KISS ME, You Viking Vamp! – A Recap of True Blood’s “I Hate You, I Love You” (a.k.a. “Me and the Devil”)

“DUDE!  Just start crying, and act like I scared you.  Trust me, it is TOTALLY going to get you laid!” 

 Howdy, Fangbangers!   The moment in the series that you’ve waited four seasons to see has finally arrived (THE SHOWER SCENE?).  It is the moment when Sookie begins to see Eric as more than just a super sexy stallion with fabulous abs, and the ability to give her mindblowing sex for six hours straight dangerous manipulative vampire who, ultimately, can’t be trusted.  Throughout the episode, we watch Sookie grow closer to Amnesia Eric (IN THE SHOWER????).   She finds herself instinctively wanting to protect him (FROM WATER THAT IS TOO HOT?), hold him tight (UP AGAINST THE WALL OF THE SHOWER?), and comfort him (BY RUBBING HIS MAN PARTS WITH SOAPY WATER?).  The “L” word is even tossed out once during the hour (LOTS OF SOAPY WATER?)

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the week for The Shower Scene . . .

But at the rate things are moving between these two, that can’t be too far away . . .  Oh, and some other stuff happened this week too.  So, I guess I’ll talk about that, as well . . .

Well . . at least we won’t have to worry about seeing Joe Lee in his underwear anymore!

R.I.P. Creepy Crotch Man and Mrs. Creepy Crotch!  We barely knew you (but we hated you, anyway)!

When we last left Tommy Boy, the REALLY ANNOYING poor kid was on his hands and knees with a chain around his neck.  (It may sound kinky, but it was actually pretty awful.)

Apparently, Ma and Pa Creepy Crotch were low on funds, and needed their Meal Ticket son to start dog fighting for them again.  But the Creepy Crotches made one fatal mistake:  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A HORMONAL TEENAGE BOY WHO CAN TURN INTO A PITBULL, AT WILL!

“Just because I’m not old enough to vote, doesn’t mean I can’t chew your face like a doggy biscuit.”

Soon enough, Tommy gets the upper hand in this fight.  Within minutes, he has somehow managed to remove the chains from his neck, and put them around JOE LEE!  Now, I must say, while I’m happy with the ultimate outcome (Those Creepy Crotches HAD TO GO!), I am a little disappointed with this so-called “Big Epic Fight Scene.”  I mean . . . think about it . .  .here we have THREE SHAPESHIFTERS at battle with one another.  So, already the ten-year old in my head is coming up with all sorts of potential animal matchups . . . like a game of Shifter Rock, Paper, Scissor.  (Now, if Tommy becomes a Bear . . . and  Joe Lee a Tiger . . . and Mama Mickens a Lion, who will win?)

(The BEAR . . . obviously!) 

But I guess Alan Ball and Co. decided not to do that, since it would make Tommy’s ultimate murder of his parents (He whacked them both on the head with a metal pipe, in a clear gesture of self-defense), less “poignant” and “meaningful.”  Whatever . . . I just really wanted to see a Boxing Bear!

Of course, as we know, when it comes to Tommy, when the going gets tough, the tough whine to Sam.  So, off drives our anti-hero (with his dead parental units rotting away in the back seat of a stolen truck) to Sam’s house.  As douchey as Sam can be sometimes, he looks way better with his shirt off than Joe Lee he truly loves his brother, and can’t bear to see him waste away in jail, especially for doing something that, in all honesty, will probably make the world a better place with less ugly naked people in it.  So, when Tommy barges into Sam’s bedroom crying about the “little accident” he had, Sam vows to help him cover up his crimes . . .

“I have something important to ask you, Tommy.  So, please, be honest.  I look better without my shirt on than Joe Lee looks, right?  RIGHT?” 

Sam’s and Tommy’s Escape Plan hits a bit of a road block, when Sam’s truck gets pulled over by Sheriff V Addict, Andy Bellefleur . . .

Tommy contemplates turning himself in to Andy.  However, surprisingly enough, it’s Closet Bad Ass Sam’s idea that he hide in the trunk with his parents’ corpses instead.  (Talk about a Parent – Child Bonding Moment).  Despite Sam’s vigorous protests, Andy seems insistent on searching Sam’s trunk (probably because he thinks there might be V in there).  However, when Andy opens the door to search, he is greeted by . . . a crocodile . . . or is it an alligator . . . I can never tell the difference.

Andy understandably freaks out.  And after Sam makes some lame excuse about wanting to “return the animal to the wild,”  Sheriff V-Addict is more than happy to go back to his car and do some more drugs.  Once again, I was a tad disappointed by the “Shifter Choice” here.   I would have REALLY liked to see Tommy turn into a PIG, if only so that I could hear Andy scream THIS again . . .

Interestingly enough, Sam’s lie about returning the alligator to the wild, has some truth to it, since a nearby lake is precisely where the brothers bury Ma and Pa Creepy Crotch’s bodies.  When they don’t sink right away, Sam tosses a handful of marshmallows in the water near the bodies, because, apparently, crocs/ alligators like marshmallows.  (So much, for Ma and Pa Creepy Crotch coming back as vampires in Season 5.  Zombies, maybe?)  This is great, since now I know what to buy my pet Crocodile for a snack.  Thanks True Blood!


Tommy is kind of turned on impressed by how good Sam is at covering up murders.  So, by way of explanation, Sam clues Tommy in on his OWN double homicide of Lexi and Elijah from The Vampire Diaries his con artist ex girlfriend and her slimeball boyfriend.

Is it a bad sign, that I actually think this is the sexiest picture of Sam Trammell I have in my arsenal?  Oddly enough, when he’s NOT bat shit crazy and shooting people, he just doesn’t “do it” for me . . .

There’s nothing like swapping murder stories, and burying corpses, when it comes to bonding brothers together.  I suspect that this is the beginning of a beautiful BROMANCE  . . .

Well, at least until Tommy inevitably turns into a Skinwalker, as a result of killing his parents  . . .

So . .  . yeah . . . for the past two seasons, I’ve found the Sam and Tommy storyline INCREDIBLY lame.  However, as I’ve mentioned in other recaps, I think the Skinwalker concept has the potential to be VERY COOL, if done correctly.  And, while I would rather, SAM have the power than Tommy, I suspect the latter will find more “creative” uses for it than Sam ever could .  . .

That will teach you to have sex in front of your Evil Baby . . .

“Man . . .  PTSD . . . Serial Killers . . . Maenad Possession . . . Evil Babies.  Life was so much easier when I was on Gilmore Girls and dating that Lane chick . . .”

Is it just me, or did Arlene seem to handle the “Message from the Great Beyond” on her living room wall WAY better than she handled Evil Baby pulling the heads off the Barbie dolls or giving her Pink Eye . . .

“Clearly, Mommy appreciates my mad artistic skills!”

In fact, Arlene actually seemed a bit relieved that (1) her husband no longer thinks she’s a TOTAL nutbar; and (2) since the message referred to the “Baby” in the third person, said Baby probably didn’t write the message.  Awwww, Silly Arlene!  Hasn’t she ever met those annoying people who always refer to themselves BY NAME when they talk?  Can’t Evil Baby be one of them?

No matter.  Suddenly, Arlene is clutching her Devil Spawn to her chest, and telling Terry that the Big Bad Scary Ghost Graffitti artist better not harm her sweet child, or she will just scream a it REALLY LOUD, using that grating voice of hers . .  .

Interestingly enough, it’s actually Terry who’s idea it is to hire the Local Exorcists to come and chase the Evil away . . .  Said Local Exorcists end up being none other than Tara’s Terrible Mama, Skunk Head Lettie Mae . . .

Did an animal die on your head, or is your Ugly Ass Wig just really happy to see me?

 . . . and the Reverend she started boning last season . . .

As far as Demon Hunters go, Lettie and the Rev are pretty underwhelming.  Apparently, their idea of exorcising demons is singing folk songs and throwing salt around the house.  That’s all?  I wanted screaming, and chanting, and funny dances around the room!  Honestly, Terry and Arlene should have hired Marnie and the witches, or that (now dead) pharmacy worker who took $800 dollars from Tara to “cure her and her mom’s” EVILNESS.  At least THOSE GUYS would have put on a show!

I think my favorite part of the scene was when Arlene inappropriately told Lettie Mae how grateful she was that “you people” could do something like this for her.  (Because, apparently it isn’t a True Blood episode, if Arlene isn’t saying something RACIST.)  Seeing Lettie Mae’s furious response to her inquiry, Arlene quickly tried to cover up, by claiming she was merely referring to them being “very black religious.”  However, Lettie Mae was not fooled, and probably left one or two demons in Arlene’s house, just out of spite . . .

This, of course, brings me to later that night, when Arlene and Terry are SO HAPPY that their house is “free of demons” that they decide to SCREW IN BED, with their Evil Baby taking notes “sleeping” just a few inches away . . .

“What can I say, I’m an exhibitionist!” 

Arlene and Terry just seem SO THRILLED and relieved about their new demon-free home, that you just KNOW Evil Baby is going to do something to piss on their parade.  And PISS, he does . . .

Nope, that’s not the “Passion of Your Love” you smell burning, folks.  It’s your roof . . . 

The Ancestor F*&ker Strikes Again . . .

Bill must be better in the sack than I thought, if his great, great, great, great granddaughter is STILL willing to screw his brains out, despite it being TOTALLY NAUSEATING that they did it in the first place.  I have to say, it smells SUPER a smidge desperate, not to mention sad, when Portia barges into La Casa de Bill and, using her admittedly admirable legal research skills, begins providing Bill with an ORAL (no pun intended) report in support of incest.  (Honey, what you are doing may not be illegal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t REALLY, REALLY gross!)

Unable to get his “grandchild” to listen to reason, Bill resorts to compulsion, glamouring  Portia, not only to NOT be sexually attracted to him, but to be so repulsed by the New King of Louisiana that the mere sight of him makes her want to scream . . .

And SCREAM Portia does, as she dashes from the house like a Bat Out of Grandpa F*&ker Hell . . .

“Was it something I said?” 

Speaking of victims of unwanted sexual advances by inbreds . . .

Good Gravy, HOYT!

Best . . . GIF . . . EVER! 


When we last left Jason, he had successfully escaped Crystal and those inbred freaks from Hotshot, and was being rescued, by his best pal, and his best pal’s modelesque vampire girlfriend, who fed him blood to heal his wounds.  The pair drove him back to his house, where Jessica, who’s surprisingly maternal, I might add, gently deposited our Sexy Shirtless Martyr onto a bed that thankfully did not include handcuffs, ceremonial face mud, or 14-year old girls wanting to get de-flowered . . .

Hoyt is so proud of his girlfriend for her Mad Healing Skills, that  he is literally holding on to his heart.  Mr. “I Don’t Need That Sh*t” has finally come to appreciate the wonders of drinking vampire blood.  And, to celebrate, he would like very much to get laid . . .

Unfortunately, Jess’s crushing guilt over glamouring Hoyt to forget her recent infidelities has put a major damper on her sex buzz.

Sorry Hoyt! 

Hoyt senses Jess’s discomfort and wonders whether she killed another trucker.  Oddly enough, Hoyt’s guess is not that far from the truth, since Jess’s Trucker Murder started out being kind of sexual too!  Hoyt is just confused as to who drank who’s blood is all!  When Jess offers to take Hoyt home with her, he pouts, and opts to stay at Jason’s.  (Perhaps, he thinks he will have a better chance getting laid by Ghost Daddy, than by his own girlfriend.)

The next day at Merlottes, Jason fills Hoyt in on the horror that is a Werepanther Gang Bang . . .

Unfortunately for Jason, Hoyt’s been so hard up for sex lately that it doesn’t sound all that bad to him!  As a result, Jason doesn’t quite get the sympathy he is seeking.  He does, however, experience an epiphany of sorts, something akin to his religious conversion of Season 2, only MUCH FUNNIER!  Jason recognizes something we’ve known about him all along Alan Ballthe Lord is punishing him for HAVING SO MUCH SEX.

Remember Jason’s priapism . . . his addiction to V . . . that time when all his girlfriends kept getting killed, and the town thought he was a serial killer?  Every bad thing that ever happened to Jason in True Blood history could really be traced back to one thing SEX ADDICTION . . .

You may be addicted to sex, Jason Stackhouse.  But WE are addicted to WATCHING YOU HAVE IT! 

My favorite part of the scene had to be when Jason impersonated the Lord himself, who is clearly smiting him, for being such a slut:  “Jason Stackhouse, you have f*&ked too many hot women . . . see how you like it now,” mimicked Jason, in his best God Voice.  Oh, also, Jason, apparently calls Hoyt “Bubba.”  How adorable is that?

Speaking of Bubba TOTALLY kept interrupting Jason’s “Sex is Bad” story to complain about the “distance between him and Jess.”  HELLO!  Hoyt!  Gangbanging Torture versus Little Lovers Quarrel?  NO CONTEST!

There’s a Full Moon out in Bon Temps tonight, so we know that Jason is headed for some Big Trouble.  But, for now, the Lord takes pity on Jason, and gives him a V-induced sex dream .  . .

 HEY!  Where did your Gang Bang Scars GO, Ghost Daddy?  This MUST be a dream!

My FAVORITE sex dreams of ALL TIME are the ones where you know that you are dreaming, and, therefore, have free reign to make things as AWESOME as you want them to be.  They happen rarely, but when they do happen, they ROCK!  Jason gets to have one of those dreams, this week.  And Dream Jess starts riding him, like he’s a mechanical bull at a Honky Tonk bar . . . but not before admitting to him that he is, in fact, dreaming.  This way, he doesn’t have to feel like he’s screwing over his best friend.  EVERYBODY WINS!

Ride em’ Cowgirl! 

But then Dream Jess starts talking about what sex positions Hoyt prefers DURING the act.  And I don’t care how hot you are, that’s a SERIOUS SEX NO, NO!  What’s worse, Dream Jess starts SHOUTING OUT HOYT’S NAME while she “O’s.”  And THAT’S when things start getting REALLY weird . . .

“Oh HOYT!” 

Good Gravy, INDEED!  Poor Jason!  He can’t even have an innocent sex dream without being punished by the Man Upstairs for doing so.  Then again, who knows?  Maybe he LIKES having sex with Hoyt . . .

Free Agency – It’s Not Just for Athletes Anymore

We had this one seemingly completely random Alcide scene this week, in which some strange long-haired guy comes to his house in the middle of the night (Hey Alcide!  What’s with the tank top?  Why the hell don’t you sleep shirtless?  What’s the matter? You don’t love us anymore?), claiming to be the Werewolf Packmaster of Shreveport.  Packmaster Marcus is, apparently, very intent on Alcide joining his little wolf club.  But Alcide assures “Marcus” that he’s a LONE WOLF / FREE AGENT, and has no interest in running in this greasy-haired guy’s pack.

YOU GO ALCIDE!  I can almost forgive you for keeping your shirt on . . . almost.

Ahhh . . . much better! 

Book readers will agree that Alcide’s “lone wolf” status is a fairly significant departure from the series.  And I can’t help but wonder how it will affect future storylines.

As for Marcus, those of you who saw the promos for later episodes in the season, will undoubtedly recognize him as Luna’s CRAZY EX BOYFRIEND.  So, it seems that Alcide’s storyline will probably cross path’s with Sam’s at some point, for better or worse . . .

Over the River and Through the Woods, to Grandpa Goat Killer’s House, We GO!

After Marnie made Pam’s face fall off last week, my Laffy Taffy, Lala, had some choice words to say to her.  “Hooker, you pissed off another vampire, and then took a nap!”  He exclaims, when Witchiepoo (as Laffy calls her . . . and I will now call her, for the rest of her time on the show), wakes up wondering what went down . . .

“I have a killer headache.  Being possessed is EXHAUSTING!” 

When Witchiepoo explains that she had been possessed by someone who was “trying to protect them,”  Lala thinks she’s full of crap, and leads Laffy and Tara out of the forest, and away from the Crazy!

“Don’t leave now!  The party is just getting started.  I brought TWISTER!” 

Jesus somehow gets in his head the brilliant (read “ridiculous”) idea that his old mean grandpa in New Orleans can help them defeat the vampires.  Jesus believes this to be true, because when he was a little kid, his grandfather made him stab his pet goat and lick the knife.

Ummm . . . OK? 

The sex with Jesus must be really good, because Lala actually AGREES to go on this little roadtrip with his boyfriend to visit this Old Fart Animal Abuser.  When they arrive, Old Fart claims that he was expecting them.  Sure you were Grandpa . . . sure you were . . .

And now, for the juicy stuff . . .

“I Dream of Sookie”

“And I dream of Amnesia Eric!” 

Peeping Toms are generally creepy . . . unless they look like Alexander Skarsgar, in which case, they are AWESOME!

We watch Amnesia Eric ogling Sookie’s sleeping form for a few moments, until Godric (He Never REALLY dies, does he?) appears out of nowhere, and starts stroking our Viking Vamp in an extremely homoerotic fashion . . .

“Awww!  Amnesia Eric, you are SO CUTE!  I just want to pinch your little cheeks!” 

In distinctly un-Godric-like fashion,  Yoda Vamp instructs Eric that his true nature leaves him incapable of love.  Amnesia Eric argues that Sookie can redeem him.  Yoda Vamp says, “NAHHHH!”  So, really, as far as he is concerned, Amnesia Eric just just embrace his true nature, and Eat Sookie . . .


And walk into the sunlight with Godric . . .

The image of himself making Sookie scream (just wait until the SHOWER SCENE) upsets Eric so much that he wakes up with a start . . .

That’s it!  No more Fairy drinking before bedtime!

A horny  scared Amnesia Eric rushes into Sookie’s bed, in desperate need of cuddles from his Very Bad Dream  . . .

“I just want to be close to you, Sookie!  That’s why I’m going to rub my head on your “flower.” 


A completely guileless Amnesia Eric explains his dream to Sookie.  And she, in turn, tells Eric what a nice DUDE Godric was.  And how, in real life, he’d be TOTALLY cool with this Eric’s new discovery of his “sensitive side.”  Wearing her little cupid shirt, Sookie strokes Eric’s hair like a mom comforting a little kid, but the hungry way she’s looking at him, tells another story, entirely.

Amnesia Eric seems particularly perturbed this week by what a Sex on a Stick  complete asshat he was capable of being, during his “Old Life.”  He wants to know if he used to be evil.  And Sookie kindly explains that, while he certainly wasn’t Ghandi, he wasn’t the Maenad, either.

“Silly Amnesia Eric . . . Ghandi could never those abs!   (Wait a minute, wouldn’t AMNESIA make him forget who Ghandi was?)

This prompts Amnesia Eric to inquire as to whether he can spend the rest of he evening in Sookie’s bed.


Clearly, wanting a little more Viking in her, Sookie agrees, provided that Amnesia Boy keep his hands and his fangs to himself.  “I would never hurt anything as beautiul as you,” whispers Eric, as he cleverly pulls Sookie in for a tight affectionate spooning session.  (So much, for keeping his hands to himself!)



“Hey Sookie, squeeze my nipples!”  Firm, aren’t they?  Before I got amnesia, I used to work out!”

“When my Grams tells me to run, I RUN!  (She DIDN’T.  And look what happened to her!)

Wanting to get to the bottom of this Amnesia Eric Thing once and for all (though, to be honest, I can’t imagine why . . . not with all the great sex she’s about to have), Sookie mindreads Witchy Waitress Holly to find out where Marnie, a.k.a. the Witch Who Made Eric Adorable and Pam . . . Not So Much keeps her shop.  At first, Marnie is hesitant of helping Sookie.  But, for whatever reason, when the Fairy Waitress explains that her favorite shows growing up were Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed she decides to oblige . . .

What about BUFFY, Sookie?  You mean, you weren’t a Vampire Slayer fan? 

I actually really enjoy when Sookie puts on her “sweet country girl” act, in order to do investigative work.  For one thing, it tends to make her voice and accent A LOT less shrill.  For another, this was something that Book Sookie used to do all the time.  So, it’s nice to see that aspect of the stories played out so well, by Anna P . . .

At first, it seems pretty obvious that, without her Moon Goddess Possessor, Marnie is nothing more than fraudulent, no-talent hack.  She starts grasping at straws with Sookie, as most mind readers are wont to do.  But, of course, Sookie’s Fiesty Dead Nana sees an opportunity, and decides to take it . . .

“I’m BAAACK!” 

Grams proceed to give Sookie three important pieces of advice.  Two I liked VERY MUCH.  One . . . I didn’t AT ALL!  Let’s see if you can guess, which one . . . Granny says:

(1)  Watch out for your brother he’s on the run from some Inbred Sex Fiends, and at serious risk for sprouting hair in some VERY unattractive places . . .

“Save me, Sookie . . . from my overused weiner, and from myself!”

2) Don’t give your heart to Vampire Eric.  His amnesia is only temporary .  . .

And, finally . . .


And run is exactly what Sookie decides to do, right out that door and into Amnesia Eric’s pants.

Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for . . .

Nothing Like the Taste of Vampire Tongue in the Evening . . .

Back at Sookie’s house, her and Tara share a little bonding sesh, in which Tara finally admits to being a Cage Fighting Lezzy, who’s girlfriend just found out that she lied about her name, when she received her Social Security checks.

(OK.  . . explain this to me.  Why is Tara getting Social Security checks, again?  If it’s due to her age, she sure looks great for sixty-something!)

Shrink Sookie comforts Tara, just as she did with Amnesia Eric a few hours earlier.  (WOAH!  What’s with Sookie being all nice, wise, and advice-giving, all of the sudden.  It’s weird . . . Maybe she has amnesia too!)

Sorry, honey!  I just tell it like it is . . . 

Sookie instructs Tara to fight to win back her girlfriend, and to always be honest.  But Tara doesn’t exactly take to these Hallmark card statements.  She cleverly wonders whether Sookie could ever forgive Bill for lying to her.   (NO WAY!  HELL NO!  DON’T DO IT, SOOKIE!  Not when you have a REAL MAN around the house . . .)  Of course, Sookie pragmatically sidesteps the question.  But, when she realizes that it’s almost vampire wakeup time, she quickly and rudely kicks Tara out so that she can get down to having Shower Sex with Amnesia Eric.

Unfortunately for Sookie, however, this wakeup call came too late . . .

“Hey Tara, would you mind berating me, for a little while, I’m REALLY trying to close the deal with Sookie.  And she seems to really dig my weepy vulnerable side . . .  Just don’t make fun of my hair, OK?”

Oh, Tara!  I was actually starting to LIKE you, this season.  But I should have known that you’d be back to your self-righteous b*tchy self, before long.  When Eric emerges, Tara holds a gun at him.  And he bares his fangs at her.  (BITE HER, ERIC!  BITE HER!  SUCK HER DRY!)  Despie having become quite the pathological liar herself, of late, Tara is FURIOUS with Sookie for laying all this B.S. on her about honesty, while she was secretly harboring a Viking Vampire in her pants bed.

Tara then proceeds to helpfully recap EVERY SINGLE BAD THING Eric ever did on the show, since Episode 1 (undoubtedly saving many new fans from having to buy the DVD, in the process).  Meanwhile, Eric looks on shocked and horrified.  And Sookie just wants her friend to shut the heck up.  Finally, Tara leaves . . .

And it’s time for my FAVORITE Seric moment of the evening.

With Tara finally gone, a tearful Amnesia Eric wonders whether everything she said about him is true.

Sookie, of course, can’t deny it.  So, instead, she tries to bolster Amnesia Eric’s shaken confidence by telling him what a big weiner he has.  How capable of decency and genuine change he his, and how kind.  She also tells him that she likes him . . . just the way he is, which, of course, reminds me of a SIMILARLY AWESOME scene on ANOTHER vampire show . . .

The parallels between Sookie and Eric’s first “Sookie-initiated” kiss, and Damon and Elena’s first “Elena-initiated” one, are actually quite striking.  And if I didn’t only have one hour left to finish this recap, I’m sure I would bore you to tears with them.  So, be thankful I’m in a bit o a rush.

Anywhoo . . . unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Sookie’s incessant complimenting of Eric DOESN’T make him feel better at all.  Or, perhaps it does, but he instinctively knows, if he plays his cards right, he can get MUCH more.  So, a dejected Eric trudges out into the darkness alone.  “There is a light in you that is so beautiful, I couldn’t bare it if I snuffed it out,” he says solemnly, as he’s leaving.  All together now:  AWWWW!

“Oh, come on, Sookie!  You’re not REALLY going to let me leave, after a line like that . . . are you?” 

So, out of the house runs Sookie, doing her best Fairy Godmother impersonation . . .

“Get in my panties, you Big Burly Hunk of Man Meat!”

Eric rushes into Sookie’s arms, and they share a sweet innocent embrace, that gradually loses its innocence . . .

Once those two started embracing like that, I had a feeling SOMETHING was going to happen.  But I figured it would have to be Eric who initiated it.  What ACTUALLY happened was MUCH better . . .

“Mmmm .  . . your ear smells good.  Let me taste it.” 

“Mmmm delicious . . . I wonder if your tongue tastes the same way . . .”

You know, a few book fans expressed some annoyance here about the Seric coupling storyline moving too slow, or at least, significantly slower than it did in the book.  But I actually felt like Sookie and Eric’s progression from sexually charged-antagonists . . . to unlikely roommates . . . to mutual protectors . . . to lovers came across as very natural the way it was done here.  Particularly, in this episode, you could see Sookie’s feelings for Eric begin to grow and change.  I think the clincher moment for her, was when Marnie asked Sookie if she was newly in love, and she blushed, as if the thought had never occurred to her  . . . but then seemed to realize, at least subconsciously, that she WAS.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a recap of MINE without a sexy MAKEOUT GIF for you to enjoy, would it?


So, OF COURSE, Cockblock Bill has to screw this up, right?

“You F*&k with my Face, it’s Time to DIE!” 

Poor Pam!  She sure looked hideous with her falling off face, and creepy veil, didn’t she?  “Just what the world needs, more beekeepers,” Bill snarked, when his adversary’s maker threw herself at his mercy.  Pam was out for blood, thinking that Marnie deserved to die for her crimes against memory and pretty faces.  But Bill, of course, didn’t agree (LAME!).  He instead decides to bring Marnie in for questioning, using his Wiccan Mole, Katie, to catch her by surprise . . .

In jail, Marnie has another flashback, care of the CHICK WHO’S possessing her.  It involves said witch praying with a bunch of other witches in her jail cell, when a bunch of priests and assorted religious figures, enter the room, and proceed to vamp out and eat her friends . . .

(Maybe it’s the naughty girl in me, but I kind of love the idea of Vampire Priests . . . almost as much as I love Bill’s suggestion that there are currently vampires working for Fox News.  It actually explains a lot. ;))

King Bill interrogates the jailed Marnie, first over the loudspeaker, and then by glamouring her in her jail cell.  (COME ON, WITCH POSSESSOR!  You gave Eric amnesia . . . you took off Pam’s face . . . and Bill gets NOTHING?  Have you no decency?)

There he is, Marnie!  Make his weiner fall off! 

(Come on!  You know you want to do it!)

Unfortunately, both methods of interrogation yield the same result.  Marnie genuinely seems to “lose time” when possessed, and therefore, genuinely has NO CLUE how to undo all the havoc she has wreaked.  Pam is going to be PISSED!

King Bill calls a meeting of all the remaining Sheriffs in Louisiana (Eric is obviously too busy screwing Sookie to attend.).  He warns them of the danger of witches.  One Sheriff thinks witches are silly.  King Bill does NOT APPROVE . . .

I must say, I was rather impressed by the diversity of the Sheriffs in this decidely Red State.  Let’s see . . . We have a Blond GOD . . .

“At your service.” 

A fairly hot teenager-looking dude . . .

 . . . a woman who looks like she belongs on CNN as a news anchor (or, perhaps, at a Biker Bar  . . . take your pick) . . .

 . . . and a guy who is destined to play the Evil Pharoah in remake of The Ten Commandments (or Jafar in the live-action version of Aladdin) . . .

This last sheriff is arguably the most important, since he appeared in the Marnie Flashback, and knows first-hand the damage that witches can do.

Looks different with HAIR . . . 

Out of all the sheriffs, he seems to be the only one willing to kill Marnie (and as we see from the promos for the final half of the season, he doesn’t do a very good job).  Eventually, the stress of the situation gets the best of Pam, and she starts monologuing about how important it is for the sheriffs to band together and KILL THE B*TCH!  “She gave Eric amnesia!”  Pam accidentally lets slip.

Now Bill knows Pam has been hiding something, as this is the first he’s heard of this information . . .


Without much coaxing at all, Bill is able to elicit from Pam some even more pertinent information . . . that Amnesia Eric is f*&king hiding at Sookies . . .

OH PAM!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?  We’ve always been buds, and all.  But I SWEAR, if you sick Bill on Amnesia Eric, and prevent me from getting my Shower Scene, I WILL CUT YOU!  Just sayin . . .

And that’s all I’ve got for this week’s True Blood installment.  Well . . . almost ALL . .  Before I go, I’d like to leave you with a few parting gifts . . .

(1) A link to fabulous fansite where I collect most (if not all) of the spectacular screencaps you see here . . .

(2) A link to a place where you can view, in its entirety, the juicy spoilery True Blood panel from this year’s Comic Con

(3) And finally, the most tantalizing trailer in True Blood history . . .

Have a Fangtastic week, everyone!

[][Fangirls Forever]


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24 responses to “KISS ME, You Viking Vamp! – A Recap of True Blood’s “I Hate You, I Love You” (a.k.a. “Me and the Devil”)

  1. East Coast Captain

    First of all, I think Bill has a hidden power they call it cockblocking. He´s very powerful in that perspective.

    Now getting back to this, Joe Lee and Maude got what they deserved especially Maude who seems to me like one of those women who know their husband are assholes but are hardcore apologists.

    Amnesiac Eric is so adorable, he´s like a child and Sookie like his mom. I don´t think that was Godric well it might have been an earlier form of Godric since it was a dream but I believe that´s how Godric was for the first 1,000 years of his unlife because he lived as a savage in Northern Europe having no regard for human life.

    The Jessica and Jason sex dream scene was very hot to say the least. She is rocking that bod of hers woot!!!!

    Pam looks horrible, the make up department is worth its currency.

    Tara, I see no return for her. Her justified hatred of vampires will be her downfall.

    The witches are sounding more badass each episode. Vampires within 20 miles getting up and walking into the daylight? They are really going to bring our heroes to their knees but luckily from the promos its nothing a few submachine guns and RPG´s can´t fix.

    • LOL. Good point about Bill. Apparently, he’s a walking, talking sex repellant. And once he comes within 20 feet, you might as well just close your legs, because it’s NOT happening. And to think, Poor Sookie has the misfortune of LIVING NEXT DOOR! Now, if that’s not a good reason to move, I don’t know what is. Then again, if Gran and her cat’s murder didn’t get her to move, or the maenad orgie, or the countless werewolves and vampires who came barging into her house at least once a season (usually more) wanting her dead, I doubt anything will!

      Yep, Joe Lee and Maude were pretty friggin horrible excuses for human beings (not to mention horrible excuses for whatever animals they could shift into). To make matters worse, they were just plain not fun to watch. So, in terms of their deaths, I have to agree with you, and say, “Good Riddens, to Bad Rubbish . . . or perhaps, BAD Creepy Crotch.” 🙂

      Regarding Godric, I think you are right. Godric didn’t REALLY appear in Eric’s dream. It was more like Godric represented Eric’s frustration over his loss of memory, and his guilt over his constant desire to eat Sookie. That being said, I agree that, while the Godric WE met in Season 2 was sweet, gentle and docile, this was probably not how Godric ALWAYS was. And I think that his guilt over his past factored heavily into his ultimate decision to meet the sun. In fact, if I recall, once during Season 2 (or was it Season 1?), we got to see how Godric turned Eric, and Godric seemed like a pretty brutal guy, back then. So, perhaps, while this Dream Godric WASN’T the real thing, the things Dream Godric said to Eric, may have echoed things he USED to say to him, back when he was first turned . . .

      Poor Hoyt . . . I hate to say it, but I REALLY like Jason and Jessica together. I think they have a lot of potential (at least, as a temporary fling). Sure, it may have been dream sex, and Dream Hoyt may have cock blocked it, but it was still SMOKIN! 🙂

      As for Pam, Kristen Bauer mentioned in the Comic Con panel what that crap on her face is made out of. I think it’s coffee grounds and maple syrup. I try to remind myself that when I look at her face, otherwise it makes me want to puke. 🙂

      Oh, yes . . . it’s DEFINITELY going to be a dark time for the vampires of Bon Temps, once the Evil Witch inevitably takes full control of Marnie (This is not a spoiler, just a conjecture.). The promos seemed to suggest as much. Talk about a big body count! The vampires have always been the top of the food chain, and the only ones capable of using mind control to get what they want. Now, that the witches are CONTROLLING THEIR MINDS, I suspect things are going to get pretty dark, indeed.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and commenting! I’m sure we will chat soon!:)

  2. serendipity

    Hi, Julie!

    Finally, what we’ve been waiting for! Yay! A Sookie-Eric Kiss 😀 😀 ! And what made it even better was that Sookie started it… Remember us talking about how important it was to have no whiff of compulsion or pressure by having the woman instigate the kiss/cuddle/whatever instead of the guy? AB must be on the same wavelength (and that’s a refreshing change as far as the Eric storyline is concerned) 😉 It was a really sweet kiss too… loved your description BTW – she sniffs his ear, then she kisses his cheek… Mmm, I’m keeping that mental picture for future reference, if you know what I mean 😉

    Of course, I’m afraid we’re going to have to wait some more for the shower scene… as I can just foresee Bill interrupting the cosy Seric-kiss-on-the-porch-scene (what is with kisses on porches? I remember another porch-kiss (god that sounds gross :p) that was interrupted, only this time our hero is at least kissing the right gal – wow, progress is being made in all my favorite series LOL)

    That being said… the Sam-Tommy storyline… Just like you, I was quite sure Sam was going to be the chosen one for skinwalker-ism (skinwalker-ness?), but now it turns out to be Tommy :(… I’m with you on the epic animal fight, only I thought Joe Lee wasn’t a shifter at all? He would’ve been outranked pretty soon… And that would have been nothing more than he deserved!

    And did I hear it right that Lettie Mae is Mrs Reverend now? All that heaving and puffing must have been good for something then… I’m still feeling sorry for that poor Terry Bellefleur. The guy just can’t get a break… only, the babycrisis does seem to work wonders for his emotional stability! 🙂

    Alcide… I think he can still go for packmaster… although I’m with you that him going lone wolf isn’t following the books. But it’s not like AB never departs from the book storyline, right? King Bill, pfff 😉

    And although I wasn’t surprised by Jason’s blood-induced Jessica dreams, I do think it was a pity that they were so Hoyt-oriented… Okay, I guess it’s obvious the guy feels really guilty for getting it on with his best friend’s girl, but still… I suppose it’s a bit like Sookie’s Eric-dreams, where many a reference was made to Bill (except for the one after Godric’s death), but at least Bill didn’t pop up in them in person (they just talked about him, or Lorena did) 😉 I’m wondering how it will work for Jessica? She’s now going to know a whole lot of stuff about Jason (horny, happy, sad,…): Hoyt is not going to be a happy camper…

    Well, that was longer than I anticipated… As usual, Julie, that was a wonderful recap! Thanks so much for bringing me some laughter and pretty gifs 😉

    • Hey Valerie! Wow, I feel like I have to go read Dead to the World again . . . for a number of reasons. 😉 Now that you mention it, Eric WAS always the romantic initiator in that book ,when it came to the couple’s “doings.” LIke you, I think it was really important in THIS story to have Sookie make the first move, so that she could never look back, and feel like she was manipulated into anything. In some ways, it was MORE important HERE than in the books, because in the books, Sookie’s emotional and romantic connection to Eric was a bit more well-defined. (In the series, up through the Season 3 finale, the connection had been more or less limited to a mutual concern, and sexual attraction). Part of this, I think, was because Alan Ball was such a hardcore Bill shipper, that a lot of the changes he made seemed to work AGAINST a Seric union. That being said, I have to give kudos to Alan Ball for RECOGNIZING that he had done that throughout the first three seasons, and making up for it in this one, in order to stay true to the “spirit” of the series, which is something he always claims that he tries to do.

      In the words of Damon Salvatore, “I wanted it to be real [for Sookie].” And it most definitely was. 😉 (And HEY . . . Elena made the first move in HER Epic kiss too, didn’t she? Just sayin’)

      Haha, speaking of TVD parallels, I TOTALLY forgot about how pissed all us Delena fans were at Jenna for cockblocking the girl we THOUGHT was Elena, when she finally got the chance to kiss Damon! Then, to add insult to injury, as a result of the FAKE cock block, JENNA ended up being the one to invite Vampire Katherine inside the house! Fortunately, while Eric may have amnesia, there is certainly no chance that he is Eric’s Evil Twin. Same goes for Sookie. So, while Bill will most likely put an end to their porch makeout session now, he DEFINITELY won’t be able to do so, forever. 😉 (They have to shower, eventually right?) 🙂

      Excellent insight regarding Terry! You are ABSOLUTELY right. He used to have freakouts and weird mumbling sessions about every third episode. Now, he seems happy all the time. I can’t tell whether it’s Evil Baby that’s keeping him sane, or the fact that Arlene’s so wacky that she makes anyone look laidback, by comparison. Also, good point about Jessica being able to sense Jason’s feelings. Though it’s not quite the same as having a built-in attraction, it ALMOST is, in the sense that if you could FEEL someone who looked like Jason Stackhouse wanting YOU? How could you possibly resist? 😉

      Thanks, as always, for your brilliant commentary! I can’t wait to talk TB with you again on Sunday (and read the next chapter of your spectacular fanfiction on Thursday, of course). 😉

  3. Ozzy Booms

    I know this is going to sound horrible, but I’m actually starting to root for the witches. They’re, so far, generally nice people who want peace. I almost think it be cool to have them be the good guys, just cause they are becoming that much more kick-ass each time. Marnie just wanted to peacefully practice magic, and Bill created what I think will be his biggest enemy.

    • Hey Ozzy Booms! What an interesting take on the witches of Bon Temps! Of course, everyone automatically assumes that these women (and Marnie, in particular) are the villains of the tale, since they’ve harmed characters we like, like Eric, Pam, and (if the promos are any indication) possibly Jessica. And yet, with the exception of the witch POSSESSING Marnie and Jesus (I never trusted that guy), I think you are right about MOST of these witches simply wanting to practice their religion in peace. I think the problem will come as the witch possessing Marnie expands her influence over her. If this continues to happen, not only will Marnie be SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than she is now, she will also believe, like the witch possessing her, that all vampires deserve to meet the sun. And THAT’S NOT COOL!

      But, for now, Marnie, herself, does seem like a bit of a victim here, since she continues to be punished for things she hasn’t done, doesn’t remember, and probably wouldn’t know how to do again, even if she wanted to. That is, assuming we BELIEVE the the things she says ;).

  4. imaginarymen

    OH MY ERIC!!! I have to say, not having read the books – I’ve never been as invested in the Sookie/Eric pairing as you and everyone else is. But that TOTALLY CHANGED with this episode!! If I didn’t know better, I’d think Eric was faking amnesia to get into the Stackhouse Skivvies!

    First of all – I am PISSED there are no hot amnesiac viking vampires coming into MY bed in the night looking for comfort and cuddles *POUT* Second of all, it is totally old-fashioned and girlie of me – but I lurrrrrve when Eric gets all protector-y with Sookie and bares fang and stands all in front of her manly and ready to defend her against harm. SIGH. I’ll go hand in my women’s college degree now ;-0

    But that kiss – PHWOAR! I will admit, I watched it a few times – and that was on a crappy DL that stalled a lot ;-0 It was sexy and romantic and it felt earned. I don’t know how it happened in the book – but I liked that Sookie initiated it. I think that the only way for this pairing to really work right is for her to take charge of what she wants instead of being the object that everyone is fighting over and laying claim to.

    And someone lend me Book 4 so I can READ THIS SHOWER SCENE!!!

    I don’t care about Baby Mikey, I’m glad the horrible shifter parents are gone although it is only a matter of time bf Tommy and Sam are at odds again, the Alcide scene was random and also pointless if HE HAS HIS SHIRT ON, and I LOVE Lafayette. Everything out of his mouth is pure win.

    As a ProHoyt girl from S1, I have to point out that Jason has always called Hoyt “Bubba”. Remember last year when they lived together and that girl made them biscuits and they gossiped about their love lives? Well, the Merlotte’s scene was like a sequel to that for me. In fact, if there is a TB spin-off – I want it to be Jason and Hoyt eating and having completely inane boy conversations!

    The Jessica sex dream was hilarious with the crazy Hoyt special appearance. I could get behind a Jason/Jessica pairing – although the ramifications about both their relationships w/ Hoyt would be bad. Bc I love me some Hoyt and have enjoyed getting to watch him w/o crying “don’t kill Hoyt!!” at the TV every five seconds.

    Also I am so glad StupidJason is back. VictimJason was too disturbing and not the least of which because his body was all mangled up. When Bill flies over and ruins the Eric/Sookie SexFest that kiss promised – I’m gonna throw something at the TV, I swear.

    • You and me both, Amy! Let’s put it this way, if they sold Amnesia Erics in a store somewhere, I’d be willing to cash in quite a bit of my savings for one of THOSE, as would most women, I suspect. (This could actually be quite the lucrative little enterprise, now that I think about it. ) 😉

      I was really happy to see your argument as to why Amnesia Eric is particularly strong and masculine. It offers a different perspective than the many who find him LESS masculine and more childlike, as a result of his confusion, and vulnerability. But I think you bring up an excellent point when you say that Eric Northman, in BOTH his incarnations, is, at heart, an old fashioned manly man who feels it is his duty to care for the women he loves and protect them from danger.

      It could be argued that this was one of the reasons Eric bought Sookie’s house in the first place. He KNEW how stubborn she was. And he recognized that, no matter how much she might have needed his help, the only way she would actually accept it, is if she was forced to do so.

      On the other hand, I don’t think you have to turn in your women’s college degree, just because you are an Eric fan. 🙂 After all, Eric, unlike Bill (at least, in my opinion) respects Sookie as in equal, in MOST respects. In both his incarnations, he loves that she is snarky (though in this new one, he doesn’t remember enough yet to understand her sense of humor), smart, independent, and strong. Eric never really tries to take that away from her, in the way that I felt Bill sometimes did. Rather, the ONLY way Eric likes to “protect” and dominate Sookie is in terms of her protection. And let’s face it, Sookie NEEDS protection a lot, and as fiesty and as strong as she is, she is CERTAINLY no 1,000-year old vampire!

      In short, I think your female card is safe, at least for this season. Now, if you ever start shipping Sookie and Bill, on the other hand . . .

      YAY for StupidJason, a.k.a. The Comic Relief and for JASICA, provided it’s temporary and doesn’t break Hoyt’s heart too much! I think we are definitely on the same page, in terms of this storyline. We also agree on Alcide. Here’s a rule of thumb I think would be very helpful to the writers and producers, when developing the character of Alcide: If an episode goes by, and he’s never SHIRTLESS, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG! It’s as simple as that!

      By the way, check your e-mail. There may be a little something special in it that will be sure to “wet” your whistle, if you catch my drift. :0

      • imaginarymen

        Another reason to love Amnesia Eric? His confused, vulnerable state is helpfully demonstrated for the audience by his inability to wear a shirt for more than one scene!


        (I smell a t-shirt!!)

      • You smell a t-shirt? I hope it doesn’t smell BAD! 🙂

  5. Ali

    Hey Jules! I loved the recap as ausual… but I also LOOOVEd the episode. This was a good week. How awesome is that most of the first paragraphs were all with that underlined thing you do that is so hilarious!
    Tommy killing his parents…I have to admit I was all KILL THEm! KILL THEM! KILL HER TOO NEVERMINDDDD. It just brought out that awful color in me.. but seriously they DO deserve it. And I agree with Valerie…I think Joe Lee was not a shifter..Not sure about the books but in the show´s world the only shifter was mama creepy crotch.

    I agree with you that the funniest part of the scene with the so called “exorcism” -besides Arlene and Terry all dressed up hahaha- was the racist comment to Lettie Mae. I was watching the episode with a friend of mine who doesn´t speak english and the translation in spanish was not quite accurate, and she was like why are you laughing?? what did Arlene say?? haha.
    By the way I think you wrote Rene at some point, when you meant Terry .. ooops

    Beeeeeel….he´s stating to grow on me…The glamouring to Horny Portia and then the smiling in his face.. haha… he´s good at this new facet of his character. I was so bored of seasons 1, 2,3´s Beeel… I still agree on the cockblocking superpower.

    Jason seems way smarter to me since his gang bang. At least I think he´s making more sense when he speaks. And this: “Bubba, I love you, and you are my best friend! but that pails in comparison with what I´ve been through”. I was like hell yeah! you tell him J! And I love the way Jason rushes as soon as he knows Sookie is around… haha…he´s terrified of her reading his thoughts. Also the scene with Jessica is priceless. How hot is Jessica! Vampire goodness. And she was like Hoyt and J was like JASON! haha. Seriously what a great episode 😉

    And the thing with Alcide´s scene zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I think they just did it so we can meet this new greasy werewolf that has something to with Luna zzzzzzzzz

    And at last… you said you were gonna call Marnie Witchie poo from now on and you suddenly forgot… I like me some Witchie poo

    Lots of love as usual!!! Imma watch teen wolf so I can read your recap 😀

    • Haha, I should totally continue calling Marnie, Witchiepoo, Ali! Sorry about that! Sometimes it takes hours to write these (and I take a few breaks in the middle). Often, by the time I finish, I’m so tired, I’ve completely forgotten what I wrote at the beginning. On the other hand, I know I’m going to have trouble with Marnie, because I’m never really able to successfully differentiate her from that chick who possesses her. In the book they call her “Hallow,” but since they haven’t done so yet, in the series, that might confuse people. So, maybe I could call Marnie, Witchiepoo, and Hallow, Witchiepie? What do you think? 🙂

      While we are at it, lets call that new packmaster guy, Greasypoo! 🙂

      I love your take on Jason having gained IQ points from his Gang Bang. Who would have thought, being screwed by a bunch of idiots could actually make someone smarter? 🙂

      I can definitely see why the translation of “You people” in the Lettie Mae / Arlene scene would get lost in translation. I would guess in the Spanish subtitles they just used “Ustedes,” right? That wouldn’t sound racist at all. I guess there isn’t really a good way to translate that, without losing the point of the joke.

      Thanks for the awesome commentary! I always have fun talking TV with you, because you have excellent taste in television . . . obviously. 🙂

  6. you know, i’ve never been a fan of Bill…but posh Bill is starting to grow on me. i mean, he cleans up nicely when he’s not wearing his hillbilly shirt.

    also, i’m glad that they’re bringing a little diversity into the sheriffs. i’ve always missed Eric’s rainbow coalition from the books (mixed girl, black guy, indian girl, greek lady, native-american guy &c. i’m pretty sure he had a vampire in a wheelchair somewhere in his operation).

    finally, i’m also glad that Joe Lee is out of the picture. hopefully he won’t come back as a ghost like Godrick or Rene because apparently in TB ghosts always come back in their favorite outfits and i really don’t want to see any more Mr. Creepy Crotch (which is what i will call Joe Lee’s tightie-whities).
    great recap, as always 😀

    • You are totally right about the rainbow coalition of vampires in Eric’s army, Lola. In Dead Reckoning in particular, that last chapter read like the attendance roster at the United Nations. 🙂 Personally, I would be excited to see Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones guest star as a Little Person Vampire, because THAT would be awesome!

      HAHA, you just KNOW the writers of True Blood are SOMEHOW going to bring back Ghost Creepy Crotch in his dirty underpants (probably with an alligator head, hanging from between his legs). The image alone is enough to give me nightmares! So, thank you for that . . . 😉

  7. Michelle

    Gosh! I LOVE your posts 🙂 they are freakin’ funny and totally true!
    Can’t wait for the shower scene too 😉

    • Aww, thanks so much, Michelle! When that shower scene comes, I may just have to dedicate an entire separate post to it ALONE. That’s how much I suspect I will have to say about it. 🙂 I’m already anticipating the GIFS I’m going to collect in preparation for this momentous occasion. Yummmmmm.

  8. Linn

    Haha, after your NUMEROUS mentions of this apparently AMAZING shower scene, I finally sauntered down to my local library to get out those bloody books! 😉 They didn’t have number one, but I have now not been able to put them down and have raced through book 2+3. Just started on Dead to the world, and I’m turning every page in anticipation of some hot shower action..

    I’m amazed of how different (but still similar) they are to the series, especially how the books really tend to centre around Bill/Sookie/Eric while the show has made a lot more room for Jason, Tara, Sam, Andy etc. I like the larger cast 🙂 Still not sure which incarnation I like best of the books and TV show, but I am happy I can have both 🙂 I think the reason I waited so long to read them, was my bad experience with the TVD books. Maaan, those sucked!

    But back to last week’s episode, hurray for Sookie finally understanding what a man-present she has in her house! What a kiss! God damned Bill will surely be straight over to ruin it all. Maybe I’ll just skip this week’s episode so I don’t have to see it 😉

    • Hey Linn! Yay! I am so excited to hear you are now a Southern Vampire Mysteries fan, as well as a True Blood fan! Welcome to the world of Kind of, But Not Really, Knowing What’s Going to Happen, Before it Happens, and then Being Disappointed When it Doesn’t. 🙂 It’s kind of like being a not-particularly-effective psychic. 🙂

      You are absolutely right about a lot of the differences between the book and the series, coming from the differences in perspectives. Since the books are written from Sookie’s view, anytime a character is not with Sookie, we have no clue what they are doing in the book during that time. I feel like the first season, was the most faithful to that principal, in that, when you are reading Dead until Dark, for the most part, you could imagine that what’s happening to the non-Sookie character, Jason, Sam, etc., on screen, COULD have theoretically happened in the book too. We just didn’t get to see it, because we were hanging out with Sookie.

      Of course, there WERE maddening differences, even in Season 1, like the seemingly purposeful removal of many Seric scenes in favor of stupid Bookie . . . the most offensive being that BILL killed Longshadow to save Sookie’s life, as opposed to Eric. Then again, without that, we wouldn’t have Jessica. 🙂

      Oh, and could you imagine THIS Tara owning a clothing store called “Tara’s Togs?” NO WAY! 🙂

      Seasons 2 and 3 featured more major departures (like that whole maenad thing, which took up like 2 book pages). And we didn’t even get the best part, Eric in pink spandex pants, hooking up with Sookie on top of the car as part of his “cover!”

      As for Season 4 . . . ummmm . . . KING BILL? But, hey, at least Sookie and Eric are staying mostly true to book form. Which reminds me . . . you’re reading Dead to the World now? Have you reached the Shower Scene yet (and it’s companion Bed Scene)? Was it as good for you, as it was for me? 😉

      I’d love to “compare notes.” 😉

      • Linn

        Haha, you crack me up! 🙂
        I know what you mean about the differences, but on the other hand with them being that different, you’re more able to enjoy both versions. And there can be nothing wrong with a double shot of true blood.

        However, I really don’t buy the King Bill thing, it seems very strange to me. Bill is stil a young’un compared to a lot of the other vampires like Eric (I don’t know Pam’s age, but I think she’s older than Bill), and it seems to me the vampiric hierarchy is based on fear and strength. And the older you are, the stronger you are. Bill didn’t have an army of subordinates supporting his bid for becoming the next king, and I just don’t see him command a lot of respect. I find it strange that not Eric or some other ancient vampire who allready have some power, took over that position.

        Speaking of the blond amnesiac, I just came across this very cute interview with him:
        Why oh WHY does he not do that adorable eyebrow thing as Eric??

      • Linn

        Oooh, I’ve also just read the SHOWER scene… a couple of times actually. That amnesia Eric is one smooth operator! Maybe a whack to the head is really what all guys need?

  9. Well, wasn’t the Eric and Sookie kiss a welcome little nugget?

    The waiting sucked for them to suck face again (though in many ways this was like a first kiss since AE obviously has no recollection of their earlier encounters and Sookie is seeing Eric in an entirely different light), and Anna Paquin and ASkars did not disappoint when it came to bringing the heat and romance. LOVE that Sookie initiated the kiss! Our girl has clearly learned that when 6 plus feet of Viking Vampness is walking away, you don’t just let it go, you call it back and make the hell out with it. Bravo, Sookie, bravo. Now, if only ALL of your decisions could be so smart.

    I also enjoyed the kiss because it marked a shift from manchild Eric to just all man. There have been hints of the badass, snarky, sexy viking we know and love Eric existing in these sweet, childlike version – because, they are not separate identities, but the same man with different levels of baggage and experience attached to him. We’ve seen Amnesia Eric ask for a kiss to make it better, showing that he is not afraid of being playful, and yes, a little manipulative, to get what he wants, which in this case is Sookie. It’s like a smaller version of buying her house so that he will “own” her and thus escalate the battle of wills with the lady love who has been playing hard to get to the hilt.

    I know a few people have been like, “manchild Eric, do not want! Bring back sexy, badass viking stat!” I haven’t found Sookie’s maternal side around Eric in any way gross or disturbing like I know some members of fandom have. Maternal behaviour is part of her personality plus her values as a result of her upbringing with Gran. Sookie has always been the type to take care of others, even those she doesn’t know well (which technically AE is to her). I mean, she stopped and helped Bill from the drainers in the pilot episode, without for a second stopping because of the potential risk to her own safety. I guess her immediate attraction to Bill played a part in this, but her latent attraction to Eric equally could be playing a part. My take? It’s just who Sookie is, though admittedly her treatment of her friends can be crappy at times.

    Sookie has been accustomed to reacting to Eric with default snarkage. Since AE is so devoid of snark, she has automatically treated him the way she would anyone else, with her straightforward but caring manner. I think she also has been all motherly to him and resisting anything beyond mother/child style contact for as long as possible because part of her can’t let go of her earlier perception of him, and part of her is probably conscious of the fact that his memory could return to him at any time. So, she treated Puppy Dog Eyes Eric like a child in an attempt to avoid going any deeper and getting hurt. Ultimately, she has failed in this attempt to remain emotionally distant, and for that I remain eternally grateful LOL.

    I love that Sookie and Eric’s bond is steeped in tragedy since it’s inevitable that his memory will return. I mean, in real life it is possible for memories to be gone forever, but you just know that in a series like this the pair have a limited time together, at least in Sookie and AE form.
    I’ve also found the evolution of SE to lovers quite natural, not just within this episode but during their overall arc. Sookie saw glimpses of AE’s spirit when Godric died and Eric was so emotionally vulnerable. In season two, when she realised that Godric was Eric’s maker (S: He’s your maker, isn’t her? E: Don’t use words you don’t understand S: You have a lot of love for him. E: Don’t use words I don’t understand), she saw that he was capable of deep interpersonal relationships. There have been little snippets here and there of AE throughout the series, as much as there are snippets of badass Viking Vamp Eric now. Eric is such a multilayered character and ASkars is playing the hell out of him.

    Yes, I’m aware this comment is of crazy length, but we got a Seric kiss, how could it be anything else?

    • Hey Cherie! I love your take on the Seric relationship. And you bring up an excellent point about Sookie’s latent maternal qualities. Sookie is definitely her Gram’s girl. And though she is tough, feisty, and strong, when it comes to people in distress, her natural instinct is to care and mother.

      We see this a lot in her relationship with Tara, and, most recently, in the way she cared for a frightened Jason on the night of his first Full Moon, post were-panther bite. For Sookie, showing romantic love, and offering support and protection aren’t mutually exclusive. They are simply two sides of the same coin.

      It could be argued that it is not Amnesia Eric that Sookie has fallen in love with, per se. Rather, it is the existence of Amnesia Eric that has helped Sookie to realize that, beneath all his bluster, snark, and machinations, Eric Northman is a person capable of love, and of being loved by somebody else.

      Oh, and, of course, it must be said that, while Amnesia Eric is polite and tentative in many aspects of his new life, based on what we’ve seen in the last two episodes, when it comes to SEX, he is ALL VIKING VAMP! 🙂 (Six-hour sex session with Yvetta, anyone? I wonder how long him and Sookie will be making time in that forest! ;))

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