No More Mister Nice Wolf – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Panic Attack”

This is not your mother’s Teen Wolf . . .

It doesn’t play nice.  It isn’t a fan of Happy Endings.  And it won’t offer it’s girlfriend a chaste kiss on the cheek at the end of the first date, just because she isn’t “that kind of girl” . . .

Nope.  This is the kind of Teen Wolf  that shoots teddy bears in the heart with semi-automatic weapons  . . . who will steal the girl of your dreams, right out from under your nose.  This is the Teen Wolf who fights dirty . . . who’s mom will cut you in half, over a plate of cookies . . . who will throw you into the fire, because you tried to steal his bottle Jack Daniels . . .

Oh, Scott!  I remember when our biggest complaint about you was that you were kind of whiny, and your love scenes with Allison were boring / made  us a little nauseous.  Those were the Good Old Days . . .

Though “Panic Attack” wasn’t necessarily this show’s scariest episode (That award would probably go to the episode where all that crap came out of Jackson’s mouth, and poor Derek was gutted like a fish), and certainly wasn’t its goriest (HELLO!  The episode(s) where they showed Derek’s HALF-sister! EWWW!), I’d like to go on the record, and say it was definitely the show’s darkest installment.

So, hide your teddy bears, kiddies — because our hero is about to get the Worst Case of Wolf PMS . . .  EVER!

(Special thanks go out again to my Super Talented Werewolf Expert, and Screencap-Creating Pal, Andre, for most of the still images you see here.)

Dr. Jack Will Make You DIE, TONIGHT!

Interestingly enough, this entire opening scene could have doubled as One Long Ass Jack Daniels commercial . . . well, except for the DOUBLE HOMICIDE PART . . .

Last night, on True Blood, fans of the show were treated to the fabulousness that is Drunk Eric Northman.  This week on Teen Wolf, MTV continued the “Inebriation is AWESOME” trend, by rewarding us with an adorably Drunk Stiles.

I love that Stiles has chosen to don a “Drinking T-Shirt” for this momentous occasion.  Extra points for you, if you can tell me what his shirt says . . .

Here’s a closer look . . . I’ve seriously been driving myself nuts trying to figure this out.

Two nights have passed since our Scooby Gang had their little run-in with the Alpha.  This means it has also been two nights, since Allison kicked Scott to the curb for . . . ummm . . . lying and stuff.  If we’ve learned anything about Scott, in these past few episodes, we’ve learned that he‘s insanely self absorbed has a tendency to get a bit mopey, when things don’t go his way.  So, you just KNOW that Poor Stiles has had to listen to the Ballad of Scott’s Life Sucks Because Allison is Gone, pretty much on repeat, for the past 48 hours . . .


“Nevermind the fact that you recently told me that you sometimes have the urge to MURDER ME.  Please, let’s talk more about YOU and your lame girlfriend problem . . .”

So, Stiles, being the completely undeserved awesome pal that he is, decides to do for Scott what all best buds do for pals, who just got kicked to the curb by their so-called soulmates.  He takes him out to some shady parking lot, to get him sh*t-faced, of course!


But, alas, Scott’s newfound wolfishness has had the unintended side effect of making him the OPPOSITE of a cheap date.   And so it happens that Scott ends up stone cold sober, and still riding the WAHHHHHHH-mbulance of Dumpee-dom, while Stiles entertains us all with the joys of listening to him slur about how much he LOOOOOOOOOOVES a certain five-foot-three red-head named Lydia . . .

Ahhhhh, memories!

(See Scott?  It’s too bad you couldn’t have gotten yourself turned into a vampire, instead.  Vampires never have ANY trouble getting wasted, when a woman mistreats them . . .)

Case in point . . .

Scott’s and Stiles’ little gab fest is unceremoniously interrupted, when two random dudes try to steal their booze. 

Oh, honey!  Didn’t you get the memo?  NO ONE over the age of 15 should wear their hats like that . . .

BAD MOVE!  Now Scott is ANGRY!  And you won’t like him when he’s ANGRY . . .


“Give me the bottle of Jack,” growls Scott, in a voice that’s WAY sexier than his usual whining voice!

He also gets those trademark yellow eyes, I love so much.  The two random dudes are obviously turned on by him too, because they promptly hand back the liquor, and start scampering away like little b*tches.  Then Scott does something shocking:  HE BREAKS A STILL-HALF-FULL BOTTLE OF JACK DANIELS, ON PURPOSE!

Talk about a senseless waste of booze!  I mean, come on, Scott!  Don’t you realize that there are starving children in East Poorsitania (Yes, I made that up.  I didn’t want to risk offending anyone.) who don’t have ANY Jack Daniels to drink, when their girlfriends dump them.  Seriously . . . ungrateful much?

But that’s not all!  Soon after Scott and Stiles leave, the Alpha hunts down the Two Random Dudes and THROWS BOTH THEIR BODIES INTO A VAT OF FIRE . . . and all over a bottle of Jack. 

Clearly, THIS Guy is a graduate of the Stiles’ School of Acting Like a Bat . . .

Could you imagine if it was something more expensive (like,  for example, Johnnie Walker Blue).  What would the Alpha have done then?  Tied them up, and made them watch The Notebook eight times?

Parents Just Don’t Understand . . .

Pssst, Scott!  Wanna get out of taking that test?  Try the Running Your Thermometer Under Hot Water Trick.  So, what if she’s a nurse . . . Your Mom will never know the difference.

Parents on teen shows are usually so effed up and dysfunctional, that it’s refreshing to see Scott’s Mom and Stiles’ Dad both (so far) seem so kind, well-adjusted, and, let’s face it, normal.

Mommy tries to make Scott feel better about losing Allison, by recounting for him all the times that she’s met the business end of the dumping stick.  But, as you know, DENIAL is often the first stage of the grieving process.  And Scott is experiencing it BIG TIME, when he claims that he and Allison are just “on a break.”  And that he’s going to “get her back.”

We then get our first obligatory Shirtless Scott Shot of the episode, when he strips and heads toward the shower, offering us a near-identical image to the one we got of him doing this exact same thing in the Pilot episode . . .

At least we know he has good hygiene!

Another important thing to note about this scene (aside from the size of Scott’s pects), is the fact that the radio announcer on Scott’s alarm noted that local police are still on the lookout for Serial Killer Derek Hale. 

So much for telling a Harmless Little White Lie, because you didn’t know how else to explain that your friends were being STALKED BY A WEREWOLF, Scott!  *cough douchebag cough*

Terrified that his “sweet innocent” daughter will end up getting Little Red Riding Hooded, on the way to school, Papa Argent insists on driving Allison to Beacon Hills High, while Auntie Kate the Werewolf Slayer tries to keep the peace, while riding shotgun.  (On the message boards, many of you noted a weird sexual tension between Auntie Kate and Papa Argent.  Really?  What show do you think this is, Game of Thrones?) 

With Allison safely out of earshot, Papa A gives Auntie K the perfect opportunity to say “I told you so,” when he apologizes to her for underestimating the POWER OF THE ALPHA . . .

(Is it just me or does Papa A REALLY look like a pirate in this screencap?  “Arrrgh!  Walk the plank, Katey!  I want me GOLD!”)

Fortunately for Mr. Argent, Kate the Werewolf Slayer is WAY TOO hungry for “I told you so’s.”  She’d rather make a food run, instead.

OK . . . I take back what I said, these two are definitely doing the DEED .  . .

Hmmm . . . if Kate REALLY wants to make a McDonald’s run, it looks like she’s going to have to get out and PUSH THE CAR THERE . . .

In the SECOND sweetest, parent-child scene to come out of this episode (The first is yet to come), a very concerned Stiles warns his Dad to be careful when searching for the Alpha Derek.  Now, maybe it’s because he got hurt by the “mountain lion” a few episodes back.   But I have to say, all this emphasis on Stiles’ dad’s safety over the past few episodes has me REALLY WORRIED about his mortality on the show .  . .

Please don’t make Stiles an orphan, Papa S!  Or we will never get to see the inevitable storyline where you hook up with Scott’s Mom, and make funny, sarcastic babies, with really nice abs . . .

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 .  . .

Lydia made a snide comment about Allison’s outfit in this scene, but has anyone checked out what Lydia is wearing?  Ummm ewwww!

At school, Needy Allison needs reassurance from Lydia that she did the “right thing” by dumping Scott.  Lydia plays her part, and agrees, “He locked us in a classroom, and left us for dead!”  She exclaims emphatically.  (Well, actually, he locked you in a classroom and then TRIED TO KILL YOU.  But, hey, there’s no need to be nitpicky about such small details.)  Interestingly enough, Lydia’s assessment of what happened on “School Night” will come into play later on in the episode.  So, try to keep it in mind . . .

In class, a rather Obsessed-Looking Scott tries to talk to Allison, but the Creepy Emo-Looking  Teacher Who Everybody Thinks is the Alpha (more on that later) makes him sit down, before he can do that.

What happens next is arguably the most telling aspect of the episode, in terms of how Scott’s connection with the Alpha works.  First, Scott begins to experience sensitivity to light and sound, something many of us (myself included) initially thought would happen to him ALL TIME, as a result of him being a werewolf.  However, in actuality, it only seems to occur during SPECIFIC times.

Then come the NEW TEST QUESTIONS . . .

Now, the simplest explanation for these hallucinations would be that the proximity to the Full Moon, coupled with recent events, have caused Scott’s psyche to play little tricks on him.  And yet, the hallucinations themselves seem SO SPECIFICALLY designed to upset Scott, and trigger his werewolf response, that we, as viewers, can’t help but wonder whether the Alpha is creating them.  This raises the interesting question, particularly in light of later events, of how close the psychic connection is between the Alpha and Scott? 

How much control does the Alpha have over the things Scott sees and the way he behaves?  (Later on in the episode, we will see another example of Scott’s hallucinations that may or may not be Alpha-induced.)  Of course, if we assume that it is the Alpha who is causing Scott to hallucinate in this way, than the most obvious culprit is the Emo-Looking Teacher . . .

“I’ll get you my pretty, and your little Stiles too!”

After all, he has the most access to Scott and the test, at this particular moment in time.  (Did I mention he’s really creepy?)  Then again, it could just as easily be any student in that classroom.  However, if the psychic connection between an Alpha an has pack has no limit in terms of distance, it could really be ANYBODY in Beacon Hills . .  .

You can run, but you can’t hide, Dog Boy!

When Scott rushes out of the class in Full-On Freak Out Mode, Emo-Looking Teacher doesn’t seem to surprised or upset.  He does, however, seem a bit perturbed when Stiles rushes out after him . . .

Adventures in Homoeroticism, Part 263 (We Make Bathtime LOTS OF FUN!)

“Umm . . . Stiles .  . . I think I dropped the soap. (hint, hint)”

I love that Stiles knew IMMEDIATELY that Scott would head to the showers, at the first sign of a panic attack.   (I’m telling you, this Dude just LOVES getting naked and clean!)  “I can’t breathe, KISS ME, YOU FOOL!”  Scott exclaims, as he strikes yet another ridiculously sexually suggestive pose for his friend (and for the female viewers) . . .

Introducing Mr. July . . .

“Well, I’m still not sure whether Danny finds me attractive, but I’m starting to think that YOU do!”

Luckily for Scott, Stiles just happens to have Scott’s old inhaler handy . . . you know . . . the one he hasn’t used since the Pilot episode?  (Ummm . . . I love you, Stiles.  But that’s a little strange . . . even for you.)

After Scott is done blowing, Stiles explains to him that he didn’t actually NEED the inhaler.  Rather, Scott was having a panic attack, and THINKING that he needed the inhaler helped him snap himself out of it . . .


(Two weeks ago, Stiles taught Scott what “sarcasm” was.  This week, he taught him “irony.”  Next week, I predict he will finally teach Scott how to read . . .)

In all seriousness though, Stiles is like, seriously, the Best Friend on the Planet who Scott doesn’t even begin to deserve.  And for this reason, when he started talking about how he suffered from panic attacks, after his Mom passed away, I must admit I got a little teary . .

OK . . . make that A LOT teary .  . .

Once Scott has calmed down some, Stiles explains to him that he’s not the first guy in the world to get dumped by a girl.   “It’s called heartbreak.  There are like TWO BILLION SONGS written about it,” he offers, quite rationally.

Scott responds, in a bit of a non-sequitur, that Stiles should lock him up the night of the Full Moon, because . . .


Meanwhile, over at the Walmart of Guns . . .

Newsflash:  Allison’s Mom is Just as Batsh*t Crazy as the Rest of Her Family . . .

Andre helpfully pointed out to me that the hunter dude on the left is also one of the detectives, who was apparently at the school investigating the “Serial Killer Situation.”  How very convenient!

The Argent Hunters are having a little Pre-Full Moon pow wow.  Papa Argent notes that all the wolves, including the Alpha, are at their most vulnerable / nutty, during the Full Moon.  Therefore, this will be the best time to catch them.  Meanwhile Auntie Kate, who never met a weapon or a man she didn’t want to fondle, notes that, while the Alpha might be out during this precarious time, Sexy Derek wouldn’t be stupid enough to make such a rookie wolf mistake . . .

Was anyone else hoping her gun would accidentally go off, during this scene?  Because THAT would be hilarious.

Then Mama Argent, who, if you recall said BARELY A WORD, during her premiere episode, back when Scott came to the Argent’s house for dinner for the first time, creepily pops in, and randomly instructs her family to chop Derek in half, before offering the crew some homemade cookies laced with cyanide.

Break my Derek, and I’ll break your face, B*TCH!  (By the way, doesn’t this woman kind of look like a slightly older version of the main alien chick from that recently-canceled show, V?  Just sayin’)

Wanna Bite Me?

Back at school, Allison and Jackson are busy eating food off eachother’s faces, when Jackson echoes Lydia’s entirely self-serving comment that, YES, Allison did the TOTALLY RIGHT THING dumping Scott.  Jackson then shows Allison what a mature and evolved dude he is, by sucking his thumb . . .


Allison unintentionally kills the mood a bit, by asking Jackson if she wants a bite of his food.  Of course, she intends the comment to be flirtatious HUSSY!.  However, Jackson, who is undoubtedly always subconsciously thinking about the NEVER EVER HEALING Derek Love Tap on the back of his neck, mishears her, and think she is asking him about his “bite.” 

Upon hearing the inquiry, the color drains from Jackson’s face, and he subconsciously starts rubbing his neck.  Actually, considering that what’s on Jackson’s neck is pretty obviously a SCRATCH, and not a bite, his reaction here is a bit strange.  (Then again, there is some evidence later on in the episode to suggests that Jackson might have initially had NO CLUE what Derek did to him.  So, maybe he thought it was a “bite” after all.)

Upon hearing Jackson and Allison flirting with his conveniently appearing and disappearing Super Wolf Senses, Scott, who is sitting in the locker area at the time, reacts by doing this . . .


Well, SOMEONE is going to have a massive headache, tomorrow morning . . .

First Line and First SLIME!

Stiles gets the surprise is his life, when do the outbreak of some random illness amongst the lacrosse team, he gets selected (though they misspell his name, causing him to proudly refer to himself as “Biles”) to play First Line in the upcoming game . . .

You ever notice how Stiles is always puffing his cheeks out like this?  He must be REALLY good at blowing. 😉


Oh, Come ON, Scott!  At least pretend to be excited for your friend, Ya DOUCHE!

Scott gets some good news too.  The Coach has suddenly decided to make him a Co-Captain, along with Jackson.  This announcement results in Jackson wetting his diaper, and crying for his Mommy . . .

Though Jackson and his cronies begin plotting to bring Scottie boy down, so that he will lose his new Position of Power, Nice Guy Danny sticks up Scott, reminding Jackson that he is a “good player.”

Hey Danny!  I don’t know you that well, but I already like you.  By the way, do you think Stiles is attractive?  Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Back on the bench, Mr. I Only Think About Myself Scott grumbles that he “smells jealousy.”  This prompts Stiles to wonder whether he can smell “other things” as well (Like farts?), like SEXUAL DESIRE!  (Actually, Stiles, I think MOST humans can smell that . . .)  Stiles then asks Scott to ask Lydia if she “likes him,” because, apparently, they are in fourth grade . . .  Nevertheless, Scott agrees to do this for his pal.  And Stiles is obviously appreciative of the gesture . . .


So, remember how, when Allison asked Lydia if she thought she did the right thing, by dumping Scott, Lydia replied that Scott was basically a selfish bastard who left them all for dead?  Suddenly, when confronted with Scott in person, Lydia has distinctly changed her tune.  Now she’s all “you tried to protect us,”  and “Allison should be grateful.”

Something happens to Scott, at that moment.  He gets this EXTREMELY SEXY intense and mean look in his eyes, and he asks Lydia, if she is grateful for him.  She responds by cleaning his teeth with her tongue . . .


Hey Scott?  Ever hear of the phrase, “BROS BEFORE HOS!”  Learn it . . . live it . . . BE IT!

To make matters even worse, when Scott returns to practice, he tell Stiles that Lydia is actually interested in him.  At which point Stiles turns around and punches Scott in the face.  Ooops, sorry.  That was what I WANTED TO DO to Scott at this point . . . Stiles believed his friend, and looked depressingly excited over the whole thing . . .

Lipstick on Your Face (Told a Tale on YOU!)

Just when it looks like we are in for another long boring lacrosse scene, things actually start to get interesting.  Two of Jackson’s cronies make good on their promise to get rid of him as Co-Captain, by deliberately knocking him down.  Scott then responds in kind, by knocking THEM down.  But then, he inexplicably does THIS . . . TO DANNY, the only guy on the Team, aside from Stiles, who was actually willing to give him the benefit of the doubt . . .

“I think I’m dying!  Before I go, please tell Stiles I think he’s attractive!  I can’t leave this Earth, without him knowing!”

Way to lose friends, and alienate people, Scott ASSHAT!

Oddly enough, the Coach looks eerily pleased by this whole course of events . . .

Was that an Alpha growl I heard come out of your mouth, Coach Cupcake?

Amidst all this, Lydia rushes onto the field with SEX HAIR, and blow job kissy face.  Her unusually disheveled appearance does not go unnoticed by Jackson . . . or Stiles for that matter . . .

Uh OH, Scott!  It looks like your lacrosse stick isn’t the ONLY long pointed object getting you in trouble, lately . . .

No Teddy Bears Were Harmed in the Making of This Scene . . .

Thankfully, Mr. Bear was wearing a bullet-proof vest, the ENTIRE TIME!

Most Cool Hip Aunts take their teenage nieces shopping to bond with them.  Auntie Kate opts instead for target practice on Winnie the Pooh! 😦

Wipe that smile off your face, MURDERER!

Not surprisingly, the anguish of shooting Mr. Bear causes Allison to break into tears.  (It’s OK, Allison.  I cried when you shot Mr. Bear too!)  Of course, Auntie Kate malevolently uses this tender moment to grill Allison on Scott and his relationship with Derek, since Allison unwittingly brought the latter’s name up, when discussing her Girl Pain . . .

“I know this is probably a bad time.  But do you think you could find out from Scott, if Derek thinks I’m attractive?  Because I would really like to lick him . . .”

Meanwhile, back at Asshat Scott’s house . . .

Lay Down with Scott, Wake up with Fleas (and probably crabs)

Sitting in the same chair, where Scott once found the Sexy Derek lying in wait for him . . .

Woah . . . they look really similar in these two shots!  I wonder if this was intentional . . .

 . . . Evil Scott contemplates EATING THE WORLD  . . .

Meanwhile, Stiles (who made a key to Scott’s house, which is either really sweet, or really stalkerish, I can’t decide which) is downstairs, chatting with Scott’s Mom (who is conveniently on her way to work) about all the “Lunatics” (get it, LUNA . . . as in MOON?) who lurk in the shadows on Full Moon nights . . .

“Oh, LUNATICS . . . like your son!”

Stiles quickly heads upstairs, and instructs Scott to chain himself to the radiator, in response to the impending Full Moon.  Mr. Resourceful even came with his OWN chains, for this very purpose.  But when Scott refuses, Stiles takes the initiative, and DOES IT FOR HIM!

“That was for MAKING OUT WITH LYDIA!” Stiles remarks, as he stomps out of the room.


Stiles isn’t done torturing Scott yet.  He later returns with a DOGGY BOWL that has his friend’s name written on it in Magic Marker.  It’s actually pretty hilarious . . .


But when Stiles leaves, and Scott starts boo hooing and whining to be let go, you can see that it effects our Sweet Boy Wonder . . .

Poor Guy!  (You should really consider neutering your dog.  Think of all the problems it could solve!)

Unfortunately, for Stiles, all it takes is for him to run downstairs for a minute.  And by the time he returns, a VERY WOLFED OUT SCOTT IS GONE!

Oops!  (He should have put one of those shock collars on him to keep him on the property!)

Meanwhile . . .

Blah, Blah, Jackson and Allison, Blah . . . Hey, DEREK’S BACK!  YEAH!



So, Allison and Jackson meet in a sporting goods store.  They flirt.  They decide to go back to the car together to TALK about what happened to them and zzzzzzzzzzz.  Apparently, neither of them believe Scott’s story that Derek was the one stalking them at the school.  Rather, they both seem to think their assailant was a man /beast amalgamation . . .

That kind of looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine . . .”

Allison and Jackson begin talking intently with one another.  And though they are clearly both doing “the lean,” this doesn’t seem to be a Pre-Makeout talk, if you catch my drift . . .


And yet, Wolf Scott, in, what some might assume to be YET ANOTHER Alpha-induced hallucination sees these two going at it like . . . well like HE AND LYDIA were going at it, earlier in the day!  *cough douchebag cough*  So, he wolfs out, and jumps on top of the car.  But just when he’s about to pound through its roof, and kill Jackson . . .


Derek Hale emerges from the darkness and SAVES THE DAY!  YIPPEE!

Back in the human form, Captain Obvious Scott admits to The Guy He Made into a Number One Murder Suspect that he cannot date Allison because he is too dangerous of a mother f*&ker to have a girlfriend.  Derek agrees, and reveals some VERY INTERESTING information.  As it turns out, there’s a CURE to werewolfism-by-bite, and it’s SUPRRISE: KILLING THE WOLF THAT BIT YOU!

OK, Derek . . . now, I love you more than life itself, but talk about BURYING THE LEAD.  For WEEKS, you have wanted Scott to help you kill the Alpha.  And for WEEKS, he’s basically ignored you.  Don’t you think THIS would have been persuasive information you could have used to get him to join your Kill Alpha Team from DAY ONE?

I’m sorry, Derek!  But it had to be said.  Please don’t let our little disagreement influence your decision to, one day, have hot animal sex with me. 

Later, Jackson finds one of Scott’s wolfy claws in his lacrosse glove, and FINALLY starts to piece together what Derek did to him, and what Scott is . . .

It’s about damn time!

Elsewhere, Kate begins to wonder whether Derek has a YOUNGER SMALLER Beta IT’S SCOTT!   IT’S SCOTT! wolf running around with him . . .


You didn’t honestly think I’d end this recap without at least ONE shirtless Derek picture, did you?

Oh, and I almost forgot, Stiles saw someone getting pulled out in a stretcher, after the whole Scott incident, and thought his dad had been KILLED!

But, it was SOMEONE ELSE’S DAD!  Papa Stiles is just FINE!


(OK . . . I wrote that in a really mean way.  But, seriously, this was the most touching father / son moment EVER!)

And that was “Panic Attack” in a nutshell.  So . . . what did you think?  Are you a fan of Evil Scott?  (I AM . . . at least in terms of Posey’s darker, more layered portrayal of him.  I think he does a suprisingly nice job of it, especially considering I was dubious about his acting skills, up to this point.) 

Are you on the Jackson / Allison ship?  The Scott  / Lydia one?  Are you loving Stiles more and more every week, like I am?  Do you wish Derek rescued Allison and Jackson, while shirtless?  Oh . . . and who do you think is the Alpha?

I think I’ve left you enough questions to ponder between now and next Monday night, don’t you?  See you next time, Werebangers!

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44 responses to “No More Mister Nice Wolf – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Panic Attack”

  1. Ashley

    Oh, I’m a great fan of Evil Scott! He’s so much better than Whiny Scott.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Ashley!

      We are totally on the same page here. I loved seeing Tyler Posey flex his acting chops in this episode. Seeing him morph into essentially a completely different character than we’ve seen for the past seven episodes (though I know it could be argued that he was actually like this all along *waves at Andre*) was pretty darn impressive. And though I hate to admit it, because he was SUCH a heinous douche throughout the hour, there was something about Scott during his scene with Lydia, and during the scene where he was seated on the lounger chair in his bedroom, that was incredibly sexy. It will be interesting to see how this new darker side of Scott impacts future episodes . . .

  2. mak75231

    Remember when MTV was Music Television? Just a thought. Now they’re scarfing from every other network on TV, but could they at least splurge for some lighting equipment? “Dark” storylines don’t necessarily have to mean “so dark you can’t see it even after 9 p.m. with all the lights out! Whew! Had to get that off my chest!
    While they’re reeling in plotlines from everyone else, couldn’t they just have Snape cook up some “get Lupin through the full moon” juice? Surely there’s a recipe in The Half-Blood Prince’s Potions Book?
    Yep, everybody’s thinking the creepy teacher is the Alpha–and every week the preview looks like they’re gonna show him to us. Not happening! Not till at least the season finale, I’m guessing!
    I had definite problems with Auntie teaching Allison how to stun gun Mr. Bear… is NOT open season on Woobies!

    • Hey mak! I am so glad to see you are watching Teen Wolf too (as in the NEW show, not the OLD movie sequel) ! 🙂 (I guess us Supernatural Fangirls need to get our fang fix SOMEWHERE over the summer, right? ;))

      I was also glad to see that you mentioned how physically DARK these episodes are. I just thought it was my cheap ass TV. (I’m FINALLY investing in a flat screen, by the way. I CAN”T WAIT!) But, during the night scenes on this show, sometimes, all I see is black space. If it weren’t for Andre an his screencaps, I’d probably STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE ALPHA LOOKED LIKE!

      In Teen Wolf’s defense though, this might be a “supernatural” show thing. After all, I’ve had similar problems with night-centric TVD episodes, like “Daddy Issues” and “The Sun Also Rises.” (All I can say is, it’s a damn good thing the Delena kiss in As I Lay Dying took place in a bright bedroom, otherwise I would have been BEYOND PISSED!)

      Hmmm . . . yeah, I can’t imagine the show will give away the big mystery of the Alpha’s identity in Episode 9. On the other hand, if jmae is right *waves at jmae* and there, ARE, in fact, two Alphas, revealing one would be an excellent way to lead fans off the scent. 😉

      And yes, I was offended by the Teddy Mutilation scene as well! You know, I read somewhere that I might be an “alien,” because I get more upset when animals are in danger, harmed, or die in movies, than when humans do. The fact that this extends to STUFFED ANIMALS probably just makes me wacked. I’m very glad to see I am not alone in this! 🙂

      Thanks so much for popping in! I was seriously missing our weekly TVD roundups. 🙂 (One of these days, before September 15th, I’m going to write another TVD centric post. I just have to select the right topic. :))

  3. jmae

    Soon after Scott and Stiles leave, the Alpha hunts down the Two Random Dudes and THROWS BOTH THEIR BODIES INTO A VAT OF FIRE . . . and all over a bottle of Jack. 
    This makes me think that the Alpha is someone who truly cares about Scott, because those guys were messing with Scott and Stiles so he killed them. Big Brother is always watching.
    Mommy tries to make Scott feel better about losing Allison, by recounting for him all the times that she’s met the business end of the dumping stick.
    Talk about being a douche bag did you see the way that Scott treated his mom after she said she had had some terrible break ups. Just completely ignored her what kind of son is he.
    Creepy Emo-Looking  Teacher Who Everybody Thinks is the Alpha (more on that later) makes him sit down, before he can do that.
    My question is where is Coach Cupcake? If you look you’ll notice that all the test questions are on economics. Now in “Keeping it in the family” Coach Cupcake said that he taught so where is he. While Creepy Emo-Look Teacher teaches chemistry. So that’s kinda weird but irrelevant.
    Woah . . . they look really similar in these two shots!  I wonder if this was intentional . . .
    I’ve noticed that Scott is starting to pick up some of Derek’s style choices(leather jacket), but they nowhere near as good on Scott. Speaking of leather jackets how many of those things does Derek have? When they showed him from the back this week there wasn’t any wear and tear from his run in with the Alpha.
    Derek Hale emerges from the darkness and SAVES THE DAY!  YIPPEE!
    This I expected when I saw the preview, but I gotta say it really pissed me off that they brought him in do late into the episode. Also I think it’s freaky how fast he can shift back and forth.
    Don’t you think THIS would have been persuasive information you could have used to get him to join your Kill Alpha Team from DAY ONE?
    I think that Derek withheld this information because ge didn’t want to get Scott’s hopes up and this is his last desperate attempt to get Scott in his side. Also up until now Scott hasn’t really out right said that he didn’t want to be a werewolf he just blamed being a werewolf on Derek.
    Jackson found Scott’s nail on the hood of his car, but it’s weird that he has Scott’s lacrosse glove from “Wolf in Scott’s clothing”.
    Also I was wondering if I’m the only one upset that Scott didn’t immediately apologize to Derek for all the trouble he’s caused him. Speaking of Derek like Stiles he’s way too nice to Scott. I mean come on the guy blames you for a bunch of murders then you stop him from killing Alpha Male douchebag Jackson and his ex, carry him to his bed, and tell him how to cure being a werewolf.
    Going back to the first episode where Derek told Scott that they were brothers and that the bite was a gift I think that Derek thought that Scott was bit by his sister before she died then when he realized that it was the Alpha that killed him he started to panic.
    Two bonus pieces of info:
    1) Next week they finally revel who the Alpha is. The only problem is that he’s right near Stiles when they figure this out.
    2) There are indeed two Alphas. Hollad Roden and the creator of the show have both said as much. The creator of the show says that so far we have actually seen both of them. So now that means that everyone who we thought last weeks episode ruled out as being an Alpha is back under suspicion. Also I started thinking this around last week because if you look closely you’ll notice that the Alpha in the school appeared to be a lot larger than the video store Alpha.
    So what I’m thinking with the Alpha is that the one thar drew the spiral on the window if the car could possibly be the Alpha that supposedly escaped the Hale fire, and didn’t bite Scott. The one that was at the school however is obviously the one thar bit Scott.
    One more thing though a lot of the message boards that I’ve been looking at have people that all seem to think that Jackson is a Hale and that he was set up for adoption and that’s why he’s reacting like he is to being scratched by Derek.I really think that this is a strong possibility especially when you notice that in “Walmart of Guns” Derek’s nails had his wolfsbane infected blood on them. When Derek scratched Jackson he could have easily put a few drops in the wound accidentally. Meaning that even if the werewolf gene skips a generation wolfsbane could still affect them if used correctly. This theory would also further my theory about the video store werewolf being a Hale because that would mean he left Jackson alive because he could tell that they were related. His blood being infected with wolfsbane would also explain why when the Alpha looked at it why the wound started glowing seeing that Derek’s was glowing too.
    That’s all for now sorry my comment is so long.

    • No apologies necessary! I LOVE analyzing TV shows with folks who are as passionate about television as I am. Like I said, I ALWAYS learn something. 🙂

      Hmmm interesting observation about the Alpha murdering those attempted liquor thiefs. On one hand you could say, all those two guys wanted to do was steal some Jack Daniels. And Scott scared them away. No harm done. So, if the Alpha was trying to get revenge on the thieves for doing what they did, it was a MAJOR OVERREACTION on his or her part.

      On the other hand, the Alpha seems as though he has a supernatural insight into human emotion. (Even Scott, who is NOT an Alpha, says that he can now SMELL jealousy and attraction.) So, it’s possible that the Alpha instinctively knew that the two thieves were planning on doing something WORSE to Scott and Stiles than just steal from them, like rape, kidnapping, or murder. And, in that case, the Alpha was protecting his surrogate family, or, at least, his INVESTMENT in Scott. Wow, who would have thought we’d be STICKING UP FOR THE ALPHA for his (or her) double homicide? Go figure!

      I’m glad you noticed the Chemistry / Economics discrepancy! (Confession Time: When I first wrote this recap, I listed the Glasses-Wearing Teacher as the Emo Looking Creepy Chemistry Teacher. Then I looked at that test, saw it was economics, and assumed I had mixed up Glasses Guy and Coach Cupcake. So, I “cleverly” removed all references to test subject matter in the recap. The question of course, is, was this merely a continuity issue, in that the writers simply FORGOT about the comments made during the Parent-Teacher conference episode, or was the seeming mix-up, in and of itself, meant to be a clue of some sort? Interesting indeed . . .

      Scott WAS kind of an ass to his mom, when she tried to commiserate with him over his breakup with Allison. On the other hand, while his later actions with Lydia, Danny and Stiles were pretty evil, the rudeness he exhibited to his mother, early on in the episode, seemed like fairly standard bratty teenage boy behavior. I think it’s pretty typical for a 16-year old to assume that his or her parents have nothing relevant to say to them on issues related to relationships and social life, even though this is so obviously not the case.

      I do feel though, that Scott’s general rudeness and coldness to his Mom, might stem from the fact that he is the de-facto “man of the house,” and his mother lets him behave that way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I disagreed with the Creepy Teacher who intimated that Scott was undisciplined, because he lacked a father figure. (THAT IS SO SEXIST!) Recent events notwithstanding, Scott is a pretty “good guy.” However, I do think his lack of Dad, impacts his relationship with his Mom, even if it doesn’t necessarily impact his relationship with society at large . . .

      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT about Scott trying to copy Derek’s style choices! Can you blame him? If I was a guy, I would want to be JUST LIKE DEREK HALE. He’s AWESOME! And all the girls in town, (and some guys, I suspect) probably want him, whether or not he’s actually aware of this. (Of course, I probably wouldn’t want to live in that crapbag of a house, he’s resigned himself to live in). That place looks like it’s days away from collapsing in on itself!

      I also agree with you that Derek was brought back into the episode WAY TOO LATE this week. He’s already been absent for 1.5 episodes, and there are only twelve episodes in a season. So, wasting precious Derek Shirtless time like this is a sacrilege of the worst order. I mean, I get the nature of the cliffhanger on Derek’s fate two weeks back, and the reason for it. But, by now, the writers have to realize that Derek and Stiles are the fan favorites in this series. So, why not maximize their potential to be ratings juggernauts, by maximizing their appearances on the show. Just sayin.

      (Now I know it’ STILES turn to be in danger next week. If they take HIM out of of the running for a full episode too, I may just have to boycott!)

      I REALLY like your idea of Jackson being a Hale. It would explain a heck of a lot. And, of course, I like your Two Alphas theory, as it gives us back ALL of our suspects, and keeps the guessing game in play. Because honestly, if the Alpha ended up being JUST the Creepy Emo Teacher, or just Coach Cupcake, I think, at this point, I’d be disappointed.

      Thanks again for all of your brilliant insights, and I am sure I will talk to you sometime next week. 🙂

  4. André

    Why am I not surprised that you talk about wolf PMS? 😉

    You know I did send you that picture of the fuel tank gauge intentionally so that you put it in the recap. 😀

    I also thought of Derek when I saw Scott sitting in that chair. And damn he is a bad actor/liar, even when in serial killer mode the boy cannot tell a convincing lie.
    The fact that Scott constantly whines about not being with Allison is not a good character trait of him, but it is totally realistic. Let’s face it, would we want a main character without edges? And better this than the pure old “I am a killer machine when I don’t control myself” thing.
    And yes I liked the darker portrayal of Scott, man that was mean and I kept hoping that Stiles would stay strong and not give in, which he thankfully did. By the way, I got inspired; I think you know what I am referring to. 😉
    You know the way Scott’s mother asked and acted made me wonder whether she will stay in the dark for long. I mean here we have an actual parent and there is no way she doesn’t notice that something is up. Like I said so far not much time has passed on the show, but that might change soon.

    Ok, Scydia (sounds weird doesn’t it?) probably won’t happen, that scene was pure revenge from Scott’s side, if any lust was in it, it was hidden nicely.
    If you ask me, Lydia said those things to Allison and Scott to get back at Allison for flirting with Jackson (of course this could make things really interesting when Jackson dumps her), did you notice how she practically guided Scott? Not that Scott is innocent but one thing is sure, Lydia only gave a little nudge at the right time, especially Scott’s face spoke of pure revenge and of course douchebaggery. That really makes me wonder how much of what we saw this episode is Scott and how much the influence of the full moon respectively the Alpha since according to Derek’s words Scott becomes what the Alpha wants him to be.

    Maybe we will soon know who the Alpha is.
    Watch this:

    Can you understand the name? Was it “Trip” or “Trick”? Or was it just “him”?
    And some very interesting things will be coming along. Albeit we can be sure that Stiles won’t die.
    Weird that Scott can hear Jackson but Lydia and Allison can’t. You know what was also ironic? The hunters seemingly suspect Stiles to be a werewolf while douchebag Jackson catches the actual one. Albeit he will probably use that information solely to get Scott out of Lacrosse, dumbass; well if he realizes what Scott is.

    Allison doesn’t seem to be better then Scott in terms of intelligence; her behavior (especially her sudden trust of Jackson) is weird considered what we heard of her in this episode. Does she feel “safe” with Jackson because he seems too straight forward and incapable of any many secrets? Scott is easier to comprehend without letting us viewers lose interest, with Allison it’s rather the other way around.
    As for Jackison (how do all these fans come up with good pair-names?) well let’s see how it goes, maybe it will be interesting. But their talk in the car… I didn’t really liked, I mean the Alpha was in plain view running behind them on the corridor and they actually considered it to be a human? Hello? Of course it’s not human, duh!

    It was kinda funny that Stiles thought with his dick when Scott announced that he could smell jealousy. But I really hope the whole stuff with Scott makes him kick Lydia to the curb. Not only do I think that Stiles deserves better than her, a part of me thinks that he has a crush on her mostly out of habit.
    Somehow Scott and Stiles seem to be made for each other, at least both show an enormous amount of brilliancy in some situation and then total stupidity in others. Or they are just two regular hormonal teenage boys.
    By the way Stiles did not run down the stairs, Scott really just popped open the handcuffs and ran out of the window. One minute screaming, the other nothing.
    The problem in the relationship between Stiles and Scott might be that Scott takes Stiles for granted, not that he doesn’t like Stiles or anything but he might not see how fast he might lose Stiles, then again there hasn’t much time passed on the show, so maybe not enough pressure, yet.
    Maybe Scott will realize what shit he has done now, I doubt that everything happened due to the moon, it rather seems that it just brought things to the surface Scott wouldn’t normally do. Obviously his mother did too good of a job in that regard for Scott to behaving assholish all the time. But I want some groveling of him next episode.

    As for the prospect of them ever making out. Sorry boys and girls (or am I the only Y here? :)), probably not going to happen. The werewolf seems to only have success on everyday TV if he/she confirms to heteronormative society. We can already be lucky that Scott is neither the boring straight all-star guy, buff bully, sensitive best friend or repressed nerd, like so many others of his howling peers. He comes across as normal because of his personality layers and different sides of his character.
    By the way, you discriminated; we male viewers want to see the poses too.

    That the detective works with the Argents makes me question how much of an organized Hunter scene there is. This is definitely not Supernatural; these people have high-tech equipment and know what they are doing. What do you think? Do they get paid for what they are doing?

    I found it a great idea how those new questions appeared on the paper, albeit I rather attributed them to hallucinations born out of Scott’s own fears, due to his following panic attack. Interesting scene afterwards, not just for Scott’s model pose, but rather that we now know the family story of both our main characters (Allison doesn’t count as “Main” in my eyes).
    As for the cure in terms of being a good idea, well… the writers left the window open by letting Derek say that he didn’t know whether that story was true. And they have green light for a second season so Scott will not go back to human anytime soon.

    As a matter of fact it is not Stiles that had the inhaler with him; it is Scott, because the bag Stiles had it from was the one Scott left lying in the hallway. Which is an interesting detail that might hint that Scott hasn’t actually psychologically adapted to his new condition and still follows patterns from before his transformation.
    I actually liked it that Scott “accidentally” breaks the wall, I find its lame when in such shows the characters are seemingly perfectly capable of using their new powers even after such a short time despite the fact that their abilities are on a much different level now. This is especially ridiculous when they are teenagers as well and/or are stated to be most dangerous and unstable in the early stages of their new existence.

    Is it a coincidence that the coach could not make out Stiles name? Seriously Stilinski is not so difficult, is it a hidden sign that he is the Alpha and is trying to ridicule Stiles?
    Well he could be the Alpha and having Stiles on the field will already annoy some players and Scott co-captain is just too convenient for causing trouble at this time. In addition, what coach says that Lacrosse is just right when one of his players says that he has anger-management-issues? I mean wouldn’t such a character be prone to causing trouble, given into your anger on the field will not reduce the anger, it might exhaust you but it won’t resolve the problem.
    Is the coach the Alpha and planned for this? Did Scott play into his hands by hurting Danny and thereby making the other guys on the team hate Scott, if they don’t do so already (especially if he is the one that scores the most)? Like I said: too convenient. Either that or the coach is as crazy as he looks. However we have no evidence that he is new in town, but maybe that is not necessary, however, what did the Alpha (if he is the couch or another teacher) do all this time and why act so openly now?
    Seriously the coach moved up on my list of suspects especially due to the shifting scene of the Alpha at the end, where you can see that he is a man, in addition it looks like he has hair about the length of the coach or the glassed teacher, in addition the part of the transformed body where you could see the skin, looked far too pale to me to be Scott’s boss. Of course that doesn’t release the boss from the suspect list of being in league with the Alpha, or maybe he is in league with the hunters and called them into town. Maybe coach and Martin (the teacher) are also hunters and with his moves the coach is trying to “lure out” werewolves from the team.
    Of course, the coach could be in league with the Alpha as well, as well as Mr. Martin. In theory the Alpha could have many cronies in town. And yeah he could be Scott’s old man; I mean Scott was conceived about 17 years ago, more than enough time to be bitten.

    • First of all, thanks again for ALL THE SCREENCAPS! To the extent this recap was good at all, you are about 99.999999 percent to thank for that. Some of the caps you took were absolutely hilarious, and actually made the writing of this flow much easier than if I was working with a “blank canvas.”

      LOL . . . are you telling me the fuel gauge was a “plant?” *blushes*

      The funny thing is, nerd that I am, I started analyzing it in detail, the minute I I saw it. I was thinking to myself. Well, technically, if a car is turned off, the gauge will return to empty, so there isn’t necessarily anything strange or funny about that. HOWEVER, when dropping someone off at school amidst a line of moving buses and cars, you would never turn off a car like that . . . unless it’s a hybrid, in which case it turns off automatically. GRRR! Do you see what you did to me?

      That was a MEAN, CRUEL JOKE! 🙂

      Hmmm . . . I could see how being a whiny b*tch on occasion is a realistic character trait for Scott, but it’s not a particularly “edgy” or “masculine” one. I’m also not sure the common interpretation of Scott’s behavior, with regard to Allison, as being “self-absorbed, narcissistic and annoying” is intentional on the writers’ part. I just can’t imagine them sitting in that writer’s room drafting the Pilot for the show, and saying, “Let’s make the hero REALLY WHINY!”

      I think the writers want us to really like, and relate to, Scott, at least when he’s not a wolf, in order to make his wolf self, all the more terrifying. My guess? The whiny responses regarding Allison are actually the writers’ failed attempt at trying to make Scott appear “romantic.” 🙂

      Speaking of Evil Scott, while part of him might have seduced Lydia to get back at Jackson, I suspect another part simply got turned on by the “smell” of Lydia’s sexual desire, and felt an instinctual animal need to hump her. 😉 His response didn’t seem entirely calculated. There was a loss of control element at play there. And I think it was because, in that moment, he was, quite literally, a “dog in heat.”

      Awww, I like Derek being the one to try to save Stiles in the promo! 🙂 My two favorite characters . . . TOGETHER AT LAST . . . well, sort of! In answer to your question, I’m pretty sure, Derek says into the phone, “Get out of there, right now. It’s HIM, he’s the Alpha.” Now, whether Derek is CORRECT in his assessment is another story. That promo howl seemed like it might have been added in for effect, as opposed to genuinely appearing in the episode.

      Speaking of which, did YOU growl at me? 😉

      As for the werewolfism cure, I suspect it will go down something like this . . . Scott kills the person he THINKS is the Alpha. That person dies and IS actually an Alpha, just not the Alpha that bit Scott. So, Scott stays a werewolf, and, in doing so, figures out that he killed the wrong person / wolf. He’s sad and guilty, and blah, blah, blah. And he spends the first half of the second season hunting down the REAL Alpha . . .

      Since we are on the subject of Season 2 predictions, I also predict that Allison will embrace her destiny, and become a full-fledged hunter, next season, causing even more tension between her and Scott. Finally, I think one of the other characters will either turn wolf, or turn into something else (like, for example, whatever Jackson is) next season, so that the cycle starts again. I’m kind of hoping whatever happens, happens to Stiles, as I would love to see his character even more fleshed out this season than he already is. Plus, I think the actor who plays Stiles, Dylan O’Brien is up to the challenge this kind of plot twist would present for him. 😉

      I could definitely see the REAL Alpha ending up being Scott’s dad. This would cause a juicy litle ethical dilemma for Scott, as he would be faced with either murdering his own father, or staying a wolf forever . . . very interesting! 🙂

      I’m perpetually impressed by how many layers this show has, and how many topics present themselves for discussion here. Way to go, MTV, for actually giving us a show that doesn’t insult our intelligence! 🙂

      • André

        Hm, looks like my power is growing.

        Well I didn’t think as far concerning the gauge as you did but the thought did occur to me that it would go to zero when the engine is off.
        Since we are speaking about cars, ever been in an electric car? Practically no sound at all.

        As for Scott being whiney and bitching. Well depending on whom you ask, that is a very masculine trait. It is said very often that men cannot deal with rejection and broken hearts as good as women can, of course the same thing is often said the other way around. 😀
        I can’t tell whether Scott’s behavior regarding Allison is “self-absorbed, narcissistic and annoying” maybe it was intended as showing a great love. And well, both are teenagers and act like that, so what can we really expect? That they can actually deal with their emotions? 😀
        I am not sure whether Scott can be called romantic, I think inexperienced would be better. At his age it is possible that he has zero experience in that regard.

        I don’t think Scott seduced Lydia into anything; she is far too intelligent and controlled for a thing like that. Neither do I think that it had much do with “being in heat”, because his eyes held no lust in my opinion, that was rather revenge. He is still a teenage boy so some lust might have been there but I guess it was mostly about revenge (not the smart kind, but what can you expect) and I guess it will bite him in the ass in the next episode, at least it could be.

        And as for your question, that was an actual wolf’s growl. But you deserved it; male viewers want to see Scott’s naked body as well. 😉

        What you predict for the second season and the real Alpha might be happening, but I didn’t think that far. Personally I hope there is no such thing as a cure, because it would open the way for stories ala let’s just turn this character into a werewolf for an episode or two and then he changes back and Scott is left with being one. I don’t like that; it is so cheap and something for kids. No, I think it’s better if Scott has to deal with his condition permanently.

        I think your prediction of Allison becoming a fully-fledged hunter might come true. The groundwork is already laid, as the promo shows (was that Derek’s house the two were in) and it really would be good for the story.
        Maybe the “cycle does start again” and I would love to see what would happen to Stiles, considered his actions so far even if he would “only” turn into a wolf (like Derek’s sister) and probably lacking the strength of Scott, he might still be able to utilize his new abilities much more efficiently, albeit this would require a sufficiently trained canine on the set.

        When you put it that way it would be interesting if the Alpha is Scott’s dad, it would also be a simple explanation why Scott was bitten, so far that would be the most “logic” explanation.

  5. East Coast Captain

    That Scott Lydia scene really made me burn in a good way, so good I will write a little oneshot for my little collection. It will be unrestrainted.

    Hmm…killing the Alpha will cure Scott? There is a second season and this is called Teen Wolf, I think this supposed cure will not be a cure. Its a basic rule of TV.

    • You know what’s funny, East Coast Captain? The MINUTE I saw that scene, I thought of you and your Scott / Lydia fanfiction oneshots! I said to myself, “I bet he is pumping his fist in joy, right now!”

      Now that these two have actually gotten “up close and personal” on the show, I can’t wait to see what you do with them on paper!

      I’m with you on Scott not getting cured in Season 2. However, as I mentioned in my reply to Andre’s comment, I think killing the wolf that bit you IS a cure to werewolfism, but that Scott will still not have found the “animal” that bit HIM, by the Season Finale. A-two Alpha twist will take care of that little plot point. 🙂 This will give the writers the option of EVENTUALLY curing Scott, in a series finale. 🙂

      Ooh, I just thought of something else . . . what if the REAL Alpha who bit Scott ends up dying, but Scott doesn’t kill it. Would that mean he’d be forced to stay a werewolf, forever? Hmmm . . .

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad we have three shows in common. Clearly, you have excellent taste in television. 😉

      • East Coast Captain

        In werewolf lore I believe killing an Alpha will make you the next Alpha although I believe he will never be cured a common theme is the hero accepting who he is at the end.

        He gets cured but at the last second he decides to forsake a normal life and become a hero forever meaning Scott will never be cured.

        Because on Smallville Clark lost his powers many times only to gain them back at the last season. This cure might be temporary or no cure I´ve seen it before.

      • jmae

        In reply to East Coast Captin’s comment that killing the Alpha will make you the next Alpha I have a theory about what arc the show can take. Here it is:
        Derek tries to help Scott kill the Alpha that bit him, but Scott can’t do it so Derek is forced to do it thus not curing Scott and making Derek an alpha. This would also give them a route to go next season you know Scott dealing with the fact that he will never get cured and Derek having to control his primal urges since an alpha is more animal than any of the betas.

  6. Ozzy Booms

    Thinking of everyone who has died so far:
    Derek’s sister
    Bus Driver
    Video Store
    Two guys in the woods

    I remember Derek’s conversation with his vegetative uncle, saying that the person was now an alpha. I wonder if you have to kill an alpha or family member to become an alpha? If so, maybe the sister was a means to an end and not about vengeance.
    The bus driver apologized, and that’s about all we know. Derek said he and his sister survived because they were at school. Maybe he was in on it?
    I can’t figure out the video store guy. We don’t really know anything about him, except that he’s now dead.
    The Janitor might have been killed to prevent Scott and Stiles from calling the cops. Then he later called in to prevent the call from meaning anything when it did go through.
    The two guys in the woods might have seen Scott’s wolfie side a little bit too much, and were kept quiet in the quickest manner.

    Also, a little sad this episode because I was holding out for a little Stiles/Danny Homo hookup. Alas, Stiles might actually be straight :(.

    What was with Lydia? Maybe she works for the alpha, and she wants Scott pissed at Allison so he’ll be more likely to kill her? This would actually be really neat because it would mean that Jackson did give Scott the right ingredients, it was Lydia who sabotaged it. She also seemed to know about locking them in to keep them safe, meaning she knows more than she should, because that would have been the furthest explanation from my mind Then again, it could have just been to make Jackson jealous.

    Also, I kept wondering if Danny might have been the alpha. I wanna rule it out however because the way he went down when he was hit. An alpha would have been able to take more. I still don’t see how he plays in though. He is the only non-terrorized student whose been given a name, and I think he’s gonna play in somehow, I just can’t tell where.

    As for the Alpha, it a human we’ve seen. Assuming there is just one (grrr, jmae, why’d you have to go make it complicated?), we know it’s a male because of next episode trailer. This means all men who haven’t been shown while the alpha was as well:

    The Vet- too suspicious acting. I’m leaning towards him being in line with
    the alpha. If he was with the hunters, he would definitely know that Scott was a beta after the conversation between him and derek while he was tied up. I also think he’s gonna die before next season.

    The teacher- definitely being lead that way, but I’m hoping for a twist. I think though that the alpha was already at the school and didn’t follow them though, which would work well for him, as he works there.

    The coach- a possibility, but I doubt he would let Scott play. Too risky. Also had a reason to be at school.

    Danny- Hasn’t appeared at the same time as the alpha, and his backstory hasn’t been even remotely explored (did he survive the Hale fire?). He also stuck up for Scott (Pack Loyalty), and would have known about Scott’s phone, Allison’s birthday, and had her number. Would work really good with Lydia being a manipulator for the Alpha, and not just out to get back at Jackson. Explains why he attacked the bus driver (blamed partly for fire). If Scott was suppose to just see red and kill Allison and no one else, would make sense (didn’t want to hurt his friends).
    Still, the blow to the head knocking him out makes it questionable. That wouldn’t have knocked an Alpha out.

    Can’t wait for next week. Big Reveal!

  7. Ashley

    “DRINK COFFEE” was written on Stiles’ shirt.

    • THANK YOU! That was driving me crazy! Now, that you mention it, I can definitely see that it says that. Isn’t there a third word on there too, on the diagonal? Maybe it is “more” . . .


      I like it . . . Man, now I want that t-shirt . . .

  8. jmae

    Okay so I have a theory as to how they’ll keep Scott as a werewolf or let him go back to being human. Since Stiles is stuck alone with the Alpha the Alpha would bite making him a werewolf too. Then when Scott finds out he has to decide if he’ll break the curse therefore forcing Stiles to remain a werewolf, or let Stiles break the curse and remain a werewolf himself. If the former happens I have a feeling that since the show is called teen wolf the focus of the show will switch the focus of the show to Stiles which I’m going to assume would make most fans happy.

  9. Ali

    Hey there… I have to start saying, as many would agree that Stiles has to be the best friend a guy could ever have. Seriously…What a great lad! And Scott could not be more of a douche all the time… with Stiles, with his mom… he´s such an asshat.

    I think that Derek may be lying. Just a theory, but what if Derek is so desperate to get rid of the Alpha that he made this cure thing up just to get Scott´s help? I mean, he does not kick his butt as any of us would do when he came straight from the bus Scott threw him under, so maybe he is a little more Stiles-ish than us, instead of bitting the sh*t out of him, his approach was much sutile and planned. He could have thought: hum, I´m gonna tell him he can be normal again by making him kill the alpha…yes, that would work muahahahahaha. Just a thought.

    Also… love jmae´s theory about the two alphas… and also love how you gouys manged to create an awesome storyline, like Scott killing the wrong alpha, than chasing him in season two, but then the right alpha dies so Scotts is stuck with being a werewolf for life…. Sooo cool!!!

    And the theory of Scott having to kill his old man? and becoming a skinwalker? oh no, wait, that´s in TB..

    Jackson…. I´m still not sure about him at all… Maybe he´s just wishing he was a werewolf again as he was in the gates, and he´s pissed because that show was *lame*, I mean cancelled… I don´t know. But the theory of him being a Hale is pure gold… I think it is a possibility because… why else would we care that he is adopted? right?

    Now I know why these comments are longer than the ones from other show, jewls… there´s a lot to talk about here 😀

    • jmae

      Good theory about Derek lying about the cure I consider that to be a total possibility. Especially seeing that Scott pretty much refuses to help Derek even with all the lives that the Alpha is taking/could take. This adds further to the Scott is a complete douche argument.

    • Ooh REVENGE, as a dish best served, ALPHA! I like it, Ali! 🙂

      I WAS pretty shocked that the first thing Derek did when he found Scott (after he got him to revert back to human again, of course) WASN’T “punch the kid in the face” for making him a murder suspect! If Derek did, in fact, say what he said to manipulate Scott and get him to do what he wants, and yet STILL keep him wolfy when its all over, I APPLAUD him for doing it.

      Go Derek! Don’t let the bastard get you down! 🙂

      On the other hand, the Teen Wolf writers definitely seem to “get off” on the complexity of their own mythology. So, I’d be surprised if they put a “rule” out there, that didn’t end up being at least partially true. But who knows? It WOULD be the ULTIMATE twist, if you think about it. Imagine, Scott standing over the dead Alpha. He is still in wolf form, but not “evil,” because he is no longer under the sway of an EVIL ALPHA. He looks up at Derek, with puppy dog eyes. “But I don’t understand,” he whines. (WOOF! WOOF!)

      “Sucks to be you,” Derek replies, with a smile and wink at the camera, before walking away, tall and proud, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  10. Ali

    It should say “you guys managed” above in 3rd paragraph… Sorry

    also, Stiles´ T-shirt says

    DRINK COFFEE in black letters

    DO GOOD in red letters 😉

    • YES! Drink Coffee, Do Good! That makes perfect sense! 🙂 *breathes sigh of relief* You have no idea how crazy I was STILL going trying to figure that out. THANK YOU! 🙂

  11. MTK

    There’s one thing I still don’t get about this episode–why would the hunters suspect STILES of all people of being the smaller Beta?

    • Hey MTK, thanks so much for stopping by an commenting! 🙂

      As for the hunters suspecting Stiles, as opposed to Scott, perhaps, it’s a pride thing for them. After all, Scott was RIGHT under the hunters noses, when he ate dinner at Allison’s house. Both Papa Argent and Kate strike me as being extremely arrogant people. I’m sure both of them assume that if a Beta Wolf was sitting in their home, dating THEIR relative, they would CERTAINLY know it . . . being hunters, and all. And if, as far as they are concerned, it can’t be Scott, Stiles would be the next logical choice, since he seems to be NEARLY ALWAYS WITH SCOTT, and also seems to have some connection with Derek.

      Oh, and Stiles also really small . . . as in “petite.” 🙂

    • jmae

      My theory is this they think Stiles is a werewolf because when Derek got shot he got into Stiles’s car. Being that allison saw this she no doubt told Aunt Kate in their little bonding time when they were tasering Mr.Bear. And she probably also mentioned that Scott freaked out when he found out that Derek gave her a ride home from the party. So from that they probably figured that Scott knew what Derek was/that he was dangerous because his bestfriend is one. Then remember the idea behind leaving Derek half dead was so that he’d lead him to the other werewolf well logically speaking what dying would go to a human for help. Plus Allison and the hunters don’t know about Jackson’s run ins with Derek. I also agree with kjewls when she says that they are too arrogant to think that they would miss a werewolf right under their noses. Also I strongly believe that the Emo Looking Chem teacher is the Alpha because in “Survival of the fangiest” the alpha shook his head almost like he was laughing when the Moltov cocktail didn’t work. So I would think that being a chem teacher and Alpha he would have smelled that the wrong ingredients were used.
      I wonder if Allison told Aunt Kate that Derek drove her home from the party at Jackson’s that night. I have a feeling that if they knew they’d have already killed him for it, but I have a feeling that driving her home that night is how he found out that she was an Argent. At first Derek said that he was protecting Allison from Scott but I have a feeling that when he found out she was an Argent he was like forget it.

  12. hulabunny

    Did anyone else think it was weird that emo teacher had a picture of a brain on the blackboard, is supposed to be a science teacher of some kind, but the questions on the test were econ questions?

    • Hey hulabunny! You are absolutely right! I kept thinking I’d mixed up the Coach and the Emo Teacher, in terms of their subject matters, but Emo Teacher definitely taught chemistry. So, I’m guessing, either (1) the writers screwed up; (2) Emo Teacher was merely PROCTORING someone else’s final; or (3) there is some significance to the confusion that somehow relates to the true identity of the Alpha. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what that relationship would be, however.

      I guess we will just have to wait and find out. Excellent catch though! I think, sometimes, the writers of this show don’t realize just how smart its fans are, or how closely they are watching! 😉

  13. Ashley

    Hey TV Recapper, did you see the sneak peek of Episode 9? What was Papa Argent telling Scott?

    • If we are talking about the same preview, I think he just asked him “How do you know Derek Hale?”

      However, did you see THIS?

      Very intriguing (and a bit disgusting too)! Enjoy!

  14. Megan

    OK! I love the new Scott! As for who I think is the Alpha, who will be revealed in the 9th episode, it has to be between Coach Cupcake and the creepy teacher. My bets are more on Coach Cupcake. As for Derek I am SOO happy he is back! He was the main reason I watch the show.And just to let you know, I am a huge fan of your recaps, and whenever I watch the newest episodes of Teen Wolf, I am always wondering what you will say about them!!

    • Awww, thanks so much, Megan! 🙂 I’ve been having such a great time talking Teen Wolf with all you guys this summer! You’re always teaching me new things, and helping me catch parts of the story that I might have missed. 😉

      As you know, I’m THRILLED about Derek Hale’s return to the show as well. It’s about DAMN TIME! 🙂 (I know he was only gone for one episode . . . but that was really one episode too many, as far as I was concerned.) And I too was intrigued by “Evil Scott,” much more so than “Whiny Hormonal Scott.” As I mentioned in the recap, up to this point, I honestly didn’t know Tyler Posey had it in him. 😉

      I’m inclined to agree with you that, if the writers are smart (which I think they are), they should make the FIRST Alpha Coach Cupcake and not the Emo-Looking (Chemistry?) Teacher, since probably about 85% of fans already suspect the latter. Whoever they reveal as the Alpha in episode 9, however, I suspect something will happen in the finale to turn that idea on its head. (So, far the Two Alpha theory seems like the most promising way to do that.)

      As for the upcoming episode, I’m actually most intrigued about what the heck is going on with Jackson. He was looking CRAZY CREEPY in those promos! 🙂 Unlike the Alpha mystery, about which I have a few ideas, Jackson’s “neck thing” has me totally mind boggled. I’m looking forward to being genuinely surprised to learn what the heck is happening with him!

      See you next week! 🙂

  15. Trey D.

    Hello everybody, sorry I only had time to read the recap and only some of your comments, but everything I read is just awesome and thought provoking… and often hilarious.

    Some quick comments… well, quick for me.

    -My thoughts on Scott going 92% Maximum Douche Lord mode… From an artistic perspective I like bad Scott, shows he has depth as an actor to play both parts… as a guy getting into the story and what he put Stiles through… yeah, I hate him. (Not to mention he banged up the guy who was advocating for him earlier)

    -I agree with Ali, Derek is lying about a cure. To cover his butt though, he did say “maybe” so when killing the Alpha doesn’t cure Scott, he will have that to fall back on. (Does anyone think that when this alpha business is over… Derek would intend to kill Scott? You know… as pay back and Scott having served his purpose to Derek or try to make him part of his pack in order to be strong(er)?)

    -I re-watched the episode where Derek asks his uncle if it was another Hale that escaped the fire, and the Uncle’s finger moved after he left. Derek’s words suggests the possibility that this alpha is either alpha became an alpha by killing his sister or due to the sister’s death.

    The uncle’s finger movement suggest that the alpha is a Hale. Well… it seems crazy, but the Uncle’s finger moved when his caretaker came in there… could that nurse/caretaker be the alpha or know something about the alpha? Did the alpha really kill Derek’s sister? (Kate could just be a good liar kind of like a person who can beat a lie detector test)

    Whoever turns out to be the alpha… it better make sense and be explainable or the series will be kind of ruined for me.

    • Hey Trey! You bring up a great point about Evil Scott! As a “guest star,” he’s intriguing to watch, oddly sexy (from a female perspective), and sort of breaks the mold of the typical “superhero” typie tale. On the other hand, by keeping Evil Scott around for the long term, the writers definitely run the risk of alienating a portion of their viewers, who find they can no longer root for the main character. It’s a lot easier on TVD to have one Salvatore Brother go DARK at a time, since the other one can always pick up the hero slack. That’s not really the case here.

      As much as some of us wish it were otherwise, Scott is the CLEAR main protagonist of the show. Everyone else gets second billing. So, if the writers decide to turn Scott into a permanent villain, they have to be certain that fans of the show love and care enough about either Derek or Stiles, to continue watching the show just for THEM. Personally, I think plenty of fans would LOVE to watch a Teen Wolf that revolves around Derek or Stiles, instead of Scott. However, since Scott game with the initial package, to change horses like that mid-stream would be SUPER risky for the writers. It will be interesting to see how they ultimately end up tackling this conundrum.

      I could definitely see what you mean, about Derek possibly lying about there being a cure. It would certainly serve Scott right, after all the aggravation he put Derek through. That being said, I kind of hope that there IS a cure, not necessarily because I want to see Scott cured, but because I like the idea of the infected SEARCHING for a cure, throughout the series. Besides, can you IMAGINE how WHINY Scott will be, if he finds out he’s got NO HOPE other than to be stuck being a werewolf forever? 😉

      I love the way you analyzed the scene between Derek and his uncle, and I DO think the Alpha’s being a Hale makes sense in the context of the story. I also agree that the writers should be VERY careful in revealing this “secret.” After all, it will undoubtedly disappoint many fans, if they’ve been struggling to solve the mystery for an entire season, only to find out that the answer is something random and lame like “The Alpha is your GRANDMA! SURPRISE!” 🙂

  16. Kate

    Hey. I just thought you would be interested in this 🙂 its freakin awesome! I had chills throught the whole thing! haha.

    I can’t believe there are only 4 episodes left of season 1! I hope there’s a season two 🙂 anyways, tell me what you think of this video. I was curious about a few parts though. First off, at 0:22, who do you think is carrying who? I couldn’t tell from the back but it looked like a girl was being carried.

    Next, what do you think of the scene starting at 0:32? Looks like Jackson can mentally communicate with Scott now which kind of confused me.

    Then the scene at 1:07 REALLY got me worked up. Who was she licking lol :)? The first person I thought of was Derek and how his arms were up, it kind of looked like whoever it was, was tied up. And what in the world was tied to their side?

    I’m really not liking Allison at all. It looks as if she’s just going to be like Papa Argent and become a creepy werewolf killer thing. And how Allison just completely keeps dumping Scott… hell to the no! But I’m starting to really like Stiles and Lydia together because they’re so cute and it was a major dick move on Scott’s part in this episode to do that to his best friend. Bros before hoes!

    The main person that I can’t stand in this show that always makes me mad though is KATE! Gosh I can’t stand her. But she does have that sort of kick ass type of thing going on which is pretty awesome. But i would’ve just bitch-slapped her by now.

    Anyways I love reading you’re recaps and I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow! 🙂 Isn’t it weird though how ever preview for the next episode makes it seem like Stiles is going to die? Or is it just me?

    • First, let me say, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH for posting this promo here, Kate! You ROCK! This . . . was . . . awesome! Kudos to the marketing department for making this, as it definitely felt like WAY more than four episodes worth of heart-pounding, teeth-grinding, bone-snapping drama. I’m actually super impressed here.

      Now for the speculation. I’m going to guess at :22 that Stiles is carrying Lydia? I only say this, because we know they were together at the dance, and it seems as though LYDIA is the one who’s the bloody mess in the hospital later on in the trailer.

      As for :32, while it IS possible that Jackson is turning wolf (evidence of this include his “preparation for big changes” speech to Lydia, and his suddenly paling around with Derek at the decrepit house), on the other hand, I don’t necessarily think he NEEDS to be a wolf to communicate with Scott like he’s doing here. I would guess that, perhaps, Jackson just recognizes that wolves have super sensitive hearing, so he is goading Scott, by showing him that he is aware of this fact.

      My first guess as to the lickee was Derek too! After all, Kate did say she wanted to do that to him. (Tongue rape is still rape, ladies!) On the other hand, the lickee seemed to have a monitor of some sort strapped to his stomach, leading me to believe that Kate was trying purposefully to AROUSE the lickee to see whether he would turn wolf. (Just as Stiles made Scott wear a heart monitor, when he started throwing balls at his face.) If THAT’S the case, Kate would have no reason to do that to Derek, since she already knows what he is. Scott, Stiles, or Jackson, on the other hand . . . 😉

      I’m a MAJOR Stiles / Lydia shipper too! They remind me of Seth and Summer from The O.C., and, therefore, I think, have a TON of potential, to be a fun and sweet couple. However, given the Dylan O’Brien’s warning that his character will “never become a werewolf, never kiss a girl, and never . . . well . . . I can’t remember the third thing,” I’m wondering if Stiles connection with poor Lydia will be short-lived, because SHE will be short lived, if you catch my drift. I hope I’m wrong about this . . .

      I can see why a lot of people REALLY don’t like Auntie Kate. However, for me, I find her a heck of a lot more relatable than Allison’s SUPER CREEPY MOM (who always like an evil alien in every shot she’s in) and her ice cold assassin dad. I think Kate adds an element of cougar sexuality to the show, and is successfully able to bridge the gap between the parents and the teens. Without her, the hunters would probably be a lot less interesting than they are.

      You are SO right about the trailers always putting Stiles in danger! For the record, though, I can’t IMAGINE the writers would be dumb enough to kill him. WHO WOULD CRACK ALL THE GOOD JOKES, IF HE WAS GONE? 🙂 Certainly, not Scott . . . lol 🙂

      • Kate

        By the way, I got the video from the facebook fanpage for teen wolf. I’m pretty sure it’s the official mtv fan page and they post videos and sneak peeks all the time! If you have a facebook, you should check it out cause they post a lot of good stuff 🙂!/TeenWolf

      • That’s awesome, Kate! Thanks so much for the scoop. I’ll definitely have to check this out. Hmm . . . I wonder if anyone will be posting spoilers for the season finale? 🙂

  17. ms coffeebean

    The episode, Pack Mentalty, theres a scene where scott storms into dereks house and accuses him of killing the bus driver and his sister, now theres a lovly slow song playing right there, and i cant figure it out, can someone please help me to get the song, people keep sending me to MTV to the songs that where played on that ep but the song i want is not there, please please help, would be much appreciated. O.M.G anyone see the last 4 episodes trailer, I hope derek doesnt die i love that man, hes the sexiest thing on that show, what was that kate b**** doing to him, where she licked his stomach ewww. Team Derek alllll the way.

    • I’m guessing the song you are seeking is “You Kill Me” by Paper Route? Try it out.

      I watched the end scene between Derek and Scott in “Pack Mentality” you were discussing on, and that song seems to match it. I hope that helps. 🙂 Happy Teen Wolf Viewing!

  18. I read somewhere recently that the show’s producers or director promises more nudity next season! 😯

    I guess they really want to push this show and its story.

    • Hey there! Thanks so much for the scoop. 🙂 Mmmm . . . a nude Derek Hale. Now, that’s a side of the character, I’d like to see! 😉 I wonder how much MTV (and the censors) will let them show. Hopefully, plenty! 😉

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