The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – A Look Back at Some of the Most Pivotal Scenes in Ripper Stefan Canon (Part I)

DAMON: “Psst, don’t you think it’s weird that TV Recappers and Imaginary Men are doing a blog series on YOU?  I mean, isn’t everything related to this show, on BOTH of those blogs, usually about ME?”

STEFAN:  “Yes .  . . but things have changed.  I’m EVIL now.  Girls like evil.  Didn’t you get the memo?” 

Greetings, Fangbangers!  September 15th is just a few short weeks away.  Before we know it, Damon, Elena, and the gang will be back on our TV screens, compelling us to watch them . . .

This, of course, begs the question:  “How have YOU been preparing for The Vampire Diaries Season 3 return?  Perhaps, you’ve tried out a new diet . . .

 . . . or spent time cuddled in bed with a loved one?

Maybe, you’ve sat yourself down on the proverbial therapist’s couch, in order to figure out what you’ve got hiding underneath those metaphorical “blankets” .  . .

Perhaps, you’ve been trying hard to forget the past, in hopes that you can stop it from haunting you . . .

As for me, and my fabulous blogging pal, Amy, over at Imaginary Men, we’ve been spending the hiatus, revisiting some of The Vampire Diaries’ most pivotal moments . . . and revisting them . . . and revisiting them . . .

During this exercise, one of the things we’ve found particularly intriguing was the evolution of Ripper Stefan.  As you know, Ripper Stefan, much like his companions, Naked Damon . . .

  . . . and Ponytail Elena . . .

 . . . have ALWAYS been a part of TVD canon.  But they only show themselves at pivotal moments during the series  . . .

In this web series, Amy and I will be reviewing four pivotal scenes in the evolution of Ripper Stefan.  The first one, you can read RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.  The second one, will be featured on Amy’s Blog (hopefully, this coming Thursday).  The third one will be back on this blog, and  .  . .

 . . . well . . . you get the idea . . .

So, let’s get started with the Ripper Redux!  After all, when it comes right down to it, cannibalism IS just another form of Brotherly Love .  . .

Ripper Redux- Scene 1: “We can do this . . . TOGETHER!”

Episode: “Blood Brothers” – 1 X 20

Stefan Salvatore:  A bleeding heart, who makes hearts bleed . . . 

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Setting the Scene: 

Having both died with Vampire Katherine’s blood in their systems, Stefan and Damon awaken one fateful morning, in 1864, to find themselves “in transition,” half human  / half vampire.  Now, they are faced with a choice:  Feed on human blood within the next three days, and become a FULL vampire . . . or die of starvation.

In other news, I believe this is the ONLY time in Vampire Diaries history, in which Stefan and Damon can both be found shirtless in the same frame.  And, trust me, I’ve looked!

Damon — who can’t imagine a life without the woman he loves (Katherine, at this time, is presumed dead) — seems fairly certain that he will choose death over the alternative.  Stefan agrees, but seems a bit less certain of his decision than his brother.  But then the younger Salvatore brother greets . . . and eats  . . . his murderous vampire-slaying jackass of a dad, in his childhood home.  That’s when ALL BREAKS LOOSE . . . in Stefan’s soul.

Potent Quotables:

STEFAN:  “I brought her for you.  She is a gift.”

DAMON: “What have you done, Stefan?”

STEFAN:  (about his father) “He was dying and the blood was too strong .  . . I needed it.  I had to have it.”

STEFAN: “My body is exploding with power, Damon.  I can hear things from far away.  I can see through the darkness.  I can move like it’s magic.  And the guilt?  The pain?  Damon, I can turn it off like a switch.  Katherine was right.  It’s a whole ‘nother world out there, Damon.”

DAMON: “Katherine is dead, Stefan.  There is no world without her.”

STEFAN: “No.  You can turn that off too!  You don’t have to feel that, pain anymore!”

DAMON: “I don’t want it.”

STEFAN: “You are weak. You’ll be dead soon.  You NEED  THIS.  You’ll DIE.  . . Don’t fight it.  We can do this .  . . TOGETHER!”

Why it’s essential to RIPPER CANON:

Before we get started, can any of you Pretty Little Liars fans out there confirm for me whether or not the girl who plays “Dinner” in
this scene is, in fact, Troian Bellisario, a.k.a. Spencer Hastings from PLL?

I suspect she’s NOT, because I didn’t notice the credit on her IMDB page (and you would think, of all prior film and television credits, THIS would be one she’d definitely want on there!).  And yet, every time Iook at “Dinner,” all I see is “Spencer,” particularly, at the beginning of the scene, when Damon asks, “Who’s THAT?”  It’s really quite distracting . . .

“Please don’t eat me, you big sexy vampire, YOU!  I’ve got enough problems with “A” out to ruin my life.”

Anyway, on to the scene . . .

The most obvious parallel between THIS scene, and the one between Stefan and Klaus in the finale, comes right out in the first sentence
Stefan utters.  Stefan refers to “Dinner” as a “gift” that Damon should be honored to “rip into.”  Years later, Klaus uses the same concept of
“gift” to entice Stefan to feed, not just on human BLOOD, but on a REAL HUMAN girl, just like “Dinner.”

It’s probably worth noting, that back in 1864, blood bags weren’t as readily available as they are today.   Therefore, I suspect that MOST of the
vampires living in Mystic Falls back then (as well as the vampires in Katherine’s and Klaus’ time) fed almost exclusively on HUMAN blood.  They did so, not necessarily because they loved doing it, but because that’s what they needed to do, in order to survive.

This would seem to soften the blow of what Stefan is asking of his brother, thereby, making it seem slightly more humane, at least in
context.  But Stefan’s remorseless detailing to Damon about how he ate their DAD, because he “had to have [his blood],” tends to erase any sympathy we might have otherwise mustered for him in this scene.  No matter how AWFUL a person is, I really don’t think anyone deserves to be eaten alive by their own son.  Do you?

In Stefan’s defense, this guy kind of SUCKED .  . . 

Next, we witness Stefan’s “pitch” to Damon about the“Wonders of Vampirism.”  And, boy, does he sell it!  This monologue was undoubtedly a tough one for Paul Wesley deliver.  In the hands of a lesser actor, you could imagine these words coming out sounding too cliché, or Scooby Doo-esque, a parody of themselves.

“Mmmmm, just like Dad used to make taste.” 

Yet, Paul delivers the lines like a coke addict, who is jonesing off his very first taste.  It’s the right choice for the character.  After all, blood IS a drug, for Stefan.  It allows him to experience a sort of manic euphoria that he would never allow himself to enjoy in an un-altered state.

In the ultimate role reversal, we see Damon (noticeably weakened from having purposefully allowed himself to live bloodless for a couple of days) looking at his transformed brother with a mixture of fear, concern, pity, and just a twinge of self-righteousness.  Of course, in the present day, we have seen Stefan give Damon THIS look many times.  But for Damon, this seems to be somewhat of a first.

I’m totally judging you, right now  . . . 

I mention self-righteousness.  And yet, surprisingly enough, I’m not actually referring to Damon judging Stefan for eating his dad, nor for his
unrelenting enjoyment of being a vampire.  Rather, Damon judges Stefan for not LOVING Katherine enough to TRULY be willing to die for her.  However, the  fact that Damon seems to LOVE Katherine more than Stefan does, gives him no joy.  As we later learn, a big part of  Damon’s turning on Stefan, and threatening him with an “eternity of misery,” stems from his resentment that Katherine chose to feed Stefan her blood, in addition to Damon.

Yet amidst all this drug pushing, violence, jealousy and cannibalism, there is a surprising amount of brotherly love in this scene.  And though he may be doing it for his own selfish reasons (most notably, a fear of spending eternity alone), I suspect there is a part of Stefan, even in his darkest incarnation, that genuinely wants what’s best for his brother.  And to Stefan, what is best for Damon is LIVING!

“Here I am .  . . just chillin.’  Living La Vida Vampire.” 

“You are weak . . . You’ll be dead soon.  You need this!  You’ll die,” pleads Stefan, clutching at his brother’s shirt, in desperation.

Even during Damon’s first feeding, Stefan, in his own twisted way, seems insistent on showing brotherly affection and concern for the
elder Salvatore.  Observe how he gently clutching his brother’s shoulder, offering him both physical and emotional support, as he takes his first taste.

“Hey, Stefan!  Can you get out of here!  Can’t you see I’m trying to get laid?” 

These aforementioned “brotherly moments” have echoes throughout the series.  The first echo appears in “The Last Day,” when Damon makes the unilateral decision to force feed Elena his blood, in order to prevent the possibility of HER death by Klaus.  She sees his actions as selfish.  But he sees them, at least at the time, as her only TRUE chance at survival.

The second echo comes during the finale, when Stefan literally sells his soul to the Devil, also so that Damon . . . can LIVE.

“This is Martyr Stefan speaking.  How can I personally sacrifice for your happiness today?” 

Back in 1864, Stefan enticed his hungry and weak brother to complete his vampire transition, so that the two of them could spend eternity
TOGETHER.  But a furious Damon rebuffed his entreaties.  And for many years, Stefan walked the Earth without his “other half.”  Now, in the present day, Stefan again must walk ALONE without his brother.  Only this time, the choice to do so was all HIS . . .

Amy’s Take:

For me “Blood Brothers” will forever be the episode that aired while I was en route to Las Vegas. I was so desperate to see it though, that I asked my friend who I was visiting to DVR it FOR me so I could sneak in a watch between all my various crazy Vegas shenanigans! I just COULD NOT wait 5 whole days to see how “As the Salvatores Turned” came out!

And it did not disappoint. This episode is full of angst, emotional torture, guilt, resentment, pain, and extra broodiness. It not only reveals the absolute core of the Salvatore’s relationship – but it has the added bonus of super hot Paul Wesley’s tank-topped shoulders, AND Paul Wesley pulling out a pretty extraordinary performance as a man who is is so tired and pained by the the choices he’s made that he’s ready to die for his own mistakes.

Early on in the episode, Stefan is brooding in his basement prison at La Casa de Rich and Awesome. He doesn’t seem mad that his brother and
girlfriend conspired to stab him with vervain and lock him up until he detoxes from his bloodlust. Mostly he just seems determined to do what he should have done 140 years before: die.

“After what I’ve done, it has to end. I just want it over”

When Elena relays Stefan’s mood to Damon, he scoffs with a dismissive, he’s just being dramatic….typical Stefan Martyr stuff which means
that not only has Stefan had previous bouts of “Martyr stuff”, but that Damon has been around to witness it and doesn’t take it at all seriously.

But Stefan is taking his martyrdom quite seriously this time – he’s not just upset with himself for falling off the wagon and lunching on Amber the Beauty Queen, he’s upset with himself for EVERY SINGLE DECISION HE’S MADE SINCE BECOMING A VAMPIRE. Just a century plus of guilt being carried on his (sexy, muscular) shoulders! He tells Elena, I’m making the decision I should have made years ago by letting himself starve to death (or later on possibly burn to death.)

This episode is so much about choices: how we make them, how they define us, how, our actions are what set things in motion, but we have to
live with that as Elena tells suicidal Stefan. Stefan did not have a choice to drink from Katherine – he was compelled to – so his LACK of choice – set everything after into motion. He chose (a bit reluctantly IMO compared w/ Damon’s resoluteness not to transition fully) not to become a vampire, but then his instincts when faced with his bleeding-to-death-dad caused him to make his first shameful choice: to drink and become a vampire.

Side note: Of all the terrible things we’ve seen/heard of Damon doing, I have to say watching Stefan accidentally kill, but then FEAST from his own DAD was for me, one of the more disturbing acts on this show.  Vampirism by Patricide – that’s pretty intense! It is also the very first “decision” of Stefan’s that will forever haunt him.

I fully echo Julie’s description of High-on-Blood-Stefan giving his best “come to the dark side” pitch to his horrified brother. This whole arc of Bloodaholic Stefan was so perfectly played by Paul.  He really IS an addict – it becomes clear that Damon drinks human blood because  he likes it – Stefan drinks it because he loves it – it erases everything that hurts him, …the guilt, the pain…I can turn it off!

I got the feeling watching this episode that Stefan was much more “the alpha” between the brothers during their human life.

“Oh Stefan, this is the best Hide and Seek Spot EVER!  They will never find us here . . .”

At the start, as he and Damon watch in horror as Katherine is carted away by the pitchfork wielding townsfolk – it is Stefan who comes up w/the plan to cause a distraction and directs Damon to go get Katherine.  As they attempt to rescue her, it is Stefan who is issuing Damon orders on getting her untied. And when it is time to transition or die – it is Stefan who comes, “gift” in hand (as it were) to show his brother how it’s done.

“You just put your lips together, and SUCK!” 


The actual turning scene had me on the edge of my seat. For one thing – I’m pretty sure “Dinner” has been compelled by Stefan as she has that glassy-eyed stare and isn’t screaming or struggling.  So Stefan has already learned a nifty and dangerous vampire trick. Damon’s horror is visceral – you can see how repulsed he is by this offering and how freaked out he is that his brother has broken their vow and gone ahead with the transition. But a true hallmark of Bloodaholic Stefan is his desperation – he is DESPERATE for Damon to join him, to experience what he’s feeling, to not feel the pain of losing Katherine, to explore the “whole new world” that lays before them – together . . .

And there you have it, Fangbangers.  Part 1 of our 4 part series on the Evolution of Ripper Stefan . . .

Be sure to stop by Imaginary Men on Thursday for Part 2 . . . or else Damon will be very upset . . .

. . .  and Stefan might cry . . .

And we wouldn’t want THAT, would we?

[**** UPDATE:  PART 2 of this Series is NOW available! *****]

View it HERE!

[][Fangirls Forever]


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17 responses to “The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – A Look Back at Some of the Most Pivotal Scenes in Ripper Stefan Canon (Part I)

  1. East Coast Captain

    Damon would have done the same thing if he had become a vampire first, he would have made Stefan turn.

    For Season 3, I want Stefan to have his way with Katherine they have the responsibility those writers to give it to us fans who adore that couple.

    I want a flashback to 1917 Mexico to see how Stefan did it back then but CW is too PG13 to do that.

    • Hey there, East Coast Captain! That’s an interesting argument. Honestly, I’m not sure if Damon WOULD have made the same decision as Stefan, if he had turned first. I feel like one of the key differences between Stefan and Damon, is that Stefan’s love for his brother supercedes his love for Elena and Katherine. Whereas, with Damon, the opposite is true.

      Katherine once made this comment about the two: “The brother who didn’t love enough, and the brother who loved too much.” When discussing the former, she was referring to Stefan, and his love for HER. Stefan loved Katherine very much, but didn’t love her enough to die for her, when she was presumed dead in “Blood Brothers.” Conversely, in “As I Lay Dying,” when Damon’s life was at risk, Stefan was willing to give up his own humanity to save him, even if it meant losing Elena forever.

      We saw Damon force feed ELENA blood in “The Last Day,” because he couldn’t bare the thought of living a life without her in it. What he did directly parallels what Stefan did to him in “Blood Brothers.” The key difference, of course, is that Elena is NOT his brother. She’s the second love of his life. So, in essence, Damon’s action in “The Last Day,” also parallels HIS OWN initial decision in “Blood Brothers” to allow himself to die, because he couldn’t bare the thought of life, without Katherine in it.

      I actually DO think we are going to get a 1917 Ripper Stefan flashback, along with some other gory Ripper Stefan moments this season.

      As for the Kefan sex scene . . . well . . . there’s always fanfiction 😉

  2. serendipity

    Great idea! Great redux! Great gifs too! LOL for living la vida vampire!
    And, Julie, you know I simply cannot resist sharing my thoughts on the subject with you 😉

    The scene of Stefan killing and eating daddy-dear was indeed one of the most disturbing to me as well. Especially since it was Stefan killing him. Stefan and Damon’s dad sucked, yes, but mostly towards Damon, much less towards Stefan… So I think it is actually much worse for Stefan to kill/eat his dad than it would have been for Damon… That might be too much of Stefan’s diaries I’m basing this father-son relationship on, but as that is (I think) supposed to be canon for the show, I thought I might mention it…

    Damon’s resentment towards Stefan, is, I think, based on the fact that Katherine did not just choose to feed Stefan her blood in addition to Damon; no, she actually FORCED Stefan to drink it, even to the point of compelling him to do so… He ‘loves’ her, but he is afraid of what she is at the same time. Damon WANTS to become a vampire, embraces it in fact (like the scene in the road where Damon plays dead so Katherine can get a ‘meal on legs’ and kisses her bloody lips, and the hallucination-scene in As I lay dying where he chooses to drink from her uncompelled), just to be with her. Stefan is too scared of the vampire Katherine to consciously choose this life, but she apparently wants him to so much that she forces him to drink. I think Damon even asks/complains once why HE is not enough for her. But she’s greedy: she wants them to be together for eternity. The strange thing is that afterwards she lets them think she died… so she changed her mind at some point apparently…

    Once turned, Stefan (in the show and in Stefan’s diaries) cannot imagine life (or un-life as the case may be) without his brother. And even though he has to force Damon to feed in order to complete the transition, it will be Damon who adapts very quickly to life as a vampire (in the books there’s an instance where Damon naturally seems to know how to compel people, whereas Stefan cannot (though ‘dinner’ in the show seems to have been compelled indeed; in the books Stefan already half-drained her before offering her to Damon so no need for compulsion); and it’s Stefan who cannot control the bloodlust, while Damon soon starts killing on purpose, but you never get the impression he doesn’t know HOW to stop; he just doesn’t WANT to and there’s a BIG difference ! Like Damon tells Stefan later: he never learned to control it!

    A 150 years later, Stefan still cannot imagine life without his brother. Like I (and many others, I guess) felt throughout those last episodes of season 2, Stefan is prepared to sacrifice nearly everything (well, everything he holds dear) to save Damon, whereas he didn’t go as far to save Elena. Now I know you can take that whichever way you want (guilt, …), but to me it means he STILL cannot imagine living his life alone… in spite of all the times he SAYS he wanted to kill Damon, he NEVER did (like the vervain-poison attempt with Caroline back in season 1: he could have killed Damon then, but he only locked him away in the basement). Just like Damon SAYS he hates Stefan and wants to torture Stefan for all eternity: when push comes to shove, he goes and saves him (not just in the show when the Tomb-vampires have gotten hold of him, but also in Stefan’s diaries, especially I think, in book 3). By saying ‘no one gets to kill him but me’, you can make sure that nobody actually does LOL

    I do have some trouble believing that during their life Stefan was generally the alpha… For starters, he’s the Benjamin (Damon is a full 6 to 7 years his senior, so it seems logical that a much younger boy would look up to his elder brother), who stays home when his brother’s off to war. That particular episode is not really an indication, I think, for their interaction as humans. Normally it should have been Damon to use his army-experience for such a mission, but I feel more as if Damon is so shaken by Katherine’s capture (this is the woman he loves so much that he wanted to give up his human life for her) that he totally loses it and allows Stefan to take charge; and Stefan feels so guilty for betraying everything to his father that he is all the more determined to save her. I think Stefan was more insecure during his life, just as he is as a vampire, while Damon never was (look at the way they interact with Katherine in the beginning, during the ball game). Stefan’s a brooder in life as he is afterwards, but the drinking of human blood gives him the possibility to ‘turn his feelings off’, which makes a big difference to Stefan’s morality in terms of forcing his decisions on a Damon who is essentially on the brink of death. For the first time in his life he does not HAVE to feel guilty, and it is a drug to him.

    So sorry for having written your ears off again, Julie and Amy! I really appreciate your efforts to get us through this interminable TVD-less summer 😀 I love revisiting the last two seasons, and you just provided me with another reason for doing so 😉 Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Valerie! It was so great to read your insights on this scene, particularly since you’re coming from a place of higher insight into the Salvatore relationship, having read Stefan’s Diaries. 😉 So, are you enjoying the series so far? How do you feel it compares to the original series?

      I often wondered how the book writers would cope with Ripper Stefan writing diary entries. I mean, it doesn’t seem like a real “Ripper” thing to do, does it? 😉 Similarly, I can’t imagine Damon writing a diary. (Not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to read it, if he did.) 🙂

      Speaking of the series, you also bring up an interesting question regarding Katherine. Why DID she bother changing both Stefan and amon, if only to fake her own death, and leave them for over 100 years? I mean, initially, she might have feared the townspeople would REALLY kill her, if she re-emerged. But both Damon and Stefan would have gladly followed her wherever she wanted to go, if she came to them, in secret, after the fact. The only answer I could think of, was that she was on the run from Klaus. And he had somehow tracked her to Mystic Falls back then.

      Perhaps, we will get more insight into this during the most likely flashback heavy Season 3. After all, we still haven’t figured out what exactly Katherine did to Klaus, after they moved in together, that caused him to KILL HER ENTIRE FAMILY.

      I also like your idea about Damon being so overwrought over Katherine’s capture that he needed Stefan to take charge of the situation. This seems consistent with my theory that Damon’s love for Katherine was more heart-wrenching and transformative than Stefan’s love for her. Because with Stefan, no woman would ever supercede his love for his brother.

      It was interesting watching Damon in that first scene. For one thing, he was shirtless. 😉 For another, the death of Katherine was so new, and his feelings were so raw. It was heartbreaking seeing Damon look so dejected, broken and vulnerable.

      Of course, we’ve seen more emotional Damon-y outbursts than this one, like the one at the end of The Descent, where he killed Jessica. But in some ways, this was more painful to watch, because Damon seemed too upset even to cry. He looked completely worn out, and absolutely inconsolate.

      This of course, makes Katherine’s rejection of him, even worse . . .

      Part II will feature Stefan’s dalliance with Amber in Miss Mystic Falls, one of my personal favorites . . . 😉 (And the fact that it comes from one of my all time FAVORITE TVD episodes, doesn’t hurt. :))

      • serendipity

        Stefan’s diaries (SD) in comparison to the original series are definitely not as well written (and there’s not really any indication as to who the author is), even if LJ Smith’s are also very much young adult books (and thus not my regular reading fare LOL). But I went ahead and read them out of curiosity… But by now, the show has already gone off some aspects of the books that were supposed to be canon, like how Stefan meets Lexi (you know that in the show that happens somewhere near MF in a first aid post in the woods after a battle, while in SD it only happens in New Orleans in a slaughter house/butcher’s shop when Stefan gets cornered by some other vamps).

        As to Katherine’s leaving: I don’t know :/ . I do think she went back to MF at some point afterwards, because she did sic the townspeople on the witches to tie up her loose ends, as she implies to Damon in The Houseguest (even if I had trouble listening to what she actually said; that was a lovely scene 😉 ). Did she have another reason for coming back, other than disposing of Emily Bennett? I don’t know that either, but she cannot have expected Stefan and Damon to hang around for long, since everybody knew they’d both been killed…

        Would Stefan have followed her if she had come back for them? I’m not sure… I always had the impression that Stefan only helped save Katherine because he knows that’s what Damon wants. If it’d been just him, I’m not so sure that he would have risked his life to save her. Stefan always has this love-hate relationship with Katherine: he hates to love her and he loves to hate her, because he’s torn between love for the woman and fear, revulsion even, for the vampire.

        I definitely see this as one of the reasons Stefan cannot learn to control his inner vampire. Just like the vampire in Katherine repulsed him, he can’t accept that part of himself either. So he eats bunnies and goes to school in an attempt to be as ‘human’ as a vampire possibly can, and refuses to learn how to control the bloodlust, because that would mean acceptance of his state of eternal damnation.

        Damon on the other hand embraces it after a while and soon learns to control the bloodlust and harness his ‘powers’, making him a much more powerful vampire than his brother. This is the case in LJ Smith’s books (compulsion, turning into animals, controlling the weather), and in Stefan’s diaries (where Damon by book 3 succeeds in compelling many people at once and in controlling the weather), but somewhat less on the show, even though they did start out more like that, but never followed through on it (remember the intro where Damon seems to be able to fly when he goes after those people in the car, and the crow thing?). Now the writers just seem to be stopping at superior strength and better compulsion if you eat the human stuff (although I always wondered how Stefan succeeded in getting enrolled in school by using compulsion if he’s on an all-animal diet, when later he can’t compel Jeremy to save his life?)

        Gosh, I’m sorry for making this so long AGAIN… Well, it’s your own fault for making me talk Vampire Diaries with you guys… 😉 And yay for the next bit! It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to you that that episode is definitely one of my favourites as well, since it has DAMON AND ELENA DANCING 😀

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  6. Well, you two rule. And I liked your comments, too, Serendipity. I just saw the promo for the next season with Delena and Dark Stefan and thought, someone’s going to be happy! And we know that Stefan’s “Ripper” diary would include a lot of inappropriate thoughts about Klaus.

    I may have said all this before, but this will refresh my memory, hehe. The episode Blood Brothers was a great step in changing how I view the Salvatore brothers, one that continued through the second season. After watching seasons 1 and 2, I was much more sympathetic to Damon’s jabs at Stefan attempting to go to high school. Stefan is the guy who helped turn Damon and ate a village. Pretending to be a high schooler. Funny, creepy, and desperate.

    I also like your comparison between Stefan “forcing” Damon to become a vampire and Damon forcing his blood on Elena. Both were selfish acts by morally-challenged vampires. I think that Damon came to a realization about his moral agency in the season 2 finale, and obviously Stefan carries the weight of murders committed by BOTH him and his brother. Yikes.

    I don’t think Stefan was the alpha male when they were younger, he seems tentative, but when they were young vampires he seems more assertive, at first. Also, I think that Damon may seem like the more confident of the two, but underneath, I think he is more insecure than Stefan. Stefan is the one who had the support from his father. Until he killed him. Moving on.

    Plus the scene when Stefan tries to turn Damon has so much homoerotic tension.

    • Hey Noelle! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂 It’s so exciting to be able to talk TVD with you again.

      YES, I was EXTREMELY happy with the new TVD trailer. DELENA (that scene where he put the necklace on her neck in front of the mirror, anyone? *squeals*), Dark Stefan, a Salvatore Brothers Trademark Wall Slam, a party at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, and Forwood on a BED. What more could a fangirl ask for? 🙂

      I think I had the same response that both you and ELENA had to Blood Brothers. (I’m referring to the scene at the 3 minute mark . . .)

      (Click on the internal link to view)

      Up to this point in the series, like Elena, we always assumed that Damon’s anger at Stefan was entirely based on his jealousy regarding his and Katherine’s relationship. But this put things in an entirely new perspective . . . Damon’s perspective. We see how the Elder Salvatore came to view himself as a victim in all of this (an ideology he held on to, up until the Season 2 finale). Basically, he felt manipulated by Stefan into a lifestyle he didn’t really want. As you so eloquently mentioned, this episode changed the dynamic between the brothers, at least in the eyes of viewers . . . and made SOME of Damon’s early Season 1 actions, seem, while not necessarily justifiable, certainly more understandable.

      And yes, the homoerotic tension between the two brothers was as palpable during THIS turning scene, as it was between Stefan and Klaus during THEIR “turning” scene in “As I Lay Dying.” (We just have to keep reminding ourselves that Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder aren’t REALLY related. :)) Inappropriate thoughts, indeed! 🙂

  7. This post series is as amazing as Stefan’s hero hairdo (anti-hero hairdo now, I guess) – which is to say, VERY amazing!

    I can’t wait to see Stefangelus in season three, and hope his arc as a bad boy lasts for most of the season.

    One thing that I think is lacking from his flashbacks so far, and something I hope we’ll see more of when Vampire Diaries season three airs, is what makes anti-hero/villain Stefan unique.

    What made Angelus such a fantastic villain, aside from his obvious connection to Buffy as her past love, was the way that he approached killing as an art. Jenny Calendar’s death still has more gut clenching punch for me after all of this time because of the details surrounding it – like the care Angel took to arrange her corpse of Giles’ bed and trick Giles into thinking she had prepared a special evening for the two of them. Angel’s passion for poetry and art, rather than a blunt kill, and his wicked sense of humour, right down to plucking a still-warm heart from a “quaint little shop girl” for Drusilla in the most disgusting Valentine’s Day gift ever, were part of what made his downright evil actions so compelling. It’s the same thing with Katherine. The impact of her killing that girl in Masquerade would have been lessened had it not followed her sexy dance with Stefan and her seductive, immense enjoyment of a strawberry. I’m really hoping that they take the time to make him a killer with specific quirks and kinks.

    Stefan, with his close connection to Elena, has the potential to be a villian that equals Angelus. I loved how in Buffy, the Judge is really an impotent Big Bad. He’s set up as this guy where “no weapon forged can stop him”, the stereotypically ugly bad guy, yet it is the handsome lover of Buffy who turns out to be the true evil. Now, the writers will no doubt use the blood addiction thing to explain away Stefan’s more evil actions. What makes him more interesting than Angelus is that where there is a clear dichotomy between Good Angel and Soulless Angelus (although Angel does admit to still having the urge to kill, he doesn’t act on it – had he killed Buffy in amends, he would have been truly evil), the vampires in TVD have a switch to turn off their humanity which it has been implied is fault at best. I really want them to explore whether Stefan is really just doing this all under the influence of his addiction, or whether some part of him was glad to have an excuse to give into his impulses.

    I can hardly wait to read Part II

    • Hmmm, cool comparison between Angelus and Ripper Stefan. I suspect the Ripper Stefan we see in Season 3 will be VERY different from the one we viewed in 1864 flashbacks. THAT Stefan was very much like Angelus, in that he had, at least temporarily, succeeded in turning off his emotions, and was, essentially a soulless predator, relishing the joy of the hunt. The only smige of humanity we saw in him, was his fear of being alone, and incessant need to take his brother along with him, on his dark ride . . . a weakness of which I suspect he relieved himself in1917, during the time Klaus was keeping tabs on him.

      This Ripper Stefan, I suspect will be more like the present day Ripper we have glimpsed in “Miss Mystic Falls” and “As I Lay Dying.” On one hand, he is TOTALLY and completely an addict, one who is a total slave to his bloodlust, and willing to do anything and everything to get what he wants. On the other hand, Stefan has also been forced to become a minion to a person he DESPISES, who he believes has completely ruined his life. And I think it will be Stefan’s ANGER at having to do Klaus’ bidding, more so than his longing for Elena (who he will realize he is only a danger to now, anyway), that will keep him from completely turning off his emotions, and becoming the soulless predator he once was.

      I suspect we will see scenes of Stefan malevolently snuffing out the lives of beautiful women, and seeming to take joy in it. But, those scenes will be contrasted with more quiet moments of guilt and self-reflection, during which Stefan will be faced with the full force of his hatred for what he has become. I also think Stefan will spend his NON-Ripper moments continuing to try to evade, and possibly kill Klaus, who’s true plans for him have not yet been revealed. And I believe it is THAT dichotomy that will make Stefan such an interesting and complex villain.

      But I guess we willl have to wait until September 15th to know for sure, now won’t we? 🙂

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