The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Premiere “The Birthday” – We’re Liveblogging It!

“Did someone say something about a Naked Liveblog?  Because I definitely could be down for something like that.”

“I’m not going to look at Damon’s package . . . I’m not going to look at Damon’s package .  . . I’m not going to . . .  HOLY CRAP THAT’S BIG!  I’m sorry.  What’s this about a Liveblog?  I got . . . distracted.”

It’s that time again, Fangbangers!  The Vampire Diaries is returning for it’s third season, this Thursday!  And you know what that means, right?

Yes, I know you’re hungry, Stefan.  But that really doesn’t answer my question . . .


Now we’re talking.  I am definitely expecting some sex, this season, Caroline . . .  specifically, YOUR sex .  . . with TYLER.


What else have you got for me?

Excellent point, Damon and Elena!  I am hoping to see some seriously sexually tense moments between you two, in Season 3 (and maybe MORE than sexually tense;))?


(You know I’m rooting for you, Big Guy!  Just keep doing that “Eye Thing” you do, and I’m sure you will win her over, eventually.)

Anything else . . .


In a minute, Stefan!  Can’t you see, I’m working here?

Oh, stop pouting!  It’s unbecoming of a man your age!  Come on!  What else can we expect from this season?


A ghost threesome between Jeremy, Anna and Vicki .  . . Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to that!  (So is Jeremy, I suspect.)  Anything else?

Sure, Kat, I think it’s safe to say there to be SOME dancing.  Is that all?

Yes!  Stefan and Klaus!  Team Ripper . . . breaking hearts . . . and eating them . .  . one defenseless human at a time.  I’m expecting to see A LOT of that this season . . .


Of course, a new Vampire Diaries’ Season Premiere ALSO means a new CRAAAAAAZY liveblog, courtesy of my brilliant blogging pals, Amy, of ImaginaryMen, Cherie, of SpideySense, and myself . . .

What’s a LiveBlog, you ask?  Well, it’s kind of like a chat room where you can talk (well, more accurately, “type”) about “The Birthday” with other fabulous fangirls (and boys), like yourself, while the show is airing.  Or, if you’re shy, just sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you!

Well . . . don’t get too relaxed.  Because then you won’t be able to watch the show! 

 In addition to covering the play-by-play of the episode, and repeatedly cooing over the hotness of the show’s cast  (Comments like “OMG!  HE IS SO GORGEOUS!” are, of course, inevitable, in these types of forums, and TOTALLY welcome!)

We aren’t blind, after all . . . 

 . .  . Amy, Cherie and I will also be regaling you with screenshots from the episode, hot photos of the cast, and fun live polls, in which can take part.

TYLER: *reads*  “Who’s the hottest character on The Vampire Diaries?  I’m going to go with choice “C,” Tyler!”

CAROLINE:  “Hmmmm . . . what are the other choices?”

TYLER:  “Hey!  Don’t make me BITE YOU!”

Of course, if you miss the LiveBlog, and want to check it out after the episode airs, you can do that too!


Just to give you an idea of what you can expect from us, here’s an example of a LiveBlog we did back in May, for the show’s Season 2 Finale.

Well . . . at least one person seemed to enjoy it . . . 

(Oh, and just a quick note, because we had some confusion last year.  A LiveBlog is not the same thing as a LiveStream.  Unfortunately, the technology we have available to us from CoverItLive does not allow us to stream the episode to other viewers, over the internet.  It provides ”chat” services only.  There are a number of other websites that will stream the episode for you, of course.  However, us fangirls don’t have the resources – or the necessary legal approval – to offer you that particular service.  Sorry, in advance!)

No need to get all huffy, Damon!  I just didn’t want anyone to get confused.  That’s all! 

So, if you are up for celebrating The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Premiere with a bunch of kooky fangirl bloggers, who share a love of  both snarky commentary and shirtless vampires . . .

We love you too, Katherine! 

CLICK HERE at 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 15th! 

Until then, feel free to watch (and rewatch, and rewatch . . .) this extended preview for the Season 3 Premiere of The Vampire Diaries . . .

 . . . and THIS sexy new Teaser for the series . . .

 . .. and THIS brand new, SUPER SECRET scene from “The Birthday” .  . .

Oh, stop being so over dramatic, Stefan!   I said I would feed you, and I would!

See you on Thursday, My Fellow Fangbangers!

[][Fangirls Forever]


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15 responses to “The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Premiere “The Birthday” – We’re Liveblogging It!

  1. sassyfran

    Naked Live Blogging I am so there LOL, I signed up as a Panelist its going to be a BLAST!! Can’t wait Jewls 🙂

    • YAY! I’m so psyched! Thanks so much for signing up!

      Amy and I had so much fun liveblogging with you during the Season 2 TVD finale (and I had so much fun liveblogging with you during the PLL Season 2 finale) that I couldn’t imagine doing another liveblog without your awesome input! Get ready to get your fangirl on! I’ll see you on Thursday! 🙂

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  3. East Coast Captain

    Well it will be a great season. But I have one thing that bugs me I really do hope because IanNina are together in real life that it doesn´t interfere with the storylines particularly StefanKatherine which I like and love and worship but they are professional and they don´t need to get very hot and heavy like they do on TB since this is the CW.

    • Oh, don’t worry, East Coast Captain. I’m pretty sure, Ianina will not affect Delena or Stefarine on the show, nor will Paul Wesley’s recent nuptials. After all, Ianina has already been dating for over a year. And it never stopped the writers from giving us the Stefarine Tomb Scene (which you just KNOW had to be more graphic when they taped it, than what actually showed up in the series), nor did it stop the writers from filming some of the racy Stefarine flashbacks we saw in Season 2. 🙂

      Fortunately, Ian, Nina and Paul are all consummate professionals, none of whom are exactly new to offscreen romance. So, they are up for anything the script throws at them. (This, of course, is not to say, that things won’t inevitably get a bit awkward for the happy couple, if, for any reason, things didn’t end up working out for them. But we know that’s not going to happen, right? :))

      • East Coast Captain

        Well kjewls life is life and we have no idea what the future holds for IanNina I´d still be worried if it was Paul and Nina because I hate it when a real life romance is inserted into a favorite show.

        But if it doessome tiny tiny chance I pray to hell Kevin recasts the Katherine role and Paul´s wife is the new Katherine but that´s just me. 😀

      • East Coast Captain

        Kidding but I do agree there all professionals and they probably agree as well that there real life romance won´t interfere with the unbiased quality of the show.

        But like I said while I wish them the best life is life and sometimes it doesn´t work out.

        PS I pray for a female Original maybe two it could be bring out several plot bunnies for another vampire show.

  4. Nina in Anchorage

    Julie Plec pretty much confirmed they are when that question was asked and she replied that they don’t put real life relationships into the show, so we can continue to expect Delena to develop slowly.

  5. serendipity

    Hey Julie! I wish very much I could liveblog with you guys, but alas, I’m afraid I will not be able to get a livestream over here in Europe in time to do that… Besides which, it will be the middle of the night (not that that would necessarily stop me LOL). I will probably have to check out your liveblog later… 😦
    PS: I will reply to your awesome review on Shadowdancing later, Jules! You can be sure of that!

    • Oh :(! You will absolutely be missed, serendipity! But don’t worry, I suspect we will have plenty of time to adore and analyze the premiere episode, together, after it airs. 🙂 That’s the joy of twenty-four hour a day blogging! It’s never too late to talk TVD 😉

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  7. Brittany-Marie

    So excited for tonight 😀

    I don’t have t.v. so I watch everything either on Amazon on which I own the first two seasons, or online. BUT I will so be here for the liveblog , regardless if I have seen it on my own yet or not. ❤

    Also here's a few other little goodies.

    (Possibly pre-Delena scene?)

    "And AOL TV‘s Maggie Furlong talks with Ian Somerhalder about Damon’s new, uncomfortable position in Season 3. Ian touches on Damon’s frame of mind:

    Q: So he’s not thrilled to finally have a shot with Elena?
    A: No. I don’t think he ever saw being stuck in Mystic Falls, taking care of this young, beautiful creature he’s totally in love with … he is totally in love with this girl, but he can’t have her. A) She doesn’t want him, and B) it’s his brother’s girl. Even Damon’s not gonna stoop that low. So he’s thinking, alright, so she’s 18, right? She’s gonna live another 70 or 75 years, with modern medicine, so he’s thinking, “Sh*t man, I’m stuck in Mystic Falls for another three-quarters of a century, taking care of this girl that I can’t have.” That is not something that I think sits very well with him. He wants to take care of her, he wants her to be happy, he wants her to live a full, amazing life — but she wants Stefan back." (Source is

    Fair warning :: This one has a SHITTON of Spoilers.

    • Thanks so much for all the great scoop, Brittany-Marie. You are awesome! I think the CW did a great job teasing and getting us psyched up about the new season this week. I was definitely going nuts with anticipation. 🙂 I hope you’ve had the chance to see the episode. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  8. Brittany-Marie

    Just wanted to post this too!

    So funny and very excited that he .. well. Lets just say he made a VERY pleasing announcement in that article 🙂 That has to do with he and Nina. That is the only Spoiler you get!

    • LOL. How crazy that they’ve been dating for over a year! 😉 And for six months of that, I really do think nobody knew (well . . . except probably the cast and crew of the show). Kudos to them, for being able to buck the Hollywood trend, by keeping things as private as possible, for as long as possible. (And man, can you imagine how pretty Ianina babies would be?))

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