The Family That Slays Together . . . – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Co-Captain”

Uncle Alpha:  “Come on, Scotty Boy!  We’ve got family business to attend to: places to see, people to kill, woodlands to frolic through!”

Scott: “Ummm .  . . OK . . . just give me a minute to get dressed.”

Uncle Alpha: “NO! No clothing!”

Derek: “Clothing is BAD and EVIL!”

Uncle Alpha:  “Feel free to take another shower, though . . .”

Welcome back, Werebangers!  Can you believe there are only two more episodes left in this season?  Two more hours of hot boys doing chin-ups and bench presses . . .


 . . . stroking their man-meat, after a long hot shower . . .


 . . . and running half-naked through the woods, like it’s their job?


Oh . . . and I guess I’ll miss the plot too . . .

To be perfectly honest, I was a little skeptical coming into this episode.  After all, we spent Episode 1 through 9 speculating as to the Alpha’s identity.  And now that Episode 10 is here, that question has already been answered.  I worried that with the Big Mystery out of the way, the final three episodes of Teen Wolf would end up being a bit . . .  how do I put this kindly . . . anti-climactic.

Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about.  Though “Co-Captain” was a bit disjointed for my taste (and I really could have done without all the hippy folk music that played in the background, everytime Scott and Allison reunited), it absolutely held my interest, answered a lot of lingering questions I had about the series, and ended on a MAJOR cliffhanger that left me “hungry” for more.

So, pour your dad an extra tumblr of whiskey, ship your mom off on her date with the Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer, and lock that guy (or girl) you’ve been crushing on in the basement, so he (or she) can’t escape, because it’s time for another Teen Wolf recap . .  .

(Once again, special  thanks to my good pal, Andre, for the fabulous screencaps you see here.)



Oh no, Scott!  Your recently washed body is now rolling around on the dirty boy’s locker room floor!  I guess it’s time for yet another shower, huh? 😉

With all the drama of the Big Alpha Reveal, I almost completely forgot that  “Wolf’s Bane” ended with a lacrosse game!  Thank you, writers for not forcing me to actually watch it reminding me.  Of course, Beacon Hills won (Don’t they always?).  And now, thanks to the “excellent leadership” of Co-Captains, Douchey Mc Doucheybag and Scott the Crying Wolf, the team has advanced all the way to the State competition!

(Either that, or THIS guy has some strange disease that forces him to spout out random words, over and over again, ad nauseam, until someone beats the sh*t out of him, for being so annoying . . .)

Scott doesn’t seem quite as excited as his teammates by the victory.  After all, this Teen Wolf has bigger fish to fry.  There’s an Evil Alpha on the loose, and he hasn’t heard from his bestie, Stiles, in HOURS!  But, then of course, Allison shows up with her blinky doe eyes, and her “MY HERO!” flirtations.  And suddenly, Scott is like “Stiles who?”

Allison:  “Dude, what’s more important?  The fact that your best friend might be dead, or the fact that I am wearing a really low cut shirt, that allows you a nifty little peek at my boobies?”

Scott: “Is this a trick question?”

Was it just me, or did Allison kind of seem like she underwent Personality Transplant Surgery, this week (and don’t even get me STARTED on Derek)?  Just last week, she was all “Don’t call me!” and “I need time, before I can become your friend,” and “Do these jeans make my ass look fat?”  (Just kidding on that last one, by the way).  Now, all the sudden, she’s back on the Scott Train, requesting a round trip ticket to Pleasureland, doggy-style.  Now,  granted, perhaps, this has something to do with her overhearing that weepy speech Scott gave to Allison’s father .  . .


But still, a little transition might have been nice, don’t you think?  Then again, Allison pretty much dumped Scott for no reason, in the first place, so . . . whatever.

Then Jackson appears, which means its time for him to once again sing his “I want to be furry, just like you” theme song to Scott . . .

Jackson too seems to have changed his tune a bit, since the last episode.  Back in “Wolf’s Bane,” Jackson was full of vim and vigor, and Big Bad Manly Threats, cautioning Scott, that if he didn’t somehow managed to turn him into a werewolf, Jackson would see to it that he lost Allison FOREVER!  He even included a creepy whispered timeline on the threat a la that chick from The Ring: “Three days,” he said, before amorously licking Scott’s earlobe.

However, sometime during the lacrosse game, Jackson apparently decided that you catch more werewolves with honey than with vinegar (or . . . maybe that was flies . . . I don’t know).  So, this time, Jackson approaches Scott with a NEW plan:  If Scott can help Jackson become a werewolf in THREE DAYS, Jackson will HELP Scott get Allison back in time for the Big Dance!

Well, isn’t HE Mr. Self-Sacrifice?  First, Jackson dumps Lydia for Allison, and now he seems more than willing to give up Allison on Scott’s behalf . . . and all for some pointy teeth, and a cheap pair of colored contacts . . . Then again, everybody knows that Jackson is secretly in love with Derek, anyway.  So, all if this is probably no big deal to him.

“You had me at ‘I wanna break your face.'”

Next up is a Men’s Locker Room Scene.  And you know what that means, Werebangers!  Cue the obligatory Wet Scott Wearing Nothing But a Towel Shot . . .

Never . . . gets . . .  old. 

In fact, I think Scott’s towel-wearing physique has mind control powers!  Last week, Derek promptly forgave Scott for TOTALLY selling him out to the local cops, and making him look like a serial killer.  This week, Derek’s (or should I say “Miguel’s”) new best friend, Danny seems EXTREMELY willing to forgive Scott for the MAJOR BEAT DOWN he gave him during practice, two weeks ago, in “Lunatic.”

“Apology accepted,” remarks Danny to Scott from across the lockers, while sporting a physique to rival the Great Teen Wolf’s . . .

For some reason, I love when a guy has just ONE dimple, on his cheek, instead of two matching ones on either side.  There’s just something really sexy about that . . .   It’s as if, on the right side, he’s just a boy, but on the left side and down below he’s ALL MAN!

According to Danny, Scott spent the entire lacrosse game passing the ball to HIM, thereby, helping him to become the game’s lead scorer.  Scott tries to shrug off the compliment, like it’s no big deal, but it does seem as though this was a conscious effort on Scott’s part.  If nothing else, Scott’s “dude-approved” non-verbal “apology” to Danny illustrates that he is FINALLY learning to keep his inner-wolf at bay, while on the field.  And, I expect we have Stiles’ Yoda-like training to thank for that . . .


The Alpha Sure Gives Good Neck Rubs . . .

Suddenly, it’s dark in the locker room, and Scott is alone (and still undressed) yet again.

Question:  Why does it take Scott so much longer to get dressed than everyone else?  Is it because he takes like TWENTY SHOWERS a day, perhaps?  I just don’t understand how he always ends up in these situations . . .

But wait . . . Scott isn’t alone.  Here comes a BALL . . .

“Phew, it’s been a long hard day on the lacrosse field.  I was planning to take a long hot shower.  Care to join me, Scott?” 

Following that ball is Derek . . .

“Dude, why are you wearing SO MUCH CLOTHING?  We’re in a locker room, for heaven sakes!  This is SACRILEGE!  I COMMAND you to take off your shirt!”

This locker room is getting fuller by the minute.  But wait, there’s more partygoers on the guest list . . . like, for example, THIS GUY . . .

Yep, it would seem that, at some point between this week’s episode and last week’s that Derek and Uncle Alpha kissed and made up.   Now, Derek seems TOTALLY on Team Alpha.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was wearing a “Team Alpha” t-shirt under that Brooding Anti-hero leather jacket of his.  When Scott questions him as to what exactly happened to make him COMPLETELY change sides, Derek gives minimalistic zombie-like “I totally just drank this guy’s Kool-Aid” responses.  He even goes as far as to chalk up Uncle Alpha’s murder of his own sister to “It happens.”

With all due respect, Derek, THIS does not just “happen” . . . 

I know we are all supposed to be shocked by the lobotomy Uncle Alpha seemingly gave Derek, back at the hospital (His “join us” instruction to Scott was particularly chilling.).  However, I still don’t buy that Derek has done this complete 180 he’d like us to think that he has.  My current theory (and I’m sticking to it), is that Derek is merely biding his time — lulling the Alpha into a false sense of security, before he pounces, and kills the f*&ker!  Of course, I’ve been wrong before . . .

Speaking of Uncle Alpha . . .

Is that a French Manicure? 

 . . . I loved the little shout-out he gave to the original Teen Wolf franchise, and its basketball roots, by casually noting the superiority of THAT sport to lacrosse.  I suspect the comment was also a clever not to recappers and reviewers of the show, who find the show’s emphasis on lacrosse to be completely random, not to mention a bit tedious . . .

Since Scott doesn’t seem willing to put on the Team Alpha t-shirt anytime soon, Uncle Alpha resorts to giving him an impromptu neck massage.

  “Ooooh . . . that feels good . . . now, a little to the left please, and MUCH harder!”

What happens after that, gives us a bit of a clearer picture of what, beyond wolfsbane poisoning, has been happening to Jackson.  And why, ever since he was “fingered” by BOTH Derek, and the Alpha, he has seemed to have an unnatural connection to, obsession with, and instinctive knowlege of werewolves, particularly the ones that belong to Uncle Alpha’s, and, by extension, Scott’s pack . . .

Cue the highly sexual FLOOR WRITHING . . .


Apparently, receiving a scratch on the neck by an Alpha, allows you to see what the Alpha has SEEN, or, at least, what he wants you to see.  Intermingled with a few unnecessary, but still, very nice to look at, Scott as Alpha shower shots, during this montage, we were treated to a number of scenes that more or less tell us the story of the infamous Hale House Fire (Though Kate may have been the one to orchestrate the arson, she wasn’t the one who lit the gasoline tank, herself.  Go figure), as well as how exactly it was that Uncle Alpha came to murder Laura Hale, and become the Alpha, himself.

I’ll allow you to examine some of the Highlights of Scott’s wet dream “religious experience” here:

Eventually, Scott’s neck stops throbbing, and Derek and Uncle Alpha leave the locker room for a Doggy Biscuit break, or whatever it is werewolf packs DO together . . .

Enter Stiles, who, by this point, is probably not the least bit surprised to learn that his best friend has been hanging out in a dark locker room for HOURS wearing nothing but a towel . . .

“Exactly how many plain white towels do you OWN, Scott?”

A frantic and breathless Stiles informs Scott that they’ve got a huge problem on their hands.  Gee thanks, Captain Obvious!  Tell us something we don’t know . . .

Drive Me Crazy .  . .

Kudos to MTV for treating us to Allison’s super-sexy Scott-centric sex dream!  Honestly, I’m starting to think these two are hotter together, when they are asleep than when they are awake!

Having been rudely awakened from her STD-free Dream Time with Wolfman, Allison overhears the sound of Papa Argent and Auntie Kate arguing heatedly about HER.  Down the steps she sneaks to the garage, where she hides in her dad’s car to get a better listen .  . .

There you go, Allison!  Just sit in the front seat, with your head RIGHT IN THE WINDOW.  I’m sure NO ONE will notice you there! 

Allison listens as her relatives discuss various hunting techniques, and disagree as to when Allison should be let in on the family secret.  Papa Argent seems completely oblivious to his daughter’s presence because he’s a MORON.  Katiepoo, however, gives the camera a long extended look toward the end of the scene, that seems to illustrate that, not only does she KNOW that Allison is listening in on her conversation but she is GLAD that this is happening . . .

After the parental units have left, Allison notices that Auntie Kate seems to have purposefully left out for her a few oddly shaped arrow tips, and decides to use them during her next archery practice .  . .

“These kind of look like the sex toys I tried out on Scott last week.  Ahhhh, memories!” 

The next morning, Jackson, clearly feeling emasculated by his non-wolfishness, has decided to go all Speed Racer on his porsche . . .

Unfortunately, Jackson’s car stalls out, leaving him stranded at . . . well, wherever the heck he is driving . . .

PUT ON YOUR SEATBELT, JACKSON!  Don’t make me tell you again!

Then creepy Papa Argent magically appears, he’s been stalking Jackson this whole time seemingly out of nowhere.  And he’s all about fondling the teenager’s neck scars, and interrogating him, as to his possible werewolf status.

Now, Jackson might not be the smartest tool in his shed, but he’s got enough innate survival skills in him, to spot a creeper, when he sees one.  So, Jackson has enough good sense to lie through his teeth about the source of his scratch, and to refuse to go anywhere alone with Papa Argent to have sex get his car fixed.  And yet still the poopyhead still looks plenty frightened of Papa Argent, and seems truly relieved when Scott and Stiles come to his rescue . . .


At this point, Papa Argent recognizes that the jig is most definitely up.  With Stiles and Scott watching his every move, there is no way Papa is going to be able to take Jackson out back, and shoot him in the head, Old Yeller-style.  Instead, Papa replaces the piece of Jackson’s car he OBVIOUSLY removed at some point to get it to stall as suddenly as it did, and drives away with a reluctant puss on his face . . .  (Hmmm . . . I wonder if he still mistakenly believes that Jackson is a Beta wolf?)

When the car suddenly starts again, Jackson is understandably TOTALLY freaked out .  . .

Jackson:  “What the hell just happened there?”

Stiles: “Haha, you’ve just been punked by an Argent!  Loser!”

But  Jackson is not freaked out ENOUGH to not want to grow fur on his back . . .  And he tells Scott as much, when Scott gives him the “When I was YOUR age (a few weeks ago), back before being a werewolf RUINED MY LIFE” speech . . .

Scott warns Jackson that once you go wolf, there is no going back.  And Scott can’t protect him, once he makes that decision.  (Well, that makes sense.  Scott McCall couldn’t protect a blade of grass taped to the back of a bullet proof vest, let alone a douchebag like Jackson.)  But COCKY ASS Jackson doesn’t think he needs protecting.  After all, HE DRIVES A PORCHE!

Uhhhh . . . Jackson . . . haven’t you ever watched a horror movie before?  Don’t you know the rich dickheads are always one of the first ones to go (right after the dumb slutty girls)?  Just sayin’ . . .

Speaking of dumb slutty girls . . . Meanwhile, in the evil forest, where they filmed The Blair Witch Project (I know . . . I know . . . it’s not  actually that same forest.  But it REALLY looks like it is.) . . .

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Tasered . . .

Apparently, this is what you get when you make out with Allison Argent’s ex boyfriend in Coach Cupcake’s office . . .

You get to watch Allison Argent use her magic archery bows to blow up trees, while she subtly warns you that she KNOWS WHAT YOU DID, and that hole in the middle of the tree, could just as easily be up your butt!

“Sweet dreams, Lydia!” 

Then again, if you are the EX BOYFRIEND who made out with Allison Argent’s best friend in Coach Cupcake’s office, you get TASED!


Hahahahah!  Now IS the coolest thing I’ve seen Allison do in a LONG time! 

I don’t know.  I don’t necessarily buy the whole “I heard a noise in the woods.  I swear, I didn’t know it was you,” montage Allison gave when she found Scott writhing on the floor for the second time this hour.  (Poor GUY!  This is definitely not his episode.)

Take another acting class, Ms. Argent!  We know you are THRILLED that just happened! 

Now, considering that these weapons are “magical werewolf killing weapons,” wouldn’t it be interesting if that taser ended up being a “tases werewolves only” type weapon, thereby leading Allison to learn of Scott’s “alter ego” on her own?  Just conjecturing here . . .

So, according to Scott, he wasn’t STALKING Allison in the woods, at all!  (Yeah right!)   He simply came to give her back the Ugly Ass Argent Family Crest Necklace he stole he randomly found on the floor somewhere.  Allison is so greatful to Scott for “finding” this, that she decides to straddle his recently-tased body, and give him a major hard-on . . .

Talk about sending mixed signals . . . 

As annoying hippie music blasts in the background, Allison and Scott hug, and go their separate ways, each feeling a bit more “tingly” than they did when they left . . .

Meanwhile, at La Casa de Stiles . . .

Because Getting Your Dad Drunk to Ply Him for Information Sure Beats Having to Tase HIM!

 You’ve really gotta love these father/son moments between Stiles, his Dad, and his Dad’s trusty bottle of Jack Daniels.  I mean, it just doesn’t get much more adorable than this.  Stiles comes home to find Deputy Daddy poring over information in the Derek Hale as serial killer case, and wants answers.  In fact, he wants THE TRUTH . . .

But Deputy Daddy isn’t talking, because this is “classified information.”

So, Stiles tries to ply his father,  who, apparently, has the alcohol tolerance of flea, with liquor, in order to loosen his lips.  Now, on the surface, this doesn’t exactly seem like a “healthy” type of father/ son bonding experience.  On the other hand, I’m inclined to believe that Deputy Daddy, at least on some level, knew EXACTLY what his son was doing to him.  However, he went along with it, simply because he wanted to spend time with his kid, and this seemed like the easiest way to do it . . . Sad . . . but true . . .

It doesn’t take long, before Deputy Daddy is spewing out information like a leaky faucet.


One interesting factoid he reveals is that Derek doesn’t show up in pictures . . .

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a VAMPIRE trait, not a werewolf one?

I found this particular piece of information intriguing, in that we KNOW that Scott appears in pictures just fine, like, for example, the ones he sent to Allison’s phone, back when they first broke up . . . last week . . .

Now, perhaps, this little inconsistency can be chalked up to another “bitten versus born” difference . . . or perhaps, it has some more substantial meaning than that.  Only time will tell, I guess . . .

Deputy Daddy also reveals Uncle Alpha’s motive behind killing all those random folks, like the bus driver, and the janitor, and those two thugs who tried to rape Scott and Stiles.  ALL OF THESE DUDES seemed to play some role in the burning of the Hale house.

“Awwwww Yeah!  Yay for motive! “

Unfortunately, all this just serves to make Derek look even more guilty than he looked before . . .


Things get a bit sentimental, when a Drunken Deputy Daddy starts waxing poetic about how much he misses Stiles’ deceased mother.  And though this unusual outpouring of emotion from Stiles’ father, makes Stiles feel like he’s going to probably spend an eternity in hell for what he has just done, he has a town to save, and therefore, exits Stage Left, at the first sign of Man Tears . . .

My Boyfriend . . . the Alpha . . .

So much for being an only child, Scott!  You’re about to get a litter!  I hope you like PUPPIES! 

Queen of the Cockteases, Allison needs to see Scott (the boy she just broke up with), right away.  When Scott sees Allison on his bed again, his weiner nearly JUMPS FOR JOY!

No . . . don’t worry, I’m not implying that Stiles IS Scott’s weiner . . . It’s just a pictoral  representation, Mmmm kay? 

Unfortunately, Allison doesn’t want to screw.  She just wants to talk . . . about her family zzzzzzzzz . . .

Cue, Momus Interruptus . . . not that she’s actually interrupting anything FUN!  In fact, if anyone is going to be having fun tonight, it’s MAMA MCCALL!  She’s got a hot date tonight!

Speaking of jumping for joy . . . 

Gee kiddies, I bet you can’t guess who Mommy’s new boyfriend is!  (Hint:  It’s not Santa Claus.)

Surprise, it’s the ALPHA!

(And if you didn’t guess that would happen THE MINUTE Mom appeared in Scott’s bedroom all tarted up, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for a dollar . . .)

Apparently, the Alpha has this BRILIANT idea that converting Scott’s MOM into a werewolf and having her join the pack, will make membership seem more enticing to Scott.  To prove this, Uncle Alpha makes some random analogy to German U-boats, that actually makes him seem way nerdier and less badass than he did twenty minutes earlier.

Despite Scott making that hilarious face he always makes . . .

 Mom eventually absconds with Uncle Alpha, leaving Scott (well, more accurately Stiles) to pick up the pieces.  But first he has to blow of Allison (NO SEX FOR YOU TONIGHT!) by giving her those famous last words, “I’ll be right back!”

In other words, “Nice knowing ya, girlfriend!” 

On the way to their “date,” Uncle Alpha quickly reveals himself to have NO GAME WHATSOEVER, by creepily stroking the side of Mommy McCall’s face for NO REASON WHATSOEVER .  . .

And doing THIS . . .

Just so you know, single men, out there, doing THIS is not considered good foreplay.

Just minutes before Uncle Alpha either bites Mommy McCall’s tummy, or just plain eats her head off, it’s STILES to the rescue, with his much abused jeep, and his subpar driving skills.  He crashes into the Alpha’s car, like it’s his job . . . which it basically is.

“Uh oh!  I wasn’t INTERRUPTING anything, was I?”

Uncle Alpha notices Scott hiding behind Stiles’ car, and grudgingly congratulates him on a job well done.  (Well, at least the guy is not a sore loser!)

Of course, as you might have guessed, Uncle Alpha isn’t the kind of guy who’s just going to sit back and admit defeat.  No sir!  He’s going to have the last laugh, even if it means completely ruining his plans for World Domination.  (I generally think talking too much, is a sickness that spreads amongst TV supervillains, don’t you?)  So, Uncle Alpha helpfully tips off Scott to the fact that Derek is preparing to kill Jackson.

Why?  Because he “knows too much?”   Because he “has perfect hair?  Honestly, we aren’t too sure, but we are just going to go with it for now, because it makes for adequate damn good television . . .

Meanwhile . . .

Derek makes his move on Jackson (Interpret that statement as you will . . .)

Mutual interests: working out, listening to music, long walks on the beach, fast cars, eating humans and endless hours of SEX.

 You want a true testament to how much Teen Wolf writers adore their female and gay male viewers?  Observe THIS scene . . . It begins, appropriately enough with Jackson WORKING OUT.

 I just love the dedication to fitness on this show, don’t you? 😉  It seems like everyone (except for Stiles and Lydia) does active, mostly naked stuff, on a regular basis.  What a positive message for people who like looking at others naked our nation’s youth!).

So, there’s Jackson, pumping iron, grunting, sweating, flexing, preening . . . the whole nine yards, in the school gym, when in pops Derek (AGAIN, NO SECURITY IN THIS SCHOOL, AT ALL!), with his sly flirty smile and “deep appreciation for Jackson’s music. 

I smell a come on, don’t you?

The sexual innuendos continue, as Derek offers to give Jackson “everything he wants,” *gulp*, provided the latter follow him to his bedroom his house *double gulp*.  And that’s when things start getting REALLY weird . . .

“I don’t think we are in a Romantic Comedy, anymore, Toto . . . er . . . I mean Derek!”

Having received the Magic Neck Rub, the minute Jackson arrives at Derek’s La Casa de Old and Decrepit, he immediately recognizes it from his dreams of the Hale fire . . . weird.  Even Derek seems taken aback by that piece of information.  But still, our Big Bad Sexy Wolf sticks to the game plan.  He threatens Jackson, telling him that he doesn’t deserve to live because nobody cares about him .  . .even though he has perfect hair, is rich, drives a nice car, and is  . . .  well, we will get to that last thing he is in a bit.

You know, I think that’s kind of harsh, Derek!  I think lots of golddigging women will care about Jackson for all of these reasons . .  . and only these reasons.  Then Derek shows Jackson his big ugly nail beds, and this makes Jackson CRY LIKE A B*TCH!

Oh gosh!  My eyes!  Those are the ugliest fingernails I have ever seen!  Please, put them away!  I beg you!”

Jackson instinctively knows that he is no match for this Hunka Hunka Burning Love.  He’s petrified . . . begging for his life, like he’s probably never had to beg for anything in his entire shallow existence.  And, honestly, I think that’s kind of the point of this whole exercise . . . to give Jackson some tough love  . . . to convince him, once and for all, that being a werewolf is not all it’s cracked up to be . . . and, above all, to keep those big fat lips of his shut.

If Derek really wanted to kill Jackson, he could have done it back at the gym, by bashing his head in with some barbells.  He wouldn’t have even had to break a sweat.  But hey . . . what do I know . . .

Earlier I mentioned that there was one other thing Derek mentioned that Jackson IS that nobody cares about . . .  and that’s . . . wait for it “captain of the lacrosse team.”


Well, Scott McCall would certainly beg to differ with this statement!  That’s right boys and girls.  It is at THIS precise moment that Scott decides to make his presence known, and save Jackson’s life for the SECOND time this hour even though he wasn’t really in any particular danger either time.  “CO-CAPTAIN!” Scott insists, from the top of Derek’s ratty staircase . . .

In two seconds flat, a now wolfed out Scott is flying down the bannister, like a bat out of hell (That looked like fun.)  And the two Wolf Headed Weirdos (Yep, Derek is back to looking like a Jackass in Wolf Gear!  The sexy glowing eyes were fun while they lasted!) begin to WRESTLE . . . again . . .

Shots ring out from outside the house . . . of course, it’s the hunters. Now, Derek is on Scott’s side, united against a common enemy.  “Run SCOTT!  GET OUT OF HERE!”  He commands.

Meanwhile, Jackson probably just pooped in his pants . . .

We don’t get to see much of what happens next because Scott is pumped full of magic werewolf killing bullets.

Oh sweetie, that lipstick is ALL WRONG for your skin tone!

Somehow Bloody Scott manages to escape the warzone, and ends up in the forest.  Believing himself to be dying, he makes one last cry for the woman he loves (OH PUHLEASE!) before he falls unconscious . . .

Next thing you know, Scott is being carried to the animal clinic, where he has the lethal bullets extracted from his body by .  . . THE VET?

Well, technically, he IS a dog . . .

For weeks, many of us have wondered what exactly the vet’s relationship was with the werewolf community.  Ladies and weres, I think we’ve just figured it out!

Meanwhile, at Scott’s house . . .

Golly Gee, Auntie Kate!  Can I get one of those for MY basement?

Clearly, over an hour has passed, and Allison is still waiting for Scott on his bed.  *cough DESPERATE cough*  Finally, she gets a text message from Kate, requesting her presence, and she has enough self respect to leave.  Allison meets Kate, and the former leads her down to the DUNGEON beneath the Walmart of Guns.  (Because of course, the Walmart of Guns would come equipped with its own Dungeon.  I mean, why the heck not?)

“Every family has it’s secrets,” explains Captain Obvious Auntie Kate.  “Ours is a little different.”

Allison tentatively enters the dungeon, with an eager drooling Kate on her heels.  What she finds down there is not something she ever, in her wildest dreams, could have guessed.  (Though many of us had an inkling.)  Wanna see what was down there?  Here you go!

Smile for the camera, Wolfman!

Something tells me the Alpha isn’t going to be too happy about THIS!

See ya next time, Werebangers!



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27 responses to “The Family That Slays Together . . . – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Co-Captain”

  1. East Coast Captain

    I wouldn´t want to be the Argents when Uncle Alpha comes calling and he will. I do not believe he´s evil, he hasn´t killed innocent people like let´s say a child or a pregnant woman. He´s like Magneto, he wants his kind to survive and he will do bad things to do that. The same for Derek, his wolfy manly self.

    What is the Vet? Not human…

    Kate SHE´S an Enigma but she might get what´s coming to her.

    • Megan

      I agree about the Alpha. The only people he has killed, besides Laura, his “mistake”, were people that were involved with the fire. And in sneak previews, we see Kate licking a shirtless Derek… So maybe that is why she captured him. For pleasure, I think

    • Ooh, I like your comparison between the Alpha and Magneto. I take it someone has recently seen X Men: First Class? 😉 Great movie. Fassbender’s performance as Magneto was mesmerizing. Too bad no one gets Oscar nominations for playing superheroes / supervillains, because he deserves one.

      Of course, I’d have a lot easier time siding with the Alpha, if he looked more like Michael Fassbender, and NEVER GUTTED Derek Hale / cut Laura Hale’s body in half.

      And I agree with you, Kate’s in for an Alpha-sized beat down. If there’s a big death before the season finale, I’m counting on it being hers. (I think Allison will take her place as the Big Bad Werewolf Huntress of Season 2 . . .)

      Hmm . . . I’m not sure whether the vet is human or not. I figured that he WAS human, but had “supernatural connections,” like, perhaps, he comes from a long line of werewolf doctors, or something . . . Who knows? 😉

      • Maddy

        Wahey just had to join in here to say that if the Alpha DID look like Fassbender’s Magneto then PHWOAR would I love him. The bloke is kinda handsome though, if totally weird and dodgy at coming on to Scott’s mum (who I think is so cool).

        In the meantime Kate is such a slutty pervert! Licking Derek! Poor Derek! She’s like Christian from 50 Shades of Grey, all S&M and creepy and clearly just wanting Derek in bed, (not that I blame her or anything please please let it happen on the show!). It’s just that she doesn’t have to be all kidnap daterape-y about it.

        Btw I love that the Alpha is always like ‘When done Scott how clever’ as if Whiny Utter Dumbass aka SCOTT actually could possibly have thought it all up himself?! It’s clearly Stiles, since he’s the only one with brains!

        Meanwhile I think I might pass out from A) how hilarious this show is, that bloke yelling ‘State!’ and then Scott’s sexy glare almost made me cry with laughter, B) Stiles being hilarious C) how many stupidly sexy topless men just spend the whole episode running around looking sexy and topless. I LOVE THIS SHOW! 🙂

  2. Cas

    I’m kind of new here and i love your recaps. I didn’t comment yet because my english knowledge is pretty shallow 😦
    Anyway I just gonna try it. So first of all I think the photo of Derek may be that bad because his eyes were glowing or something, i mean that whole picture was as blue as his wolf-eyes.
    And in the webisodes there is a picture of him.

    This week’s episode wasn’t that big deal, i mean i’m totaly obsessed with this show but this one just wasn’t big deal.

    PS.: if anyone want to watch the webisodes, can do it on mtv’s site or download them from here:

    • André

      Sorry, not registered and I can’t watch it on MTV since I am not US. However there are lower quality videos on youtube:

      Not quite sure when they play but seemingly before the last full moon.

    • Hey Cas! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I do like your idea about the picture being blurry due to Derek’s glowing eyes. We know Derek was VERY angry about being arrested. So, it would make sense that his wolf self would begin to take over, while he was getting his mug shot taken.

      And I guess I should really start watching those webisodes! Thanks so much for the download link. I really do appreciate it! 🙂

      I can see what you mean about this episode, not being quite as exciting as the last two. That’s understandable given that the writers just revealed the Alpha. That, and I bet they are saving all the REALLY good stuff for the final two episodes. I CAN’T WAIT!

  3. André

    Damn, not the first one to comment.

    Oh well, I liked the recap anyway.
    And I was pleased to help you again. Albeit I am a bit surprised/disappointed about a few things, but more to that later. 😉

    Looks like Posey was right when he said he’s gonna be shirtless half of the time. And is it just me or did he get buffer since the start of the season?
    And yeah I wonder too what will come with “only” two more episodes, especially considered the preview of the last 4 episodes of the season, I mean this time there was no preview at the end of the episode so I guess the four-in-one version is all we have right now. 😦
    But maybe some scenes will be leaked again. 🙂

    But I wonder why they called that episode Co-Captain. I don’t really get it.

    You know this time you spotted something I didn’t. I can’t even remember the hippie songs. I only remember the last song of the episode. Apart from that, all blank. 😀

    Yeah it answered questions, I admit, but as the old background story freak that I am I couldn’t do any different than ask some new ones.
    Is it normal that a girl can just sneak in with the other players after a game? Or how did Allison get there to bump into Scott. I asked myself whether she really wanted to be there or just wanted to check out the boys under the shower. I mean, a few of them are really yummy. As for her being on the Scotty train, well, she seems to be off it soon, either that or we will see another dream sequence.
    And Jackson, the guy is a full douche, complete with some sort of more or less hidden inferiority complex. So maybe he finally realized that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Considered his performance he might have a breakdown in the next episodes.

    And here is my first real surprise/dissapointment:
    No Danny/Stiles reference? No sentence ala “what do you think Scott, will Stiles find me attractive?” (of course he would, who could resist those abs, pecs and not to mention that butt).

    You know I just shrugged the whole Lacrosse and passing the ball off as some sort of in-Lacrosse speach, but looks like you beat me there.

    And maybe Scott is a little exhibitionist and that’s why he ends up running around half-naked or onyl clad with a towel so often. Possible isn’t it?

    Back to serious matter. You theorized in the recap of episode 8 that the Alpha is telepathically influencing Scott and we know in what way he can influence him. So maybe he did the same or something similar with Derek. Possible, I mean just because he does what the guy wants doesn’t mean he likes it.

    Those flashbacks that Scott saw I think answer the question why he was bitten: he was simply there as it seems and the Alpha acted on instinct because he needs bodies. Or he acted on instinct and now takes what fate has given him.
    However I wondered when I saw the flashbacks of the Hale house. First, why were seemingly all of them in the basement? Why is it that none of them came crashing through the windows or doors or something? And if I remember correctly Derek stated that he and his sister where at school at the time, but at the time the two thugs came the moon was already high in the sky so there is no way it could have been earlier than 9 pm. Are American schools that much different that you can stay there this long?

    You know I can’t actually remember the last time I saw a girl on TV having a wet dream especially not one so “physical” (well for American teen tv). Is that just my lack of “straight”-knowledge or are these kind of dreams shown less often for females than males?

    The gimmicks in the garage as well as the one Mr. Argent had placed inside Jacksons car to make it shut down really made me question how much of an organized hunter organization is there. I mean stuff like that is expensive so where do they get the money from?
    Oh, and Stiles comment, isn’t that something you would normally say to girls? Could that have been his way of emasculating Jackson?
    And didn’t you love it how Stiles was so worried for his car after Scott slammed against it in a surge of rage?
    And no picture of Lydia just standing there like a rabbit in the light only with a bow she had no diea how to use? You really resisted commenting on that? Would have been impossible for me. 😀
    Of course even you weren’t strong enough to resist the sight of Scott getting tazed (although I guess you would prefer him to be hazed :D). I found it really funny how he kept writhing on the floor with Allison not noticing that she still presses the button.

    I like two features of the Stiles/Daddy Stilinski scene:
    1) Stiles piecing all those things together.
    2) Stiles reaction to his father’s statement. Makes you wonder what had happened in the time after Stiles’ mother died, another reason why Stiles is not a sidekick.

    By the way I think I have an explanation about the Derek photo. Unlike with the ones made of Scott Derek’s police picture was made direct and with flash-light. Therefore the tapetum the werewolves obviously have (as can be seen in Scott’s eyes in the cougar-episode) reflected the light, which would explain why he could be seen normally on the picture from the webisodes. Of course it is still weird that it is so strong.

    And it wasn’t the janitor that was connected to the Hale House fire it was the guy from the video store. Of course that proves that the Alpha is not just killing those that “deserve it”.

    By the way if Stiles dad is right and all this wildlife is practically fleeing the woods (like the cougar) it makes you wonder what the Alpha did there all the time. Must have attacked anything on sight.
    Speaking of him, I guess everybody knew that mom’s hot date would be the Alpha, it just couldn’t be any different.
    But the behaviour of Scott’s mom was totally believable, I mean a) she hadn’t had a date in years and b) let’s face it, who actually expects their teenage kids to like the date you brought home?

    And Jackson was finally revealed to be a… what is that word for such a guy? Seriously, I have no idea. Lost in translation.

    Did you understand what Scott said while he was carried out of the woods? Was it “Stiles”?

    And I guess whe can theorize what the vet’s connection to the werewolves is. He could have been a doctor for them, but than it’s weird that Derek doesn’t know him. He could be a hunter of course. Or he is connected to other werewolves and there is still the possibility that he is one himself. Or he belongs to my theory below.

    Now the most intriguing part of the episode was when Aunt Kate revealed the captured Derek. Why did they keep him alive? There must be a reason for that; this together with the hightech weaponry of the Argents makes me once again wonder whether there is someone they work for. Could there be a project trying to utelize the werewolves for their own goals? Or maybe even a whole industry? What do you think?

    • Hey Andre! Sorry, I’ve been lame with replying to comments. Hopefully, once I move, my life will go back to normal, and I can be a “Good Little Blogger” again.

      You are RIGHT! Tyler Posey definitely looks buffer now, than he did early on in the season. Must be that all-bunny, werewolf diet they have him on. 🙂 Actually, the changing body types of actors throughout the course of television seasons, is something I notice a lot, particularly on “teen” shows like this, where everyone is attractive, and often has to wear very little in the way of clothing. The guys are always getting buffer, and the girls are always getting skinnier. I can imagine on a show like this, the competition between “Derek,” “Scott,” “Danny,” “Stiles,” and “Jackson” must be pretty fierce. It’s like every day on set is a Mr. America pageant.

      As for why the episode was titled “Co-Captain,” I think it mainly stems from the scene where Derek is telling Jackson what a useless loser he is, and how no one cares that he’s captain of the lacrosse team. And then Scott triumphantly appears to correct him, saying “CO-CAPTAIN!”

      I also think that the title is a reference to all the various team pairings on the show. Stiles has become a “co-captain” of sorts to Scott, lately. And, more recently, we’ve seen Derek assume a second-in-command role to the Alpha. Yeah, it was pretty lame, as far as titles go. But hey, at least it wasn’t called “Pilot,” like the first episode ;). How cliche! Just kidding . . . 🙂

      So, do you think Danny has a thing for Stiles? 🙂 I didn’t get that impression, only because Danny CLEARLY had a thing for Derek. And Derek and Stiles fall into two completely different “types,” if you catch my drift. Then again, I happen to have a thing for both Derek and Stiles, so, you never know. 😉

      Hmmm . . interesting point about Stiles emasculating Jackson, by calling him pretty. I’ve actually heard guys refer to themselves as pretty in some contexts, so it could really go either way. Jackson definitely falls into the category of what I would call a “pretty boy,” in that he’s so prissy and preppy, has more femine than masculine facial features, and looks like he would cry if you got him dirty. 🙂 Though, I would argue that Derek is the sexiest guy on the show, Jackson is probably the “prettiest,” due to his delicate, perfectly-proportioned features.

      Speaking of pretty, I love that you compared Lydia to a bunny. She does have a cute little bunny nose, and baby bunny eyes. It was a solid comparison for sure!

      You bring up a really great point about the flashbacks. Is it possible that those two thugs, made preparation for the Hale fire the night before, and someone else lit the flame the next day? If not, there is always the possibility that either (1) Derek is not being entirely truthful about what happened that night; or (2) the Alpha has the ability to transmit false memories to members of the pack. I actually think the latter concept would be more interesting, in that it would make brainwashing his packmembers (which, we’ve seen him try to do, at least temporarily) so much easier.

      That screencap of Scott getting tazed was HILARIOUS. I wonder how many takes they had to do, for him to get that Seizure Face down right. (Yet another reason to purchase the season 1 DVD of this show.) Does that make me a terrible person? That I took pleasure in this character’s pain? 😉

      The Wet Dream Sequence with Allison was INCREDIBLY well done. And, you are right. We don’t see scenes like that enough on television shows, I think because there is a stigma against females pleasuring themselves. Remember when you asked me a “research” question regarding your fanfiction, and I explained that, for women, doing THAT was a highly “mental” exercise, in that it usually involves evoking fantasies of some sort. This scene is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Though chaste on the surface, that was really one of the most R-rated scenes I’ve seen on MTV in a while, at least in terms of what it symbolized.

      Speaking of pleasure and pain, I too am genuinely intrigued by Kate’s capture of Derek. I think she plans to do a number of things with him. The first, as was mentioned in the comments is pure self-pleasure. She’s clearly attracted to the guy, and now he’s at her mercy. However, I also think there is a bit of a “science experiment” aspect to the capture. If the Argents study Derek, they might be able to figure out how the pack system works, and what the werewolves greatest weaknesses are. This will make it easier for them to capture and kill other werewolves in the future.

      I also think that Kate somehow recognizes Derek’s connection to the Alpha, and is holding him for “ransom” in hopes of drawing the Alpha out of hiding.

      Finally, I think capturing Derek was a way of bringing Allison into the fold, and getting her to “embrace her destiny.” And yet, I agree with you guys’ suggestion that Allison might ultimately be the one who sets Derek free. This is not to say that she won’t ultimately become a werewolf hunter (the death of her favorite Aunt would certainly trigger this in her), simply that she won’t be able to resist that body. 🙂

      I guess we will have to wait until next week to know for sure, right? 😉

      • André

        Yep we will have to wait until Monday, or Tuesday in my case.

        I was wondering where you’ve been, I admit that.

        Since you are at it, why the fuck are the girls so skinny? Sure I found thin guys attractive as well but mostly they were so thin due to overall body type, but many of these girls are just skinny even if it doesn’t fit the skeletal structure or the portrayal of the characters. As far as I can remember a girl being into gymnastics for 8 years to the point that she can just jump from a 3 m high roof wouldn’t be as skinny as Allison or at least she would have a firmer body.
        I was already a bit surprised that Aunt Kate has some actual meat on her bones.

        I don’t really think that Danny has a thing for Stiles it was sort of a reverse joke to Stiles’ question whether Danny finds him attractive. If Stiles is into guys he would definitely find Danny attractive, Derek doesn’t count in that regard; death-threats are one of the best erotic killers. And I am happy the Danny Stiles smut isn’t finished yet, you have no idea how much easier it is to write something like that when you know that one of them looks like that. Originally it was just supposed to be a blow job but no it’s gonna be a bit more.
        Oh and Scotty will be a baaaadddd dog. 😀

        As for Lydia, well the scene was just so funny, with her seemingly being totally out of her element and totally helpless. 😀

        Maybe it will happen what you said about the Alpha. However we have only two more episodes and there still has to come the scene were Aunt Katie points a gun at someone and I am pretty sure it is Scott. There is still the scene of Stiles squashed to the wall, Lydia on the football field and Allison’s mother shouting at her daughter. Maybe Scott and Stiles will have werewolves and hunters against them at the end of the season?

        I think it looks just funny how Scott’s face distorts in the tazer scene. 😉 So you’re probably not into pain.

        And since we’re at it, we men invoke fantasies as well, at least I do, but maybe I am a woman inside a man’s body. 🙂
        Nah, don’t think so, if yes I would be a gay man trapped inside a woman who is trapped inside a gay man. 😀

        I am not sure whether Kate actually works with the other Argents regarding Derek. I can’t help it that she wants to utilize him in some other way. Like I said, where do the Argents get their high-tech from? And somehow Teen Wolf doesn’t come along as a show where there is no organized hunter scene.

    • jmae

      Well I have a feeling that Tyler Posey looks buffer simply because there was so much space in between the filming. In an interview Colton Hayness said that they filmed the pilot then he went of and did the Gates. So if he had time to do the Gates before finishing the filming for Teen Wolf there was a huge hiatus in between which is probably why Tyler Posey is so much buffer now.

      • Wow, I had no idea, they shot the pilot to Teen Wolf prior to the filming (and airing) of The Gates. That must have been almost a YEAR of lag time between the first episode and the second. This makes me want to go and watch the pilot again to see which cast members, look younger, fatter, thinner, and more or less buff. Thanks so much for the intel, jmae! I can always count on you to give me the scoop. 🙂

  4. ms coffeebean

    Okay ive seen some clips, but not all of This episode. Thanks to Tyler Hoechlin online. Let me just say OH SWEET JESUS!!!! =O, i was very creeped out by Uncle peter hale, he is one scary Mother F*****, could not believe Derek that s.o.b. although i still love him, he ws on team alpha, poor scott he looked so betrayed and he should be, and the only time scott actually steps up was when derek was about to go all werewolf on his ass and scott protects him. Am i the only one who thinks Stiles dersevres a week off or a big cake, as he is the only one (apart from derek) whos always saves the day. That Kate Argent, i do not like her, she is Eeeeevil, Eeeevil. Poor Derek is chained up and getting electricuted, why cant she just leave the guy alone, hes got enough on his plate without her capturing him so she can torture him, i hope and pray he lives for season 2 and i hope she dies, B****. And he gets away….! Hes a werewolf so when he went out all wolfed out to face the music as it where, would’nt he better faster, stronger so he could have taken them down

    always saving the day

    • You are absolutely right, ms. coffeebean! For “sidekicks,” Stiles and Derek sure are kicking Scott’s butt when it comes to the “life-saving” department. This week, Stiles saved BOTH Jackson AND Scott’s mom. And as for Derek . . . GEEZ! He must save Scott’s butt at least once a week. And look at the thanks he gets for it: gutted like a fish by the Alpha, and made Kate Argent’s personal Doggie Sex Slave. Poor GUY! 🙂

      I’m with you, Stiles and Derek could both use a vacation in the Bahamas . . . without Scott. And just in case they happen to be looking for some female travel companions for this trip, well . . . let’s just say I’m available. 🙂

      As for how Kate was able to disarm Derek, even in his wolf form, I’m guessing that those handcuffs (or maybe even the electric shocks themselves) are laced with wolfsbane, or something else that is keeping Derek’s strength at bay. Of course, it’s only a matter of time, before the Alpha figures out where the Argents are hiding his packmember. And when that happens, all bets are off.

      I definitely think Derek will survive into Season 2. I’m sure the writers absolutely want to avoid the riot that would result if they killed off one of their sexiest wolves. As for Kate, I’m thinking HER days are numbered . . .

      Thanks so much for your comment. I can’t wait to see what happens next week! 🙂

  5. ms coffeebean

    Sorry! I was referring to Jackson, who scott was saving from Derek. Oh anyone know when Neon Hitch will be releasing their new album? The one with Poisioned Love is on it? Oh love your blog is F***ing Hilarious so sad theres only two eps left no more blogging until season 2, cant wait though. woo hoo!

  6. “Dude, why are you wearing SO MUCH CLOTHING? We’re in a locker room, for heaven sakes! This is SACRILEGE! I COMMAND you to take off your shirt!”

    Ohh, you will never believe how much i agree with this. *sighs*

    About the Derek pictures, it’s not just him pulling a vampire thing because in the last two search for a cure webisodes, there is a picture of an adorable Derek in the corner (who I STILL Love)

    Jackson is a prissy. “nuff said.

    I don’t think Derek went to the Dark Side actually. I think, if anything, the Alpha has him under some mind control the same way he controlled Scott by making him change and wanting to eat Allison, who brought him back.

    I think when Derek saw Scott get shot, it brough him back as well. Derek isn’t a “good guy” but he’s not evil. I think he still cares ina bro way about Scott.

    Ok, are you ready for my extreamly long “I hate Kate Argent” rant? If not, skip this paragraph. I HATE her soooooo freakin’ much that werewolf licking, pedo, phycopathic, rulebreaking, pyro! SHE TOOK MY MAN!

    Ok, I’m good. Sorry, had to get that ALL out. I wonder a few things.
    1) why is Derek staying in wolf-mode?
    2) What is Allison going to do?

    I think Kate will want Allison (mary sue *cough*) to hurt Derek as part of her wolf hunter training. I also don’t think she’ll do it and will end up helping Derek escape.

    I also don’t think Peter will care that much. He seems to want Scott the most and will focus on getting him. Also, he’s busy creeping Allison at the dress shop… Why are all the adult on here pedofiles? Or creepers? Or stupid?

    • Hey wolfgal97! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your awesome comment. It was very much appreciated.

      Wow, now I REALLY have to watch those “Search for the Cure” episodes. I NEED that adorable picture of Derek Hale for my personal collection. 🙂

      Another commenter suggested that the discrepancy regarding Derek’s picture, might have had to do with the fact that he was angry, and starting to wolf out, when the mugshot was taken. (Not in the face, just in the eyes.) The glowing eyes would have definitely messed with the camera lens. Have you ever tried to take a picture with a mirror or lamp behind you? Perhaps, this is something like that . . .

      Hmmm . . . I wonder whether the Alpha is using mind control methods on Derek. I was always under the impression that the werewolves’ eyes glowed, whenever the Alpha was “communicating” with them, and Derek’s seemed normal in that scene. Also, it kind of makes you wonder why, if it was so easy for him to control Derek, why wouldn’t he just control Scott?

      That being said, I agree with you about Derek, not being a bad guy. I think Derek realizes that, at this point, his best shot at survival lies with, at least temporarily, pledging allegiance to the Alpha. After all, the Alpha is probably the only wolf who genuinely has the ability to do battle with the Argents, and their arsenal of weapons. Once the threat of the Argents’ is neutralized, I suspect that Derek will go back to being a Lone Wolf. He’ll still help out Scott, whenever he can, however.

      As for Derek staying in wolf mode, in the chains, you are right. This is a bit counter-intuitive, considering that Derek once said that PAIN kept him HUMAN, not the other way around. I can only imagine that something in the chains that Kate is using is purporsefully keeping him in wolf form. BAD KATE! You are REALLY asking for a beat-down, this time.

      Oh, and THIS: “Why are all the adult on here pedofiles? Or creepers? Or stupid?”

      Hilarious! And so true! (I still kind of like Stiles’ dad, though. He’s adorable, in a Dad-way.)

      • I think that you’re tight about the picture.

        As for the Alpha not controling Scott, you also have a good point. MY mom, whom I forced to watch the series with me, thinks Derek is faking to get close to the Alpha.

        about the wolfmode in chains, I was going on deviant art the other day, and I had given a picture of a human form Derek in chains to someone who put it up. I think he really isn’t in pain yet, just extreamly PO’ed. Maybe when the electricity starts, he’ll go back to human form. My guess is he was just too mad to calm down.

        LOL, it’s true! Stiles’ dad is AMAZING! He’s so sweet and makes me love Stiles more.

  7. Ali

    Great recap. You know I agree with most of the theories about Derek not going full Alpha. I think he was in some sort of trance and when he saw Scott injured he snap out of it. As for Kate…Geez..I have to agree with everybody…What a HATEABLE character. Me no likey. And I think wolfgal is right about every single adult on Beacon Hills being pedo and creepy.

    As for Jackson.. I think he has a thing for everybody touching his neck. I don´t know you guys out there but I don´t let ANYBODY touching my neck like that, unless I am in a romantic moment with a girl. I mean no man is gonna touch me and asking me weird stuff about my neck… how creepy and homo is that. Yet jackson seems to let anybody to touch him and give him neck rubs… Anyway, he´s a douche with capitol D

    And the photo thing…I didn´t notice that difference that you smartly ointed out between Derek´s and Scott´s pics. Way to go Jules! Let´s see if they have an explanation for that.

    As usual….Stiles totally owns his scenes. And saves the day.. and the night.. and mama mccall´s date..and has the most awesome scenes with his dad.

    I´m seriously excited with the two upcoming episodes..and can´t wait to see what´s gonna happen with derek now that he has been captured

    • LOL. This is true, Ali. I think Jackson secretly enjoys when older men fondle his neck. 🙂 It IS an errogenous zone, after all. 🙂

      And I have to say, I’m still not completely sold on Jackson being a heterosexual. He dumped Lydia. He wasn’t really interested in Allison. He seems to have a little man crush on Derek. And he sort of / kind of hits on Scott, whenever he gets the chance. Am I noticing a pattern here? 😉

      I do think we are about to get some sort of explanation for the photo discrepancy. It seemed like a kind of random thing for Stiles’ dad to bring up. Of course, the writers could have just included it to show that Stiles’ dad is subconsciously having doubts as to whether Derek is fully human. But, I find, with this show, most clues are written into the script for a reason. So, hopefully, we will have an answer to this photo question very soon.

      I agree with you 100% about Stiles. Dylan O’Brien is a spectacular actor. He’s taken a role that could have been annoying or grating in the wrong actor’s hands, and made him into one of the most likeable characters on TV. I hope movie casting directors are watching this show. Because THIS guy is going places . . .

      Thanks for talking Teen Wolf with me, Ali! I love hearing everybody’s ideas about the show. It makes watching each week ten times better. 🙂

      • hulabunny

        I interpreted the blue lights in Derek’s photo to be the reflection of light from his wolf eyes when he looked head on into the camera.

        In the pics that Scott sends to Allison, he isn’t looking into the camera. Those pics look almost like promo shots that one would find on the web page of a TV show. I mean, who takes pictures like that of themselves?

        I think if Scott had a mug shot taken, there would be yellow halos when the light hit his eyes. Hope that police department camera has some good red-eye correction features.

  8. hulabunny

    Hello, nice recap. I have read a few recaps so far and am surprised that no one has mentioned that Uncle Alpha’s plan to turn Scott’s mom is a little shout-out to The Lost Boys, which the producers have also mentioned as a source of inspiration.

    • You’re absolutely right, hulubunny! The mother in Lost Boys definitely dated the “head vampire.” Plus, he threatened to turn her, in order to keep Jason Patric’s character in line. Good catch!

      It’s interesting that Lost Boys was an inspiration for Teen Wolf. Now, that you mention it, I can definitely see certain similarities between the two storylines. That’s a great film . . . one that I suspect a lot of Teen Wolf fans might not be familiar with, due to its age.

  9. jmae

    This episode was good cliff hanger wise but not so much otherwise.
    1) No Danny Derek Stiles moments. I was really hoping that during the locker room scene at the beginning that Danny would be like “Hey Miguel”. Even though that would have killed the seriousness of that moment it still would have been funny to see Derek and Peter’s faces when he said that.
    2) I don’t think that Derek was under any Alpha mind control for the simple fact that he was so emotionless when he talked. It’s obvious that he was lying through his teeth. I also don’t think that he was under Alpha mind control because he could have easily made Jackson’s death look like an accident at the gym by making it look like he tried to bench too much by himself. Plus as keen as a werewolf’s senses are he should have known that Scott was at the house already and that ignoring Scott’s presence was his way of getting out of killing Jackson without it looking like he disobeyed a direct order from the Alpha.
    3) Stiles needs to stop fixing Scott’s problems for him.
    4) As to the Derek eye reflector thingI think he was wolfing his eyes out on purpose so that it’d be easier for him to hide from the cops. Because if that happened with a general flash camera I’m pretty sure that his school pictures would have turned out messed up like that.
    5) Also, I’m pretty sure Derek is close to reverting to human form at the end because his eyes aren’t wolfed out anymore. Either that or Tyler Hoechlin refused to keep the contacts in.
    6) I think that Derek allowed himself to be captured towards the e d simply to let Scott get away and because he knew that the hunters had ‘magic bullets’ on them.
    7) I’m pretty sure that Derek was kept alive to lure out the other beta and the Alpa. Otherwise the would have killed him on the spot.
    As to Allison becoming a hunter I think that Lydia( who is essentially her best friend) getting attacked is what does it, and if Aunt Kate or Papa Argent get hurt towards the end that’s just going to work to solidify it more.
    Even though I’m pretty sure that Allison is going to become a hunter later on I think that the writes gave us a clue in “heart monitor” that she was going to let Derek go because she was emailing PETA that her dad had shot down a cougar. So she sympathizes with animals and on that last scene Derek looks like a helpless animal.
    Am I the only one who was shouting kill him at the tv during that end scene with Jackson and Derek.

    • Hey jmae! Thanks so much for your awesome insights. You raise a lot of great points here.

      Now that you mention it, Derek’s behavior throughout the episode, did seem like a bit of an act. And I always felt his speech to Jackson was more designed to scare him out of the idea of wanting to be a werewolf, than a pre- “I’m going to kill you” speech.

      Regarding Derek’s eyes. It’s strange. Because, unlike Scott in wolf form, Derek seems to wolf out completely without his eyes changing color. The only time we saw Derek with those glowing blue eyes, was during that chase scene, a couple of episodes back. His eyes glowed there, for a specific purpose . . . to scare away the dogs.

      Now, that I think about it, Scott’s eyes only seem to glow when he is either under the Alpha’s control, or communicating with another animal (i.e. the scene in the pilot with the dog at the vets office). Is it possible that glowing eyes are the manner by which wolves and other canines communicate with one another, in this story?

      Either way, I think you are right, and Derek could have triggered the change for the police picture if he wanted to do so. But, since they already know what he looks like, I guess Derek would do that, more to screw with them, than to actually evade capture.

      Oh, and if Danny said “Hi Miguel,” in the locker room, that would be hilarious! 🙂 Man, I wish someone thought to write that in.

  10. Olivia Williams

    Your reviews are part of the reason why I actually watch the show. Teen Wolf is always a good laugh to me and your reviews are just the icing on the cake. I love when you point out all the silly odds and ends. One of my favorites was when you joked about the scene from magic bullet where Derek is in the middle of the road for a ridiculously long time with everyone honking. The quote “Playing Dead Doggy” and “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” put an extra big smile on my face when I remember the scene. Btw did you notice at the end of the scene after Derek is driven off, Scott and Allison talk in the middle of the road continuing to block everyone’s view!

    Anyway its prediction and theory time:

    I am very fervent to see how Allison reacts to Derek. When she was with Jackson she said she didn’t think Derek was the one killing people so she as doubts. Derek also just looks scared and somewhat broken. He avoids eye contact with Allison past the first scene. Its like he doesn’t want to see the new hunter take her place. He isn’t asking her for help either, hunters killed his family. They are the monsters.
    Derek’s eyes stay on Kate the immediate threat the one he knows to hate. After Kate shocks him, I think Allison will flip and run out unsure what to do. And Kate will take her home. Where her family has a talk.
    Although Allison is very sweet I don’t see her having the guts to rescue Derek. I know she rescued a snapping dog she hit so I can see her helping a scary werewolf, however I don’t see her going against her family to do it. She may let the secret slip to someone like the cops though.

    Also I think Derek may actually be tied up in his own house. Look at the surroundings? They mirror the ones in Peter’s. However it could just be the same set. Anyway if that is the case I think Stiles’s dad will find him when he enters the house. Or the alpha will help him.

    So who dies? It is ever Lydia, Kate, or the Evil Nurse all bloody in the hospital bed. The chick looked like she had long red hair, or possible bloody blonde her. My gut says it is Lydia. But I hope its Kate and the Alpha got her.
    Random theories…I don’t think these will hold up but they are still interesting.
    *The Alpha attacks Kate and Stile’s dad finds her in the hale house.
    *Lydia is attacked but survives and becomes a werewolf. Jackson dies because he is missing from some of the cast group photos.

    Do Kate and Derek have a romantic history? I hope not because of the age difference…but anything is possibly in teen wolf.

    Who gets turned? I vote Jackson, but wouldn’t it be funny if it was Allison.

    Lastly I think Allison will save Scott from the bullet. Either that or it was a nightmare Scott was having.

    Happy Howls,

    • Hey Olivia! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! That was so sweet of you to say. I’m honored that my little recaps have increased your enjoyment of Teen Wolf, even if only a little bit. *blushes*

      And you are absolutely right about that scene! It was as if Scott and Allison were saying to the rest of the student body, “Screw you! You’re just extras! You’ll leave the parking lot when WE say you can! Can’t you see we are having important conversations about our FEELINGS, here? 🙂

      I definitely see what you mean, about Allison not having the guts to go against her family. On the other hand, she’s also recently expressed a need to feel empowered in her life. That’s why she went on that little shooting spree with Lydia, this past week. (Well . . . also to teach her a lesson, but still.) Regarding Derek’s capture, perhaps, Allison will do nothing about it at first, then come back downstairs, when Derek is in human form, and rescue him at that point.

      Then again, maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part. You see, I kind of like the idea of a Derek / Allison pairing. Part of me, thinks they’d be sexier and more fun than Scott and Allison. 😉

      Hmmm I’m just as curious about the big season-ending death as you are. I remember reading that the character was a fairly important one, and didn’t know about the death, until he or she read the script. My money was on Lydia or Kate. Either of these death’s would probably trigger Allison to follow in her family’s footsteps and go into full-on Hunter Mode.

      Also, though very important right now, I would argue that both Kate and Lydia are somewhat dispensable on the show, in the long run. Jackson, at least at this point, is fairly important, due to his possible connection with the pack.

      That being said, I LOVE your idea of Lydia not dying, and going werewolf. A female wolf is just what this show needs. Sure, we had Laura Hale, but . . . I mean, THAT didn’t even last through the pilot episode. 🙂

      You bring up a good point about the age difference between Derek and Kate. Though the ages of these characters have never been explicitly stated, I’d guess there is about a 7 or 8 years difference between the two, with Derek being in his early to mid twenties, and Kate being in her late twenties to early 30’s. It’s definitely a sizeable difference, but not a huge one, provided Derek was already legal when it started. There’s just something about the way Kate and Derek regard one another, that makes me think there’s a history there. And as Creepy Emo Chemistry teacher will tell you, Kate can be very persuasive, when she wants something . . . (like, for example, Derek’s hot bod)

      But, as I said, if I SHIP anyone on this show, it’s Derek and Allison, and Stiles and Lydia. Scott . . . well . . . he needs to find someone who makes him a little less schmoopy than Allison does, at least in my opinion. 🙂

      Thanks again for your awesome insights. We should know the answer to at least some of these questions in a little over 24 hours. 🙂

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