A Ticking Timebomb – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Reckoning”

OK, everybody.  Raise your hands if you will NOT be beaten up, abused, or tortured during this episode . . . Yeah . . . that’s what I thought. 

Welcome back, Fangbangers!  Things have changed quite a bit since we spoke last.  You know, Matt got a haircut, Rebekah learned how to use an iPhone, and ALMOST EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW IS NOW A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON!

*takes breath*

OK . . . so, now that we’ve had a little time to decompress, what do you say, we settle in for a little Prank Night?

(As always, a big round of applause for my Super Screencapper Extraordinaire Andre, who ROCKS, RULES, and KICKS ASS, all at the same time . . . very impressive.)

Pump Some Iron (Snap Some Traps)

“Have you seen the pects on the guys in Mystic Falls?  I really need to start working out, if I ever want to get another sex scene on this show.” 

Tell me something, TVD producers?  What’s the point of having an Obligatory Workout Scene, when the guy who’s working out KEEPS HIS SHIRT ON?  I mean, we started the episode with a random close-up shot of sweaty Matt working out, and not only was he NOT shirtless, he was wearing a friggin HOODIE over his t-shirt.  REALLY?  This is a travesty of fangirl justice, seriously . . .  He was also wearing some very dorky shorts . . .

Hmm . . . I wonder if he’s going commando? 

But I digress . . .

Matt’s working out after hours at the Mystic Falls High weight room (Wait . . . these kids still go to school?) when he HEARS A NOISE.  Then, he sees a BLACK SHADOWY FIGURE run across him.  Throw in a night vision camera, and we can do our own little version of Paranormal Activity 4 – Vicki’s REVENGE.  Matt walks out alone in the dark hallway.  And if he wasn’t a series regular, I would think this was a pretty AWESOME set-up for an Opening Kill Scene . . .

“Please don’t let this ridiculous outfit be the one I end up being buried in.”

Instead, Matt opens the door to what he thinks is a deserted classroom, and . . .

“Dammit, Matt!  You set off all the mouse traps!  Now we’ll never be able to solve Mystic Falls High’s rampant rodent problem!  (Where’s bunny eater Stefan when you need him?)”

 . . . snaps a bunch of lame mousetraps on the floor.  How lamedisappointing boring HILARIOUS!

“I didn’t just walk in on some weird supernatural creature orgy, or something, did I?”

Lo and behold, our whole Scooby Gang (at least the one’s who are actually students at this school, and NOT Jeremy) is hanging out in the classroom, looking rather smug.  Caroline is PISSED though.  Matt ruined her Adorable Rat Trap Trick!  Senior Prank Night is RUINED. .  .

No, it’s really not.  But Caroline is still SHOCKED that Matt could possibly forget something SUPER important, like Senior Prank Night.

“I am so mad at you.  We are so not having sex tonight.  Oh wait . . . I forgot, I’m never having sex with you again, because I get to have mindblowing sex with Tyler every single night, for all eternity.  Oops, did I say that out loud?” 

I mean, it’s not like Matt has anything ELSE to worry about . . . like, you know, his vampire ex-girlfriend hooking up with his werewolf sort-of best friend, his Ghost Sister stalking his OTHER ex girlfriend’s little brother, whether the economic recession will impact his tips at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, thereby preventing him from being able to afford less dorky shorts . . .

“Could you please lay off the shorts.  I didn’t have time to do laundry this week.” 

Everybody begins to split up then.  You know, because, despite having been on this show for over two seasons, these folks still haven’t learned that they Star in the TV Version of a Horror Movie, and splitting up equals death . . . or, if you happen to be a series regular, certain torture by the Big Bad Villain of the Season.  Elena heads off ALONE to go glue Professor Alaric’s desk shut, which probably isn’t nearly as annoying to someone who’s DIED FIVE TIMES.

 A little glue never hurt a Chunky Monkey. 

We’re back in that long empty hallway again!  Fortunately, Elena doesn’t have to be alone for long, because Klaus is there.  Did I say “fortunately?”  I meant “OH SH*T!”

“You’ll pay for this Klaus!  If Alaric comes into school Monday morning, and his desk ISN’T glued shut, I am telling all the kids at school to put flaming dog poo in your locker.” 

“You are supposed to be dead,” says the guy who was born 1,000 years ago to the girl who recently turned 18.

(“Hello Pot . . . This is Kettle, calling.  Guess what?  YOU’RE BLACK!”)

“You just don’t DO IT for me, anymore.”


Elsewhere, on the Shortest and Most Pointless Road Trip in TVD History, Damon is driving to Some Random Destination We Never Get to See.  In the passenger seat, Katherine is making jokes about going to truck stops and eating truckers, which would probably be a lot funnier, if this wasn’t a vampire show, where such jokes are made about every ten minutes.

Plus, Katherine doesn’t really strike me as the trucker eating type.  For the record, I envision truckers tasting like gasoline, bad diner food, and public restrooms.  No offense to all those truckers out there.  But, hey, if you happen to be a trucker, who watches The Vampire Diaries, I REALLY want to meet you so that I can eat you, and see if my hypothesis is correct.


As it turns out, Katherine DOESN’T seem to really have a set destination in mind.  She simply wants to get Damon far enough from Mystic Falls that there is no chance of turning back.  Damon claims not to mind, saying that he needs a break from Mystic Falls.  “A break from Mystic Falls, or a break from Elena?”  Katherine coos seductively.

You see, I have this theory that Katherine is secretly on Team Delena, despite evidence to the contrary.  She always seems to be helping out my ship in subtle ways.  And I love her for that.  Like for example, this moment, in which Damon starts TOTALLY MAKING OUT WITH KATHERINE WHILE HE’S DRIVING, WITH NO REGARD FOR THE ROAD WHATSOEVER.  (Well, I guess, even if they get into a car accident, they won’t REALY die.  So, it kind of makes sense.)


Then Damon roughly throws a shocked Katherine back into the passenger seat, which, actually reminded me a little of THIS . . .

(I clapped then too!) 

“What did you do that for?”  She inquires, pouting.

“You just don’t do it for me, anymore,” replies Damon.

(See what I mean?  THANK YOU KATHERINE!)  Oh, and Damon, don’t worry, we ALL know who DOES IT FOR YOU, NOW!


Adventures in Sadomasochism (Starring Rebekah and Stefan)

Stefan awakens outside the school to find his boyfriend Klaus, has stormed off, after their little lover’s quarrel.  But Rebekah is there, watching him sleep, or rather, watching him un-die. 

“You snore, when you’re dead.” 

Apparently, Klaus has been repeatedly breaking his neck for sh*ts and giggles . . . or, as vampires like to call it foreplay.


“Was it as good for you, as it was for me?”

Since Stefan has been inconveniently dead up through the first commerical break, it’s up to Rebekah to fill him in on what’s happened.  Fortunately, she leaves out all the boring stuff, about Matt wearing too many clothes, and Katherine’s lame trucker jokes, and gets right to the good stuff, i.e. Klaus knows Elena’s alive and .  . .

“Believe it or not, this is actually my O face . . .” 

Stefan responds to this news by tackling Rebekah, and dry humping her on the concrete floor like a dog in heat.  (Unfortunately, there are no walls around, so a Trademark Wall Slam is not possible.)

“WHERE IS SHEEEEEE?”  Stefan yells, which causes me wonder how many times, since Season 1, the men on this show have yelled this very question, about the woman they lovvvvveeeeee, while tackling someone else.  (My guess is about 17 times.  What’s yours?)

Rebekah’s response is pretty funny, I must admit.  I actually think Rebekah might have stolen Katherine’s sense of humor, this week.   It would certainly explain the bad trucker joke.  “You still really love her, don’t you?  Consider me jealous,” remarks Rebekah, before STAKING STEFAN IN THE STOMACH.

“Do you mind if I keep this?  I have a collection of all the stakes that have been in my stomach since 1864.  It fills my entire bathroom.”

(Hmmm . . . I think Stefan has actually been staked on this show more times than he has said, “Where is SHHEEEEEE?”  I’m going to guess about 30 times.  How about you?)

Simon Klaus says hop on one leg . . . (among other things)

It’s fitting that the episode takes place on SENIOR Prank Night, because Klaus, who is by far, the most SENIOR on this show (at least, until the final moments of the episode) ends up being the one with all the best pranks.  Like this one, where he drags Elena into the gym, and tells all the rest of the seniors that they’ve been caught and have to leave.  You know who doesn’t leave, though?  Not Now Dana . . .

You guys remember, Not Now Dana, right?  In one episode she broke up Matt’s and Caroline’s not-so-epic kiss to inform Matt that there were hamburgers outside, or something else equally lame.  (Hence, the nickname.)  Then AlarKlaus compelled her to hit on Elena, on his behalf.


Klaus ALSO seems to remember Not Now Dana, which is pretty impressive when you think about it.  (I mean, when you’ve been alive for as long as Klaus has, you would think all the Not Now Dana’s of the world would start to look pretty much the same.)

Klaus compels Not Now Dana to lift her leg, and hop.  She then compels Not Now Dana’s boyfriend (who I THINK was one of the guys he compelled to jump Jeremy, back in “The Last Dance” episode.  YAY for continuity!) to beat her to death, if she lets her leg drop.  Now, this may be controversial,  but I’d have to say that this is probably the most sadistic and twisted Klaus compulsion scheme of the entire episode.  It also involves domestic violence . . . which is probably why the writers didn’t end up actually having the characters go through with it.

So, let’s ignore that whole dark aspect of it for a bit, and focus on the hilarity of Not Now Dana compulsively hopping on one foot, like a subject at a Bad Hypnotist Show . . .

Meanwhile, back on the Roadtrip that Wasn’t . . .

Excuse me . . . I think you have a hot boy in your trunk!

“At least I made Katherine pay for the gas.”

Damon randomly stops the car, and gets out on the side of the road, causing an increasingly horny frustrated Katherine to follow him.  At first, he claims he wants Katherine to drive.  But, when she goes to take the keys, he tosses them into the bushes.   Damon’s tired of driving around aimlessly, and since he’s no longer in the mood for car sex, he’s very much like to know about Katherine’s current scheme, thank you very much.

“Dammit Damon!  Now, I’m never going to learn what a trucker actually tastes like.” 

Katherine relents, and shows Damon the Infamous Magical Necklace, a.k.a the subject of about FIVE of the Sexiest Delena Moments of All Time.

(See?  Katherine  = TOTAL Delena fan.  It doesn’t get much clearer than this)

Damon, of course, aside from the fact that it immediately causes him to fantasize about and miss Elena desperately doesn’t quite understand the significance of this piece of jewelry, when it’s not around Elena’s neck.  Truth be told, Katherine doesn’t quite understand it’s significance yet, either, except to say that it’s “leverage” for bargaining with Klaus, since she knows now that he wants it.

But Katherine has an even better ace up her sleeve, and it’s currently taking a snooze in the trunk of her car.

Definitely more fun to play with than a spare tire . . . 

That’s right, boys and girls,  it’s I See Dead People Jeremy.  And like Stefan, he’s also reawakening from the dead in this episode (Hooray for magical rings.)  Admittedly, like many of the concepts in this episode (which I loved, by the way), Katherine’s reasoning for kidnapping Jeremy is a bit convoluted.  Basically, Katherine learned from Bonnie, back when she was pretending to be Elena, that Jeremy talks to his dead girlfriends.  One of those girlfriends, is Anna.  And, apparently, Anna knows, based on her mother’s conversations with the Original Witch, the key to killing Klaus.

Though Anna is initially hesitant to give up the goods, Damon convinces her, with a little Jeremy strong-arming.


As many of us, have probably already figured out, the key to killing Klaus is a PERSON.  His name is Michael.  And he’s that vampire hunter /  ACTUAL vampire Klaus and Rebekah have been soiling their panties about, for the past few episodes.

Now, under normal circumstances, Damon would be doing the Happy Dance, upon hearing such news.  But he has more important things to worry about.  Like the text from Bonnie he just got, claiming that Elena is in trouble.   It’s SUPERMAN to the rescue! 🙂

“Hold tight, Lover.  Because HERE I COME!” 

My second favorite line of the episode appears here.  It happens when Katherine chastizes Damon for running off to save Elena, again.  “The Damon I know wouldn’t be that stupid.”

“That’s because I wouldn’t have done it for you,” replies Damon before rushing off.


Wow, the fact that Damon said that is a HUGE DEAL.  Remember, Damon pined over Katherine for 145 YEARS.  And here he is saying that he didn’t love her enough to make the sacrifices he is prepared to make for Elena’s safety.  Please excuse me, while I have a MAJOR Delena fangirl moment . . .

While Damon’s busy flying to his lover’s side (I bet he’s REALLY wishing he had those “turn into a crow” powers from the Pilot now), let’s head back to school, shall we?

For a Good Time, Call . . .

Bonnie and Matt are toilet papering the pool area, and wondering when their Normal Teenage Lives got so screwed up.  (Oh, I’d say about two seasons, and five epsiodes ago.)

“Hey Matt, I can make my nose bleed on cue.  Wanna see?” 

Did I mention that these two are kind of flirty with one another?  I’m ready to go on the record, and say that I hope Bonnie and Matt become a couple.  Now, this is not necessarily because I think they are so hot together.  (Though they DO have more chemistry than Bonnie has with Jeremy, and Matt has with Caroline, for sure.)  It would just be a nice, relatively non-confrontational, way to get Matt away from Caroline, and the Wicked Witch of the Cockblock to stop preventing Jeremy from having Hot Ghost Sex with Anna .  . .

Anywhoo, Bonnie and Matt promise to meet one another and toilet paper the gym.  (DON’T GO TO THE GYM!  STAY AWAY FROM THE GYM!)  But Matt has to jerk off pee / get more toilet paper first.  When he does, he sees, among other things, the message “R.I.P. Vicki Donovan” written on the bathroom stall . . .

. . . a “touching” and appropriate memorial to a girl who undoubtedly had sex with many, many horny high schoolers in that very same stall . . .  (I wonder if the guy who undoubtedly wrote, “For a Good Time Call, Vicki Donovan,” in the adjoining stall, crossed it out, after she died, so as not to confuse other potty patrons.)

“Ummm . . . Matt.  You forgot to wash your hands.  Now, that’s just gross.”

As Matt leaves the stall, Vicki follows him out and calls out after him. (See, I told you she spent a lot of time in there!  Ghosts tend to haunt the places they spent the most time, while they were alive. ;))   But alas, he cannot hear her .  . . yet.

The Obedient and The Damned

I will not think X rated thoughts about this screencap . . . I will not think X rated thoughts about this screencap . . . I will not think . . .



We move from implied future Delena moments, to ACTUAL Forwood ones.  Tyler and Caroline are up against a wall in that increasingly dangerous hallway, having a fabulous makeout session.  But then, Caroline feels the need to MAJORLY harsh on all of our buzzes, by mentioning, Matt, of all people.  She hopes Matt will be OK, now that all his friends are (1) part of a Supernatural Scooby Gang that fights evil every week; and (2) all seem to be dating one another.

Tyler thinks Caroline has a great big undead heart.  And Caroline just wants everyone to be happy.  Tyler reassures her that he is happy . . . IN HIS PANTS!


Last week, our opportunity for Forwood sex was rudely interrupted by Cockblock Elena, and her annoying insistence that Caroline save her Evil Dad.

“Are you just going to stand there, and watch?  Or would you like to join in?  Because Caroline may look like all prim and proper, but she can be SUPER FREAKY, if you catch my drift . . .” 

 This week, Elena apparently handed the cockblocking torch over to Rebekah, a.k.a “The New Girl,”  she proves just how strong she is, by knocking out Baby Vamp and Teen Wolf, in one swift movement (which happens off camera, unfortunately).

“I’d actually like to join in, if you don’t mind.” 

“REALLY!  That’s awesome . . . wait . . . why are you biting my neck so hard .  . . uh oh.”

 She then drags Tyler into the gym, where the rest of the Scooby Gang, sans Caroline (along with Not Now Dana and her boyfriend), are already conveniently waiting . . .

It’s probably a good thing Caroline isn’t around, right now.  (She’s busy being unconscious in the Dangerous Hallway.)  Because lord knows, she would certainly not enjoy what Klaus does next.   After force feeding the Teen Wolf his blood, Klaus snaps Tyler’s neck, killing him softly . . . and temporarily.

“Sorry Stefan, I have a new lover now.” 

“And he’s VERY cuddly.”

But, unlike a lot of the other death’s on this show, Tyler’s has a purpose.

Klaus explains to Bonnie that Tyler is now in transition to become a hybrid / were-vamp.  And we all know what happened to the OTHER hybrids, back in episode 2, right?

So yeah, pretty much, if Bonnie doesn’t figure how to get Tyler to NOT turn into a were-zombie, and eventually die, Klaus will kill Elena.  Bonnie has twenty minutes to figure this out, and she takes Matt with her.  I smell some nosebleeds in our future . . .

By the way, did anyone notice how quickly Mr. I Can’t Date Vampires, and Just Want to be Normal Matt adjusted to being a cast member on this show, in the past couple of episodes?  I mean, the guy just saw some random dude KILL his friend.  (Because, correct me if I’m wrong, no one actually had the chance to tell Matt about Klaus prior to this, right?) And he barely flinched.

“OK .  . . who’s up for some dodgeball?” 

I guess this makes him an honorary Scooby Gang member?  If they keep this up, it’s going to get to the point soon, where there are so many of them, that they won’t fit in Damon’s living room, for their weekly Kill Klaus meetings . . .

Meanwhile, Stefan has just de-staked himself, so he can join his pals in the gym.

“I’m getting too old for this sh*t.” 

With his tail between his legs, Stefan grovels to his boyfriend Klaus, wondering out loud how he could possibly make this up to him.  (Might I suggest a blow job?) Stefan then continues to prove to everyone what an AWFUL liar he is, by claiming that he doesn’t care about Elena.  So, Klaus tests this theory by WHACKING THE CRAP OUT OF HER.

(Remember what I said before about TVD opting not to go for the “domestic violence” route?  I guess I sort of have to take that back.)

“Ripper Stefan, may I have this dance?” 

When Stefan attacks Klaus, as Klaus (and the rest of us) knew that he would, Klaus takes the opportunity to get up close and personal with him, and compel his ass.  Stefan is instructed by Klaus’ big eyeballs (I love how they always zoom in on the eyes, during compulsion scenes . . . It’s SO HOT) to obey his every command without question.  Clever . . . but a bit late, if I do say so myself.

“I’m doing my best, DAMMIT!” 

Klaus justifies his NOT doing this three months ago, by saying that he simply hoped for Stefan’s loyalty.  My goodness, Klaus is just as naive as ELENA,  sometimes!  I mean, come on, did this  Hybrid Dick REALLY think that Stefan would still want to be his best buddy, on his own free will, after he KILLED HIS GIRLFRIEND, and her AUNT, and FORCED HIM to be his b*tch for ten years?  Klaus has officially become the super villain equivalent of those folks in the early audition rounds of American Idol who STILL believe they are genuinely talented, despite having singing voices that make William Hung sound like Bruno Mars . . .

So, remember Not Now Dana and her boyfriend, who Klaus compelled to play the longest game of Simon Says, ever?  Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because Klaus gave them a reprieve that allowed Dana to sit down, without her boyfriend murdering her (not exactly sure how that worked, by the way, since Klaus never got close enough to un-compel them).  Oh, wait, I lied, Obedient Stefan is going to kill BOTH OF THEM, because Klaus has just made him the best Simon Says player on the planet.

Farewell, Not Now Dana, may you find many unworthy couples to cockblock in Heaven . . .

iFind the Necklace

Over in the Dangerous Hallway, Caroline awakens to find Rebekah playing with her iPhone, which she has figured out how to use, surprisingly quickly, considering that, back in the 1920’s telephones were roughly the equivalent, of aluminum cans connected by copper wires.  “Where’s Tyler?” Caroline wonders groggily.

“This Angry Birds game is really addictive.” 

“He’s dead . . . ish,” replies Rebekah.  (See, VERY funny!)

While Rebekah is searching through Caroline’s pictures, she comes across one of Stefan and Elena, and pouts like a rejected candidate on The Bachelor.  She tries to delete the picture, but actually ends up zooming in on . . . you guessed it, the Magical Phantom Necklace.

Little Tattletale Rebekah, rushes in and attacks Elena.  “She has my necklace . . . make her tell me where it is,” she whines to Klaus.

Elena explains that Katherine has stolen it.  But, of course, all Klaus here’s is that Boyfriend Stefan lied to him AGAIN about not knowing where the necklace was.  And now for Klaus’ BIGGEST PRANK OF ALL . . . which, most of us, already knew would happen, based on viewing the promo Klaus sets the basketball time clock to 20 minutes.  He then compels Stefan to feed on Elena, when the clock runs down to zero, knowing full well that once he starts, he won’t be able to stop.


Let’s check in on Team Useless, shall we?

Anyone up for a swim?

Despite knowing how INCREDIBLY limited her time is, Bonnie decides to LEAVE THE SCHOOL and drive to I See Dead People Jeremy’s house, since she needs him to contact the Original Witch.  Bad Boyfriend Jeremy is apparently too busy hanging out in the trunks of cars to answer his girlfriend’s text messages!  (How dare he?)

NAUGHTY BOY!  You will be punished! 

Matt heads back to the weight room . . . because this whole Everyone is Being Held Hostage by Klaus thing, has TOTALLY interfered with his workout.  There, he finds a Hansel and Gretel type trail of his clothing (Seriously, this guy must wear like 80 layers of clothes!), which leads him all  the way back to the pool area.

“Hey, who’s bra is this?” 

Matt’s car keys are at the bottom of the pool.   So, he starts to strip down to go get them.  (NOW, we’re talking!)

But then Vicki starts text messaging him, about being able to “help.”

“I’ve always wondered what type of text messaging plans they get in Purgatory. ” 

Now, I don’t know if Matt’s “Big Idea on How to Talk to his Dead Sister / Save the World” came from HIM, or from Vicki.  But, wherever it came from, it was INCREDIBLY STUPID.   Matt reasons that if Jeremy can talk to dead people, because he died and came back to life, if MATT dies, he can talk to dead people too.  So, Matt calls Bonnie who’s lord knows where, and tells him to come save her life with her not-so-magical CPR lessons.

“Can you hear me now?  Well, you won’t hear me when I’m dead.  Then again . . . maybe you will.” 

Then he ties a weight to his stomach, and jumps into the pool (fully clothed, unfortunately) to drown himself . . .

“The kid’s got spunk.” 

Wait . . . HOLD UP.  Isn’t the reason Jeremy sees dead people the fact that he ACTUALLY died, and was brought back by magic?  Are we supposed to believe that Matt will be able to talk to dead people, simply because he passed out underwater?  Wouldn’t that mean that EVERYONE who almost drowns, and is revived by CPR should be talking to the dead?  Just sayin . . .

Anywhoo, Bonnie DOES conveniently make it to the pool in time to drag Matt out, and start tongue kissing administering CPR on him.

“Damn you, for making me mess up my hair, like this, Matt.” 

While she sucks his face, Matt DOES have a quick “In the Afterlife” chat with Vicki, during which she passes IMPORTANT INFORMATION on to Bonnie about the Hybrid Spell Thingy.   And don’t ask me how she knows this information .  . . since I thought only Anna knew.  But . . . whatever . . .

” .  . . so that’s what happens at the end of Sixth Sense.  Would you like me to spoil any other movies for you?”

Back in the gym, the Bite THAT Doppelganger gameshow is still going on, and our contestant Stefan is getting a bit restless . . .

Time’s UP!

We are now down to six minutes on the time clock.  So, of course, it is time for Elena to monologue annoyingly to Stefan about how he can BEAT this.  Elena remembers how Caroline’s dad somehow resisted compulsion.  She thinks that Stefan can do this too, if he just FOCUSES ON HIS GREAT LOVE FOR HER.  (And if the audience just believes in fairies and claps their hands really har, Tinkerbell will come back to life!)

“You mess with my fairytale, I’ll kick your butt!” 

Then, Elena tells him that he OWES it to her, just to snack on her blood, and not be such a PIG about it, which I guess is true . . . Though, given the fact that Stefan has saved Elena’s life about 25 times by now, one could just as easily argue that they are about even.  And he owes her nothing.

Whether or not his moral debts to Elena are actually paid, Stefan thinks Elena’s Speech is a Big Ole Crock of Sh*t, and tells her as much.  “I can’t help what I am,” he says, echoing Damon’s words to her from last week.  “The more blood I get the more I want.  And if I get so much as near yours, you are dead.”

How’s that for a Hallmark Card statement?  Romantic, right?

“If you don’t stop with these inspirational speeches, I’ll eat you, just to shut you up!”

Meanwhile, Tyler awakens next to Caroline, and learns that he is a hybrid in transition, who may or may not turn into a were zombie and die soon.  I notice that he isn’t acting nearly as weird or sick, as the were zombies from The Hybrid.  But that’s OK, I guess.

“Why do I feel like death?” 

Now, here’s the bugs me a little bit.  When Bonnie rushes in to tell Klaus that the Original Witch confirmed, through Vicki that the Doppelganger needs to be dead for Klaus to be able to make hybrids.   Though, I suspect this is what Klaus thought ALL ALONG.  Now, suddenly he has another idea on how to save his hybrid army . . .

During this time, the time clock runs down to zero, and Stefan rushes toward Elena to eat her.  To his credit, he DOES seem capable of fighting the compulsion a little bit, by grabbing on to walls and stuff, to slow himself down, and give Elena a chance to get away.  But he soon finds that Elena runs much too slow, even for this.

“Come on, Elena.  My Grandma runs faster than you.” 

So, Stefan decides to stake himself . . . again . . .

Klaus intervenes, and him and Stefan fight again, which, of course, gives Klaus the opportunity to correct his compulsion.  This time, he compels Stefan to TURN OFF HIS HUMANITY.


“Hey Stefan, have you ever had sex with an Original Werevamp?  Would you like to?  I’ll take that as a yes.”

Even as a staunch Delena fan, I must admit, I found this quite tragic, as Stefan pleaded with Klaus not to do this to him, knowing precisely what it would entail.  And then, after it happened seeing Stefan staring vacantly into space, against the wall, was pretty darn creepy.

“I fixed him,” Klaus tells a heartbroken Elena, gleefully.

“You must be a Delena fan too.” 

Klaus then, once again, compels Stefan to eat Elena.  This time, Stefan rushes toward his victim, without staking himself, or bumping into walls.  So, in that sense, Klaus is correct about fixing him . . .

Someone needs a little Visine . . . 

In the following scene, we see Klaus offering a supposedly dying Tyler a vial of an apparently, still alive, Elena’s blood.

“Mmm . . . Elena tastes a bit like tequila.” 

Apparently, Klaus has magically figured out that the Original Witch has been pulling his leg all along.  Contrary to what he originally thought, he NEVER needed to KILL the Petrova Doppelganger to become a hybrid.   On the contrary, it is the Doppelganger’s blood that completes the transition from werewolf to were-zombie to were-vamp.

Werevamp Tyler looks a little like the boy from The Grudge .  . . 

Apparently, the Original Witch lied to Klaus, figuring that even if he succeeded in turning hybrid, which he did, if he KILLED the Doppelganger, he would never be able to build his Hybrid Dick Harem.  Tyler hesistates for all of about two seconds, before downing his friends blood.  The blood then starts leaking out of his mouth, and doing gross things.  But that’s OK, because then Tyler sort-of/ kind of shifts into his FIRST were vamp minion.  And Klaus is VERY, VERY pleased . . .

The Aftermath

Caroline and Tyler leave the school, seeming oddly happy, considering all that just went down right in front of their noses.  Tyler claims he feels better and stronger than ever.  And to prove it, he lifts Caroline up in the air, like she weighs nothing at all, which, always makes a girl feel awesome.  “This is going to be a GREAT YEAR,” Tyler whispers lovingly to Caroline.  Famous last words, Tyler.  Considering your officially Klaus’ bitch now, something tells me your year is going to SUCK, literally . . .

But hey, at least now, you and Caroline can be eternal life partners now!  And if you thought werewolf/vampire sex was good, you can imagine just how AMAZING vampire / hybrid sex will be!  (See, it always pays to look on the bright side of things!)

Elsewhere, Bonnie chastizes Matt for killing himself on the rare chance that he might be able to commune with the dead.  She reminds her buddy that he had the perfect opportunity to lead a normal life, and he pretty much just flushed it down the toilet.  Matt agrees, but, honestly, doesn’t seem all that torn up about the death of his so-called innocence.  He requests some time alone, to say goodbye to Vicki.  And this time, when she appears, he actually sees her.

“Now that you see me, would you mind calling Damon, and telling him I’d very much like to dance with him again?” 

(I’d say, YAY, to this, if I didn’t remember Anna saying that Vicki is evil now . . .  Sorry Matt, maybe next time you’ll think twice about stapping weights to your body, when you want to go for a swim . . .)

I’m sure you all are wondering how Elena’s doing, right?  Now that Ripper Stefan 3.0 (Now EMOTION FREE!) has dined on her neck . . .

We find Elena in a hospital bed.  (Phew!)  Unfortunately, the nurse caring for her has been compelled to take MORE blood from Elena, not put blood back, so that Klaus can use it for his were-vamp army!

Cue Damon’s arrival . . . FINALLY!  Our hero (who admittedly didn’t get to do much heroing this week), meets up with Klaus, and the two rape eachother, for a few seconds, which I have come to believe is their equivalent of a Secret Handshake.  Damon gets Klaus to stop raping him, by telling him that Big Bad Vampire Hunter Michael is back, so you better run.

And run, is exactly what Klaus and Rebekah plan to do.  After all, now that they have enough Doppelganger blood to convert a few werewolves into playmates for Klaus.  There’s plenty of fun to be had, outside Mystic Falls.  Rebekah inquires whether Klaus is really just doing all this hybrid-making stuff, so that he doesn’t have to be alone.  And Klaus actually gets a little weepy.


*sniffle sniffle*

Really?  I’ll give you a hint, Klaus, if you want to make more friends, you might start by not TRYING TO KILL THREE-QUARTERS OF THE PEOPLE YOU MEET.   Most people don’t really like that . . .


Sorry, Buddy.  It had to be said . . .

Damon then finds Elena at the hospital, and looks at her with a mixture of adoration, guilt and concern.

Then, in a perfect parallel to Damon’s rescue of Elena following The Sacrifice . . .


 .  . . the Elder Salvatore Brother lifts her up and carries her out of the hospital back to his bedroom La Casa de Rich and Awesome, where she can remain safe in his warm muscular arms.  *sigh*


“I promise you, I will never leave you again.”


In his living room, Damon offers Elena some bourbon, and a part of me is secretly hoping that he’s doing it to get her wasted, so that he can have his way with her.

But no, this is GOOD Damon, we are talking about here.  Want an example of just how GOOD Damon is to Elena?  He offers to take her memories away, so she doesn’t have to be traumatized by the memories of her boyfriend going all Hannibal Lecter on her neck.

Some thoughts on this . . .  On one hand, this is a HUGELY unselfish, self-sacrificing gesture on Damon’s part.  After all, if he did it, Elena would undoubtedly, still remember Stefan as the boyfriend he once was, and pine after him, annoyingly, for the rest of the season.  This would obviously SERIOUSLY hinder Damon’s efforts at getting laid, among other things.

It also shows a shift in Damon’s ideas about what responsibility he has toward Elena.  Remember, back after “The Last Dance,” when Damon and Stefan argued over Damon’s decision not to tell Elena that Bonnie wasn’t really dead.  Then, Damon reasoned that breaking Elena’s heart, and potentially traumatizing her, was OK, as long as it ultimately kept her alive.

Damon’s removal of Elena’s memory would NOT be necessary to keep her alive.  (More on this, in a bit)  But it would be necessary to keep her happy.  Thus, showing that Damon’s love for Elena has grown to such an extent that he now, not only wants to keep her safe, but to keep her happy as well.

While completely romantic, this is troubling in its own way.  After all, if Elena’s memory of this episode was erased, she would undoubtedly head off on some crazy suicide mission to find Stefan again, which, would send her right into Klaus’ clutches, which, now we know, WOULDN’T immediately kill her, but it would pretty much assure her a life of slavery, and an eventual death by blood draining.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about this too much, because Elena refused to forget.  “I need to remember all of it,” Elena says staunchly.


Then Damon gives Elena back her necklace, as he seems to do, just about every other episode now.  (Seriously, girlfriend, put that thing in a security locker, or something. :))  To be honest, I was disappointed he didn’t physically put it on her neck, this time.  But what we ended up getting was much better . . .

“He’s really gone, this time,” Elena says sadly.  “I saw it happen.  After everything we went through to save him, he’s just gone.”

Then Elena looks up at Damon with her big doe eyes, and asks, in a voice filled with vulnerabililty, and childlike insistence, “Where were you, Damon?”


Damon then moves close to Elena, looks straight into her eyes, and clasps both her hands.  He then speaks to her, his voice trembling with guilt, devotion, and, above all love, “I shouldn’t have left.  I promise you.  I will never leave you again.”

Elena smiles.  And then they make sweet, sweet love on the Salvatore Floor . . .

Or at least they WOULD HAVE, if EVIL Stefan didn’t come to Cockblock.  “Well, well, well, isn’t this cozy?”  He says meanly.  (Though, honestly, he’s never looked hotter.)


Apparently, Klaus has sent Stefan to keep his eye on his human blood bank, and her new lover.  Well . . . THAT’S certainly going to make things awkward . . .

Rise, Darth Vader Michael the Vampire Hunter

Elsewhere, Jeremy and Katherine (now there’s a pairing you don’t see everyday) come upon a church where Anna says Michael is buried.

Inside, there is a single tomb.  Katherine opens it, and sees and old dead dude, bound by heavy chains.  His eyes open abruptly.  The Vampire Hunter has officially returned .  . .

Peekaboo!  (I see you!) 

Next week’s installment, promises lots of RIPPING from Ripper Stefan, along with some sexually tense training in Vampire Fighting 101 between Damon and Elena *claps madly.*


Oh, and Alaric’s back . . . Elena never did get the chance to glue his desk shut, did she?  Pity .  . .

You can check out the various promos for the episode, here:

Now, it’s your turn.  Sound off on all the crazy twists and turns of “The Reckoning” :  Emotion Free Stefan, Soon-to-be Less Lonely Klaus, Hybrid Tyler, Ghost Whisperer Matt, Wants-Badly-to-Have-Sex-with-Damon-Elena ;), and most importantly, MICHAEL.  Feel free to use the comment section, to BITE into all the juicy elements of this episode.  And remember, Ripper Stefan will be watching . . .

Until next time . . .

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28 responses to “A Ticking Timebomb – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Reckoning”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Great episode.

    Very hilarious beginning, they prank the school, how is that a tradition?

    Look at Rebekah cockblocking baby vampire Caroline and her wolf lover. I found it quite funny how a person who became a vampire over a thousand years ago didn´t have cellphones or twitter in the Dark Ages could learn to use something so quickly but then again when you live forever you have to learn a lot to survive in each era you live in.

    I knew Damon wasn´t going to bang Katherine it was just to see if she felt right but she didn´t anymore maybe its her human doppleganger. But oh well. So she napped Jeremy, super funny. So this Michael is a vampire and a vampire hunter, he can´t be a regular vampire if Klaus is afraid of him even after he became a hybrid.

    Tyler a hybrid hmmm…will be strong but won´t be as much a threat as Klaus who was an Original with a thousand years of power and then a hybrid. I think Tyler might be in danger a character that powerful? The witches have to create balance maybe they create a hybrid weakness maybe an herb like vervain and wolfsbane. He sure sounds happy too happy and when he says great year well I believe it will be a supernaturally charged year with plenty of bloodshed.

    Dang, here I thought only dudes brought back by magic could see ghosts oh well…

    The Original Witch let´s get to her. I think Klaus and her had a thing 1,000 years ago from the body language and dialogue between Klaus and his baby sister.

    Quick question you´re TB/TVD crossover story on FF.NET the TVD vampires are only 1000 years old but the TB are much older 2,000-3,000 years old but nowhere near originals. Will you retcon it?

    But getting back to this its so tragic and heartwrenching how Klaus takes away his humanity.

    I liked the Delena hospital scene and the house scene though how Stefan came in looking all badass like he´s going take names and drink blood. Quite a turnaround from Season 1 where Damon was the emotionless evil vampire and now look the roles have turned.

    Quite funny, Damon teaching Elena how to defend herself with stakes and her lifting weights. But Stefan is a vampire and these vampires have super strength and faster reflexes. Something tells me that napping Ripper Stefan will not go as planned.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I kind of love the idea of Senior Prank Night. What a cool way to bond as a class! I wish my high school had it. (We just had Senior Cut Day.)

      Good point about Rebekah. I mean, she learned how to use the clock, the timer, the photo feature, AND the zoom feature on the iPhone, in a matter of minutes. Color me impressed. At this rate, by next week, she will be programming Klaus’ DVR. 🙂

      YES! Katherine was DE-NIED! 🙂 I LOVE that Damon has, once again, become a one-girl guy. It took him 145 years, but he is finally TRULY over Katherine (and TRULY under Elena ;)). Maybe Kat can hook up with Stefan now that he seems both emotion free, and incredibly horny, at least, according to the Canadian promo.

      I do wonder what sort of extra special supernatural powers Vampire Hunters have that render them capable of killing Originals. I guess this makes Michael (Mikael) a sort of hybrid as well. I’ve also read that we are about to be introduced to a witch/vampire hybrid, so that should be fun as well.

      YES! Thank you! You agree with me on Matt. That was just weird. I’m actually going to address that a bit further in response to another comment I received. So, keep a look out.

      The only possible explanation I could think of is that Matt is now OPEN to seeing Vicki, whereas he wasn’t before. Perhaps, you don’t have to die at all to be able to see ghosts, you just have to believe in them (at least in TVD world).

      Great point about Klaus having a relationship with the Original Witch. Here’s a thought, what if Charlotte Petrova WAS the Original Witch, and she created the Doppelgangers in her own image, when she enacted the spell. It would certainly explain Rebekah’s comment that the Original Doppelganger (and his brother’s ex-girlfriend) was prettier.

      Oh, gosh. I’ll be lucky if I’m ever actually able to FINISH “Have Blood, Will Travel!, let alone retcon it. 🙂

      I do like the idea of Damon and Elena “exercising together,” because exercising can get really steamy, when it’s with the right person. And since, Stefan can’t let Elena DIE, because Klaus needs her alive, so that he can continue to use her blood, the plan they enacted in the promo with Elena jumping to her “death” and then staking him when he caught her, was actually fairly ingenious, especially considering how “plan challenged” Damon and Elena tend to be. But you are right, I suspect it won’t work. 🙂

  2. serendipity

    Great recap as always, Jules! Reading and cracking up (slightly uncomfortable, because I am at the office… LOL). I just saw the mail come through, and I couldn’t resist 😉

    Okay… Well, I guess now Ripper Stefan (3.0 LOL) is finally going to be bad? He’s kind of sexy, all bad-ass like that, huh? Me likey…:D I seem to love writing him like that too (if you catch my drift). Broody Stefan just doesn’t do it for me (haha)… If it goes on like this, we might have to switch teams (stelena anyone? 😉 )…

    And so I guess Stefan will only return to his normal broody self if (when?) Klaus dies (or uncompells him, but I don’t think there’s much chance of that). Or maybe he can be un-compelled by another Original? Come on, guys, de-stake Elijah already! I miss that dry voice and those wavy locks… Or maybe Michael can give it a shot? Provided he’s willing to side with the scooby gang. Normally, the saying goes that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, so that should be a given… but you never know with this show… Because even as I was thinking that at least Elena has a life insurance policy now that Klaus will want to keep her alive to sire more hybrids… that selfsame fact means that maybe Michael will now want to kill her: no doppelganger, no hybrids, just like the original witch intended… Maybe de-staking him wasn’t all that smart…

    But at least they found out that Doppelganger blood was good for something… Remember when we thought the blood of the Doppelganger might be the cure to heal the werewolf bite? Well, it didn’t do that, but it apparently does heal the bite of the Original Hybrid… as Tyler found out. It’s never really exciting when they (try to) kill off to a show regular, huh? The only thing one wonders is HOW they will solve it, but never IF they will. It’s pretty much a given that these main characters will stay alive – sorry, around (well, apart from Jenna apparently – somebody else besides you must have thought she was pretty useless…:) )

    Now I do wonder if Tyler, being a vampire-werewolf hybrid and all, is still lethal to other vampires? Like, if he bites Caroline, would she then die? Or does the whole hybrid thing cancel that out too?

    Our newest team bad-ass didn’t last long, huh? But I did like their cosy car-scene, which immediately reminded me of the bedroom scene in the Houseguest too (just like you 🙂 )… Oh, yeah, Katherine, Damon is SO over you 😉 Quite sexy though, with him just driving like it was nothing special that he couldn’t see the road…

    Speaking of sexy… Matt… I don’t know. Does he have a clause in his contract that says he gets to keep his clothes on? Always, even if it’s weird? WTH? Gratuitous nakedness (the bare-chested version at least, more’s the pity) is part of what makes this show interesting, as Damon and Tyler seem to have understood all along, as well as Stefan and Jeremy to some extent… I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Matt… And he does kind of stupid things: whoever figured that jumping in the pool like that (again, wearing way too much clothes) would make it possible for him to see ghosts? At least Jeremy actually DIED…

    And hey, there it is: Damon is giving Elena her necklace back, yet again… I too was hoping she would ask him to put it back on her… that is, until I remembered last week’s episode. Damon asked her why she was wearing it if not to pine after Stefan, as a link to the love of her life? What if she’s now refusing to put it back on to make a statement? She’s NOT wearing it in the promo’s… as in, hey, trinkets from boyfriends past get shoved into the back of my drawer! Come get me, tiger! I wonder if Damon will pick up on that… though admittedly, getting it on would be kind of awkward with Stefan in the house… even if, after flipping the switch, he couldn’t care less (“carry on!” – I loved that! He REALLY doesn’t care anymore, does he?)

    And on repeaters in this show… Damon is also carrying her around a lot; I can’t remember Stefan ever doing that (or else I just blocked it LOL)… He does it at least once every season (after the car crash, right before the Georgia trip in season 1, after Elena’s death-by-Klaus in season 2, and now yet again, carrying her out of the hospital). I hope that doesn’t mean we’ve had it for this season… there’s something very romantic about that (yes, I can still melt about that…)

    And so yet again, they have me very curious for what will happen next week… Delena work-out – yum; Ripper Stefan 3.0 – yum again… I just hope those two will not prove to be mutually exclusive, as the presence of ripper Stefan might just cockblock any and all Delena-action…

    On a final note, sorry for not replying to your lovely reviews yet… I will definitely be doing that tomorrow… * puppy dog look begging for forgiveness *

    • Hey Serendipity! Awww, I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap (and, I’m sorry, I embarrassed you at work). 😉

      There was something pretty sexy about Ripper Stefan 3.0 in those final moments (and the promos), wasn’t there? The Cocky Ripper Douche has returned! Nu-Stefan’s mannerisms, swagger, cocky remarks, his slutting around with the ladies in La Casa de Rich and Awesome, his wall-slamming (locker slamming) of Alaric, it was all so . . . PILOT EPISODE DAMON! 🙂 (But I could never, EVER abandon my SHIP, especially not when things are starting to get all hot and steamy in there ;))

      You bring up an excellent point about Mikael possibly wanting Elena dead, to prevent Klaus from making his hybrids. This could actually make for an interesting situation, in which, eventually, Klaus and Rebekah are on the SCOOBY GANG’S side, since they now want to keep Elena alive, more than anything (well, at least Klaus does). Then again, if I was Mikael, a Big Bad Vampire Hunter, I would be much more interested in murdering an Original . . . THE ORIGINAL . . . than in murdering a human doppelganger. Where’s the challenge in that? 😉

      Either way, you are right. KATHERINE, in particular, should have thought twice before unstaking a vampire hunter, shouldn’t she? Of course, she does have . . . leverage. 🙂

      Yeah, the whole Matt thing was weird, on so many levels . . . the clothing being one of them. I mean, I know he had to weigh himself down to keep himself underwater, but that’s what the BIG FAT WEIGHT was for! Did he really think the added t-shirt was what cinched the deal? Maybe he was shy about Bonnie having to fondle him, during the rescue, if he was shirtless? Actually, that would have been kind of hot . . . MISSED OPPORTUNITY TVD!

      You bring up an excellent point about the necklace. Elena purposely DIDN’T put it on. And Damon laid it on the counter, instead of offering to secure it to Elena’s neck. Perhaps, that was her way of finally achieving closure between her and Stefan, since she can’t deny he’s “gone” any longer. And besides, Damon will have plenty of time to rub Elena’s neck, while he’s “teaching her how to become Elena the Vampire Slayer.” 😉 I do hope she’s drinking vervain coffee though . . . (It’s possible she’s not, since Damon offered to compel her right on the spot, in that last scene.)

      Ooh, since you mentioned the Damon Carrying Elena motif, there is an EXCELLENT GIF that features ALL of the Damon carrying Elena moments at niansomerhalder.tumblr.com. (I didn’t use the GIF in my recap, because it’s got the scenes side by side. And WordPress only allows me to post them, one on top of another. You’ll see what I mean, when you see the GIF.) Trust me though, you will LOVE IT!

      Hmmm . . . You know turning Tyler into a Hybrid solved TWO problems in the Forwood relationship. The obvious one, is that, now Tyler and Caroline are both immortal. The less obvious one is that, while a HYBRID bite can still kill a vampire, due to its werewolf qualities, the HYBRID’S blood can cure it. So, if Tyler was ever to accidentally BITE Caroline during sex, all she would have to do is drink from him, and she’d be were-rabies free. KINKY! 🙂

      As for the Doppelganger’s blood, so far, I think it can only be used to secure the transition from werewolf to hybrid. After all, Klaus never actually physically bit Tyler, he simply fed him his blood, before breaking his neck and killing him. But I agree with you, that just like Elena’s necklace, I suspect her blood has many more unique properties to it that we are just learning about now. Who knows, perhaps there is some aspect of ELENA’S blood that can actually KILL a hybrid, under the appropriate circumstances, just as easily as it created one . . .

      And I concur, NO RIPPER STEFAN 3.0 cockblocks, please! But, hey, who knows? Given Stefan’s new attitude toward Elena, there’s always the possibility that he will walk in on Damon and Elena having sex, and just say, “Carry on.” 😉

      • serendipity

        Great pictures in that tumblr, Julie. Thanks for mentioning it!

        Also I wanted to comment on what you said about Tyler’s blood curing a werewolf/hybrid’s bite (provided a hybrid’s bite would still be lethal to a vampire)… I don’t know what road they’ll go there (or even if they will go down that road), but I wonder if EVERY hybrid’s blood will have the same healing qualities as Klaus’ blood has. He IS the ORIGINAL hybrid after all. And I’m thinking that Klaus’ blood maybe already healed werewolf bites BEFORE he became a true hybrid (since he already was a dormant werewolf)?

        Being an original vampire means to be more than just being a vampire (like being able to compel other vampires/werewolves and not dying on being staked), so being the ORIGINAL HYBRID should mean more than just being a hybrid, like Tyler: will Tyler be able to change at will, like Klaus, or will he still be able to only do that/have to do that on a full moon? Klaus can compel werewolves, even though they are impervious to compulsion by regular vampires… so will his hybrids be impervious to compulsion? That would suck for Klaus, but I don’t think that will be the case: Klaus can compel vampires and werewolves, so why not a hybrid? And what will be their weakness? Vervain or wolfsbane, maybe both, maybe neither?

        And ripper Stefan 3.0… maybe Elena seeing him ‘slutting around’ with Damon’s Season 1 TriDelts is good for her. That way she can get over him more quickly. Because her saying he’s gone and leaving off the necklace… to me that means she’s starting to move on – finally. I hope. Oh, well, we’ll see.

        BTW Should you care for some Delena Action *wink wink*, I posted the spin-off for Shadowdancing. It’s called Slowdancing in a burning room… I hope you’ll like it!

  3. Just finished watching the episode and now off to read your recap to complete my VD watching experience. Will come back later to spazz OMG DELENA <33333333! Yeah, I'll come back later and compose my thoughts HAHAHA

    • Your recaps are really amazing! I think you’ve mentioned all I wanna say soooo yeah.

      Before, I was hoping that Klaus DOES know that Elena is still alive and just plays along with Stefan. That would have been kickass. I mean, come on, Elena gasped and breathed loudly in Stefan’s wall of shame at his house and he didn’t even hear it? He who has lived for so long, the invincible vampwolf? And in the woods during The Hybrid, if Stefan can hear Elena and Damon and Alaric, sure, Klaus must have heard them too. Sadly, that’s not the case and the writers really went the Klaus-never-knew route. Well, that’s fine with me because either way, THIS SHOW IS SO KICKASS.

      I just hope Stefan wouldn’t be such a big cockblock for Damon and Elena though I must agree that Ripper Stefan 3.0 is much MUCH more interesting than his broody self. But I like what the writers did, Damon is now the goody vamp and Stefan the badass one. Turning tables are always nice.

      I was SO SPEECHLESS when Tyler became a hybrid and he and Caroline just walked out as if nothing happened. I MEAN DUDE, YOU’RE A VAMPWOLF NOW. You and Klaus are the same now and it’s never gonna be a good year.

      Maybe since it’s Season 3 already and the writers, though SUPER FREAKIN’ AWESOME, have some sort of logic fails. Like with Matt. If you just need to die, then Alaric should have seen ghosts way way way before.

      And I have to agree with you that Rebekah is sure funny. Maybe it runs in the blood because Klaus is one hell of a funny guy too. That’s why I like Rebekah, even if she’s a brat and a whiner because she is funny.

      As usual, Elena’s a damsel in distress. Foo. And yes yes, I am betting that Matt-Bonnie will be conjured soon. Feels better than Bonnie-Jeremy because I really can’t wrap my head around “my boyfriend is my bestfriend’s little baby bro who is almost basically my brother”. Haha! And I totally ship JerAnna too so please please moar of theeeemmmmm!

      And I won’t start with Delena because I wouldn’t be able to stop. Love love love this episode! I thought the season premiere was the best then when the hybrid came around, I thought it was ep 2. When ep 3 rolled around, it was awesomer then when ep 4 materialized, woah. And now, THIS. It just keeps getting better and better! Better hide your vampire asses because Michael the Vampire Hunter is here. And how creepy must he be that Klaus just runs? Interesting.

      I really wanna say a whole lot more but my comment’s too long already. Haha! As always, GREAT RECAP! ❤ Thanks a bunch!

      • Hey whoopeyoo! You are right, Klaus REALLY DIDN’T smell Elena back in Ripper Stefan’s bachelor pad. (Or maybe he did, and just thought Stefan was wearing her perfume? ;))

        And I agree with you, the twisty turny plotlines, sexual intensity, and excellent acting all around on this show, more than make up for its sometimes ridiculous, often nonsensical plotpoints. 🙂

        Speaking of logic leaps, Matt’s “brush with death” / ghost whisperer thingy was a HUGE one. That Jeremy could speak to the dead makes sense, given that he died of HUMAN causes, and was brought back, only by magic. But Matt just got CPR! (He didn’t even need those heart paddles you see on all those medical programs.) But perhaps, there’s more to this story, and a better explanation is forthcoming by the writers . . .

        You are right, Klaus IS really funny. Like when Rebekah said that Elena wasn’t as pretty as the Original Petrova, and Klaus, who was TORTURING Elena at the time, all the sudden became a big sweetiepie, and whispered in Elena’s ear. “She’s a b*tch. Don’t worry about her,” or something to that effect. These two should seriously do standup together, a Vampire Comedy Act. 🙂

        It will be interesting to see how Damon responds to being the “good vampire” of La Casa de Rich and Awesome. I think part of him will actually become a little jealous of Ripper Stefan 3.0. But eventually, he’ll be having so much fun having hot sex with Elena that he won’t care. 😉

        I think we are about to revist the dark side of Tyler. You are right. They did seem to brush off the fact that Tyler DIED, is now immortal and craves blood, pretty quickly, didn’t they? I can envision a situation in which Tyler starts to have a bit too much fun with his new powers . . . using compulsion at school, eating his football rivals . . . you know, what most of us would do with our vampire powers! 😉 But Caroline is such a GOOD vampire. And something tells me that she’s not going to like that one bit.

        I’m with you, Matt and Bonnie make a lot more sense than Jeremy and Bonnie. And Jeremy and Anna are just HOT with a capital “H.” Who knows? Given the way things are going, we may get ALL our SHIPS to come true: Delena, Forwood, Jeranna, Ripper Kefan, and now Batt. YES PLEASE!

    • YAY! I can’t wait to read your comment and have a little happy Delena freakout, right along with you, whoopeeyoo! 🙂

  4. Lauren Knott

    Omg, this episode was amazing. This has to be THE best TVD episode to date. I literally screamed “OH MY GOD” at my TV on three different occasions during this episode.

    Oh, Klaus. Klaus, Klaus, Klaus. Joseph Morgan is a great actor, because despite everything he’s done and how evil he is, I really felt bad for him. Poor guy doesn’t want to be alone. I wanted to hold him in my arms. You know who else I wanted to hold? MATT! Poor Matt. He’s always been put on the back burner for the sake of Tyler and Caroline, but I think he’s truly tragic, because like Klaus, he’s totally alone too. I’m so glad he didn’t die. I would have been so sad. I’m glad he got to reach out to Vicki. Maybe he won’t feel totally alone now. Matty needs some love.


    Oh, Stefan. THIS is the Ripper I’ve been waiting for. Paul Wesley rocked it. He fucking ROCKED IT. I’ve never been too much of a Stefan fan, but I completely admired how he fought against Klaus’ compulsion. He loved Elena that much, and he didn’t want to hurt her. Paul Wesley is amazing.

    Oh, Mikael (that’s how Sebastian Roche spelled his character’s name this morning on Twitter). He’s got Klaus SCARED. I still don’t believe he’s an Original. I think that would be too easy. And I should have known that he was a vampire. But why is a vampire hunting and murdering other vampires? There’s some theories going around that he might be the Original Petrova’s father. THAT WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME.

    SUCH a good episode. SUCH A GOOD EPISODE.

    • Hey Lauren! TVD has definitely outdone itself with this episode, so much fun, and so many truly unexpected moments. I feel like it had all the action of “The Sun Also Rises” and “Founders Day,” but with a lot of unexpected dark humor as well, which my snarky self just adores.

      Even as the HUGE Delena-ite that I am (and don’t get me wrong, I was squealing like a little girl when Damon rejected Katherine, not to mention the beautiful hospital scene, and super sweet living room scene), Wesley and Morgan OWNED this episode. Klaus was TRULY scary this week, in a way that we haven’t seen him be scary in a long time. But he was also oddly funny, and mischievous, which made you secretly root for him, at the same time you were outwardly hoping he would fail.

      And Stefan . . . wow, this episode should have been called the Many Faces of Stefan Salvatore. Let’s see we had Romantic Stefan, Furious Stefan, Frustrated Stefan, Zombie Obedient Stefan, Pleading Heartbroken Stefan, Fighting Against Compulsion and His True Nature Stefan, and, finally, Cocky Ripper Douche Stefan. In the hands of a lesser actor, this episode could have been a real mess. But Wesley handled the challenge beautifully, and just made everything work. BRAVO! 😉

      I am extremely eager to learn more about Mikael, what exactly it is that he can do, and WHY he does what he does. I suspect TVD is going to drag this aspect of the storyline out a bit though, and make us beg for it. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

      Hmmm Mikael as the Original Petrova’s father . . . now THAT would be interesting. It would certainly explain why he hates Klaus and the Originals, and would make for an interesting dynamic between him and Elena. Ooh, so many possibilities!

    • Thanks so much for posting this Brittany-Marie! You rock! Ooh, THREE trailers to analyze for the price of one. (And we haven’t even seen the webclip or Julie Plec’s episode analysis yet. It’s like TVD Christmas!)

      So, much going on here. Let’s see . . . we have Elena the Vampire Slayer, and her hot and sweaty lessons with COOL Vampire Tutor Damon. (How VERY Vampire Academy!). We have Alaric becoming increasingly anti-vampire, and sounding an awful lot like the late Uncle/Father John in his words of warning to surrogate daughter Elena. And, of course, Stefan’s new attitude will only serve to further darken Alaric’s view of vampires. I just hope this new attitude doesn’t end up getting Alaric killed.

      Who was the guy Stefan pushed away from Elena? It looked like Tyler, but even a Cocky Ripper Douche wouldn’t be dumb enough to mess with a hybrid, now would he? Tyler is actually stronger than Stefan now. Perhaps, it was just a random extra. But I think this goes along with the concept of Ripper Stefan acting as Elena “bodyguard” to protect Klaus’ bloodbank.

      Speaking of Stefan as bodyguard, it appears that Elena will be putting herself in all sorts of danger this week, either to try to somehow trigger his emotions, or simply to try and capture him so that she can lock him up, like she did in “Blood Brothers.” I’m thinking the latter. In the Candian promo, we saw her jump from the bleachers. But it looks like she might also sit inside a burning car? How very Bella Swan of her? The only difference is Warrior Elena kicks butt, in ways Human Bella never did.

      I’m also noticing lots of witchy spells, perhaps to try and conjure the Original Witch? This should be interesting . . .

      And finally, Vicki, we see shots of her drinking from a solo cup and hugging Matt. The question is, is she able to do this in ghost form, or has she somehow been brought back to life?

      Hmmm . . . I wonder. 🙂

      Needless to say, I would NOT want to be a student at Mystic Falls High this year. Way to many opportunities to be eaten, possessed or murdered, for my taste . . . 😉 (I’d skip school to stay home having “battle lessons” with Damon, instead ;))

  5. Tricus

    This episode made me feel like “Ummm yeah, okay”.

    Yeah Matt all covered up as he worked out was strange. He looks like a guy who wears sleeve less shirts when working out just to watch the pecs.
    I must say he and Bonnie had some nice scenes. Dare I say that they seemed to have more chemistry than Bonnie and jeremy.
    Matt communicating with Vicky was nice but I think he messed up. Him bringing her back in real form is upsetting the balance of nature or whateaver TVD say. THAT is never a good thing sooooo I think Vicky will be the villian and not Anna.
    Damon and Kat road trip was funny. I lOVED how he said she doesn’t do it for him anymore. I guess he had to check one last time because truly they haven’t made out/kissed since beginning of S2 after he found that he loved Elena so I don’t blame Damon for testing the goods/ making sure his feelings for Kat is TRULY over.
    Kat looked all surprised. Ha
    Jeremy actually is getting more comfortable and mature. He actually stood up to Damon and called him a “dick”. I think deep down Jeremy knew that Damon would not really hurt/kill him. That was just a guy “love” tap in Damon’s world that he gave Jeremy when he banged his head on the table or whatever. LOL Yeah but truly Damon wouldn’t seriously hurt Jer. Kat wanted to break his legs.
    Klaus was GREAT this epi, I must say. He is all mean, badass and cruel. He should have been like that the whole time
    Elena REALLY got beat up this epi.Guess it may what it takes for her to really see Stefan as being bale to be bad BUT she will still try to help him in future episodes. Stefan and Elena scenes were okay, but the writers need to stop changing up stuff.
    So when can someone fight against compulsion, especially from a Original.
    Stefan “fighting” to not bite Elena in the beginning just because of his love for her, may be sweet and to give SE fans a bone, but come on.
    First Bill with his not being compelled because he “mastered” it and now Stefan.
    Well then Klaus made him turn off his emotions so now Stefan can kill, be mean and go on a rampage without being held responsible or feeling the guilt of his actions.
    Great. So now when the compulsion wears off he will have a arc of this massive guilt to deal with and is magic love of Elena (cause you know Elena will be him again) to help him deal.
    Well they will have Elena love for Damon by then to mess things up for good in the future so that’s all right with me.

    Loved the waking up of Michael and Klaus getting the heck out of dodge when Damon told him. Always have some leverage.
    Tyler being a hybrid. UMM Yeah. Not feeling it though Tyler should not be too happy because now he has a MAJOR bullseye on him from Michael and the TVD writers. Unless the writers can come up with some way to deactivate his hybird side then it’s not really realistic to have a unkillable machine running around and be more badass than the main caharcters, UNLESS he is a villain, like Klaus.
    Caro looks correct in being worried. I hope Tyler is still alive at the end of S3.
    It would have made more shock value (TVD writers like that), more angst, trouble, and OMG moments if it was Damon who was turned.
    (Seriously who was Damon dad? Didn’t they say he had a different one than Stefan?)
    Anyway Damon being hybrid would throw a major kink/slow down in the DE romance (the writers would love that), he would have an additional thing to make him emotional, and Michael would be going after him also (once they got rid of Klaus) because I don’t think hybrids is supposed to exist etc….
    So it would be more cliffhanger/OMG moments with Damon being hybrid. OH well.
    The ending scene with DE was VERY nice. Damon carrrying Elena out of the hospital and their little talk. Elena is all like “Where were you?” Elena really expects Damon to ALWAYS be there to save her, no matter what. I don’t know if she realizes this or not. No matter if they are arguing or mad at each other she still expects him there as her savior.
    HMMMMMM. Damon promising to never leave her again was awesome, BUT I fear it will bite him in the butt later. That is a TALL promise to keep especially with Stefan still in the picture as her “love”.
    Anyway the episode had some great action but for some reason I was more excited and on my seat anxious/happy with the prior episodes

    • Hey Tricus! You bring up an excellent point about Vicki. Anna DID say that she came with a DARK energy, and that Jeremy (and, presumably, Matt) shouldn’t trust her. On one hand, she did seem to help Matt by delivering the MIS-INFORMATION the Original Witch wanted to give Klaus. But now that she has what she wants, we might start to see her true colors.

      You know, at first, I didn’t think Vicki WAS back in real form. I just thought that Matt could see her. But judging by the promos, it looks like she might actually be back. Hmmm . . . I wonder how that happened?

      Poor Kat, she’s been rejected quite a bit lately, hasn’t she? I bet she’s not used to THAT at all. Kudos to Damon though for finally releasing himself from her clutches, and remembering who he REALLY wants. 🙂 (YAY! Team Delena, for the win!)

      The idea of people being able to fight compulsion, just because they WANT to do so, kind of takes all the fun, out of the coolest vampire power in the world, doesn’t it? I do think that aspect of the mythology was written in so as not to make a Stelena reunion impossible in the future. But still . . . I think if my boyfriend did to me what Stefan did to Elena, even if it WAS under compulsion, I’d still have trouble looking at him the same way. I’d probably never ever really feel completely comfortable with him again. It’s definitely something the writers and the characters are going to have to cope with, when Stefan returns to his broody, angsty self. (Hopefully, by then Elena will already be head over heels in love with Damon, and it won’t matter as much. :))

      I actually envision Hybrid Tyler playing a major role in the ultimate takedown of Klaus. Granted, Tyler is still not as strong as Klaus, but he is closer to Klaus’ level of strength than any other non-original vampire on this show. Hmmm . . . we’ve learned that werewolves are immune to compulsion by vampires. But I wonder if Tyler, as a Hybrid could be compelled by Klaus. That would be interesting to see.

      I also agree that Tyler’s new strength and power, might corrupt him a bit, and that he probably won’t exercise the same restraint Caroline does blood drinking. Though on, one hand, I like the idea of a hybrid/ vampire super couple. I kind of miss the Romeo and Juliet aspect of the werewolf and vampire dating, that we had between these two in the early episodes. I guess we will have to wait and see how this change in the power dynamic of their relationship plays out.

      I’m also with you about the writers missing an opportunity, by not having Damon as a hybrid. (Ooh, just imagine a Damon werewolf transformation, like the one Tyler experienced last season. SOOO HOT!) Plus, yes, it would allow the writers to play with Damon’s volatility a little bit, and serve to link BOTH Salvatore Brothers to Klaus. Who knows, maybe, eventually, they will somehow decide to go there, after all? Though, honestly, at this point, I’m not sure how. Also, I think if Klaus was going to turn any vampire into a hybrid, and if he COULD feasibly do that, he would probably do it to Rebekah and Stefan, before he did it to Damon.

      Damon IS always there for Elena. I think it took Damon actually NOT being their, when Elena needed him for once, for her to realize how much she needs and values him. And that’s a very good thing. The look on Elena’s face, when Damon said that line to her, says it all. (Though, a part of me wishes she apologized for her judginess in the last episode, which was really what caused him to leave in the first place . . . Maybe next time . . . when Stefan’s not lurking about. :))

  6. Nina in Anchorage

    Let’s see. First of all, Matt died. He drowned. He did not just “pass out”. But, yes, it was seriously stupid. Jeremy didn’t start seeing ghosts until *Bonnie* brought him back; Damon killed him last season, remember? And Alaric hasn’t been seeing ghosts, either. Not sure why Matt is now; I could buy Vicki and him talking in the “tunnel” or where-ever you go when you’re only partially dead, but why can he see her now? Add me to the list of people who hope Bonnie and Matt get together; although I could see her chemistry with Jeremy to begin with, I’m not seeing now and he’s got better chemistry with Anna; so does Bonnie with Matt.
    Also, I don’t think Kat killed Jeremy. She just had to knock him out in order to kidnap him.
    As for Vickie’s info, she said the Original Witch had given her a message for Bonnie. What Anna knew concerned Mikael. (I thought when ghosts got near electrical stuff, they futzed it up? So how could Vickie “text” Matt? Possess his cell phone?)
    Julie, are you bugged about Klaus figuring out the OW’s plan? Because the way I see it, we’re supposed to think that he’s been failing in making the hybrids because the doppelganger is still alive. But, Klaus is still a hybrid. Now, I think I mentioned on here that I thought that was because Elena had actually died, and perhaps Elijah lied to Klaus when he told him he’d been a wolf for five days. But if Elijah wasn’t lying, then Klaus transitioned back to vamp *after* Elena revived. Now he knows that she’s still alive, but he’s still a hybrid. Plus he knows OW hated him and wanted to stop him. (Like he said, she figured he’d kill the doppelganger and then not be able to raise his army.)
    So Klaus is thinking, “Huh, Elena’s alive but I’m still a hybrid. The OW said I needed her blood, but knew I’d think that meant to kill her, and since my blood can heal a werewolf bite, that’s all my new army would need. Except it wasn’t, sooooo — maybe they need *doppelganger* blood, too.”
    Or are you bugged by what bugged me — he compels Stefan to turn off his switch and then invites him to have a taste of doppelganger blood, then the next thing you know he’s feeding some of it to Tyler? I was yelling, “Now go stop Stefan from feeding on Elena!” But it occurs to me that he must have already done so, instead of just leaving the two of them. Because the 2nd time around, he just told him to have a taste of doppelganger blood, not to kill her. At that point, he suspected he needed her and wasn’t going to let Stefan kill her. If it hadn’t worked, he probably would’ve had Stefan finish the job, and the show would end quite abruptly . . .
    Ooh, this is getting long, so I’d better stop soon. One last thing, Tricus, I don’t think Stefan is still in the picture as Elena’s “love”. This Stefan is not the Stefan she fell in love with. *This* is how they make Damon the better choice, and it was very well done, IMO. (And I agree, *finally* Stefan is hot!)

    • Hey Nina! I think we are actually all in agreement about the whole Matt thing being weird. The thing about Jeremy was that he was PHYSICALLY dead, by human hands, crossed over to “heaven,” and was only brought back by magic. So, his seeing ghosts makes sense. But it’s debatable whether Matt was even clinically dead. Bonnie’s a lifeguard, not a doctor. And while Bonnie was able to get Matt breathing again, I don’t know if she would have been able to restart his heart if he was actually dead-dead, as in, no brain activity, no heart beat, dead, like Jeremy was, when he was shot in the heart, and bled out.

      I agree that the conversation Matt had with Vicki while he was straddling the line between life and death made sense. But, like you, was really confused by the ending. In TVD’s defense, we don’t really know yet what the situation is with Vicki, and WHY Matt was able to see her at the end of the episode. Is it simply because he has now opened himself up to seeing ghosts? Or is she REALLY back, as the trailer for next week’s episode suggests?

      The text message part was funny too. If the message appeared on his phone as part of the banner, that would be one thing, because she could have stolen his phone to do that. But how was she able to text message him from an “Unknown Number” unless Purgatory gives everyone cell phones. 🙂

      Regarding how Klaus got Elena’s blood to Tyler, without Stefan eating her first, I suspect that, off screen, Klaus was able to push Stefan off of Elena and compel him to stop, before he finished eating her. Then he used the wounds Stefan had opened on Elena’s neck, to collect enough blood for the vial he gave Tyler.

      As for Klaus’ discovery, I do understand that Klaus was able to tap into the Original Witch’s way of thinking, and figure out HOW she was lying to him and why. I just think it was a little convenient that Klaus figured that out at the exact moment he needed to, in order to save Elena’s life. After all, nothing changed between now, and the first time Klaus failed at making the hybrids. And the Original Witch delivered to him the exact same message she had been delivering all along. I just kind of wish, in this case, that the writers developed Klaus’ “lightbulb moment” a little further, so that we can actually understand how he suddenly came to this conclusion, when he never had before.

      Oh, and I love what you said about the Stefan Elena fell in love with being “gone,” even though he’s living in the same house with them. In some ways, it’s almost as if that Stefan has “died,” and Elena has finally begun to accept that, by moving on with Damon. Of course, we all know he’ll come back eventually, but at the rate things are going with Delena, by then, it may already be too late. 😉

  7. André

    Ok, a few things first:
    You know what I totally forgot? The flashback had to be in the 1920s since AlarKlaus in season 2 mentioned that he preferred the 20s over the 60s.

    Did you notice that this time it was Roerig’s voice who said “previously on the Vampire diaries”? In the first episode it was Wesley, second it was Accola, in the third it was Morgan and the fourth it was Wesley again. I wonder what it means if the speaker changes, we had it all through the last two seasons, albeit there were more switches in season 1 than season 2. Anybody here have a theory?

    I took the time and looked through three promos with the following results (the ones that count):
    1st US-Version (thankfully in 720 p)
    Damon holds a stake in front of Elena who looks like she is about to train.
    Stefan bites a girl (or a very feminine guy :D)
    Stefan threatens Alaric in the school.
    Elena says “lock Stefan up” (that part was intelligible)
    The scene where Damon is holding Elena with her back to him is a different one than the one before because Elena’s hair is now loose while before it was bound back.
    Matt is hugging Vicky and based on the shirt he wears it is him who lets blood drop from his hands afterwards. The blood drops on a picture, possibly the one from a previous episode.
    Elena is in a burning car.
    Damon (shirt and hair fits, as well as body form) stabs someone in the back but I don’t know who, seems too dark-haired and bulky for Stefan and doesn’t seem to match Tyler’s physique.
    Elena falls (nighttime).

    2nd US-Version
    Damon holds a stake in front of Elena who looks like she is about to train.
    Stefan bits a girl (or a very feminine guy :D)
    Stefan threatens Alaric in the school.
    Stefan tosses some guy
    Alaric gives Elena some training
    Elena says “lock Stefan up” (that part was intelligible)
    Matt is hugging Vicky and based on the shirt he wears it is him who lets blood drop from his hands afterwards. The blood drops on a picture, possibly the one from a previous episode.
    Elena is in a burning car.
    Damon (shirt and hair fits, as well as body form) stabs someone in the back but I don’t know whom, seems to dark-haired and bulky for Stefan and doesn’t seem to match Tyler’s physique.
    Elena falls (nighttime).

    Stefan watches some ladies playing twister
    Elena works out and Damon comes in, his speech from the previous promos belongs in the same scene.
    Again Elena says that Stefan will be locked up but from a different angle (but the sound is not good)
    Elena falls (nighttime) and Stefan catches her. Lets her down with weird look on his face and gets shot from behind by Alaric (most likely same scene).

    (“Hello Pot . . . This is Kettle, calling. Guess what? YOU’RE BLACK!”)

    Ok, that one I don’t really understand. I have a hint that it means something along the line of “look who’s talking”. But I am not sure.

    I have no idea how often people have yelled “where is she” on this show. Neither how often Stefan has been staked.

    Ok, now to the important part.

    You know, not everybody is a totally different person but time again in this episode it appeared as though some people had switched personalities. You will see what I mean later on.

    And these couples on the show start to annoy me actually. Maybe they wouldn’t if it wouldn’t be happening out of the blue all the time (JeremyXBonnie), in super speed (TylerXCaroline) or out of pretty sick relationships with people that are practically serial killers (lets face it that is what Damon AND Stefan qualify for).
    Nonetheless I come to think that this show is in every aspect heteronormative and will never be anything else!!!
    Think about it, what is really so different about the relationships when you take the supernatural aspect away? Have we ever even seen a girl hugging a guy from behind in any of those intimate scenes? Or one where the girl is taller than the guy? If yes, I don’t remember it so it cannot be frequent. And why do the girls all have to be in relationships right now?
    You got it with your joke regarding Matt’s workout reason. Everybody here think for a moment. Do we have any skinny guys on the show? Or a girl that has some meat on her bone or is into sports? Sure they have cheerleading but obviously not the hardcore kind which really counts as a sport on its own. How many are there that don’t fit heteronormativity?
    This is episode 49 and if they wanted to do it differently they would have done it already.
    You know whom this show needs?

    Although she would be good as well:

    I thought you would be thrilled about Caroline’s pranking idea the moment I saw that scene, ok you liked the scene but obviously you weren’t thrilled by Caroline. I didn’t think in terms of economy but my thoughts regarding Caroline’s reaction of Matt’s reaction was along the same line. I mean, not everybody can just hide behind smiles and swallow everything down like she does. Or repress it like Elena. Bonnie has partly redeemed herself in this episode but on that later. And Tyler… currently not sure where to put him.

    You know, I didn’t think in that direction, but you are right. In this show splitting up equals trouble. Either they learn nothing (very likely) or they were so bend on having a good time that they simply ignored that they are all in mortal peril. Of course we all should have known that the moment had some fun and smiled she would be in mortal danger again. Sadly I didn’t catch on that fast.
    And since we are at it: I am not an American and therefore not familiar with this tradition (actually prior to this episode I didn’t knew it existed). Can you just enter a school during holidays?

    Good point with your comment on the trucker joke. It really gets old.
    Man Katherine was dumb, I knew something was up the moment Damon offered the key and she was going to get it. What are these vampires doing with their time going to the dumbing farm?
    I also knew Jeremy was in the car before Katherine was even about to open the trunk. You know these trips out of town would actually be a perfect opportunity to introduce new characters that might actually be staying for more than a couple of episodes but no. I don’t get that. Does anybody here know why no new characters survived longer than a few episodes so far? Not even Klaus did, because he has only been there a few episodes.
    I can’t remember that Jeremy was waking up from the dead, rather that he was suddenly conscious when he was lying on the table. If they really wanted to portray him as dead on the table they did a bad job because his chest is rising and falling visibly. I also don’t think that Jeremy was actually trusting Damon, maybe he finally matures enough to remember how Damon actually is.
    Since Jeremy was touched by vamps now another possibility is out of killing an Original fast, in an original way. I kinda hoped that his new status would be a kind of loophole in the whole thing.
    I found what was said about that stuff by CW: “The ghosts from Jeremy’s past have a powerful message they’re trying to deliver to him, not to mention the impact they’re having on his relationship with Bonnie.”
    Oh really? So that was this powerful message? And what sort of impact so far on his relationship? Hopefully the message of this episode was not it, but the attitude would fit the writers.
    And of course I had to be right in assuming that his storyline would be there to serve Elena’s. The same with Forwood. That is so great.

    But seriously, would anybody be happy if it were so? That this was it?

    So suddenly Pearl told Katherine about a vampire who knew how to kill Klaus and Katherine never attempted to find out about that until now? She had a powerful witch at her side and she didn’t manage that? Seriously back then the guy was still walking around if Pearl knew about him. Why did Katherine do all that planning and scheming instead of focusing on a way to get rid of Klaus? Back then she didn’t knew about another doppelgaenger so why not try that? As was gonna ask whether she believed Klaus would just pardon her but considered that he ignored her so far, it is unnecessary to think of that.
    Not to mention why Pearl never tried anything. Seriously if you knew of such a vampire hunter wouldn’t you try to ally yourself with him or does he kill all vampires? If yes, why is Stefan still alive? Or does Stefan have a special place in this guys plan as well?
    And I can’t remember Katherine saying anything about Pearl knowing the Original witch in any way. Only that Pearl knew of Michael.

    And of course Elena means more to Damon than Katherine ever did. Somehow this is hard to believe. Considered his actions in the flash-backs and the last two seasons this doesn’t sound convincing to me. It might be true right now, but in the past? I don’t think so.
    And how did he actually find his keys, do vamps have night vision all of a sudden, or did he use a cell phone? And when he got back so fast I wonder what sort of aimless road they took. Well that aimless road must have been long enough for Katherine to make her hair. She had curls now and in the last episode, which seemingly ended that day and this is the night after, she had straight hair.

    How could you think X-rated thoughts about the Tyler and Caroline screencap? Ok I get it in theory but for me it was just a remembrance on how unrealistic the basis of the two is.
    Oh and all of a sudden Caroline has such a big heart and Tyler is sooo sensitive. Really need we any more proof that the writers just make things up as they please?
    Not to mention that this whole Forwood stuff is happening way too fast, which not only I pointed out. Have these idiots forgotten that in the show it wasn’t even a year ago that the guy said to his rival that he could have his girlfriend once he is done with her? Not even half a year ago he was some arrogant douchebag and now he is not anymore? And she was that shallow, blond cheerleader who basically only really cared about herself (it’s true no one can deny that). And now they are supposedly this? And they had their awkward sex moment what? A week ago or two? It’s like all these things never happened. Albeit I hope Tyler’s inability to conceive what was going on with Matt is a sign that douchebag Tyler is still alive. Someone needs to bring more spice to the show and especially the whole vamp-werewolf stuff has to stop being so cuddly. Not to mention that we have seen enough of the flaws of the main three.

    Nonetheless it was nice to see Rebekka use violence more openly than usual for the female vamps on this show. Unlike with Katherine. What does she have to fear? She has more than 300 years on Damon, she wouldn’t need to ask him or be in any stand-off like in this episode.
    Now, some people might not like me for this but I admit a part of me had hoped that Tyler would die permanently. At least then it would be a death that actually affects the viewers and one that wouldn’t have been able to be ignored so easily afterwards. The same with Caroline. Instead of just saying it the show needs to actually show people that this whole stuff isn’t a game but seriously dangerous.

    And do I detect a hint of dissatisfaction in your recap of the last scene of Tyler and Caroline in this episode?
    At least I was very unsatisfied with it. For me this episode proved that the whole werewolf stuff is just there for Klaus. Man these writers are unoriginal.
    And if Tyler is a hybrid he would be immortal and he and Caroline can live happily ever after. What crap. Why am I so not surprised by this? Of course they had to make him immortal and hinting at this with his comment.
    Seriously does even a Forwooder really want this? Having the couple be together so easy and so fast?
    Speaking of fast, yeah Tyler seemed to have awakened pretty soon. The others seemed to have taken hours, especially Ray, but considered when the episode started it should have been morning already when he awakened. For me this whole hybrid stuff is in Tyler’s case a weak excuse for having Elena alive and having him with Caroline. Not to mention not having to deal with the full moon anymore. This is just too easy for me.
    And you are right about Tyler’s transition status. The previous ones had bloody eyes, got pale, were shaking like mad and had muscle cramps and that pretty fast, especially after Ray, but Tyler only had weakness and was sweaty. Did they not have the budget for the fake blood? Or did they think Trevino couldn’t handle the acting part? If yes that would be insulting we all know he could do it.
    Ok, supposedly something will go terribly wrong, but whether this was the stuff in the current episode or something later on, I don’t know. And I don’t bet much on in since we all know how much the writers and producers overdramatize. I mean supposedly there would be a war going on between the Lockwoods and the Forbes: “And as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families.”
    I believe that when I see it, that is all I am saying.

    And looks like you weren’t the only one who thought that Tyler had knelt in front of Caroline while putting the ring back on in the previous episodes.

    From this I have some info about what Plec said:
    ” “Tyler and Caroline have really blossomed,” she says. “For me at least, watching it, looking at it as a fan, I really like them. I like the connection they have with each other. I like this idea that he’s just dealt with sort of his mother discovering that he is ‘a monster’ and she’s fighting with the fact that her father thinks she’s ‘a monster’ and these two ‘monsters,’ as labeled by the people that are supposed to love them the most, have kind of found each other.”

    Barf. Forget that it came out of nowhere between two people never even showing interest in each other and so fast Speedy Gonzales wouldn’t have caught it. *rolleyes*
    Come on, they are monsters inside. Seriously Plec really forgets what defines vampires and werewolves on this show. They are not “misunderstood minorities”, what makes them what they are, is being monsters. And need I remember people that they are not loved in the show because of what they are but despite of? No matter how human they are that part is simply there and the show shouldn’t just sweep it away so easily.
    What should their parents do? Just forget that fact. Man I wish I could have a word with Plec if that is really what she believes.

    But there is more still:
    ” “We’ll get to live in that for a little while,” Plec teases. “And then of course, as often happens in our relationships, something will go terribly wrong. They’ll struggle this season.”

    We can expect to see their relationship take a significant turn in Episode 5… and as Plec says, the fall-out won’t be pretty.”

    Oh really? That was the significant turn? I hope something goes terribly wrong there because we need a little bit more interesting stuff in this show. I hope Tyler will become a threat in the future, I really do. Not to mention that it would give Trevino more to do as an actor. Why are the main cast the only ones who are allowed to do that?

    But the worst comes:
    “Oh, and as for all that hot sex they had in the season premiere, Plec doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of a hybrid baby. After all, Klaus was born from a vampire and a werewolf. “We’ve said two things on our show, very clearly. Vampires can’t procreate, and yet, vampires bodies work like anybody else’s,” she laughs. “So, I don’t know. Door’s open to take either rule.””

    “We don’t care about our own rules and that everything is inconsistent.”

    I really hope Tyler’s hybrid status is not gonna be used for such stuff. Better would be if the wolf inside of him now starts to reign free. I was never satisfied with the way they designed these wolves. They should have either placed more significance on the painful transformation or make the wolf-sides smarter and influencing the werewolves more.

    The Originals were portrayed as so smart as the start of the episode. Really who is buying that? Maybe Rebekka is but not Klaus.
    Looks like a Rebakka is a lot smarter than Klaus, considering how fast she managed to figure things out and looks like TVD has taken some pages from Teen Wolf in using modern technology in a creative way.
    Are you sure Rebekka wanted to delete the picture? To me it looked like she zoomed in to check out the necklace. She simply said “vomit” at the picture.

    And Klaus not only has an English accent he also talks like an English. Despite the fact that back when he was there they talked differently. Are we to believe he spent all that time in Great Britain?

    And why the fuck was Stefan able to just knock Rebekka down? Shouldn’t she be too fast and strong for that anyway even if she didn’t see it coming? Did she let it happen?
    And by letting Klaus make Elena suffer first he is basically revealed as a brat again. Ok it is probably simply to keep Elena alive but it would be nice if the writers would at least acknowledge what they are doing with the characters.
    The same with Stefan. Ok so Klaus snapped his neck several times. Would be good if they show such things to make it clear how he really is. But no, they just say it. What’s the matter with them, they showed us worse. They rather say it all the time and let Klaus look like a super idiot instead of showing it once and making clear what he is really capable of?
    But back to the episode. Like I said, I don’t know this Pranking Night, so can a complete stranger actually come into the middle of it and say that everything is busted?
    And why does Klaus know about the rules anyway? It is not as though he had shown any knowledge in that direction so far.
    The same with remembering Dana and the other guy (yes it was one of the guys jumping Jeremy). If he has such good memory, why did that guy not know that Rebekka didn’t have her necklace anymore? Shouldn’t he have noticed that if he can remember these two characters? But Klaus was able to figure out that Elena has to live? He missed all the other stuff in the episodes before that but that he figured out?

    And your analysis of the scene regarding domestic violence has a thing to it and it fits this show. They have ripped out hearts, beheaded people, burned, mauled, hanged, shot, neck snapped and who knows what else. But beating a human to death (especially a female) seems to be too much.
    And either Klaus has extreme faith in Bonnie or he is just the dumbest idiot in the world. That guy rampaged through the show like rabid rhino and considered his loyalty speech I totally agree with you. Seriously how the hell did that idiot stay alive for so long and what’s all this “I am so alone crap” about? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him so later on he will be forgiven by everybody? Well considered that Damon and Stefan are already homicidal maniacs and we are supposed to forgive them this might not be so out of question after all. He fits the picture.
    I also asked myself why the compelled boy didn’t attack Dana the moment she stopped. Klaus never compelled him to obey every command. Which would have been necessary for the scene.
    And yes the whole compulsion thing by Klaus really was a bit late. He could have done that much sooner or was it the whole “wanting a comrade” thing? What is it with the writers that they introduce the Originals as these big and powerful ubervamps only to let them appear like insecure little kids?

    Klaus stating to Damon that he keeps his word? Yeah right. Klaus would know about words not meaning anything. His never did as long as we know him.
    A good thing for the whole hybrid stuff would be if the Original witch would have used it as a solution for both the werewolf and the vampire problem. Think of it. If Klaus would be able to make new hybrids and he seems to need werewolves for that and regarded his lack of rational thought and planning he would transform every werewolf he could find. Possibly all werewolves would be hybrids from a certain point onwards.
    And didn’t Klaus say, I quote: “What I want, is to take my girl, take my hybrid, get the hell out of this one pony town.”
    Didn’t seem to be the case.

    Nothing will ever make you stop disliking Matt doesn’t it? I really think you should lock your inner Forwooder away sometimes. Yes it was stupid what he did, but at least justifiable and brave. Caroline and Tyler did worse for less noble reasons. In addition it’s been a while that a plan didn’t bite the characters in the ass in the same episode.

    You have a point in criticizing Matt’s workout scene. Not only is there no sense in letting him workout and showing us nothing. There is also something else. Even if it’s the middle of the night (or whatever time in the dark), he is doing workout, sweating (I checked the screencaps) and nonetheless is wearing a T-shirt and a hoodie? In a Virginia summer night? Does Virginia have desert climate that the nights are freezing cold or what? Well obviously not since the other main characters wear much less and considered that three of them have much less meat on their bones than Matt I guess it is pretty warm.

    “Dammit, Matt! You set off all the mouse traps! Now we’ll never be able to solve Mystic Falls High’s rampant rodent problem! (Where’s bunny eater Stefan when you need him?)”

    That was really funny of you. But I think if Stefan would be here now, this might happen:

    But I guess it would be rather like this:

    I didn’t think in the direction of Matt having adjusted to the whole stuff. Now that I think about it, it could be similar to Jeremy’s case back in season 1. He is so “accepting” now because there is something in for him. Vicky’s sudden appearance makes me think that this is the case. Anyway this episode was rather an emergency situation.
    If this would be another show I would think they would make something interesting out of this situation but this is TVD so I doubt it. It will only lead back to Elena, like pretty much everything.

    However, Matt’s sudden ability makes me question Jeremy’s status. So just being brought back from the dead makes you see dead people? Well it is not the stupidest thing happening on this show. But seriously, the good stuff they play down and the lame stuff they overdramatize. And whoopeeyoo was right; shouldn’t Alaric, Jeremy and John have been able to see ghosts a long time ago? In previous comments I speculated that he might be supernatural in nature but that might not be the case or is he and this ghost-seeing stuff only happens when a witch resurrects you?
    As for Vicky and her knowing, maybe we will know later on but it could be that she is in contact with the witch. Or she got it put of Anna somehow. I more wonder whether Vicky didn’t plan on Matt killing himself all along. But the stance under water was weird, shouldn’t he have floated more?
    And at least someone in the show stated how it is. So horray for Bonnie. This is not great what happens to them, its messed up. And now that I think about it: in season 2 Jeremy stated that he would never get used to Bonnie just making flames. He said that? The same Jeremy who thought that Anna’s supersensitive hearing was cool?

    I guess we now know why that particular ability of Mr. Forbes was introduced. But Bill needed decades of training and Stefan manages it at least partially in one night? He kinda starts to be a Mary Sue if you ask me. And not only him.
    It really was cheesy for me. What is it with these writers?
    However Elena’s speech that he owes her at least to try has somewhat redeemed this scene. This really has a point and should be explored further. Not that it will since now Damon is on the screen. I was close to sticking my finger in my mouth at Damon’s “I will never leave you again” speech.

    And what about his fighting it stuff. Did it make Stefan loose his balance all of a sudden. The scene was nice in portraying his struggled but still…
    I think his struggle was basically to highlight Stefan’s compulsion into shutting of his “humanity”. On a deeper level I think this confirms that the writers treat the good parts of a person as something human (at least with the vampires) and attribute the bad parts with the vampire. This makes it especially weird that Plec totally forgets these aspects with Tyler and Caroline.
    And no Stefan is not emotion free; he clearly enjoys being the evil guy.
    And when he entered the room at the end I thought:
    Oh, now Stefan is Damon and Damon is Stefan, yeah that is exciting and original. We all thought that might happen since season 1. So now Damon loves her. I just can’t be excited for something that obvious for such a long time.

    At least with Michael we finally have a vampire that is in his forties (and he is still quite good-looking). Although I don’t bet any money on him, we know how this show is; just because he is the big hope now doesn’t mean he will be next episode.
    So Michael is a vampire hunter that kills vampires. Well we all guessed it wouldn’t be a human the Originals were running from and that concept had to come up eventually. It’s not as though the writers seem capable of thinking outside the vamp-were-witch-human-ghost framework they had established so far.
    And a witch entombed Michael. Deus ex machine I say. They can do all that stuff but they weren’t able to kill Klaus or at least bind him or something?

    With this episode I once again asked myself, where do they want to go with this?

    • Hey Andre! Nice catch on AlarKlaus’ 20’s reference, back in “The Last Dance.” For all its logic inconsistencies, TVD sure does love it’s parallels, and random bits of continuity, doesn’t it? So, now we’ve have both a 50’s and a 60’s dance on TVD, and flashbacks from 1492, the Civil War Era, and the 1920’s. I’m calling it now, the next period dance at Mystic Falls High will be an 80’s one, and the next flashback we get will be to Klaus’ “early years.” (Actually, considering the synopsis for Episode 8, already pretty much confirms that flashback, I’m sort of half-cheating here.)

      Nice catch on the writers changing the “Previously On” voices. Many shows give the “Previously On” to the person about whom the episode is based. But these might be just random. I seem to recall Paul Wesley doing most of the “Previously On’s” in Season 1, whereas in Season 2, I remember Ian and Nina doing at least one a-piece, if not more. Who knows whether there is any rhyme or reason to who gets to “narrate” a particular episode? It’s still fun to hear all the different voices sounding all SERIOUS and SEXY . . .

      Nice analysis of the three promos, particularly the part about Matt having blood on his hands. Maybe HE does some sort of spell to bring Vicki back to life, which will undoubtedly bring trouble to him in the future. Oh, and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised that you VIEWED all the promos. Has the former spoilerphobe started to relent on his prior position? 😉

      Ahhh, allow me to explain my Weird Pot / Kettle Joke. There is an Old American saying that goes, “Well, ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black?” It’s used when someone makes a hypocritical remark, like, say, a prostitute calling someone else slutty, or a serial killer calling someone else evil, or a 1,000 + year old vampire wondering why an 18-year old girl is still alive. 😉 The implication of the saying is that most pots and kettles are black. So for a pot to call a kettle that, would be hypocritical of the pot. I just spiced up the old phrasing a bit . . . 😉

      The funny thing about Zach Roerig is that, as we saw in “The Birthday,” he actually has a REALLY nice body . . . maybe not Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, or Steve McQueen nice, but, definitely better than average. But the way they dress him all the time, makes him APPEAR as though he is pudgy, pale and frumpy, which he isn’t. And if I was the actor, I would probably be a bit offended by the blatant excess of clothing. (Unless, of course, it’s HIS choice, and HE’S uncomfortable being compared to the other cast members on the show. That’s possible too.)

      As for Jeremy being dead, I just kind of assumed he might have been, given how long Damon and Katherine were driving. I mean, how long can you actually stay alive in a trunk with limited oxygen, especially considering that Katherine probably had to knock him out, stake him, or break his neck to get him in there. (I guess she could have simply compelled him to sleep, and then carried him in. But that’s not really Katherine’s style.)

      LOL about the keys. I actually think vampires are supposed to have better vision than the average human, which is why on other shows, humans who needed glasses, no longer needed them, once they turned into vampires. But you are right, I don’t think it’s something that’s ever been explicitly explored on the show. (Hmmm . . . wouldn’t it be cool if vampires had the ability to see through fabric? I can think of a few vampires, in particular who would love to make use of that particular skill. ;))

      Caroline and Tyler . . . yes, I do think the two of them suffered a bit from Selective Amnesia / Under-reacting in this episode, considering all that they’ve been through this season. Then again, maybe it’s BECAUSE they’ve been through so much, that they’ve simply become immune to it. This week, that under-reaction was actually taken to comedic levels, with Tyler picking up Caroline and spinning him around, despite having DIED, and been completely traumatized that day.

      I do predict that the dark turn Caroline’s and Tyler’s relationship is going to take, will begin with Tyler’s taking a lot more glee in the evil side of vampirism than Caroline did. Caroline had non-ripper Stefan to train her reign in her vampire impulses, drink from blood bags (well . . . bunnies first, then blood bags), and, NEVER shut off her emotions. I have a feeling when Caroline tries to teach this to Tyler, he will see it as nagging. Alpha Male Tyler, I suspect will take full advantage of his new powers in ways Caroline will definitely not approve. This, in effect, will make the Caroline / Tyler relationship similar to the Damon / Elena one. Except, in some ways, Caroline will be more justified in judging Tyler, because, unlike Elena, she actually IS a vampire, and knows, for a fact that you can avoid giving in to those impulses. Tyler will likely just choose not to do so . . . at least, at first.

      However, I don’t think THAT will be the big insurmountable obstacle in their relationship. I think the real trouble will come for Forwood, when Klaus comes and expects Tyler to blindly join his army. Tyler might find himself seduced by Klaus’ charm and promises of glory. The latter might even successfully be able to plant seeds of resentment in Tyler’s head against Caroline. Conversely, Tyler might give himself over to Klaus to protect Caroline a la Stefan. There are lots of places this storyline can go.

      As for the picture being sexually suggestive, I was merely referring to Tyler’s positioning with respect to Caroline, and Caroline’s manner of holding the honey. It called to mind a sexual position less likely to be seen on the CW. Let’s put it that way ;).

      I assumed that Rebekah initially DID want to Delete the picture, or at least flip past it, and zoomed into it by accident. I just think, considering Rebekah had the phone for all of about five minutes before this happened, that it was a more realistic way of her learning about the necklace. After all, it’s not exactly intuitive for a person who has never seen a cell phone to know that if you touch a screen, you can zoom in on a picture. Most of our grandparents probably couldn’t even figure it out, let alone our ancestors, who have been dead since the 20’s.

      And yes, I definitely though the boy not attacking Not Now Dana after she put her leg down was inconsistent. Sure, Klaus did say, “sit tight,” or relax to the two of them. But the meaning wasn’t as clear as compulsion statements usually need to be. Plus, he wasn’t close enough to either of them to look them in the eye, the way we’ve seen vampires do in other compulsion situations. I guess it doesn’t matter, seeing as they both died anyway, though. Right? 🙂

      As for Matt, yeah, I think, he didn’t float because the large weight he tied to himself, when he jumped in held him in position. Though, clearly, his arms didn’t need to be like that. That was some pretty blatant Jesus Imagery, if you ask me. 🙂 I don’t hate Matt . . . anymore, since he’s stopped trying to kill Caroline with Lizard Forbes. 🙂 And I actually liked his final conversation with Bonnie about him voluntarily entering into the same supernatural world, he had so vehemently shunned, when it came to Caroline.

      I just think his actions this episode, were REALLY stupid (like, more stupid than Damon’s Moonstone in the Soapdish Moment, and Elena’s “Lets go out during the Full Moon to pick up possibly evil Stefan and his new werewolf friends.”). And though they DID end up working, logic shows, as we all have mentioned in our comments, that it REALLY shouldn’t have. I’m also not as invested in or intrigued by the character, as I am with most of the other cast members. He strikes me as a little bland.

      Perhaps, this will change, as Matt gets more involved in the various plots of the season, and actually has a storyline, that doesn’t involve him working at The Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls. Who knows? It worked for Alaric. I found him pretty dull, when they first introduced the character (Chunky Monkey aside), but he’s become much more intriguing, this season.

      LOL about Stefan bumping into walls. I was saying that in jest. But I actually think Stefan’s seeming to fall and bump into the lockers, and doors, was supposed to represent the physical battle he was having with himself. His body (and to some extent, his brain) was compelled to obey Klaus, without question. But another part of his brain was fighting that. But the only way he could hold himself back was by holding tight to anything he could get his hands on. Actually, I think they did it that way, because having him beat himself up, like Ed Norton in the last few minutes of Fight Club, would have just made the scene too hilarious to take seriously.

      Awww, you GAGGED at Damon’s heartfelt promise to Elena. Have you no SOUL? 🙂 (That’s OK, I have low tolerance for schmaltz when the couple being goopy isn’t my SHIP, as well . . . Example: Jeremy and Bonnie)

      I too hope Big Bad Vampire Hunter Michael isn’t a total let down. They’ve really set the bar high on this one, considering Klaus was supposedly the ULTIMATE big bad, and THIS GUY is supposed to be the Big Badder. I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Because, all logic quibbles aside, this was the most entertaining TVD episode I’ve seen in a REALLY long time. So, in that sense, at least, the writers seem to be on the right track.

      • André

        Well I was never a spoilerphobe as you called it but I was kinda fed up with them in season 2. Especially because they were so misleading all the time. I think they changed a bit or maybe I finally managed to look at them scene for scene. There was of course my spoiler pause before the start of the current season and that was probably for the better. I mean imagine how I would have reacted to the first episode if I had known all the spoiler stuff that got out before that. There were hardly any surprises in that episode so who knows how it would have been had I known more.

        Hard to tell what the reason is for Matt’s clothing. Maybe they want to keep Matt asexual in some way or so. Although that probably doesn’t make much sense either, but then many things don’t make sense since the show currently has at least a bit soap opera mixed long lasting comic book series flair. And I doubt that the writers and producers actually take the actors’ wishes into account if that would be the case many things would be different.
        I am sure you also asked yourself more than once what these people were thinking when seeing this show.

        Ok, now Jeremy being dead. I think the easiest solution is the right one here. The writers didn’t think that deep. Jeremy just had to be in the trunk and the topic of oxygen didn’t occur to them.

        And these are vampires, not superman; although I am sure many would like x-ray vision. 😉

        Actually Tyler’s “lack” of emotions was really weird and one of the logical inconsistencies you mentioned. Wasn’t it stated only 4 episodes ago that he has heightened emotions now? Maybe the writers introduced that because they did realize how ridiculous this all is and decided to use that for Tyler. Or to have some sort of explanation why it all moved super fast, let’s face it in real life it would be called unhealthy and the two would be doomed to fail. Not that the heightened emotions would make him Mr. Sensitive and to be honest if you need that to get things rolling (not that it really shows in my eyes, with any of the wolves or vamps) it’s kind of a confession of failure in my book.
        Anyway if he has heightened emotions and considered that both vamp and were have them he should have them as well with being a hybrid so he should be far from calm now.
        So I am finally convinced that they simply make things up as they go and change their concepts when it suits their whims. What other explanation is there?

        Now that I think about it, I saw other shows where relationships progressed equally “fast”, like Justin’s in Ugly Betty, but the difference is in such shows there is actually a time lapse between the episodes and often one episode lasts for several days. However on this show this is no longer the case. The show is in its fifth episode now and how much time has passed? One week, two maybe? At its most. This episode happened right after the last one ended at least I see nothing that suggests otherwise. Now add that fact to Plec’s statement about the writers not caring about timeline and I think we have a pretty good explanation for all these inconsistencies and flaws. They probably don’t get it. They make up one thing after another and don’t realize that they are moving far too quick and do one mistake after another. Maybe that’s why they don’t realize what a stupid idea this concept is for a vampire show.

        I doubt Klaus will lure Tyler. Why should he do that, he could simply force him one way or another.

        As for the two “teens” dying and the flaw in compulsion: I probably wouldn’t matter much if such errors happened only now and then but in this show it happens far too often.

        As to Michael: better keep the hopes low is my advice. Originally I had the hope that at least some of the Originals got away and build their own empires. But that is crushed despite the fact that Klaus’ portrayal would be perfect for that scenario. That guy is so dump I wonder how on earth did he manage to get them all. Except for Elijah and Rebekka. Elijah is seemingly even dumber than Klaus and Rebekka … someone so perceptive should have known that eventually Klaus would stake her as well and prepared for it. Seriously is this show aimed at 12 year olds?

  8. CrazyLove (Tigger)

    Hello! It has been too long since my last comment on your recaps. And what better way to get back into the habit of doing so again than commenting on a such a good episode or TVD?
    I have to say though I cried at the lack of my hunky Chunky Monkey of a history teacher (when was the last time he actually taught? Season 1?) I still enjoyed all of the action in this weeks epi. Is it wrong that I actually prefer Ripper Stefan to the whiny sonouvabitch he was the first two seasons? Just the bad boy aspect of the Good Salvatore Brother is a nice change. And is it even worse that I love Klaus and Rebakah (I wonder if we put her in water if she would turn into a mermaid vampire mean girl lesbian. I mean after all, once you go on Emily Fields ever-growing list of disappearing girlfriends, you never go back)? Just the fact that their the awesome bad guys of TVD.
    Damon, though not much of him this week, made me so happy. My sister is a HUGE Damon fan and she began to cry tears of joy at his, “I promise never to leave you again” speech. I had some tears myself. I am so proud of how far he has come since season 1. He has replaced Stefan as the Good Salvatore Brother, though no one can fully break him of his old ways. He will always be that misunderstood older brother who can’t find his place in the world without a whole lot of drama and heartbreak rolling close behind him.
    Hopefully I will remember to comment next week! The episode sure does look good. And since I am looking for something to tide me over the NO EZRIA hiatus, you will have me turned into a hardcore Delena shipper by the beginning of January. I will also see you for the Halloween Special next week! Your recapping that right? I think you said you were but maybe I’m just incredibly hopeful.
    I will try my best to comment next week! See you then!

    • Hey Tigger! It was so great to hear from you. And you have no idea how incredibly psyched I am that you have become a full-on TVD’er. Not to mention that you and your sister are both Damon / Delena fans, which means you joined this epic “battle” on the “right” side. 😉

      It makes sense that you love Chunky Monkey Alaric (who isn’t chunky at all, by the way :)). After all, he is the Fitzy of TVD, isn’t he? 😉

      Just don’t let him start getting student / teacher romance ideas from Fitzy, and pursuing Elena. Because then, Alaric and I will be in a BIG fight, indeed. Admittedly, the two had some pretty solid sexual tension back in “The Hybrid,” though. I guess this is not surprising, considering that the guy who plays Alaric (Matt Davis) and Ian Somerhalder are actually the same age . . . but I digress.;))

      Either way, you will be happy to learn that Alaric will return to the classroom in next week’s episode. 🙂 I actually think the last time his BODY was at the school was “The Last Dance” episode, last season. But since he was AlarKlaus then, and not Alaric, I’m not sure that counts . . .

      I giggled out loud when you called Old Stefan a whiny sonofabitch. 🙂 Brave words to announce amidst SHIPPER wars. 🙂 But yes, I think many of us agree that Ripper Stefan 3.0 seems way hotter now that Klaus has compelled him to think he is Pilot Episode Damon. 🙂

      And I’m loving Rebekah too . . . the vampire mermaid lesbian that she is ;). I’m actually really impressed with both her acting and her accent. I feel like, having only seen her in PLL (and one or two episodes of H20), I never really got a chance to see her range as an actress. The character of Rebekah is the perfect mixture fun, whiny, bratty, jealous, snooty, dangerous, manipulative, and hilarious.

      I can’t wait for the inevitable moment when she and Kat get engaged in a Classic Girlfight. These two women are just too much alike, NOT to butt heads in a major way. (Hmm, this is something, I suspect that Emily Fields would very much enjoy watching, for other reasons, obviously.)

      And, yes, though Damon was woefully absent throughout most of the episode, I too reacted very strongly to his chivalrous removal of Elena from the hospital bed, and his “I promise I will never ever leave you again,” speech. Of course, my reaction included jumping up and down, seal claps, and annoying shouts of “YIIPPPPEEEE.”

      Under the circumstances, crying tears of joy would have been more appropriate. 🙂

      Oh, and I absolutely plan to recap the PLL Halloween special. (In fact, my pal sassyfran and I plan to liveblog it.) I’m just not 100% sure how quickly I will be able to post the recap, since, I’ve been tending to publish my recaps the night AFTER the episode airs, lately, and Thursday night, I write TVD caps.

      But, rest assured, sometime later this week, you will have a photo and gif-filled PLL cap for your viewing pleasure. And yeah, the episode looks awesome. Do you know if Ian Harding is going to be in this one? If so, I wonder what role he would play, considering Fitzy would probably still be a student at the time?

  9. This episode was balls to the walls awesome. I may or may not have cried. I may or may not have laughed. I may or may not have attempted to rip my hair out. I liked Delena a lot more in this episode than in the last one – granted, they didn’t have much time together, but their scenes were worth it.

    I think I just love these episodes where everyone is involved, like Masquerade. This was like the Saw version of Masquerade. You know what game would be to hard to play? The, “Which resident of Mystic Falls has the worst life?” game. Thanks for your explanation in the comments about Matt being open to seeing Vicki. I totally bought it until someone pointed out, “Um… not everyone who has technically died sees ghosts.”

    Tyler’s freaky turn around reminded me of Stefan’s when he was first turned into a vampire. “Trust me, fellow vamp – bein a vamp RULES.” And maybe it’s enhanced since he’s also a wolf. I wish that Caroline could still kick his butt, though. We will see.

    In conclusion: one of the best episodes and fab recap, per usual.

    • The Saw version of Masquerade. I LOVE IT! Klaus is way hotter than Jigsaw, though . . . 😉

      That analogy actually makes a lot of sense. We had all the cast members (sans Damon, Katherine and Jeremy) involved. And most were tested in some really excruciatingly awful way. But none more so than Stefan and Elena. That was just horrific. Though I kind of thought it was funny that no one cared much about poor Not Now Dana and her boyfriend. I guess, once you’ve seen about 20 people get brutally murdered in front of you, two more is no big deal.

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Tyler’s happiness over being a hybrid was a little creepy. But I guess, when you think about it, it’s very consistent with his Alpha Male Mystique that he would react that way. Becoming a werewolf was a huge adjustment for Tyler. But once he came to terms with it, this seemed like a piece of cake, by comparison. Plus, Tyler hasn’t experienced nearly the same amount of trauma as his friends have, and he was “dead” for most of this episode. So, perhaps, he’s still a bit naive about all of this.

      And yet, I can’t help but think that the scene was meant to foreshadow an awakening (or re-awakening, I should say, given his first few episodes) of the darker side of Tyler Lockwood. After all, he did remind me a bit of the recently turned Stefan in Blood Brothers, and we all know how THAT turned out. They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well . . . until Klaus returns, Tyler is now the most powerful creature in Mystic Falls, so . . . 🙂

      Yeah, the whole Matt got CPR so now he can see dead people, was a sticking point for many of us, it seems. But Matt merely being open to seeing Vicki, at the same time that Vicki is reaching out to him, seems to be the most logical explanation. I do hope they flesh that storyline out a bit next week though. It would avoid a lot of confusion. 🙂

      Oh, so you notice I commented on your awesome recaps today? I was SO excited when Blogger accepted my comments this time around. I guess Blogger has forgiven me for past wrongs. 🙂 It and I are cool now. 😉

      P.S. I’m more than a little thrilled that you are coming around to Team Delena, I’m not going to lie. 😉

  10. Katy Cat

    GRRRRR!!! I WANT ELENA AND DAMON TO HURRY UP AND GET TOGETHER!!! stupid people and their cockblocking -.- im confused as to why Klaus just let Tyler walk out pretty much when you’d think he wouldnt let him out of his sight cause its the first succesful hybrid……By the way…..whys Vicki bad???

  11. Huge tyler fan.

    I just finished this episode, can’t figure out the whole Tyler situation. His reaction confused me so much. It wasn’t like Tyler to be so happy about this, and the comment about it being an amazing year? :S That wasn’t really the right time. I’m so confused, i think he’s going to turn evil. 😦

    • Hey Huge Tyler Fan! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. As for Tyler’s state of mind, at the end of “The Reckoning,” I don’t think he quite realizes the full impact of what’s happened to him, at this point.

      Tyler’s always been on the fringe of the Scooby Gang. And though he’s heard from Caroline how terrible Klaus is, he doesn’t really know it yet, for himself. From Tyler’s perspective, all he knows is that now he is a vampire, like his girlfriend.

      He feels stronger, faster, and more powerful, than he ever has before. Plus, since he can change into a werewolf at will, he doesn’t have to change at all. And Tyler DETESTED the werewolf transformation.

      From Tyler’s perspective, he has been given a new lease on life. But he’s in for a very rude awakening. Because he’s about to learn that being a hybrid, whose forever indebted to Klaus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be . . .

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