The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – Part II (a.k.a. Stefan’s “I’m Freaking HUNGRY!” Moment)

Greeting Fangbangers!  Those of you who have visited this blog before, know that I’m obsessed with a little episode of TVD called “Miss Mystic Falls;” and that I am, specifically, enamored with a certain Very Erotic Mating Dance that takes place during the hour .  . .

But what you might not know, is that I am equally obsessed with ANOTHER scene that takes place during the episode . . . one that is as dark and disturbing, as the above scene is romantic and enchanting.  And yet, in its own way, this second scene is arguably just as seductive . . .

In this week’s installment of The Ripper Redux, my brilliant (not to mention, hilarious) blogging pal, Amy (over at Imaginary Men) and I, have analyzed every tantalizing morsel of what is, arguably, one of Stefan’s most deliciously dark moments of The Vampire Diaries‘ groundbreaking first season.  You can read the post in its entirety, by clicking on the link below . . . IF YOU DARE!

The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – A look back at some of the most pivotal scenes in Ripper Stefan Canon (Part II)

(By the way, for those of you who missed Part I of this series, featuring Damon’s and Stefan’s going through “The Change,” worry not!  You can still check that out, right on this blog, by clicking HERE.)

So, what are we waiting for TVD fans?  Let’s see what Stefan’s got hiding underneath that Nice Guy Vampire Costume, he always seems to be wearing . . .

And be sure to stop back on THIS blog, next week, when Amy and I analyze Ripper Stefan’s notoriously evil flashback moments from Season 2’s “The Dinner Party.”

See you, then! 😉

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4 responses to “The Vampire Diaries’ Ripper Redux – Part II (a.k.a. Stefan’s “I’m Freaking HUNGRY!” Moment)

  1. serendipity

    Hey, Julie! Wonderful second part! I read it at Amy’s blog and commented over there as well… I don’t know if you want me to post my comment here as well? I’ll just copy it here… makes it easier for you, right? I wouldn’t want you to think I haven’t been faithfully reading this…
    So here goes 😉

    This is definitely one of my favourite episodes ever… Okay, I’ll admit it is mainly because we get to see Damon and Elena interact on a new level of intimacy and of course because they get to DANCE 😀 (which is one of my favourite things for them to be doing, as Julie can undoubtedly tell you LOL), but also because it is the first time Stefan surpasses the cardboard stage (for me at least), making him a sight more interesting! 😉

    As you said, the episode before this one contained indeed a lot of hints that something was up with Stefan! I remember the way he drove his car and got out of it at school, and the way he talks to Elena… He’s so upbeat and funny that it’s clear he’s not his normal broody self…Also, the way Stefan danced with Elena as they are practicing for the MMF dance, all teasing and joking… Like Damon remarks: he’s been acting as the poster child for Prozac all these years, and now, suddenly, he isn’t any longer… It almost feels like he suffers from manic-depression, his mood swings so much!

    I agree that he’s indeed freaking out that Elena knows, and I think it makes him crave the fix of blood to calm his anxiety even more, but there’s no blood to be had of course, save for the one thing he’s been struggling against since drinking Elena’s blood: the REAL DEAL (remember when that guy hurt himself in the parking lot and Stefan almost loses it because he chafed his knee? He almost lost it then, but this time he loses the fight big time).

    But I actually didn’t think he was going to do it either… because he has indeed always been the GOOD brother… and then he DID!

    The clinical description of how he’s planning on draining Amber is the sign of a true maniac. He’s thought about the most ‘economic’ way to drain a victim, not spilling a drop of precious blood, and the way he tells it, saying that it takes practice, makes me think that he might have had a lot of practice at it… We might be facing (if they are planning on showing us) some gory scenes of past ripper exploits in season 3, as Stefan remembers them, or perhaps Damon remembers them as well (since we know he was always trailing Stefan, keeping tabs on him…)? We do know that Stefan has been off the wagon more than once during his long (un)life, needing the help of Lexi (are there any others?) to get back on…

    I feel as though controlling the bloodlust, even on a bunny diet, always seems to be hard for Stefan: I seem to remember (but I would have to check it) him telling Elena how hard it is, when they are talking about her becoming a vampire at the end of season 2, and also the way his face starts to change whenever he smells blood (first ever episode, when Elena hurts herself in the cemetery for example). Damon doesn’t seem to have that problem (he doesn’t vamp out when killing Mason (I think), nor when he is close to wounded Vicky on the roof, etc.), and neither does Caroline, as young as she is (only in the very beginning), nor Katherine (when she kills that girl at the masquerade and seems quite unaffected by the blood for example). Like I already said as a comment on Julie’s blog for the first part of your ripper redux: I think Stefan never learned to control his inner vampire because he didn’t want to; he doesn’t want to accept that that part of him exists…

    Yes, I know, I never succeed in keeping these things short… But I enjoyed your analysis very much! And I’ll be sure to check out the next part of it 😉

    • Hey Valerie! Thanks so much for your awesome comment! 🙂 You know it truly is a testament to how great this show is, that from a 3 minute clip we can mine SO MUCH intriguing analysis. 😉

      Of course, you have a Very Special Connection with Damon and Elena dancing in Miss Mystic Falls, or, perhaps, I should say, “Shadowdancing.” 😉

      (READ IT, DELENA FANS! :))

      You mention early Season 1 Stefan being Cardboard Stefan. And you definitely have a point there. This was really one of Paul Wesley’s earliest defining moments in the series. It was the first time I watched him on screen, and thought: “Interesting! This guy can really act! Who knew?”

      The analogy you gave between Stefan and someone “off their meds” is a really good one. Often times, people who are bipolar or schizophrenic will complain that they are losing the highs and lows of life, by taking medication that, while keeping them “stable,” also makes them feel groggy and disconnected. When these individuals stop taking their meds, they are, at first, euphoric, like Stefan. Everything seems brighter and newer. They act “happier” and are “more fun” to be around. Then, the illness really starts to take its toll. And from the highest of highs follows the crashing lows, and a slow but painful unraveling of their sense of self.

      It’s kind of ironic that Stefan talks about being able to “turn off emotions,” while drinking human blood. And yet, in this episode, and the previous one, we witnessed a more “emotional” Stefan than we had ever seen before. He was at times positively giddy, and at other times raging mad. So much for “not needing to feel” right? 🙂

      And I absolutely agree with you that, while a part of Stefan’s turning to the “bunny diet” has to do with his Alcoholics Anonymous approach to vampirism (“One drop, and I’m off the wagon.”), his complete inability to handle human blood (well . . . at least at this early point in the series) stems, I suspect, from a bit of guilt and self-loathing on Stefan’s part. For Stefan trying to control his bloodlust means confronting who he was, and what he has done in the past, each and every day. (As we see him do, during the second half of Season 2). Stefan’s complete avoidance of his Ripper Self allows him to live in a state of denial. He can pretend that what happened to him in the past happened to SOMEBODY else, because HE doesn’t drink human blood. Unfortunately, THESE coping mechanisms, combined with Stefan’s guilt are what ultimately made him so very vulnerable to Klaus’ manipulations in “As I Lay Dying.”

      And, of course, you never need to apologize for a lengthy comment. I love reading your writing. Not only is it inherently enjoyable, I find that I always learn something. So, thank you! 🙂

  2. East Coast Captain

    You know I have one thing to say. The council are a bunch of idiots apparently this season some douche is reinstating the vampire hunt, if those council idiots knew what really bumped in the night they would find vampires are the least of their problems.

    But Rippah Stefan is a BAMF.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I don’t know, I kind of like that TVD is incorporating hunters into Season 3. For the first two seasons, we have more or less seen vampires fighting one another, and then fighting werewolves. What’s nice about a hunter is that HE (or she) is a common enemy for all of its various prey. It would be awesome to see all these bad ass vampires, werewolves, and Originals band together to defeat a common HUMAN enemy. 🙂

      And yes, if the trailer is any indication, Ripper Stefan will be in full force this season. Watch out World! 🙂

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