BITE ME, UNCLE ALPHA! – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season Finale Part II “Code Breaker”

Derek Hale, you just purchased a brand new pair of red-colored contacts became the new Alpha.  What are you going to do now?

DEREK: “I’m going to have crazy, mindblowing, sex with a TV Recapper!” 

Greetings Werebangers!  Well, the finale of Teen Wolf has come and gone.  And the world, as we know it, will never be the same.  We’ve seen things we can’t unsee: people with their throats ripped out; corpses tucked in the trunks of cars; skin irreparably burned by twin Molotov Cocktails; a body spewing blood across a hospital bed, like a geyser . . .

 . . . and, the most shocking image of all . . . DEREK HALE SMILING!

So, reload that crossbow, toss me a Molotov, and show me your teeth, because it’s time for the FINAL Teen Wolf Recap of the Year . . .

Man, I’m going to miss using this GIF!

(As always, special thanks to the spectacularly brilliant and talented screencapper Andre, for the images you see here.  Were it not for all his help, this season, these recaps would probably be filled with nothing more than my LAME words, and a few random promotional stills that I nabbed off 🙂 )

“So . . . ummmmm, Allison.  About my New Face . . .”

“You like?”

When we last left those two crazy kids, Allison and Scott, they were contemplating a little quickie in the old school bus .  . .

 . . . until, of course,  that mean ole’ cock block, Papa Argent came, and TRIED TO RUN SCOTT OVER WITH HIS CAR . . .

 Damn you, Papa Argent!  It’s YOUR fault that this show is only rated “T” for teen!

Once Scott realizes what has happened, he runs off to LITERALLY go howl in the woods .  . .

OK, Scott.  I know your “devastated,” and all.  But is it really necessary to go rolling around in dirt, in your WHITE DRESS SHIRT?  What is this . . . the beginning of a Tide detergent commercial?

Having been effectively neutered by his girlfriend’s dad, Scott goes to the vet’s office, so he can “sort out his feelings” along with the other K-9’s .  . .

*sniffle, sniffle*  “I wish I could just roll over, and play dead.” 

As for Allison, she’s more in shock than anything else.  Wouldn’t you be, if you found out you were screwing a dog?


 Papa Argent hugs his frightened daughter to his chest, and drives her home.  Given the state she’s in, he will probably have to wait until tomorrow to get her a rabies shot.

Meanwhile, out on the football field . . .

Road Trippin’ with Uncle Alpha

Stiles is freaking out now, huddled, as he is, over a definitely unconscious Lydia’s limp body.

“Uhh . . . Lydia?  I really hope you don’t let this reflect poorly on your opinion of our first date.”

But Uncle Alpha doesn’t seem all that concerned.  He has bigger fish to fry than prospectively dead redheads.  He wants to find Derek Hale, and he needs Stiles to help him do it.  “Why don’t you just kill me, already?” Stiles shouts.

Oh, come on, Stiles!  Let’s not be so overdramatic!  I mean, Lydia’s a nice girl and all (Well . . . not really).  But she’s not technically your girlfriend yet, is she?  So, there’s really no need to go all Romeo and Juliet on us, now.  Is there?

After Uncle Alpha assures Stiles that he doesn’t want to immediately kill him, Stiles reluctantly agrees to help him find Derek.  However, being the chivalrous gentleman he is, Stiles absolutely refuses to leave Lydia three-quarters dead, in the middle of the football field.  (What a guy!)  So, Uncle Alpha, ever the resourceful Super Villain, suggests that Stiles call Jackson, and tell him where he could go to pick up his ex-girlfriend, and possibly ex-human.

“Lord, when I asked you for a ready and waiting woman, to fall into my arms, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” 

Chilling out in Stiles’ jeep together, en route to Uncle Alpha’s car (which is located in the parking lot of the mall / grocery store) “sensitive” Uncle Alpha tells Stiles not to worry about Lydia, since there’s a good chance she could come back to life, as a big hairy werewolf.  What a refreshing thought, Uncle Alpha!  Stiles, of course notes that this would also mean that Lydia will start sprouting hair in weird, unattractive places, undoubtedly causing Stiles to cough up many a hairball, if and when he sleeps with her will eventually lose control, and try to EAT STILES, at some point, all because she’s having a bad day.

Yeah . . . that wasn’t what I meant. 

Uncle Alpha can’t really argue with that assessment, so he starts humming to the tunes on the radio, instead . . .

“My mouth is alive, with juices like wine.  And I’m Hungry Like the Wolffffff.” 

Over in the parking lot, Uncle Alpha lets Stiles get a peek underneath his hood . . . oops, I mean, in the trunk of his car . . . which is actually the red-headed nurse’s car.  “But  . .  . she’s dead,” exclaims Captain Obvious Stiles, in horror.

Check out the hand.  It looks kind of wolfy to me.  I guess “getting the bite” doesn’t necessarily promise a long life, now, does it? 

“I got better,” remarks Uncle Alpha emotionlessly.  (Haha!  I like THIS GUY!  He’s funny!)

From the stinky corpse-filled trunk, Uncle Alpha extracts a iMac laptop, causing Stiles to wonder whether ALL werewolves are MAC people.   (Gee, I wonder how much Apple paid for THAT little advertisement?)

Buy iMac . . . for all your wolfy, human flesh-eating needs. 

Now, all they have to do, is type Scott’s iPhone username and password into the computer, and they can figure out where Derek (who has been hanging on to the phone for precisely this purpose), is being held captive.  After making a few growled threats, and promising to keep Scott safe, Uncle Alpha eventually gets Stiles to admit that he knows both Scott’s username AND password by heart.

Stiles types both in, and Uncle Alpha hilariously rolls his eyes.  “His username is ‘Allison.’  And his password is also ‘Allison‘?”  He snorts derisively.

“Apparently, I’ve just let the human equivalent of a tampon into my wolf pack.”

(OK, so, I immediately guessed Scott’s password.  He’s not particularly intelligent, or creative, after all.  But that username threw me.  I mean, what kind of guy chooses “Allison” for their username?  The kind of guy who gets weepy, while watching The Notebook, that’s who!)

“Are you sure you still want him in your pack?”  Stiles quips.

Uncle Alpha doesn’t look sure at all.  In fact, he’s probably wishing he took Stiles, instead, or Stiles’ dad, or THIS GUY . . .

 . . . anybody aside from Schmoopy Scott and his oh-so-creative cell phone passwords!

Within moments, Derek Sexy Pants’ location is revealed.  Apparently, Auntie Kate has been keeping him in a dungeon, underneath the guy’s OWN HOUSE, this WHOLE TIME.


I suspect the warehouse was used back in the day, by the family, to prevent themselves from eating their neighbors, during the Full Moon.  (How thoughtful!)

Having gotten what he wanted out of Stiles, Uncle Alpha takes the keys to the poor kid’s jeep and smashes them in his hands, so he can’t follow him. He then prepares to strand the poor guy in the parking lot.

Wait . . . how did he get them all to bend in different directions?  That’s pretty impressive! 

“Oh, so your not going to kill me?”  Stiles asks, seeming slightly disappointed, if you ask me.

Uncle Alpha, honestly, seems hurt by the notion that he would kill the most popular character on this show. “When are you going to realize that I’m not the bad guy here?”

“You turn into a giant monster, with red eyes and fangs, and YOU’RE not the bad guy?”  Stiles quips.  (LOVE HIM!)

“I’m just misunderstood.” 

Though clearly played up for humor, this conversation actually brings up a good point about Uncle Alpha.  I mean, of course, he’s the Bad Guy!  How could a guy morph into something that looks that hideous and not be? And yet, Uncle Alpha is far from the one-note maniac with his heart set on World Domination that we so often see on these types of shows.

Much like the Argents (well, at least Papa Argent . . . there’s no accounting for Auntie Kate the Psychotic Werewolf Slayer), Uncle Alpha has a code to live by, and that code is Vengeance.  All his actions throughout the season were geared toward attaining that goal.  And while this doesn’t make his actions justifiable, it certainly gives him a valid, and somewhat relateable, motive for his crimes.

So, while WE view Uncle Alpha as a Bad Guy for what he did to Laura Hale . . .

 You just don’t come back from something like this . . .

. . . and what he’s TRYING to do to Derek, Scott, and his friends, as viewers, we can definitely see why Uncle Alpha HIMSELF doesn’t see himself as a Bad Guy, but more as a victim, of sorts, turned renegade anti-hero.

In fact, to prove he’s “not a Bad Guy,” Uncle Alpha offers to repay Stiles for  all his heart work and support, by BITING HIS ARM OFF!

 “Does anybody have any butter?”

That’s right, boys and girls!  Realizing that one of his packmembers is this uber sappy emo kid, who’s unhealthily obsessed with his girlfriend, Uncle Alpha has decided that it might not be such a bad idea to do a little additional pack recruiting.  And he wants Stiles on his man-eating team.

Just as Derek did with Scott, during the Pilot episode, Uncle Alpha begins to sell Stiles on the joys of being a werewolf.  Believe it or not, the “DO YOU WANT THE BITE?” scene was by far my favorite of the episode, and, considering this episode contained within it a heaping helping of Shirtless Derek, that’s saying A LOT!

“Whatchu talkin’ about, Recapper?” 

“You know, I bit Scott that night, because I needed a pack, but it could just as easily have been you . . . ” Uncle Alpha begins.  (Well, that’s a new piece of information!)  “If it doesn’t kill you, which it might . . . you will become like us . . .  no more standing on the sidelines watching Scott grow stronger, and more popular . .  . watching him get the girl.  You two will be equals . . . maybe you’ll even more than that.”

This naughty little puppy is about to get a spanking. 

One of the things that makes Uncle Alpha such an intriguing character, is that he is capable of SO much empathy, especially for a villain.  (A quality which the female Auntie Kate, ironically seems to almost completely lack.)  The reason why Uncle Alpha is so great at manipulating the other characters on this show, is that he has such a deep understanding of them.

He knows that Derek is primarily driven by his guilt over the pain of losing his family.  He KNOWS that Scott would pretty much sell out his own mother to protect Allison.  And he knows that Stiles, while being predominately driven by loyalty toward his friends, also deep down, must be feeling some resentment toward being forced to the sidelines, as the less intelligent, and less generous Scott is given the opportunity to shine with his newfound abilities, and new hot girlfriend.


You gotta admit, for a socially awkward high school kid, who’s best friend is already a werewolf, accepting Uncle Alpha’s offer sounds like a pretty good idea, don’t you think?  (Just ask Jackson.)

“Please bite me in the ass.  I’ll be your best friend!” 

Stiles doesn’t say anything at first.  He just sort of stands their gawking at Uncle Alpha, like he wants to make out with him, or something.  Not one to stand on ceremony, Uncle Alpha grabs Stiles’ arm, and slowly lifts it toward his mouth.  But Stiles snatches it back at the last second.  “I don’t want to be like you,” Stiles hisses.

(I know it’s random, but I just couldn’t resist.)

Uncle Alpha doesn’t believe Stiles, because apparently his heart was beating faster, when he said the words, “I don’t want,” thereby signifying a lie.

I guess lie detection is another cool party trick werewolves can do!  I don’t know, Stiles.  It sounds like you are missing out.

Having had his “gift” denied, Uncle Alpha bids Stiles adieu, and heads off in Stiles’ jeep toward La Casa de Old and Decrepit, a.k.a. Derk Hales House . . .

Don’t Mess with Mama Argent!

Back at the Walmart of Guns, Papa Argent is reading Auntie Kate the riot act, for letting the cat out of the bag to Allison about the whole “werewolves exist, and we kill them” thing.  (So,  I guess this means Papa Argent didn’t expose Scott as a werewolf to Allison, on purpose?)

He’s beginning to question Auntie Kate’s real reasons behind returning to town, and whether she’s adhering to the code, considering she seemed so willing to put a teenager like Scott’s life at risk, even though he’s never spilled any blood, while in wolf form.  (Well . . . except maybe Danny’s.)

How soon we forget! 

You can tell that Papa Argent is already starting to piece things together, when he notes that Uncle Alpha only seems to be killing those individuals with some connection to the Hale fire.  “Well, everyone always blamed us for that,” Kate argues.  (UHH HUH!  With good reason!  Because YOU did it, B*tch!)

Why do I get this weird incestual vibe, everytime I watch these two interact on screen with one another?

Ultimately, Papa Argent punishes Auntie Kate for her insubordination, by benching her from the Game of Kill Alpha, and forcing her to take Allison out of town to ensure that she is safe from any possible retaliatory Alpha acts that might be made against her person, within the next couple of days.  Auntie Kate reluctantly agrees, but she does so with a mishievous gleam in her eyes, that seems to suggest that she has other plans for her and Allison, ones that involve a bit less road tripping, and a bit more ass-kicking . . .

I would wipe that smirk off your face, if I were you.  In about 15 minutes, you aren’t going to have a throat . . . or a working neck, for that matter.

Upstairs in Allison’s room, her mom is helping her to pack for her little “Please don’t kill me, Mean Werewolf,” excursion.

We’ve really only met mom once or twice this season.  But we already know she’s a total WACKJOB, one that makes Auntie Kate look like a pussycat by comparison.  (Who would have thought that scary Papa Argent, would end up being the most docile and relatable adult in this family?)

“Who you callin’ DOCILE?” 

In addition to her severe haircut, and super frightening alien eyes, Allison’s mom is like a cross between a Stepford Wife, Mommy Dearest, the Wicked Queen in Snow White, and a rabid pitbull.  During her scene with Allison she alternates from faux smiling and discussing the weather up north, and what Allison should wear, to screaming at her to keep quiet about all the family secret’s she’s recently learned.  Mommy Dearest, indeed . . .

Gross Anatomy (No, really . . . that sh*t’s nasty.)

Just as Uncle Alpha had envisioned, Jackson retrieves Lifeless Lydia from the football field, and carries her back to school to get some help.  She is promptly brought to the hospital where, according to the doctors, she seems to be having an allergic reaction of sorts to the bite she received.

Don’t I look all pretty and angelic, in my hospital bed?”

Outside in the waiting area, Deputy Daddy gives Jackson a good ole’ TVD style wall slam, demanding to know exactly what happened to this teen, who was suppposedly Jackson’s girlfriend.


I suspect Jackson has a pretty good idea of precisely what happened to Lydia.  But, of course, he passes the buck, telling Deputy Daddy that maybe he should ask HIS SON, since HE was Lydia’s actual date to the dance, not Jackson.

Now it’s Deputy Daddy’s turn to be near tears.  “Somebody better find my song,” he whispers frantically, before finally letting Stiles go.

Entering the hospital with a creepy detached look in her eye is Allison, who’s walking through the hospital halls, like she’s a dude with a hard-on.

 I didn’t know there were zombies on this show . . .

She immediately finds Lydia’s bed.  And when she places her hand on the glass, Allison envisions Lydia, seizing violently, and shooting blood all across the room.

That was neat, Allison!  I want to learn to do that!

Of course, when she removes her hand, Lydia goes back to normal, her bed just as white and pristine, as when the bedsheets were first washed.  But hey, just because it was a hallucination on Allison’s part, didn’t make it any less nasty.

When Allison returns to the car, “supportive” Auntie Kate is right there waiting to give her a little snide, “I told you so.”

Why does this picture remind me of a poster for the direct-to-video sequel of Thelma and Louise?

According to Auntie Kate, this is what ALL werewolves do.  “They just can’t help themselves . . . yes, even Scott.”

Oh, Auntie Kate, you Shameless Murderer of Young Love, you!


When Stiles finally arrives at the hospital, his father is clearly relieved to see him alive.  But still . . . he has some SERIOUS explaining to do, about the whole, “leave your date in the middle of a field to die, after she was bit by  . . . SOMETHING” thing.  Nevertheless, Deputy Daddy has some important information to share with Stiles.  Specifically, he tells him that the person who orchestrated the Hale fire was a woman, currently in her late 20’s wearing a very distinct necklace.

And that’s how Stiles FINALLY fingered Kate .  . .

. . .  wait . . . that didn’t come out right.

Of course, now that Stiles has returned, everyone seems to be looking for Scott.  Deputy Daddy inquires as to his wereabouts, but both Stiles and Jackson remain mum.  However, when Papa ARGENT, asks the same question, Jackson, who I will hereinafter refer to as the Little Weiner tha Couldn’t, or Little Weiner for short, cracks under the pressure.  (SURPRISE!)

It’s time for more idle threats and wall slams!  Yay!

“Pucker up, cutie pie!”

Papa Argent takes this captive audience opportunity to tell Stiles his furry little bedtime story, about the time he had to shoot his rabid werewolf, former best friend in the head.  Stiles snarks that Papa should use better judgment selecting friends.  Papa fires back, by forcing Stiles to recall the time he was forced to chain Scott to the radiator, during the whole Bad Scott Full Moon episode.

“Memories . . . like the corners of my mind.  Misty water colored memmoriesssss, of the way we werreeee.” 

In response, Stiles FINALLY lets Papa in on what we’ve known all along, that Auntie Kate was the one who broke the Hunter Bro Code to burn down the Hale House, all those years ago.

Annnnd the plot thickens . . .

Once Papa Argent is done man-handling the kiddies, Stiles and Jackson decide to head off in Stiles’ Porsche to go find Scott themselves, since they are both pretty sure, under the circumstances, that he is hanging out at La Casa de Old and Decrepit with Wolfman Derek.

Scott McCall to the Rescue (I guess there’s a first time for everything!)

We return to the dungeons to find Sexy Wolfman Derek still shirtless . . .


 . . . and still being beaten by the Argent Enforcer, Mr. Clean .  . . this time, with a bat.

I’ve never been so jealous of a bat before in my life .  . . 

Scott finds Derek by howling at the moon.

(Because that’s not cheesy at all.) 

By the time Scott arrives, Derek has managed to remove enough of his chains to knock out the enforcer.  Derek is pretty happy to see his fellow pack member.

“So, this one time . . . at band camp . . .” 

But the pair seem to be at a bit of a standstill.  You see, Derek wants Scott to help him out of his last restaints, but Scott wants Derek to promise to help Scott rescue Allison first.  Having had his own  . . . negative experiences with Argents during his teen years . . .

 . . .  Derek wants Scott to buck up and behave like a wolf.  “You are 16-years old . . . you are not in love.  You are a CHILD,” Derek growls, even though he can’t really be more than five years older than the “child,” himself.

But then Scott conveniently shows Derek the paper indicating that the Alpha, with the nurse’s help had lured Laura Hale into town to kill her, so that he could become the Alpha.  And suddenly a vengeful Derek is right back on the “Help Scott, Save Allison, Kill Alpha Team.”  He breaks out of the restraints himself, and the two betas make a run for it . . .

Nice Knowing Ya, Auntie Kate (Well . . . not really . . . but, you know .  . .)

Derek and Scott are running around La Casa de Old and Decrepit, when Derek suddenly has the strangest feeling that they are being stalked.  Scott suddenly decides to get all META, and tell Derek that by SAYING seems to easy, he’s pretty much GUARANTEEING that bad sh*t will go down.

NOW, you tell me!” 

Cue the entrance of Allison and Kate, and their weird weapons arsenal.  Using her archery bow, Allison expertly hits Derek with two silver tipped arrows at Kate’s command.

“WOAH!  How did THAT get there?” 

She then blows up a tree near Scott to blind and incapacitate him.

Cue the Bad Ass Female Music, as the two women walk in slow mo toward their prey.  A whiny squinty Scott continues to proclaim to an angry Allison that despite pretty much lying to her for 11 episodes straight, he really does love her, and has only been trying to protect her this entire time.  Kate interrupts this sweet heartfelt moment to tell Allison that it’s time to kill the Betas.  Naive Allison is SHOCKED at this suggestion.  “I thought you just wanted to catch them,” she exclaims.

Really Allison?  Have you met Kate the WEREWOLF SLAYER?  Have you been watching the same show we have?  Then Kate shoots Derek in the stomach WITH A GUN to prove she’s serious . . .

Then, before Allison can scream “SCOOOOOOOOOT,” she pushes her own niece out of the way, and prepares to put a bullet in our heroes brain.

It’s PAPA ARGENT to the rescue?  He reminds Kate that shooting teens is not acceptable.  She has gone against the code for the last time.  “Put the gun down, or I will put you down,” he threatens, holding a gun in his sister’s face.

(Now don’t you wish you could put THAT sentiment on a Hallmark card for  YOUR sister’s birthday?)

This little Fun Family Moment, is interrupted by the ominous opening of the door to La Casa de Old and Decrepit.  Scott’s eyes begin to glow.  “It’s the Alpha,” he snarls.

Suddenly, the Alpha is circling the Argents at top speed, knocking them to the ground, one by one.  It’s pretty darn hilarious, I have to say, particularly when he does it to Allison.  (Yes, I’m a total b*tch, I know.)  Saving the best for last, he grabs Auntie Kate, and breaks her arm, causing her to drop her only weapon.   He then throws her into the Hale House.

Oh, it’s ON!

Allison runs into the house, frantic to save her Aunt, who the Alpha now has by the neck.

Cutest Couple EVER! 

For the first time, Auntie Kate looks scared, and vulnerable.  She’s no dummy, and knows the end is near for her.  Uncle Alpha remarks that Allison and Kate look a lot alike, only Allison is less damaged.  (Something tells me, she won’t be “less damaged” for much longer, after witnessing this!)  Uncle Alpha then tearfully asks Kate to apologize for killing his entire family.  Kate rasps out a sorry.  But Uncle Alpha breaks her neck, and rips out her throat, anyway, as Allison looks on in horror.

Sayonara SUCKA! 

“I don’t know about you, but that apology didn’t sound very sincere to me,” Uncle Alpha snarls.  (You have to admit, he has a point.)

Then the Alpha lunges for Allison.  But ta-da!  It’s a wolfy Scott and Derek to the rescue.  Scott growls for Allison to run.  It’s GO TIME!

Werewolf Showdown (Cue the bad CGI Graphics!)

As Uncle Alpha’s face gets all stretchy, weird and Alpha like . . .

 This gives the term facelift a whole new meaning . . .

However, Scott and Derek dominate the human transformer, by kicking him, punching him, and doing back flips and karate chops on him. But when Uncle Alpha morphs into his full Alpha mode.  All bets are off, and the playing field is no longer even.  Uncle Alpha then easily incapacitates Derek for like the 80th time this episode, and stalks out toward the humans, who are waiting for him outside


Rock on, Scooby Gang!

Stiles and Jackson arrive on the scene, just as Uncle Alpha is running through the door.

Though I’m not sure when they had time to make them, each is carrying a Molotov Cocktail.  Stiles throws his first.  And, in an echo to the “Night School” episode, the Alpha catches it . . .

Chug a Lug, Alpha! 

 . . . except THAT time the Cocktail was made wrong.  This time, it was made CORRECTLY.  Thinking fast, Scott throws Allison her crossbow, and she shoots an arrow through the Cocktail, causing it and Uncle Alpha to burst into flames.

“Stop, drop and ROLL, Alpha!” 

Jackson then throws HIS Molotov Cocktail to fuel the fire, and Scott needlessly . . . but I guess the writers needed him to do SOMETHING finishes Uncle Alpha off, by kicking him into a nearby tree (Honestly, I’m not sure how he managed to not get burned doing that, but OK.)


The Alpha falls to the ground, looking pretty darn dead.  But shockingly he’s not.  Cue Derek’s triumphant exit from La Casa de Rich and Decrepit.  He walks toward the prone Alpha like a man on a mission.

Scott warns Derek, that if HE kills the Alpha, Scott’s final chance at a cure for his werewolfism is pretty much shot.  But Derek isn’t exactly in the mood to listen to reason.  He leans over the Alpha, with vengeance in his eyes.  “You’ve already made your decision,” rasps the dying, groteque-looking Uncle Alpha.  “I can smell it on you,” he concludes, his eyes glowing red for the last time.

And the Derek does it. Using his nails, he takes a big swipe out of Uncle Alpha’s neck, ripping his throat out, just as the Alpha had done to Auntie Kate, moments ago.

His eyes immediately glow red, and his voice starts to get that creepy echo to it.  “I’m the Alpha now,” he says triumphantly.


Amidst all this (Because seeing people with their throats ripped out is SUCH a turn on!), Allison crawls over to Scott, and starts making out with his wolf face.  The effect of Allison’s saliva, de-wolf’s Scott. “What did you do that for?”  He inquires.

“Because I love you and I really don’t give a sh*t that my favorite Aunt just died, or that I killed someone, and will, therefore, probably be traumatized for the rest of my life,” Allison replies.

Allison, you DOG F*CKER, YOU! 

Cue the schmoopy music.  OK, I’m officially gagging now . . .

Lydia’s a WHAT??!

After all is said and done, Scott and Stiles sneak back into the hospital to look in on a resting Lydia.  After shutting the creakiest door on the planet behind them . . .

 “I really shouldn’t have eaten those beans, before killing the Alpha.  WOW!”

. . . the besties examine her wounds, and find, to their shock and awe, that they did not heal, as Scott’s did.  This means that Lydia is NOT a werewolf, but . . . wait for it . . . SOMETHING ELSE.”

“Seriously!  Her hair is perfect!  How did she do that?  She must be an ALIEN from Planet Good Hair.” 

The Aftermath . . .

The episode ends with the Argents announcing that they have rallied the hunter troops to avenge Auntie Kate’s death, and deal with whatever werewolfy problem is on the horizon for them.

Apparently, having one of their own publicly admonished for KILLING AN ENTIRE FAMILY, including a bunch of innocent kids, is going to make the Argents unpopular in town.  WHO KNEW?

Allison doesn’t care though, she’s cuddling on the roof with Scott.  PUSH THEM OFF!  SOMEONE PLEASE PUSH THEM OFF!  Looking out at the stars . . . and the Full Moon.


Wait, what?  How is Scott human, during a full moon?  Is it because Allison is KEEPING him that way WITH HER LOVE  (blech!), or does it have something to do with Scott’s “maker’s” death.  Only time will tell . . .

In the final scene of the episode, MORON Jackson returns to La Casa de Old and Decrepit to ONCE AGAIN beg NEW ALPHA DEREK to make him into a wolf .  . .


And based on the Big Ole Once in a Lifetime Grin, Derek gets on his face, as he comes down the steps, he may just decide to oblige . . .


Bon Appetite, Derek!  Now you may EAT!

And there you have it folks, an admittedly predictable, but definitely game-changing end to a surprisingly well-written and acted show’s freshman first season.  So, now it’s your turn, Werebangers!  What did you think of the finale?  Was it all you hoped it would be?

Did you correctly guess:  Which two characters would die?  Who would turn into a wolf?  Who would make out under the stars, while nauseatingly cheesy music blasted in the background?

Drop me a line in the comment section, and let me know!


(P.S. In closing, I just want to say that I’ve had such a great time talking Teen Wolf with all of you, this season!  So, to all you brilliant commenters, and loyal lurkers, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing this surprisingly fun and entertaining show with me.  I look forward to doing it all over again with you guys, next summer!)

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  1. East Coast Captain

    In early season Lydia was said to hold the cure to Scott´s werewolfism but Jeff Davis the writer said she´s important to the werewolves and useful to them so I guess she´s not the cure.

    Great Uncle Alpha so the sucker that came along was your pack member bad explanation although Scott is special he did survive the bite and apparently some don´t. Although if Stiles had been bitten, the results would have been the same he would not join Peter in killing.

    I liked the badass female music really made those two more sexy than ever.

    Its a shame Uncle Alpha is a tragic villain that means he didn´t set out to become a villain and we do sympathize with him in some aspect like the murder of his family and facing the killer and avenging them but his thirst for revenge was his downfall.

    Lydia is definitely not human, she´s a supe the writer said there introducing another supernatural in Season 2 that´s not a werewolf so the existence of magic is very possible in the Teen Wolf universe.


    Jeff Davis said he might, MIGHT introduce vampires if he wants too.

    • André

      Man I hope not, the show will than be categorized as another Twilight spin-off. Keep the suckers out of this I say. Who’s with me?

    • Ooh, interesting point about Lydia, East Coast Captain. I’m actually surprised that the writer would “spoil” that piece of information so early in the season. I guess, in a sense Lydia DOES hold the cure to Scott’s werewolfism, but not in the literal way, some might have assumed when the comment was first made. As you mentioned, werewolf bites affect everyone differently: Some die. Some turn into Beta wolves. Some, I suspect, if the bite is minor enough, experience a “poisoning” of sorts, as we witnessed with Jackson. Others have Lydia’s reaction. (Another commenter suggested that she will be some sort of Omega wolf or wolf / human hybrid.) If Lydia’s body can accept the EXTREME werewolf bites she received, and REMAIN essentially human, than it stands to reason that she has some sort of “wolf immunity” in her chemical makeup. Were someone able to isolate and extract that “immunity,” it could potentially be used as a werewolf cure . . . like a Werewolf Antibiotic of some sort . . .

      (Who knew this show was so darn scientific? ;))

      And I’m with most of you guys, in telling the Teen Wolf writers to “Just Say No” to vampires. I mean, don’t get me wrong . . . I LOVE ME SOME VAMPIRES! But I think the werewolf focus of this show, is what makes it unique within its genre. A vampires versus werewolves thing would ruin that, in my opinion. On the other hand, since this show likes to pay homage toward / mock TVD and Twilight, I could definitely envision a scenario in which a vampire appears in one episode and is made out to be the season’s Big Bad Villain, only to be easily disposed of by Alpha Derek, less than ten minutes later. Now THAT would be hilarious! 🙂

      • André

        Or even better. Sommerhalder has a cameo on a costume party, where he dresses as a vampire, just to be killed by a werewolf about 2 minutes later, well that and he pees his pants first. 😀

      • HEY! You lay off my Damon Salvatore, Mister! That’s one thing on this blog that’s sacred. 😉

        (As you can see, I’m rather behind on comment replies again. But I plan to “attack” yours later this evening . . . in a good way, of course. ;))

  2. Nina in Anchorage

    It wasn’t a full moon. It was very definitely waning.

    • LOL. Thanks Nina, I guess I should really brush up on my lunar phase recognition skills. 🙂 In my defense, I sort of assumed that the reason the cameraman (or camera woman) spent so many precious airtime seconds zooming in on the moon was that it had some significance to the storyline. But, perhaps, it was just meant to be “romantic.” *gags* 😉

  3. HAHA! Loved the opening. Can I be that lucky recapper? 😉

    I actually was laughing and doing a little dance when Kate died… I guess I’m a bad person. But then, I saw a pic of the puppy eyed Derek and I didnt feel bad anymore!

    I REALLY hope Derek doesnt become evil, though it looks kinda grim. I hope they pull an Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on him like when Angel lost his soul and went to hell but came back nice? LOL! I dont want Derek to go anywhere though, I just want him to not be evil.

    If Derek fangirls jump ship because of this, I will be happy to keep him. And as to the last pic of him on on here, I wanna call him SO bad!

    Stiles is adorable and I love the little guy to death! He’s just so dang awesome! But, he’s more of a brotherly love and Derek is more of my sexy “i wanna make out with your face” love.

    They need to make the season 2 come out earlier because so many people love it! It needs to be a winter show so it can run longer! I hope they do speed it up a bit. I wont make it long without Derek 😉 Though I miss the husky blue, red is my favorite color. And they look sexy… as always.

    • LOL wolfgal97! Of course, I was referring to myself in the opening. But I’m definitely not averse to sharing. I’m generous like that. 😉

      Don’t feel bad about dancing when Auntie Kate died. It doesn’t make you a bad person, at all! (Now, Papa Argent and Allison, on the other hand, who seemed to care less that their OWN FAMILY MEMBER DIED . . . well, that makes THEM very bad people. ;))

      Actually, I don’t really think that being the Alpha will make Derek “evil,” per se. The Derek character has always been a bit morally ambiguous. And, though, I think he might struggle with the tremendous amount of lust and power that comes with being an Alpha, I don’t think he will “let it go to his head,” at least, not in the way Peter did. For starters, Derek no longer has the same vengeance motive he used to have, since all the people responsible for his family’s deaths (Peter included) have already been killed.

      Also, I got the impression that Laura Hale was a fairly benevolent Alpha. She stayed out of town, and let everybody do their own thing, even after the fire destroyed her pack. In fact, the only reason Laura returned to Beacon Hills was that Peter lured her there. So, perhaps, Derek will follow in his sister’s footsteps, as opposed to his uncle’s.

      I love Stiles too And I definitely go back and forth as to who’s my favorite character, him or Derek. But, I think you hit the nail on the head: Derek’s the character I most want to sleep with, whereas Stiles is the character I most want to have as my best friend, so that we can get drunk and go to parties together, and he can make me laugh whenever I’m feeling lousy. Though I must say, Stiles has gotten pretty darn cute, during the last few episodes. (I think the Dude’s been working out! Either that, or he had a HUGE growth spurt some time, during the season.)

      I agree with you that MTV should bring Teen Wolf back earlier, given the tremendous amount of success and critical acclaim the show has had. There are plenty of cable shows that followed this pattern, and experienced success, as a result. On ABC Family, Pretty Little Liars also started out as a summer show. However, it now rakes in a sizeable amount of advertising dollars for the network, during the prime time viewing season. I think Teen Wolf could probably follow THEIR model — by putting on twelve episodes in the winter, and twelve more in the summer — and do really well in that format, ratings wise.

      Thanks so much for talking Teen Wolf with me this summer, wolfgal97! This was a lot of fun!

  4. jmae

    Okay so first off I called Derek becoming Alpha long ago. As far as the dungeon scene with Derek, Scott, and Mr. Clean goes I think Scott had already helped Derek undo one of his chains, but then they herd Mr.Clean coming so Scott hid. Also, I think that Derek had wanted to become Alpha, but when Scott told him that Uncle Alpha had lured his sister there to kill her and become Alpha was when he really decided that he wanted to be Alpha. Plus he was so angry that Uncle Alpha had killed his sister.
    I’m just wondering if Auntie Kate gave Allison something that made her hallucinate like that. I loved how Uncle Alpha just snapped Auntie Kate’s neck. Also, I loved that Papa Argent actually shot at her.
    I knew that Jackson was going to Derek because of the way he looked at Derek when he said that he was the new Alpha. What Jackson said at the end made me question howmuch interaction he and Derek actually had. They’re convorsation at the end of the episode makes me think that they had some plan worked out or something. Jackson seemed to know that Derek had wanted to become the Alpha.
    Regarding Lydia if you watch the “Search for the Cure” webisodes you’ll see that there is a third class of Werewolf called an Omega. Omegas are at the bottom of the pack. I’m guessing that that’s what Lydia is and that the lower on the totem pole you are the longer it takes to heal. Also, her bite is nowhere near the size Scott’s was so maybe that’s why she’ll be an Omega.
    The main two cliff hangers in my opinion are wtf
    is the vet and does Derek kill or bite Jackson. I have a feeling that Derek is gonna struggle with his new found Alphaism, but he’ll learn to control it with the help of his “pack”.

    • Hey jmae! Thanks so much for all your Teen Wolfy insights this season. I always love reading your intelligent, and well thought out ideas about the show.

      You know, I never really thought about it before. But you do kind of have to wonder whether becoming the Alpha was Derek’s plan all along, just as you suggested. After all, a part of Derek had always suspected that the Alpha was someone who survived the Hale fire, hence his conversation with the then faux-vegetative Peter. And Derek spent most of the season wanting to kill the Alpha. So, he had to realize that there was a chance that he would become the Alpha himself, were he to succeed in doing that.

      On the other hand, I never really viewed Derek as a particularly power-hungry person. This is why he ONLY decided to kill Peter, out of vengeance, when he realized that Peter had lured Laura back to Beacon Hills, so that he could kill her, and become the Alpha. Becoming the Alpha was more of an “added bonus” for him. However, I do think Derek likes the idea of having the strength and power to now protect himself, and those he cares about from future threats, such as the Hunters, and other packs that may find their way to Beacon Hills. As Derek mentioned to Scott in the pilot, he ENJOYS being a werewolf, and the strength and speed it gives him. So, it would stand to reason, that Derek would enjoy being an Alpha, even more.

      I like your idea about Lydia being an Omega. That type of “wolf,” was mentioned in a lot of the early interviews regarding the show, but was never really explained or depicted So, it makes sense that Lydia has become this type of supernatural entity. I suspect that, on this show, Omegas possess some of the strength, speed, and superhuman sensory abilities of wolves, but don’t necessarily “morph” into lupine creatures. For me, that would probably be the best of both worlds . . . And Lydia, vain as she seems, would probably feel the same way, I suspect. You know, it’s possible that the vet is an Omega, as well, That would make a lot of sense, under the cirucmstances . . . If so, I wonder who’s pack he’s in?

  5. Princess_Jime

    Jackson totally had a “personal special sex moment in public” when Derek ripped into Uncle Alpha’s burnt neck… I swear I could smell the wet stains from here. LOL!

    They need to explain the vet.

    Julie, I just wanted to thank you so much for making your recaps of True Blood, and the incredibly funny Teen Wolf recaps that have become a MUST after every episode for me. A MUST.
    I have been reading eagerly every week, gulping them down like the sweet sweet tequila of snark that they are.
    Thank You. ♥♥♥

    P.S.: (Bro and I yell “Jackson got fingered” every time there’s a reason to, or not, it works with random moments too, LOL).

    • LOL, Princess Jime. You are absolutely right, Jackson’s always had a bit of a man-crush on Derek, I suspect. And seeing his idol overpower the big scary Alpha like that, was probably a big ole fantasy of Jackson’s (*squirt, squirt*). Plus, of course, it gave him the PERFECT opening to become part of Derek’s pack. (Because we know Uncle Alpha would have never let him “join” . . . I’m pretty sure Scott fulfilled the pack’s Whiny Boy quotient just fine on his own. ;))

      And thank YOU so much for reading my recaps, and for your kind words. Talking about my favorite shows with smart, hilarious, fans like you (and your brother) are what make doing this so much fun for me .

      (Also, now that you’ve mentioned it, I suspect that I too will be tempted to shout out “Jackson got fingered” at inappropriate moments, throughout this year. So, thank you for that too. :))

  6. Ashley

    It was not a full moon that night at the ending, when Scott and Allison cuddle on the roof. If you look closer, you’ll see that the moon is not full, and it looks more like this:

    It is definitely not full.

    • Aha! You are absolutely right, Ashley. I stand corrected. Excellent sleuthing! Thanks so much for sharing your research. It’s been great talking Teen Wolf with you this year! 🙂

  7. Kate

    My guess is that Lydia will be turned into whatever the vet is. But the omega thought is really possible too. I didn’t get it at first when the preivew said, “Not everybody comes out human.” and in the show, no human became a wolf (iffy on Lydia) but then I realized that the preview just said HUMAN. It could mean that Lydia could basically be anything.

    I also really hope that Derek isn’t evil. It just wouldn’t be the same if he was. But I’m pretty sure he isn’t evil because I heard that in season two, the hunters team up with Scott, Stiles, and Derek to take down something. Maybe there is another Alpha. I don’t really see what else they can put as a threat in the show anymore if you get what I mean. They already killed the bad Alpha. Maybe Lydia will turn into something very powerful and evil.

    I am happy to say that I threw a mini party in my living room when Kate died. I don’t even feel bad saying that. Crazy dumb bitty deserves to die! I can’t believe Allison wasn’t more upset that Kate died or everything she just witnessed. I mean… if you saw you’re aunt get killed, a big scary werewolf get lit on fire, and your boyfriend as a werewolf, would the first thing you do be make out with him? Not the right time Allison… not the right time.

    I don’t think Derek would go as far as to kill Jackson. He DID help him kill the alpha. I just hope that if Jackson does become a wolf, that he won’t go crazy with power and try to kill Derek to become the alpha. (But if he does kill Derek wouldn’t that mean he becomes normal again?)

    And what about poor Stiles? 😦 His future girlfriend could be a vampire for all we know (and I really think that if they add vampires to the show I might stop watching. It’s called Teen WOLF people.) I’m glad Stiles didn’t take the bite though. He’s SUPPOSED to be the cute awesome side-kick that keeps Scott out of trouble and makes sure he doesn’t kill anyone durring a full moon.

    So last thing, I heard that the new season will be July 14, 2012. I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!! I’LL GO CRAZY ON MONDAYS WITHOUT A SHOW I LOOK FORWARD TO! D:

    • Hey Kate! Thank you so much for your super insightful comment. Reading your various Teen Wolf-related thoughts this season, we really do seem to agree on so much about this show (Because we are right, obviously. ;))

      Regarding your comment, yeah . . . I suspect that, based on some of the interviews we’ve read with the writers and cast, and based on the information we received from the finale, during Season 2, we will learn that Lydia and the vet are both Omegas (though I’m still not sure what pack the vet is from), and Jackson is now a wolf, having been turned by Derek in the final scene. This would mean that the two characters who didn’t make it out alive, were (obviously) Kate and Peter. And the two characters that didn’t make it out human were Lydia and Jackson. I would be very surprised if Lydia came out a vampire, since her only supernatural contact so far has been with wolves . . . at least that we know about. Of course, as you guys all know all too well, I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

      I also agree with you that Derek will not be completely evil as an Alpha. His sister wasn’t evil, at least, as far as we know. In short, I think it is safe to assume that the person makes the Alpha, and not the other way around. Just like with the wolves, and the hunters . . . there are “good” ones and “bad “ones. On the other hand, I do think that Derek always had a bit of darkness in him, as a result of his troubled past. And, just like Scott struggles with his wolfier tendencies, I suspect that Derek will probably have some pretty dark moments during Season 2, in which he behaves badly as the Alpha. But hey, moral ambiguity can be sexy, right? 😉

      Regarding Stiles, I remember in an early interview about his character, Dylan O’Brien promised that during the first season, his character wouldn’t die, wouldn’t become a wolf, and wouldn’t get laid. So, it was nice to see that he kept his promise on all three fronts. (Though, admittedly, it would have been nice if the poor guy got at least a little loving ;).) Of course, next season, all bets are off. And the other actors have already promised fans a shirtless Stiles so . . . WATCH OUT LYDIA! 😉

      Wow, July 14, 2012 does seem REALLY far away! I really do hope the producers at MTV reconsider that decision. From what I’ve been told, the network has a pretty big hit on their hands, ratings wise, in comparison to their other original programming. And it would be a shame for Teen Wolf to disappear for a year, and lose the excellent momentum the show has already built.

      That being said, I wonder what the cast members plan to do with all those months off. This gives them plenty of time to score movie roles, and network series, without running afoul of their respective Teen Wolf contracts. Not a bad deal, I’d say. Personally, I would particularly LOVE to see Tyler Hoechlin and/or Dylan O’Brien in something new during the off-season. It would make the interminable wait for the show’s return seem just a little bit shorter . . .;)

      Oh, and thanks again for watching Teen Wolf with me this summer! You are awesome! 🙂

  8. Ali

    I finally watched the ep. You´re right Jules.. it was predictable, but enjoyable enough. OmG when Jackson comes begging for the bite.. I laughed so hard. You were sooo right one whith every underlined sentence… Haha how funny!!!. I agree with one of the comments… This recaps are a MUST after watching the episodes.

    As for the vampire stuff….. I don´t know… I´m pretty cool with TB on summer, thank you very much. So I rather my TW vampire free…. As for other supernatural creatures… I could accept them. I flydia becames an omega wolf, or a succubuss or a ninfa or whatever… but not a vampire please. I love me some vampire story for sure, but I don´t think TW needs that right now. Maybe she´s the danger of season 2, but I personally doubt it. That´s the main cliffhanger after all… What is she? Something else, says Jules enthusiastically… (haha do I love my recapper). And the other cliffhangers will be the vet and jackson´s fate, but Lydia is the main one… I wonder what everyone thinks she is besides the omega theory.

    I am also very happy Stiles did not accept the bite. He´s our favorite as he is… So he doesn´t need it. And if becoming a werewolf at that age makes you bahave like Scott does…Ugh…keep it simple Stiles 😉

    • Hey Ali! Oh, gosh, I could never imagine Stiles behaving like Scott . . . all mopey, whiny and selfish! It would be awful having two Scott’s on the show! Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I hate Scott. It’s just that having fun smart guys, like Stiles, and, sexy tough guys like, Derek, to balance out our main protagonist’s emotional extremes, makes Scott a WHOLE lot more bearable, than I suspect he would be otherwise.

      You know, I actually think, with his resourcefulness, intelligence, and sense of humor, Stiles would make a GREAT werewolf. He would definitely be an asset to any pack. That being said, I’m inclined to agree with you. Supernatural shows NEED their humans to keep things balanced, and prevent their storylines from getting too wacky and unrelatable. As it is, we will most likely be losing two MORE humans, next season, when Lydia and Jackson turn into . . . well . . . whatever it is they turn into.;) So, now, more than ever, we need Stiles to just be regular STILES . . . regular human Stiles that is! 🙂

      Ooh, Lydia as a SUCCUBUS! I like that idea! I actually just read a short story about succubi, and it was HOT with a capital “H.” Unfortunately, given that succubis powers mainly revolve around their sexual prowess, I kind of doubt the censors would be OK with having such a character on MTV. (On the other hand, I do remember such a character on the now-cancelled CW show, Reaper . . . so, I guess you never know.)

      LOL about Jackson . . . yeah, something tells me, there’s a shirtless picture of Derek under his pillow, that he admires before he goes to bed at night. Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;).

      Thanks again, Ali, for all your kind words, excellent comments, and patient readership. You’ve helped make recapping Teen Wolf and True Blood truly awesome experiences for me . . . well worth the exceedingly limited sleep I get on recapping nights. 🙂

  9. Sumbal

    OMG! Okay first of all i loved the Re-Cap, I’m sad i wont be able to read these till next season.They were awesomeee! Then again i can go read the PLL and TVD ones. 😀

    Okay so i had guessed that they would kill the ‘bad guys’ meaning Kate and the Alpha but i wasnt sure because this show keeps taking wid turns at every corner. But i was happy seeing them die. Although the thought of Derek turning into that hideous alpha beast thing is revolting. (You cant destroy a pretty face like that)

    I’m thinking that the girl werewolf will probably be Lydia. But maybe she’s some different TYPE of werewolf. Maybe she’s not a werewolf at ALL. We’ll never really know until *sniff* *sniff* next year. ( Its still hard to type) :p

    I also would like to say that i kinda want Stiles to change into a werewolf now. Or maybe i don’t. But i mean he really wants to and as long as he stays his usual hilarious self i won’t really mind. I mean we’d see him shirtless more often then 😉

    So anyways I’ve enjoyed reading these SOOO much. And you and your friend are awesome re-cappers.

    • Thanks so much, Sumbal! You are so sweet. And I’m thrilled to hear that you watch TVD as well. This way, we will have plenty of time to talk television, during the “regular” TV viewing season. 🙂

      I think a few commenters mentioned that, since all wolves look a bit different, perhaps the same will go for Alphas. So, maybe (hopefully), Derek will not be as hideous of an Alpha as Peter was. For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure the writers of Teen Wolf are well aware of just how many of us watch Teen Wolf mainly to ogle shirtless Derek. (Not that I’m one of those shallow Teen Wolf watchers, of course. ;)) Because of that, I doubt they will make Derek look truly “ugly” as an Alpha. And, even if they do, I suspect it will be a VERY rare on the show . . .

      For now, I’m subscribing to the theory that Lydia will be an Omega, i.e. a wolf/human hybrid, with many wolfy hormonal and personality traits, but little, in terms of wolfy appearance. (After all, just like with Derek, I suspect there are many male fans, and lesbians, who would prefer Lydia not to be all hairy and gross looking.) The Omega theory just makes the most sense to me, in terms of what we’ve seen, and what the writers and actors have said in interviews. However, as you said, this show has already fooled me, quite a few times, with its twists and turns. So, I would be more than happy to be wrong about this, particularly if Lydia’s supernatural transformation helps to improve this already well-done show.

      And you are right. The actors DEFINITELY said that Stiles will be shirtless more often next season. Now, whether that is because he becomes some supernatural entity, or because he starts to hook up with Lydia, and things get hot and heavy between the two of them on a regular basis, remains to be seen. Either way, a Shirtless Stiles can’t be a bad thing! I mean, if the below pictures are any indication, Stiles has plenty to offer in that department . . .

      Unfortunately, we are most likely going to have to wait A FULL YEAR to see any of it . . . 😦 It’s a damn good thing we have Damon Salvatore’s bubbly naked bod to staunch the pain. 😉

      • André

        Well we are all adults and when the show keeps its level of quality it will surely be worth the wait. However, as far as I know the Omega werewolves are the ones that turn into actual wolves. But I don’t know anything more, only that it fits the mythological pattern that a hybrid being is usually more powerfull than it’s pure counterparts, in this case the man-wolves are more powerful than the wolves.

  10. Your Recaps make the show so much more better and hilarious! Can’t wait till next summer and Vampire Diaries! Thanks…

    • Thanks so much, Tegan! And hey, it looks like we don’t have too much longer to wait for TVD’s return. September 15th is less than a month away. And, who knows? Maybe MTV will wise up, and bring Teen Wolf back sooner than expected. Here’s hoping . . . 😉

  11. MTK

    Yay! Another great recap to finish off the season. Sigh, next summer is SOOO LONGGG away…

    What I still don’t understand is why Scott LITERALLY has to be the one to kill the alpha. Isn’t the alpha dying, regardless of whoever kills him, enough to cure scott? I mean, hypothetically, if Jackson was also turned by Peter, does that mean that only one of them can be cured? Only one of them can technically kill the alpha!

    • Thanks MTK! I’m going to really miss talking Teen Wolf with you this year. (Hopefully, they will start releasing promos for the new season in a few months, so that we will have more to discuss.)

      I think you are right about the werewolf cure. Derek definitely did seem to suggest that the only KNOWN cure for werewolfism, so far (Though,we may find other prospective cures next season, as East Coast Captain astutely noted) is to personally kill the Alpha that turned you. I think it’s more a symbolic thing than anything else, in that it involves the wolf purposefully, shunning the leader of his pack, in the most personal way possible . . . by taking his life. Going by that, only the killer himself has the possibility of receiving the cure. The rest of the pack, I presume, would remain werewolves.

      Since Derek was a born wolf, however, I suspect he is destined to be one until death. As for Jackson, based on the season finale, I’m thinking that the scratches her received from Derek and the Alpha weren’t enough to turn him. They were only enough to give him the “allergic” type reaction he had.

      Here’s an interesting question for you, though. Can only BORN wolves become Alphas? For example, if Scott killed the Alpha, he would, according to Derek, become human, NOT turn Alpha himself. So, if Derek turned Jackson (which I assume he did during the finale), and Jackson kills Derek later in the series (heaven forbid!), can we assume that Jackson would likewise become human again, and NOT become the Alpha?

      I suspect that these are questions we will grapple with in Season 2. 😉

  12. André

    Ah, you naughty girl, if Derek would be on your doorstep your clothes would be off faster than Jim Carrey’s in Bruce Almighty.

    Ah, yeah what has it been, it really was surprising that MTV could actually provide as with such a show, a Teen show for sure but let’s face it, when was the last time we had seen at least an acceptable supernatural Teen show were we don’t have to overlook a couple of flaws every episode to at least be content with it?

    So MTV really did make a good job. Of course not at least due to Posey’s acting skills (albeit his body was also a big factor I guess, thank God he was already off age at the time) and not to mention the fabulous acting of O’Bryan. I wonder where he learned that because according to his IMDB-Entry he had barely any projects , definitely less than Posey
    Too bad that good doesn’t equal famous in the film industry.

    And can it be that this was the first episode where Derek actually smiled? What does that mean?

    And don’t worry I am sure you can use the Stiles gif for other shows as well. I am sure he has a place in your heart now.

    Maybe Scott really was a bit of a drama queen in the start of the show, but hey straight guys have a right to that as well right? 😉
    Yeah sadly our Scotty will never be a bisexual, the werewolf can only be popular if he is as heteronormative as possible it seems.:(
    But I really wondered why he went to the Vet’s office. Was it the nearness to other canines of was that the only place he felt safe? Weird.

    You know what just came to my mind? If the writers keep it half-way realistic, Jackson will probably be the big hero for “rescuing” Lydia, either that or he will be a suspect, after all the case is currently at least cold but not solved.

    And you forgot Uncle Alpha’s sexist comment that, considered that Lydia is a woman she will want to kill Stiles twice per month instead of the male one. I guess he was referring to the stereotype that every woman has PMS and if that it is so severe she turns into a violent monster.
    Or is it true that PMS doesn’t exist and you just came up with that idea to have an excuse when you feel the urge to kill someone? 😀

    I checked the dead nurse’s fingernails on the picture and it was just dirt or dark flesh, but nothing more.
    In addition the product placement was again very good, you gotta admit, especially since the Alpha really killed the occult werewolf flair with that. 😀
    And look what writers can come up with if they don’t have a witch for such things. However I was wondering where the heck did that dungeon under the Hale house come from? And let’s say some of the Hales had imprisoned themselves down there, the shackles used on Derek wouldn’t have been sufficient as it seems.

    “Uncle Alpha doesn’t look sure at all. In fact, he’s probably wishing he took Stiles, instead, or Stiles’ dad, or THIS GUY . . .”
    Well he was definitely annoyed that is clear. Well that and that it should be clear to anyone by now that Scott really was chosen at random by the guy. And since you mentioned that the Alpha is out for vengeance, maybe that is the sole reason he didn’t kill Jackson and not Jackson’s scratches on the neck. He might have only fingered him out of curiosity. However the ending of this episode made me wonder what and who is still out there. Based on the talk between our two senior hunters there are a lot of hunters out there and if there are so many, there must be many stuff they hunt right? And I still wonder how the hunters finance themselves. And what di Mrs. Argent mean when she said that Kate didn’t do something?

    “I mean, of course, he’s the Bad Guy! How could a guy morph into something that looks that hideous and not be?”
    You know according to that reasoning Derek will be the bad guy in the next season. 😉
    At least we wound have to see his Wolverine-style outfit anymore.

    And since we’re at it, at this moment in the episode I thought “please don’t kill Stiles”, I mean he had his best moments in this episode and that might have been because he got killed. It did happen in other shows after all. Too bad Stiles didn’t become a werewolf, but I guess than he would have outsmarted Scott anytime. Sadly since Lydia is now … something, Stiles will probably hover near her in the next season, whenever that one will be. Seriously Stiles deserves better than that one. And all that resentment in him might come to the front later on. I guess Scott isn’t that dumb not to notice that but probably not smart enough to actually do something about it. I mean lets face it, without Stiles Scott might be dead already but Scott either doesn’t care or doesn’t realize that. And you know, I think this empathy is what Stiles has in common with the Alpha, he was also quite good at reading other people, well for someone of his age that is. So I guess it might really be better that Stiles is not a werewolf yet, but who knows?

    And since we’re at it, who do you think is more popular? Scott or Stiles?

    By the way I think it is not only Scott and Allison who are in the history repeating thing on this show, they simply get more spot-light. It is also Scott and Stiles. Mr. Argent stated that he had to shot his best friend because he had tried to kill him and that is very similar to the situation Scott and Stiles are in.

    And as for Mama Argent, I wonder what her background is? I doubt that she is just a “housewife”, I bet she had her days as a brutal werewolf slayer as well. I mean she has a very ruthless streak about her. I hope we get to know more about the Argents in the future.

    And the hospital scene: really Allison is sometimes so creepy, seriously what is wrong with that girl? I know some things can be traumatic, but why did she react about Lydia that way? Does she have girl-crush on her or something? When her aunt got killed in front of her eyes she barely blushed but with Lydia she walks in there like a zombie? That is extremely weird. Maybe Scott is dating a closeted lesbian… :/
    And that hair, horrible, but I guess that was the most realistic feature of the whole scene, albeit did you notice that she had perfect hair in the fores scene?
    Of course the jewel of the hospital scene was clearly Stiles. The whole thing could have been done without Allison, only Jackson had some serious part in it and only because he provided the car and got them into trouble. Of course Stiles was brilliant in his badass attitude both in the scene with the hunters as well as later when he tells Jackson to shut up. I really, really hope that this part of Stiles’ character is not dropped next season.

    As for Scott, well he is the main character anyway, but we will see whether some brain cells function above average. At least it was somewhat smart to roar above the town to find Derek. Of course the Alpha and the hunters could have used that as well to find him right? 😉
    But considered the scene in the dungeons he doesn’t seem too dumb, as well as in the forest scene when he succuessfully predicted danger. Of course he was the one that said “too easy” and therefore could have been the dumbass that brought down their ruin. 😀

    Of course Allison was kinda useless in that scene and could she really have been that naïve? I mean after seeing what her aunt did with Derek and how she talked did she really not consider it that the werewolves might get killed? And what did she think all the weapons in her parent’s garage were for? It’s like when an actress claims that she had no idea she might have to show skin when she has to play the role of Eve.

    End albeit the shifting face in the fight scene was kinda cool in displaying the Alpha’s rage, it did look kinda silly as well. That effect reminded me of some movie I think but I don’t know which one.
    Of course that brings me back to Derek. He looked different than Scott in his Beta Form so will he be looking different in his Alpha form than Peter as well?

    • jmae

      Well, in an interview the writers said that the reason Scott and Derek look the way they do in wolf form is because they are so young. Going off that Derek won’t look like Peter when he shifts.

    • Hey Andre! Thanks for your awesome and always brilliant commentary, as well as the countless amazing screencaps you provided me with this season. If these recaps were at all popular with teen wolf fans this summer, you are definitely to thank for that.

      Now, as to your comments . . . 😉

      You know I was thinking the same thing you were, about how ironic it was that Dylan O’Brien, who probably has the least acting experience of all of the cast members, was also arguably its best actor. Then again, perhaps, O’Brien’s lack of experience, actually worked in his favor, in this role, since what makes Stiles so loveable, is how genuine, and unaffected he seems to be. O’Brien’s natural, “untrained,” method of acting was particularly well suited for this role.

      Hmmm . . . you know I actually see REAL possibilities for bisexuality on Teen Wolf . . . just not from Scott. I’m not sure they will go there, but I actually get some fairly heavy bisexual vibes from Jackson, particularly in the way he relates to Derek. And hey, if Jackson DOES become part of Derek’s pack, which I suspect he will next season, it presents an excellent opportunity for the writers to “beef up” (no pun intended) Danny’s role on the show. Who knows? They might even decide to make Danny into a werewolf. How much fun would that be? 😉

      As for Scott in the Vet’s Office, I kind of figured, that the character had gotten into the habit of stopping by there to “clear his head,” long before he turned wolf. As a teenager living at home with his mom, Scott probably doesn’t get all that much privacy. The fact that he has keys to the vet’s office, and can stop there pretty much, anytime he wants, has probably always been a source of comfort for Scott. The fact that he communes with the doggies now is just an added bonus. 😉

      As for Lydia’s mauling, I suspect that the police department will either blame it on Peter Argent — who’s body they will inevitably find outside the Hale house, just feet away from Kate’s — or simply chalk it up to a wild animal attack, as they are not quite ready to admit the possibility that their town is currently being overrun by wolves. 🙂

      You know what’s funny, I actually didn’t HEAR Uncle Alpha’s PMS comment. I remember him saying SOMETHING that I assumed was funny, based on Stiles’ facial expression, in response. However, I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was said. So, thank you for clearing it up for me. As for PMS, don’t let the rumors fool you. Though not every woman experiences it, for those that do, it is VERY, VERY REAL!

      Good point about the dungeon, it didn’t hold Derek, any better than the Lockwood cellar held Tyler on TVD. However, I still think the Hale’s may have at least attempted to protect others from their wolfy selves, by taking that kind of precaution. On the other hand, they could have just used it as a lupine breeding ground ;). Those walls were just MADE for humping! 😉

      Just as Season 3 of TVD will be dubbed the Season of the Originals, I suspect that Season 2 of Teen Wolf is destined to be the Season of the Hunters. Those damn Argents are just going to be crawling out of the woodworks I suspect. As for Allison’s mom’s comment, though it would be an EXCELLENT twist, if we ultimately learned that though Kate orchestrated the Hale fire, she did it under the influence of someone else (Alison’s mom, for example), I’m not sure that will end up being the case. Perhaps, Allison’s mom was merely referring to the fact that Kate was not the one who actually dumped the kerosene. More likely she’s just in denial of the whole thing. As we saw from her two scenes this season, that B*TCH is CRAZY!

      LOL, about Derek and his unintentionally laughable wolfhead. That is something I definitely won’t be missing next season. However, I WILL miss those Damon Salvatore-esque glowing blue eyes . . . It’s a pity we won’t be seeing THOSE on the show anymore . . . That said, I do think the writers will make Derek a less hideous looking Alpha than Peter, if only to appease the desires of fangirls and fanboys that Tyler Hoechlin never look anything less than gorgeous on the show . . . 😉

      I think you are right about Stiles and Lydia tiptoeing their way toward coupledom next season. I suspect this relationship will stem from Lydia turning to Stiles to help her cope with her new supernatural powers, just as Scott did last season. Of course, it WOULD be interesting if Stiles found a NEW love interest next season, while he was doing the “friend thing,” with the initially uninterested Lydia. After all, nothing is more of an aphrodisiac than jealousy. And it would be great to see Lydia pining after STILES, for a change, when she realizes that he no longer worships her like he used to . . .

      Oh, there is no question that Stiles is a more popular character on Teen Wolf than Scott. Just check out the Teen Wolf tag on Tumblr after an episode, and you will see exactly what I mean. In fact, it’s possible that Stiles is even a more popular character on the show than DEREK, believe it or not.

      Good point about Zombie Allison. That really was a weird scene. Perhaps, given their ancestry, Argent’s are capable of “seeing” lupine infections, as they violently transform a human body, into something NOT SO HUMAN. Then again, maybe that whole scene was just a cheap way for MTV to put a gory visual in their season finale promo. 🙂

      Speaking of gory, as for that unintentionally laughable Alpha Face Morph scene from the final moments of the episode, I’ve actually seen something like it in quite a few movies. The most notable one, being this old bizarro flick that I happened to catch on cable a few months back . . .

      • André

        Hy Julie, sorry for the lat reply but I just came back from my parents yesterday.

        Maybe I will be able to make TVD screencaps for you. However I expect snarky comments en masse then, because considered what the writers did in season 2 there will be plenty of opportunities for that in season 3, unless they have finally got their heads out of their asses and provide us with something actually challenging beyond their typical overdramatization (lets face it from a character point of view TVD doesn’t offer much anymore).

        Maybe O’Briens lack of acting experience works in his favor but in that case I think that would be unusual because he is really good. I wonder how his two films will be that come out.

        I know the werewolf condition is actually “queer” in nature in that it is contrary to common society; however it looks that it only became popular in film and television by setting the heteronormative ideal as a goal for it. Perhaps if Danny would become a bigger role and maybe even become a werewolf the writers of the show could unlock a bit of that “queer” potential. Actually I think they would be able to do that if Stiles becomes a werewolf.
        Danny is currently a sort of good guy character, and it might be interesting to see what might happen if he gets a bigger role. Well that depends of course on how old the character is and whether he is still in high school when season 2 starts.
        However back to the “queer” topic, since even in the case of the Betas in this show the physical appearance is obviously in flux one could argue that it’s gender (not sex) and sexuality might be in flux as well. But I guess that this hybrid identity of the werewolf is essentially so ambiguous that it would probably never get popular in such a case.

        I am intrigued to know whether the police will have Peter as the culprit. Of course there would be the question whether they stop there because the scene doesn’t add up to how he was killed.

        “Those walls were just MADE for humping! ;)”
        You are naughty, naughty, naughty.

        Could be that the Hunters will be the big guys in season 2, anyway I am sure it will be better than the Originals in season 3 of TVD, man I am sarcastic with TVD…
        And I don’t think that Derek will look much different than Peter, Derek didn’t look too different than Scott, albeit Scott looked better, so I guess Derek will mostly be hairless and dark-skinned as well.

        Actually your idea of Lydia going after Stiles when he no longer wants her would really be good. Man that would be funny. And if I remember correctly my teenage years not unrealistic.

        “Oh, there is no question that Stiles is a more popular character on Teen Wolf than Scott. Just check out the Teen Wolf tag on Tumblr after an episode, and you will see exactly what I mean. In fact, it’s possible that Stiles is even a more popular character on the show than DEREK, believe it or not.”
        I have to check that. Can it still be found?

        “Then again, maybe that whole scene was just a cheap way for MTV to put a gory visual in their season finale promo. :)”
        Rather this option, I guess.

        One thing I forgot to write in my first comment:
        While the writers have come up with some things coming from actual werewolf-mythology (instead of just film), their information on real wolves is actually a bit behind on the facts.
        Of course I don’t know what the writers believe about actual wolves but the way the werewolves are portrayed in the show is eerily reminiscent about wolf-stereotypes:
        1) The pecking order of Alpha, Beta and Omega (mentioned in the webisodes)
        This is based on captive wolves and current evidence points towards that the typical wolf-pack in the wild is based on a mated pair and rather a family were occasionally new unrelated members come in, but the core is a mated pair and its offspring. In addition the classical Omega is very rare since them and what many call a Beta are usually the first wolves to leave the pack. A wolf-pack seems to be rather based on labor devision and not a strict pecking order.
        2) A wolf howls to draw other wolves to him.
        It is still not sure as to what function howling has. What can be said for sure is that it is used for communication. But only for drawing other wolves to you? Probably not.
        3) Wolves hunt in packs to bring down larger prey.
        Well, even a lone wolf can kill a red deer. In addition in many packs only the mated pair has any actual experience and the others just run along. In addition Ethiopian wolves (a separate species) don’t hunt big prey but nonetheless form packs. There was a study on free-ranging dogs in Italy where the dogs were fed but otherwise lived by themselves. They didn’t sufficiently hunt but nonetheless had formed a pack in every way. Furthermore often a hunting wolf-pair gives the best meat-stress ratio in most cases, therefore it looks that wolves are rather forming packs to defend resources.
        4) You become the new Alpha by killing the old one.
        That can happen but basically a wolf is “Alpha” because he/she has the necessary mental strength and the family/pack only survives if he has the necessary experience to keep it together. In addition older leaders might still reside with the pack once they no longer lead, either due to their experience and/or social bondings.
        5) The Alpha is the biggest and most powerful of the pack.
        Absolutely not, like I said it is mental strength that determines the leader or leading pair. I know of a case actually: It was a she-wolf named Delinda who was the leader of the Bow Valley pack in Banff National Park. She tended to lean rather towards the lower end of the size spectrum but was nonetheless the clear active driving force of the pack. Due to her intelligence, her family managed to survive for years around the town of Banff, despite highways, railroads and intense human activity.

        However it was interesting in the show that Laura was the Alpha before Peter. That is rather unusual for werewolves in movie and television. Maybe we will get to know more about them in season 2?

        Ps. I can guarantee you from personal experience that Ryan Kwenten looks much better when you see him only 5 m away from you in person rather than on the television. 😉

  13. Moa

    I have just spent the entire evening reading through all these recaps, and I am VERY AMUSED. (Also found a bunch of very nice screencaps that I shamelessly stole.) So, thank you for writing them, and please continue this awesomeness with season 2.

    • Hey Moa! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad that you found my Teen Wolf recaps. (Your comment made my day.)

      I really enjoyed this show, SO MUCH MORE than I thought I would have. Who would have thought an MTV original, non-reality, series could be so darn good, right? I definitely plan to recap Teen Wolf next season, and look forward to chatting with you about the episodes, whenever it happens to come back.

      Oh, and, absolutely, help yourself to the screencaps. My pal Andre made most of them. (He’s awesome!) And whatever else is there, I probably “borrowed” from someone else’s tumblr. So, of course, I’m happy to share. What’s ours is yours. 🙂

  14. jmae

    I know that filming for season 2 just started, but I found this and had no clue where to put this so here:
    Contains a few pieces of info about season 2.
    I’d like to add that Tyler Posey has officially stated in an interview that Scot will be less whiny this season. In other news Derek gets himself a pack, Stiles get a ‘love interest’, we get to see a girl turn into a werewolf but they won’t say if it’s Lydia, and Jackson survives the encounter with Derek no word on if he bit him though I’m guessing that he did but that’s just my opinion.
    I really want a TVD crossover with Teen Wolf just to see how whiny Scott will react to Stefan the Ripper.

    • Hey jmae! Thanks so much for all the awesome Teen Wolf intel. I find it so interesting that Tyler Posey ALSO thought his character was a bit whiny, last season. That must have been really frustrating for him to have to portray. And I’m thrilled to hear that the character will develop more of a backbone for season 2.

      I’m also super psyched about Stiles getting a love interest. It’s about damn time. I wonder how Lydia will react to this, if that love interest isn’t HER. I bet she’ll be jealous. 😉

      Speaking of love interests, I would love it, if Derek got to have one too. (If only because it would increase the opportunity that we’d get to see him shirtless more often.) Then again, perhaps, he’ll be too busy with his new pack to date . . . 😦

      Oooh, a Teen Wolf / TVD crossover would be hilarious. I can definitely see both Damon and Ripper Stefan literally ripping Scott a new one for his whiny, Allison-obsessed, antics. On the other hand, Scott would probably get along quite well with Tyler. If anyone can understand and relate to Tyler’s whole unwanted “sire” connection with Klaus, it’s Scott. 🙂

      • jmae

        Well I just thought about something, with Derek being Alpha now as far as I can tell when he shifts back from werewolf to human form he’ll be naked so that should increase shirtless Derek screen time.
        Also found some new additions to the cast. Daniel Sharman and Gage Golightly will play two members of Derek’s pack. Daniel will play Lacrosse with Scott, so now unless they find a team with more werewolves than them Beacon Hills should go undefeated. Any way the addition of Gage makes me skeptical about Lydia shifting, since Gage is slated to play a female member of Derek’s pack. I know you watch TVD and PLL so I’ll just go ahead a tell you that Bianca Lawson who plays Emily Bennett on TDV and Maya St. Germain on PLL will be playing the school counselor in a few episodes this season. Michael Hogan will play Allison’s hunter grandfather, and Stephen Lundsford will play a student photographer with a thing for Allison.
        I also read somewhere that the bigger the pack the faster the Alpha will heel. That and Derek and Scott won’t be buddying it up anytime soon since they are no longer on the same page. I was hoping for a car chase screen like the one from last season.

  15. I love Tyler Hoechlin

    Anyone have a pic of Derek when he hears Scott howling. The part where he looks up looking tired, then gets confident/angry.
    I f***ing love his hair when it’s like that, all flattened and sexy 😀 😀

  16. Cujo

    Wow that was the best recap ever!! It was also the best episode ever to!!Derek’s CREEPY once in a life time smile was the best friggin part!! Hey Jackson grow some balls dude seriously!! I’m NOT afraid I’d Derek I love Derek but u don’t see me going to la casa de old and decripet and beggin to be bitten (even tho I’m already a she-wolf) and then crying!!Ur recaps r the BEST and hilarous continue to write 4 season 2!!!Derek want to go f/&k now??

    • Thanks so much, Cujo! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recaps. I had SO much fun recapping this show. I absolutely plan to continue recapping it for Season 2. And why not? I hear there’s going to be more nudity. 😉

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