A Real “Nail-Biter” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Heart Monitor”

This is WAY better than the original.  Don’t you think?  And yet, oddly enough, it communicates the same message.

Oh my dear Werebangers!  I hope you didn’t eat too much July 4th barbecue meat, before watching this week’s installment of Teen Wolf.  Boy, was it nasty!  There were things coming out of characters’ mouths that should NEVER come out of ANYONE’S mouth!  And no, I am not just talking about Professor Cupcake’s rants about the Youth of America, and Scott’s Drowning Cat Howl . . .

Don’t worry, Kitty!  No cats were harmed in the making of this episode.  Wolves, on the other hand . . .

Hold on to your lunches, folks!  Because this recap is NOT for the weak of tummy . . .

(Once again, special thanks to Andre for the fabulous screencaps you see here. ;))

Why the Lord Invented “Vibrate Mode” for your Cell Phone .  . .

Run Forest Creature, RUN!

Have you ever noticed how nearly EVER slasher film features a scene that takes place in a public indoor parking lot at nighttime?  Talk about negative advertising!  The next time I have to go to one of these places alone, I’m wearing a bullet proof vest and a hockey mask.  Just sayin’.

Armed and ready . . . to shop.

When the episode opens, Scott is returning to his mom’s car, toting a truckload of groceries. (In hindsight, this is probably the one time when his trusty bike would have actually been HELPFUL!  Go figure!)  I actually find it kind of odd that, in a mid-sized suburban town like Beacon Hills, the grocery store doesn’t have it’s OWN parking lot.  But I digress . . .

“Hmmm . . .  I probably should have asked for paper instead of plastic.”

The poor dipsh*t can’t find his car!  He searches level 4, where he thinks he parked, and doesn’t see it.  Then he goes down to level 3.  Still .  . . no car.  (I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many times this has happened to me.  Hint, more times than I can count on my hands.)  So, Scott clicks his keys, and hears his car open.  As it turns out, it’s on level 4, after all.  Scott puts down his bags to take a breather, and out rolls the milk

Don’t cry over clawed milk!

(Now, Scott, WHY would you buy such a tiny milk for you and your Mommy?  That’s not even enough liquidy goodness for your breakfast cereal!  Someone needs to learn about Family Values!)  Then, before Scott can grab the milk, it rolls back to him  (Now, that’s convenient!)  . . . only this time, it’s got CLAW MARKS IN IT!

Scott hears a wolfy growl.  He runs away, seeking shelter behind a nearby car . . .

“Mom’s going to be REALLY pissed about that milk!  I paid 99 cents for that bottle, dammit!  Stupid Alpha!”

Figuring that it’s only a matter of time before the wolf finds him (they are, after all, on the same floor), Scott gets an idea . . .

Rather than running BEHIND the cars, Scott decides to run ON TOP OF THEM.  This, Scott suspects, will have the impact of setting off all the car alarms on the floor of the parking garage, which will, hopefully throw the wolf off his scent.  And THEN . . . Scott’s cell phone goes off. 

Talk about a BAD time for a booty call.  The minute Scott’s phone LOUDLY announces Allison’s phone call, “the wolf” lifts Scott up by the scruff of his neck, and announces to him “you’re dead.”

But fear not, Teen Wolf fans.  It’s JUST Derek!

Teehee!  Oh, that Derek!  He’s such a kidder!  He just wanted to teach Scott A LESSON.  He didn’t really want to GUT HIM LIKE A FISH yet.

“It was either this, or put a whoopee cushion on your bicycle seat.”

Scott begs Derek to teach him how to be a better wolf.  Derek replies that maybe if Scott wasn’t having phone sex with Allison all the time, he might be more focused.

To prove it, Derek tosses Poor Scott’s phone on the floor, CRUSHING IT!

But does Scott wolf out?  Nope.  He just whines like a b*tch.  Someone needs some serious WEREWOLF BOOTCAMP, STAT!  Scott ultimately promises Derek that he will stay away from Allison, until the Full Moon.

So, of course . . .

Scott Goes Back in the Closet (Ha Ha Ha)

Allison: “My, what perky nipples you have, Scott!”

Scott: “The better to poke you with my dear, Allison.”

Cut to the next night.  Scott’s at Allison’s house practicing the horizontal mambo with her.  In the background, Lykka Li’s song “Get Some,” blasts from a stereo nearby.  TVD fans might remember this song as the one Katherine danced to, at Alaric’s house, during the episode “Klaus.” 

“Eat your heart out, Teen Wolf!”

As she has pretty much done since the start of their relationship, Allison assumes the dominant position during Sexy Times with Scott.  She is always the aggressor . . . always on top.  She even goes as far as to ask the undoubtedly virginal Scott if it’s OK if she takes off his clothes . . .


It’s still kind of hot though.   I realized something about Scott and Allison this week.  I like them a whole lot better as a couple when they AREN’T TALKING. 

Uh oh!  It’s coitus interruptus time!  Auntie Kate a.k.a Kate the Werewolf Slayer has arrived.  Into the closet you go, Scott!  (I suspect this is a place that is pretty familiar to you.)  Auntie wants to know what Allison’s been doing in her room “alone.”

“SCOTT!”  Allison replies.  (Just kidding!)  Conveniently, Allison has a history project she can pretend to be completing.  SURPRISE!  It’s a family history project!

“Mwah hahaha!  She has fallen into my evil trap!  My little niece will be shooting Scooby Doo in no time!”

“Golly gee, Allison . . . if you REALLY need help on your family history project, I guess I can help you,” Auntie Kate replies, before pulling up the website she has memorized by heart, and launching into the Your Family Tree oral report she has been reciting in front of her Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Who’s the Biggest Badass of them All?) ever since Baby Allison made her first poop.

Kudos to the Teen Wolf writers for actually utilizing a genuine werewolf legend in developing the Argent family history.  It’s called the Beast of Gevaudan, and you can read about it by clicking here.

Awww, how cute!  I think I’ll call it Fluffy!

Long story, short.  There was supposedly this wolf-like creature that terrorized the French province of Gevaudan in the late 1700’s.  Some of Allison’s ancestors hunted it down.  The rest, as they say, is werewolf slayer history.  Scott, who is listening to this from the inside of his cubby hole, needless to say, is less than amused that Allison is learning her roots.  She dominates him enough, as it is!

“Awww man!  Now she’s probably going to want do all that S&M sh*t!  No me gusta!”

Once the coast is clear, Scott jumps out of Allison’s window, and miraculously lands on his feet.  But because Allison had “eight years of gymnastics” and can do the same thing with her eyes closed, she doesn’t think anything of Scott’s super human jumping abilities.  She’s not even impressed enough to let him be on top, for a change.

“P-shaw!  Amateur!”

The Alpha Gives Scott an Art Lesson

Oooh . . . . SO PRETTY!  (And WAY cooler than the happy faces I always draw on MY car window.)

Pretty much as soon as Allison closes her window, Scott hears a rumbling in the bushes.  He assumes it’s Derek, because Derek seems to like to hide in the bushes and peep on other dudes.  (So does Jackson, we will later learn.)  And, can I just say, HOTTEST STALKER EVER!  Scott starts mumbling some excuse about how he had to see Allison because he had a really bad case of blue balls, and blah, blah, blah . . .

 . . . when, suddenly, he hears a very non-Derek like growl.  Scott runs to his car.  (Clearly, the writers heard my complaints about the bike, because it is nowhere to be seen in this episode.)  The Alpha approaches the car.  He sticks out his claw . . . and he . . . DRAWS CURLICUES!

Terrifying . . . I know!

Scott says the curlicue drawing makes him MAD!  He assumes this is because he is FEELING THE ALPHA’S FEELINGS.  But I think it’s just because the douchey Alpha messed up his mom’s car window.  (Those “drawings” leave streaks, you know!)

In all seriousness, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the curlicue . . .

We saw it around Derek’s sister’s burial plot.

We’ve seen it on the photographs of dead animals in the area.

We saw it on the roof of the video store, the night the Alpha attacked Jackson.  And, my personal favorite . . .

Derek’s back has not one . . . not two . . . but THREE curlicues!

When Scott arrives back at his home, who should be sitting there, but Derek!  (I guess he’s just making up for NOT stalking Scott outside.)

“If this is a slumber party, I fully expect you to paint my were-claws purple!”

Like a best gal pal, after a date, or Stiles, Derek is SUPER eager to learn what Alpha said to Scott in the car.  But when Scott tells him about the curlicue, Derek gets all awkward and uncomfortable.  He says Scott “[doesn’t] want to know” what the curlicue signifies.  Now . . .  as a brooding hottie, Derek gets an A plus . . . but as a Werewolf Bootcamp Counselor . . . he FAILS BIG TIME! 

Sorry Sexy!   The truth hurts, sometimes.

Yoda Stiles and Scott Wolfwalker


At school, Scott is wandering around the halls like a mental patient, mumbling to himself “Stay away from, Allison.”  Good move, Scott!  Keep acting like that, and NO girls will want to go anywhere near you.  Eventually, he heads to class, where Bestie Stiles is giving him the silent treatment, for pretty much being the cause of his dad almost getting mauled by a wolf, after the parent-teacher conferences. 


“I’m so mad at Scott, I could eat my own tongue.”

If Scott knows anything, it’s how to get Stiles talking.  And all it takes is for Scott to imply that Derek is currently in the running to replace Stiles as the Robin to his Batman, and Stiles is frantically begging his bestie to reconsider.

“Why DEREK?  Do you think he’s more attractive than me?  Do you think DANNY thinks that?”

Ultimately Stiles decides that HE should be the one to teach Scott how to channel his inner wolf . . . because . . . you know . . . he’s Stiles . . . and he rocks.  He also does a really kickass impression of Yoda, squeaky backwards-talking puberty voice and all.  I mean, you know what they say, those who wolf DO, those who Stiles teach . . .  OK . . . nobody says that.  But you get what I’m saying, right?

Meanwhile, Allison and Lydia are girl-talking.  Well, at least, they would be, if Allison wasn’t busy boring Lydia with her Big Bad Wolf versus Little Red Argent Story.

“OMG, Lydia!  My family is in this old smelly book.  You should be SOOOO jealous of me.”

Except, when Allison shows her the PICTURE of the wolf her family supposedly killed, Lydia is suddenly not-so-bored anymore.  She’s FREAKED THE F*&K out!

“Psst!  Hey, Lydia!  Remember me?  It’s Alpha . . . from the video store?  Would you, maybe, wanna go out sometime . . . like . . . on a date?”

“Not exactly the response I was looking for . . . but . . . OK.”

Put the STRAP ON, Scott!  I want to hit you with my balls!

“I’m going to make your heart race, Scott!  YES, I AM!”

Stiles has a pretty good plan for helping Scott to control his wolf.  Ever learn about biofeedback in psychology class?  The concept is that if you can SEE how your biological processes work, you can learn to control them.  So, Stiles wisely figures that if he monitors Scott’s heartrate, he can learn WHAT triggers Scott’s anger, enabling Scott to control his anger, thereby controlling his inner wolf. 

“I’m a GENIUS!”

Stiles’ first Anger Management class for Scott conveniently involves him “strapping on” a heart monitor, while his wrist are tied to his back.   Did I mention Stiles would be repeatedly tossing BALLS AT HIM?


Those of you who were annoyed last week by Scott’s and Allison’s mushy gushy lovey doveyness probably got some cheap thrills out of seeing Scott get BALLED in the nuts a few times.  You know who else got a thrill out of it?  THIS GUY . . .

“I wish I could do that with MY balls.”

Umm . .. yeah . . . Jackson is apparently an honors graduate of the Derek Hale School of Broody Smouldering and Stalking.  Did I mention that he suddenly looks like an extra from The Walking Dead?  So, far, I can’t figure out whether Jackson’s “side effects” are the result of some strain of were-rabies, brought about by Derek’s Love Tap, a few weeks back . . .

It wouldn’t be the first time!

 . . . or if Jackson is merely suffering some SERIOUS PTSD from his Alpha encounter in the video store, LAST WEEK.  Whatever it is, Jackson’s mirth turns to fear, when he sees that Scott has taken one too many balls to the brain, and has started to shift, ripping off the duct tape on his arms, in a single pull.  He overhears Scott say that Allison “makes him weak,” so he can’t be around her anymore.

“I’ll have what HE’S having . . . On second thought, maybe not.”

El Creepo then follows the Scott and Stiles to the locker room, where they continue their discussion of werewolfing and Allison.  They soon leave because Jackson, apparently, smells like death.  So, of course, Smelly Jackson decides to take off his shirt.  (Thanks dude!)

Apparently, the hotness of his own body is too much for Jackson to handle.  He feels nauseous.  He needs to vomit.   He’s going to stick his finger down his throat to make himself puke.   But WAIT!  Someone did it for him!

Yeah . . . sorry guys.   I still can’t post that picture.  Everytime I look at it, it makes me want to ralph!

But, fortunately, all that grossness we just had to endure was only a hallucination of Jackson’s . . . OR WAS IT?  You see, even though Jackson was scratched by Derek DAYS AGO, his wound is still bleeding, as if it’s fresh.  Something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with this kid!

That’s one gnarly hickey, Wacko Jacko!

Just moments after Jackson reenacts the Alien movie with his mouth, he’s seemingly FINE!  In fact, he decides to sit down next to Allison in the hall and have this weird heart-to-heart with her.


Now one of the benefits of recapping late, is I get to take a peek at the message boards to see what YOU GUYS are thinking about the show, before I write about it.  (It’s cheating . . . I know.)  And I was really surprised by how many of you started “shipping” Jackson and Allison together, after this scene. 

When taking the scene at face value . . . I get it . . . I mean, these two are both attractive individuals, who didn’t get off on the right foot, which is usually fodder for an EXCELLENT love-hate TV romance.  And Jackson is SAYING all the right things here.  He’s being self-depracating . . . ASSUMING that Allison already hates him.  He’s confessing to being obsessed with being the best, and being jealous of Scott.  He’s telling Allison that he’s “not a bad guy” and he “likes her.”  It all SOUNDS good, right?


But that’s just it . . . it SOUNDS good.  But it LOOKS creepy.  The way Jackson keeps inching toward Allison while he speaks, completely ignoring her obvious discomfort .  . . the way he seems OVERLY insistent that she agree to be his friend . . . the way he keeps looking at her, like he wants to eat her . . . the way THAT WEIRD THING JUST CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH TWO SECONDS AGO . . . it all screams DANGER, ALLISON ARGENT!  Couple that with all the stuff Jackson just overheard Scott and Stiles discussing, and you’ve got all the makings of an ulterior motive . . .

Be afraid!  Be very afraid!

But who knows?  Maybe Jackson will die before he gets a chance to do anything wrong surprise us!  Character redemption . . . It could happen!

Damn straight!

Let us all join hands (and pray that Wolf Scott doesn’t kill us)

In economics, Allison wonders why Scott has been avoiding her.  He mumbles about busy, or having to wash his hair that day, or something lame, and obvious like that.  But then Professor Cupcake, who apparently got his teaching degree from the Tazmanian Devil , starts TOTALLY flipping out on Scott for not having done his class reading.  You would think Scott killed his puppy, with how mad Cupcake is becoming . . .

Cupcake has this CRAZY look in his eye, while he’s hurling insults at Scott, like it’s his job.  And you’ve really gotta wonder what brought on all this anger.  I mean, I thought most sports coaches who were also teachers, LOVED their dumb star athletes?  What gives, Asshat?

Stiles watches nervously, as Scott’s heartbeat rises steadily with each insult.  The monitor is beeping VERY loudly, but, oddly enough, nobody seems to hear it.  (This must be a school for both wolves AND the hearing impaired.)  Then, suddenly, Scott’s heartrate drops.   Stiles takes a little peak under the desk, and learns that ALLISON is the source of Scott’s calm.  She’s TOUCHING HIM!

I meant his HAND!  She was touching HIS HAND!  You perv!

And, you know what, I’ll be damned if this wasn’t a SUPER SWEET scene . . . even to a cynic NON Salison shipper, like myself.  Like I said, these two are WAY better, when they are silent.

Since Scott isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, he relies on Stiles to explain to him what this all means.  Basically, Scott luuuuuuuuuves Allison, so she keeps him human.  I guess having LOVE be your Humanity Trigger is WAY MORE FUN than Derek’s method of having PAIN do it . . .

And yet, both methods could conceivably involve floor humping . . .

By the way, does anybody else think it’s kind of weird that Scott needed STILES to tell him that he was in love with Allison?  Just wondering . . .

And yet, even though, by now, it seems COMPLETELY unnecessary, Stiles the SADIST has ONE MORE “lesson” for Scott.  It involves Stiles keying some big dude’s car, and letting Scott take the blame for it.   So, Scott can try to “stay” human, while he’s being gang banged. 

Yeah . . . that’s pretty bad ass.  But can you draw a curlicue on the window?  Bet you can’t!

Stiles’ stunt lands both him and Scott in detention with that weird teacher, who everyone on the message boards seems to think is the Alpha just because he has a strangely soothing voice, and wears emo glasses .  . .

As for me, I just thought it was strange that the guys who ACTUALLY BEAT UP SCOTT didn’t get detention for doing so.  This school is WACK!

More Finger Wagging

The itsy bitzy spider went up the water spout . . .

Derek drives to the mental institution in his recently repaired hot car to visit his old friend, The Family Member Who Doesn’t Speak . . .

Sorry Peter!  That was mean of me . . .

Derek tells The Family Member Who Can’t Speak (What can I say?  Old habits die hard.) that his sister was murdered.  He wants to know if anyone else, aside from him survived the family fire.  The Family Member Who Can’t Speak says . .  . well . . . nothing.  But after Derek leaves, he wags his finger, which, I guess means that the answer to Derek’s question is “yes.”

“Hey PETER!  Nice finger!  Let me show you another one!”

The Vet Did IT!  (Or did he?)

“Hey now!  Why do you have to go and blame the black guy?  What gives, Wolfy?”

Probably because he reads the Teen Wolf message boards, Derek becomes convinced that the shady veterinarian is either the Alpha himself, or WORKS for him.  (I’m thinking, the latter.)  So, he decides to interrogate the guy outright . . . and then tie him up, and beat the sh*t out of him.  (Anybody ever notice how much BONDAGE there is on this show?)

“YEAH!  Bondage RULES!”

By the time Scott arrives, his boss is already unconscious.  Derek explains that he wants to see if the vets wounds will HEAL to prove whether or not he is human.  Scott does NOT like this idea.  NOT AT ALL!

And yet, thanks to Yoda Stiles’ training, he is able to effectively channel his inner wolf, when it is necessary to show Derek who’s boss, and UNWOLF, before he KILLS Derek.  So . . . YAY for that!

New plan!  “Let’s draw out the Alpha with my PACK ROAR!”  Scott says, though not in so many words.  Dragging the unconscious vet with them as a souvenir, Scott, Stiles and Derek head off to the school and break in.  Scott takes over the school intercom and attempts to howl.  If you’ve ever seen the movie The Lion King, it kind of sounds like Baby Simba’s first attempt at roaring, only LESS menacing.

But all it takes is a few words of support from Yoda Stiles, and Scott is HOWLING like a champ!

“How you doin’ Beacon Hills, this is Wolfman Scott here, ready to HOWL some tunes for you.  I hope you’ve all been neutered!  Because this is my MATING CALL!”

Once that’s done, the bromantic buddies reunite with Derek, and kid around about how Scott’s howling abilities, or lack thereof.

“That was so good, I think I just went into heat.”

The trio is having such a fine old time, joking and laughing, that they want Bondage Veterinarian to share in the fun.  But when they look for him in the back seat . . . HE’S GONE!

Never . . . gets . . . old.

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . That stinkin Alpha did THIS to my poor baby!

But he’s not DEAD!  He can’t be DEAD!  He’s still signed on to appear in five more episodes.  He’s too beautiful important to the plot to die.  Right?   RIGHT? 

Next week’s episode promises to be a cross between The Breakfast Club and Every Teen Horror Movie You Have Ever Seen.  Check out the trailer, here!

See you next week, Werebangers . . . IF YOU SURVIVE THAT LONG!

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35 responses to “A Real “Nail-Biter” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Heart Monitor”

  1. kristina

    Personally i hate Allison and Scott together. I don’t know why but they’re just so annoying when they’re around each other it makes me want to punch one of them. Actually I think I just hate Scott in general. He’s kinda a jerk to pretty much everybody and practically refuses how to learn to be a werewolf because he’d rather be with Allison (ughh). Stiles, on the other hand, is absolutely adorable and is quickly becoming my favorite character on the show. He is so funny and so willing to help out Scott even when Scott has done practically nothing to help him out. Jackson’s whole thing coming out of his mouth thing was soooo gross. Eww I was totally shocked and repulsed. Hopefully (but probably not) I never have to see that again. I felt so bad when Derek “died”, of course he’ll be back there’s not enough “mentors” in Scott’s life to kill him off. But yah that’s pretty much itt. Wait I actually do think that the detention teacher dude is working with the animal shelter guy and that HE is the alpha. Just an idea though. Ok I’m done noww.

    • Hey Kristina! Thanks so much for your comment! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. 😦

      I love Stiles too! Not only does he get all the best one-liners in the script, and nail each and every one perfectly, the character is also easily the smartest, and best all-around human being on the show. I mean there’s not a single selfish bone in that kid’s body. Can you imagine having to play sidekick to a guy like Scott, who ALWAYS talks about himself and his girlfriend, and never so much as asks you how your day is going? Ugh!

      Of course, I feel like a lot of what makes Stiles so likeable is Dylan O’Brien’s remarkable acting abilities. In a lesser actor’s hands, a “know-it-all” character like Stiles might come off as gimmicky or annoying. But not so here. The casting directors struck gold with this one! (Oh . . . and he’s cute too! :))

      I like your theory on the detention teacher being the Alpha. There just seems to be something off about that guy. And there has to be a reason that, during parent/teacher conferences, they ONLY focused on HIS and Professor Cupcake’s meetings with the parents. He HAS to be important to this story in SOME way . . .

      LOL about that gross Jackson image! Why do I have this sinking feeling that they will replay that scene in the “Previously On” portion of EVERY single remaining Teen Wolf episode? *gags*.

  2. Tricus

    I haven”t watched the episode YET but I say the coach is the Alpha. I think I said it in my first post about this show.
    Anyway once I see the episode I will post more of my thoughts.
    Yeah they can’t kill off Derek. He is like Damon on TVD.

    • kristina

      He may be like Damon except i think he is less attractive. I dont know some people love him but I can’t see how he is even CLOSE to being as attractive or as funny or actually as badass, but that’s just my opinion.

      • This is true, kristina. There really is only one Ian Somerhalder / Damon Salvatore. Substitutes need not apply. 🙂

        That being said, I think that both Tyler Hoechlin and the character of Derek Hale have the potential to, one day, be Ian and Damon-LIKE, respectively.

        As for Derek Hale, I feel like the writers need to perk him up a little bit. Let him smile more. Alllow him to show some of that snarky side we saw a few episodes back. In short, I want to see him brood a little less, and kick ass a little more. But I suspect this will come in time, as the writers get more used to speaking through this character’s voice. I mean, at this time on TVD, Damon Salvatore was still turning into a CROW, and moving around in puffs of smoke. 🙂

        Regarding Tyler, at 23, the actor is actually a good deal younger than the 32-year old Ian. This is what Ian looked like when he was Tyler’s age . . .

        (I did the math. ;))

        Though, of course, Ian looks super sexy in Rules of Attraction (and has undoubtedly been gorgeous all his life) I’d actually say, he looks TWICE AS HOT now. So, who knows? Perhaps, sometime, in the next five years or so, Tyler Hoechlin will transform from hottie to SUPER Hottie. 🙂

    • Hey Tricus! I can’t wait to hear what you thought of this episode. It was definitely a doozy. (Sorry, I spoiled the Derek thing for you. *blushes*)

      By the way, if you think the Coach is the Alpha (which he very well might be), there is one scene in this week’s episode that I suspect you will find extremely interesting. 😉

  3. jmae

    Finally, I have no life so I’ve been waiting since Monday night for this. Well, hope you had a nice trip I thought you had decided not to review this episode due to the tragedy that is the idiot Alpha half killing Derek. This officially puts him in the boat with Aunt Kate in my book.
    Also, it now makes since that the vet is working with the Alpha because Derek says in this episode that the Alpha doesn’t have a pack. The vet told Scott a few episodes back that he is one of the least laziest kids he knows. It’s a long shot, but I’m thinking that maybe the vet recomended Scott to the Alpha so that he could have a Pack. And who wouldn’t want a non lazy kid as part of their pack.
    He sticks out his claw . . . and he . . . DRAWS CURLICUES!
    We saw it around Derek’s sister’s burial plot.
    We’ve seen it on the photographs of dead animals in the area.
    We saw it on the roof of the video store, the night the Alpha attacked Jackson. And, my personal favorite . . .
    Derek’s back has not one . . . not two . . . but THREE curlicues!
    Just a heads up Derek’s tattoo is called a triskelion and it’s most likly the celtic version. What that mean for the show I don’t know.Here’s my theory Derek said that the spiral was their symbol for vengence right? So maybe Derek has to seek vengence because he/his family has been wronged by the hunters three times. Just a wierd theory, but the tattoo is definately not a coincidnce.
    So, Scott clicks his keys, and hears his car open. As it turns out, it’s on level 4, after all.
    I wondering why he didn’t do that in the first place with his super were wolf hearing and all. Derek should have slammed him into a car long before he did.
    “Stay away from, Allison.”
    You forgot stay away from Jackson and stay away from Lydia.
    So, Stiles wisely figures that if he monitors Scott’s heartrate, he can learn WHAT triggers Scott’s anger, enabling Scott to control his anger, thereby controlling his inner wolf.
    Good plan, but they are idiots for doing it in the middle of the school day.
    And you’ve really gotta wonder what brought on all this anger. I mean, I thought most sports coaches who were also teachers, LOVED their dumb star athletes? What gives, Asshat?
    He’s freaking out because if Scott gets a D or below he can’t play, but I think he gave him a fair chance seeing as Scott couldn’t summerize his homework for the past 3 or so nights.
    And yet, thanks to Yoda Stiles’ training, he is able to effectively channel his inner wolf, when it is necessary to show Derek who’s boss, and UNWOLF, before he KILLS Derek.
    Derek would kill Scott if it came down to a life and death fight.
    New plan! “Let’s draw out the Alpha with my PACK ROAR!”
    LOL! That was the worse plan ever. I mean Scott and Stiles have not suffered for it so far, but look at Derek. I loved Derek’s reaction to Scott’s first howl, because it was so pathetic. Also, what happened to Derek rules out the Alpha as being a girl because what girl would wanna kill him in her right or wrong mind. Even Aunt Kate wanted to lick him. Pretty sure he’s not dead though because when he first fell to the ground his eyes were closed a second later the opened up. So, maybe he’s just waiting until he can heal then helping Scott kill the Alpha.
    Did you notice that in the previews “Scott” texted Alliso telling her to meet him at the school. Plus, why would Stiles call his dad for help and not Papa Argent.

    • Hey jmae! I’m honored that you were waiting patiently for my recap. And I’m sorry I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake this week, both in terms of writing, and comment reply. (I’ll chalk it up tomy taking in too much sun and . . . other things . . . over the July 4th weekend. :))

      I’m definitely with you on the vet working for the Alpha. And I do think that the Alpha’s choice to infect Scott has to do with his desire to build a pack. Yet, I actually have a slightly different idea as to why Scott, specifically, was infected. Do you remember the parent/teacher conferences from a few weeks back? Remember how that weird creepy teacher noted that Scott lacked a strong father figure, and, therefore, seemed to be drifting and unfocused? I’m wondering whether the Lone Wolf Alpha saw Scott as a guy in need of a father figure, thereby making him “ripe” to join the Alpha’s new dysfunctional family.

      I’m 100% with you on the three curlicues signifying Derek’s desire to get vengeance on the Alpha for what it did to his family. Each spiral could represent a family member he lost: his mom, his dad, and his sister. Of course, we know that Derek lost other family members in that fire. However, the immediate family losses were probably what affected him most deeply.

      By the way, good call on the triskelion! You are right. That is definitely name for the triple spiral on Derek’s back. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about this symbol:


      (I was kind of hoping they would mention vengeance, somewhere in there. But, unfortunately, I had no such luck. :()

      I did notice that Scott also said “Stay away from Jackson.” Lydia called out to him during that time as well. But I don’t recall him explicitly saying her name. (Maybe I missed it.) I think Scott’s intention was ONLY to say “Stay away from Allison.” However, the minute he saw Jackson, he got flustered, and incorporated HIS name into the chant too. Either way, it was a pretty funny scene.

      Another funny scene I failed to mention in this recap, was when Coach Cupcake asked Scott if he knew what sarcasm was. And Scott looks back at Stiles before answering, “Yes, definitely” or something like that. Stiles super proud facial expression, in response, was absolutely hilarious, not to mention, adorable.

      As for the Coach, I still sort of feel like the way he treated Scott was unreasonable. I mean, it wouldn’t exactly be ethical, but he IS the Coach. If he doesn’t want Scott to get a “D” in the class, he has the power to give him a C minus. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a coach pulled some academic strings for a star athlete.

      Regarding the Coach asking Scott about the last three nights of reading, I suspect that most of the class, even those who HAD done the reading, would not have been able to adequately summarize something they had read three nights ago. Even if Scott did the reading for previous nights, the way the Coach was insulting Scott, and putting him on the spot, probably flustered him so much, that he couldn’t remember HIS OWN NAME, let alone his homework. Don’t forget, this is the SAME guy who only had to remember four words: “Stay away from Allison” just moments earlier. And he couldn’t even do THAT right! 🙂

      Good thinking regarding your argument as to why Derek is still alive! I agree wholeheartedly! Plus, I don’t think the writers are not foolish enough to kill the sexiest person on the show, thereby puncturing a hole in a large portion of the show’s female fanbase. 🙂

      Interesting question as to why Stiles would call his dad, as opposed to Papa Argent, while trapped at the school . .. especially considering that he KNOWS his father is no match for the wolf, while Papa Argent is much more equipped to handle it. On the other hand, Stiles undoubtedly knows what a threat Papa Argent is to SCOTT. So, it’s possible that he wouldn’t call Allison’s dad to the scene, in order to protect his best friend, should Scott somehow end up shifting while at the school.

      Speaking of next week’s episode. It looks really intense. I’m definitely excited! 🙂

      • Megan

        I can’t wait for the next episode! I am almost certain that Derek isn’t dead, because on IMDB, Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Derek, is said to be in the rest of the season.

      • LOL. This is true, Megan. I think Tyler Hoechlin is listed to appear in 11 out of the 12 episodes that will air this season. So, assuming Derek hasn’t been “absent” yet, it’s possible the writers will draw out the suspense, by not having him appear in this week’s upcoming episode. But, after that, it will be ALL DEREK, ALL THE TIME. 🙂 (You have to admit, it was a very good cliffhanger though. ;)). Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Andre

    Well, greetings from Vienna boys and girls. My feet ache and its starting to get dark (seriously, in my home town it would be much brighter, weird).

    Anyway, I don’t know why I can’t see some of the stuff of the site (e.g. the trailer) but I see most and all the text. And man I can’t believe you didn’t add the picture of Scott after he ran into Lydia while he tried to get away from Jackson due to trying to stay away from Allison, which was so funny. And what did Lydia want from Scott this time? Is she preparing to kick Jackson to the curb and replace him with Scott?

    You know, I also wondered why the Alpha bit Scott (by the way he did not ate my renter, I just forgot that he was supposed to come tomorrow). Judging by the way the show presented itself so far, I think it’s very unlikely that they did it just to introduce Scott to the werewolf life. I’m pretty sure they already have a reason up their sleeve. The Alpha already started his revenge before he bit Scott, at least I think so since I assume that the killed and marked deer before Scott was bitten.

    And don’t worry nothing from the 4th July came up my throat since we don’t celebrate it over here. 😉

    The parking-lot scene was actually an example on how smart Scott can be. It was a good idea, because this way the Alpha wouldn’t be able to hear him, maybe smell him but the noise might very well be enough to make him mad and run off (considered his hearing). Well I guess it’s like they say: “necessity is the mother of invention.”

    And speaking Derek, I recall that Scoot says that Derek doesn’t actually know how to train Scott and… it looks like he was right.

    I forgive you for calling the story of the beast of Gevaudan a werewolf legend since many people today only call it by that label although it’s wrong in two ways.
    1) It wasn’t a legend, it actually happened.
    2) It is actually a case of animal attack not of a werewolf.
    I can only say that I know of no historical source naming it a werewolf, the earliest I could find was at the end of the 20th century. There is a book naming it so, but since I don’t understand French (except for the word loup-garou) I don’t know what it says. Which is why I am wondering whether the people of the show used a real existing book or whether they fabricated one.
    Anyway there is this (probably false) tale that the beast was killed by a silver bullet (as far as I know it was simply a blessed bullet). Maybe the writers used this as a basic for the family name Argent and maybe, just maybe, in Teen Wolf it actually meant that the beast was killed by “Argent’s bullet”. I just checked it in the google translater, when you type in “silver” it gives you “d’argent” and the pure noun as “argent”.
    Just a little side info to show that Teen Wolf made a lot up (I know its just fiction but I can’t say how often I heard that vamps and weres are supposedly age old enemies) is what I know of the so-called Marin report where the killed beast was described and supposedly identified by victims who had survived. The report says that according to the experts only the head and the tail had any similarity to a wolf. The front legs and claws where much more powerful then a wolf’s, the neck was covered in a mane with stripes in the fur and it had a white patch on the chest. Not really wolfish don’t you think. Based on this some say that it was a hyena, however if it is true that La bete had more than 40 teeth this can’t be correct because hyena’s don’t have more than 34. And before anybody thinks that canine’s can’t be striped (well those without any history of domestication probably can’t) should just take a look at these Australian wild dogs:

    And I must say good thinking. I didn’t think of the fact that Derek has three of those curlicues on his back, but it seems like we were right in assuming that it has a meaning.

    Stiles teaching Scott on how to be a werewolf makes me question what would have happened if Stiles had been bitten, maybe he would have been an Alpha too or at least a much more serious opponent than Scott. I think we can assume that he wasn’t the original target because then the Alpha would have tried again. I also don’t think that Scott was really intended to become part of the Alpha’s pack, maybe he was just a decoy to distract someone, probably Derek. Or the Alpha did want him for his pack, after all what he needs to become more powerful is rather quantity of pack members, not quality. But then it’s weird that he hadn’t already claimed others for his pack.

    And did you notice that Jackson in his last scenes of the episode was totally jaundiced (which makes him extra creepy) but in the trailer for next week he looks pretty healthy. Or at least it seems so, the lighting isn’t the best.

    Maybe you are right and cupcake is so angry because he wants Scott on the team and he starts to ruin it. But even then it seems rather extreme.

    And I am so happy I managed the key screencap in such good quality, it’s priceless.

    Derek and the vet, did anybody else wonder who it was that “delivered the newspaper” to Derek, I’m pretty sure that was the piece of paper in Derek’s car.

    And maybe the writers made a little pun when they let Stiles say that Scott should be a werewolf and not a teen wolf, albeit that is the name of the show.

    And yes, I also believe that Derek will return, of course it will be interesting because based on the claws of the Alpha he might not only have pierced Derek’ internal organs but also damaged his spine.

    Well we will see next week.

    • jmae

      According to his IMBD page he won’t be in next weeks episode, but he will be in the one after that so I’m guessing that that’s when we see what sort of damage the Alpha did to him.
      Also, do you think it could be possible that the Alpha is someone with a vendetta against someone in Scott’s family and that could be his reason for turning Scott to try and eventually get him to attack that person. Because he drew the spiral on Scott’s mom’s car window and it has me thinking that Scott plays a key role in the Alpha’s vengence plan, otherwise why would he draw that

      • Andre

        Could be, I see that as a possibility, albeit for Scott being a part of the Alpha’s vendetta plan someone of Scott’s family didn’t need to be the target. Scott could simply be a tool, maybe to draw Derek into the open, which would explain why (based on the preview) the Alpha might be trying to kill Scott (and probably Stiles) to get rid of the evidence.

      • Trey D.

        This is possible, but it is hard to say because Scott happened to be out there by chance and only because Stiles peer pressured him into coming with him to look for the other half of the dead girl (that we now know to be Derek’s sister)

        You know, I have to wonder why they as wolves can’t smell one another and I don’t mean in the pre kissing way that I sure would drive many of you ladies crazy, but in the “You’re a freakin’ wolf because you smell like Cujo” sort of way. I mean, I imagine their scents would be different from normal humans.
        But I was kind of leaning towards two possibilities as to why the Alpha drew that spiral on Scott’s mom’s car window was one of two:

        1.) Either he is illiterate and cannot spell “I wuv u Scott”
        2.) He knew Derek would find out about the symbol through Scott what he did, and this would effectively draw him out.
        2.) It has something to do with Scott’s dad or something

        Random thought, what sense did it make that Scott was thrown in detention? Stiles keyed the car, all Scott did was get beat up.

        If the Science Teacher is the alpha (or at least AN alpha (which is very possible because what the heck was he randomly doing there at that particular time?)) maybe in some way he is trying to mentor Scott. I mean, notice the teacher let them go as soon as they talked through their differences. Huh? Huh? See that?

        But yeah, I agree that it is possible that the Alpha that is killing folk, may actually have a vendetta of some kind against the Scott’s family (whatever their last name is)

    • Glad to hear your renter didn’t end up being Alpha meat! And thanks again for your kickass screencaps. You are right. The one featuring Scott holding the key was absolutely hilarious! I also REALLY liked the companion one, which showed Stiles’ face, while Scott was getting beaten up. Stiles should probably NEVER play poker. He has WAY TOO expressive a face to lie or bluff believably.

      You know, you’re analysis of the Alpha’s decision to bite Scott makes me question the whole “pack” situation even more. After all, if you think back to the pilot, there is really no way that the Alpha could have planned for Scott and Stiles to be in the woods that night. So, perhaps, this is simply a case of Scott being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Because, unlike Stiles’ dad, and the rest of the search team (and even, Stiles himself) Scott was the only person who found himself completely ALONE in the forest that night. Everyone else had “company,” throughout their respective appearances.

      That being said, I could definitely see why the Alpha would want a high school boy, as part of his pack. At age 16, Scott is at his hormonal peak. He is volatile, tempestuous, and also, very easy to manipulate. Plus, having a teenage boy in your pack, effectively allows you a psychic connection to OTHER similarly volatile, tempestuous, easy to manipulate, teenage boys. So, through Scott, the Alpha can, both study his prey, AND determine who he wants to “recruit” next.

      I don’t know. If I was the Alpha, I’d recruit into MY pack Stiles, Jackson, and Allison, all for different reasons. I’d bite Stiles because he is smart and resourceful (though, on the downside, I suspect he is not as easily fooled or manipulated as Scott). I’d bite Jackson because he clearly has a mean and violent streak to him, making him a stellar candidate to carry out necessary kills. (I actually think the Alpha WOULD have bit Jackson, had he not seen the Derek Death Mark on his neck.) And, finally, I’d bite Allison, simply because she’s an Argent. Can you imagine what a big F-U it would be to the werewolf hunters to have a member of their own family infected by the very thing they’ve spent centuries trying to destroy? Pretty intriguing stuff! 🙂

      • Andre

        Yeah I can imagine it. 😉

        I think part of the question is whether Scott was bitten at random or specifically chosen (in the latter case the Alpha simply had luck). I think I lack info on the Alpha to speculate any further in that direction.

        The things you say makes sense, but why Scott? Would he really be suitable for recruiting others?

  5. Trey D.

    What my original post was going to be:

    “Derek! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! He better not die!”

    And that was going to be all, but then I went with this instead:

    First off, I have to say excellent review again, and excellent comments. I like coming back here to see everyone’s theories. They all seem to be pretty feasible. This is also a very good show because it is one of the few shows that really has me wanting it to be next week already… that and work… though that more so has me wishing it was the weekend already, but you get the idea.
    Anyway, Derek better not be dead. I have been waiting for him to show how much butt he can actually kick, but so far we have mostly just seen that he is a master of brooding and hypnotizing women with his shirtlessness (not really a word and somewhat looks like the word “turtle” if you take out a few letters and add a few letters) and while that may be helpful if you want to kill someone with good looks (like he has) I am more interested in seeing him at least hold his own in a fight against someone (or something) significant. If he dies, that means I’ll have to watch more of Scott and Allison be in love… no thanks!

    Stiles, again gets the highest awesomeness rating for this episode. He was (and is) more helpful and useful than anyone else in the show it seems. Does anyone remember where he got that device from? Because I am pretty sure he stole it from a teacher and that may be a clue that whoever they took the device from is the alpha? I don’t know.

    This story is just full of red herrings, but they are all feasible red herrings and that is what makes the show great. I hate when shows try so hard to throw viewers off a trail that red herring used doesn’t make sense. Like the infamous “fool myself” red herring. Like say I am the killer and I know I am the killer, but there is a scene or two when I am alone and play stupid about something. Like, that makes no sense because I know I am the killer so why is my internal dialogue (or dialogue with myself) one of someone who doesn’t know who the killer is? I hate when they do stuff like that… this show seems to have all red herrings that make sense… so far.

    Though, speaking of not making sense… two things:

    1.) The scenes from next week show them running away from the Alpha and the alpha chasing them. Ummm… the Alpha can keep up with a car. The Alpha moved so fast, they didn’t even see his movements, so how is ANY human able to consistently out run that thing. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    2.) It doesn’t make sense that they can’t heal while unconscious. I mean, healing is an unconscious function at least I think it is… if I am not mistaken, a person in a coma would heal from a cut just like a conscious person would.

    2.) (counting isn’t my strong suit) That the alpha is trying to kill any of these people… if he is trying to kill any of those people. I think his real target may be Allison. I am not sure how, but my thought process is that the Alpha is actually the one that texts Allison to come to the school. I am not sure who the alpha is still, but I think what is going on is that (please bare with me) At the time the Hale’s were burned in their home, they were being visited by another wolf. Maybe that wolf was being considered for joining their pack (not sure how any of that stuff works) but when the house got burned up, this wolf escaped and then somehow became an alpha. Everyone that has been killed was somehow involved in what happened regarding that fire. The vet had a use though, so he let him live or something.

    I really don’t fully get that symbol meaning vengeance though. I thought it was like their pack symbol (the Hales) but it meaning vengeance caught me by surprise. I mean the sister was buried under that symbol not branded with it. Then a deer had the symbol on it, what the hell did that deer do to piss a wolf of to where it wanted vengeance? Jump in front of its car? I’m just sayin’

    But in case I didn’t say it before… they better not kill Derek, and they better not make him permanently damaged or something. That would not be cool in my book. Kill or paralyze Jackson or Lydia or even Allison, but not Derek or Stiles! Yeah I am biased, so what?

    Oh, did anyone else think that Derek looked like an Alpha when he was chasing around Scott in the parking garage? I know they didn’t show show him, but when they showed glimpses of what was chasing Scott, it didn’t look like human and shadowed, when Scott and Derek have “transformed” in the past, they looked like people that could use a Mach 3 Razor for Christmas more than some sort of werecreature. I thought the shadowed creature appeared to be a full wolf. I wonder if Derek can go full wolf now as there would be no other family member above him right now and that would make him the alpha… right?

    You know what? In this episode, Derek spoke as though he has a pack. Wonder if there are more Hales that did not live in that household. Like some cousins, uncles and such.

    Okay, I am done ranting. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to join the “Don’t Kill Derek Dammit!” movement I just started. Later.

    • jmae

      We might not have to put up with Allison and Scott much longer, because in the previews for next week it shows Allison telling Scott she doesn’t trust him and that he’s been lying this whole time(guess she’s talking about while they’re in the school).
      I have a feeling that someone is going to come save them though because it’s way too early to kill of the Alpha. So, maybe the Alpha bites someone else maybe Jackson. Speaking of Jackson what do you think is wrong with him I think it’s a combo of PTSD and infection.

      • Trey D.

        Bah, if they split, it will only be temporary in my opinion. They are just going to have problems just to make their relationship more realistic. I mean in most stories (I think (and sort of like RL)) the relationships seem perfect, but then the problems set in and then (at least in stories) the relationship is made stronger by them getting through the adversities or at least them getting past the problems become part of the adventure.

        I will admit that I like Jackson making Lydia jealous and I do hope he leaves her. I mean, Jackson is a bit of a jerk, but I dislike his girlfriend more. I thought it was great when Scott snubbed her at the bowling alley proving that even though he is full of more hormones than there are stars in the sky, he does have a sense of decency because I know some guys who would have still been all about helping Lydia with her “technique” despite being there with Allison.

        In regards to what Jackson has, I never put much thought into that… but what you are saying sounds very feasible. Like the wound has been untreated so it is infected and inducing fever so the other stuff is in his head.

        Makes you wonder though… what (or who) was Scott smelling in the locker room when he mentioned smelling death? We assumed it was Jackson (and it very well could have been) but what if it was someone else or something else?

    • Hey Trey! Thanks so much for your always awesome commentary and kind words. You know, I actually have this theory as to why Derek Hale isn’t as bad ass as he could be. Simply put, he needs to get laid. And, though it would be a great sacrifice to me, I’m just putting it out there that I’d be willing to “take one for the team” and “lay him,” in an effort to increase Derek’s bad assedness. That’s just the kind of “giving, generous” person that I am. 😉

      Your description of faux red herrings in horror films / murder mysteries is full of win! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a movie or television show, found out who the killer was supposed to be at the end, and then sat there for about ten minutes after watching, thinking. “But wait . . . why did the killer look so freaked out, when he was alone in his house, and Random Not Killer / Top Suspect came to the window? He KNEW Random Not Killer / Top Suspect WASN’T the killer, and that nobody else was looking, so why bother stressing?

      On to my feeble attempts to answer your very intelligent, and highly valid questions, about this show:

      (1) I agree with you that if Alpha WANTED to kill any of the kids at the school he DEFINITELY could do so, without a second thought. But I think, for the most part, trapping Scott and his buddies, is more meant to send a message to SCOTT (or, as you said, to Allison) than anything else. We already know the Alpha doesn’t want to kill Scott. And, though he/she’s already had the opportunity to kill both Jackson and Lydia, he/she chose not to do so. (Though, who knows? Perhaps, he or she will change his or her mind, and off one of those two next week. It’s entirely possible.) Personally, I think the Alpha gutted (but didn’t kill) Derek, and tortured the teens, to show Scott that he better “ship up or ship out,” when it comes to being a good pack member.

      (2) As for wounds not healing when a werewolf is unconscious, I actually think this has to do with Stiles’ discovery that an increased heartrate is what triggers a werewolf transformation. (By the way, he stole the heartrate monitor from the track coach. I recall someone asking that question here. ;)) Even at a “resting” heartrate, werewolves like Scott and Derek have unique wolf-like abilities. They are faster, stronger, and can hear better than the average human being. However, unconscious is unconscious. An unconscious person’s heartrate is even lower than your average resting heartrate. When Scott or Derek are unconscious (as opposed to just sleeping), I imagine that their wolf abilities are also dormant. And since the ability to self-heal is one of those abilities . . .

      (3) I actually do think the Alpha’s kills thus far (deer not included, of course) have been purposeful. That busdriver definitely seemed to know Derek, and, I suspect, had some relationship with the Alpha. That relationship could have been similar to the vet’s relationship, or he could have been a werewolf himself. And I like your idea of the Alpha being an offshoot of Derek’s family / pack, especially considering that Derek’s uncle intimated that the Alpha was a survivor of the Hale family fire.

      Like the Hales, the Alpha definitely has good reason to hate the Argents. But he definitely seems to hate Derek’s family too. (You don’t tend to gut people like a fish, or saw them in half, if you really LIKE them.) I’m definitely intrigued as to how the Alpha went from being a member of the Hale family pack to EVIL EXTRAORDINAIRE.

      (4) As for the vengeance symbol on the deer (LOL re: your comment by the way. Perhaps, the deer chewed up the Alpha’s vegetable garden?), I suspect that was more the Alpha’s way of “tagging” his kill, AND sending a message to Derek that he was watching, than anything else. Because, even though we now know that the spirals mean vengeance, I suspect that symbolism comes specifically from the HALE family, as opposed to from all werewolves, in general. After all, as soon as Derek heard about the symbol being drawn on Scott’s mom’s car, he immediately visited his uncle, and, more or less, inquired as to whether the Alpha was somehow related to HIM.

      Thanks again for your awesome comment, and for inspiring me to think more deeply about an MTV show than I ever thought possible. 🙂 Oh, and, by the way, I’m TOTALLY signing your “Don’t Kill Derek Dammit” petition. 🙂 Will you sign my “Get Derek Laid” one? 😉

      • Trey D.

        Haha, yeah. Sex has been known to solve many a problem (along with cause them) so clearly that is his problem. He’s been alone for how long? All he needs is 50 bucks in shady part of a city and he’ll be smashing alphas in no time.

        1.) That’s what I am thinking, that the alpha actually doesn’t want to kill those kids. It has a different agenda altogether. I really think that the Alpha wants to kill people responsible for what happened to the Hales, but the only thing that doesn’t fit is what happened to the sister… unless she knew. Like she knew it was going to happen and made sure that her and Derek were not going to be there.

        Like I don’t even think the alpha hates the Hales because it could have killed Derek after hitting him the way he did or even Derek’s uncle at the hospital. I think he just wanted to incapacitate Derek as he was the greatest threat to him there.

        2.) The thing is, even when people are in a coma and/or vegetative state, injuries to the body do increase heart rate and stuff. Which makes sense because healing, breathing, etc are part of the autonomic nervous system (I think) so yeah, they should still rapidly heal unconscious or not in my opinion.

        2.) Well, the deer (as you pointed out) clearly ruined the Alpha’s prized winning squash, but who knows why is after everyone else. I am not even certain if the alpha wants to kill Allison as much as use Allison to send a message to the hunters (which could also be done by killing her) but you know what I mean.

        2 1/2) Yeah, I was thinking that when he made the swirly cue thing on Scott’s car, he was actually doing it to send a message to Derek.

        Not only will I sign your “Get Derek Laid” petition, I’ll even add you as recommendation number two. Sorry, I have to put Kate as option 1 because even though I don’t like her, I cannot deny that major sexual tension between those two. I hope you understand.

      • jmae

        Okay I was dog sitting a few days ago and what kjewls said about a lower heart rate while they are passed out would make them not heal makes sense now. The dog I was watching hurt her back on the table trying to get onto the couch and afterwards her heart started beating faster whether it was for the pain I don’t know, but it got me thinking. So maybe the writers are saying that when they are unconscious is when they are closest to being human and that’s why they can’t heal because their bodies revert back to almost human while they are passed out, but if they are conscious their heart rates are able to go up making them more canine so they can heal faster.

  6. Tricus

    I really don’t see the sexual tension or any chemistry between Derek and Kate. She is like in her middle to late 30’s and he is in his early 20’s. Derek is not a vampire who looks young but is very old.Stop pairing them up please. LOL
    I don’t see any desire/awareness or unwilling attraction on Derek side, just anger and wariness. Kate just looks and acts like she would jump on any guy who is willing or passable attractive.
    The show really need another regular cast female to pair up with Derek. Stiles can date many random guest star but Derek seriously needs a woman his age to push his buttons and loosen him up.

  7. Trey D.

    Hmm… I don’t think Kate is that old. I could be wrong, but uh, she doesn’t seem that old to me. Also, based on what she was saying during their encounter, and based on the way she leaned in seductively to “prove she was telling the truth” when she was speaking in his ear… yeah, I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one.

    There was tension and sexual tension was in it… what is even more fascinating is that their “relationship” does have some of the appearances of how relationships have started in other stories. Being adversaries, hating each other yet finding the other attractive, somethings happen and then before you know it, you have a couple. Not saying it will happen, but I think you are mistaken if you think they were not attracted to one another in anyway… in my humble opinion anyway.

  8. jmae

    Okay so I kinda have a spoiler but I don’t know if I should share it just yet
    Well, in my opinion the only thing Derek and Aunt Kate have going for them is a one time hook up. That being said I could definitely see them together, but it seems sort of cliche to me.
    In Walmart of Guns did anyone else think that at some point in time before Allison’s dad was a werewolf hunter that he could have been friends with one of the Hales and that they were the “rabid dog” that his dad put down, because they possibly lost control once. Or maybe that he had a friend that got bit before he was a hunter and that friend changed so his dad killed them. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but it seemed like he was speaking of the dog in a metaphorical sense.
    Ps Do you guys want me to put up the spoiler even though I’m guessing that by tomorrow night you will all know. Even though I consider it to only be half a spoiler.

    • Darn! I love spoilers! Thanks so much for offering to share. I’m just worried, people will get mad at us for posting it here. It kind of makes me wish I had “spoiler font” on WordPress . . .

      • Hey there, Werebangers! This week’s recap is well under way, and should be available for viewing by sometime this evening (Eastern Standard Time). I’m still collecting GIFs and images from the episode to use in it. Plus, I find my recaps turn out a bit more coherent, when I’m not writing them, while half asleep. *blushes* Thanks for being patient, and for not wolfing out on me. 😉

    • Trey D.

      “…In Walmart of Guns did anyone else think that at some point in time before Allison’s dad was a werewolf hunter that he could have been friends with one of the Hales and that they were the “rabid dog” that his dad put down…”

      Nope. Not once did I think this… but it is terribly awesome that you did. Wow. That would make complete sense.

      You know what else would be messed up? If this alpha, killing folk and whatnots, was his friend. Like if they tried to kill him in the fire, feeling he had to be put down at all costs, but he got away.

      I have to say, nice one Jmae. (I know that was corny, but cut me some slack)

      And I am not looking for the two to hook up, I don’t really like Kate, but I was just saying that there was some sex tension (not love or couple tension) there.

      But ooooh, more Teen Wolf tonight!

      Oh and thanks for the spoiler Jmae… me love spoliers… not sure about anyone else though, but I love and appreciate them.

      • Oh my god, that’s actually an incredible idea you utter genius– the fire was started intentionally by the Argents to put down the one Hale which had gotten out of control, maybe someone very close to Papa Argent and he has guilt trips about it! BUT what if the fire burning the house down and killing the OTHER Hales was accidental? And the one Hale they wanted dead escaped and is now the Alpha trying to raise a pack to get revenge on the Argents?! YES because then all the swirls it is drawing are CALLS to Derek to try and get him to join its pack and help eat the Argents! But then why does it stab Derek and kill his sister OH GOD WAIT. What if Derek or his sister were the ones who were supposed to be put down but the rest of the family paid the price in the fire and now the Alpha wants revenge on Derk and his sister as WELL as the Argents because they didn’t suffer with the rest of their family?! Ohh I don’t know! 😀 What I do still want to know is who the hell that bus driver was in episode 3!

  9. jmae

    It’s a good one. Derek is most definitely healed and alive because in next weeks episode he’s running from ‘Big Stiles’. I just have no clue why. And Stiles has to help him with his transformation sense Derek is on the run.

  10. kt

    well well the thing was coming out jacksons mouth i freaked! but i wonder if the alpha put a little bit or wolf in him and it was trying to come out? or if jackson was just flipping out and having a nervous breakdown or something? and stiles definitely needs some female attention (he my favourite(although by now hes probably everyones favourite)) but not lydia!! also NAUGHTY STILES!! you dont throw not one or two but many lacrose balls at scott (even if scott needs a little sense beaten into him 😉 ) and he definitely shouldnt of keyed that guys car and got scott beaten up for it! also im pretty sure the teacher that gave scott and stiles the detention knows something… i dont know what, maybe hes even an alpha…and maybe the vet is an alpha.. cause he disappears and the alpha shows up. but then again maybe thats what the directors want us to think 😉

    • kt

      i forgot to ad that maybe the reason he is ‘coming onto allison is because scott stole his ‘star athlete’ title maybe he wants to steal allison? to get back at scott and maybe hope it makes scotts game weak? i dont know but it seems kinda odd that he would suddenly be interested… hmmm…….only time will tell us 😀

      • Good point, kt! Jackson’s interest in Allison definitely seemed more genuine this week, than it did last week. But, like you, I’m still a bit skeptical. Perhaps, its the result of a mixture of ALL of the things we suggested: (1) natural competitiveness with Scott; (2) genuine interest in Allison; and (3) supernatural / wolfy competitiveness with Scott, as a result of being “touched” by Derek. 😉

    okay caps lock is off. Can’t promise for how long because of overexcited fangirling! I can tell you like the show now too as all the gifs of Damon have disappeared to be replaced with STILES CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

    THE VET! I KNEW IT! There’s defo something dodgy about him but he’s too chubby and random to be the alpha.

    I can’t possibly be the only one who thought the Alpha was gonna draw a freaking smiley face on Scott’s window? It would have been way awesomer and funnier, I genuinly thought it was happening at first and I was getting all excited. Big douchey spiral? LET DOWN!

    Oh there is one back tattoo I can think of hotter than Derek’s, Tom Cruise’s in Rock of Ages. Him as Stacee Jaxx is just, well, I was just sat there in the cinema all innocent *hyperventilating* with my girl friend and then I looked down and ALL OUR CLOTHES HAD FALLEN OFF.

    Scott talked into the microphone the howl (I mean whole, that was a genuine typo not just a sh*t joke) time before he howled, with the lever still pulled down, so wouldn’t the tannoy system also have projected his convo with Stiles? How embarassing, but it didn’t come on so PLOT FAIL! Not to mention that his ‘man howl’ sounded more like a blocked toilet I mean jeez. Derek’s ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’ full on cracked me up. I love Stiles massaging Scott’s shoulders and ya know it was giving off the ‘gay best friend’ vibe as well. NO STILES CANNOT BE GAY BECAUSE THEN HOW CAN HE MARRY ME?! 😛

    I actually understand the Allison/Jackson shippers, after that scene I was like, hey, wouldn’t THAT be interesting! But then I thought that Jackson must have a creepy ulterior motive, mainly, stalking Scott. (HE’S SO IN THE CLOSET. He can’t even deal with the presence of Derek without getting all hot and sweaty. No wonder he puts up with Lydia it’s because he is AFRAID of his sexuality OH MY GOD. HE COULD DATE STILES I need to shut up now) Well I can dream, Jackallison’d sure be more interesting than Sallison Schmallison. Am I the only one who thinks Jackson is just getting felt up by all the wolves the whole time? I mean Derek and the Alpha are like ALL OVER HIM can’t say I blame them much to be fair. Yet it does mean I’m having twisted fantasies about Derek wall slamming Jackson but this time NOT JUST TO ASK HIM WHERE SCOTT IS if you see what I mean (I really, really need to get a boyfriend). xD

    You’re right, Scott is selfish, or at least very self centred. But I don’t know whether that’s down to actual, well, selfishness, or just the fact that HE. IS. A. TOOL. My god he is so THICK he would not be able to tell his HEAD FROM HIS ARSE if he didn’t have Stiles the Awesome Yoda of Awesomeness to basically run his life for him! I’d hate him if he wasn’t so cute irritatingly ‘nice’ and well FITTTTT with his evil wolf eyes (wolf howl, uh uh, not so fit). I love that Stiles got his evil revenge by getting Scott beaten up bwa ha haaa, he’s so smart, and you know, intelligence is attractive 😉

    Allison clearly wearing the trousers in her relationship with Scott adds another to the list of dominatrixes on this show – Lydia and Kate too (yeah I admit I liked how she was evilly seducing Derek last episode and was, deep in the darkest corners of my mind, hoping she would lick him, GOD I NEED A BOYFRIEND) and I BET Mayoress Lockwood I mean Mrs Lydia’s Mom is a dominatrix as well. She looks like the cougar type. You know I kinda like that all the ladies are in charge on this show. Heh heh girl power! (Derek I think has sexual issues because he tied up the vet that was pretty S&M don’t you think? It must be all lonely in his shack at night and plus I bet he’s still all frustrated from Kate not licking him the other night SHUT UP, SHUT UP, I’M SO DESPERATE IT’S PATHETIC!) All the blokes are whipped. Except the creepy teacher (ALPHA?!) I can’t imagine he has a girlfriend (because I think on the paedometer for looks he gets a 9/10). Also except Stiles. He has no lady. Maybe he’ll get a man? ;D Maybe… Sterek? Nah, but I LOVE the bromance SO MUCH THERE. Danny’s not interesting enough so far. I just can’t imagine Stiles with a woman anymore.

    HOW in the name of god does Derek drive a swiz chevy when he lives in a goddamn SHACK which is FALLING DOWN?! HE HAS NO JOB! Apart from running the School of Brooding of course.

    Okay you know after Scott is beaten up, and Stiles smirks, then the scene cuts to in the home and the bloke is sitting in the wheelchair? I LAUGHED SO HARD because I HONESTLY thought it was Scott and that Stiles had let him be beat up so much he was paralysed in hospital hahahaha xD xD Then it just turned out it was burnt uncle and I was like oh, wasted plot oppurtunity. That would have been a fantastic ending, like the end of a Drake and Josh episode or something where they’ve been in a huge scrape and then one of them comes in on crutches/ covered in spaghetti bolognese etc. Also the idea of Scott being in hospital makes evil me laugh inside, yes I know, I’m sick and twisted. 😛

    OH you know last episode when Derek was jumping around shirtless in his shack and growling and generally it was just ridiculously sexy, well you know that hunter he chucked into the wall? What in the name of all that is preshrunk and cottony was up with his hair?! It was SO FUNNY AND UTTERLY GAY. You know I’ve figured it out, this ENTIRE SHOW is just a massive, homoerotic, soft porn thing which has been made especially to give me heart palpatations and next episode I really, REALLY, want all the male characters to have a massive orgy with chocolate pudding. 😛 😛

    The good thing about watching this super late is that I can rest in peace knowing that the Studly Man Wolf aka Derek is not dead. There’s NO WAY he’s dead. I can’t wait to watch the next episode! I’ve watched 6 in the past 2 days it’s so bloody addictive!


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