I LOVE YOU, MIKE CHANG! – A Recap of Glee’s “Asian F”

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Would it be inappropriate for me to ask you to have my babies?  It would?  Well, could you just flash your abs at me then?

Oh, dear, sweet, Mike Chang.  You started off Season 1 as the Mysterious, Possibly Mute, Dancing Guy . . .  a guy who . . . except for during the instrumental portion of songs . . . remained largely in the background.  Then came Season 2, and our introduction to those glorious specimens of nature known as YOUR ABS.

You started dating Tina . . . and we started taking notice . . . but mostly just of your midsection.

Yes, I pasted the Abs Picture again . . . just in case you forgot what they looked like, when I pasted them two sentences ago.  You got a problem with that? 

But, now Season 3 is here . . . . Asian F has aired . . . and though it would be illegal in many states, I suspect there are many women out there, over legal drinking age, who would very much like to “Asian F” you, if  you catch my drift. 😉

So, strap on those dancing shoes, because this ode to New Directions most woefully under-appreciated club members is about to begin . . .

Finn is happy . . .

And so is his spirit animal . . .


Be Cool, Mike Chang!

That’s right, Mike Chang!  You kick that poopyhead, Bad Influence Boyfriend!  You kick him HARD! 

Mike Chang’s dad is mad as hell.  And he’s not going to take it anymore!

“This is my mad face, which, coincidentally, is not all that different from my happy face.  Emotions are for losers . . . and people who score A minuses on their high school exams.” 

His son is on a path toward destruction!  He’s dating a vampire . . . well, at least someone who sometimes dresses like one!

Damon Salvatore finds this extremely insulting . . . 

He’s in GLEE CLUB.  And worst of all, he took a chemistry test, and received an A minus . . . an ASIAN F!  At this rate, Mike will NEVER get into Harvard!

Oh, the horror! 

Papa Chang thinks Mike might be ON DRUGS  . . . and begs Principal Figgins to force him to submit to drug tests each week.  He also wants him to . . . wait for it . . . QUIT GLEE CLUB. (NOOOOOOOOOO!)

Poor Mike!  He’s horrified of the idea of losing the part of his life, that he values most.  He promises his dad that he will do better . . . pay for a chemistry tutor, and never Asian F again (Well, at least not THAT kind of Asian F.)


But the problem, of course, is that Mike has A LOT on his plate right now.  He’s going to Glee club practice.  He’s spending extra hours at the school helping Mr. Schue run Booty Camp.  He’s on the football team.  He’s teaching the football team to dance, as part of Coach Beiste’s requirement that they all audition for the school play.

And, perhaps, most importantly (for purposes of this episode, anyway) Mike has decided to audition for the role of Riff in the school’s production of West Side Story.  It’s a dancing part, of course.  But it’s also . . . wait for it . . . a singing part.  And we all know that singing isn’t necessarily a talent that comes naturally to Mike Chang . . .

“I’m really good at sex though.” 

Will Mike be able to juggle it all, while earning straight A’s (NOT A minuses!), AND earn the role of his dreams?  Mike decides to dance on it.  In what was my opinion, the most moving part of the episode, Mike heads alone to the dance studio rips off his shirt, to reveal a super tight, arms bearing tank top (but no abs, unfortunately), and dances his frustrations, hopes and dreams in total and complete silence.


*insert stripper music, and lewd whistles here*

Then, he has imaginary conversations, both with his father — who values scholastic achievement above all else — and his girlfriend — who encourages his passion for dance, and the arts.  Bolstered by the power he gets from his dancing, Mike finally feels capable of unburdening himself, and telling the two people he admires most, exactly how he feels . . . Well, technically, he only does it in his mind .  . . but it’s certainly a start . .  .


Damn straight, Tina!

And though Mike has been double booked (He is supposed to be learning chemistry right now), our hero, though a bit late, DOES, ultimately decide to audition for the role of Riff.  He does so, with one of the character’s token solos, a toe-tapping, finger-snapping number entitled “Cool,” which showcases both his trademark dance moves, and his raspy, yet surprisingly sexy, singing voice.


“Yeah . . . I know . . . I’m awesome.  You totally want to get with this.”

Accompanying him on his audition are some pretty goofy-looking dancing football players.  (So, now we know where Mike has slacked.)

OK guys . . . you just keep doing the hokey pokey.  And I swear, nobody is going to ever find out that I never actually taught you to dance.”

But hey, nobody’s perfect . . .

After the audition, Mike returns to the comfort of the dance studio.  It is there where he encounters his mother.  Upon noticing that he had missed his appointment with his chemistry tutor, she had arrived at the school to make sure he was OK.  UH OH!  Busted!

Tired of hiding his true self, Mike finally comes clean to his mother.  He doesn’t want to be a doctor, engineer or astrophysicist, when he grows up.  Wait for it . . . Mike wants to be . . . a professional dancer.  The notion that Mike would end up coming clean to someone in his family about his true desires was not necessarily shocking or unexpected.  What WAS shocking, however, was his mother’s response.

Mike’s mother admits that she was not as courageous as her son was, and gave up her own dreams to do what was expected of her.  She does not want that for her son.  And so Mike’s mother promises to support Mike’s dreams.  “But what about Papa Chang?”  You might ask.

“When you get the part [of Riff], we will tell him together,” Mama Chang tells her son.


“OK . . . cool, now while I have you here.  I guess it’s also time I told you that I’ve fallen in love with a TV Recapper . . .”

And just in case you weren’t already reaching for the Kleenex at this point in the scene, there’s more!  Mike asks his mother what dream SHE gave up during her childhood.  As it turns out, she too wanted to be a dancer, but never had the wherewithal to take lessons.  “Well, I’ve been told that I’m a pretty good teacher unless you are a football player,” says Mike.

Then .  . . wait for it . . . he SLOW DANCES WITH HIS MOM!


All together now . . . AWWWWW!

“I’m not crying . . . It’s just raining on my face.” 

But Mike wasn’t the only Gleek dancing his way to  success and satisfaction this week . . .

Brittany Runs the World (well . . . at least the gym)

I’ve decided I want to be Brittany S. Pearce for Halloween this year, and use the outfit she’s wearing here as my costume .  . . Now, if only the costume came with her legs . . . 

I told you Brittany is running for class president, last week, didn’t I?  What I didn’t tell you is that she’s running a ROCKING CAMPAIGN, one based on the notion that the student council, up to this point, has been a predominately Man’s World.  And this, in her opinion is why the “economy” of the school is going down the toilet . . . I’m sorry.  I mean, the “magical poop-stealing water chair.”

Give me back my poop, B*tch! 

So, the usually daft Brittany, in a rare show of genius, plans an all-female flash mob that begins in the halls of McKinley High, and ends in the school gym.


And you know the darn thing is a unanimous success, when you see the faculty (even Sue Sylvester!) doing their own nerdy chair-dances, as they watch her boogie down . . .


Speaking of (slightly nerdy) teachers . . .

More Adventures in Bad Parenting (Emma Pillsbury Edition)


Have you ever wondered why Emma Pillsbury is . . . the way she is?  You know . . . perpetually virginal, scared of her own shadow, and OCD-tastic?

Well, Will kind of wants to know too.  After all, he would eventually like to marry this girl, and maybe even (GASP) actually bone her.

(Welcome to the ONLY man in the world, who doesn’t appear the least bit freaked out by his girlfriend’s Secret Wedding Magazine stash.   And this is despite his having, pretty much, the WORST FIRST WIFE EVER!).

Two Words:  Fake . . . Pregnancy.

In furtherance of his ultimate dual goal of getting both married and laid, Will requests to be introduced to Emma’s parents.  The Schue undoubtedly knows from experience that the mere asking of this question sometimes has the result of causing marriage-intent women’s panties to immediately fly off their bodies, at warp speed.  But Emma is not one of those women.  In fact, she is SO dead set against this idea, that she lies and claims that her parents are DEAD, despite Will having HEARD her talk to them on the phone the night before.

“They are ghosts.  I have ghost parents,” Emma offers feebly.

Will is crushed.  He’s convinced that Emma doesn’t want him to meet her parents, because she’s ASHAMED OF Will, his freakish hair, odd attachment to underage girls and boys, teacher’s salary, and inability to say, “Have Mercyyyyy,” like that guy from Full House.

Remember him? 

Will turns to Beiste for help with his quandary, but she is too enamored with her MASSIVE BOWL OF CREAMY DISGUSTING PASTA to offer much in the way of advice.


“We deliver!”

However, in between mouthfuls of mush, she does manage to tell Will that he’s dreamy, and a catch, and should INTRODUCE HIMSELF TO EMMA’S PARENTS . . .

Wait . . . WHAT?!

Oh, no Will . . . no, no no!  Just say NO!  Hasn’t being on this show for three seasons taught you that 9 out of 10 parents on Glee (and on most teen shows, for that matter) are ASSHATS and weirdos?

(Kurt’s dad and stepmom, and Mike’s mom, so far, seem to be the only exceptions to this rule.)

But Will doesn’t listen to my screams at the television.  And why should he?  He’s a MORON! He’s stubborn.


So, Will invites Emma’s parents to his house on a night when he and Emma are SUPPOSED to be having a Romantic Dinner.  (Really Will?  And you think this is going to HELP you get laid?)  Emma is mortified, and pleads with Will to put an end to these shenanigans, ASAP.  So, Will asks HER, “Are you ashamed of me?”

(She’s not, Will.  BUT I AM!)

Emma then admits what most of us have probably known all along.  Emma isn’t ashamed of Will at all.  She’s ashamed of HER parents.  And here’s why:  One of them was on the show, Happy Days.  They are . . . wait for it . . . GINGER SUPREMACISTS.


I know weird right . . . of all the strange deviant things the writers could have come up with for Emma’s parents, THIS is what they choose?  People who hate those who don’t have red hair?  SERIOUSLY?  Oh, and they are emotionally abusive too, which helps add some poignancy to the plotline but not much..

Well, they certainly LOOK evil . . .

All snarkery aside, when Emma’s mom, mocked Emma’s incessant silverware cleaning at the table, by calling her “Freaky Deaky,” and telling the rest of the table that she has a “case of the Cleanies,” you could tell just how much it tore Emma apart.  Kudos to Jayma Mays for adding some real legitimacy and depth, to what could have been a REALLY ridiculous story, with her impressive acting ability.  My heart really went out to Emma in this scene.


And Will too, creepy as he may be, most of the time won some major points from me for standing up to Emma’s parents, calling them out on their racism, and emotionally abusive treatment of their daughter.  He also, more or less told them that Emma is a wonderful human being, OCD and all.

Later that night, Will finds Emma frantically rubbing her hands together compulsively before bed.  It is clear that Emma’s recent run-in with the parental units has made her OCD that much worse.  Will, of course, feels incredibly guilty (AS HE SHOULD!)  And though not a particularly religious man, he kneels down to pray with Emma, when she admits that doing so gives her comfort at her most out of control moments.

WILL: “Dear Lord, please allow me to have sex again, before I’m old enough to require a little blue pill to help me get it up.” 

And its a sweet, quiet scene . . . until Will starts singing Coldplay’s Fix You, which, though well intentioned, could be interpreted as a bit condescending, not to mention kind of contrary to the notion of Will loving Emma, exactly as she is.

I mean, yeah, Emma’s is clearly uncomfortable with her condition, and it prevents her from HAVING AWESOME SEX making the most of her life.  But still, in light of what just happened, wouldn’t it have been nicer for Will to sing something a bit more comforting?  I know, the Glee cast has already covered Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.”  But hey, Billy Joel sang a song with that title too!

Also, I never particularly cared for Will’s “falsetto voice.”  The songs he sings on a lower register tend to be a bit less  . . . how do I put this kindly . . . annoying.  (For example, his renditions of “Tell Me Something Good,” and “Bust a Move,” remain some of my favorite Glee singles.  His version of “Kiss” by Prince . . . not so much.)  Other than that . . . um . . .  GREAT SONG!

Meanwhile, back at school .  . .

Divas Never Win (And Winners Never Diva)

“Remember when I used to be the most well-liked girl in Glee club . . . That was nice while it lasted.” 

Mercedes new Bad Influence Boyfriend, Shane, has been Lady Macbeth-ing her to shun all her friends, in pursuit of the role of Maria in West Side Story.  He puffs up Mercedes head with a lot of hot air, by telling her that the Glee club doesn’t appreciate her talents.

I couldn’t help but notice that both Mercedes and Bad Influence Boyfriend are eating tater tots in this scene.  Ahhh . . . memories. 

And that she is more like the part Beyonce played in Dreamgirls, even though she thinks of herself as the part Jennifer Hudson played.  (Umm . . . Shane . . . wait . . . wasn’t Jennifer Hudson the STAR of Dreamgirls?  Didn’t she WIN AN OSCAR FOR IT?  And wasn’t her character supposed to be . . . THE BEST SINGER IN THE GROUP?)

I mean, I get it . . . Effie in dreamgirls was a character whose talent her producers and bandmates didn’t appreciate, due to her weight . . . but still, BAD ANALOGY SHANE!  Oh, and maybe I’m stereotyping here.  But somehow I have difficulty envisioning this big burly football player going all gaga over the musical version of a chick flick . . . Just sayin’

Anywhoo, Mercedes has been a bit under the weather lately.  She is nauseous, weak, fatigued, and sore.  (Thank the lord, Amber Riley confirmed that her character is not preggars, because I REALLY can’t handle another BABY TALE!)  And because of this, she’s been a bit lax in her Glee practice and booty camp attendance.

So, of course, the increasingly screechy Will is quick to call her out on this fact at Booty Camp.  (Why is Will telling off his students becoming a weekly event on this show?)  If Mercedes expects to get support from her fellow Gleeks for her plight, she is sorely mistaken.  The recently returned to New Directions’ Santana (Mr. Schue’s candidate for screeching in Episode 1), is quick to call Mercedes out on her “laziness,” and poor eating habits.


(Read Santana’s lips in this GIF.   Doesn’t it kind of look like she’s telling Mercedes to f*&k off?)

Tired of being (what she considers) picked on by her friends and supposed mentor, and bolstered by Bad Influence Boyfriend, Mercedes chooses to sing the soulful song “Spotlight” for her Maria audition.

Her performance impresses all of the casting directors (Beiste, Emma and Artie) greatly.  And so Mercedes begins to believe she may have a shot at being the Beyonce character in Dreamgirls, after all!

Torn between casting Rachel or Mercedes in the role of Maria, the casting directors decide to hold . . . you guessed it  .  .  . a diva off to see which “Maria” is best for the part.


Feeling like she is destined to end up in the shadow of Rachel’s spotlight, once again, Mercedes acts out in Booty Camp class, when Will berates her for not being able to successfully perform the “Widowmaker” dance move.    She accuses Will of playing favorites with Rachel, at the rest of the club’s expense.

Will is so outraged by this accusation that he offers Mercedes an ultimatum: “Shape up, or you are out of the Glee club for good.”

These harsh words inspire Mercedes to have . . . you guessed it .  . . a Dreamgirls’ Dream Sequence, with Mercedes in the role of Effie, and the rest of the Glee Club members (sans Rachel), as .  . . well . . . slightly meaner and more flashily dressed versions of themselves, I guess.  The Dream Sequence — which is based on the scene in the movie, where Effie is kicked out of the Dreamgirls for her purportedly bad behavior, when, unbeknownst to everyone else in the group, she is only acting that way because she is pregnant — pretty much features the entire cast telling Mercedes off and ditching her ass to the tune of Dreamgirls‘ “It’s All Over.”

On the day of the Diva Off, a nervous Mercedes and Rachel stand at opposite ends of the stage, with their respective boyfriends waiting in the wings to offer them support.  The song they both sing is “Out Here on My Own,” from Fame.  And though the song is not necessarily my favorite, and sounds a bit too much like the recently performed “Spotlight,” for my taste, both contenders do an admirable job performing it, with Mercedes edging out Rachel ever-so-slightly, during the parts of the song that require belting.

“I am quite the belter . . .” 

(In a way, this song was custom-made for Mercedes’ deep sultry voice, and enviably powerful pipes, thereby putting the softer, sweeter-voiced Rachel at a distinct disadvantage.)

Sorry!  That’s just how I feel. 

Rachel comes out of the audition,  certain that she has lost the role to Mercedes.  Fearing that not having the lead in the school play will make getting into that fancy New York performing arts school she covets, near impossible, Rachel impulsively vies for another after school activity to put on her resume . . . coincidentally . . . or  not-so-coincidentally . . . it’s the same after-school activity for which Kurt is campaigning (who has recently graciously accepted his boyfriend’s decision to try out for the lead in the play as well, and is even surprisingly supportive of his decision).


“Don’t worry.  I promise it’s not a gun.” 

Kurt is crushed that his bestie would betray him in this way Not to mention surprised.  I mean, don’t you have to be POPULAR to win class president.  Most of the school HATES Rachel!.   And he is not exactly shy about telling her exactly how she feels, ” —-”  Even Finn, who, himself is no stranger to selfish behavior, seems appalled by Rachel’s lack of sensitivity.   He doesn’t even know if he’s going to vote for her!  (And now she’s probably only going to get one vote . . . her own.)


When it comes time to choose who gets to play Maria, the show’s casting directors (lamely) decide to cast BOTH women in the role, each person gets the part for a week.  Though frustrating from a plot perspective, it seems like a fair deal for both girls, and Rachel, for her part, accepts the offer fairly readily.   But NOT MERCEDES!  Recognizing that she probably had the better audition (a point about which Rachel doesn’t necessarily disagree), Mercedes becomes convinced that the directors cast both girls, in order to protect Rachel’s feelings.


And so she THROWS A TEMPER TANTRUM, and quits the show ALTOGETHER .  . .

. . . thereby giving Rachel the part by default.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!  Or maybe not . . . toward the end of the episode, Mercedes approaches the director of the virtually singer-less (save the tone deaf, Sugar Motta) SECOND school Glee club, Shelby Corcoran, of being admitted into HER club, where, by default she will undoubtedly become it’s version of Rachel Berry.

The power-hungry Rachel then decides to continue to run for class president ANYWAY, despite the fact that she now has FULL reigns to the lead in the School Play, and a solid chance of getting into the ollege of her dreams, while her “friend” Kurt is still struggling to find HIS ticket to admission.  (Yeah . . . she’s kind of a b*tch . . .)

“Ooh!  You’re so BAD!” 

And the part goes to . . .

In the final moments of the episode, we FINALLY get to see who got the parts in the West Side Story  musical.   And though, the results are not all that surprising (After all, for the most part, the only people we saw rehearse all got the parts for which they rehearsed), it was still uplifting to see the looks on those Gleeks faces when they learned their school play dreams had come true . . .

I loved seeing Kurt sweetly hug Blaine, upon seeing that he was rewarded the lead role of Tony.  (Kurt ended up landing the part of Officer Krupke . . .  not bad!)


And Santana’s adorable little understated (but obviously thrilled) smile, upon seeing that she got the part of Anita, was countered with a HUGE EMBRACE by an ecstatic Brittany.  (Have I mentioned yet today how much I ADORE these two.)


Mike Chang’s winning the role of Riff brought tears to my eyes for about the third time, during the hour.


And Rachel’s win of the part of Maria, though bittersweet, was not entirely unexpected, or unwanted.


(Remember when Blaine and Rachel drunk kissed last season, during the “Blame it On the Alcohol,” episode?  Oh yeah!  We are going to get some more of that!)

So, that was Glee, in a nutshell.  I must say, I share many Gleeks admiration for this touching, and well-acted episode, which I feel truly harkened back to the show’s Season 1, heydey.  Mercedes, Will, and Rachel kind of pissed me off, though . . .

“Et tu Recapper?”

Tune in next MONTH, when Quinn makes a play for Baby Beth, Puck makes a play for Shelby . . .


 . . . and Mercedes and Santana shoot for ALTERNA-GLEE CLUB super-stardom.  You can check out the trailer for the next episode, which is entitled “Pot O’Gold,” here:

So, my Gleekies, what did you think of “Asian F?”  Was it all you hoped for in a Glee episode and more?  Or did you find it to be a bit overhyped?  Are you as much in love with Mike Chang  (and his abs) as I am?  Do you think Mercedes is a bigger diva than Rachel?  And, perhaps least importantly, which Glee kid do you think Mr. Schue is going to freak out on in Episode 4?


Feel free to sound off in the comment section below.  And please,  take your time . . . we have a loooong hiatus ahead of us . . .

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17 responses to “I LOVE YOU, MIKE CHANG! – A Recap of Glee’s “Asian F”

  1. L.A.N

    I have a lot of thought after last night episode. First of all, like you, I love the development of Mike’s character. I like him a lot, he knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to follow it (unlike Finn, who, after 3 season, still couldn’t decide anything in his life) but he still has that cute a little humble a little show-off attitude. Though I don’t like the Asian F much (Oh god, can this show be even more stereotype/cliché…) I love it when they focus on Mike.

    On the other hand, because of that, some main storylines/characters are for shit. ( I swear I Sue just appeared in 10 seconds) Mercedes’s outburst really bug me. She said everybody always favored Rachel, but as I remember, Rachel usually the one who everybody hated the most ( I mean, they made that very CLEAR in the show that Rachel is self-centered and annoying and hardly has a close friend) And she changed 180 degree just because of her “boyfriend” told her she has to fight for what she deserve. (cliché again with that boyfriend’s advice) And honesty, though “Out Here on My Own,” was custom-made for Mercedes’ deep sultry voice, and enviably powerful pipes, thereby putting the softer, sweeter-voiced Rachel at a distinct disadvantage, like you said, I think Mercedes performance is blank, just vocal and no emotion, I prefer Rachel’s version. (not that I like this song really much)

    I don’t know, I think Mercedes didn’t improve anything for the past 2 years. She still… Mercedes, get jealous at Rachel, get stuck at the boyfriend department, clearly doesn’t think for the future. *sigh*

    Again, why Kurt is so angry at Rachel when she’s in for president seat? It’s not that she’s a threat, like everybody in this school knows her and loves her. And why couldn’t she??? Still hard to learn their logic.

    It seems to me that each episode Will would dump one student. First Santana, than Quinn, and now Mercedes. Like he have no idea how to teach his student so he threat them with “in or out” bet. How professional. And my ears screamed the entire time Will sang Fix you. His falsetto voice is too thin, and he lowed his voice at the end made the song blank as hell.

    Next week, Blaine will do another Katy Perry, (you gotta kidding me LMAO) and Santana and Mercedes will do Candy man, (yeah, at last, some thing totally for theirs) can’t guess anything else from 30 seconds promotion.

    • Hey L.A.N.! I’m with you on the character development of Mike Chang. It’s funny how in one episode, I feel like I know more about Mike than I do about other characters like Finn and Artie, even though both characters have had a few episodes dedicated to them, in comparison to Mike Chang’s 1 episode. I guess its an issue of consistency. Finn appears to be a smart insightful guy / good boyfriend in one episode, and a total douche moron / TERRIBLE boyfriend in the next one. Perhaps, Glee should stick to one character centric episode per cast member, then they never have to worry about contradicting themselves. Just kidding . . .sort of.

      And I definitely can see what you mean about the whole “Asian F” thing being a stereotype. One thing that struck me in this episode was that Tina (Vampire Tina) seemed just as aghast as Mike’s parents about his A -. You notice, she didn’t say, “Oh, your parents were probably pissed. I know how strict they are.” Instead, she said, “You got an Asian F.” Are we then expected to believe that BOTH Mike and Tina have never before received anything below an A in their entire high school careers? Because, if so, that’s a HUGE stereotype. Though we’ve never had a Tina-centric episode before (aside for the one where she faked a stutter), nothing we’ve learned so far about the character has led us to believe she’s an overachiever. So, the fact that we were expected to assume that she IS just as brilliant as Mike, just because of her Nationality . . . well . . . it’s a bit odd, for a show that’s supposed to promote universal acceptance.

      I did wish “Out there on My Own” was produced better. Perhaps, that would have made it clearer which of the two singers did a better job. (No wonder they had such a hard time deciding.) Two have both women wearing basically the same dress standing in the middle of the screen, arms at their sides, just singing, without any choreography, or extra effects whatsoever, didn’t really portray either singer in her best light. I don’t know you would think one of them would have thought to at least incorporate hand gestures, or something. Even on American Idol, they move around the stage and use hand gestures. 🙂

      I think a lot of people are in disagreement as to whether Mercedes was right in her assessment of Rachel. Most of us agree that what Mercedes did was wrong and selfish. But I think the fandom is pretty split down the middle, in terms of whether we think Mercedes actually had a point. On one hand, you are right, with the students and other Glee club members, Rachel was always an outsider, and Mercedes, up until this week, was pretty popular, at least among her fellow Gleeks. On the other hand, I definitely feel as though WILL favors Rachel and Finn sometimes, over other students. Now, granted, Rachel DOES work harder (Finn always struck me as a bit lazy, at least in terms of Glee club) than the other female Gleeks, but perhaps if the other students were given a bit more support (and by support, I mean actual encouragement, not the yelling we’ve been subjected to lately) by Will, they would work harder as well.

      Just a thought. 🙂

      LOL about Blaine doing Glee’s fourth, Katy Pery number: first “Teenage Dream,” then “Firework,” then “California Girls,” and now, “Last Friday Night.” They really are making use of those song rights, aren’t they? 🙂

  2. ana

    I love the outfits for the Dreamgirls’ Dream Sequence 🙂
    Will is getting meaner with the kids every week 😦
    lol at the gif XD

    Running for class president in American teen shows is fascinating – no one seems to be interested! When I was a senior there were about 60 kids going for it, 20 get to be on council, and two of the selected 20 get to be presidents.

    A show going for two weeks…. be prepared for an audience of say, 10? We found out that if it goes for more than 4 night, as a school musical, not many people go to the later sessions.

    Next ep next mth! 😦 Lovely coming back just as my final exams start… They didn’t say there’s a hiatus, though it’s expected, as it airs on the same day as the USA here.

    • Wow, 20 class presidents / student council members. That is so cool! My high school was actually fairly similar to Glee’s fictional high school, in terms of the way student government is run. Anyone can join student council (and plenty did). However, to be a president of your class, you had to run and be elected. And I’d say, only about 5 or 6 people ran from the whole class, which was about 500 – 600 students for each grade level.

      You bring up a great point about the student musical. Ours always ran for 4 nights tops, and even then, by the fourth night, the house was mainly empty. Two weeks is a HUGE amount of time, especially considering how few people seem interested in the performing arts at that particular school. Then again, this is also the school where everyone hates Glee kids, but there are TWO Glee clubs :).

      I love how you and I had such different school experiences. I think in your last comment, you asked about U.S. grade levels, and which schools students attend at each age. In my school system, I attended elementary school from Kindergarten to 6th grade (which is roughly equivalent to ages 4 through 12). A lot of schools around here, put 6th grade in middle school, however. In fact, I’d say most do.

      Middle school always runs through 8th grade. So, depending on whether your middle school started in 6th grade or 7th grade, Middle School students in the US are typically ages 11 through 14.)

      Then, as I mentioned earlier, high school in the U.S. is almost exclusively four years, freshman through senior, ages 14 through 18. 🙂

      I was surprised by the hiatus too, ana! And it’s so soon, after the season premiere. 🙂 I’ll definitely be missing my Glee fix between now and November.

  3. Amelia

    Hi Julie!
    I’ve never commented on your Glee recaps, but I guess there is a first for everything,lol.

    I’m pretty much an unapologetic Rachel Berry stan, so Mercedes’s actions this week bugged the hell out me. Has Rachel done some pretty terrible and selfish things? Of course. However, Mercedes took it too far this week. First of all, the ONLY reason she auditioned for this play to begin with is so she can beat Rachel at something. She’s talented and has a beautiful voice, but as Jesse said last season, she’s lazy. She doesn’t practice her songs, she is unwilling to dance in booty-camp,and she always has Rachel’s name in her mouth, like when asked why Rachel wasn’t at booty camp. I’m not much of a Finchel fan,I prefer Puckleberry, but that isn’t happening, however, I was really glad when Finn said that Rachel practices every day,which is why she doesn’t go to booty camp. She has been dancing since infancy, she’s had a personal connection to the role of Maria “since the age of one”, plus she needs this play to go on her college application.

    Maybe I have my biased-“Berry lenses” on, but I don’t see how she was in the wrong at all in this episode. Plus, Kurt displaying his extremely sanctimonious behavior towards Rachel gave me some serious season two flashbacks, and it bothered me greatly. I don’t understand why Kurt is apparently capable of no wrongs on this show. I love him, but he rarely has to take responsibility for his actions. You know that Kurt would have done the same as Rachel, or even worse! I think people forget what a snarky, scheming ass Kurt can be, especially in season one,and now he is supposedly the “moral center” of the show? No thank you.

    It saddened me that everyone from Mike (I LOVED his storyline and you explained it wonderfully, why so flawless), Santana, and Blaine were happy hearing the news of their wins, and with their respective love interests, but Rachel was alone… and she was feeling sad for Mercedes, even after her petulant ranting and the overall childish behavior she had displayed in this episode.

    Why can’t Rachel be happy? This role is her DREAM,she has worked hard for it, and she has won it fair and square.Yes, she may be selfish and will do anything to win, nobody can deny this, but she has reached out to MANY members of the Glee club without gaining anything in return, including Mercedes (Sectionals season 1, Night of Neglect, and Prom Queen), and this is how she repays her?! Rachel deserves so much more than these “friends”; plus I much preferred Rachel’s rendition to the song than Mercedes’s, although hers was beautiful as well.

    I find it HILARIOUS that Mercedes, who does the minimal work necessary, wants to be in Shelby’s glee club. SHELBY- the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline…Shelby who has coached people like Jesse St. James in the past. Seriously?!

    Overall, the episode was good. Highlights were Mike’s amazing and touching storyline, Santana’s hilarious remarks to Mercedes, Brittany’s use of the word “patriarchy” correctly (truly, I was proud!), the “Run the World” sex riot, and Will FINALLY having a backbone. I have had serious issues with Schue in the past, but I’m loving this new season three Will! He may be rude to his students, and blunt to a fault, but he’s been babying them for far too long, and now they’re working much harder, which is wonderful!

    This post is getting obscenely long, so I’ll stop now. 🙂

    • Hey Amelia! I’m so psyched to talk Glee with you. Have I ever told you that you have spectacular taste in television. 🙂

      And you are a Puckleberry fan too! I’m a hardcore Puckleberry myself. And in terms of ship names, they really dont get much better than that one. I continue to hold out hope that Puckleberry will happen. Perhaps, that’s naive of me. 🙂

      You know, I can be hard on Rachel sometimes in my recaps, but I definitely admire her work ethic, and ambition. While most of Rachel’s peers were watching TV and playing with dolls, she was taking dance lessons, and singing lessons, and mapping out her future. Sure, she has a lot of natural talent, but a good portion of her skills and poise, also come from hard work and self-sacrifice. So, to the extent that she has a lot going for her, in terms of solos, etc. She’s earned it.

      And Mercedes can be lazy, lacks the ambition and work ethic Rachel has, and is quick to lash out, when things don’t go her way. But I do think she wanted the lead in this play for herself, and not just to one up Rachel or please her boyfriend.

      Also, I do feel that Will was a bit unnecessarily hard on her (Glee club, after all, is supposed to be FUN. Isn’t that what Will used to say? And isn’t the FUN nature of Glee club what was supposed to set New Directions apart from stodgier clubs like Aural Intensity, Vocal Adrenaline, and even, the Warblers). And I think he should try and feature other voices in the club more, and give more people solos in competition. He made some effort to do that last season, but I think he could do it more.

      This doesn’t excuse the awful way Mercedes behaved. And, in that sense, Rachel was in the right. I think she felt bad about what happened, because Mercedes was her friend. And she DID feel as though Mercedes, perhaps, gave a slightly better performance in the Diva-Off. But she need make no apologies about taking the role of Maria, because she certainly deserves it.

      I’m a bit more torn on Rachel’s behavior with regard to the class election though. Kurt had confided in Rachel his interest in student council early on in the season. And I think he wanted it, not just because he needed it for his college application, but because, given what he had endured, there were some serious changes he felt he could make to the student body. Rachel, on the other hand, more or less said to Kurt that she was only running, because, after the Diva-Off, she didn’t think she got the part of Maria, and she needed a new extra curricular activity on her college application. She then told Kurt he could be her VP, which showed that she assumed she would beat Kurt and Brittany, which was a bit condescending.

      And that would be OK, except that Rachel now HAS the lead in the school play. She HAS what she felt she needed, at least as of two episodes ago, to get into the college of her choice. So, if she doesn’t genuinely have an interest in school politics beyond a resume builder, I sort of feel as though she should bow out, out of loyalty to Kurt, who doesn’t have the lead in the school play OR the requisite extra curriculars he feels he needs to get into the college of his choice.

      As for Kurt, he has been quick to judge his friends and be hypocritical in the past. But I think he is growing a bit, and trying to change that. We saw that this week, when he encouraged Blaine in his getting the lead in West Side Story, despite knowing that he, Kurt, would graduate high school, never having been the lead in the school play. He also accepted Brittany’s decision to run for class president, without argument, despite the fact that she started as his campaign manager. But I think with Rachel, he was more hurt by what she did than anything else, especially considering the heartfelt conversation they had together in that car, during the premiere episode, where they vowed to help one another get into the college of their dreams together.

      Rachel seems to be going back a bit on her promise, by not backing out of the race, IF she has no genuine interest in school politics.

      I think that’s what’s kind of cool about Glee though, that it sparks these type of conversations about morality and friendship. Because every character on this show, is flawed and selfish in someway. But that only helps us to relate to them more, because so are WE, as viewers. 🙂

  4. Nina in Anchorage

    First, I thought Mercedes boyfriend’s name was Marcus? Second, yes, I love Mike Chang too, but please girl, ya gotta leave someone for the rest of us! Damon *and* Mike? Sigh . . . *jk*
    Yeah, I’m not liking Mr Schue much this season. It’s like rejecting Sugar in spite of previous his “we take all comers” policy has unleashed a monster. At the same time, I have to agree with you, Amelia, Mercedes *is* lazy and doesn’t prepare. Shelby’s gonna seriously rip her a new one. Which doesn’t bother me in the least. However, I appear to be the only one (so far) who preferred her vocals on “On My Own”. Even Rachel knew Mercedes was better than her, and she didn’t win the role fair and square, Mercedes gave it to her by default. That said, it *sucks* that Finn wasn’t there for her, when he was so supportive at the diva off, and while I agree with the TWOP recapper’s nickname of Kurt as “St Gay of Lima”, I have to agree with him that he needs the student presidency more than she does, and whether he was being a diva himself or not, he had a point that if he won, maybe other kids like him could see that it does “get better”. Not that either of them would win over Brittney, because they’re *both* hated. His winning Prom Queen was a joke, remember, Show? Unless we suddenly move to The Secret Circle ‘verse, where evidently a girl with no friends can be class president.
    Oh, and I hated Schue’s falsetto and the song choice. Emma doesn’t need to be fixed by a guy, although she does need some serious cognitive behavior therapy, STAT. But I decided to pretend that Will was just, in his usual gets-it-all-wrong way, trying to express that he wishes he could help her more than he can.

    • Hey Nina! 🙂

      You know what’s funny, I initially thought Mercedes’ boyfriend’s name was Marcus too. And I think quite a few recappers referred to him as Marcus. But when I was prepping for this recap, I did some research, and it turns out that, though the character is played by an actor named, “LaMarcus Tinker,” he’s listed on IMDB, Wikipedia, and the Glee wiki, as “Shane.”


      Now, I don’t recall, if the writers actually referred to him by name in this or last episode. But I don’t specifically remember him being called Shane or Marcus. I guess I’ll have to watch again. 🙂

      LOL, you do have a point about me, Nina. When it comes to TV Boyfriends, I can be a bit “slutty.” I love them ALL. Damon Salvatore will always be my Numero Uno, though. So, if I HAVE to give someone up, I GUESS you can have my Mike Chang. But, I’m OK with sharing. I personally think there’s enough Mike and Damon for both of us to love, don’t you? 🙂

      I think you are right about there having been a change in Mr. Schue this season, and not necessarily for the better. And I agree that it started with him not letting Sugar into Glee club. I mean, on one hand, I understand that Will was disappointed by New Directions’ poor showing at Nationals, this past year. (But hey, THEY MADE NATIONALS didn’t they? Shouldn’t they be proud of that?) And I do think that the New Directions kids were LAZY in preparing for Nationals, in comparison to the way they prepared for Regionals and Sectionals. (I mean they didn’t even have a SONG to sing, until the night before the show. How did they expect to win, when their competitors were preparing all YEAR for this?)

      On the other hand, as I was saying to Amelia, what used to set New Directions apart from Vocal Adrenaline and all those other Glee clubs, was that it accepted everyone, and was, above all, about having fun. And I think Will has lost sight of that, amidst his Booty Camps, and life lectures, and how he seems to be kicking another kid out of Glee club each week. Hopefully, he can get back to the basics soon, or he’ll find that the only person he has left in his Glee club is Rachel. 🙂

      And I like your idea of Shelby whipping Mercedes into shape now that she’s a member of the McKinley version of Vocal Adrenaline. 🙂 She’ll be missing the Good Old Days of Will Schuester in no time! 😉 Though, admittedly, having a kid seems to have mellowed Shelby out quite a bit, since last season. So, perhaps she will surprise us.

      Haha, Kurt, as St. Gay of Lima. That’s AWESOME! I’m a little jealous of the recapper for coming up with that nickname.

      And I think I’m with you on the notion that Mercedes performance in the Diva Off was slightly better than Rachel’s, and that Rachel probably initially got the shared role, because she’s Rachel. 🙂 But given Mercedes’ behavior this week, she’s pretty much proven that she doesn’t deserve the role, and, even if she got it, might not be willing to put in the effort needed to make the production shine. So, ultimately, I’m glad Rachel got the part.

      I’m also with you on thinking that Kurt needs the class presidency more than Rachel. And I think, personally, that Rachel, should have backed out of the candidacy, after she got the part of Maria. However, you’re right, neither of these guys have the popularity necessary to beat Brittany. 🙂

      I love Coldplay’s Fix You, but also REALLY didn’t like Will’s version. I think it was a lazy use of the song, by the Glee writers. Seriously, how much more interesting and poignant would “Fix You,” have been, if was sung by Artie, in his deep baritone, about himself, or by Puck, in his raspy sexy voice, to Beth, if she fell ill. Aside from Will’s falsetto coming off like a bad karaoke version of this song, as opposed to an original interpretation, the lyrics came off as condescending when they weren’t originally meant that way.

      From what I’ve read about Fix You, it was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow experiencing a death in the family, and Chris Martin (her husband, and the lead singer of Coldplay) feeling terrible, because no matter what he said, he couldn’t “fix” her suffering, by bringing back that person. When Will sings it, it sounds like Emma needs to be “fixed,” and she doesn’t, certainly not by WILL. She just needs therapy, as you said. If the song was meant to be about Will wishing to salve Emma’s PAIN, they chose the wrong song for him to sing, plain and simple.

      Thanks for talking Glee with me, Nina. This was fun! 🙂

  5. andeanio

    For the most part i LOVED this episode. Mike Chang’s first storyline was so good and heart warming (Tina’s speech about his dancing making her fall for him made me tear up) and HE CAN SING! Mikes climbing my list of fave characters.

    But, you can never have a Glee Episode without at least one part which makes you face palm. The Rachel-Mercedes thing kind of pissed me off, because i don’t think either of them deserved the role of Maria with their attitudes. Am i the only one who is questioning why Santana didn’t try out for Maria? She’d fit the role really well. I’ve heard people saying it’s because she’s too busy supporting Brittany’s campaign but Blaine is supporting Kurt and has time to play Tony. Anyway, i think Mercedes’ rant was partially correct (it’s kinda stupid that she got the rant because honestly i think she’s Will’s second favourite Glee Girl. It would have been more suited for Quinn or Santana to have the rant because they were subjected to hypocritical Will rants AND they actually don’t get any praise from Will) but she only seemed to make points on how Glee sucks for her, whilst bypassing the fact that the rest of the underdogs are treated way worse than her.

    The biggest thing that it pissing me off this season so far is Will. Urghh.

    Quinn thinks of nobody but herself? Pretty much all she thinks about is Beth, and most of the things she does is with her daughter in mind.Will puts himself first on many occasions. Although she doesnt show it much she really does care about the other glee clubers.

    Santana isn’t loyal? She got Kurt back – nobody thanked her for it. She stopped Karofsky’s bullying. She founded the Bully Whips and made life better for the entire glee club. Not one of them has been slushied so far this season. Will doesn’t even consider why Santana would be helping Sue- he knows nothing about Santana and assumes just like everyone else that she’s just a self righteous bitch. Will does nothing to stop the bullying directed towards his students. Even when they argue with eachover he lets them insult eachover several times before he steps in. In season 1 Will abandoned the Glee Club for the Acafellas- his chance for fame was more important than them. The same thing happened in season 2 when he waited until they were in NY before getting ND to write the songs for Nationals- he didnt bother helping them and just skipped off to go audition for broadway. He owed them an explanation he didnt give for that.

    Mercedes is lazy and doesnt try hard enough? Well the lazy thing i can’t argue with but she puts a lot of effort into her singing and it’s really important to her. Not really in the mood to start a rant on how amazing she is because she annoyed me this episode.

    Will needs to get a life. Stop trying to ‘fix’ emma after saying she’s great as she is, stop being a hypocrite, start caring about his pupils.

    • Hi there, andeanio! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You are SO right. No matter how much I love a particular episode of Glee (and I loved this one more than I’ve loved a Glee episode in a long time), there is always one scene, or one character’s actions, that makes me cringe. As my mom once said, when we were discussing Glee, “There are a lot of selfish people on this show.”

      And right now, no one is coming off as more selfish, and unfairly judgmental, than Will. It’s one thing to challenge your students, and your significant other, to be the best that they can be, and to give them tough love, when you think they need it. It’s another to rant and rave at them, because they aren’t doing what you think they should. I hope that the Glee writers address this negative turn they have taken with Will’s character. I would love to see an episode, where he realizes, how far he’s drifted from the reasons he decided to “coach” Glee club, in the first place.

      Oh, and I LOVE your idea about Santana auditioning for Maria. I think she would make an EXCELLENT Maria, possibly better than even Rachel. I think her voice and temperment are well-suited for the role. Santana Lopez (i.e. Naya Rivera) has a great voice, and is an amazing performer. She is also, I think, one of the more under-appreciated Glee club members. In fact, I kind of wish she was just a junior, instead of a senior, because then, once Rachel graduates, she can get more recognition and screen time.

      It’s funny, usually “mean girl” characters like Santana piss me off in Teen Dramas. However, Santana’s become one of my favorite characters on the show, for the reasons you’ve stated. She’s probably grown more in three seasons than any other character on this show. And I especially LOVE how sweet and supportive she is of Brittany. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that Santana is joining Shelby’s club with Mercedes next week. Perhaps, this will really give Santana (and Naya Rivera) the much-deserved opportunity to shine this season.

  6. Ali

    Hello Tehre! I am kinda late… but it has been a rough week.

    First of all I have to say this episode has been one of my favorites so far…. There were some annoying moments of course (I´m looking at you: Will and Mercedes), but overall I really liked it. It reminded me of second half of first season.

    I´d like to hit Copy, then Paste to andeanio´s post and jules comment to this post. Could not agree more.

    What I think: Brit will win for sure, Rachel and Blaine will make a heck of stars on that play, Kurt is gonna hate Rachel if she doesn´t back off (which I think she eventually will do, for both her relationship and her friendship with Kurt sakes), but, even when she withdraws Brit will still be his biggest competition. Writers have to start looking for some other thing for Kurt to do to get in that college.

    Santana. Love her!. More Santana please! Santana as Maria would have been awesome. But give me Santana as whatever she wants and I´ll love it as well.

    And now that we watched the preview of Pot O´Gold we can expect a lot of fun action for Puck and Shelby. Can´t wait! It is also the first time we have Damian´s character, so it sure promises a lot of laugh with him and Brit. Also, Dot Marie Jones says her character has a love interest in episode 5.. so yeiiii.

    Now, talking about something else (now that we have a huge hiatus, I think we as well might talk about something else)… Did u see American Horror Story? Did u get it???? If u recap it and have this awesome insgihts of yours and all those smart commenters… I´ll be thrilled 😀

    • Hey Ali! Sorry to hear you had a rough week. But the good thing about having a really bad week, is that you almost never have two in a row. So, you can pretty much guarantee that this new week will be at least average. 🙂 (These are the type of things I tell myself when I have bad weeks. :))

      I definitely agree with you that, while this episiode was not without its eye-roll inducing moments, it was by far the best Glee episode I’ve seen in a long time. I absolutely feel like Glee is finally getting back on track, after a rough second season. I too am really excited to see Rachel, Blaine, Santana, and Mike in the play. So, in that sense, the casting worked out well. (Way to go, Beiste, Artie, and Emma!)

      I’m also excited to see Brittany as class president, because I think she will be hilarious. Something tells me Santana is going to have to help her out A LOT in this job. 🙂 Also, thank you for reminding me about Damian’s first episode coming up. I only caught a few episodes of The Glee Project, but I REALLY liked him and Samuel. So, it will be very cool to see them join the show, and interact with the “old” cast members.

      As for Kurt, you bring up a really good point. I wonder if the writers are setting Kurt up to NOT be accepted into the New York Performing Arts School. This way, he can defer his entrance into college for a year, help Mr. Schue with Glee club management,and do community theater, or something. We already know that Ryan Murphy is not getting rid of the character next season. And this wouldn’t be a bad way to keep him around.

      Oh, and I’m thrilled that Beiste is getting a love interest. I REALLY hope he likes chicken . . . and deliveries from Breadsticks. 🙂

      You know, I haven’t seen American Horror Story yet. It embarrasses me to say this, but I was afraid it would give me nightmares. 🙂 Since it comes so highly recommended by one of my favorite blog commenters though, I may have to risk it. 🙂

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  8. Sara

    I’m actually surprised by all the hatred for Will in this episode. He might have been a bit too harsh with Mercedes, but she WAS being lazy. I thought his frustration with her was completely justified.

    I also think some people are taking “Fix You” far too literally. The song has NEVER been about literally fixing someone, and I don’t think that’s what Will meant by it either. I got the impression that he just wants to help her however he can and make her happy. That whole scene before he started singing proved that to me.

    • Sara

      In that last scene, it hurt Will to see Emma in pain. I have no doubt that he loves her as she is, and “Fix You” didn’t do anything to convince me otherwise. That song is about wanting to take away someone’s pain and not being able to, so I thought it was a perfect fit. The title is unfortunate, but IMO the message isn’t. I know I’m several months late on these comments, but I’ve been thinking about this episode a lot lately.

      • Hi Sara! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for taking the time to craft these thoughtful counterpoints. I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this in other comment responses (or in the blog post itself . . . it’s been a while :)), but I do think that the writer intended for “Fix You” to be seen as a sweet, caring, and non-judgmental moment between Will and Emma, as you so eloquently argued. After all, Chris Martin of Coldplay wrote the song to Gwyneth Paltrow following the death of her father, because he wanted so badly to ease her pain, though he knew very well, he could not do so.


        One could therefore assert (as you did), that Will felt the same way about Emma in that moment . . . that he simply wanted to ease the pain she was feeling that was causing her OCD. I just feel like the writers could have executed this better, by choosing a different song . . . one that didn’t seem to undermine everything Will said to Emma’s parents in the earlier scene. After all, “healthy” or not, this has always been a big part of who Emma is as a person . . . the same person with whom Will fell in love. So, if anything really needs “fixing” it’s not Emma’s fastidiousness, or excessive cleanliness, it’s the extent to which these things make Emma unhappy, and keep her from living her life the way SHE wants to live it.

        On the other hand, Will’s singing “Fix You” to Emma, is not exactly out of character for him. He is, after all a “fixer.” Will is someone who cares so deeply about others, that he’s constantly trying to make their lives better. Some fans of the show (myself included) find this seemingly positive aspect of his character to be, at times, a bit judgmental, bossy, and overly aggressive, as exemplified by our annoyance with Will’s treatent of Quinn, Santana, and Mercedes. But, like you, I think it generally comes from a good place. He DOES mean well, most of the time. 🙂

        That’s kind of what makes talking about Glee so much fun. We all take our own personal experiences and preferences into the show, and view the characters differently as a result. Personally, I feel like these debates add something to the richness of the show. So, thank you for engaging me in the discussion. It was very much appreciated. 🙂

  9. Sara

    Also for the record, I was on Will’s side completely in regards to Quinn and Santana in previous episodes, but I understand that that’s controversial. Will didn’t make any huge demands of Santana. He just wanted her to pledge her loyalty to the glee club, and she did, so he allowed her back in. With Quinn, I also thought he was right in most of what he said. She’s had some good moments, but over all she’s been thinking only about her own needs and wants for awhile now. Will has certainly been selfish in the past too, but that doesn’t mean what he told Quinn was wrong. Plus when he screws up royally, he usually apologizes for it. Over all I’ve liked Will’s “tough love” approach this season, and it’s much more like what I experienced in choir when I was in school. JMO of course. Sorry that this turned into so many posts.

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