Coed Naked Damon Salvatore – A Look at the TV Vampire’s Best Undressed Moments

“Well, hello ladies.  I’m BAAAAAAACKKK!”

WARNING:  There are certain posts on this blog that are intelligent, erudite, and highly analytical evaluations of pop culture . . . . This ISN’T one  of those posts. 


Christmas has come early for TVD fans, in the form of two tantalizing new trailers that are jam-packed with Ripper insanity, Delena tenderness, Coed Naked Forwood BED HUMPING, Salvatore Brother Wall Slam Madness, and a raging party at La Casa de Rich and Awesome .  . .

(Rafter Dancing not necessarily included . . .) 

Did I mention SHIRTLESSNESS?  Oh, yes, boys and girls.  This season’s new trailer delivered not one, but TWO “less than dressed” moments from our favorite TVD males.  And ONE of those moments, featured a teensy tiny bit of soap where UNDERWEAR was supposed to be  . . .  Any guesses as to who that lathered-up lad was?


(Well, read the title of this post, DUH!)

So, in honor of our new pal, Mr. Sudsy Weiner, I’ve decided to take a look back at some of Damon Salvatore’s most mesmerizing less-than-dressed moments.  Because we all know how much Damon likes to please the ladies (and the men) with his unique . . . um . . . assets . . .


So, grab that rubber duckie, and leave your clothing at the door, because it’s time to get NAKED with the sexiest 170-year old I know . . .

He Makes Bathtime Lots of Fun!

Rub, a, dub, dub, Fangbangers!  Damon Salvatore is not only the sexiest vampire in Mystic Falls, he may also be the CLEANEST.  After a long hard day of ripping out hearts, dancing like a maniac, flirting, and doing “that eye thing he always does,” the Elder Salvatore brother would like nothing more than to rip off those pesky clothes, and barrel into that pristine bathroom of his, for some “one-on-one time” with the tub.


“Go away SOAPDISH!  Bathtub and I need our privacy!”

When most of us think of Bathtub Damon, THIS is the image that comes to mind . . .

Having made his wet and wild debut, in the opening moments of Season 2’s “Daddy Issues,” before the title card for the show even appeared, this version of Bathtub Damon offered EVERYTHING a connoisseur of shirtlessness could possibly want:  pectoral closeups, abdominal appreciation, the long lingering upward crawl of a camera lens, and the brood and smoulder of a pensive, wet-haired Salvatore brother.

Admittedly, Damon had a whole lot of angst to wash off at the time (which may explain why he thankfully bathed AGAIN at the end of the episode).  After all, in the past twenty four hours, Damon had been forced to (1) euthanize a were-rabies addled Rose; (2) come to grips with his unquenchable desire to regain his humanity; and (3) eat a lonely young female traveler on the road, so as to avoid dealing with his FEELINGS.

Not only is the above scene undeniably sexy, it also silently and beautifully conveys the pain, guilt, longing and uncertainty Damon is experiencing at this point in the series.

But what’s a shower scene without a companion Wrapped in Towel Moment to swaddle your recent naked memories in the warmth and cuddliness of a fluffy white towel (easily removeable, of course)?

Oh Damon, you big ole fangy TEASE. . . with your unwrapped towel, which you woefully knotted, just moments before you sauntered across my television screen on those long lean muscular legs of yours.  I was so busy staring at your . . . ahem . . . better half that I barely noticed Future Sex Toy Andie on the TV within a TV, reporting on all those people Were Rabies Rose ate, last week.

“Who the f*&k is Rose?”

Fortunately (or, unfortunately, depending on your thoughts about Sex Toy Andie) both Bathtub Damon and his four-episode “girlfriend” graced the show with their respective presences, less than an hour later . . .

“This tub is so very small . . . and I am so very . . . large, hence, the pouting.” 

This bathtub scene served as a nice parallel to the one at the beginning of the episode, in that, here, in the comfort of his bathtub, Damon was finally able to convey in words all the pain we saw him silently endure, while in the shower.  Damon’s confession — which he felt comfortable giving to Andie, only because she was under compulsion at the time — was an extremely cathartic moment for our antihero.

Of course, it was fitting that he did this in a bathtub, as he was not only cleansing his body, but his soul as well.  Did I mention that it ended with one of the most captivating, transparently sexual, BITES in TVD history?

Of course, Delena fans, like myself, most remember this scene as being the one in which Damon admitted just how much he loved Elena, and that his biggest fear, was that he would never be good enough to deserve her love, in return.  This is a theme that echoes throughout the second half of Season 2.  And, as we well know, it comes full circle during Season Finale, when Elena finally admits to Damon that he IS good enough to deserve her, and that she likes him just the way he is . . .

(click on the internal link to view)

And hey, for those of you who prefer your Naked Damon silent, but deadly . . .

 . . . you can catch ALL THREE shirtless scenes from “Daddy Issues,” without all the pesky wordplay, RIGHT HERE:

Damon’s desire to use water to symbolically purge his inner demons is nothing new.  In fact, he’s been doing it since 1864 . . .

Back in the episode “Blood Brothers,” Damon had just learned that Vampire Katherine, the then-love of his life, may have been burned to death in church fire.  OH, and he also has three days to decide whether to feed on human blood, or DIE.  No pressure!  So, what does our Damon decide to do in the midst of all this stress?  Bathe in the river, of course!

(Clicky!  Clicky!)

 Open-Shirted Shenanigans!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love me some COMPLETELY NAKED Damon.  But sometimes, the delectable allure of just the slightest sliver of bare chest can be precisely what the Love Doctor ordered.  Perhaps, the most notable of Open-Shirted Salvatore Moments occurs during Season 1’s “The Lost Girls,” in which Damon engages soon-to-be vampire Vicki in what has become the SECOND most iconic dance in TVD history.  (The most iconic, being the “Miss Mystic Falls” dance, obviously.)

Given all the angst and heartache we’ve watched him endure throughout Season 2, it’s easy to forget that Damon Salvatore is a FUN GUY!  And when he’s not busy pining for love, or trying to save Elena from the Villain of the Week, he’d like nothing more than to pop open a few beers (or his trademark bottle of bourbon) pop up his shirt collar, and dance from the rafters to the groovy sounds of a Depeche Mode cover band .  . .

(Come on!  Press the link!  You know you want to!)

 Yet, even during Damon’s most carefree and liquored-up moments, there is an inner core of sadness that lurks beneath the surface.

So, no matter how much he tries to use drinking and good humor to dull The Pain, it still peeks out, exposing its raw and vulnerable “skin” through the thin fabric of his unbuttoned cotton shirt . . . And we all know, there’s really only one person who could properly button that “pain” back up: Elena.

(You can’t NOT click the link!  It’s, as Damon says, “irresistabbbllle.”)

But, lest we get too maudlin, we should remember, that drinking and partying, isn’t ALWAYS about dulling the pain.  Sometimes, its just a way to reconnect with old friends through a nice neighborly game of strip poker.

It also could be a sexy way to kill the messenger.

You know . . . because it “sends a message.”

(Hit THAT!)

Sleepy Time for Sexy Vamp . . .

You know, in SOME vampire shows, bloodsuckers don’t sleep . . . or they DO sleep, but they do it in coffins, ick!

Rough sleeper? 

Fortunately, in The Vampire Diaries, vampires sleep just as much (or as little) as us humans do.  And Damon Salvatore is no exception.  You know what else is great about TVD vampires?  They tend to sleep without their shirts on!

Of course, as we know, beds aren’t always for sleeping.  Sometimes, they are for pondering your next move, because you just learned that the woman you love has ONCE AGAIN put her life in the hands of the dubiously trustworthy Vampire Elijah (and his fabulous hair), as we see in the above shot, taken from Season 2’s “Klaus.”

But don’t worry.  Damon does WAY more than pout and sleep in his bed.  He also uses it for HOT SEX. . .

Yes, boys and girls.  Contrary to popular belief, people (and vampires) did, in fact, engage in hot raunchy LOVIN’, back in 1864.  They just had a lot more clothing to remove, before they could get to the good stuff. . .

(Click the link!  Get some)

After a long exhausting night of hot loving . . .

Nothing beats some good old-fashioned breakfast in bed . . .

Just don’t play with your food, OK?

(Munch!  Munch!)

Of course, the problem with eating breakfast in bed, is that it tends to muss up your sheets with crumbs (or blood, as the case may be).  When that happens, you may find yourself having to improvise.  One way to do that is by moving your bedtime activities to THE FLOOR, as Katherine and Damon do in Season 2’s “The Return”

Wow!  Damon’s a DAMN GOOD LOVER, isn’t he?

No wonder Elena is having sexy dreams about him!


Earlier, we discussed how Damon sometimes uses his shirtlessness to express his sadness and vulnerability.  But sometimes, the Elder Salvatore has been known to rip off his shirt to channel his ANGER!  Take for example these two parallel scenes, in which Damon takes out his anger, over being outsmarted by a fellow vampire, on his SHIRT, his PHONE, and, of course, a Very Special Soapdish . . .

Speaking of Soap . . .

It always comes back to cleanliness with Damon, doesn’t it?  And this post is no exception.  I leave you with the much beloved Shirtless and Soapy Damon clip from The Vampire Diaries’ BRAND NEW upcoming season, set to premiere September 15th.

(Lather up!)

Sweet dreams! 

[][Fangirls Forever]


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20 responses to “Coed Naked Damon Salvatore – A Look at the TV Vampire’s Best Undressed Moments

  1. mak75231

    From the title ALONE, there was no way I COULD NOT LOOK! I swear it took me an hour to get thru this post…and now I’m trying to figure out how to project it on my bedroom ceiling! Maybe the bathroom ceiling would be more *ahem* appropriate! Um, did you write something between the caps? Maybe I’d better go look again! Move over, Mr. Bubbles, I’m gettin in!

    • You and me both, mak! 🙂 You would think by now, YouTube would have some sort of hologram technology, so that you could put certain videos “in bed” with you. 😉

      I had so much fun trying to recall all of Damon’s shirtless and open-shirted scenes since Season 1. I’m pretty sure I “collected them all” (with the exception of the Man-Stealer Rose Scene, which, as far as I’m concerned, never actually happened ;)).

      The scene in which Damon is telling Stefan that he is “vengeful” over Logan Fell’s manipulation of him (MAN! Remember THAT guy?) was a particular find for me, because I HONESTLY didn’t recall the scene! However, saw that picture of Damon on the phone in front of the mirror in practically EVERY Shirtless Damon YouTube Montage I watched. So, when I finally found it, there may have been dancing going on in my house. 😉

      Oh, and yeah, no need to read between the caps and vids. In the early parts of the post, I tried to be all smart and informative, describing the scenes. But then it just devolved into total, and unadulterated, fangirling. 🙂

  2. East Coast Captain

    Well Damon is pretty cool how he uses humor to lighten the mood.

    But getting back to Season 3, a human Antagonist would be easy to kill however this other mysterious vampire hunter than even Klaus is worried about must be something else.

    I will do a Teen Wolf /TVD crossover. First I need to think something up after Tomorrow.

    • LOL East Coast Captain. I give you kudos for taking the time to read and reply to this post, since I know it wasn’t at all your “cup of tea.” I wonder if I would have had the maturity to respond the same way, had you written a blog article, which was comprised entirely of Katherine posing in her lingerie. 🙂 (But hey, in my defense, I did offer you a bit of half-naked Nina Dobrev to make all the Naked Ian go down easier :))

      I don’t know. I’m still thinking Season 3’s vampire hunter will be human. It wouldn’t be the first time that a “mere mortal” posed a serious threat to supernatural kind. Consider how effective Buffy was at battling vampires, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and how dangerous the Argents are to werewolves in Teen Wolf. When you think about it, there’s really nothing that can’t be accomplished with a sharpened stake, and a few powerful wooden bullets. 😉

  3. imaginarymen

    I’d love to comment, but I’m too busy drooling and making my eyes roll back into the front of my head ;-00


    P.S. I would like “Salvatore Brother Wall Slam Madness” to be an Olympic sport please ;->>

    • 🙂 Thanks Amy! It was my pleasure to provide you with some one-stop shopping for all your Naked Damon needs.

      Now about those Wall Slams. Surely, SOMEONE has compiled a montage of all these definitely violent, yet undoubtedly sexual, TVD moments on YouTube. (Surely, there’s been at least 100 of them in these past two seasons!) As Damon is my witness, I WILL find this video! 😉

  4. Sophie

    This must be heaven…Naked Damon as far as my eyes can see!
    There honestly is no better way to await season 3.
    Here’s to hoping there’ll be a lot more of this after Sep. 15…

    • Awww, well, I’m happy to give you a little piece of Damony Heaven, Sophie!

      As for Season 3, I think it’s a VERY good sign that the previews seem to suggest that Naked Damon will make an appearance in the premiere episode. 🙂 Hopefully, this is foreshadowing of many, many, more drool-worthy undressed Damon moments to come (at least enough for me to make a sequel to this post). 😉

  5. East Coast Captain

    The hunters are dangerous yes but even the smallest thing can change that. I suspect the werewolves might change the game by bringing in human justice and rightfully so by painting the hunters as killers and let the cops deal with them or a full on assault in a one swoop. Because I despise the hunters for going after innocent werewolves.

    But getting Buffy, the government tried to control the supernatural but in the end they didn´t understand it and severely underestimated it.

  6. This was too hilarious! Loved the title, and couldn’t resist. I, too, didn’t notice Andie on the tv until the 2nd time I watched Daddy Issues. I guess I was distracted 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the sudsy goodness come season 3!

    • Hey Tiff Biff! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad you enjoyed my Ode to Naked Damon. 🙂 I’ll be honest. Part of the reason I wrote this post was so that I would have a single site where I knew I could always go to get my Undressed Somerhalder Fix, after a long, hard day, of hanging out with clothed people. 🙂

      And yes, you can bet that Bubble Bath Damon will, not only receive my full attention, during the Season Premiere, he may just merit his own full-length analytical essay (complete with extra large pictures, of course) on my blog. 🙂

  7. serendipity

    Hi Julie!
    Well, this is definitely going to be my shortest comment EVER on your blog! I’m still recovering 😉 and wiping the drool off my keyboard 😀 Could you please send me another one, as it’s totally your fault that I ruined it in the first place with all that hotness gathered in one place? 😉

    Okay, shutting up now. Going to read your blog a couple more times and will bookmark it for direct access. See how all of this has made me lose my English grammar? 😉

    I’m definitely making a reference to this in the next post of Shadowdancing (pity we can’t add links there)! That should help people imagining my story, as I’m sure I put all of those wet and naked, semi-dressed and openshirted impressions of my favorite vamp in there somewhere… Or maybe I should go over your blog again and make sure I didn’t miss any? 😉

    • Awww, sorry about the keyboard. If it makes you feel any better, I’m on about my eighth one, since TVD premiered, back in 2009. 😉 (I’m sure you could guess which episodes resulted in the ruination of keyboards 1 through 7, at least. ;))

      If you give me a forwarding address (or even an imaginary one, in Mystic Falls), I’d be happy to mail you a new keyboard . . . with Naked Damony pictures taped all over it, of course. 😉 Speaking of Damony pictures that are sure to make you drool, a friend of mine just sent me a link to her AMAZINGLY easy-on-the-eyes, Damon Salvatore-centric tumblr. I thought you might enjoy it! (I know I did!)

      And thank you, thank you, again, for the awesome shout out, in your spectacularly riveting, and subtly erotic, Delena fanfiction. Speaking of which, DELENA FANS, if you haven’t read this one yet, you are missing out on some SERIOUSLY SEXY Dancing Damon / Naked Damon / Ponytail Elena / Drunken Elena / and Dream Scene Damon antics . . .

      (Would I ever steer you wrong? ;))

  8. Anything starting with “Coed Naked…” is bound to be awesome, and you did not disappoint, Julie!

    I am looking forward to which GIF will be deemed worthy of being included in every recap next season. Like in year one you had Dancing Damon, in year two you had Shower Damon… I have my $ on Soapy Damon, but maybe something else will trump that? Anything is possible in the Year of Delena.

    LOL. You’ll be happy to know that Coed Naked Forwood Humping has made its way into TC fandom lexicon. Now we just need Coed Naked Delena Love Making or something more original than I can currently come up with because shirtless Damon Salvatore is covering my screen and I feel the irresistible need to scroll back up again 😉

    • LOL Cherie! Don’t feel bad about the obsessive scrolling. Between you and me, I added a heaping dose of Damon Salvatore compulsion into that post, to keep people ogling Coed Naked Damon’s body forever, and ever . . . or until they had to leave or work or school, whichever came first. 😉

      I love that you noticed that I have my “token” GIFs during certain Seasons of TVD. *blushes* I do love me some Soapy Damon, so you may very well be right about that one . . . though, I’ve recently been very partial to that “I’m and eternal stud” GIF, and, of, course the Eye Roll one. 🙂 So, I suspect, all things being equal, you will see a lot of ALL THREE next season. Unless of course, Damon and Elena FINALLY do the deed, in which case all bets are off . When that happens, I suspect my ability to post ANY GIF aside from the inevitable Delena Sex one, will literally go out the window. 🙂 It will just be ALL Delena Sex, all the time . . .

      Speaking of SHIPS, you have no idea how honored I am that Coed Naked Forwood Humping have come to find a home in yours! (I imagine I have you to thank for that! ;)) You know, one of these days, we are going to have to do a joint Coed Naked Olympics post, in which we just throw in everybody’s naked “sports” GIFS, and give them creative, and mildly humorous, names. I can see it now: Coed Naked Delena Bathtime Body Rubs, Coed Naked Klefan Neck Munching, Coed Naked Ghost Sex (for Jeremy of course), Coed Naked Elijah Hair Flip (all fingers crossed on his return / shirtless debut).

      Man, as if I wasn’t impatient ENOUGH for September 15th to get here already! 🙂

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  10. Brittany-Marie

    LOVE this post ❤
    Also since I'm unaware as to whether you have been exposed to all of these yet, I thought I would post them in a comment for you (:

    I know I exposed you to at least one, but reposting anyways for any others who have yet to be exposed.

    They certainly are helping me survive the count down.
    This is probably going to be the LONGEST, seemingly NEVER-ENDING
    Four Weeks, of my life.

    • Hey Brittany! You are so awesome, for posting all these awesome videos! Thank you for being my personal link to all the best TVD promos and fanvids on the internet! You rock!

      I’m not shy to admit, I’ve watched these videos about ten times each since you posted them! SQUEE, less than one month away! The Vampires are COMING, and they are coming FAST AND FURIOUS! And, if the promos are any indication, they aren’t bringing much in the way of clothing . .. which, as you know, is just how I like them! 😉

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  12. Hi I hope lan aka Damon can respond I’m a huge fan and I know I’m young but your handsome as hell I got jealous When I saw u kiss Alina so plz respond and say hi if u can damon

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