(Text) Messages from Beyond the Grave – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “The Devil You Know”

Somewhere in Hell Heaven, Alison DiLaurentis is hopping mad that her photograph has been discarded, along with the half-eaten fruits and stale lunch meats.  Meanwhile, on Earth, a TV Recapper simply wonders why no one in Rosewood recycles newspaper . . .

Hello, my Pretties!  It’s time for another installment of “A Knows Everything, and Everybody Acts Shady.”  Surprisingly enough, although this episode was depressingly Dr. WREN-LESS . . .


 . . . and disconcertingly Abs Toby-Free . . .

Pretty Little Spoby

 . . . it still ended up being one of my favorite PLL episodes of the season.


Why? You ask . . .

Because, after weeks and weeks of simply raising more questions, this show FINALLY gave us answers . . . It finally gave us (well . . . at least some of) the TRUTH!

Actually, Mr. Nicholson . . . WE CAN!

So, call up Dolce, Gabbana & Liebowitz, put on your least appropriate funeral dress, and pull up a chair in the local cemetery, because it’s time to get started with this recap . . .

Mystery Solved?  Not so fast . . .

“Hi Girls, it’s Police Boy Garrett!  I just happened to be passing through the school boning Blind Jenna in the janitor’s closet, when I saw all you lovely ladies sitting here.  So, I decided to share with you some important information that the viewers needed to know about Dead Creepy Pedo Zombie Ian.”

When we last left our Pretty Little Liars, they were huddled in a barn together, ogling the gory body of Spencer’s Sister’s Dead Fiance . . .

That’s ME!”

 . . . a traumatizing image that basically guarantees that this foursome will be spending the rest of their lives in therapy . . .

*does Happy Dance* “YEAH!  Show me the MONEY!”  (I’d be smiling right now, but . . . you know . . . Botox.)

Back at school, the girls kindly recap for us what happened last week.  Once they are done doing that, Police Boy Garrett arrives with some lame excuse about “returning evidence to the gym.”  Come on GARRETT!  We all know what (or perhaps I should say WHO) you were doing . . .

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit . . .

Police Boy Garrett has some new information for the girls about Dead Creepy Pedo Zombie Ian.  Or, at least it’s new if you never saw the promos for this week’s episode.  He tells them that the autopsy on Ian’s body proves that, by the time he was found, Ian had already been . . . dead FOR A WEEK!

There must be something magical about Police Boy Garrett’s information reveal.  Because the moment it happens, Spencer and Emily seem to switch bodies.  We know this has happened the minute Emily starts making The Spencer Face.

From that moment on, Emily spends the rest of the episode doing Spencer Things like “Super Sleuthing,” “Mystery Solving,” “Suspect Interrogation,” and “Love Interest Judging.”  This is a side of Emily we had never seen before!  And having the opportunity to see it now, makes me almost as excited as I was the first time we met Drunk Emily . . .



Spencer!Emily Deciphers Coded Suicide Notes!

After the rest of the girls leave the outdoor lounge (with Emily!Spencer undoubtedly wondering why she is suddenly crushing on girls) Spencer!Emily receives (SURPRISE!) yet another cryptic text message from “A.”  The difference of course, is, while most of A’s messages to the girls are merely mean, or annoying, this one is actually quite helpful! 

That’s right Spencer!Emily!  It’s time to do some Detective Work . . .

Helping Emily out is the fact that the girls have not only had the foresight to photograph Ian’s suicide note . . .

 . . . they’ve also saved every text message any of them have ever received from “A” on their cell phones.

Although an enterprising fan had already put together these clues for us last week, I have to say, I was rather impressed with the Mix N’ Match / Word Jumble way Emily figured out that Ian’s so-called suicide note was really nothing more than a list of A’s Greatest Text Messaging Hits. 

(Though, honestly, he or she really should have considered including My Personal Favorite “A” Message in this list . . .)

“Lions and Tigers and B*tches, Oh MY!”

(I still haven’t figured out how “A” managed to insert a text message into a Fortune Cookie!  Best Magic Trick EVER!)

You know what this means, don’t you?  Either Dead Creepy Pedo Ian was an extremely avid Pretty Little Liars fan, OR Ian had died back in the Bell Tower, and “A” shot him and forged the suicide note, to make it look like he wrote it . . .

But, not to worry Spencer!Emily fans!  Our Veronica Mars 3.0 (because the real Spencer is Veronica Mars 2.0, obviously) isn’t finished sleuthing.  Not . . . even  . . . close.

Spencer!Emily Interrogates Fed Ex Dude!

No offense, Logan Reed, but I remember you being a bit hotter you were on this show . . .

Open your legs and spread ’em!  (I think I’ve seen a few pornos that began this way.)

While picking up a package at Fed Ex, Emily notices a familiar face behind the counter.  (Cue The Spencer Face!)  Upon further investigation, she learns that Fed Ex Dude is actually Logan Reed.   Remember him?  He’s the guy who SOMEONE paid off to take the ransom money Police Boy Garrett and the girls used to try to catch Creepy Pedo Ian in the act of stealing the incriminating Dead Ali Snuff Porn video that “A” sent to them.

Ohhhh YEAH!  I remember him!”

Poor Logan Reed pretty much pees himself, upon realizing that Emily recognizes him.  So, he runs away from her like a B*tch!

Your ass is GRASS, Mister!”

However, with a little persistence, Spencer!Emily is eventually able to get Logan to talk.  He tells her that he had never even met Dead Creepy Zombie Pedo Ian.  Rather, he found an advertisement on line, offering him cash, if he pretended to be Ian and picked up some ransom money.  After Logan accepted the “job,” the rest of the transaction was completed by phone.  And the person on the other end of the line was . . . A WOMAN!

Now, I give credit where credit is due.  And I have to say, for a PLL I have always described as being not the brightest bulb in the lamp, Emily has shown herself to be pretty smart this week.  So, of course, before the episode ends, she has to do something PRETTY DARN STUPID to “even things out a bit” . . .

Spencer!Emily Trusts Police Boy Garrett (AGAIN!)

EMILY: “Hey, aren’t you that guy from the Lizzie McGuire Movie?”

GARRETT:  “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

It’s been almost a year?  Haven’t the PLL girls learned by now that all the cops in Rosewood are shady douche-monkeys, who just happen to look good with their shirts off?  Just like all Rosewood teachers like to make monkey with their younger students.

Oh, Deputy Douchey!  I miss YOU!

For whatever reason, Spencer!Emily gets the bonehead idea to tell Police Boy Garrett about Logan Reed, and the whole Ransom Money Thing . . .

Riiiiight . . . because this guy has been SO helpful and trustworthy thus far, it TOTALLY makes sense to confide in him again. 

Initially, of course, Police Boy Garrett shrugs off Emily’s information, basically telling her that Logan Reed doesn’t matter, since Ali’s killer, i.e. Ian, has already “confessed.”  Later, however, we see him (1) paying Logan WADS OF CASH to leave town, and never talk to Emily, or any of the PLL girls, again .  . .

Wow!  That’s a lot of Green Stuff!  They must pay cops REALLY WELL in Rosewood, which is strange, especially considering how bad they all suck.

 . . . and (2) calling Blind Jenna to tell her everything has gone according to plan. 

Hey Baby, what are you wearing?”

“I don’t know.  Whatever Toby dressed me in, this morning.”

In all honesty, I think most of us had figured out, long before this episode aired, that Blind Jenna and Police Boy Garrett were the ones who orchestrated the Ian Porn Tape Handoff, last season.  But still, it was nice to FINALLY get conclusive evidence that this had occurred.  And yet, aside from doing whatever it takes to keep their own relationship a secret, Police Boy Garrett’s and Blind Jenna’s connection to “A” and/or Ali’s murder still remains to be seen .  . .

But fear not, my Pretties!  Spencer!Emily still has one more sleuthing trick up her sleeve.  However, I’m going to save that one for the very end of this recap, just to keep you guessing . . .

Speaking of Emily’s alter-ego / body swapping partner for the week . . .

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (especially, when you are related to an EVIL WENCH like Crazy Nanny Carrie Melissa)

Coincidentally, this is a photograph of Melissa .  . . about two seconds before her head starts spinning around and spewing out green stuff.

Normally known for her Nancy Drew-itus, Spencer was surprisingly Emily-like this week, in that she opted to steer completely clear of “A”-themed drama, in favor of “moving on with her life.”  In fact, when Emily first came to her with all her Super Sleuth News, Spencer COMPLETELY BLEW HER OFF!

Unfortunately for Spencer, A had other plans for her snarkiest victim.  It all started when Spencer decided to do something nice for her traumatized, but still patently unlikeable, sister, by convincing her parents to give Dead Creepy Zombie Pedo Ian a full-fledged funeral, so that Melissa could get closure on her bizarre romantic relationship with the guy.

Remember this scene . . . where Spencer mistook her own grandmother for a reporter, and called her a Scum-Sucking Bottom Feeder over the phone, possibly giving the Old Lady a heart attack?  Good times!

By the way, I always found it a bit strange that Creepy Pedo Ian seemingly had no family, whatsoever.  Then again, this fact just confirms my suspicion that he is actually a Devil Spawn.

 . . . or an Evil Leprechaun . . .

All this Scum Sucking Bottom Feederness is actually followed up by a very sweet, poignant, and touchingly well-acted moment, in which Spencer’s mother FINALLY apologizes for never believing Spencer about Creepy Pedo Ian being a total sociopath.  (Now we’ve just got to wake Mommy up to the fact that her other daughter is a Psychotic Wench . . . baby steps.)

In addition to doing this, Mama Hastings also gets major points for STILL loving Dr. Wren as much as we do, and giving him his only shout-out in the entire episode.

Later, up in her room, Spencer starts looking for wedding rings online (not that Melissa would want to wear that ring NOW).  

To her chagrin she learns that Creepy Pedo actually spent a whopping $10 Gs on Melissa’s ring.  (The Rosewood school system must pay pretty well, I guess).  Even the knock off rings are too rich for Spencer’s blood!

“Hmmm . . . I wonder how much money Toby is going to spend on MY wedding ring, considering I BOUGHT HIM A CAR.”

Always one to add insult to injury, “A” picks this as the opportune moment to drop Spencer a little love text . . .

Note:  The word “ring” has TWO meanings . . . 😉

Later in the episode, Melissa does that thing she does every few episodes, in which she pretends to be nice to Spencer, by apologizing for not believing a word she says, turning her own parents against her, and basically torturing her, throughout her ENTIRE existence.  But just when Spencer is about to confess her sins to her sister, a phone RINGS, from inside her purse.

Surprise!  It’s Ian’s PHONE . . . the one “A’s” been using to send Melissa messages from a Dead Man . . .AND the one “A” slipped into Spencer’s purse at the end of last week’s episode, seemingly for this precise purpose.  Now convinced that her own sister totally hates her as much as all the viewers do, Melissa FREAKS OUT, and stomps off, leaving a shocked and saddened Spencer in her wake.

“What’s wrong?  Was it something I texted?”

Poor Spencer!  She can NEVER WIN . . . well . . . ALMOST never .  . .

In that horrifying moment, Emily!Spencer was put to rest, and Sleuthing Spencer came out of retirement . . . possibly for good . . .

Meanwhile, in Hanna-land . . .

From “Eat, Pray, Love” to “Drink, Snap, Slap,” to “Hug, Kiss, Screw?”


When we first see Hanna, Caleb has stopped by her home again to stare at her boobs some more see how she’s been holding up, since the Dead Body Encounter.  At first, Hanna is not exactly responsive to Caleb’s obvious affectionate overtures.  “One date does not a relationship make,” she lectures.

OK . . . but how about multiple dates, some almost-shower sex, a few hot breakfast makeout sessions, my taking your virginity in a tent, and my living in your house for weeks, before, finally, telling you I love you.  Does that a relationship make?”

Hanna apologizes for her rudeness, and inquires as to whether Caleb has ever seen a dead body before.  He tells her that he has.  (Something tells ME, there’s a juicy story there . . .)  At some point during all this, Hanna’s mom barges in, all freaked out because Hanna has not been answering her cell phone. 

In a surprisingly sweet scene, that serves as an excellent parallel to the one I described earlier between Spencer and her mom, Hanna’s mom admits that ever since this whole thing happened with Dead Creepy Pedo Zombie Ian, she has been frantic that something bad would happen to Hanna too (or, at least, something worse than all the awful crap that has already happened).  Hanna lies reassures her Mom that the worst is over, and the two share an intensely emotional hug, as Caleb looks on awkwardly at the Tampon Commercial playing out right before his very eyes .  . .

In other Mama Marin is Trying to Be a Good Parent news, Mommy Dearest rightly instructed her daughter that a tight slutty little red dress is NOT appropriate funeral attire, no matter how much you despise the Dearly Departed  . . .  “It’s a funeral, not a Nicki Minaj concert,” Mama Marin quips, earning extra points for actually knowing who Nicki Minaj is . . .


But you don’t really care about Hanna and her Mom, do you?  You want to hear more about HALEB!  Well, my Pretties, you are in luck, because things are about to get pretty steamy in Haleb town . . .

Not this steamy, mind you . . . but close.

It all starts when Hanna apologizes to Caleb at school for forcing him to be a witness to her and her mother’s “chick flick.”  Caleb admits that he envies Hanna’s close relationship with her mother.  After all, Caleb’s only relationship with his Foster Mom is when she shows up at Social Services meetings to collect her checks. 

Caleb notes that there’s a big difference between “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Drink, Snap, Slap.”

Hanna learns first hand that Caleb is telling the truth about his Evil Miss Hannigan from Annie-type Foster Mom, when she arrives at school, berating him for not making her look “good” at one of their meetings.  Thinking fast and rightly assuming that Evil Foster Mom knows precisely NOTHING about fashion, Hanna confronts Evil Foster Mom herself, claiming that if Momsy doesn’t promptly return to Caleb ALL the money she’s been basically stealing from him, Hanna’s mother, who works for the firm of Dolce, Gabbana and Leibowitz (ha ha ha) will sue the Walmart Clearance Rack pants off of her.

“I think I just pooped myself.”

Believe it or not, Caleb’s NotMom, though clearly clever enough to defraud the Foster Care System is also dumb enough to believe Hanna’s lame threat.  So, she promptly leaves Caleb a wad of cash before skipping town for good.  Recognizing that Hanna is clearly behind all this, Caleb ditches a night watching Goonies with Lucas . . .

Awww Lucas!  You really ARE Seth Cohen Reincarnated, aren’t you?

 . . . to spend some more time in Hanna’s kitchen eye f*&king her to pieces.  And for THIS, Hanna rewards HIM, by cleaning his teeth with her tongue.  Ahhhhh, Young Love!

Speaking of . . . well . . . slightly less Young Love . . .

Trouble in Ezria-land / Jason Makes His Move


Aria and Fitzy are having a little Heart-to-Heart in his New Swanky College Professor Office, while Fitzy’s Poor Man’s Megan Fox and let’s face it, Megan Fox is already pretty Poor Man, herself ex-fiance lurks outside, sporting a major Puss Face.

Remember that awful movie, Jennifer’s Body, where Megan Fox . . . like ATE people?  That’s kind of what I imagine Jackie would like to do to Aria here . . .

Awkwardness ensues when Jackie starts flirtatiously calling Fitzy “Z,” and Fitzy responds by referring to Aria as “My Former Student Who I Occasionally Screw.

Being the patient person she can sometimes be, Aria lets Fitzy off pretty easy for this relationship faux pas, by making him promise to start referring to her as his “friend” in the future.

With “friends” like these, who needs sex toys enemies?

Back at home, Aria gets a late-night visit from Facelift Jason, who, apparently found Aria’s Sociopathic Kleptomaniac brother lurking around his yard, in the middle of the night.  Facelift Jason SAYS that he doesn’t want to rat out Mike for stealing his stuff, because HE TOO, used to be a Very Bad Boy.  And yet, the way he ogles Aria (not to mention, lingers for WAY TOO LONG by the doorway, long after Mike is safely back inside the house)  makes me think that the REAL REASON that Facelift Jason didn’t rat out Aria’s brother, is because he wants to get into those Montgomery pink panties, STAT!

I have this theory that, in addition to being able to change his face and body at will, Facelift Jason also has X-ray Vision.  (“The better to see what color bra you are wearing, My Dear Aria.”)

Later, in an intense discussion with Devil Boy Mike, Aria learns that HE is the one that is probably “A” has been stealing camping gear, and other assorted supplies from houses throughout the neighborhood . . . just for fun.

Geez DUDE!  You and Melissa should join the Evil Siblings Brigade!

Devil Boy is ALSO responsible for doing THIS to Aria, a few episodes back (while he was busy raiding Spencer’s house, of course) . . .

Nothing is sweeter than Brotherly LOVE!

At Ian’s funeral, Aria is pleasantly surprised when Fitzy arrives there to support her in her hour of need . . .

However, that happiness quickly sours, when Fitzy, upon being confronted by Aria’s parents, wimps out, and says he’s there to support “all his students.”  (LAME!) 

Oooh!  You are SO in the Doghouse for that one, Fitzy!

Speaking of the funeral, I found the image of the four PLL girls standing front and center in front of the coffin, with not entirely solemn looks on their faces to be highly reminiscent of the PLL poster that ABC Family put out in early Season 1, as well as the show’s opening sequence.  A very cool little parallel, Production Department!  Kudos for this!

During the services, Aria spots a rather contrite-looking Facelift Jason sitting off to the side, and mentions his presence to Emily.

“I am so friggin high, I have no idea how I got here . . .”

With an attitude highly reminiscent of the judgy snarkiness Spencer used to use to describe Abs Toby, back in Season 1, Emily angrily calls Facelift Jason A FREAK!  And it, honestly, seems really out of character for Emily, especially since she was the FIRST of the PLL girls to trust Toby, back when everyone else was calling HIM a freak . . .

Then again, those Abs ARE freakishly sexy!

I was momentarily confused by this.  But then I remembered that this week Emily is Spencer!Emily.  So, I decided to let it go . . .

“Oh, shut up and go back into your OWN body, SPENCER!”

After the services, Aria gives Fitzy ONE LAST CHANCE to make things right between them, by admitting to him that all she wants is ONE SINGLE ITTY BITTY HUG from him right now.  I actually think this was a fairly REASONABLE request on Aria’s part.  After all, EVERYONE HUGS at funerals.  It’s not exactly a gesture that screams Illicit Affair.  And besides, Fitzy had to notice how vulnerable Aria was in that moment.  But . .  . HE WIMPED OUT ANYWAY, rushing away from the scene as fast as his little pasty white legs could carry him . . .


So, partly to get revenge on Fitzy, and partly, because she was genuinely concerned for his well-being, Aria goes to sit next to Facelift Jason on the bench.

Now, as much as I tease Facelift Jason (and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon), I must say that I think Drew Van Acker is actually a pretty darn talented actor.  (And it doesn’t hurt that he shares a major resemblance to Sasha Pieterse’s Ali)  This scene, in which Facelift Jason admitted to Aria, always having been jealous of Ali, and worrying that the wrong child in his family died, was oddly touching.  Lucy Hale was also stellar in this scene.  And the way she comforted Facelift Jason seemed really genuine to me.

During this exchange, we also learned that, up until Creepy Pedo Ian’s death, Facelift Jason always worried that HE killed Ali, since he was so stoned and drunk the night of her murder that he blacked out and doesn’t remember a thing.  What’s worse, “A” seemed to have left a note in his pocket on that fateful night . . .

Hey, isn’t that the name of a movie?

(Geez!  Imagine how disappointed Facelift Jason is going to be, when he finds out that Creepy Pedo Ian DIDN’T really kill Alison, and that he’s still a suspect.  Then again, by that point, he will probably be too busy sucking face with Aria to care.)

Speaking of the Dead Guy . . .


Remember earlier on in this recap, when I said that Spencer!Emily has one more Sleuthing Trick up her sleeve?  Well, here it is!  Upon getting a message and a map from A, connecting Ian’s coffin to Ali’s, Emily decides to take the rest of the PLL’s on a fun little cemetery field trip.  When they get to Ali’s grave, that old porn video that supposedly showed Ian having sex with killing Alison plays from a projector somewhere in the midst . . . except, NOW the video is unedited.  And NOW it shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Creepy Pedo DID NOT kill Ali! 

The question, of course, is WHO DID?  And why did “A” seemingly trick the girls into thinking Ian was the killer?  As the episode draws to a close, we see a dark (kind of short?) figure emerge from the darkness, carrying a video projector.   The ominscient “A” has struck again!

So, my Pretties!  I turn this episode over to YOU.  What did you think?  Any guesses now as to who “A” is?  How about Ali’s killer?  Do you hate Melissa and Mike as much as I do?  Are you Team Ezria or Team Jaria?  And, most importantly, when do you think Dr. Wren and Abs Toby are coming back?

See ya next week!

(P.S.  Special  thanks to THIS AMAZING WEBSITE for all the spectacular screencaps you see here!)

[www.juliekushner.com][Fangirls Forever]


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14 responses to “(Text) Messages from Beyond the Grave – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “The Devil You Know”

  1. Amazing as usual. It looks like we did it again, I also compared Emily to Spencer but didn’t really know why accept she always seems to be digging into things LOL. For some reason I didn’t miss Toby this week I guess too much other stuff was going on I didn’t even mention him. I just felt so sorry for Spencer its so strange the way the people in her household behave to me. I can understand Janet is just lazy and wants the money from fostering Caleb not that its right at all but I can see that it happens I am sure. Hanna and her mother’s situation is probably the most normal with Ashley being a single mother. The Montgomery’s try to be normal but they fight over the smallest thing and they don’t seem stable to me at all. I think Mike has picked up on that and is acting out but if Aria never lets him get caught then he might end up in a big mess. On to the fun stuff I love the way you talk of Crazy Carrie/Melissa she is one messed up sister. I don’t at this point see any redemption for her except whatever confession that she was about to make. I still don’t get why Ian would have a red phone it just seems out of character for a guy. As far as Jason goes his relief that he didnt’ kill Alison is going to be short lived; though I wonder who will be the one to tell him? Will Aria take a walk of faith and confess what they are all investigating? Do you think its time they let someone in on the A texts? or is it too soon in the season? Of course they probably figure its safer for people not to know seeing as Ian has died as well as Alison. Would they dare to keep their mouths shut now as they figure things out?

    • Hey there, sassyfran! 🙂

      Gosh, back during the pilot episode, when Hanna’s mom was sleeping with Deputy Douchey, so he’d drop the shoplifting charges against her, did you EVER think you’d be writing a comment stating that she was the most “well-adjusted” of the PLL parents? 🙂 It’s amazing what a difference a year makes!

      I kind of hope that Aria doesn’t tell Facelift Jason what she knows about Ian not killing Alison. (Everytime these girls tell ANYONE ANYTHING, it always ends up biting them in the ass. Heck, they can’t even confide in a THERAPIST, without A knowing about it.) And yet, I kind of fear that she will eventually come clean to him. As of now, I don’t think that Jason killed Alison. But it would be interesting if it turns out that he was at the scene of the crime, passed out, and, therefore, very easy to frame. Since Facelift Jason’s storyline absolutely seems to be a Toby 2.0, I can definitely see something like this happening, where EVERYBODY, including Aria, and Jason himself, think that Jason killed Alison, until the real culprit reveals him or herself.

      Speaking of revealing. I kind of hope we AT LEAST find out who killed Alison this season or next, if the show writers REFUSE to tell us who “A” is. As great as it was to get some answers, to some of the smaller PLL questions, this week, the writers are going to need to do more than that in the season’s final episodes, if they want to keep fans tuning in for Season 3. I’m actually of the mindset that this show could survive, even if both questions were answered in the near future. I think the writing and acting on PLL is solid enough for the show to take on a brand new mystery . . .one that doesn’t necessarily have to coincide with the books.

      LOL about Ian’s phone being red. 🙂 I actually have a red phone fairly similar to his! Go figure! But you are right, Ian always struck me as more of an iPhone kind of guy . . .

      I thought the twist this week, that “A” was actually LEADING the girls to blame Ian for Alison’s murder, so that the REAL murderer could roam free, was a very clever one. It will be interesting to see how the girls handle this new discovery. Personally, I would like to see the PLL’s try and beat “A” at her own game, by trapping her or him through text messages and other mixed media. Granted, I’m not sure yet how they would go about doing that. I just think it would be fun to watch the girls be on “offense,” for a change.

      Thanks again for your awesome comment! 🙂 See you next week!

  2. MCRmyMember

    As usual, I loved your recap, it was hysterical. It made me crak up sooo much, espicially about the Spencer/Emily body switch! 🙂
    My falcon boy (Toby) will be back next week!!!!!! Am soooo pumped that he can fly free, but i hope that nothing bad happens at the fashion show that makes him go into hibernation. 😉
    I love Hanna and Caleb. That last scene of them was incredibly sweet, even if Hanna’s threat to Caleb’s foster mom was lame. But it’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂
    Emily was acting strangly Spencer-like this week, wasn’t she? But I’m sure that she will be back to her regular, non-questioning self by next week. And what is Samara even doing there anyway? i guess you were right when you said she might like porn, judging by the Much Music promo. 🙂
    Aria needs to decide between Jason and Ezra soon. But, knowing the PLL writers, they’re going to drag this one out for as long as possible.
    And we need to find out who either A or Ali’s killer is. And they don’t have to go by the books. I could see them revealing who A is soon, just because they could create another A.
    I can’t wait for the next episode, because both Caleb and Falcon Boy will be back!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!
    Here is the Much Music promo, and ABC Family promo:

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap, MCRmyMember! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      And thank you so much for linking me with those awesome promos! You know, I might sound like a traitor to my own country saying this, but I almost always prefer the Much Music promos to the ABC Family ones. Much Music almost always makes me excited for the upcoming episode. Whereas ABC Family . . . : /

      When I saw the promo for the show at the end of the episode on ABC Fam, I thought to myself, “Meh . . . a fashion show, where “A” does creepy stuff with Ali’s picture. LAME!” However, learning from Much Music that this is going to be a “tribute” to Ali, requested by her MOTHER, and featuring (I think) her own fashions, now, that makes things more interesting . . . (It also makes what “A” did to Ali’s picture even more inappropriate / disturbing.)

      And have you seen the sneak peeks for the episode on line? It looks like Mona and Noel are going to climb back to the top of the “A” suspect list super fast!

      That scene featuring Caleb (I think it was Caleb) and Samara DID look really suspicious. Does Samara play for both teams? 🙂

      I am also happy that Abs Toby a.k.a. Falcon Boy will make a return appearance for you. (Hopefully, shirtlessness will be involved). Now, just tell me Wren will also be attending this “Tribute,” and you will make me a very happy camper.

      A girl could dream, right? 🙂

  3. :)

    Yayyy your back!!!

    You do not understand how LOST I was when I watched this episode! Thank you so much….I realized that I was lost based on the switcheroo with Spencer and Emily. I mean I’m personally still trying to get used to Jason 2.0.

    Speaking of Jason I have a theory that he molested Allison…no joke (teehee). But the way he was staring at Aria just made me feel like he targets young girls….you know he reminds me of Ian in this case. And if Jason goes down the same path as Ian, he might end up in a barn. shot in the head. with a second graders handwritten suicide note….it’s a sad way to go.

    This episode furthers my hatred towards Mike…I don’t have much to say, but in my opinion someone needs to whoop his ass period. I mean he is being brought up in a well established neighborhood with everything he needs, soo why rob!

    For the child porno starring Ian and Allison……was not impressed and totally expected lol 🙂

    This episode was not only confusing, but lacking….idk but I appreciate the recap it was very needed. Can’t wait for next week!

    Speaking of next week…I just saw the canadian promo and I am positive I just saw Emily strip in front of the devil 🙂 Imma have a lot to sayy then!


    • :)

      Ohhh btw! Wetpaint.com has great spoilers

    • Hey there, :)!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who found Emily and Spencer (but mostly Emily) to be really out of character, this week. I mean, I sort of understand that the writers wanted to show that Spencer, having been “closest” to the whole Ian situation, was sort of trying to repress it from memory. And, because she was depressed, she wasn’t acting like herself. However, of all the PLL girls, Emily seemed like the least likely to go all Veronica Mars / Nancy Drew on us . . .

      I too got the impression that Facelift Jason (or, perhaps, one of his friends) had sexually abused Ali, during that flashback, where Ali came back from her brother’s party all upset. I kind of hope it wasn’t Facelift Jason, since that would put a serious ICK factor into this “thing” he has going on with Aria now. And besides, we already had ONE Creepy Pedo on the show. I really think one Ian is enough. 🙂

      I despise Mike too, almost as much as Bushy Eyebrows Noel. (No wonder those two are friends!) I suspect we will soon learn that Mike had a very specific reason for robbing those houses. If he’s not “A,” I’m guessing that “A” convinced him to do it, through blackmail or other means . . .

      LOL about the Ian / Ali sex tape. I ALWAYS KNEW that was SEX HAND! I wasn’t fooled for a second! (And, apparently, neither were you!)

      As for the Canadian promo, I guess I’ll have to watch it again, because I saw Samara (a.k.a. the Devil) stripping in front of A DUDE. Your version sounds a lot more likely . . .

      And thanks for the info on the spoiler site! You are right. Those were awesome! 😉


  4. Anastasia

    MegaVideo (where I watch PLLs) has recently caught on and removed uploads – hence I basically have to watch the ep within 48hrs from when it appears :(. Cause we don’t usually get shows from other countries for 1-2 years after (with the exception of Glee).

    Anyone know any sites that aren’t US only, to watch PLLs?

    It is odd that Ian doesn’t have family. But didn’t he live in Rosewood when Ali was around, and he coached hockey hence didn’t make lots of money and has had to live with someone… That is odd.

    Aren’t engagement rings meant to cost 3mths pay? That would be around 12k-36k.

    That part where Ezra offers to introduce Aria as Pookie-Bear was so cute ^^, her expression not so much (only noticed that in the gif though, I saw this about a week ago).

    I didn’t like his scene at the funeral, it would have better if he was no… but then there’s dramatic music and he’s back (like with Albert and the puffer door scene in Hitch), but then that wouldn’t gotten the insight with Jason scene… Btw is it just me, or is Aria’s low cut dress not exactly appropriate for a funeral? (http://www.autostraddle.com/pretty-little-liars-fashioncap-205-how-to-definitely-not-dress-for-a-funeral/)

    • Have you tried TVPC? 🙂

      LOL about the Pookie Bear Scene. I guess it’s hard to look cute when someone is squeezing your face. 🙂

      It was frustrating that Fitzy wouldn’t even give poor Aria a teensy weensy little hug, after all she had been through. He’s not her teacher anymore. And, even if he was, I don’t think a clean innocent hug between a student and teacher at a funeral is necessarily enough to raise eyebrows. Fitzy was overreacting, plain and simple.

      And yeah, Aria’s dress might not have been exactly funeral-appropriate. But, hey, at least she didn’t look like she was going to a Nikki Minaj concert? 😉

  5. Hey KJEWLS! (Or should I call you Eeyore? I think it’s awesome I am not the only one who still loves Winnie. I am tearing up my old clothes to look for my old pair of overalls with an embroided Winnie on the front. Sure they fit when I was in the second grade, but maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze into them. So, if you know wish to now call me Tigger, feel free to!) My apologies for not responding as soon as I normally do. In my defense, a huge storm swept through my town and I was out of power (and internet) for three days cause of stupid power lines down. It also meant I couldn’t watch this all new episode until I bought it on iTunes. One word: HELL. I was just glad I had an iPod to allow me to read your recap as soon as I woke up on Thursday morning. I didn’t want to comment until I had my computer back. So, now that I am here, you don’t have to worry about me falling into the Lost Vortex.
    Hanna has come through for me two weeks in a row now. I don’t know what’s with her new attitude change of helping people, but I am guessing that both Lucas and Caleb are converting her into some kind of Saint. Maybe it’s just because she is staying away from Mona. Yeah, I think that’s it (Speaking of which, I have not missed her or Blind Jenna or Bushy Eyebrows Noel at all these past few weeks). Her mom also went up on my list for ‘Best Mom on PLL’ for knowing who Nicki Manaj was (I didn’t even know how to pronounce her name.). Mama Marin, congrats, you are heading off of the Douche Doer list. Feel very proud, very proud indeed!
    I am not giving up on Luanna quite yet, but I have decided that I’ll live if Hanna and Caleb reunite their relationship. I am only saying that because I loved Caleb’s hair in this episode. When he came to her house to give her the ice, I was like MESMERIZED in the natural messiness of it. So, as long as Caleb keeps his hair like that, I won’t be forced to be anti-Haleb like I was last season.
    My sister actually noticed it right after I did and turned to me and said, “Wouldn’t Spencer usually be investigating?” Seeing the Emily face for the first time instead of checking out her New Girl of the Week was a nice change. Though I am mad that she went to Garrett about Logan, because now I highly doubt we will see that hottie again! There goes my proposed Arogan relationship.
    Spencer and Melissa are the exact opposite of how me and my sister react when we do something wrong and the other finds out to blackmail the other. Melissa is just plain loco and mentally ill. I mean, I can’t blame her for being upset about being married to a pedophile and bearing half of him inside of her, but seriously? I think that Spencer should get as far away from Crazy Nannie Carrie as soon as possible. And head straight into Dr. Hunky’s arms! (I missed Wren too….I want to hear that accent every dang week now. Thanks, KJEWLS, for getting me into British boys, because I never had a thing for that until I started to read this blog.)
    Now for my favorite part of each and every episode: EZRIA. (Okay I am admitting that I love them together probably because without the relationship, Ezra won’t stay and my once a week of Ian Harding fulfillment will not happen. It was already proven in the first half of Season 1. I love Aria, though.) The first scene with them (Zookiebear, I love that nickname, BTW, whoever came up with it. Combining Ezra’s old nickname with Aria’s was a stroke of pure genius) was ADORABLE and I cannot say how close I got to saying, “Maybe they lied and Aria and Jason won’t have a fling after all.” The only bad thing in that scene was the fact that Jackie had to interrupt the
    Then the funeral came. Aria wanted Ezra to tell her parents right there, at a funeral? Is that because there is a casket right there that her parents will stuff him in? I’ve been to three or four funerals in my life (one very recent: last month for my Great Uncle Paul) and trust me: People are not in the mood to deal with a (former) teacher/student relationship as well as their loved one’s death. Not that Ian Thomas was that ‘loved’ by the Montgomery family, but I think you catch my drift. So, Aria, take that as constructive criticism to TIME YOUR SOON TO BE PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP OUTING BETTER!
    Now, its Ezra’s turn to screw up. When he was talking to Aria after the burial, she told him right them that she wanted/needed a hug from him right then. What is his answer? “I’ll call you…later” What the heck, Ezzy? There is nothing wrong with comforting her with a hug in front of her parents. Its just being a good boyfriend. And being appropriate at a frigging funeral. Trust me, at my Uncle Paul’s funeral, there was so much hugging (some with relatives I hardly even remember since I haven’t seen them since…..Let’s just say it was a while!) I felt like a damn sardine. And it wouldn’t scream, “OOOOOO those two are so a couple.” Unless Ezra and Aria were to look like this (Your welcome for somehow involving Delena in this post) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7sDhn1i-t8. And I see you brought back the Pasty White legs joke again. I guess there are some things you never agree on. Just to get his legs out of your mind (they are mine to goggle and drool over anyway), I’ll bring back this Ezzy that we both love: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmt74iD8J81qh5egvo1_500.gif
    I realized something this week. I can deal with Jackie in PLL. 1) Ezra is obviously over her 2) She’s annoying and stalkish 3) She’s the past that Ezra regrets ever having 4) She’s annoying and stalkish (did I repeat that? My bad…) 5) Ezra never gave her a nickname, thus she has no importance in his life anymore. She’s like a bug everyone wants to squish, but no one has the guts too. Jason, on the other hand, needs to follow her sister’s footsteps and fall off the face of the Earth. I can’t stand the fact that when he dropped off Mike at Aria’s house and stood at the door for way too long after it was SOOOOO obvious that Aria wanted to go send flirty make up texts to Ezra “the Man of Many Wonders” Fitz (or to her mother. Who knows?) It was torture. Then just when I thought I couldn’t hate him anymore, I saw the convo that he and Aria had after Pedo Ian’s funeral. Their relationship is just way too forced and not to mention, if Aria does end up having a thing with Jason while still being with Ezzy, that’d break my main man’s heart! And we both know what happened when Ezra was heartbroken the last time. I felt his pain and I wanted to kill Jackie. So, let’s just say that I hope that Aria picks the obviously better looking, more polite and breathtakingly sexy choice (*cough* Ezra *cough*) or she may not all too popular with me anymore.
    Anyways, awesome recap and I must say, I can never get enough of this blog or any of your recaps. When I was on my 4th of July vacation, I visited all of your old PLL recaps and I couldn’t stop laughing at all the snarkiness. I am just so happy that Ezra is no longer “Random Teacher Dude” or “Pasty White Legs Fitz” anymore. Very proud that I, as well as other Ezra fans on this sight *waves to fellow Ezzy fans*, are converting you into a somewhat of an Ezra fan. LOL. See you next week!

    • Hey there, Tigger! 🙂

      (The end part of this video, where all the other animals are doing the Tigger Jump cracks me up.)

      You know, if you do find the overalls, even if they don’t fit anymore, I bet you could cut out the embroidered part, and sew it onto a book bag or something. I do stuff like that all the time. There’s no shame in loving Tigger. 🙂

      SQUEE, you’ve become a Wren fan (And a Boys with Accents fan!) Just wait, British accents are only the beginning. In no time you will be falling for Australian accents, Irish accents, and New Zealand ones too! I had a guy in one my classes once from Australia, and every time he talked, I let out a rather embarrassing sigh. He wasn’t even that cute, but I was absolutely in LOVE with HIS VOICE! It did something to me . . .

      As for Wren *sigh* . . . they HAVE to bring him back again . . . they just have to! (And, if these pictures are any indication, they absolutely will.)

      Spoiler alert:

      My theory? I’ve read somewhere that “A” is going to start messing with the adorable union that is Spoby. (You leave Abs Toby and Spencer alone, A! Haven’t they been through enough?)

      And while I REALLY don’t want this plotline to happen, for Spencer’s sake, I could stand it, if it means that “A” uses WREN to try to make Toby jealous. But then, of course, in MY storyline, Wren tells Toby (in his GORGEOUS ACCENT) that Toby doesn’t need to worry, because Wren’s been happily dating a TV Recapper. And he and Spencer are just good friends. 🙂 (See what I did there?)

      Speaking of Wren, scroll forward to 1:21 in this video to see Julian Morris GIVE THE WEATHER REPORT! Totally adorable! (He seems like a really sweet guy too!)

      Speaking of videos, thank you so much for the Delena Hug *does happy dance* You KNOW what I like!!! Have you by chance seen the SEQUEL to the Delena Hug in episode 2 X12? It’s worth a look, if you haven’t. . . . 😉 (It’s like the first hug, only it LASTS LONGER! ;))

      I loved your comment about Caleb and his hair. Caleb definitely strikes me as a guy who secretly spends HOURS in front of the bathroom mirror to get his hair to look perfectly messy like that. Even in the shower . . .

      (What can I say, I’m in a video mood!)

      I still think Luanna are endgame though . . . 😉 But if that endgame includes another stopover at showertime for Haleb, you can count me in. (Because, I’m shallow like that.)

      Yep, Fitzy (haha, I forgot I used to call him Random Teacher Dude. That’s really funny.) definitely picked the wrong time to not give Aria a hug. (Hence, my punishment of him with the return of the Pasty Legs Picture). However, I don’t see him going down without a fight. (Don’t click below, if you are anti-spoiler.)


      Thanks so much for stopping by and talking PLL with me. This was a lot of fun. I’m so glad you got your TV and Internet back! 🙂

      • Don’t worry, my Pretties! A Pretty Little Recap is on its way, and should be ready for viewing, within the next 24 hours. Based on some of the message board comments I’ve read, “Never Letting Go” was not a particularly well-received episode. Oh well! You can’t win them all, right? I’m sure we will find at least a few fun things to discuss from that hour, anyway. (And if not . . . well, we will just have to make them up! LOL) Talk to you soon! 😉

  6. Hey Julie!

    In answer to your q on one of my other PLL comments, I HAVEN’T read the series… which is surprising given I was all about the young adult mystery books. Trixie Belder was my life coach at 13, pretty much. Somehow, the PLL books just flew under my radar, so if A and the killer being separate people is a completely unspoiled speculation… and that’s assuming that the identity of these key people isn’t different in the TV series than in the books. I have a feeling that to keep things fresh, the culprits WILL be different.

    I’m really digging the Hanna/Caleb/Lucas triangle. It’s nice to have two guys completely appreciate the girl and actually understanding why she would be torn between the two. They have a very Felicity/Ben/Noel feeling to me, where I could completely understand the dilemma between your charming best friend and that guy who just has that something extra that you can’t quite define.

    Hee! This show is just plain crazy! I tried to explain the premise to a friend and her eyes crossed in about five different directions while the cogs were ticking trying to make sense of what I described to her.

    I keep hoping that they’ll use Caleb as more than just a love interest, and as someone who helps the PLLs uncover the identity of A and/or the killer using his mad technology skillz as established earlier on. He doesn’t even need to necessarily know what is going on – Hanna could just ask him to help train her in light espionage, whether to set up some bugs and hidden cameras of her own or working out how the girls might be getting stalked.

    I’d love to see some scenes of Ezra, Caleb, Lucas and the other love interests interacting with all four of the PLLs, so that whenever a text comes from A or they have to use double speak when communicating to each other in the boys’ presence to cover up some freaky occurrence, this could cause some conflict in their lovey-dovey relationships. I could easily see one of the boys misconstruing the secrecy being girl code about covering up their gal cheating on them. I always love watching my favourite characters angst because they can’t tell the truth, and struggle to make amends while not being able to tell the whole truth or digging a deep hole for themselves by being caught in a well-intentioned lie.

    Hanna was on fire in this episode. “That’s my mom. She’s a partner at Dolce, Gabbana, and Liebowitz.” So in character that she would use fashion designer names to make up a fake law firm to help out someone (much more so than her digging the Biebs *cough*). Wanting to dance on the grave, or in the very least throw confetti, was also in keeping with her party girl persona and cute sense of humour.

    • Ooh, a Felicity comparison! I LIKE IT! 🙂 I can definitely see Caleb as a Ben-type . . . silent and broody, a checkered past and family life, a manly man, who’s uncomfortable with any show of excessive emotion, and yet, still, through it all, an undeniably sexy closet romantic.

      And Lucas is a TOTAL Noel! Smart, fast talking, socially awkward, wears his heart on his sleeve, cute, in an alternative sort of way, destined for “best-friend-dom,” as well as an adolescence filled with soul crushing heartbreak.

      I also love your idea of Caleb serving as the resident Tech Guru for the PLL girls, kind of like Mac from Veronica Mars, only hot and male. 🙂

      Hanna still remains my favorite PLL. She embodies the Badass Party Girl, I always secretly wanted to be, but never had the guts or self-confidence to do so. So, her “Cut the B.S.” assessment of things, like Ian’s funeral, never fails to make me LOL.

      Speaking of party girls, I know ABC Family is the Good Little Christian Channel, but I do think PLL is surprisingly lacking in good old fashioned keg parties. I mean, seriously, you know that in real life, girls like Hanna and Mona would get invited to parties like that every week. Now, I’m not saying the show has to turn into The O.C., where every week there’s another house party, and another fist fight. But I think the girls deserve to forget about “A,” and let loose, at least four times a season. Don’t you?

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