A Fine Day for Misbehaving – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Disturbing Behavior”

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Damon .  . . you’ve got a little something on your face.  I’m just going to lick it off, OK?  You don’t mind, do you?

Reverse psychology . . . it’s the notion that the best way to get someone to do ONE thing is to make him THINK that you want him to do something else.  Parents have been using this strategy to manipulate their teens for CENTURIES.  Why?  Because it works.  Simply put: teens like to rebel.  It makes them feel more grown-up, independent, and, of course, BAD ASS . . .

Now, THAT’S what I call Bad Ass.  I miss you, Elijah! 

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was all about rebellion.  There wasn’t a single character on the show, who wasn’t trying to rebel against SOMEONE’S unreasonable expectations of them.  It’s just too bad more characters aren’t adept in the use of reverse psychology.  If they were, I suspect things would have gone a lot smoother for our friends from Mystic Falls . . .

“Sure, NOW you tell me . . .” 

Let’s recap, shall we?

(P.S. Special thanks, as always, go out to screencapping genius that is my good pal, Andre.)

Wake up!  Time to Shop!

“If I don’t see tents in your pants, I’m not buying it . . .  Well, actually, I only want a tent in Stefan’s pants.  If my brother gets a tent, I might puke up that security guard I just ate.” 

Original Vampire Rebekah has been napping for ninety years.  So, of course, as soon as she wakes up, she wants to go shopping.  (I would probably prefer to catch up on all the good television I missed.  But that’s just me . . .)  In a scene that’s mildly reminiscent of the Shopping Sequence from Pretty Woman, Rebekah tries on dresses from some swanky Chicago store, while Klaus and Stefan get Day Drunk on champagne, and take turns patronizing her, for sh*ts and giggles.

“These champagne glasses are AWESOME!” 

Rebekah is a bit of a “fish out of water” here, having missed out on the modern day joys of trance techno music and short slutty dresses.  It’s a bit ironic  to watch a girl who likes to eat people in public for fun exhibit moral indignation at the concept of wearng a dress that lands above the knee.

Klaus glibly remarks that people wore pant suits in Rebekah’s day, so that women could dress like prostitutes today.  But, honestly, the dress she had on was NOT that short . . . In fact, considering that Rebekah’s last memories stem from the Age of the Flapper, you would think that she’d have seen much shorter dresses in her first life time . . .

But hey, what do I know?

The last time Rebekah saw Stefan, the pair were LOVERS.  They were SUCH MAJOR LOVERS, in fact, that the Original Vamp was willing to defy her psychopath older brother to stay with Stefan.  So, understandably, she’s confused and a bit hurt by Stefan’s seeming indifference toward her.

Hey Rebekah . . . I have some reading material I think you might enjoy . . .

“I can always tell when you’re lying, Stefan,” Rebekah pouts, when Stefan boredly informs her that the dress she is wearing (which is AWESOME by the way . . . seriously, where can I get myself one of those?) is simply “nice.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m currently only capable of being turned on by women who look like Nina Dobrev.  Perhaps if you put on a brunette wig.”

Ummm . . .  actually Rebekah, EVERYONE can always tell when Stefan is lying, because he’s an AWFUL LIAR.

The only one who can’t seem to tell is Klaus.  And I’m pretty sure that this is because Klaus is secretly madly in love with Stefan, and, therefore, fully incapable of seeing his faults kind of like Elena.

Speaking of Stefan’s Fan Club the Original Vampire Brother/Sister Duo, currently, neither of them seem to have any idea, that Stefan regifted Rebekah’s much-coveted Magical Necklace to his last girlfriend, the decidedly not dead Elena.  And Elena, despite having been told, in no uncertain terms to F*&K OFF by Stefan, is still, at this very moment, wearing the damn thing . . .

Coincidentally, I’m pretty sure I saw the exact same necklace selling for $10 at Target, this week. 

Having already undoubtedly been forced by Elena to watch Pretty Woman about 85 times (He says he loves the Cinderella story, but secretly he just likes to ogle a 20-year old Julia Robert’s rack), since they started dating, an EXTREMELY unimpressed Stefan rushes outside for some “fresh air.”  It is there that he runs into a VERY familiar face . . .

“Stefipoo, I see you!” 

“Oh, I forgot, you’re ‘bad’ now . . .

I’m pretty sure that the only difference between Ripper Stefan and Good Stefan is that Ripper Stefan uses more gel in his hair . . . 

I’ve come to the conclusion that, despite Klaus’ assertions to the contrary, Stefan’s great LOVE of Rebekah wasn’t nearly as EPIC as Klaus or Rebekah would like to think it was.   After all, there’s really no love, like your first love . . . or like the love of the girl who looks just like your first love.

The minute Stefan encounters Katherine on a busy street corner, sparks begin to fly.  Katherine is doing that smirky thingy she always does when she’s being extra special flirtatious.  And Stefan is grinning from ear-to-ear, and has suddenly, and mysteriously, become a VERY CLOSE TALKER.

This time around Katherine actually seems kind of worried for Stefan’s well-being.  (My, the tables sure have turned, haven’t they?)  She knows all about the Tale of the Phantom Necklace, and hopes Stefan has a more devious plan for getting it back, than merely playing hard to get with Rebekah, so that Rebekah will become insecure of Stefan’s love for her, and sell out her brother, so that Stefan will “like her better.”  Here comes that reverse psychology . . .

(By the way, judging by the turn of events at the end of the episode, did anybody else wonder whether Katherine’s and Stefan’s surefire “plan” to attract members of the opposite sex was something that Katherine used on Damon, back when she rejected him during “The Return?”  If so, the only thing she got out of it was the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident . . . just sayin.’)

Stefan cockily claims to actually have a more advanced plan.  But, since he is a Salvatore, it seems genetically predetermined that whatever his plan is, it will almost undoubtedly suck royally.

Sorry, Damon.  But you’ve got to admit that I have a point. 

Not that this matters.  After all, the mere hint of a diabolical plan to defeat Klaus, once and for all, is enough to practically give Katherine an orgasm.  She wants IN and she wants in NOW!  But Stefan’s not having it . . . at all. Talk about playing hard to get!

A clearly jealous, and now, pouty, Katherine has some parting messages to leave wth Stefan.  “Watch out for that sister [Rebekah].  She’ll RUIN YOU,” the first Petrova Doppelganger tells the younger Salvatore Brother.  (It’s funny you mention that, Katherine, because Klaus said the same thing to Stefan, back in 1920.)  Could this possibly be an example of FORESHADOWING?

But you know Stefan, he’s “bad” now.  And, Bad Guys don’t listen to reason.  “I’m glad to know you still care,” Stefan says with a smile, throwing Katherine’s own words, from the beginning of the conversation right back in her face.


Oh yes, Stefan, she DOES care.  And in about 30 minutes, you are going to be VERY relieved about that fact . . .

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls . . .

Sexy Kitchen Times with Delena, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

Who knew talking about “chili” could get you so hot?

Back in Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, one of my first, and fondest, memories of Delena flirting was a now-iconic kitchen scene, in which Damon was joking with, teasing, and just generally rubbing all up on Elena, as the pair did dishes, following a Gilbert Family Dinner.

We got another taste of that this week.  And, if I’m not mistaken, it’s probably the FIRST TIME we’ve seen Elena smile ALL SEASON!

You see, this episode’s Mystic Falls’ Event of the Week, is nothing more than a LAME party at Tyler Lockwood’s house.  Seriously?  Couldn’t they be a bit more creative than that, like holding a Mystic Falls Bacchanal, or something of that nature.  I suspect Damon Salvatore is the kind of guy that could really be down for a Bacchanal . . .

Despite the fact that the ENTIRE TOWN seems to be invited to this damn thing, it’s also apparently a Pot Luck Lunch event.  So, Elena has decided to bake chili, in its honor.  And because all vampires (despite not having the need to eat) generally have manificent culinary skills, Damon is at her house, helping her find her G-spot do it. . .

“EVERYONE brings chili to these things,” gripes Damon.

But Elena is insistent on her choice of “pot” for the pot luck.  “It’s a Gilbert family recipe,”Elena retorts with pride.

“I’ve known the Gilberts for years.  And your family has sucky, chili!” Damon replies.

In response to this “devastating insult” to her family’s chili, Elena giggles like a little school girl (a very un-Elena thing to do, mind you), and then proceeds to hip bump / fondle Damon, as the two regard one another with a mixture of amusement and sheer animal passion.


Now, THAT’S the Delena I remember . . . the one that consists of a smarky Damon, and a good-humored, non-judgmental, Elena. Keep it up, Writers!

Of course, now that Elena is being a less judgmental version of herself, new guardian Alaric has to step in and give Damon the STINK EYE for having the audacity to flirt wth Stefan’s girl.  (That’s funny, because I never considered Alaric and Stefan to be particularly close.  Did you?)

“How come neither of you wants any Chunky Monkey?  I’m starting to feel left out.” 

This, of course, prompts Damon to FLIRT EVEN HARDER, by cleverly remarking that the reason he has not left Elena’s side since the Big Bad Chicago Vacation, is because he’s very much hoping to make sweet, sweet love to her, on top of her kitchen table he fears she will eventually”crack” from Stefan’s recent dumping of her, and eventually come to need sexual psychological help from Dr. Damon.  As proof of this, Damon notes the fact that Elena is still wearing the vervain necklace Stefan gave to her.

“What do you say, you and me ditch Papa Ric here, and go up to my room, where I can show you all the different places you can, ahem, put my necklace?”

(I mean, sure, she DOES need a steady supply vervain to prevent vampire compulsion, given all the undead baddies she finds herself face-to-face with, on a nearly weekly basis.  But she can get that by drinking the lousy coffee from the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  So, the Necklace Filled with Weepy Now-Possibly Evil Ex-Boyfriend Memories is technically unnecessary.)

With Alaric’s jealous angry eyes on him, Damon whirls Elena toward him and tugs on the vervain necklace, so that the pair only have the thin piece of silver between them.  The move is a GOOD one.  And it, clearly, has an effect on Elena, who can’t seems to stop staring at Damon’s mouth (which she REALLY wants to kiss), or his chest, (because she REALLY wants to rip off his clothing.)

Nicely played, Damon, my man .  .  .

Speaking of males and females that not-so-secretly want to bone one another . . .

What, no Ghost Sex?  I feel robbed . . .

“He looks so peaceful.  I wonder what he is dreaming about?” 

“OH!  Cool!”

Jeremy Gilbert is lounging around in bed, having a wet dream about his dead girlfriend Anna, when POOF, she appears in bed next to him.  Now THAT is the coolest super power EVER!  Unlike the past few episodes where Ghost Anna merely stares at Jeremy moonily, utters some words of warning about Vicki, and blinks out of existence, this time, Anna actually TALKS to Jeremy.

“You have no idea how glad I am to see you.  Heaven has NO hot guys, whatsoever.  I guess they all end up in Hell.” 

Jeremy subsequently responds, and the two actually have an EXTENDED conversation . . . one that probably makes Jeremy sound TOTALLY schizophrenic to anyone happening by his room, at the time.  It turns out, Heaven, or wherever the heck it is that Anna ended up, is TOTALLY lame and boring.  And so, my personal favorite of all of Jeremy’s girlfriends, both alive AND dead (The chemistry between these two is really smokin’) is thrilled to have a lover on Earth, who can hear her, and possibly even satisfy OTHER needs she might have  . . . ahem.

So, everything is going absolutely great . . . until Bonnie has to return from her Summer Away from Mystic Falls, thereby ruining Ghost Sex for the rest of us.  Gee thanks, Bonnie . . . or should I say, the Wicked Witch of the Cockblock.

“That man-stealing, B*tch!  I am so going to haunt her ass.” 

On their second meeting Jeremy gets a bit more information, both about why Anna keeps stalking Vicki. (“Everytime she appears, I sense a darkess in her.  I’m worried for you” . . .)

Umm . . . I think I know where that “darkness” came from . . .

. . . what causes her to appear, (“I can only appear when you are having sexual thoughts  thinking about me, and are open to it.”) . . .

“You know what they say about guys with big hands . . .”

. . .  and what sort of fun things they can do together, now that she’s back.  (Despite the fact that Anna is a ghost, Jeremy finds that he can FEEL her touch — OH HELL YES!)


Unfortunately, Jeremy starts to feel slightly guilty, when Anna keeps popping up, every single time, he’s with Bonne (who’s relationship reminds me more of brother  / sister than boyfriend / girlfriend, for whatever reason).  And so, after a freak incident, in which, the ghost who Anna claims is Vicki, set fire to a few Bennett spellbooks, putting both Bonnie and Jeremy in danger, Jeremy decides to FINALLY come clean to Bonnie about the whole, “I see dead people,” thingy.

“Actually, I just lent her my copy of The Sixth Sense, and sent her home, so that I could go back to ghost f*&king Anna.”

This causes Poor Anna to begin to fade away, or more accurately, melt, a la the Wicked Witch of the West.  She calls out to Jeremy in tears, begging him not to shut her out of his life, so soon after they both found one another again.  But alas, either he can’t hear her, or pretends not to do so.

“Jeremy!  You have to talk to me!  I can’t go back there!  I keep getting hit on by this creepy witch named Luka.”

No matter . . .  something tells me Anna won’t stay “dead to Jeremy” for long.  And when she DOES reawaken, my Big Dreams for TVD Season 3 Ghost Sex will be promptly renewed . . .

Elsewhere in town . . .

Douchey Daddy Strikes Again . . . Sort of

“Do you think it’s weird that the two of us have the exact same haircut?” 

Renewed besties, Damon, and the artist formerly known as Lizard Forbes, walk together through town, as they make cheesy jokes about Papa Forbes, the Big Gay Right Wing Vampire Racist.  Damon thinks it would be a great idea to kill this BASTARD, who, last week, thought it was a GREAT IDEA to try and BURN HIS OWN DAUGHTER to a crisp, in hopes of teaching her “discipline.”

“Stop it Dad, or I’m going to tell Mom you snuck out to that Celine Dion concert on the first night of your honeymoon.” 

“Liz” is strongly against this idea.  He’s still Caroline’s father, after all.  Plus, she still sort-of / kind-of understands where the guy is coming from, considering, not-too-long ago, SHE was contemplating doing something similar.

“Thankfully, I negotiated a clause in my contract this year, which requires that my character NOT be an evil daughter-killing wench . . .” 

“Just because you and  are on good terms now, doesn’t mean I approve of your [vampire] lifestyle, Liz cautions.

“Is that what you told him, before you two got divorced?”  Damon snarks.

Annnnd the vampires = gay people metaphor cheesy jokes just keep on coming . . .

Down in the same dungeon where Daddy-o was keeping Caroline last week, Liz Forbes is now storing the not-so-proud papa, himself.  Damon does a quick taste test on him to see if he is on vervain.

“Now I can see the resemblance between you and Caroline.  You TOTALLY taste like her.” 

He isn’t.  And so, he compels him to forget everything that happened last week, and simply leave town.

“Peekaboo!  I see you!” 

Sounds good, right?  Well, it turns out . . . not so much.  But more on that later .  . .

Switching Salvatores and “Taking a Beat”

“Coincidentally, if you do plan on boning Damon, I have some GREAT six tips, I’d love to share with you.” 

You know those sitcoms where, for an entire episode, all the supporting cast members tell the about-to-couple couple NOT to couple . . . and then they don’t listen, and decide to couple anyway?  Well, that’s pretty much what this week’s episode of TVD felt like (Though, without the happy desired ending.)

It all started with Caroline wondering whether Elena was switching Salvatores, having noticed a generalized flirtiness and chumminess between Elena and Damon of late.  It makes sense that Caroline, of all people, would be one of the first (aside from Alaric, of course) to notice this, given the equally sexually tense “friendship,” she and Tyler shared, before the pair started boning one another’s brains out.  You can always count on Caroline, not to beat around the bush.

“Come ON, Elena!  We all watched ‘The Hybrid’ episode . . .” 

Elena isn’t quite ready to admit to herself how hard she is clearly falling for Damon (and has been for some time now).  So, she merely continues DENYING, DENYING, and DENYING (at least at first) by claiming that Damon has just been “helping her, through the whole Stefan, thing . . .’

Yeah, here’s hoping he helps her with whole “celibate, since Stefan left,” thing too, sometime soon . . .

“See how this water runs down my chest and into my nether regions . . . that could be you, if you play your cards right.”

Elena’s wishy-washy initial response aside, Caroline, having not had the best dating experience with Damon in the past, herself, warns Elena about getting involved with him in that way.  Meanwhile, the newly judgy Alaric is in DAMON’S ear, telling him how INAPPROPRIATE his recent coupleyness with Elena has become.  And HE would know.  He sleeps next door to Elena, and probably hears her call out to Damon in his sleep.  (Dreams, don’t lie, after all!)

“Damon . . . try to remember all the good times we’ve had.  Why would you possibly give up this Chunky Monkey for some girl?” 

“I think you should take a beat,” Alaric tells Damon, regarding his buddy’s less than subtle pursuit of Elena.  (Yeah, Alaric now uses phrases like “take a beat,” because apparently, he has temporarily switched personalities with a square guest star cop from some bad seventies sitcom.)  Damon, of course, is super hurt that Alaric wouldn’t trust him to protect Elena, when that’s pretty much all he’s been doing for over the past two seasons.

Well . . . almost all he’s been doing . . . 

Uh oh, Alaric!  You may have just inadvertently sparked a Salvatore Brother Rebellion . . .

“I’ll show him!  Elena, come have sex with me.  NOW!” 

When your necklace starts BURNING YOUR SKIN, and spontaneously combusting, that’s probably a good sign you should THROW IT AWAY!

“My boobs are killing me.  If I didn’t know vampires couldn’t procreate, I’d be really worried I might be pregnant.”

Back in Chicago, Stefan looks on with his incredibly bad POKER FACE, as Witch Gloria tries to spell the location of “Elena’s Rebekah’s missing necklace.”  As she chants, back in Mystic Falls, said necklace starts doing weird crap, like BURNING ELENA’S skin, and floating in the air, and temporarily bursting into flames.  Elena reluctantly agrees to give the necklace to Bonnie, so that she can do a magical witch autopsy on it, and trace it for EVIL BUGS.

“It’s just a hickey guys.  I really don’t know why you are getting so upset over this.” 

Meanwhile, Gloria claims to KNOW where the necklace is, or at least, who has it.  And yet, for whatever reason, she decides to stall for time, telling Klaus and Co., she’ll have the necklace whereabouts for him shortly.  But, for now, they must leave . . .  “You guys are harshing my juju,” Gloria complains.

“Who are you calling a juju?  I was raised Protestant.”

Neither Rebekah or Klaus appreciate being told what to do by a mere witch.  However, Stefan who suspects Gloria might be purposefully holding something back, something that could be useful to HIM, convinces the brother/sister duo to exit stage left.  “Come on.  I’ll let you choose who we eat,” he says.

“And by that, what I really mean is that I will let you stick it anywhere.” 

Apparently, when it comes to bringing people (and vampires) together . . . there’s no tool quite as powerful as drained corpses food .  . . aside from sex, of course.

Speaking of sex . . .

Bondage Stefan . . . He’s BAAACK!

“First the Tomb Vamps and now THIS!  What did I do to deserve this terrible treatment?  Oh, that’s right, I’ve MURDERED over 1,000 people.” 

When Stefan excuses himself from eating some chick, Klaus assumes he’s off to “brood” or “write on a wall” or something.  But, really, Stefan wants to see Gloria about the necklace.  This is fitting, because Gloria wants to see Stefan too.

“So many hair care questions to ask . . . so little time.” 

In case it hasn’t been made clear up to this point, Gloria REALLY wants that necklace back.  And she knows that Stefan knows where it is.  And if Stefan won’t give up that information voluntarily, well, she’s just going to have to extract it from him . . . literally . . .

“When the director described this scene to me,  I really thought I would enjoy it more.” 

Cut to the next scene, where Stefan is all oiled up and nakey and strapped down to a table.  (Did a woman or gay man, write this episode?  I THINK SO!)  You know when we first met Gloria, I thought she was going to be on “our team,” because she had flirty conversations with Damon, and cool hair.  Well, I GUESS NOT!

Now, she’s slitting Stefan’s wrist to “collect his essence,” clamping his arms with weird bracelets, to prevent him from healing,  giving him headaches, Bonnie Bennett-style, and lathering vervain all up on his naked chest, porno movie-style.  Yet, despite it all, Stefan refuses to talk . . . And it REALLY sucks that he’s such a terrible liar.  Because such a skill would inevitably come in handy, in this instance.

Plus, as it turns out, Gloria doesn’t actually NEED Stefan to talk, because his “essence” is doing it for him.  (Seriously?  What kind of hippy bullsh*t is that?)  Cue the Stelena MONTAGE!  Now, it’s as if Gloria just watched all the “previously on” parts of The Vampire Diaries episodes, from Seasons 1 and 2.  She knows EVERYTHING .  . . from the fact that Elena is the Petrova Doppelganger.  To the fact that Stefan is pretty much FAKING his friendship with Klaus to protect Elena, to how much Stefan luuuuuuuuuuuves Elena.

“My essence really needs to shut the f*ck up!” 

Well, this is annoying!  So, of course, I cheered when BAMF Katherine STAKED GLORIA’S ASS, and killed her dead.  (Actually, I cheered the fact that Katherine saved Stefan.  I actually felt like Gloria and her bad juju should have stuck around a little while longer.  She was COOL!)  My only complaint, to this effect, was that Katherine didn’t then decide to jump his bones, considering he was all naked and waiting.  But, hey, we can’t always get what we want.  Right?

Well, THAT was kind of anti-climactic! 

Speaking of not getting what you want, Katherine finds just this out, when, after all that, Stefan STILL refuses to let Katherine in on his big bad  Klaus killing plans.  He does give her some crucial information, however,  As it turns out, part of Stefan’s “plan” involves locating the Big Bad Vampire Hunter Klaus seems so very afraid of, and getting HIM to do the dirty work for him.

Now, Katherine has what she needs to start her OWN mission.  So, THERE, Stefan!

Speaking of couples I ship . . .

Forwood Sex Revisited .  . . for about two seconds.

“Why are you wearing red?  I thought we decided we both hated the color red?” 

Perhaps, to apologize to us for the blatant lack of Delena, Kefan, and Jeranna sex we got in this episode, we do get one kind of random, but still adorable Forwood scene, amidst all the vervaining, and necklace grabbing, and hot-chili making.  Tyler comes home all hot and sweaty and red tank toppy from running or football practice or whatever, to find a perfectly coiffed Caroline lying on his bed, patiently awaiting his return.  As it turns out, she’s hiding from her father, who just so happens to be conveniently immune to vampire compulsion, and therefore, hasn’t left town as Damon instructed.  (More on that later.)

“Take me, you Big Bad Teen Wolf, you!” 

I love the wide-eyed excitement on Tyler’s face, when he sees Caroline in his bed, and just KNOWS he’s about to get lucky.

*insert cartoon noise of eyes popping out of head*

Teenage hormones and lupine urges aside, Tyler manages to be the sensitive boyfriend, by listening to Caroline talk about how she STILL loves her dad, despite the fact that he pretty much abused her in the worst way possible, and is a TOTAL asshat.  Tyler knows all about bad dads, and can relate.

He pulls Caroline’s head into his chest, affectionately.  And she breaks the spell, by remarking on how skanky his workout clothing smells.   (Hey!  Nobody’s perfect right?)  Fortunately, the stench isn’t enough to keep Caroline from ripping off Tyler’s tank top and beginning to have her way with him, right on his bed.

That’s one of the things I enjoy so much about this couple, put aside all the werewolf / vampire angst, and you’ve got two surprisingly normal, sometimes smelly, teenagers, who occasionally like to use one another’s bodies as scratching posts. It just doesn’t get much more relatable than that.


So, of course, Elena calls Caroline’s cell phone, and cockblocks the pair.  “It’s an emergency,” she tells Caroline.

Poor Tyler, I suspect he’s got a really bad case of THESE right now . . .

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.  And, I suspect, it won’t be the last, either . . .

Welcome to my Poopy List, Elena Gilbert . . . 

Kill Bill? Not if Alaric (or Caroline) have anything to say about it!

Damon had never been too keen on letting that Turd Bill Forbes live, in the first place.   But NOW that he’s vervain immune, showing up at Anti-Vampire Council meetings Uncle/Father John style, and threatening to “out” Damon (and there are those gay metaphors again!), he’s REALLY dead set on eliminating him!

Cue, Judgy McJudgerson Alaric, and his oh-so-annoying pleas to spare Beeeeel’s life.  Yeah, definitely not a fan of Alaric, this week, though I’m glad to see him finally taking on some responsibilities in this town.  More on that later.  Damon, apparently, isn’t either, which is why he KILLS him . . . temporarily, of course.  After all, Alaric still has his Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality, making him immune to supernatural murders, even those performed through natural means, like neck snapping.

So sleepy. 

To say Elena is not pleased with this recent turn of events, is the understatement of the century, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”  She exclaims frustratedly.

You’ve been alone with me for practically four episodes and you haven’t once tried to jump my bones.  It’s Alaric, isn’t it.  Clearly, you’re in love with Alaric.”

Damon patiently (well, maybe not so patiently) explains to Elena that he is a VAMPIRE, and that this is the sort of thing that vampires do .  . . well, the ones who aren’t Stefan and Caroline anyway.



“I may look really mad at you right now, but I still want to take you to my bedroom and give you the ride of your life.”

“That doesn’t mean that you have to act like one,” Elena pouts.

It seems that Elena somehow feels this need to prove to her friends that Damon isn’t the “monster” they claim him to be.  Possibly so that when she inevitably starts dating him, they won’t give her such a hard time.  Say what, Elena?  What happened to “I like you just the way you are?”  (How soon we forget?)

Elena’s short-term memory loss aside.  I actually think it’s a POSITIVE thing for this couple, that Elena obviously has strong enough feelings for Damon to constantly moan and b*tch about every little thing that he does.  Sure, she might be going about things the wrong way, by trying to make Damon into a surrogate Stefan.  But still, if she DIDN’T love him, she wouldn’t care how he behaved, right?

No?  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

“I am not Stefan!  How about you stop trying to turn me into him?” Damon replies, before storming off.

As an aghast Elena glares at the space recently vacated by Damon, as she waits for her not-so-guardian to return to life, Damon enters the Lockwood house, and confronts Bill AGAIN.  They each monologue a bit, not saying too much of interest, honestly, except for the part where Bill says that he’s immune to compulsion (particularly Damon’s “lazy” brand of it”), and that he knows Damon would never kill him, simply because he’s Caroline’s dad.

See what I mean about reverse psychology?  The next thing you know, Damon is sucking on Bill’s neck, like its a tootsie pop.  And part of me is REALLY hoping Damon turns him into a vampire.  Because wouldn’t that be the WORST and MOST FITTING PUNISHMENT EVER!  SERIOUSLY!

“DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!” 

Enter Caroline.  She’s mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.  In a scene that’s highly reminiscent of the first time Caroline caught Damon off guard, and kicked his ass, after learning how he compelled her to be his sex slave, back before she became a vampire . . .

. . .  Caroline literally throws Damon across the room, to get him away from her evil father.

“Did I miss something here?” 

“I’m stronger than you are, Little Girl,” Damon retorts as the too battle it out, or as Damon would call it “girlfight” (There was no hair-pulling involved, unfortunately).

“Yeah, but I’m angrier,” Caroline responds, successfully keeping Damon at bay long enough to shove her bloody arm in her dad’s face to heel him,and get him out of harms way.

Many fans were frustrated by the lack of realism (Yes, we often DO talk about realism on a show about VAMPIRES.  Got a problem with that?) inherent in Baby Vamp Caroline so easily disarming Not-So-Baby Vamp Damon, who’s about a century-and-a-half her junior.  From my perspective, Caroline was able to take down Damon this time for the same reason she so easily took him down, back when she first turned.  Simply put:  She caught Damon by surprise.  And he underestimated her strength.

Though I’m sure Caroline was VERY mad at Damon for chowing down on her sperm donor, I highly doubt this alone would have been enough to secure her victory.  She still kicks ass, though.  . .

In short thanks to the daughter he believes is SOOOO evil, Caroline’s AWFUL father got to live happily ever after.   Ummm . . . yay?

Seriously, though, kudos to Caroline for having love in her heart, even for those who do not show her love in return.  I doubt I could have been as mature as she was, if my dad locked me in a dungeon, strapped me to a chair, stole my jewelry, and tried to BURN me.

Original Rebekah – Vampire Snitch Extraordinaire

Now fully clothed (DARN!), and with Gloria out of the picture, Stefan sneaks off to Klaus’ Dead Family Member Museum, and undoubtedly, begins looking for Elijah, so that he can unstake him, and try to dig himself out of the massively deep hole into which he has dug himself, during the past four episodes.

However, before he can do this, Rebekah finds him.  Stefan tries to charm the girl into giving up information about the vampire hunter.  But, as it turns out, he hasn’t been all that charming since 1920.  (Modern-day Stefan has always had more of an understated, broody kind of charm, anyway.)


It seems that our Cocky Ripper Douche has genuinely over-estimated the power of his weiner.  No Stefan.  Women you have not talked to in ninety years will NOT betray their brothers, and reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to you, simply because you asked nicely.  I’m afraid most of us girls are a bit more complicated than that.  And Rebekah, apparently, is no exception.

The poo REALLY hits the fan, when Rebekah and Stefan make out, and Beks asks Stefan if he will ever again love someone as much as he loves the supposedly dead Elena, “Eventually,” Stefan replies.

Remember when I said Stefan was a bad liar?  Well, apparently, he’s also not so good at kissing people who he doesn’t believe are his soulmates.  And, as you know, Rebekah can ALWAYS tell if Stefan is lying.  The Bratty Original is crushed at having been played.  So, when Klaus returns to the Dead People museum, Rebekah IMMEDIATELY rats Stefan out for being “against [them]” and asking questions about Big Bad Vampire Hunter Michael (Hallelujah!  He has a NAME!)

“Oh! SH*T!  Well that certainly didn’t go as planned.” 

“Haha, fooled you!”

Now, Stefan is up sh*t’s creek without a paddle, because Klaus will most certainly believe his sister over his FAKE brother.  Klaus lunges at Stefan, with murder in his eyes.

Annnnnnnd . . . then, we cut to commercial break . . .

The End of a Bromance

So, remember how I told you how Caroline became my HERO this week? Well, she did it AGAIN, by confronting Elena about her OBVIOUS romantic attraction to Damon, and seeming inability to admit it.

Elena woefully notes that “[If I do have feelings for him] (which she TOTALLY does), what kind of person does that make me.”  It makes you human, Caroline responds, giving Elena a hug.  OH HELL YEAH, CAROLINE!

Coming soon to a TVD episode near you . . . FOR REAL, this time.

You tell her it’s OK to love them both, because it TOTALLY IS!   (Especially, if loving them both, involves regaling us Delena fans with a HOT (but prime time channel appropriate)  sex scene some time in the future.

A girl can dream, can’t she?  Then, Caroline says goodbye to her father, who’s FINALLY leaving Mystic Falls.  Hopefully for good.  (Good riddens!  I HATE this douchebag!)  Papa Forbes gets a VERY minimal amount of points for actually thanking his daughter for saving his life.  But then, he loses them again, by telling Caroline that because she’s a vampire, she will [never be OK again.]

SERIOUSLY?  Why didn’t Damon kill this douchebag, when he had a chance?

Speaking of Damon, he’s back at the Salvatore Boarding House, trying to make amends with Alaric, by offering him a morning class of bourbon and OJ, from when he comes back to life.  After all, nothing says, “I’m sorry I murdered you in cold blood,” like a Big Ole Glass a booze . . .

“You killed me,” Alaric exclaims.

“You pissed me off,” Damon replies matter-of-factly, as if this should adequately explain away everything.

“YOU KILLED ME!”  Alaric exclaims again, clearly not quite sure whether Damon heard him the first time.

Clearly, Alaric doesn’t yet understand what it means to piss Damon off, despite the fact that Damon has killed him . .  . what . . . 85 times, by now.  (Yes, I’m exaggerating here.  But, I think you get the idea).  Oh, and also, Alaric’s ring is apparently on the fritz. It took him much longer to come back to life this time.

Perhaps, there are only so many times you can use this little Get-Out-of-Death Free card before it stops working entirely.  Or, maybe the more times you die, the longer it takes you to come back.  That sounds a bit like that “universe in balance hoo-ha the witches on this show are always, talking about, right?  Whatever the reason is for this recent Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality Anomaly, if I was Alaric, I’d be more than a bit afraid, right now.

In other words, your Chunky Monkey not be able to get you out of a jam, next time around.

But apparently, Alaric, ISN’T afraid.  He’s PISSED OFF.  And he proves this, by wrangling a position on the Anti-vampire Council.

If someone invited THOSE guys, surely Alaric can come too . . .

But he’s not a Founding Family member, you say?  Well, perhaps, not.  But he IS  Elena’s and Jeremy’s sole pseudo guardian / surrogate Gilbert.  He’s also one of the few folks in Mystic Falls who doesn’t secretly have a supernatural child (at least not one that he knows about), making him a fairly non-biased representative of Team Human.  Did I mention that he has a vampire killing weapons arsenal that would make Buffy the Vampire Slayer blush?

Now, don’t get me wrong, after watching Alaric drink himself stupid, and be depressed (with weird hair) for a couple of episodes, it really is nice to see him buck up and take a stand to help his town.  I just REALLY hope Alaric doesn’t become the new vampire hating Uncle/Father John Gilbert.  We all know how things turned out for him . . .

When One Road Trip Ends, Another Begins . .  .

Elsewhere in Mystic Falls, Vampire Katherine (who must REALLY be wracking up those frequent flier miles), impersonates Elena again to get her precious MAGICAL vervain necklace from Bonnie.  She then shows up at Damon’s door, giving the poor guy the impression that she’s Elena coming to apologize for all her Alaric-murdering judginess.


“Trouble-in-paradise already?” Katherine inquires with a smirk, when Damon makes moves to accept “Elena’s” apology.

Katherine wants Damon to go on a roadtrip with her, but she won’t tell him where.  I suspect the destination has something to do with this Vampire Hunter Michael of whom Klaus is so petrified.  Girlfriend is even willing to DRIVE, something, which I suspect she doesn’t offer very often.

Feeling a bit rejected by his Mystic Falls pals, of late (and with good reason, considering the episode he’s had) Damon readily agrees to road trip with the OTHER Petrova Doppelganger.

Rest assured, Vampire Hijinks and probably some Car Sex will ensue!

Elsewhere, Stefan wakes up in a truck, to find Klaus homoerotically watching him sleep (No big surprise there.).  Knowing he’s in BIIIIG trouble, Stefan starts yammering out a speedy apology / explanation / lie about the whole “Rebekah thinks I’m about to betray you” thing.  But Klaus doesn’t seem mad at all.  Just amused.

“You look so pretty, when you are petrified.” 

He knows that Stefan is hiding a secret from him.  And that secret is in Mystic Falls . . . which is where Klaus and Stefan are too now, once again . . . having arrived, quite fittingly, just minutes after Damon and Katherine, Stefan’s (and Elena’s) would be saviors have skipped town . . .



Next weeks trailer looks juicy, and by juicy I mean bitey .  . . specifically Stefan it seems to suggest that Stefan is being forced (possibly by compulsion?) to chow down on Elena’s neck?  Is it to early to predict a DAMON-Y speedy return and subsequent Elena rescue?  All fingers crossed!

You can check out the trailer for “The Reckoning” here:


So, what did you all think of “Disturbing Behavior?”  Was it sufficiently disturbing for you?  Did either Alaric or Tattletale Rebekah get on  your nerves this week?  Are you Team Bonnie or Team Jeranna?

And, perhaps most importantly, are you as ready for Elena to FINALLY switch Salvatore Brothers as I am?  Feel free to sound off in the comment section below.

Until next time . . .

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30 responses to “A Fine Day for Misbehaving – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Disturbing Behavior”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Great episode first of all.

    Now let´s see. I rebelled a few times against my parents when I was a teenager which was not that long ago I´ll be 22 in the end of the month. But the similarities between Papa Salvatore and Papa Forbes are striking, I wish Damon would have thrown something about his own father in there. Of course I think Papa Salvatore was a bit more radical and conservative, he shot his kids for trying to free Katherine effectively setting them on the path for eventual vampirism so its his fault.

    Elena is such a naive little girl trying to stomp out the basic nature of the Salvatore Brothers, they are VAMPIRES they are designed to hunt and feed on homo sapiens. But that line came out wrong, Stefan is currently on the human stuff and no offense to Team Damon but Ripper Stefan is a more effecient vampire than Damon.

    Now the vamp trio, there awesome. I loved how Rebekah is still new to the 21st century and Klaus is laughing at her about it.

    Stefarine! My favorite pairing, I loved their little banter on the street corner. She might be wanting in on his little plan, he could use her. But I agree Rebekah will ruin him. Stefarine needs to have hot vampire sex. I really hope DamonKatherine don´t bang each other, it would against the whole point of last season of Damon getting over Katherine but I suspect at the last moment someone will call him back to save Elena´s hide.

    Bad move Damon, Alaric is telling you to give Elena some space because he is the guardian but I did have chuckle when Damon temporarily kill him. But its nice to see Alaric on the council actually representing Team Human because Liz and Carol are looking out for their non human kids and there biased so someone needs to look out for the majority human population.

    So Vicki…I think its not Vicki maybe something else trying to cross into the mortal realm.

    I loved when Caroline kicked Damon´s butt, although its been debated because its been established over and over again that age is a factor in vampire strength but emotion is as well. That´s the way I see it but Stefan and Damon are the same age in vamp years and he was able to kick Damon´s ass just fine after he killed Lexi.

    Look at Ripper Stefan carresing what most suspect to be Elijah´s coffin, my heart was thumping at that…

    Great episode and great recap

    • Hey East Coast Captain! First off, Happy Early Birthday (though I am sure we will talk again before that day). 🙂

      You know, now that you mention it, Damon DID make mention of his father, when he was heading back to the house to kill Caroline’s . . . sort of. He had a line lke, “She’ll still have one more parent than we all have.” (So, I guess all my hopes of meeting Mama and Papa Saltzman are out the window.)

      But I agree, killing your kids because they fraternize with vampires is WAY WORSE than trying to BURN vampirism out of your child. They both suck pretty badly though. 🙂

      I really like your choice of words regarding Elena. You bring up a great point here. If you think about it, Elena’s lecture to Damon about “not having to act” like a vampire, isn’t all that different than Caroline’s father’s “you can train yourself not to need to feed.” We’ve always thought of Elena as being relatively open to vampires, as a species. But, perhaps, her openness only applies to Stefan. This makes me kind of psyched for next week, when Elena can no longer ignore the Ripper side of Stefan, having met it face-to-face. (Though, I suspect she’ll chalk this next encounter up to compulsion.)

      The Stefarine scene was great! I was secretly hoping THOSE TWO would road trip, like in my fanfiction. 🙂 That would pave the way for both of our ships. And you are right, it does seem as though Damon and Katherine will get hot and heavy, only to get interrupted by the notion that Elena is in danger. I think the idea of Damon leaving Katherine to save Elena will be fairly symbolic of how his feelings have turned. In The Return, Damon couldn’t have sex with Katherine, unless he knew she loved him in return. Perhaps, now that Damon is over Katherine, in the romantic sense, the two could just have sex for sex’s sake. 🙂

      Though Alaric bugged me a lot during this episode, I do think he will make a good addition to the council, for the reasons you stated. I just hope Alaric doesn’t use his seat on the council to out Damon, because then he will be on my Poopy List for all eternity.

      Many fans feel the same way that you do, that Vicki isn’t Vicki, and that’s why Anna senses darkness whenever she is there. I kind of hope it IS Vicki though, and that the darkness comes from whatever force she made a deal with to enable her return. (Like, perhaps she sold her “soul” to the devil, or something to that effect). I just kind of feel like it would be a waste to have Kayla Ewell the actress back, if she’s playing NotVicki. You know?

      Oh, and Stefan MUST rescue Elijah. He’s really the only one that can get Stefan out of the mess he’s gotten himself into. And I CAN’T WAIT to see Elijah get vengeance on Klaus for what he did to him in “As I Lay Dying! Plus, you just know Elijah will eventually want to open all those coffins, and introduce us to the rest of the Original Family. FUN! FUN! FUN!

  2. Kristina

    What episode is the phone call between Damon, Elena and Alaric at the end from? I’ve noticed that you use it a lot and I can’t remember the episode that it’s from.

    • Hey Kristina! Technically, the phone scene comes from the Blood Brother’s episode, back in 1X20 (skip to about the third minute, you will recognize the clothing ;))

      However, the dialogue is not from that episode. It’s actually a spoof of this Phone Scene from Mean Girls . . .

      Cute, right? I wish I could take credit for it, but it came from a Team Badass (Damon and Alaric) tumblr I can’t seem to locate right now. (I hope the owner didn’t take it down.)

  3. Katoributa

    Hi! You should check out canada’s preview of next week’s episode. It gives you totally different scenes:

    • Thank you SO much, Katoributa! You are the best! Everybody has been talking about the Canadian promo for this episode. And I’d been looking EVERYWHERE FOR IT! (I’ve learned from my experiences with Degrassi that Canada ALWAYS makes better promos than the U.S. And this is coming from someone who LIVES in the U.S., which I guess makes me a traitor of sorts. *blushes*)

      Beks as the new high school mean girl? Damon and Kat car sex? A sexy fight scene between Stefan and Beks? This looks GOOD . . . (now if they could just throw in a few Delena scenes, I’d be a happy camper.)

  4. Tricus

    First things first:
    The DE kitchen scene in the beginning was VERY sweet. Now on to the WTH moments.
    1) Alaric being all like to Damon in the kitchen ” What are you doing here?” I was thinking to myself:
    Did I miss an episode or something? Where is this &^$tude coming from?

    2) Alaric telling Damon to get some space from Elena,also another WTH moment. Damon has always been Damon around Elena. He is a flirt and when he really loves a girl he flirts hard BUT I still don’t see him being a heavy flirt or actively going after Elena so I just don’t get it.
    Elena doesn’t seem to mind since SHE also calls and visits him a lot.

    3) Caro and her judgey ” Damon off doing bad things to good people” line.Yeah Damon screwed her over in S1 and I know in TVD time that wasn’t too long ago BUT he has saved herself, her friends and MF a lot of times since then,but oh well…..
    I really don’t hear or feel what Caro thinks of Stefans shenanigans . Is she going to be like Elena and think it’s not really him but just a game he is playing? Who knows.
    4) Stefan DOES NOT have a poker face. Even I can tell when he is lying, never mind a thousand year vamps like Rebecca and Klaus. Stefan and Rebecca had ZERO chemistry this epi. I guess the love/lust from the 20’s is gone from both sides.
    Stefan seem in control to me when he was drinking from that girl. I just don’t get the TVD writers. I haven’t SEEN any evidence of this out of control ripper, bad Stefan. They just gloss over it, allude to it but NEVER show it.
    5) Everyone ganging up on Damon this epi. I am not surprised he snapped. He should have killed Bill. That will come back to bite them in the bum, Caro too.
    Caro got some good licks with Damon in the fight but Damon wasn’t really doing anything major. He was letting her pound on him and throw him around. Sorry even with the element of FIRST surprise and much anger Caro can’t beat up Damon. And that is why she grabbed her father and beated a hasty retreat.

    6) I liked the DE argument of Damon telling Elena that he is not Stefan, he IS a vampire and stop trying to change him. She can’t change his basic nature (vamp) but he can be a better vamp.
    7) Caro forcing Elena to admit to some type of feelings for Damon was epic. I like that Caro got pissed and was blunt. We all felt like that. Caro only got Elena to admit to “attraction” though but I doubt just plain attraction can bring on the angst, shame or secrecy for Elena or any normal person. Just like plain worry can’t BUT if you are falling or love the bro of your BF then that is something else. Most people can be in love with someone else BUT still feel attraction for someone else. It’s normal and no biggie. It’s the something more that is the BIG problem.That’s just my take on that.
    8) Alaric getting pissed at Damon for snapping his neck. Yeah Damon needs to stop killing Alaric though he hasn’t done that in a long while. Alaric being pissed and Damon realizing it too late. Love Damon “Oh I messed up” face when Alaric left.
    Alaric being all super responsible now. Okay. He and everyone else will still run to Damon for help. I hope there will be a better reason (like Klaus compulsion) to the Alaric being a douche to Damon in this epi than him just taking his Elena/Jeremy responsibility thing too far. He will have the Stefan thing to deal with once Elena inevitably goes back to him. He better say something then and not be two faced.
    9) Glad Damon got out of MF with Kat. Sexy times. Now the gang can deal with Klaus etc.. until Damon comes back. Lets see how they handle themselves until then. I want to see a jealous Elena when she learns he was with Kat though. Well after he saves Elena.

    • Hey Tricus!

      Alaric did seem to do a bit of a 180 with Damon, this week, didn’t he? Wasn’t it just episode 2, where Alaric saw Damon’s and Elena’s conversation in the bedroom, and he asked ELENA if she knew what she was doing there? It seemed like, in that episode, Alaric was looking out for DAMON’S heart. And suddenly, he’s become the grouchy Papa Bear, who doesn’t like his daughter’s new boyfriend? What gives?

      (On the other hand, we did see a bit of Alaric’s new “Team Human” attitude in The Hybrid, as well, when Alaric told Elena to stay in the car, and not run back into the woods to rescue Damon. So, at least that aspect of his personality is consistent. The “let’s be a douche to Damon” aspect is not.)

      As for Caroline, it did seem, at the beginning of the episode, that she had drank the anti-Damon Kool-Aid as well. However, her conversation with Elena at the end of the episode (in which she tried to get Elena to admit her feelings for Damon, and told her it was OK to have those feelings) made me wonder whether she was trying a little reverse psychology on her friend. Caroline might have figured, if she bad mouthed Damon, and Elena stuck up for him (like she does for Stefan), she could get Elena to realize that she’s emotionally and sexually attracted to him. Either that, or Caroline simply assumes that Elena is about the “switch Salvatores,” and having been Damon’s girlfriend herself, wants her to know what she’s getting herself into, first. 🙂

      And you are right, neither Alaric, nor Caroline have made any mention of STEFAN’S bad behavior, while he’s been away. And Alaric saw it first hand! He saw that severed head, and bloody apartment! How could Alaric, of all people, think Elena is better off pining over Ripper Stefan than being protected by Damon?

      I also agree with what you said about Stefan NOT being the Ripper Stefan we saw in those flashbacks, or even back in “Miss Mystic Falls.” In fact, he seems more in control than ever. Perhaps, that’s the point. Maybe we are supposed to think that Stefan has successfully “cured” his bloodaholic problem by drinking little bits of human blood, in the weeks leading up to his “agreement” with Klaus, and that he is merely pretending to be the Ripper. If so, that’s a bit disappointing, considering, that the writers have been bolstering the concept of BAD Stefan for weeks now. And the only time I really saw him be BAD this season, was in the first episode. (Then he erased the impact of those bad acts, by CRYING for the final three minutes.) What gives, Ripper Stefan?

      Good point about Caroline’s and Damon’s fight. I don’t think Damon REALLY planned on killing Bill. He just wanted to drink enough from him, to scare him off, and get him to leave town. (Mission Accomplished.) So, Caroline caught him by surprise, at first. But then, he LET her, do the rest. I also agree with you that we haven’t seen the last of Bill. They are ALL going to be wishing Damon DID kill him, in a few weeks, I suspect.

      Even though she couldn’t come right out and say she loved Damon. I think Elena’s behavior in this episode made her feelings pretty obvious. (1) The way she had been letting him not leave her side, ever since episode 3. (Sure she said, Damon was afraid she’d snap. But Elena LET him stay. You know, Elena. If she really wanted Damon to leave, she could have gotten him to do so. She likes being close to him.) (2) The uncharacteristically flirty way she was with him, while they were cooking the chili. (3) The arguments she had with him this week about him not being who everyone thinks he is. If Elena didn’t care about Damon in a romantic way, she wouldn’t care that other people thought he was a bad guy. But no one wants people to think their BOYFRIEND is evil. So . . ., and (4) finally, her subtle admission to Caroline that she HAS feelings for Damon, but that she feels guilty about them, because of what Stefan did for her and Damon in “As I Lay Dying.”

      Season 3 WILL be the Season of Delena . . . it’s just taking a little longer to get there, than we all had hoped. 😉

      Oh, and yeah, I think the Damon / Kat road trip will be fun to watch. Those two will make a good team, that’s for sure. I just hope Damon DOES get back in time to save Elena. She needs to learn that Switching Salvatores is, not only, nothing to be ashamed of, it can also end up saving her life. 🙂

  5. sassyfran

    Loved your recap as usual; you are the witty one aren’t you LOL. I adore your insights into Stefan LOL and the rest. I do hope Alaric doesn’t change from being fun and Ohhhhhhh welcome back Bad Damon, you naughty boy LOL. I think this was a great episode; I like how Becca knew Stefan was lying. What I want to know is how they left him alone for so long ? I mean they should have arrived before the witch had him surrounded with those endless candles…….good grief it takes some time to carefully light those things but I guess she used magik LOL………………..thanks for sharing Sweets……!! Loved it.

    • Hey sassyfran! I’m with you, YAY for the return of Naughty Damon, and BOO for the introduction of Stick-Up-His-Butt Alaric. 🙂 We can’t lose our Team Bad Ass! TVD just wouldn’t be the same without it.

      You know, the more I think about the 180 Alaric has done in these past two episodes, and the problem he had with his ring, the more I worry that the writers are setting him up to die. I hope not! Long Live Chunky Monkey . . . as long as he takes the stick out of his ass. 😉

      LOL. I was thinking the SAME thing about all those friggin candles. Gloria HAD to use magic for them, otherwise, that would have taken hours. Then again, perhaps Original Vampires have been around so long that they have no concept of time. Hours must seem like seconds, when you are thousands of years old . . . But, I would have at least liked to hear Rebekah say something like, “Wow, Stefan sure takes a long time writing on that wall. It’s only one name, for crying out loud! Is he using his blood as a pen?”

  6. serendipity

    Hi Julie!

    So, what do I want to spill here? Let’s see…

    Jeremy’s girls: Boo for Bonnie Blockage… Anna said she was only visible to him if he thought of her, which makes it possible for him to reverse that effect by not ‘thinking’ of her, and he promptly proceeded to do that… Now if someone tells me I can’t think of something (a la pink elephant), of course that’s the first thing I think about, but apparently Jeremy is stronger-willed than that 🙂 For the moment though, this storyline is not really going anywhere…

    Alaric did kind of annoy me in this episode: I have to agree with Tricus here, WTH? He’s known Damon for a long time, and he should know what Damon is like. Damon is just being his normal self around Elena, nothing more, nothing less. So, what? Now that Stefan’s gone, that’s suddenly no longer allowed? And Elena is not without her part of the blame, here: she’s clearly flirting back (loved the kitchen scene BTW), she’s always showing up at the boarding house, asking where Damon is, in short: it’s not really surprising that Caroline picked up on it (I also love Caroline calling her on it: that’s so Caroline LOL).

    Speaking of… Caroline is being kind of a hypocrite here, telling Elena that Damon does bad things to good people… Granted, she might say that based on her own season 1 experiences with him, but if you recall, she DID fall for him without putting up too much of a fight, so she can hardly blame Elena for doing the same… AND he hasn’t done anything to her in season 2; rather the opposite: he spared her mom, saved Caroline AND Tyler, and even saved Caroline FROM Tyler (who’d have saved Caroline if SHE’d been the one to get that werewolf bite?), so even though I still like her, that was not cool.

    But Elena needed someone to point out some home truths to her! Let’s just hope Stefan’s return to MF will not spoil everything… I LOVED the kitchen scene, though why does Damon call her on the fact that she’s still wearing that Necklace? He gave it back to her, for heaven’s sake! Did you ever stop to think that maybe Elena’s still wearing it because you’ve given it back to her more times than you can count? 😉 Elena could have said something like, ‘Hey, you’re the one who put it back on me two episodes ago (when we almost made out), so I’m keeping it and you can fondle it and pretend you’re fondling me…’ And yes, she was definitely looking him over and staring at his mouth: way to cockblock, Ric! I thought you were Damon’s buddy!

    So I agree that Damon had many reasons for being annoyed with his fellow AA-member Alchy-Ric: he was not allowed to hit on Elena, he was not allowed to Kill Bill (love that reference, BTW),… but maybe he should just have poured some liquor down Ric’s throat, because Alaric was surprisingly sober the whole episode (maybe he was suffering some withdrawal symptoms?), which could explain his grumpiness and un-alaric-like behavior of putting spokes in all of Damon’s wheels.

    But killing Ric might not have been Damon’s best plan ever… (did you notice he picked up Ric’s hand and CHECKED for the damn ring first? I guess he doesn’t want a repeat performance of Elena’s accusations at the beginning of season 2) because he pissed Alaric off royally by doing that (and I kind of understand that: you just don’t go about snapping your friends’ neck when you are mad at them), causing his best buddy to go straight to the council… I admit he has more right to be part of it than many others (he did have a supernatural vampire wife, after all… not to mention he’s now living with a supernatural doppelganger and a ghost-seeing, back-from-the-dead boy with a witchy girlfriend), but we’re going to have to see whether this is not going to come back to bite Damon in the ass… because Ricky boy is in on lots of secrets…

    That being said, I’m honestly not sure Damon was actually going to kill Bill. I agree that it would totally have been poetic justice to turn him into a vampire… as Stefan threatened to do to uncle/father John back in the beginning of season 2.

    Again, speaking of… Ripper Stefan is not very ‘rippery’ in my eyes: he’s not out of control, in fact, he’s never been more IN control! Even though his plans are bound to fail, he’s still the good guy. Okay, he kills people now, but he has to in order to be able to execute his plan, but he’s still protecting Elena by not giving up anything freely to Gloria and by trying to nail Klaus, so the way is open for a Stelena reunion at the end of this road… Boo. I was hoping for a really off the rails BAMF, but if this is Ripper Stefan, he’s not so bad. And he’s not compulsively adding names to the writing on the wall either… in spite of what Klaus seems to think. His sister is quicker on the uptake and not as easily fooled, apparently…

    But Damon was fooled AGAIN by Katherine. Will he never learn? And so they’re going on a little road trip together. The timing could have been better, with Klaus and co arriving back in MF (they probably ran out of budget to be out in the big town LOL), but here’s to hoping our new team bad-ass will be back in time to save their loved ones 😉 AND I hope Elena will get her face rubbed in some of that action between Damon and Katherine I saw on the Canadian Trailer (thanks, Katoributa!). Maybe then she will want to admit to something more… jealousy is a powerful motivator, after all…

    Bye, Jules! Till next week… or maybe a little bit before that…;) 😀

    • Hey Serendipity! You know, I was thinking the exact same thing. Damn that Wicked Witch of the Cockblock! 😉

      You know, the absolute WORST way for Jeremy to stop thinking about (and SEEING and TOUCHING) Anna, is for him to say to himself, repeatedly, “Don’t think about Anna . . . Don’t think about Anna.” And this is why that is EXACTLY what I want him to do! 🙂 Actually, I think Anna’s admission to Jeremy that she has to think about him to see him, will end up being rather practical. I can envision Jeremy EVOKING Anna’s spirit, right when Vicki’s starts wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls, which we KNOW it will ;). (I just hope her and Damon get to dance again, at least once, before that happens. ;))

      You know it’s funny, I was SO much angrier at Alaric for his treatment of Damon, than at Caroline for what she said about him to Elena. Alaric’s betrayal ran deeper for me, just because the two of them had really become friends. And Alaric HAS to realize that as naughty as Damon can get, he would NEVER intentionally hurt Elena. On the contrary, Elena needs Damon’s protection now, more than ever, given what she’s going to be up against with Klaus. And if Alaric thinks a couple of crossbows and the Council are going to be able to do a better job keeping her safe than Damon can, he’s SERIOUSLY deluded.

      As for Caroline, she DOES get points for getting Elena to recognize her feelings for Damon. As for all that mean stuff she was saying about him, it just occurred to me, that perhaps she was thinking about her OWN situation with her dad, than about Damon and Elena. Remember the conversation Caroline had with Tyler about how her father was an ass, but she still loved him, because he was her father?

      Perhaps, Caroline sees something of herself in Elena’s relationship with Damon. Just because Damon does bad things sometimes, doesn’t mean Elena can’t have feelings for him. At least with Damon, Elena KNOWS who he is (and still loves him, deep down), whereas with Stefan she seems to be perpetually in denial. Isn’t the truest kind of love, one in which the two lovers are aware of one another’s faults, yet love eachother despite them, or even, sometimes, because of them?

      Elena could have said something like, ‘Hey, you’re the one who put it back on me two episodes ago (when we almost made out), so I’m keeping it and you can fondle it and pretend you’re fondling me…’

      YES! It kind of reminds me of the movie Clueless, where Cher thought that Elton kept the photograph of Tai in his locker, because he liked Tai, but he actually kept it there, because CHER took the photograph, and it reminded him of HER. 🙂

      Then again, I kind of got the impression that the only reason Damon was fondling Elena’s necklace, was that he wanted an excuse to fondle Elena’s NECK. All that stuff about Stefan was just for Alaric’s benefit. 😉

      It is strange that Uncle/Father John is gone, and Alaric and Vampire Hater Bill seem to be taking his place, as “family” members, who want to take seats on the council to protect their own from the EVIL vamps. I can definitely picture Vampire Hater Bill returning to do something AWFUL, and Damon saying to everyone, “SEE? And you wouldn’t let me kill him!”

      But I agree, given how Damon didn’t fight back all that hard, when Caroline came to rescue her dad (and he HAD to know Elena would call her), it’s very possible that what Elena said had more of an impact on Damon than he was willing to admit, and, therefore, he did not plan to Kill Bill.

      I think you were the one who mentioned back in The Hybrid that you think the writers might be setting up Alaric to die. After watching this episode (especially given it’s emphasis on the decreasing effectiveness of his ring) I’m kind of inclined to agree with you. 😦

      I agree about Stefan. This is NOT the Ripper Stefan we’ve heard so many scary tales about. Heck, it’s not even the “I’m FREAKING HUNGRY” Stefan from “Miss Mystic Falls.” And to think, THIS was the episode where he was supposed to embrace his True Ripperdom, and “have fun with it.” Well, he doesn’t seem to be having all that much fun to me . . . And he DOES seem more in control. Perhaps, Damon was right, and Stefan should have gradually incorporated human blood into his diet, long ago . . .

      And argh! That Canada trailer! Is Elena seriously still thinking that she can HELP Stefan through this? I thought we were done with that! 🙂

      It is strange that Damon is sometimes fooled by Katherine, when she dresses as Elena, and sometimes not. (Katherine sure fooled Bonnie easily enough.) I think, in this instance, what we saw was some wishful thinking on Damon’s part. He was REALLY hoping Elena was coming over to apologize (I wish she did too!), so when he opened the door, he thought his prayers were answered. They weren’t. 😦

      But I agree, as long as Damon returns in time to rescue Elena, and Elena gets to see Damon and Kat hooking up, and gets jealous about it, I’m totally OK with this Damon / Katherine road trip. They just better not separate our Delena for an extended amount of episodes (as in, more than one), or HEADS WILL ROLL! 🙂

  7. André

    The episode was called disturbing behavior? That title sucks if you ask me. The whole episode was about as disturbing as the Gummy bears. I get you rebel reference but still the title of the episode isn’t fitting. I took my time to make a good comment.

    By the way, everything seems ok with the E-Mail notifications regarding this comment.

    It makes no difference for me which Salvatore makes a fly for Elena’s landing strip. And considered the options you presented I would be more interested in Jeranna, at least that offers potential and Anna has already portrayed more skill on many subjects than Bonnie.

    And again skinny girls in tight short dresses get sucked dry by Madonna Klaus and his vampire Britney Stefan (man I typed that before seeing the forms and dresses of them *rolleyes*).

    Who is Michael? It can’t be their father right; I mean why should they address him with his first name? I guess either a family member or someone else.

    And you are right regarding Rebekah. She has definitely done much more obscene stuff than wearing a dress like that. And obviously she was unable to observe her surroundings or she would have noted that a lot of women dress as they please. Well I guess it must be true what they say about platinum blond white girls. And you are so right regarding her dresses.
    I thought the same. When Rebekah had her prostitute comment I just thought “yeah right honey, as though your dress from the 1920s was so prude”, seriously the black dress didn’t show that much more of her flesh. Looks like she is a very old lady then, her memory paints things from the past more suitable to her wishes. Oh and she can always tell when Stefan is lying? Well maybe, if she is so observant to notice that after she knew him (from her perspective) for what, a few weeks? 🙄 Shouldn’t a person capable of that be observant enough to notice that she doesn’t have to wear a dress she doesn’t like because there is such a big collection of dresses to choose from? Or notice that Gloria is keeping something from them?
    Sometimes I wonder whether comments like that about the dress as well as the ones about Elijah being old-school and therefore trustworthy are a sort of statement along the line of “everything was better in earlier times” by the show. Sure one could say that Klaus is old-school as well but it might be that he is then portrayed as the exception rather than the rule. I think this might be further underlined by the strong romanticization of the scenes of the past in the show. All the balls and that glamour, not to mention that so far none of the vampires were from, so to say, lower classes of society. Even Pearl was among the respective women and regarding her dress surely not considered poor, despite the fact that she was “just” the owner of an apothecary.

    And you are totally right, Stefan is an awful liar.

    You know a fellow fanfiction author stated that “klaus has alot of dumb moments. so he figured out Stefan is hiding something back in mystic falls but that doesn’t count XD he’s had too many black marks in his smartness record already.”
    So true; so very true.
    I didn’t think of that last week, but why the fuck didn’t Klaus think sooner of contacting the Original witch to break the curse? Or ask Gloria for help. And didn’t Elijah state in season 2 that Klaus had witches working on a way to break the curse without the dopplegaenger for 500 years? Did none of them ever even think about contacting the Original witch?
    Really the more I think of that stuff the more I believe that the writers make this stuff up as they go, they not only don’t pay attention to timeline, but also not to the characters themselves or general consitency.
    And Klaus is smarter than everyone? Man the people in the TVD-verse must be dumb as soup. It is again that one thing is said but the opposite is shown. Maybe someday it will be revealed.

    Really would anybody here really consider Klaus smart? Especially when it is considered that he is about 1000 years old. I guess we can now be sure about that; according to his comment regarding Rebekah’s brattyness (is that even a word?).
    So now the other family members are in Chicago as well. Creeeeepyyyyy.
    I researched the names of the proven Originals so far. Klaus was called Niklaus (or Nikolaus, meaning victory of the people) if I remember correctly. Now that name is of greek origin popularized due to St. Nikolaus in the 4th century. Now Elijah (meaning my god is Jahwe) and Rebekka (meaning the captivating one, or the cow) are of Hebrew origin. Not only is their phrasing weird, for eastern Europe Nikolai would be more likely (I don’t know what the variants of the others are), I doubted that such names would have been common or even there in Eastern Europe in the 10th century. Now Eastern Europe is not a very specific term, so it’s hard to know what that was supposed to mean, especially considered the show’s lack of thinking on other historical facts. Not to mention that there are many definitions of “Eastern Europe” and at least one of the United Nations Statistics Division overlaps with one of Central Europe. Anyway, these three names probably reached the region east of Germany (which is definitely not considered part of Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War) with the advance of Christianity. Now in the 9th and 10th century Christianity reached a slavic state called Great Moravia (sporadically much earlier). According to the greater weight of scholars, its core area lay on both sides of the Morava river, the territory of today’s western Slovakia and in Moravia and Bohemia (today’s Czech Republic), but the entity may have also extended into what are today parts of Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Germany. In the 9th century it was also established as state religion in Bulgaria and while the baptism of the first ruler of the Polish state was in the 10th century, it only became the dominant religion there in the 13th century. The conversion of Hungary had been completed around the middle of the 11th century. And the area of what now is Belarus, Russia and Ukraine was successfully Christianized in the 10th century as well. Lithuania and Samogitia were ultimately Christianized from 1386 until 1417. So it is safe to assume that Russia wasn’t Christianized before these states. Christianization attempts of Eastern Europe were happening even earlier but only seemed to have been successful on a grant scale in the 10th century. So their names might at least be correct (somewhat) from the status of their source being present at the time of them being named. But still it is weird that they are called that way. If they are suddenly portrayed as older than the 10th or 9th century their names would become very unlikely for people of the time. Even more so if the other Original’s have equally Christian names. But we will see.

    “I’m pretty sure that the only difference between Ripper Stefan and Good Stefan is that Ripper Stefan uses more gel in his hair”
    You know, you have a point there. Remember how he acted back in season 1 after he had drunk human blood and what was necessary to get him back? Is it because of the “drinking Elena’s” blood in season 2 that he is so controlled now or what?
    And I guess we all knew that Stefan’s love for Rebekka would never be as “epic” as the one for Elena. Stefan still loves Elena more, not surprising, sweet, but not surprising. Anyway, that Rebekah fell so fast for Stefan makes me wonder about the nature of vampirism in this show, I mean the woman/girl is about 1000 years old. Should she have much more experience with guys? What did she do all the time? That?

    And Stefan is spilling the beans to Katherine again. He never learns as it seems. Speaking of the bitch, failing vampire senses are not a thing of the third season, it happened in season 2 as well. Do you remember that witch sneaking up on Katherine? Considered that Damon supposedly can hear somebody on another floor of the house it is very, very weird that Katherine couldn’t hear the footsteps or heartbeat of that witch. In addition Klaus and Stefan should have been able to hear Elena. But in the first minutes of this episode, seemingly Katherine’s ears were miraculously able to hear Klaus’ words, or are we to assume that she is in league with a mysterious figure in the background who gave her the info? Let’s say it is, why is that mysterious figure not simply killing or capturing Klaus then?
    And wasn’t there something of Klaus saying that Katherine would at least be suffering for 250 years? Well looks like he was a drama queen in that regard again, all hat and no cattle. As for Katherine, in season 2 Klaus said that he had hunted Katherine for 500 years (obviously not) and that she would suffer for at least half the time. At least Stefan told once how it is with Klaus. The bitch deserved it.

    “But, since he is a Salvatore, it seems genetically predetermined that whatever his plan is, it will almost undoubtedly suck royally.”
    You say it sister. And Stefan made his new plan up as he went after he remembered the whole affair of the 1920s. And all off a sudden Katherine hurt stories about a hunter? Shouldn’t someone like that be world-famous? And why didn’t she try to find that one before? I am not convinced yet that Katherine is not already in league with someone but still how can anybody really like this sort of craziness?
    The Salvatore plan will fail; I guess everybody here is sure of that. And it’s not as though Salvatore’s seem to listen to reason on average. If they should ever encounter an actually smart foe they are toast.
    And speaking of them: maybe Damon is some sort of John Wayne in this show. Wayne’s actions in those Wild West films were extremely violent but it seemed to have been regarded as the exact appropriate behavior one would have. Kinda sounds like Damon to me, no matter what he does the viewers always forgive him.

    It is probably like you said, it is because of his looks. Pah. These guys are real studs:

    Who doesn’t think that they are hot?

    Now that you mention it: Why should a vampire have good culinary skills? They don’t need that stuff and they could always compel some cook to do it for them. And the Salvatore’s don’t exactly come from a time and social class where men were supposed to cook. So when did they learn that?
    They get more and more Edward if you ask me. I kinda thought that when they had Stefan say that he climbed Mt. Everest and had a double date with Hugh Heffner but now…

    And I wouldn’t consider Elena non-judgmental, but rather a good example of repressing and ignoring what you don’t like. I think moral relativism doesn’t really cover what she does, not when regarding her actions in this and other episodes.
    And all of a sudden Elena might be breaking. After losing her parents, her aunt and some uncle who she never liked but who mysteriously became important to her (they really put too much emphasis on the whole bloodline stuff in this show no matter how destructive it gets), not to mention seeing several people getting killed or already being dead right in front of her, now she is in danger of breaking. Really, were Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy the only ones so far who had a realistic reaction towards the death of a family member? Elena really is the queen of repression as it seems, hopefully Stefan and Damon won’t start sparkling all of a sudden.

    Anna doesn’t seem to be the smartest as well. Now she is surprised that Jeremy can hear her? Did she think of that when she told him not to trust Vicky? What did she think he did? Lipreading?
    Anna’s statement about her popping up when Jeremy thinks about her sounds interesting. And him shutting Anna out makes me wonder whether we will see more dead people.
    Your big hand joke brought me an idea. 😉
    Now, that Anna can touch Jeremy makes me wonder about Jeremy’s status in general. Is he some sort of being part material and part spirit? I hope so.
    I think the burning of the books is evidence that the whole ghost stuff will be part of the Elena-Stefan-Damon story, yippie.

    Anyway, we can be sure that Anna will not stay away for long. She wants to pop up to Jeremy and he will probably think or dream about her again. That he was able to push her away might be more of a sign of him mastering the skill, so to say.
    And I think I found out why they had suddenly given Matt more screen-time even in season 2, because of the Vicky story. And because of that Anna will probably be back sooner or later.

    Damon’s comment on Liz Forbes reason for divorce makes me think that the show does at least kinda equate vampirism with homosexuality (as you probably noticed as well, actually I read in an interview that Williams equated Tyler’s werewolfism as a coming out and a reason for him not to be gay). Also his outing comment. At least Bill’ introduction seems to serve some better purpose than just torturing his daughter. Of course as a Newblood his chances of survival are slim, as we all know.
    And the sheriff’s comment makes clear that she is not accepting vampirism on principle now. Good thing to do I say.
    That Bill acquired a skill through the decades might mean that he has been active as a vampire hunter that whole time. Makes me wonder whether this Steven is a vampire hunter as well or whether he actually “exists” so to say. Furthermore if it is true we may take his stance on Caroline’s vampirism with more value, considered the stupidity of our main vamps he might know more about vampirism than any other character on the show.
    And now all of a sudden there has to be vervain in the town’s water supply. I guess we really can answer Bill’s question concerning the stupidity of Forbes-Lockwood-Salvatore alliance with a clear YES. Seriously we all probably thought that.
    And Man, the founder’s council is big all of a sudden, or is it not the secret circle of vampire slayers? Back in season 1 it was only what? Four to five people?

    I found Alaric’s and Caroline’s switches in behavior weird also, seriously all of a sudden they remember what a douche Damon is? Interestingly, they seemed to have forgotten that pretty quickly in season 2. And what did Alaric think would have happened with Damon; that he had changed so suddenly?
    Really if the writers don’t get their heads out of their asses the whole show will be as much a cliché as Dawson’s Creek. Sure the show was a huge success but no one can argue that it hadn’t become a source for a lot of stereotypes.

    Your jokes regarding the cocking scene was really funny. And who knows maybe vampires can procreate…..

    And at the first two minutes of the episode when Klaus says “the original witch” I thought ‘please no, not the same bullshit with witches as with the vampires’. And after Gloria said the same sentence and wanted that necklace (which basically is evidence for it being very powerful) I thought ‘Oh god it is the same bullshit’, she was probably more powerful than any witch alive after her. *rolleyes*
    Isn’t this archetype concept great? The first one is always the most powerful and everyone afterwards is weaker. Everybody loves such a concept. And she is probably still alive, that is so exciting.

    Not to mention that it doesn’t really go along with the whole nature stuff the witches supposedly represent. There is no evidence for the first witch being around at the time of the first vampires were created and I hope that is not what the writers have in mind. But I do remember what someone posted here about that topic so my hopes are low.

    ” Plus, as it turns out, Gloria doesn’t actually NEED Stefan to talk, because his “essence” is doing it for him. (Seriously? What kind of hippy bullsh*t is that?)”

    Totally right, why is all that stuff necessary for a little bit of mind-reading? Oh, and some metal is enough to keep such big wounds open? And man it was so predictable what her favorite was, I knew vervain was her personal favorite before she finished that sentence. And I guess I am not the only one.
    And another powerful witch … is dead. Man these witches must be dumb. She was acting against an “invincible” hybrid and didn’t have some emergency spell operating that might have protected her from Katherine?
    And man Elena can move fast can’t she? No wait, it was Katherine. 🙄
    Why is it that Bonnie hasn’t figured out a way to distinguish between the two? By the way I knew it was Katherine the moment she started to smile in the scene with Damon. And I guess Katherine must have a super hair-make-over power or something. Not to mention be extremely fast to get from the Chicago to Virginia so fast. Of course we all know Elena will only be out of danger temporarily, I think she will back in it again over the course of the next five episodes. I know that is impossible after seeing the promo, but hey a guy can dream can he?
    But anyway, what good is it to be a witch if you are just as fast dead as a baseline human? Why do they never seem to have a Plan B? Why don’t they really think ahead? I think more and more that these witches are not really “servants of nature” but rather apes with guns.

    I knew Caroline would be in Tyler’s bedroom the moment Tyler appeared on the episode and I knew about the sex. And that you would meld by the whole scene. Thankfully, for me Forwood is so cliché and uninteresting that I am totally immune to them.
    Not to mention that they were, again, thrown at each other; that makes at least five times on screen in the show isn’t it? This is really big love.

    Thankfully I was wrong in thinking that Tyler would rescue Caroline the moment Damon had her at on the table and was talking about how stronger he is.
    I can’t help it but Caroline’s ‘you are attracted to Damon’ speech made me think that the Forwood stuff was there for that reason in the current season. It would at least fit since so far we never had a storyline independent from that of the main three. What do you think?

    “Many fans were frustrated by the lack of realism (Yes, we often DO talk about realism on a show about VAMPIRES. Got a problem with that?) inherent in Baby Vamp Caroline so easily disarming Not-So-Baby Vamp Damon, who’s about a century-and-a-half her junior. From my perspective, Caroline was able to take down Damon this time for the same reason she so easily took him down, back when she first turned. Simply put: She caught Damon by surprise. And he underestimated her strength.”
    Well this wasn’t the worst case of antirealism in the show, remember the fight with the werewolves and how Rose didn’t fare any better against Jules than Caroline against Mason, despite the more than 500 years of age difference between the two vamps? The time of werewolf bites taking effect, Ray’s much longer time to resurrect and go rabid again, Stefan’s jump up the giant wheel, the failing vampire senses, the lack of heightened emotions among the werewolves and vampires, the spreading of the fake curse legends, Jeremy’s sudden behavioral change in early season 2 etc.
    And I can’t help it, didn’t John Gilbert and Jeremy came back to life much faster than Alaric? I mean not only this time. And finally Alaric gets angry about Damon killing him. Let’s all hope Jeremy catches on. And it looks like Alaric has grown some balls again. Hopefully that continues.
    If you ask me, TVD should take a page out of the Teen Wolf handbook, that show did a better job at using the supernatural side and portrayal of its characters.

    “Though I’m sure Caroline was VERY mad at Damon for chowing down on her sperm donor, I highly doubt this alone would have been enough to secure her victory.”
    It could be simply Damon’s arrogance that was his downfall, now if just the writers would be smart enough to use that in more important cases.

    • I don’t know, Andre . . . Gummy Bears can be pretty scary, sometimes. This one scared me . . .

      Happy to hear the e-mail notification glitch was fixed. WordPress can be buggy sometimes. I think I stretch the site to its limits sometimes with the amount of pictures and gifs I include. Sometimes, the images (and blocks of text) will just disappear completely from my post for no reason at all. I’ve been finding that writing the entire post first, and posting the pictures later, rather than posting them as I go, helps a bit with this problem . . .

      I agree that “Disturbing Behavior” wasn’t exactly an apt title for this episode. It implied that we would finally get to see Stefan go full on Ripper, and we did not. Sure, Damon acted out a bit in this episode, but I wouldn’t call his actions “disturbing.” “Killing” someone, he knew was going to come back to life? Drinking from someone, and then letting him LIVE? Pshhhh . . . we’ve all seen WAY worse on this show. 🙂

      I think most of us fans prefer Jeremy and Anna to Jeremy and Bonnie. Malese Jow just seems to have a lot more chemistry with Stephen R. McQueen than Katerina Graham does. Their season 1 sex scenes and hand sucking scenes were among the most erotic this show has ever seen! Is it too much to ask that they somehow bring Anna back for good? They can pair Bonnie with Matt . . .

      While I do think, Elijah’s character is well-written as an old-school gentleman with tastes and temperment from a bygone age, Rebekah actually seems like a fairly modern woman to me. And I think the dress sequence was played more for sh*ts and giggles, than to make any real commentary on the way women dressed in the 20’s, versus how they dress today. That line about the sluttiness of the dresses would have made more sense coming from one of Klaus’ relatives who he staked during say the Victorian era, or earlier, like the time of Katherine’s flashbacks (the late 1400’s). Back then, women really DID dress much more “conservatively,” in that all their skin was always covered, and their dreses always consisted of layers upon layers of fabric. But I’d actually say that women of the 20’s dressed more like we do now, than even women of the 40’s and 50’s. Some of those flapper dresses were REALLY slutty (which explains why modern-day women love wearing them as Halloween costumes)! 🙂

      Yeah, I haven’t exactly been bowled over by Klaus’ intelligence thus far, either. His Devious Plans are almost as effective as the Salvatores, which is to say NOT EFFECTIVE at all. (I’d say, of all the vampires we’ve met so far, Katherine is probably the most intelligent one . . . and this is coming from someone who LOVES Damon and Elijah, so that’s saying a lot.) Personally, I would love to meet a REALLY smart vampire on this show. Imagine one of the guys from Big Bang Theory (like Sheldon, for example) as a fanger. Not only would that be hilarious, I think he would probably end up being the Most Powerful Vampire, despite being so wimpy looking. Because obviously brute strength isn’t really cutting it anymore on this show . . .

      Someone’s been watching a lot of Native American videos on YouTube, lately! Might I ask the reason for this sudden interest? 😉

      I guess you caught my sarcasm about Damon seeming to be a CHILI expert, when he hasn’t needed to eat in over 145 years. Perhaps, he learned to cook to woo the ladies, i.e. his snacks. But honestly, if you could just use compulsion on someone to let you suck on their neck, cooking a meal for them seems like a waste of time, not to mention a waste of good food, no?

      (For the record, I never really liked chili.)

      It’s funny, I was temporarily fooled by Katherine pretending to be Elena, in that scene with Bonnie, until she disappeared and showed up on Damon’s doorstep. But remembering the scene in hindsight, I should have caught it. Katherine always makes glib sarcastic remarks, that Elena would never make. Back when she pretended to be Elena in “Know thy Enemy,” she joked about John being, “not so much dead.” This time, she told Bonnie she needed the necklace back because of the “Stefan of it all.” Katherine was clearly mocking Elena with this line, and Bonnie, being her “good buddy,” should have at least noticed a change in her demeanor . . .

      Good point about Alaric ALWAYS seeming to take longer to awaken than others who have used to ring of immortality. In the writers defense, during John’s and Jeremy’s deaths, the cameras usually cut away from them, during a commercial break, after they received the fatal wound. So, it’s possible that THOSE reawakenings took longer than they seemed to take as well. I do think we are going to find Alaric’s rings decreasing effectiveness to be more than just a coincidence, however. And as I said in some of my other comment replies. I’m officially worried about his fate on the show.

      I do think Damon’s arrogance, gets in the way of his ability to kick vampire, werewolf and witch ass sometimes. We’ve seen it before, in his dealings with the werewolves last season (remember how they got him chained to that chair), Bonnie’s repeated ability to overpower him with her headaches, and, to a lesser extent, the way Liz and Mason tricked him into drinking vervain, in order to capture him. Damon’s cockiness is one of his most oddly appealing personality traits, but sometimes it does make him less effective as a vampire.

      • André

        Actually I was referring to Disney’s Gummi bears:

        And yes we have seen far worse in regard of pain and death on this show, which makes it especially bad writing if the characters just recover from that without any signs of struggle to cope with that. The writers probably only introduced Damon’s actual character again to get some dynamic back in, not because they realized what a douchebag he actually is. He will probably be back on the Delena ship after a few episodes and all of his behavior is just for that. Or are we suddenly to believe that the writers really care for the characters they created?
        Seriously, I just don’t get it. What is so great about a guy like that? He is impulsive, arrogant, controlling, hates himself and has no real regard for others around him, his actions aren’t even surprising and not only his compulsion is sloppy. Why is such an asshole an idol of the public?
        Is it the romanticization of the bad guy?

        Maybe it is not Damon’s arrogance but the writers disregard for the background that he lost this fight. That would a reasonable argument in my eyes.

        Ok, now to a couple I can more relate to:
        I still don’t get what is so great about the hand-sucking scene but I agree that Jow and McQueen have a good chemistry on screen. In addition with them we saw actual reasons for the mutual attraction even back then when Anna wanted Jeremy as mother food. Seriously, on the show only the following combinations were actually shown with reasons for their mutual attraction (physical and/or behavioral reasons) coming from themselves: Elena/Stefan, Jeremy/Anna, Matt/Caroline, Vicky/Tyler, Jenna/Alaric.
        Apart from that we never saw something when it started, not with the current couplings. Elena’s interest in Damon was only… well it was suddenly there and that was it, unless my memory fails me. It was the same with Bonnie and Jeremy. Vicky only chose Jeremy because Tyler was too chicken to stand up to his parents. There might have been recognition of Jeremy’s character on her side but nothing strong if you ask me. Caroline and Tyler were just thrown at each other; we see nothing that provides evidence for them actually working as a couple due to themselves.
        Anything? For any of the four mentioned couples? Anything actually presented by the show that was not directly linked to some catastrophe or looming danger? Something fans did not have to come up with afterwards? Anybody can feel free to correct me, but only when the evidence/arguments meet the mentioned criteria.

        Ok, something more cheerful. Since you are such an Elijah fan, you are probably going to like this:

        Just look closely, or hear closely. 😉

        You know that Klaus is so stupid makes me more and more question what the writers are actually up to. What is all that about? The Klaus we have seen so far could have been outwitted and destroyed centuries ago. So why is he still here? And why are there no reliable records about that hunter? Like I said before someone like that should be famous. Especially since the last walking Originals obviously weren’t that picky to let others know who they are. Or will some legend or mysterious book suddenly appear? I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be that way. What do you think?

        I think Sheldon would be a good vampire. With his overall lack of conceiving basic social concepts he would be the most dangerous vampire ever.
        In addition I would have preferred William H. Macy as Klaus.
        And I still ask myself why we never see women on this show who deal with their problems via sheer violence. That’s what I liked with Pureblood and Buffy. The female vamps also used pure physical force to get what they want. Let’s face it; this passive aggressiveness of TVD female vamps is a big waste of time.
        And now that I think of Katherine: Why the heck was it so difficult for Katherine to find the moonstone? Couldn’t she just have checked out the Mayor and see whether he was a werewolf and when not kidnap him on some trip outside of town and wait until the vervain is out of his system? Or with his wife, waiting and letting her search. Or simply kidnap Tyler and forcing him to fight for his life if she needed another werewolf. She had her werewolf, knew where the doppelganger was and vampires she could have found everywhere.

        Now regarding your questions regarding my interest in Native Americans:
        Months ago I had seen the we Shall remain series but that was it for some time when it came to this topic. Then I searched for native American stereotypes on YouTube. A week or two ago this led to some comedy stand-ups like this:

        Which led to this:

        Then to this film:

        Then to this film, which led me to now reading the original book:

        And the episode “Wounded Knee”

        brought me to this, due to Sacheen Littelfeather:

        And from there to this film:

        I even saw this:

        Now you know a bit of the background. 😉

      • Tricus

        I must inject my two cents in your couple question Andre. To me I think the only potential or actual couple that had a true TV realistic (whatever that is) buildup is DE. Elena/Stefan mainly got together because Stefan was interested in her because she looked like Kat, he stalked her and fell in love with her. Elena just thought he was hot then she fell in love with the Stefan she was presented with . Matt/Caro- well he lost out on Elena and Caro just wanted him. Jeremy/Bonnie- weird. Bonnie didn’t seem interested in him that way and I don’t know where Jeremy interest came from. It was like out of the blue. Caro/Tyler – well they have been through some stuff especially with the triangle of Matt thrown in there and both beng supernaturals but still they were fast.
        Elena/Damon have soooooo many ups and downs, anger,hurt, dissapointment and then actually became friends, developed a connection, understand each other, is always telling it to each other like it is but there is still that underlying attraction and chemistry there. Truly DE is the ONLY couple that people can say was actually friends before they got together
        So I would say, IF there was no Damon killings, they would be the couple you would hope to get together and last a long time.
        But Damon is Damon. That is his blessing and curse and we have to deal with the hand he is dealt.

      • I have to agree with Tricus. Of all the relationships on the show Damon’s and Elena’s has had the most gradual and well-developed progression.

        At the start of Season 1 (say, early on in the pilot), Elena just viewed Damon as Stefan’s hot older brother, and Damon viewed Elena as a tool he could manipulate to obtain vengeance on Stefan). Then Elena began to fear Damon, and Damon began to find himself inexplicably drawn to Elena, possibly due to her resemblance to Katherine. It is possibly Damon’s recognition of his connection to Elena that compels him to offer to erase Jeremy’s memories of Vicki’s death in “Haunted.” This also marks the first time Elena begins to see some good in Damon, and wonder whether he is, in fact, as evil as Stefan has made him out to be.

        A turning point for both Damon and Elena in their relationship comes in “Bloodlines,” where Damon saves Elena’s life for the first time, and they bond during a relatively fun road trip to Georgia. After this trip, I would say that both Damon and Elena have begun to regard one another as friends. And it is also becoming clear at this point that Damon is starting to develop feelings for Elena.

        Damon and Elena have a sexual tension filled conversation in “A Few Good Men,” and cope with issues of mutual trust in “Fool Me Once.” At this point, Damon and Elena have become good friends, and a source of strength for one another. We see this in “Let the Right One in,” when Damon and Elena band together to rescue Stefan from the tomb vamps, and Damon expresses anguish and fear over potentially not being strong enough to save Elena.

        More sexual tension is evident between the two in “Under Control.” But I think Damon really falls in love with Elena, during his dance with her in “Miss Mystic Falls.” This is also the point when Elena begins to become aware of HER feelings for Damon, though she won’t admit it. More comraderie and bonding occurs between the two in “Blood Brothers,” as the pair cope with Stefan’s bloodaholicism.

        Damon’s love for Elena is brought to the forefront by Isobel, in “Isobel,” and, if I recall correctly, also alluded to by Alaric in that episode. This theme comes up again, in Damon’s speech at the end of “Founder’s Day,” and the kiss he shares with Katherine, believing she’s Elena.

        In “The Return,” Damon expresses his love for Elena, and challenges Elena’s claims that she loves only Stefan. This ultimately leads to the Jeremy Neck Snap Incident, which sours the Delena relationship for most of early season 2, until around episode 8, “Rose” where Damon expresses his love for Elena and compels her to forget it. From there, Elena begins to forgive Damon, and their friendship begins again, on her end (as she continually tries to get Damon to be a “better man”), whereas Damon clearly never stops loving her.

        By the end of Season 2, it’s pretty apparent that Elena is beginning to not only love Damon as a friend, but also have romantic feelings for him, And their relationship reaches an exciting climax when she finally admits just how much she cares about him in “As I Lay Dying.”

        And that puts us more, or less, up to present day. For more concrete examples of Damon’s and Elena’s natural progression from enemies to friends to lovers, feel free to check out my Top Ten Damon and Elena moments from Season 1:


        I also have similar articles for both halves of Season 2. However, I think the progression in Season 1, is probably the easiest to trace.

        Hopefully, that gives you some insight into my adoration for this couple. 🙂

    • babygurl

      I’ve come to the conclusion that, despite Klaus’ assertions to the contrary, Stefan’s great LOVE of Rebekah wasn’t nearly as EPIC as Klaus or Rebekah would like to think it was. After all, there’s really no love, like your first love . . . or like the love of the girl who looks just like your first love.

      had to correct you this is my show and the era bothered me its “KATHERINE” NOT REBEKAH WHOEVER THAT IS 🙂

  8. imaginarymen

    I had a lot of “issues” with this episode. For one – Bonnie is back – BOOOOO!! And her lack of chemistry w/ Jeremy is even more apparent when viewed next to his chemistry with Anna.

    For another – Elena is inducing eye rolling levels from me not seen since the days of Joey Potter. I loved the flirty chili scene and that she DID admit that she CAN’T admit that she is attracted to Damon. But frankly I cheered Damon leaving on a road trip w/ Katherine. Whatever will Elena do with out Salvatores at her beck and call to swoon, flirt, and throw each other against walls for her? ;-0

    But mostly this “Team Ripper” storyline is totally anticlimactic. They said by Ep 3 Stefan would “switch” and go full on Ripper and all I see is him faking his “alliance” and being same old Stefan trying to protect Elena. Where is all this supposed badassery? This embrace of his dark side?

    Granted, his chemistry w/ Katherine still sizzles and pops off the screen (how do the SAME two actors DO that??) and his bromance with Klaus (shopping! drinking! teasing girls! Why isn’t this its own show??) is hilariously entertaining – I don’t see any of these Dastardly Ripper Traits that Klaus has had a 80 year vampire boner for ;-00

    And agreed w/ the postings that their “epic friendship” seems awfully “eh” too. I feel like the show can’t commit to making Stefan TOO evil bc then how could they get him back w/ Elena w/o alienating fans who think he doesn’t “deserve her” anymore? (I would argue he’s done PLENTY to make sure that she can’t love him again, but it’s Kevin Williamson we’re dealing with here – so – you know … 😉

    And Klaus, man I love Klaus and they are NOT using him enough and also – WTF w/ making him suddenly dopey? He doesn’t question Gloria’s “disappearance”? He’s half wolf man and doesn’t at least *smell* Elena in Stefan’s apartment? He’s survived thousands of years sharpening his wits but in three months believes Stefan is “on board” enough to let him wander around for “fresh air” and a cell phone??

    How bad IS he anyway?? All last season we were told he was the biggest baddest vamp and now we find that – well, no he’s not. The hell??? When they do that, they lessen the buy-in from the audience by “how bad” each character is bc well, they’ll just get an even badder one coming up. Last year alone we had Katherine, no! Elijah, no! Klaus! and now, no! Michael!

    I love that Klaus drags his dead family that HE killed around with him everywhere – in fact when he opened the truck to reveal they were in Mystic Falls I laughed for about 10 minutes straight at the image of Klaus behind the wheel of his 18-wheeler long hauling Dead Originals all over the place!!

    I know they are going to “humanize” him more the way they did Damon and I know Joseph Morgan will be brilliant with it because he is really eating up this role – but frankly I hope the next ep reminds everyone in Mystic Falls that Klaus is not f’ing around and he’s smarter than all of them and Stefan has at least 9 years and 9 months left on his “deal” so he better start being as damn evil as Paul Wesley wants him to be!!

    • Whatever will Elena do with out Salvatores at her beck and call to swoon, flirt, and throw each other against walls for her?

      LOL! You always did have a spectacular way with words, Amy. 🙂

      Hmm . . based on the promo for next week’s episode, it looks like she’s not going to have to wait to long to get that back. It’s funny, back when Stefan made his Epic Agreement with Klaus, the writers and the actors gave us the impression that Stefan’s and Klaus’ storyline would remain separate from Damon’s and Elena’s, at least for the first few episodes of the season. But here we are at episode 4, and this was really the first episode in which Stefan and Elena had no interaction, at all. And then, guess what? Next week, he’s back in Mystic Falls.

      No wonder Elena never believes Stefan when he says it’s over! (Then, we were led to believe that Stefan LOVED Rebekah, but that lasted a hot minute.)

      I agree with you that Joseph Morgan is doing a great job, as Klaus, but they are making him seem a bit dim, aren’t they? And the fact that he was the biggest and baddest for all of two episodes, before someone BIGGER and BADDER was hinted at, makes him the shortest reigning badass in TVD history, I think. (Then again, if we count the time he spent as AlarKlaus, he gets a few more episodes.) Here’s hoping that next week, we find out that Klaus knew about Elena all along, and was just toying with Stefan, like a mouse toys with his prey, to see if he would crack. That would redeem him a bit in my eyes as a super villain.

      It does seem kind of inefficient, and not cost effective, to drive around in a big ole truck, and schlep around seven coffins, doesn’t it? I guess he’s really paranoid about someone finding and de-staking his relatives, before he’s ready to do so. But he’s got witches at his beck and call, doesn’t he? So, wouldn’t it make sense to keep them in one place (like say, Mystic Falls), and place a spell on them, so only he could have access? Just a thought . . .

      Oh, and “I have an 80-year vampire boner for you,” would be a spectacular phrase for a t-shirt. 🙂

  9. Anna

    Anyone else got a funny feeling that “the Hunter”, Michael, is connected to Papa Forbes. Had the thought that maybe Caroline’s Daddy has been trained to do his mind resistant voodoo by someone pretty powerful!

    Oh and that scene outside the Salvatore residence – my heart stopped for a second thinking the long awaited Delena moment had arrived – they seriously need to stop pulling a Katherine in those moments!!! ;-p

    • Oooh, I like that idea, Anna. It would certainly explain Papa Forbes’ seemingly random appearance. 🙂 I just wonder why an Original Vampire (assuming Michael is Rebekah and Elijah’s dad), would want to help a vampire hating human? I guess we will just have to wait and see! 🙂

      And I was groaning at the Katherine fakeout too, particularly given how often Elena HAS come to Damon at the end of an episode to apologize for something she has done during the hour. The writers must get such a kick out of toying with us Delena fans’ minds. 🙂

  10. As usual, a great and funny recap! ❤ And yeah, I agree with you! I wish Gloria stayed for a little longer but Katherine is so kickass so yeah, disappointment lessened. Keep up the good work! 😀

    • Aww, thanks so much, whoopeeyoo! (Awesome name, by the way!) I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap. Hey . . . speaking of Katherine, have you checked out the new webclip for next week’s episode yet? It’s VERY Katherine-y!

      Three guesses, as to what (or who) is in that trunk. I think I KNOW! 😉

      • And yeah, I love my name too! Haha! Oooohh, I haven’t seen this yet! Thanks for sharing! Mwahahaha! I’m actually a lurker here but I finally had the courage to comment because I was so entertained by your recaps, I simply must comment. Haha!

        Ugh, I can’t wait for the next ep! Why can’t I think of what’s in the trunk? HUHU Honestly, I was too focused on Damon. Haha!

  11. Brittany-Marie

    Tonight’s episode brought me to tears .
    I’m definitely beginning to lean toward being curious about a Damon/Elena relationship. Though the fact that Stefan for a while was able to literally -fight- Klaus’ compulsion … I felt like maybe there was -some- hope for my precious Stelena… I’m not really sure now though .. I mean if he’s really “gone” .. Tonight’s episode broke my heart and it’s sort of like Charlie says in New Moon .. Maybe… That you have to learn to love what’s good for you.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s recap

    • Hey Brittany-Marie! Awww, I’m so excited that you are moving toward our Team Delena! 🙂 Welcome! (Oh, and don’t worry, as Vampire Katherine says, “It’s OK to love them both.”)

      I’m super excited that the writers will FINALLY be able to really explore the Delena relationship, in earnest, now, without either party having to feel any guilt for their feelings for one another. After all, the Stefan that both of them loved is no longer available. And the sexual tension between these two has reached thermo-nuclear levels, this season. 🙂

      On a brighter note, for Stelena fans, I don’t think this incarnation of Stefan is permanent. All it takes is another Original to “de-compel” him, like Elijah or Michael (Mikael?). And there have been hints dropped all over these past two weeks episodes of characters being able to fight compulsion. (Stefan managed to SORT OF do it, this past week.) The problem now, is that he doesn’t want to fight it. He really seems like he’s enjoying himself (based on the new promos you sent me, more on them later). But, perhaps that will change over time.

  12. I’m glad I visited this recap again after seeing The Reckoning. It reminded me of how much I loved Disturbing Behavior. It answered a lot of questions (like why Mystic Falls has a public powwow every week) and tricked me numerous times. That’s Katherine? Rebekah betrayed Stefan? Gloria is an enemy of Klaus but not necessarily a friend to Klaus’s enemies? BTW, I read this recap in public for the first time. I laughed allowed but tried to cover up the photos of semi-nude Damon because I didn’t want people in the restaurant to think I was looking at porn. Now that I think about it, why did I? They probably would have enjoyed the Damon shots. Also, if you have trouble posting on my blog, but still want to post, feel free to email me, or do whatever’s easiest. I haven’t discovered the problem yet, and I don’t want you to waste your time attempting to post if the comment box is being devilish.


  13. hypakitty

    Soo as promised.. I have a much longer review considering this epi by far kicked ass even harder than the last one! I’ll go back to brief point format as not to take forever.. but here you are:

    LOL at Rebekah and her dress.. seriously.. ive seen fishnet gloves with more… net on them! She needs to get over Stefan having cock-block by her… well her not being Elena basically 😉 Saying that.. Rebekah is absolutely a character to watch out for.. she got a lot of potential to bring to the show and it would really be amazing to see if she can change or add to the current path mister multiple personalities klaus is on.. more interestingly.. as she’s an original.. I would love to see her become hybrid.. if possible.. or well.. her character.. its like Blaine from glee.. watch this space!

    How stupid is Katherine! Like seriously.. what if Klaus had seen Katherine playing hide and seek with Stefan.. too risky a move to take…

    In some ways.. well in a lot of ways if I was Elena.. I’d DEFINITELY be grossed out if my bf -(to be yes yes I know Damon is not her bf as yet.) -knew all my ancestors, saying that… that playful “tap”.. oh lar lar.. who got tapped last night 😉

    Jeremy has issues.. that’s all I am saying.. Dreaming about your dead ex.. Meh … the sexual tension Anna and he has though.. However for some reason I think Jealous Anna did the fire.. not so sure where vicki fits in to all this

    Trust Bonnie to turn up in Mystic falls when needed.. After her own experience with Emily and THAT necklace, you’d have thought she was more wary of trinkets..

    I am so mad at Rick!! Its MUCH MUCH too late for rick step in all daddyo.. he passed those rights up ages ago when.. he started brooding over useless aunt Jenna dying.

    Caroline defeating Damon was woah.. And more on her.. well as always.. Tyler and Caroline oh my GAWD 😀 I loved the sensitivity their relationship portrays.. like you said two normal hormonal teenagers.. but more than that its a mutual understanding and friendship thats cute in a ewww get a room kinda way ❤

    Bonnie talking to Katherinee.. I figured it.

    Enough on this! I got more VD to watch! mwah xx

    • Hey Hypakitty! I like Rebekah a lot too. Typically, it takes a while for a new character to grow on me. But I took to Rebekah right away. And she only gets more fun and kickass, as the season progresses.

      Boyfriend to be . . . yes, indeed, that is what Damon is to Elena. 😉 They even fight like lovers. 🙂

      Caroline and Tyler can always heat up a screen, that’s for sure. 😉

      Ooh, yeah, not cool, RIC. Not cool at all. I mean, it was just a temporary murder, after all. 🙂

      And Kat . . . she just fools everybody, with her doppelganger hijinks, doesn’t she? Poor Damon. You just know for a split second, he thought it was Elena coming to apologize. Just wait until you catch the next episode. It is INSANE! 🙂

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