The Vampire Diaries’ Klaus / Elijah versus Damon / Stefan (And it’s all just a little bit of history repeating . . .)

Brothers . . . they know you better than anybody else in the world . . . sometimes even better than you know yourself.  And that specialized knowledge gives them an incredible amount of power over you.  It can make them your strongest allies . . .

. . . or your most frightening enemies.

Sometimes brothers can play both roles in your life, at once: protector and destroyer . . . advocate and executioner . .  . confidant and betrayer.  Perhaps, there are no two people that understand this concept better than The Vampire Diaries’ iconic brothers — both in life, and in blood — Damon and Stefan Salvatore.


Correction:  There MAY actually be two people who understand this concept just a bit better than the Salvatore Brothers, but only because they’ve had about 1,000 years more experience than their decidedly younger counterparts . . .


Of course, I am referring to the original vampire brothers, Klaus and Elijah, two siblings for whom the phrase “blood brothers” carries with it an incredibly powerful, not to mention, extremely deadly, meaning all it’s own . .  .

Upon completing our four-part Ripper Redux series, last week, Amy, over at Imaginary Men and I, turned to you, our beautiful and brilliant readers, and asked for your suggestions as to what TVD-related topic we should cover in our next pre-Season 3 installment . . .

All of your suggestions were so amazing, that we had an incredibly difficult time picking just one topic to cover in this week’s post.

So, we decided to start with two . . .

Beau’s suggested we tackle the Salvatore Brothers, and their complex relationship with one another.  “The bond between them, is it now rivalry, an unpleasant, unwelcome, brothership, or hidden care for each other?”

Coincidentally, Serendipity, author of the spectacular Delena fanfiction Shadowdancing, was also interested in the Salvatore Brothers.  However, her interests lied less in the way that they loved one another, and more in the way that they loved others . . .

They love others GOOD! 

Specifically, Serendipity hoped to explore the parallels between Stefan’s and Damon’s love for Elena and Katherine, and Klaus’ and Elijah’s “love” for Katherine and the Original Petrova Doppelganger Charlotte, who’s mysterious existence has been hinted at throughout The Vampire Diaries’ second season.

Since Amy and I tend to be rather . . . um . . . visual people . . .

*clears throat* 

We’ve decided to frame our analysis of the aforementioned issue using three iconic scenes from The Vampire Diaries’ series.  The first scene, from Season 1’s “Children of the Damned,features a standoff between Damon and Stefan that inadvertently endangers the lives of BOTH Elena and Katherine.

The second two scenes, both from Season 2’s Klaus, involve a similar standoff between Klaus and Elijah,  in which the brothers discuss the nature of vampire love, and the fate of one,  very special, Petrova Doppelganger . . .

Here’s how it’s going to work.  First, Amy, Serendipity and I will lay out and analyze each of the three individual scenes for you.  Once we are done with that, we’ll take a step back, and discuss what these scenes say about the Salvatores versus the Originals, in terms of their various likenesses and differences.  Sound good?

Excellent!  So, without further adieu, let the Brotherly Betrayals, and Doppelganger Love Triangles begin!

Scene 1: Another Vampire Girlfriend for Stefan and Damon?

Episode: “Children of the Damned” – 1 X 13

Setting the Scene:

So, remember, back last season, when the Salvatore Brothers still thought Katherine was locked away in suspended animation in that vampire tomb?  Ahhh, memories!


The key to unlocking the tomb lied in reciting a spell developed by Bonnie’s ancestor, Emily.

“That’s ME!” 

The spell was contained in a Grimoire or “spell book.” As it turned out, the REAL reason Damon had initially returned to Mystic Falls — after having abandoned the town and his brother for nearly a century — was to find that book, recite the spell, and open the tomb, so that he and Katherine could be reunited, for all eternity . . .

Though both Stefan and Elena had jointly and separately promised Damon that they would help him do whatever it takes to rescue Katherine from the tomb (He promised to leave town, once he found her), the couple had secretly decided that awakening a rather large group of incredibly bloodthirsty vampires was not a particularly good way to boost Mystic Falls’ morale.  So, based on a hot tip from Good Old John Gilbert’s journal, the pair snuck off, in the middle of the night, to Stefan’s and Damon’s father’s grave, where Old Man Gilbert said the Grimoire would most likely be buried.

After a minimal amount of digging, Stefan and Elena uncovered the book, which they eventually planned to destroy, so that Damon could never find it.  The problem, of course, is that, like Stefan and Elena, Damon was also clued in to the Grimoire’s whereabouts.  And when he found Stefan and Elena, in the process of betraying his trust, to say he was not amused is the understatement of the century . . .

Potent Quotables:

STEFAN:  “I can’t let you bring her back.  I’m sorry.”

DAMON:  “So am I.  For thinking, for even a second, that I could trust YOU!”

STEFAN:  “You are not capable of trust.  The fact that you are here means that you read the journal, and you were planning on doing this yourself.”

DAMON:  “Of course, I was going to do it myself, because the only one I can count on is ME!  You made sure of that many years ago, Stefan.  But you (looks at Elena) . . . you had me fooled.”

And later . . .

DAMON:  “Give me the book, or I will snap her neck.  And you and I will have a Vampire Girlfriend.”

Still later . . .

DAMON:  “The problem is that I no longer trust that you will give it back.”

STEFAN:  “You just did the one thing that ensures that I will.”

Let’s Discuss:

Julie:  I find it fascinating that most TVD pundits (myself included) spend so much time and space discussing Damon’s second force-feeding of his blood to Elena, in “The Last Day” . . .

 . . .  whereas this first instance of involuntary blood exchange generally gets short shrift.

Perhaps, this is because, at the time, the act of forcefeeding had comparatively less significance to both parties involved, than it does now.  Elena, though clearly frightened, of the prospect of dying and “going vamp,” had really just started becoming intimate with her vampire boyfriend Stefan, at this point in the series.  Having not yet been exposed to Stefan’s darkside, Elena probably wasn’t particularly aware of the potentially negative impact becoming a bloodsucker might have on her psyche.  She also hadn’t really had the opportunity to consider what she would be giving up, if she was turned .  . .

By the time Elena has drank Damon’s blood again in “The Last Day,” we know, based on her later discussion with Stefan, that she has since given this matter a good deal of thought . . .

For Damon’s part, he was still very much hung up on Katherine, at the time this scene was taking place.  So, the threat of turning Elena was viewed by Stefan more as a bargaining chip to get back the book from Stefan, than anything else.  In fact, there is a good deal of evidence in the scene that Damon is actually bluffing . . . and that he never intends to actually turn Elena.

We see in Damon, a surprising amount of hesitation, caution, and guilt, in his dealings with Elena, following the force feeding . . . the way he nuzzles her hair affectionately, prior to the book being placed on the floor . . . the gentle way he releases her from his grasp, when the book is actually delivered . . . the almost apologetic way he pats Elena on the arm, as she rushes back to Stefan.

For a so-called cold and calculating killer, Damon sure seemed conflicted about the actual act of killing, in this scene!  In fact, I’d be willing to argue that a part of Damon was actually AFRAID that Stefan would call his bluff, and not return the book, forcing Damon to stick to his word, and turn Elena, to punish Stefan.  Oddly enough, Damon’s forcefeeding of Elena in “The Last Day,” which was done out of an INTENSE love for her, was much rougher and more callous seeming.  I think this was because, in that scene, Damon was NOT conflicted at all.  He simply couldn’t picture a life without Elena, and saw turning her as the only way to keep her from dying . . .

Amy:  While Damon seems used to betrayals from his brother, his  new pain over Elena’s betrayal is written all over his face.

And when Damon is hurt – he lashes out and does things that cause irreparable damage – such as  here where he threatens Elena and feeds her his blood. An act he’ll repeat in  S2 when his fear that Elena will die at the Sacrifice for Klaus’ curse leads him to force feed her his blood as a desperate “insurance policy” that she won’t ever die.

At this point Elena does not know the true story of how the Salvatores became vampires. Is this Damon not so subtly telling her that he has
every reason not to trust his brother? Or maybe an early foreshadowing of Stefan’s secret Ripper past?

Serendipity:  This is Stefan’s second betrayal of Damon, the first being (in that same episode) when 1864 Stefan promises Damon not to tell their father about Katherine, and Stefan betrays that trust. Damon says he’s not surprised by Stefan doing that again in the present, but he is very hurt by Elena doing so, especially since he asked her about it earlier that night (“Can I trust you?” And she says “Yes,” which is actually her first act of lying to Damon, I think).

Julie:  What’s interesting about the exchange between Stefan and Damon in this scene, is that you can really see where both brothers are coming from.  From Stefan’s perspective, this has much less to do with Damon’s “right” to be reunited with Katherine, and more to do with the extreme danger that the release of these OTHER vampires will undoubtedly cause for the town.  And yet, you can also see how Damon sees this as the ultimate slight, on his brother’s part.

Damon’s overwhelming devotion to Katherine blinds him from seeing the collateral damage of what he is doing.  He can’t understand why his own brother would possibly choose to ensure the happiness of a town full of virtual strangers over his own kin.  Plus, I’m sure there’s a small part of Damon that wonders whether Stefan is keeping Katherine from him, so that he can have her (or at least, her modern-day equivalent, looks wise) all to himself . . . while Damon, once again, is left alone and empty-handed.

Amy: Here the brothers are forced to trust one another – when neither of them do. Stefan has to trust that Damon cares about Elena enough not
to hurt her despite his threats and his anger with them both; Damon has to trust that Stefan loves Elena enough to give him what he really wants – the journal – and also trust that his “good brother” will make the “good decision.” Whereas Katherine was the one using the brothers as pawns in 1864, in this moment Elena is the pawn the brothers have to bargain for to each get what they want.

Serendipity:  Question though: I wonder how the Grimoire got buried with Giuseppe Salvatore? Stefan killed him to complete his
transition (awkward having to dig him up then) but we see Emily running away from the round-up, and she isn’t a vampire, so how did they get it? Did she just leave the thing behind? Emily didn’t die that day, since Kat had to come back to ‘tie those loose ends’ as she told Damon  in ‘The Houseguest’.

Julie:  Hmm . . . good point.  I never really thought about that before!  I’m thinking that, since John Gilbert survived BOTH Giuseppe and Emily, following Emily’s death, it was John who buried the Grimoire with Giuseppe Salvatore.

Maybe he believed that this would be the best way of keeping the book safe from the Vampire Salvatore Brothers.  The grotesque circumstances surrounding Giuseppe’s death (which were probably fairly obvious, once his body was found) would seem to dictate that Stefan and Damon would NEVER go anywhere near that body, knowing, that, if they did, the townspeople would round them up, and possibly do to them what they had to the other vampires in Mystic Falls.

This is just a guess, of course .  . . 😉

Amy: You might be right about that.  Despite the promises of eternal misery and the constant wall slamming/throwing each other out windows/staking one another throughout the centuries – deep down the Salvatore Brothers love each other. They need each other – why else would Stefan have wanted his brother to turn Vamp with him? He didn’t want to be alone, he wanted them to share eternal life together. Stefan
is always swearing there is humanity still in Damon, and he withstands a lot of Damon’s terrible behaviors to try and force that humanity out.

Scene 2: “Love is a Vampire’s Greatest Weakness”

Episode: “Klaus” – 2 X 19

Setting the Scene:  Klaus and Elijah are half-brothers.  And both are part of THE Original Vampire family, from which all vampires are to some extent descended.  Though they were born to the same mother, the two brothers have different fathers.  Klaus’ father is a werewolf.  This means, technically, that, upon taking a human life, Klaus should morph into the only were-vampire in the entire world!

Fearing that this would make Klaus too powerful, and would mess with the supernatural order of things, a group of witches put a spell on Klaus, rendering his werewolf side dormant, no matter how many humans he killed.  The spell was sealed by the blood of a woman named Charlotte, the Original Petrova Doppelganger, with whom both Klaus and Elijah apparently had intimate relations.


Breaking the curse requires a Sacrifice ceremony that can only be performed on a Full Moon.  To complete the ceremony requires the incantations of a witch, and the lifeblood of a werewolf, a vampire, and, most importantly, a Petrova Doppelganger.  The problem of course, is that since Charlotte’s death, a Petrova Doppelganger hasn’t appeared in centuries!  That is, until Katerina Petrova enters Klaus’ and Elijah’s life.  For very different reasons, she is precisely what both vampire brothers are seeking . . .

Potent Quotables:


ELIJAH:  “The full moon is tomorrow, brother.”

KLAUS:  “After all these centuries, it is finally time.”

ELIJAH: “I have been to see the witches.  They believe they may have found a way to spare the Doppelganger.”

KLAUS:  “What does it matter if she lives or not?  She is a means to an end.  That is all.”

ELIJAH:  “But she should die for your gain?”

KLAUS:  “She is human.  Her life means nothing.”

ELIJAH:  “I beg you to consider this.”

KLAUS: “Are you so foolish as to care for her?”

ELIJAH: (hesitates) “Of course not.”

KLAUS:  “Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness.  And we are not weak, Elijah.  We do not feel.  And we do not care.”

ELIJAH: “We did once.”

KLAUS: (softens) “Too many lifetimes ago to matter.  Tell the witches not to bother.   The Sacrifice will happen as planned.

Let’s Discuss:

Amy: The big reveal that Klaus and Elijah were brothers was a doozy. Up until that point the audience sees Elijah as an ally in the war against Klaus (a scary, unpredictable ally, but still) But as his brother – does he have an ulterior motive? Does he want reunion or revenge?


In this flashback, Katherine (or Katerina) is, for once – the pawn between this set of brothers. Klaus needs her in her human form to break
the curse that will allow him to be a WereVamp, and Elijah who has been assisting with these Curse Breaking duties has clearly fallen for the lovely Petrova Doppleganger and would rather she not die in the service of his brother’s master plan.

Julie: The acting in this scene was just spectacular.  Kudos to both Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan for a truly complex and riveting peformance.  Watching the calm, calculating, dignified, and thoughtful Elijah navigate the rough waters that are the easily excitable, and often rash, yet, at the same time, surprisingly cool and calculating, Klaus, was truly mesmerizing.


In particular, I love the choices Daniel Gillies makes in this scene.  As understated and soft-spoken as the character of Elijah can be, he’s also brutally smart.  Elijah knows exactly how Klaus feels (or at least pretends to feel) about humanity.  And I suspect that the Original Petrova Doppelganger broke his heart BIG TIME.  So, while it’s clearly obvious that Elijah has fallen hard for the maiden Katerina, and desperately wants to save her from death, he’s wise enough not to come right out and say so . . .


At first, Elijah is very casual and nonchalant about his “suggestion” that the witches can spare Katerina’s life, while still giving Klaus exactly what he wants.  He clearly has experience placating, and playing sidekick to his brother.  And he does it well.

The problem is that Klaus has grown up with Elijah for CENTURIES, by this point.  So, he sees right through his brother’s machinations to the love lurking in Elijah’s heart.  Backed into a corner, Elijah is forced to finally be honest with his brother about his feelings, BEGGING him to reconsider.  Now, that he has him right where he wants him, Klaus puts the final nail in Elijah’s proverbial coffin, by implying that he is weak for having feelings for a human.  And yet, when Elijah not-so-subtly suggests that even the GREAT Klaus is not immune to such affections, we can see the slightest chink in the Big Bad Vampire’s armor.  A chink that will grow into a gaping hole, in the next scene . . .

Scene 3: “DO NOT LIE TO ME!”

Episode: “Klaus 2 x 19

Setting the Scene: Shortly after the above scene has taken place, Katerina Petrova mysteriously vanishes.  And Klaus has a pretty good idea who was behind her sudden disappearance . . .

Potent Quotables:

KLAUS:  “What have you done?”

ELIJAH: “I don’t understand.”

KLAUS: “Katerina has gone.  She has fled . . . What did you tell her?”

ELIJAH: “I told her nothing.”

KLAUS: *insert Original Wall Slam here* “DO NOT LIE TO MEEEE!”

ELIJAH: “I will find her.  You have my word.”

KLAUS:  “If you do not, I give you my word.  You will be dead.”

Let’s Discuss:

Serendipity: What we see in “Klaus” may very well be the  First Betrayal Klaus has experienced from his typically-loyal brother.  At least, I think it’s a First Betrayal (though we do not know that for sure). Not that we see the actual betrayal, just the aftermath of Katherine having gone missing and it being Elijah’s fault for having warned her about Klaus’ plans.

Amy: Here, the Originals’ Brothers do their version of the patented Salvatore Brother Wall Slam. Klaus’ Curse Breaking Party is about to get ruined because Katerina has written her own escape clause and started her life of Vampire Bitch on the Run. He blames his younger, dutiful, brother for having feelings that allowed him to betray Klaus to help the woman he loves.

Julie: In the last scene, we saw how cool and calculating Klaus can be, when it is in his best interest to do so.  But, in general, I think Klaus is a pretty excitable guy.  Unlike Elijah, Klaus’ MO is to rip something to shreds first, and think about the consequences of that action later.  Here, we get to see Klaus in what I believe is his TRUE form.  He is raw, animalistic, and full of RAGE.  And yet, I think a part of him is also extremely shocked, and maybe just a bit hurt, that his own brother has had the GALL (and the intelligence) to go behind his back and foil his plans, in this very personal way . . . especially, since Elijah knows just how much Klaus wants to become a were-vamp, and how long he has been waiting for it.

Klaus feels as though Elijah has made a fool of him.  His brother has done something Klaus thought no one could do . . . trick and betray him.  And the fact that Elijah did it for a HUMAN, and lied about it, when confronted, that just digs the knife in deeper, as far as Klaus is concerned.  When Klaus threatens to kill Elijah, if he doesn’t find Katerina and bring her back, we KNOW he means it.  And centuries later, Klaus proves just how serious this threat actually was . . .


A Blood Brotherhood Redux: Tying it all Together . . .

Amy: So the Originals Brothers have switched hair colors but clearly Klaus = Damon and Elijah = Stefan. Damon plots, kills and feels nothing. Stefan fixes, protects and cares deeply. Elijah wants to remind Klaus that they DID feel at one time, the same way Stefan wants Damon to remember his humanity and that he too can feel love and compassion. Klaus wants ultimate power and he does not care who he has to kill to get it – innocent girl, brother.


Serendipity: That’s interesting that you see them that way.  Because, for me, I always want to see Damon as Elijah and Stefan as Klaus… after all, it looks as though Katherine is ‘something’ (lover? Special someone?) more to Klaus than to Elijah, casting Elijah in the role of the pursuing brother, victim of (unrequited?) love, just like Damon.

But on the other hand there are certain parallels being drawn between Klaus/Damon and Elijah/Stefan, because it is Klaus who is betrayed by Elijah, casting Elijah into Stefan’s role of the betrayer of hope. I took a sneak peak at parts of both episodes, and remarked that the clothing seems to reflect that, specifically as far as the first betrayal goes (might be a total coincidence though): 1864 Damon wears a blue suit in CoTD, just as Klaus does when meeting Katherina for the first time (might just be because they both are blue-eyed though, only this is the first time I noticed this; and neither usually wears blue), while 1864 Stefan wears a brown suit in CoTD just like Elijah (then again, both have brown eyes, but that hardly ever seems to play). I didn’t pay attention to present day Damon and Stefan, though I imagine they wore their regular clothes…

Julie:  You both raise good points.  On one hand, Elijah and Damon both seem to have that broody, unrequited love, thing going for them.  (“I’m going to save that Katherine’s life, dammit!  So, what if she’ll probably end up choosing my brother over me!  At least she will know I care!”)  And yet, in the scenes we’ve selected, Klaus and Damon were both definitely playing the role of The Betrayed to their brother’s Betrayer . . .

Also, there’s a definite similarity in temperment and ideology, between Klaus and Damon and  Elijah and Stefan, respectively.  Regarding Klaus and Damon, these two are clearly, the more emotional and impulsive brothers.  When they feel something, they ACT on it.   And very little effort is made on either of their parts to disguise their emotions.

Though in many ways, that makes them SCARIER than their more diplomatic brothers, it also, oddly enough, makes them more “honest.”  When it comes to Klaus and Damon, you always know exactly what you are going to get.  That’s not necessarily the case with Elijah and Stefan, who have been dishonest and betrayed the ones they love on numerous occasions, under the guise of doing what they feel is “honorable.


In terms of ideologies, we saw in both of these scenes, that Klaus and Damon, each for their own reasons, value the lives of the people they love and their own lives, over the lives of “humans.”  Klaus tells Elijah that because Katherine is human, her life means nothing.  Damon, by wanting to rescue Vampire Katherine from the tomb, at the risk of letting all the rest of the tomb vampires loose as well, impliedly places HER life, and his happiness, over the lives of the townspeople of Mystic Falls.  Elijah and Stefan, conversely, seem to value human life, and see humans, like then-Katherine, Elena, and the people of Mystic Falls, as individuals worthy of having their lives protected.

Klaus’ and Damon’s feelings toward humanity extend toward their feelings toward human emotions.  Klaus doesn’t care for humans, because he sees them as inferior.  (Though, of course, this may be the result of earlier heartbreak, at the hands of the Original Petrova.  Who knows?)


Damon, on the other hand, resents his loss of humanity, and the experience of human emotion serves as a painful reminder to him of what he know longer has.  A comparison of Klaus’ “Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness . . . We do not feel.  We do not care” line in Klaus to Damon’s “[Being upset over Rose’s death] would be human of me Elena, and I am NOT human,” in “The Descent” is pretty telling in terms of the similarities and differences between Klaus’ and Damon’s respective opinions on the experience of human emotions.

Amy: We haven’t seen enough of the Originals’ Brothers to really understand how their relationship worked, but I don’t get a whole lot of
brotherly love vibes. Elijah actually seems more like pre-Vampire Damon – sweet, quiet, prone to easily falling deeply in love. And Klaus – well I don’t doubt that he’d kill his brother in a heartbeat (heh. Get it? Because they don’t have one?) if he believed he had been betrayed.

Serendipity: Also Damon and Klaus are alike in that they didn’t get on with their fathers.  For Klaus that seems logical, since his father turns out not to be his father at all, which makes me wonder whether maybe the same might not be true for Damon… (pure conjecture of course LOL).  Then there is something about respect, as well, I think… in CoTD, if I heard it right, Giuseppe says he lost respect for Damon, who just
seems to shrug that off. When Stefan tells Damon he has something from Elena Damon will never have (in Klaus), i.e. her respect, they start brawling.  Apparently, Damon does care about Elena’s respect, more than he did about his father’s.

Julie: It makes sense that Klaus and Damon feel rejected by their fathers, their brothers, and their former lovers (again, I’m making assumptions about this Charlotte girl).  In all of the above scenes we see that Klaus and Damon both have a bit of a “Me Against the World” attitude toward life.  In “Children of the Damned,” Damon notes that the only one he can trust is himself.  It’s a sad statement, and yet, it seems largely consistent with much of his life experiences.  Unlike Damon, Klaus might have initially felt that he COULD trust Elijah.  So, it wasn’t until his brother betrayed him, that he felt truly alone in the world.

This Lone Ranger attitude Klaus and Damon have extends to their feelings about the women they love.  Just as there may have been a part of Damon that saw Stefan’s keeping Katherine from him as a jealous and possessive move, as opposed to a humanitarian one, there also may have been a part of Klaus, that assumed Elijah’s actions were at least partially dictated by his feelings for the Original Petrova Doppelganger.  If that was the case, Klaus, being the cocky self-absorbed vampire, he clearly is, might have assumed that the reason Elijah helped Katherine to escape his clutches had LESS to do with him simply loving her, and more to do with (1) not wanting Klaus to become a supremely powerful were-vampire; and (2) punishing Klaus for getting the girl, once again.

If human brothers are naturally competitive, in all aspects of their lives, it would stand to reason that VAMPIRE brothers are TWICE as competitive, since they have that much more TIME to compete, and that many more opportunities to potentially feel inferior . . .

Amy: Mirroring the 1X13 clip, we see that Damon does NOT = Klaus in this form of the equation, because he doesn’t want to kill either his brother
or Elena to get what he wants, no matter how desperately he wants it.

The Salvatores, on the other hand – talk about killing each other a lot – but when it comes down to it – they never would. If they did, who
would they threaten, slam into walls, and fight over the same girl with for all eternity??

PHEW!  That sure was a lot of analysis!  But hopefully, it’s given you a bit of insight into both pairs of our favorite vampire brothers.  Now, it’s YOUR turn readers.  Do you think Damon is more like Klaus or Elijah?  What about Stefan?  And how do you think these dynamics will change now that Ripper Stefan has, at least temporarily, aligned himself with Klaus?


Also, I’m curious as to what you all think happened with the Original Petrova?  Perhaps, Stefan Salvatore wasn’t the first vampire in TVD world to have a human Petrova Doppelganger girlfriend . . . 😉

By the way, if you’ve missed any part of the Ripper Redux series, you can find the links to all four parts, by clicking HERE . . .

Well, that’s all for now, Fangbangers.   We’ve still got one more week before the Season 3 premiere.  So, please keep submitting your article ideas.  Who knows?  You might just end up being featured in next week’s blog series installment . . .

See you then! 😉

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  1. mak75231

    First a question: Where did I miss that the Original Petrova was named Charlotte? Is it buried (haha) somewhere in 2.19? I have totally missed that somewhere, and every time some journalistic-type asks for “questions” I ALWAYS submit whether or not the Original Petrova will turn up in flashbacks and Nina will have to imbibe in anti-phychotics and play 3 parts….nobody ever asks. Guess that shuts me up! lol Second: You mention Elena not thinking about the negative consequences of turning vamp….has anyone forgotten what Lexi had to say (on at least two occasions, once in 1864 and once just before her untimely final death) about love being intensified and rocking her world with “vamp sex”? That sounds like a Big O to me! (leave it to me to go there! lol) On a serious note. I always identified the Brother Pairs differently–Elijah and Damon are the brothers the girl didn’t choose. You can look at this parallel brothers story two ways–temperament-wise, everybody’s thinking Elijah is the “Original” Stefan. But think about it. Who had the undisclosed desires? Who got left with blueballs looking on wistfully/jealously while their brother made off with the wench? Elijah and DAMON!

    • Hey mak! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your awesome comment!

      As for the Charlotte question . . . you know what’s funny? I actually think the name Charlotte was initially put forth as a joke by Julie Plec, when some media outlet inquired about the Original Doppelganger. In fact, I think your comment about Nina needing to be on anti-psychotics, due to having to play THREE characters at once, may have even been brought up at that point. Here’s a source for that initial mention (just scroll through a few fan comments to get there):

      But then, recently, I don’t recall exactly where, Julie and Kevin were quoted in an interview as saying that Charlotte WOULD be featured in a flashback this season. So, maybe it wasn’t so much of a joke, after all! If I find the source, I’ll come back and post it here. However, for now, it seems to evade me. Needless to say, if a Klaus / Charlotte sex scene was featured in Season 3, I certainly wouldn’t complain. 😉

      Speaking of the horizontal mambo ;), I love your comment about vampires having better sex than humans. It makes perfect sense to me: more strength, more energy, more chemical reactions, and, most importantly, MORE SCREWING EXPERIENCE! 😉 It seems like a no brainer. Personally, I think being a vampire would be awesome! You don’t age. You never get fat. You’re hot. You have superhuman strength, and awesome mind control powers. And you NEVER DIE! So what if you have to fight the urge to eat your friends, every once in a while? That’s what blood banks are for, right?

      However, I also know, based on The Last Day, how ELENA feels about being a vampire. And that’s sort of the POV I was going for, when doing this analysis. (Silly Elena!)

      Additionally, I was intrigued by your argument that Damon is more like Elijah than Klaus. I definitely agree that Damon and Elijah seem to have that perpetually wounded Unrequited Lover / The Brother Not Chosen Thing going for them. And yet, in terms of temperment, morality, and trust issues, Damon IS more like Klaus.

      I actually give the writers a lot of credit here for not making the parallels between the two brothers so cut and dry. It would have been easy for them to make the Originals simply an OLDER version of Stefan and Damon. But they didn’t. While parallels between the two sets of brothers definitely exist (and there ARE plenty of them). These truly are four very different characters, with four very distinct personalities and experiences. For me, that makes things more fun.

      It also makes me even more excited to explore the Originals further, in Season 3. (And of course, I want to explore more of Damon naked . . . either alone, or with Elena . . . but that’s a given. ;))

      Thanks again for reading and sharing your insights! September 15th is almost here! YIPPEE! 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    DAMN! This is great! I love the idea that Klaus and Damon see their brothers’ betrayals as very PERSONAL and not about the larger good. That is a wonderful parallel that I had not seen but I think is so true. Both are very volatile, selfish characters and they want what they want, when they want it – yesterday, a hundred years ago – and anyone, anything in their way is an enemy who must be disposed of.

    I am thoroughly excited to learn more about The Originals Brothers backstory. How Elijah came to be Klaus’ “wingman” for one thing. And of course if there was an ancient love triangle in their past that set them at odds for the duration.

    Also the styles between the two sets of brothers is really interesting to see. Originals are very old, European, quite methodical and sort of sophisticated – I guess would be the word. While the Salvatores are still “young” in comparison and VERY American. They’re much more brash and emotional – they act more on impulse and react to things passionately.

    I would love for Elena/Damon to resurrect Elijah somehow and then team up so Damon/Elijah would have to form an alliance to catch Klaus/Stefan. Mix those brothers up and see what happens!

    • Excellent point about the Originals coming across as more European. Even when they are pulling out individuals hearts, and eating them, Elijah and Klaus somehow manage to do it with style and class . . . if that makes any sense ;). I do think that fits the general stereotype of Americans being a bit more outspoken, and “emotional” than Europeans. I’m sure there are exceptions to this admittedly ethnocentric rule, but it certainly does seem to apply in this case.

      OMG! A Damon / Elijah pairing would surely rival Team Badass, in terms of awesomeness! It would be like The Odd Couple: Vampire Edition. The fact that Damon’s and Elijah’s temperments are SOOO very distinct, would be sure to bring a lot of comedy, and amusement to the whole Ripper Rescue Mission. I could just see Elijah not approving AT ALL of Damon’s hard drinking and hard partying ways. He would also probably think Damon talks too much. 🙂 I could envision an instance in which Damon and Elijah confront an adversary, and Damon is just snarking at him like crazy. Then Elijah, whose been standing on the sidelines, observing silently, just calmly walks over to the adversary, rips his heart out, and says, “Can we leave now? I’m bored.”

      CLASSIC! Here’s hoping we actually get to see this alliance play out this season . . . 😉

  3. East Coast Captain

    The relations with Klaus and Elijah is so Stefan and Damon. Elijah is like Stefan he´s calm and calculating and cautious however Klaus is like Damon, there selfish and brash and impulsive. So many similarities.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I always love reading your comments, because you are so eloquent and SUCCINCT! You have this flawless ability to say in 50 words, what it takes me 5,000 to say! You do it in your fanfiction too! It’s amazing. I could definitely learn a thing or too from you about being concise. 😉

  4. Lauren Knott

    Love it!
    Did you know that there’s people out there who think the Original Petrova was Klaus and Elijah’s mother? Or sister? That really grosses me out. And it doesn’t make sense to me, either. We haven’t met the rest of the Originals, but it doesn’t make sense to me why they would sacrifice their own family member. Unless they were all completely psychotic, which they might be, but I don’t think they’re THAT crazy. It just bugs me, because it just seems so obvious that the Original Petrova was a lover, NOT a family member. And hello? Nina Dobrev isn’t old enough to look like she birthed seven children. It’s gross and annoying. I know some people don’t want to see yet another love triangle, but come on. Something like that might work for a show like True Blood and be okay, but this is The Vampire Diaries. I don’t think they’re going to go down that road. That being said, I can’t wait until Season 3 starts. Joseph Morgan is looking HOT. And since we don’t know when Elijah will come back (I’ve heard so many different things about that–Kevin Williamson has said everything from “he’s coming back right away” to “we have no set plans for Elijah to hopefully return” so I don’t know what to fucking believe), I’ll just have to focus on Klaus (and, duh, Damon!) and RIPPER STEFAN!! So excited!! Great job!!

    • Hey Lauren! Thanks so much for your excellent comment. You know, I was thinking of you, as I was writing my first-ever Elijah-centric post. I’m so thrilled that you found it. 😉

      Oh NO! Charlotte as Klaus and Elijah’s relative? ICK! Yeah, I really don’t see incest as being the type of topic into which TVD would delve. And yes, based on Elijah’s statement to Klaus “We did once [love],” coupled with the smitten way both Elijah and Klaus reacted, when they saw Katherine for the first time,it seems pretty obvious to me that the two brothers LOVED Charlotte, and not in a “familial” way.

      Also, I think it sort of makes sense that the witches would CURSE Klaus using the face of someone he once loved. Their theory being that Klaus would find someone who looked like his first true love much harder to kill than your average human. It would also explain Klaus’ philosophy that love makes vampires weak, since, not only could being in love potentially distract Klaus from what he wants, it also LITERALLY kept him from realizing his full potential as a were vamp.

      Oh, and as for Elijah, not to worry. Since this is the Season of the Originals, I’m assuming it’s also going to be the Season of the Flashbacks. Even if in “real time” Elijah is sleeping in his coffin, waiting to be reawakened, I suspect it won’t be long before we see flashbacks of Elijah and Klaus, during their days as part of the Original family. For starters, I am sure they will show us how the Originals were turned. I also think, as I’ve mentioned that we will get to see how Klaus ended up cursed by the witches . . . And this means we will get to see Charlotte. And if we get to see Charlotte, we will probably get to see her being courted by BOTH Elijah and Klaus . . .

      Of course, I could be wrong. 😉 And, hey, even if I am, we’ll always have DAMON . . . and Team Ripper, of course.

  5. Tricus

    I think that Stefan and Damon have a bit of Elijah and Klaus in present day to their personalities. Sure Damon/Klaus and Elijah/Stefan PAST history mirror each other very closely and it all has to mainly do with Family and the obsessive love/possession of a Petrova woman.

    In the past Klaus charming, outgoing guy got all the love of the main lady (Katerina) without a problem, he and his bro was close but he and his dad didn’t get along.
    In the Past Elijah was the quiet, thoughtful, calm guy who didn’t get the true love (maybe affection) of Katerina, close to his bro and his family.
    in the past Stefan was charming, a little more quiet than Damon, had the love of the parents and got the true love of Katerina.
    In the past Damon was suave, very charming but thoughtful, calm, careful and quiet, did not get along with his father, was close to his bro,did not get the true love of Katerina, betrayed by his bro.

    So based on how each brother dealt with their past history showed who they are today. Looking at present day both set of brothers they both display traits of each other in different circumstances. Damon has evolved a lot and he is caring more and more for humans. He is not killing humans just because anymore. Klaus is still doing that so I am not of the mindset that Damon is PURELY Klaus. Damon is more in control of his vampire side like Elijah than Stefan is. Stefan is like Klaus where they obsess over drinking human blood. It is like a drug to them so I say both Stefan and Damon has a little bit of Elijah and Klaus in them.
    Whomever put out the thought that since Klaus had a different father than Elijah then Damon may also have a different father than Stefan made a good point. I have always thought that it may be the main reason why his father was soooo against him. Would be a VERY interesting turn of events if Damon also has the were gene in him like Klaus but for some reason he doesn’t know it and it has remain dormant until he drank another werevamp blood, Klaus.
    As Elijah said sipping his tea “The term your looking for is OMG”. hahahahhaha

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for your always brilliant insights. Oooh, imagine if Damon was a “bastard” child, like Klaus . . . and if his father was a Lockwood, nonetheless! What an interesting theory! It WOULD explain Papa Salvatore’s resentment of Damon, along with the fact that, lets face it Damon and Stefan look NOTHING ALIKE! (And, if I recall from the books, they look even LESS alike in them . . . if that’s possible.)

      I also like your idea of Damon inadvertently breaking his curse, by drinking Klaus’ blood. It would definitely skirt the whole “Sacrifice” issue. Plus, having Damon be a distant relative of Tyler would sure to bring about some comedic moments, considering how little these two get along.

      You know, when I was drafting this analysis, I automatically made comparisons between Damon and Stefan as VAMPIRES and Klaus and Elijah as VAMPIRES. But you are absolutely right, as a HUMAN Damon was MUCH MORE like Elijah, than like Klaus. He was a pacifist, and war deserter. He was laidback, and not particularly quick to anger. He was a hopeless romantic, who believed that love truly could conquer everything. And he was a bit of a naive innocent, who truly believed the best in people, like Katherine and his brother. And though he eventually accepted Katherine’s eating of other humans, the first time he saw blood on her mouth, his first instinct was to cringe in horror.

      I also agree with you that, Damon’s love for Elena HAS begun to transform him into a “better man” . . . one who thinks before he kills . . . one who is willing, not just to protect Elena, but also to protect her friends, like Caroline and Tyler. We’ve seen him show mercy to characters like Dopey Matt, and the AWFUL Lizard Forbes. And he has compelled humans (like Jeremy and Elena), as an act of mercy, not just to further his own selfish agenda. Klaus has said that love makes vampires weak. But love has made Damon GOOD . . . well . . . at least BETTER. (We wouldn’t want him to be COMPLETELY good, now would we? ;))

      Thank you again for all the great food for thought, Tricus! I’ve definitely missed our weekly Damon-centric TVD convos. And just think, we will be able to resume them in just a few short days. I just can’t wait! 🙂

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  8. I love how you guys have shown that Damon and Stefan can’t be easily equated with one Original brother – there are different parallels with different brothers! It makes the brothers’ storylines in season three, and how they are similar and different, all the more intriguing (I mean, c’mon, we just know Elijah will not stay daggered forever!)
    I’m curious to see the dynamic of control as it plays out for the Originals as compared with the Salvatores.

    Damon finds it tough to admit when he has lost control. He denies to this day that he was never compelled by Katherine, finds it difficult to trust others and thus give them control over his date, and makes drastic gestures in response to emotionally heightened situations that don’t go as planned (like him killing Jeremy after Elena said that it would always be Stefan, or him force feeding Elena blood in a desperate bid to make sure she would be come back “alive” in some form no matter what after the sacrifice ritual). His discomfort in relinquishing control is interesting, because unlike Stefan, he has a great deal of self-discipline. He has learned to control his hunger over the years, where Stefan abstained from drinking human blood altogether because he couldn’t handle it. I mean, Damon was able to snack off Caroline in small enough amounts that he didn’t drain her entirely, he was able to stop drinking fresh blood from the hospital when there was the possibility of the Council picking up on vampire activity.

    Stefan is a bit of a control freak in his own way. He continually reasserts the good brother/bad brother dichotomy (like his remark to Damon that good deeds only matter if they come from a place of selflessness, implying Damon wasn’t capable of this like he was), which I see as Stefan’s way of keeping control over his own identity as a monster, and convincing himself that he is “different” from the average vampire. It may turn out that he is much, much worse, this season. His repeated, empathic denial of feelings for Katherine, even though there has been subtext indicating he has unresolved issues with her, no doubt stems from how much he hated his lack of control around her, even as a human – how her compulsion removed his free will, and how he pursued her despite his brother’s clear feelings for her, even minus compulsion, something which was significant given how much the brothers respected/adored each other initially as humans.

    Different things get Damon and Stefan to snap. Damon’s refusal to acknowledge he misses his humanity, Stefan’s refusal to truly acknowledge and adapt to his identity as a vampire.

    So, I want to see who has more of the emotional control in the Original brothers’ relationship, and what makes them tick and snap.

    Thanks for giving me so many thinky thoughts about these vampire brothers! I feel even more excited about season three, if that is even possible!

    • Hey Cherie! Awesome analysis here, as usual! 😉

      First off, I must say, I love your take on Damon, and the dichotomy between his tremendous about of self-control as a vampire, and his constant fear of loss of control, not necessarily of his mind, or his body, like his brother, but of his EMOTIONS. You are absolutely right. From the very beginning, Damon has NEVER had any trouble controlling his bloodlust. He is like Katherine in that way. (Remember that scene from the Dinner Party, “We [cannot just go off eating all the Founding Families]. We have to be smart . . . like Katherine.]”

      And also like Katherine Damon has embraced his vampire side, in a way that Stefan hasn’t. This is particularly odd, when you think of how much Damon misses and longs for his own humanity. Yet, when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. The times when Damon has snapped all relate to a time, during which he has felt a huge outpouring of human emotion. He was heartbroken by Elena’s rejection of him, so he snapped Jeremy’s neck. He was ashamed of his feelings of loss over Rose’s death, so he ate Jessica. Extreme emotionality makes Damon lose control, because it serves as a painful reminder to him that, though he feels human emotions deeply, he is NOT human, and can no longer BE human. And he responds to the depression that results from this, by doing monstrous things that further embrace his vampire side.

      Stefan on the other hand, doesn’t seem to miss his humanity, as much as he HATES the vampire part of himself, the part that can’t drink human blood without completely falling off the wagon. And he copes with that, by living a rigid, no tolerance, martyr-type lifestyle. Stefan doesn’t miss his humanity like Damon does, because he is constantly trying to convince himself, that if he just abstains from the things that make him a vampire, he can, effectively BE human.

      And that denial may just be his undoing. Because, as we’ve learned, there’s no IN BETWEEN for Stefan. He’s either the Good Brother and the Good Abstaining Vampire, or he’s The Ripper. And it looks like, this season, we may be getting more of the latter, than the former.

      Interestingly enough, of the four brothers we discussed in this piece, the one we have NEVER seen lose control is Elijah. I mean, this guy is the most controlled character on TVD! He didn’t even seem particularly angry at Elena for KILLING him. He just woke up, stumbled a bit, and headed off to the Lockwoods for some tea! And in 1492, when Klaus was SCREAMING IN HIS FACE for betraying him regarding Katherine, Elijah just stood there calmly and took it.

      But Elijah’s seeming complete lack of anger, actually has the potential to make him the most terrifying villain of all. Even Damon was impressed by the way he calmly ripped two hearts out of two werewolves at once, without changing his facial expression, making a sound, or getting a single hair out of place. And though we didn’t see Elijah’s face when he shattered the window of that Vampire-Friendly Coffee shop, putting countless lives at risk, I suspect he didn’t even bat an eyelash. Elijah seemed completely untroubled by murdering his old companion Trevor, and compelling Rose’s vampire encyclopedia pal to off himself. And he looked merely inconvenienced, upon learning that his warlock-y partners in crime Jonas and Luka had been killed.

      But Elijah TOO has an Achilles heel, and that’s his brother, Klaus, and his family. Despite all the havoc Klaus has wreaked on Elijah’s life, he was willing to forgive all of it, for a chance to see his family again. Though he had seen nothing but evidence to the contrary over the past 1000 years, Elijah’s love for his brother, seemed to blind him to the fact that Klaus would murder ANYONE to get what he wants, even his favorite sibling. It is ironic that, despite his seeming complete lack of emotionality, it was the emotion of brotherly love that ended up being his (temporary) undoing.

      It will be interesting to see whether, upon waking, we will FINALLY see Elijah lose control, since that one last shred of humanity HE retained over the past 1,000 years, has just been unceremoniously taken from him. He can now trust NO ONE. You know, as much as I would LOVE to see Damon or Stefan be the ones to finally kill Klaus, it would be equally fitting for Elijah to do it. After all, of the three, his life has been impacted the most by the Original Were-Vamp, both negatively and positively.

    • imaginarymen

      Cherie you bring up a very interesting point here which is Stefan’s pursuit of Katherine in 1864 despite knowing Damon’s deep feelings for her.

      This pings what we’ve discussed about Stefan as one of his defining – if not THE defining aspect of his entire being which is his large, never-ending, insatiable reserve of GUILT.

      Stefan carries guilt for turning Damon we know – but does he still feel guilty for loving the same woman? For pursuing the same woman despite his brother’s affections for her? Maybe he turned Damon not just out of love and for companionship – but to somehow “make it up” to Damon – to mold Damon into a being who could *not* feel, making “all the pain, all the guilt” go right away. Be a vampire with me brother and forget how I have hurt you before this moment.

      So in this light then does Stefan “giving himself over” to Klaus absolve two burdens for Stefan? 1 – he saves his brothers life – a life that he forced into being against Damon’s will and 2 – he leaves Elena with Damon – an offering almost – I loved your girl, and you love mine. A “gift” of a different kind than he gave in 1864.

      Is THAT why Stefan often seems so cavalier about Damon’s obvious feelings for Elena? Does he see it as “fair is fair” given how things happened with Katherine? So much to think about and ponder!!

      It’s amazing that this show hasn’t been on in three months and yet we all still have SO MUCH to say about it. That’s the mark of some brilliance right there (theirs AND ours!)

  9. serendipity

    First off, guys, thanks for going for a suggestion I planted in your heads (I might have used some compulsion 😉 ) And thanks, Julie, for the awesome shout-out about Shadowdancing! And finally (but not least of course), thanks for piecing together some of those random bits of rant I sent you while packing my suitcases and putting them into your awesome piece of work!

    I also loved reading some of the comments (which is one of the advantages of responding so scandalously late here – I do have a good excuse though: no internet access on holiday 🙂 ), and I really don’t have that much to add…

    Tricus mentioned the different fathers… I do agree I would not be surprised that Damon and Stefan would be only half-brothers. It would even be conceivable that Damon’s father would have been a Lockwood (George was his best friend, after all), BUT (one big but) Damon did go to war, so we might assume he killed some soldiers of the opposite side then… wouldn’t that have triggered the dormant werewolf gene, if he had been a Lockwood by blood, thereby making him a full werewolf? (It does make me wonder what would actually happen if a vampire were to turn a werewolf? Would he then still remain a werewolf after turning? Or is it simply not possible to turn a werewolf, so that feeding them vampire blood does zilch, and they just die or heal? Otherwise there might be other were-vampires in existence, just not original ones… )
    And supposing Damon didn’t kill anybody in the war, and got fed Katherine’s blood, making him a vampire? Would not his first feeding (or at least his first kill) trigger the werewolf gene? Or does Klaus’s curse extend to all hybrids, so that they would either be werewolves or vampires but not both? And would his lifting of the curse then work for other potential hybrids as well? I thought the witches had place the curse specifically on Klaus, implying that the existence of other hybrids was not possible? Gosh, that sounds really complicated…

    I also liked Spidey Sense’s analysis of Stefan. It’s kind of telling that Stefan as a human “cared deeply for people, for how they felt. If they were hurting, I felt their pain, and I felt guilty if I was the one who caused it. As a vampire, all that got magnified” (dixit Stefan in Bad Moon Rising). It’s his natural behaviour, if you will. So he still feels that, magnified, as a vampire on animal blood, but when he drinks human blood, apparently, he feels no empathy and no guilt. Apparently he doesn’t ‘decide’ to turn the switch on his emotions: the drinking of human blood does that for him, seemingly automatic. Then he becomes the veriest antithesis of a compassionate being: a ripper. Damon can flip the switch, or choose not to: his natural behaviour is probably impulsive and emotional already (choosing Katherine and going for that all the way; choosing Elena and ditto: everything has to bend in pursuit of that desire however long it takes), heightened as a vampire, and with the switch flipped, cold and ruthless (just like Klaus?)?

    Sorry, I was going to make this short 🙂 Oh, yes, just one last thing 😀
    While I love your suggestions that Europeans (like Klaus and Elijah and hey, ME! LOL) are sophisticated and manage to do stuff with style and class (hey, I’m just quoting you guys 😉 ), that’s not an all-round characteristic here (believe me, I know). But by all means, keep thinking that! It makes me feel classy and stylish, and oh, so very sophisticated 😀

    Here’s to talking with all of you again next week! For the very first episode of season 3. Yay 😀

  10. So fun. I love how Daniel Gillies’s voice almost breaks when he says, “We did [care] once.” I love how the potentially cheesy line, “Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness,” has been shown to be true over and over. (Klaus is probably my favorite episode of The Vampire Diaries.) Like Julie said, I love the parallels between the two sets of brothers, and that each brother is at the same time unique.

    I don’t think Elijah warned Katherine about Klaus’s plans. I thought “Trevor” spirited her away, and Elijah was going to give her the potion to keep her alive. Whatever the case, you’re right that Klaus perceives the situation as a betrayal by his brother.

    I would love to know Katherine’s romantic feelings about the original brothers. In that early scenes we saw with Elijah, I would argue that she secretly cared more about Elijah than she let on, especially due to her reticence about Klaus. She was attracted to Klaus, but Katherine’s description of him seemed to indicate that she should love Klaus, but that there was something holding her back. She felt that he was keeping secrets and was likely unfaithful. (Katherine worry about fidelity? Hah!)

    I also find it interesting that Elijah’s feelings for Katherine seemed to quickly have turned to that of revenge. When he returned in the present day, I think he really was going to let Katherine stay in the cave to either rot or be turned into Klaus as part of “collateral damage.” For Damon it took a long time to sink in, but that’s one way in which the originals differ greatly from the young Salvatores. As gentlemanly and even romantic as Elijah can be, he is nowhere near as sentimental as the Salvatores. (Except when it came to letting Klaus live to see his family.)

    I actually don’t know if I’d describe Klaus as impulsive, because he’s so darn old and because he never does anything without consequence.
    I like the comparison between Damon and Klaus’s view of human life. I’d say Elijah is not quite on the good train with Stefan yet, in terms of human life. He was totally willing to massacre a household of people if they messed with him. I also hadn’t noticed that both Klaus and Damon fear love, while Elijah is more cynical about it, and Stefan embraces it. And Damon and Klaus indeed share that “me against the world” mentality.

    Your descriptions of the brothers may be why Damon and Elijah have this weird frisson, and Stefan and Klaus have so much chemistry. (Klaus sees both himself – at Stefan’s most primal – and his “noble” brother in Stefan.)

    Regarding Charlotte, I read that her appearance was a rumor. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard this in an interview with Julie and Kevin.

    On another note, can you believe we’ve never seen Elijah’s vamp face? That’s how chill he is.

    P.S. Did you see the cut scene with Katherine and Stefan in the tomb?

    • imaginarymen

      “On another note, can you believe we’ve never seen Elijah’s vamp face? That’s how chill he is.” Love this bc it is so TRUE!

      The point about Klaus seeing the evil AND the good parts of Stefan is a very interesting observation. I am so excited for all the possibilities of Team Ripper and the Return of Elijah!

    • Hey Noelle! What an awesome analysis! You know, I’m continually impressed by the sheer brilliance of the TVD fandom. I wonder if Kevin and Julie know how much material we’ve all mined from their writing. It’s probably enough to teach a college course of some sort. (And how awesome would a college course on TVD be? Sign me up! ;))

      You bring up so many great points here. And reading your analysis just makes me realize how many questions still remain about the Originals Family, in terms of why their dynamic is what it is, and what about their past drives them to act the way that they do. Regarding the potion, I’m not 100% sure whether Elijah himself clued Katherine in to Klaus’ plans, or if he told Trevor, knowing that Trevor would do the dirty work for him. However, I do believe Elijah was at least partially responsible for Katherine’s escape.

      Here’s my theory why: At the point where Elijah is talking to Klaus in the first flashback scene, the witches have not yet made the potion that will allow the Petrova Doppelganger to survive the Sacrifice. Elijah has merely been discussing it with them. But Klaus tells Elijah to inform the witches that they shouldn’t bother making the potion. So now, Elijah knows that Katherine is definitely going to die, if she goes through with the Sacrifice, as Klaus envisions it.

      At this point, I’m thinking either one of two things happened: (1) Elijah told the witches to make the potion ,anyway, gave it to Katherine in secret, and she STILL decided to skip town; or (2) Elijah told Trevor what was going on, and HE arranged for Katherine’s escape. If the first scenario happened, Elijah might blame Katherine for the disintegration of his relationship with his brother, and THAT’S why he’s so insistent on seeking vengeance against her. If it’s the second, something happened AFTER Katherine escaped that soured her relationship with Elijah. Elijah’s comment to Elena in “Klaus” that he has “[his] own reasons for wanting revenge against Katherine” seem to suggest there’s more to this story.

      Either way, I think it’s pretty safe to say another flashback is in the works to fill in the blanks on this one.

      Good ear regarding Katherine’s feelings toward Klaus. Now that you mention it, I think it’s safe to say that Katherine loved neither of the Originals as much as she loved the Salvatores. As you mentioned, when Katherine talks about Klaus, she seems to be extolling his virtues much like someone who is reciting someone else’s resume. He’s “charming,” “mysterious,” “intriguing,” etc. “On paper” he’s a great catch. But something is holding Katherine back. And I think it has to do with her recognizing that Klaus is no longer capable of love. After all, Katherine did say that love is not true love, unless it’s returned.

      As for Elijah, I think Katherine’s feelings for him somewhat mirror the feelings she felt for 1864 Damon (though I still think her feelings for Damon are stronger). While Katherine needs to know that someone is CAPABLE of loving her in return, when it comes to romance, she lives for the chase. And neither Damon nor Elijah gave her the same type of “chase” she got with Stefan and Klaus: Klaus, because he didn’t really love her; and Stefan because he was never going to approve of her vampire nature, without compulsion. Her line in “Masquerade” about “the brother who didn’t love me enough, and the one who loved me too much,” applies to a lesser extent to the Originals, I suspect.

      Ooh, and great point about us never seeing Elijah’s vamp face. Come to think of it, up until Klaus turned Were-Vamp, during the Sacrifice, I don’t recall seeing Klaus’ vamp face, either . . . not even when he was screaming at Elijah during that flashback. Perhaps, that’s another nifty “talent” of Originals, the ability to more closely control their physical vampire appearance, even when enraged, aroused or hungry.

      Fortunately, Season 3 IS the Season of the Originals. So, I suspect many of these questions will be answered THIS year. 😉

      Oh, and P.S. I DID see the deleted Katherine / Stefan tomb scene, and LOVED IT. Of all the deleted scenes, that was the one I was most disappointed didn’t make the cut. I actually discussed the scene a bit in my Vampire Katherine post, in case you are curious. 🙂

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