High Voltage, Higher Octane – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season Finale, Part I “Formality”

AUNTIE KATE:  “Come on, Werewolf!  Show me your teeth . .  . like in the Lady Gaga song!”

ALLISON:  “Really Kate?   You’ve got this hot specimen of man meat in front of you, and HIS MOUTH is the first thing you want to unzip pop open?  Are you sure we’re really related?”

How’s it hanging, Werebangers?  This is sure shaping up to be one heck of a season finale, isn’t it?  After weeks of speculation, and analysis, the Teen Wolf writers FINALLY seem to be giving us answers to the burning questions we’ve been asking ourselves all season.

And what better backrop for those jawdropping reveals than a High School Dance?  (Well, in truth, some of those reveals came about in a vet’s office, a mall, a warehouse torture chamber, a football field, inside a bus, and in the creepy forest, but still . . .)

So, ramp up your car to 75 in a 25 mph Construction Zone, let the Alpha help you pick out your pretty little dress, and give your gay best friend a big manly hug, because it’s time to get this recap started . . .

(Once again, a big round of wolfy applause to my pal Andre, for the spectacular screencaps you see here.  I couldn’t have done it without you, Mister!)

Rattling the Cages  . . .

“Sorry about the chains, and the electric shocks, Derek.  These days, this is the only way I can get men to sleep with me.” 

“Formality” begins right where “Co-Captain” left off (well, actually, it begins a few hours after that time, but Allison conveniently “flashes back” for us, to fill in the blanks).  As a tearful Allison is cruising through Beacon Hills in the rain . . .

“Does this camera angle make my face look fat?”

. . . she recalls Auntie Kate using poor Wolfed-Out (and deliciously shirtless) Derek as a science experiment in electrical conduction . . .

How dry I am.  How wet, I’ll be.  If I don’t find . . . the bathroom key . . .” 

We see a Crazy-Eyed Auntie Kate gleefully describing the Family Business, as Allison looks on in disgust and horror.  Auntie Kate clearly never took a marketing class, because she SUCKS at selling her niece on the job of werewolf hunting.  For example, coldly telling Allison that she sees Derek as nothing more than an animal, is a REALLY stupid thing to say to Allison . . . the girl who rescued a stray dog she accidentally hit with her car . . . a girl who wrote Peta about her father’s “accidental shooting” of a mountain lion.  Allison is CLEARLY an animal lover . . . just ask Scott . . .


Auntie Kate’s tactics of persuasion improve slightly, when she plays the “I can make you feel strong and powerful,” card, and the “Your parents thought you were too immature and weak to know about this, but I think you can handle it.  Because I believe in you,” card.

These statements make Allison at least a little bit intrigued about what happens next.  “So, what do I do now?” She inquires.  “Go to the dance, and act like a  normal teenage girl.  Because after that .  . you are going to help me catch the Second Beta.”

Wait . . . the Second Beta?  But that’s Scott!

UH OH!  I smell trouble . . . 

If at First You Get a Speeding Ticket, Cry, Cry Again . . .

“I swear, Officer.  I haven’t been drinking.  It’s just that I have this werewolf in my basement, being electrocuted, as we speak.  Surely, you understand.” 

Back in “Present Day,” Allison is out on the road in the rain, having a Mini Meltdown over the information she just received, when Papa Stiles pulls her over for going 75 in a 25 mph Construction Zone IN THE RAIN.  The fact that Allison is bawling her eyes out, and having a major mental meltdown, right there in the car, clearly gives Papa Stiles a hard-on softens Papa Stiles’ heart, while keeping her from getting the speeding ticket she SO richly deserves right now.

“I also think she’s kind of sexy.  Shhhh.  Don’t tell Stiles.” 

I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t tried this particular method of “Speeding Ticket” evasion.  After all, what good is being a member of the “fairer sex,” if you can’t use that fact to your advantage, somehow?  And yes, it works . . . just in case you happened to be curious . . . it works like a charm.

Coincidentally, so does THIS . . . not that I would know from personal experience. 

Allison starts nuttily babbling on about how she’s “not like this,” and that she’s “strong,” and “should definitely get a ticket.”  By the time Allison is done with Poor Papa Stiles, he barely remembers his own name, let alone Allison’s specific infraction(s).  In fact, Allison’s SO DAMN GOOD AT THIS, that she somehow manages to get Papa Stiles to BEG her not to have to give her a ticket.  Now, THAT’s what I’m talking about!  Way to go, Allison!

“I know . . . I’m awesome.”

With Papa Stiles out of earshot, a mask of calm falls over Allison’s face, and a nefarious glint appears in her eye.  “I’m OK,” she says to herself, and as if to prove it, we get to see her SHOOT AN ARROW UP POOR DEREK HALE’S NOSE . . . well, at least the artist-sketched poster picture of his nose.

“She shoots . . .” 

“. . .  she SCORES!” 

(That’s NOT cool, Allison.  I don’t think we can be friends, anymore.)

Meanwhile, Scott is shirtless (SURPRISE!), and still being felt up by That Veterinarian Everyone Used to Think Was the Alpha . . .

Beware of Alpha’s carrying wooden desks . . .

VET:  “You’re obviously feeling lightheaded, from all the bloodloss.  You should lie back down, and take off your pants.   You will feel better.”

SCOTT: “What does taking off my pants have to do with it?”

VET:  “Well, that would make ME feel better . . .” 

Our first big reveal of the hour happens in Scott’s pants inside the vets office, where Uncle Alpha has come looking to “pick up” some precious shirtless cargo.

Uncle Alpha’s inquiry seems consistent with those viewers who assumed that the vet was in league with the Big Bad Werewolf, and somehow, doing his bidding.  However, the vet’s response to Uncle Alpha smashes THAT theory to bits.  Rising to eye-level with the Beast, Vet Man fixes his steely gaze on the villain, and tells him, in no uncertain terms that he will NOT deliver Scott to him.

*sings* “I’m sorry that you . . . seem to be confused . . . he belongs to me . . . THE BOY IS MINE!” 

Uncle Alpha then attempts to threaten Vet Man, by showing some claw.  However, Vet Man is two steps ahead of him.  Apparently, the gate between the entrance way and Vet Man’s office is either made with, or been covered by, “mountain ash,” which keeps werewolves in their human form.  Nice move, Vet Dude!

Of course, the absolute COOLEST part of the scene comes when Uncle Alpha lifts up a desk, and THROWS it right at the vet’s stomach, only to find that his body can perfectly deflect the impact, a la Superman!

He has a stomach of steel . . . he neuters your pets., with a single pluck . . . they won’t even feel it, when he shoots them in the ass with a rabies shot.  He’s . . . VET MAN!

“Rats!  Foiled Again!”

In case you’ve been counting, that’s Vet Man: 3, Alpha: 0.   Three strikes, and your OUT!  Don’t let the door hit you, where the Good Lord split you . . .  Of course, Uncle Alpha has a few choice words for Scott, before he leaves the vets office for good.  Uncle Alpha wants his pack minion to know that if he doesn’t straighten up, and fly right, the Alpha will . . . wait for it . . . KILL ALLISON!

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO . . . wait . . . why am I still holding his key?” 

Later, back at Scott’s house . . .

Well, Well, Well . . .  Look Who’s FINALLY decided to play hero . . .

“This sounds like a job for . . . NON DOUCHEY SCOTT!”

Oh, Scottiepoo!  For 10 episodes, you’ve pretty much walked around with your head up your ass . . . ignoring your wolfy responsibilities, while your smarter (Stiles) and hotter stronger (Derek) friends, did your dirty work for you.

Now, all the sudden, the finale is here, and you realize that, if you want to make your character likeable for Season 2, he’s going to have to stop thinking about how to please his weiner all the time, and START kicking ass, and taking names . . .

“Hi, my name is Scott.  What’s yours?” 

In this scene we find Scott and Stiles searching in vain for Scott’s ever-elusive cell phone.  (Dude!  The things been taken from you and/or broken about twelve times since the series began.  It’s time to cut your losses, and invest in an iPhone.  Or better yet, just HOWL.  Trust me, your friends (all two of them) will hear you!

SCOTT:  “Allison?  Are you down here?”

STILES:  “I thought you were looking for your phone?”

SCOTT: “Yeah, but it’s been about 30 seconds since I said the word ‘Allison.’  I’m starting to go through withdrawal symptoms.”

Scott frantically tells Stiles that they have to find and rescue Derek.  In an intriguing reversal of roles, it is now the normally self-sacrificing Stiles who instructs Scott to just let Poor Derek rot away in that hunter warehouse (or should I say were-house).  Stiles reminds Scott that, just last week, Derek seemed pretty intent on killing BOTH Jackson and Scott.  However, I think the REAL reason Stiles doesn’t want Derek rescued, is that he’s jealous because Danny finds “Miguel” more attractive than Stiles of Derek’s hot abs.  (OK . . . no . . . I don’t ACTUALLY think that.  But, whatever . . .)


(That lame joke was just an excuse to use this GIF again . . .Oh, and while we’re at it . . .)

Sorry . . . I just couldn’t resist.

Scott, who is “connected” to Derek, through the whole “Pack Thing,” explains to Stiles that Derek wasn’t REALLY trying to kill anybody.  Rather, he was attempting to protect Scott, and, by extension, Jackson, from both the Hunters, and the Alpha.  Outside, Scott overhears his mother in her car leaving a rather clingy stalkerish message on Alpha’s answering machine.

“Hi Uncle Alpha.  This is Desperation calling.  Please arrange another date with me, or I will be forced to do naughty things with my son’s lacrosse stick.” 

Geez!  Given how creepy and cold the Alpha seemed on the “couple’s” first date, Mommy McCall must be REAL hard up for some loving to want a little Alpha in her!  And, perhaps because she realizes that this, is in fact, the case, she proceeds to burst into tears.

(What .  . . is there a “crying in cars” theme to this week’s episode, about which I am unaware?)

Stiles instructs Scott that he can’t protect ANYONE, because he’s pretty much a selfish turd, who only cares about keeping Allison safe, and can give two figs about anyone else everyone.

“I have to,” says Scott “bravely.”

Is Scott’s new foray into Superhero-dom too little, too late?  Only time will tell . . .

Meanwhile, back in Auntie Kate’s Torture Chamber / Were-house / S&M Pleasure Dome . . .

“Is that your tongue on my stomach, or are you just happy to see me?”

OH Derek, you can ravage me with those, “I want to murder you, in your sleep” eyes ANYDAY (and twice on Sunday!) . . .

The episode’s second big reveal, happens during the S&M Scene between Derek and Kate.  More and more, each week, Auntie Kate seems to prove what a ridiculously evil nutball she actually is . . .  Now we see her holding Derek’s New York drivers license to his face, and telling him to smile more.   (I don’t know, Auntie Kate.  I kind of prefer my Derek mad and pouty, thank you very much!)

By the way, can anyone make out the Birth Year on Derek’s license?  I’m guessing it’s either 86, 88, or 89 . . . 

When Derek remarks that he would very much like to kick Auntie Kate in the face, the wackadoodle somehow interprets this as a COME ON.

All the sudden, Auntie Kate wants to reminisce about all the “Fun Times” she and Derek had together.  “You mean when you burned down my house, and killed my entire family?”  Derek asks angrily.

“I was thinking more of the really hot, and crazy sex we used to have!”  Kate responds.

That’s right, Werebangers!  As many of us suspected, Kate and Derek used to do the DEED together, back in the day.  What we DIDN’T know was that, much like with the Creepy Emo Chemistry Teacher, Kate played Derek (who must have been underage at the time) like a fiddle, to get what she wanted from him namely, to have her brains f*&ked out of her :  information as to the whereabouts of the rest of his were family.  So now, not only does Derek feel responsible for his own family’s demise, and the rise of Uncle Alpha.  He’s also suffering from a Broken Heart.  I mean, he actually fell in love with this Crazy B*tch!

(By the way, Vampire Diaries’ fans, does this scenario REMIND you of anybody, in particular?)

“Kiss me, or kill me, Damon.  Which will it be?” 

(Special thanks to East Coast Captain, for this parallel.  Though HE used Stefan and Katherine in HIS example . . .)

Having been given this information, I now feel like I have so much more insight into Derek’s character, and why he is the way he is: i.e. uncommonly broody, unsmiling, not particularly trusting of others, and, perhaps, most importantly, perpetually single, despite looking like THIS . . .


Another aspect of Derek’s character that makes a lot more sense now, is his broken-record insistence that Scott break all ties with Allison.  Contrary to popular belief, he’s not saying those things to be a cockblock!  He simply doesn’t want Scott to make the same mistakes that HE DID, by giving his trust, and his heart to a Were-Hunter, only to eventually have both irretrievably ripped from his chest!

Unfortunately, just as us Werebangers are putting the puzzle pieces together, so is Auntie Kate.  And it is by using the above-reference that KATE finally figures out that the second Beta is not Jackson at all, but, rather Scott.

Uh Oh . . .

Before our brains can fully process all the information we’ve just been given, those PERVS over in the Teen Wolf writing department treat us to the sexiest, raunchiest, and arguably most disturbing example of foreplay, I’ve seen in a while.  I mean, I definitely needed a cold shower after watching this, both to water down my raging hormones, and to wash that dirty feeling off of me.

In the scene, Auntie Kate decides to torture a handcuffed, electroshocked, sweaty and shirtless Derek (who, thankfully, is back in his sexy human form), by licking his stomach, starting in the crotch area, and slowly working her way up to his neck.


Tyler Hoechlin plays the scene brilliantly, as someone who’s overcome with hatred for his torturer, but who can’t help but become aroused by what she’s doing to him, and the memory it undoubtedly evokes in both his psyche and his . . . um . . . yahoo place. 🙂

Derek’s fangs come out, in the werewolf (and vampire form of an erection), as he bucks and grunts, tears filling his eyes, trying to keep his body from having its natural response to being licked.  His face turns down toward the Evil Auntie Kate, and he has to fight the urge to kiss her, with all his might.   The humilation and emasculation he is undoubtedly feeling in this very moment, is far worse than any physical pain Auntie Kate can inflict on Derek.  And, of course, PHYSICAL PAIN is about to become an issue, as well . . .

Once Auntie Kate has had her way with Derek, she sicks Mr. Clean, “The Enforcer” on his ass . . .

Speaking of pain, ever since he and Allison have “broken up,” Creeper Scott has apparently taken to sitting on her roof, and watching her sleep.  Now, if you asked him about this, he’d probably say he’s just “keeping her safe.”  But really, he’s just being icky.  Seeing him there, I also couldn’t help but wonder whether Allison’s Wet Scott Dreams were more based in reality than I had initially thought.

Nevertheless, when Scott dozed off, and fell off the roof, I left my ass off, because dude DESERVED IT, BIG TIME, as far as I was concerned.


I mean, I don’t care how attracted I am to a person, I REALLY don’t want them watching me sleep from my window.  It’s probably not a pretty sight . . .

Also, HOW THE HECK do Allison’s parents NOT KNOW that there’s a DUDE ON THEIR ROOF, EVERY NIGHT?  Hunters FAIL!

“DO IT, for Allison!”

We are treated to yet another locker room scene in this episode . . .

Unfortunately, this time, everyone seems to be wearing a disappointing amount of clothing . . .

During this scene, Coach Cupcake confirms our suspicions that Scott is a Mental Midget, because he’s failing two classes, and doing fairly lousy in all his other ones.  Normally, coaches pad good athletes grades to make sure they don’t flunk out bad grades like Scott’s would spell an end to his lacrosse career.  However, Coach Cupcake has brokered a compromise:  Scott can stay on the team, provided he misses the school dance.  Really?  THAT’S A COMPROMISE?  Sounds like Scott got off kind of easy to me.

“I concur!” 

Of course, to Scott, the idea of not being able to use the school dance as an opportunity to get back inside the Argent pantalones is a fate worse than DEATH!  Worried for Allison’s safety from a hungry vengeance-seeking Alpha, Scott approaches Jackson, and asks HIM to take Allison to the dance in his place.

“What’s the matter, Jackson?  Got a bad case of deja vu?”

My first thought, of course, was, Why not just ask Stiles to do it?  After all, he is ALWAYS RIGHT!



Well . . . we’ll see why he didn’t, later. 😉

I suspect one of the purposes of this episode was to make Jackson seem as patently unlikeable as possible.  Otherwise, I’m a bit confused by his reaction to this request.  I mean, I get that Jackson was only seducing Allison to get under Scott’s skin.  But, really . . . Jackson is a heterosexual (maybe?) teenage boy, and Allison’s a HOT GIRL, who’s not a total b*tch.  Plus, he genuinely did seem to like her, at least as a friend, during some of the earlier episodes.

And yet, by the way Jackson reacted to Scott’s request, you would think he was asking him to insert a claw down his throat . . . oh wait . . . he already did that. 😉

In fact, Scott actually has to WOLF OUT on Jackson to get him to agree to take Allison to the dance.  Weird . . .

The scene ends with a Bromantic Stiles and Scott moment, in which Stiles eagerly agrees to help the poverty striken Scott somehow find clothing and a ride to a dance he’s not allowed to attend, even though there will be lots of people there who would like to see him dead.  All together now: Maybe Jackson had a point, when he said that these two should screw eachother AWWWW!

Thank you Macy’s, for your SUPER SUBTLE Product Placement . . .

After last week, when Allison not-so-subtly threatened Lydia with her archery skills, and massive weapons arsenal, the stuffy red head decided she better do something to get herself back into Allison’s good graces, after making out with her “ex” boyfriend, and FAST.  Lydia’s solution: buy Allison a dress for the school dance.

Sounds like a pretty good apology, right?  But Allison wants MORE.  She wants Lydia to change her date to the formal from Random Extra Dude to This GUY! (YIPPEE)

It’s interesting that Lydia doesn’t make any mention at all of the fact that Allison is attending the dance with HER ex-boyfriend, who she is clearly not yet over.  I mean, on one hand, her previous actions, put her not really in the place to say anything.  On the other hand, wouldn’t THIS already make them even, without the dress and the date change.  Not that I’m complaining, of course.  As you know, I love me some Liles (Stydia?).

Somehow, Allison finds herself separated from Lydia and Stiles.  So, of course, the minute she’s alone, a leering Uncle Alpha makes his appearance.   (Honestly, this part was kind of lame.  I mean, even if Scott and the rest of the Scooby Gang DIDN’T find Allison, Uncle Alpha REALLY wasn’t going to be able to do her any harm, in this crowded of a place.  Then again, maybe he was just doing this to prove a point.  More on that later . . .)


Anywhoo, apparently, Uncle Alpha is the Tim Gunn of Teen Wolf, because he had all these random fashion tips for Allison about what dress would best suit her coloring.

“Make it work, Allison!” 

Uncle Alpha can be pretty darn persuasive, when he wants to be (even without wolf pack mind control powers).  And Allison ultimately selects the silver dress the costume department Uncle Alpha chose for her, instead of the darker colored one she had originally chosen.  Oddly enough, Lydia goes with a silvery dress too, which you would think she would avoid at all costs, so as not to look like she had coordinated dresses with Allison, but . . . whatever.

Long story short, Scott sees Uncle Alpha making a move on his girl, and just like he did with his mom before him, Scott stages a distraction, in the form of having her car towed, to get her out of harms way.  Uncle Alpha repeats that he is impressed with Scott’s “dedication to the cause.”  However, he reminds Scottipoo that “he can’t be everywhere all the time.”  As I suggested in an earlier paragraph, I’m pretty sure that Uncle A’s accosting Allison in the mall, was meant more to prove the above point, than to do anything more harmful to her person.

“Go out and get yourself laid, Son!  (At least ONE person in this family should be getting some.)

“Well, at least it’s easy access.” 

Back at the McCall crib, Scott has found himself a natty, ill-shapen ripped up suit to wear to the dance.  Mama McCall (who never offered to buy her son a suit) makes up for this infraction, somewhat, by offering to sew up this ugly one for him.  While she does this, she wonders out loud why Scott didn’t just find another dance partner, after Allison dumped his ass.  (Of course, Mommy McCall has NO idea that Scott isn’t allowed to be attending the dance AT ALL, let alone with a DATE.)

In a scene that was equal parts sweet, nauseating, and WAY TOO LONG for my taste, Mommy encourages Scotty Dearest to tell Allison that he loves her, before it’s too late.  Yes, Mommy McCall, because HIGH SCHOOL is all about finding “The One.”  Drunken flings, and random hook-ups, be DAMNED!  That being said, I very much approved of Mommy McCall telling her son not to be a dumbass.  Truer words were never spoken.

Good Ole, Danny!  (He’s one of the Best Looking Plot Devices I’ve Ever Seen . . .)

I’ve shown it once before, but it bears repeating . . . 

Outside in the parking lot, Jackson is in his car, drinking from a flask, because apparently he needs to be wasted to go to a dance with a hottie like Allison.  (Seriously, what the f*&k is wrong with this douchebag?  What the writers are doing with this character is stretching the realms of believeability . . .)  Realizing that Jackson’s going to be about as much fun as root canal, Allison steps out of the car, and smiles broadly, when she sees Scott running across the roof of the school.  And suddenly all the lame, random, plot driven reasons why she dumped him are all is forgiven, between them.  After all, it could be worse, she could be dating JACKSON.

Somebody who WANTS to be dating Jackson very badly is Lydia, who seems more than a bit distracted when the goofy but adorable Stiles, opens the passenger side door of his jeep, allowing her to practically fall out of it.  When Jackson all but ignores Lydia in the parking lot, she is crushed.  Fortunately, sweetheart Stiles is there to tell her how pretty she looks in her Allison look-alike dress . . .

At the dance, an awesome song is playing that I will be downloading onto my iPod, as soon as I finish writing this recap, thank you very much!  It is called “Just a Little Bit,” by Kids of 88, and it’s pretty awesome.

Scott enters the dance, only to find himself cornered by BOTH Coach Cupcake, and Uncle Alpha at the SAME TIME.  (OK, who the f*&k let Uncle Alpha into the dance?  Because that’s the oldest looking 16-year old I’ve ever seen!)

Guess he didn’t like that, huh? 

I  usually make fun of Scott’s idiocy, but I have to say, that his impromptu “dance with Danny,” in order to prevent Coach Cupcake from publicly kicking him out of the dance  (He would have looked like a total homophobe, and probably got sued, or fired, if he did.) was pretty inspired thinking.

“May I cut in?” 

And, of course, once again, Danny gets used and abused as the Gay Plot Device.  Here’s hoping Ole Danny Boy gets some storylines of his own, next season, because he seems pretty cool.  (And so does his hot boyfriend, for that matter. . . )

Dance Until You Die?

Since neither Jackson nor Lydia seem interested in dancing, both Allison and Stiles must engage in a little creative persuasion to get their respective dates onto the dance floor.  My favorite of the two, not surprisingly, was Stiles, who was TOTALLY channeling early Season 1 Seth Cohen, when he told Lydia to “get off her cute little ass and dance with him,” since he “had a crush on her since the third grade,” and “is the only one who knows how truly smart she is.”

As if all that wasn’t adorable enough, Stiles tells Lydia that he suspects she will get  a Nobel Prize for solving some complex Mathematical Equation.  And she corrects him, by noting that she will be getting a Fields Price, not a Nobel.  The two slow dance together, for a while.  And Lydia, actually seems fairly into it, with her head tucked carefully into the crook of the not-so-tall Stiles’ neck.

Unfortunately, Lydia can’t help but notice that Jackson has wandered off.  Stiles senses her concerns and agrees to accompany her, while she searches for him, to make sure he’s OK.

It’s actually kind of sad, because Lydia does TRULY seem to love and care about Jackson.  However, he’s way too shallow, and into himself, to ever genuinely return those feelings.  Once again, Team Liles for Season 2!  (Assuming Lydia makes it there alive.)

While the rest of the gang is outside, doing productive things, Scott and Allison are dancing close together.  He finally admits that he loves her, and, blah, blah, blah lkjfslkjfsldkfjs;lkj . . . that was my head hitting the keyboard, because I just fell asleep typing these last two sentences . . .

Scott tries to talk to Allison about the whole Werewolf & Werehunter / Romewolf & Juliet Thing, but Allison, who is determined to enjoy her last few hours as a “normal teenage girl” (whatever that is), doesn’t really want to hear it . . .

Out in the creepy forest, a drunken Jackson weebles and wobbles (but doesn’t fall down).  In the distance he sees two familiar red orbs, that he assumes are the eyes of the Alpha.


In a truly pathetic moment, Jackson prostrates himself on the ground, begging the Alpha to “Become like [him].”  (By the way, was anybody else hoping he’d get EATEN in this scene?  Because I sure was!)


Alas, the red orbs didn’t come from a hungry Alpha ready to eat Jackson, they were from the Papa Argent and his hunter’s infrared flashlights.  “I’m sorry.  I can’t give you what you want,” Papa Argent tells a sniveling Jackson.  “But maybe you can help me.”

“You should have seen what a moron you looked like out there.  That was HILARIOUS!” 

Within minutes, Jackson sings like a canary, giving Scott up as the second Beta.  (Of course, Auntie Kate figured this out HOURS ago.  However, apparently she has been keeping her S&M games with Derek a secret from the rest of the Hunters, and they have NO idea, where she is, or what she is up to . . .)

Elsewhere, Lydia rushes to the football field in search of Jackson, but finds Uncle Alpha, and his razor sharp teeth, instead.  Stiles screams for her to run, but it is too late.

She is bitten . . . A LOT, and falls unconscious.

“What are you talking about Stiles?  There’s nobody behind me!” 


Uncle Alpha promises not to kill her (though from the looks of next week’s promo, he may have already . . . unless she’s been TURNED), provided Stiles inform him where Derek is.  Stiles, honestly, has no clue where Sexy McWolf is hiding.  However, he cleverly reasons, that Derek knew he would be captured at La Casa de Old and Decrepit, which was why he stole Scott’s cell phone.  Since all cell phones have GPS, Uncle Alpha can use this feature to track Derek to the hunters lair, which, of course, is EXACTLY what Auntie Kate wants . . . aside from more Derek lollipop licks, of course.

If This Bus is a Rockin’ . . .

Elsewhere, Scott and Allison have stopped dancing.  And Allison gets the SUPER TACKY idea that Scott should screw her on a school bus . . . nevermind that some dude DIED ON THERE, a few weeks back.  School buses are ROMANTIC!  What with those super comfy green seats, and the omnipresent smell of teenage body odor, intermingled with rotten lunch?  Who wouldn’t want to bone on a school bus?

Anywhoo, Allison rushes onto the bus, and motions for Scott to follow.  But, just when he is about to do so,  Papa Argent and the other hunters come at him, in their cars at full speed from all sides.

“Go Speed Argent, GO!” 

Scott has nowhere to run, and Allison is certain that he will be squished like a bug.


Instead, he jumps on top of the cars, wolfing out right in front of Allison for the first time, just as Papa Argent suspected he would.  Allison looks horrified.

Wolf Scott looks sad.

“To Be Continued” appears on the screen . . .

Oh the humanity of cliffhangers!

Next week’s trailer promises a major death, and a major werewolf transformation.  Personally, I would LOVE to see Lydia turn werewolf.  Because wouldn’t that just TOTALLY dust Jackson’s doilies? 

“Wahhh!  Why couldn’t it be MEEEEEE?”

Also, I REALLY don’t want her to die, because I’m eager to see how her relationship with Stiles plays out in Season 2 . . . 😉

As for major deaths, my money is on either Papa Argent or Auntie Kate.  Jackson is a possibility too, of course, but that might slice the “young cast” down too much for fans’ taste.  And besides, we wouldn’t get to see nearly as much of Danny, if his best friend croaked, now would we?’

(Plus, then we would never be able to answer the burning question of whether he finds Stiles attractive!)

So, now I turn the proverbial microphone over to you, Werebangers!  What did you think of “Formality?”  Was it everything you wanted it to be?  What’s on your wish list for Part II?  And who are  your choices to win the awards for Newest Werewolf and Deadest Cast Member, respectively.  Sound off in the comment section, if you DARE!

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36 responses to “High Voltage, Higher Octane – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season Finale, Part I “Formality”

  1. ms coffeebean

    Okay this post is f***ing hilarious! O.M.G. i cant wait to see the full episode woo hoo. But my poor baby Derek, that evil bitch kate, i cant believe they sllpt together, let alone had a relationship, i really hope Derek comes out of this alive and kicking for S2. Scott needs to man up and get off his ass, how cute is Stiles, id love him as my boyfriend, hes just the sweetest, hope lydia will realise this, hope she does’nt die ='(, girl was lovly fashion sence. Whats up with that Vet? is he like superhuman, ooo maybe hes a werewolf, i dunno hope we get answers in nxt weeks ep, hope allison doesnt kill poor scott, i dunno what is gona happen to anyone but cnt wait for nxt weeks ep. BRING ON SEASON 2 WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  2. East Coast Captain

    Epic episode.

    The vet wow, he really is something else. He´s not a regular human or a werewolf doctor only. I think we´ve found something else supernatural other than the werewolves. I think the Vet might aide the werewolves against the hunters and protect Scott maybe even come to the rescue of Derek even though he kidnapped him a couple of episodes back.

    Looks like Lydia has become the Jessica and Caroline of Teen Wolf if you know what I´m getting at except she swings for the other notorious creature of the night if you know what I´m getting at. 😀

    Well Kate…big bad Kate. She might not be walking out of this season alive and even Daddy Hunter because when Uncle Alpha comes knocking, he´ll bring on a full on assault against the hunters. And POOR Allison in stride of wanting to be big and bad she might dig herself into a grave as well, she better not betray our heroes Scott and Derek. Either Kate dies or Human Justice gives a life sentence in prison for murder.

    Poor Derek, I understand when you are a teenager some beautiful girl promises you the world, she then backstabs you and kills most of your family but I think when Uncle Alpha finds out she´s a goner even with her nifty guns, she´ll underestimate Peter.

    I´m definitely rooting for the werewolves to kill the Hunters even Mr. Clean hunter. Hopefully next season is called the Werewolves Strike Back.

    Then Papa Argent, he better not touch Scott or else I´d advocate his death as well.

    • Hey East Coast Captain. I definitely want to learn more about the vet, and how he came to be what he is, and do what he does. The way he started down the Alpha, and made him walk away, cursing and muttering under his breath, was pretty damn cool. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the Alpha as rattled as he was in that scene . . .

      The more I think about the idea of Lydia as a werewolf, the more I like it. I just wonder what the heck was happening to her in that hospital bed. Because that was pretty damn gross. Scott was only bit once by the Alpha, and he healed pretty quickly. Lydia was RAVAGED by the Alpha. If he wanted to turn her, why not just scratch her, or bite her once. Why all the theatrics? Was it to send Scott a message (this would make her even more like Jessica and Caroline)? Or was he just REALLY hungry? And if Lydia WAS turned this way, how will her transformation differ from Scott’s, given the method by which she was infected?

      Poor Stiles . . . best friends with a werewolf, and soon to be in love with one too. Dude can’t catch a break! 🙂

  3. wolfgal97

    I have to say that this episode some how made me hate Kate even MORE! I mean, poor fricken Derek! Give the dang guy a break! The acting by everyone was actually really good by everyone and I felt bipolar as I cried in the Derek/Kate scenes and laughed during the Stiles ones! Lol

    • You are right, wolfgal97. This episode WAS extremely well acted, particularly by Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) and Dylan O’Brien (Stiles). I also think that the actress who plays Kate, and the actor who plays Peter (who’s names are escaping me, right this minute) make for spectacularly frightening villains. That being said, Derek and Stiles are still my favorites, hands down. 🙂 I love them both, for such different reasons. Well-developed, interesting, characters are part of what makes this show so excellent.

      • Ashley

        Jill Wagner plays Kate and Ian Bohen plays Peter.

      • Thanks so much, Ashley. For whatever reason, those are the only actors on the show, whose real life names I haven’t yet committed to memory. (Of course, the fact that I predict both characters will die in the finale, certainly doesn’t help me remember them any better.) 🙂

  4. André

    ” Once again, a big round of wolfy applause to my pal Andre, for the spectacular screencaps you see here. I couldn’t have done it with you, Mister!”
    You couldn’t have done it “with” me?

    And since we’re at it, hippos are herbivores as well and actually much more dangerous than lions and they have huge teeth as well, so Kate obviously needs an update in biology. Actually there is a deer species that has long fangs.

    ” Bestiality?”
    Well, some clerks accused the film Spiderman of promoting bestiality. So maybe some ore already accusing Teen Wolf, albeit the hsow is probably not popular enough.

    And playing the card you mention was kinda of a smart move, there aren’t many teenagers where that wouldn’t have worked. Maybe I am daring too much right now, but I guess Allison wouldn’t have never felt so “weak” as she put it if our western civilization wouldn’t un-/intentionally teach girls that it is not desirable to be physically strong.

    “The fact that Allison is bawling her eyes out, and having a major mental meltdown, right there in the car, clearly gives Papa Stiles a hard-on …”
    Are you related to Spanky Ham? Or did Papa Stiles eat him for lunch? 😉

    “I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t tried this particular method of “Speeding Ticket” evasion. After all, what good is being a member of the “fairer sex,” if you can’t use that fact to your advantage, somehow? And yes, it works . . . just in case you happened to be curious . . . it works like a charm.”
    This is so unfair *evil face*
    We members of the strong sex want to do that as well. We have the twenty first century, dammit!!!

    Actually I would have loved to know what was going on in Papa Stiles head when Allison was babbling about that she is not like that. I think some cops would have demanded an alcohol test in such a situation.
    And the place where she was practicing… was Derek’s picture actually on a tree on the other side of a road? What would have happened if someone came along? And she probably rehersed that walk, no way was that spontaneous.

    VET: “You’re obviously feeling lightheaded, from all the bloodloss. You should lie back down, and take off your pants. You will feel better.”
    SCOTT: “What does taking off my pants have to do with it?”
    VET: “Well, that would make ME feel better . . .”
    That’s not the Vet, it was you, disguising as the Vet. That’s why he knew how to repel the Alpha and didn’t even flinch when the chair was shattered at the wall. 😀
    By the way, what do you think of the shots I made of the scene? 😉

    “Apparently, the gate between the entrance way and Vet Man’s office is either made with, or been covered by, ”mountain ash,” which keeps werewolves in their human form.”
    No, I think you got that wrong, mountain ash in the show apparently functions as a border for werewolves (or at least the Alpha since there is no hint of Scott being affected by it, or Derek), similar like salt against ghosts and spirits in some folklore. Like I said in my E-Mail in real life folklore from Belgium a sprig from mountain ash was stated as a safeguard against werewolves, as well as mistletoe. Sigh, I guess that means we will never get a Teen Wolf Christmas episode.
    Actually there was even weirder stuff to repel a werewolf if I remember correctly and in some cases it was enough to speak the true name (the one you were christened with) of one to transform it back. There were spells or a special way of sticking a rapier into the earth.

    I really think that Stiles wanted to get rid of Derek, because all in all Derek has been trouble and nothing less for the two and it’s not like he has been nice to Stiles, the only one he has ever been somewhat nice since the start of the show are other werewolves. And it’s not like he has any reason to actually hate Stiles. Further evidence for Stiles wanting to get rid of Derek is given in his scene with the Alpha where he reasons that Derek could be tracked via GPS, notice that he didn’t mention that to Scott and considered his behavior in the Alpha-scene I guess he had thought of that already and only spoke of it under pressure.

    “Geez! Given how creepy and cold the Alpha seemed on the “couple’s” first date, Mommy McCall must be REAL hard up for some loving to want a little Alpha in her!”
    Well she probably is pretty lonely. It’s not easy for a divorced woman with a teenage son to find a new man, most would run away. But what I found also intriguing about the scene was the look of her car, all the scratches and the missing wing mirror, now add Scott’s crappy suit for the dance and it looks like Scott doesn’t come from simply blue collar but rather the lower class of society.

    When I saw Derek’s driver’s license, all I could think was “so that’s where he’s been”. Makes kinda sense; many people, high crime rate, ergo perfect hiding place for a werewolf.
    Ok, I can’t make out all of it on the screencaps but the license definitely says 11 July then something illegible that might be 88, but it could just as well be 68, so no idea.

    “By the way, Vampire Diaries’ fans, does this scenario REMIND you of anybody, in particular?”
    Not really, no. Never occurred to me, Derek is far from being the psycho Damon is.
    Comparing Derek to Damon is like comparing Forwood to Romeo&Juliet, or the werewolf transformation at the full moon to the female menstruation cycle.

    “He simply doesn’t want Scott to make the same mistakes that HE DID, by giving his trust, and his heart to a Were-Hunter, only to eventually have both irretrievably ripped from his chest!”
    I admit: that didn’t occur to me.
    However I liked it how Kate realized it was Scott who was the second Beta due to the “history repeating”-topic, can’t remember ever having seen a scene like that.
    One thing before I forget to ask, any idea who that was on the telephone with Kate?

    “Normally, coaches pad good athletes grades to make sure they don’t flunk out bad grades like Scott’s would spell an end to his lacrosse career.”
    You know that I found weird. Not only two episodes ago the same coach threatened Scott and Jackson to let them fail in economics if they don’t wind and now he acts like Mr. Ubercorrect, except for Lacrosse of course? Yeah right? Does anybody else smell hypocrite?

    ” My first thought, of course, was, Why not just ask Stiles to do it? After all, he is ALWAYS RIGHT!”
    I think the reason was that Stiles is Scott’s best friend and Allison would have never did it either way.

    “But, really . . . Jackson is a heterosexual (maybe?) teenage boy, and Allison’s a HOT GIRL, who’s not a total b*tch. Plus, he genuinely did seem to like her, at least as a friend, during some of the earlier episodes.”
    I think you answered your question yourself, he is a teenage boy, a douche who didn’t get what he wanted (remember the forest scene later in the episode?) and now he is pissed at Scott and would never help him. Of course now that Scott kicked his ass this might all change.

    “Maybe Jackson had a point, when he said that these two should screw eachother AWWWW!”
    And you would love that to happen. 😉 Well, there is such a thing as friends with benefits.

    “And Allison ultimately selects the silver dress”
    You know, could have chosen that not in regard to her skin but rather to her name? Since I am at it, he seems to have developed an obsession with skin doesn’t he?

    “Go out and get yourself laid, Son! (At least ONE person in this family should be getting some.)
    Well, at least it’s easy access.”
    Again, that didn’t occur to me. You really are gayer than I am. 😉

    ” And suddenly all the lame, random, plot driven reasons why she dumped him are all is forgiven, between them.”
    Don’t worry, according to the trailer she might start to hate him again next week. 😉

    And for all who want to hear the song at the dance, here it is:

    “OK, who the f*&k let Uncle Alpha into the dance? Because that’s the oldest looking 16-year old I’ve ever seen!”
    That’s partly what I thought, but I also thought: why is it that in these teenagers don’t bump into the guy standing there in their mids and why don’t they notice that he disappeared all of a sudden?

    “I usually make fun of Scott’s idiocy, but I have to say, that his impromptu “dance with Danny,” in order to prevent Coach Cupcake from publicly kicking him out of the dance (He would have looked like a total homophobe, and probably got sued, or fired, if he did.) was pretty inspired thinking.”
    I was wondering whether that was idiocy or an actual plan ala Necessity is the mother of invention. And did you notice Danny’s look on the screencap? Kinda like “what do you want couch that one is mine”.

    “And, of course, once again, Danny gets used and abused as the Gay Plot Device.”
    Looks like someone found himself a new boytoy, or is it mantoy in this case?;)
    Well it is a smart plot device, you gotta admit that. And it was in-line with Stiles’ statement that everybody likes Danny. In that regard this school is a bit utopian. Or maybe he is “the only gay in the village.”

    But maybe Danny will get more lines next year, maybe Jackson will die and Danny becomes the new co-captain.
    Anyway, at the moment he needs to be in peek-condition for the make-up sex with his boyfriend. 😀

    And since we’re at it, what do you think of this:
    The Danny Chronicles: Season 1 Five ways how to fuck a straight guy. 😀

    “It’s actually kind of sad, because Lydia does TRULY seem to love and care about Jackson.”
    Again, this makes me question what she wants with him? That so makes no sense. But it was awesome who Stiles got her to dance; I could swear I saw a hint of tears in her eyes.
    And Jackson… that guy must have a really low self-esteem, judged at how quickly he broke down in the forest. Not to mention that not too long ago he was backing away from two red lights believing it was the Alpha. Seriously, what drew her too him?

    “Elsewhere, Lydia rushes to the football field in search of Jackson, but finds Uncle Alpha, and his razor sharp teeth, instead. Stiles screams for her to run, but it is too late.”
    Why the hell was she searching for Jackson there anyway?

    “She is bitten . . . A LOT, and falls unconscious.”
    That was weird considered that Stiles was only yards away from her. Is the Alpha also the Flash or how did he do that? And based on her condition Lydia is currently the biggest suspect for both dying and becoming a werewolf, and the scene of her in the hospital is weird, is that a nightmare scene or why is there so much blot?
    Take Liles, Stydia sounds too Greek.

    “What with those super comfy green seats, and the omnipresent smell of teenage body odor, intermingled with rotten lunch? Who wouldn’t want to bone on a school bus?”
    Maybe in this alternate universe school busses are clean? Anyway I was more interested by Scott’s initial reaction since he clearly thought of his nightmare.

    “… Papa Argent and the other hunters come at him, in their cars at full speed from all sides.”
    I just asked myself whether they weren’t scared of crashing into each other, respectively ruining their cars. Then again considered their high-tech they can probably afford a handful of cars.

    You know, I don’t want to spoil the fun, but actually they just promise a death and that not everyone will make it out human. Well three of them already aren’t human (maybe four since it is weird how the Vet could have escaped from the car without Derek noticing is, since he is clearly not in league with the Alpha) so even if only one survives it would still be true that not everybody made it out as a human.

    Anyway, I am lokking forward to your recap.

    • LOL. I must say, as far as typos go, that was a pretty bad one. But hey, at least I had that “nice” sentence in front of it, so you knew I wasn’t purposefully being an ungrateful a$$hole, right? 🙂 In my defense, I received those screencaps at about 4:30 a.m. my time, which was about the time when I typed that sentence. 😉

      Spiderman? Bestiality? Really? Wow, people sure are sensitive! 🙂

      Honestly, I don’t get it. I mean, technically a spider is an insect, not a beast. Besides, Spiderman was pretty much Peter Park with a slight genetic mutation, right? On the other hand, someone like Derek probably has PURE WOLF in his ancestry, and physically takes on lupine qualities at times. Worse than that is a situation like the one in Twilight, in which Jacob turns into a full-on wolf, and there are a few scenes where Bella seems to get mighty cozy with him, while he’s in wolf form . . .

      Regarding the whole speeding ticket thing, I don’t know . . . I think a lot of men are too proud and “manly” to resort to this sort of tactic, so, few have actually tried it. But hey, next time you are pulled over by a female cop, give it a shot. You never know what might happen. 😉 (Oh, and it goes without saying, that this almost NEVER works on someone of the same sex. In fact, it usually has the opposite effect you were seeking. ;))

      Regarding Jackson, I get what your saying about him feeling emasculated by Scott and the rest of the werewolves, and is therefore acting petulant and bratty. But isn’t sex the foremost thing on all men’s minds, even douchebags? 🙂 In fact, I would think that Jackson’s recent emasculation would make him more determined than ever to get laid, and, thereby prove “it” still works. What are your insights on this, Resident Male? 😉

      Oh, nice catch on the Alpha recommending a silver dress for Allison ;). I guess we now also know why Lydia’s was white . . . ish. 😉

      And thanks so much for the link to “Just a Little Bit.” It’s my newest obsession. Ever try the website, listentoyoutube.com? 😉

      I love your idea for the Danny Chronicles! Maybe the Logo Channel should do a spinoff. 😉

      Regarding Lydia, I think she is one of those girls who is destined to be attracted to Alpha males who treat her like dirt, because that’s probably precisely the type of guy her dad is, and that’s what she thinks she wants. I think there is also probably a part of her that feels like she can “change” Jackson. Hopefully, Stiles will promptly disabuse her of both these notions. Hey, it worked for Seth Cohen.

      With respect to the hunters, I think they never planned on going far enough to ruin their cars. Papa Argent was so sure that Scott would wolf out, before he got too close, that it probably wasn’t even an issue. The question, of course, is how did he know that Scott would be by the bus, or that Allison would also be there?

      And I know shows have copped out before, when promising major deaths and “changes.” However, I’m confident that Teen Wolf will deliver, at least, in this regard. After all, they need sponsors for next season, right? A big cliffhanger will provide them with that. Plus, I feel like they’ve thoroughly mined the “Scott as Werewolf” scenario, as well as the “who’s the Alpha one.” So, in order to keep the show fresh, they are going to need some “new blood” to infuse into the story. A new Beta would do just that. 🙂

      And thanks so much for

      • André

        Interestingly I can’t remember someone ever accusing Twilight of promoting bestiality despite the obvious fertile ground. However I remember at least one book claiming it to lead to occultism. Yeah right… These are probably the most harmless vampires ever in “young adult” fiction.
        Then again, I can’t remember any werewolf fiction ever accused of such a thing.

        “But isn’t sex the foremost thing on all men’s minds, even douchebags?”
        Not necessarily, ego and fame are very high on the list as well. And despite the stereotype we have our “migraines” as well. But there is a pressure to be able to perform as often as possible, which of course often leads to the direct opposite. In addition Jackson shows clear signs of someone hiding his immense load of insecurities behind a mask of confidence. That is an explosive mixture.

        “Ever try the website, listentoyoutube.com?”
        No, never heard of it.

        “I love your idea for the Danny Chronicles! Maybe the Logo Channel should do a spinoff.”
        I guess it would be better than Dante’s Cove or The Lair anyway. More story, more sex and no love that is more like Stockholm syndrome:D
        Albeit Dante’s cove had it’s moments:

        It really had 😉

        “Regarding Lydia, I think she is one of those girls who is destined to be attracted to Alpha males who treat her like dirt, because that’s probably precisely the type of guy her dad is, and that’s what she thinks she wants.”
        So you think she wants Jackson because of Daddy issues?

        “Hopefully, Stiles will promptly disabuse her of both these notions.”
        I hope Stiles will leave her for good. Well that and take a look into the mirror. He is pretty cute, well for a teenage. 😉

        “The question, of course, is how did he know that Scott would be by the bus, or that Allison would also be there?”
        Observation from afar?

        “And I know shows have copped out before, when promising major deaths and “changes.””
        I know we both saw one of them remember? Mayor changes, significant death and surprises where promised. But what did we get? Insignificant characters dying, changes that everybody expected and suprises ala “you morons gotta be kidding me”, well expect for one.

  5. Tricus

    I haven”t watched the last few episodes but i just watched this last night.
    I saw the part starting with Scott, Stiles and Jackson in the locker room talking etc…. I must say I got hooked again.
    Pooo I didn’t see Aunty Kat licking Derek but I saw when she was talking and she figured out who the second Beta was.
    When she hinted that she and Derek were lovers before I must say I was SHOCKED.
    She really doesn’t look/act like Derek would be into her(even before) BUT she does act experienced so him being younger. more innocent before he would have been ripe for the picking………..
    Like you said their relationship reminds me of Damon/Katherine execept I think Derek shows more hatred, fear and contempt for Kate than he should have- especially the fear. He is a werewolf and she is just a human BUT she is VERY smart and mean with major weapon skills. Bad combo.
    Derek needs to step up his game BIG time. He can’t play/act in the minor leagues anymore.
    Anywhoooo Scott is kind of stepping up to the plate BUT he is still all about Allison. Did he even try to find Derek?
    Jackson is soo consumed in being a werewolf, I guess to feel powerfull, that nothing and no one else matters.
    Sorry but Stiles need to give up on Lydia. Even if/once she is over Jackson I can’t see her taking Stiles seriously.
    I think next epi Lydia may be turned and I hope Aunty Kate is killed by the Alpha or even Derek. The show need Papa Argent sooo
    Plus all the main teen characters and Derek would need to stay , is my thinking.

    In that promo for next epi Allison mom talking to her to get with the program reminds me of the movie “Mommie Dearest”- the mom puts on this polite/nice persona in public but behind closed doors she is mean/abusive to her daughter.

    Well now Allison knows what Scott is………..

    • Hey Tricus! I’m so excited you’ve fallen back “into” Teen Wolf. And just in time for the finale too! If this episode was any indication, I think we have an excellent hour of television ahead of us.

      Regarding Derek and his attraction to Kate, I think you are definitely right about him not getting involved with someone like that the way he is NOW. On the other hand, after this week’s episode, I’ve begun to suspect that a lot of the way Derek is now has to do with what happened to him when he was in high school. Getting seduced and manipulated by an older beautiful woman, who ends up murdering your family, and feeling forever responsible for that, is bound to make you feel like you can’t trust or get close to people. No wonder he never smiles. It’s possible that, back when he first met Kate, Derek was a very different guy than he is today . . . naive, happy, horny, and ready to have his heart stomped to bits . . . you know, kind of like Scott. 🙂

      As for the licking scene. I highly recommend it. I have the GIF on here, but it really doesn’t do Tyler Hoechlin’s acting during that scene any justice. I’m not home right now, but when I get there, if I remember, I will try to see if I can find it on YouTube. If I do, I will definitely post it. If not, just try searching for “Kate licks Derek” I have no doubt someon already posted it there. 🙂

      You are right about Derek seeming more afraid of Kate, than Damon was of Kat. True Kat was a B*tch, who is older and stronger than Derek, and capable of doing some terrible things to him. But Derek has SEEN what Kate can do to werewolves, and has firsthand knowledge of just how crazy she is, and how far she will go to get what she wants. While Kat is sly and calculating, Kate is definitely a loose cannon, which is what makes her so frightening. Add to that the arsenal of weapons the Argents have in their garage, and their “rule” which basically states open season on werewolves if they threaten or wolf out in public, and Derek definitely has good reason to be wary.

      Which brings me back to Scott . . . who, in the final moments of the episode, violated one of the Argents’ precious rules, by wolfing out, and theoretically endangering both Allison and the hunters. Talk about entrapment!

      And you are right. Scott seemed more worried about finding his cell phone than actually finding Derek. Hero FAIL! 🙂

      Awww, I think Lydia might surprise you. 🙂 She seems shallow on the outside, but inside, I think there is someone who MIGHT be worthy of Stiles. Look at what Summer Roberts was like at the beginning of The O.C. Seth got through to her. If anyone has the power to do that it’s the adorable Stiles. 🙂

      Oh, and I totally agree about Allison’s mom. She was TERRIFYING in that promo. And something about her face and bugged out eyes made her look like an alien. Just sayin ;).

  6. Olivia Williams

    Well last night my sister and I are made bets ($1 per question lol) for the last two episodes. By the way she loves your reviews too.

    Who dies?
    I bet Lydia and Peter, she bet only Peter.

    Who gets turned?
    We both voted Jackson, so we cancelled each other out.

    Who saves Derek?
    I am going with Scott (someone made a good point he has been more heroic lately and the episode plot summary said he is protecting friends and enemies. Still I think up until know Jackson has been more likable, and Stiles is the true hero. Scott is pretty self-centered). She thinks Derek save himself.

    Will Allison become a hunter?
    I said yes, my sister said no.

    Did Derek and Kate have a sexual or romantic relationship? I voted no she voted yes.

    Anyway I owe her a dollar for that now.

    • Hey Olivia! Thanks so much for sharing yours and your sisters’ predictions here. This looks like fun! Can I play? 🙂

      Who dies? I’m going to go out on a limb, and say Kate. 🙂

      Who gets turned? I’m going to guess Lydia.

      Who saves Derek? I’ll guess that the Alpha actually saves Derek, by killing Kate. But then, Derek might still end up killing the Alpha, and becoming the new Alpha himself.

      Will Allison become a hunter? I’m going to say yes, as a result of anger and sadness over Kate’s death, and Lydia’s mauling. But she will be more of a “rule-abiding” one, like her father, as opposed to a loose cannon, like Kate. Also, she still might continue her relationship with Scott, despite her hunter status, a la Buffy and Angel. There are going to have to be some new werewolves next season, I figure, in order to keep the story fresh. Also, if the Alpha dies and/or Kate dies, we will need a new Big Bad Villain to take their place.

      I’m probably wrong on all of these. But it was fun to play, nonetheless. 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!

      • Olivia Williams

        Thanks for playing! and tonight we will get the results. 🙂
        I also made you a video because you said something about “Kate the Werewolf Slayer” and i thought it be a funny spoof. Oh how Aunty Kate has grown up from being Future Lunch Meat.

        Anyway its been fun. I can’t wait till next season.

      • Thanks so much for this! I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought of Buffy, when I saw Auntie Kate that first time. (And yes, she HAS grown up quite a bit from her early Future Lunch Meat Moniker . . . though I still think her days on this show are numbered. ;).)

        It’s amazing how many YouTube videos out there spoof the Buffy opening sequence. I think it remains one of the best done theme songs / character introductions out there. To this day, it makes me excited to see an upcoming episode, when I’m watching Buffy in syndication. 🙂

  7. MTK

    I’m pretty sure the desk/chair hit the wall, not the vet. If you rewatch it, you can see a dent in the wall after it crashes against it.

    • Hey MTK. You know what? When I first read your comment, I was skeptical. But then, I watched again, and I think you might be right. Darn, it was a lot more fun imagining the Vet being some kind of superhero type. On the other hand, maybe the desk was ACTUALLY thrown at the wall, but was supposed to look like it was thrown at the Vet. I’m guessing the budget on this show is pretty low, but will be higher next season. So, we can expect less cheesy special effects, I’m hoping. 🙂

  8. Echas

    Great recap, been enjoying them for a couple weeks. TW has become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and my gf now!

    I thought this weeks episode was ok in terms of plot, Scott going to protect allison could be explained by the alpha/beta bond. Also the fact that the retard says her name in the vets office can’t help (superhearing).

    Derek not giving anyone a heads up on the whole “sold out my family for sex with a crazy” kinda makes sense too. Guilt was probably making him play along with the alpha.

    In terms of future predictions. The vet isn’t played by a nobody actor and I saw someone on a “making of” on YouTube in monster make up fitting his skin tone/face shape (was shocked when they revealed Peter) so I think he’s already a wolf or at least something.

    It’s probably predictable but I’m guessing Scott and Allison reconcile. Theres a scene in the finale teaser (which only seems to cover the last 3eps) where she confronts him in the woods about lying to her.

    Also I reckon Lydia turns, alpha dies and next season is about the killer of peter becoming the new alpha. This show has thrown a couple curve balls so I’m hoping they surprise me

    • Hey Echas! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap. You bring up a great point about Derek going along with the Alpha as a result of guilt. Since Derek brought Kate to his family, and Kate brought the fire, he probably feels responsible for Peter killing Laura and turning Alpha in the first place. That’s a whole lot of baggage for one person to carry around. That said, I think it would be pretty fitting for Derek to kill Peter, and become the Alpha, after the Alpha kills Kate, thereby, bringing the story back, full circle.

      I also like your theory about the Vet being SOME kind of supernatural creature. If not a werewolf, than definitely something else. By the way, do you happen to have a link to that video of the actor being put into makeup. If you don’t mind, I’d love to see it.

      I’m guessing Scott and Lydia will reconcile too. However, I’m kind of hoping another guy comes between them next season, as I’m getting REALLY bored of that couple. Derek, perhaps? 😉

      As for your predictions, I think I’m in line with you on most of them. So, let’s hope the show surprises BOTH of us. They already surprised me with who the Alpha was, but NOT with the Derek / Kate relationship twist. (Though admittedly, I didn’t put together the part Derek played in the fire, as I assumed he was younger than he actually was, when it took place.)

      I guess we will have to wait until next Monday to see if our predictions are correct . . . 😉

  9. Tricus

    Please GOD NO KJewls. If there has to be a guy who comes between Scott and Alliosn then do not let it be Derek in a romantic sense. I want a brand new female to come to town and the show to be a long term romantic interest for Derek.
    Scott/Derek/Allison is not TVD (Stefan,Damon,Elena).
    Allison already seem kind of weird/off when being attached to Scott and bring in Derek that just up the icky “What The ^#****” to a WHOLE new level.

    Nope, I vote for a fresh new spunky woman for Derek. Would be great if was a hunter too BUT she has a strict code of honor,loyal, objective, don’t have anger issues and just don’t kill werewolf JUST because they are one.
    Then Derek and her can have the “will they, won’t they” interactions and run ins on the show where they have snarky convos, she sometimes ends up saving him and he ends up saving her in different scenarios …….

  10. Sumbal

    Okay ive been reading these for a while and they are HILARIOUS. Keep doing what you do, its great. 😀 The first thing i do after watching the episode is come read the re-caps because they’re funnier than the show :p Excluding stiles’s lines of course 😀

    • Thanks so much, Sumbal! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying these recaps. 🙂 I’ve had a ton of fun writing them, and talking Teen Wolf with fellow “werebangers,” like yourself. 🙂 Who knew an MTV summer show could be so smart, funny, and have such a brilliant fanbase? (Seriously, you guys impress me everyday with your insights.) Hopefully, I do the finale justice, in my final Teen Wolf recap of the season.

      (And you are right. As much as I try, I could never be as funny as Stiles. 😉 But I’m oddly OK with that. :))

  11. Ali

    Booo me. I´m so late. I moved this week too… it´s so messy. I´m just gonna write my two favorite quotes of this week

    From the show: “I´m always right and You should listen to whatever I have to say and never disagree ever, ever for the sake of your wolflihood”…. by, of course, Stiles

    From the recap: “He finally admits that he loves her, and, blah, blah, blah lkjfslkjfsldkfjs;lkj . . . that was my head hitting the keyboard, because I just fell asleep typing these last two sentences . . .” by.. Jules

    LOL. You´re perfect… See u next week for both TB and TW… can´t wait

    By the way I´m with you on the hope that season 2 brings along a better budget… come on with that crappy effects on the Alpha´s fangs…Yikes!

    • Oh, hey! Congrats on your move, Ali! Are you still living out of boxes too, or am I the only lazy ass procrastinator who does that? 🙂

      You are right. That line from Stiles was HILARIOUS! I’m SO GLAD someone had the foresight to make it into an animated GIF. Because I have a feeling I’m going to be reusing A LOT . . . as in, EVERYTIME Stiles proves himself to be the smartest person on the show, which happens basically every five minutes on Teen Wolf. 🙂

      You know, I’m very glad there aren’t too many Salison fans reading my blog. Because they would probably want to murder me, for typing that line you mentioned . . . well . . . for EVERYTHING I write about Salison, basically. 🙂 Man, I hope they find someone to break up this couple. But hey, from the looks of it, Wolf Scott may have done that all by himself with his little Car Jumping Maneuver! 🙂

      LOL. I know that those fangs Uncle Alpha showed to Lydia were supposed to be VERRRRY SCCAARRRY. But I agree that they were REALLY laughable, instead . . . like something out of a bad toothpaste commercial. Now, if they REALLY wanted to scare me, they should have had that CLAW thing that came out of Jackson’s mouth a few weeks back, come out of the Uncle Alpha’s. Now, THAT sh*t was gross with a capital “G!” 🙂

  12. Teen Wolf has been a surprisingly cool guilty pleasure this first season, though I guess that is because it falls more into the Vampire Diaries camp more so than the Twilight one for me. I mean, they played lacrosse against Mystic Falls and had Tyler’s mom cast in a part, it is obvious which teen supernatural drama they want to take after, and I approve 😉 There’s even the small town inability to solve any crimes or give horrific murders the attention they seemingly deserve. Now I’m just waiting for them to hold a mass memorial like they did in TVD. Brutal, but efficient.

    One thing that is striking about Teen Wolf is that they have kept their creatures purely to werewolves. Plus, usually these tales are Vampires! Yay! and werewolves just appear later on as antagonists or reluctant allies. I wonder if vampires will be introduced into the Teen Wolf series in a reversion of this dynamic. Something I want more of though is an understanding of the inward impacts being a wolf has on our lead character – how does it make him feel, what side effects does it have on him (other than wolfing out on the full moon and addition strength)? I like this show and want to feel more connected to the characters, but where Tyler’s transformation was heart wrenching because his vulnerabilities had been shown to us in the lead up to it, I feel like the characters are still ciphers on this show – we see gorgeous surface but don’t really scratch beneath that enough.

    I’m hoping that Argents aren’t biologically irresistible to Betas or that Betas do anything that vaguely resembles imprinting on Argents because, um, gross.

    Also, torturing of hot shirtless ex’s is something I approve of in fictional worlds.

    The Sookie crying!face never gets old. Funny, it’s like Crying!Dawson in that way. It has this magical ability to make me laugh no matter how many times I see it 😉

    • André

      I don’t think there will be anything like imprinting. The writers have so far managed to avoid such stuff that would place them into the Twilight section. And given the quality of the show I doubt that they will do the lets say “Damon crow”.
      However I totally have to disagree on the comparison with TVD. In Teen Wolf we see actual time past, the police even had a curfew and a suspect. Stiles dad is close to solving it but he lacks the final bit of information that would eradicate the stuff that doesn’t add up, plus the actual murderer is not one any police officer would suspect because without werewolf-regeneration it would be impossible. He is way more capable of doing a good job than Sheriff Forbes is. And there won’t be a mass burial because the Alpha is on revenge and only targeting certain people. We have actual parent-figures in this show. The “cameos” are only a sort of joke and not to be taken seriously in any way or to be interpreted as the show going towards TVD. Not to mention that the trailers are not misleading and don’t make so much noise about practically nothing.
      And are you kidding me? We were already given lots of information on the werewolf condition and how it affects you. We saw Scott lose control, Derek injecting memories by accident, Scott being controlled, have anger management issues, the Alpha being kept away by mountain ash and becoming an Alpha not being born as one, hallucinations, the intense hearing not allowing to focus, acting like a total jackass, not being able to get drunk, not having asthma attacks, but panic attacks and like Stiles said “having that serial killer look”. Than there is the effect of wolfsbane and the info given in the mini-series. We know the difference between a born and a made werewolf as well as the ability to control the regeneration.
      It is the other way around in my eyes: Teen Wolf gives us insight while in TVD it was only a scratch on the surface. Tyler’s transformation was a good piece of acting but it doesn’t make up for the lack of information on werewolves in TVD.
      And only surface? We know more background and personality layers than of the TVD-characters without using long flashbacks. These characters are far from being ciphers, they are people, with merits and flaws.

      • Hey Andre, mileage varies and all that. I still feel like these characters have a lot of fleshing out to do, since they haven’t captured my love in the way that Buffy and The Vampire Diaries and other fictional shows have. TVD is by no means perfect, and I’m not saying that we haven’t seen the some of the merits and flaws of the Teen Wolf cast. The characters just feel generic to me, whereas TVD’s characters are so specific (maybe the actors are just better so can flesh out their roles better), at least from where I’m sitting.

        I think the werewolf mythology is fine, I was referring more to the personal and psychologicaly impacts – like on a personal level what are their feelings on being these crazy supernatural creatures. It’s something I want more of from TVD too. For instance, I want Caroline to really examine what it will mean to be a baby vampire in the long term.

    • LOL. I’m going to have to agree with Andre on this one. I’d rather have Papa Stilinski policing my town and keeping me safe at night, than that awful wench, Lizard Forbes, anyday. I mean Lizard KNOWS there are vampires running around killing people in town, and she STILL can’t do sh*t about it! 🙂

      Hmmm, I suspect Teen Wolf will actually stay away from putting vampires into their story, specifically to avoid being viewed as a TVD, Twilight, or True Blood copycat. But I agree with you that, eventually, the series is going to have to introduce a new kind of supernatural villain to keep things fresh. Next season, they can accomplish that by simply incorporating another werewolf family, and more Alphas and Betas, into the mix. But going forward, I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing new creatures enter the fray, with other types of shapeshifters being the most likely candidates.

      Though, in the early episodes, the series seemed to focus more on plot and mythology, than character development, recently, I think the writers have done a nice job of fleshing out these characters . . . though admittedly some are more fleshed out that anothers. In fact, given that Teen Wolf has only 11 episodes under its belt, in comparison to TVDs 44, I’m pretty impressed with the amount of development we’ve seen, particularly in terms of Scott, Derek, Stiles, Jackson, and Aunt Kate. Allison is still a bit of a cipher to me. But I have a feeling the choices she makes in the season finale, will go a long way toward defining who she is as an individual.

      But since you mentioned TVD, Derek’s torture scene, did remind me very much of that episode back in Season 1, when Stefan was chained to the wall by the Hidey Hole Vamps. You’ve gotta love shameless exploitation of the male form. 😉

      So, Sookie’s ugly cry face has the magical ability to make you laugh, huh? Perhaps, that’s just her fairy dust, tickling your nose. 🙂

      • André

        You know Julie, now that I think more about it, you are totally right. I mean, ok the old trick with the vervain in the parfume is not so easy anymore like in the 19th century but it still could be done. And why not spike the drinks in the Grill with vervaine? That would be possible and what kind of cop simply singles out someone because they are from founding families? Especially after the thing with Logan Fells. I know there was the ball and the whole “who comes at the day”, but when there is still a vampire around and you simply can’t find him, every good investigator should rethink his strategy.
        And since we’re at it, if they have such a high demand of vervaine, why don’t these idiots simply do a little planting? Seriously the town is big enough and especially the Lockwoods have by far enough money and property to do that. And there are 250 species in the genus Verbana (vervain) and the majority is native to the Americas. Even if they had only meant the Common Vervaine native to Europe, importing wouldn’t be a problem or necessary since that plant has spread to North America as well.
        Seriously is Mystic Falls a place where you get stupider once your age is past thirty?

        And although my hopes for the next season of TVD are nowehere near as high as for Teen Wolf I do hope that they at least come up with a better way of getting rid of Klaus than a ghost army or ‘love’.

        I think you’re right in that they will keep out vampires from the show to prevent comparison with the other vamp shows. However, I think some new hunters could also come to town and I still wonder who it was on the phone with Kate in the last episode.
        Another werewolf or shapeshifters might be possible, maybe another sort of werewolf? As much as I would like that I doubt it.

        I think Stiles is fleshed out the best in the show, what do you think?

      • Interesting point about the vervain, Andre. Secretly pumping vervain into the food and water supply in Mystic Falls would not only eliminate the dangers of vampire compulsion, it would also . . . possibly, eventually, cure the town’s “vampire problem.” On one hand, having all the townspeople fortified with vervain would not fully prevent vampires from feeding on them. However, it would cause that feeding to become uniformly distasteful. And THAT would eventually convince the vampires to put down roots elsewhere.

        Then again, the opposite could happen, and all Mystic Falls vampires could develop immunity to vervain, as Katherine had already begun to do on the show. It’s the antibiotics over prescription problem all over again! 🙂

        As for the most fleshed out character on Teen Wolf, believe it or not, I’ve actually given this a lot of thought. I’d say, in terms of having the most distinct, and recognizable character, I’d agree with you on Stiles. Dylan O’Brien is probably the best actor on the show. And as a result, the character’s voice, mannerisms, body language, sense of humor, and way of talking, is suprisingly unique and complex, especially given that only 11 episodes of the show have aired so far. In short, if I was to choose a character on Teen Wolf to write a script for, or fanfiction about, Stiles would be the character I’d be most comfortable conveying, because he’s given me the most defined set of personality characteristics to work with, making him the easiest character to “channel” creatively.

        On the other hand, in terms of WHY Stiles acts the way that he does, that’s still a bit of a mystery. Aside from the death of his mother, his close relationship with his father, his loyalty to Scott, and his crush on Lydia, we know very little about Stiles’ back story. And, in that sense, he’s not fleshed out at all . . . yet.

        For a combination of both personality characteristics and back story, I’d have to go with Derek Hale . . . Of course, my answer, is only as a result of the last few episodes. Before that, I probably would have stuck with Stiles, or maybe even Jackson. When the character of Derek Hale was first introduced, he seemed like little more than a stereotypical broody hot supernatural character. The writers seemed to be mining what girls like about sexy and mysterious vamps and weres, and throwing it all into one sexy shirtless package.

        But recently, we’ve come to learn a lot about Derek, and WHY he’s broody, a loner, mistrustful of almost everyone, perpetually single, loath to smile, or give out personal information, loyal to family members, like the Alpha, even when they’ve singlehandledly ruined his life, and protective of young “cubs” like Scott. Derek’s childhood, as a werewolf born into a pack, his soul crushing relationship with Aunt Kate, the guilt ridden trauma he experienced as a result of the family fire . . . all of these things explain precisely why Derek is all of the adjectives I listed in this paragraph. It’s not often we are able to get this detailed of a psychological breakdown of a character on a teen show, as we have with Derek Hale.

        So, there’s my LONG answer to your question. 🙂

      • Hey Werebangers! My FINAL Teen Wolf recap of the season is on it’s way. (I just didn’t want to rush through it, considering it may very well be the last one I do for this show until next summer. 😦 ) I suspect I will have it posted by early this evening (7:30 or 8 ish?, Eastern Standard Time)

        Thanks for continuing to read, and for being so patient, supportive and, just genuinely awesome, this entire season. You’ve all made my summer! 🙂

  13. Kate

    I read Olivia Williams comment and wanted to play too 🙂 hehe. So basically when I was reading your answers, i figured out that I almost have all the exact answers that you have.

    “Who dies? I’m going to go out on a limb, and say Kate.”
    Exactly my thought ever since I saw the last episode! Except it has been revealed that there are TWO deaths!!! My guesses are Kate (cause Derek will burn her in a fire as revenge or something like that) and Jackson (cause he is sort of just an asshole who does nothing). I think that Lydia (when she turns into a wolf) will kill him as revenge.

    “Who gets turned? I’m going to guess Lydia.”
    That’s what I’ve been saying even though many people think she’s going to die. But no way she will die. Her and Stiles relationship is just starting! And it was revealed that there will be a girl werewolf in season 2 so tada!

    “Who saves Derek? I’ll guess that the Alpha actually saves Derek, by killing Kate. But then, Derek might still end up killing the Alpha, and becoming the new Alpha himself.”
    I think that the alpha will end up saving Derek too because he’s the one that asked how to track down Derek in the first place. He might rush over to where Scott is (by the busses) and rescue him from the hunters before he goes to save Derek.

    “Will Allison become a hunter? I’m going to say yes, as a result of anger and sadness over Kate’s death, and Lydia’s mauling. But she will be more of a “rule-abiding” one, like her father, as opposed to a loose cannon, like Kate. Also, she still might continue her relationship with Scott, despite her hunter status, a la Buffy and Angel. There are going to have to be some new werewolves next season, I figure, in order to keep the story fresh. Also, if the Alpha dies and/or Kate dies, we will need a new Big Bad Villain to take their place.”
    At first I thought that Allison would be good and NOT become a hunter but after I read your answer, I have many reasons to think differently. Maybe it was foreshaddowing when Kate said “history is repeating itself” because Allison will end up just like kate.

    Anyway, I absolutely love reading your recaps and hope they don’t make us wait a whole year to see season 2!!! 🙂

    • Hey Kate! Thanks for “playing.” I guess great minds think alike. And who knows, maybe ALL of our guesses will be right. Then, they’ll HAVE hire us both on as writers for the show. 😉 Oooh, that would be juicy, if Lydia killed Jackson! That’ll teach him to make fun of The Notebook! LOL!

      Though in the promo, he did seem to be genuinely upset to see her in the hospital seizing and bleeding all over the place like she was. So, maybe there’s a little humanity left in this guy, yet. And yet, I have to say, it DEFINITELY didn’t look good for him, with the Alpha asking him “Do you want the bite?” The Alpha doesn’t exactly strike me as the kind of guy who does favors, without the recipient paying a HEFTY price for them, if you catch my drift . . .

      But speaking of Lydia, where did you find the spoiler on the female werewolf. Because I would LOVE to see that! It’s about DAMN TIME! Ladies can rip hearts out with their teeth too, you know!

      I also like your idea of the Alpha rescuing both Derek and Scott. What makes the Alpha cool as a villain, is that he has a surprisingly loyal sense of family. He’ll protect his own to the death (as long as they toe the line, and don’t betray him). He’s kind of like a mob boss, in that way.

      Oh, and good point about that “History Repeating” comment possibly referring, not just to Scott’s love for Allison, but to Allison’s relationship with Scott. On one hand, Allison differs from Kate, in that, while SHE seems to have genuine feelings for Scott, Kate, though clearly sexually attracted to Derek, was just using him to get to the other werewolves. On the other hand, I think the events of the Season Finale will give Allison plenty of good reasons to hate and fear werewolves, thereby putting her in the situation of literally sleeping with the enemy.

      Just think . . . in less than 24 hours, we will have the answers to ALL of these questions! 🙂

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