A Poison Kind of Love – Ten Deliciously Naughty Moments, Starring The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine Petrova

Source: Petrova GIFS, original home of ALL the lovely screencaps you see here, unless otherwise noted. 

If you’ve read this blog before, you probably know that I have an almost unhealthy obsession withThe CW’s The Vampire Diaries.  And that obsession leads me to dedicate an awful lot of computer space to analyzing the richly complex, and ever evolving, characters on that show.

“Good lord!  That’s a lot of Shirtless Damon pictures!”

For the most part, I’d like to think that I have a pretty good handle on most of the main characters of the show, in terms of their various motivations, fears, and insecurities . . . what makes them tick . . . and what turns them on . . .

This turns ME on . . .

So does this . . . 

However, there is one character that has always been a bit of an enigma to me.  Vampire Katherine Pearce, a.k.a. Katerina Petrova, a.k.a the Petrova Doppelganger #2, a.k.a. The Kat, a.k.a “You’re not Elena,” is a walking contradiction, in skinny jeans and stiletto heels . . .

She is charming, yet coldly calculating . . .

 . . . ladylike, yet monstrous . . .

 . . . loves others fiercely,  yet is incredibly selfish . . .

 . . . desires constant companionship, yet trusts no one . . .

. . . seems vulnerable, but is remarkably strong . . .

 . . . comes off as vapid and shallow, but is actually incredibly logical and intelligent . . .

 . . . is willing to help Elena defeat her enemies, but also might want her dead . . .

 . . . claims to adore both Salvatore Brothers, yet takes great pleasure in causing them pain.

For these reasons (and because my friends, Serendipity, natalie robertson, and Brittany-Marie suggested it), I have decided to dedicate this post to Vampire Katherine, in hopes of coming a bit closer to understanding this enigmatic character.  What follows are my Top Ten Favorite Vampire Katherine Moments from the first two Seasons of The Vampire Diairies.  After sharing each scene with you, I will take a few moments to tell you why that particular scene made the list, and analyze what I THINK that scene says about Katherine, as a character.  Sound good?


I love you too, Katherine.  Now, let’s get started . . .

(By the way, regarding the videos, though I have provided links to all of them for you to enjoy, unfortunately, the CW won’t let me directly embed them in this post.  Those BASTARDS!  But if you want to watch them, all you have to do, is double click on the internal link that comes up in the center of the YouTube screen, after you press “Play.”  Now, that’s not so bad, is it?)

10. Katherine (posing as Elena) tosses Stefan in the bushes.


Episode: “Know Thy Enemy” – 2.17

Potent quotables:

KATHERINE: “Nice dress.  Mind if I borrow it?”

KATHERINE: (to Damon, on the phone) “You’ve got some serious explaining to do to the [Anti-Vampire] Council about John being not-so-dead.”

KATHERINE: “Where the hell is she [Elena]?”

KATHERINE: “Sorry Stef, but I can’t have you following me.”

Why it Made the List:

OK.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my Steffy.  But as a staunch Delena fan, I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a teensy thrill watching “Elena” call Damon on the phone, and then proceed to toss Stefan in the bushes.

By now, we’ve experienced a few moments in this series, in which Katherine has come face-to-face with her doppelganger, while attempting to impersonate her.  However, the jarring effect it has on me, whenever I see it on screen, still hasn’t worn off.


This scene showcases Katherine at her naughtiest.  In under 2 minutes, we see her successfully: knock out Elena and possibly steal her clothing (though from the looks of it, Katherine is already wearing a purple dress, by the time she arrives), impersonate Elena with both brothers (though with Damon, only by phone), stab Stefan with vervain, toss him the bushes, and drive off in his car, all without messing up her hair or makeup!  Now, that’s impressive!

Though, admittedly, not quite as impressive, as pulling out two hearts at once . . . ELIJAH!

What it says about Katherine: 

At first glance, you might thing this scene actually says very little about Katherine, apart from the fact that she can, pretty much, NEVER EVER be trusted.  I mean, one minute she’s telling the Salvatore Brother’s she’s on their team, the next she’s vervaining them, and throwing them in bushes . . .


She is also “Elena” for much of the scene.  And yet, I was able to mine quite a bit from this short fun scene.  First, it shows us a very nice contrast between Elena and Katherine.  Here is Elena speaking eloquently and humbly on her deceased mother’s behalf at a charity auction, and here is Katherine wreaking havoc on the lives of many, and enjoying it.


Katherine’s competitive Mean Girl spirit comes out to play full force, when she gleefully, faux politely, comments on Elena’s outfit, before  strangling her, and ripping it off.  (We’ll see Katherine’s “fashion sense” come into play in another scene I have posted for you, further up on the list.)

Something tells me if Vampire Katherine went to high school with Regina George . . . she would have eaten her.

Then we see Katherine TRYING to impersonate Elena, but she doesn’t quite pull it off.  For starters, she’s wearing more eye makeup than Elena would ever wear.  She’s also a little funnier and snarkier than Elena is, with her comment on the phone to Damon about John being “not-so-much” dead.

And I actually think it is THIS comment that finally gives Katherine away to Stefan.  Not just because it’s funny (though that would have clued ME in).

Don’t worry, Elena.   I’m sure Damon will teach you how to make jokes, one day . . . among other things. 😉

But because that’s just NOT the way Elena thinks.  Elena would see a man fall down the steps (even a man she’s sort of / kind of hates like Uncle Father / John), and wonder if he’s in pain, or needs to be taken to a hospital, or something.  It doesn’t matter that she KNOWS he wears Ring of Immortality.  This would still be her first instinct, as a caring human being.  She WOULDN’T be thinking about what impact it would have on the Anti-Vampire Council, when they see him miraculously come back to life.

“Dammit!  I should have known better!” 

We also see a glimpse, even amidst all her scheming, of Katherine’s genuine affection for Stefan.  One could argue her “apology” to Stefan was just more faux polite meanness on Katherine’s part.  But I actually saw some regret there, as she drove away in her car.  After all, this WASN’T her plan, it was Isabel’s (who, under compulsion, ended up screwing her over in a BIG way, by turning her over to Klaus)


“You made me THROW HIM IN A BUSH!  You are seriously messing with my game, b*tch!”

And had it been her plan, she might have done things a bit differently.  Plus, she called Stefan, “Stef,” which is seriously adorable . . .

9. Katherine bites (and compels) Stefan, for the first time.

Episode: “Lost Girls” – 1.06

Potent quotables:

ELENA:  “So, he [Damon] stole her from you, not the other way around?”

STEFAN: “Turns out, she wasn’t ours to steal.”

In flashback . . .

STEFAN: “I will love you forever.”

KATHERINE: “Forever is a very long time, you know.”

STEFAN: “Not long enough.”

And the next day . .  .

STEFAN: “Your face . . . it was like a demon.”

KATHERINE: “But you’re not afraid.”

STEFAN: “Get away from me.”

KATHERINE: “It doesn’t change the way you feel about me.  You will not tell anyone.  We will go on exactly as we have.”

STEFAN: (under compulsion) “Yes, we will go on.”

KATHERINE: “You have no idea of the future I have planned for us Stefan . . . you, me, and Damon.  No rules.”

Why it Made the List:

Even though Katherine and Elena are played by the same actress, Katherine’s sexual chemistry with Stefan REALLY IS much hotter  different than his chemistry with Elena.  This was a gorgeous sex scene, straight out of a Harlequin Romance Novel!

And yet, as gorgeous, and perfect as it was, there was something raw, and animalstic about Stefan’s and Katherine’s obvious need for one another, that was incredibly erotic.

I also liked how they didn’t romanticize Baby’s First Vampire Neck Bite.  As sensual as the sex scene that proceeded it was, Katherine’s vamping out, and chomping down on Stefan’s neck, was horrifying, and extremely UGLY.

Plus, you know me.  I love a good compulsion scene.  And this one was as good as they come!

What it says about Katherine:

Before I discuss what these scene says about Katherine, please allow me to take a moment to tell you what it says about Stefan.  He’s a BIG FAT LIAR!


It’s pretty obvious from this scene that we just witnessed the FIRST time that Katherine bit / compelled Stefan.  And he told her he loved her BEFORE all that happened, not after.  Plus, if you listen to the words of Katherine’s compulsion, she DID NOT, I repeat, DID NOT, tell Stefan he was in love with her, but rather that her being a vampire wouldn’t change the way he already felt about her.

“I’m really sorry I told you that your face looked like a demon, earlier.  Please don’t let that prevent you from continuing to have sex with me.” 

We can contrast this to Damon’s compulsion of Andie the following season, in which he DID explicitly compel Andie to fall in love with him.  Not that he needed to do so.  I mean, this IS Damon we are talking about here.

OK.  Back to Katherine.  Once again, I really think we are seeing the Big Bad Kat exhibit some raw and real affection for the younger Salvatore Brother here.  When Stefan first tells Katherine he loves her, she looks surprised and a bit taken aback.

There’s a part of her that seems to WONDER whether Stefan would still love her, if he knew WHAT she was.  But then he starts kissing her neck, and she gets so caught up in the throes of passion, that she loses all rational thought.  The camera focuses on her face, so we can see that happen to her.  And there’s nothing cold or calculating about it.

In fact, I THINK it’s her passion, as opposed to any rational decision on Katherine’s part, that causes her to vamp out and bite Stefan, in the first place.  We’ve seen Stefan react similiarly the first time things got hot and heavy between him and Elena.

And when the morning comes, Katherine DOESN’T compel Stefan right away, though she could.  She wants to assess his true feelings for her, first.  Her line, “But you’re not afraid,” is clearly NOT one of compulsion, since Stefan is obviously still VERY MUCH afraid of her, after she says it.

And it’s not until she KNOWS for sure, that Stefan WON’T be able to love her as she is naturally, that she compels away his fear.  This is also the moment she chooses to reveal her threesome fantasy to him.

Sure, it’s selfish and a bit misguided for Katherine to believe that she could have two brothers in love with her for all eternity, and NOT have them hate one another because of it.  It’s also an oddly childish way for a 500-year old to think.  All feelings of love and passion aside, at her core, Katherine is a spoiled brat.  And she will probably always be one . . .

8. Katherine dances seductively with Stefan  / murders Slutty Girl #1 at the Masquerade Ball.

Episode: “Masquerade” – 2.07

Potent quotables:

KATHERINE: “Dance with me.”


KATHERINE: “Fine, than tell me who I should kill.  Him?  Mmm.  She looks delicious.”

KATHERINE: (about Jenna) “Lucky girl . . . clumsy . . . how does one, stab one’s self?”

KATHERINE: (after being told Stefan won’t give her the moonstone) “I’ve got a better plan.  How about you fetch it, and I will try not to kill anyone in the meantime.”

KATHERINE: “I love your necklace. Oh, it’s twisted . . . here.  (breaks Amy’s spinal cord) Paralyzed from the waist down . . . and dead.  The moonstone, Stefan.  Tick, tock.”

Why it Made the List:

Remember when I told you, we’d get to see Katherine have a second Mean Girls moment in this post.  Well, here it is!  Poor Amy Slutty Girl #1.  She never did get the knot out of that necklace of hers . . .

And we thought Katherine was bad news, when she was just tossing people into bushes, controlling their minds, and eating their necks.  Killing random extras in front of hundreds of party guests, just reaches a whole new level of mean!  What was great about this scene was how TOTALLY unexpected it was.

Here I was enjoying the witty mean-spirited banter and sexy dancing of Stefan and Katherine, when, BAM, someone gets their spinal cord ripped out.  I literally gasped out loud, when it happened.  I also kind of found the scene funny, in a sick, twisted way.  Does that make me a bad person?

What it says about Katherine:

Damon once told Katherine that he’s better than her at the enigmatic one-liners.  That’s probably true.  Because no one beats Damon when it comes to engimatic one-liners.


OK . . . maybe that line was more literal, than enigmatic.  But you know what I mean.

But Katherine definitely gives Damon a run for his money in the “Isn’t murder hilarious?” quip department.  This vampire has a comeback for everything.  And, if you are speaking to her (and she hasn’t killed you yet) chances are she will lodge her zinger at you, before you’ve even formed your snarky comment.  You can just imagine how helpful having this kind of skill could be in your day-to-day life.

“Yes, I’m bad ass.  And I know it.  That’s why I wiggle my tushy when I walk.” 

Two things struck me about Katherine in this episode.  The first is how smart and oddly nerdy she is.  And I’m not just saying that, because Katherine seems to have a medical school knowledge of the paralyzing effect spinal cord-ripping has on the human body.  Unlike Damon, Katherine isn’t exactly a fly by the seat of her pants, kind of girl.  She’s a BIG planner . . . someone who painstakingly maps out her moves about 18 steps in advance.  And this almost compulsive need to manipulate and control everything and everybody in her orbit, made Katherine’s downfall at the end of the hour, all the more shocking and satisfying.

The second thing I noticed about Katherine is how MUCH fun she has being naughty.  Up until that Moonstone made her choke, Katherine was having a GREAT time during this episode.  She LOVED flirting and dancing with Stefan.

She LOVED compelling Matt to kill Tyler.  She loved taunting her boys inside the Lockwood mansion.  And I think, a part of her even loved being STABBED, because she knew it was hurting Elena.

In many ways, Katherine is the ultimate feminist.  She is comfortable in her skin, and confident in her sexuality.  And with one important exception (Klaus), she NEVER allows men to control her.  Unlike Damon and Stefan, who have both shown a certain tendency toward self-loathing, Katherine is someone who LOVES herself  and her eternal existence unconditionally, evil warts and all.

7. Katherine gets drunk on tequila and rocks out in Alaric’s apartment.


Episode – “Klaus” – 2.19

Potent quotables:

KATHERINE: (to AlarKlaus)  “Wanna drink?  Come on!  It might loosen you up!”

Why it Made the List:

Man, this scene was fun to watch!  Up until this point, we’ve only seen Katherine be either scheming and calculating, or victimized, as she had been by Klaus, pretty much, up until this point in the episode.  So, it was fun to see our girl Kat be a little uncharacteristically goofy here . . . getting wasted, and unself-consciously dancing with a lamp!  (And she’s a pretty good dancer too!  Almost as good as . . . well . .  . you know . . .)

I also loved the part when AlarKlaus arrived home, and Katherine had to pretend to be sober, so that Klaus wouldn’t know how happy she was about Damon having secretly slipped her some vervain, so that the Original Vamp could no longer mind-control her into obedience.

“Uh oh!  Dad’s home.  Hide the booze!”

“I’m not feeling so good.  I hope I don’t puke on Alaric’s couch.”

Anyone who’s ever had to fake sober for the parental units, after a fun night of underaged drinking can relate to Katherine in this scene.  And, on top of that, she’s gotta pretend to be compelled, or he’ll TORTURE her.  That’s a lot of complicating thinking to do, after you’ve downed half a bottle of tequila and, quite possibly,  copulated with a light fixture!

What it says about Katherine:

I mentioned after the last scene that Katherine loves herself unconditionally.  But she also loves LIFE (even though, technically, she’s not alive anymore . . . at least, not in the traditional sense).  I mean, here is a girl who is TRAPPED by the same guy who she’s been running from for 500 years.  And though she’s now free from his mind control, she STILL CAN’T LEAVE!  And she STILL has to pretend to be compelled by him, and submit to his torture.

That’s enough to put ANYBODY in a bad mood.  But not Katherine!  It just makes her want to DANCE!

6. Katherine flirts  with and antagonizes BOTH brothers / tells Stefan she’s been stalking him for the past century.

Episode: “Masquerade” – 2.07

Potent quotables:

KATHERINE: “The three of us together.  Just like old times, the brother who loved me too much, and the one who didn’t love me enough.”

DAMON: “And the evil slut vampire, who only loved herself.”

KATHERINE: “What happened to you, Damon?  You used to be so sweet and polite.”

DAMON: “Oh that Damon died a LONG time ago!”

KATHERINE: “Good.  He was a bore.”

KATHERINE: “Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her altar?”

KATHERINE: “Everything I feel, Elena feels.  So, go ahead.  Or better yet, kiss me Damon.  She’ll feel that too!”

KATHERINE: “We could play charades!”

KATHERINE: (to Damon) “Have I mentioned how inconvenient your little obsession with me has been.”

DAMON: “You and me, both.”

KATHERINE: “In 1987, you were in Chicago, at a concert of all places, with that wench, Lexie.  Come on, Stefan, don’t look so surprised.  Of course, I checked in on you over the years.  You were standing in the front row dancing all night.  You were watching Bon Jovi, and I was
watching you

Why it Made the List:

Man, the back and forth between Katherine and Damon was EPIC in this season!  When it comes to barbs, that really hit where it hurts, these two are actually pretty evenly matched.  (Hence the INSANELY long “Potent Quotables” section for this scene, above.)  In the season finale, Damon told Elena that, had she met him in 1864, she would have really liked him.  You have to wonder if Katherine had first met this “mean, impolite” Damon in present day, whether she would have developed stronger feelings for HIM!

Speaking of Elena, my only complaint about this scene is that Damon DIDN’T take Katherine’s advice and kiss her, so that Elena would feel it.  I just would have LOVED to see the expression on her face, when she suddenly experienced the BEST KISS OF HER LIFE, without even opening her mouth.

As a psychology minor, I also really loved the dynamics between these three individuals that was on display here.  How Damon was all bitter, and snarky, because Katherine had rejected him for Stefan.  How Stefan was all business, trying to goad Katherine into giving up information about her plans.  And how Katherine was annoyed by the lack of affect her sexuality was seeming to have on Stefan, and kept trying her hardest to get under his skin.

And of course, Katherine’s surprise take down by her supposed ally, Witch Lucy, was darn pretty amazing too! 😉

What it says about Katherine:


“Locked alone” in a room with her two ex-lovers, with nothing to do but “talk,” Katherine gradually lets her defenses down, and begins to reveal parts of her true self, that she might not want her lust objects / nemeses to see.  Though on the surface, Katherine’s just toying with the boys, and continuing to play her game, certain vulnerabilities begin to shine through.  We see her jealousy, at the fact that Elena may very well have replaced Katherine in BOTH the brother’s hearts, as the main object of their affection.

We see Katherine’s frustration at the fact that Stefan doesn’t seem to be responding to her advances the way he used to, and continues to ask her questions that she doesn’t want to answer.

We see Katherine’s vulnerability when, unwilling to admit to Stefan that she faked her own death, because she’s been running from Klaus and Elijah for 500 years, the Petrova Doppelganger ramps her flirt quotient up to about 50, when she launches into a kind of romantic, but also oddly creepy, description of how she’s been STALKING Stefan since 1864.



Oh, and by the way, I can’t really picture Stefan dancing to Bon Jovi.  Can you?

5. Katherine rescues Damon, and tells Elena it’s OK to “love them both.”

Episode: “As I Lay Dying” – 2.22

Potent quotables:

KATHERINE:  “Well, it’s me you should be thanking.  I mean . . . I’m the one who brought the cure.”

KATHERINE: (to Elena) “I thought you were dead.”

ELENA: “I was.”

DAMON: (to Katherine) “You got free.”

KATHERINE: “Yep . . . finally.”

DAMON: “And you still came here.”

KATHERINE: “I owed you one.”

ELENA: “Where’s Stefan?”

KATHERINE: “Are you sure you care?”

KATHERINE: “He’s paying for this.  He gave himself over to Klaus.   I wouldn’t expect him anytime soon . . . He just sacrificed everything to save his brother . . . including you.  It’s a good thing you have Damon to keep you company.  Oh, it’s OK to love them both.  I did!”

Why it Made the List:

What it says about Katherine:

For someone who claims to have always ONLY loved Stefan, Katherine REALLY went out of her way to save Damon’s life, when she just as easily could have saved herself, and left him to rot.  Sure, according to Katherine, she’s only doing this because she OWES Damon, for giving her the vervain, back when she was trapped at Klaus’.  But WE all know, that Katherine isn’t exactly a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back,” kind of girl.”  And Damon knows it too.

And for someone who is typically SO selfish, it was really refreshing to see Katherine acting so protective and maternal to Damon, while she was feeding him the cure.  Watching her lovingly cup Damon’s face, you can see the sort of elusive softness about her, that drove Damon WILD for so many centuries.

Katherine’s always been jealous of Elena, and the boys’ newfound affection for HER . . . an affection that she feels she has claim too.  But she also sees herself in Elena, and, I think, in her way, is trying to give her a little sage advice from an elder who’s been there.  Katherine wants Elena to admit her love for Damon, and stop holding herself out as the holier than thou human she still thinks she is.  The question that remains, of course, is whether Elena will take Katherine’s “advice” next season, and submit to her desires . . .

4. Katherine tells Stefan she came back for him.

Episode: “The Return” – 2.01

Potent quotables:

STEFAN: “You haven’t changed at all, have you?”

KATHERINE: “But you have.  You’re stronger . . . meaner . . . sexy.”

STEFAN: “Don’t flirt with me Katherine.  I’m not Damon.  I haven’t spent 145 years obsessed with you.”

KATHERINE: “Based on your choice of women, I’d say otherwise . . . though, I’ll admit, it does bother me that you’ve fallen in love with someone else.”

STEFAN: “I was never in love with you, Katherine.  You compelled me.   None of my feelings were real.”

KATHERINE: “Believe what you want, Stefan.  But I know the truth.   And, deep down, so do you.”

STEFAN: “Well the truth is that you are the same lying, selfish, manipulative b*tch that you have always been.  So, whatever it is that brought you here, let’s just get on with it and leave town.  Because, if you don’t, I will hunt you down, and I will rip your heart out.

KATHERINE: “You want to know why I’m here, Stefan.  I came back for you.”

STEFAN: “Well, the problem Katherine, is that I HATE YOU.”

KATHERINE: (stabs Stefan with a candlestick) “You hate me, huh?  That sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.”

Why it Made the List:

This was really the first time in the series that us fans were treated to the off-the-charts chemistry that Stefan and Katherine STILL have, in the present day, despite having been apart for 145-years.  Every word, look and touch, oozes sexuality, and unresolved feelings of angry sexual frustration.

Stefan is different around Katherine than he is around anyone else.  He’s meaner, tougher, and more inclined toward harsh words sexual innuendo.  A darkness emerges from him, that we otherwise never see, at least not while he’s on the wagon.  Katherine sees it.  And she knows that when he says he never loved her, he doth protest WAY too much.

If Stefan REALLY didn’t love Katherine, he wouldn’t get so hot and bothered every time he was around her.  She wouldn’t be able to bring out the worst in him (or the best, depending on how you view things .  . . I’m of course, in the latter camp.)

Katherine is different when she’s around Stefan too.  But we’ll get to that in the next section . . . 😉

What it says about Katherine:

Have you ever crushed on a guy so hard that you found that you couldn’t be yourself around him?  You might be a real big talker, but when you get around him, you clam up.  You might be soft spoken, but when you get around him you find yourself talking obnoxiously loud, for no reason, whatsoever.  You might consider yourself a strong, and self-assured woman, but come to inches from him, and suddenly you’re a giggly little girl.

Though some of it might be purposeful on her part, I think that last example describes Katherine in this scene.  For a kickass vampire who eats people like it’s her job, Katherine is surprisingly kittenish and vulnerable around Stefan.  She laughs, giggles, and twirls her hair, which is something you don’t see when she’s around Damon.

When she sees that her flirtation is not having the desired impact, she gets very upset.  Though Katherine tried to brush off Stefan’s claims that he never loved her, you could tell that it deeply affected Katherine.  She immediately got pouty, and their might have even been a little tear peaking through her heavily mascara-ed eyelid.  And then when Stefan says he hates her, she loses all her cool, stabs him, and rushes off like a petulant child.  It’s kind of cute, in a weird way . . .

The fact that Katherine ultimately ended up having lied about her true reason for returning to Mystic Falls does nothing to belittle the obvious affect Stefan’s presence has on her in this scene.

3. Katherine has Dream Tomb Sex with Stefan.

Episode: “By the Light of the Moon” – 2.11

Potent quotables:

STEFAN:  “The pleasure I get watching you suffer, is greater than any pain I will ever feel.”

KATHERINE: “It’s stuffy.  I’ve been in this dress for days.  Wanna help me get out of it?”

And later . . .

KATHERINE:  “Come on, Stefan.  Don’t be such a grump.  We’re here together.  We may as well make the best out of it.  Do you really think Damon is going to rush to get you out?  He’s got what he wants.  Elena . . . Hey . . . given what’s most certainly going on out there, I’d say you’re free to do whatever you want in here.   Nobody will EVER know .  . .”

STEFAN:  (growls) “Stay out of my head.”

KATHERINE: “Maybe I can do eternity in here, after all!”

Why it Made the List:

Aside from this scene being a TOTAL tease, because the CW trailer made it look like these two were going to have real, honest-to-goodness FULL ON SEX, it was still pretty awesome.  Because, remember, a vampire can affect what you SEE in a dream, but it can’t really affect how you behave in it.  There was a part of Stefan that couldn’t resist Katherine, and that part made this scene SUPER HOT!

Plus, let’s face it. It was REALLY funny, seeing Stefan shoot up from his “bed” at the end of the scene, all freaked out, and trying to hide his Very Happy Man Part. 😉

What it says about Katherine:

Honestly?  Not much.  After all, this was Stefan’s dream, and Katherine’s manipulation of it.  She had all the control, and held all the cards.  This was Katherine at her very best and most powerful.  She was embracing her sexuality, and using it as a weapon of the most dangerous kind . . . a weapon of the HEART.  It’s nothing we haven’t seen before from her, personality-wise . . .

But you know what DOES say something about Katherine?  THIS deleted scene . . .

For the record, just because the producers of TVD decided to delete this scene DOESN’T mean I will ever stop considering it canon.  And because it takes place in Katherine’s dream, and because her defenses are completely down while she is in it, we get to see Katherine at her most raw and truthful.  Stefan COULD NOT have made up those lines that Katherine said in that dream.  They came directly from her heart.

Here we see Katherine admit that not only has Katherine been STALKING Stefan over the years, she has also never stopped loving him, much as Damon never stopped loving her.  I mentioned in my preview of this post that Katherine loves fiercely, and we can see it here.  Through all the stakings, stranglings, tricks and tomb-trappings . . . despite all the evidence that Stefan’s heart may very well belong to another, Katherine still harbors hope in her heart that Stefan will one day return her love again.

She claims she’s willing to change to get that love back.  And she’s willing to wait for it FOREVER.  And as we know, according to Katherine, forever is a VERY LONG TIME . . .

2.  Katherine has almost-sex with Damon, before breaking his heart . . . AGAIN.

Episode: “The Return” – 2.01

Potent quotables:

KATHERINE: “What, no goodbye kiss?”

DAMON: “Why don’t I kill you instead?  What are you doing here?”

KATHERINE: “Nostalgia, curiosity, etc.”

DAMON: “I’m better at the enigmatic one-liners Katherine, what are you up to?”

KATHERINE: “Trust me, Damon.  When I’m up to something, you’ll know it.  Come on . . . kiss me, or kill  me . . . We both know that you are only
capable of one . . . (after pushing him to the floor, and straddling him) . . . My sweet, innocent, Damon.”

DAMON: “Wait  . . . brief pause . . . I have a question.  Answer it and it’s back to fireworks, and rockets red glare.  Answer it right . . . I’ll forget the last 145 years I’ve spent missing you.  I’ll forget how much I loved you.  I’ll forget everything, and we can start all over.  This can be our defining moment . . . We have time.  That’s the beauty of eternity.  I just need the truth.  Just once.

KATHERINE: “Just stop . . . I already know your question, and it’s answer.  The truth is, I’ve never loved you.  It was always Stefan.”

Why it Made the List:

As the hardcore Damon (and Delena) lover that I am, I should really HATE this scene.  I should hate Katherine for doing this to Damon, knowing, full well, how much it hurts him, what it causes him to do (the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident), and the impact that it has on his relationship with Elena for the ENTIRE first third of the second season.

But still, I can’t help but LOVE this scene.  For one thing, it’s one of the sexiest sex scenes we have on TVD.  It’s hard, angry and edgy . . . which, is just how I like my sex scenes.  (I’m not quite sure what that says about ME!)

And, of course, the acting on both Nina’s and Ian’s part was absolutely flawless here.

In the deleted scene we saw Katherine say that she would be willing to wait forever for Stefan to love her again.  Here, we see that Damon is just as patient, and just as hopeless of a romantic as Katherine is.  (A much more JADED soul than I would say he’s just as pathetic.)  We know the havoc Katherine has wreaked on Damon’s heart for the last 145 years.  And we recall the grudge he held against Stefan for wrongs HE committed that long ago.  So, it’s surprising, and a bit heartening, to see Damon, desperately beg Katherine to, just once, say that she loved him, even if it’s a lie, so that he can go right back to loving her again, like nothing ever happened.

I was also surprised to see Damon STOP SEX to ask Katherine about her feelings for him, knowing that doing so would inevitably spoil the mood.  This is undoubtedly a different Damon than the one we saw boning nameless sorority chicks, compelling Caroline to be his meal / love slave, and breaking Vicki’s neck on a whim.  This Damon is a lovesick puppy dog.  And, suddenly, it’s 1864 all over again . . .

When Katherine breaks Damon’s heart yet again, by telling him that she never loved him, our heart breaks too, in a very big way.  Never before has Damon Salvatore been so vulnerable, and so sympathetic.  So, it’s a real shame  that he had to go and break Jeremy neck after that, thereby destroying all that good will he had engendered in us, as fans.  (Don’t worry, Damon.  I still love you, you Big Ole Psychopath!)

What it says about Katherine:

I’ve actually given this one a lot of thought.  And I’m still not 100% sure I’ve come to a definite conclusion.  I kept wondering WHY Katherine couldn’t just tell Damon she loved him.  After all, that was always her big plan, wasn’t it?  To keep Damon and Stefan by her side, forever.  By telling Damon that she loved him, she would, at least, be guaranteed ONE of the two.

And it’s not as though Katherine DOESN’T love Damon.  She DOES, though probably not as much as she loves Stefan.  We’ve seen it in her decision to turn him, back in 1864, and her decision to rescue him, in present day.  And we KNOW she loves HAVING SEX with him.

So, why not just tell Damon what he wants to hear?

Has Kat somehow developed a morality bone we don’t know about?  Does she feel GUILTY about sleeping with Damon, and letting him think she loves him THE MOST, when she loves Stefan more?  (I mean, he was just going to ask, if she EVER loved him, not if she ONLY loves him.  So, what’s the big deal?)  Was Katherine, perhaps, so overwhelmed by Damon’s outpouring of emotion that she couldn’t, in good conscience, sleep with him, knowing how much more it would mean to him than her?  Did she do it, to somehow garner Stefan’s affections?

Or was there a darker reason for Katherine’s actions?  Did she somehow know that doing this would send Damon over the edge, and take a measure of sick pleasure in causing him pain?  I’m inclined to think one of the former, less evil, explanations is more likely.  But I’m not sure.  What do YOU think?

1. Katherine (posing as Elena) kisses Damon, chops off Uncle/Father John’s fingers, and (seemingly) kills him.

Episode: “Founder’s Day” – 1.22

Potent quotables:

FAUXLENA: “What are you doing here?”

DAMON: “A failed and feeble attempt at doing the right thing.

DAMON: “You know, I came to this town, wanting to destroy it, and tonight, I found myself wanting to protect it.  How does that happen?  I’m not a hero, Elena.  I don’t do good.  It’s not in me.

FAUXLENA: “Maybe it is.”

DAMON: “No, that’s reserved for my brother . . . and you . . . and Bonnie.  Even though she has every reason to hate me, she still helped Stefan to
save me.

FAUXLENA: “Why do you sound so surprised?”

DAMON: “Because she did it for you, which means that somewhere along the way, you decided that I was worth saving.  And I wanted to thank you for that.”

And later . . .

UNCLE / FATHER JOHN: (after his fingers are cut off) “Katherine?”

KATHERINE: “Hello John . . . Goodbye, John.”

Why it Made the List:

Oh my lord, was this the most SHOCKING TWIST EVER, on a television show.  Here, us Delena fans were waiting for an ENTIRE season for Damon and Elena to kiss.  So, this scene comes, near the end of the finale.  And we get this brilliant heartfelt speech by Damon (so, heartfelt, in fact, that this made my Top Ten Delena Moments of Season 1 list, despite the fact that ELENA WASN’T EVEN IN THE SCENE.)

Then it ACTUALLY HAPPENS!  THEY KISS!  And it starts off tentative, with a chaste kiss on the cheek.  But then, suddenly, “Elena” gives in to her desires, and it isn’t so tenative, anymore.  It’s AWESOME and REAL.  Except . . . it isn’t  . . . not really, anyway.


Because, suddenly, “Elena” is vamping out at the kitchen counter, chopping off UNCLE / FATHER JOHN’S FINGERS, and trying to KILL HIM!  I mean, HOLY CRAP!


And as disappointed as I was, that I was going to have to wait an ENTIRE EXTRA SEASON for Damon and Elena to ACTUALLY kiss ( it didn’t happen until the Season 2 finale), the final moments of “Founder’s Day” were still an exhilarating wild ride. And I loved every second of it . . . (Well . . . except for the part where Useless Aunt Jenna cock blocked Fauxlena and Damon. That SUCKED!

If looks could kill, Useless Aunt Jenna, you would have died an
ENTIRE season earlier than you actually did, from the collective glares of
Delena fans, during this very moment.

What it says about Katherine:

What’s interesting about this scene is that, the first time you watch it, you assume it’s Elena.  And you are so caught up in the drama of her heart-to-heart with Damon, and her subsequent one with Uncle / Father John, that you don’t notice how ODD she is acting.  Watching the scene a second time, really allows you to capture the brilliance of the show’s writing, of Nina Dobrev’s acting, and, most importantly (for our purposes anyway), of VAMPIRE KATHERINE.

Katherine’s been out of the loop for a VERY LONG TIME.  And when she arrives on Elena Gilbert’s porch, after having stolen her clothing and personal belongings  (She didn’t think to straighten her hair, though.  A surefire sign of Katherine, if there ever was one.), she has very little idea of what she’s getting herself into.

Suddenly, there’s Damon on the porch, “sweet innocent, Damon” as she once called him.  He’s babbling on about not being a hero, and not being a good person, but wanting to save the town, anyway.  And Katherine’s clearly confused by how much THIS Damon has changed.  After all, we know she’s checked in on Stefan over the years.  But we can’t be too sure, whether she has done the same with Damon.  It’s very possible that she hasn’t.  She’s also noticing that Damon seems EXTREMELY enamored with her . . . only she’s NOT herself, she’s Elena.  And that confuses Katherine too.

So, while Elena, at least at this point in the series, would probably be talking Damon’s EAR off about how he IS good person, and he CAN be a better man, if he just tries, etc. etc., Katherine’s suspiciously quiet.  She responds vaguely and generally to Damon’s inquiries, so as not to give herself away.  And when he kisses her, she’s undoubtedly, surprised, but decides to go with it anyway, because she’s Katherine.

After Useless Aunt Jenna breaks up the fun, and invites the vampire into her home, Katherine’s evasive tactics work once again, when she simply tells her doppelganger’s guardian that she “doesn’t want to talk” about The Kiss.  But when Kat talks to Uncle / Father John, that’s when things get REALLY interesting.  Because Katherine HAS a history with John.  She KNOWS the story he’s telling, even though Elena doesn’t.  So, she’s biding her time, waiting for a moment to strike.  And she picks a great one, right when Uncle / Father John’s defenses are at their weakest, because he believes his biological daughter is finally giving him the time of day.

And it all just goes to show you that those who dare to underestimate Vampire Katherine do so at their peril.  Take note, Salvatores and Originals.  Because something tells me The Kat will return in Season 3, and she will do so with a VENGEANCE!

Well, that’s all I’ve got on Vampire Katherine.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Special thanks again to the Petrova-Gifs Tumblr, for the excellent gifs.  And see you on Thursday, Fangbangers!

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14 responses to “A Poison Kind of Love – Ten Deliciously Naughty Moments, Starring The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine Petrova

  1. East Coast Captain

    I´m not judgmental but this post is the BEST post in this blog…so far we have to see in the future. Anyway as a Delena supporter you should know or probably do that LJ Smith intended for a Delena endgame in her books but a lot of Bullshit happened that even outraged me.

    Stefan does love Elena but he has zero chemistry with her I´m sorry Stelena fans but there is no fire there. But with Katherine there played by Nina but OMFG, HIS chemistry with her just is nuclear, it gets my blood pumping and my heart thumping. They could even set the TV screen on fire. That Cave scene was seriously a fucking tease and I ALSO consider the deleted scene canon because it did happen but they decided not to show it maybe because they probably have something better in mind for them.

    Katherine in my believe is a 500 years younger version of Eric Northman…with boobs and a vagina and Eastern European instead of Nordic. Because Eric and Katherine are smart very smart, there manipulative, there vicious and brutal but there not evil there´s more to them than meets the eye and as for villains Eric is an Anti Hero and Katherine is a tragic villain false villain mix meaning she could still find redemption and be reedemed. But when Klaus is killed I think Katherine would find settle down, she would stop her murderous ways while still being vicious.

    Yeah she really strung poor Damon along.

    In fact I wrote a fic where Katherine is there from day one its called Undead in mystic Falls. Go and read it when you have the time.

    Stefan is alive and not boring when he´s around Katherine and Katherine is not vicious and more girly when she´s around Stefan. I know it might or might not happen but I´m hoping Stefarine is endgame.

    But I agree Katherine embraces her womanhood, her sexuality and empowers herself. She is the ultimate feminist strong yet vulnerable.

    But I hope for another Katherine post, there very addictive and spot on. You Rock Kjewls!!!!!

    • East Coast Captain

      PS. Of course he still loves her, its just resentment if Katherine had been there from day one in teaching him the vampire way instead of Lexi, he wouldn´t be so hateful in fact when he says I hate you, you know they will bang each other senseless eventually.

      • You bring up an excellent point on how different things would be if Kat had stayed in town, and taught Stefan and Damon the “Vampire Way,” as opposed to Lexi teaching Stefan, and Damon . . . well, teaching himself, I guess. After all, what we’ve learned from Season 2, is that it WASN’T Katherine’s intention to leave her new baby vamps high and dry for 500 years. She planned to stay with them forever. But then Klaus returned to town, and she had to sacrifice her dreams to save herself. I actually find it a little hard to believe that he chased her for 500 years STRAIGHT without finding her. So, she was NEVER able to pop by Stefan (who she was always “checking in on” anyway) to say hello, at ANY time during the past 145 years. But I guess that’s what we are supposed to believe.

        And yes, I think, if anything is going to bring about a Stefarine / Kefan reunion, it’s going to be Stefan’s complete embrace of his Ripper side, along with his knowledge that Elena will be safe with Damon, in a way she never will be with him. In some ways, Stefan’s current situation, might give him a greater understanding for what Katherine went through 145 years earlier. Here’s hoping, for both our SHIPS sakes! 😉

    • I thought you’d like this one, East Coast Captain ;).

      You know, I HAD heard about what happened L.J. Smith and the VD series. I think part of the problem was the contract between L.J. Smith and Alloy. When you are writing for a production company, you don’t have true creative control. This was fine, back in the 90’s when L.J. was just a young writer eager to get her shot. But 20 years later, after she had grown with and taken ownership of these characters, it’s not so fine anymore.

      And I think Alloy also has a hand in producing the television series, so there was an axe to grind there. It’s just a shame when business has to get in the way of artistic integrity. However you feel about L.J. Smith’s writing, these really are HER characters, and have been, since she started the series back in ’91. So, it’s sad that it had to end that way. It’s part of the reason I only read the first two books in “The Return” series, problematic as that first one was. (Damon’s possession? YUCK!) I’m choosing to believe that only the books fully written by L.J. Smith are canon for this story. 😉

      OK, back to The Kat! 😉 I love your suggestion that the second Cave scene was removed for something better, and NOT because the writers, for some reason, didn’t want to show the more vulnerable side of Katherine it provided. That would make this deletion kind of like the one, where they got rid of Rose’s “It’s OK to love them both,” because the line was way more powerful coming from Katherine.

      Just so you know, on set pictures predict a fairly epic run-in between Katherine and Stefan around episode 5. So, perhaps you will get your wish 😉

      I love your idea of Katherine as a younger female version of Eric Northman. (Wow, I’m now picturing the Viking Vampire as a female. I’m not quite sure what to make of that. A little disturbing.) But I do see the similarites there, in terms of their life philosophies, their strength, their snarkiness, and their uncanny ability to manipulate, as contrasted with their strong tendencies toward fierce and dedicated love.

      And finally, thanks so much for calling my post addictive. I LOVE THAT! 😉 I can’t wait to read your Katherine fanfictions. I have no doubt that they will be addictive as well.

  2. imaginarymen

    This is awesome Julie! Like I said, I don’t have a whole lot of insights about Katherine – but I certainly think she’s a massively important part of the show and I too hope we see her in S3 again.

    Watching the clips again I still can’t get over how it is the same actress yet the Stefan/Katherine chemistry is SO off-the charts hotter than Stefan/Elena! You made a good point of how different Stefan acts with her and TBH – he seems to LIKE the banter and flirting. In “Masquerade” his “no” is such a tease and his arm offer is pretty charming. Until she starts killing people in front of him – I dare say he looks like he’s having *fun* ;-0

    It would KILL him to admit it, but something in Stefan still digs Katherine – I mean she has a point – why DID he pursue Elena who is physically identical to Katherine? If he hated Katherine so much, why seek out and romance a woman who looks JUST like her?

    After all – STEFAN is the one who spent S1 mooning at K’s picture and keeping it in his bedroom – NOT Damon (mb bc Damon didn’t have a bedroom in S1!) Stefan is the one who neglected to mention to Elena post-sex that oh yeah – she looks JUST like his old girlfriend.

    There’s a lot of layers of strange, kinky, hot stuff going on between Katherine and the Salvatores – on a level I’m not sure that Elena has – or maybe ever will – reach with them. The psychodrama and sexual tension of them locked in the room together in “Masquerade” is enough to power an entire episode! Just the twisted image of the Salvatores with their symbolic “stake” piling on top of her laying on the floor – I mean – what do you think they were trying to tell us?… ;-0

    And major MAJOR kudos to Nina Dobrev for being so brilliant and clever in making it seem like there are two ENTIRELY different people playing these roles. This character and this arc couldn’t work on the show if she wasn’t absolutely believable as both Elena AND Katherine. The fact that her chemistry even changes w/ her leading men based on who she’s playing is pretty astonishing.

    Well, I guess I had more to say about Vampire Katherine than I thought ;->

    • See? Never underestimate your TVD analytical prowess. You are a Kat Expert, and you just never knew! 😉 Because whether we are talking about male characters or female characters, it’s always really about SEX anyway, isn’t it? And one thing is for sure, ALL FANGIRLS LIKE SEX!

      I was actually surprised at how much fun I had writing this post, and how much greater an appreciation I developed for Katherine as a character, as I was writing. At the beginning of the post, I mentioned that she was still sort of an enigma to me, and that I didn’t understand why she did a lot of the things she did. I feel like I understand her a lot better now. So, this was actually a pretty good exercise for me.

      First off, you cracked me up with your comment about Damon not having a bedroom, back in Season 1. Where did that boy sleep, when he was still hating on Stefan, and couldn’t enter La Casa de Rich and Awesome without wanting to stake him in the heart? Probably at a different woman’s house every night, if I know my Damon. 😉

      I also love what you said about Stefan’s deep attraction to Katherine, no matter how hard he tries to fight it. You are right. There is this certain sneaky grin Stefan gets on his face, when he’s bantering with Katherine. His mouth is saying these hateful things to Katherine. But his eyes and mouth are saying, “You are hilarious, naughty, adorable, and super sexy. And if I didn’t think you would rip my heart out right here and now, I would totally have long hot and heavy floor sex with you.”

      I also agree with you that the scene in the Masquerade where the three were locked in the room together could EASILY have been its own episode. Every single line of dialogue popped. And the dynamic of these three characters is just so richly complex, and intensely erotic. I feel like I could have written a single post on that scene alone. Psycho-sexual, indeed ;).

      And yes, NO OTHER actress could pull off what Nina Dobrev does here. I can’t tell you how many comments I have read on fansites about how “the actress who plays Katherine” is”hotter than the actress who plays Elena.” Seriously! She’s so different in the two roles, that even though, physically, she looks the same in both (I mean, it’s not as though they dyed her hair, or changed her eyecolor or anything) people STILL see her as two different actresses. AMAZING!

  3. sassyfran

    Hey Jewls I am back from California,,,,,,,,,,boy howdy, you have been busy I cannot wait to catch up on the Vamp Diaries Goodness


  4. serendipity

    Hi Julie!
    You asked what we think about the reasons Katherine did what she did in your favorite scene number 2? The answer according to me is your favorite scene number 1… While they are both different seasons, they actually follow day by day. Katherine comes back, among other things, to ‘collect’ her toy-boys, and what does she find? Not just Stefan head over heels with her doppelganger (and she might have expected that, if she tracked him over the years, because she isn’t all that surprised to find Stefan telling her he never loved her, though she doesn’t agree), but also Damon thanking ‘Elena’ for thinking him worth saving and kissing ‘Elena’… She might be a little pissed off for Damon abandoning her as well… making her unwilling to give him the ‘lie’ he wants to hear (a punishment of sorts?)…

    In the same vein, one scene I missed here, was the attempt-to-make-out scene by Katherine in the Houseguest, showing that she must feel something for Damon (before ever admitting it in As I lay dying), because she does feel like having sex with him, and is (again) not very happy when he refuses her…

    Great analysis, as usual, Julie!

    • Hey serendipity! Brilliant! Thank you! Your explanation of Katherine’s motivations in The Return make total sense! Truthfully that scene has been bugging me since it aired. And now I finally understand Kat’s motivation for behaving the way she did in it, thanks to you.

      You are right. If you look at Katherine when Damon moves in to kiss her at the end of Founder’s Day, she looks confused, but also a little pissed. It’s OK for HER to have other lovers, and to leave or 500 years without, so much as a phone call or a note, but the fact that both Damon and Stefan fell in love with Elena during that time is SO NOT COOL with her. Her earlier line in The Return to Stefan, “I have to admit, It hurts me a little that you fell in love with somebody else.” (I’m paraphrasing here). Is probably one of Katherine’s most honest moments. And I think it applies to her feelings about Damon as well.

      Ahhh, Katherine Rejection By Damon. I loved that scene too! And it definitely would have served as a nice parallel to the scene from The Return, in which SHE rejected HIM. Here’s why it didn’t make this list ,though. You know how I have a little itty bitty tendency to make all my posts about Damon Salvatore, even when they are supposed to be about other characters . . . or other shows? 😉 Well, I was trying REALLY hard in this post to make it about KATHERINE as much as possible. To delve into HER thoughts and HER motivations, as opposed to just Damon’s, or even Stefan’s. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it . . . write an entire post about a female, I mean. 😉

      And the thing about the rejection scene from “The House Guest,” was that it was really more a “Deliciously Naughty” Damon moment, than it was a Katherine one. After all, Katherine was just being herself. She was seducing Damon, just like she seduced him in The Return, and Masquerade, and all those 1864 flashbacks. It was DAMON who showed growth in that scene.

      While the Damon we met in The Return, would have been thrilled by the prospect of Katherine staying in his house, and propositioning him in his bed, like he’d been waiting for her to do for 145 years, THIS Damon was more evolved than that. He had moved on. The Damon of “The House Guest” has the confidence to reject Katherine, because he’s stopped idealizing her. He knows what she’s like now. And he’s also DESPERATELY in love with Elena, perhaps more so than he even was when he kissed “her” in Founder’s Day.

      So, while this was a watershed moment for Damon, it was a pretty weak one for Katherine. And this ss why, for her sake, I didn’t include it in her countdown. 😉 See, I can be sensitive to women’s needs too! Who knew? 🙂

  5. Sandy

    I really feel like the potential of Katherine’s character. She is everything you want in your villian- manipulative, intelligent, clever, seductive -AND she happened to kept two incredibly hot vampires enamored with her for 145 years (or atleast that was what we were led to believe in s1, anyway). For the first couple episodes of a 22 episode arc she was all of that and more- after all, season 2 was dubbed the ‘Year of the Kat’.
    Then everything went down hill.
    We were led to believe in season 1 that Stefan had lingering feelings for Kat despite his denial and that on Kat’s returns we would see him deal with all those hidden feelings. Instead, Stefan insisted that his feelings for Katherine had died lessening her impact because as we all know Damon by the time of her return was PRETTY MUCH OVER HER as well. So the havoc she was SUPPOSE to cause to the Stefan/ Elena/ Damon triangle NEVER REALLY HAPPENED AT ALL!

    I’m also upset that she wasn’t the Big Bad of the season. The truth is she should have been and they should have delayed Klaus’ arrival to MF for a season. Why? With Klaus arrival into Mystic Falls I think TVD may get stuck. Once you overcome the biggest threat EVER what is there left to do?

    The answer is: nothing.

    We were led to believe that Katherine would be the biggest thing to come into MF in season 2 but instead she got looked up in a tomb and apartment for the entire second half of the season. Now, whatever she does won’t really have the punch it should have because she didn’t really do much this season (besides confusing us, and many times herself, about who it was she loved).

    Katherine overall was a big disappointment last season.

    • Hey Sandy! Thanks so much for your insightful comment. While writing this blog post, I’ve come to share your enthusiasm for Kat’s complexity, vindictiveness, and intrigue. In addition to being a very cool villain, she’s also probably the strongest female character on the show, in terms of her ability to dominate ALMOST everyone with whom she comes in contact.

      That being said, I agree with you that “The Year of the Kat” was probably a bit of a misnomer for Season 2, considering that Katherine was really only the show’s “Big Bad” from the last five minutes of “Founder’s Day” through “Masquerade.” After that, Kat was pushed aside, in favor of, first the werewolf storyline, then Elijah, and finally, Klaus. And when we DID see Kat, it was not as the show’s main villain, but only as yet another victim to the Originals.

      I also agree that more could have been done this season, regarding Katherine’s ability to manipulate Stefan and Damon, and their respective feelings for Elena. Perhaps, we will AT LEAST see Katherine do this with STEFAN, while he is off, away from Elena, and being “The Ripper.”

      It does seem like TVD’s M.O. is to repeatedly replace it’s Biggest Baddest Vampires, with Bigger and BADDER ones . . . In Season 1, we started with Damon being the resident bad ass. Then he was replaced by the tomb vamps (lame as they were). Then came Season 2, and Kat was the Biggest Badass. But SHE was replaced by Elijah mid-season. And HE was replaced by Klaus.

      Regarding what will happen after Klaus is defeated, I sort of think they might try to keep him, and his possible were-vamp army around for at least two seasons. After Klaus is defeated, however, the Big Bad, probably CAN’T be a vampire, since NO VAMPIRE would be stronger than Klaus. Perhaps, they will use some sort of demon figure, like the ones featured in the “The Return” books from the original Vampire Diaries series? (For the record, I HATED the pesky creatures in the books. But, maybe, the show can improve upon them.)

      As for Katherine, well . . . who knows? She might just surprise all of us this Season, by being just as badass, as we once assumed she would be. 😉 Here’s hoping!

  6. Hi I’m Andrew-Lacey I would like to Menion to put you all out of you Misery of saying could Katherine to Apolgise to Damon and tells him she still Loves him please and also could she also asked Damon for them to tell Elena about their Daughters that Damon is Fathering with Katherine also with his other wife because I really to Feel Sorrie for ELena of not knowing the truth about who Damon and Katherine is to her so they can live together as a Family again

  7. Jamie

    Just wanted to point out in regard to the ‘Why did Katherine not admit to loving Damon since she clearly did on some level?’ question, at the time of this scene, Katherine’s main goal was to hand over Elena (and a good deal of her loved ones) over to Klaus in return for her freedom. Had she admitted any sort of love for Damon, she would’ve never been able to shake him. And, clearly indicated from the fact Damon initiated kissing her on the front porch as Elena, it’s not hard for her to come to conclusion that Damon harbors some feelings for her doppelganger. And she couldn’t take the risk that he would try to stop her from handing Elena over to Klaus, espicially consdering to the extent her survival was on the line.

    I think Katherine repeatedly expressed her love Stefan because a) she loves to screw with him and b) she knew he would never act on anything she said. She could hire a sky-liner to write ‘I love you Stefan’ in the sky and he still wouldn’t think twice about denying her. Thus, he’s not a threat to her plans. Damon, however, is.

    I know there are many people who would disagree with this opinion, but I really do believe Katherine loves both Salvatores equally. The only difference is, expressing love for Damon is much riskier than expressing the same love for Stefan.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Very amusing blog post. 😉

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