Eric Northman Wants YOU (to Come and Play With Him) – A Recap of True Blood’s “I’m Alive and On Fire”

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                       Please buy me an underwater camera for my birthday.

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        TV Recapper

Hey there, Fangbangers!  Welcome to another installment of the “I Drooled Over Amnesia Eric So Much that I Forgot Nearly Everything Else that Happened in this Episode” Recap Show (Well . . . except for what happened to Pam.  I wish I could have amnesia for what happened to Pam.  That was GROSS!).  But, truthfully, we learned a lot from this week’s True Blood!  Like, for example, what happens to a vampire, after he’s eaten the WHOLE fairy . . . 

Fairy Goggles . . .

 . . . and how to stake a trailer trash werepanther in the forest, while standing on a tree top (because you never know when a skill like that could come in handy) . . . 

 Thank you, Jason’s Hot Back, for remaining free of scary werepanther bites, and nasty sex scars, against all odds . . .


We also learned why you shouldn’t leave out markers for your Demon Baby . . .

 Nice penmanship, Evil Spawn!

. . . and, most importantly, we learned HOW TO READ!

So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s start LEARNING! 🙂

(By the way, special thanks to THIS SPECTACULAR SITE, for the majority of the fabulous screencaps you see here.  The less-than-fabulous ones, I made myself. :))

This Butt’s for YOU!

Amnesia Eric thinks Sookie has had a real stick up her butt, lately.  So, he generously decides to extract it for her . . .

When we last left Amnesia Eric, he was chowing down on some sweet Fairy Surprise . . .

 (As in, “SURPRISE!  You’re dead now . . .)

Now Claudine is nothing more than a tasty memory.  But her fairy dust remains, and it’s starting to tickle Eric’s brain .  . .


First, he falls, face first, to the floor.  But then, he quickly recovers, and starts weaving toward Sookie, with a goofy smile on his face, and blood smeared across his chin, like a very messy baby . . .

“I want MORRRRRRRRE!”  He slurs contentedly.

As per usual, Sookie treats Eric like a disobedient child.  SPANK HIM, SOOKIE!  SPANK HIM!  “No!  You ate the WHOLE Fairy,” she tells him, frustratedly.  “And now you have to go to your room!”

(I love how Sookie doesn’t shed so much as one tear over the untimely demise of her Fairy Godmother.  Because, you know, if this was Cinderella, she would be bawling her eyes out .  . .)

“Damn Straight!”

Eric doesn’t want to go to his room.  He wants to eat Sookie.   And he tells her so, as he leans in close, and seductively whispers in her ear.  (See?  Even completely wasted, Amnesia Eric knows how to score with the ladies.)

“No!”  Sookie exclaims.  (She says “No” this week, almost as much as Eric said “Sorry,” last week)  “You’ll kill ME!”

I loved Eric’s shocked and saddened facial expression here, as he contemplates the notion of murdering his lover.  “I would never hurt you,” he explains earnestly.

But my favorite part of the scene  HAS to be, when Eric REFUSES to go inside (even though it is almost dawn) and gleefully pinches Sookie’s ass TWICE, before running away at vampire speed . . .


Currently experiencing Ass Envy . . . 😦

Meanwhile, over at Fangtasia . . .

“Take this Crown, and Shove it . . . Your Heiny Highness . . .”

“You, stay away from MY Maker, you mean old Ancestor F*&ker!”

Eager to clean up the evidence of his little Sending Eric off to Be Killed by Witches Scheme, Bill visits Pam at Fangtasia, demanding that she inform him of Eric’s current whereabouts.  Pam kindly reminds Bill what a ruthless slimy crown-wearing douchebag he’s always been become, and then innocently claims that she has no clue where Eric is hiding.

Bill pouts, and says something like this:

So, Pam laughs in his face, and goes back to her job of being awesome and wearing kickass clothes . . .


“I Want Candy.”

“Awww man, I really hope my Daddy doesn’t watch True Blood . . .”

For about the third episode in a row, Poor Shirtless Gory Jason is being ridden like a pony, by some trailer trash chick.  This girl looks particularly familiar.  I wish I had a screencap of her to show you.  But I think that she’s the same girl who jumped Jason in the police station, back during the Maenad Possession of Season 2.  If someone could confirm this for me, I would be oh so grateful . . .

“And I would be OH SO GRATEFUL, if you got on with this part of the recap, so I could escape this Hell Hole, and go back to being the Sexy, but Dimwitted, Comic Relief, already . . .”

(Sorry Jason! I’m on my way . . .)

So, that first girl, who may or may not have humped Jason back in Season 2, starts crying, because, even though Jason is tied up, and can’t exactly “reciprocate the love,” he still remains the best sexual partner she has ever had.  (Well, I guess when you screw your relatives all the time, things are bound to get a little yucky.  Isn’t that right, Bill Compton?)

The Old Dude from Hotshot sends in the next “candidate.”  She can’t be more than 13-years old . . .

“Breed, Ghost Daddy, Breed!”  Old Dude instructs Jason, before leaving these two to “do their thing.”

The pre-pubescent has learned well from her fellow trailer trash extras from the movie Deliverance, and promptly threatens to cut Jason’s manhood off, if he doesn’t lay there inert, while she, essentially takes her own virginity from herself.

Fortunately, Jason is eventually able to get through to the young girl, by telling her that her first time should be special.  Specifically, Jason explains that the first man Little Girl screws should be a guy who buys her stuff like candy.  (Of course, judging by Jason’s last sexual encounter’s assessment of the “eligible bachelor’s in hotshot,” this is a TOTAL LIE!  If Little Girl stays in Hot Shot, Jason Stackhouse will undoubtedly remain the Best Sex She’s Never Had.  (Join the club, Honey!)

Nevertheless, Little Girl eventually loosens Jason’s cuffs, allowing him to FINALLY ESCAPE THIS MISERABLE STORYLINE . . .

 . . . at least, for now . . .

Bad Dreams, and Puritanettes, Who Needed a Good Lay . . .

“So, let me get this straight . . . you set Eric up to get amnesia, so that he could seduce Sookie with his innocent, sweet, loveable ways?   Thank you!  This is, by far, the kindest thing you’ve done for fans, since that time you got kidnapped, and weren’t around for a couple of episodes.

“I think I just pooped in my pants.”

Unable to find Eric himself, Bill is forced to call Vampire League Leader Nan, with his tail between his legs, and inform her of the teensy weensy mistake he made.  Nan is undoubtedly beginning to wonder why she hired such an imbecile to be king.  Furthermore, she doesn’t think witches are supernatural adversaries worthy of as much man power as Bill has been using to combat them.  She helpfully explains to us that during the Salem Witch Trial, witches were easily brought down by a bunch of Uptight Puritanettes, Who Needed to Get Laid.  (Who knew?  Aside from Arthur Miller, of course.)

Apparently, both Nan and Pam shop at S&M-Loving Vampire B*tches R’ Us . . .

Nan demands that Bill find Eric and bring him back, without spilling any human (or witch) blood . . .  Ummm .  . . yeah, good luck with that, Mister Beeeel . . .

Speaking of witch trials, Marnie is having a bad dream about the chick who occasionally possesses her body.  In the dream, she is being burned at the stake . . .

“Psst . . . you, down there.  Got a hairbrush?  I’d really hate for my charred corpse to have bedhead.”

AHHHHHH! Anything but bedhead!”

In the dream, the witch starts chanting curses in Latin against the men who are burning her.  The  writers of the show helpfully translate these for us, in subtitles at the bottom of the screen.  (See above.)  Then Aunt Petunia Marnie, who doesn’t know a LICK of Latin, in her natural, unpossessed state, starts chanting along with the witch, before she waking up in bed, in a cold sweat, and undoubtedly wondering if Harry Potter is still in his bedroom under the stairs . . .

Shirtless Men Fighting Over Sookie (AGAIN)


Sookie, once again, heads to Alcide’s house in hopes of having some hot doggy style sex, and requests his help in finding the Missing Eric.  Alcide wastes no time unzipping his pants and dropping trou for Sookie . . .


Then the Lord made Alcide.  And he was GOOOOOD!

Once he has taken a nice long whiff of Eric’s scent, Alcide shifts into that cute little white wolf thing, and dashes off to find Eric.  He eventually locates him in a nearby lake . . .


“Who has two hands, and likes to have sex underwater?  THIS GUY!”

Eric goofs around, in the water for a while, loving life, and soaking up the sun.  But when Alcide shifts back to his gorgeous shirtless glory, Eric promptly enters into a pissing contest with him, the unspoken prize being a First Class Trip inside Sookie’s panties . . .

Unfortunately, for Eric, he’s at a bit of a disadvantage, being allergic to the sun and all.  (He has only been able to last this long, as a result of the fairy blood he recently ingested.)  When Eric starts to feel the painful effects of Vampire Sun Exposure, Sookie mothers him, by calling him out of the water, and wrapping his body in her legs a big red blanket.

Papa Alcide then graciously helps Sookie get Eric home . . .

Elsewhere in the forest . .  .

Survivor  – Bon Temps: Jason Stackhouse Edition


(And coming from the guy who was once thrown in jail on suspicion of being a serial killer . . . that’s saying a lot, CRYSTAL!)

While on the run, Jason rewards us for putting up with this Terrible Gang Bang Storyline, by promptly ripping off his shirt, and positioning his body in all sorts of attractive ways, that hide his unsightly sex bruises . . .


Meanwhile, back in Trailer Trash Town, the Evil Felton has sneakily surmised that Little Girl is still a virgin.

This scene was SO wrong, on SO many levels . . .

Felton then rushes into Jason’s room, and learns that his Ghost Daddy has flown the coop, and tied up Old Dude to boot (maybe they could use him as a replacement “stud.”)

So, Felton rips off his shirt (of course) . . .

You know, if he wasn’t EVIL, and he didn’t come from such a garbage dump of a gene pool, Felton could actually be considered kind of hot!

 . . . turns into a panther . . .

. . . and heads off in pursuit of Jason, a.k.a. the Community Vibrator.  Now, while I do give kudos to the production department for fixing the cheesy werepanther image of Season 3, and making it much more realistic, I MUST gripe about the “panther sounds.”  These were just plain annoying! 

Throughout the scene, every two minutes, without fail, the panther would make a sound . . . the EXACT SAME SOUND . . . EVERY . . . SINGLE . . . TIME.  The sound guys didn’t bother to change the cadence, or the pitch, or ANYTHING. As a result, Felton’s werepanther growl sounded less like something you would hear in the jungle, and MORE like something you’d hear at a football game, before they brought out the mascot.  Just sayin’ . . .

Now, Jason isn’t a guy who known for his exemplary education, but, apparently, he’s at least read Lord of the Flies, since he knows enough, even in his weakened state, to sharpen a tree branch at both ends, climb up a tree, and attack the werepanther from above.  (Then again, maybe they teach you how to do stuff like that in the Bon Temps Police Academy.) 

Jason stabs Were-Felton in the head.  The latter, gets one last chomp at his leg, before falling naked and dead to the ground.

Nice knowing ya’, Felton!  That’s one Evil Werepanther down, one more to go . . . Obviously, I’m referring to Crystal.  (The rest, as far as I’m concerned, are basically just misguided dirty kids, and an Old Dude.  So, we can let them live, I think provided we never have to see them on screen EVER AGAIN.)  Speaking of that OTHER Werepanther that needs to be put to sleep . . .

And to think, I used to love ALL animals . . .

Talk about a wackadoo, Crystal is actually THRILLED that Jason murdered her boyfriend / sex partner / close relative.  And no matter how many times Jason threatens her with a stick, and tells her it’s over between them, girlfriend will just NOT TAKE A HINT.  She’s convinced that he will come crawling back to Hotshot, once his friends and family learn what happened to him.  “I’ll be waiting for you, at the Full Moon,” she calls after him cheerily, as he stomps away.

All I can say is, MAN, I HOPE NOT!  Because I can’t take any more of this crap.

Fortunately, Jason’s storyline ends on a high note this week, with Jess and Hoyt finding him on the side of the road, and Jess feeding Jason her blood to heal him.


Team Jasicca, anyone?

Awww!  Don’t be mad at me, Hoyt!  I just call em’ like I see em’.  And there was some serious near-death, eye f*&king going on between those two . . .

Speaking of incest . . .

Portia and Bill Sitting in a Tree . . . The FAMILY Tree, that is!

“I know . . . I’ll just keep a copy of my Family Tree over my bed, so everyone I bone can check to make sure they aren’t related to me, first.”

Remember last week, when THIS happened  .  . .

And I reacted THIS way . . .

NOW YOU KNOW WHY!  Yes, boys and girls, Vampire Bill’s meeting with Andy and Portia’s grandmother went swimmingly well . . . at least until they figured out that they were all related to one another.  “Yu ahr mah great, great, great, great granndawtahhhh,” Bill admitted to his girlfriend on the porch, in that grating charming accent of his.

Poor Portia!  I wonder how many times she showered, after learning that she had “a little Compton in her” LOOOOOONG before she had a “little Compton in her,” if you catch my drift.  S0, much for incorporating “sex” into the business relationship . . .

In other effed up family news . . .

Tommy Can Read Books (But Apparently NOT People)


OK . . . so we all know that Tommy Boy is a bastard, in pretty much every conceivable way.  He tried to steal from Sam, many times, and once, tried to get him hit by a car.  He manipulated Maxine Fortenberry into taking him in and teaching him how to read, only to decide to abandon her, and bilk her out of cash, at the first opportunity.  He’s a WHINY BRAT most of the time. 

A boy only a mother could love . . .

All that being said, I couldn’t help but feel just the teensiest bit bad for him this week.  After all, with parents like Jolie and Whatever-the-Heck-his-Mom’s-Name-Is, did Tommy have any chance to come out any better than he did?


Last week, I mentioned that I was a bit skeptical of the whole, “Let’s randomly pay Maxine Fortenberry lots of cash for oil” storyline.  As it turns out, my skepticism was founded, as it appears this may very well have been a ruse to bring Tommy back into the Mickens’ fold. 

Where I missed the boat, however, was in interpreting the reason behind Mommy Micken’s avoidence of the topic of her husband.  I thought she killed him.  That made me happy.

Yes, I’m a BAD PERSON.  Got a problem with that?

And while Mommy patted Tommy on the head, and told him what a smart boy he was for learning to read, I really thought, for a second there, those two might make it out of this season alive.  But then Jolie came out and put a chain around his son’s neck, thereby,  forcing him to return to the dogfighting ring.  And well, that was the end of that . . .  Just, whatever you do writers, don’t make us have to see Jolie NAKED AGAIN!  BECAUSE EWW!

I still think that Sam will eventually end up killing a family member this season, which will result in him becoming a Skinwalker.  However, now, my money is on Mommy Mickens being the victim, instead of Tommy.  (I’d say Jolie, but I don’t think the two are blood related.)

Speaking of Sam . . .

Blah, blah, blah, Jealous Ex Boyfriend Emergency, Bah

Who’s your Daddy?”

That’s right, folks.  Once again, Sam’s storyline was deadly boring.  He stopped by Luna’s house, uninvited.  She seemed briefly annoyed, because she didn’t want him to know she had a kid. 

Hey, I like kids . . . well, except for the one I shot in the leg . . .”

But Luna’s kid (her name is Emma, by the way) is not the real problem.  She’s cute, and likes to play Barbies.  (What more can a guy ask for in a surrogate daughter?)  The problem is the kid’s dad.  Apparently, he’s that brand of abusive stalker assh*le that only seems to appear in Lifetime movies.  Oh, yeah, and he’s also a werewolf . . .

In brighter news, Sam wasn’t nearly as douchey and detestable this week, as he’s been in recent weeks.  And his scenes with the little girl were actually kind of cute.  So . .  . yay for progress!

You know what’s not cute?  DEMON BABIES!

Terry Finally Wakes Up and Smells the Evil Baby Poop

OK . . . I take that back, Demon Babies can be cute.

So far this season, Baby Mikey has been pretty good about restricting his evilness to only stuff that Arlene could see.  This made Arlene look TOTALLY INSANE . . . which, let’s face it, made me like Evil Baby a whole lot more than I suspect I should have.

Get on with your Bad Self, Evil Baby!

But this time, Evil Baby showed its true colors to Terry by writing “Not your baby” in red marker on the living room wall, as Arlene and her two older children slept nearby.

In MUCH sexier news . . .

Eric Charms Sookie / Sookie Nuzzles Alcide / Debbie Pretends She’s Not Still a TOTAL NUTBALL


Up until this point, Sookie has seemed kind of annoyed with Amnesia Eric.   It’s almost as though she didn’t quite believe his “condition” is real.  This sweet short scene illustrated the first sign of cracks in the brittle coat of armor Sookie has placed over her heart, ever since He Who Shall Not Be Named Beeeeeeeeeeeeel stomped on it so, mercilessly last season.

Like a cranky small child at bedtime, the afternoon finds Eric in his cubby hole, restless, and unwilling to sleep.  He also doesn’t want to be alone.  “Stay with me,” he begs Sookie, with disarming earnestness.

To which fans replied . . .

But Sookie (though she looked quite tempted by the Viking Vampire’s proposition) replied, “I’ve got human stuff to do.”

WHAT IS SHE NUTS?????!!!!!!  Perfect opportunity for mindblowing sex = WASTED!

Not to worry, Eric.  It’s early in the season yet.  You’ll get her next time . . .

Upstairs and out on the porch, Alcide called Sookie out for trusting Eric, and letting him live in her house, given his dubious past.  To this Sookie replied.  “Ring, ring, ring . . . hello, Pot?  It’s Kettle calling.  Guess what?  YOU’RE BLACK!”

That’s right, Alcide certainly has NO place telling Sookie she can’t let Eric sleep in her cubby hole, when Evil Trailer Trash Debbie is sleeping in his BED.  Unless, of course, he’s .  . . JEALOUS? 😉

Alcide and Sookie than share a WAY MORE THAN FRIENDLY extended hug, much similar to the one they shared together at the end of Season 3, with Sookie burrowing her head deep in Alcide’s muscular chest, and Alcide clearly relishing the closeness of his fairy princess . . .


Meanwhile, Eric listens in on their conversation, pouting . . . (but at least, he can’t see The Hug from his cubby hole).

Back at Alcide’s House Trailer Trash Debbie in Sane Person’s Clothing inquires suspiciously as to whether Alcide shifted that day and why.  (I have no doubt she smells fairy on him!)  Alcide because he may be strong and sexy, but he’s also dumb as dogsh*t is honest with his girlfriend about spending the day with Sookie.  Debbie acts like she doesn’t mind, and thanks Alcide for being honest.  But there’s a glint in her eye, as she does this that just SCREAMS CRAZY TOWN! 

Hide your pet bunny, Alcide!

Bill Compton – Cockblock Extraordinaire

I mentioned cracks in Sookie’s emotional armor, in the previous scene.  But in this one, we get cracks in her panties as well! 🙂  It all starts when Sookie comes to visit Amnesia Eric in his cubby hole, and finds him depressed and listless.

I remember watching TVD last season, and being shocked at Resident Bad Boy Vamp Damon’s longing for humanity.  I had a similar reaction to Eric’s sad realization that he would never get to truly experience the sun again, in the same way he did earlier that day . . .


In many ways, True Blood vampires have MORE to miss about being human than other television and film vampire incarnations, because they ARE literally “Dead Until Dark.”  Amesia Eric’s confession got me to wondering whether Memory-Having Eric experienced the same sense of loss last season, after HE got to spend some time in the light, as a result of drinking some of Sookie’s blood . . .

But enough about THAT!  You want to hear about the Seric SEXUAL TENSION, right?

There are plenty of naysayers who say that Sookie’s feelings for Amnesia Eric must be considered as completely separate from her feelings for Memory-Having Eric, as their personalities are so vastly different.  And yet, in this scene, Sookie speaks of Memory-Having Eric fondly, noting how confident and content he always seems to be, and how everything just seems to roll off his back.

 . . . or put him ON his back, whichever you prefer.

I also found it interesting that Amnesia Eric read enough into Sookie’s description of Memory-Having Eric to cause him to be jealous of his former self.  “You think I am weak,” he pouts.”

Sookie smiles sweetly at him, telling him that she simply wants to make him happy.  Well, Eric may have Amnesia, but he is NO DUMMY!  He knows an opening, when he sees one.  “Just kiss me once, and I will be happy,” he tells her.

The pair lean in close to one another, with passion in their eyes.  She looks at him intently.  He returns the gaze.  They move closer to eachother . . . Their bodies are touching . . . Their lips are inches apart. And then . . .

“Somebody, is at the door,” Eric announces.



“Yeah, so I know that you are all big and important, now, and all.  But could you please leave so that I can have hot sex with go back to kissing Eric?”

Bill wants to know where Eric is (“He’s in my pants,” replies Sookie.  “Or, at least he would be if you didn’t come and eff it up!”) .  Sookie lies, and says she has no idea.  When Bill goes to search her home anyway, since, Eric, after all, does OWN it, Sookie lays a guilt trip on him, asking if she has ever lied to him before.  That made me laugh.  Way to go, SOOKIE! 🙂

Bill pushes past Sookie to search her house anyway, but stops at the threshhold.  He then gets a sad look on his face, and leaves.  And for about two seconds, I actually felt bad for Bill . . . but then, I got over it.

Meanwhile, in Scary Witch Land . . .



I love the contrast between the whiny scatterbrained Marnie and the self-assured remorseless Hallow who occasionally possesses her body.  We got to see the dichotomy between these two in full force, when Lafayette, Tara and Jesus, approached Marnie requesting help to remove the Amnesia spell from Eric, so that Pam didn’t kill them all.  To her credit, Marnie really did seem to want to help.  It’s just that . . . as a witch .  . . well, she kind of sucks!

Uhhhh .  . . I didn’t mean that.   Sorry!

“Get your ass on the Goddess Line, and get her to turn it around,” said Lafayette, of Marnie’s “Witchy Godmother.” 

Lafayette had more reason than ANY of them, to want Marnie to follow Pam’s wishes, after all, if anyone knows the evil Eric F*&king Northman can do, it’s HIM.


Eventually, Hallow DOES give in, and help Marnie to find the spell she is seeking.  And so the Witchy Scooby Gang head out to meet Pam in the middle of the forest.  The problem of course, is that Pam is being extra special ornery, spouting out insults at the entire gang, cursing like a sailor, and lodging individual threats at everyone involved.


This makes Marnie nervous, but it makes Hallow ROYALLY PISSED OFF, which is why she chooses this exact moment to do something REALLY INCREDIBLY DISGUSTING TO PAM’S FACE!  (In fact, it’s SO DISGUSTING that I refuse to put a picture of it on my blog.  Instead, you’ll get this cute picture of a kitty . . .

You’re welcome!

And that’s all she wrote.  🙂  See you next week, Fangbangers!

(This has sort of become the unofficial “closing credits” for my True Blood Recaps.)

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21 responses to “Eric Northman Wants YOU (to Come and Play With Him) – A Recap of True Blood’s “I’m Alive and On Fire”

  1. serendipity

    Hiya, Julie! Great recap as always! You always make me smile 😉

    This week’s TB episode for me brought quite mixed feelings. It was sort of like:

    1. Yawn at the Sam storyline: yawn for Luna and her werewolf-issues (who’s surprised) and yawn for Tommy: how stupid can you get? 😦 Either that or he’s a real sucker for punishment. He may have learned how to read, but it didn’t make him any smarter… I totally see something in your prediction of Sam going skinwalker sometime this season…

    2. Yawn harder for the evil baby storyline. Come on, you guys! And didn’t poor Terry deserve a break for once?

    3. Yay for Jason ‘stud’ Stackhouse (that’s an alliteration, see?): good on you that you could still get enough of your wits together after the f*ckfest to charm (I think her name was Becky) into cutting your bonds. And Felton was just plain freaky later on: I had the idea he really wanted to sample the goods now that he thought the kid was no longer virgo intacta. Yuck! I’m just afraid we haven’t seen the last of those Hotshot-people, since (if AB follows Charlaine’s story on that account, and I think he will) our Jason is going to grow some fur next full moon 😦

    4. Snicker at Bill/Portia: at least Charlaine had them chastily keep their pants on before they discovered they were all about the ‘kin’ in kindred spirits 😉 See where biblestudy can come in handy? My sympathy went to Andy Bellefleur, sitting there awkwardly in the little chair, while he could go out and hunt for crime (or V, as the case may be) 😀

    5. Ouch for Pam, although I have to say that she had that one coming. Come on, Pam! The witch standing in front of your face may not look like much, but you DO know she screwed with your 1000-YEAR OLD MAKER to the extent of making him lose his memory. She has to be able to do something right so I wouldn’t piss her off 😦

    6. And finally: Yeah, go, go Eric! He was so cute being all drunk on fairy… and slapping Sookie’s ass. Lucky girl 😉 The pissing contest: okay… understandable (and kind of hot), but I got really annoyed (who’s surprised) at Bill for ruining a perfect kissing-opportunity… Just like Bill. I did LOVE Sookie’s protectiveness of Eric in refusing Bill entry into her house though… That certainly brings hope for the future 😀 😀

    Oh, and Julie, I simply adore you for all the wonderful Damony goodness (gifs) floating around in your recap 😉 Yum! And can I just say again how much I loved your shout out last week in your reply 😉 You really are the best!

    • serendipity

      Oh, yes, I completely forgot about the Jessica/Jason thing… I’m wondering if he’s now going to get sexy dreams about her, as AB is wont to have them do after drinking a lot of vampire blood… that would mess with Hoyt for sure: he’s always been kind of insecure about Jason’s way around women. Imagine how he’ll react if Jason goes sniffing (well, he IS going to be a panther, right?) around his girl… And with Jessica’s tendency to stray lately: how is she going to resist Jason 😉 ?

      And I kind of agree with jmae that Debbie must have serious doubts about what Alcide was doing with Sookie: I think she’s going to start looking for her gun pretty soon… 😀 and also agree that Bill by rights should have smelled Eric there 😉

      • Good call on Jason having sexy Jessica dreams, Valerie! (Won’t those be fun to witness? ;)) I had completely forgotten about that aspect of TB blood sharing. (Though I can definitely see why it would be at the forefront of your memory, given your recent fanfiction writing experiences;))

        While, I do like Jess and Hoyt together, I actually wouldn’t mind her having a stop over at Jason, in the interim, provided it doesn’t permanently damage either the Jess / Hoyt relationship or the Hoyt / Jason bromance. I think Jess and Jason actually have a lot in common. They are both “energetic” (ahem), fun-loving, and have a strong appreciation for the opposite sex. 🙂

        I can see them making a really cute and interesting couple, with great sexual chemistry. Plus, it would be REALLY nice to see Jason date someone who isn’t a total wackjob, for a change. It’s just a shame that Hoyt would undoubtedly have to endure so much suffering for that union to occur.

    • My pleasure, valerie! And a new week deserves a NEW shout out! 😉

      Read this, tantalizingly AWESOME TVD fic, if a week without sexy vampires, witty banter, shirtlessness, and sexual tension galore, simply is too much for you to bear (which, for most of us, it is). You will not be disappointed, I PROMISE! 🙂

      LOL, Bill is the ULTIMATE in cock blockers, isn’t he? And yet, it was VERY satisfying to see Sookie side with Eric, over him, for a change! After all, ERIC never gave on her, like Bill did. 😉

      Good point about Pam! She did seem to be asking for it, with her complete impatience, and little catty remarks, throughout the de-spelling process. But still, Hallow didn’t have to GO AFTER HER FACE LIKE THAT! That was just COLD with a capital “C.” (Not to mention GROSS, with a capital “G.”)

      Speaking of gross . . . Bill and Portia. LOL! Part of me wishes Andy was there to hear all that, because his facial expression alone would have absolutely MADE that scene! I would think though that with vampires roaming the Earth, this would end up being a more common occurrence than anyone would be willing to admit. After all, we are ALL related in SOME way, aren’t we?

      Personal Aside: I have blue eyes. And I had actually read somewhere that everyone with blue eyes can be trace back to a single common ancestor. That kind of freaked me out, because I tend to ADORE blue-eyed boys (like Ian), and I’ve dated a few of them too . . . I really hope that doesn’t make me Portia. 😉

      I’d really LOVE for Alan Ball to minimize the presence of the Hot Shot folks in the rest of the story. I know Jason had quite a bit more to do with them in the series, but the circumstances were VERY different there. Here, he was literally SCREWED (and screwed OVER) by the entire community. Now, if that’s not a reason to stay far, far away (fur or no fur), I don’t know what is! 🙂

      I’m with you on the Luna and Evil Baby storyline. Though, it must be said, that’s one ADORABLE EVIL BABY! And I’m not a “baby person” by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’ve convinced myself that my sense of humor is WAY too smutty, and my mouth way to potty-filled, to ever have children. 🙂 I don’t see any hope for the Luna storyline, save for a future intriguing Skinwalkers twist. The Baby Storyline, however, COULD be improved, if they decided to keep it mostly lightly and darkly comic. If the writers take it too seriously, it’s going to be a snooze, I think.

      Thanks again for your awesome and exceedingly brilliant commentary, Valerie. You always make ME smile. 😉

      (And for anyone else who is reading this, more comment responses are forthcoming. Last night’s Teen Wolf recap, just put me a bit behind in my replies. SORRY! *blushes* :))

      • serendipity

        Wow, Julie, another shout out! You are truly awesome 😀

        And on your personal aside: well, we sure must be related then, since I have blue eyes as well. Does the same go for dark hair? Because I have that too. I hope that doesn’t make me Ian’s sister 😉

      • WOW, I’m just adding “blue eyes” to the already extensive list of things we have in common. We may ACTUALLY be related, after all . . . 🙂

        I must say though, I’m a bit jealous that you have dark hair, like Ian’s, as I think that dark hair and light eyes is the perfect combination! My hair is medium brown, which, in its natural state, can be kind of mousy. So, I “cheat” and add blonde and caramel color highlights to it. If I had cool black or dark brown hair like Ian’s (or, I suspect, yours) I wouldn’t need to do that.

        But don’t worry, I don’t think you are Ian’s sister. HOWEVER, considering you do share his coloring, you MIGHT be able to PLAY his sister, in a movie, if the opportunity ever arose. And there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with hooking up with a costar! 🙂 Just ask Nina Dobrev. 😉

  2. Amazon Annie

    Hey Jules, It’s been awhile since I commented on your blog but this one was so clever it made me laugh numerous times. So many, in fact, I nearly peed my pants! Not sure if you should be so funny….I guess it all “DEPENDS”. Ok… so I’m not as clever as you are, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. I especially like how you throw in characters from other TV shows, as well as an adorable kitten. I forgot the guys name from Fresh Prince but that was just hilarious…and perfect. I’m not going to discuss the TB plot… you said all there was to say. Keep up the great work, you give me the only laughs I have all week.

    • Awww, thanks so much, Amazon Annie! I’m so glad I made you laugh a little. (I’m also sorry that I almost made you PEE! :)) I’ve recently discovered that GIF of the Carlton Dance, and just LOVE randomly throwing it into my recaps! Thank you for noticing! 😉

      The thing about that Carlton Dance for me is, aside from it being REALLY funny looking, it is also just the happiest dance I have ever seen! 🙂 I mean, that is the ULTIMATE in Happy Dances. Am I right?

      Thanks again for your super sweet comment. And here’s hoping the rest of your week gives you plenty of things to Happy Dance about . . . 🙂

  3. Ozzy Booms

    One thing I wasn’t positive of was whether bill could actually enter sookie’s house. Did he stick a hand or anything inside? Maybe has set up the house in such a way that only he and pam could enter, not just any vamp.

    “Well, I respect your privacy now that I have no choice”

    Also, is it evil baby or evil doll? Because we just saw the baby with marker, not the baby with marker writing.

    Last thing: they kept coming so close to showing us everything on the guys, but stopped at the last minute. So disappointed.

    • Ozzy Booms

      Should read “Maybe Eric has set it up…”. Darn typos!

    • Hey Ozzy Booms! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      You know, come to think of it, I’m not 100% sure whether Bill entered Sookie’s house, either. I seem to remember him at least crossing the threshhold (which, he wouldn’t have been able to do, if Sookie still owned it), but I could definitely be wrong. I would imagine that, since the house is technically still owned by Eric (even though he didn’t remember owning it) the “vampires must be invited in” rule would not apply.

      But you are right. The comment Bill made to Sookie about “having no choice” would seem to contradict my earlier statement. Then again, perhaps, he was simply referring to the fact that she is no longer HIS. *does Happy Dance* 😉

      Hmmm . . . I guess it could have been the Baby Doll and not the Baby who wrote the message on Arlene’s and Terry’s wall. I’m trying to remember, did Mikey have the Baby Doll, when he seemed to give Arlene pink eye? That would make a big difference. I agree with you that there is probably some twist to the Evil Baby storyline, that Arlene and Terry (and, I guess the rest of us viewers) haven’t considered yet. It can’t be as cliched as it seems. At least, I hope not.

      Yeah, you would think that, this being HBO and all, the writers and producers would be kind enough to give us a peek at “the goods.” TV for Mature Audiences FAIL! 🙂

      Oh, and thank you very much for the picture! 🙂 I may have to add that one to my personal arsenal. 😉

    • Linn

      I am totally on board with the evil doll-theory. I was kinda suspecting that it was significant that they didn’t actually show us the evil baby doing the writing, but it didn’t connect it to the doll. I hope this will be the storyline, because that baby isn’t scary at ALL 😉 I just wonder why it kept showing up in Jessica and Hoyt’s house first….

      • Maybe since Alan Ball touted this episode as “The Season of the Witch,” the doll baby is actually witch-controlled, and has nothing at all to do with Rene, as Arlene and Terry initially suspected. I always thought that the ugly doll baby related back to Maxine, since she collects them . . . or that girl Summer, who Hoyt dated last year . . . because she made them? If you recall, at the end of last season, Maxine told Summer that she wasn’t going down without a fight, in terms of getting Hoyt away from Jessica. So, perhaps she turned to witchcraft to do that . . .

        I also recall Arlene turning to witchcraft, and Holly, specifically, to help her lose her baby, once she found out it was Rene’s. So, maybe Holly is the connection between both storylines . . .

        Just a suggestion. Thanks so much for all the food for thought. 🙂

  4. jmae

    Okay so here’s what I was thinking
    1) Hopefully Jason was shooting blanks like Felton because that is way too much child support for one person to handle. Might as well add that I hate that they killed Calvin Norris off last season even though he wasn’t as awesome as book Calvin I think he would have been able to help Jason out if the situation of impregnating all the women.
    2) I think that Debbie smelled Alcide’s shirt right where Sookie put her head so she is going to start thinking that he did more than help Sookie with finding Eric.
    3) If Alan Ball is leaving the vampires with some of their book characteristics then Bill should have smelled Eric all over Sookie and the minute he stuck his head in the door way to Sookie’s house. I’m thinking that he had the sad look on his face because he knew that Sookie who had never lied to him before was now lying to him for the sole purpose of protecting Eric.
    4) I really hope that with Alcide going to see Sookie in this episode it won’t be too long before Debbie shows up to Sookie’s house with a gun and gets killed by Sookie.
    5) With Jason having Jessica’s blood I think that he will cause problems for her and Hoyt or get readdicted to V.

    • Hey there, jmae! Thanks so much for your comment! You brought up a lot of elements here that I hadn’t considered, back when I first watched the episode. That’s why I LOVE doing these recaps. I always learn things. 😉

      1) You know what’s funny? I was so disturbed by the Gang Bang storyline, I completely forgot about all those KIDS. Yowza! I wonder how many of those dirty ladies got a “ride” on Jason before he escaped. I’m thinking a lot. That’s NOT GOOD! Jason’s a decent guy, and would probably feel obligated to those kids, just like he felt obligated to the kids already living in Hot Shot. That could potentially tie him to this community for a long time . . . not to mention that “other” thing he is about to have to deal with, if you catch my drift 😉

      2 & 4) I bet you are right about Debbie. Her choice words: “I don’t need to worry about no (sic) Sookie” could be interpreted in a benign way, as Alcide undoubtedly interpreted them. But they could also be interpreted in a VERY dark way, as you suggested in #4. It’s a good thing Sookie has her own personal vampire security system at home. She’s going to need to use it real soon, I think. 🙂

      3) Thinking back on the scene again, I do think you are right about Bill. Not only was he close enough to Sookie to smell vampire on her (and she had been rubbing up on Eric all day too!;)), he was also far enough inside the home to smell Eric’s distinct scent. It does make Bill’s final sideways glance at Sookie seem a bit sadder, when viewed from this light. Not THAT sad though . . . 🙂

      5) Hmm, I REALLY hope we don’t have to suffer through another V addiction storyline. Jason’s first one and Andy’s current one are bad enough. (Plus, Jason has that “other thing” to deal with, as we know.) I do, however, think you and Serendipity are right about Jason unwittingly causing problems between Hoyt and Jess. He probably WILL start having dreams about her. In fact, he looked like he was having them right in that final scene . . the way he was looking at her with those googly eyes of his!

  5. East Coast Captain

    That episode was pure gold, I loved the way Eric bathed in that lagoon, I bet Alex had plenty of fun behind the scenes. The way Eric and Alcide glared at each other, I thought just grab your cocks and measure them, its pure testosterone that scene.

    Bill is comedy gold but whoa these vampires are really scared of the witches. I loved how Nan ridiculed him. I also think she was around during the Salem Witch Trials the way she talked probably one of those common sense people in Salem.

    The Bellefleur scene just blew me away, the moment he realized that he was Portia and Andy´s ancestor was good acting by Moyer. But the thing that really makes me icky is that Portia will still try to bed Bill again.

    Excellent episode, it was great.

  6. East Coast Captain


    Pam really got what she deserved, you think a lowly century old vamp like you can take a powerful witch who gave your 1000 year old maker amnesia? But she´s awesome, she´ll be cured.

  7. jmae

    Something I forgot to add in my last comment is that Sookie tells Eric to get out the water so that the gators don’t bite his you- know- what off. That’s definite proof that Sookie was thinking about Eric like that last season and I highly doubt it had anything to do with his blood being in her system. As far as I can tell she hadn’t seen him naked this season until now. Also I think the whole beautiful butt thing means that now they’ll both like each other’s butts.

    Ps Sookie is officially the luckiest girl ever Eric and Alcide naked at the same time and Alcide was growling. And I think Sookie worrying about what happens to Eric’s “you- know – what” is a sign of things to come because seriously she could have made her point saying bite your leg off.

  8. Game of Thrones. A magnificent series. And the end exceeded all my expectations!. Simply put, today is already a classic.

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