showers for three seasons.

    AE was truly a lunchable thing to behold, and was strikingly different to the snarky, self-possessed Eric we saw at the start of the episode. What’s great about this whole scenario is that it is like hitting the re-set on the Sookie/Eric situation (we are going to see how she would have reacted to this Eric if she had met him before Bill), but it’s not like Sookie is interacting with a false!Eric, like a doppelganger or Eric who has been brainwashed or given a personality change.

    His memories have been wiped clean, stripping away 1000 years of baggage to show who Eric is at his core. It doesn’t hurt that, as you so hilariously noted, he chose to do so sans shirt for an inexplicable reason. Maybe the witches made him forget how to put on a shirt? 😉 I could get behind them a little if that is the case!

    I had flashbacks to Hurley saying, “Dude, you have a little Artz on you” when Nan told Bill to get cleaned up. Never 4get, Artz! You may have been an annoying twat, but you had one of the most memorable TV death scenes to ever be etched in my psyche.

    Aside from the Seric, what I have been loving these past two episodes is more insight into vampire politics. Making mainstreaming appear plausible would be a tough PR sell, so Eric’s little PSA shoot was awesome.

    I also like how the human and beast sides are constantly in conflict in vampires, as embodied by Jessica in particular at the moment. Part of her misses being a human and craves the normalcy of a human life, but ultimately humans are her food source/potential source of pleasure. Her relationship with Hoyt and the temptation of the hot fangbanger is one of the more interesting “triangles” I’ve seen play out on vampire shows. It’s a sophisticated metaphor much like Matt/Tyler represent Caroline’s human vs supernatural side. ❤ it!

    Some friends and I marathoned True Blood recently, and I loved the concept of humans tasting better pre-industrial revolution – I fully could believe vamps would be champions of the environment, if only because pollution taints the taste of their food source 😉

    Sookie's blood tasting/smelling like sunshine is just perfect, because this is a vamp's greatest desire – to experience sunshine again. At least, it is unless you have a Sunscreen Ring like the Salvatores and Caroline! It ties back cleverly to Bill's statement in season one to Sookie that he can smell the sunshine on her skin when they get up close and personal for the first time (BLECH!).

    Can't wait for your next True Blood recap!

    • I LOVE that you called Amnesia Eric LUNCHABLE! Best noun EVER . . . and a perfect description for our Eric! 🙂 You are right. Though some would argue that an Eric without his history isn’t the true Eric, it could just as easily be argued that THIS Eric is MORE “real” than his sly, snarky, cynical counterpart, because he is completely without guile. There is no hidden agenda to his words, no ulterior motives, no secret machinations. Right now, Eric is just a boy who’s attracted to a girl . . . and thinks she smells delicious. 🙂

      You also bring up a good point about sunshine. For a True Blood Vampire, the ability to walk in the sunlight IS the winning lottery ticket . . . the unicorn . . . the celebrity who whisks you away to a life of glamour, riches, and great sex. It’s the ONE thing that they can’t have, and, therefore, will always subconsciously desire. So, it makes sense that Fairies would smell and taste like that to them, and that their blood would drive the vampires crazy. Instead of a Siren Song, Sookie has a Siren Smell.

      Like you, I’m LOVING Jessica’s storyline this year. (That Fangbanger she’s sucking on is SMOKIN, for starters! ;)) When we first met Jessica, she was just a teenage girl, who wanted nothing more than to be “normal.” Then, she met Hoyt, and, to some extent, he was everything a girl who wanted to be normal could possibly want. He is sweet and kind, and would like nothing more than to marry Jessica, and start a happy home with her. And I think there’s a big part of Jessica that wants that as well. She clearly loves Hoyt. And there is sort of a natural ease to their relationship, that seems very genuine and comfortable.

      On the other hand, Jessica is a modern vampire. And she is just starting to learn the benefits of being a creature of the night. Jessica is no longer ashamed of who she is. She is proud of her blood’s healing power, her ability to glamour, her eternal youth and good looks . . . as well, she should be! A part of her feels that she’s much too “young” (both as a vampire, and as a former-human) to give all that up for “normal church-going married life.” Deborah Ann Woll portrays the complexities of Jessica beautifully, making, a character that COULD be portrayed, by a lesser actress, as a shallow brat, into an extremely intelligent, likeable, and interesting individual. The fact that she’s enviably gorgeous doesn’t hurt, I suspect.

      LOL about your distaste of the Bookie (Worst shipper name in the world!) coupling. Hopefully, we won’t have to see any of THAT this season! 😉

      Thanks again for your insightful commentary. You always manage to make me see character arcs and plots in new and interesting ways. In short, you make TV better! 🙂

  4. Two more quick thoughts:

    1) Umm, when did Aunt Petunia become Voldemort-lite?

    2) The imagery of Bill being covered in the Queen’s blood while being anointed as King was awesome. Kind of a baptism of blood (as opposed to fire). Shows how cutthroat vampire politics can get!

  5. serendipity

    Hi Julie! Finally got to reading your wonderful recap! Just some random comments here…

    Jason sure has done a lot of growing up during the year Sookie was out of commission… and how come anybody believes that c*ck and bull story about her being on business for Bill without telling anybody? Well, I guess the truth is stranger still…

    And just like you, I don’t see the fuss about Crystal 😦 Why did Alan Ball have to make Hotshot even worse than it was in the books: at least they were honorable freaks there, now they’re just freaks with a crack-addiction (well, last season’s meth is this season’s V). Though I’ll admit that I always thought Felton’s reasoning to turn Jason werepanther crooked in the books… The procreation-thing Crystal and Felton made up makes a weird kind of sense though: the werepanthers going all but extinct on inbreeding as they are, it makes sense to bring some new bloodlines in… even if the potential sperm donor is a far from willing victim, like our Jason 😉

    The Sookie/Eric scene at the beginning: I always love the sort of smooth voice he uses when talking to her, makes everything he says come out as an innuendo… I adored the way he said, “that was saucy!” Yes, Beeel definitely can’t handle that side of Sookie: his southern gentleman attitude (only an attitude) gets in the way of it. Eric being a barbarous Viking would of course have no problems with it LOL .

    That being said, I still can’t get over Beeel being King of Louisiana :(. Puhlease! As if! Aren’t all the kings and queens supposed to be really ancient vampires, stronger than the others? Beeel will never be able to hold out against any of those, as he wouldn’t hold out against one of his own sheriffs, who has a few centuries on him (not to name names: Eric Northman). How silly that Beeel can order him around now! And how did you like Beeel’s English? The guy might be happy to exchange his very drawly southern drawl for his own language for a change, although he obviously doesn’t move in lofty circles in last century London… And I got slightly angry at AB here, for the scene with Nan: make Beeel out to be a very principled hero-type vampire again, who actually doesn’t drain his victims by choice (though it never stopped him when he was with Lorena), and who did everything he did in service of a higher cause (in spite of needing muscle with guns to splatter queen sophie-anne to bits), and who goes on protecting Sookie despite her having kicked him out of her house and bed. Me not like! Although I was happy that Beeel seems to have moved on to boinking around while Eric came through for Sookie (she just needs to pick up on that: see the similarities with another bit of vampire bait by the name of Elena Gilbert?)

    I wonder how they are going to go on with Bill as king? That will definitely screw up many storylines in the books… It was also Bill who built the hidey hole in Sookeh’s closet in the books… But I suppose we’ll have to accept that AB doesn’t always follow the books: I think we may be glad we’re even getting Amnesia Eric… Finally, he’s following that. As well he might, after screwing us out of a lot of wonderful scenes in the past (like the making out scene in the chalet in book 2; the blooddonation in Russell’s manor in book 3, etc.)… So however much I don’t like Marnie/petunia, I’ll put up with her, since she does a good thing here by giving us amnesia Eric 😉

    Oh and I totally loved Pam’s remark that Eric can pull some good strings: who wouldn’t like him as a puppetmaster?

    BTW love the liar gif featuring my sexy Damon Salvatore LOL and the famous eye roll of course!

    So! That concludes my comments for this week! That was a wonderful recap of this ep, as usual, Julie! You’re the best!

    • Hey Valerie! Thanks so much for your kickass comment! I really do appreciate it. I love that you and I are both highly conversant (Read “obsessed”) with TVD, True Blood, AND the Southern Vampire Mystery Books. It makes talking about the show so much fun, because there is no need to explain anything. We always know exactly what one another is talking about.

      I do think the way they changed Hotshot into Deliverance 2: Electric Boogaloo was a bit disconcerting. And nowhere was that more apparent than with poor Calvin Norris. I mean, I really LIKED him in the books! It’s a shame they made him into a crazy dumb meth head. And Crystal . . . while I didn’t like her character in the books either (I mean, let’s face it, Girlfriend was a SUPER BRAT (not to mention a cheater), at least she wasn’t COMPLETELY INSANE, like she ended up being here.

      That being said, I actually think TB Felton makes for a more interesting, multi-dimensional, character than his book counterpart. That move he pulled to get Andy off the reservation was pretty darn smart! And he actually seems to genuinely care about Crystal, in more than just a “if I can’t have her, no one can” possessive sort of way. I also agree with you about the motive for “infecting” Jason being better on TB than in the books. Like you, I never quite understood the original “I’m mad at you for taking my girlfriend, so I’m going to make you one of us, so that it will be MUCH easier for you to be with my girlfriend” motive. I mean, talk about self-loathing! Here was a guy who was PUNISHING another guy, by making him the same HE already was! Conversely, “baby making” as a motive IS weird, and yet, it also makes an odd sort of sense.

      I’m also with you on Vampire Bill: King of Louisiana being a ridiculous plot twist, at least in the sense that it flies completely in the face of what we had been “taught” was the essence of vampire politics. Age and a strong bloodline ALWAYS won out over “non-blood drinking” in Southern Vampire World. One thing that all the kings and queens of the books had in common was that they were EXTREMELY old. In fact, you got the impression that these individuals either gained their position by popular election, or were “vetted”, based on their long-established and high standing in the community. I

      mean, let’s put it this way, as OLD as Eric is, he was “ONLY” asheriff, because “royals” like Russell and Sophie Anne were way older. At 170ish, Vampire Bill is a BABY, by comparison! And it just seems super “convenient’ that, of all the people Nan could “see a future in,” she chooses some not particularly young-looking vamp at a punk bar?

      On the other hand, Nan strikes me as kind of a control freak. And I suspect there is a part of her that feels more comfortable having a King like Bill to act as her puppet, than someone like Eric, who is tougher, and would likely be more of a loose cannon / unpredictable leader. She definitely learned her lesson with Russell and Sophie Anne. Just because a vampire is old, doesn’t mean they are necessarily dignified.

      I do hope Alan Ball stays relatively faithful to the books this season, at least in terms of Eric’s and Sookie’s story. He HAS to know how much us fans have been waiting for it, and precisely what we want to see. This is NO time for the writers to get creative on us! Because if a certain shower scene doesn’t appear, rest assured, there will be HELL to pay in Bon Temps! 🙂

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