Show Me Your Horn, Baby! – A Recap of Glee’s “I Am Unicorn”

“Now, Brittany, I understand that sex sells.   But don’t you think that using a picture of me with a giant stick coming out of my head is a bit  . . . um . . . horn-y, for a high school campaign?” 

Greetings Gleeks!  This week’s episode was all about embracing who you are, and being yourself unless you are a goth-looking skank, or a bad-dancing mechanic, then this episode was about being someone more socially acceptable.  Though admittedly light on musical numbers (there were only three, and all of them were show tunes), “I Am Unicorn,” was filled with a ton of heart, a sh*tload of unicorns, and some REALLY, REALLY big horns . . .

“It’s not the size of your horn, but where you stick it how you use it that really matters.”

Let’s review, shall we?

Because I’ve Always Personally Been Curious About the Bathroom Habits of Mythical Creatures


It starts off just like any other morning at McKinley High.  Kurt is primping and prepping in front of his locker, and making googly eyes at the wallet-sized snapshot of Blaine that hangs therein, when Brittany arrives.  Brittany has great news.  Apparently, Kurt is the Biggest Unicorn in the entire SCHOOL!

What is a unicorn, you ask?  Well, according to Brittany, a unicorn is a horse who got a horn for doing a good deed.  Then, he poops out cotton candy, until his horn falls off, and becomes a zebra.  Wait . . . what?  Did I really just type that?


Apparently, I did . . . 

As bizarre as this all sounds, in Brittany’s Little World, being told that you poop cotton candy is a compliment of the highest order!  Brittany is so impressed with Kurt’s individuality and ability to survive insurmountable odds, that she wishes to become his campaign manager for Student Council President.  Brittany believes that her popularity, coupled with the fact that she is kind of slutty, can help the Mythical Creature Kurt to win a ton of votes.

And so, she invites herself over to his house to go over poster ideas.  A skeptical Kurt asks Brittany why SHE didn’t want to run for Student Council herself.  To this, she responds that she’s not smart enough.

This made me sad . . . (almost sad enough to poop cotton candy).

Fortunately, I manage to restrain myself (and took some Immodium) for the sake of continuing this recap.

After school, Brittany heads over to Kurts house, to show him his new campaign posters.  And they are, pretty much, the most awesome campaign posters I have EVER SEEN!  And yet, one can’t help but notice that they have a bit of a “theme” to them . . .

Kurt, who is currently clad in his tight green henley shirt, and sailor’s cap, is just appalled by how “GAY” the posters are.  He says that he’d prefer a more neutral campaign poster, like THIS one . . .

Ummm . .  . Kurt?  I hate to break it to you, but your poster doesn’t exactly scream “I like to bang chicks,” either.  It also says “winning” on it, a word that has been forever ruined by Charlie Sheen . . . just sayin’. 

And besides Kurt, Brittany’s campaign strategy is AMAZING.  It involves giving everybody at school Big Pink Sparkly Glitter Bags with minature versions of Tinky Winky in them.  And who doesn’t love Tinky Winky?

Now THAT’S a teletubby who knows how to accessorize!

When Brittany (with Santana’s help) begins the process of putting her posters up all around school, Kurt freaks out and starts ripping them down (more on why later).  His ungrateful reaction stuns and deeply hurts Brittany, who now believes she has failed her precious unicorn.  That is until Santana comes to the rescue, with her surprisingly sweet, and heartfelt, pep talk.  (How adorable are these two?)


Santana tells Brittany that her campaign is brilliant . . . that there is no one like her . . and that she IS the unicorn.

And what’s great about the speech, is that it’s so NOT the typical type of thing the usually-caustic Santana would say. But Brittany brings out a sort of protective, and almost maternal, kindness in Santana that few other people get the chance to see.

Plus, she’s right.  Those posters rock! And Kurt rose to the top of my Poopy List for denigrating them . . .


Speaking of maternal influences . . .

Two Glee Clubs (for the price of one), One Baby (for the price of hair dye)

“Awww . . . see that little piece of hair sticking up on the side?  That’s Baby’s first Mohawk!”

Did anyone else find it fishy that Shelby Corcoran, Vocal Adrenaline’s first coach, arrived at McKinley High to run a second Glee Club it doesn’t need, right around the time that Dustin Ghoulsby, Vocal Adrenaline’s second coach (a.k.a. the HOT one) . . .

 . . . was purportedly fired from his position, leaving New Direction’s main rival without a supervisor?  Here’s hoping this isn’t another one of those annoying Vocal Adrenaline SPY plotlines.  After all, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened . . .

 . . . or the second, for that matter . . .

Anywhoo, just as many of us suspected, tone deaf, self-diagnosed Asperger’s sufferer, Sugar Motta, didn’t take being rejected by the New Directions lying down.  Instead, she had her daddy pay for the school to start a WHOLE NEW Glee club, one where she will be the star.

“And we shall call our selves ‘Mr. Motta’s Strangled Cats,’ because our unique sound will be similar to that of animals dying.’

Nevermind the fact that NOBODY at McKinley High, save for the people ALREADY IN GLEE CLUB, have any interest in show choir (in fact, most of them HATE show choir . . . and want to throw slushees at it).  Also, nevermind the fact that McKinley High never seems to have any money for the after-school clubs it ALREADY has . . .

In Shelby’s defense, she doesn’t seem particularly interested in coaching show choir, at all.  She’d much rather spend her time flirting with Mr. Schue, apologizing for abandoning singing more random duets with her Bio Daughter, Rachel, and taunting Puck and Quinn with the baby they gave up for adoption this past year.

Nothing says, I’m sorry I crippled you with self-doubt, Daughter, by skipping town, right when we were starting to get close, like dramatically holding hands, during a musical number . . .

While I’m still not buying Shelby as being a warm and / or maternal individual, she IS a good musical coach.  And her advice to Rachel that she should sing West Side Story’s “Somewhere,” during her audition for the aforementioned play, as opposed to the well-worn, and, obnoxiously conceited (not to mention, Rachel already sang it in another episode) “I Feel Pretty,” was solid.  I also feel like this duet was WAY more story- appropriate, and pleasing to the ears, than that admittedly bizarre duet that the mother/daughter duo did to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” during Shelby’s last appearance on the show . . .

You can listen to “Somewhere” in its entirety, by clicking below . . .

After possibly saving her biological daughter from a lifetime of therapy, Shelby schedules a visit with Puck and the now-skankified Quinn to discuss their possibly becoming a part of THEIR biological daughter’s life.

“Just because I now look like Frenchie from Grease, and have a ridiculous Minnie Mouse bow in my head, doesn’t mean you should keep me from seeing my child.” 

Shelby gives Puck and Quinn an ultimatum.  They can be part of their daughter’s life, provided they agree to look like they came out of a J Crew catalogue at all times.  (I know, I know, that wasn’t she said.  But I’m trying to prove a point here.)

Those of you who have read my Glee-caps before probably know that I’ve been SERIOUSLY missing my darling Puck-ster, ever since the odious Lauren Zizes hijacked his personality (and his balls), last season.

No comment. 

So, the fact that I was treated to a deliciously poignant Puck-centric scene this week, really did mean a lot to me.

Puck visits Shelby at her own home, so that his in-person pleas to be able to see his daughter Beth cannot be ignored.  “I’ll do anything to prove to you that I can be her life.  Please, just give me a chance,” Puck exclaims earnestly.  He even comes bearing some surprisingly impressive (It’s better than I can do, anyway) artwork for the child . . .

Who doesn’t love a good Clown Pig? 

Eventually, Puck’s surprising politeness, and adorableness crack Shelby’s hard facade.  She eventually lets Puck hold (and spend some quality time) with his daughter, with whom anyone could tell he is already enamored . . .

Now, Baby’s got a REAL Mohawk! 

As for Quinn, she’s busy helping the Skanks stuff small girls’ heads in toilets, so they can steal their lunch money  .  . .


New Congressional Hopeful, Sue, immediately recognizes Quinn’s estrangement from . . . well . .  . everything and everybody.  And so, she decides to explot her, in order to undermine Glee club, as per usual bolster her Congressional campaignSue asks Quinn to star in her “The Arts Ate My Life” campaign promo.  And Quinn agrees, provided Sue puts couches under the bleachers, so that Quinn doesn’t have to strain her now emphyzema-filled ASS, while she’s busy trying to “be bad.”

“Doesn’t wearing a hat like that make your head sweat?”

No longer content to just shame Mr. Schue’s program, Sue has to go and humiliate Mr. Schue himself, by having Quinn confront him about how “Glee club ruined her life,” on video . . .

Though Sue’s manipulation of the situation is not particularly surprising, Mr. Schue’s reaction to the event definitely is . . .  He proceeds to scream right back in Quinn’s face, dishing her out some incredibly tough love about how she is basically a spoiled brat, who perpetually plays the Victim Card, whenever things don’t go her way.


SING IT, Sista!

He also claims that she has no one to blame but herself for her own misfortune.  (Well . . . in Quinn’s defense, that’s not entirely true.  Quinn’s teenage pregnancy was also Puck’s fault . . .at least a little bit. After all, eggs alone do not a baby make, right?)

They do make for a mean omlette though . . .

The harsh speech definitely has its intended effect on Quinn, who runs out of the room in tears, declining to complete the promotional spot.  However, a real change in the character doesn’t occur until SHE, like Puck before her, visits Shelby in her classroom, to talk about the possibility of HER seeing Beth . . .

*sniffle, sniffle* “I’ve just got all these FEELINGS!” 

 Shelby is mildly sympathetic to her plight (after all, she apparently, also had a nervous breakdown and shaved her head after giving up Rachel).  “Stop punishing yourself for things you did when you were a child . . . er  . . . I mean . . last year . . . says Shelby, sympathetically.  However, the former Vocal Adrenaline coach is still not prepared to waver on this issue:  “No Pink Hair Bleachy Back to Blondie = No Baby.”

The next day, at Mr. Schue’s Mandatory Booty Dance Camp for Horrible Glee Club Dancers, (Hello Finn and Kurt) . . .

 . . . Mr. Schue has just completed teaching Finn the complex wonders of the box step, when Quinn enters the room.  Once again, she is clad in her “pure” white dress, and boring blonde hair, a.k.a. back to being the Stepford Wife everybody always wanted her to be . . .


Quinn asks to be accepted back in Glee club.  And Mr. Schue, (who really was kind of an asshat to her anyway) “graciously” accepts.  Puck is in Bad Dancing Class too.  And he is looking at Quinn with stars in his eyes, thrilled that, he can once again begin boning someone, who isn’t as awful as Lauren Zizes . . . while wearing condoms, of course that the two of them will now be able to see their baby and become a part of her life . . . together.

BUT WAIT!  There’s a twist!

Apparently, Quinn’s meteoric “Return to Normalcy” (it took less than two episodes, after all . . . which is kind of disappointing, I must say) is not entirely for the reasons everybody thinks.  With a maniacal laugh, and bleached mustache twirl, a disturbingly determined Quinn reveals ot a horrified Puck that she is going to do whatever it takes to get full custody of Beth, even if it means having to give up her pre-existing spot in “Jem and the Holograms.” pretending that she’s NOT having a nervous breakdown . . ., which she most definitely is . . .

“Is this the part where your head starts spinning around and spewing out green stuff?” 

Meanwhile, elsewhere on campus . . .

The Perfect Camille (but not the perfect Tony)

“So, guys, how about that Packers game, last night?  That final play was really something, wasn’t it?  Did you notice how cute his butt looked in . . . oops .  . . I did it again, didn’t I?” 

McKinley High’s production of West Side Story will be produced by Emma Pillsbury, Coach Beiste (who eats an entire chicken at EVERY MEAL), Artie Abrams, and NOT MR. SCHUE .  . .

 . . . because he has to focus on winning Nationals . . .

Auditioning for roles in the play will be Kurt (of course), Mr. I-Have-Magically-Become-a-Junior-Even-Though-I-Started-The-Show-Older-Than-Kurt Blaine, and NOT FINN . . .

. . .  because he will be busy trying to become a less sucky dancer . . .

“You put your right foot in.  You put your right foot out.  You put your right foot in, and you shake it all about.  You do the Hokey Pokey . . .”

 . . . and working at Burt Hummel’s car shop as a mechanic . . . which Rachel Berry is trying not to judge him for . . . but she TOTALLY is judging him . . . only because she thinks he is “better than that” and, therefore, should follow her around like a puppy dog in New York for the rest of his life, as she pursues her dream to become the next Barbara Streisand.

RACHEL: “If I have to hit you with this big stick thingy to get you to listen to reason, I will.”

FINN: “It’s called a tire iron.”

RACHEL: “Whatever, my on-staff chauffeur will be servicing my cars, when I grow up . . .” 

Kurt, for some reason, thinks that the perfect audition song for the role of a macho former-gang member / alpha male named Tony is a Barbara Streisand song, in which he calls himself the “perfect Camille,” prances around the stage in short pants, and flips around some monkey bar contraption like a female gymnast . . .

The song he performs is called, “The Greatest Star,” and you can watch his audition, in its entirety, here:

But then Kurt overhears the show’s directors and producers discussing how Kurt might not appear manly enough to play Tony.  So, he decides to remedy their opinion by GETTING INTO TIGHTS, AND ROLLING AROUND ON A MATTRESS WITH RACHEL BERRY, WHILE SPOUTING SHAKESPEARE MONOLOGUES ABOUT BIRDS?

The results of his second impromptu audition are unsatisfying to say the least.  (But, HILARIOUS!)

It’s Kurt’s devastating realization that he will never get to star in an action movie, or play the romantic lead in a movie about a pro wrestler . . . or a football player . . . or any male character that would feel out of place wearing a pink ascot, that makes him freak out on poor Brittany for pasting those Big Gay Posters, featuring a very horn-y Kurt throughout school . . .

That is, until, he has a talk with his Trusty Old Dad . . .

“Cue the Full House music son.   It’s time for the lesson of the day.” 

Burt tells Kurt, “SURPRISE!  You’re GAY!”


“Like . . . really gay  . . . like singing like Diana Ross and owning a Chocolate Factory, gay.”

“Excuse me, Burt.  Did you just call me, Willy Wonka, gay?  I’m NOT gay.  I just really like children and candy . . .  I might be a pedophile, though . . .”

Burt tells Kurt that, if he wants to be a star, he is going to have to chart his own career path, and create his own roles.  And to do this, he must embrace his Big Gay Unicorny self.  So, Kurt decides to do just that.

But it’s too late, because Brittany has already decided (thanks to Santana) that SHE’S a unicorn too.  And she’s going to run for Student Council President against Kurt.

 (And it seems pretty obvious that, mentally challenged or not, she’s TOTALLY going to kick his ass, so . . .)

But that’s OK!  Because, Kurt might still get the role of Tony.  After all,  there’s no one really talented enough to take the role in his place . . .

Well . . . there’s Blaine, but he wouldn’t audition for Tony.  After all, he’s a JUNIOR right?  And a junior wouldn’t want to step on a senior’s toes right?  RIGHT?

OK . . . OK . . . so Blaine’s rendition of “Something’s Coming,” a song that Tony (not someone named Camille) ACTUALLY sings in West Side Story, was pretty darn amazing.  And Blaine’s a pretty manly looking (and acting) guy . . .

 . . . well . . . at least when he wants to be!

But that doesn’t mean the producers are going to GIVE him the role of Tony over Kurt, does it?

Yeah, sorry Kurt!  You’re totally screwed . . .

Until next time, Gleeks!

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13 responses to “Show Me Your Horn, Baby! – A Recap of Glee’s “I Am Unicorn”

  1. L.A.N

    The plot is starting to get ridiculous, I must say. First of all, high school students are not kindergarten. I’m sure as hell don’t vote for a campaign with unicorn in high school (and I’m an artist type, just for you know) But don’t worry, seem like Brittany will run for Student Council next week, and seem like everybody loves her. So, no leading role for Kurt, no President campaign either. It’s hard for Kurt, he’s not strong enough for the male role, and neither for the female role, if they drop that “gay-boy-coming-out” storyline, I don’t know what they gonna do with him.

    Everything seems pretty boring to me. Will is still as bad as ever. I don’t know, he likes to play the reasonable teacher who thinks he know better, who wants everybody think he’s fair and kind and care about every students. But he isn’t, he can’t. He dish his Rachel more than once, he’s childish, and hypocritical. I used to like him a lot, but he failed me again and again and again. The way he treated Santana last week and Quinn this week really bug me.

    Really disappointed in Quinn’s storyline. She spent all summer changing herself but after two week, she came back being Q, too fast, what’s she gonna do with Secret’s tattoo? (seriously, what’s she gonna do with it???) And please, stop that teenager-parent storyline. Why didn’t anybody worry about the test, homework, college??? I have to say, that was 80% of my teenage-time. NOT EVERYBODY is mother/father at high school, and if we are, we rent Juno and watch it. Teenagers don’t have much middle-age crisis like Quinn.

    I love Lea’s voice, but don’t they think that’s too much??? Santana, Mercedes haven’t done any solo, and Rachel and Kurt must did two each episode.

    And for the record, bow tie is great only if you’re Chuck Bass, so drop it, please, Blaine.

    Just watch new week promo, I love Gwyneth so much. But WTH did she do to make Chris say yes to Glee perform a Coldplay number???????? NOOOO!!!!

    Anyway, I was right. If Glee do Coldplay, they’ll chose Fix you. How original. *rolls eyes* That’s the song EVERYBODY chose if they do Coldplay. And Will’s performance brings nothing new to the song. What the point of doing it anyway? They may just play it on radio for Mike Chang to dance.

    Great recaps, as usually. Love Willy Wonk’s reference LOL I know I love him for a reason, now you mention it, everything is so clear. LOL

    • Hey L.A.N.! You are absolutely right. The writers missed a HUGE opportunity, by not keeping Quinn as a “Skank” for at least a few more episodes. Of all the new elements of Glee introduced this season, I thought that was the best one. They could have explored a bit deeper why Quinn decided to do this. They could have milked the inevitable comedy of Quinn trying to be a “bad girl,” and not quite succeeding. Most importantly, we could have met the rest of the Skanks.

      This show REALLY needs some main and supporting characters that actually DON’T get off on singing and dancing all the time. And I think, having a few edgy misfits on the show, would make for some really interesting storylines. After all, it’s an aspect of high school life that Glee really hasn’t addressed. Except . . . why do I have this TERRIBLE feeling that the Skanks are going to end up joining Shelby’s rival Glee club instead *groan*. I already know one of the girls they cast as a “Skank” has a singing background.

      I was also disappointed to see that WILL was the one covering “Fix You.” I feel like the best Glee songs are the ones where the singer puts his or her OWN spin on the song. Artie’s “Dancing with Myself” is probably the best example of this I can think of, off the top of my head. “Fix You” would be a great opportunity to do this, if someone like Puck or Artie, converted the song into their respective trademark baritones. But Will is an alto, which (based on the clip we got from the previews) makes this sound like a karaoke version of a Coldplay song.

      I hope I’m wrong about this. 🙂

      • L.A.N

        LOL I know one in the Skank, Courtney Galiano (the prettiest one) She was in So you think you can dance season 4, I guess (or hope?) The Skank might sing/dance one number or something. But they seem to be canceled now.

        From what Will’s character is now, he really need to be fixed 😀 But you said right, it sounds like a karaoke version of a Coldplay song.

        Anyway, love Artie’s “Dancing with Myself” 🙂 I think he has a great/unique voice and great charisma on tv, I really wanna see him more.

  2. MCRmyMember

    Hello kjewels! Yes, it is me, of the PLL comments! But I watch Glee to, so I have to comment on this…..
    I COMPLETLY agree with you about being dissapointed with how Quinn changed back mighty quickly! I mean, the fact of the matter is, isn’t this show about excepting people for who they are? Now, while this might have not been Quinn, she should have been allowed to explore herself, after all of the things that have happened…..and then, through the help of the Glee Clubbers, she could be brought back. But not in two episodes. 🙂 And I feel that Will’s speech to her could have been a little bit more heart-felt, and less, screaming his guts out. She did bring a lot of this on herself, and she does play the victim card WAY to much, but that doesn’t mean Schue has to sink to her level! Oh Quinn, you’re not gonna win custody of the baby. Get that into your brain! But I would like to see where this storyline goes too however…….man, the writers sure are giving us a lot of Quinn and Kurt so far, aren’t they?
    Puck…..I really loved him this week. Thank you writers for getting rid of the Lauren-Puck relationship. NOBODY SHIPS THEM! But, I do however would like to see Puck and Quinn get back together before the season ends. Anyway, I really liked his scenes with Baby Beth, and Shelby. I feel he has really grown since the first season.
    On the topic of Kurt…….yeah, I don’t know what to say about those posters. Even if Brittany came up with them, and they had her name written all over them, I still think nobody would have voted for him. I mean look at all the crap the school has put him through these past seasons? Should I bring up being voted PROM QUEEN again? 🙂 And losing to Brittany is going to suck so bad for him……..! Burt’s speech… kind-of made me crack up……does that make me a bad person? Well, it did, anyway. 😉 Espicially the Willy Wonka reference. 🙂 🙂 On the topic of Blaine and Kurt, I think that Blaine is definitly going to try and read for Tony, but maybe he won’t, because he loooooves Kurt. During the last minute of the episode, I felt for Kurt. He is going to have to pull sometjing out of one of his ridiculous hats for him to get into the college of his choice, because the only extra curriculm he has is….wait for it….Glee Club. :0
    I can’t wait for the next episode……….but on one note, I’m getting tired of these diva-offs with Rachel and Mercedes, aren’t you? I mean, haven’t they ever heard of sharing? So, come next Wednesday, or Thursday (whichever works for you) I will be reading this with profound glee! 😉

    • I loved the scenes with Puck this week too, MCRMyMember! Puck was definitely my favorite character in Season 1 and pre-Lauren Season 2. And I always felt like he was critically underused by the writers. Even though I’m pretty sure Puck is a senior. I’ve always secretly hoped the writers would use his stint in juvie as an excuse to hold him back a year, so that he can get more screentime in Season 4.

      As for this season, I definitely think this baby storyline is going to show us another side of Puck. It will be interesting to have him be the voice of reason in the Puck / Quinn relationship. And I do foresee a romantic reunion between the two, in the not-so-distant future. (I’m also hoping for another Puckleberry fling. Is that too much to ask? ;))

      What’s interesting about the whole Quinn thing is that, even though she stopped wearing her “Skank” uniform, she hasn’t really solved all the personal problems that made her dress that way in the first place. She’s just pretending to be OK, to get her kid back. And that says something about her state of mind too. Part of the reason, Quinn shunned all her clubs, and started hanging out with the Skanks was because she had resigned herself to the fact that she would never leave Lima. And it seems like she’s STILL resigned to that, since she will probably not be able to go away to University as a teen mom.

      I do hope Puck helps her to work out her issues this year. And, yeah, she is SO not getting custody of that kid. 🙂

      I thought Will’s little freakout at Quinn was a bit over-the-top too. And it wasn’t effective. If anything, the conversation Quinn had with Shelby was what made her change her clothing, not this one. I’ve always felt like Will’s “attachment” to the Glee clubbers has been a bit inappropriate. He tries too hard to act like their friend, instead of their teacher. So, when they actually require his guidance on something important, we get the Screamfest we got in this week’s episode. Not cool, Schuester. If this was another show, a tirade like that could have really sent an already volatile character like Quinn over the edge . . .

      As for Kurt, yeah . . . I’m thinking he’s going to be REALLY beating himself up over the fact that (1) it was his idea to have Blaine attend McKinley, and he’s going to lose the lead in the school play over it; and (2) it was his idea to initially shun Brittany’s poster ideas, and he’s going to lose the class presidency over it. In terms of what he’ll do to get into University, I predict that Kurt will write and produce his own one-man show (one that’s possibly autobiographical) just as his father sort-of suggested. I’m also wondering if they are possibly setting us up for having Kurt NOT go to University next year. Instead, he can defer his entrance into college, so that he can do community theater, or something else that will get him into that New York school.

      The writers have already said that they are going to find some way to keep Rachel, Finn and Kurt as part of the show. And this might be how they do it for Kurt . . .

      Just a thought. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I definitely look forward to talking Glee with you this season! 🙂

  3. tyluv3

    I Love this, you are hilarious, seriously the best blog i have reda in years.Are you gonna do more shows(Namely that new show with SMG Ringer) or just these few.

    • Aww, thanks so much tyluv3! You are awesome! 🙂

      You know, I actually do watch Ringer (along with Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, Revenge) and some other shows that I’m not currently recapping. Gosh, I would love to do recaps on EVERYTHING I watch, because its so much fun to write them. The issue I have is that I’m out of the house all day, so I only have the evenings (when I’m supposed to be sleeping) to write. And my recaps generally take about five hours to complete.

      So, for now, I have four shows on my recap roster, this season: Boardwalk Empire, Gossip Girl, Glee, and TVD. But there’s always a chance I might pick up a fifth show, from the above-referenced list, or swap out shows that start to bug me too much, or win the lottery, so that I could afford to do this FULL TIME! 🙂 Whatever happens, I’m honored that you asked. And I will definitely keep you posted.

  4. Ali

    My dear Jules! What can I say? This was one of those times when the recap was, by far, better than the episode. However, I must say this episode was more enjoyable than the fisrt one, for me. Maybe because of the fact that, since they are not willing to reduce showtunes, at least they´re reducing the musical numbers (which, of course, are showtunes). But, this kinda bugs me, tho. I watched the show because of hilarious stoylines and nice performances. So having to choose between having no musicals or having only showtunes is not cool at all.

    Anywhoo. Several things to comment. First of all I still don´t get how Blaine has been a junior for two years now… Did he Failed? Maybe his grades were too bad, you know, because of all that being a divo-singer-extraordinaire-highschool star. And I am kinda sure he´s gonna try for the Tony, part, he´ll nail it, Kurt will hate him…. And then he (Kurt) will realize it´s his fault Blaine stole his thunder in the first place, because he brought Blaine to McKingley.

    I haven´t seen the preview for next episode but if Rachel and Mercedes will have another diva off I will seriouslzzzz zzzzz ZzzzZZZ zzzzzZZZZzzzz ZZZ ZZz. Sorry about that.. Where were we?

    Quinn: I´m with you guys… I was one of many that was very interested in see that new Quinn to develop… I have to say that the badass reaction with Puck about pretending to be all sunshine-pants is interesting as well, so I´m ok with the change after al (At least we don´t have to hear her annoying phone sex voice anymore).

    The songs…Did I mention please slow down with the showtunes? Then PLEASE slow down with the showtunes. But, showtunes complain aside (slow them down!) I liked all three performances. I must confess I was tempted to flashforward them, since I recorded the episode, but I didn´t and I quite liked them. I think Ryan Murphy (from now on RM) should follow Allan Ball´s (AB) example. He read our fantastic comments and your awesome recaps and decided to listen to us 😀 When we cleverly added POO to the hideous characters he agreed and got rid of them; Witchipoo, Greasypoo, Tarapoo (LOOOL). And Trailer Trash Debbie was a POO since like forever, but her nickname was so gold that we wouldn´t add POO to it because we would spoil it, the POO was implicit. So I´m saying right now showtunesPOO.. Anyone with me?

    Santana…. Too little Santana this week. I love me some more Santana. And Brittana, if you may. But mostly Santana. I loved Brittany this week. She´s so awesome. And they both (Brittana) have plausible storylines, which I like.

    Seriously, the other cast memebers are a bit neglected. Tina said two words, Mercedes one, tops. And apparently Mike has an episode for himself. But, in my opinion, Season one was a little more “gathering” with the characters…. The storylines were more including, just saying.

    Overall I liked the ep. The songs were enjoyable and the storylines are… evolving. Not that they´re great, but I´m giving them a chance.

    And I must say, Jules, I admire you so much! I see that you recap almost everyday… And every recap is awesome and awesome… so many shows, so many cool recaps… Nothing but respect 😉

    • How could I forget you, Ali! Thanks so much for your awesome comment. 🙂

      I’m with you on the exhorbitant number of showtunes in these past two episodes. But, hey, next week, we get Coldplay? So, that’s something, right? ShowtunesPOO indeed! My sentiments exactly.

      I think you are right about SUPER junior Blaine (He was so good at junior year, he had to do it twice.) and Kurt having a falling out over the whole Tony thing. And then, if the spoilers are any indication, there’s going to be another MAN entering Blaine’s life. I guess the Klaine honeymoon really is over. It was nice while it lasted. But I suspect the SHIP will survive in the long run.

      I feel like these first couple episodes were very Kurt and Quinn-centric, but from what I’ve heard, you might get your wish about the neglected characters becoming UN-neglected this season. Next week’s episode will be Mike and Tina-centric, and this new custody battle promises more PUCK, WOOHOO!

      Personally, though, I think a Santana-centric episode would be VERY cool. Brittany got one! I would particularly be interested in seeing what Santana’s family is like (and BRITTANY’S FAMILY . . . are they ALL that stupid or just her). I suspect that Santana isn’t “out” to her family yet. And I wonder what will happen when she DOES decide to do that.

      Are you listening writers? I have a great episode idea for you! 😉

      As for the skipping. It is totally not intentional. The way the comments show up in my dashboard, they run all together, regardless of which show they are related to. So, this week I had four shows comments all mashed up. And sometimes it is hard to keep track.

      I know, no excuse. Please forgive me. Have a great week. 🙂

  5. ana

    I love that quote that Santana says, when Kurt is ripping down posters saying he wanted to tone it done and she says “In the original the unicorn was riding you” XD

    Btw boys do eat an entire chicken as a meal – no salad on the side

    Can someone explain the junior/senior thing? I’m not in the USA…

    • Hey Ana! You’re right, that was a great line between Santana and Kurt. Santana is awesome. 🙂

      Regarding the junior/ senior thing, here’s the best way I can explain it. In the U.S., high school last for four years. Actually, I think that’s fairly typical in many places around the world. After that, students tend to go on to University.

      Each year of high school has a grade designation: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. When the show began, the grades of most of the students were purposefully kept vague by the writers. However, it was strongly implied, if not explicitly stated, that Blaine was the same age, if not older, than Kurt. It was part of the reason, we assumed, that he pretty much ran the Warblers all by himself. Such authority would be unusual for a freshman or sophomore to have in a rigidly organized Glee club like the Warblers.

      Now, the writers have changed things up, by making Kurt a senior and Blaine a junior (meaning the former Warbler was a sophomore when we first met him). They did this, most likely as a result of Darren Criss’ extensive popularity on the show. Making him younger, will allow the writers to keep him as a high school student for another year. But many fans find it hard to believe that Blaine is younger than Kurt. This confusion is based both on what we’ve learned about Blaine in previous shows, and on how young KURT looks, in comparison to the rest of the cast, Blaine included.

      I hope that makes sense. 😉

  6. ana

    High school 4yrs?! Wow, ours is typically 6 yrs, though you can op to do 7 (that’s what I did). Perhaps your middle school lasts longer?
    The public system is 6 yrs (age 12-18), and is just called “high school”. The private is junior (5yrs), middle (5yrs) and senior (3yrs). That starts at the age of 4-5. Junior and part of middle school is your elementary school?

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